Howaitoauto (2000) - full transcript

A group of terrorists has taken hold of the largest dam in Japan. They also capture the workers as hostages, and demanded JPY$5 billion from the government with a 24 hour deadline in exchange for the lives of the hostages. To make things more complicated, there was a snowstorm and no one can get in or out near the area. Fortunately, the terrorists did not capture Togashi, the dam controller, and he is the only person who can rescue those hostages from the terrorists...

The second and third relays
are all normal.

Release the interlock.


The relay is normal.

Hey! Togashi, where did you go?

He's not over here.

- Chief.
- Yes?

Oh my God.

Togashi! What are you doing there?

Since when did you move
to the engineering division?

Stop nit-picking.

Our job is to protect the dam
and supply electricity.

You were supposed to go home
once your shift ended!

Togashi, come back now.

What's wrong?

I see figures in the mountains
behind the ski resort.

Switchyard Entrance

Wait, both of you!

Our job is to operate the dam!

Are you saying to let the lost ones
die right in front of us?

- Hey!
- Chief.

Don't worry,
I'll request paid leave for this.

Let's go.

Two mountain climbers went missing.

They left their hut in early morning,
heading for the summit.

They lost contact.

Two operators from
the Okutowa Power Plant

are going out to save them.

Where were they spotted?

Halfway up Mount Senjogadake,
about 500m from Ojirosawa.

Our maintenance workers
may have found them.

The blizzard is expected
to get worse.

Be careful.

Kenji, get a warm bath ready.


How is it?

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Why did they come
in such light clothing? What idiots.

You're going to be okay.

Are you okay?

We'll need to carry him.

The two missing mountain climbers

were confirmed about 500m
from Ojirosawa at Mount Senjogadake.

The weather is very bad.
Please be careful.

Do you need help?

I'm fine.


Help me.

- Help me.
- Stay still!


Are you okay?

My right leg is messed up.

This is Togashi.

Switchyard, please respond.



Togashi, go yourself.

- Don't be an idiot.
- Who's the idiot here?

Go and get the rescue team.

We'll make a bivouac
and wait for the wind to calm.

Do you think
he'll last until the morning?

You're not confident?

Who are you talking to?


Go and get the rescue.


Of course I have a compass.

I'll borrow it.

This is Niigata HQ,
calling Mount Okutowa Rescue Team.

This is the Mount Okutowa
Rescue Team.

Loud and clear. Over.

Currently in Okutowa

there's a heavy snow, strong wind,
and snow accretion advisory.

They're predicting a whiteout.

Be careful not to get...

Togashi, respond.


Togashi, can you hear me? Respond!

Togashi! Togashi, can you hear me?


Where's Yoshioka?


How is he?

- Yoshioka!
- Yoshioka.





He sacrificed himself,
to protect the others.


- Excuse me.
- Yes?

May I ask where I can find
Hirakawa Chiaki?

She went out.


May I know your name?

It's nothing. Never mind.

There's a matchmaking party
with the PR department.

They really want you there, Chiaki!

You're already counted
as one of the attendants.

What's the matter, Chiaki?

Thank you for coming all the way
far inside the mountain.

No, I should thank you
for meeting me.

Are we okay in this weather?

It's always like this
at this time of year.

Even the ski resort closes
because it's dangerous.


shall we stop by the power station
to check the situation?

No, please take me to the dam.


Yoshioka, he also mentioned that

he wanted to show you Okutowa
in the winter someday.

He wanted you to hear
the sound of the snow accumulating.


there's someone
waiting for you at the dam.

He insists on giving you something.

Hey, someone's there!
Bring the binoculars.

How dangerous.

If you're cold, I have
some extra clothes you can put on.

No, I've come prepared.

What happened?

Someone's climbing.
That's weird in this season.

Don't worry.

- The lift works, right?
- Yes.

This is the last tunnel.

Driving this kind of road...

Every day...

This dam keeps
the largest volume of water in Japan.

It's only possible
deep inside the mountains.

To us, this road

is like a lifeline.

Silver Line No. 17

- Hey, Kenji.
- Yes?

Were we expecting TV interviews?


Niigata Central Television?

What the heck are they doing?

What's this?

Sorry. Just a moment.

Normal vehicles aren't allowed
to enter until March.

It was written on the entrance.

Hey! What are you doing?

Hey! Open up!

What the hell are you doing?



What happened?

You're late.

You can't just barge in!

What are you doing?


What do you think you're doing?

I'm cutting off
the circuit of microwave radio

remote control system.


Preparations should be complete
for the system operations in April.

In short, nine power plants,
including this one

can now be controlled
by remote control.


You can't cut off the circuit!
This isn't a joke!

It's programmed so that
if some outsider messes it up

the computers will all stop!

Don't lie.

We've done our research.

Stop it, Totsuka.

What a pity. He's in pain.


that whining sound
the injured makes is annoying.

This is the control room.
What's the situation there?

This is Rest House.

I was interrupted. I managed to
kill one but another one escaped.

Where did you lose him?

Behind the ski lodge.

He's in a khaki anorak.



It's Togashi.


Hey! He's there!

Who the hell are they?


And then?

You just retreated like that?

Look at this snow.

He can't last long alone.

Strengthen the patrol.

He's very cautious.

His moves are very agile
for a mere operator.

He knows the dam far better than us.


Now the nine dams are ours.

What the hell are they up to?

Nagami Police Station


Chief, there's a weird radio signal
in the wide area system.

Chief, come quick!

I'm coming.

- Hurry!
- Okay!

Here he is.

Chief, hurry!

This is Nagami Police Station.

This is the Okutowa Power Plant.
I appreciate you responding.

Did something happen
over there? Over.

Listen calmly.

We have taken over
all of the dams and switchyard.

I repeat. We have taken over
the power plants.

We have
all of the operators and staff

under our surveillance.


I don't get what you're saying.

Relax. You will find out soon.

Kitanihon E.P.G., Nagami Branch
Remote Communication Control

What happened?

The surveillance monitor
of the dam is switched off.


I can't get hold of the line
to the dam.

Call all the cars on patrol.

Have them go to the dam immediately.

- Hurry!
- Yes, sir.

There is a strange footage

in the surveillance monitor
of the power company.

Hey! What happened?

What? The light went out?

Contact the power company!
Switch to emergency backup!

Find the scope of the blackout.

Contact the emergency
headquarters. No.

- Inform the National Police Agency.
- Yes, sir.

Something moved

above the tunnel.

Stop! They'll notice.

It might be Togashi.

He will manage to contact the police.

He will.

He definitely will.

He won't come.

He's just running away.







10 February (Thursday)

No Service

To Taihaku Dam...

Taihaku Dam

it's 8km away.

Power's coming back
from the Kansai Power!

We've got a message.

- Record it.
- Yes.

Connect to the prefectural
and national police.

This is Okutowa Power Plant.

I don't want to mess with you.

I want to confirm the hostages.

Were you able to get hold of
the big ones in the government?

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister
is in a meeting.

I will listen to your requests.

Within the next 24 hours

provide five billion yen in cash
with unsorted number codes.

Five billion?

- Five billion.
- I repeat.

Within 24 hours,
get five billion yen ready.

If you don't comply

we will kill the hostages
and blow up the dam.

No! Tunnel No. 17 is totally blocked!

Okutowa Silver Line

He screwed us over
just by blowing up...

one road.

The prefectural police are here.

Nagami Police Station

Change the switchyard patrol
every two hours. Continue.


What are you doing?


Don't do anything stupid.

Based on the tunnel explosion

we believe the criminals have
a large amount of explosives.

The hostages?

Including the operators and
ski security, there are 17.

And this footage?

We went through the Nagami
Electric Power Station's monitor.

Eight days ago, a broadcasting van
from Niigata Central TV was stolen.

They're quite organised.


I can't do it!

Do it.

There's no prospect of restoring
the exploded Silver Line.

There's a road
that crosses Hashigozaka Pass

and goes west of the lake

but it's covered in snow now.

We thought of crossing them
with snowmobiles

but the undulations are severe
in the mountain pass.

Plus, in this weather...

How about a helicopter?

- Inform the Self-Defence Forces.
- Yes, sir.

We've already spoken to them.


Even the SDF helicopters

won't be able to go out
in a blizzard like this.

There's no one way to the dam?

There's none.

The criminals likely planned it
this way, targeting Okutowa.

It's absolutely isolated.


It's a fort...

protected by snow.

We have two chances
of arresting them.

One is when we give them the money.

The other is when they leave.

No matter how fortified

they'll need to show up
at least those two times.

How are they even planning
to get out?

They'll call a helicopter
once the weather improves.

Meaning we need to prepare
the money within 24 hours...

It's just a threat.
We should delay the negotiation.

Hey, how long does it take to
open the route to the dam?

Aren't you forgetting
something crucial?

- What?
- Well...

The water from the dam

will still be under their control.

The water of the dam?

Okutowa Dam contains
the highest volume

in Japan.

600 million cubic metres.

If it's released all at once...

Okutowa Dam

The six dams downstream won't
be able to stop the volume of water.

There's a danger of it bursting.


Then the 200,000 households
at the basin...

A message!

- Start recording!
- Yes, sir!

I'm speaking from
the Okutowa Power Plant.

Give me your official answer soon.

Government leaders in Tokyo
are holding an emergency meeting.

Wait a bit longer.

It seems you still don't get
how powerful we are.

You have until noon tomorrow.

I'm expecting a favourable response
from you by then.

I'll contact you again in 20 hours.

Broadcasting Van
Contact 2.03pm

Chief! The station downstream says
the discharge alarm is going off.

- What?
- Check it immediately!

The downstream police
and fire stations

and city and village halls!
Contact them all! Hurry!

- Yes, sir!
- Wait!

We will be giving instructions.

Don't do anything unnecessary.

Okutowa Dam Staff Only

Drainpipe gate room.


What happened? Hey!


You prepared a lot.

It's also for the hostages inside
the power plant.

How long are you planning
to discharge?

Why are you here?

If we just let it be,
it won't be a mere threat.

Right when I thought
you had something to say.

If the dams downstream burst

there is no point for the governments
to respond to our requests.

You don't need to save your brother?

You have no right to command me.

- None!
- Hey!

The noise stopped.

What's this, Kasahara?

The valve can only be controlled
from the gate room.

Did he do this?

Pump Operations Closing

Come on, close! Quick!

He's not just some operator.

Kaneko's in the gate room.

This is the control room.

It seems Kaneko's done.
Go down to the dam again.

Discharge Gate Control Panel


Let the people in the power plant
eat as well.

You won't let them have
any food or water?

Please, at least let them have water.

Go ahead.

Adjust the AC again.


He's still alive.

To prepare for leakage accidents

there are oxygen tanks and masks
in the generator room.

There is a generator?

Do you hear me?

Another one of your goons is dead.

Who's next?

Come down if you want to die!

This dam...

is not your plaything.

You've done well.

It's just that

you've forgotten one important thing.

Togashi, you did a good job.

I want to see a bit more
of what you can do

but if I do, your friends will sink
to the bottom of the dam one by one.


The video of the monitor is gone.

What, is he threatening us now?

It's gone?

If you exit the dam quietly

all of your colleagues
will be free.

Togashi, don't let them fool you!

Even if you leave,
they will just kill you!

Many of your colleagues
are still here, Togashi.

What happened?

He blew the circuit of the phone
connected to the dam.

Darn it.


If he cares about the dam so much,
let's let him die here.


Seal the dam.

He won't come out.

He'll just escape...

alone again.

These thugs.

Darn it.

I'm in front of
Nagami Police Station in Niigata

where they're commanding measures
for the Okutowa Dam takeover.

According to the press release
at 7.00pm today

communication with the criminals
ceased since noon...

This isn't a joke.

Doesn't Tokyo get what's going on?

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for the dam
to break and flood the town?

Now the government task force
is taking the lead.

When we get our next radio contact,
connect to Tokyo.

This doesn't mean
there's nothing we can do.

Hamanaka Takanobu


The woman visiting was the fiancée of
a worker who died in this accident.

Okutowa Dam Worker Dies
During Rescue

Yoshioka Kazushi?

It's time.


What's this?

All the generators stopped.

All the dam's power generation
stopped at 6.55pm.

What's this?

What's the point of
stopping them now?

Come on, Taihaku dam.

If he wants to stop
our electricity supply...

all he needs to do
is cut the circuit.

Someone's there.

There's no doubt.

Someone's at the dam
fighting the criminals!


There was a way out.

The water spinning
the generator turbine

all goes through this draft tube.

It then goes through the drainpipe
3km to the port.

Could he have possibly...

The water will recede
if you stop the generator.

3km down...

in the water,
in the middle of winter.

They're here.

He's coming from Tube Three.

Discharge it now.

Wash him away.

Not yet?

Draft Tube

He won't make it.

He won't have time
to reach the wastewater port.

Don't give up.

I'm sure Togashi...

He'll contact the police
from Taihaku Dam.

This is the last one.

This storm will be over tomorrow.

Hey, Togashi.

I'm getting married.


Wow, congratulations!


To whom?

You haven't met her.

Is she cute?

Kind of.

Don't mess around.

If something ever happens to me...

take care of her.

Don't say things like that.

I don't think I'll be able to
leave the mountains.

I'm the same.

And also...

if we both get lost now

how can I save her?

You have a point there.

The Metropolitan Police
Special Forces

are stranded at the pass.

See? I said it was a fort
protected by snow.

- Chief, they'll contact us soon.
- Okay.

We have radio contact!

Tokyo's connected, right?


They changed the hostage!

This is the Okutowa Power Plant.

The radio has switched to Tokyo.

I'm Fujimaki of
the National Police Agency.

Do you hear me?

Did you prepare the five billion yen?

It is a lot of money.

We're doing our best,
but we need more time...

That was just a test shot.

Next time, I'll blow off his head
just like a watermelon.

Or maybe
I'll discharge the dam again.

Which do you prefer?

Wait. Don't be rash.

I'll give you 10 seconds
to deliberate.



- Two.
- How should we deliver the money?

- Three.
- It's impossible in that weather.

- Plus, we need more time.
- Four.




- Eight.
- Fine.

We'll prepare...

the money now.


I'll call you right again
at 12.00 sharp.

I want to change the bandage.

I want you to do it.

I like...

a tough woman like you.

That's enough.

Go back to the control room now.

You just want to have fun with her
all to yourself?

Where's the energy
you showed me just now, huh?

Give it back.

Don't come near me.

If you do, I'll shoot.

I'm not interested in your body.

Give me the gun.

Remember this.

The gun has a safety lock.

Go to the staff dorm.

Switch with Sakashita.

Nagami Police Station

Five Billion

We've got a radio call.

It's 12.00pm. Are you ready?

We have the money. What should we do?

Take it to the Swiss Central Bank
Tokyo branch immediately.

Convert it to cheques in USD
of 10 million yen each.

Cheques in US dollars?

One hour should be enough time.


Are the hostages okay?

It's up to you.

Prepare a helicopter...

at Niigata Airport.

Put the Coast Guard's Echigo
on standby to take off at any time.

I'll contact you again in one hour.

So they are using a helicopter.

It's a helicopter that can fly
the longest range at Niigata Airport.

- How far can it go?
- About 1,000km.

Are they planning to go abroad?

Or they have someone with a ship
waiting for them on water.

- Get the Echigo.
- Yes, sir.

It's Togashi?

It's really Togashi?

Connect the radio communication, now!

The one that got in Taihaku Dam
is not the criminal.

It's Togashi Teruo, our operator
who we thought was a hostage!

We have contact!


This is Okuda from
the Nagami Police Station.

Can you hear me?


I can hear you.

How the hell did you manage

to escape from Okutowa?

Before I explain...

I have some bad news.

Murase and...

Chief Iwazaki...

and possibly...

Hamanaka Chief Operator,
they are all dead.

Are you okay?

I just walked here from Okutowa.

I still...

can't feel my fingertips.

He walked?

You walked?

And also...

one of...

the terrorists was...

Yamazaki Masamichi.

Driver's Licence

He was born in 1973...

Hold on.

How do you know that?

I have...

his driver's licence here.

Two of them...

no, maybe...


I've killed three of them.


I heard they just got an order
from the criminals.


The bank.

The criminals called the Tokyo branch
of the Swiss Central Bank.

They ordered them
to send all of the money

to an anonymous account in Zürich.

So the phone line
wasn't cut after all?

They're saying
if they can't confirm the money

they'll blow up the dam
together with the hostages.

But how are they planning
to confirm the money?

It's possible
by reconnecting the phone line.

Can you hear me, Togashi?

Yes. I'm here.

I'm wondering...

if they weren't using the phone line

how were they making their orders?

The radio. And they used
the surveillance monitors

to send images of the hostages.

Does that mean anything to you?

They set up a parabolic antenna
on top of the rest house.

A parabolic antenna?

- You're sure?
- Yes.

The Taihaku Dam generator is working.

Are the police involved?

How would the police
get into Taihaku Dam?

There's no route to it.

- Is he still alive?
- Don't be crazy.

How did he survive that flood?


If that's true

you were flushed
through the drainpipe?

In that case, it's amazing
you walked to Taihaku Dam.


That's insane.

I'm used to the snowy mountains.

I had a friend...

I used to always go climbing with.

I can't...

do anything that would
embarrass me if he'd known.


It seems you had
a really good friend.

You must be tired.

all our routes are cut off.

Rest there
until we can come and save you.


Can you hear me?

I'm going to...

return to Okutowa.

What are you saying?

I made a promise...

to return no matter what.


That's our job.

You're fine!

Just stay there and rest.

What more do you think
you can do with your body?

Hello? Are you listening?

- Don't be a fool.
- Stop it there.

What time did you start
the generator this morning?


Six and a half hours.

Next time, it'll be 9.00pm.

Next time?

It's when he'll return.

Why is he coming back?

He managed to escape
to somewhere safe.

How many of our men were killed

because we underestimated him?

Inspection Gallery No. 12
is almost ready.

How long will the bank transfer
to the main branch take?

It'll take five hours at the latest.

We've been given until 8.00pm.

Parabolic Antenna


Broadcasting van.

Five billion.


Photo Comparison:
Yamazaki Masamichi / Nakagaki Ken

It's here!


He's a member of the Red Moon.

So they are
an extremist organisation!

The Red Moon means...

Utsugi might be there.

The truth is, when the Red Moon
blew this place up

a member of a worker's family was
in the building visiting and died.

That worker was never...

Koshiba Takuya
Current Location: Unknown

Koshiba Takuya.

He retired half a year
after the explosion.

He was in the power station's
planning department.

Are you saying that
the man whose family

was killed by the Red Moon
is helping them?

It seems
they got the photo of Koshiba!

- Forward it!
- Yes, sir!

Koshiba Takuya


Togashi, go on your own.

You're not confident?

Go and get the rescue team.

It doesn't seem to make sense.

Why aren't they asking us

to release the other members
who are in prison?

This needs to be solved immediately.

Go. Make the demand now.

Once the weather improves

I'll send the Police Department's
sniper unit into Okutowa.

- Chief!
- Stop!

- I need to report this!
- I said stop!


Aren't you the prefectural police?

- What are you talking about?
- About the sniper unit!

What happens if they get caught
and the criminals blow up the dam?

The dam's downstream
have already started discharging.

You think you can stop
600 million tons of water?

The Ministry of Construction
judged they can take it.

Go ahead, let terrorists run away
with five billion yen.

The entire world will laugh
at the Japanese Police Agency.

You're abandoning the residents!

Shut up!

This is the government's decision.

The pressure patterns
bringing the heavy snow have abated

and the weather
is expected to improve.

The Sea of Japan
will see better weather

late tonight at the earliest.

Snow will cease
in the mountains at dawn.

I didn't expect to be so on guard
against just one man.

...eastern areas:
southwest wind and partly cloudy.

This is the Control Room.
Are you ready yet?

The upper inspection galleries
are ready.

We're heading to watch the crown now.

This is the Control Room.

We are ready.

Okutowa Staff Dorm

This all ends tomorrow.

We are leaving Okutowa.

This will be a long night.

Stay vigilant.



It turns out one more broadcasting
van was stolen near Nagoya.

- Another one?
- Yes.

It happened two months ago.

The way it was stolen was
very similar to the one in Niigata.

Two Broadcasting Vans

That's it.

You have until noon tomorrow.

I'm expecting
a favourable response by then.

I'll contact you again in 20 hours.

You have until noon tomorrow.

I'm expecting
a favourable response by then.

I'll contact you again in 20 hours.

So what?

I don't hear anything special.


The problem is
that we don't hear anything.

What time was
the dam discharged yesterday?

I think it was 1.54pm.

And when did we get
this radio contact?


The dam discharging
makes a tremendous noise.

That's right.

The noise!

We can't hear it at all!

There's no way we wouldn't hear it
if they were in the switchyard.

What does this mean?

The person who is radioing us...

wasn't at the dam.

This means...

we weren't talking to
the criminals occupying the dam.

So then who the hell
were we talking to?

This is Sakashita.
Control Room, respond.

This is Sakashita.

Commander, do you hear me?

This is Kasahara.

Commander, please respond.

This is Kasahara. Commander...

Commander, respond.
This is the Control Room.

Are the radio waves jammed?

The police?

This is Okutowa Power Plant.

Nagami Police Station, respond.
This is Okutowa.

This is Nagami Police Station.

What's next?

I'm checking just in case.

Have our friends been released yet?

Police vans are coming
from all over the country.

All of the five Red Moon members

are accounted for.

As soon as the weather improves...

we will send you
the five billion and a helicopter.

This is Okutowa Power Plant.

Nagami Police Station,
do you read me?

We've received the five billion.

The weather is predicted
to improve a bit tomorrow afternoon.

Is the helicopter ready?

I will contact you again tomorrow.

Thanks for your effort.

- Hey, Sasaki.
- Yes?

Why are they asking us
for a helicopter

and have
the five billion transferred?

I'm not sure.

Listen, they're planning to
escape abroad.

Imagine how heavy five billion is.

They will need two helicopters.


There are two broadcasting vans.

What are you saying?

- Hey!
- Yes?

- Look into the helicopter!
- What?

- The helicopter is as they wanted.
- That's not it!

There might be one more helicopter.

Do you see? The criminals

might also be somewhere else
besides the dam.

What if another helicopter is there?

While we send one helicopter here

they could easily escape.

They already have the five billion.


what happens to those at the dam?

That I don't know.

What were you talking about
without me?


I couldn't contact the commander...

So then why didn't you talk to me?

Don't worry.

The radio's broken.

Go back to your post.

You're also away from your post.

This is Kuwana.
Something weird has happened.

One snowmobile is missing.

Don't be stupid!

Then why is the remote controller
for the explosives also gone?

I don't believe it.

Where are you going?

You idiot!


It's a camera and a relay.

Why are they here?

Obviously to monitor us.

- Where are you going?
- Don't you get it?

They're abandoning us!

Utsugi's on a snowmobile as we speak.

He's with the remote controller
of the explosives.


Aren't you also planning
something stupid?

Your brother might stay in prison
for the rest of his life.

Calm down!

Let go!

Don't move!


Do you hear me?

Kasahara betrayed us!
He left with the woman!

Hand over the gun.

Do you think you can shoot me?

What are you thinking?

Get on!

Or do you want them to kill you?

Get on!


- Are you okay?
- Thank God.

- Kenji.
- Togashi.


Is she with them?

They lost the remote controller
for the explosives.

So if we stay...

What? There's a remote controller?


- Please.
- Togashi.


He's planning to escape alone.

But what about
the radio contact from the police?

Utsugi was doing it all.

We haven't talked to the police
ourselves at all.

He's been planning
to abandon us all along.

Chief! We found it!
It's in Tokorozawa.

A helicopter that can go
over 2,000-metre mountains

was chartered out a week ago.

A place where they could connect
the surveillance monitor

and the helicopter could land...

Katagai Dam!


Could you please stand?

You can stand, can't you?

What's this?

You knew?

Koshiba Takuya.

Isn't that your name?

You joined us

to eradicate the Red Moon.

If you bring us the plan
to blow up the dam

we would certainly demand
the release of your friend.

Wasn't that what you planned?

I'm sorry it didn't go as you hoped.


Why do you throw away friends
like they're a trash?

Isn't this the organisation
you founded?


For me, it was a continuous

That's why I made a grave for myself.

I decided to delete
all this foolish time in delirium

in the Okutowa Lake

along with that dam.

We did this for you!


I'll come back for you.



Are you okay?

Why did they come
in such light clothing?

We'll need to carry him.

What the hell?

What did Yoshioka die for?




I'll call the rescue.


Where are they?

Understood. Please check
the names of the survivors.



Over there.

It's Togashi.


I'm Okuda from
the Nagami Police Station.

He's in the helicopter.


saved me.

He said he would.

He handed you over to us saying...

"Help Yoshioka."

"Quickly, call the rescue."

"Yoshioka is waiting
with the two victims."

His memory
is probably a bit confused.

He got there in time.

It was three months late...

but he...

finally made it.