House of Salem (2016) - full transcript

A group of kidnappers become a child's unlikely protectors, after finding out they have unwittingly been set up to take part in a deadly game of human sacrifice. As they start to uncover the truth of the safe house they find themselves trapped, they must battle demonic forces in the walls and uncover the terrifying truth of over a hundred years of murder in the name of the Devil.

(dramatic music)

(eerie music)

(ominous music)

- Please God,

look after me and Saint
Peter Lamb tonight.

And keep--

- [Tanya] Josh!

I told you you should be in bed
by now.

- Saint Peter doesn't
want to go to bed yet.

- Well, Peter is a bad

Don't you think you're getting a
bit old

to be playing with stuffed toys?

Shouldn't you play with kids
your own age,

not weird little lamb toys?

- You know I don't get to go to

like the other children.

I'm special.

I get given tutors and you.

- Come on, take your tablets.

- I don't want to take them.

- You know if you don't take

you have your nightmares and
won't sleep.

- But what if I need to wake

'cause the nightmares are too

- You won't, I promise.

Come on, just take them
and get it over with.

There, wasn't so bad, was it?

You and Saint Peter get a
pleasant sleep.

(phone ringing)


Yes, Miss Downing, everything's

Yeah, took his pills,
went straight to bed.

Yep, no problems at all.

Alright, enjoy the gala.


- [Voice] Wake up, they're

You need to hide.

(eerie music)

Hide, they're in the house.

- Hey.

(ominous music)

Nothing, just trying
to do my dissertation.

(door creaking)

(floorboards creaking)

Even the talking sheep
would be a help right now.

Nothing, the kid's weird.

(Josh yelling)

- Hang on, I think Josh is up.

(electricity crackling)



(toy cackling)

Josh, if you're playing about,

this isn't funny.

(ominous music)

(muffled speaking)

(muffled speaking)

(muffled speaking)
(dramatic music)

Run Josh!

(fist thumping)

- You fucking idiot!

- [Voice] The hunting rifle.

- Fuck, what are you doing?

Put the fucking rifle down.

- Please, Josh listen to me, put
it down.

No one's gonna get hurt.

- You hurt Tanya!

Stay back, the both of you!

- Josh, I promise, nothing
bad is gonna happen to you.

That's why I'm here.

Look, I'm putting my gun down.

You can trust me.

- You can't let them
take me to that house!

- What?

- I can't go there!

- Just look at me and stay calm.

What house, where?

- The bad house, where
the bad dreams come from.

(gun booming)

- [Craig] That was fucking

- Please, you can't let
them take me to that house!

- [Nancy] What's he talking

- [Craig] Who cares?

The kid's batshit crazy.

- Please, you can't let
them take me to the house!


- [Nancy] What are you
talking about, what house?

- No cunt cuts me.

- Stop.

I promised the girl, no killing.

You can put that fucking
thing down, for a start.

- [Mickey] Can I fuck her

- [Jacob] No.

- Should better get him out of

in case someone heard the gun go

- [Craig] Well come on, let's
get him to his grand party.

- [Jack] You get him
some stuff (inaudible).

- I won't let you take him.

- Listen, you don't get
paid enough for this.

You're just the babysitter.

Help will be here soon.

- What the hell went wrong in

It was one simple job.

It was a kid and a teenage girl,

- Fuck was I supposed
to know she had a knife?

- The hard part's over.

I'm sure Lightnin' Reactions

can sew his arm back on
later over a few drinks.

- Yeah, well thankfully the
kid's alright.

- I don't give a fuck about the

I care about my fucking arm.

- No one was supposed to get

That girl coulda died.

- Relax, she didn't.

- Come on, let's just
get to the safe house

before he suffocates in the

There'd be an awful
price for dead hostages.

(ominous music)

- Oh my God, you're alive.

Where's Josh?

- They took him.

I'm so sorry Mrs. Downing,
I tried to stop 'em.

- It's okay, hon.

- There's massive evidence of a

Josh is gone.

The rifle's been fired.

I thought she was dead.

- Obviously not.

Is it still loaded?

- Yes.

(gun booming)

I best go call the police, then.

- I'll never get that out of the

- Wakey, wakey.

(muffled speaking)

Welcome to your new playhouse.

(muffled screaming)

- Right, no one touches

If anyone messes with this house

or tries to nick anything,

I gave our clients a very
good insurance policy.

I'll chop your cocks off.

- Well, maybe we should get 'em

to pay a ransom for the kid too.

- Seriously, I want this job
over quickly.

No fucking with the client.

And no fucking with this house.

- Try not to bleed over this
one like the last one, Mickey.

- It's like one of them
proper business trips.

(camera buzzing)

- I'm gonna take the mask
off, kid, so you can see.

You're not gonna give me
any trouble now, are ya?

Do you like clowns, Josh?

Do you find them scary?

That's good, because clowns are

And they wear masks
because their real faces

are even more scary.

And you must never see our real

because if you do, you'll
never see anything ever again.



Do you understand?

- Stop it.

You're scaring him.

- He needs to know the
rules of the circus, Nancy,

for his own safety.

Now, you're going to do

the scary clowns tell you
to do, aren't you, Josh?

'Cause otherwise, we'll
have to tell your folks

what a naughty little boy you're

I'll send them one piece

of their naughty little boy
every time.

(Josh whimpering)

No one will here you scream
here, kid.

So I'm gonna take the tape off
your mouth.

You're not going to give me
a clown headache now are you?

Whatcha say?

- Thank you.

- Good boy.

Now, repeat after me.

I am gonna repeat everything

the scary clown tells me to say.

- I'm going to repeat everything

the scary clown tells me to say.

- 'Cause otherwise the

is gonna kick my fucking head

- 'Cause otherwise the

will kick my fucking head in.

- Good boy.

- That fucking bitch.

Can't believe she got away with

because of Jacob's girl.

- Hey, no one is supposed
to die on this job.

- Yeah, that can always change,

- My name is Josh Downing.

I'm being held by people
who don't want to hurt me,

but they will if they have to
if you don't pay the ransom.

- I don't trust Nancy.

I think she's a risk.

- She's my girl.

Never let me down on a job.

- She's never done a job like
this before.

- Yeah, neither have you.

I can vouch for Nancy.

You just do your job.

(phone ringing)

Now bug off and let me talk to
the client.

(phone ringing)

And shut the door behind you.

(phone ringing)

Yes sir.

Everything's going according to

(classical music)

- Very good.

They've just put out an
Amber Alert on the kid.

I hope the house is to your

- It has quite the character.

- I would suggest you lie
low as much as possible.

We shall speak again at
the same time tomorrow

after the ransom video.

Have a good night, Mr. Colgan.

Take very good care of our
special child.

(classical music)

(soft knocking on door)

Please inform the members of the

it is with great excitement
that I can announce

the proceedings for this
season's ritual have begun.

All communications to House of

will now be cut until further

- Yes sir.

Can I bring you anything else?

- Yes.

Bring me the bottle.

- Messin' up the kid.

- Don't feel sorry for the kid.

Wish I had Jacob's girl looking
after me.

- I wouldn't let Jacob hear you
talking about her like that.

- Yeah well, it's not like the

can see with his mask on anyway.

- You like looking at her, don't

- No, no.

Not exactly my type.

- Good, 'cause he'll
cut anyone's fingers off

who touches her.

- Yeah, well like you
said, she's off limits.

- I'm going to let you
keep your hands free.

But you have to promise
me not to remove the mask.

- [Josh] Okay.

- You can call me Nancy.

- [Josh] Like the woman
who looked after Oliver.

- Yeah, and Oliver had a
happy ending, didn't he?

- [Josh] Yeah, he did, but Nancy

She got her head smashed in.

- Don't listen to the things
the scary man's saying.

I promise nothing bad's
gonna happen to you.

(dramatic music)

- [Craig] What's up with you?

- I just saw something.

Must have been a glitch.

- You haven't been smoking
weed again, have you?

- No.

- Oh, maybe you should.

Might help you relax.

- I found a sheep teddy you
might like.

- [Josh] His name's Saint Peter.

- That's a funny name.

Does he like church?

- No.

- Oh, and why not?

- Because he's a stuffed lamb.

- Yeah.

- Saint Peter has autism,
he likes to be left alone.

- I've never met an autistic
lamb before.

- People say I'm too old for
Saint Peter.

- I still talk to my teddy's.

- But you're a girl and you have

You're a weirdo who kidnaps

- Fair enough.

I'm close by, I can
hear you if you need me.

(ominous music)

- Who's the other child crying
next door you've kidnapped?

- There are no other
kidnapped children here.

- I can hear the children
crying in the other rooms.

- You're just shaken and scared.

This is an old house.

It's the wind whistling
through the old cracks.

(bell ringing)

(bell ringing)

(suspenseful music)

(crickets chirping)

- [Jacob] How's my little girl?

- Don't call me that.

I didn't like the way you
were scaring the boy today.

- You know me.

It's just an act.

- Then it's not an act I like to

- Look, Anna, just think.

After this job, you and
me are gonna be free.

No more crime.

My little princess can find
someone who really deserves her.

You seem troubled.

- I keep having horrible
visions of my mother.

There's something about
this place I don't like.

I think it reminds me of the
old building in St. Petersburg

where they used to keep us.

- You're going to have to find
a way to escape that place.

- I can't escape that place,

the same as the boy, he won't
be able to escape this place.

- They'll buy him a new
computer or something,

soon as he gets home.

A small price to pay for
being a rich kid, eh?

Look, Anna, I want you to have

Just in case.

I know what guys like that can
be like.

- I can protect myself.

- Yeah, and you can protect

a lot better with a gun.

- Couldn't see anyone out there.

- I was told this place was

there'd be no one around for

- Someone should tell Jacob.

- For fuck's sake.

- Well, maybe it's rats in the

- Rats?

Someone pushed that bell.

- Good night, Josh.

(suspenseful music)

(door creaking)

(child humming)

- [Josh] Ricky, is that you?


Who's there?

- [Ricky's Voice] You
need to get out of here.

- [Josh] Go away!

You're dead!

- [Ricky's Voice] So are they.

- [Josh] You're not real

You're just trying to scare me.

- [Ricky's Voice] But
they're not like me, Josh.

They've gone to a bad place.

* Come away with us

* To play in the dark with us

* Come away with us

* To cry in the dark with us

We need to get out of here.

They're coming.

(Josh screaming)

(Josh screaming)

- Last time I fucking work with

- Josh, what is it?

- It was in the closet.

- The closet's closed, Josh.

- [Jack] What's going on?

- The mask.

Did he see your faces?

- No.

- Get something to sedate him.

- It's just the trauma.

It's messed with his head.

- Stay with him until
he falls asleep, Nancy.

- You know that gun
doesn't suit you, right?

Nancy, she certainly
didn't have one like that.

- Take it your name isn't
really Jack either, then.

- No.

But Jack's as good a
name as any other though.

I didn't exactly care for
the one my mom gave me.

- So how did you get talked into

Your accent doesn't sound
like you're from around here.

- In and out of trouble.

Run away.

Started doing some odd
jobs here and there,

and I realized I wasn't too
bad at computer hacking.

I guess it was something to do

while I was in and out of
young offenders institutions.

Well, none of us had lucky
families like this kid, did we?

- Is the video done?

- Yeah, Craig's gonna take
it into town tomorrow.

Send it from the internet
cafe first thing.

- Good.

Then the kid can go home.

- Yeah.

(eerie music)

- Please Josh, wake up.

You need to get away from here.

(child humming)

(child humming)

Save my brother.

(thunder booming)

(birds chirping)

(ominous music)

(child crying faintly)

- Jacob.

- Careful, you almost dropped
your camera.

- I didn't see you come in.

- Why don't you take a seat.

I think it'd be rather nice

if we had a bit of a chat, don't

- It's okay, I can stand.

- And I said, take a seat.

- So, what do you wanna talk

- My Nancy must be very
attractive to somebody like you.

- Jacob, I promise you,
I will never touch her.

- And that's why I know
you're fucking lying, Jack.

You wouldn't be able to
resist a girl like her.

I'm not wearing a mask now,

and I'm not frightening little

and you might look like
Prince Charming right now,

but you won't if I cut
your fucking face off

and mail it back to the care
home from where you came.

Do you understand, Jack?

- Yes.

- Good boy.

- What the fuck's this?

- It's a rabbit.

- But what the fuck is it doin'
up a tree.

- Kids.

I'll fucking string
them up if I catch them.

- Fuck, I'm smoking this inside.

- Yeah, good idea.

And why don't you put
some fucking trousers on?

- Do you think we should be

- I don't know.

Just get that USB off as
quickly as possible, alright?

I'll sort this out.

(ominous music)

- Come on.

Eat your cereal.

I want you to be nice and
strong for when you go home.

- What if they don't pay the

- Of course they will.

Why would you say something like

- Mr. And Mrs. Downing
don't really like me.

They pretend to.

- You shouldn't call them Mr.
and Mrs.

They are your mom and dad.

- No, they're not.

They're my aunt and uncle.

My mom and dad died with my
brother Ricky

in a house fire when I was very

- House fire?

- I was the only one who

Thank you for looking after me,

- I told you my name was Nancy.

Who told you Anna?

- I heard someone say it in the

- One of the guys must have told

- The guys weren't told your
real name.

Unless you told it to that
teenage boy.

- Of course I didn't,
I've barely spoken to him.

- Really?

'Cause I've seen the way you
look at him.

- Don't be ridiculous.

Like I'd want to date a

I've already got one
as a so-called father.

- Sorry.

You know I hate violence.

Nancy, Anna, who gives a toss?

Josh must have overheard
us talking, that's all.

- Did you know they
weren't his real parents?

- You did, didn't you?

The lines you made him say in
the video

there was no mention of mom or

- It doesn't matter, they'll

I've got a guarantee on it.

(dramatic music)

- What's going on?

- It's the kid.

He's escaped, I think
he's still in the house.

- Fuck.

- Nancy, stop there and look
for the boy, he's got out.

- That's impossible, I was just
with him.

(ominous music)

- [Jack] Mick!

- Down here.

- [Jack] Find him?

- No.

- [Jack] What are they?

- Looks like there was something
in here

trying to get out.

- What, you reckon the
owners kept dogs in there

for fightin' or something?

- Must have been pretty big

- [Josh] What's going on?

- [Jack] Hey Mick, look.

There's something in this one.

- That's not yours to touch.

What are you two doing down

- I came to look for the boy.

- Nancy's already found him.

He's upstairs in his bedroom.

- What?

No, Jacob, I saw a kid
running through the house.

- You better not be
losing it on me, Sunshine.

Remember, you've done your job

so you're expendable.

Neither of you should be down

I've told you, no messing with
the house.

We don't know who this client

and we don't wanna piss him off.

Now both of you, get the fuck
out of here.

(ominous music)

(water gurgling)

- You'll feel better
once you've had a bath.

(dramatic music)

- Mick, I swear that there's

not right about this job.

- Relax, mate.

The client's gonna pay up

now that they've got your film

Especially that performance with
the kid.

- [Josh] Why do you have to stay
with me?

- You can't be left alone.

Just in case you try something.

- Like what?

- Escape, or hurt yourself.

Where did that mark come from?

- [Josh] I don't know.

I've always had it.

Do you ever hurt yourself...

... because of bad things?

- We need to find out what's
been going on in that basement.

- Leave it.

You heard Jacob.

Let's just enjoy this place.

It's not like we're usually
somewhere like this.

- Yeah, but what sort of people
hire us

to do a job like this?

And give us this kind of house?

- You're paranoid.

That's why you keep seeing kids

runnin' around that ain't there.

- Do you really think you can
keep me safe

from that scary man?

- He's not that scary, it's just
an act.

- He seems pretty scary to me.

- He plays a pretty good act.

- Mickey listen, it's all
over the news and radio,

the girl is dead.

It's now a murder inquiry.

- For each punch in the face?

- Well, yeah, I did.

- Quality.

- How is it quality, Mickey?

- She must have hemorrhaged.

- Oh, that's alright then,

she must have just fuckin'

- You told the babysitter she'd
be fine.

But she wasn't.

- She's fine.

Help would have got to her.

- Saint Peter says she's dead.

- What makes him say that?

- Apparently, I have a bad

- How can you have a bad
imagination at your age?

- Apparently, I do.

I see nasty things.

- What nasty things?

- Sometimes things that come

That's why they tell me to keep
on talking

to my lamb toy instead of other

- We all see scary things as a

It's part of growing up.

- That's what Saint Peter says.

(ominous music)

- Josh, I'm gonna ask you

and I want you to tell me the

Do you promise me you can do

- Okay.

- Who told you my name was Anna?

- I promised him I wouldn't say.

- Was it the scary man or one of
his guys?

- I'm not meant to let
people know I hear him.

- Who?

- I'm only meant to tell Saint

- Tell me who it is you hear,

(ominous music)

- Come closer so I can whisper.

My brother Ricky who died
in a fire told me it.

I see him sometimes, just like
you sometimes see your mom.

Even though I'm in a mask,

I can see them standing
right behind you now.

My brother with his burns,

and your mother holding her head
in a bag.

- It's just me.

I found something.

Promise you won't tell Jacob.

They're old VHS tapes.

Each of them marked with a name.

Look, they all seem to be under

And then there was this.

- Josh was given a lamb toy
by his adoptive parents.

- Adopted?

- Yeah.

His parents died in a house
fire along with his brother.

- Nancy, there's something
going on in this house.

Something terrible with these

- I'm sorry, Nancy.

I promise, I won't tell you ever

- We're a part of something
we don't know about.

- Can you play these videos?

- I can't find a player

But there must be an old VHS
player around here somewhere.

We've just got to find it.

- [Josh] I'm sorry.

- Peter.

Josh, he said his lamb
toy was called Peter.

(door clicking)

- Have you told any of the

- I told Mickey.

- [Jacob] He didn't need to

- [Craig] They're gonna
find out she's dead, Jacob.

It's everywhere.

- [Jacob] Yeah, not
here they wouldn't have.

- [Craig] I'm getting bad
vibes from this house.

- [Jacob] For fucks sake,
grow up and do your job.

(ominous music)

- [Craig] I'm not being
paid enough to do this shit.

- [Jacob] You're getting paid
exactly what

we agreed to pay you.

Now go and sort out that kid.

- What's going on?

- Nothing, where's Jack?

- I thought he was with you.

- Listen, don't mention
the fucking babysitter.

- Shit, I just ordered the
flowers for her funeral.

- Don't be a fucking prick all
your life.

(soft ominous music)

Mickey, the kid's escaped!

(dramatic music)


- What are you doing out here?

- You've got to help me.

- [Woman] Where are your

- I've been kidnapped.

- What?

By who?

- Josh!

- You okay?

- No, no.
- Go, go, go.

- Okay.

Woah, woah, woah.

What the fuck is going on here?

- I'm so sorry, we were playing

with our mom and dad in the

He has a terrible imagination

and he's always running off.

- Josh, come on, stop messing

We always come for picnics.

You wanna make Dad angry, Josh?

- Josh, look at me.

Do you know these people?

- No, they're lying.

- We'll go to the police
station, you're going to be

- We got to get him out of here.

- Let's get him in the car, come

(gun booming)
(woman screaming)

(gun booming)

(ominous music)

- Ah!

See, this is what happens
when you're fucking bad, kid.

You killed them people, you hear

- Leave him alone.

- We should just kill him
now and get it over with.

- No!
- No!


He's all we got left for the

(fist thumping)

- No one touches the boy.

- Who let him out?

- We don't know.

- Well someone did.

- None of us were near him.

- Well, I'm gonna fucking find
out, sonny!

- Please no!

I'm sorry.

- It wasn't Jack, I was with

We were clearing away this room.

- Alright, Nancy, put the gun

It really doesn't suit you.

No one's touching the boy.

Where's Mick?

- He's gone into the woods
to drop the bodies and car.

- [Jacob] Everyone calm down.

(melancholy music)

- I've seen all your faces now.

You know they're gonna kill
me if they get the money.

- They're not.

I promised I wouldn't let
anything happen to you

and I meant that.

Anyway, the client ordered
that no harm could come to you.

We're more at risk now than you

- They've had this video
for nearly eight hours now.

It's gettin' dark, someone
should have called by now.

- They'll call.

- We should move to another safe

- We're staying here.

The last thing we need to
do is start running about.

- Do you know what?

I've had enough of this.

This is getting out of control.

You two are on your own.

- [Mickey] Oh, fuck off,
no one's fucking leaving.

- Let him go.

- But he's gonna take the
fucking car.

- He'll be back.

Do you think he's gonna give
up his slice of the count?

Anyway, the kid's seen his face

- Yeah, what are we gonna do
about that?

(ominous music)

- Three people dead, and
the kid's seen our faces.

Do you really think they're
gonna let him go now?

- I don't know.

Why the hell didn't we let him

- Nancy, you weren't supposed to

They were gonna shoot him.

- This isn't a ransom.

I don't know what it is.

But we need to find out
what is on those tapes.

- Great.

Jacob really doesn't
know who the client is?

- I don't know.

That kid knows things he

He knows things about me only
Jacob knows.

- That was quick.

Thought you'd at least get
to the end of the drive.

Did you get lost?

- You cunt, you slashed my

- What?

That's absurd!

Why would I do that?

- So you're saying we've got
no vehicle out of this place?

We're miles into the woods.

- Who's the fucking client,

- Some family member with a

against Mr. and Mrs. Downing.

That's all I know.

That's all I wanted to know.

- Great.

So we're now part of some
revenge plot.

- Look, unless you're
actually gonna shoot me,

I suggest you put that gun down.

I'm your only connection with
that client.

- Well fucking call him then.

- So what's the deal with
you and this guy anyway?

He used to sell you, or?

- No, it was never like that.

- You don't have to lie to me,
you know.

I'm no stranger from the streets

- He's never touched me.

- A man like that doesn't
raise a girl for nothing.

He doesn't exactly seem like
the fathering type anyway.

- I was smuggled into
the UK when I was four.

My mother was Russian,
some cheap prostitute.

Jacob fell in love with her,

She helped him with
something, I don't know what.

Anyway, she witnessed some

Apparently I was there,
but I can't remember.

She gave me to some other
young girl who got me to Jacob.

My mother's head was found

in the river a few days later.

Her body was never found.

Maybe they kept hold of it.

It's the only thing
they ever wanted anyway.

Maybe they got one last
final payout off it.

- That's some dark shit.

- But how dark's the shit on
those tapes?

- The line's dead.

- Brilliant.

- Perhaps it's just temporary.

- What the fuck if it's not?

- Listen, we have both been
through some dark shit.

- That makes it worse.

How can we do what we've done to
the boy?

- Then the main thing is
we don't let anything bad

happen to him from now on.

I'm with you, I promise.

I won't let anything bad
happen to you or the boy.

- I'm gonna stay with the kid

You keep looking for the video

- What's going on?

- Where's Nancy?

- She's upstairs with the kid.

She said she wanted to
stay with him tonight.

- We've lost the landline.

- What?


- Shut up, Jack.

How far away is that car you

- 15 minutes.

Maybe 10, if I'm quick.

- Go and get it.

Drive until you get a
signal, then come back.

I'll give you the client's

Tell him the line's down.

I found some walkie talkies

in one of the cupboards in the

Go and get them.

(low ominous music)

- You promise me you
won't leave me tonight.

- I promise.

- You left you when I told you
the truth

about the things I see.

- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have.

I was scared.

- My brother Ricky says the
children here are scared.

- What happened to them?

- My brother or the children

- Both.

- What are we gonna do
if he doesn't come back?

What if he just takes the car?

- He'll come back.

None of us could leave this job

even if we wanted to.

- We trusted you when we took
this job on.

- Look, we still got the kid.

And all the while we've got him

we've got something to bargain

Even if it's the damned.

- I don't know what happened
to the children here.

But my brother was in a room
next to mine

when the fire started.

He tried to save me,

but the fire and the
smoke was just too thick.

With no doors or windows,

just fire.

He opened the closet
door and put me in there,

and what I thought was this

opened the door and picked me

The flames were so bright,

I thought both me and my
brother had just gone to hell.

I remember seeing my
brother's body burning

with the toys as I was carried

wondering why the monster
wasn't taking him, too.

Then I realized it was a

I was the only one who survived.

- What started the fire?

- They said it was one
of my mom's candles,

meant to make the house smell

I'll never forget the smell of

Burning with the bodies.

- I'm just approaching the car

I'll radio back when I got a

- See?

A little bit of faith goes a
long way.

- And so does the ransom money
that we should have by now.

(crickets chirping)

(dramatic music)

- What is it?

- Something bad just happened.

They're coming.

They're in the woods.

Saint Peter's scared.

They're in masks, but they're
not clowns.

They're scarier.

(knocking on door)

- He didn't radio to say he's
got signal.

- Maybe he came back for us.

- No.

He's back too soon.

Something's wrong, get your

Follow me!

(ominous music)

Open it.

- Jesus fucking Christ.

- Looks like Lightning Mickey's
fucked up for the last time.

- That symbol, that's the
one Nancy found on the boy.

- Jacob.


- We're gonna stay together
and get through this.

- Okay.

(key thumping)
(dramatic music)

Do you see that?

- Yes.

- Right, both of you,
lock this house down.

- [Josh] Saint Peter's scared,

He's stopped talking.

- Are the other children saying

- No, they've all stopped.

- Does Saint Peter usually stop

- No.

(ominous music)

- [Craig] What is it?

- I saw one of 'em.

They're taunting us.

(dramatic music)
(Nancy gasping)

(Nancy screaming)

- [Craig] Fuck!

- I think it's about time we
find out

what's been going on in that

(ominous music)

You ready?

- Get it over with.

- Josh's toy, it was...

- What?

- Nothing.

(muffled speaking)

- My name is Peter Ponder.

I've been chosen and marked as
the lamb

for the final deliverance,

and tonight I will become a
devil's saint.

This is my last testament on

- I'm gonna be with you and
my brother soon, aren't I?

(muffled speaking)

(dramatic music)

- Alright, turn it off.

We don't need to see any more.

- The kid had the same toy as

they must have passed it on to

- What the hell have we set up

- They're intending to make it
look like

the kidnapping went wrong.

It's genius.

- His rich Aunt and Uncle killed
his family in a house fire.

- And they're a part of
the cult that hired us.

- And trapped us up here,
knowing that we'd turn

on each other when the
ransom didn't come through.

The kid just disappears,
and some of our bodies

either turn up or disappear with

It's brilliant.

- Sick cunts.

Let's just give 'em the
kid and get out of here.

- Are you stupid.

That kid's the only reason
why we're still here.

- [Nancy] I'm gonna be sick.

- We're still armed, Nancy.

We've got to hold out until

then we can make a getaway.

Jack's right, they won't touch

all the while we've got that

- Nancy?

(ominous music)

(woman whimpering)

- My name is Sarah Richards.

I have been chosen for
the final deliverance,

to become one of the devil's



- They make for interesting
viewing, don't they?

- Jacob.

- My name is Daniel Hills.

I have been chosen for a lamb
for the final deliverance.

Tonight I will become a devil's

This will be my last testament
on earth.

(dramatic music)

- I tested you, Jack.

There's three boxes.

Come on, down we go.

- [Nancy] Josh!

(door thumping)

- Relax, he's safe.

- What have you done with him?

- Nothing.

Jacob's asked me to make him

He's worried you two have become
too involved and attached.

- If you harm that boy...

- I'd be careful if I was you.

I know you're Jacob's favorite

but I'd quite happily get rid of

just as quick as the boy if I
had to.

Do you understand?

(heavy breathing)

- Old houses hold a lot of
secrets, Jack.

And the House of Salem is
definitely one of them.

(muffled yelling)

Look into the flame.

Whatcha see?

Just fire?

Don't you know fire, from
what we've heard about hell.

Imagine if we could look
into the fire and see hell.

Lord Arthur Salem was part
of a magic circle in America,

but the Yanks couldn't handle
his growing

obsession with the occult.

So he moved to England with the
aid of several beneficiaries

who were interested in his

He built the House of
Salem on the confluence

of some very ancient lay lines,

and to exact sacred
geometrical dimensions.

And through the eyes of the

and with the aid of those
sensory deprivation boxes,

(muffled speaking)

he found the way to see hell.

Of course, it's only
been in the modern era

that the cult have been video
documenting their research.

They call them deliverances.

And you should feel really

Because it's only a select few

that are chosen for

Your real name is Liam Harrison,
isn't it?

It's the one you'll use on

(muffled speaking)

You haven't read your case
history files.

It makes for interesting

It was an LSD trip, but
it wasn't a bad acid trip

that sent your mom out
of the bedroom window.

(muffled speaking)

(muffled speaking)

Hi-rise counts for blocks, eh,

They're shit, aren't they?

What do you, Josh, and my
Nancy all have in common?

You've been prepared from
the day you were born

for this moment.

Much to the detriment of your

(muffled speaking)

- [Nancy] Jacob, where are you?

(muffled yelling)

- Do you know the payout
I'm getting for her?

It means this really is my last

Time to put Jack in the box.

(muffled speaking)

- Jacob!

(muffled yelling and speaking)

Jacob, where the fuck are you?

- Anna, do you think it's a
good idea making all that noise

with all these psychos
running about outside?

You know, I'm really beginning
to regret

giving you that gun, young lady.

- Don't fuck with me.

You might have saved
me when I was a child,

but I'm not gonna let you harm

- Look, I just asked Craig to
hide the boy

for his own safety in case
those crazies got in here.

You've seen from the videos
what they want to do to him.

He's safely sedated in the

- The one where we found the
dead boy?

- Mhmm.

- Why the fuck would you put him
in there?

- I agree that probably
wasn't the best place.

It was Craig's idea.

And I think by now we've
all learned that Craig

is not best known for his

Quite frankly, I'm disgusted
with his entire behavior.

- Where's Jack?

- Oh, he left note for
you on the VHS player.


Bad news, I'm afraid, Princess.

Don't think he could handle

what was going on in those

(muffled shouting)

And considering there's
no one left, really,

that you need protecting from,

probably a good idea I take
this gun back, don't you think?

(muffled whimpering)

Why don't you go and try and

your little angel in
the cupboard, darling.

(muffled yelling)

Let's face it, your teenage

certainly isn't coming
back to help, is he?

Those sick psychos.

This is for your own good, Anna.

- Jacob, let me out!

- I won't be long, love.

- No (mumbling).

- [Voice] You're going to die
with us all in this house.

- Stay quiet kid.

I don't fall for all that
scary shit like the others.

- You tell them if they're
not willing to deal

I'm gonna kill this kid right

- Devil wants to fucking play,
does he?

(ominous music)

This was not how it was
supposed to go down.

- [Voice] You're all running out
of time.

- I said shut your mouth.

One more word from you, I'm
gonna shoot you straight through

that stupid fucking bear mask.

(dramatic music)

- I was supposed to kill the
other two,

then hand over the three

after collecting my
reward, and you knew that.

And you said that I could have
one night

to do whatever I wanted with
that girl before you arrived.

- You there, Jacob,
have you found 'em yet?

- Not yet.

- What the fuck are they doing
out there,

having some sort of
Wicca orgy in the woods?

- Give me a few more minutes.

- You ain't got a few more

if this kid don't start to shut

- What are you talking about?

I left that kid sedated with
the tape back over his mouth.

(dramatic music)

- What?

- Be fine.

Who have I been talking to?

(ominous music)

- You seriously trying to scare
me now?

You can't touch me without
your precious child.

No child, no deliverance.

- [Man] You are no longer
required by the circle.

* Come away with us

* To play in the dark with us

we thank you for your services.

Your reward will be waiting
with our master in the fire.

- You cunts!

(ominous music)

My services?

My fucking services?

(dramatic music)

(Nancy screaming)

(suspenseful music)

(dramatic music)

(Nancy screaming)

(muffled shouting)

(door creaking)

- [Ricky's Voice] Save my

(ominous music)

(muffled yelling)

- Josh!

Calm down.

It's me, it's me.

- The children, they killed him.

(dramatic music)

(ominous music)


(dramatic music)

- Josh!

Hide under the table.

Whatever you do, don't come out.

(ominous music)

(dramatic music)

(ominous music)

(muffled yelling)

- [Man] Leave her.

A fellow saint waits below.

We must find the child.

(dramatic music)

(muffled shouting and thumping)

- Jack!

(ominous music)

- Behind you!

(flesh ripping)

Quick, untie me.

(Josh gasping)

Where's Jacob?

- The cult got him and they're
everywhere in the house.

- And Josh?

- [Nancy] No, he's hiding


- Saint Peter?

- I know his face.

He was the one in the video of

I swear his name was Daniel.

- Come on, we've got to get

* Come away with us

* To play in the dark with us

* Come away with us

* To cry in the dark with us

No, I left him here.

They can't have got to
him, you see what they're--

- Nancy!

You've got to calm down, okay?

We'll find him, I promise.

* Come away with us

- Josh!

* To play in the dark with us

* Come away with us

- Josh?

- Come on, we've got to go.

- It's too late, they're here!

* Come away with us

* To cry in the dark with us

- Nancy, do you hear that?

(dramatic music)

- Josh, we've got to go.

(Nancy screaming)


(Josh crying)

(Nancy screaming)

- No!


(Josh and Nancy screaming)

(screaming and thumping)

- Do you see them?

(eerie music)

- Saint Peter?

(Josh yelling)

Nancy, please help me!

- Josh?

- [Josh] There's
something in here with me!

- Josh?

- Nancy?

- [Josh] Nancy, please!

- Josh!

- Josh, what's going on?

Just stay away from him!


(eerie music)

(Josh screaming)

Don't hurt him!

Josh, what's going on?

(thumping and rattling)

- Ah!

(Nancy screaming)

(ominous music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello, Anna, how are you?

I hope your experience
inside one of Salem's

more ingenious inventions was
not too traumatic for you.

By this point I am sure you are

of the circumstances of your

Your guardian has
regrettably left our circle.

We always find the following
information come better

from a previous chosen one.

- I've been told to pass this
message on to the next saint,

on behalf of the child like me

who you're about to be asked to

Please don't be scared.

It's an honor to be delivered

into the arms of our true

I'll be forever thankful for my

as will the next child you'll

Please do the right thing,

and maybe you'll find
love within the circle.

- I hope you make the right
decision to join us, Anna.

The offering of the children

an important purpose to our

Direct communication with the

And you would not believe some
of the things they tell us.

- I'll never hurt that boy.

And you can all go to hell.

- Don't fight it like I did.

- I have no regrets about
helping his passing.

(dramatic music)

it's a great honor to be
chosen to become a deliverer.

- The failed saints are
sealed in one of the boxes

and buried alive in the woods.

- Please.

- [Saint] Pretty girl
like you deserves more.

- Sacrifice me instead.

- We only need one to deliver
the boy.

If your not afraid of
going back in the box.

- Maybe the other one will be.

(ominous music)

- No!

(Nancy screaming)

- My little Saint Peter had
such a beautiful singing voice,

but it had to be done.

It's time to talk to the devil,

- Jack!

- I'm sorry, I couldn't
take those boxes any longer.

It'll all be over soon, I

- Forget her, leave her.

She's lost to the circle.

You are now a saint, like the
rest of us.

- No.

- It's time for the final

(ominous music)

(Nancy screaming)

- No, let me go!

What are you doing?

No, Nancy!

Help Nancy!

Some one help me!

Please, what are you doing?

Please, I don't wanna play
with the other children.

Why are you doing this?

Help me!

- [Man] Silence the lamb.

(Josh whimpering)

- [Woman] Step forward,
saint, and deliver the child.

- You'll be the first to
drink his blood as a reward.

After he has spoken in death.

- Please, don't do this, don't
hurt me.

- [Woman] Give the lamb a clean
cut so he may bleed quickly

and be delivered fast to the
waiting arms of the devil.

Do it!

- The lamb must die.

(suspenseful music)

(flesh ripping)

- Hold him!

- [Jack] No, leave him, you hear

- No, Nancy!

Help me!


- No!

No, you get your hands
off her, you hear me?

Get your hands off her!

You leave her!

Leave her!

Nancy, it's gonna be okay.

I promise you it's gonna be

Don't worry.

Nancy, it's gonna be okay, I

- [Woman] Do you want the boy to

Then slit the lad's throat.

- Kill me!

Kill me, do it!

Kill me, do you hear me?

You kill me, I don't matter.

I don't matter.

- I can't, I can't.

- You have to save him.

Please, you have to.

- [Woman] If you don't sacrifice

I will bleed the three of you
right now,

starting with the child.

- Do it, kill me!

(children humming)

(faint talking)

Now, let's go!


(children humming)

- Her blood has woken us from

- We'll all have fun in hell.

- He is here.

(ominous music)

(door creaking)

(woman screaming and choking)

(ominous music)

- Time to return to Salem.

- So where are we gonna
go after this then?

- I don't know.

Probably to hell with the
rest of them, in the end.

- Do you think their might be a

- Look, there's lights.

Come on.

- Thank you so much for
stopping, you saved our lives.

- If you could just drop us

at the nearest police station or

- [Woman] You're very lucky
we were heading this way.

- [Man] Don't worry kids, you'll
be okay.

We'll get you to somewhere
safe, right away.

- Where are we, Nancy?

Where are we going?

- Shh, Josh, go back to sleep.

Some people found us

and they're gonna take us to a
safe place.

(ominous music)

- They must be frozen to death.

Turn the heating on.

Let's help them warm up.

- Of course.

(engine purring)

(phone ringing)

- Yes, master, we are awake now.

* We cried for a little while

* We cried for a
long long time *

* We cried for a
long long while *

* 'til all our tears were dry

* And we said goodbye

* This is the last
chance that's left to us *

* This is the last
chance that's left to us *

* She laughed for a while

* We cried for a while

* She laughed