House of Terrors (1965) - full transcript

Yes, but Madam is resting.


Yes, I will tell her right away.

It was the hospital, Madam.

They told me your husband is dead.

It's terrible! It's just what I was dreaming about.

Is it over?

Death was the best thing that could happen to him.

I have every available scientific resource,
but his case was hopeles.

Now, at least, poor man, his pain is over.

Thank you for what you did for him.

Oh, poor uncle!

Madam, I believe your husband tried to say something
before passing away.

Sadly, though, I could not understand what.

How can that be? He has been unable to speak for months!

I kown. Yet, when I took his temperature, last night,
I saw that he was struggling to speak. I am positive.

Unfortunately, at that very moment, he suffered
another stroke that had the best of him.

Did he really try to say anything?


It's impossible!

No! It's the truth!

It cannot be! My son's illness was irreversible!

His brain was destroyed. He could never come back!

I know, it's true. Yet, Madam...

Please, doctor, do not insist.

Let's get ready for the funeral rites.
We are already very late.

What was that?

A bone joint squeaked while stiffening.

It happens, sometimes.

Could you open the coffin's lid?

But, ah...

Do it, please!

Yoshi, knock it off!
I beg you!

Yes. Open it.

Enough. Let's go, now.

Pardon me. Mrs. Mitake?

My name is Daymyo. I'm an attorney.


Your husband entrusted me with a task.
I am very sorry to bother you.

This is the property deed of the villa.

The villa?

Yes. Nobody knew about it, but it was where
his mind started showing signs of imbalance.

It's a house known as "Satan's pit".

I came personally to deliver the property deed and the key of the gate.

Satan's pit

How odd!

What's happening?

It won't open.

Who are you?

The keeper of this house.

The keeper?

At your service, Madam.

Tell me. Did you use to work for my husband?

Lots of crows, here. The park is filled with them.

Do you live here alone?

It's the first time I come here,
and I must confess I am a bit spooked.

Which one was my husband's bedroom?

No, wait. You know what drove him crazy
and how it happened, don't you?

You were already here with him.

You must tell me.
I'll do anything!

I saw Mr. Mitake right here, with a corpse in his arms.

The corpse of a girl.

Who is it? What is happening?

Come down. There are visitors.

It's us, dear.

What a house! It looks so grim.

It's no wonder it made such an impression on Yoshi.

I mean, it's called Satan's pit...

I'm sure I've heard someone laughing.

You're saying it was a ghost!

Why ghosts should blame you?

It would me more logical for them
to blame me of all people.

At least, the ghosts of my
unluckiest patients.

Isn't it true, doctor Yamashita?


It felt like... someone was staring at me.

This is nonsense!

Oh! You can't you talk about anything else, can you?

Madam, it could have been your imagination.

I imagined... the crow, too?

Maybe not. But please, come.
I want to show you something.

Here, please take a look. The ceiling and the walls
do not cross at the right angle.

It's a rather common event.

As years pass, the framework and the beams bend,
structural soundness notwithstanding,

so the whole building, little by little, shifts its balance.
This causes, very often, squeaks and noises,

otherwise inexplicable.

An event that can drive mad
who does not know the cause of it.

Anyway, the reason I'm here is to find out
what drove your husband insane.

Which suggestions or real events could
undermine his sanity for ever.

You should understand professor Mitake, though.

It's really hard for him to believe the misterious
intervention of unearthly forces.

Personally, I believe the explanation is
to be found in this house.

In this house?

Oh, I'm sorry, i did not mean to scare you more.
In fact, you should keep as calm as you can.

You should convince yourself that
everything can be logically explained.

What does this mean?

I don't know.

Look! What a weird statue.

It looks like it's as old as the villa.
The copy of an even older statue.

The image of Satan, based on
the archaic conceptions of black magic.

The feather of a crow!


Sit down. I need to talk to you.

I did not know about Chonin's villa either.
I did not remotely imagined its existence.

I believe you. But this does not make
finding out about it like this less painful.

I really don't know what to think.

Oddly enough, though, it's a kind of house
I'm really interested in, and that I've tried to find.


The villa is in an excellent location, and, furthermore,
is beautifully isolated and surrounded by vast woods.

I'm sure that, after the necessary adjustments,
it would become the perfect private hospital.

A great chance for me to break free from my
really unprofitable job at the hospital.

I'm sure I can still work
like a young doctor.

It is becoming very late.

What, dont' you want to hear
the end of it?

What end?

See, dear, at the funeral an acquaintance though
you were my wife.

You know she passed away many years ago,
but the misunderstanding did not bother me at all.

After all, it means I'm still young enough
to have a wife like you.

Don't you think it would be opportune
for us to reach an agreement?

You should think about it.
It would be a good solution.

What are you doing?

He was mopping the floor
at this time of day?

Just... just by that horrible statue in the hall.

Ah... very weird.

And it was like he was doing... something painful
but absolutely necessary.

Your uncle lived with a woman. His secretary?


The hunchback must know if something
happened between them.

Yamashita, excuse me...

Will you leave tomorrow?


I'm scared, it's like...

I have a feeling...

Something terrible is going to happen.

What's happening?
Aunt Yoshi!

What happened?
Madam! Madam!

Aunt Yoshi!
Yoshi! What happened?

That laughter... that horrible laughter of his!

Whose laughter? Chonin's laughter, you mean?

Ah, let me help you!

It was him. I'm sure it was him!

What are you saying?
I'm sure!

Who else could have been?

Why should he do it?

I don't know. But I think he wants us out of the house.
He's doing all he can to scare us.

I'm afraid that Chonin really killed
a girl in this damned house.

Nonsense! You don't really think your husband
was a murderer, do you?

The horrible laughter of last night was
his laughter, I'm sure!

Ahah! So you're persuaded that it was Chonin's ghost?

Ahah! What foolishness!

You said last nigh you were
overwhelmed by a strong wind?


It was your imagination.

No, a sudden strong wind came through
the door, down the corridor!

The door that would not open?

The one that suddendly opened by itself,
without us doing anything?

The wind that overwhelmed you
came through that door?

It must have been another trick of that damn hunchback!

I'm sure Chonin was trying to warn me, when
he made that horrible noise at the morgue.

I already told you, it was a natural event.

I don't think so. Even in my dreams, when he
was about to die, tried to tell me something,

and they called me to tell me he died
right after that dream.

Maybe he wanted to be forgiven for the
scandalous and shameful life he led.

No! I'm certain it's like I see it, and
it is not true that I imagine things.

It's all absurd! Break it off!

I'm starting to think that, after all,
maybe it's not all her imagination!

Do you mean you believe her?

No, it's not that. Yet, her hand has been
wounded by something or someone.

A weird wound that finds no explanation
in the natural order of things.

The crows!

It's all carcasses of crows.

Oh! Look down there!

This helmet has been put here recently.

It's very weird. This park looks even
unusual than the villa itself.

There are some graves down there.

George, Judy, Irene. Who were they?

Definitely not crows!

It won't open.

I can assure you yesterday it opened.

Somebody must have locked it.

Yes. Probably the hunchback.

Let's find him!

What? Who opened the door?

Was it you, Ohara?

He called... Judy...

He called? Who?

A voice! There!

It's the basement!

The hunckback did this!


Wait! Was it you the one who built the
altar down in the basement?

Come on! What does that mean?
What about that crow?

You owe us an explanation!

Don't you want to answer?

Come on, speak! You better tell us what you know!

Hey! Answer me! You know the secret
of this house! You must tell us! What is it? Come on!

What is this? Where did you get it?

Come on! I want to know to whom it belonged!

Speak, or else...

Let him go! Don't hurt him, please!

Now, after what I saw, Madam,
I am willing to believe you.

The crow in the basemend had a white chrysanthemum
in his beak, the same as the one in Chonin's mouth.

So what?

What could it mean?

Who knows? Maybe it has the same meaning.

What meaning?

A warning, perhaps, not to come here.

I'm sorry. There are more visitors.

Oh! It's you.

Sorry for the sudden intrusion.
Oh, good morning.

I wanted to give you notice, but it was not possible.

Besides, we ran out of gas along the road, and
we had to hitchike. A sports car led us here.

A sports car?

Yes. Are you doctor Yamashita?

I am.

They're waiting for you outside.

And now, with your permission, I would like
to introduce you miss Susi Akemi.

Ling! Hello, how are you?

I hate you.

Come on, that's not true. Otherwise,
you wouln't have run here.

You could have told me you were leaving,
couldn't you?

I had no time. Please, come inside now.

Are you really mad at me?

No, but really... it's that I don't like this house.

Was she Chonin's mistress?

Yes. And it was me, a year ago, the one who
separated your husband from her.

What does she want now?

Well, right before your husband's company went bankrupt,
your husband promised her some special bonuses.

As she became aware from the newspapers
of your husband's death, she came to claim the whole amount.

I am very sorry.

How much money?

Twenty million.

Twenty million?

If he were alive, I would be willing to wait.

But sadly he is dead, and I figured that
if I don't act I will never see that money.

I'm sorry, but I can't pay you.

Actually that's the opposite of what the counselor said.

There's no money. My son's company is in other hands now.
Debts are all that's left.

Well, there is this villa, isn't there?

What was your father's answer? Yes?

Do you care?

Don't joke.

Dad agrees.

Yes. He said you could even become
the hospital's manager.

I'm very happy. Thank you.

But.. You have to induce professor Mitake to resign.

Do you think you can manage it?

I know his past is anything but clean.
And I can prove it.

Ohara is here, isn't she?

They say she's in love with you.
Do you love her?

What happened here?

A motorcycle ran into it.

And those who where on it died.

You must tell me what those three graves
on the hill mean.

One has the name Judy on it.

I heard the voice of a man calling her.

Twice already.

As long as you will hear the voice, you will not
be able to leave this house.


Counselor, what do you think about this matter?

Well. I must admit it is a complex problem.

Anyway, I would like to read your son's will first.

A will? Where did you find it?

In a safe-deposit box whose key
your son gave me.

Inside there was also the property deed of this villa.

As you can see, there is no address on the envelope.

That is why i did not notice it before.

According to the date written on it,
the deed was drawn up nine months ago.

That is, two months before your son fell ill.

It says nothing about his company, and the deed indicates that each one
of his properties, except this villa, of course, were mortgaged.

What about the villa? That's what I care about, counselor Daymyo!

I will read the pertaining paragraph, then.

It's here, near the end, after all the other instructions.

"My villa will belong to my father Harashi, together with
my beloved wife, Yoshi, as long as he becomes her tutor,

supports her, takes responsibility about her well being."

So the house belongs to me and Yoshi. This is the gist of it, right?

Right. And now, one last thing.

When one of the two owners dies,
the other will be granted full ownership.

So, counselor, what do you have to say
about my twenty millions?

It's up to the professor and Mrs. Yoshi.

Why should I pay? I see no reason. It was just thing he said.

Let's hear the counselor!

I'm very sorry, but there is nothing written.

What are you doing? Are you double-crossing me?

Please, let's go outside to discuss it.

This was not what I expected from you.

Don't be mad. I had my reasons.

No! I'm tired of your tricks! If I can't get my money
out of them, I'll get it out of you!

No! No!

Oh, it's you, Lyn. When did you arrive?

Yamashita has something to say to you,
professor Harashi.

Does he? What's it about?

May I ask you to leave, madam?

Why don't you want Yoshi to stay?

It's better she doesn't, for your own good.
What do you mean?

Come on, we're wasting time. I'm listening.

I have proof that during the chinese war you
vivisected some prisoners.

If you will resign quietly from the hospital,
I will keep this matter a secret.

This is blackmail! How dare you?

Give it the name you want! I just want to know
if you want this to be kept a secret.

I did nothing to be ashamed of!

The goal of my experiments was
the progress of medical science!

There are many who have doubts!


Let's hope you will be able to persuade the medical board.

It's a fact, however, that your methods,
nowadays, are largely outdated.

You are behind our time, if you can't admit
the importance of the incorporeal phoenomena.

Do you think so? It's all balderdash!

They have a different opinion abroad. In some cases,
they managed to use them to cure some particular neurosis.

So I should believe in my son's ghost?

Why not, if it's a real thing.

Of course! But you will have to prove it!

You think you can make my son's ghost appear!

It's possible!

We'll contact him tonight;
just wait and you'll see!

We will see no ghost! This is just stupid!
I refuse to waste my time.

Wait a little longer.

It's all nonsense. I'm going to bed.

Professor! Wait! Even if we don't see any ghost,
maybe we could talk to him.

The table turning method is well tested
nowadays, and you know it.

Ah ah! Congratulations! And I'm talking
especially to you, Yamashita.

I see you fell for the scientific theories
of the young lady!

Oh, no. It's the doctor who influences me.
I can guarantee it.

Did you see? The table moved.

Is it him?

Judy! Judy!


Ohara! What's the matter?

What's happening?

What happened?

We were scared and we wanted to run away.

And we walked toward the exit.
But the front door was locked.

And then, we've been hit by a strong wind a... against
which it was impossible... it was impossible to fight.

This house is haunted by an evil spirit.

It it my husband's?

No. He was its victim too.

What on earth are you saying?

Listen. What we can argue is that in this house
a girl named Judy was murdered.

But the spirit does not seem appeased.

But why, what do you mean, Yamashita?

There will be more victims.

This house is cursed.

Judy and her parents were the first victims.

Innocent victims of a merciless and cruel curse.

Now, however, I feel there's something else.

Like a terrible... terrible evil spell
that envelopes us all.

You shouldn't have followed those people here.

Who could it be?

You're possessed by a crow!

You're an incarnation of the devil!

And the house where you are is the house of Satan's pit!

How do you know?

I'm a medium. While walking nearby, I felt the evil influence
of the demonic power that haunts it.

Can you tell us whose spirit dominates this house?

I'll have to undergo a deep mental concentration,
so it'll be very dangerous to turn the lights off suddenly

or interrupt me with any request or question.

Only when I have gone in a complete trance state
you will be allowed to ask any question you want.

Now she looks like Chomin...

She's trying to talk.

Yoshi! Yoshi!

Are you Chonin Mitake now?


If we ask you questions, will you answer?

So tell us about the girl, then.
The one you brought here.

We want to know how she died.

In the... in the...!

In the fire! Was it an accident?

No, it wasn't an accident.

Did she kill herself?

No. No!
How did she die, then?

She was murdered!

Murdered? Who murdered her?

I killed her! With my own hands!

Speak, then! How did you do it?

I set her on fire! She burned alive!

I soaked her naked body in gasoline..
Just barely, though...

Then I set her on fire, and she started screaming!

She was screaming. And I threw more gasoline over her!

She wriggled like an eel while the fire ate her!

I wanted to kiss her... but the fire
had wiped away her mouth!

No! Stop! No!

Were you already crazy when you did this?


Were you so cruel because you were crazy?

Me? Everybody is crazy! Aren't you?

Yoshi! Yoshi!

Yoshi! Yoshi!


Chonin! Chonin! Who did you really love?

Your wife or that girl you brought here?

Both! It's true, I loved them both!

Was it because you murdered the girl
that you went crazy? Is it so?

That's not the reason!

Do you remember? We used to make love
in a bed at the hospital.

And my father used to hide and spy on us
from the peephole!

That's not true!

Yoshi! You have to beware of him! Beware!

It's a lie!

Can you tell us whose spirit is haunting this house?

Chonin! What did he want to tell me right before he died?

Tell us which spirit ties you to this house!

Please! Tell us!



Who are you?

I am... I am baron Tominaga.

Baron Tominaga?

My destiny is to kill everyone
that sets foot in this house.


Do you really want to know?

She was crazy, but I was madly in love with her,
and to no avail I tried to possess her insane soul,

as well as her body that bewitched me.

It was like I was caught under a cruel spell,
that left me without will and understanding.

I wanted her only for me. I wanted her
to be mine forever! She was my life!

But suddendly, on a summer night...



You slut! You dirty slut!

I will kill you! I will kill you both!
Damn you! Damn you forever!

Judy! Judy!

You must die! You must die!

Brother! Brother!

My spirit will remain in this house and you will bear
the burden of my curse as long as you live!

From that day, everyone that stepped
into this house never came out alive!

And none of you... will be spared!


What's back there?

It's the baron!

If we bury him, maybe he will not
haunt us anymore!

What happened?

A tree... fell... on me.

Why can't you open it?

I don't know!

You just stay here!
What are you going to do?

I will go up in the garret.
I have to find a way out.

Be quick!
Lock the door!


Where are you going?

I want to take a look.

You can't go out either.

Leave me alone!

Come! I know all too well what kind
of woman you are!

I know you used to sneak in the hospital,
and get in bed with Chonin!

And yet you knew he was crazy,
and you knew he had a mistress!

But you went anyway, because you liked it!

I know what kind of a woman you are, Yoshi!

It's not true!

It is true! I know! Chonin's spirit
spoke the truth!

I saw you! I saw you!



Go away!

Go away!

Just go away!

Go away!
Go away!

Brother! No!

No! Don't go!

Remember! As long as you live,
you cannot betray me!