Howard Lovecraft & the Undersea Kingdom (2017) - full transcript

After conquering R'yleh and the Frozen Kingdom young Howard Lovecraft must now travel to the Undersea Kingdom in order to free his captured family, protect three mysterious magical books, and prevent the impending wrath of Cthulhu.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

More wonderful
than the lore of old men

or the lore of books

is the secret lore of
the ocean.

Dreams. Weird dreams.


Tekeli-li, tekeli-li!


- Woah!
- Master Howard,

we do not have much time.

I'm sorry, Master.

- I've failed you.
- Spot,

- what is happening?
- You must listen, Master Howard.

We do not have much time.

- Our work is not yet finished.
- What?

You defeated King Abdul
but he has now found an ally.

- A great and terrible ally.
- But...

Wake up.

Focus, Master.

The book, you must not give it
to anyone, even your father.

- Especially your father.
- Howard.

Keep it safe, Master.

Keep it safe
until I find you again.

It's morning, Howard.

Now, put your book down
and let's get ready for school.

School, yes. That's true.

Now, hurry and get ready.

Yes, Mother.

I'll meet you downstairs.

And don't keep Mother waiting.

I can't wait
to see King Thu Thu Hmong.

He doesn't want us
to call him king.

You know that, Innes.

But, Gotha, he is a king!

Yes, Davik.
He's a powerful and fair king.

- I hope he has something to eat.
- I hope it's crispy.

Really, it looks
so much nicer

no longer covered in ice.

It's so different now!

It's amazing.

It's hard to believe that
Algid was once King Abdul.

Don't say his name.

- Howard beat him up!
- Algid was a girl.

Now, Tw'i, Innes, settle down.
We're here.


If my king allows you,
you will enter one at a time.

One at a time?

No way!

No way!

We're friends of Th...
we're friends of the king.

My king doesn't have friends.

You better not be wrong.

Might be best to ask him.

My king!

Eh, villagers are here
to pay their respects.

I'm not
to be disturbed.

Put your ear to the door.
Tell the people, uh...

Their care is the only tribute
I require.

They must leave,
go home, all of them.

- Right now,
- Huh?

to uh...
demonstrate their commitment

- by going far away.
- Huh?

In fact, everyone
should leave castle.

Go, now,

or suffer my wrath.

Uh, yes, okie dokie.

The king is full
of glad tidings.

No more meat
for offerings, tithes,

or any other
show of devotion today.

Go back to your homes, now.

Right now.

Did you tell him who we are?

Spot! It's Gotha,
Davik, Tw'i, and Innes.


Squid kids!


Are you bigger?

I am. More than just size.

I have become more powerful.

I've gotten taller too.

I didn't actually want
to see anyone today,

but it is great to see you.

I have to go see Howard.

- I wanna go!
- I wanna go!

I cannot take you children.

I'm going
to see him in my astral state.

You cannot come with me.

I am sorry.

Is it safe? You seem...

concerned, Spot.

When I am in my astral state,
there are risks.

But this is an emergency.

- I must do this for Howard.
- What risks?

My consciousness
will be separated from my body,

leaving my body vulnerable
to attack.

I'll be quick though, and it
will be safe in the throne room.

Is it okay if we wait here
until you get back?

Of course!

My castle is your castle.

What has gotten into you?

Other than dark
and unspeakable magics.

What the...?

- Howard!
- Ow!

This book has been nothing
but trouble.

Howard! Are you alright?

- What in the world?
- It's... it's nothing.

I hit my head on the...

Oh, my poor boy!

You have a goose egg on the back
of your delicious head.

It's nothing, really.

Can we leave for school now?

- Please?
- Of course, dear. Of course.

This is strange fog
to be having.

It seems almost...
alien, somehow.

Such imagination!

I... it's just a bit of fog
off the bay.

- Don't you mean the river?
- Of course.

It's impolite
to correct your elders, Howard.

I'm sorry, Mother.

M... Mother, I thought
we were walking to school.

We have a small errand
to run first.

Master Howard.

Hmm, not here.

Meh, well, what is it?

No offense.

Ph'shugg ooboshu uah!

Not on my watch.


This isn't right.

Something's wrong.

This isn't right.

Oh, come on now, Howard.
Don't you wanna see your father?

He very much wants to see you.

No, please!
You're hurting me, Mother.

Give father what he wants

and everything
will be just fine.

You shouldn't have lied to him,
you know.

Lied? I never...



Hello, Howard.

F... father?

No, I'm not
that crazy fool.

Who are you?

I take many forms,

You remember King Abdul?

What about Algid Bunk?

Remember me?

While we are enemies,
this is the form

I prefer to show you.

But, Howard...

we don't have to be enemies.

Howard, let's work together.

I need you to do something.

Something only you can do.

Gothnshyg sheroof ak oo ah!

Master Howard!

Run, Master Howard, go!

You don't have to tell me twice.

Please keep running, Master.

I will summon the portal.

Shitte shtam.

- Why is it always tentacles?
- Oo ah!

- Is that...
- Yes! The portal.

Howard Lovecraft!

Before you go...

I have your family, Howard.

All I want...

is the journal.

Please go now, Master Howard.

- No, wait!
- There's no time.

But Spot, my family!


He will get me
one of the journals.


I cast
a transformation spell on him.

Once the transformation
is complete, he will be my pet,

just like Mother.

You severely underestimated
the boy once before.

He will try and play hero,
I know he will.

Isn't that right, Mother?

If he does not?

Then my spell turns him
into a Deep One,

and he's under my control.

You had best hope so...

little king.

My father will not tolerate
your failure a second time.

[Spot You must try
to relax, Master.

You'll soon be safe.

I'm taking you...

I need to go back. Spot, I...


Where am I?

Who did this?

How did you imprison me?

A simple spell.

By leaving your body, I was able
to trap you in your astral form.

Your pleading passion
for the boy,

made capturing you easy.

I will awaken you,

You will be the Destroyer.

This library is huge!

Hello? Hello!

Is anybody here?


Miskatonic University

does not allow guests in
the Orne Library after hours.

Oh, sorry.

Who are you?

I'm Doctor Henry Armitage.

AM PhD. D. Litt.
Chief Librarian.

- Nice to meet you.
- The pleasure is mine.

Howard. Lovecraft. H.P. K.I.D.?

Do you mind if I ask you,
why are you here

on university grounds?

My friend, Spot.
He sent me here but...

now he's gone.

I'm not sure what to do.

Spot, you say?

His real name is Thu Thu Hmong,
but I call him Spot.

Thu Thu Hmong.
He's a friend of yours?

My boy, you're in luck!

I, too, am an ally
of Thu Thu Hmong.

- Where is he?
- I... I don't know.

He, uh, he teleported me here.

Oh, I know
all about teleportation, Howard.

While Miskatonic University
is known

as one of the most prestigious
universities in the country,

there are significantly fewer
that know its secret

and it's true prestige.

Miskatonic University is also
the leading institute in magic

and the dark arts.

Can you get me back to Spot?

He was trying to help me
rescue my mother and father.

- King Abdul...
- King? Abdul's no King.

Don't give him the dignity
of the title.

Abdul Alhazred needs
your father's journals

to turn Thu Thu Hmong
into Cthulhu.

You mean the Necronomicon?

Those journals
are not the Necronomicon,

not yet, anyway.

The Necronomicon
is the book of the dead.

I was told your father
wrote down all of the spells

and dark secrets
into three journals.

He did and one of the journals
is inside my house.

Thu Thu Hmong told me there are
protective runes on your house.

So Abdul cannot enter.

The journal you stole
from the shoggoth is safe.

But your father made
three journals.

You gave the second journal
back to your father

and it's still in
Butler Sanitarium,

overseen by Dr. West.

However, the whereabouts
of the third

is unknown.

You sure know a lot
about my father's journals.

Chief librarian, my boy.

There isn't a book of spells,
written yesterday, today,

or tomorrow,
that I don't already know about.

Howard, if I can get all three
of your father's journals,

I can bind them to make
the Necronomicon.

Why would you want to make
the Necronomicon?

That book can turn Spot
into Cthulhu,

the Destroyer of Worlds.

The Necronomicon
possesses vast darkness,

but also has the power
to fight it!

With the Necronomicon,

you can stop Abdul
from summoning Cthulhu.

But, if he already
has the journal, all is lost.

You'll also be able to reverse
Abdul's transformation spell.

Transformation spell?

You've got the Innsmouth look,

especially the hands.

My hands?

Nothing's wrong with...
My hands!

I got fish hands!

I'm turning into
a fish.

I'm turning into a fish!

Can you help me? D... Do a spell.

Nah, I don't have anything
powerful enough

to reverse Abdul Alhazred's
dark magic.

So, I'm gonna be a fish?

The future has
infinite possibilities.

The likelihood of your end

coming from having been
turned into a fish...

is very small.

More likely, your death comes
at the hands

of Abdul Alhazred himself.


Can you help me get
the second journal.

Let's just hope
Abdul hasn't already found it.

You're awfully quiet.

The boy
does not possess ability

to travel through cosmos,

nor between dimensions.

I have plans,
for Howard,

I hate that name.

To start, he will get me
one of the journals.

Once I awaken
the Sleeper of R'lyeh,

I will be rewarded
with my return

to the Gate of Dreams.


Nyarlathotep, I'm close.

The Destroyer is almost awake.


The name sounds familiar to you,
Thu Thu Hmong?

Well, it should.


If he fails
to return,

there will be consequences.

And those consequences...

will be dire.

Why would you help King Abdul?

I ask you
in return

why you care for a mortal?

Shall I tell him
why you help me, my Lord?


We will not spoil my enjoyment.

He is still in slumber.

But when he wakes,
he will remember... in time.

- But...
- No.

We can wait.

And the boy
shall return to us...


You ready?

Let's go then.


Is that the shoggoth?

Abdul uses them as his guards.

Hearing them is actually
a good sign.

Dr. Armitage,

you and I have a difference
of opinion on good signs.



Nafl umn gethak ooh ah!


Tekeli-li. Tekeli-li.

Slowly, Howard, be alert.

That's my father!

Stay behind me, Howard.

Fuog shaadni ooh ah!



Get back.

Fm'latgh n'ghft!

you have the Elder's Sign.

Where did you get such a gift?

From... me.

Father, you're okay!

Not for long.

We need to go!

Father, you're hurt!

Mr. Lovecraft,
we must go.

- Agreed Mr...
- Dr. Henry Armitage.

Dr. Henry Armitage, yes, indeed.

Tekeli-li. Tekeli-li.


Come on, speak to me!

- Aw, blast!
- Father, we have to go.

Dr. West keeps my journal
in here.

The shoggoths tortured me
to try to learn of its location.

But I said nothing. Nothing!

Yeah, I can hear you
speak to me.

I hear you.

Oh, my precious.

I have you once again.

Now, let us run.

The devil himself is after us.

Ghastly creatures.

What is it boy?

It's... spreading.

I'm turning into a fish.

Abdul Alhazred cast a spell
on your son.

Does your journal
have information on this?

Uh, it does not. No.

Would Howard's journal posses
some insight into this spell?

Howard, what have you done, boy?

Have you lied to your father?

No! I...

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

How do you have another journal?

- I...
- You said...

- You said...
- Mr. Lovecraft, calm down.

I gave you back your journal.

I found a second one, though.

I took it from the shoggoth

and it's how I got back home
from R'lyeh.

You... you went to R'lyeh?


Yes! No!

The pack! No, no, no.

Well, fine! Fine, yes.

Agreed and done! Fine.

Fine then, let's get a move on.

In few hours' time, my boy
will be transmogrified fully

into one of those slimy,
gill-breathing, webbed fingers,

gross, disgusting
little fish-men... Oh!


We haven't a moment to lose!

Father, where's Mother?

They took her away.

With this journal,
I can make a portal to Spot.

He will help us save Mother.

Howard, this is part
of the Necronomicon.

You cannot control
the dark magic in these pages.

I've done it before.

And to save Mother and Spot,
I'd do it again.

Your courage is commendable.

But facing Abdul Alhazred, eh...

His dark magic
is just too strong.

Then teach me your spells.

The spells I've accumulated

come with years and years worth
of studying.

They can't simply be taught
like that.

And you're far too young
to even begin.

Young? My boy is a Lovecraft.

His love for reading, writing,

and the arcane arts
is in his blood.

Dr. Henry Armitage, please,

teach my son
what he needs to know.

Every single person's
fate is at stake!

It will take too long to master.

Let me be of help.


Tekeli-li. Tekeli-li.

You just haven't tried
hard enough.

Nafu ingis lagh oah!

Zho oah!


It appears there are carved
ward spells into the doorway.

"Worthy descendant

of Lovecraft can pass."

How embarrassing for you.

Some mental midget has...

That mental midget has you
in stalemate in a madhouse

where he need not lift a finger
to thwart you.

I need the book!

This is most disappointing.

Do you have a counter-plan?

- Not yet.
- You forget yourself.

You were confident
you could produce the book.

The book, the journal,

it's right there!

Where you, nor any of your kind,
can reach it.

Yes, her.

Oh, Mother,

I know the journal is in there.
Would you bring it to me?

- Hmm.
- Walk through the door.

It must be because she
is not a Lovecraft by blood.

You have been outmatched.

I won't accept this!

Whether you accept it or not
is insignificant.

As are you, little worm.

I will get the journal.

Spending time in nature

can be quite therapeutic.

This isn't the time
for a stroll!

Relaxing your mind now
will benefit us later

when we confront Abdul.

Please, Mr. Lovecraft.


Thank you, Father.

Do you know
the power words possess, Howard?

Father said
the words are power itself.

Power with dark origins.

This can lead to madness,
and if you succumb,

you will not return.

Nafl-n'ghft nog uah!

By understanding the vastness
and emptiness of the cosmos,

these infinite spaces
can be manipulated

through words and symbols.

- Like controlling a current.
- Very much so.

Like water, you let it flow.
You can also...

Nnn-ftaghu uah!

You can freeze
the flow, like... like ice!

The barrier
is as firm as your focus.

Divide your attention, the space
will freely flow again.

But if you double
your concentration.

Throd shogg-nyth uah!

- It bursts!
- No, a burst is wild,

an uncontrolled release.

To form a bolt you must compress
the flow, channeling it.

I'm ready to try it.
What was said?

- Na...
- Zhro uah

Oh, oh, oh!

Woah! I'm flying!

I'm levitating you.

Zhro uah is a levitation spell.

Your turn.

Servo uah!

Stand straight.

You are making noises,
you are not saying the words.

Open up your chest, breathe.

Concentrate on the words.

Zhro, uah.

Well done, Howard, great work!

But levitation
is the easiest of all.

It gets much harder from here.

I can handle it.
What's next?



- Father!
- Throd shogg-nyth uah!

Nnn-ftaghu uah!

Throd shogg-nyth uah!

- Dr. Armitage.
- Stay back.

Zhro uah!

Oo ah!

I knew you could do it!

We'll be knocking
on Abdul's door in no time.

Howard is indeed
a quick learner,

but he's not yet ready.

There's no more time.

We need to rescue my mother
and Spot now.

If we wait any longer,
she'll be turned into a fish!

Impatient he is, yes.

But, unfortunately,
he's not wrong.

Expect an unwanted
reception party when we arrive.

Do you think
you've memorized the spells?


Then I will take
the second journal

back to my office
at Miskatonic University.

It is safe there
from King Abdul.

Chtenffagl Miskatonic
ooboshu uah.

No turning back.

Rloh shagu ooboshu uah!



Spot, wake up! Spot!



Watch out!

Throd shogg-nyth uah!

Oh, yes! Here we go,
Queensbury rules, is it?

I get you.

Zhro uah!

Nnn-ftaghu uah!

Nnn-ftaghu uah!

Dr. Armitage, I... I did it!

Nnn-ftaghu uah!

Throd shogg-nyth uah!

Oo ah!

Throd shogg-nyth uah!

Oo ah!

Oo ah!

Oh, yes! Here we go, yes.

Throd shogg-nyth uah!

Do you not have
your father's gift with you?

Fm'latgh n'ghft!

Stop. Ju uah.

I really expected
a lot more from you.

This will not destroy me.

A lovely piece of jewelry
for nightgaunts and shoggoths.

The enemies you now face
are much more formidable.

"What is his endgame?"
you ask yourself.

"What does he want?"

I can no longer escape
the mundane.

Wonderment is gone.

Life has become a set
of mental images

with no distinction.

So I made a deal, Howard.

I will need Winfield's journal.

But it is sealed,
oh so very far away,

behind magical scribed runes,
allowing access

only to one of Lovecraft blood
who lives a life of virtue.

Three trials
lay beyond the runes,

past them rests a journal.

If the trials do not kill you,

then you'll give me this book.


You will do this, or I will kill
all of your friends

and your entire family.

Then I will tear you apart.

You have no choice, Howard.


Ya han feyleh y'ooboshu uah!

Dear God!

I'm changing our deal.

I will allow you to keep Mother
as long as I get the book.

One out of three
isn't bad, right Howard?

I think once Winfield is dead...

you'll have more motivation
to save Mother.

Zhro uah!

N'gha bthnk uah!


Dr. Armitage!

I'm proud.

You used your spells.

You're okay, right?
Tell me you're okay.

If I get back
to Miskatonic University,

my colleagues...

Dr. Armitage!

- Please, but how do I...
- Eh, help me stand, please.


you were brave, resourceful.

You saved my life.

You saved your father.

But you cannot beat
Abdul Alhazred.

I know,
but I have to save my mother.

Then save her.

But do not face him.

He will destroy you.
Do not fight him.


Chtenffagl Miskatonic
ooboshu uah.

Howard, Abdul Alhazred wants

to turn Thu Thu Hmong
into Cthulhu.

If that happens,

your world, all worlds in the
Megacosm will be destroyed.

You cannot let him have
any of the journals.

You are now
Thu Thu Hmong's guardian.

Do you understand all of this?

I do, but what about Spot?

Ftaghu bug zhro, uaaah.

I'm sorry, but,
I must return to Miskatonic.

- Thank you, Professor.
- Thank you, Dr. Armitage.

I will not forget
your lessons...

and I will not forget you.

We will meet again soon.

Spot, are you okay?

Yes, Master Howard,
this is my astral form.

I am fine, but my body
is in the Undersea Kingdom.

- I can teleport...
- No!

They'd just capture you again.

Identify yourself!

Thu Thu Hmong.

Not Cthulhu, then?

It's okay, Father.
Spot's my friend.

So you say, boy.
But this beast is no pet.

- Spot. He can help us.
- Or destroy us!

Or tell them where to find us!
Or the journal!

Howard, Abdul Alhazred wants
to turn your friend

into an
unimaginably powerful evil.

If that happens,

our world, all worlds
will be destroyed.

We cannot let Abdul have any
of the journals.

Not one.

I won't leave without Spot.

So be it.
Let us away, my boy.

He doesn't have the journals.

I wrote the journals.
I hid the journals.

They're my journals,
not my words. No, not my words.

But the journals, they're mine.

And Alhazred
shall not have them.

- Where do we go?
- Where? Where else?

To the Shunned Circle,
of course.

I've never been
in astral form this long.

It is kind of like play,
Master Howard.

- Father?
- Yes, son.

About the book...

I'm sorry I couldn't destroy it,
like you asked.

I understand.

- You do?
- You do?

The secrets in that book are
dangerous as they are tempting.

It wants to be read.

Anyway, you probably
did the right thing.

- R... Really?
- The words,

the whispering words
that came to me.

The words are power itself, boy.

Power that wants to be used.

You heard the words
in your sleep?

Not quite, I...

saw things, dreadful things
in my dreams.

Things that needed writing down.

The book was the result.

Those three journals,

they'll form the Necronomicon.

Henry can bind them.

It is every world's salvation
or destruction.

- Father,
- Hmm?

How'd you know
the words were bad?

Excellent question, my boy,
excellent question.

The book and the words inside it

by themselves
are merely dangerous,

not actively wicked, no!

It was through experimentation,

that we
discovered their true nature.

In the early days,

I scarcely knew

what was happening
when I read the words.

I quickly found myself

pulled into
a strange new dimension

in time and space...

with a strange new companion.

I undertook feats and tasks
with my new friend

that defied description.

I attempted
to commit them to paper,

but found that human words

were unable to meet
the challenge of capturing them.

I think you'd be surprised,

Aye. Still...

we found more
human companionship, in time.

There I met Dr. West.

Eventually, we had
a professional falling out...

but for a while...

Absolutely extraordinary,
these portals of yours.

I mean, if I didn't know better,
I'd call it magic.

I don't think
you're far off, Dr. West.

Just so, Winfield, just so.

You'll keep the portal open
only as long as needed,

so I can get to our destination.
No longer.

I really would prefer
to maintain the gateway longer.

There's a vast resource
of energy at play and uh...

No, doctor!

You wanted new worlds to study,
I will bring you your samples.

But, we must take things
one step at a time.

I'll return in one hour's time,
and not a minute longer.

Yes, yes. Fine, fine.

We'll play by your rules,

for now.

Just bring me back
as much as you can,

I'm eager to continue
my research.

Don't you worry,
Dr. West.

I will bring back
everything we need.

Y'ooboshu Vulgtlagln
ya nog Yuggoth uah!

And there I stood.
On the shores of Yuggoth.

Dr. West and I
did everything we could

to prepare
for the complete unknown.

This entire journey
was to push boundaries.

The atmosphere,
the sheer madness of it all.

La dee dah!

La dee dah!

I believed
each step was my last.

Yet each step gave me freedom.

On I went, beneath the waves,

as far as I dared
with the time we had allotted.

It was not long till I reached
what Dr. West was so eager for.

But for me, the journey
was the goal.

From the shores of Yuggoth
was the Undersea Kingdom.

Howard, I know I'm mad.

I have seen too much.

The Undersea Kingdom of Yuggoth

was the first footstep
towards my madness.

My mind could not comprehend
what I was seeing.

All I knew

is that I wanted more.

I swam towards the kingdom...

slow at first,
but with each stroke

I needed closer.

It took over me.

I was drawn
to this glowing beauty.

I needed to enter this kingdom.

With every fiber of my being,
I pushed towards it.

And then, something stopped me

but not with flesh,
it never touched me.

This entity...
it pushed on my soul.

I could not tell you

if I stared at it
for seconds or eons.

We later found out
this was the planet Yuggoth.

I awoke with Dr. West
beside me.

He said I came through
the portal, but...

I never fully returned.

The book's never taken us
anywhere that was safe or good.

It is evil!

And it wants to be
used for evil.

- It's...
- Father, it's not all evil.

I mean, it brought you
back to us, every time.

You may be right, son.
You may be...

We're here!

Wow, what are they?

Locals call it
the Shunned Circle, my boy.

- But why...
- It is the key

to travel in the Megacosm.

Now, was it 30 or 50?

Thirty? No, no, it was 50.

Think, you bumbling baboon,

One, two, three, little ee dee.

Come along, boy. Step lively.

Four, five, six, seven, eight.

Zig and zag, never straight.

- Father?
- Nine, ten, eleven,

twelve, thirteen.

Before you lie
something left unseen.

Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,
seventeen, eight.

That much closer to the gate.

Nineteen, twenty,
twenty-one, twenty-two.

If you're brave,
you'll see it through.

Twenty-nine, thirty.

No more steps.

Spot, what's a... Megacosm?

The Megacosm.

There are numerous universes,
Master Howard.

The nexus between each universe
is a portal.

A portal can open
to any location across distance,

any moment in time,
past or future.

A single change can literally
devastate all reality

as you know it, Master Howard.

- No pressure.
- No pressure, indeed.

Let's get dirty!

Land ho!

Okay, here we go!

...careful on your step, there.
Slippery steps.

I haven't had the maid in
you know...

because of the imprisonment
of a mad... madness.

This is all bringing back
a lot of memories.

Looks undisturbed.

Good. Good.

This is amazing.

Now, let's get down to business.

They have your mother
on Yuggoth.


A distant planet,
Master Howard.

La dee dah!

I hope we're not too late.

That's um, quite
the suit, Father.

The air on Yuggoth
is breathable.

But, to get
to the Undersea Kingdom,

- I'll need this suit.
- What about my suit?

You are not going.

I... I am so.

Winfield, I cannot help.

Master Howard is strong.

He knows magic now, too.

He can help you get
to the Undersea Kingdom.

Fine, fine.

Maybe those gills
will come in handy too.


Ah!... I've got gills!

We have time, Master Howard.

Your journal will restore you.

Alright, now boy.

It's time!

You just stay close and...

you shut your eyes,
when I tell you to. You hear?

Yes, sir.

You know the spell
for the portal?

Like it was yesterday.

Y'ooboshu Vulgtlagln
ya nog Yuggoth uah!

- Woah!
- Woohoo!



Welcome to Yuggoth, son!

It's a nice place to visit,
but actually, it's not.

It's just terrible
all the way around.

Well, let's get to it.

Time waits for no man,

or boy, or a fish hybrid.

Are... are you sure you know
where you're going, Father?

Well, we could stay here

and be eaten by the local flora
and fauna, if you prefer.

I hear the fungus
kind of tickles at first.

Sweet unholy abyss
of the night!

It's Dagon!

Help! Help!

- Howard! Put him down!
- Master Howard!

I will find a way
to save you, Master Howard!

Let him go.

Help! I can't swi...

Wait, I can breathe and talk?

Howard Lovecraft...

I am Dagon.

Why is everyone focused on me?

Because Winfield was the one
to write these dark words.

He created the path
to everyone's destruction.

It is now the Lovecraft curse

to protect these words
from evil.

I took his journal

because Winfield himself
did not have,

hmm, the stability or ability
to protect his writing.

The runes I scribed

only allow someone worthy

of the Lovecraft lineage
to enter.


I do trust

it is you.

Abdul Alhazred
has taken my mother.

I just want her back.

There is a war happening

and it is led by Azathoth.

Oh, hideous name.

Azathoth is the ruler
of the Elder Ones.

He spawned Thu Thu Hmong.

Spot has a father?

Azathoth has sent
his other offspring,

Nyarlathotep to awaken
Thu Thu Hmong,

the Sleeper of R'lyeh,
from his slumber

to rise as the Destroyer:

This is quite the family tree.

You are facing cosmic entities

with boundless power.

Abdul Alhazred is a follower
of Nyarlathotep.

You cannot defeat them.

But armed
with the Necronomicon,

you can prevent them
from summoning Cthulhu.

Dagon, can you help me?

I cannot go
against an Elder God.

I have no choice

but to accommodate them
in my kingdom.

Yet, I do not want Cthulhu

to bring about the destruction,

Please, there must be something
you can do.

I can give you and your allies
safe passage to Y'ha-nthlei.

That is the true name
of the Undersea Kingdom.

And it is where Abdul Alhazred
and Nyarlathotep are.

Do you know anything
about the trials inside?

Of course.

I am the ruler of Y'ha-nthlei.

Pass the trials and obtain
the journal at its end.

But... do not let a single page

fall into their hands.

Thank you, Dagon.

Can you bring all of us
to your kingdom, please?

He's here! I can feel him
getting closer.

- What shall I do?
- What shall I do?

This is bad comedy.

What you will do,
is you will hide yourself

so you do not complicate
matters any further,

little worm.

I will not be far away, Dreamer,

after your master is dead.

Spot, your body, it's here!

Howard Lovecraft.

King Abdul?

Oh, I am more powerful
than any king.

- Wh... where are you?
- Close your eyes

- and you shall know me.
- What?

You have nothing to fear,
Howard Lovecraft...


What harm is there

- in closing your eyes?
- Master Howard, don't!


Outside the ordered universe

is an amorphous blight
of nethermost confusion

which blasphemes and bubbles

at the center of all infinity.

Azathoth. The Elder One.

You have nothing to fear,
Howard Lovecraft,

as long as you give us
what we all desire.

They will soon be returned
to your world...


Master Howard, you can't.

I don't have any choice, Spot.

This whole mess is my fault.

A wise decision,
Howard Lovecraft.

- One thing.
- State your desire.

Promise to turn us
back into people,

and send us home safe and sound.

If you please.

Well, that is
more than one thing,

but you have my word.

Howard Lovecraft.

Mother and son,

turning into Deep Ones.

What a pair.

- Don't hurt her!
- Sarah!

Deliver the journal to me,

or I gut her like
the fish she is.

Know I speak the truth.

I... I believe you.

If you die during the trials,
then your family dies with you.

Only when I have the book

will you have Mother back.

I said, yes.

I'll bring back the book.

Just hold up
your end of the deal.

Thanks for coming, Spot.

Of course, Master Howard.

We are friends.

What is this?

It must be the first trial.

And how do we get past?

They move.

Look over here, Master.

Out of ideas.

This carving kind
of looks like me, Master Howard.

Only upside down.

What about the other carvings?

It's Aklo!

What's Aklo?

Well, some
of it is Aklo, anyway.

An ancient language,
the tongue of my kind.

I don't know
what these symbols are, though.

It's the symbol of Azathoth.

The Aklo reads Nyarlathotep.

It's a family tree!

All we have to do
is make the family tree upright.

Did... did we do something wrong?

All the letters are right.

There must be something else.





Isn't Azathoth your father?

You could say that.

Azathoth is the ruler
of the Elder Gods.

I got it!

Master Howard, what do you...

Zhro uah!

"By my father's name
you shall pass."

Well, this is easy.


- Woah!
- Master Howard!

- Master Howard, are you okay?
- It should be Winfield.

He's my father.

This is too dangerous.

I do not want you to get hurt,
Master Howard.

Dagon made it.

It must be his father.


Step cautiously, Master Howard.








La dee dah!

Master Howard!

I think he's already too late.

What are they?

Hmm, I don't see a pattern.

Master Howard, look!

"To reveal a whole new sight...

from there within the shadows."

- Oh! "Summon forth the..."
- What is it, Spot?

"Summon forth
the brightest light

to reveal a whole new sight,

from there within the shadow,

rests the enemy you know."

That's all.

The brightest light,
a whole new sight.

There's got to be
something we're missing.

Are you sure?

Master Howard, are you alright?

Summon forth the brightest light

to reveal a whole new sight,

from there within the shadows,

rests the enemy you know.

Master, these rocks
aren't our enemy.

Spot, I have an idea.

Can you light up
inside the shield?

To do what, Master Howard?

Well, you're my brightest light.


Um, Spot?

The enemy is you?

We have to go, Master Howard.

We can't go back
without the journal.

Spot, please.

Let us do this.

We're too far away.

Your light isn't strong enough.

Spot, I need you to do
that one more time.

I have a plan.

Open up
your chest. Breathe.

Concentrate on the words.

Nafl-n'ghft uah!


Master Howard, look!

The third journal!

Let's hope there's still time.

He's through! He's through.

Now, give me the book
or I will...

Alright! Alright, alright, here.
Take... just, take it.

Just, please.

Don't hurt them.

Don't do it, son.



At last! At long last!

I will release Cthulhu!

Azathoth will return me

to the Gate of Dreams.


Ahaye Cthulhu.

Thla shadum tdishtu
ee oola ooh!

Nagosha shahaya uniya!

Yoo agen Cthulhu oo ah!

Master Howard, run.

Where would he run?

You will become Cthulhu.

No. No!

This belongs
only to a Lovecraft.

To a worthy Lovecraft.

N'gha bthnk uah!

It is time you left my kingdom.

We will not stop!

You are too late.

They are gone.

And you have failed, miserably.

We can beat Dagon's fish army!

You said you'd help me!

You are a coward!

The Crawling Chaos
needs to be unleashed.

But I will have
to do this myself.

You promised me
the Gate of Dreams!

Goodbye, King Abdul.

You cannot stop me.
Nothing will stop me.

Azathoth will be free.

I promise,
I will free you, Father.

And Thu Thu Hmong
will make that happen.

Dr. Armitage!

She's... she's gone.


You're safe.

You escaped Abdul?

We did, but my mother...

she needs help right away.

The third journal.

I will need all three
to bind the Necronomicon.

For only it will have
a spell powerful enough

to undo both your
transformations into Deep Ones.

Then let us go.

I cannot form a portal.

The runes inscribed on the house

only allow a Lovecraft
to enter with magic.

It must be you, Master Howard.

- "Y'ooboshu 'shalmy..."
- Calm your mind, Howard.

Otherwise, the portal will lead
to who knows where?

You can do this.

Y'ooboshu 'fhalma gnaiih shugg!

Vulgtlagln ya nog shugg uah!


Now let's bind them
into the Necronomicon.

Stell'bsna phleget ng-shagg.

Nog shoggor k'yarnak.

...sgn'wahl y'hah!

This is the Necronomicon.


Hold on, Mother. We can fight
the darkness with this book.


- Howard, it would be best if I...
- Y'ha-nthlei-or bug zhro!

M... Mother?

You're back with us!
I love you, Mother.

I was so scared we'd lose you.

I'm here, Howard.
I love you, too.

Well done, Howard.

Well done, indeed.

Sarah, this is Cthulhu,
Cthulhu, Sarah.

Cthulhu here eats reality.

Sarah once ate a whole chicken.
I watched, it was amazing.

Thank you for all your help,
Dr. Armitage.

The Necronomicon
is far too powerful.

The forces of darkness
will not stop.

My home is blocked by runes,
it will be very safe.

Master Howard saved us all,
Dr. Henry Armitage.

He can protect the book.

Alright. But never read
its contents again,

not even a glimpse.

Rely on the spells I taught you.

Abdul has been defeated,

but our war to keep the
Necronomicon safe is not over.

For now though,
I'm needed back on R'lyeh.

Spot, thank you again.

I never could have done this
without you.

You're my best friend.

Goodbye, Master Howard.

Hi, Howard!
Please come visit us.

I will, soon.

Take care, squid kids.

I'll miss you, Spot.

I'll see you soon,
Master Howard.

It has been my pleasure
to meet you, Howard.

Every ending has
a new beginning.

Thank you for everything,
Dr. Armitage.

Y'ooboshu 'fhalma gnaiih shugg.
Vulgtlagln ya nog shugg uah.

Until next time, Howard.

Well, I am out
of the loony bin

or is this the real asylum

and I've been locked outside
the gates the whole time.

No, I... I realize
what is happening, I get it.

Greetings, Howard.

The world
is indeed comic,

but the joke is on mankind.



- Tekeli-li.
- Tekeli-li.


- Tekeli-li.
- Tekeli-li.

- Tekeli-li.
- Tekeli-li.

- Tekeli-li.
- Tekeli-li.


Subtitles by explosiveskull