House of Numbers (1957) - full transcript

Arnie Judlow, an inmate at San Quentin prison serving a life sentence for murder, devises a daring plan with his wife and his brother Bill to help him escape, part of which involves Bill and Arnie's wife posing as a married couple and moving to a house near the prison. Although the plan appears to go smoothly at first, it soon runs into a few snags--the couple move next door to a suspicious prison guard who knows Arnie and, more importantly, Bill and his brother's wife begin to find themselves attracted to each other.

"San Quentin."

"The California State prison."

"The authorities used to believe
there were only two ways out."

"The main gate after you
had served your time."

"Or the side gate when you died."

"Then, two men and a
girl found a third way out."

Come in.

You had better get used to wearing this.

I keep forgetting.

I haven't worn it in some time.

We are not supposed to be married.
That's why I haven't had it on.

You never should have had it on.

Look, I am not asking you to like me.

I know you blame me for
what happened 2 years ago.

Don't blame me for what's happening now.

Please, let's not start.

I'm not blaming you.

I'm not blaming anybody.

What's happening now wouldn't happen if
Arnie wasn't doing a 10 to life stretch.

Anyway, we've got to get him out and
we have got four days to do it in.

Here is your half of the list.

Are you sure we got everything
on there that Arnie told you?

Positive. He made me
repeat it again and again.

Do you think it will work?

It had better or you will
have a dead husband.

And I'll have a dead brother.

23 .. 23, fifty.

24 .. 24, fifty.

Twenty-five hundred.

There you are, Mr Judlow.

Are you sure you wouldn't rather
have this in travellers checks?

No thanks.

You had better be careful. That is a
lot of money to be carrying around.

It leaves you a balance
of 87 dollars and 14 cents.

This woodcarving set
is really very nice.

It has extra pieces of pine.

Stainless steel cutting tools.

It makes a lovely gift
and it is only $3.95.

I'll take it.

I'd like some extra batteries
and bulbs for the flashlight.


Put this together and
you've got your tent.

Complete with pins, pole and tent-ropes.

I only want half a tent.

Half a tent? What do you
want with half a tent?

I'm going fishing with a
guy who has the other half.



Hello, Lois.

I thought you were still in Frisco.
When did you get down?


Well, you should have given me a ring.

Gee, you are looking great.
Frisco really agrees with you.

Is Arnie still in the ..?
- Yep.

We must get together.
Where can I reach you?

Well, you can't.
I am leaving town today.

You're leaving already? Where to?

Chicago. I'm flying to
Chicago this afternoon.

It looks like you're expecting
it to be a long trip.

These are for a friend of mine.

He sure likes coffee with his cream.

I think that is all.

Oh no. I want a ..

I want a one feet length
of inch and a half pipe.


Get everything?
- Yes.

I ran into somebody I knew.

A girl I used to work with.

She knew Arnie.

Saw me at the market.

What happened?

I told her I was leaving for Chicago
and then she saw the groceries.

That's great. What did she say?

She put two and two
together and made six.

She thinks I'm living with a man.

Well, I don't think there is
anything to worry about.

Look .. we have to
worry about everything.

From here on out, just remember that.


Look. Are you sure about that door
from the garage into the house?

The real estate man said there was one.

Couldn't you take the trouble to look?

It'll be great if we have to carry
all this stuff in the front door ..

Where all the neighbors can see it.
- Don't worry.

There is a door.

How long did you know Arnie
before you married him?

Two weeks.

Twelve days to be exact.
- Love at first sight, huh?

I suppose you could call it that.
It did happen fast.

But Arnie wanted me and what
Arnie wants he usually gets.

That man that Arnie killed was a ..

A very good friend of yours, wasn't he.

He was not.

Sure, I had a couple of dates with him
before I met Arnie but that was all.

And that was why my brother killed him?

Arnie was the most
jealous man I ever met.

I know all about his little jealousies.

I also he never meant anything by them.

Little jealousies?

You never saw him with me.

You never knew he made me quit my job as
he didn't want other men looking at me.

You weren't there the night
we went in for dinner.

This friend of mine
was sitting at the bar.

He sent us over a drink
and Arnie got sore.

Later I went to the ladies room.

When I came out this man waiting for me.

He wanted to wish me
luck on my marriage.

Arnie came over.

He went wild. They couldn't
pull him off until he ..

At the trial you said that ..

Yeah. You said that ..

This man was making
a pass at you in the bar.

Arnie's lawyer told me to say that.

It didn't do any good.

Which version do you
expect me to believe?

I don't care what you believe.

There it is.

San Quentin.

You were right.

There is a door.

Is that all of it?
- Yeah.

Arnie said as long as that light burned
steady, it means everything is alright.

The prisoners are in their cells ..

And there aren't any guards on
the walls in the industrial area.

If a prisoner is missing, that
light keeps flashing on and off.

And the walls of the industrial
area are guarded 24 hours a day.

Let's hope that light is
steady tomorrow night.

You had better get some sleep.
I am going to sort these things.

Well, I can help.
- Go on to bed.

We got a lot to do tomorrow.


Couldn't we try to be friends
for the next three days anyway?




[ Door knocks ]



Can I come in?


Bill, I am scared.

Come on, now. You are ..

All wound up. Try not to think about it.

I can't stop thinking about it.

This whole thing is impossible.

But that's why it is going to work.
Because it's impossible.

But it can't be that easy
to get into a prison.

We are crazy for trying it.
- Look.

Their whole system is set up to try to
prevent men from breaking out of prison.

They would never even dream
that anybody wants to break in.

Leave it to Arnie to ..

Figure out the one plan they
haven't guarded against.

What if something happens?

What if something goes wrong?

I'm frightened.

I know the plan is going to work. Now ..

Try to get some sleep.
You will feel better tomorrow.

Go on to bed now.

Go on.

Goodnight, Bill.

Goodnight, Ruth.

Describe the whole layout to
me just as Arnie gave it to you.

Try to remember everything.

Well, that is the main part of
the prison, fronting on the bay.

The tall buildings on the
bay are the cell blocks.

In the centre of the
cell blocks is the yard.

That is the industrial area
where the men work.

A wall separates the industrial
area from the rest of the prison.

Those buildings are the factories.

The one on the right
is where Arnie works.

At 4 o'clock the men quit work
and they go back to their cells.

Then they are counted. And if
they are all in their cell blocks ..

The guards leave the industrial
area walls at approximately 4:25.

Those walls are left
unguarded all night long.

And the crates?

There is a big pile of crates just
outside the building where Arnie works.

Are you sure they will be there?
- Until the end of the month.

That's when they ship
the finished goods.

Anything else?


No. I don't think so.

Oh, yes.

There's a guard that makes a tour of the
industrial area 2 or 3 times a night.

What time?

No set time. You just
have to watch out for him.

Go over the prison routine again.

In the mornings the inmates are let out
of their cells and go to the mess hall.

That is opposite the cell blocks.

After they finish eating ..

There ought to be something
on that guard now.

I hope we haven't missed it.

"And now for the local scene."

"John Honeck."

"The San Quentin guard who was assaulted
by a convict earlier this week."

"Is still in critical condition."

"But has improved and there is
definite hope for the man's recovery."

"The identity of the convict who
attacked the guard is still unknown."

"Prison officials feel certain that if
the guard recovers consciousness."

"He will be able to nail his assailant."

"On the lighter side of the
news we have a story on .."

So far, so good.

We just want that guard to stay
unconscious for three more days.

Then I hope he becomes the
healthiest guard in San Quentin.

Maybe if Arnie explained the way it
really happened, that he accidentally ..

Do you think that they'd
believe hmm, a convict?

They'd put him right in the gas chamber.

Section 4500 of the penal code.

"Assault by a man serving life is
the same as first-degree murder."

If that guard talks before ..

Before we get Arnie out ..

Let's get started.

That does it.

Did you make the sandwiches?

They're in the refrigerator
with the cartons of water.

That's fine.

Don't make that shirt look too good.

Don't worry. I'm a rotten ironer.

It's time for the guards to
leave the industrial area.

Let's hope they do.


They're leaving now.

The count is right.

There won't be anyone
on the wall tonight.

What do you say we go
out and get a bite to eat?

I'd like that.


You go ahead and
freshen up and I will ..

I will clean up this mess.

The light is on steady.

All is peaceful.

A pretty sight, isn't it.

The prison, I mean.

That's what you were
looking at, wasn't it?


A real pretty sight. From the outside.

We call it the pastel penitentiary.

Because the buildings are
painted in pastel colors.

It's supposed to be good
for the morale of the cons.

Inmates. I mean.

That's what you have to call them now.

Yeah. A real pretty sight.

But not so pretty from the inside.

I work out there. I am a guard.

Correctional Officers, they call us now.

You folks are the Judlows, aren't you?

Yes, that is right.
- I'm Hank Nova.

Glad to know you.

How do you do.

I saw you looking at
the house the other day.

Tom Hansen, the real estate agent told
me you rented it. You'll like it here.

I have seen you before.
A few times out to the prison.

I saw you go into the visitor's room.

A relative, father, brother?

He is my brother.

Ah, nothing to be ashamed of.

Quite few people round here
have folks in the prison.

As a matter of fact I saw you
earlier this week, didn't I?

You were wearing a red skirt.


I thought I recognised you.

I'd be glad to look your brother up.

I might be able to help him. You know,
make things a little easier for him.

I don't know whether he'd like
that, Mr Nova. He is doing fine.

It'll be better if you don't.

I'll check up on him anyway.
Let you know how he is doing.

- Say ..

Could I invite you folks in for a beer?

Can we take a rain check
on that? We are ..

Both very tired.
- Sure.

As a matter of fact I might invite
myself in for one with you some night.

- Nice meeting you.



Bill, what are we going to do?

Exactly what we've planned.

But he is a guard.

He's a guard at the prison
and he recognised me.

How did I have to pick this
house next door to him?

There must be a lot of
guards living in this area.

Any house might have been
next door to one of them.

It's my fault.

Stop it. It's not your fault, Ruth.


You are not going to fold
up on me now, are you?



He just turned his lights out.

We'll wait another half hour.

Ruth, if the ..

Light is flashing tomorrow
night, get out of here.

Just get in this car and drive.

Be careful.

As careful as I can be.


Good luck.



Yeah, Arnie.

If I cough, stop talking.

Did you bring everything?
- Yes.

I quit work at 4 o'clock.

How do you want to make the switch?

[ Coughing ]


How do you want to make the switch?

I'll tell you at 4 o'clock.

How is Ruth?


Talk to you later.

- Yeah?

If I cough .. shut up.

You know your cell block?
- East.


The cell is 1754.

Third tier facing west.

Ruth said 1783

I traded cells with another guy.

It's done all the time. The guards
don't notice if the tier count is right.

What's the reason for it?

[ Coughing ]

My cellmate is pretty sharp.

The guy you are in with hardly knows me.

All set?

Get out of the crate.

Take my I.D. card out of my back pocket.

I got it.

Don't lose it.

If they catch you without
that you are all through.


Step out.

Stand here talking to me.


Hi, Arnie.


Don't look up there.

Once you get inside, keep your mouth
shut and watch what the others do.

Any questions?

What about the guards
in your cell block?

There are 4,000 cons in this
joint and the guards rotate.

They can't remember every face.
They will never spot you.

How well am I supposed to
know the men in the ..

In the cell where I am going?

Stick around. That's all.
His name is Frenchy.

Anything else?

No. I guess not.

When that Bull turns away
I'll duck into the crates.

When I do that you
walk toward that gate.

Just follow the other guys.

Keep going, Bill. Be careful.

Don't forget to keep your mouth shut.


You. Come back here.

Let me see your I.D. card.

Not you .. you.

You figure on making yourself a shiv?

Wait there.

You want something?

Which is yours?


You'd better get on your feet.

They're making the count, man.

This Bull is the kind
to put you on report.

I saw you had a row in the
factory last month, man.

Oh boy. He sure went wild when he
heard who was working with him.

Well, he had it coming
to him, didn't he.

Well, I guess so.

What did you get for it?


I had a row myself in the mess hall
a couple of months ago.

Some young punk tried to grab my milk.

I let him have it over
the back with my tray.

I got ten days.

You been to any other colleges?


I have.

I spent six years in Sing Sing
and four years in Tallahassee.

I am taking a postgraduate course.

This is my second time here.

Did you bring any magazines with you?

- You didn't.

Well, I guess I'll have
to read this one again.

I already read it three times.

Maybe I ought to start at the back and
work to the front this time. Eh, man?

Fourth Tier. 163.

Fourth Tier. 163.

Third Tier: 158.

One five what?


Third Tier: 158.

It sure is a slow count today, man.

We should have had the all-clear by now.

Maybe it is a hideout.

I hope not. I am hungry.

I am looking forward
to the cr?pes suzette.

Anyway it's probably some
Bull that can't add right.

Control room.

East Block reporting.

First Tier: 126.






733 is correct.

The count is cleared.

[ Bell rings ]

It can't be.
- I tell you there is.

There is something dirty in that picture
somewhere but nobody knows where it is.

How about trading my cake
for your beans? - Okay.

Hey you!

Put that out.

You know there is no smoking in here.

Sorry, I forgot.

Let's have your I.D. card.

You will go on report for this, Judlow.

Now pick up your things and get out.

Did he put you on report?

The lousy Bull.


I want to talk to you.


What made you think you
could get away with it?

That wasn't very smart what you did.

A guy like you ought to know better.

I know your brother.

Yeah. As a matter of fact he
just moved in next door to me.

You look a lot like him.

Older maybe.

No. Younger. A little more than a year.

I guess it's that life you been leading.

Yeah, Bill said that he was
going to move out here.

When he could find a place.

He moved in yesterday.

Say, that's a hot-looking
wife he has got.

Yeah, Ruth is pretty.

She has got some shape.

You are in on Murder 2 rap aren't you?

I looked it up.

I suppose it wasn't your fault.

It never is.

Well, you keep your nose clean.

And don't get in any more
jams like you just did.

I'll keep an eye on you.

Neighborly, that's me.

I wouldn't want to bring any bad
news to your brother, would I.

Or that hot-looking
sister-in-law of yours.

I hope not.

Well, see you around.

[ Banging door ]


Look at that animal, will you.

Nice, huh.

Arnie's night nurse.

You better believe she is nice.

What is he doing here?

What are you doing here?

Reasons. Just like that.

- Yeah?

A docket for you.
- I'll take it.

The Associate Warden's
office right after mess.

Hey, Judlow.

I got a docket for you.

Associate Warden's
office right after mess.

You were on the third tier the day
that officer was pushed, weren't you?

Yes, sir.

I was in my cell, sir.

I told you that before, sir.

You didn't hear anything
or see anything, huh?

No, sir.

Not until I heard the officer yell.

That's all, Ashlow.




Yes, sir.

Stand in front of the desk.

You were up on the third tier when
that officer was attacked, weren't you.

Yes, sir.

Your cell was one of those closest
to where he was pushed.

Yes, sir.

Maybe you can remember a voice
you recognised? Something?

No, sir.

You seem to get into
a lot of trouble, Judlow.

I see seven months ago ..

Fighting in the yard.
Six days in isolation.

Four month ago.
Insubordination to an officer.

Three days in isolation.

The month before last.
Fighting in the textile mill.

Twelve days in isolation.

You seem to like isolation.

No, sir.

It looks like that officer
is going to recover.

How do you feel about that, Judlow?

I think that ..

I think that is very good, sir.

When he does, he'll identify
the man who pushed him.

You know that, don't you Judlow?

Yes, sir.

Anything else to say?

No, sir.

That's all for now, Judlow.


Your I.D. card is in my back pocket.

I got it.

How'd it go?

I got put on report for
smoking in the mess hall.

And they called me to the Associate
Warden's office this morning.

What did he want?

Questions about that
guard who was injured.

What did you say?

As little as possible.


Can I come out?



How did you do?

Did you see anything?

No, nothing.

Then I did fine.

Oh. I ..

I almost forgot. There is a ..

Guard by the name of Nova.

I know who he is. A tough bull.

What about him?

We moved in next door to him.

He knows about Ruth and me.
He came up to me in the mess hall.

He thought I was you.

What about Ruth and you?

He thinks she is my wife.

He knows you are my brother.

Be careful of him.


You know.

I could have gone over that wall
last night and left you in here.

Hiya, Ruth.


Is Bill home?

No. He had to go into the city.

Is there anything I can do
to help? It's my day off.

No thanks. I'm all through.

How about coming in for a beer?
You look a little warm.

I can't. I have to go in
and take a shower.

Thanks anyway.

There is a drink in the
glove compartment.

I needed mine two miles back.


You are alright.

Feel better now?


A hot shower never felt
as good as it did tonight.

Arnie said it was pretty bad in there.

I was surprised.

I guess it is as good
as a prison can be.

Of course. A prison is a prison.

I was worried about you.

Arnie is going to be alright.

How is he?

He sends you his love.

Are you sure I can't get you
something else? Some cake?

You moved to San Francisco
to be near him, didn't you.

We worked out a schedule so I could
visit him twelve times a month.

But he is only allowed three
visiting hours a month.

I know. So I ..

I broke it up into 15-minute visits.

A two hour trip for ..

For a 15-minute visit.

Arnie wanted it that way.

Are you in love with him?

Well, I wouldn't have
married him, would I.

You're real handy at making things.

You should have seen the clubhouse I
made for Arnie and me when we were kids.

I put real floors in it and windows.

I even had locks on the doors.

I bet the two of you used
to sneak inside and smoke.

I was real proud of
that clubhouse though.

I decided then I was going
to become an architect.

Why didn't you?

I couldn't afford to go to college.

Arnie went to college, didn't he?

Yes, but we both couldn't go.

Arnie was real bright. He always
got top marks without even trying.

Arnie told me that going to
college was a waste of time.

He went for two years and
then he started boxing.

He thought he was pretty good
so he left school and turned Pro.

He had eight fights and lost six.

At least he had sense enough to quit.

But not before his hands had
changed into deadly weapons.

I'll never forget that judge's words.

When a man has fought professionally and
uses his fists outside the ring that ..

That constitutes assault with a deadly
weapon just as if he had used a knife.

Or a gun.


I know you feel that it's my
fault that Arnie is in there.

Not anymore, I don't.

I suppose he did have reason to think I
was flirting with that man in the bar.

If only, Arnie hadn't met me.

And married me.

Or we hadn't gone into
the bar that night.

A lot of "ifs" have been keeping me
awake nights for the past two years.

I can't stop feeling guilty.

It is like saying you
feel guilty for living.

Believe me, it wasn't your fault.

I know that now.

I've told myself that but
it doesn't do any good.

That's why I've got to help
you get Arnie out of prison.

I feel like I owe it to him.

If it's the last thing I ever do,
I have got to help you get him out.

Do you understand that, Bill?

Hey, put out that fire.

Bring me the extinguisher
that's inside the door.

Okay, okay. The show is over.

First Tier: 126.

Second Tier: 149.

Third Tier. Same count as before: 157.

Take another count of that third tier.

Notify all posts and towers.

There is an inmate missing.

Webson and Judlow.
- I'm Webson.

Where is Judlow?
- Not here.


This is Sergeant Galle in control.

Yes, this is the warden speaking.

There is a man missing
from the east block.

Arnold Judlow.

Assigned to the textile mill.

Yes, sir. We'll start the search as soon
as all officers have his photograph.


The next step is up to us.

They make these themselves.

San Quentin tobacco.

Supplied free in each cell block for men
who can't afford to buy their own.

Let's go.

Wait for me one hour. No longer.

There is 2,500 dollars there.

If I don't show.

Grab the first plane you can
and get out of the state.

There's the intersection ahead.
Turn right.

Remember. One hour.

Now beat it.

Keep your mouth shut.

Do what I tell you.

Yes, sir.

Turn right.


Keep your eyes on the road.

Look, mister. I haven't got much
on me. Just a couple of bucks.

I got a wife and kids.
- Shut up and just keep driving.

Yes, sir.

Get out.

Put your hands down.

Get in there and lie down
on your face for 15 minutes.

You understand? 15 minutes.

Yes, mister. I understand.

And don't get any cute ideas because
I might decide to come back.

I'd hate to catch you flagging a ride.

I wouldn't do that, mister.
I got a wife and kids. ? Move!

Oh, Bill.

You drive. I'll change clothes.

He was about thirty or thirty-five.

I could see he was
desperate and ready to kill.

What was he wearing?

Oh, some kind of work clothes.
They were dark.

He was a bad one alright.

Hey, look at this.

San Quentin tobacco.

Pieces of an I.D. card.

That was Marin County police.
They just picked up the stolen car.

Found a wooden gun in it.

There seems to be no doubt about it now.

The tobacco, the torn pieces of the
I.D. card, the description of the man.

It looks like Judlow made it.


Bill, look.

It's over.

It worked.

It is working.

It won't be over until Arnie comes
over the wall three hours from now.

And we pick him up.

Hiya, Ruth. Bill.

I saw the lights on and thought
you were home. So I dropped in.

When I found you weren't I figured
I'd wait as long as I was here.

The fellow that lived here before always
meant to get that backdoor latch fixed.

But never got around to it.

It is nice to see you, Mr Nova.

It's good to hear you say that, Bill.

Most fellows who have a con for a
brother wouldn't feel the way you do.

By the way, you heard
about him didn't you?

Yes. We just saw the light.

Where did they find him? How is he?

They didn't find him.
They think he escaped.

A man had his car stolen a
couple of miles from the prison.

The guy that took it was
wearing prison denims.

He fitted the description
of your brother.

The warden, who is a stubborn man,
wouldn't believe your brother go out.

He kept that light flashing.

Then they found pieces
of your brother's I.D. card ..

And some prison tobacco out
where the car was heisted.

That just about convinced the warden.

And when they found a wooden gun,
just the kind a con would make.

That sold him.

A funny thing though, Bill.

It doesn't sell to me.

I don't believe your brother is out yet.

What about the ..

The stolen car and the other
things they have found?

Suppose it was somebody else?

You for instance, who heisted the car.

Dress you up in denims and you
could be taken for your brother.

You have got quite an imagination.

I looked up Arnold Judlow's
card in the file.

You were the one I saw
in that mess hall, Judlow.

Not your brother.

You're crazy.

I don't know how you pulled it,
but one thing I am sure of.

He is holed up in that industrial area.

The light is steady.

No guards on the industrial area wall.

And, in a few hours when
everything calms down.

He comes over the wall.

If that is what you think
why don't you report it?

That is what is eating me up inside.

I know I should report it.

I'd probably get a promotion.
A few bucks more a month.

But then I'd hate to come
between two brothers.

How much do you want?

I hadn't really thought of it that
way but now you mention it ..

How much?

Ten thousand. Cash.

I'll give you five thousand.
That is every cent that I have.

You're asking me to take an
awful risk for five thousand, Bill.

Five thousand.

I always was a soft-hearted slob.

I'll take it.

Where is the wallet, Ruth?
- It is in my coat pocket.

I have twenty-five hundred.
The rest isn't here.

I'll have to get it.

That figures.

You got it stashed away where
you brother is going to hide out.

That's okay. Let's go.

I said I would get it.

Come on, Ruth.
- Nah.

Ruthie stays here.

Maybe now we can have that beer.

I'll be alright, Bill.

I'll be back in 45 minutes.


If you lay a hand on her I will ..

Arnie, open up. Quick.

What did you do? What took so long?


That guard I told you about. He knows.

You got to go over the wall now.

Put that light out.

He's gone. Come on.

Hurry up.

I got a gun on you!

Come on down.

Get up.

I've twisted my ankle.


Arnie. Listen to me.

The hell with him. I'll kill him!

The hell with him!

Arnie, listen to me.

We got to get away from here.



Give me a hand.

Okay, Nova.

This is the end of the line.

You are not letting him go?
He could spill his guts.

He won't spill anything.

You see he can't, Arnie and he knows it.

He withheld information.
He tried blackmail.

If he blows the whistle he
is in it up to his neck.

Maybe you go back to
Quentin and I go in, but ..

He goes in with us.

I think the guys would like
to have you in there, Nova.


I don't like Bulls.

That's quite a brother you got.

Hello, Arnie.

You look great, Ruthie.

Just great.

For two years I've
been waiting for this.

Two long years.

This calls for a celebration.

Hey, you got a drink in the house?

Yes, there is some in the kitchen.

I'll get it.

Well, we ..

We've pulled it off.
Didn't we, Billy-boy.

Here is the ..

The address of that apartment
that Ruth rented. You will find ..

Plenty of food and a couple of
suits of clothes and here is ..

Twenty-five hundred dollars.

You can take my car.

I'll hole up there for about a week.
You know. Until the heat cools off.

It won't be hard to take
with Ruthie as company.

I can't get enough of you, baby.

Come here.


I said, come here.
- Leave her alone.

She has been through a lot.

So that's the way it is?

Mister .. and .. Mrs Judlow.

You played it right to the hilt.
- Arnie, stop it.

This whole thing was your idea.

How can you do this for the last two
years while I've been up there rotting?

Shut up, Arnie.

Every guy who sees her body wants her.

And you are no different.

You are acting like a kid.

You don't know what you're saying.
- Don't you talk down to me.

I am sick of that 'big brother' stuff.

I've had that patronising attitude
of yours right up to here.

I owe you a lot don't I.

But everybody always said, look what
Bill's done for his kid brother, Arnie.

Bought my clothes and
put me through school.

And then you handed
me a few lousy bucks.

You never let me forget it.

Honey, did you hear me?

All my life I hated it.

And you along with it.

You don't owe me a thing, Arnie.

Not a thing.

I'm sorry, Billy.

I didn't mean what I said.

That's what happens when you
live in that place for two years.

You don't know what
it's like to be in there.

You do understand don't you, Ruthie?

Everything is going to
be just like it was, baby.

Just you and me. Just ..

You and me.

No, Arnie. I am not going with you.

Ruthie, don't talk like that.

Don't, baby. I am sorry.
I didn't mean what I said.

Please, Ruthie. I need you.

Forgive me, baby.

Please, honey.

Ruthie, you got to come with me!

Let me go! Please, Arnie!. Please!

You shouldn't come with me.

I shouldn't even ask
you to come with me.

It would be a rotten life
for a girl, hiding out.

Always on the move.


For everything, Billy.

Take care of yourself, Arnie.

Oh sure. Don't worry about me.

I promise you they'll
never put me back there.

I promise you they'll
never take me alive.

Mr Judlow?


Better open up.

The warden at San Quentin
would like to talk to you.

And Mrs Judlow.

At this time of night?
- You are not exactly under arrest.

The warden said to ask
you to come. I am asking.

And I would advise you to do it.


We'll be with you in a minute.


Nova turned us in.

I never thought he'd have the guts.

We'd better go.

Mr and Mrs Judlow?


It is Mr William Judlow and
Mrs Arnold Judlow, isn't it?

That is right.

Please sit down.

A cigarette?
- No thanks.

I received an anonymous
telephone call tonight.

The man said he thought you had helped
Arnold Judlow to escape from here.

Now normally I pay little heed to
anonymous phone calls or letters.

They are .. they are usually
the work of cranks. Of crackpots.

But I had to pay attention to this one
as he seemed to know a lot about you.

A lot more than we did.

He knew you came from Los Angles 4 days
ago to rent the house near the prison.

According to our records of your
brother's list of accredited visitors ..

Your address is still in
Los Angles, Mr Judlow.

And yours is in San Francisco.

We intended to notify
the prison of our change.

The anonymous phone caller believes
it was you and not your brother that ..

Stole a car at the
point of a wooden gun.

According to him, you left you
house last night wearing denims.

Similar to those worn by our inmates.

I often wear denims
around the house, warden.

So do a lot of people.

We did take a drive.

I must remind you of this.

You have both come under suspicion.

If you did help him you
have committed a crime.

A very serious one.

And we will undoubtedly find it out.

It's very possible Mr Judlow that
you will end up in here as an inmate.

And you in the state prison
for women, Mrs Judlow.

However, if you now tell
us where your brother is ..

You will in effect have
undone your crime.

The District Attorney of this county
can decide not to prosecute a case.

He usually accepts my
recommendations on prison matters.

I can't guarantee the result.

But I promise you this.

I will strongly recommend that the case
against the two of you be dropped.

Look. I'm not pulling any Peace
Officer psychology on you.

I'm telling you the truth.
I am asking for your help.

For your good as well as his.

Arnold Judlow has got
to come back here fast.

Right away. Before he
gets his hands on a gun.

If he doesn't have one already.

Arnie isn't a murderer.

Why as he sent here?

Because he beat a man to death.

Assault with a deadly weapon: his hands.

That was a technicality because
he had been a prize-fighter.

Alright. A technicality.

But it is no technicality that
a human life was taken.

Listen to me, Judlow. I've spent
thirty years working with prisoners.

I've gotten to know them pretty well.

I am not saying your brother is insane.
If he were he would be in a hospital.

I have had doctors examine him.

But I am certain your brother
would shoot to kill ..

Before he'd let anyone
bring him back here.

He is the kind who vows he
will never be taken alive.

Innocent men will die
unless you prevent it.

And he'll be found.

He isn't the kind to fade into oblivion.

To lead a quiet, exemplary life.

Your brother won't be a model fugitive
any more than he was a model citizen.

Or a model prisoner.

A couple of months ago your
brother beat up another inmate.

There was no real provocation.
The man was ribbing him.

They had to pull your brother off.

And do you know what he yelled?

"To hell with him. I'll kill him".

And he meant it.

We have an officer here, John Arnott.

One of the best liked in the prison.

He was thrown from the
third tier of a cell block.

The same tier your brother was on.
And very badly injured.

That doesn't mean that Arnie did it.

We don't have proof but we are
reasonably certain that he did it.

Especially now that he has escaped.

Maybe it was an accident?

The guard might have been bumped.

Mr Judlow, those railings
are over three feet high.

It would be pretty difficult for anyone
to get bumped over one of them.

No. The officer was thrown by a man with
great strength and who intended to kill.

So, you are asking me to send my ..

Brother to the gas chamber?

I have no desire to execute men.

And I don't ask a man to send
his brother to the gas chamber.

The officer who was attacked
regained consciousness tonight.

He is going to recover.

He did not see the face of the man
who threw him over the railing.

He cannot identify him.

I give you my personal word
the matter will be dropped.

When your brother comes back
here I promise we will treat him.

Maybe he will change? Others have.

But you have got to tell me where
he is before more lives are taken.

Could we have a few
moments alone please?

0f course. I will be right outside.

You can press that buzzer
when you want me.

Bill Nova didn't turn us in.

He didn't know I was married to Arnie
and that we came here from Los Angeles.

I know.

Arnie made that anonymous phone-call.

Why, Bill?

I don't know.

I guess he can't control
himself anymore.

I saw that when he tried
to kill Nova tonight.

I was sure of it at the house.

It's a hard thing to believe
about your own brother, but I ..

The warden is right, Ruth.

If he is loose more lives will be taken.

I got to turn him in.

You don't know what
Arnie meant to me, Ruth.

I think I do.

[ Buzzer ]

You will find him at that address.

He doesn't have a gun.

Thank you, Mr Judlow. I believe you have
saved your brother from the gas chamber.

Hello. This is the warden.

I want you to pick up Arnold
Judlow at an apartment at ..

3279 Acacia Street.

He is unarmed and I
want him taken alive.

That is an order.