Hranice Lásky (2022) - full transcript

Petr and Hana, who after years together share their unspoken erotic fantasies. What begins as an innocent conversation gradually turns into experimentation with a non-monogamous approach to their relationship.

A film by Tomasz Wiński

Wake up.


Wake up.


Hanka, wake up.

Hanka, wake up.


Hanka, wake up.

Hanka, wake up! Hanka, wake up!

- Nice one. I didn't buy it for a second.
- Were you scared?

- You bought the whole thing.
- Not at all.

You were completely freaked out.


Marta told me she's had a lover
for the last year now.


She says they guy wants her
to leave David.

And will she?

I don't know. I don't think she wants to.

So she's going to keep it up with both?

It looks more like the other guy
is going to break up with her.

Do you think David knows?

I doubt it.

Knowing him, he'd kill her.

Poor thing.

Hard to say.

What do you mean?

David has girls he writes to, too.

You're just dropping that on me now?

I didn't want to share any assumptions.
I don't know anything.

- The light!
- Oh, sorry.

- You'd never do that to me, would you?
- What?

Cheat on me.


If you did, you'd tell me.


- No?
- I wouldn't do that.

And do you think about it?

About cheating?


I do.


I really wonder what it would be like
to do it, for example...

with a horse.

Are you trying to tell me something?

I would like...

- to be with you, first of all.
- I should hope so.

I'd like to be with you and...

And with you, and...

- And I'd like...
- You can say it.

And I'd like to have a family with you.

- You're a little freaked out, huh?
- No, no.

- No?
- No, that's nice.

- And what else would you like?
- And I'd also like...

I'd just like to do what I enjoy.

You know what my mom
always said about that?

What did she say?

What did your mom say.

My mom always said

that the important thing is not
doing what you enjoy,

but finding enjoyment in whatever you do.

That's what she said.

And what does your mom do, anyway?

Well, she was an office clerk.

And she wore those grey dresses

but she found enjoyment in it.

You big dummy!

- That kinda sucks.
- It does suck.

So what would you like to do? Tell me.

I don't know, I'd like to feel
like my life has meaning.

That's no modest dream.

- Well, why have modest dreams, right?
- That's true.

- So, we'll watch this in a few years...
- OK.

and find out if your life had meaning.

But I think, if you stay with me,
then it will.

- You think so?
- Yeah, I do.

- OK.
- We'll see.

Fine then. So you're staying with me.

That sounds like a good offer.

Hang on, I'll just seal it with this...

Um, thing... The sun.

It happens, unfortunately.

So you're telling me that everything
I saved on here is gone?

I'm really sorry, we tried
all the standard procedures and...

Then try some non-standard ones.
Or should I go somewhere else?

You certainly can,
but I doubt they'll be able to help.

- I understand your anger...
- You don't, actually.

My boyfriend and I had five years
of our lives together on there.

She looked young though.

Oh, there are 70-year-olds who look young?

Sure there are.

I don't know, that might be some kind
of childhood trauma.

- That's what it sounds like.
- I always got along well with grandma.

Me too, but that well?

It happened, so I have to let it sink in.

Working hard, I see.

- This is Klára, Hanka.
- Hi.

- We run the place together.
- That too.

As I told the guys,
I have time this weekend,

so I can get right down to it,
if you agree, of course.

Sure thing.

I just don't know if the guys told you,
it's a tender,

- so there's not much money for it yet.
- Sure, no problem.

- I'll be glad to help.
- Thanks a lot.

And we should start
getting ready for tonight.

We've sorted everything out, so...

You're welcome to come tonight, of course.

I'd rather start working.

- No, don't worry about that.
- You shouldn't miss out.

Stay here with us
and you can get down to it tomorrow.

OK, fine, thanks.
But I can't drink too much, OK?

So, can I help out at least?

Well, I'm going for the booze,
you can come.

Alright then.

Come here.


It's gone.

Do you want to try another place?

Maybe they'll know more.

You haven't found anything?

Just the last month.
Once you'd copied it, I deleted it.

I still don't understand
how it could have happened.

Do you think the cleaning lady dropped it?

It doesn't matter.

Forget about it.

We'll make new memories, OK?


Leave it be, Hanka.
No one's eating it anyway.

If we needed hostesses,
then we'd have them.

Come be with us.
Your presence is much desired.

Come on.

I have no idea how you can bear
to have her by your side.

How can you stand next to her
and that's it?

Dear God, why aren't you two
off somewhere making love?

- Cut it out.
- Forgive me.

I don't mean to embarrass you,
you're just an amazing woman,

you've got it all, you're young,
beautiful, intelligent...

- Cut it out.
- Empathetic, creative...

And your energy!

The best thing of all is,
she doesn't even know.

- Cut it out, it's awkward for Vanda.
- I agree with him, though.

She agrees.

Vanda and I are attuned to these things
and you simply...

Disarm us.

If you weren't here with Petr,
I think we'd lure you home with us.

- You guys are nuts.
- No, you're the nut.

It's like you don't even notice.

In any case, Petr,

the two of you should do
a lot of touching tonight.

- Is everything OK?
- Yeah, I'm just really tired.

I was working until morning,
so I want to lie down

- so I can make it through tomorrow.
- Of course.

- It's not because of Vít, is it?
- No, I'm just worn out.

And I don't want to spoil the mood.

- OK, well, has David sent you everything?
- Yes, I've got it.

OK, so let me know. And thanks for coming.

- Sure, thanks for inviting me.
- Good night.

Have fun.

At a swingers party.


When I got there and saw Vanda
and the way she expressed herself there,

I thought, "She must be a sorceress.
And I want to love her."

You're pulling the piss, right?

Does it shock you?

So you attend these things and then
you all have sex together, or...?

If I like a girl...

Then I tell Vanda
that I think she's beautiful

and I'd like to try it with her.

And I say, OK, I like that guy there,
see you back home.

Enjoy the evening.

Is that OK, David?

- I guess we're all different.
- I guess so.

So you mean to say
you're not at all jealous of each other?

People who don't trust each other
are jealous.

- Right?
- And you are irresistible.

I just look at you and once again,

I'm bewitched.

And what do you think of this?

- It's interesting.
- Interesting.

Petr, I think you'd like it.

- I really don't think so.
- I really do think so.

You are Petr, you are the rock,
and on that rock I'll build my church.

That's not how you talked
when Hanka was away.

What do you really think about it?

About what?

About what Vít said.

I don't know. Like...

I've got nothing against it.
It's their thing, right?


If I told you I didn't mind you screwing
other girls, what would you do?

I don't know.

What do you mean, "I don't know?"


If you said you didn't mind,
then I guess I'd do it.

- You're got to be kidding me.
- What?


- You're angry?
- No, I'm just surprised.


There were girls you liked
at the party tonight?

Jeez, not especially.

- You like Klára.
- Why Klára?


I don't know, I saw the way
you looked at her.

- How did I look at her? Show me...
- Oh please...

I look at her completely normally.
She's pretty, smart, witty,

so I look at her when she's speaking.
But she's not the kind of girl I would...

So like Vanda, maybe.

You fantasize about Vanda?

- No way.
- What?

- You fantasize about Vanda!
- Jesus Christ...

You're mining me for fantasies that...

that are only fantasies
and that you must have, too,

and I don't try to get them out of you.

Sure I do. I have fantasies too.

- OK so we have fantasies.
- We have fantasies.

- There's a guy in a bar.
- Yeah, and...

and he goes and, like,
just reaches between my legs.

Then he takes my hand and...

and takes me to the bathroom and...

there he maybe leans me against the wall
and pulls up my dress and...

and he just... fucks me.

And then he just goes away.
He leaves me there.


You're angry.

Now you say your fantasies.


Look, it's like this...

Like, generally, in my fantasies
there's this recurring motif

that I'm really dominant.

That's good.

And that...

the girls serve me and do whatever I want.

And when I get bored with it then...

I just up and go and leave them there.

And do you ever imagine that with me?

No, not really.

Do you imagine me?

Not much either.

- But I did have one fantasy...
- What was your fantasy?

that used to occur to me...

quite often at one point.

That I was fucking you with someone else.

With a guy or a girl?

It was with a guy.

Someone I know or don't know?

Like, with some...

That's up to you.

- That doesn't bother you, huh?
- That doesn't bother me.

Like with some random...

...and he goes and, like,
just reaches between my legs.

Then he takes my hand and...

and takes me to the bathroom and...

there he maybe leans me against the wall
and pulls up my dress and...

and he just... fucks me.

And then he just goes away.
He leaves me there.


You're angry.

Are we sure that that kind of palm
grows in the area?

Yeah, I checked it.

I like the green.

I'd add more people.

Look, if you add reflection to the windows

then the interior will be
less discernable.

Which we want.

And here you're missing
the wooden flooring on the balcony.

Shouldn't there be some guys there, too?

I'm good without them.
I'm completely satisfied.

- What do you think of Klára?
- Yeah, she's good.

- Isn't she?
- Yeah.

She's got good ideas,

- you can tell she enjoys it.
- I agree.

I was thinking we could give her
the other things for Vít, too.


How come you're not into Klára?

- She just strikes me as boyish.
- Boyish?



- And I don't seem boyish?
- No, you seem girlish.

And listen...

Do you like that girl?
Where those two are sitting.

- Which one?
- The one with the shorter hair.

- More like the other one.
- The other one?

- What?
- Nothing, I'm just, like...

Surprised that I don't know your type.

Type... I don't know if she's my type,
she just seems...

- She looks like she's fun.
- Of course.

Funny girls are my type.
That's why I'm with you, right?

So she seems funny
from the other side of the bar?

- Yeah.
- Right, sure she does.

- You like that she has big boobs.
- No.

You like big boobs
and you don't want to tell me.

That's very superficial of you.
I like her energy.

She's kind of... cheap.

Right, so who do you like?

Hang on.

That one, outside smoking.

- What?
- Seriously?

- Yeah.
- And what is it, the moustache?

- Should I grow a moustache too?
- Don't go growing anything.

- And what is it you like?
- He's charismatic.

He's just...



And he's got a nice butt.

- Then why don't you go to him?
- No!

- What?
- Jesus, what would I say?

Well what do people usually say?
"Can I buy you a shot?" or...

I just want to see what it looks like
when you flirt.

You're serious?

I'll do it.


- Then I'm going.
- Alright.


Why were you pointing at me?

Because I told him it's my birthday

and you told me I could choose
whoever I want for a threesome.

- And what did he say?
- He was kind of surprised.

So I gave him my number
and he said he'd think about it.

You gave him your real number?

I won't respond to anything.

- It's fine.
- I just didn't know how to end it.

It's fine, no worries.

Oh my God.


That guy wrote.

What does he say?

That he'd like to stop by, actually.

You're kidding.

What do I write him? That it was a joke?

- Should I ignore it? What do I do?
- You don't want him to come?

- No!
- Because of me?

No, Petr, no, no...

That's him?

- Answer it.
- I'm not answering it.

- No way I'm answering it, you do it.
- And what do I say?

- Just... something.
- Something?

Just pick up the phone and say something.


We went home.

Chodská 18.

Alright then.


The guy will be here soon.

Will we call it off?

Let him come at least.

I don't know.

- Then why'd you give him the address?
- For a laugh.

Well now he's coming for a laugh.

What are we going to do?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hi there.

I just...

Sorry, but could I take a shower?

Yeah, of course, over there.

Great, thanks.

- Are there clean towels in there?
- Yeah, yeah.

Then Petr and I just looked at each other,
like, "what are we going to do?"

We can't just tell him to go,
it's too late for that,

we can't back out...
What's going to happen?

And luckily, he came out of the bathroom
and went completely to pieces.

So we said goodbye to each other
and that was the end of it.

- Why are you telling that story?
- It's a great story.

It was you who wanted him to come.

I envy you, the beginning is exciting.
It's routine for us now

but back then
we were shaken up, too, right?


Like when we locked ourselves
in that girl's room, remember?

The poor girl didn't get much out of it,
but it was nice in her room.

I really enjoyed it.

So we tried to apologize
but she wasn't really having it.

- No, she wasn't.
- I guess she was rather offended.

And do you intend to continue?

No, I don't think so.

I think, with us, the fears are too great.

What exactly are you afraid of?


- What would happen to us.
- Exactly.

Well at first, you have lots of misgivings
and things go through your head:

will you be good enough,
will the others be better,

will everyone be better?

Will my girlfriend come back to me?

But it passes.

One day, the uncomfortable feelings go
and you're left with only the enjoyment.

The sense of freedom is tremendous.

I think the important thing at the start
is to choose the right people.

Either a stranger
who you never have to meet again,

which, of course, comes with risks,
if you're new at it,

or someone you know, who you're safe with,
and who you know is not a threat.

And how do you two do it?

- Where do you meet people?
- It's not impossible, actually.

It's not impossible.

Do you want to tell them?

Tell them.

There's this group of people...

of a similar mindset to ours.

And with them, you can arrange
whatever you want.

We can set you up, if you want.

Thanks a lot.

Of course they do.

Or I can try something
and we'll see what happens.

You OK?

Still OK?

Are you angry?

And what was it like with Vanda?

- Was she better than me?
- No.

It's completely incomparable. Seriously.



It kind of excited me that it was, like...

A new body.

I've never seen you like that before.
You really enjoyed it.

It turned me on that Vít
has had so many other girls.

That I was one of many.

Would you want to do it again?

With Vanda?

And with someone else?

I can't see you doing it.

What if you didn't see me?

I guess it would have to be
someone we don't know.

Like that you would secretly meet
with some lover?

Not secretly. I'd tell you.

- You would tell me too.
- Oh, I see.

Hang on, we're not talking
for real, right?


- We're fantasizing.
- We're fantasizing.

I'd like to see you naked.

Would you?

I live nearby, we can go to my place.

Can I at least finish my wine?

Bottoms up then.

It's on me.

I already paid.

Shall we?


Can I get you anything else?

Hey, you don't mind what Vít is doing?

To me, it seems...

kind of over the top.

I don't find it very funny.



Petr, are you listening to me?


It just seems like Hanka
has been kind of wild lately.

You think?

I see her on Instagram at some party
every other day.

Yeah, she's been enjoying herself.

- You don't go together?
- We do, sometimes.

You don't worry?


You know what girls are like.


If she wants to do it, she'll do it
when you're out walking the dog.

It's about trust.

I don't know...

If Marta did that, then...


She'll be back in a minute.

Can I get you something?

Maybe some vodka?

What's got you crying?

What's the matter?

What's all this? What is it?

Calm down...


You could have gone
for him too, you bastard.

It's okay now, shh, shh...

You could do something without being asked
for a change.

No more crying!

So after a while, she came back

- but by then, I couldn't get it up.
- Of course.

- So she pulls out some kind of pill...
- Petr, no, you didn't take a pill.

How could you take a pill from strangers?

I felt bad about it.

It seemed impolite not to take it.

But in any case, it was probably old,
because it didn't work at all.

So I went home.

And then, of course, in the taxi... ping!

And it's still hard now.

That's awful.

- Nice evening then?
- Yeah, lovely.

Fantastic, amazing evening.

I met up with that guy,
the one who wrote, like I told you.


I don't know how to explain it
other than to say that he was...

Very professional.

Because, like, he didn't even want
to know my name.

He said, "We met for a purpose,
so let's do it."

- He's used to it, evidently.
- Yeah.

I thought he must do this often
with lots of girls because...

He knew, like...

where to touch. On a girl.

You liked that.

I quite liked that.


We were lying there in the bed...

and he was getting me off for ages,
like for hours, it felt like.

With his mouth.

It was fantastic.

So I went home.

Whoa, whoa... Like, what?

He ate you out for hours
and then you went home?

I just don't know if I should say this.

What? Hanka! You have to.

It's really...

What happened was,
he was getting me off with his hand...

I had this, like,
incredibly strong orgasm,

so much that I, like...


I had no idea what was happening,
so I was afraid that I'd...

Pissed myself or something, I don't know.

And at the same time it was so powerful.

And he said that it was, like,
some special kind of orgasm,

that only a small percentage
of women have.

Oh my, where's it going?

Oh not there!

Cars don't drive there. They drive here.

Yeah, like that.

And it can go this way.

Jeez, it's driving all over me, huh?

Again. Show me.

Ow! Hang on, hang on...

Kids suit her.

I'm amazed to see her playing with him.

- I've never seen her like that.
- No?

She played with them
that time we watched them.

- Yeah and then Agata developed a stutter.
- Asshole.

- What?
- Nothing.

- We're saying kids suit you.
- Really?

What about you?
When are you planning to have some?

Go play with your sister.

Which reminds me, Marta...

- We could tell our friends here.
- What?

Couldn't we have talked about it first?

Marta and I are expecting another baby,
so there will soon be five of us.


- Congratulations.
- Indeed!

How long have you known?

I'm at the end of the first trimester,
so I guess he can say it now.

- Exactly.
- That's great news.

- Yeah, thanks.
- We're really happy.

- It'll be a bit tough, but...
- We'll manage.

What if it's not his?

Don't be silly.

Well what do we know?

That would be hell.

Hopefully Marta isn't
that much of a bitch.

Listen, do you want to go
somewhere for dinner?

We just ate.

For a drink then.

How about tomorrow?

Why not tonight?

Because I've got something.


What do you think?

Well can't you...

cancel it, or postpone it?

That's kind of rude at the last minute.

And with whom?

Some guy, I don't even know, really.

I'll tell you after.

Can we make up for it tomorrow?

You're beautiful.

- You're beautiful.
- You're more beautiful.

You're the most beautiful.



What happened was,
he was getting me off with his hand...

I had this, like,
incredibly strong orgasm,

so much that I, like...


I had no idea what was happening,
so I was afraid that I'd...

Pissed myself or something, I don't know.

And what's the problem?

What do you mean, "what's the problem?"

You're bothered by the fact
that she met with someone more than once?

Of course.

- Why?
- Because we agreed we wouldn't do that.

Some things just happen, though.

Everything is as it should be.
If someone's come into her life

then there's a reason for it.

I think what bothers Petr
is that she kept it a secret.

If you wanted what she wants
then she wouldn't keep it a secret.

Oh, so I'm the bad guy.

Not at all, no one is saying that.

How did you find out?

Petr... that's no good.

You should remember
why you two went into this.

To enjoy yourselves, right?

I don't know.

I'm not enjoying it much.

Did you tell her?

- It won't be a big deal.
- You think?

Don't worry, I've been through it.

It's happened to me.
It's happened to Vanda.

We call it "heroin".

You get carried away with experiences
with one or more people

and you just can't stop.

Hanka is on heroin right now,
but it'll ease up.

The more you keep her from it,
the more she'll want it.

Do you know how good a forbidden dick is?

- I don't.
- Me neither.

But it must be as good as forbidden cunt.


I guess it bothers you
that I'm not Marek, huh?

You went through my phone?

I didn't tell you because I didn't
want you thinking it's bigger than it is.

And what is it?

Good sex, nothing more.

It's evidently not good with me.


- It has nothing to do with us.
- Why can't we share such things?

We said we'd never sleep
with the same person twice.

We said we'd tell each other everything,
and wouldn't give anyone a real contact.

I wanted something that would be
just for me.

And it was a mistake, I'm sorry.

If you want, I'll never see him again.

- I don't want to forbid you anything.
- I won't ever see him again.

I'm sorry.


I'm trying to work out
if you're a regular or not.

How do you mean?

Judging by how often you come.

How often do I come?


But then, sometimes you don't turn up
for a week or two.

And when you are here,
you sit here just like this

and think really hard about something.

- Has someone died?
- No.

Have you lost your marbles then?


Could I use your phone to make a call?



Oh. I never know where I put it. Thanks.

- I'm kind of a loopy.
- That makes two of us.

At least with you it's not so apparent.

That's only because you don't know me.

- What's your name?
- Antonie.

- I'm Petr.
- Pleased to meet you.

Are you pleased?

I am too.

So now you're pleased, right?

Then stop looking so sad.


I've got a proposal for you.


I just talked to Marek,
you know, to call it off, and...

he said he is seeing someone too
and that he'd like to meet you.

So, you know, we could all meet,
like, for coffee,

and see if we're all okay with it.

If not, then we all go our own way.

What do you think?

Have you gone mad?


Why would I do that?

You're secretly going out with some guy
and I'm supposed to meet him?

What am I supposed to say?

Thank you for fucking
my girlfriend so well?

Excuse me?

Use your head a little.

Put yourself in my position.

I put myself in your position
and I apologized at least a million times.

- That's no reason for you to be nasty.
- I'm not nasty,

I just don't understand how that
could even occur to you.

Fine, then fuck it.

There's no point, if that's your attitude.
I'll just write him it's over.

Since you agreed to this get together,

I thought it would be fair
for us all to meet.

I am sorry for the complication,
of course,

I just didn't know how
to explain it over the phone,

because it's a little complicated.

A little.

In any case, I want you to know

we're really glad you came
and we appreciate it so much.

Yes, I am very happy to meet you, too.

As are we.

And who are you?

I'm Šárka.

And I'm Radek.

Radek and Šárka.

Radek and Šárka were a couple, as were we.

I'm sure you understand.
And now we live here together.

Lukáš was here with us for a while, too,

but he ended up leaving
because of a new girlfriend,

- which is his right, of course.
- Sure.

So we were orphaned,
and now we are only four.

So that's how it is.

And how did this whole thing...

- How did we get together?
- Yeah.

- Well...
- Well...

It wasn't as obvious as it seems.

Well, Betka and I had an open
relationship, as did Radek and Šárka.

Then I met Šárka...

we kind of got together,
then we decided to meet in four,

we clicked, and now
we all live here together.

We decided to be polyamorous
and we were starting to get our bearings,

but then you turned up.

And things went a little haywire.

- No, it's not like that.
- That's OK.

That's what we're here to talk about.

We'd like you to know we're considering
having you as another couple.

And if you are interested too,
then it involves some basic duties,

like getting tested regularly
for the sake of good health,

because, let's not kid ourselves,
there are certain risks,

particularly if you had
an open relationship.

And then there's a minor detail,
which I guess goes without saying,

if you sleep with any strangers
then you have to practice safe sex.

So there's that, and I would ask
that you get tested a.s.a.p.

I'm not getting any tests, why would I?

Well, I just said it:
because of potential disease, right?

I'm certainly not going for any tests.
I'm an adult.

Well, that doesn't seem to be the case,

if you're risking the health
of you and your wife.


Maybe it wasn't right to...

unload on him like that.

I confess, I'm not quite sure now
if you want to join us or not.

We don't want to join anyone.

Aha, I'll put it differently then.
Why did you bring them here?

I guess it was because of me.

It's like this: we definitely cannot
take only one of you, OK?

I mean, you're just great, both of you,
but that just won't do.

You're going to have to decide,
either both of you or neither.

Listen, it all sounds kind of scary,

- Betka keeps an eye on these things...
- Yeah, that's me.

but there's nothing to be afraid of.

- We're normal, free people.
- It's not a prison.

No, I think we were just a bit surprised

because when Marek said
he was seeing someone...

we didn't expect so many of you.

- Now we'll just think it over...
- Of course.

- I don't need to think anything over.
- Take it easy, Petr.

You drag me into some cult
and I'm supposed to take it easy?

Petr, there's no need to use
such strong words.

We just wanted to get to know you.

We thought something might
spontaneously come of it,

- if not, then it's no problem at all.
- Exactly!

No one's forcing you to do anything.
It's no problem.

- How about some wine?
- Yes, I'd love some.

Oh man, look...

You guys go ahead and fuck like rabbits
and pretend it's normal,

that's fine, but please,
leave me out of it.

No one wanted to fuck you.

Well, there you have it.
Good, we're sorted.

So, end of meeting...

No wife swapping will take place.

- What was that supposed to be?
- What?

- Why were you so rude?
- You knew about this whole Kelly Family?

- No, I didn't.
- What are you doing?

What's with these stupid ideas?
That was disgusting.

You could have kept those feelings
to yourself

we could have talked about it
on the way home.

- I'm not going anywhere.
- What? Why?

Because I'm going back to iron it out.

Aren't you a bit overly interested
in these people?

I am so embarrassed.

Get in the fucking car.

Don't touch me.

Good morning.

Evening a bit fuzzy?

Kind of.

It must have been pretty wild.

Your call woke me at 3 a.m.
and you sounded like you were dying.

I'm terribly sorry.

That's OK, it's no problem.
I only wonder why you called me.

No idea.

And do you at least know
why you got so drunk?

I do.

I see.

Do you want some breakfast?

I think I'll be going.

Don't be silly, you're here now,
so eat something.

Can I make it up to you somehow?

You can take a shower.

- I probably should.
- Probably.


What is that?

You don't recognize it?

For a moment, I thought maybe
your shoes were too tight

- and you were squealing in pain but...
- Excuse me!

Good thing you're a bartender,
you won't be a singer.

- I won't be a bartender either.
- And what will you be?

I don't know, whatever I want.

Maybe a traveler.

Travel the world, discover...


Or a gardener. I'll grow exotic plants.

Or open a restaurant outside Prague
with my mom.

Praguers will go there
and wait months for reservations.

Yep, we'll be really good.

- Wow.
- Yep.

I'm wondering how you'll do it,

because why would I want to leave town
when I can eat in the center?

- Because you've never tried my cooking.
- Oh, I see.

- The young lady believes in herself.
- Let's bet then.


If it's as miraculous as you say...

then I'll make a contribution
to your restaurant.

Hold your horses, we don't take bribes.

No, no, no. We will have...

- billionaires lining up to come.
- Of course you will.

And we'll have it made. Or not.

And I'll bust my chops.

At least I'll give it a shot, right?

And so...

What do you want to do?

- Like right now?
- Maybe.

I don't know. Nothing comes to mind.

- You must want something.
- I'd like...

I'd like to go off
to some island somewhere.

- Then go.
- I can't.

- Yes, you can.
- No, I can't.

It's easy for you to say,
you have no obligations, I can't though.

Anybody can say that, that's an excuse.

Just go, for Christ's sake.
I'll buy you the ticket.

Or I'll go with you.

You choose the destination,
that's the condition,

and I'll make it happen.

Come on, grandpa!

Move it!

I'd rather experience it with you.

That's not a good idea.

Then why did you want me
to join your group?

I thought something
might come of it, but...

I don't want it to go on any longer.

Have you ever had better sex with anyone
than with me?

The sex isn't really so important to me.

That's not true.

You said yourself how important it is
to a relationship.

Of course sex is important

and people in a relationship
should work on it.

There are lots of ways to save
a relationship and sex,

one way is to open up to the world,
like I do, like you tried.

But it's not the only way.

Maybe you need to try something else.

So we're not going to see
each other again?


You've just fixated on something.

Putting aside this infatuation,
for which I sincerely apologize...

are you still able to say
that you love Petr?

Of course.


And would you trade him for our escapades?

I don't want to trade anything.
You have both.

But just because it works for us
doesn't mean it can work for you.

Can you imagine being able
to experience all this only with him?

- I don't know, maybe.
- So you see.

Then maybe you don't need
an open relationship

you just need to open up more to him.

You're not going to answer it?


Hanka, what happened?

Where are you?

Hanka, calm down and tell me
where you are.

You'll be fine in half an hour.

Come on, let's go.

Shouldn't we stop doing this?

I have to go.

And why?

Because I made a promise.

Because I want to.

Because I experienced something pure
that I can't have with you anymore.

- Why are you being so mean?
- I'm not mean,

I just can't be here anymore,
do you understand?

It's been a long time since I've felt
anything but anger towards you.

All I can see is you getting screwed
by a million guys,

all of them making you feel good.

I can't make love to you anymore,
I can't even touch you

without those images coming up,
do you understand?

I don't even believe you when...

when you're being nice to me.

When you pretend that I'm turning you on.

I feel like you only do it so that...

- So I don't get jealous or feel left out.
- That's not true.

And why didn't you tell me?

Why do you only tell me when you're ready
to pack up and go?

That's not fair.

I thought we were doing something...

that we both enjoy,
that we have in common.

If you had said just one word
about being unhappy, or anguished...

or sad, then I wouldn't have done it
under any circumstances.

I didn't want to hold you back.

I felt like you were finally happy.
That for the first time in ages...

you were alive.

I should have stopped it
right from the start, I'm sorry.

I couldn't.

I can't imagine being with anyone else.