House of Many Sorrows (2016) - full transcript

Guests of a country inn begin disappearing and dying, after a mentally unstable man takes over his terminally ill mother's bed and breakfast operation.

Am I crazy?

Am I crazy?

I think you're crazy.

I think you're crazy.

There's only one person,
one person in this room

that's crazy, and that person's not me!

I don't like the way you're looking at me.

I don't like the way you're looking at me!

You always look at people like that?

Is that how you always look at people?

You think I'm crazy?

You think I'm crazy?

I think you're crazy.

Mother needs someone who is nice.

Someone who is caring.

Someone who is...

Someone who likes to take
care of other people.

Well, I am a few courses
shy of my nursing degree.

Anybody can be a nurse.

It takes a special person
to look after my mother.

I'm special.

Do you keep a rabbit's
foot on your key chain?


Do you use a curling
iron to curl your hair?

Are you afraid of death?

I do remember my pet cat
dying about a year ago.

Mother is dying.

I've never actually seen
someone die in person before.

Black or white?


Definitely black.

Is the sky blue?

Last time I checked it was.

So, I got the job?

Is there anything else I can do for you?

I did forget my alarm
clock so is it possible

to get a wake up call
around 9AM tomorrow morning?

Of course.

It's more of a wake up knock, like this.

Or, depending upon how I feel,
it could be more like this.

So like this?

Or this?

There are no telephones
in any of the rooms.

Mother likes it better that way.

Did you know what Mother opened this place

with all the life insurance money gained

after Father's tragic death?

Father was found murdered.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you for your sympathy and concern,

but that was over 20 years ago.

You must have been very young.

Just a mere boy of eight.

Didn't cry then, not about to cry now.

Is there a chance that
your mother could make it?

Make a full recovery?

Not a chance, it's
just a matter of time.

I'm sorry to hear...

Save your words.

Dying is something that you should never

have to feel sorry about.


Death is no more than a
passing dream in the night.

Every now
and then, a motion picture

comes along that is so terrifying,

so gut-wrenchingly disturbing,
so violent and horrifying...

I just find him kind of, weird.

Time is nothin' but the beating

of your fucking heart, old man.

The Killing Games.

He's really creepy.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna like this job.

Yes, Mom.

Did you see my little ho, huh?

Every now
and then, a motion picture

comes along that will leave scars

permanently etched into your brain.

Birdie, get some more!

Get up, bitch, come on.

You're always asking me
if I took my medication.

It's like you don't
believe what I'm saying.

When I tell you this guy
is creeping me out, Mom,

he's creeping me out.

And in other news...

This just in.

Police have found four more dead bodies

in the Waterways River.

The bodies were located 200
miles outside of Junxton.

Police do not want to reveal
too much at this time,

but they will say that it
is definitely a mass murder.

All of the bodies were
riddled with bullet holes,

however, police believe
the victims were actually

beaten to death before they were shot.

Two of the victims has been identified

as a husband and wife.


The two other victims, a girl and a boy,

are alleged to be the children
of the married couple.

A policemen, a police
spokesman, I'm sorry,

says that this crime may be
related to a slew of other

recent murders and disappearances
in the Junxton Area.

The identities of the
family will remain private

and confidential until police
have notified the next of kin.

In any event, I am Maximilian Smith.

I'll see you later, my friends.

Ugh, enough, Mom, enough.

No, Mom, no.

Please, stop this, Mom.



I'm sure I'll be fine.

I'll see how I feel
tomorrow after a good rest,

and I'll call you tomorrow.

Good night.

It's a wonderful view, isn't it?

All I can see is darkness out there.

That's what makes it so wonderful.

It's a beautiful night, isn't it?

It's one of those nights when
you can hear the wind howl.

But it's more than just the wind howling.

If one listens very closely,
they can hear the slight

breathing of a wolf.

Can you hear the wolf, Loni?


I can't.

If you happen to hear
screaming in the night

or unfamiliar sounds of despair and woe,

there's no need to feel alarm
or even to call the police.

I like to watch horror
movies, especially at night.

It's a beautiful night, isn't it?

You want me to call an ambulance?

She should be okay.

Were you talking to Arthur?

No, I haven't seen him all day.

I think he was looking for you earlier.

Oh, I've been out, I just
got back a few minutes ago.

You know, I hate to say this,

but it looks like she's
about ready to die.

I am not ready to die just yet!

If, um, if you see
Arthur tell him that I'm

gonna be in my room.

How is she doing?

Not so well, but she was
able to talk a little today.


Her biggest worry is,
she hopes that you can

keep the tradition alive.

She is in pain.


20 years...

this place has been running.


Don't worry, I will not let you down.

After your father died, I...

- I.
- Save your breath, Mother.

Goddess guide me.









"And it was a world where nothing bad

"ever happened to anybody.

"There was never any negativity,

"and everyone lived forever
and ever happily together

"for the rest of eternity."

Would you like to hear another one?


"Once upon a time, there
was a little boy named Matt

"and a little girl named Tara.

"Matt had a big crush on Tara.

"He thought she was the prettiest girl

"that he had ever seen
in his entire life."

That is so wonderful.

"When school was out
for the summer vacation,

"Matt thought about Tara the entire time.

"He couldn't wait until
school started again

"to see if Tara was going to
be in his grade three class.

"They hadn't talked since grade one

"when Tara stabbed him in
the shoulder with a pencil.

"But all Matt thought about
was Tara, Tara, Tara."

See you in hell, bitch.

away from him, bitch.

This isn't over.

right, it's only begun.

Fuck you, bitch.

Not a pleasant
start to the summer vacation,

two adults and six high school
teenagers were found murdered

at a summer cottage north
of Watertown this morning.

Also recovered was the body
of missing teen Tiffany Means

whose disappearance eight months ago

was said to have been a runaway.

Her deformed body was found at the bottom

of the lake near the cottage.

Police have failed to
identify a connection

between all the deaths,
however, both the male

and female teen have
survived the horrible ordeal.

They were found gashed and
bruised at the scene of the crime

and will be questioned after their release

from the hospital.

The two slain adults were
renowned police superintendent

Paul Schrider and his wife Kimberly.

The identities of the other teens

have not yet been released.

Please stay tuned for further information

regarding this troubling incident.

My friends
are dead and I found out

my sister was murdered by them.

I don't know what's real
and what's not anymore.

You going out tonight?


Not tonight.

Is that because you had
too much fun last night?

I'm sorry, I
hope I didn't wake anybody up

when I came in last night.

Well, you did, you woke
up Mother and myself.

Who were those two men that
spent last night in your room?

Kept me up most of the night.

Some guy named Jake
and his buddy Johnson.

I don't know.

I met them when I was hitchhiking.

Went out to the Roadhouse Pub.

Didn't really know 'em very well.

You sure got to know
them well last night.

Yeah, sometimes I do stupid
things when I get drunk.

You know that you have violated

one of Mother's most sacred rules.

You agreed when you checked in

that you would sign in any extra guests.

We need to know who is coming in and out

at all times, Jocelyn.

That is part of the
agreement that you signed.

You need to check in any extra guests.

I am so sorry, I didn't
read all the fine print.

I will pay you next time and I promise

that I will abide by all the rules.

It's not that simple.

You owe us more money for
the extra guests last night.

Okay, fine.

Can I take care of it in the morning?

I'd like to take a bath,
maybe get a little rest.

Get some sleep.

Tomorrow morning is fine.

We can take care of it in the morning.


- Hi.
- Hi.

So were you able to talk to Arthur?

Yeah, we just had a talk.

- Awesome.
- Yeah.

You know, I was thinking,
you are such a nice person.

- Oh, thank you.
- No, I really mean that.

And you do so many nice
things for so many people.

You're always taking care
of them, and I thought

that somebody should take
care of you for a change.

What do you mean?

Somebody should make you feel good.

Make you smile.

Make ya happy.

Make you feel really, really good.


No, I'm okay!

I must say, you guys don't mess around.

They're paying me to do what I do,

and I'm really good at it.

I'll probably have this
place sold within a week.

Would you like to come
and join me for a tea?

Actually, coffee's more my poison.

I have a few more
documents for you to sign.

It's just all the standard stuff.

And here.

And here.

I've been going back and
forth in my mind with this.

Back and forth with what?

Whether I should sell this place or not.

Mother wants me to carry on the tradition.

Arthur, we discussed this before.

You're just having last minute
jitters about everything.

It happens all the time.

You're making the right
decision by selling this place.

Don't you think we
could rip these papers up

and nobody would be the wiser?

What do you think, I'm crazy?

You just signed on the dotted line, buddy.

Once you sign, that's it.

I have a lot of money riding on this baby.

Am I dreaming, or did you just say?

I didn't say anything.

I guess we could rip these papers up

and nobody would be any wiser.

But is this something
that you really want,

after all our discussions

and all of the hard work that
we have both put into this?

You just sign the papers,
big boy, and that's it!

You fuck me on this deal, I'll come back

and I'll blow this place
the fuck up, do you hear me?

Your mother's in there on her death bed.

You get rid of the guilt, Arthur.

You must get rid of the fucking guilt!

Do you really want me to
rip these papers up, Arthur,

or would you like me to sell this place

to the highest bidder,
just like we discussed?

You're right, what was I thinking?

Exactly, what were you thinking?

So we have a deal?

Yes, we have a deal.


Don't worry, I will get you the best price

that I possibly can.

Remember, my commission is
also riding on this deal.

It could be
your street, your house,

your life!

You wouldn't wanna make the front pages

lookin' like that, would you?

What front pages, what
are you talking about?

You finish the job and hurry up

'cause I ain't got all day,

and you, you ain't got
hardly no time at all.

Door-To-Door Maniac,

starring Johnny Cash, famous Country

and Western music singer in a

dramatic suspense shocker.

She would really like you
to spend some time with her.

peaceful world was shattered

at the ring of a doorbell.

- When this is over...
- With Pamela Mason,

Donald Woods, Ronnie Howard
of the Andy Griffith TV show.

How much suspense can you stand?

How much reality dare the screen show?

Go on, kill me, kill me, kill me!

See Johnny
Cash and Cay Forester

go the limit in Door-To-Door Maniac.


I know what happened.

And I know you're the one who...

Save your words, Mother.

Save your words.

I know you did it and
I know why you did it.



Yeah, you got any rooms for rent?

I think there may be a room

but you'll have to wait
here for the manager.

The sign out front
says there's a vacancy.

Can I wait inside?

- Yeah, sure, come on in.
- Oh, thanks.

I know what he was doing
to you, and I let it go.

Look the other way.

Pretending not to believe
that your own uncle

could do such vile things to you.


Your real father passed
away just after you were born.

It was your adopted
father, his sick brother,

who did bad things to you, Arthur.

I bear witness to what he did.

You were just a young boy.

My baby boy.

I love you, Mommy.

Do you love me, Mommy?

Say something nice about me, Mommy.

You are my darling boy and
I love you with all my heart.

And Mommy love you so much.

And Mommy will always be there for you.

I'll love you until the end of time.


Someone's at the door
looking for a room.

What's happening here?

Looking for a room?

Yeah, I need a room.

The sign out front says vacancy.

Oh, yes, we have a room for you.

Come in, have a seat.

No office.

Your name?


Tracey Collins.

All right, Tracey.

Your address, date of
birth, whatever it asks you.

No office, Mother always
liked to keep things informal.

Do you have an ID like a
license or a health card?


Also, make and model of your vehicle,

license plate number, that
all needs to be filled out.

I got dropped off, my buddy.

I lent it out, my car out,
for the night to my buddy.

Everything all right with you?

Uh, yeah, just.

It's just been a long day.

Very long.

Yes, I know what you mean.

It's one of those days where
you feel like a hardcore drug

addict coming down off a really good high.

And now, you're crashing,
you're crashing really hard,

and you need more heroin or cocaine

or whatever it is that you do,

you need more of it in your system

to bring you back up again.

You're not on any drugs, are you?

Mother likes to keep a clean place.

She never minded the
guests having a few drinks,

even smoking the odd
joint, but the hard drugs,

the hard drugs are out of the question.

It will not be tolerated around here.

No, I'm just, uh.

I'm just really tired.

I've been up for two days,

taking care of a family emergency.

I'll give you the benefit of
the doubt, the room is yours.

It's $145 for the night.

Didn't have a chance to
make it to the bank today?

We do accept credit cards.

Do you accept blow jobs too or

maybe you'd prefer a half and half?

Sure, I wouldn't mind.

Wouldn't mind what?

Credit card.

Yeah, I had to cut it up.

Don't live much by credit anymore.

Didn't expect it to be that much but.

20 and...

this is 40.

I got.



A couple of quarters.

Close enough, the room is yours.

You've had a long day,
where's your luggage?


Didn't bring any luggage.

Follow me.

If there's anything else
you need, I'll be out there.

Police are stating that
they're getting closer

to solving the recent murders in the area.

They now believe that the
killer is acting alone

and that he is a white male
between the ages of 25 and 35.

So remember, if you see
any suspicious activity

do not hesitate to call
your local police detachment

to report anything unusual.

And now today, in our Weird Facts segment.

A record has been broken today

for the world's heaviest stillbirth baby.

It has been reported that
a baby girl weighing in

at an astonishing weight
of 27 pounds and two ounces

in the port city of Wonsan
in the Kamwon Province

in the People's Republic of North Korea.

Doctors say that upon exiting the womb,

the baby was dead on arrival.

They also go on to say
that if they could have

saved the baby, well,
they certainly would have.

The robbery, it went wrong.


All of these places have safes.

I'll fucking rob 'em, kill every last one.

Nobody will know fuck all, Hank.

I'll be long gone outta this place

by the time they find the dead bodies.

I just gotta take care
of my last fix and uh.

I, uh.

Don't care what you do, Tracey.

None of my business.

You got another few
hours to get me my money

or you're a dead woman.

They won't know what him 'em, Hank.

I'll get you the money, I promise.

I gotta go.

I'm gonna hang up now, okay?

And if you don't
get the money to me...

I gotta go, I gotta take the last fix.

She's quite nice,
don't you think so, boys?

Well, what are we
supposed do with her now?

I've got a wife at home.

I'm afraid she's
become our uninvited guest.

I must say, I've had worst
guests at better parties.

All right, Corby, all right.

Let's not forget where we are.

Even though we're lost in the woods,

let's try to remain civilized.

You don't even smile.

You don't.

Just a, just a minute!

I said just one minute.

Hey, what?


Exactly what I thought, it's a flat tire.

What else
could go wrong tonight?

Yeah, first we run
outta gas and now this.

And now I've gotta go change a flat tire.

There's no tire wrench!

How am I supposed to change
a tire with no tire wrench?

Well, it's gotta be here somewhere.

No, we're shit outta luck.

How could you, how could
you not have a tire wrench?

Mack, you need to calm down.

You know I don't like it
when you get like this.

It's always something, isn't it, Janet?

Mack, stop, stop this please.

It just makes me sick to my stomach.

How am I supposed to marry somebody

that always makes dumb mistakes like this?


It's just like the
time you left the money

sitting out on the table.

Who does that?

$4000, you leave it sitting
out so a guy breaks in.

Of course he's gonna
take whatever he wants.

I love you, stop!

Yeah, you love me,
that's what they all say.

And then they lie and they
cheat and they steal from me.

I have never cheated
on you and I never will.

I would give my life for
you and you know that.

Mack, come on.

Come on, you know that.


I walked and walked for miles,

and I couldn't find a
cell signal anywhere.

Sounds like we're in
the middle of nowhere.

We are.

But at least there's a sign
for Bed and Breakfast up ahead.

How close, honey?

I don't think I'm in any shape

to be doing all that
walking this time of night.

Let's just wait until morning.

See if maybe we can wave
a car down or something.

The wedding's tomorrow, honey, okay?

We're racing against time, all right?

We need to call roadside assistance.

I just remembered where the wrench was

to change to wheel.


At my Uncle Eddie's.

Wait, Uncle Eddie's?

The Uncle Eddie that lives 900 miles away?

Look, are you gonna come
with me to make this call

or do you want me to just lock
the doors and let you sleep?




Relax, Pearl, relax.

It's okay.



No, holy water.

Holy wa...

She wants the holy water.

She wants you to bless her with it.



She wants you to bless
her with the water.

I don't know how much
more of this I can bear.

She needs to die!

Just say the word,
Loni, just say the word!

Put that down, Arthur!

When your mother is ready
to die, she will die.

Why are you dying?

Why are you doing this to me?

Why, Mother?

Looking for a room?

No, my girlfriend and
I broke down up the road,

and I was wondering if I could

use your phone to call
roadside assistance.

How far up the road?

Just a few miles.

We just need service to come
out, we don't have a wrench.

I got all kinds of
wrenches in the garage.

What's the make and model of your vehicle?

Wait, what are we doing here?

The guy came out to help us.

The least we can do is go inside.

He said we can wash up.

Come on.

Are you sure you don't
wanna spend the night?

We would but.

We really need to get going
after we get cleaned up.

We do appreciate the offer
and maybe we'll stop in

on our way back through
and stay here for a night.

Hey, any bed and breakfast
that offers a free shower

is my kinda bed and breakfast.

We'll definitely stay here
on our way back through.

Excuse me a moment.

Uh, Arthur?

The Lord of Darkness
stands beside me, amongst us.

I hereby declare this a mercy killing.

Lord have mercy!

I appreciate all of your help, Loni,

but now it is time to die.

I think you need to come with me!


You'll never get away with this!

♪ What can you do or say ♪

♪ Maybe you oughta pray ♪

♪ Hey but you better think upon the tale ♪

♪ You got five minutes to live ♪

The police are now saying
that they had no choice

but to storm the building in
order to save the hostages.

In other news, as we announced
on the early edition,

the murdered family of
four has been identified

as the Smith family.

Timothy Smith, 73 years of age.

His wife Denise, 51.

And their two children,
seven-year-old Barbie

and four-year-old Sammy.

Denise Smith appears to
have been sexually assaulted

before her death.

Police are waiting for
further test results

before announcing any final
conclusions on the case.

One thing is for sure, there
is a madman on the loose.

So please lock up all your doors.

Have your neighbors keep
a good eye on your home.

Always know your surroundings.

And whatever you do, never,
ever talk to strangers.

In any event, I am Maximilian Smith.

Until the next time, my friends.

Muriel's Bed and Breakfast.

Could I speak
to the owner or whoever

runs this place?

That would be me.

I'm Detective Hitchcock.

Can I just have your
full name for my records?

Arthur Caverly.

Six days ago, a
Mr. and Mrs. Hank T. Rollings

checked into your bed and breakfast.

Is this correct?

Yes indeed it is, sir.

But they left the very next day.

I haven't seen them since.

And neither has anyone else.

Hm, so they checked out the next day.

That would be correct, sir.

Said they were visiting
some old family friends.

That's about all I can remember.

Have you witnessed anything

out of the ordinary or
noticed anything strange

around there in recent times?

Not really, detective.

Everything seems fine
and dandy around here.

All right,
Arthur, on behalf of myself

and the department, I would
like to thank you for your time.

If you happen to remember anything else,

please don't hesitate to give us a call.

It was nice talking to you, detective.

We're way out in the middle of nowhere.

How do you people always find your way

to this doorstep?

The Lord finds everyone.

There hath no fear
like the angels of god.

The Lord blesses you with his
many thoughts and blessings.

This is the reading from Zephaniah 3:17.

"The Lord your god is with you.

"He is mighty to save.

"He will take great delight in you.

"He will quiet you with his love.

"He will rejoice over you with singing."

"Blessed be the lord.

"The Lord thy god is with us in

"this heavenly, heavenly moment."

Please help us!

"He will rest in his love.

"He will joy over thee with singing."

♪ This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine ♪

♪ This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine ♪

♪ This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine ♪

♪ Let it shine, let it
shine, let it shine ♪

♪ This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine ♪

Enough, enough!

♪ I heard the lord call my name ♪

♪ Listen close, you'll hear the same ♪

♪ I heard the lord call my name ♪

♪ Listen close, you'll hear the same ♪

♪ I heard the lord call my name ♪

♪ Listen close, you'll hear the same ♪

♪ I heard the lord call my name ♪

I said, enough!

What version of the Bible is this anyway?

We are with the Children of
the Shepherd's Church of God.

And this is our church's
version of the Bible.

Ezekiel 23: 19-20.

That's one of my favorites.

I always found that to
be really interesting.

Could one of you read that for me please?

Found it!

"She remembered when
she'd been a prostitute

"in Egypt when she was young.

"So she took part in
even more prostitution.

"She lusted after her
lovers whose genitals

"were like those of donkeys

"and whose semen was like those of horses.

"So she took part in
even more prostitution.

"She lusted after her lovers who...

"Caressed and fondled her breasts."

I think it's time to go.

Let's get the hell outta here!

And don't come back!

Oh yeah, good buddy.

You fuckin' animal!

Help us, somebody please help us!

Help us, please help us!

Help us, somebody please help us!

We're gonna fuckin'
die here, I just know it!

No, no, we're not gonna die here.

You're right, you're not gonna die here.

You're gonna die here.

You're my darling boy.

Mommy loves you so much.

We're hungry and thirsty, please!

Please, we're hungry.

Please, we're thirsty.

Why would you do this?

I've never done anything
to hurt or harm you!

I don't deserve this!

None of us deserve this, Arthur.

Why don't you just let us go?

We'll pretend like none
of this ever happened!

I might let you go, if you
let me have my way with you.

Not in a million years.

Oh my god, Arthur, no!

No, no!

Oh my god, no!

Follow me.

He's coming, he's coming back.


Son of a bitch!


I'll fucking spill her
blood all over the floor

if you don't hand over the fucking gun!

Anybody home?

Are you looking for a room?