Hrid Majharey: Live in My Heart! (2014) - full transcript

The film begins with a shot in which a very disheveled looking Abhijit (Abir Chatterjee) enters the room to find Debjani (Raima Sen) lying dead on the bed. The story goes back to a flashback and we get to see the reason behind such a fatal outcome. Abhijit is a professor of Mathematics at St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. He lives with his only sister Mallika who is a crime journalist by profession. A chance meeting with a soothsayer (Sohag Sen) who warns Abhijit to stay away from love for his own good is not given much importance by the professor. One rainy night he comes across a beautiful damsel in distress Debjani, stranded, as her taxi has broken down. He gives Debjani, a trainee heart surgeon, a lift in his car and Cupid strikes. They date and fall in love. Abhijit, however, faces a problem at his job when an infatuated student proposes him. He rejects and in retaliation she does something to get back at the professor. He is initially arrested, and then ostracized by one and all. Faced with such grave issues at work, he goes to the Andamans along with Debjani in search of a new life. There they meet Shubhro (Indrasish Roy) who is Debjani's junior from their high school days. Shubhro runs an NGO at Port Blair and composes music in his pastime. Shubhro and Debjani spend time together rejuvenating their old friendship. At times, Abhijit gets jealous of Shubhro's unwavering attention on Debjani. Shubhro dies in an accident and this leaves Abhijit in a confused state. He begins to question himself about the prophecy of the soothsayer. What actually happens next? Does Abhijit leave Debjani? Who killed Debjani? Hrid Majharey answers them all.

Smoking is injurious to health.

It may cause cancer.

Smoking is injurious to health.

It may cause cancer.

Are the news true?

Or do you plan and
manipulate the news?

There's murder and what not. Nonsense!

Life would've been better
if I was a free artist like you.

We're seekers of truth.

We look for news and
don't make-up stories.

It's a stressful job.

Why do you always dominate him?

Do you take advantage of
the fact that he's younger to you?

Thank you.
- Who is younger?

Who's younger?
I'm younger just by 18 months.

Let's go.
- Yes, let's go.

Come on, let's go.

Let's stay back for some time.
- Oh no!

Ho Chi Hua. She's the owner of this place.
- She?

Her late husband owned this restaurant.
- Oh!

Do you know that she's
a very good face reader?

- Don't hesitate. Go ahead. Go.

Let's go.
- Wait a minute, I'll be back soon.

What happened? Hey!

Okay. This is for you.
- Thank you.

All the best for your trip.
- Same to you.

May I?
- Sure.

There's a thin line
between life and death.

Don't let anything erase that gap.

Look after somebody
who is close to you.

You believe that
everything is destined.

I mean.. it's pre-decided.
It can be prophesied.

Seeker of knowledge,
you've had enough.

Let's go now.
We can come back later.

Don't you wish to know anything?

You're educated. You're knowledgeable.

Since when did you start opposing..

..the possible and impossible;
the known and unknown.

And the seen and unseen.
- Why will I go against anything?

There are many
questions in this world.

There's an answer to every question.

Natural answers. Scientific answers.

There's no scope of opposition.

There are many things
in heaven and earth, Horatio..

..than are dreamt
of in your philosophy.

Satisfied? You'll agree
only if anyone quotes Shakespeare.

Stop your nonsense.

Be careful of matters
of love and heart.

The ruthless heart
plays strange games.

This rogue gives you solace
but hurts you even more.

It's time for your special class.
- Shut up! stop your nonsense.

Which color will it be today, Jini?

White full sleeve shirt with
the sleeves rolled up. - Okay.

And blue jeans.

Oh dear!
What about the other details?

Is it Calvin Klein or Jockey today?
- Oh no!

Oh yes! The first button
of the shirt will be open.

- Oh no!

Go to your place.
- Sir is coming, go to your place.

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

INUS. Any idea? What is it?

Anything at all?

Insufficient and non redundant parts
of unnecessary but sufficient causes.

Okay. Let me given an example.

For example a fire incident
in which a house gets gutted down.

A short circuit was the cause of fire.

Isn't it natural?

We'll check out the
other factors on screen.

Faulty wiring, short circuit,
presence of flammable things nearby..

..absence of fire extinguisher
or dysfunctional fire extinguisher.

All these factor maybe
unnecessary cause of fire..

..but are sufficient causes.

Sir, why are you calling
them unnecessary?

Reining of cell phone in
class is absolutely unnecessary.

Use your brain in solving sums.

Sir, why did you term
them as unnecessary?

Without these factors there
wouldn't have been any fire..

..and the house wouldn't
have been destroyed.

Right you are.

You've mentioned it. These..

Let me explain this.

Some other cause could've
destroyed the house.

For example,
a war, an earthquake or tsunami.

Am I right?

But, in this case the
cause of destruction is fire.

Short circuit may not
have been a sufficient cause..

..but it isn't unnecessary.

Any guesses why?

- Hmm..

The short circuit alone
wouldn't have been sufficient.. cause the fire but..
- But?

..without it the place
wouldn't have caught fire..

..even in the presence of other factors.
- Right!

So, we can term the short
circuit as the INUS cause.

Did you get me?

Come on clap for him.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Open your mouth.

Do it again.
- What is it?

Give me a piece of cake.

Give it to everybody.
- Okay.

Wait. Yes, let's do it.

"I wanted to hold her
but couldn't catch her."

"I wanted to hold her
but couldn't catch her."

"The loved one is like
raw gold in the ocean of beauty."

"The loved one is like
raw gold in the ocean of beauty."

"I wanted to hold her
but couldn't catch her."

"I wanted to hold her
but couldn't catch her."

Here you go.

The cake is here. Have it.

"The loved one is like
raw gold in the ocean of beauty."

Okay I'll have it.
So I got the cake at the end. Right?

What are you doing?

"The loved one is like
raw gold in the ocean of beauty."

- You have it.

I'll join you soon.
- Please sir, have a bite.

Hold on.

- Hmm..

Abhijeet, who'll do the proof reading?

PKC will do it.
- PKC.

Will you get your fist
authorial done by him?

He is myopic.

Why don't you try somebody else?

Subhojit or Anindya? Would be better?

Sir, I'll talk to you
about it in detail later.

I'm discussing your
authorial and you're..

I haven't played basket
ball for a long time.

But you.. - Sir, will talk to you later.
Yes! Let's go.

Sir, shall we play basketball today?

You haven't played for a long time.

- Your bag.

Sir, pass.
- Shinjini..


..your presentation
has been pending for long.

Won't you submit it?

Sir, the tournament
is knocking on the doors.

Shall I submit it next week?

It's clear from your
unit test results.

Don't take the exam lightly.
- No, sir.

Get the trophy for us.

Sir, the ball..

- Where are you going?

So, you've got your trophy.
- Shut up!

Oh no!

Why didn't you go out today?

No.. I'll go out early tomorrow.

You can introduce me to your
crime reporter female friends.

Bold and beautiful.

It'll be great.
- That's true.

What's wrong with Shinjini?

No man will be interested
in marriage when..

..he has someone like her coming
home for tuitions daily. Isn't it?

Molly, Shinjini is a kid.
- Don't joke, brother.

Will you tell me when
you wish to settle down?

Or don't you have any
intentions of settling down?

I'll get married but I can't
get married all of a sudden.

If I feel that a girl is
perfect as my wife, I'll marry her.

Why are you in such
hurry to get me married?

Yes, I'm in hurry..
- Sister, I've kept the food covered.

Have it on time, don't be late.

Sandhya maasi (aunt), come
early tomorrow, I'll go out early.


I've heard about Jyoti
Basu and here is our maasi.

No one has ever seen them smile.

Anyway, I'm going out.

Will you have dinner at home?
- I'm not sure.

He's too much.

Where are you going?

Get in the car first.

Thank you so much.

The cab had broken down and I wasn't
getting anything in this weather.

- Where will you go?

Jodhpur Park.

That's good.
I'm going towards Tollygunj.

Are you feeling uncomfortable?
- No.

That's better.

Today is Saturday. You don't
have reason to be scared of me today.

Actually I abstain
myself on Saturdays.

I don't usually molest anyone.

You don't have to introduce
yourself and I won't stalk you.

Debjani. Cardiologist.

I've heard that heart specialists
are very brave. - Yes, I'm.

But you didn't introduce yourself.

Abhijeet Mukherjee.
I'm a Math teacher.

Professor. Department of Math.

The Math teacher
has good sense of humor.

What do you usually do on Saturdays?

I go for a drive in my car.

Don't you love long drives?
- Yes, I do.

Dream destinations.
- There are many.

Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Alexandria
and Jodhpur Park.. for today.

Wow! Your house is beautiful.


- Good night.

Will you have tea?
- Not today.

It's late today. Some other day.

Okay. Bye.
- Bye.

How will I invite you for tea?

Write it down.


Missed call.
- Thanks.

Go in.

You didn't notice
but it's already Sunday.


Something is disturbing me.

You're giving me a treat
as you've got the job..

..but Molly is not with us.

What do you think?
Will your sister spare me?

Definitely not.

That old woman's prophecies were right.
- What do you mean?

Didn't she tell Molly that there's
a thin line between life and death?

She got the case of passion
killing right after that.

By any chance, have you
fallen in love with the old woman?

No. She told me that I'll
construct and destroy with my hands.

That's what I'm doing.
I had to take up that job.

I don't know if I'll be
able to pursue my passion for art.

It's all a matter of fate.
- Stop this nonsense.

There's nothing called fate.

Why can't you enjoy
your success in your way?

Whose decision was
it to join art college?

Who was engrossed
in colors and paintings?

What do you think?

Who else can shape your destiny?

You're wrong, Abhijeet da.

I didn't choose colors and paintings.
They chose me.

According to police sources
the dead body that was..

..found beside Anamika
belongs to Ronodeep Majumdar.

He's a software
engineer by profession.

What was the relationship
between Anamika and Ronodeep?

Why and who is responsible
for their miserable fate?

The police is trying
to find out the truth.

Mallika Mukherjee with
cameraman Sudipto Banik..

..for AP News Kolkata.

I'll throw out your laptop now.

You'll say that because
you don't know how tough.. is to write book.

I've to finish the work within the
deadline or the foreign publisher..

..will make my life hell.

Once the book is published
you'll proudly say that..

..your brother's name
has gone down in history.

This book will be a
milestone in Mathematics.

Just wait and watch.

So, you'll get Nobel?
- No. Abel.

There's no Nobel prize for Math.
- Yes, that's it. Abel.

That can happen only if
my crazy brother stays calm.

Molly, do you enjoy your work?

Did you watch it?

What is the police saying?

They're investigating the case
but no one has been arrested yet.

I get it. I can't investigate it now.

Go to bed. You've worked hard today.

Go to bed, Good night.
- Brother, you too go to bed.

I've watched a nice
film after a long time.

Thankfully I called you or..

I'll call you next time. Promise.
- Let's see.

Hello. Yes.

No. No. How is he?

Continue eltroxin.

You don't have to continue
the other medicine.

Tell him to drink lots of
water and exercise is a must. Yes.

Okay. Yes.

Sorry. Patients don't spare
me even when I'm not on call.

After all you're a cardiologist.

What about your family?

You didn't say anything
about your family.

Missionaries of Charity is my family.

The sisters there were
the only relatives I had.

They arranged my school
education and medical education.

I've been lucky I guess.

The house that you saw that day..

..I live in the first
floor of that house. On rent.

The house has a strange smell.

Old and wet smell.

I love it.

I'm boring you.

What about?

My family consists
of me and my sister.

Molly, Mallika.

Mother expired when I was 18.

That's all.

The sound of thunder, streaks
of lightening, the heavy showers.

Kolkata looks beautiful during rains.

"Filled with potholes
and puddles is our earth.."

Sorry. I don't love monsoon.

But, I love one thing about monsoon.

You can get drenched to your heart's
content if you've a perfect companion.

Then you'll have be on
a calpol and cetirizine. Isn't it?

What are you doing on next Saturday?
- Why?

I'll come for the prescription.

"Some breeze has secretly
whispered to me."

"Look what a casual
meeting has turned into."

"We always engage
in amorous bickering."

"Look at the decked up city."

"It has brought me close to you."

"During flight and tide..
come to me like this."

"I've lost interest
in work because of you."

"What have you done?"

"The winds are giving
flight to my desires."

"Let's meet today."

"I've lost interest
in work because of you."

"What have you done?"

"The winds are giving
flight to my desires."

"Let's meet today."

"During flight and tide..
come to me like this."

"As I walk down the twisted
roads I feel relieved to see you."

"I speak to myself and give excuses."

"As I walk down the twisted
roads I feel relieved to see you"

"I speak to myself and give excuses."

"Merge with me on this monsoon day."

"During flight and tide..
come to me like this."

"I've lost interest
in work because of you."

"What have you done?"

You won't leave love alone.

You'll define it with some logic.

Admit that you've fallen in love.

Whatever that's happening
is according to a rule.

It's following a pattern.

Laws of attraction, my boy.

"Let's meet today."

"Some breeze has whispered
to me secretly.."

"..look what a causal
meeting has turned into."

"We always engage
in amorous bickering."

"Look at the decked up city."

"It has brought me close to you."

What have you done? Wait. Wait.
- Sorry.

Have you forgotten
which day is it today?

What do you mean?

Do you've to abstain
on every Saturday?

Somalika. Sharmila.

Then Sohini. Sharmistha.

And now Debjani.

You must admit that I've
moved ahead from S to D.

Yes. You say that you don't
want to marry but you fall in love.

What? Are these two related?

Do you know which time
you're talking about?

I was very young at that time.

It was just craziness.

Debjani is completely different.

She is unique.

Be careful of matters of love.

Shall I say something to you,
Abhijeet da?

You could never impress
any girl till date.

Molly' case is different.

If she didn't propose you,
I know where you would've been.

Do you know what I think..

..that you're jealous of me.
- Absolutely right.

Do you remember Radhika?

Salma Hayek?

Why won't I remember her?

She had an awesome figure.

Don't blame me or
stare at me strangely.

I also remember how
your eyes has popped out..

..when she came in a mini skirt.

You remember her for
her skirt and figure..

..but I remember her for her name.

We only had one topic of debate.

Who would be Radhika's Krishna?

I was madly in love with her.

She was also madly
in love but with you.

Whenever I tried to
do anything your image..

..overshadowed everything like a ghost.

I really loved her, Abhijeet da.

But, I couldn't get
her because of you.

Just think of the present.

You're doing what you wanted to do.

And I.. I wanted to play football.

At least one final.

Yuva Bharati Stadium.
East Bengal Versus Mohan Bagan.

2-3 minutes left for
the game to get over.

Score 1-1.

I'm running with the ball
from the middle of the field.

There defenders surrounding me.

An outside dodge.
An inside dodge. A slight sprint.

A strong shot from the
penalty box and it's a goal.

I couldn't do anything.

I teach math to students.
Just imagine.

Have you prayed tonight Desdemona?

Ay, my lord.

If you bethink yourself
any crime unreconciled..

You're saying to me
when your eyes roll so..

Why should I fear I know not..

Since guiltiness I know not.

Unreconciled as yet
to heaven and grace.

Thou art on thy deathbed.
- Ay, but not yet to die.

Yes, presently..
- No, by my life and soul!

Send for the man and ask him.

Sweet soul, take heed.

I'll burn a copy of Saptapadi.
Shall I?

You already said you're taking it.
Go ahead.

Shall I take the plates?
- Yes.

Tell him to keep his room in order.

He doesn't pay heed to my words.

He doesn't get anything
when he needs them.

He keeps searching in the
entire room and troubles me.

Hey! Did you see?
- What?

Reba maasi smiled.

You don't know how
important this incident is.

I've been seeing
her since my childhood..

..I never saw her smile
even though I tried very hard.

What did you say?

Why did she smile?

Great job! Fantastic!

Why? She's very sweet.
- Sweet?


Well, I'll show you
my childhood album and..'ll know how sweet she is.

You of all people didn't
even have a back-up support?

Not even in a hard disk.

No, sir, I mean..

What do you mean?

You mean to say that
your book is gone.

Just vanished like that?

I've few hand-written notes
but I'll have to compile it..

..from the beginning.

God help you, Abhijeet.

What's wrong with you?

The other day we were
discussing who would be..

..the best person to
do the proof of your book..

..and you suddenly went
and started playing basket ball..

..with the students.

That's not you.

It's not right to be so casual.

You were not like this in Kanpur.

Anyway, you've no other option.

We've to start all over again,
I think.. compiling all these.

But this time you
better be careful. Right?

Keep a back-up support.
- Yes, sir.

You can do it.
- Thank you.

Say something, Abhi.

You lost the entire book.

The laptop was already over-loaded.

It's my fault.

I should've kept a back-up.

You simply wanted to burn a DVD.

The system couldn't
bear the load and crashed.

So it's not right
to blame only yourself.

Logically speaking,
both of us are equally responsible.

Don't use logic in this case too.

Everything doesn't follow logic.

Things also happen randomly.

Well that randomness
is a state of chaos.

Do you understand what chaos is?

Why are you so rigid?

Why do you look for logic
and reason in everything?

I have to, madam.

At least I could divert your mind.
Isn't it?

Let me check what you've done.

What's this?

Look at the mistakes.

What were you thinking of?

Well I mean.. I was thinking
about this for a long time..

I want to tell you something, sir.

Concentrate on Amit.
He's intelligent, sincere.

You two look good together.

But it's you, sir. It's you.

There are lots of
mistakes in the equations.

Correct the mistakes
and stop your nonsense.

Try to understand something.

You're a young girl.

You've lots of young
people around you.

They're smart and intelligent.

It's meaningless to ignore them
and concentrate on this old professor.

Yes, I agree that I'm very friendly
but it's nothing more than that.

Cheer up!

Sir, please sir..
please listen to me once. Please.

I don't think you can
concentrate on your studies now.

Pack your bag and go home.

If your parents find out
that this is what you do when you..

..come for tuitions will it be good?

Come on, go home. Get up.

Sir, please listen to me.

Sir, I don't want to go. Please..

I love you so much.

Please listen to me once.

Sir, please..

Hold your bag.

Go home please.

Come on.
- Sir, why are you doing this?

Sir, I love you. Believe me, sir.

Since childhood I know
that this day is my birthday.

But, there's no one to confirm it.

Why do you think like that?

Your near and dear ones celebrate
this day as your birthday.

Isn't it enough?

What will you gift me on my birthday?

On your birthday..

Shall I get the moon for you?
- What?

Look at the moon there..
shall I get it for you?

Get a golden deer for me.

Neither is it the age of truth nor
will you find an ideal man like Ram.

So, you can't.

I knew you couldn't.

Let's go far away together.

Investigations have revealed
that Anamika and Ronodeep..

..were in a relationship
despite having respective lovers.

The murder must've
been committed either by..

..the boy's girlfriend
or the girl's boyfriend.

Whoever did it was absolutely right.

You think the person did the right thing?
- Hmm..

If you really love someone
you can't kill the person.

The boy was not actually
in love with her.

That's right. Whatever..

What a logic!

I think that the girl is responsible.

It's evident from her appearance.

A girl like her is responsible.

I'm sure she was the one betraying.

You found the girl beautiful
and so you're saying..

..I'm sure she was the one betraying.

Do you think the
handsome man is innocent?

What do you say, Jini?

What's wrong with you?

Sir is having a scene with someone.
Do you know it? - Is it?

Ritu saw them together in some coffee shop.
- Okay.

Sir's wife is very beautiful.

What are you saying?

All the stars are
in his favor it seems.



Hello. Let's go.
- Let's go.

We've noticed chaotic behavior
in different types of systems.

For example electrical circuits,
fluid dynamics.

Many chemical devices and so on.

We find different example
of chaotic behavior in nature too.

For example dynamics of
satellites in the solar system..

..or growth of population in ecology.

By chaos we usually
mean complete disorder..

..but technical usage of the
same word is completely different.

We notice chaotic behavior
in other disciplines too.

For example philosophy,
politics, psychology, economics..

That's all for today.

Meet you day after tomorrow.

- Yes, sir.

So, we met.

How are things?
- Good.

How far have you
progressed in your work?

I'm working on it. It's alright.

Hope you've got back-up support this time.
- Absolutely.

Right all the best.
- Thank you, sir.

Sambhu da..
- Sir..

Give these photocopies
to the first year students.

Take this.

I don't know what happens
to me when I come to your house.

Is it?
- I can't concentrate on anything else.

Kinky professor.

- Absolutely.

Like the villains shown in films.

How are the villains in the films?

They've cut marks
on forehead or cheeks.

They bat their eyelids often.

There are more
characteristic features.

Don't you know?

Forehead, cheeks, eyes and face..

The doctor deals with
the body all the time.

Shut up!

Sir, did you call me?

Yes. The matter can't be false.
- Yes.

But, something is definitely wrong.

The matter is clear, sir.

My e-mail account was hacked.

How can is end those mails?

Sir, the mails..
were sent by Shinijini herself.

Sorry, Abhijeet.
Your mail wasn't hacked.

What the hell..?

Sir, this is impossible.

I was taking a class at that time.

Check the time. You can check the..
- I don't think so, Abhijeet.

The peon testified
that you were working..

..on your laptop that day.

As a matter of fact you
gave him some papers to give.. the first year students.

That's after the class got over.
- Abhijeet.. just one second..

Right from the beginning you were
unnecessarily close to the students.

People would discuss this issue lot.

But, we kept ignoring them.
- Okay.

Since the topic has come up,
let me spill the beans, sir.

Shinjini came to me for tuitions.

She had proposed me, sir.

She even tried to
get physical with me.

Sir, please try to understand.
She is the one who is harassing me.

Ask her if I'm lying.

Harassment is all about power, sir.

When did I have the power?
- Shut up, you..

Abhijeet, please..
- Sorry, sir.

Sir, she is trying to trap me.

I don't think so, Abhijeet.

Shinjini wanted to lodge
an FIR in the police station..

..but her parents didn't
wish to pursue the matter.

That's because they thought that
it would affect their daughter more.

Even if they withdraw the case,
we've to pursue it and we will.

I know you since my Kanpur days.

What's wrong with you?

You look distracted all the time.

You're not your usual self.

However we're willing to give you
a benefit of doubt on one condition..

..that you fully co-operate with us.

Help us to help you.

Bloody bitch!
- Mind your language, brother.

The girl is wrong.

She had a crush on you
and she did this innocently.

Where do you find innocence in it?

She has carefully planned everything.

She has involved her parents
and lodged a FIR against me.. the police station.

Do you understand that
she ruined my reputation?

No one believe me for that girl.

I trust you.

Come and have dinner, I'm hungry.

Don't drink more.

I thought of mailing you but
then I thought of writing to you.. my hand-writing
but I couldn't write to you.

They were in the
draft box of the mail.

Do you suspect me?

If I suspected you I
wouldn't have spoken to you.

I wonder why you pampered
the girl so much.

I didn't.. I never imagined
that she could do something like this.

Abhi, these things happen
without your knowledge.

Anyway, what have
you decided to do now?

I've taken leave for few days.

They've set up an enquiry panel.

Let's see what happens.

Oh shit!

If I ever guessed that she
could do something like this..

Stop brooding now.

I've something important to tell you.

There's a vacancy for
junior residential surgeon.

I haven't taken any decision yet.

But, the vacancy is not here,
it's in Port Blair.

You mean you'll leave Kolkata?

Only if you go with me or no.

Can't we leave this
place for few days?

It's not that easy.

We can't re-locate so easily.

How will Molly manage without me?

Shell be absolutely alone.

Indra is there for Mallika.

She isn't alone.

You can take up a job there.

So, you already had this in your mind.

You were planning all this?

I just thought that
after all this controversy..'ll feel better if you re-locate.

A change from the routine life.

Anyway, I won't go if you don't go.
It's okay.

I worked so hard on the
case but Anandi collected..

..a video footage and
won all the accolades.


Your bad luck.
- Bad luck?

Are you saying this?

the footage wasn't an ordinary one.. was the man evidence.

The girl and the boy
were shooting each other on..

..the handy-camera
just before they were shot.

This is so irritating.
I lost such a nice story.

What's the case about?
- The usual love, sex and betrayal.

An army captain made a surprise
visit to his actress girlfriend..

..only to find her romancing
another handsome man.

That's all.
He couldn't control his temper.

He had his service revolver
with him and he shot them dead.

He surrendered yesterday.

Actually I think that the matter is..

You're going to college
after three weeks. Stay calm.

I will.

I'll leave for office now.
Smile please.

Wish me luck.

Come on brother,
everything will be fine.

I assure you.

Did you hear that case?
- Which one?

When he went to Rajarhat to
buy a flat he kept a broker waiting..

A broker?
- ..and then..

Has the book by Feynman
that I requested come?

I'll check.

No.. it hasn't arrived yet.
- Thanks.

Let few days pass and
then everything will be fine. - No.. no..

I'm sure they'll do it..
it's not possible to stop..

What's up?


Come on.

Yes, tell me.

I've assisted in my first
heart transplant case today.

Is the patient alive?

He's absolutely fine.

By the way,
a new film has released today?

Shall we go to watch it?

No Debi, I can't manage today.

I need to go for shopping
and then pack my bags.

Are you going somewhere?
You didn't tell me.

Yes, I'm going but to
the land of Jarawas (Andaman).


What happened to you?

Why such a quick change of heart?

You know that I'm of chaotic nature.

I'm not being able
to concentrate here.

So, I thought that Andaman
would be the best place to..

..complete the book.


I'm worried about one thing.

Where will we stay there?

We need a flat.

If Molly comes to my
place where would she stay?

Your place? Not ours?

No.. I mean..

Don't worry.
I've discussed the matter with Subhro.

He'll arrange something.

Subhro? Who is he?

From where did this fellow come?

You've started again. Jealous man.

He is a good friend.
I'll share his details later.

Let me call him first.

You don't have to call him now.

The line is engaged right now.

You should get married now.

We're in queue, right after you.

Sorry. I won't surrender so soon.

Not now? What do you mean?

Has he proposed to you
properly or didn't he do that?

No one gets anything
before time or without luck.

You sounded like the
old woman from China Town.

Like whom?

There's a famous lady Ho Chin Hua.

We met her in Kolkata China Town.

She lives in Montreal now,
I'm not sure if in China Town.

She predicted our misfortune.

But Indra fell in love with her.

Nothing surprising.
I like elderly ladies.

First crush, Indira Gandhi.

I'll be back soon.

Wait, I'll make you
hear this music piece.

Play some nice old music.

Listen to this one.
- No. Not this one.

Take this. Berry pickle.

If you ever have
any misunderstanding..

..give him a bowl of
this and it'll make him smile.

You smile only for Debjani. Right?

- Hmm..'re going to a distant place.

Be careful. Take care of yourself.
- Yes, I will.

You also be careful.

Molly will be alone here.
Take care of her.

Buy something with this.
- No. No.

Come back and buy something for me.

Stay well.
- Yes, I will.

Stay well.

I'll leave now.

I've some last minute packing left.
- Let's go.

Hold on for a second.

Both of you stay well.
- You too.

I'm back.
- Wow!

My latest creation.

Art for heart's sake.

Only for you.
- Thank you.

Let me see what this is.

No. No. Not before me.

You can abuse me as much
you wish to behind my back.

I won't mind.
Open it after you reach Andaman.

Thanks Subhro,
you've helped us a lot.

I haven't done anything.

You helped us get a
furnished house so quickly.

I run a NGO.
It's my habit to help people.

When did you develop
your sense of humor?

You were a shy guy before.

What? Won't there be any changes?

That's natural.

Abhi, he's more than
what meets the eye.

He won't let you find out
what's going on in his mind.

Is it? I'm more
than what meets the eye?

I'm sure you don't know..

I'm sure she didn't tell you..

Come on, sing a song.
- Shut up!

Sing for Abhijeet da.
- What do you mean?

You can sing?
- A casual singer.

I used to sing in school.

You won't find a girl
as modest as Debjani.

She was the best student in school..

..and all time favorite of juniors.

You're a junior and stay like one.
- I can't.

One who is senior just by a year
is called senorita and not senior.

Why didn't you tell Abhijeet da?

She is very surreal.
Do you know her well?

Don't sit idle. Sing the song.

I can't sing. I'm too tired.

Please senorita, for old times' sake.

I won't sing. Go!

Request her.

Hey! Spoilsport.

Well, let's go.

I'll leave now. Take rest.
I also have some pending work.

Thanks again.
- Anytime. - Bye.

You can really spoil the mood.

- Bye.

Excuse me.

Where is your native place?

Shall I say something, sir?

Please don't get angry.

I badly wish I could go to Bengal.

Will you take me with you?

I've been stuck in this
wretched place for a long time.

I wish to visit my
native place before I die.

Will you take me with you?

"My wishes and desires.."

Abhijeet da,
that's the famous Ross Islands.

Abhi.. come.

Abhi, come.

Come on.

Any news from them?

I've just applied.

They've only one vacancy.

You'll get the job.

You won't find scholars like you here.

The girl look like me. Isn't it, Abhi?

There's a resemblance with me.

He didn't tell us that day.

He wanted to surprise us.

I have a strange feeling.

I feel in a different time span..
amidst an unknown deep sea..

..was hidden a friend
of yours from an unknown time.

After millions of years, he has
come up from the depths of anonymity.

Attracted by strong
attraction of some mermaid.

He has settled down
in her dark thick tresses,

in her butter soft
skin and delicate heart.


How is it?

How is it?

Isn't AFC better than KFC?

What happened? You're still sulking.

The work is done.

He is always tensed.

He's worried as tomorrow
is his first day in college.

"The god will help
us out of all problems."

"Finally you've showered
your benevolence on me."

"We'll meet.."

Logic and theory supports
my point of view.

Shinjini always had a crush on you.

But, did you have any
problem before? Never.

As soon as Debjani di
came the problems started.

If I say that Debjani di is
the cause and Shinjini is the effect..

..will you accept it?

You always speak of causes,
logic, cause and effect.

It's absolutely wrong.

Everything is random, professor.

It's bullshit.

Sorry Abhi, I'm late.

The battery of my phone
was down and I couldn't charge it.

How was your day?
- As usual. Alright.

Where were you?

I came home early as I planned
to go for a dinner outside.

I was in the hospital.

A steel pipe had entered
the heart of a construction worker.

Missed the heart by an inch.
Just imagine.

I tried Subhro any times.

His phone was also switched off.
- Why?

Why did you try Subhro?

How will he know about my whereabouts?

How will I know who knows what?

Subhro is your friend and
I thought that he would know.




"My heart knows what my desires are.."


"My heart knows what my desires are.."

When will you go back to Bengal?

We'll have to go back in a ship.

Have you booked the tickets?

The old man?

We call him Pagla Dasu.

If he spots a Bengali
he start's troubling them.

He wants to go back to Bengal.

It's not so easy to go to Bengal.

It's a secluded place
with very less population and..

..deserted streets.

What do you do throughout the day?
Don't you feel suffocated?

I don't have time to breathe, boss.

Did you see the kids?

They were orphaned after the tsunami.

I check if we've got
financial help from abroad..

..if the money has reached
the correct people and..

..has been properly utilized.

It's a stressful job.

Kolkata is more secluded.

It's just crowded.

Wherever you look here
you'll find the beautiful nature.

People are very simple here.

Life is less complicated.

Food is good and liquor is cheap.

It's heaven.
It's heaven. Do you get me?

Heaven? Without girlfriend?

When will you introduce her to me?

I would've if you
asked me few years back.

It's not possible now.

The usual thing.

I liked her but she
liked someone else. Clich.

Who was she?

How can I propose if
she doesn't come near me?

How could I hunt
when I was the target?

Subhro da, everybody is ready.

It's time to start the show.

Your senior is late even today.

She texted me some time back
that she would arrive in 10 minutes.

What will you do? Wait for her?

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"It flies away to its address."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"The cloud flies far
away to its address.."

"..if it finds you there."

"Go away. Go. Fly away, cloud."

"Go. Go. Go, go away, cloud."

"Go and express your feelings."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"The cloud flies far
away to its address.."

"..if it finds you there."

"Go away. Go. Fly away, cloud."

"Go. Go. Go, go away, cloud."

"Go and express your feelings."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"I've seen the sparkling
sunlight amidst wet tresses."

"The emotions of love in the eyes."

"I've seen the unexpressed
emotions on the lips."

"The unexpressed
emotions are left alone."

"it flies away..
The letters fly away."

"The emotions are expressed
in words and poems."

"If the cloud messenger
finds you there."

"Go away. Go. Fly away, cloud."

"Go. Go. Go, go away, cloud."

"Go and express your feelings."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Fly away."

Abhijeet da, which was better?
The surprise or Debjani's song?

We've no scope to
criticize Debjani's voice.

It's just awesome.

I must admit that the surprise
made the performance interesting.

Well, the credit goes to her.

She suggested it.
She knew you would be surprised.

I've surprised you haven't I?
- No doubt.

Girl.. what's my relation with you?
- What?

What's my relation with you?

You're my Abhijeet.

Who is Abhijeet?

Which Abhijeet?

Okay.. you're my Abhi. Right?

Please say it once again.

Abhi. Abhi. Abhi.

Will you marry me?

Did you propose me because
you're in love, mister?

Let's find out what is causality?

Whenever an incident
takes place we know that..

..there's some reason behind it.

There's a cause behind every event.

But, as per Hume..
we don't experience causal events.. our life.

We try to find a connection
between the different incidents..

..that happen during the same time.

That connection is termed
as causality or cause and effect.

But sir, how is this possible?

Causality is a principle that has
been established through derivation.

Yes. Causality is
definitely a principle.

It's more a kind of habit.



I don't understand what he means.

We can view it from a new angle.
A very different angle.

If there's no causality
we won't be able to distinguish..

..between natural and supernatural.

That's a new thought.

What do you say?

Sir.. why are you talking
about natural and super natural?

I don't find any
connection with causality.

Who said there's no connection?

Try to broaden your horizon.

Do you know that when
astronomer Edmund Halley..

..asked Sir Isaac Newton
why he believed in astrology..

..what he said?

I've read this subject,
sir but you haven't.

Many times we reject may
things out of sheer ignorance.

Our ignorance.

A student of science
cannot afford to do that.

He got only two passes.

How many time shall I tell you?

Just for the two of you? Good.

You may think anything you wish.
- Is it?

What do you mean?

Now you won't prefer
marrying this aged professor.

You've got a young
fellow in your life now.

Stop drinking.

You weren't interested
in marriage few days back.

That's because there wasn't any
Subhro to take you out for a play.. accompany you.
- Why?

You had Shinjini with whom
you could play basketball..

..give private tuitions at home.

Marry me.

Get lost.

Shall I talk to him?
Maybe I if I talk to him..

Why will you speak on my behalf?

Moreover why should you?

Well, let's go out somewhere.

Call him and speak to him.

This is unnecessary trouble. Relax.

Let's go. Let's go.

You won't call him? I'll call him.

Just look at the telepathy.
I was calling you.

It's really telepathy.

Well, I shouldn't feel
bad that I'm disturbing you.

I'm scared that I'm
disturbing both of you.

Were you following us?
- Why?

Why will I follow you?

Excuse me.

Subhro, what do you think?

Is there any reason to follow you?

She told me to get
the golden deer for her.

I was looking for it.

There aren't any
restrictions now and..

..her intentions aren't good either.

After I came back I found her missing.
Just imagine.

Anyway, how is your
music career going on?

Don't ask me.

I'm the laziest person in the group.

I'll be hanged if
the show doesn't do well.

You should be hanged.

You've been committing
such a huge mistake for so long.

Debi, say him something.

How long will he hide his girlfriend?

Introduce her o us now.
Let's meet her.

We won't cast our evil eye on her.

We had already decided.

A man's word.

I had also told you that she
is someone else's now and not mine.

How further will stoop down, Abhijeet?

Why are you embarrassing
yourself and us?

Yeah! There you are.

Us..that's the word. Right? Us.


I asked you if I am disturbing you.

I think I should leave.

Both of you can spend
time together. Bye.

You stay back.

We imagine many things, Abhijeet da.

We think of many things.

Most of them are
figments of imagination.

I think you shouldn't encourage them.

Anyway, I must leave now,
my gang is waiting for me..

If I'm late then I'll be..

Okay. Bye.

I couldn't recite the
entire thing that day.

How could I propose when
she didn't come near me?

How could I hunt
when I was the target?

I died but my eyes remain opened.

How could I wait more for someone?

Will you go home?

Go back and take rest.

His parents will soon be here.

I'll stay back till then.

May I?
- Sure.

Be careful of matters of heart.

This ruthless fellow
plays strange games.

It gives you peace of mind
but it hurts you even more.

Good afternoon Abhijeet.
- Good afternoon, sir.

Abhijeet, the students
have grievances against you.

They're of the opinion
that their doubts are not being..

..addressed properly.

Moreover, they said that you deviate..

..a lot from the prescribed syllabus.

You discuss topics
which are useless to them.

And therefore,
you're unable to finish the syllabus.

In short, the students
are not at all happy with you.

Look, you're from a good background.
You're from Kolkata, my city..

We really hate to lose you.

Look at the moth circling the flame.

It's attracted to fire knowing
very well that it's going to die.

But, it's destined.

Will you answer a question?
- Yes, tell me.

What if I would've been
in Subhro's place that day?

If I went out of the restaurant?

What would you do?

Would you've elf tem alone?
- Abhi?

How is he now?

Is it anything serious?

Why did you call Subhro back?

Don't you know that calling
back is deemed ominous?

How would you know?

No one ever taught you these things.

He went away because of you.

Aren't you responsible? Answer me.

No. It's you.
It happened because of you.

All started with you.

- How?

My book.. it was supposed
to be my bloody first book.

The laptop crashed when you used it.

Why did you've to burn the DVD?

And Shinjini...
she knew me for a long time.

There was no problem.

The problems started
when you came in my life.

So, you're the cause
and she's the effect.

I've lost all the love,
all the honor in my life.

And Subhro..
he was living a good life here, Debi.

His only fault was that he loved you.

You came back into his life
and look what has happened to him.

The incidents have been
unfolding in cascading effect..

..and still you don't understand
anything, Debi? Nothing?

What have I done? Bullshit!

You need not have come along.

You can't manage alone.
- Hmm..

But why do you've to
leave all your work and go?

Anything else?
- No. everything is okay.

I'll call you once I come back.
- Take care.

Don't you feel good that I'm
going with you and giving you company?

You're really strange.

You can't do without
us or stay without hurting us.

Math professor. Scholar.

This is how you describe
yourself. Right?

You were allergic towards
Subhro a few days back.

What happened in
the past two days that..'re feeling so sorry for him?

Logic. You teach logic.

You give lectures to
students on cause and effect.

And this is your sense of logic?


I don't want to understand anything.

I can clearly see that
if Debi stays back in my life..

..everything will be over. Everything.

Listen.. you're an
adult now and not a minor.

Your earlier craziness suited
your age but it doesn't suit you now.

Not at all.

Women. Love. Attraction.

And then destruction.

Didn't the old woman prophecy this?

Her words have come true.

We can't ignore her words.

Old woman? The one from China Town?

are you still serious about her?

Has Indra's spirit possessed you?

Do something.

Come to Kolkata with me right now.
You need counseling.

Please, Molly..

What's the difference
between you and father.

Father had left us.

Do you remember mother's condition?

You took care of mother at that time.

Do you remember that
you would get angry..

..when mother prayed
everywhere for father's return?

You had arguments with her.

Have you forgotten everything?

Don't do this.

Get Debjani back.

She doesn't need you.

You need her.. you like it or not.

Abhijeet da is like a child.

He's impulsive, he's moody.

He'll be fine after some time.
He can't stay angry for long.

Don't you've college today?
- I've taken leave.

Can't you bunk work.. for a day?

I could've got a
better work in Kolkata.

You know it very well.

I came here only for you.

I thought a change of place
would help you feel better.

We could stay together.

I shifted here for all these reasons.

Now if you blame me for everything..

..I've nothing to say.

Debi, I'm sorry.

I'm saying I'm sorry.

Won't you give me a chance.

Look at me once.

Please Debi, just one chance.

Only one. Please.

"The god will relive
me from all problems.."

"When will you shower
your benevolence on me?"

Where is your house?

Shall I take you home?

There was a well in the
courtyard inside my village house.

The water was sweet and calming.

I felt at peace when
I drank the water.

I played several times
near the well in my childhood.

Didn't wish to..

But I'm attached to that place.

I left Bengal and came here.

A person who leaves
his home once can't go back.

He can't. he can't.

I was forced into the ship.

Here.. look at this.

I've more money. I'll give you.

But I want freedom from his land
of kalapani (black waters/Andaman).

- I want freedom from this place.

Abhi! Abhi!
- I want freedom.


Oh god!

Let's go back to Kolkata, Abhijeet da.

Will you go?

Abhijeet da..

Let's go.

Please spare me. I can't do it.
- Please.

Come on.
- I can't do it.

You go ahead.
- As you wish.

Hey Subhro!

What are you doing?
- Subhro!

- Is he mad?

- Subhro!


Stupid fellow!

Bye, brother.
Don't neglect your authorial.

Complete the book.

Stay well with Debjani.

Very sorry. Please excuse me.

Why are you so quiet?

What's wrong?


Hey! Mr. Boring Professor,
what's wrong with you?


Smile please.

I want to say something.

Do you want to hear it?

This rogue called the
heart claims many lives.

Heer-Ranjha. Laila-Majnu.

Alone the lovers had nothing to lose.

But when they got together
they were destroyed.

I know it's difficult.

But try to stay away from
love because if you don't..

..destiny will chart its own course.

I'm sorry, Abhijeet. I'm helpless.

It's a government college.

I've to answer the
respective department.

I had warned you but no..
there has been no improvement..

..on your side rather
you've gone downhill.

Way beyond tolerance.

There you are. Letter of termination.

Anyway, good luck.

Be careful about matters of heart.

This ruthless fellow
plays strange games.

This rogue gives you solace
but hurts you even more.


When did you come?

I called you several times.

What.. you've high temperature.

Why didn't you wipe yourself dry?


I thought about it a lot.

I thought about it deeply.

I must take a decision now.

Let's part, Debi.
- What?

Not anymore.

Can't take it anymore.

I'm losing sanity.

Why are you staring at me that way?

Don't you understand what I mean?

Everything from the incidents
revolving my book to Shinjini..

..has clearly indicated
that everything is going wrong.

After we shifted to Andaman
Subhro dies and now it's me.

I can't, Debi..
I can't ruin my life like this.

Debi, I.. please try to understand.

You tried your best and so did I.

Not once but many times.

Just.. this is just not working.

This relationship is just not working.

Debi.. please.. let's part. Please.

The Chinese old woman had warned me..
- Abhi!

She told me not to fall
in love and I would be doomed.

I didn't believe her.

I thought it was fake.
- What are you doing?

Stop it!

I just laughed her words away.
- Don't behave insanely.

Stop it.

But, her words have come true. Everything.
- Abhi..

Not anymore.

I can't take it anymore. Enough!

Debi, listen to me. Sit here.

Look, you can never
say that I didn't try.

I tried all the time.

I fought with myself.

But.. I always loved you.

But, I can't any longer.

I can't.

I've a sister.

I've many responsibilities.

I can't run away from them.

I've decided to leave Andaman.

I'll leave for Kolkata right now.


I just wish that you
had never happened in my life.

Mr. Professor.. won't be spared so easily.

"I won't let you
go even if you wish to."

"No.. no.."

"I won't let you
go even if you wish to."

"No.. no.."

"I won't let you go."

"I'll keep you in my heart.."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."

Do you want freedom?

Come on, kill me.

That's the only way you'll
be spared or you won't be.

Come on. Kill me.

Kill me, Abhi.
- Debi, don't be childish.

Kill me. Do it.
- Leave me.

You want freedom? Kill me.

Do it. What happened?

Debi, just stop it.
- Just finish it.

You want freedom. Right? Take it.

Kill me.

Kill me, Abhi .
Kill me, damn it.

Kill me.
Take it, Abhi.

Kill me.
I said, kill me.

Debi, you're crossing all limits.
- Kill me!

Debi, shut up..

Kill me.

Why are you quiet?
Kill me.

Why are you being crazy?

Do you understand
what I want to tell you?

Kill me.
- Just leave me alone.

Just kill me, I said.
- Please leave me alone, Debi.

Please leave me.

Kill me.
- Leave me.

Just kill me.
- leave me.

Why don't you understand?

Enough! Bloody hypocrite!

What's left between us? What's left?

What's stopping you? Yes?
- Leave me alone.

Kill me.
- Please..

Kill me.
- Please..


Hey! Hey!

Happy birthday, Abhi!

There's a small gift waiting for you.

I didn't inform you all these days.
I purposely hid it from you.

I was not sure how you would react.

One day I thought of telling you.

But, you were disturbed
because of your book.

Then Subhro died.

Everything was in a mess.

You were not your usual self.

I was worried about our future.

I would often think
of going back to Kolkata.

After that argument that night,
I was mad at you.

I left you and went away.

I had decided not to come back.

But, you came back, my old Abhijeet.

The Abhijeet I knew in Kolkata.

Just when I thought of telling you,
Subhro left us.

I understood that
the timing was not right.

Mallika and Indra already knows it.

It's your turn to know.

I think this will
change our lives forever.

I recorded it today.

I couldn't have gifted
you anything better.

Abhi, I feel lost
when I don't see you.

I feel choked.

I feel disheartened.

When you're with me, I feel at peace.

All my pains and
sufferings are wiped out.

I'm telling you for the first time.

I madly love you.

Could even die for you, Abhi.

Thanks for gifting
me my small golden deer.

Finally I've someone my own.

And congrats to both of us.

"The world is filled with
illusions and worldly treasures."

"The lovely Krishna
is in love with Radha.."

"Krishna who is in love with Radha.."

"..and rolls on floor in the dust."

"If you wish to leave,
I'll never let you go."

"No. No.."

"If you wish to leave,
I'll never let you go."

"I'll never let you go."

"I'll keep you in my heart.."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."

"I shall go to Braj,
your birthplace.."

"I shall go to Braj,
your birthplace.."

"..and get our feet
with its crimson soil."

"..and get our feet
with its crimson soil."

"My crazy heart.."

"I shall go to Braj,
your birthplace.."

"..and get our feet
with its crimson soil."

"..and get our feet
with its crimson soil."

"Shall always set our eyes on him."

"Shall always set our eyes on him."

"If he goes away.. if he tries to go,
I won't let him go."

"I won't let him go."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."

"One who takes the name
of the handsome lord.."

"..shouldn't be scared
in his birthplace."

"One who takes the name
of the handsome lord.."

"..shouldn't be scared
in his birthplace."

"..shouldn't be scared
in his birthplace."

"Says Dwij Bhushan who
chants the lords' name.."

"Says Dwij Bhushan who
chants the lords' name.."

"..won't leave his feet."

"Won't leave his feet."

"I'll keep you in my heart.."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."

"I won't get my lord
back if I leave him."

"I won't get my lord
back if I leave him."

"No. no..."

"I won't get him again."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."

"I'll keep you in my
heart and never let you go."