Howlers (2017) - full transcript

A mysterious monster hunter from the old west returns from the grave to stop a blood thirsty werewolf motorcycle gang from terrorizing a small town.

- A long time ago,
there were legends in the west.

Law men and outlaws alike.

Some legends, some stories,
were better left untold.

But sometimes, the past has
a way of finding the light.

- Señor.

They're coming.

Willie Price, a
very dangerous man.

You're gonna get
yourself killed.

- Whatever happens,
don't come outside.

- Hello Colt.

- I see you got my invitation.

- Oh I got it all right.

You know it's a shame what
you did there to Tommy.

He was one of my brightest.

- You got my condolences.

- So now what?

- I'm tired of huntin' vermin.

It's time to end this,

right here, right now.

- You hear that boys?

The slayer here is
tired of huntin' vermin.

Now those are some
pretty harsh words.

I hope you can back 'em up.

- Only one way to find out.

- That's enough.

Colt I warned you not to
bring this fight here boy.

- Sheriff.

With all respect, you better
stay the hell out of this one.

- I don't think so, son.

This is still my town.

William Price, you
are under arrest

for murder and robbery.

And you will stand before the
judge come Monday morning.

- I never argue with
a man of the law.

Well, I guess we
better surrender, boys.

- Sheriff, you need to
get your ass inside now.

- You brought this
upon yourself.

- What?

Get on at 'em boys.

- Willie!

- Are you scared, slick?

'Cause you should be!

Remember this?

You should, because
it's gonna send you back

where you belong.


I did everything you asked.

It's finished!

Now end this.

- Uh, good mornin' sunshine.

- Morning.

Some storm we had
last night, huh?

- Yeah, it sure was.

Forget we had dinner
plans here last night?

- Sorry.

It turned out to be a late
night at the hospital,

you know, with
the storm and all.

- Mhm.

Your shift ended what,
a couple hours ago?

- Yeah, well I had
some shopping to do.

You know, our daughter's
coming in this weekend,

in case you forgot.

- No, I didn't forget.

I'm just sayin', two
hours seems like a long

time to do your shoppin'.

- You really wanna
do this right now?

- I'm making an observation.
- No you're not.

You're accusing me of something.

- Karen, I'm not
accusing you of anything.

I'm saying your shift
ended at five am

and it's 7:30.

- Well he's a cop, chief.
- Oh come on, come on.

- I'm going to bed.

I don't want Emily
to know that we're

having problems, so, can
we just pretend to get

along while she's here, please?

- Sure.

- Thanks.

- Hardy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.

Meg, Meg say that again.

I'll be right there.

- Please.

Help me.

- Mornin' Terry.

- Sheriff.

Got ourselves a weird one here.

- Mornin' Ethan.

Glad you could finally join us.

Hey, when did you start
wearing the badge on

the wrong side of your shirt?

- The day I started to
resent this miserable job.

- I'm sure we could
rectify that for ya.

- Keep trying, Dwayne.

Got your head so far
up the mayor's ass,

I'm gonna fill out a missing
persons report on you.

- That's good, I like it.

- Can we clear all these
people out of here, please?

- Yeah folks, come on, let's go.

- Go on home.

- Thank you, appreciate it.

Appreciate it.

Well, Sandra Baker called it in.

Apparently she was watching
the kids while the Neelon's

were out of town on business.

She says the snuck out
early this morning,

saw the coffins and
unfortunately, found the body.

Ethan, there's
something else though--

- Yeah, put a pin in it.

I don't want these
kids seeing this.

- Sure.

- Mornin', doc.

- Mornin' to you, too, Ethan.

They say our jobs are
boring here in Temple Wells.

You better brace yourself.

- Good God All Mighty.

Who is that?

Is that Burt Thompson?

- The one and only.

- Jesus.

- Heartbreaking isn't it?

He's been fishing
out here for years.

- What would cause all that?

- It depends on the
answer you're looking for.

- How is that?

- Well it's a viscous
attack, sheriff.

- An animal?

- On any other given
day I would say yes.

- What does that mean?

- Well if it were an animal,
it'd have to be smart one,

with a knowledge of human
anatomy because every

major organ was severed.

Very concisely.

- Cover him up.

I wanna keep this quiet.

- My thoughts exactly.

- Thank you doc.


- I must've dozed off, Ethan.

I mean, I didn't even know
that they were even gone

until Terry called.

I mean between
working at the dinner,

watching the kids,
I'm really sorry.

- It's not your fault,
don't worry about it.

Can I talk to that
little one there?

- It's okay darling,
he's the sheriff.

- Come down here sweetheart,
let me ask you a question.

Can you uh, can you
remember what you saw?

- They were monsters.

- Monsters?

- They weren't monsters.

- No that's okay, that's okay.


Well what kind of
monsters were they?

Can you tell me?

- They had big teeth
and long, sharp claws.

- They were werewolves, retard.

- Okay.


I think we got
about all we need.

You get 'em home, I'll
contact the parents

to come home early.

If there's anything
else, we'll call ya.

- I appreciate it sheriff.

- Sure.

Thank you dear.

- All right Sandra.

Thanks kids.
- Come on kids.

I don't know, but,

I'd say these coffins
have to be at least

over a hundred years old.

- Yeah.

- Something to do with the storm
we had last night, huh?

- Maybe the storm's what
brought 'em to the surface?

- Possibility.

- I don't know about you
Ethan, but, I'd feel a whole

lot better if there were
some bones in these coffins.

- Yeah, and if it didn't
look like somethin' clawed

its way out of 'em.

Get on the horn and
have some good old boys

come down and haul
these out of the water,

get 'em down to the station.
- Absolutely.

♪ A relationship with
you is just like ♪

♪ Runnin' a marathon
in quicksand ♪

♪ The harder I try the
faster my heart folds ♪

- Wild Joe.

Check this out.

- What's
with this sideshow?

- I don't know, let's
say we find out.

Hey, what's your trip, bro?

- Trip?


- Oh, look.

We got us a comedian in
our midst.

- My, my, my.

From the heavens above.

Now what do we have here?

- Hey.

You wanna tell your boy to
get his paws off my Caroline?

- Caroline.

Is that what you call it?

You know, I knew
a Caroline once.

She was a wild one.

- You know what?

You're startin' to
piss me off, bro.

- My apologies.

I am, um, I'm new to your world.

- Well I have a suggestion:
why don't you take

your little band of
sissies and take a hike?

This is Black Cross territory.

- Did he just call us sissies?

- I think he did.

- Heck are you doin', man?

- He killed him!

He killed the Judge!

- It's nothing personal, bro!

- Lucy!
- Hi.

- It's so good to see you.

- I thought you weren't
coming 'til Friday.

- Lucy, it is Friday.

- Right.

Oh, god, I'm sorry, I've
just been really off.

How are you doing?

How's school?

- It's good.

A girl can only take
so many frat parties

and jello shots.

- I can imagine.

Oh, it's really good to see you.

I missed you.
- I missed you, too.

You know what,
speaking of shots,

I could really use
one before I face

my pill popping mother.

- Oh um, you know what?

Let's actually, I was
gonna go to The Nest.

Let's just meet there
in a few minutes.

- But shots are free here.

Why don't we--

- Um.

I just wanna get out
of the house, you know?

- Wait, since when
can I not come in?

And you seem nervous?

Like why do you keep
looking over your shoulder?

- No I'm not nervous,
I'm not nervous.

- You have a guy in
there, don't you?

- It's not like that.
- You slut.

Why didn't you just say so?
- Shut up.

- Okay.


You just go back to doing
whatever it is you were doing,

or whoever you were doing.
- There is no--

- And I will go say hello
to my soul crushing parents.

- Hey, don't say anything.

- Where am I?

Where are my clothes?

- It's okay, I have
your things right here.

What I could salvage, anyway.

- My necklace.

- It's right here.

Are you all right?

- The year is...

- They belonged to my husband.

They should fit.

- Good.

I'm gonna need steel, and iron.

Oh, these'll do.

- What do you
think you're doin'?

- You got silver bullets?

- Yeah, actually, I do.

Why, are you huntin' werewolves?

- How far to Canyon Creek?

- Canyon Creek?

Canyon Creek doesn't
exist anymore.

It's Temple Wells now.

- How far?

- 15 minutes.

- Good.

I'll need a horse.

There used to be
stories about the future

having machines just like this.

These horseless carriages.

What do you call it?

- Most people would just
call this a piece of junk.

Have you really never
driven a truck before?

- I've never seen
a truck before.

It must seem strange to you.

- Oh no, nothin'
about you is strange.

So where exactly
am I taking you?

- Take me to a saloon.

A saloon?

Like a bar?

Why do you wanna go there?

- Well how else do
you get information?

- I don't know, the internet?

- Inter-what?

- All right.

Listen dude, you and I are
gonna make a deal right now.

I'm gonna take you to
the saloon so you can

get your information
and then this is done.

And we're just gonna
go our separate ways.


- You have my word.

- All right then.

Now I'm gonna start this engine

and it's gonna be loud,
so, try not to shoot me.

So did you like escape
from some kind of

government research
facility or somethin'?

- What?


I come from a place,
well, far away from here.

- Okay.

Well you got a name?

- James Franklin Colt, Jr.

- Well, James Franklin Colt,
Jr., you don't seem like

much of a criminal to me.

Did you escape from a hospital?

Do you have issues?

- How are we able
to move this fast?

- Well, the pedal on
the left makes us stop,

and the pedal on the
right makes us go.

Consider that your
first driving lesson.

- Looks easy enough.

Don't worry, I'm no hard case.

I mean you no harm.

- Well that's good to know.

You know, Temple Wells
isn't much to see anymore.

Used to be a mining
town back in the 1800s.

- I know.

- Woo hoo hoo!


Thing kicks like an ex-wife.

- Always a pleasure, Mr. Mayor.

- Yeah it is.

- Mornin', Bob.

- I'll see my way out.

- Yeah you do that.

- And you know that'll
illegal as hell,

don't you, Mr. Mayor?

- Well I figure
it's a little illegal.

Everything is, though, isn't it?


You look like a man that's
got somethin' on his mind.

So why don't you say what
you came out here to say?

Son of a bitch.

- No see, you're pullin' it.

You gotta squeeze it.

- Eh.

I think it's just the gun.

- I did come out here
to tell you somethin'.

Somethin' serious.

- Well I figure serious
best be rinsed down

with a cocktail, don't you?

Let's move inside.


I'm not under arrest am I?

- Uh no.

- Well.

Then I'm all ears.

What do you got?

- Well you know Burt Thompson.

Well Burt's dead.

- Oh shit.

- You think that's funny?

- Jesus Christ, Ethan,
look at your face.

You'd think the Marines
had landed or some shit.

He's the town drunk.

I'm surprised he
lasted that long,

been chuggin' turpentine
his whole damn life.

- He was murdered, Bob.

I mean, I think
that's odd, don't you?

That'd be the first homicide
in this little town in,

well ever, as far as I can tell.

- So how'd that happen now?

- I don't know.

Body was pretty torn up.

- How do you even know
it's a homicide then?

- A hunch.

- A hunch?
- Yeah.

- You're crazy.

You gonna hang
your hat on a hunch?

- You'd be surprised.

Cops do it all the time.

You forget about that?

- I don't forget about anything.

- Look I just stopped
by here to tell you

Burt Thompson's dead.

Figured you oughta know,
you being the mayor and all.

- What happened to us, huh?

We used to be
partners, you know.

The two of us, we've
seen more shit than

any two humans are supposed
to see in a goddamn life time.

We used to trust each
other with our lives.

- Yes, sir, we did.

That went right out
the window the day

you started sleepin'
with my wife.

- What the fuck
did you just say?

- You heard me.

You've been carrying
a torch for Karen

since the day you met her.

You know it and I know it.

- Now see Ethan, shit like that.

That's how I know you
lost your goddamn mind.

- She started working
nights all of a sudden,

comin' in early in the morning,
can't look me in the eye.

I don't need to be a cop
to see what's going on.

- Ethan, Ethan, Ethan--

- I'd appreciate it if you
started calling me sheriff.

- Yeah.

- I thank you for the drink.

- Do you mind?

- Sure.

Why the hell not?

- I never got your name.

- It's Lucy.

- Well Lucy, I'm in your debt.

- Wait.


You can't go anywhere
without money.

- I'll see you around.

♪ I'll sail away in
the sun, in the sun ♪

♪ I won't be back,
I won't be back ♪

♪ When the morning comes ♪

♪ Well I don't
wanna make you cry ♪

- What can I get you sweetie?

- Whiskey.

- Particular brand?

- Uh, any kind will do.

- Okay.

On the rocks?


- Uh.


Why not?

How many bits will this cost me?

♪ Too bad it had
to end like this ♪

♪ After something wrong ♪

- You must be new in town.

- Not exactly.

I used to live here
a long time ago.

I'm lookin' for a friend.

- Oh yeah?

Well I know almost everybody.

Who you lookin' for?

- His name's William Price.

- Yeah.

The famous outlaw.

- Famous, you say?

- William Price.

Yeah, he's practically
legendary around these parts.

Murderous outlaw, died
right in the middle of town.

During the Civil War, they say.

- How did he die, exactly?

- Anybody's guess.

- You noticed anything
strange going on in town?

Anything out of the ordinary?

- Man, you're either crazy,

or a cop,

or a reporter.

In which case the
best thing you can do

is finish your drink, and
go talk to the sheriff.

Ask for Ethan Hardy.

♪ When the morning comes ♪

- Or you can just
talk to me now.

Keep your hands where
I can see 'em son.

You're under arrest.

Armed robbery and
assault, put 'em up.

Back up here real slow.

I really wish you

hadn't done this.

- You picked the
wrong bar buddy.

- You don't wanna do this.

- Oh yeah I do.

- Hey!

- Easy now, brother.

- Colt!

- Those were some fancy
moves back there son.

Where'd you learn to do that?

- A Chinese warlord
from the Ming Dynasty.

- That's funny.

I'll tell you what isn't funny.

We had a murder in
my town last night.

You know what I think?

I think you had
sometin' to do with it.

- You're wastin'
your time, sheriff.

- Dispatch for Hardy.

- Go for Hardy.

- We got a 10-67
down on Old Fort Road.

Requesting immediate
assistance, please respond.

- What's going on Meg?

- You know how we've
been having some trouble

with that biker
gang, Black Cross?

- Yeah.

- I don't think
they're gonna be

much trouble anymore.

- Problem?

- Jesus.



- Hey.
- Jesus!


Do not sneak up on me like that.

- Eh, I never seen
nothin' like this, Ethan.

Poor Joe saw the whole thing.

- Joe?


You all right?

Tell me what happened here.

Start from the beginnin'.

- Well I was just comin' from--

- Not you.


- Sheriff.

Me and the boys, we was
just going out for a ride.

We thought we'd stop for
just a few brain grenades.

Next thing we know,
six men, they just,

they just came up on
us, from nowhere.

Took our clothes,
our guns, our women.

This one dude, he just,
he just punched his hand

right through Judge and
ripped out his heart.

After that, he was all
interested in our bikes.

Wanted to learn how to
ride, insisted on it.

They were just screwing
around with us.

I don't remember
anything after that.

I just remember waking up,

just seeing everybody dead.

- All right.

All right.

We're gonna get you some help.

- Did they say where
they were headin'?

Drop the gun sheriff.

- Not likely.

- Don't make me ask again.

Which way did they go?

- They were lookin'
for a hide out.

I told them about the
old machine factory.

- You know where that is?

Well let's go.

- Oh no, no, no, you're
not goin' anywhere.

- I hate to do this
to you, sheriff.

But you got a whole lot of
trouble coming your way.

- Now see, what do
you mean by that?

You know what's going on here?

You a part of this?

- You seem like a good
man, and a good man will

get that gentleman to a doc.

- Go on
Lucy, it's all right.

- Don't worry.

I'll see you soon.

- Oh you're damn right you will.

Meg, I need all my
deputies down here.

I needed 'em 15 minutes ago.

- Copy that sheriff.

- Walter, go get your gun.

- You bet.

- We are goin' huntin'.

- What is it?

- I'm not goin' any
further with you

until I get some answers.

- Now is not the time.

- Come clean or I walk.

- Lucy.

These men are not
like other men.

It's very important
that I reach them

before nightfall or more
people will get killed.

- You're so full of shit.

- I can't explain
everything right now.

But I need you to believe
me when I tell you

that I don't get to that factory
before your sheriff does,

he will die.


- All right.

Come on.

It's just up the way.

- All right, here's
the schematics.

- Is that upside-down Ethan?

- Shut up Walter.

Now as far as I can tell,
there are five entrances

into this place.

Sacks, Robertson,
you take the eastern

and western entrance.

Dwayne, you and
Martin take the rear.

Walter, you and I are
gonna go in the front door,

that's right.

According to Joe, there
are six men heavily armed.

You encounter one of these
fugitives, you do not engage.

You call for help, are we clear?

- Yes, sir.

- Saddle up.

- Those are?

- Oh, motorcycles.

Hogs, choppers.

They're like--
- Steel horses.

- Now you're catchin' on.

- You'd better get
back to town now.

- What?


- I told you.

These are dangerous men.

- Colt, I--

- This is no place for a woman.

Now go home.

- Did you really just say that?

- Well say what?

- You really are like some
kind of an old fossil,

aren't you?

You know what, fine, whatever.

Do it yourself, I'm gone.

No place for a woman?


- Damn that woman's
a firecracker.

- Hey Ethan.
- What?

- You, you aint gonna
like, let me killed

or nothin', are ya?

- Walter, you are startin' to
make me regret deputizing you.

Look, just keep your gun up.

Keep your ass clenched.

Do not shoot the wrong person.

- Okay.

- What?

- You hear anything?

- I hear you talkin', shut up.

Sacks is down, repeat,

Sacks is down!

- Come on, go, go, go, go.

- Calm down, hold.

Yeah, hold on,
are you all right?

What's going on?
- They're chasing us.

- Okay, all right.

- Dammit.

Got something.


Over there, over there.

- What is it?

- Well hell, I don't know.

- I'm sure he's fine,
let's keep movin'.

- You've gotta be kidding me.

- What, you got an
issue with that, rookie?

- Hold your horses Chuck Norris.

We gotta go find the sheriff.

- Hold on, hold on.

Do you hear that?

- No I didn't hear anyt--

Okay, I heard that.

What the?

- Oh my...

- This is Hardy, I
hear gunfire, over.

Yeah, we got him.

And man, you are not
gonna believe this shit.

- All right, Mr. Colt.

I need you to shed some
light on what the hell is

going on in my town.

You can start with these.

They all washed up this mornin'.

- Built these with
my bare hands.

- Son, the structure
of these coffins date

back to the mid-1800s.

- The year was 1861.

Civil War just broke.

I joined the Union
Army, 21st infantry,

under the command of my father,

Colonel James Franklin Colt, Sr.

All I ever wanted to
do was make him proud.

- All boys wanna be
like their father.

But this is war, Colt.

- I won't be away forever.

- What if I never see you again?

- Well you can't
think like that.


I got somethin' for ya.

To help pass the time.

- Wha, what?


- Lydia, I want
you to be my wife.

- What?

- Right now.

Come on.

It was during the
Battle of Bull Run.

That's when they came.

- That's when who came?

- The lycanthrope.

The howlers.

Well they looked human at
first, disguised as soldiers.

The leader of the pack
was a man by the name

of William Price.

They were able to
transform into these

beastly creatures.

Werewolves, as some
would call them.

They took my father's life,
along with most of our garrison.

I was able to escape,
and return home.

It'd been two years
since I'd seen my wife.

One night I went to
town for supplies.

Someone from Price's
gang must've spotted me

'cause when I returned
home, he and his men

were waitin' for me.

I'm sure you all can imagine
how it escalated from there.

- Hello?

Who's out there?

- Lydia?

- Colt.

- No, no, no, no.

- To pass the time.

- No.

No, no, no.

I held my Lydia in my arms,
and then began a storm.

It was unlike any storm
I'd ever seen before.

Lightening was almost blinding.

- We had one hell of
a storm last night.

- Well damn doc.

Let the man finish his story.

- After the sky cleared,
a hooded man came to me

from out of nowhere.

He called himself the Keeper.

Told me that he came
from another dimension,

a place known as the Afterworld.

That he lived many
lifetimes dating back

to the Ming Dynasty.

That he was a warrior
who had slain both man

and beast alike.

I know this all
sounds crazy, but...

The Keeper taught me
all I needed to know

about the Howlers.

Where they lived, what
they ate, and most of all,

how to kill 'em.

The Keeper chose me
to be his hunter.

- Why do you
think he chose you?

- Because I was driven by rage

that no man was
ever meant to have.

I slaughtered over
a hundred howlers.

It became my obsession.

I finally caught up
to Price and his gang

a couple years after.

Right here, in this very town.

I put an end to the reign of
the demon wolf that night,

or at least I thought I had.

Buried them inside these
coffins along with the scepter.

- The scepter?

- The scepter was given
to me by the Keeper.

It's a weapon, with
mystical powers.

It's even known for
resurrecting the dead.

Somehow it brought
us all back here.

Maybe by some sort of global
shifting in the earth.

That could explain
your big storm.

All I know is, I need
to find this object

because it is the only
weapon that will stop

the last breathing howlers.

Still don't believe me.

- Yeah well if you're
asking if I believe

you're a 150 year old
gunslinger and werewolf hunter,

no, I don't.

Where were you all the time
you were supposed to be dead?

Were you in heaven?


Do I look like an idiot to you?

I'll tell you what I do
think, I think these are

a bunch of outlaw cop
killers on the run.

I think you're playin' us.

That's what I think.

Lock him up.

I got bodies pilin' up on ice.

I don't have time
for this voodoo crap.

- But sheriff, we saw them.
- Ethan, just listen--

- Lock him up and
take his weapons.

- That's a very
bad idea, sheriff.

It's a full moon tonight.

Howlers will feast.

- Well, hell, I guess
us ignorant folks

at Temple Wells just
have to lock our doors,

aint that right?

Get him out of here.

- Yes, sir.

- Walter?

You take Lucy home.

I've heard enough of this
nonsense for one night.

- Where you goin', Ethan?

- Well I'm gonna
put out an APB, doc.

On werewolves, apparently.

- He's havin', uh,
woman troubles.

- Come on, you wanna
get some coffee goin'?

Looks like we're gonna
be in for one heck

of a long night.

Right this way.

Yeah, it used to
be a bank vault.

Hey uh, listen.

My partner and I really
appreciate what you

did for us back there and, well,
I just wanna let you know

if there's anything we can
do while you're in here,

then just let me know, okay?

- Deputy?

- No, Lucy cannot be here.

The sheriff told you
to take her home, Walt.

- Well I tried, but, well
she just wouldn't have it.

- I've spent enough nights
alone out in the middle

of nowhere, and I
don't intend to do it

with monsters runnin' around.

- For crying out loud, Walt.

- Ethan?

- Hi, dad.

- Hey sweetheart, I'm sorry.

It's wonderful to have you home.

- You look stressed.

- I'm sure I do, it's
been a hell of a day.

- What's going on?

- A little trouble downtown.

Sacks and Robertson are dead.

- Oh my god, Ethan,
what happened?

- We're after some fugitives,

and I found Burt Thompson dead
by the river this morning.

- And you're just
now telling me this?

Why didn't you call me?

- Sweetheart, why don't you
go upstairs and freshen up?

I'll take you out for a beer.

Go on.

- Dad.

Are you like in
shock or something?

You never let me drink
alcohol in front of you.

- Yeah well a lot of
things are gonna change

in this family.

A lot of things already
have, isn't that right, babe?

- What are you talkin' about?

- I'm gonna take a shower.

- No, I'm not gonna do that.

Look Lucy, let me make myself
crystal clear with you.

I saw whatever that
thing was at the mill

return to human form
after it went down.

Now, until the committee
decides on what

we're gonna do about
this situation,

I'm gonna do as I'm told.

- The situation?

Would you get your
head out of your ass?

Nine people are dead, two
of them are your friends.

- That's enough!

Both of ya.

You're acting like children.

- All right guys, I
think it's time for us

to get out of here.

- Yeah, that's a great idea.

And Walter, I think you
should go home as well.

- Well if it's all the
same, I just as soon

stay here for a while.

- Walter, not you too.

All right then.

All right look, I
gotta go take a leak.

Keep on eye on him, all right?
- Okay.

- You're startin' to
believe that what I'm

telling you is true,
aren't you Walter?

- Maybe.

Let's uh, let's say
there are werewolves.

You know how to stop 'em right?

- For now.

- Well what's that
supposed to mean, son?

- It's a new time.

They'll evolve,
they'll multiply,

they'll cast their
curse upon others.

It's gonna be harder
and harder to stop 'em

until one day, sooner
rather than later,

the world'll be
covered in darkness.

- You're just joshin' me.

Aren't ya?

- Get me out of here!

- God.

- Your God cannot save you now.

Look at what he did to me.

- Dammit.

- Hey, wolf man!

- You bitch.

- Lucy.

Get the key.


- Are you okay?

Are you okay?

- Why is he out of his cell?


Terry, are you all right?

- I'm fine.

It's just a scratch.

He didn't bite me.

- You sure about that?

- I'm sure.

- I think it's safe
to say desperate times

call for desperate measures.

We've been friends a
long time and you're the

sheriff of this town,
so whatever you decide,

I will support you.
- All right, doc.

How do we stop these things?

- To stop 'em, you
need to understand 'em.

- All right, make me understand.

- Ancient legends say
the werewolf will only

prowl at night
under a full moon.

Is that true?

- Are you done?

- What?

I grew up on monster movies.

- Go ahead.

- A full moon gives
'em miraculous powers.

But a howler can attack at
any time during the day.

Price knows I'm here.

He's gonna come for me.

We need weapons, and
a place to dig in.

Somewhere where we
can see what's comin'.

- I know a place.

- You mean that house
you just remodeled?

Oh yeah, Karen's gonna be
completely okay with that.

- No, no, I'm not
talking about my house.

I'm talking about the mayor's.

Anything else?

- Yes.

I need to learn how
to ride a truck.

- Drive a truck.

You wanna learn
to drive a truck.

- Oh god, help us.

- Ethan?

- What?

- What are you doing?

- Get Emily, get
dressed, we're leavin'.

- She's asleep.

- Well wake her up, Karen.

- Ethan, just tell
me what's going on.

- Dammit!

How long, Karen?

It's killing me inside.

Of all the people you
could've picked, Bob Barlow?

You know what that son
of bitch did to me?

- A year, almost.

- Jesus.

- You and I, we were
fighting a lot and

we were both just
working all the time.

And Emily, she was, she
was off just fighting

her own life and...

Ethan, I never meant--
- No.

You don't get to say that.

I don't know why
people say that,

"I never meant to hurt you."

You've been banging
the mayor of the town

like a screen door.

How do you think that's
gonna make me feel?

- Is that true?

- You weren't supposed
to hear that, baby.

- Mom.

So that explains a thing or two.

- I'm sorry Em. I really
messed things up.

- Yeah, you sure did.

- Now this, is a
good lookin' truck.

- This is a car.

It belonged to Deputy Grant
and if you can drive this,

you can drive just
about anything.

Let's give it a try.

Brakes, hit the brakes!

This is gonna take some work.

This is a classic, so you
gotta treat it real gentle.

♪ With all I get ♪

♪ 100,000 miles and she
aint seen nothin' yet ♪

♪ I drove 100,000 mile and
she aint seen nothin' yet ♪

Not bad, tiger.

Not bad at all.

- Hey sheriff, what's
this curfew all about?

- Well, you hear what
happened to Burt Thompson?

- Yeah.

- That's what the
curfew's about.

- Well this is it.

This is all we have.

- We'll make it work.

- Excuse me.


Honey, are you all right?

- Let me get you somethin'.

- No, I'm okay.

It must just be a
stomach bug or something.


Come on, let's get going.

We've gotta get to the sheriff.

- What?

What is it?

- Nothin'.

Let's go.

I'll drive.

- Ethan, why don't
I just leave town?

I can take Emily and--
- Emily's with Lucy.

She's fine.

I wanna get this over with.

Wait a minute, just wait.

I need you to help
me understand.

I get kicked off the force
in Dallas, you say if

we move here, that it'll
be a blessing in disguise.

Remember that?

You say you want a simple life.

- I did.

- You told me you wanted
to grow old together.

- I did.

- Okay well then,
I don't understand.

- I don't know.

You were never around,
Ethan, you were married

to your job then
and I was lonely and

we moved here,
nothing got better.

We're never gonna get
past this, are we?

You're never gonna forgive me.

- It's just with me, there's
some lines you don't cross.

- If it's any consolation--
- It's not.

- Mrs. Hardy.

- You can cut the Miss Hardy
crap, I need to see your boss.

- Nobody walks past me.

- Where is he?

I'll find him.

- You should've have moved.

- Is this a bad time, Bob?

- Well, shit.

- Yeah.

- I wish you'd have let
me know you was comin'.

You all right there, Princess?

- Remind me again, Bob,
how many years you get

for illegal gun smuggling?

It's a bunch, isn't it?

- Yeah.

- If I was you boys,
I'd clear out before

I change my mind.

You deaf?

- Why don't you boys take a run?


Ethan, Ethan, Ethan.

Look, I know you've had a
rough go of it as of late,

you know, why don't we,
why don't we just to take

it down a notch, shall we?

- Bob, you are
sleeping with my wife.

Using this town as a port
to sell automatic weapons

and you're asking me to
take 'er down a notch, huh?

You know the funny thing
is, I've always known.

Always known all
about it, everything.

I guess I just
didn't wanna face it.

I still don't, really.

- Sugar, hand me a glass.

You know, I mean, you bust
in here, no search warrant.

I mean this whole
infidelity crap.

I mean you really think that's
appropriate to talk about

in front of your wife?
- Go to hell, Bob.

- Now you see that?

You see that kind of
passion right there?

Let me tell you about
that passion here.

Because that anger,
and that passion,

that's never directed a
man that's slept with her.

Now that kind of anger,
that's only ever directed

at man that's fucked her.

Maybe that's your problem.

Maybe you never
fucked your wife.

'Cause you don't have
any balls, do ya?

You never had any.

But you know what?

Let's put all that aside,

and why don't you tell me
why the hell you're here.

- Yeah, all right

Here's the deal.

As much as I'd love
to bust your ass

and put you behind bars,

I can't believe I'm gonna
say this but I think

the best thing for
both of us right now is

to combine forces.

- You wanna run
that by me again?

You uh,

you want in?

- No, no, nothin' like that.

I'm saying it's your lucky day.

I'm gonna turn a blind eye
to all this illegal activity

in your house.

We got bigger problems.

Much bigger problems.

- Is that right?

Why don't you give me a
pinch in there, sugar?

All right, you know what?

Ethan, I'll bite.

What kind of
problems do we have?

- Well the last 24 hours,
a good portion of our town

has been killed by
a pack of predators.

When I say predators,
I mean werewolves.

- Werewolves huh?
- Yeah.

Yep, that's right.


Best I understand it, they've
been extinct for 150 years

but they've returned.

Decided to feast
on our little town.

- Oh shit.

What is this?

Be honest.

- I need your help, Bob.

The town needs your help.

These creatures
are out for blood.

This little sanctuary
you've got here,

might be the only way we
all live through the night.

And that's it.

That's what I'm askin'.

- I see, this is good.

This is good right here.

'Cause I'm glad we've
arrived at this point.

'Cause after all these
years, Jesus Christ,

you've finally lost
it, haven't you?

You see I thought you
were gonna come here,

and we're gonna settle
this like gentlemen.

But apparently I was wrong.

Now sugar, I don't know
what kinda game your trigger

happy husband's here to play,

but I assure you that
shit ends right now.


Why don't you do
your job for a change

and see the Hardys
to the front door.

- Unless you want
my foot up your ass,

you best steer clear of me.

People are dead, Bob.


I lost three of my
deputies, and Walter.

Walter was my friend.

I'm not jokin'.

- You need to
listen to him, Bob.

He's tellin' the truth.

- See I like the tone change.

I like the tone change a lot.

I think I'll entertain your
little delusions for a bit.

But if I find you got ulteriors,

it's not gonna end well for
either one of ya, I assure ya.

Are we clear?

- Yeah.

Okay, Bob.

Fair enough.

- Fuckin' werewolves.

It has come to my
attention that a series

of murders has taken place
here in Temple Wells.

That good sheriff has informed
me that the culprits are

in fact some sort of
werewolf type creature.

I'm not sure I believe
that crap, but,

the town curfew stays
in effect nonetheless.

- All the weapons we have are
loaded or laced with silver,

the one and only way
to kill a howler.

One in the heart,
or one in the head

usually does the trick.

Regular ammunition
will slow 'em down,

but it'll mostly just
make 'em mad as a hornet.

Any questions?

- A few.

Firstly, who the hell
are ya, and what are you

doing interrupting me?

- The name's Colt.

- Now see Colt, I'm
the mayor of this town,

you're a guest.

So why don't you let
me finish talkin' huh?

- Apologies, Mr. Mayor.

It's just we aint got much time.

- Now what the hell
makes you an expert

on this situation anyway?

- I've hunted these beasts, sir.

I know how to defeat 'em.

- You a drifter, aint ya?

I've seen your kind before.

- I'm no drifter, and
I can assure you you've

never seen my kind before.

- What do you got sugar?

- Uh, Mr. Mayor.

Not that we don't believe
that werewolves are

coming to get us,
but the thing is...

- Our boss would be really
pissed off if we're late again.

We work at the Pussy Palace.

- Really, Bob?

- I'll take 'em.

- No, no, no.


I don't think
that's a good idea.

- We don't need to put
anyone else in danger.

- You come right back, you hear?

- All right ladies, let's go.

- Ethan.

I think it's time you and I
had a little conversation.

- Sure, sure, let's talk Bob.

Let's start by
talkin' about Dallas.

- Jesus Christ, Ethan.

When are you gonna
drop that shit?

- I aint gonna drop that shit.

You set me up.

The drugs, the guns,
they were yours.

I took the fall.
- What happened is--

- You let me.
- I got you out of that crap.

- You got me out of it?

You told people I
lost my fuckin' mind.

- It worked.
- For you.

For you, it worked.

- Is that what this
is about, Ethan?

Is it about revenge?

Big old scary monsters
roaming around Temple Wells?

- What's the matter?

You starting to get
a little paranoid?

Are you worried I might
be tellin' the truth?

- I could kick out each and
every one of ya right now

and I could strip your
ass of that badge.

- Yeah, yeah you could.

And I'd burn this
whole little dynasty

you got to the ground.

Try me.

- Well.

I honestly never thought
I'd see the day when

you'd threaten me, Ethan.

- What's the matter, brother?

You feelin' betrayed?

It stings like a
bitch, don't it?

That's the damnedest
thing about betrayal, Bob.

Never comes from your enemies.

What the?

- Coffee?

- Wow.

This is the best
damn coffee I've had

in over a hundred years.

- Well, I wish I could
take the credit, but,

we do have machines
that make it for us now.

- Of course you do.

Seems like those
stars are the only things

that haven't changed
in all this time.

- Yeah.

- I have a question I've
been meaning to ask ya.

- Shoot.

I mean well not

- I know what you mean.

What I wanted to ask you was,

these clothes, you said they
belonged to your husband.

- He was a Marine.

A soldier, he was
killed in a war.

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean--
- It's okay.

I'm just still coming
to terms with it.

His name was Ray.

He was very sweet, and, uh,

very easy on the eyes.

We had a lot of fun together.

I miss that.

I just, I guess I just
couldn't bring myself to leave

Temple Wells after
he was gone, so.

I guess my life really
isn't that special.

- I respectfully disagree.

- Ray loved that gun.

- Well you can have
it back, I just--

- No, it's okay.

I want you to have it.

It belonged to a warrior,
and now it belongs

to another one.

When I found you, there
was something about you

that reminded me of
him a little and,

I just knew that
I had to help you.

- What the hell am I lookin' at?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You were gone for over an
hour, where have you been?

- Oh.

- What happened?

You were gonna take them back.

- Something happened.

- What?

- This.

- Oh, shit.

- Bob!

Shoot her!

- Yeah!

You bitch.

- Shoot her Bob.

- I'm sorry Ethan.

You wanted it this way buddy.



- Well hello there.

- Ethan.
- Dad?

- Good God.

Dear Lord in heaven, Ethan.

- Doc.

- Okay, um, Emily, I need
you to go get some towels,

some boiling water, and a knife.

And check the bathroom
for antiseptic.

Go, go, go.

Shh, shh.
- No, I'm all right.

- Ethan, be still.

- I'll be all right.

- No he won't.

- We can handle this son.

- He's got the blood of
a wolf inside him now.

Just a matter of
time before he turns.

- No, I don't believe that.

- It could take
minutes, hours, or days.

Without the healing
powers of the scepter,

it's bound to happen.

- Colt.

What is that?

Let's get him downstairs.

- What are you gonna do?

- Don't worry about
me just you guys go.

Go ahead.

- Come on baby.
- Come on.

Come on.

- Emily.

- Dad, don't talk.

Mom, just take him.

- Emily, what are you gonna do?

- Mom, go.

- Come on,
Karen, time's a-wastin'.

- Hey it's me.

I need you to get
the plane ready.

I need to get out of
town, lay low for a bit.

- Do you have any
idea what time it is?

- Yeah I know what
goddamn time it is.

You wake his ass up.

No idea that shit I've
been through tonight.


- You want me to grab
the boys and make a haul?

- No.

Business as usual.

And you tell the runners
to take the back road you--

Hold the line.

Hurry up, you hear me?

Hurry that shit up!

- It's yours, brothers!

Come on out, Colt!

We know you're in there.

You got a lot of innocent
people killed, slick.

Their blood's on your hands.

How's it feel knowin'
you're gonna die tonight?

- I don't know.

The night's still young.

- When death took
you, where did you go?

I mean, what did you see?

The Afterworld's just
no place for a man.

So tell me,

what else is out there
beyond the borders?

- Let's just say that
where you're goin'

and where I'm goin', two
very different places.

So you better pucker
up sweet cakes.

- Oh I'm gonna miss that
quick tongue of yours.

Kill him.

- Wait.

There's a man inside.

He's gonna die
without the scepter.

I'm willing to trade
my life for his.

- What makes you think
I have it with me?

- 'Cause I know you Willie.

You wouldn't let it
out of your sight.

- You're right.

I do have it.

But there's one little problem.

You've got nothin'
left to bargain with.

Now mow him down!

Let's get 'em!

- Doc!

- Damn Lucy.

You scared the holy
hell out of me.

We need to get Ethan
to the hospital.

- Woo.

That is one dirty, sick
little werewolf, isn't he?

- Nice job, Mr. Mayor.

- Hey, you know, don't
thank me too soon.

- What the hell Bob?

- As far as I can
tell, well these things

aint after you and me.

They're after you,
hotshot, aint that right?

What say you and
me take little walk outside?

I hand you over, and
then the good folks

of this town can go night-night.

And me, well, I'll
live to see me another

election cycle, you like that?

- They'll kill you.

- Oh I can take care of
myself, I assure you that.

Why don't you sit down
and watch a man work.

I've been a cop over 15 years.

I've taken down rapists,
thugs, murderers.

Hell you know somethin',
I've even taken down

the odd politician,
you know that?

What is that smell?

- Hey.

Are you all right?

- Yeah.

I'm okay.

- I'm sorry I got you
involved in all this.

- Well we're in this
together now, right?

- Come on.

- Hawkins aint
comin' out, Willie.

Why don't we storm in
there and take 'em all out?

I don't mean no
disrespect, but why are we

playing these games?

- Well Morgan, that's why
I've always been in charge

of this gang instead of you.

- First light's
coming up, Wilie.

What are we gonna do?

- Let's ride!

- Lucy.

It's time for you
to get out now.

- Colt--
- Lucy.


- Be careful.

- You're mine, skinner.

- Come out Willie!

- Do you recognize these?

Of course you do.

Oh, come on now Colt.

Don't tell me you're gonna quit

because of a couple cuts.

I mean, even your wife put
up a bigger fight than that.

Good bye, Colt.

You fool.

You know the scepter's
the only thing

that can kill the last howler.

- You're not the last howler.

- I'm sorry.

I didn't want this for you.

- Chris Ray reporting live
from the small southern town

of Temple Wells where a strong
of grizzly attacks happened.

Bodies from a local
biker gang and several

sheriff's deputies were
found, while one deputy

is still missing.

Sheriff Ethan Hardy, who was
investigating their murders,

passed away earlier
this morning.

His wife and daughter,
Karen and Emily Hardy,

could not be reached
for a comment.

Bob Barlow, the town's mayor,
was found in his mansion,

suffering from minor injuries
and speaking incoherently.

His status is unknown.

The FBI have not made
a statement as of yet

and are asking anyone
with information

to please come forward.

- What are you
lookin' at, freak?

♪ I've been here before ♪

♪ This place looks
like Baltimore ♪

♪ Just shut that door ♪

♪ Let's drive on down the road ♪

♪ I was busted out the hole ♪

♪ And they had to let me go ♪

♪ The policeman did not know ♪

♪ The policeman did not know ♪

♪ That we've been
drinkin' since Chicago ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Wichita, Kansas all
the way to Port Aransas ♪

♪ Man this highway dances,
I need a cigarette ♪

♪ I need a red Corvette ♪

♪ But this van is all I get ♪

♪ 100,000 miles and she
aint seen nothin' yet ♪

♪ 200,000 miles and she
aint seen nothin' yet ♪

♪ 300,000 miles and she
aint seen nothin' yet ♪

♪ I've been chokin'
on salvation ♪

♪ Drivin' across this nation ♪

♪ We've been drinkin'
every morning ♪

♪ I've been sleepin'
every single day ♪

♪ Remember the Alamo,
let's go down to Mexico ♪

♪ Let's see if the Von Erichs
are at their favorite bar ♪

♪ I was busted at the border ♪

♪ My conduct was out of order ♪

♪ There is a gag order so
I can't tell you no more ♪

♪ Yeah there is a gag order
so I can't tell you no more ♪

♪ I've been chokin'
on salvation ♪

♪ Drivin' across this nation ♪

♪ We've been drinkin'
every morning ♪

♪ I've been sleepin'
every single day ♪

♪ Every day ♪