Howling (2012) - full transcript

Veteran detective Sang-gil and beat cop Eun-yeong are in charge of a case that seems to involve a simple act of self-immolation. Sang-gil initially thinks that it was an accident, but dog bite marks discovered on the body lead him to believe that someone had terrorized and murdered the victim. He and Eun-yeong investigate the source of the drugs found in the body and discover the victim had been pimping out young girls. At the same time, another murder involving a wolf-dog crossbreed occurs The two cases are labeled serial killings. With a connection between the victims uncovered, Sang-gil and Eun-yeong track down a potential witness. While questioning her, one of the mysterious dogs strikes out of the blue, killing the witness and stunning the cops.



Executive producer Jay GIL

Co-executive producers
LEE Tae-hun KIM Jee-hoon

PARK Hyun-tae JIN Young-a
KIM Hak-beom CHAE Yoon LEE Hyuk-jin

SHIN Kang-young
NAM Ki-moon LEE Yong-jun

Associate producer LEE Sang-moo
Investment executive JANG Jin-seung

I'll be there.


HelP me!

SONG Kang-ho

LEE Na-young

SHIN Jeong-kun
LEE Seong-min

GWON Tae-won
CHO Young-jin

Cinematographer KONG Pyung-jae
Lighting by KANG Dae-hee

Production designer LEE Seung-han
Production sound mixer LEE Gy-su (LIVE)

Makeup and Hair designer
KIM Sec:-young

Costume designer
LEE Ji-yeon

Edited by PARK Gok-ji
Music by KIM Jun-seek

Sound designed by
CHOI Tae-young (Live Tone)

Visual effects
RYU Jae-hwan (4th Creative Party)

Martial arts choreographer
PARK Jung-ryul

Special effects DEMOLITION

Line producer
SHIN Gyeong-ho

Prod uced by
LEE Tae-h u n

Written and Directed by YOO Ha


In that kind of fire,
you won't get any fingerprints.

How did it start?

The victim was sitting in the car
when he suddenly caught on fire.

Was it a suicide?

We're looking into the cause.

The witness didn't see any accelerant.

The witness was a homeless man
and very drunk.

He said the victim drank something.

Maybe that was an accelerant.

What about a cell phone?

According to the lab,
it wasn't a cell battery explosion.

Any other inflammables?

There were a burnt gas burner
and a plastic bottle.

We aren't sure if there was
any accelerant in the bottle.

Search if there's a will.

Yes, sir.

Do you have an ID on the body?


Everything was burnt to a crisp.

It'll take some time.

- What's that?
- This?

- It looks like a belt buckle.
- A belt buckle?

Any words from Missing Persons?


Hey, Sang-gill
Did you run the license plate?

It's an unregistered vehicle.

The car's so burnt
we can't get any fingerprints.


Hi, Eun-young.

Good. You came.

Say hello to Detective Jo.

Hello, sir.
I'm Eun-young Cha.

Nice to meet you.

He's your superior.
Support him well.

Nice to meet you.

You were a patrol officer?

You don't wanna ride
your motorcycle no more?

She worked as a detective briefly.

Take good care of her.

I don't do babysitting.


Where should I start?

Wait outside.


There's nothing here for you.
Wait outside.

This is a scene of fire.

I'm all burnt inside too.

You know you like it.


You wanted a partner.

And she's cute.

If you think she's cute,
you take her.

You know what we need?

We don't need high-tech tools.

We need a touch of a woman.

Idiot. Shut up!

There's the promotion situation
and difficult personality issue.

Try your best to fit in.

Yes sir.

If you need to,
amuse him with your charm.

Though you don't seem like the type.

Did you find me?

Are you almost done?


This case.
You take it.


The other team is busy
with other investigations.

Please take the case.

No way.


I said no.

And I don't want
the girl either.

What am I to this team?
A housekeeper?



I understand we are classmates.

But I'm your superior
in front of the team.

You want me to clean up
a simple drop and dead case?

And there's the woman
cop thing too.

Everybody's busy.

As a senior,
you should help the young ones.

Help me too.
I need that promotion.


Next time,
I'll give you a big case.

I promise.

You are divorced?

You're only thirty years old.

Why did you break up?

We had issues over my work.

What man likes his wife
working night shifts?

Why do you wanna do this again?

I love working
those night shifts.

Any kids?

None, sir.


You know all this chasing
after criminals.

It's all bullshit.

Even if we lock them up,
there are still crimes.

These kids need to be disciplined
from the beginning.


You found him?

You go first.

Let go!

Let go of me!

You missed school
to play in the gaming center?

You little bastard!

Why do you think
I work so hard?

- You little shit!
- Fuck!

You can't hit me!
What kind of father hits his kids?

I didn't tell you to work!

What, you little shit?

What did you just say?
You suck!

Stop it!

Why do you think
I put up with all this shit?

You screw up everything.

Sir! Sir, please!

- Let go!
- Please stop!


You stop there!


Where's the coroner?

He had to go
so he left the record.

Forget what you saw earlier.

He's a good kid.
Just going through puberty.

Any fingerprints?

None, sir.

The coroner found
a big dog bite on the thigh.

A dog?

That's a deep wound.

And he found drugs
in the urine.


It's a new street drug
called Haba.

Heard it's very addictive.

He was a druggie.

He was high
when he set himself on fire?

Doesn't it look odd
to be a suicide?


If it was a self-immolation,
accelerant would've dripped down

so lower half
should've burnt more.

But this one doesn't look it.

You studied a little forensics?

All dead bodies look odd.

Can you work with it?

This is really burnt.

I don't know
if I can get anything.

Do your best.

There's no other way to ID the body.

OK. I'll try.

Since when did homicide
hire based on looks?

She's too good looking
to be a cop.

We're in the service business too.

As a public servant,
what's good is good.

You know?

Please get that data.

We need to notify the family
and close the case.

I'm analyzing the cause of death.
Go report.

This is a reenactment of the case.

The fire started from the belt?

The point is the belt buckle.

Look here.
You see this tar on the belt?

We found Benzoyl peroxide,
which is highly flammable.

How did the fire start?

It's like a time bomb.

This is a device inside the buckle.

This is the timer
and this is the trigger.

When the timer goes off,

the trigger ignites
the benzoyl peroxide powder,

which instantly burns the belt.

This is a homicide?

- We got the search warrant.
- What?

- Bring a camera and the kit.
- Yes, sir.

We're back.

You going out?

It really sucks.

Where were you?

You two having fun?

We had a nice date.

Wow. Date!

So jealous.

Eun-young. Clean this place
before we get back.

Make copies of paperwork.

This is not our case.

Are you serious?

We are a team.
There's no yours or mine.

I didn't hear a "yes".

Yes, sir.

Get it straight.

She's new.
Be nice.

Hey, Sang-gil.
What did the lab say?

Is it a suicide?

They don't have the result yet.

It might take a while.

I thought you went
for the final report.

He said the autopsy
has been postponed.

So, what's the name of the motel?

De Gala"???

OK. Got it.


Aren't you going to report
to the captain?

I'm solving this case.
Reporting can wait.

The results are out.
We should report.

If we report now, do you think
they'll let me have the case?

They see criminals as points.

Do you know how many points
you get for a felony murder?

But we should share the info.

The suspect seems intelligent.

You wear belts
you get from strangers?

An acquaintance gave him that belt
and he's the killer.

A criminal who advertises
his identity is not smart.

Once we ID the body,
we'll find our killer.

I don't know
if that will be so easy.

It's not easy for you.

We know the drugs.

It's new.
There can't be too many dealers.

You wanna stay and make copies?

Just follow me.

Is that him?

- Yes.
- Yes.

You will fucking
fly high on these.

Is the club packed?

Yo, take this.

Watch them.

I'll go with you.

And do what?
Stay here.

Hey man, how's it going?

Yeah. Let's catch up soon.

Hey. Mira!

What're you doing here?
Long time no see!

What's that?

Who are you?

You don't remember?
I'm... a cop!

Fucking let go.



Get his legs!

- Fuck!
- Stay still!


Stay still!

- Drop the knife!
- Let go!

Drop the knife!

Fuck You!
- Drop it!

I will fire.

Fucking shoot him.

Shoot him. Hurry!

- Shoot him!
- Don't shoot!

- Shoot him!
- Don't shoot! Shit!

Are you alright?


You said you sold the drugs.

You little fuck!

But you don't know
the name or number?

You want me to believe that?

I really don't.

I only sold them at the club
on the weekend.

You must've called to meet him.

You think I'm fucking stupid?

What the fuck!

You can't hit me.
You're a cop!

This is a forcible interrogation.
Record this.

- Hurry!
- You do that.

You still feel OK, huh?
It's because it was an indirect hit.

Let's finish this for good.

I normally
don't try this hard but...

Let's see if you feel
this alright this time.

I got the address.
Go home and give me the keys.

I'm sorry.
I won't make another mistake.

I said go home.

Sir, I'll do it.


You understand
this was a firearm accident.

If you don't the strength,
at least shoot at the target.

How can I trust you now?

Just go back to riding motorcycle.

If you can't help,
at least don't get in the way.

Is it straight?

Yes. Go straight.



What're you doing?
You following me?

I was worried.

You're not well because of me.

Are you shitting me?

Go home now!

Then should I go to the office?


Now we have the victim's address.
We can report.


Yo! Yo...

Why did you turn the light on?


Don't you know anything?


Where did you learn
to investigate?

Just turn it back on.

You already turned it on.

He said it wasn't
a regular learning center.

Did that bastard lie?

What's this?

An image club?

A druggie and a perverted pimp.

The victim was dirtier.

No one knows about this tenant.

The name's fake too.

Who's this guy?
A ghost?

Are you tired already?

No, sir.

Then why are you so quiet?

Is questioning boring you?

I never thought that.

Then what's with the long face?

You had that look
at the health equipment store too.

The owner seemed gay.

You think I enjoy
talking to gay guys?

It's our loss
if they don't talk.

If you keep that up,
who'd talk to you?

What's a woman's weapon?

Flirt if you need to.

Don't you know the basics
of being a detective?

We don't sit around
and study forensics.

We do legwork to solve a crime.

If you're gonna be somber,
quit now.

Why are you standing there?

Did I upset you, ma'am?

Come talk to my face.

Say it if you have something.

I'm sorry.

The extra memory card was
slightly less burnt.

Was this recorded from the cell?

It might be a 6mm camcorder.
Looks like porn.

The victim might be
one of the girls from the shop.

It's from 5 years ago
Who'd carry it around for so long?

Is that all?

Can't you get his face?

This is all I could retrieve.

There were more with different girls.

Here are the screenshots.

The camera is fixed.
It might have been done covertly.

You familiar with porn?
Play it again.

I asked for the phone number
not pictures.

We need the fingerprints.

Go to the office
and fetch the kit.

- Sir.
- What?

Let's report.


I think we need backup.

I even took a shot from you.

What're you saying?

Frankly, I want this case too.

This is a great case
for a detective.

But we shouldn't proceed
further without help.

There's the belt thing.

And kids are involved too.

Before it gets too late,
please ask for backup.

Young-chul got promoted.

Do you think anyone care
that you go by the book?

If you want the case badly,
solve the crime.

That's what a real
detective would do.

Congrats to Young-chul!


Congratulations Inspector!

You better not forget me.

I'm still with the team.

I love you man.

- Detective Jo is here.
- Yeah?

Mind your words
in front of Sang-gil.

He got passed over
for a promotion.

- Yes sir.
- Sure.

Drink up.

Sorry, we're late.

Come in.

You made it.



Thanks guys.

Haven't seen you in a while.

Is there any progress?


We don't even have
an ID on the body.

I meant you two.

Any words from the lab?

What's taking them so long?

It's coming soon.


What's this?

It's nothing.
Just a little piece of my mind.

Open it.
Open it up.

It's a belt.

It's leather!

Thanks man.

Look at that shiny buckle.

Now that you'll be sitting a lot,
don't let your belly pop out.

Remember where you began.

Alrighty then.

Keep that waist slim.

Mr. Jo.
You became so sentimental.

Maybe a woman's touch
is working.

I should change.

I7 Happiness seems bigger
When it's far away

I7 Look up when you feel alone

I7 Because you're not alone

I7 Even if the rain falls
or wind blows

I7 The Sun will always shine afterward

I7 When you want to cry...
How's working with a girl?

It's fucking good.


It's electrifying

My body shakes all over.

I7 It feels like a shot wound

I7 My heart aches so much

I7 I try to stop it with
my two hands You OK?

The dude is old-fashioned.

He hates watching woman
working outside the home.

It would be hard for you.

J7 Please Help me please

So just hang in there.

As soon as I get assigned a team
I'll help you out.

You know it's important
who you learn it from.

Eu n-you I19

Let's dance.

I don't dance.

What's wrong honey?

Be cool.

Detective Goo.

If you want to be treated
like a superior,

quietly remove this hand.

Before I humiliate your ass.

I7 I yelled out your name
from behind

I7 My heart bleeds...
Help me please

Dad, be quiet.

You're waking up everyone.

Where's your brother?

He went out
because you drank again.

Be quiet and go to sleep.

She's waiting outside.

I'm sorry about my dad.

It's alright.

You should get to bed soon.

- I'll see you later.
- OK.

Thank you again.

It's nothing.

I guess your mom went out.

She doesn't live with us.

They separated a long ago.

I'm so happy.
You don't have to work today.

That almost sounds like
you want me to quit.

If I ask you to quit, will you?

It tickles.

I can't deal with this anymore.
We're through. - Hubby

Hi baby.
You're still awake?

Daddy, when are you coming home?

I'm on my way.

Did you get the doll?

Oh no!
Daddy forgot.


You promised!

Are you lVi"97

What's wrong?

- Daddy!
- What's that?

- What's wrong? Honey?
- Daddy?

I can't believe
Detective Jo didn't report.

I obviously thought he did.

The point system is the problem.

We got an ID.

His name is Sang-hoon Nam.

He has a record for illegal drugs
and prostitution of minors.

The belt case victim is also drugged.

Both have the same bite mark.

There might be a connection.

If this is serial, it's serious.



The captain found out.

Hello sir.

What's this?
Who do you think you are?

Is this why you wanted
to work here?

You're just a beginner.

Is this how you want to get ahead?

Because of someone like you,
we all get chewed out.

Forget her.
Where's Sang-gil?


Sang-gil Jo.
How could you do this to me?

Why didn't you report?

If it's out of your capability,
you should at least be honest.

And you brought her
into this mess.

I'm sorry.

I was too ambitious.

They fixed the interior
for prostitution.

How could you not have known?

We manage over 10 buildings.

How can we check every room?

Our chairman is the founder of
Myung-in Welfare Foundation.

If he knew,
do you think he would've ignored it?

Did you get any fingerprints?

How did you ruin all the fingerprints?

This won't be easy.

We've done our research.

And found some leads.

We got an ID on the belt victim.

This is a picture from
Sang-hoon Nam's place.

The guy next to Nam is
the victim of belt case.

Name's Kyung-il Oh.

We had a composite sketch
and matched it with Nam's call history.

Same person, right?

Two victims knew each other?

What about the other two?

They're not on the call history.
We're still looking.

That's so strange.

How could a rabid dog bite
two victims one after another?

Oh died from a time bomb belt.

Both had prostitution charges
and same bite mark.

It looks like a serial killer.

No way. Methods are
completely different.

There's this weird thing.

What killed Nam...

might be a wolf.

A wolf?

The fur found on the body.

It didn't match any of the large dogs.

The fur and the teeth mark
could be from a wolf.

Did a wolf escape from a zoo?

In the middle of Seoul?

It's probably a trained dog.

Should we question dog trainers?

Yes, but we just might find the killer
from the victims' acquaintances.

Hey Sang-Q... Because close friends
usually give belts as gifts.

Young-chul heads this case
from now on.


Sang-gil's team.
Find about that wolf or whatever.

Go enjoy the zoo.

I called the zoo
and the lost and found pet center.

Aren't you a nice one?


We did all the hard work
for someone else to take credit.

I think it's worth digging.

What is?

We don't know what it is,
but that animal killed human.

If we follow the dog,
we might find some leads.

Follow a rabid dog?

Do we work
for public health department?

If we have the time,
we should be asking around more.

Then why didn't you say it earlier
to the captain?

And then what?

We have our limits.

We can't stakeout for days and nights
or arrest criminals.

We just go and follow a dog.


You hate working
with me that much?


Do what you want.

I'll investigate on my own.

You really believe you're at a disadvantage
because you're working with a woman?

Aren't you feisty?

How did you hold back
all this time? Huh?

Good boy.
Come here.

We're not allowed to train dogs
to attack human.

We do train dogs to overpower
criminals Which is very difficult.

Can you train a wolf to do that?

I don't think you can train
wild animals like wolves.

Hey! Can you show these guys?


We need a helper.

Can I help?

No. A woman might not work.

We need someone
who looks like a crook.

Detective, why don't you try?


Steady. Steady.

It's called an IPO training,
which is detention drills.

If the criminal makes a move,
the dog will bite.

Can all dog trainers train such drills?

No, you need someone
with at least a class A license.


Stop this!

Get this dog outta here.

You're so scared of dogs.

Dogs would never bite human.

I believed that
until I was bitten I was six.

Which large dog is
closest to a wolf?

In fact, there's a dog
that's half wolf.

It's not an official breed.
It's called a wolf dog.

It's a hybrid of a wolf and a dog.

Can a wolf and a dog...
do it?

They're both canines.

Can you train a wolf dog?

Because they're half wolf,
I heard they're excellent.

Especially the memory
and sense of smell.

They're still wild
so it'll be hard to train.

There have been success cases
in other countries.

Ever since it was a pup,
the trainer took care of it like his own.

You see training is all about
love and bonding.

Is there any wolf dog in Korea?

Probably not.

Unless someone smuggled it.

There's this dog-crazy guy.

Why dOn't you try him?

Another place?

I think the owner went out.

I'll stay here.
You go look around.

Isn't that a wolf dog?

That's a just a wolf.

What's a wolf doing here?

Find anything?

This really looks like a wolf dog.

You're finally hallucinating.

What's this?
That's not a wolf or a dog.

I think you might be right.

Who are you?

- You live here?
- Yes, why?

I'm detective Jo.
Let's have a talk.

About what?

Hey stop!

Yo! Hey stop!


Get out of the car!

Turn off the engine!

Turn off the engine!

I'm gonna kill you

Stop the car. Fucker!

Stop the car!



Shoot him!

I'm not lying!

I bred it for dog fighting.

You sure?

That dog is mostly wolf.

It's not even trainable.
How can I make it kill someone?

Where did you sell
the other one?

How can I remember?
I sold it when it was a pup.

Call the office.

Let's put him in
for dog fighting,

illegal drugs,
attempted murder of an officer.

Yes sir.

He's a thug.

Name's Tae-sik Min.

Tae-sik Min?

Is he here?

Yes. This is him.

What's Min-jung doing here?

You know the girl too?

She's Min's ex.

How's the puppy search going?

It's gOif19...

We have it.

Have what?

The suspect.

Kyung-soo, brief them.

Teammates should cooperate.

The tattooed guy from Oh's cell.

He looked like a thug
so we searched dog fighting thugs.

You know how some thugs
gamble on dog fights.

And there he was.

It's him.
Tae-sik Min.

Using the video clips, burn victim Oh

blackmailed dog bite victim Nam.

So Min killed them both.

Did you get Min's whereabouts?

No. He's been wanted
by the police for a while.

Min's involved in
some type of contract business.

Bring the kit.

Yes. Give me a sec.

I don't think they know
about the girl yet.

Hurry and check.

If you got everything,
let's go.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

Eu n-you I19

Why did we pick you?

Are you a decoration?

What do you mean?

Why haven't you organized
team's expenses?

Everybody's busy.
The team's busywork is yours.

You think we're playing around?

Our investigation is also hectic.

I'll do it when I get the time.

You don't get it, do you?

Get up.

Who fucked up
the initial investigation?

Do what you're paid to do
and then go chase dogs.

I didn't come here
to do busywork.

Why don't you just hire a maid?

You insane?

You don't care anymore, do you?

Yo. Stop barking and go.

Dog investigation is serious stuff too.


- What's with you?
- What?

Why are you mad?

Thought you're busy!
So just go!

Let's go man.

I guess she grew on you.

Guess she's good.
Don't know what she's good at.

I'm sick of your jokes.

I'm not joking.

You two are both single.
It's all good.


What's wrong?

You bastard!

Beat me!


Let me go!

I'm sorry.

I should've held back...

If you want to stay here,
you better stay inside the lines.

If you try to win over a guy,
you'll be quietly removed.

I got Min-jung Song's whereabouts.

Oh yeah?

Then let's stake out.

They lived together.
He'll come to visit.

Let's ask for backup.

From now on...

You just breathe
and do as I say.

Anything new?

It's about the same as yesterday.

Any Sign of Song?


What happened to your face?

Did you fight
with Detective Goo again?

That's too harsh.

You're an elder.

The fucker really hit me.

My son.

Now I know why people stopped
having kids and raise dogs.

Dogs don't hurt your feelings.

It's your turn.
Go home.

I'm alright.

We don't know
when she'll show up.

Go home.

Change clothes.

Your family will be worried.

I don't have anybody.

Where are your parents?

They passed away
when I was young.

What about other family?

I have none.

The only family I had
was my ex-husband.

What's that?

I'm gonna be done in the morning
so don't take any appointments.


- I'll call you.
- OK.

I think that's Song.

Isn't that Min?

So including Min,
there's three?


Good job.

You haven't lost your touch.

I knew dog investigation
was important.

What's with your face?

- I got drunk and fell.
- Geez, man.

Ki-nam and I will
block the back alley.

You guys go to the front.

Yes sir.

Eu n-you ng. You stay here Why?

What if you get hurt?

How can I work this job
if I'm scared to get hurt?

Please let me go.

He said stay.


Let's bring her.

Someone's gotta open the door.

Who is it?

Gas Utility Service.

The owner's not here.

I just need to check
the gas meter.

Everybody stay put!

- Who are you?
- We're cops.

Just bring Min.

Who the hell is Min?
We know everything.

Is he inside?

Cuff them.

- Put it down.
- Said put it down!

Put it down!


Stop right there!

What's that?

A killer dog once again
killed a person.

The victim was a woman
in her thirties.

She was attacked by a killer dog
in front of her house.

The police are looking for the killer dog
in the nearby mountains.

But the killer dog's whereabouts
is still unknown.

According to the National Crime Lab,
the DNA shows

the killer dog might be a wolf dog,
a wolf and a dog hybrid.

We should've checked...

The guy Sang-gil was mistaken.

He's Song's new boyfriend.

Stupid fool.

We wasted our time
on the wrong guy.

Did Song help blackmailing Min?

We think so.

Five years ago, these four
ran child prostitution business.

But Min's contract business flourished
and he changed his attitude.

So they tried to blackmail him
with the old video clip.

Until put on the wanted list, Min was
an influential figure in the community.

If people knew about Min's dirty past,
it would've looked bad.

But this dog looks like well-trained.

Don't let the trainers
off the hook yet.

We've checked.

We're sure Min is the killer.

We went to his old vacation home
and found the wolf dog's fur.

Why would a thug use a dog
instead of a knife?

Dogs can't talk.

If the killer denies,
it'll get complicated.

In order to prove his guilt,
we need to catch that dog.

You knew all that
and managed to mess it up?

It's all out in the media.

What're you gonna do now?

I won't make another mistake.

Shut up.

Listen up.

From now on, whoever catches him,
gets all the credit.

So move.

Yes sir.

What about Eun-young?

She has broken ribs.

She's lucky her stomach
didn't rupture.

Why did we get a woman cop?

When she comes back,
tell her to stay in.

I don't think she fits in here.

Why don't we just get rid of her?


What're you doing?

What's with the bandage?

Everybody's busy I should help.

Don't even think about it.

I'm fine.

We called for backup.


We will catch Min.

You just get better
and stay in the office.


Why did you come out?

We should further
investigate the trainers.


The dog attacked the victims'
exact pressure points.

It was highly trained.

It would take
a skillful trainer to do that.

You think a thug is
capable of doing that?

They say training is
all about bonding.

You think someone so caring
would order a dog to kill people?

Young-chul already investigated
all the dog trainers.

Stop barking up the wrong tree
and sit still.

If you won't,
I'll go on my own.

Stay inside the lines
or you'll be gone.


Can you train police dogs to attack?

They're only trained for defense.

Haba's your specialty.

You know where to look.

Who'd give such
expensive drug to a dog?

They get so high.
They'll fight to death.

- It's for expenses.
- I can't do it.

What would it take?

Need a couple of more.
No credit cards.

I'll give you one more.
It's my daughter's allowance.

Give me the account.

I've researched all the private trainers
to police dog handlers.

But there isn't anyone.

Did I miss something?

Police dog trainers: Missing and Deceased

When did he pass away?

Missing Deceased


Licenses IPO Class A license

Myllng-ho Kang?

He was my best friend
in the force.

He once tipped off an illegal dog fight.
So we busted the arena.

He took some of
the confiscated dogs to train.

He was a very gifted K-9 trainer.

I'm not sure if there was a wolf dog.

How did he pass away?

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Are you ready for an exciting game?

Please cheer for the dogs
fighting today...

Medical History
He jumped into the river.

He had a daughter named Jin-joo.

She ran away from home
and got locked up in the psych ward.

She had a severe drug addiction
and was pregnant.

Do you know where she went?

It took a toll on him.

He had a stroke,
which left him paralyzed.

Did the police find his body?


In Kyung-kl area,
there are 1' 6 women

in their twenties
hospitalized for drug addiction.

Of those 16, women with
male guardians who can't move well

there are five.

Jin-joo Kang.

There's no Myung-ho
or Jin-joo Kang here.

Let's burn some money!

Yellowie Yellowie!

Kwang-ju Kwang-J"!

Two hundred for Kwang-joo!

Jung-ah's father does use crutches...
W“? Do YOU ask?

Is this him?

It could be him...

That's strange.

Yesterday, someone showed me
Jung-ah's picture and asked about her.

Who did?

Said he was a relative.

Can I see Jung-ah right now?

She went out with her dad
few days ago.

Go! Go!

This dog fighting is
driving me nuts.

You sure he's gonna show up?

Let's move out.

Just wait.


Where are you?

I have something urgent
to tell you.

I'm working.

Sir! Hello?
Hello? Sir?

We have three thousand!

Come on, man.

We have a new suspect
Meet me here ASAP

Put on a little smile.
Act natural.

It's the wrong tattoo.

What the fuck!

Let go!

Why don't you pick up?

Myllng-ho Kang!

Myllng-ho Kang!

Myllng-ho Kang!

Open Up!

Mr. Kang.
Open the door!

Mr. Kang.
Open this door!

Who are you?

I'm detective Cha
from Mapo police homicide.

You're Myung-ho Kang?

I came from
your daughter's mental hospital.

Please open this door.

Are you alone?

My partner is on his way.

Open this door and talk to me.

Don't shoot.

Jil-poong won't attack
without my order.

If you care for your daughter,
don't do this.

Open this door.

Or I'll have to shoot.


- Jung-ah!- Mr. Kang!

Mr. Kang!

Who are you?
Who are you?

What are you doing?
Open up! You son of a bitch!



Open up!

It would take
a skillful trainer to do that.

You think a thug is
capable of doing that?

Please open the door!


Daddy! Please get up!
Untie me!

It's so hot in here!

Let me out!


It's so hot...

Eu n-you I19!

Eun-young Cha!

Daddy, I It's so hot!


Eu n-you ng!
What happened?

Who's inside?

- It's the killer's daughter.
- What?


Heard it's an arson.
What happened here?

According to Eun-young
someone set fire to kill Kang.

Someone's trying to kill
the suspect?

Maybe someone from the victims' side
tried to revenge.

What about Min?

We can't tie him to the fire.

What should we do with Min?

Someone else took the blame for him.

We can't hold him much longer.

Thought you were sure about Min.

It's my fault.

I ruined my daughter's life.

Give me the drugs!

Give me the drugs!

But! Will never forgive them.

Please give it to me.
I need it.

Dogs must be killed by dogs.

Give me the drugs!

That's what they deserve.

- It looks different.
- It's an ace. A wolf dog.

I bought a dog from him.

It was lucky to get
a wolf dog pup.


It will be difficult,
but I'm going to train this dog.

I'm betting my life on it.

This doesn't feel right.

Kang went after

Oh, Nam, Song, and Min
That's four.

But there are five dummies

in golf wear.

And one woman's clothes.

Isn't it weird
that he prepared an extra?

In his diary,

he stole clothes
for the smell of his victims.

Maybe there's another target
we couldn't find it.

We couldn't find it.

Sang-gil lost track in the fire.

We have to catch that dog.

What if it kills again?

What did the doctor say?

Kang is in critical condition.

The daughter is in better condition.

Guess he trained the dog
with dummies.

A police officer went
murdering people.

What was wrong
with his daughter?

She ran away from home
in 9th grade.

She was used in
sex trafficking.

By Min and the other three victims.

She was found a year later.

She was suffering severe mental distress
from drug addiction.

Also, she was pregnant
and had STD.

Kang's wife died from the shock.

Those four ruined that little girl.

Detective Jo!


When Kang wakes up,

question him about the arsonist
with Young-chul.



I'll question Kang
with Eun-young.


I'm letting her go.

What do you mean?

It's for everyone.

It's good to catch a criminal.

But a woman cop is burdensome.

If she screwed up this time,
what would've happened?

The crew is not happy with her.

Ever since she came,
they don't feel like a team.

But she's done OK so far
Isn't that too harsh?

I'm letting her go
especially for you.

Forget that.

I'll question Kang with her.

I looked every nursing home.

It was really hard
because she changed her name.


How was he able to
videotape everything?

You know
it's all because of Oh.

In his basement,
there were the five.

I found your golf glove there.

Did you find the videotapes?

I think Oh had it with him
when he was killed in fire.

That's good.

I'm not sure how but
there was a female cop.

She seemed to know something.


She came alone
so I finished her off.

You killed a cop too?

I burned everything clean.
Don't worry.


This is not the amount
we agreed.

Let this one slip.

My foundation is having a bit of
financial problem.

If this gets out, I'll have to skip town.

No way man.

Mr. Kang!

Mr. Kang?

Mr. Kang.
Can you hear me?

If you can, say something.


She's fine.
Don't worry.

We saved you two.

Mr. Kang.

Jil-poong's gone.

Do you know where it might go?

Sang-hoon Nam.

Min-jung Song.

You killed them
with your dog. Right?

Because of your daughter.

What about Kyung-il Oh?

You tried but failed?

Who set your house on fire?

Any guesses?

There must be something.
You must know him.

He tried to kill Jung-ah.

He's somehow related.

Stop now.
He might go into shock.

Wait. Mr. Kang.

Don't you want to catch
whoever did this to you and your girl?



Yong-sik... Yong-sik Bae?

He killed himself
under the influence of drugs.

His name is Yong-sik Bae.

He's the owner
of health equipment store.

He lives in the same building
as the burn victim Oh.

Why did he kill himself?

He found out Kang got out alive
and got scared.

He had depression.

In his will,
he confessed to the belt case.

Bae said he killed Oh?

It was money problem.

Bae lent Oh a lot of money,
but Oh kept delaying repayment.

Bae went into debt
developing health equipments.

But Oh kept ignoring him
so Bae held a grudge.

We found this in Bae's pocket.

Kang might have taken these
looking to kill Oh.

I made this on my own.
Try it.

You really made this?


You're awesome.

You see here.
It's a step counter.

Take it.
Try it from today.

There's no better exercise
than walking.

Coincidentally, Kang and
Bae both tried to kill Oh.

Kang failed with the dog.

So Bae killed Oh with a belt.

They found out about each other
while they both tried to kill Oh.

So in the end,
Bae killed Oh for Kang.

It looks like Bae fixed his invention
into a time bomb.

This powder hydrogen peroxide.

He put this to set it off.

Benzoyl peroxide.

Did you confirm with Kang?

I couldn't talk for long.
But he admitted to taking the pictures.

So that's done.

Good job guys... Finish the
report within this week.

Wrap it UP...

Yes sir.


Something doesn't feel right.

Bae knew Jung-ah.


At the ward, there was someone
looking for Jung-Ah.

I checked and it was Bae.

If it was simply
about killing Oh,

how could he have
known Jung-ah?

You found out.

It's weird that
Oh would gladly take the belt.

In Bae's will,
they weren't in good terms.

let's just wrap it up.

A cop is involved
It's a sensitive matter.

Stop making it worse.
Just find the dog.

It's getting crazy out there.


Bae's suicide motive is weak.
Why don't we investigate further?

You haven't told her?

Now Kang's in custody.
Min must be really happy.

You are...
being transferred.

What do you mean?

It just happened.

You're going back
to patrol soon.

What's the reason?

People here are
uncomfortable with you.

Also there's the teamwork problem.

Is it because
I didn't stay inside the lines?

Eu n-you I19

As you know, it's hard
even for a man to last here.

Why do you want to
overwork yourself?

You're smart
so you'll do well anywhere.

What's the use in chasing criminals
day after day?

No spouse would tolerate it.

You're missing
the most important stuff.

You're still young.

Meet someone nice
and start over.

Why do I need to do that?

If the teamwork is the problem,
I will try to fit in.

I'll do all the busywork.

Yeah, what?

Yes sir. Remember Min?
The CEO of Tae-sin Construction?

He's dead.

I think he was attacked
by that dog.

He was at the motel
in See-sak area.

He was going to the parking lot
when he was attacked.

I'll report you with more details
once I find some witnesses.

Kang is in custody.
What happened?

I'm sorry, sir.

I'll catch it as soon as possible.


It's just one damn dog.

Why did you let it loose?

Sorry, sir.

If we knew about this,
we would've looked further.

Shut up.
Catch that damn dog in ten days.

It's the chief's order!

How can we catch it?

We can't even find
a glimpse of it.

Jr!-poong doesn't act
like a pet dog.

Just as a wolf does,
it follows me like a pan of the pack.

Jung-ah and Jr!-poong are like
brother and sister.

Jil-poong accepts
Jung-ah's childish behaviors.

Sometimes, I feel as though
Jil-poong knows Jung-ah's pain.

I feel miserable that I raised Jr!-poong
for revenge.

Min is dead.

He was killed by a dog.
It's Jil-poong, right?

How did you do it?
You're lying here.

HOW did it find Min?

He remembered...

I made him remember.

It remembered?

You made it remember?


So the dog remembered Min.

And found him
on its own to revenge?

Is that possible
without your order?


That dog can kill anyone
as long as it remembers.

There's one more.

Isn't there?

That target sent
Bae to kill you.


It's true.

Officer Kang. Do you want
Jil-poong to kill that person too?

I have a daughter too
and I understand your anger.

But you were a cop.

Who's the next target?

Talk to me.

Mr. Kang!

Don't you care about Jil-poong?

Jil-poong has killed humans
for you.

Why would Jil-poong do that?

It's because you gave him
that much love.

How could you use Jil-poong
as a murder weapon?

Is that why you raised it
with love?

If you have your revenge,

you don't care
if Jil-poong gets shot

or left abandoned?

You don't want that.

Jil-poong is your family.

Don't let Jil-poong
commit more murders.

We'll catch it alive.
So tell us how.

We'll find whoever did
this to Jung-ah.

So talk to us.

- Mr. Chairman.
- Yeah.

The news is out.

They couldn't stop the media.

You need to hide.

I'll arrange a boat.

Do you recognize him?

Remember anything?


That weird bug picture.

- That's Big Uncle.
- Big Uncle?

Do you know his name?

He was really good to me.

He gave me this shot.

He told me that
I'll get skinny and pretty.

Then daddy won't hate me
anymore and love me.

Did you tell
Big Uncle about your dad?

Kang didn't talk till the end.

Does he truly want Jil-poong
to finish his revenge?

We got no new leads.

Is this where it ends?

Why don't we track back
from Oh's case?

Maybe we missed something.

We don't have enough time.

The case will be closed
in two days.

Jil-poong is probably
hunting right now.

If I only knew who it is,
I wanna follow Jil-poong.

Jil-poong must know
who it is.

Why don't we follow?


Let's lure him and follow.

Jil-poong and Jung-ah were like
brother and sister.

We might be able to lure him
with Jung-ah's stuff.

A killer dog is loose and
residents are worried about their safety.

Three were victimized by
this killer dog.

The police and authorities
are still searching.

The police made a statement today.

If found,
the police will use guns.

They could catch it alive.

But the police made the decision
based on residents' safety.

Choi, Councilman and chairman
of a welfare foundation,

suspected of embezzlement
and tax evasion

Choi is missing.

Police fears that he may have
already left the country.

And requested the Interpol
for cooperation.

Where were you?

What're you doing?
Thought we're gonna capture it.

The order came from upstairs.

We can't find the damn dog.

Eun-young had a point.

We're hanging the daughter's clothes
near the house.

You can't kill Jil-poong.

I said the order
came from upstairs.

There's more to this case.
It won't end by killing one dog.

Kang won't say it,
but there's another target.

This person ordered Bae
to kill Oh with the belt

and set Kang's house on fire.

But things got out of control
so he killed off Bae.

According to Jung-ah,
this guy controlled all the victims.

He's deeply involved
with prostitution of minors.

He's the one Oh blackmailed.

He got scared his dirty past
might get out.

Thought the daughter's insane.

You don't have any proof.

So what?

If Kang succeeded, Jil-poong
is probably looking for him.

Why don't we follow
and see where it leads?

Guess you're still in shock.

You don't make any sense.

The dog found Min.

It's carrying out revenge
for Kang.

Eun-young can
ride motorcycles.

Let's try it.

If it fails, kill it then.

What's wrong with you?

A cop murdered civilians.
Let's not make this any worse.

Shut up and go find the dog!


It's not over.
Why do you want to close it?

The real victims here
are children.

We should find the person

Are you the only detective here?

Have you even cuffed anyone?

Now that this might be
my last chance, why don't I try?

What the fuck, bitch?


Just stop.

You've done a good job.

You've been transferred
as of today.

Team 1.
Raise your hands.

Yes, sir.

Team 1.
Watch the point number 5.

Watch the back area.

- Team 3.
- Sir!

I'll do it.
I'll do it.

Team 3 and team 4.
Watch the front entrance.

Team 2.
Watch the street in front.

This dog is a killer dog.

We must catch it.

Be careful with guns.

What are we doing here?

Just sitting around for a dog.

What if Eun-young's wrong?

It says a wolf can smell
very far.

For several dozen kilometers.

Then we should've hung food.

This is Unit 38.
Target found!

East corner!

This is unit 27.

Unit 38.

In pursuit!

It's running!
It's fast!

Calling unit 38.
Confirm location.

Unit 27.
East corner by the river.

To the suspect's house!

Target found!

Target confirmed!

11 o'clock!



Who fired?

Who's that?

Isn't that Eun-young?

Sang-gill What the fuck?

- Unit 38. Confirm location!
- Target is running!

What are you doing?

You insane?
What's with you?

What the hell are you doing?

Eun-young Cha.
Talk if you can hear me.

Are you insane?
What are you doing?

Confirm location. Over!

Where are you?

Are you on the radio?

Sir, I'm changing the channel.

You have him?

Where's Jil-poong?

It's running along the road.

I'll pursuit him.

OK. Don't get too close.

Yes, sir.

Sang-gill Fuck! They
changed the channel.

Are we really chasing this dog?


After this curve,
we will enter the highway.

You sure it's going
the right way?

There's nothing there.

It's strange
he's not getting off the road.

I don't think
he's simply running away.

I'll keep following.

Shit! Sang-gil's fucking
gone crazy.

What did she fucking do?

I'm not really sure about this.

How is Jil-poong?

He's still moving
at a steady speed.

Keep your distance.

Give me a sign if he takes off.

I'll shoot it.

Where did they go?

They couldn't have gone far.

Search all highways
outskirt of An-san.

Are you sure about this?

Where is he going?

Maybe he's lost.

Let's stop chasing.

And catch the dog.

Let me go a little further.

What if he gets away?

It turned into a side road.

I'll keep going.

Don't forget the tranquilizer gun!

The road is blocked!

Eu n-you ng!
Don't go further!

It's dangerous by yourself!

Turn back! If you slow down
it might attack you.

I said get back here!
Don't you hear me?

Come back!

I'm still going!
It's hard to talk on the radio.

Stop going.
It's too dangerous.

Eun-young Cha!
Where 're you?

If you hear me, answer.

Don't go in any further!

If you slow down,
it might attack you!

Do you copy?

Do not go in any further!

Detective Cha!
Answer me!

Are you OK?
Detective Cha!

You OK?
Talk to me.

Where are you?
Talk to me!

Are you hurt?

Answer me!

I see a building.

Jil-poong went inside.

I'm heading over there.
Hurry and come.

I'll be right there.
Don't move.

Jil-poong is a killer dog.

Don't go by yourself!

What is it?

What happened?

Seung-man might have been mistaken.

I saw something over there.

Is it that dog?

How did it find me?

It's just a wild animal.

The dog couldn't have
followed us here.

I saw it with my own eyes.
Go out there with guns!

Seung-man went out to check.
Please wait.

Our chairman is the founder of
Myung-in Welfare Foundation.

I apologize for this.

I should've kept my eyes on it.

I feel somehow responsible.
I'll gladly pay for my sins.

That's Big Uncle.

If you're so worried,
let's you get to the docks.

The boat is almost here.

Bring these.

Make sure to pack everything.


Keep your hands up
and back off!

I'm arresting you

for being an accessory to murders
of Kang and Oh.

Keep your hands up!

Back off assholes!


Shoot her!

Where'd you come from?

Fucking bitch!

Who are you?
You're a cop?

How did you find us?

We're gonna be late.

We'll take care of her.
You go first.

She might have company.
Clean up quick.

Yes, sir.

Eu n-you I19!

I'll kill you!

Eu n-you ng!
Follow him!

Stop right there!


Back off!

Back away, Jil-poong!

Shoot it!

Back off!

Back off!

Back off!

Back off!



What should we name him?

To run like the wind.
How about Jil-poong?

Your name IS Jr!-poong.



Here they come!

Any comment, please!

Oh videotaped it
when he was working for me.

Then he got desperate
and bit the hand that feeds.

So I paid off Bae.

And you killed Bae after
he finished the job.

How did you know
Kang was after you?

How can I not? All my lackeys
were getting killed by a dog.

Then I remembered Jin-joo.

She talked proudly of her dad,

a police dog trainer.

Thank you so much
for saving my life.

I missed.


You got your wish.

I'm going to the countryside.

I'll come by on the weekends
to see you guys.

Captain Jo.
Don't go overboard over there.

It's not going overboard.
It's called being spontaneous.

Let's play a game of Go
next time.


Where's Jung-ah going?

I found a nursing home
near my house.

She's staying there for now.

That's good.

Isn't it boring
working in patrol again?

It sure is.

Can I get a transfer
to your team?

Even if you did,
we can't work together.

Captains don't have partners.

That's why I asked.

When Jung-ah gets better,
I'll visit.

See you.

Lay off the motorcycle a bit.

Yes sir.

I think about Jil-poong's eyes.

I will never forget.

The night I ran with a urolf.

A YOO Ha Film

The animals used in this film
were filmed under strict supervision