House of Purgatory (2016) - full transcript

Four teenagers go looking for a legendary haunted house that gives you money back for every floor you can complete. Once finding it, they realize the house is much more terrifying than a normal Halloween attraction - the house knows each of their secrets and one by one uses them against the teens.

- Oh, disgusting.

- Pumpkin guts, I love
the way they feel.

I wanna fill up an entire
bathtub full of pumpkin guts

and roll around in it.

- That's nasty.

- That'd be awesome.

- You guys are saving
the seeds, right?

- Yeah.

You know how to cook them?

- Yeah, you put
them in the oven.

- Don't you have to
season them or something?

- With what?

- I don't know, brown sugar?

- Just salt, like, uh,
with sunflower seeds.

- That makes sense.

So Mel, all your mom's got
is three types of vodka,

is this one cool?

- Whatever.

- Your mom doesn't care
that we drink her booze?

- Just fill it
back up with water.

She doesn't drink that crap.

It's been here
since my dad left.

- Where's Amber tonight?

- Please, you think the warden's

gonna let her out of the
house on a school night?

Probably forcing her to
take communion as we speak.

Speaking of which.

- What the Hell?


- It's vodka-flavored water.

- Oh, looks like I already
got to that bottle.

- Ugh.

- Grab another one.

Hell, if my mom doesn't know
that one has water in them,

she certainly won't
notice both of 'em.

- Who's calling?

- Nate.

- I didn't know
you talked to Nate.

- Yeah, we've been
talking a lot lately.

- You gonna answer it?

- I'll call him back.

- I love Nate, nice guy.

- Who do you love?

- Nate Summers


How can
you not like Nate?

Everybody loves Nate.

- He's the nicest
guy in the world.

- He's kind of a girl.

I don't know, he's just so.

- What the Hell is that?

- He's a pussy, totally gay.

- He is not.

- Definitely got
some gay tendencies.

- Like what?

- Like, like being all nice.

- He's gay because he's nice?

- Straight guys are never nice.

- The idiots that you
date are not nice.

Normal guys are nice.

- If by normal you mean gay,
then I completely agree.

If a guy likes you,
he's not gonna be nice.

- I think you're still
in the third grade.

- So if he pulls my
pigtails he likes me?

- Oh my God, that's
why Tyler was chaing me

around the playground trying
to put gum in my hair?

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!

- Laugh it up, bitches
- I think it's still in there.

- Don't cry to me when
you're dating Nate

and you catch him
playing explore my body

with Coach Van Lanning.

- Eww.

- Well, anyway, cheers, bitches.

Uh, now that's good stuff.

Ignoring you.

- Are you done yet?

- Just about.

- Your thing better look like
the Mona Lisa, or something,

because you are the
slowest cunkin parver.

Cunkin parver?

- Pumpkin carver.

- Anyway, cunkin parver,

I am done.


- Got candles?

- Thank you.

So cool.

My lid, please.

- Lid
- Thank you.

- Ooh.

- You guys ready?

- Yes.

- One, two, three.

- I'm an artiste.

I'm gonna go to a school
for cunkin parving.

- You shut your big asshole.

Perfect timing.

- No kidding, talk
about dramatic effects.

- Oh shit, my mom's home.

- Oh, my God.

- Feel free to help.

- What, I am,

I'm making sure the
pumpkins look perfect.

So, uh, your mom's impressed.

- Great, cause that helps.

- What's your mom
doing out there?

- What do you mean?

- From the front
window it looks like

she's sleeping in the car.

- What?

- That is her car, right?

Yeah, that's her.

What the Hell is she doing?

Is she on her phone?

- My mom doesn't
have a cell phone.

- I mean, it looks like she's
asleep or something, right?

Maybe she's drunk.

- Yeah, my mom the lush.

I'm gonna go out there.

- All right, me too.

- Me, too.

- Mom!

- Mrs. Peterson, your
greeting service has arrived.

- 'Ello Madam.

- Will you stop it,
what did you drink?

- Mom, mom.


- Oh my God.

- Oh my God, let's
get in the house.

- Open the door, open the door.

Open the door, open the door.

- Boo.

- That was fucked up.

- Language.

It was Mom's idea.

- Are you freakin' serious?

- Trick or treat.

- I can't believe your Mom.

- Yeah, she really went all
out this year, that's for sure.

- That's awesome.

- Yo.
- Hey.

- 'Sup.
- Hey.

- So, uh, heard this one
peed her pants last night.

- I did not.

- I heard it wasn't just pee.

- Shut up.

- So what are you guys doing
after the football game?

- Is Trish still throwing
her Halloween party?

- Oh crap, I totally
forgot about that.

Do you have a costume?

- Yep, what about you guys.

- Clark Kent.

- Who's Clark Kent?

- You don't know
who Clark Kent is?

- Hence my asking.

- Oh, just say Superman.

- I'm not goin' as Superman,
I'm goin' as Clark Kent.

Huge difference.

- Superman? That's original.

- Clark Kent, he's
Superman's alter ego it's--

- So what about you guys?

- I got a sick pirate costume.

- Johnny Depp pirate or
Somalian gunboat pirate?

- Now I'm rethinking it.

- What about you, Ryan?

- Oh you know, drunk
version of myself.

- Shocking.

- Always too cool, aren't you.

- You know it.

- Speak of the devil.

- Ryan here is too cool to wear

a costume to your party tonight.

- Costumes are gay.

- It's Halloween, and
it's a costume party.

- Yep, sounds pretty gay.

- OK, well, so you're
not gonna wear a costume

and everybody else is?

You're gonna be that guy?

- Oh, don't be that guy.

- You'll look like the idiot.

- Not compared to
Superman over here.

- All right guys, well, if I
don't see you after the game,

good luck.
- Good luck.

- Thanks.

- Oh watch it.

- Oh, yeah!

- Dude, there's no way.

- Just htink about it.

- What are you
idiots arguing over?

- Well, I was just saying
that a slutty Dorothy

is way hotter than
a slutty pirate.

- No way.

It's a slutty pirate,
how hot is that?

- I think it's hot.

- Oh my God.

- It's hot, but it's not
as hot as slutty Dorothy.

I mean, a pirate can
be slutty, no problem.

Dorothy's not
supposed to be slutty.

The fact that she is slutty.

Now that makes her
even more slutty.

- Wow, just, wow.

- Holy shit.

that ain't right.

- Why is it that they have
to dress so slutty anyways?

I mean is there some
kind of rule or something

that says girls have
to dress as whores?

They can't just be Dorothy,
they've gotta be slutty Dorothy.

Can't just be a pirate,

they've got to be
a slutty pirate.

- And you're complaining?

- Fuck no, just wondering.

- To Halloween, the most
spectacular, wonderful holiday,

created by God himself.

- Hey, I mean, if we
want, I'm sure we can

get Justin to be
slutty Superman.

- Clark Kent, ass.

- Urban legend,
it does not exist.

That same stupid story's
been floating around forever

and pops up every
couple of years.

People swear it's in Ohio,

Detroit, Dallas, Michigan.

- I heard it's about a
half-hour north of here.

- Yeah, my cousin
has been there.

- Retarded, both of you.

- Why are they retarded now?

- Have you heard of
the haunted house

that you get money back for
every floor that you make it up?

- And it's so
scary that nobody's

ever made it all
the way through.

- Yeah, I've heard of that.

- It doesn't exist.

- Didn't some college
kids go looking for it

a couple of years ago and
they were never seen again?

- I remember hearing
that people from Madison

went missing on Halloween.

But I didn't hear that they
went to the haunted house.

- Perfect, why don't we go
find this place tonight.

Right now.

- Whatever.

- Seriously, if you're so
sure this place doesn't exist,

come prove it.

- You're not driving.

- No, but Nate
will, right buddy?

- How'd I get pulled into this?

- Come on.

- You haven't been drinking?

- Meh.

- Why not?

- I don't know, I
didn't feel like it.

- I'll go with you, just
so that I can laugh at you

the whole way back after
you realize you're wrong.

- Bring it, Nate let's
go, Trish, you coming?

- As much as I'd love to be
there when you get proved wrong,

I can't leave the party.

- You know what, whatever,

I'm gonna call you
when we find it.

- If you find it, call me,
and I'll come out there.

- I thought you couldn't
leave your party.

- I can't, that's how sure
I am you won't find it.

- Whatever.

- Megs?

- No, I'm going to some musical
zombie thing with Jeremy.

- Jeremy Shaver? Gross.

- Whatever, he's get weed.

- Nice.

- Hey guys, what's up?

- Road trip.

- And you're coming.
- What, where?

- I'll explain on the way.

- I have to be home by 1:00.

- It's like 10:30,
you'll be fine,

and if you're a
little late, oh well.

- There's no such thing
as oh well in my family.

- These d-bags say it's not far.

If we don't find it,
when we don't find it,

we'll come right back, I
promise you won't be late.

Don't make me go alone
with them, please.

- You're not worried
about curfew?

- I've never really had
one of those things.

I hear it's kind
of a bitch, though.

Let's go change.

- Where are we going.

- Later, losers.
- I really

can't be late.

Come on, it's Halloween.

- It's crazy.

- It's stupid.

- Did someone skit over him?

What's like, his deal?

never heard of it.

- OK, that's because it
doesn't exist, people.

- Bullshit, you'll see.

And I'll be the first one to
make it all the way through.

- Yeah, I'm sure you're the
first person to say that.

Do you have any idea
where I'm goin'?

- It's on some farm or
some shit somewhere.

- Dude.

- Dude, what?

- You're not drinking in my car.

- Calm down, it'll be
fine, I'll be cool.

- Why is it you only drink
in my car and nobody else's?

- Cause you're the
only one who allows it.

- No, I don't.

- Yeah.

Have any
good music in here?

Other than your mom's

radio stations?
- Don't touch my radio.

And you really have no idea?

- I heard Casco.

- Those two bars we just passed?

That was Casco.

- Maybe it's on County A.

- Where's that?

- Isn't that the one that's
just before the river?

- I think that was like
County K or something.

- Then maybe it's on
County K or something.

- You don't know.

- Shut up.

- This is stupid,
we're turning around.

- Just go a little further up.

- No, I'm gonna turn it around.

- Come on, just go up one
more road after this one.

- You lose.

- Uh, you suck.

- What is that?

- Holy shit.

- House of Purgatory.
- I told you.

- It's a haunted house
but it doesn't mean

it's the one where you
get your money back.

- It has to be, pull in.

- I mean, is it open?

Where are all the cars?

- The sign is lit,
it's gotta be open.

- Ooh, it's creepy.

- Oh this is gonna be awesome.

- Oh, calm down.

- How creepy.

Are we seriously
the only ones here?

- We can't be.

- You think nobody knows
where this place is, or what?

- No, there's gotta be
other people around.

- Doesn't seem like it.

- Come on.

- Be quick.

- Sir?


Uh, we were wondering
if you're still open.

- Always.

- Nice.

And this is the haunted house
where you get money back

for making it all
the way through?

- Yeah.

- Awesome, told you
guys it was real.

Who's the man.

Not you.

- Go on, say it.
- Shut up.

- The, uh, admission
price is kind of faded.

How much does it cost?

- It's Halloween, there's
no fee on Halloween.

- Seriously?

Friggin' sweet.

- So how does it normally
work, you get your money back

if you make it all the way up?

- No.

- So?

- You gotta make it
all the way down.

- What?

- Start at the top, make
your way to the bottom.

- And nobody's ever made
it all the way through?

- Nobody escapes purgatory.

- Awesome.

All right, well, let's do this.


Shut up.

- This is badass.

- Mel, d'ya call Trish?

- You really want
me to call her?

- Yeah, get her ass out here.

- Where is this place again?

- County K, just off Main.

This is where those chainsaw
dudes usually pop out.

- Stop it, I hate those guys.

- I do, too.

- Holy shit.

- That is amazing.

- It's small.

- Nate hears that a lot.

- I thought you started
on the fifth floor.

- It must be some basement.

Come on.

- Where is everybody?

- Inside facing
their darkest fears.

- I can't believe there's
no line on Halloween night,

I mean there's always crazy
lines at these things.

It's cause everybody's
dumb like you

and doesn't think
this place exists.

- You're dumb.
- You're dumb.

- Hey, did you bring any beer.

- Yeah, but none for you.

- Yeah.

- Secrets, secrets are so fun,

Your secrets here
will come undone.


- Cheesy.

- Awesome.

- You're awfully quiet.

- What?

Oh yeah.

- You're not scared are you?

- A little bit.



- Nothing is hidden
inside this place.

Abandon all hope for it
cannot penetrate these walls.

- Well let's go.

I can't see anything

Which way do we go?

Wait for
your eyes to adjust.

Ryan, where are you?

Right here,
just reach out.

That's me.

Here, you two go in front of
me, I'll bring up the rear.

Hah, you would.

Is that you?

Here, put
your hand right here.

Oh, you're gross.

Ow, whatever,
you liked it.

Wait, it's a door.

- Don't leave me, Mel.

- What is it?

What is it?

- It's, uh, it's...

- A weird picture of a carnival?

- No, I, wait a minute.

That's not what it
was of, I swear.

Whoa, um, vandalism
is probably frowned upon.

- I, uh...

- What did you think it was of?

Um nothing, nothing.

- Well, that will happen
in the House of Purgatory,


All right, well.


- Come on, sweetie.

- That was the first floor?

God this place sucks.

No wonder they didn't
charge us any money.

So easy.


You really thought
it was that bad?

What's your deal?

- What?

Did you see something behind us?

- I did, did you
see the pool of piss

where Ryan pissed his pants.

- Come on.

- Pussy.

- Bet somethin's about
to jump out at us.

One, two, three!

- Oh shit.

Oh my God, that is the nastiest
thing I've ever smelled.

Jesus, oh.

- Oh, it stinks.

- Looks real.

- Don't touch it.

Aw, it's slimy.

Let's go, let's go.

Think she's real?

God, I hope not.

- She sure is hot.

You're sick, don't.

- Oh come on, you
guys are no fun.

Let's go.

God, they should put
cameras up in here

to see how dumb we look.

- Help!

Get me out of here!

Get me out,

get me out of here!

Please, get me the
fuck out of here!

- Whoa, that was intense.

- That scared the
shit out of me.

Me, too,
that was awesome.

- No it wasn't, I don't think
I want to do this anymore.

- What?

It's not like they're actually
killing anybody or anything.

- Did you see her eyes?

- What?

- Her eyes.

- Shit, no, I was too busy
trying not to piss myself.

- She looked scared.

Like, real scared.

- Yeah, she's a good actress.

- I don't know, that
was almost too real.

- Yeah, that was over the top.

- Of course it was,

how else are they gonna
get people to flake out?

- I don't wanna go any further.

- What? Come on!

- Amber, we've come this far,

I mean, what could be worse
than what was back there?

- I don't know,
that's what scares me.

- Let's just do one more,
and if we can't handle it,

then we'll be done.

You can't leave
me here, come on.

You can't let these guys
think they're braver than us.

We'll never live that down.

- All right
- Nice.

- Amber coming
through in the clutch.

Hey, think how awesome it's
gonna be to be able to say

we were the first ones to ever
make it all the way through.

Look, I got you, OK?

If you want out, we'll
all go, all right?

Let's see what's next.

- What the?

- OK, how did?

- We're outside.

Like, actually outside,

not in a room made
to look like outside.

- We went down three
sets of stairs, though.

- Guys.

- What the?

- How did they do that?

How did they do that?

- It's just me.
- Jesus.

- You guys feel weird?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I don't know, but yeah.

- Like in horror movies

when it's really quiet

and you think something's
gonna jump out.

- God damn it, you're
such a jerk sometimes.

- Oh come on.
- It's not funny.

Jeez, calm down.

- What is that?

What are you doing?

- Well, we can't just
stand here all night.

- Yeah, that's gotta
be the way to go,

why else would there be a light?

- Come on.

- Something's up there.

- It's just speakers up in the
trees, don't worry about it.

- I heard something.


Didn't you hear that?

- I don't hear anything.

- Yeah, me neither.

- How do you not hear that?



- Amber.


- Amber.

- How did she,
she was just here.

- Amber, Amber!

Where'd you go?

- Amber?

- Amber, can you hear me?

Maybe she's just
fuckin' with us, guys.

- Amber, no way
she would do that.

Oh my God, Amber!

- Amber!

If you hear us walk
towards our voice!

- Amber!

- Shh, Mel, it's OK.
- It's not OK.

- Look at me!
- It's not OK.

- Look at me!
- This is your fault!

It's a haunted house,

they aren't gonna do
anything to any of us.

The worst thing
they could have done

is separated us somehow.

- We have to find her.

- I will, just calm,
just calm down.

Don't worry about it.

- I'm scared.

- We'll just leave, OK?

- We have to find her,
we have to find her.

I don't know where she's
gone, but we have to find her.

We have to find her, OK?

- She's probably gonna be
watin' for us at the exit, OK?

- Yeah.
- OK.

OK, we have to move towards it.

- Now remember, it's
just a haunted house,

they're not gonna do
anything to any of us.

Come on.

- Well this is quaint.

- Yeah.

- Wet.

- What do we do?

- I don't wanna do this.

What are you doing?

- Just lookin', chill.


Oh, shit.

Screw this, let's get
the fuck out of here.

- Ryan! God damn it!

God damn it!

- Nate!

Nate, can you hear me?


- Ryan!

Get back, I'm gonna kick it in.

Ryan, Ryan!

- Ryan, Ryan!

- Shh, it's all right.

- No, Nate, he was just here,
what the Hell happened to him?


- It's only a haunted house,
it's only a haunted house.

- I don't want to
do this anymore.

I'm done, seriously, I want out.

- I know, Mel, I--

- No, I'm done.

I want out now.

- Well so do I.

How the fuck do you
suggest we do that?

Look around.

- Well if we want out,
they have to let us out.

We're done!

We want out, please let us out.

Hello, let us out!

Let us out, God damn
it, let us the fuck out!

Shh, it's all right.

You all right?

- No.

- Dumb question.

Looks like all we can do
is keep moving forward,

find an exit, all right?

- Move forward, huh?

Which direction do
you suppose that is?

- Well we were obviously
supposed to see this.

I mean, they wanted us to
get split up with their

Hou-little-dini shit here.

I guess we just keep
going that way, all right?

- Don't let go of me, promise.

- I promise.

- Nate!


All right.

This sucks.

Hello, anyone there?






I'm an idiot.

Worst idea ever.

Fuck it.


No, no.

No, no, no


Why are you doing this?


- Help!


Please, help me.


Help me, please.

- Where the Hell are we?

- I don't think this is
a normal haunted house.

- What do we do?

- Find a way out.

Come on.

- What is that?


- It's...

- What?

- It's nothing, come on.

- Nate?
- No.

Oh God, oh God.

- What is it Nate?

- I didn't know, I swear.

- What?

- Oh my God.

- What is it, talk to me.

- Oh fuck.

- What is going on.

Nate, talk to me, what is this?

- I hit something.

I messed up.


It was an accident.

- What happened, Nate?

- I hit something,

last year with my car.

Nobody knows, nobody.

It was raining and

he was changing his tire, I.

Look, I'd only had one beer.

I swear.

I must have drifted
somehow, I don't.

Look, I didn't know I hit him.

I saw it on the news.

- Jesus, Nate.

- I know.

Look, how does this place know?

Look, that's impossible.

Earlier inside, I saw
a guy, in a raincoat.

And I thought it was

- How is it possible?
- This guy.

It's not.

- You remember when
I got freaked out

by that picture on the wall?

- The carnival one?

- No, well, yeah, it
wasn't a carnival.

Not at first.

- Well what was it?

- It was a picture of me and
my uncle when I was eight.

- That's weird, but not
really all that scary.

- Well that's because
you didn't know.

My uncle was, um,


And my father knew it.

And he let him,

do stuff to me.

- Jesus, Mel.

Hurry, come on.

Come on, Mel!

Go, come on!

What is it?

- I, I know this place.

- Well, where are we?

- We're in my uncle's house.

- Hello?

- My son, the homo.

- Dad, I'm

- Little fucking queer.

- Dad.

- No son of mine
is gonna be a fag.

- Dad, don't, don't say that.

I'm sorry.

Dad, please.

- You shut the Hell up.

- Nate, please.

- Don't talk to me, homo.

- Dad, please.

- I always knew there was
something queer about you.

You ain't no son of mine, you're
just a whiny little faggot

that needs to know that
shit don't fly around here.

- Nate, Nate, please.

No, no!

- Where are you going?

- This is where it all happened.

- Come on, let's get
the fuck out of here.

- No, no, no, I can't be
down here, no I can't be--

- No, there's nothing here.

- You don't understand.

I cannot go down here, Nate.

- We have to.

Come on, is there
another way out?

Mel, come on, I need you.

Is there another
way out down there?

- There's stairs to the garage.

- OK, good, come on.


We'll be fine, OK?

Come on, hey.

I won't let anything
happen to you.

I'm not gonna let
anything hurt you, OK?

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

It's all right.

Hey, princess.

- It was our anniversary.

He was on his way
home from work and,

we were gonna go to the lake

for a week like we
had done every year.

He worked so, so hard.

And he loved it so much.

- I didn't know.

- So hard, gave me everything,

and then you took him.

- I didn't know, oh God.

God, I'm so sorry.

Oh God, I'm so sorry.

- And now we take you.


- Please, help me, please.

Mom, Dad.

Oh my God, please help me.

- Don't you dare take the
good Lord's name in vain.

- What?

Please, help me.

Something's not right
here, this, this place

this awful place.

- Oh something is most
certainly not right here.

You need to confess to what
it is you did, Amber Lynn.

- I, I,

- How long have you
been whoring around?

- What?

Mom, no, look, Mom.

- Don't you lie to me, Amber,

don't you make this any worse.

You been doin'
things you shouldn't.

Runnin' around,
being a little slut.

- No, Mom, no.

- No?

I cannot believe you are
gonna sit there in that spot

and lie to my face.

How in the Lord's name do
you think that happened?

- Mom, Daddy, no.


This is impossible.

Please, help me,
this can't be real.

Mom, I,

I, Mom.

We were,

we were messing
around and it just,

it went too far, I
didn't think it could,

and it did, and
then I got scared.

- You think you killed
that life inside you.

- Mom, I'm so sorry,
I didn't know.


No, no, no, no, please.

No, no, no, please.

No, no.

No, no.


No, no, no!

Hey, Princess.

- No.

- Oh, I've been missin' you.

I've been missin' you,
you're all grown up,

but you smell the same.

- No, no, get off me.

- You still a wildcat, hmm?

You still a little wildcat, huh?

- Mom,



Mom, where are you going?



- Mel, Mel.

- Jesus, Mel, do you hear me?

- Here, help me get her up.

- It's OK, Mel.

- Slow, slow, slow, slow.

- Jesus, Mel, can you hear me?

It's OK, Mel.

- It's OK.
- It's OK.

Just a bump on
your head, we got you.

- What happened?

I saw crazy things,


- I know
- We saw them, too.

- We're gonna get
the Hell out of here.

- How? We're--

- We made it out,
we called the cops.

- I don't understand.

- It's all right, let's go.
- Come on Mel,

it's OK.

- Holy shit.

- That is amazing.

- Oh my God.


No, this can't be.

This isn't possible.

Guys, look.

Are you seeing this?

Oh my God.

No, no, no!

No, no!

Can't you hear me?

Don't go in there.

Stop, Nate!


- Nobody escapes Purgatory.

- What do you want with us?

- We got what we wanted.


- Why are you doing this to us?

You found us.

- You're not real.

The story, the house,
it's just an urban legend.

- Legends start somewhere.

To keep a fire going,

sometimes, you need to add fuel.

- I don't understand.

Please don't.

- Mel's text said that
this is where it is.

This is
Melanie, leave a message.

Must not have any
service, all their phones

are going straight to voicemail.

Where the Hell are they?