Høst: Autumn Fall (2015) - full transcript

Oslo in beautiful autumn. Ingvild is stage manager at the National Theatre, and trying to make a life change, with her artistic ambitions. Not liking actors, she still manages to get into two very different affairs.


Oh, that this too,
too sullied flesh would melt,

thaw, and resolve itself into a dew.

Or that God had not fixed his canon
against self-slaughter.

How weary... stale, flat and unprofitable

seem to me all the uses of this world.

Fie on it, ah fie!

We can't hear you. Speak louder!

That it should come to this.
But two months dead...

Get him out of here.

Art! Art means knowledge! Yeah, yeah...

OK! OK! I give in!

I'm telling on you to the boss.

Thrown out of the National Theatre!

By two girls!


Are you getting this?

Imagine. Being thrown out by two girls!

You understand me.

Did you get the shopping?

Wasn't it your turn?

I did it on Saturday.

I can do it on the way home.

Oh, could you?

We need dishwasher soap...

Do you have any make up remover?

-And we need juice...
-Yes, juice.


What happened out there today?

Yeah, that was crazy...
a guy started to...

Someone was heckling me...

Someone was screaming out there.

-It was Jeppe Friele.
-Jeppe Friele?

Was it him?

I thought he'd been locked up years ago?

-They threw him out.
-Oh no!

So unprofessional for an actor.

Yeah, I know.


I was going for a drink afterwards.

-Would you like to come along?

I was thinking of going to Teddy's.

I think I'll just go straight home...


Yeah. Maybe I'll see you later...

Yes, maybe. Bye.


It's so obvious he fancies you.

Don't be silly!

It's the third time
he's been here this week.

Maybe it's you he's after?

No! I'd eat him for breakfast!

He's cute I suppose, but he's an actor.
I can't stand actors.

A finger?

Can I have one beer?

One beer!

You're not getting a beer.
You know what you should do?

Take a trip around the block
and we can see when you get back.

Take it easy now. Just give me the beer
and I'll leave afterwards.

I can give you a coffee
and you can sit in the corner.

And keep quiet. OK, deal?

Coffee! Coffee will kill you!

Hi! Whiskey please, Irish.

-Here you go.

Is this chair free?

Be my guest.

Have a seat with the lepers.

Exiled to the dunces' corner.

You're brave, you.

-Why's that?
-That you have the guts to sit with me.

Have you seen me before?

Of course! Everyone has seen you before.

OK, that's that over and done with.

I'm feeling pretty thirsty.

-What are you drinking?

Seeing as how you've seen me on TV...

how about buying me a whiskey?

-Because you've been on the telly?
-Is that terribly cheeky of me?

Yes, but I'll do it.

Can I order one more?

You're a princess!

Oh, that was gorgeous.

Hey, hey, that wasn't the deal.

We had a deal? Let me see it...

Get out of here.

Oh, give me a bloody break!

No, you have to leave right now!

-Well, if that's how you want to do it.

I can tell where I'm not wanted.

-Exactly, out with you right now.
-Keep your hands off me!

And you too... sorry.

Stay calm, everyone, stay calm.

Are you OK?

No, I'm not too good...

-Will you make it home alright?

I'm sick.

I need an ambulance.

Look here! Here she comes.

This will get you home.

Hello, sister!
Drive us to the operating theatre.

-Where to?
-No idea. Where do you live?

-Where do you live?
-The east end.

It's on the way, I'll drop you off.

I run for the hills

When I hear the chorus

About rings and wedding vows

How's it going, driver?

Wife and kids at home?

You have to drive all night
to put bread on the table, right?

The beggars danced and the mouthless sang

The fingerless played
The piano like a bell

And the noseless sneezed their noses off

And the blind walked over the cliff

And they laughed
And they laughed until they peed

OK, good night.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Mind the step...

One step at a time.

Hey, wait!

OK, where is the damn key?

Here it is!

-Give me the key
-You must help me.

Stay upright!

There she goes...

-There you go!


Did you see that?

Sister, off with these clothes.

Try and stand by yourself.

Shoes off!

Can I order two beers, a prawn sandwich
and two whiskeys?

Hey, pull yourself together.

Like that!

Shoes off!

Still awake?

We never got to finish our drink.

Let me make that up to you.

That's yours.


That was delicious.

You're... welcome to sleep here.

I'll behave myself, I promise.

Just grab a blanket
and sleep wherever you want.


Jeppe, shall I take that for you?

Let go of it, will you?

Good morning!

Slept well?


It was very kind of you
to get me safe home last night.


You were a little... under the weather.

Yes, I suppose I was.

The taxi drove off with my bag.

Damn, I'll call them
and see if it's turned up.


The bathroom is down
the corridor to the left.

And... we can go
for a little walk afterwards.

What do you put in that, do you reckon?

Aquavit, maybe?

But they're so tiny!

Hi! Welcome!

-I need a little bread, whole wheat.
-Whole wheat?

We have some nice Danish rye.

That's fine.

And some eggs would be nice.

Hey, you!

Your bag.

No, no, no, now I'm going
to make you lunch.

-No, I have things to do--
-You deserve it. Come on in.

Found anything interesting?

Yes, I started on this last night.

Really? You like Ibsen?

He's the best we have.

Absolutely. The boss of all bosses.

What's your favourite play of his?

I think it would have to be
The Lady from the Sea.

You don't say?

Unusual choice.

Happy ending.

What is this, then?

Mimosa. Look here...

An early edition.


-Shall I make you a drink?

I'll mix you the world's best cocktail.

A hundred years ago in Italy...

the youth were all drinking something
they called "Americano".

It was made from red Vermouth...



and filled up with soda water.

Big and refreshing, but...
not very strong, just like the Americans.

So a count in Florence thought it
was way too weak

so he asked the his bartender
to switch the water for....


Now we're talking!

So an Americano became a Negroni.

I hate tiny drinks.

Jeppe? Can I borrow your shower?

Of course you can.
Clean towels on the shelf.

Come on.

Are you sure about this?


That was lovely.

Been a while.

Well, not that long.

I meant me.


Hey, are you insane?

Are you expecting visitors?



Just come on up, Jørn,
the door's on the latch.

-Hey, Jørn.

-Ingvild, meet Jørn.
-Oh, hi.

Jørn Corneliussen.

Jørn is my agent.

I think I'll be going.

Wait a second.

Could you?


I hope I'm not chasing you out?

Not at all. I'm late for work...

What kind of work?

At the theatre.
I have a show I need to get to.

Take this with you.
Something to read on the tram.

Talk to you later.


-Good luck.

Yes, this is... nice.

-Good to see you.
-Likewise, Jeppe.

I was in the area
and thought you might be home.

I'm at home a lot these days.

Jobs are thin on the ground, you know.

Yes, but things will turn around soon.

For sure.


Who was that girl?

Pretty, eh?

Very pretty. Maybe a little young?

They seem to be these days.

Is that wrong?

No. I came because I'm in the middle of...

clearing up some business
and I need to get my papers in order.

But, dear man,
we could have done that at the office.

Yes, but nice to get things
out of the way. So if you could just...

sign these papers...

where I have made a cross.

And remember the date.

Here, yes?




What am I signing this time?

Just some work you did this spring.
I want to get the percent correct.

Have you heard anything about King Lear?


King Lear has been cast, Jeppe.

Who got the King's part?

Sverre got it.




Don't you have any dubbing
or voice overs for me?

The minute I hear anything...

What about adverts?

I thought you hated adverts?

I need work,
I can't just stay here and wither away.

I understand.
The second I hear anything...



How about a glass of wine?

Why not? It's Saturday
and the sun is over the yardarm.


Good wine.


We can't just sit around here
on a Saturday night.

Let me show you something.

Need any help?

No, I'm fine.

Are you sure?


There you are!
Where have you been all night?

I've been so worried.

Sorry, I stayed the night
over somewhere else.

"Stayed the night over"?

-Where? Who with?
-No one you know.

A man?


You little tart! Tell me all about it!

You've messed it all up.

That moustache is far too long.
Go and trim it.

Trim your own moustache!


Who, where, how?

-I'll tell you at home.

You'll have to wait 'til you get home.

OK, I'm ready.

You'll never believe me.

No, you're right. I'm in shock that
you had a one night stand.


After work yesterday,
I went for a little walk.


There I met...

Jeppe Friele.

He must be at least a hundred!

Ingvild, did he spike your drink?

No! I took care of him.

"Took care of him"?

-You took advantage of a drunk old man.

You hustler, you!

Nothing happened.
We got home, he fell asleep...

I slept on the couch...

But this morning...

he was pretty different.

He awoke as Sleeping Beauty?

He was a proper... gentleman.

He made lunch...

he mixed drinks...

You see?

How was "it"?

Very relaxed...

very... thoughtful... and...

he has a technique
that knocked me right out...

No surprise there,
he has a lifetimes experience.

How was his...

It was kind of...

A lefty. That figures.

-You're not going to see him again?
-No, it's just a bit of fun.

Please be careful.

By the way, let me show you...

He gave me this.

So beautiful! He gave it to you?

It's a first edition!


1888. It's worth a fortune.

I have to give it back.

Exactly. Someone has planned
that you two will meet again

and that someone is Jeppe Friele.

Look at that!


You play like a pro...

I'll rack them up again.

Look here... Watch.

Here they come!


Should I throw it now?

Just throw the ball,
I'll get out of the way.

That's a beauty.

My turn now?

This is making me terribly thirsty.

What an amazingly good wine.

No, you have to suck. Don't blow.

You mustn't blow!

There you go, you've got it now.

-This really was great fun, Jeppe. Cheers.
-Right back at you. Cheers.

What a surprise!

Thanks for the loan.

There was no hurry.

I didn't know it was that old.

Books are for reading.

Come on in.

Sit down, I'll make you a cup of tea.


This is the best time of the day.

Before all the hustle and bustle.

And you do this every morning?

Do you have children?

No... you?

There was never any time.

Big family?

The usual. A mother and a father.

And what do they do?

Daddy is a heart surgeon.

At the University Hospital.

Ooh! Fancy, fancy...

And your mother?

A little odd...

Oh, really?


She's just... pretty weird.

Nazi cock!

You see?

Kraft Durch Freude. Aryan role models.
Bloody Nazi art.

Are you saying that
sculptor Vigeland was a Nazi?

They loved him at any rate.

Look around you. See any big noses?

Just beautiful demigods and Vikings.

I've never understood
why they're so popular.

Because it's so damn big.

We're not used to building such
large things in this country.

And when it first happens,
no one dares criticise.

"Think of all the work that went into it!"

No, we shouldn't
build big things in this country.

We are no good at it.

Do you have any plans?

For the rest of the day?

No, I meant with your life.

Oh, that...

I don't know.

Things are a bit quiet right now.

I like working at the theatre,
but it's just that...

What I most want to do...

is to write for the stage.

Why not just do that, then?

Yes, but I'm afraid of
making a fool of myself.

-Have you written anything?
-Of course I've written things.

-Wonderful! Can I read something?

Come on.

Have you written a lot?

What is a lot?

Don't be so childish!

My stick!

Come on.

Something to drink?

-Yes, a beer.

I think I'll have a Negroni.

Good choice.

A Negroni?

What kind of drink is that?

A cocktail.

What sort of cocktail?

It's with gin, Campari and vermouth.

-There you go.

Taste that biscuit.

It's really good.

Is it a big crouton?



But it's just a big crouton.


how is the lighting booth?

You have a real nice touch
with the lights.

You think so?


Here's to light!

Here's to light.

Cheers to lighting me up!

Oh my God...

Funny how stuffed these
small portions make you.

The check please.

-Can you split it?
-No, I'll get it.

-No, I really should pay my half.


Shall we go somewhere else?

No, I'm very tired. Long day tomorrow...

-Hi, Jeppe, it's Ingvild.

Can I come in?


Look here.

You like this guy.

Edvard. Sleepy Edvard.

Yeah, he does look sleepy.

Not so strange, really.

-He painted what he saw.

See here.

Who's that?


-The boss.
-The boss?

Let me tell you about
an old theatre tradition.

If you want to have good fortune
in this business

you have to take a trip up here
and show the boss your respect.

Come here.

We have to sit here. Like this.

-Like this?
-No, more like this.

And then we have to...

a little adjustment...

Come on, Thorsten.

Does absolutely everything
make you horny?


This is my mother's shop.

Shall we pop in and say hello?

I'll wait this one out, if you don't mind.

She's not that scary.

It's a bit soon for that, don't you think?

I'll just tell her we work together.


Hi, Mum.

Hello, darling.

-You OK?

Lots of customers.

I brought a friend you might like to meet.

-This is Jeppe. We work together.

-Yes, it's you.
-And this is Bodil, my mother.

She's a huge fan.

I never said I was a fan!

I wouldn't use that word, would I?

But you like him?

I said I liked his stage work.

In the seventies and eighties.

-Brand was fantastic.

But I lost all respect for you when you
played the lead in Hedda Gabler.

-He did, you know.

Hedda Gabler,
one of the few great female parts

and they gave it to a man.
You could have said no.

And her husband
was played by a weak woman.

So the whole point was ruined.

But it got lousy reviews.
I thought that was hysterical.

I don't think you are quite up to date.

We play around with role models
these days, you see.

Hamlet is played by women,
Richard the third--

But that is only because
they are so many good male roles.

We talked about it at Club Seven
way back when.

It was supposed to be a talk
about sexual dialectics

but the whole evening went by
talking about that hopeless play.

So, what do you sell here?

Maybe hard for you to spot,
but I sell books.

Mainly feminist literature.

International and Norwegian literature,

And there's a huge market
for that these days?

Unfortunately, yes! In a better world
it would be unnecessary.

Nothing would please me
more to close the store.

-I've said it a thousand times...

We have to go.

We have to get back to work.

Nice to have met you.

Coming soon.

Nicer than last time, at least.

You should have seen
that god-awful performance.

But a little pleasant to meet him, no?

Just a little?

I suppose.

Yeah. I'll call you about my birthday
and make arrangements.

Yes, your birthday is soon.
That'll be nice.

See you, bye.

That went well.

Pretty much. I've seen her worse.

Really? Is that possible?

Hey. That's my mother
you're talking about!

Hello! Sorry, sorry, we're a bit late.

Ingvild, come on.

Hello, Jørn.

No problem, we're just on the starters.

I brought Ingvild, my gorgeous friend.

-Sorry we're late.
-She had to work late at the theatre.

Thanks, cheers, cheers.

-Ingvild. It's me.

You OK?

You doing OK?

You could have told me
it was a fancy party.

Everyone is all dressed up.

But you look fine.

I feel like an idiot.

Screw them.
They're just humans like you and me.

That's easy for you to say, you look fine.

You think I'm fine?

Come with me.

Come on.

Let me show you something.

You're an idiot.

Oh, you're so gorgeous.

I mean it, I'm sorry.
I should never have...

You should have seen their faces!

It was a little comical, don't you think?


do you fancy a whiskey?


You're very sweet when you're angry.

I thought lunch was the present.

You thought wrong.


You liked it?

Very... practical size.

I wouldn't know, I didn't.
Apparently it was expensive.

-Thanks a lot.
-My pleasure.



Well, any news?

-A son in law!

Oh please, dad!

I asked last year as well.

You always ask about that.

It's because I...

It's nice you're interested.
I promise I'll let you know.

-OK. I'll ask you next year, then.
-If you want.

Yes, should we... A dessert, maybe?

Not for me, thanks.

Very well, I'll pass too.

Sorry I'm late. Nice to see you.

Look at that. Then there were...

And then there were three.

Three, yes. But I have to leave now.

Must you? To your young girlfriend?

-She'll be out of high school soon?

I'm joking.

My girlfriend is sitting right here.

She's my girlfriend too, aren't you?

-Thanks for the lovely present.
-OK. I have to go. Goodbye.


Have you had a nice time?

The same as usual.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday...

Have you been drinking?

Just a tiny bit. Can you tell?

Just two teeny glasses with Anka
at the Literature Centre.

She's waiting for Knausgaard,
she'll have to wait for ever.

How's the love life? Any news?

Do you have to go
on about it all the time?

I'm just trying to be supportive.

You know how men feel
threatened by strong women.

Yeah, right.

I know all about it.
Just take it as a compliment.

Your present looks very expensive.
I can't match it, but...

I would like give you
an experience instead.

I find it much more personal.

-Are you doing anything on Tuesday?

Good. You can come with me to a lecture.

It's called "The Greatest Deceit."

Very exciting. Subtitled
"Where is the Pill for Men?"

Because it has been developed,
but it's been stopped.

Sperm cells tolerate almost nothing
of temperature changes, you see.

How difficult can it be
to kill the little critters?

But no one is interested.

It is us women who have to do everything.

Pregnancy, menstruation,
birthing, contraception...

But no more. All the research
they've done on the male pill.

But the Americans
have put a stop to it, as always.

The American lobby, with their lawyers,
are at the bottom of it.

Cheers, darling.

I think it's so strange
that you are working with Jeppe.

You fell asleep to his voice every
evening when you were small.

You don't remember?
That Disney cassette you had.

He was the voice of Goofy.

You're going to look so good.

I don't think this is a good idea.

It's a great idea, it's my idea!

Hans is a good guy,
he deserves a proper chance.

I don't see why everyone
has to get involved in my love life.

You think you've done
a great job recently, do you?

Everyone needs a kick in
the backside now and then.

And now it's your turn.

Just go out and have a good time.
Drink cocktails.

Stop being so stroppy.

That's lovely.
And we'll give you red lips.

No, that's far too much.

What is it?


You're beautiful.


-Tasted it before?
-No, I don't think so.

Aglianico, from Salerno.

Fabio imports it himself.

You know him?

Yes. This is my regular place.

Shall we move on?

We should ask for the check...

I've already paid.

Come on. Let's go...


Looking for anything in particular?

Just browsing, if that's OK?

Acute interest for feminist literature?

That would be putting it a bit strongly.


-You mentioned Club Seven last time.

Sorry, but I don't quite recall...

I was wondering if
we had met on some occasion?

What kind of occasion
could that have been?

That's what I'm unsure of.
Have we been to a party together?

Nope, don't think so.

I went to a lot of them.

Me too, but no.

Have you been an actress?

Me, no, I've never been an actress!

You're sure we've never acted together?

If I've never been an actress,
how could we have acted together?

Have I met you on the town, then?

What are you getting at?
What's your point?

This is a little embarrassing.

I have a feeling that
maybe you and I have...

been a little intimate once.

Have we had sex?

Jesus Christ, so typical!

So either we don't know each other,
or we've had sex?

Because that's how it is, eh?
No grey areas?

You just assume you've slept
with everyone you have known?

But you don't remember who
you have known?

Very practical.

You can go and knock on every door
of everyone you know

and say: "Hi, my name is Jeppe,
have I slept with you?"

-Sorry, I didn't mean to offend.
-Of course not.

What are you up to?

Celebrating something?

It's Shakespeare's birthday today.

Didn't you know?
Let's raise our glasses.

Cheers for Romeo and Juliet.

Cheers for the Prince of Denmark.

And cheers for King Lear.

Hold it like this.

Up against the bottle.

Slide it along the neck and hit the cork.

Hit the rim and hit it hard.

-I have to do it fast?

Go for it.

Almost, almost.

Oh shit.

You're bleeding like a stuck pig.

Turn your hand over. Like that, yes.

Is that better?

Would you like a small drink?

No, I think I need to lie down a little.

Your blood pressure is perfect.
Like a choir boy.


I have a small question.

I have a blood sample here
and I was wondering...

Can my blood be related
to the blood in the bottle?

I can tell that you
have given this some thought.

Blood used to be the test for relations.

These days we use DNA testing.
In cases like this.

And we can use samples
from saliva or hair.

A woman having sex.

Why did he call it Madonna?

But dear friend.
A Madonna can have sex too?

I suppose...

Lady Madonna...

I don't understand where
you get your energy from.

The only thing that happens
when you stand still

is that you grow old.

Look, over here.

They drank back then, too...

Yes, apparently so.

You know a lot about legal matters,
don't you?

Inheritance and such like?

Inheritance? Yes,
anything I can do to help, of course.

Can we not just get out of here?

-Thank you.

It always takes an age here,
but it's usually good.

Nothing wrong in mentioning that.

-There you go.

-Very slow service here.

One should be allowed to mention it.

I'm sure they're only too happy
for the feedback.

Mum, we have all the time in the world.
Just relax.

Plenty of time, yes,
but it's quite amazing.

It's just a pot of tea. It's not like
we're ordering three courses.

Your birthday lunch was fun.

-Wasn't it?

It was very pleasant,
even though your father...

He's not exactly the
life and soul of the party.

What do you mean by that?

I don't know. Surgeon all the time.
So rigid, correct.

And so money fixated.
I've always reacted to that.

Lovely present he gave you.

Not your style, exactly.

My poor little girl, dearie me.

It's no big secret that
we're very different, him and I.

I couldn't agree more.

I've thought a lot about it.

How different you two are.

Especially at my birthday
when you two sit together.

I think, how on earth did you...
find each other?

Or even live together?

I don't think there's
anything strange about that.

He was handsome, you see, very handsome.

I was so fascinated by him.
But the age difference...

Very exciting at first, but after a while
it wore off. It became a drag.

Each time I wanted to travel
or experience something

he'd been there already, done it already.

He just wanted to sit at home
all the time. It got terribly boring.

It was a lot more fun with Haakon
in the house. Remember Haakon?

-You were too small.

But you remember Henrik?
He lived with us for quite a while.

The important thing was that there was
a father figure around

a good male role model for you,
that was important to me.

I didn't slack off in that department,
I can tell you!

Year in, year out...


So this is where you're sitting?

Yes, I have some
office work to finish off.

I brought my manuscript.

I thought the time was right
for you to read it.

I feels like the right time...
though it's not quite finished.

Yes, fine. Um...

I'll look at it, but I've been thinking.

We can't carry on like this anymore.

It's not right. I need some space.

"Some space"?

Don't you have any friends
your own age you can hang with?

This just isn't sensible.

When did you get so "sensible"?

Don't be so childish.
Of course we have to be sensible at times.


OK. I won't force myself on you.

No, you're not forcing yourself...

It's obvious I'm wasting your time.

Ingvild... you're not wasting my time.

It's just that this is
a little too much right now.

Actually, I have an appointment right now.

With someone my own age.


You're sure about this?

Good morning!

Sleep well?


The sofa was comfortable, thanks.

I made you breakfast.

I'm not that hungry.

Coffee, tea?

OK, some tea I guess.

There you go.


Are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?


Or did you just want to borrow my sofa...

with a little extra on the side?

Have a seat, won't you?

I'll stand, thanks.


I'm not old enough, maybe?

What do you mean?

Everyone's heard about that party
where you made a fool of yourself...

Well, thanks for everything.

You're welcome.

-No matter what I do, it ends up wrong.

You've managed to cock things up recently.

Poor Hans...


When I woke this morning
he'd made a lovely breakfast...

How nice!

All laid out so fine... and I freaked out.

Who the hell freaks out
over breakfast, Ingvild?

I get in a panic, I can't breathe...

OK, Hans has been
a little intense lately...

but there's a reason for that...

you shrink away all the time...

you build a wall around yourself...

I've really screwed things up, haven't I?

Damn right.

You sure have.

All this with Jeppe...
I've never asked him for anything.

Never expected anything.

I haven't been waiting for him
to propose or anything.

Thank God!

So I was shocked
when he said we had to take a break.

He even said I had to stop
being so childish.

There's someone who doesn't
know his own best.

If not two...

I'd even shown him my manuscript.


you showed him your script?

I feel so incredibly small.

I'm going to fetch you a glass of wine.

And you can sit and write.
That always helps.

I'd like to visit Jeppe
and tell him exactly what--

No! Sit yourself down
and start writing, Ms. Ibsen.

And I'm locking the door!

This isn't a good idea.


I just want to borrow the couch...

and tomorrow morning early I'll leave.

This is not a good idea.

"Quicquid Deus creavit purum est."

Everything God has created is pure.

Look. Emmanuel's urn.

Above the door.
Everyone must bow their head on entering.

Look at that.

There's the end...

and here's the beginning.

And that's where you came from.

Actually quite refreshing, this.

Yes, it might be true.

That all is pure.

Are you sure?


This is not a good time.
I have work to do.

This won't take long,
I was wondering about something.

OK, let's hear it.

You told me once
that you were sterilized, right?

Yes, I've had a vasectomy.

And I wondered if that was effective?

Yes, pretty much. But time marches on...

What do you mean by that?

Why are you asking about this?

Because I'm pregnant.


Sit down.

Sit here.

Read this.

-I don't get it. What is this?

That means... that I am your father.

But... how long?

You see.... I knew nothing.


I'm very sorry.

This won't work.

-No, it won't.


There you go.

A little tea?

Careful, it's hot.


Can't you tell me what's wrong?

Was it anything I said?

Has someone been mean to you?

It's very hard to comfort you
if you won't say anything.

Here's your post. I fetched it for you.

If only I'd known, Ingvild.

If I'd had the slightest clue,
this never would have happened.

You have to believe me.

I'm really sorry.

It went too far.

No one's perfect.
I just wanted to do the best.

Of the little I have left.

-My script was accepted.
-Your script?

Bloody hell. They liked it?

They're going to put it on next autumn.


Fantastic, Ingvild.

You entered it, didn't you?

I entered it in your name, of course.

It would be a scandal
if it didn't set up such a good play.

You're talented, you know?


This is what you wanted.


I've moved in with Hans.


You mean the mumbler who played Hamlet?

He's a good man.

I'm sure he is.

But I'm the better actor.

I'm off.

A walk.

Can I come with you?

OK then.

I'm going on tour.

I finally got work.

In King Lear.

Which role?

The King, of course...