Hridayam (2022) - full transcript

The emotional journey of Arun, his carefree bachelor days in engineering college, and how he matures through various phases of life.

For the kind attention of passengers.

Train no. 6602...

Chennai Mail from
Mangalore to Chennai,

will reach platform
number 1 at 19:35 hours.

Sir, my friend got late
to leave from home.

He will reach by 7:45 PM.
Will the train wait here until then?

Why not?
I'll tell the driver!

Thank you, sir.

-Such a nice man.
-Yeah, right!

As if Indian Railways
is his ancestral property!


Please, sir. I'm no. 10 on the waiting list.
Get me a seat somehow.

This waiting list
is not a license...

for people who don't have a ticket
to board the train.

There are no berths
even for RAC tickets.

I'm fed up of Malayali students
like you, who come to Chennai.

Please, sir.
Just try! Somehow!

Please, sir.

Do one thing. There's a loser over there
who's no. 57 on the waiting list.

Go and sit with him.

Thank you, sir. Thank you!

But sir...

Where is he sitting?

You'll know when you see him.

Got it?
Get going.

[singing a famous Malayalam song]

Pass the snack, please.

Excuse me.

-What is it?

Are you no. 57 on the waiting list?

That's correct.
How did you know that?

Well, the ticket examiner
had told me.

Is that so?
Sit down.

Come on!

Are you studying in Chennai?

I'm going to join... KC Tech.

I'm also joining KC Tech.

New admission, ECE.

I'm also doing ECE.

So we're classmates, dude!

He has also done ECE.

He's working in LSB Corp now.


I studied in KPR college.

Isn't it a good college?

It's a good college, alright.

But there's only one problem.

If we talk to girls,
we'll be dismissed immediately.


This problem isn't limited
to students alone.

The same rule applies
for the teachers there.

Separate seating for girls
and boys in the college bus,

with an iron rod in the centre.

-It's too much, man!
-But your college gives a lot of freedom.

KC Tech, Karappakkam.

Oh, it's a beautiful campus!


-How's Chennai?

You're going to be there
for the next four years, right?

When you board the train back home
once you finish your studies,

you'll feel as if someone is tugging
at your heartstrings.

At that moment, you'll realize
what Chennai is.

♪ Do you hear the voice? ♪

♪ Do you hear the voice of Mother Thamizh
Who lets her visitors flourish? ♪

Our college!

♪ Is it inviting you? ♪

♪ Is the college road inviting you,
Showering flowers upon you? ♪

-Step forward.
-Get lost.

Step forward.


Varikkappara, go check!

Didn't you hear it?

♪ Do you hear the voice?
Do you hear the voice? ♪

♪ Is it inviting you? ♪

Arun, look at that.

They have a Tabla too.
It will be awesome.

-Arun Neelakandan, first year ECE.
-Prateek Tiwari, first year CSE.

-Ankur Saxena.

So, you guys are musicians?

Ah, well.

-We try.
-Sort of!

I see you play the guitar as well.

Yeah, a lil'.

Cool, bro.

We should jam sometime.

Why not!
Jam Jam!

-Anto, from Kottayam.
-I'm Lijo, from Kottayam.

Are you both from Kottayam?

Are you from Kottayam?

-Yeah, I'm from Kanjikkuzhi.
-I'm from Lakkattoor.

-Where are you from?

-Abu Dhabi.
-Where? Abu Dhabi?

-Yeah, dude.
-Oh! Nice gold chain!

It will be useful later.

-Arun, right?

-I'm from Palakkad.
-Which one's your room?

-Ours is at that corner.
-But it's the toilet at the corner, right?

You see this?
This lock and grill is to protect you...

from a major part
of the ragging.

So you don't have
to worry that much.

What is he saying?

Dude, this grill will be locked
at 9:30 PM.

So the Malayali seniors cannot come
downstairs and rag us.

Ragging is rampant here, huh?

Yes, mostly among Malayali students.

Our people are like this,
wherever we go!

Don't smile!

Does anyone of you ride a horse?

You do horse-riding?

Err, no.
I'd like to learn, though.

Cool. Join me!

-You do horse-riding?
-No, I'll come walking.

-What's all this?

Organ and music system?

This is not allowed here.

Throw it out!
Come on!

Keep the volume down.

-Who is it? Come here.
-Get lost!

-Are you in first year?
-Yes, sir.

Twins, huh?

Hey! Ask him to
switch on the motor!

Hey Manoharan!
You scoundrel!

-Who called me scoundrel?
-I did, you scoundrel!

-Who called me scoundrel?
-Switch on the motor!

Come, dude!

The first years will be introduced
to the college.

-Didn't you have it in your school?
-No, Kanjikkuzhi doesn't have all this.

Which damn school
did you study in?

We always put our students
as the highest priority

when it comes to academics,
in KCG College of Technology.

We have a great
academic curriculum.

So students, I welcome you all
to this prestigious institution.

This is the main quadrangle.

This side, if you can see,
there's the mechanical laboratory here.

And our IT department
is on that side.

So guys, this is the analog circuit lab.

You know what has to be done here!

There's something very
special about this space.

Can you see that door?

That actually leads to an alley.

That is known as the secret alley.

Hey! What's she saying?

Do you see the door
at that corner?

It's called 'The Secret Alley'.


Not 'Annie', it's Alley!

That means, a secret path.

So, on the last day...

When we're in our final year,

on the last day of college,

the Vice-Principal will give us
the key to that alley.

Only on that day can
we see what's inside.

God, I hope I'll be able
to reach final year.

Can't we get a duplicate key
to this alley?

We'll see.

So what's actually
inside the secret alley?

I'll know it at the end
of my college days.

So, till then, let it be a secret.


-It's gonna be epic.
-It's good to wait for good things.

-Akash Gupta?
-Yes, sir.

-Akhil Sathyan?
-Yes, sir.

Alan George Akkara?

Antony Thadikkaran?


-Arun Neelakandan?
-Present, sir.

-Puneet Singh?
-Yes, sir.

Ron Valiveettil?

Sir, it's 'Valiyaveettil'.

Valiveettil. That's right.

Sit down, man!

Why Tamil people are like this?

-Selva Soundarrajan.
-Yes, sir!


I am very strict about one thing.

No arrears in my class.

-What does 'arrears' mean?
-Supplementary exams!

-Oh! 'Supply'!

-Your name?
-Alan George.

Come in.

So, today we discuss about
engineering mechanics.

The seniors have called all the
Malayali juniors to the hostel.

Welcome to St. Thomas Hall.

There are certain things that
you need to be aware of, while you're here.

There are some rules
that you have to follow.

The first one is...

'Engineer's salute!'


Explain it to them.

Place your left hand
on your forehead.

Cover your groin area
with your right hand,

thrust your backside forward,

and make the sound - 'Phyung'!

Who laughed now?

Which pig laughed now?



Laugh again!


Repeat what Farooq said.

Engineer's salute!




Now, on to the next point.

As Indian citizens,

it is the duty of each one of you,

to support local industries.

-Isn't that so?

-Isn't it?


for this entire academic year,

you will only use Indian-made clothes,

and Indian-made undergarments.


What underwear are you wearing, kiddo?

Which one was it?


What about you?

Calvin Klein.

Huh? Calvin Klein?

Hey you!

If you wear a foreign brand ever again,

you'll face a barrage of punches.

Go to some shady shop in Thiruvanmiyur
or Adyar today itself,

and buy shirts, pants and underwear,
that are unfashionable and ill-fitting.

You heard me?

And... one more thing.

The sleeves of your shirts should
be rolled down and buttoned.

And since watches and shoes
are against Indian culture,

you won't use them.

You can use Indian sandals though.


Tell them about the ID card,
as well.

And wherever you see Malayali seniors,

you should salute us,

and show us your ID cards.

Okay, right?

It is okay.

So, Farooq...

Give them their
Indian names, as well.

Give them great nicknames.












My Indian name is quite pathetic.


What's yours?


Mine's not so bad then.

Do they get to decide
what clothes we should wear?

This is too much!

-Shall we complain?

Mess with them
as soon as you join!

Dude, this ragging won't last
for the entire year.

It will loosen up
after the first semester.

-Then they will become friends with us.
-Of course!

And in my opinion,

let's listen to those guys for now.

Which college doesn't have ragging now?

Not in Kanjikkuzhy, though.

And when we get to second year,
we can do all this too, right?

That's all!

Cut chart paper to the size
of your college ID,

and stick your photo here.

Your name, Indian name,
name of your course and your underwear.

That's how it should be written.

Also, the name of your underwear,

should be cut out from your underwear
and stapled on to your ID.

The ID should be laminated.

-Hey! A rickshaw is coming.

-Hey Lijo!
-Take us to Karappakkam.

-This cab is too small, man!
-Shut up!

Scoundrel from Abu Dhabi!


-Good morning, sir.
-Where's your ID card?

-Where is it?

Here it is, Sir.

-Salute us quickly and get going.


Who's next?

'Don't know' is not a movie!

Hit him!
Come on!

Whom do we catch next?

Yes, this should be fun.

What is the...

chemical name of Potassium,

in Chemistry?


Pee in your mouth, man!

It's 'K', man!
Hit him! Hit him!

Harder! Come on!

How many states in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu?
How many states?

How many states in Tamil Nadu?

-Tell me.

Forty four?

-Congratulations! Great! Great!
-Thank you.

Give him a prize!

Tamil Nadu itself is a State, you dumbo!

Hit him! Hit him!

Hit him hard!

How many checks in your shirt?

It's not mine.
It's his shirt.

Is he cursing us?

Dude, that bald HOD is coming.
Let's escape.

Dude, those guys have left.
Come on, get up.

Get up.
They have left.

Get up, dude!

I don't know what it is.

There's something about her.

Her eyes,


Her smile...

I want to know her name!

-I want to find out now.
-Calm down!

We'll ask someone.
It's okay.

I don't want to know her name
by asking someone else.

The fact that I want
to know her name...

She should know that first.

[Singing Kannalane from Bombay]

Such a beautiful voice!

I want to romance a girl like her
and marry her somehow.

I can listen to songs
all the time, right?

Why go for someone like her?

Romance this girl itself
and get married to her!

Come, it's time for the lab session.

Let her be.
She'll be here.

She's good, right?


-Really nice voice.

But we need somebody to back her up.

What about a guitar?

Do we have a guitarist?

There's someone from first year ECE.

You talk to him then.

When are we starting
the rehearsals?

We should start practising soon.

You have a beautiful voice.


May I know your name?

I'm Darshana.


I am Arun.
First year, ECE.


I'll see you again.

You are so damn confident, man!

Once you like a girl,
you should never shy away.

It's bad enough to not do
anything about it.

Stalking is even worse.

We should approach
them directly.

If she's single,

she'll be thinking about me now.

What if she's committed?

May I know your name?

I'm Darshana.

She's not committed.

Bro, you're gonna perform with Darshana.

For Fresher's day?

Yes, sir.

-I'm performing with Darshana?

-Nishant Bhai, love you!
-Hey! Look! Look!

You play the guitar, right?

No, no.
I just carry it around!

And you Mallu guys say
something often, right?

'Poyi Pollikk Mone'
(Go, burn it)

It's not 'Pollikk'.

'Polikk' (Go, kill it)
- Oh! Polikk!

[Singing 'Kannalane' from Bombay]

You can rehearse
during break time.

Go to your class!

I said, go to your class!

You've been putting up quite a show,
ever since you got here.

Haven't we told you to roll down
your sleeves and button them?

Do it!

You considered giving
a complaint against us,

and now you're trying to woo
a girl from first year.

We know everything!

Bloody scoundrel!

If I see you anywhere
near Darshana again,

I'll knock your eyes out!

Got it, you dog?

-Oh no! Keerthy Ma'am!
-What's happening here?

Dude, Keerthy Ma'am is here.

Why are you guys here?


I had warned you
guys several times.

You guys are testing my patience!

If I come to know that
you've ragged any junior,

I will sack you guys
out of this college.


Get out!

Let's get going, dude.
Come on!

Let's scram.

This Keerthy Ma'am
is acting so tough!

She doesn't have any respect for boys.

Yeah, right.
Get lost!

When we were being shouted at,

that scoundrel was laughing.

We have to get back
at him, Jackson!

Wait till we find him all alone.

We'll get back at him.

We'll teach him a lesson!

Bro, do you have 100 bucks
on you to recharge my phone?

No, bro.

-Even if I did, I wouldn't give you.

-Drying unwashed clothes!

Aren't you coming, bro?

I'm not feeling well, dude.

I think I have a fever.

This is out of fear,
because the seniors threatened you.

Get lost.

If I had a Bible as well,
I could give sermons!

-In this outfit?
-This is so pathetic!

Girls are laughing
as soon as they see me.

Pick me up!

They are at least laughing
when they see you, right?

-I don't get even that.
-There goes another guy.

Such a pity!

Are you sure that he's alone
over there?

Yes, I am.

Who told you?

Our spy.

Kick it open!

Hold him!

Baiju, thrash him!

Hit him!
Kick him!

Punch him!

Hit him!

Knock him out!

Stuff something in his mouth!

Punch him hard!

-Hit him!

What the bloody hell
are you guys doing here?

Let go of him, you bloody...

What are you looking at?

If any of you even touch him again,

I swear I'll smash
your skulls so hard,

your bloody brains will fall
out of your mouth!

Now get the hell out of here!

Get out!

Hey Arun!
Are you okay?

They didn't leave the room
because they got scared of Prateek Tiwari.

There's something that any Malayali
who's born and brought up in Kerala,

fears the most,
wherever they go.

Let go of him!


If any of you even touch him again,

I swear I'll smash
your skulls so hard,

your bloody brains will fall
out of your mouth!

Now get the hell out of here!

Get out!

He and his damn English!

He thinks that we don't know English!

I was just listening
to my music, okay?

Then I hear screams
from the other room.

And these guys were beating
him so badly, dude!

Prateek, he was just
talking to Darshana.

And... they were rehearsing together.

-Because he spoke to Darshana?

How can you just beat somebody up
because he's talking to somebody?

What are you trying to do?

-Nishant Bhai?
-Yeah, Arun.

Do you have sunglasses?

Once your greatest fear in life,
occurs in all its glory,

nothing else matters,

Once we gain that confidence,

then we're awesome!

Frickin' awesome!

You haven't had enough, huh?

Where's your ID card?

Don't want me to salute?


They hit him very badly.

When did this happen?


Come with me.

Where are we going?

Vice-Principal's office.

Okay, let's go.

-Are you sure that he's alone there?

-Who told you?
-Our spy.

Shall we complain?

Bro, you're gonna perform
with Darshana.

I'm performing with Darshana?

We don't encourage
ragging in this campus.


And if the seniors
have done this,

strict action will be taken
against them.

Thank you, sir.

Are you afraid of them?

I'm not afraid of anyone!


-We must beat him up!
-We will!

Let's make this
more interesting.

You go ahead.
I'll follow you.

Has anyone dared to mess with us
in the past three years?

When I asked for the ID card, he...

I'm telling you!
We'll teach him a lesson!

She walked along with me,
showing her middle finger...

to the seniors
who beat me to pulp.

I had my arms around her.

In that moment,

I felt like a king.

Smack him!

Punch him hard!

Why are you laughing?

Why are you laughing?

Hit me with everything you've got, bro!

I don't give a damn!

You know why?

'coz Darshana is mine!

And there's nothing you can
do to change that, you sucker!

Hey! The juniors are coming!

♪ The day I saw you ♪

♪ From the clouds...
There was an outpour of flowers ♪

♪ For us to unite, within my heart...
I created a universe of love ♪

♪ Darshana....
Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Darshana....
You are my salvation ♪

♪ Darshana....
Bless me with the elixir of your love ♪


Thank you, Arun.

Can I have your number?


Wait! Wait! Wait!

Darshana, we will be here
for four years.

Four academic years.

Around 800 days in total,
not counting the holidays.

Out of that, twenty days
have already passed.

I don't want to regret
not having told you earlier.

So I'm coming
straight to the point.

I'm crazy about you!

I fell in love with you
the minute I saw you.

I'd like to know
what you feel about me.

Arun, I....

I need to think about it.

Go ahead!

But don't take too much time.



Please don't tie your hair up.

Just try leaving it loose.

You look amazing when
you leave your hair loose.

♪ As I waited on your path
For a boon from you ♪

♪ You walked away
Without giving me a glance ♪

♪ When I think of you
My heart simmers ♪

♪ Not a word from you
I wonder why ♪

♪ However deep I bury it, my love ♪

♪ Your smile always finds
A way into my heart ♪

♪ I've been waiting to relish
The sweetness that's you ♪

♪ Darshana....
Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Darshana....
You are my salvation ♪

♪ Darshana....
Bless me with the elixir of your love ♪

♪ The face, as beautiful as
The full moon in the sky ♪

♪ The mind, as pure and constant
As the elixir ♪

Are you going to tell him today?


And you're coming to college
like this, you dumbo?

You do one thing.

Go to our room.

Over there, on top
of the record book,

you can find my compact
and foundation.

There are some earrings
in a small box.

Take whatever you like.

Then, there's a pink colour box.

Once you open it,
you'll find a tiny little thing inside.

A Malayali guy who won't fall for that,
is yet to be born on this Earth.

♪ For us to unite, within my heart...
I created a universe of love ♪

♪ Darshana....
Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Darshana....
You are my salvation ♪

♪ Darshana....
Bless me with the elixir of your love ♪

♪ Darshana.... ♪

♪ Darshana.... ♪

♪ Darshana....
Bless me with the elixir of your love ♪


Darshana, sorry, sorry, sorry!

I went overboard, I know.

-Please! Sorry.
-Can you ride a bike?

[indistinct chatter]

It makes a lot of sound, right bro?

Yes, it does.

But that sound strikes straight into the heart
of the girl who's sitting behind.

Guys who can ride,
know these things.

It's your first outing, right?


Make it memorable!



So, the security sleeps
at 12 o'clock, okay?

So you can come
through the main gate.

Be very quiet.


The main gate's key.

Sis', you're too good!

Fifty Rupees!

Hail the Almighty!

Climb up!


Get down!


Ever since you proposed to me,

every day when you come to the college,

everytime you pass
through the veranda,

everytime you look at me
from St. Thomas Hall,

I've felt like shouting out loud...

that I really like you!

But there's this thrill
in making you wait...

What I have to tell you now..
is something you've already told me.

I fell in love with you
the moment I saw you.

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

G... Good night.

One minute!

Okay, go!

Come on! Come quickly!


Get down!

Get going!


-All this is because of Darshana!

Get lost!

Arun, come here!

Look over there!

Yes, it worked!
Go! Get going!

-Where is he going?
-He'll be right back.

I love you!

Say it again?

I love you!

Shall I kiss you?

My friends are watching
from up there.

Oh no!

And your mouth is stinking too!

Go and get ready.
See you in college.

-Aren't you going to your hometown today?

Can you come to Kochi with me?

What's the matter?

There's a girl who I used to chat with,
on Yahoo Messenger.

She was very co-operative, online.

What happened then?

My computer was struck by lightning
during the monsoon.

By the time I got it repaired
and came back online to chat,

she fell for someone else.

But now,

she has come back
with a vengeance, bro!

I want to celebrate
her comeback!

And you want me to come along,
for this ribaldry?


In my life so far,

nothing has happened!

Nothing at all!

Can you come with me?

I will.


We'll have a blast in Kochi!

What is this?
Crushed pickle?

-'Morning Sir.


Sir, that's a finger bowl.

I know!

It doesn't have sugar.

It's for washing your hands.

But it's good water.
We can drink it.

Aren't you done yet?

I mean, are you done?

What do you think?
Are they serious?

Didn't you ask your friend?

No. She asked me to come
and I tagged along.

Your campus life must be awesome
in Chennai, right?

Hostel, full freedom...

When I see students going
back home on the bus,

I feel slightly jealous.

Home-cooked food, parents...
I miss all that.

My parents are divorced.

I'm sorry.

Don't be!
They were always at loggerheads.

So, isn't it better
to get separated?

I like your hair colour.

I like your eyes.

Do you have a girlfriend?


That side is fully occupied.
Let's sit over there.

One second.
I'll be right back.

How much does this umbrella cost?

250 Rupees.

Run! Run!
Those scoundrels are here!

-Damn! I should've just worn pants!
-Don't run away, dear!

-Get lost, you dog!
-I came all the way from Madras for this!

Wait! Let's go to some isolated place.

Wait, please!

Chicken Lasagunia!

Beef stick!

Lime juice without sugar!

And the bus tickets, to and fro.

I am such a colossal disaster, Oh God!


I cheated on Darshana.


Don't keep repeating yourself!

You didn't even touch that girl.

I couldn't touch my girl either.

Yet, I chose to forget
her for a while,

and had other
thoughts in mind, right?

Look at me!
Who doesn't have such thoughts?

Even Mahatma Gandhi
has had such thoughts!

Read his autobiography
if you have a doubt.

And... don't go and blabber
anything to her, out of guilt.

Listen, you haven't done anything to her.

Let's just...

forget this day!

Bloody Chicken Lasaguniya!

-I know! Don't rub it in!

I felt sad watching
the news yesterday.

Can't anyone in Kerala be in love?

Those were not family
members or relatives.

Some random people
were beating up those kids.

They took an umbrella from a boy
and hit him on his head.

One boy wearing a T-shirt like yours,
was running for his life.

Okay, I'll message you
once the lab session is over.

Let's bunk class
and go for a movie.



I have to tell you something.

I don't know how
you're going to take it.


I got here on time, thanks to this umbrella
I found in your room!

Darshana, wait!

-Let go of me.
-Darshana, please!

-Darshana, listen to me!
-Let go!

Darshana, I haven't
done anything wrong!

When Antony said he wanted
to meet a girl, I went along.

I sat on that bench
with her friend.

When she asked me if I had a girlfriend,
I said no.

I haven't done anything wrong.

Why did you say that
you don't have a girlfriend?

Well, when such a hot chick
is in front of me..


What the hell did you tell her, dude?


Hello, Megha?

Don't call on my friend's phone, okay?

Darshana, please listen to me.

There's nothing between us any more.


Just listen to me, Darshana.

I'm really sorry.

But don't think that
I will spare you!

I'll romance another guy and walk around
hugging him, right before you.

You wanted to kiss me, right?

I'll kiss him a hundred times,
right in front of your eyes.

With that umbrella in your hand,
you can stand and watch,

you bloody pervert!

Will you do that?

Will you do that?

Then listen to this, as well.

After running away from there,

Antony and I checked in
at Hotel Kochi Courtyard with those girls.

He was in 202...

and I was in 203.

It was awesome!

Go and say this to all
the girls in your hostel!

That's not necessary.

All of them are listening.

You're on loudspeaker, you moron!


Yet again, I've become a colossal disaster
for no reason at all, dear God!


-Hey Arun!
-Are you happy now?

-Let go of him!
-She broke up with me!

That umbrella! Didn't you
do it deliberately, you dog?

-Let go of him!
-Move away!

I know, you dog!

You snitched on me to the seniors
and ruined my life, you piece of shit!

-I will kill you.
-Wait. Calm down!!

What do you even know?

He told the seniors everything that
happened here, because they beat him up.

He didn't give that umbrella
to you, on purpose!

-Let go of him!
-Move aside!

Who is he to beat me up!

There's nothing between us any more.

♪ Even the shadow that was by my side
Is disappearing today? ♪

♪ As darkness spreads all around
Are my eyes being flooded with tears? ♪

♪ Is the world changing its course
In front of my eyes? ♪

♪ The paths I walked on, day and night ♪

I need your porn collection.

♪ Are they being filled with thorns? ♪

♪ Is the little golden flame within me
Turning into a raging fire? ♪

♪ The hope of living the rest of our lives together
Is it turning into a sham? ♪

♪ Even the shadow that was by my side
Is disappearing today? ♪

-Here he comes.
-I heard she broke up with you?


shall I try to get her?

Why not!
But she has a certain class!

She won't fall for street dogs.

See ya'!

♪ Your heart is feeling the heat
Of this scorching summer ♪

♪ You need to find why it burns
Even when the night breeze hits you ♪

♪ Even when rare melodies
Caress your ears ♪

♪ You can only hear
The battle cries within you ♪



I'm half-Malayali.

Untie your hair, Maya.


I'm your senior!

Okay, Sir.


All well, huh?


What is this?
A church procession?

Sir, it's Joe's birthday.

-Aha! Happy Birthday!
-Joe? Who's Joe?

-Thank you.
-No alcohol or what?

This is a Levi's shirt, isn't it?

Sir, it's my Mumma's birthday gift.

Haven't we told you not
to wear branded clothes?

-That's the rule.
-Please, sir.

Please don't hit him, sir.

Let's have a birthday bash!

Sir, please!
Please, sir.

-Sir, don't hit him!
-Please, sir.

-Sir! No, sir!
-Don't hit him, sir!

You won't listen to what I say?

Darshana, I haven't done
anything wrong!

At least someone should
listen to what I say!

Enough, dude.

Arun, don't!

Don't hit him, sir.

Sir, please!

Don't hit him, sir. He has pancreatitis.
He will die if you hit him like this!

Joe, are you okay?

Get him some water.

-Bring it quickly!

-Where's the water?

Joe, get up!

KC Tech, are you guys having a good time?


♪ There's happiness in the eyes ♪

Kedar, I love you!

♪ Troubles will grow weak ♪

♪ If you want to go far,
Let's go together, friends ♪

♪ If you want to go far,
Let's go together, friends ♪

♪ If you want to go far,
Let's go together, friends ♪

♪ If you want to go far,
Let's go together, friends ♪

-Hello, Arun?

-Where are you?
-I came to the hostel...

-to get some books.
-You love me, right?

Of course, I do!

I'm waiting for you.

Come quickly.



Let's go out tonight.

-My friend has an apartment.

No one's there now.

We'll stay there tonight.

Tell your family that you're staying
over at your friend's place.

Err... How do I, Arun?

You don't want to stay with me?

Is it?


Come, let's go.


You wooed her so quickly?

She's an easy catch.

-Do you want it?
-It looks like dosa.

Did you brush your teeth?

How's the sambar?

What is this?
Dosa or rubber sheet?

This is so stale!

This food is so terrible!

-How many times do we tell them?
-Come on, guys!

-Shall I finish this and come?
-Come on!

Hey Varikkappara!

We won't eat this
terrible food any more.

Eat only if you want to,
or else, get lost!

Aren't we paying
you for the food?

What the hell have you done?

Will your dad come
and clean this?

How dare you swear at my dad?

Dear Lord, a fight!!

Come on, try swearing
at my father again!

Hey! Let go of me!

Didn't I say sorry?

I'm sorry!
Let go of me!

Manoharan Nari [Scoundrel].

Who did this?

-Get lost, you loser.
-Get lost!


Did you do this?

Who did this?

-Who did it?
-I don't know, brother.

But whoever did it
is spot on!


I'm quitting soon, man.
I hate engineering.

-Bloody hell!
-Good! Become a singer and save yourself!

Dude, pay the money.
I'll pay you later.

You'll use my toothbrush
and wear my underwear too, huh?

How much?

♪ A star rises within my heart ♪

♪ Midnight simmers in the sky ♪

♪ Come, join the melody, O' lil bird ♪

♪ In my possession,
everything shall be ♪

I'm so freakin' tired.
Shall we have a couple of drinks?

-I don't have any money.
-No one has money or what?

No, dude.

We'll figure a way out.

♪ Unable to see
Unable to hear ♪

♪ Wandering aimlessly
Through random paths ♪

♪ I am lost
I have forgotten myself ♪

♪ The times, they are a-changin'
Everything is changing ♪


I don't know where
you're going with this.

That guy, Kedar...

He's a hardcore womanizer.

You'll regret this big time.

Like I do, in your case?

-Hey! Where are you going?
-Move away!

-You can't go out after 5 PM.
-Go tell the juniors that!

-Get lost!

No one respects me here.

So, when are you moving out?

I need to convince my parents.

I'm fed up of staying
in the hostel.

An apartment is almost ready.

I have to shift
quickly, if possible.

That's nice.

We'll get to spend some
alone time together.

Hi sir.

-Hi, Ma'am.

One sec.
Could you excuse me?


What happened?

Darshana, what I mean...


You messed with
the wrong guy, darling.

You shouldn't have slapped me.

Just wait for the stories that are going
to spread about you in campus,

from tomorrow.

You slept with me!

You got pregnant with me!

No guy will see you as a girl any more.

They'll look at you like a slut!

This is just a starter.

The main course will follow.

Good luck!

♪ This whole world is a hellhole ♪

♪ You will learn your lesson ♪

♪ This is a hellhole, yeah!
A bloody hellhole! ♪

♪ This whole world is a hellhole ♪

♪ You will learn your lesson ♪

♪ This is a hellhole, yeah!
A bloody hellhole! ♪


Your band's up in five minutes.

We've got some time.

Wanna stick around?



Don't worry!
I won't bite!





Not on the face, please!


Oh my God!

-Serves him right!


George, Kedar is not here.

-I think he has left.
-Stop it, dude!

What are you trying to prove?

I know what to do
with people who hurt me.

I don't need help from anybody!

And not even for a moment should you
think that you're any better than him!

Can't you see that
two people are talking?

And you're grinning
in between that?


Do you want to hit me?

No, bro.

I've come to take him.

This is the fourth time you're getting
beaten up this month. Aren't you fed up?

Shut up!

Reverse! Reverse! Reverse!

-Brother, go to the hospital quickly.

My father is really sick.

I've been thinking about
going to my home town.

What about the exams?

I am feeling really stressed
staying here.

Go and come back soon.

Have you ordered any food, bro?

-Oh my God!

Shut up!

Oh my darling!


Where does he get
these girls from?

-Oh my God!
-Learn from him!

Don't destroy our image as well.
Keep quiet!

-I can't bear this, you dog.
-It's alright. Just chill.

-Who cleaned all this?

Get the snacks. Joji, the opener
must be somewhere over there.

-Bring it.
-I'll open it with my mouth.

It's so hot.

-I can't find it here.
-Bring it quickly, dude.

Bro, can you give me
that girl's number?

Hi sir.

Arun, pay for it.

I'll pay you later.

I don't have money.

Sorry, sir.
I can't take it back.

You can't?

-No, sir.
-Then you shove it up!

What is this?
Didn't I say that I'll return the money?

When have you ever
returned the money?

You come here only to drink
and sleep with girls, right?

Why are you talking like this,
you scoundrel?

There's a limit to how much
a person can tolerate.

Is this even a house?

Is there even an inch
of clean space here?

Whenever I walk in, this place
reeks of vomit and urine.

I even throw your condoms
into the garbage.

Hey Arun!

Don't go overboard.

Here you are!

Change your name from Lijo
to 'Anto's lackey'.

Why do you alone have
such an issue with me, you prick?

No one else has any issue.

That's right.

I'm the only one
who has an issue.

None of you have any issue!


Arun, come on.
Let's arrive at a compromise.

You know, right?
It's Anto! It's our Anto!

Come on.
Let's arrive at a compromise.


You go compromise.

You guys can rot inside this filth
for the next two years and die!

Come in!


-Just for tonight.
-What's this, man?

Come inside.

Mom, this is Arun!


The food will be ready now.

-You can go and freshen up, son.

-Show him the room.
-What is this? Why are you like this?

Come, go and get freshened up.

We'll have dinner after that, okay?


No, sir.
Additional sheet, please.

Thank you.

It's been two days
since he came here.

He hasn't spoken to me at all.

I told you, right?

Didn't you notice his face and his body?

I have a strong feeling
that he has been drinking.

Please talk to him.

I'm well aware...

of how I lived my life,
when I was your age.

That's why I don't advise you,

though your mother
keeps compelling me to.

I know that you're away from us.


don't think
that you are alone.

For anything and everything,

your father is here for you.


You should quit alcohol.


I don't really...


What hurts me more than
you drinking alcohol,

is the fact that
you're lying to me.

Will you quit?

If you won't feel embarrassed,

can I give you a hug?

What is this, son?

So, just like the last time,

-Puneet Singh is first.
-Thank you, Ma'am.

Selva Soundarrajan is second.

-Good job, Selva.
-Thank you, Ma'am.

-Akhil Sathyan is third.
-Thank you, Ma'am.

-Lokesh is fourth.
-Thanks, Ma'am.

-And Dhruv is fifth.
-Thank you, Ma'am.

Congratulations, guys.
Most of you have improved,

except for the Malayali students.

Arun has cleared one paper.

Rest, all of you are washed out.

Can't you join some other course?

Wasting so many
seats unnecessarily!



-Awesome job, bro!
-How, bro?

There's nothing like that, bro.


Our classmate, Selva?

He's running a combined study group.

Shall we ask him if we can also join?

He has no airs about himself.

We'll ask him, huh?


Combined study it is, then.

Hey! Over there.

Hey Selva!


Hey! What are you guys doing here?


Will you let us join your
combined study group?

Oh! You may join!
Hold this.

-Usha Akka! I've kept the water here.
-Selva, the milk packet!

-They kept it here?
-It's leaking!

Come on.

-Hey! Keep it there.

There's no water here.

This has been a never ending
problem in our city, for many years.

Come, dude!

This is our area!

-Maari Anna!

Pay your electricity
bill today itself.

They will disconnect
it otherwise.

-Okay, Selva.

Careful, guys!

Lachu Paatti (grandma)!

Five minutes!

-Sambar Saadham is getting ready.
- Okay!

Hey Arun!
Come, dude!

What is this?
A bandit's hideout?

Come on!

-Hey! Give me your hand!

This is our place!

Anyone can come here...

and learn!

75% of the people here...

are not from
well-to-do families.

They were sidelined
because they were poor.

But wait and watch!
Ten years from now,

each student in this group
will be going places!

Don't look at it as just
another combined study group.

This is a student movement.

To change our destiny,

we initiated this
silent revolution.







His name is Raja.

He's from Pannaipuram.

He creates amazing music.

You have arrears in the
fourth semester, right?


Third semester?



We have arrears
in every semester, Selva.

Don't hurt our feelings
talking about all that.

So, let's start with Maths and Physics.

If you understand
Maths and Physics,

it's like you've understood
the whole world.

Here you go.


-First semester, Maths.
-We've just started. Come on!


♪ With a lightning sword
And percussion of the thunder ♪

♪ O dear friend ♪

♪ There's a whirlwind rainstorm ♪

♪ Come, protect us as an umbrella
Of myriad colours, my friend ♪

♪ The November rain
That showers fear ♪

♪ Let's get under the umbrella
Of the full moon ♪

♪ Unobserved, unnoticed ♪

♪ Come with me
Give me company, my friend ♪

♪ Hiding from the valley
And the blooming water lilies ♪

♪ Give us our dream world ♪

♪ With a lightning sword ♪

Huh? Selva?
Come on, guys!

Hey! Keep quiet!

Oh no! Her father!

♪ There's a whirlwind rainstorm ♪

♪ Come, protect us as an umbrella
Of myriad colours, my friend ♪

- Selva!
- Yes!

You're going to
become an engineer.

-Her father presses clothes for a living.

-So what?
-Have you really thought about it?

To think about all possibilities
and plan everything in advance,

do you think I'm a Malayali?

I'm a Tamilian!

A pure Tamilian!

♪ The November rain
That showers fear ♪

♪ Let's get under the umbrella
Of the full moon ♪

♪ Unobserved, unnoticed ♪

♪ Come with me
Give me company, my friend ♪

♪ Hiding from the valley
And the blooming water lilies ♪

♪ Give us our dream world ♪

♪ With a lightning sword
And percussion of the thunder ♪

♪ Come, protect us as an umbrella
Of myriad colours, my friend ♪

What's your dream, Selva?

I dream of the day my parents
can sleep without a worry.

What more can I ask for?

The semester results are quite
surprising this time.

Selva is first!

-Thank you!

-Puneet Singh is second.
-Thank you, Ma'am.

Gia D'Costa is third.

-Thank you, Ma'am.
-Girl power, finally!

-Akhil Sathyan is fourth.
-Thank you, Ma'am.

Arun Neelakandan is fifth.



Arun, you've cleared 18
back papers in one stretch?

Yes, Ma'am.


Superb, bro!
That's awesome.


And you too, Antony!

You also have cleared
a lot of papers.


Good going!

I'm too good, bro!


When are you giving us a treat?

We have class only
till noon today, right?

Let's go to Hotel Crescent
and have Mutton Biriyani.

-Can I call our boys?
-Call everyone!


By the way, bro...

After that, can you come
with me to meet Selvi?

I have...

bought a saree for her.

Huh? You're already
buying her sarees and all?

Hey! Don't yell bro!

I hope the people there
don't pummel you!

Shut up!

-What is it?
-Forget it.


Please stop at an ATM
counter on the way.

Do you even have to say?
We're going to make you splurge!

Calm down!
Please calm down!

Don't go forward.

You cannot go forward.

There has been a small accident.

What accident, sir?

I'll tell you later.

Move back now.

-Go back, please.
-What happened, sir?

The bus ran over
a third year student!






Move away!

Make way!

I found this in Selva's bag.

The saree he bought for Tamizhselvi.


His house is near Arakkonam.

Since it's outside the city,

I don't think many students
would come there.

Shouldn't we go and see him?

I can't see him like that!

Don't come if you don't want to.

I will go!

I won't let him burn to ashes
without anyone by his side.

I will go!

Amma, how do we go
to the cremation ground?

-Go straight.


Where have you gone,
leaving us behind?



Look at our Selva.

Whom do we have now?

Selva's parents.

What's your dream, Selva?

I dream of the day my parents
can sleep without a worry.

What more can I ask for?

We shouldn't cry, brother.

It's just his body that's
being consumed by the fire.

Just his body.

Is he just that?

Is that all there is to Selva?

He is hiding.

He is here, somewhere.

♪ Hiding beneath the clouds ♪

♪ Is the allure of the sun ♪

♪ I saw him
I felt his warmth ♪


I have always considered
Selva as my own son.

My son is abroad
and earning well.

You are all my children.

What difficulty would I have
in cooking for my children?

This group should not dissolve.

We should continue
what Selva started.

We should continue
what Selva started.




♪ You are leading from the front ♪

♪ I am following your footsteps ♪

♪ My friend...
O my dear friend ♪

♪ Hiding beneath the clouds ♪

♪ Is the allure of the sun ♪


♪ I can see you
I can hear you, my friend ♪

♪ As you walk ahead ♪

♪ I am right behind you ♪

♪ My beloved...
O' my beloved ♪

-Kaali, will this be a part of the exam?


Shall I drop you?


Maya, what happened?

I'll come right away.

Maya's father....

I have to go.

Shall I leave?

-You go home and freshen up.

I'll go later.

I couldn't do anything
when Selva died.

Maya needs me now.

Yeah, I can understand.

Tell me if there's anything.

Call me.

Shall I get you something to eat?

I don't want anything.

Mom has fallen asleep.

You can leave now, Arun.



Hey! Hey! Hey!

What happened?


He was wearing this shirt
even this morning.

We have no one now, Arun.

If I ask you something,

will you say the truth?

Have you ever...

loved me the way you
loved Darshana?

That was a night which made me
feel extremely lonely and guilty.

Someone who was always around,
but someone whom I'd never spoken to...

On that night, I noticed
a cycle tea-seller.

I felt like talking to him.

How many years has it been
since you came to Chennai?

I came here when this city
was called Madras.

When I came here,

none of this was here.

Did you come here
in search of a job?



In the '80s,

I had produced around
seven to eight Malayalam films.

What's your name?

A heavy downpour happened
and ceased over the same night.

Semester exams began, soon after.

None of us realized how
another year went by.

Campus placements,

preparations for higher studies...

In the meanwhile, I patched up
with my Malayali friends.

I'm asking this because we've royally
flunked all our exams.

Shall we join
your combined study group?

Why not! You should all come.
We'll see.

That's great.

-How much?
-200 Rupees.

Two Hundred...

Hey Arun!
I'll pay!

Let's split it.

All the top students in my class...

were targeting foreign
universities and studying accordingly.

Darshana, Kaali and I...

got jobs in
campus placements.

The ones who clear a lot
of back papers at one go,

will be adept at meeting deadlines.
Due to this finding by the HR department,

even our Malayali group could
secure jobs at good companies.


During the last semester,

I could see an extremely happy Maya
laughing out loud.


I'm really sorry, Joe.

It's okay, sir.

You don't have to call me Sir.

Call me Arun.

Okay, Arun.


Can I ask you something?


Why did she break up with you?

She deserved someone better.

That day, finally,
I got a load of guilt off my chest.

Then, finally came...

the last day in KC Tech.

The last day of college.

It was beautiful!

We all felt really close
to each other.

All of us were together.

Except Kaali.



Which train are you taking?

Mangalore Mail.

I will come.

Guys, guys!

I got the key to the secret alley!

-Secret alley?

All of us ran towards
the secret alley,

which our senior
Jasleen had shown us,

in the first year of college.

Dude, it's totally dark out here.

Hey Puneet, pull the lever!

-Someone turn on the switch.
-Pull the lever, man!

♪ O' heart! O' heart!
Please listen to me ♪

♪ O' mind, if you fly beyond the horizon ♪

♪ What will I do? ♪

♪ Can you come back, this way? ♪

♪ Why are you gushing through memories
Time and again? ♪

♪ Why are you turning into a sea of sorrow
Over and over again? ♪

♪ O' heart! O' heart!
Please listen to me ♪

♪ O' heart! O' heart!
Please listen to me ♪

All my friends had
something to write.

They all had something to say.

But I...


♪ O' heart! ♪

♪ O' heart! ♪

What is it, brother?
Any clothes to be pressed?

I have completed my course.

I'm going back to Kerala.

-Is it?
-Here's a gift for you.

Thanks, brother.
It's really superb.

Who told you that I like
green coloured sarees?

Antony and the others took
the express train, right?


Do you feel like leaving?

In the blink of an eye,

four years just flew by.


if I had forgiven you
in the first year,

would we still be together?

Arun! Bro!
We got stuck in traffic, bro!

Only do what your heart tells you, bro!

We'll always be there for you, bro!
No matter what!

Where is Kaali?

Hey Kaali! Come on!

Give it quickly.
You have a safe journey, bro!


Sambar Saadham!

Lachu Paatti sent this for you.

Stay happy, bro!
Stay happy wherever you are, bro!

Don't forget us, brother!

♪ It’s a new world out there
Go make it ♪

♪ Reach out for the stars and fly ♪

♪ A whole new world ♪

♪ A song hummed by the tender breeze ♪

♪ Love, like the morning sunlight ♪

♪ A world lent by dreams ♪

♪ Each bud in the bouquet
Is a whole new dream ♪

♪ Each desire and each colour
Can be seen in them ♪

♪ Someone is singing a misty melody ♪

♪ Do you know, O' doves? ♪

♪ This is where I'll be spending
My life, hereafter ♪

♪ A whole new world ♪

♪ A song hummed by the breeze ♪

♪ It's a new world out there
Go! ♪

♪ It's a new world out there
Go! ♪

♪ I was flowing with the waves ♪

♪ The shore caressed those waves ♪

♪ An undiscovered shore
Brimming with love ♪

♪ Unknowingly, catching me unawares ♪

♪ Overwhelming me with goosebumps ♪

♪ Between You and I
Why this unforeseen union? ♪

♪ O' time! ♪

♪ O' seasons! ♪

♪ O' ages! ♪

♪ O' years gone by! ♪

♪ A whole new world ♪

♪ A song hummed by the breeze ♪

♪ Love, like the morning sunlight ♪

♪ A world lent by dreams ♪

♪ Each bud in the bouquet
Is a whole new dream ♪

♪ Each desire and each colour
Can be seen in them ♪

♪ Someone is singing a misty melody ♪

♪ Do you know, O' doves? ♪

♪ This is where I'll be spending
My life, hereafter ♪

♪ A whole new... ♪

You look really handsome.

All of you should have the
payasam before leaving.


Isn't it time for the ceremony?

Where's your sister?

She'll be here now.

Let me just...


Why are you late?


[Traditional folk song]

I keep watching your videos.

Food vlogging.


It's gaining popularity.

Our subscriber base
has been growing.

You must be making a lot of money
from YouTube, right?

It barely covers my fuel bills.

Slog like a slave, get paid peanuts,
feel like a queen.

That's my present situation.

It's a new venture, right?

It will take some time
to convert to cash.

But there's one thing.

I feel really peaceful.

That feeling...

I have no idea how
to achieve that.

I don't have any
particular passion either.

I don't know what to do.

You do one thing.

-Quit your job.

Wander around like you?

Wander around for a bit.

Then, find what you really like.

And get into that.

Money will follow.

What if it doesn't?

You will starve!

My grandmother used to say...

"When we're really hungry,

we'll find ways
to feed ourselves"

And where's your grandma now?

She's dead!

But she had a point.

Are you a photographer?

I click photos, yeah.

How's this camera?

-It's okay for me.
-Is it?

-Can I have a look?



-This is beautiful.
-Thank you.

-What's your name?

I am Jimmy.

I'm a wedding photographer.

What about you?

I was with Infomax,
but now I'm not working.

-So you're not working currently?

Not working currently!

Do you believe in destiny?

-I don't know much about all that.
-Ah! It's good that you don't.

You'll go crazy!

You know how it is for me?

If I wish for something,

it will be brought right before me.

-By whom?

I was just thinking
of quitting my job,

starting my own wedding
photography company

and hiring a good photographer.

And here you are!

Don't think any further.
Let's collaborate!

-Well, I..
-Why? You don't want to collaborate?

I didn't mean that.

-I'm not a professional.
-That's not a problem.

And, we just met, right?

Yeah! We should have met
much earlier.

We got late.
I felt so too.

I have great contacts.

I'm serious.

We can cover at least four
or five weddings in a month.

I'll pay you Rs. 20,000
for each wedding.

What say?

-How much?
-Err... 20,000 Rupees.

Twenty five!

Fine! 30,000.
Don't ask for more than that. Please!

I need to think about it.

Go ahead.
I'll be right here.

-Sir, ticket?
-I didn't buy it?


I forgot!

I keep forgetting
things wherever I go.

You rascal! Even you managed
to get married?

Look over here!

-Move away!

Smile, please!

Who's that?

-Hey Sathish!
-Move away, you!

Don't crowd around.
Please move!

-Over here!
-Excuse me!

Smile, damn it!

Come on, stand here, you hag!

Get lost!

The feast is ready
at the dining hall.

After getting photos clicked,

all of you may proceed
to the dining hall.


And they shall become one.

Even if he is starving,
he should feed her.

Even if he is starving...

Feed, feed!

-Please! Just one!
-Get lost!




What is this?

What kind of photos are these?

You've covered the groom's family
really well.

-We're the ones paying you, right?
-There's still more to pay.

-I'm the bride's mother, right?

Have you clicked a single photo
of me smiling?


What kind of photographer are you?

-What's your name?

Nice name!

Take this with you!

-But I..
-Just get lost!


They think they can say anything
if they are paying us!

But they want
everything to be done!

It's a grand wedding, right?

Candid photography,
traditional photography...

Traditional with candid photography...

Helicam, Jimmy Jib and what not!

Where do I take all this?
To that town hall!

And that place has no AC or fridge!

I mean... no fans!

And there are those
saree-clad aunties,

sweating like they just took a steam bath.

Didn't that hag say that
there's no smiling photo of hers?

To make people smile when they don't,
have I learned morphing?

-Jimmy bro!

Come here.

What do you think
about these photos?

They are really nice.

They were clicked in Chennai
by a photographer named Danny

for a company called
'Weddings by Alpheus'.

This company doesn't
cover grand weddings.

They cover only small weddings
of people who are educated,

wise and mature enough.

With just immediate family members
and close friends in attendance,

Intimate weddings!

There's no brand which specializes
exclusively in intimate weddings,

currently in Kerala.

Why don't we start one?

Why not?
Let's start it today itself.

So that we can sit at home
from tomorrow.

Dude, what do you think?

You think weddings are conducted
in Kerala to get two people married?

A wedding here is a huge
celebratory event,

where people invite relatives,
friends and acquaintances...

... to show off their pomp and grandeur.

Take your intimate concept to
them and watch how they react!

-Jimmy bro!

Many people are reconsidering
the idea of having grand weddings.

Most Hindi actors are getting
married like this now.

Even our actor Prithviraj
got married like this!

Oh yeah!
Rajuettan is awesome!

If we target Kerala alone,
we'll be in a fix.

We should market our company
all over India.

If we start this now,

when intimate weddings
start trending in Kerala,

we will be the kings here!

Everyone is running
after grand weddings now.

Should we run along with them,
or ahead of them?

Think about it!

♪ Enough is enough
Speak to me with a smile ♪

♪ You inhabit my heart ♪

-Is this his new song?

♪ What is the use of running away? ♪

♪ You keep pulling me towards you
Using your magic ♪

The tea is very nice.

Just like your idea!

♪ You keep pulling me towards you
Using your magic ♪

How will we market
ourselves all over India?

-We needn't do anything.

You see this guy?
Shall we make him do it?

-Prateek Tiwari?

Dude, he's a top singer in Bollywood.

He charges millions for an ad.
Don't you know all this?

-We needn't pay him in millions.
-How much, then?

Is 10,000 fine?

♪ Enough is enough
Speak to me with a smile ♪

Hey guys!
I'm in Mumbai.

And we're performing
here tonight.

So, please do come, see us.

I have something to share
with you guys.

I have a friend, Arun Neelakandan.

And he's one of the best photographers
that I know personally.

Dude, he's hyping you up!

Now he's starting his own
wedding photography brand...

...called Blue Eye
Intimate Weddings.


So, the first couple to book
their wedding with this brand,

I will sing at their wedding,

for free!

Did he say that he'll sing for free,
at our first wedding?

Did he just say free?
Are you sure?

-Prateek, I love you man!
-I love you too, dude!

Who is he?

He is my friend!


Sure, sir.
Sure, sir.

We can do all that.

With that single video
from Prateek Tiwari...

we received around 20 wedding
enquiries in two days.

The most surprising fact was that
many of them were from Kerala.

If we get all this advance money,
we'll rock it!

Your idea is fantastic, man!


Why is your email ID like this?

It's been like that since 10th grade.

My dad is my hero.

So I just modified my
dad's name a little bit.


Neela (blue) kan (eye) ten.

So creative!

Don't pull my leg, Jimmy bro!

What's your family name?

Is it Mangalassery?


-Not at all?

As I started covering weddings
of my choice,

I began enjoying wedding
photography thoroughly.

Framing, lighting,
composition, technique...

None of this mattered.

I gradually learnt that capturing
the hearts of the people before you,

is what photography is all about.

I started anticipating.






I was loving what I was doing.

The greatest attraction
of wedding photography...

is the freedom that we get.

We can keep clicking photos of all
the girls attending the wedding,

with no restrictions.

When we go for certain weddings,

we feel that the bride
is nothing...

in front of her cousins, friends
or bridesmaids. So many girls!

O' dear God!

And at one such wedding,

I saw her for the first time.

She wasn't like the other girls

whom I'd forget immediately
after clicking them.

-Her face...


It pierced right into my heart.

Many years after Darshana,

I couldn't take my eyes off a girl.


[Nagumo a Carnatic composition
by Shri Tyagaraja]

-Come, sis'.
-I'll come later.

-Come on!
-I'll come later.

Come on!

Fine, don't come!
So much attitude!

I can send the photos on WhatsApp
if you want them.

Aww! Nice try to get my number!

Mail them to me.

If you won't mind,
may I say something?


I didn't like even a single photo
of yours that I clicked.

You're very beautiful!

Your eyes,

your face,

your smile.

I haven't been able to capture
any of these correctly.

-Mail ID?

Your... email ID?


It was lovely meeting you, Nithya.

I'm Arun.

What's happening, man?

Jimmy bro!

Did you see that girl?

Yeah, yeah!
I'm seeing everything.

I'm going to marry her.

Yeah, right!
Have you seen her?

A girl like her!

Do you think boys... that too, the
boys of Kochi, would forsake her?

Do you really think so?

She must be committed.
I am sure!

She's not committed.

[Nagumo continues]


Nithya has e-mailed us.

She showed the photos
we sent to her family.

Everyone liked it.

She has asked us if we can cover her
cousin sister's wedding in Chennai.

Don't miss this work.

This is the best chance
for you to hit on her.

Kedar Kamalesh?

What's wrong?

We should meet Nithya, in person.

I can't believe it!

He seemed like such a nice person.

I didn't know that
he's this kind of a guy.

All this happened
when I was in college.

Maybe, he's a changed man now.

Ask your family to enquire
about him, once again.

It's your cousin's life, after all!

-What are you saying?
-What about lights?

Lights should be all over the place.

I'm thinking, Udaipur.

-That's nice.

The palace in Udaipur?

I want to get married where
Priya Dongre got married.

I want that too!

And special suites
for my friends.

-That's a given!
-Hello sir.


Thank you.

Shall I go to the loo and come?


[humming a Tamil film song]

What do you want?

Aishu, where are you now?

I am with Kedar.

Didn't I tell you about him?
Then why...

Hey! This is my life!

Don't interfere in my life like this.

And I trust him!


Where's my phone?

Where is it?


Aishu, baby, just let me explain!

-I was...
-You son of a...

-You and your damn..

Hey dude!

Thank you!

Bloody wretch!

Yeah, baby?

-I'll call you back, no?

You've been slapped at the same
place, many years ago, right?

Get lost!

He keeps coming
here to get slapped.

-Is that so?
-Baby! Aishu!

He stays at an apartment in Kakkanad,

along with a photographer
named Jimmy.

Varun, right?

Do you have any acquaintance
by that name here?

I need to get acquainted.

I need to get
acquainted in a way

that he can't get up
and walk hereafter.

Bro, there are CCTV cameras here.

Wear your hoodie.

Bro, it must have captured
our license plate, right?

CCTV cameras of Kochi, right?

They won't capture anything.
Come on!

Will this be over before 6 PM?

I need to make an offering
at my family temple then.

Five minutes!
We'll beat him to pulp!



Ah! Nice!

-Who is Varun? Call him!

Where is he? Call him!
Come out, you!


-Are you an idiot or what?
-Hit him!

Ask him to come forward.

-Hey! Come on!
-Should we come there?

What's happening here?

-What are you looking at?

Why have they come here?

-Come on!

-Who are these guys?
-Come on, if you dare!

He has tied a towel around his waist.
Is he going to hit us now?

Kedar, hit him!

Kedar, don't keep gaping
like you've swallowed a pole.

Thrash him!




Why is he just gaping?

-Bloody dog!

Just a second.

-Hey Kedar!
-Hey Kedar!

Hey! Where are you going?

Dude, he's not Varun.
He's Arun!

Why do we care?
Shouldn't we hit him?


I've known him
for a long time!

I don't like him one bit!

This bloody thing
is also not working!


Where's the stairs?

What a buffoon!

Shall I go to the temple then?

What happened over here now?

Did you understand anything?


Hey Kaali!

Tell me, bro!

A small matter.

What? Matter?

It's not that matter.

You have to cover a wedding.

There's not much of a budget,
but the client is someone you know.

But you can come alone.
That's enough.

I'll discuss this with my partner
and let you know.

Let me know.

Who's the client?

The client....
Let it be a surprise!


Thank you so much, Arun.

You saved Aishu's life.

If you won't mind,
may I ask you something?


Do you like parotta and beef?



I'm going to a place which serves
awesome parotta, tonight.

Do you want to come along?


[Nagumo resumes]

This doesn't seem like
the usual parotta.

This is called Bun Parotta.

Madurai style!

When are you going to Chennai?

Tomorrow evening.

-By train?

Shall I come with you?

I'm travelling in a second
class compartment.

Should I upgrade to an AC coach?

The windows can't be opened.

Can't feel the wind either.

Second class is fine!


A bit more windy
than you expected, right?

Good morning!

Good morning!

Hi kiddo!


-How are you?

-Who is this, bro?
-My friend.

-Your friend? Hello.

-Come on.
-Now tell me.

-Who's the client?
-The client?

You've come so far.
Now see for yourself.

It's my daughter's wedding.

We'll make it grand!

♪ Dried grapes spread on a platter
Eat to your heart's desire ♪

♪ Munch on the coconut strips
Chew on the betel leaves and areca nuts ♪

♪ The wedding hall is over crowded
The bride and groom are sweating ♪

♪ Did you see the bride's beauty?
Did you see the groom's opulence? ♪

♪ Beaming, the bride and groom
Walk out after tying the knot ♪

♪ Beaming, the bride and groom
Walk out after tying the knot ♪

♪ Dried grapes spread on a platter ♪

♪ Eat to your heart's desire ♪


Identify all the relatives and close
friends of the bride and groom.


And... when the guests
enter the hall,

spot the people
who are really expressive.

Also, identify people
with great smiles.




Thank you.


-Oh wow! Hi!
-Can you tell me...

-who the close relatives are?
-I'll tell you. You're really beautiful!

I am a production
controller in the movies.

I'll get you a chance
to act as a heroine.

Give me your number.

I won't chat with you.

Only video calls!

-Give me your number.
-I'll be right back.

Bloody scoundrel!

♪ Dried grapes spread on a platter ♪

♪ Eat to your heart's desire ♪

♪ Munch on the coconut strips ♪

♪ Chew on the betel leaves and areca nuts ♪


I've got all the details.
It's all set.

This is my old camera.
You can join me.

I don't know how to use this.

Just make sure
that the photos are in focus.

Oh! Photography is so easy, huh?

Give it back!

Let me try.

♪ The wedding hall is over crowded
The bride and groom are sweating ♪

That's enough.
Now you can click some humans.

-But this coconut shell is so pretty.
-Let it be there. Come!

♪ Beaming, the bride and groom
Walk out after tying the knot ♪

♪ Beaming, the bride and groom
Walk out after tying the knot ♪

Shall I take you to a place?


Hey Maari! Why haven't you
paid the electricity bill?

I'll pay it today!

Do whatever you want!

Who are you?


Who are you?

Lachu Paatti?

No. We've been staying
here for three years.

There's no one like that here.


Arun bro!

-How are you, dear?
-I am great.

I am married now.

I can see that.

Are you happy?

I am at peace, brother.

I had gone to Lachu Paatti's house.

But nobody is there.

Lachu Paatti?

You want to see her?

Hey Arun!

-Come on in!

Please come.

I'm seeing you
after so many years!

-It's been really long, Grandma!
-Don't you remember this grandma?

-It's not like that.
-As soon as you left after your studies,

you forgot this grandma, right?

Have I forgotten you?



-Look who's here!

-Hi. Vijay.


Grandma has told me
a lot about you.

Okay. Please carry on.
I'll see you later.

I'll bring coffee for you.


Can I get some Sambar Saadham?

Wait, I'll bring it.

The two of you should always
stay together and be happy.

Grandma, we're just friends.

Oh! Friends, huh?

Seems like the two of you
are best friends?


I swear, we're just friends, Grandma.

Are you that crazy about him?

He's a sweetheart, sis'.

You had a boyfriend
in college, right?

What was his name?
Tin? Aluminium?


-Is this guy like him?
-No! He's not like that loser!

Back then, he had
his eyes on me.

That's just your imagination.

Okay, agreed.
He had his eyes on you.

Now, please talk to Papa
and Mumma about this.

Let me see.

Thank you!

Wedding photographer?
No way!

Why not?

She is an engineer working
at a software company.

He's also like that.

When he got bored,
he quit that and started this.

What does he earn by doing this?

He earns much more than
what you earn in a month, Papa.

-Through wedding photography?

But it won't work out.

There are a thousand
still photographers,

walking around with cameras.

It's an extremely competitive field.

If he goes jobless tomorrow,
who will take care of her?

Why should he take care of me?

I can take care of myself.

And if he's jobless,
I'll take care of him, as well.

Do you think I can't, Papa?

My dear, you don't know
how men are!

They are really complicated!

If they lose their jobs,

or if the wife earns
more than the husband,

they will have all sorts of complexes.

It will create huge problems
in your family life.

-Papa, he's not like you.
-He's not?

Today's boys are not as problematic
as the men from your generation.

Now you don't join them
and make them like you.


If you say no,

I won't marry him.

But some other clever girl
will definitely snatch him away.

If that happens,

I will never forgive you, Papa.

In case he develops a complex,

and it becomes an issue
like you mentioned,

I won't wait even for a second.

I'll get divorced and come
back to you immediately.

You spoiled brat!

What is this?

Pampered her, didn't you?
Deal with it!


Eventually I'm going to get married.

Might as well marry
someone I love.

Please agree, Papa.


-Please agree, Papa!

Agree, Papa!

-Please agree.
-Do whatever you want!

Say it happily!

Do whatever you want!

A little more!

More happiness, Papa!
Come on!

Marry whoever you want!

Awww! Thank you!

Thank you, Papa!

-Oh no!


-My friend Arun is getting married.
-God bless him.

Same to you!


All set, huh?



Bro, I'm working as an assistant
in Allu Arjun's film.

I'm at the sound mixing studio.
I'll be there.

More punch, bro!
More punch!

I'll be there, for sure.


Congratulations, bro! I'll be there
the night before! I'll call you!

I will come, dude!

We'll have a blast!


-Two double large, please.
-Can't give you any more, sir.

Hey! Congratulations, buddy!

-Thank you.
-Okay. Check my Facebook live.

I'm doing something for you.

I'm doing something
special for you, okay?

-All the very best, Prateek.

Hello Mumbai!

How are you, public?


It's a lovely night, guys!

And I just got a message
from a very dear friend of mine.

His name is Arun.

In college I used to call
him Mallu Aunty.

And he's getting married!

Arun, this song is for you!

♪ O' beloved ♪

♪ Enough is enough
Speak to me with a smile ♪

♪ You inhabit my heart ♪

♪ What is the use of running away? ♪

♪ You keep pulling me towards you
Using your magic ♪

♪ Enough is enough
Speak to me with a smile ♪

♪ O' beloved ♪

♪ O' beloved ♪

♪ O' Bulleya ♪

♪ O' Bulleya ♪

♪ Enough is enough
Speak to me with a smile ♪

♪ You inhabit my heart ♪

♪ What is the use of running away? ♪

♪ You keep pulling me towards you
Using your magic ♪

♪ Enough is enough ♪

♪ Enough is enough ♪

♪ Enough is enough
Speak to me with a smile ♪

♪ Enough is enough
Speak to me with a smile ♪

Hey! Hold him!

-Bro, are you sloshed? Will you puke?
-I'm absolutely fine!

-I love you, man!
-I love you too!

Thank you so much for coming.

Come in.

-Hey Darshana!

-Why are you so late?
-Sorry! Sorry!

So let's dedicate the next song
to Darshana!

-That's awesome!

Hey Puneet, pass the guitar
to Arun, no?

-O' dear! Another acoustic song?
-Come on, Arun!

Arun, 3-4.

-What scale?
-That you play, man!

-Okay, okay. Silence!

♪ Speak ♪

♪ Speak to one another ♪

♪ Speak your heart out, unabashedly ♪

♪ Speak ♪

♪ Speak to one another ♪

♪ Speak your heart out, unabashedly ♪


-I know!

He has thrown you out, huh?

I'm shifting to the apartment
next door.

What's this?

The wedding night
is tomorrow, right?

This is a trial for the decorations.

It needn't flop
tomorrow, right?

Hey Darshana!

-Where were you?

Sorry, I got a little late.

This is Nithya's wedding dress.

It was given for alteration.

Hey! Why did you
bring it here now?

Why disturb them at midnight?
I'll give it in the morning.

-I'm so hungry!

-Have you eaten?

-Come on then.
-I'll have dinner with him then.

Hey! I'm coming with you.

♪ The face, as beautiful
As the full moon in the sky ♪

♪ The mind, as pure and constant
As the elixir ♪


Bro, you're awesome!

It's all perfect once I
have a couple of drinks.

Strike one more, if you dare.

-Just one more! One more!
-Go and check, bro.


Darshana, wait!


What happened, Darshana?

He is getting married, Antony!

When he was in other relationships,

I never felt anything.

Now he'll be gone!

He'll just go, forever!

I can't bear it, Antony!

Only those who wish him well
should be present at his wedding.

I'm leaving.

Hey! Wait!

He should never know
whatever I told you now.

[indistinct chatter]

Arun! I love you, man!

Where's the bar, bro?
I want to drink like a fish!

Shut up, you nincompoop!

Arun, bye!

Bye, Antony!

Hey! Where did Darshana go?

There was a death in her family.
She had to leave quickly.

Don't call her now.

I mean...
She is okay.

It's past 12 AM.
Don't you want to sleep?

Get some sleep, man! You might
not be able to sleep tomorrow.

Look at your silly smile!

It's raining cats and dogs.

I had asked you to book
the indoor stadium.

Do you ever listen to me?

A cricket tournament is going on
at the indoor stadium!

How come it's raining
so much in April?

Are you asking me that?

Great! Who am I asking!

A low-pressure area must have
formed over the Bay of Bengal.

You made me wear this
Churidar in the morning.

Uncle, it's not a Churidar.
It's a Kurta.

What's the difference
between your outfit and mine?

Even the stole is the same.

-Can you keep quiet, please?

Arun, the auspicious
time is about to pass.

What do we do now?

What do you think?

Shall we get married in the rain?

It will be unique.

The pictures will be awesome, right?

You convince your family.
Let me talk to mine.


What did she say?

She said we needn't wait for
the auspicious time to be over...

-and that we'll get married in the rain.


Mommy, shall we get
married like this?

-Won't it be awesome?
-In this rain?

It will be fine, Uncle.
We needn't waste time.

What if someone catches a fever?

We can serve medicines
along with the feast.

Uncle, relax.
Come, let's have a couple of drinks.

Oh God! Please take him away!

I won't step out in the rain,
wearing this Churidar.

It's not a Churidar.
It's a Kurta!

Can you stop being
so ridiculous, Uncle?

Don't talk to me in English!
You know, right?

I won't accept this!

-It's only for a short while.
-No way.

-I wanted the indoor...
-Mommy, please.

There are too many people.
Everyone will catch a fever.

We'll see.

My dear Papa!

Uncle, please!

-Okay. So be it!


♪ Dried grapes spread on a platter
Eat to your heart's desire ♪

♪ Munch on the coconut strips
Chew on the betel leaves and areca nuts ♪

♪ The wedding hall is over crowded
The bride and groom are sweating ♪

♪ Did you see the bride's beauty?
Did you see the groom's opulence? ♪

♪ Beaming, the bride and groom
Walk out after tying the knot ♪

♪ Beaming, the bride and groom
Walk out after tying the knot ♪

Please don't cry, Papa.

I'm not crying, dear.

The hair gel got in my eye
and it's stinging like crazy.

I can't bear it, my dear!

Go! Go!

Get inside!

-Don't waste time.
-What's happening?

What's that noise?
Did she leave?

You are here, right?

-You are Nithya's friend, right?

I am Arun's friend.



I'm Diya.


Nice name.

Very nice name!

Hey! Pull over!

-Just do what I said!

Now, you guys go
and get some tea.


Shall we have some tea?


I've heard about First night.

This is the first time
I'm seeing First day.


You are really funny!

Am I?

Why is she laughing
for this lame joke?


I hope there won't be any
moral policing here.

It's raining heavily, right?

They must be sitting at home
and having hot parotta and beef fry.

You are unbelievable!


I will rock today!

Who is calling at this time?

-What is it?
-Dude, let's go.

She didn't agree, huh?

You idiot! Don't mess with me.
Come quickly!

I can't come so quickly.

We're having a serious conversation.

You can talk later.

We're getting late.
Come quickly.

Nithya, he will come now.

You scoundrel! Nothing should happen
for me, at any point of time, huh?



Shall we go?

♪ The one who bestows auspiciousness
On one and all ♪

♪ The one who accomplishes all objectives ♪

♪ To the mother of the three worlds ♪

♪ O Goddess Parvati
I bow to thee repeatedly ♪

♪ O' my bindi-clad full moon,
when you are with me ♪

♪ Stars twinkle all around us ♪

♪ In the mirror within your eyes ♪

♪ I saw the nights I've always dreamt of ♪

♪ Days went by, searching for you
Longing for you ♪

♪ Love, so deep ♪

♪ Makes the heart melt
Playing the harp strings of romance ♪

♪ O' my bindi-clad full moon,
when you are with me ♪

♪ Stars twinkle all around us ♪


Will you make some
porridge for me?

How about some lentils as well?

And some chutney?


A small pappadam?

Make it quickly, my boy!

-How is it?
-Come here.

Thank you, God...

for giving this fellow to me,
and not anyone else.

You're a darling!

♪ With your lips oozing honey
Like a flower ♪

♪ Are you seeing dreams of love? ♪

♪ Or singing songs of desire? ♪

♪ As the beautiful waves flowing in them ♪

♪ Create an effervescence of love
In our hearts ♪

♪ Caressing a tender melody ♪

♪ Why should it be You and I?
We are one! ♪

♪ My darling girl ♪

Yeah, I've had my
share of relationships.

Well, so have I.

I meant... any special someone?

Was there anyone like that?

Why aren't you saying anything?


It was a long time ago.

Now we're good friends.

Oh! So you're still
in touch with her?


Is that a problem?


Of course not!

I trust you.

I sense something wrong!

I checked Darshana's Facebook
and Instagram accounts.

She has liked and commented
on every photo Arun has posted.

But she has not
liked or commented

on even a single photo
in which I'm with him.

She still has something for him!

Don't you have any other job?

Have you noticed
how he looks at you?

No scumbag has looked at me
like that, in my whole life.

-Just a minute.
-Oh! Take your time!



He is a solid guy!

But you should check his phone
and WhatsApp every now and then.

Though he's a solid guy,
don't give him a chance to cheat.

Uh oh! But checking his phone
is bad, right?

It's really bad...

if he finds out!
Do it without his knowledge.


♪ O' my bindi-clad full moon ♪

♪ When you are with me ♪

♪ Stars twinkle all around us ♪

♪ Days went by, searching for you
Longing for you ♪

♪ Love, so deep ♪

♪ Makes the heart melt
Playing the harp strings of romance ♪


What happened, Arun?

What happened?

Around 10:30 PM,

Nithya started having labour pain.

At 11 PM,

we brought her to the hospital.

Since then,

I had been waiting here.

Around five minutes back,

the nurse came out
and asked for me.


she placed a tiny little
thing into my palms.

It's a boy!

I've become a father!

You're the first person
I felt like calling.

If I continue talking,

I might lose it.

I'm hanging up.


What happened?

Arun just had a baby!

Even your ex-boyfriend had a baby!

When are we going to talk
about marriage?


Darshana, answer him!

Answer him, Darshana!
Come on!

Didn't you tell me that...

we'll call him by the name
that comes to your mind,

when you see him?

What do we call him?

What if you don't like
the name I call him?

He's our baby!

Call him what you like!



Nice name.

Selva Arun.


Selva Nithya Arun.

Thank you!

It's nothing, dear.

Why has the baby been
crying for so long?

Give him to me.

Let me see.

-He's not crying now.

He started crying only now.

That's enough.

Give the baby to me.

Don't cry, dear.

You must not feed
formula milk to the baby.

You must only feed
him mother's milk.

Can we let the baby starve
until she produces milk?

Why should you make
the baby wear diapers?

Ask her to put him
on a rubber sheet.

If we put him on a rubber sheet,

how many times do we clean it?
Will she do it?

Are you feeding him
with a plastic bottle, dear?

This is really bad for him.

This is not ordinary plastic.
It's BPA free.

Plastic is plastic!

Why don't you take the baby
out in the sun in the morning?

He needs to get
Vitamin D, right?

You come and sleep with
the baby at night, then.

We aren't able to sleep
because the baby keeps crying.

He has to get enough milk, right?
That's why he doesn't sleep.

My daughter is feeding him very well.

Babies cry! It's the same,
all around the world.

Can all of you please
leave this house?

I want to sleep!

It's been two days since I slept!

What a temper she has!

Couldn't you fall in love
with a docile girl?

If these three women
stay here together,

you will be done for!

That's for sure!

What should I do now?

I have taken leave
for three months.

I can take care
of my wife and son.

I don't need help from anyone!

If you don't want it,
we don't want it either.

You became a father
only now, right?

-Neelan, control yourself!

We won't stay here
even for a second longer.

Dhanya, go pack our bags!
Come on!

What are you waiting for?
Go and pack our bags!

Please pack our bags!

He'll get it from me.

What a performance!

You guys should have
been in the movies!

We should've, right?

You should never
listen to the advice

from your father
and father-in-law...

about raising a baby.

I learned that lesson
on that very day.

Though they may create a ruckus,

with no women in the house,

we are doomed!

Didn't I tell you not
to order it online?

-Why can't you buy it from a shop?
-I'll buy it right away.

Oh God!

You've been shopping
for so long!

Don't you want to come home?
Come quickly!

I just got into the lift.
I'm pressing the button.


Please don't cry, baby!

My back is aching, Arun!

Shall I get you some
Amrutanjan balm?

Go give it to that ex
of yours, you idiot!

I'll bring Volini spray.

Oh God! I wonder
where the Volini is.

Oh! Baby!

Don't cry, dear.

Dude, the trailer of
Baahubali 2 is out.

Did you watch it?


You're asking me?

-Were you asleep?

It's okay.
Tell me.

What's your opinion
about me getting married?


What's your opinion...

about me getting married
and starting a family life?

Very good opinion!

Very, very good opinion!

Don't delay it any further.
Do it immediately!

I haven't seen you
in so many years.


I recognized you only
when you told me.

We had met back in Kerala, right?

-How are your kids doing?
-They are fine.

Bro! Welcome back to Madras!

-Thank you! How's it going?
-Hey Nithya! How are you?

-Was it too much trouble for you?
-It's alright. How was his journey?

-It was okay.
-Woah! He's crying a lot, huh?

I'm fed up of these Malayali
students who come to Chennai.

They get in with a waiting
list ticket and ask for seats..

Do you know him?

I've seen him somewhere.

Where does Darshana stay?

Darshana bought an apartment
worth 1.5 Crores in Kottivakkam.

Her life is set!

How does she have so much money?

Dude, the reach for her videos
is unbelievable.

She has so many fans
and followers.

And she gets paid really well
for collaborations too.

I missed a millionaire, huh?

I love you, baby!

I love you, baby!

-Get lost.
-What is this, man?

It's nothing, dear.

-I don't have a place to stay.
-You can stay with me.

-Hey! That's Arun!
-Hey, yeah!


Didn't you guys go to the hotel?

No. He wanted to drop by.

[indistinct chatter]

We'll take care of the child.

We'll bring him soon.

-Nithya, they will bring the child.
-You guys carry on.

He's so cute!

-Where's the apartment?
-Arun! Arun!

-Arun, our baby!
-He'll be fine. Come!

Arun! Hey!

You should have brought
it earlier, right?

Why do you have to keep
everything for the last minute?

You're in full form early
in the morning itself, huh?

-When did you reach?
-Just now.

I thought I'll see you
and head to the hotel.

Darshana, Hi!

It's so nice to finally meet you!

I keep watching all your videos.
I mean, I'm a huge fan!

That video you shot
in Rajasthan, was awesome!

Thank you.

And what you've managed
to do for yourself

in just 6-7 years is just amazing!

The video you shot
in Punjab was so good.

-Nithya, that's enough.
-Sorry, I'm going on and on.

-Must be just excited or something.

-Did you see him?


He's so cute!

He actually looks a bit
like Arun, no?

Hey! He's crying.

Megha, can you hold him please?

Just a minute.
I'll be right back.

-Hey baby!

Who is this?
Who is this?

Is this your Papa?

♪ The face, as beautiful
As the full moon in the sky ♪

♪ The mind, as pure and constant
As the elixir ♪

Did you have food from outside?

-We'll eat from the hotel.
-Why don't you eat here?

-There's idli and sambar here.
-Have you eaten?

You look so different in a saree.

If your food vlogging fans see this,

they will snatch you away!

Did you have food?


Come, come.
Everybody, come!

Once the function is over...

Mom, don't serve him idli.
He likes upma.

Give him upma.

Do you like upma?

Yes, I love it.

But you never told me that.

Does anyone keep telling
everyone that they like upma?

How's the upma?



I need to talk to you.

Come to Palavakkam beach.



Where are you going?

Err.. my friends are partying
in another hotel nearby.

I'll be back soon.

Darshana had called.

She said she wants to meet me.

Shall I go?

Go and come back soon.

Do you remember this place?

I've been thinking
for the past two days,

whether I should
get married or not.

Once I get married,
will I lose my freedom?

Will I be able to continue working
the way I am now?

Will I be able to take care
of my parents like I am now?

Will another person have control
over my financial matters?

So many things on my mind!

And then I was thinking...

Vishak is a great guy!

I fight a lot with him!

But he gets it!

He's so understanding.

I'm probably overthinking
these things, right?



if I had forgiven you
during our first year in college,

would we be together even now?

When you asked me this
at the station that day,

I didn't have an answer.

And do you have an answer now?

A few days after my son was born,

one morning,

I sat down for a while,

just looking at
the two people lying next to me.

There are some moments in life,

that make you realize
what you're living for.

It was a moment like that.

There will be a phase
like that in your life too.

What if it were like this...

What if it were like that...

You'll stop thinking
about all that.

You will understand,

"This is it!"

This is how it's going to be!

All this sounds great, but...

But I see so many marriages
just falling apart, it's...

What if these moments
you had in your life,

don't happen in mine?

If they don't,
you are doomed!

It's your wedding tomorrow!

Stop racking your brains,

go home and sleep peacefully.

It's not tomorrow.
It's today!

♪ The face,
As beautiful as the full moon in the sky ♪

♪ The mind, as pure and constant
As the elixir ♪

♪ As pure and constant as the elixir ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

♪ Your fragrance everywhere, all the time ♪

The flight is delayed by two hours.


Arun, in that case...

Mithra has a shop
in Thoraippakkam, right?

Shall I go shop there?

We have time anyway.

What is it, dear?


Brother, please take a U-turn.

-Okay, sir.
-What happened?

Shall I visit my college?

We have time, right?

You finish your shopping
and come back.

♪ O' heart! ♪

Brother, you can drop
me outside the gate.

Okay, sir.

So, I'll see you in a bit?


Say bye!

Bye, Papa!


I'm Jasleen.


Your senior?

Darshana... jumping over the wall?

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Oh my God!
How come...

How come you're here?

I helped many people
get out of this college.

I got stuck here!

I'm teaching.



Oh God!

"Oh God?"


Who else...
I mean...

Who else is here
from our college days?

Who else...?

There are mainly four factors.

Effect of temperature,

effect of grain size,

effect of heat and...

Oh! You've got a beard now?

Like you've got gray hair.

I coloured it gray,
to get that look!

Yeah, right!

I came for Darshana's wedding.

-I'm on my way back.
-Missed it!

Special class!

Ma'am.... could you give me
the key to the secret alley?

Arun, you know right?

We give it only on
the final day of the final year.

It's the Principal's rule.

I'm in no position to change it.


It's okay.


All well?

You can call me Varikkappara.

I heard that you've come.

I'm working as the Vice-Principal's
staff now.

There was a friend of yours
who thrashed me back then, right?

What was his name?


Where is he now?

He's in America now.

Convey my regards to him.


Keerthy Ma'am asked me
to give you something.

Return it quickly, okay?

Thank you, Vijayetta.

♪ Why are you gushing through memories
Time and again? ♪

Come on!

Come, bro!

♪ Why are you turning
Into a sea of sorrow ♪

Come on!

♪ Over and over and again? ♪

♪ O' heart! O' heart!
Please listen to me ♪

♪ O' heart! O' my magical heart!
Please listen to me! ♪

♪ O' heart! ♪

♪ O' heart! ♪

♪ O' heart! ♪

Don't cry, dear.

Your college looks awesome!

Why are you grinning like this?

Can you untie your hair?

Have you lost your mind?

Do it, please.


Your Papa is crazy!

What is it, my dear?


What is it, dear?
Come on!

What is it, huh?

You want to go there?
No, let's go there.

Let's go home now.

♪ O' heart! ♪

♪ O' heart! ♪

♪ O' heart! ♪

♪ O' heart! ♪