House of Fallen (2008) - full transcript

A mysterious group known as "The Twelve" makes war with the Grigori...fallen angels who walk the earth. House of Fallen is loosely based on the Book of Enoch.

(Thunder, rain)

It has been our task,

we who watch the Watchers,

to fulfill God's command.

We are men and women
like yourself,

who know beyond all certainty
that evil stalks the Earth.

We are the Twelve.

But why me?

Why now?

Because I believe
you are at a crossroads.

You can either continue
the path you're on,

praying for those beyond help,

or you can join me.

I will teach you how to hunt
and kill a fallen angel.



It's a divine number.

The twelve tribes of Israel.

The Twelve Apostles of Christ.

It is also the name
and number of my kind,

we who watch the Watchers.

(Electricity buzzing)


Ah, ah, ah!

(DeHart groaning in pain)

I'm sorry, baby.

(Muffled gasps, coughs)



I'm sorry.

Get out!

Didn't I tell you
to stay the hell out?

How is he?

How is he?!

He's dead.

This wasn't supposed to happen!

No shit!

You think your brother dying
was part of the plan?

What are we going to do?


We stay here.

We ride it out.


No, I say we get as far away
from this town as possible!

You want to go travelling
in this storm?

It's the perfect cover!

No one's going
to find us here.

She's right.

Cops have probably already
set up a blockade.

It's just better
if we wait a little.

We have planned for six months
for what's in this bag.

We can wait just a couple
more days.

(Church bells ringing)

Mara, trust me.

I've got problems of my own
right now.

I can't help you.

But he knows things
about me, Thomas.

Things that he shouldn't.

Well, we all reveal more
than we think we do.

Little signs that perceptive
people pick up.

I'm not talking about emotion

I'm talking about specific
instances in my life.

Just meet him.

Tell me what your
read is on him.

Look, I'm not the psychiatrist.
You are!

I think this one might be more
in your area of expertise.

In what way?

I think he might be possessed.

His case meets every criteria
set forth by the church.

Every single one!

Since when are you an expert
on demonic possession?

I never said I was an expert.
That's why I need your help.

I'm not a priest anymore.

Just because you resigned
from the church,

it doesn't mean you forfeit
your knowledge and experience.

Okay, let's say we go
meet the guy,

and I agree with you
in your beliefs.

What then?

An exorcism is performed.

It's extremely rare
that a church

will sanction an exorcism,

even if you can prove it
beyond a reasonable doubt.

They're not going to do it!

Who says we have to go
to the church?


No, no way, Mara!

Since when did you
ever follow the rules?

I'm sorry.

I was way out of line.
I didn't mean it.

It's okay.

You have a rare gift
for speaking the truth.

They said it was an accident.

You have to stop
blaming yourself.

Mara, I respect
what you're doing.

I do, and I'm sorry
I'm not responding

the way that you want,

but I can't.

All right.

(Thunder, rain)


Thanks for backing me up!

How could side
with that bitch?

Well, what would you suggest?

We check into the fucking
Holiday Inn?

They knew we were coming!

So, you're saying that one of us
ratted the others out?

Well, why would they do that?

I don't know!

Well then, don't bring it up!

Tim walked right into
that guard.

Why didn't she warn him?

How was she supposed to know?

I thought she could sense
those things!

Oh, now she's a psychic!

Isn't that her thing?

Look, just because you hate her,
doesn't mean she turned us in.

She wants that money
just as bad as we do.

Yeah, now there are less people
to split it with.


Well, you're still here,
aren't you?

(Floor creaking)


(Phone ringing)


Hello, Thomas.

Who's this?

I'm hurt that you don't
recognize my voice.

I'm sorry, who's this?

Why won't you come see me,

Am I not good enough for you?

What are you talking about?

Haven't I always been there
for you?

Have I ever judged you?

Ever made you feel unworthy?

God is so disappointed
in you, Thomas.

That's the answer
to your life's misery.

He just stopped caring.

(Click, dial tone)

Guys, guys!

What's wrong?

A body.

So, you met the owner
of the house.

Yeah, looks like this guy
gave up his claim a while back.

I guess he won't mind
if we stay.

But next time,

do you think you could scream
just a little louder?

'Cause I don't think the cops
in the next state heard you!


Where the hell is the bag?

Where is it?

I didn't move it!


What's wrong?

Where is it?

What are you talking about?

What did you do
with the bag?

I haven't touched it!

She told me not to touch it!

Ben, don't lie to me.

Where's the money?

How could I have done it?

I've been upstairs!

Oh, shit!
(Cocking gun)


So where did he go?

He was dead.

I checked him myself.

Someone's here,
has to be!

But why would they take
the body?

(Mysterious laughing)


(Laughing getting louder)

(Laughing continues)


Do you trust her?

("Do you trust her?" echoing)

Show yourself!

Would she give her life for you

as you would give your life
for her?

Did you see anything?

(Voices fading)


I spoke with his wife,

She never left his side
last night.

He didn't make a phone call.

Well, she couldn't have been
with him every second.

What difference
does it make?

He doesn't know you.

How could he have called?

It was him.
I know it was.


Let's just go inside
and meet with him, okay?

Be careful, Thomas.

He's not what you're expecting.

My name is Thomas.

What's yours?

His name is Brian.

(Mara whispering)

She told me you would come!

Who did?

You know who.

Help me, Father.

Please help me.

Why do you pray, Thomas?

When you know He won't
answer you.

What makes you think
He won't answer?


But He hasn't,
has He?

For such a very long time.

Dear God, please grant me
the wisdom to know what to do.

Wisdom, Thomas?

Is there really such a thing?

So, you can read minds.

What other tricks can you do?

Oh, I can...

do many things.

Like what?

Is this a test, Thomas?

No, it's not a test.

But I think it is.

The question is, though,

who is testing who?

If you're really a demon,
what's your name?

All will be revealed
in time, Thomas.

You tell me now!


Do not think to have authority
over me!

I control this man,

as I ultimately have dominion
over you.

Nobody has dominion over me.

Not even God?

Tell me, Thomas.

When you fucked Sara
for the first time by the lake,

do you think Jesus was watching?

Do you think He enjoyed it?

What hurts more, Thomas?

The fact that she's gone,

or that she decided to leave you
at the end?

Do you blame God or yourself
for her death?

Myself, I would blame God.

Why should she be the one
to die for your sins, hmm?

Thomas, Thomas!

Do you tell him
about me and Sara?

I didn't tell him
anything about you.

I told you, he knows things.

Things that he shouldn't.

Isn't that one of the signs?

You know that it is!

Please, Thomas!
Please help us!

You don't even know
what you're asking me to do!

I'm not even a member
of the church anymore.

My husband is suffering!

I think he's possessed
with something,

and I think you
believe that too.

I'm sorry.

I can't help you.

But the things
he knew about you.

Please, Thomas,
my husband needs your help!

Whether the church
authorizes it or not!

I'm sorry.

(Catherine crying)

Hmm, I can hear my brothers.

They stand on the shores
of a distant world,

watching its sunrise
for the very first time.

Soon, man will arrive.

And when he does,
we shall be there as well,

watching, tempting.

And with one simple

man will fall.

It has always been
this way.

You know, the one thing
that I will never understand,

is that with all the worlds
in all the universe,

why He chose to bleed
for this one.

He comes for you soon.

And when he does, tell him
Beliar has returned.


Who are you?

My name is Rowland.

I wish you no harm.

What do you want?

You were dreaming.

Standing on a beach at sunrise,

speaking to someone dressed
in black.

Did he tell you his name?

Who are you?

Did he say his name?

He said it was Beliar.

But you already knew that,
didn't you?


Yes, I knew that.

Sometimes you wonder
if He ever listens.

The man knew things about you
he couldn't possibly have known.

What did he say to you?

Who are you?

Be careful, Thomas.

He spoke of a woman
I once loved.


She died a year ago.

You can never expect mercy
from them.

How do you know this man?

I don't.

I know the thing that's living
inside of him.

What's inside of him?

Its name is Eiael.

It's one of the Grigori.

They're also called
the Watchers.

They were sent
to watch over us.

Search deep in your
mind, Thomas.

You've heard of them before.

Those terrible eyes
have haunted you

since you were a child.

Dreams are more real
than you know.

You've heard their voices,

But when you turn around,
there's nobody there.

Who are you?

I'm called McCarran.

It will mention me when
you say its name.

That's the answer
to your life's misery.

He just stopped caring.

Why are we here?

You'll see.

What is this place?

It's a library of sorts.

It contains all of the Twelve's
knowledge of the Grigori.

Are you a member
of the Twelve?

I owe McCarran a great debt,

but no, I am not
of the Twelve.

Was I the only one that
the Watcher visited?

As far as I know.

What did he want from me?

I don't know.

But McCarran warned me
about him.

He wanted me to protect you.

Protect me?

How did you even find me?

I've always known where you are.

Just like I know the locations

of every member of the Twelve.

That is impossible.

Only McCarran knows the
identity of each member.

Yes, to protect them.

In case one of you
are captured.

I'm the keeper of the history.

I know every aspect
of your lives,

and it's my charge
to record it here.

Well, why didn't I know
about you or this place?

McCarran keeps many secrets,
even from me.

How did you know
about my dream?

Well, I was there,
in the distance.

I didn't allow my presence
to be noticed.

You were in my dream?

That is impossible!

Is it?

Then how is it that Beliar
was there?

Once you know how to enter
a dream,

it's not very difficult.

Did you see anybody?

I woke up and was alone.

There's not a scratch on you.

I heard laughter.

We thought that was you.

Why would I be laughing?

What's going on?

It's the money.

It's missing.

We only left it for a second.

We were gonna go look for it,

and we heard laughter.

Are you sure you didn't see

I don't think so.

Years ago I read
the Book of Enoch

as a part
of my religious studies.

When McCarran mentioned
the word "Grigori",

I knew I had heard
it before,

but I just couldn't place it.

Take a look.

"The Grigori,

"also known as the Eighth Order
of Angels,

"are found in the Book of Enoch.

"In the book, Enoch is taken
to Heaven by the Archangels,

"Gabriel, Michael, Rafael,
and Uriel.

"He is shown the war between
Heaven and Hell.

"Enoch has a vision of God,

"who the angels call
the Ancient of Days."

So this book was in the Bible,
and now it's not?

That's right.

It was in the Old Testament.

It was quite popular during its
time due to the subject matter,

but it was later removed
along with some other books,

like the Gospel of Philip
and the Gospel of Thomas.

But our current Bible makes
a reference to it.

It's in the Book of Genesis.

Even though it's
just a few short lines,

it says that Enoch didn't die,
for God took him into Heaven.

So why was this book removed
from the Bible?

Who knows?

Politics of the day.

Theoretical differences.

I mean, the Book of Enoch

details the war
between Heaven and Hell,

so maybe they thought
that it contradicted

some other prophetic texts.

Do you believe McCarran?

How did he know
about Brian?

I spoke to Catherine.

She's never heard of McCarran.

What do you want me to do?

Walk in there and accuse him

of being a member
of the Grigori?

You met with Brian once,
and look what happened.

I've been treating him
for several months.

He can read my thoughts,
just like he read yours.


We were arguing
when it happened,

and Brian knew that.

When what happened?

The accident.

I was supposed to announce my
decision to leave the church

for the fourth
or fifth time,

but I kept coming up
with reasons not to.

Sara was losing her patience
with me.

She said she wanted out
of the relationship

since it wasn't going anywhere.

The other driver was drunk.

He swerved into your lane.

But maybe I could have
avoided it if I--

if I wasn't distracted.

That's not fair.

Don't do that.

It was the other
driver's fault.

He's responsible
for her death.

How did Brian know that?

I wish I knew.

McCarran's story,
as preposterous as it is,

it's the only thing
that makes half sense.

Get a hold of Brian.

I have a few more
questions for him.


Wolf said he didn't know how
I could have survived.

Thing is, I'm not sure I did.

What are you talking about?

Something doesn't feel right.

Yeah, yeah.

This whole damn day
doesn't feel right.

No, that's not what I mean!

I think I died.

Why didn't you do it?

Do what?

Kill the bitch,
that's what.

There wasn't enough time.

How much time do you need?

Pull the trigger,
end of story.


Well what about you?

DeHart's still alive.

That son of a bitch
had a hole in his stomach

big enough to drive a truck
through it!


Yeah, well,
I guess he's Jesus Christ,

'cause he just rose
from the goddamn grave.

I was standing above my body,

watching myself
bleed to death on the floor.

Tim, don't lose it on me.

Goddamn it, Ben.

Just let me think this
thing through.

It was this...

this crushing,
this emptiness.

And then Dad walks up to me.

Dad is dead.

I know he's dead!

He knows.

He doesn't know shit.

If he did, both of us
would be dead.

Well, we need
to get outta here.


Not without that bag.

I don't know what happened
to you.

But you didn't die!

You said you checked me,
and I was dead!

Yeah, well, I make mistakes,
you know that!

I know it sounds crazy.

But it happened.

Don't worry, baby.

We'll find that bag
in no time.

And then we're as good
as gone.


What are you doing?

He could walk down
here right now.


Are you afraid of him?

No, no.

I'm not afraid of anyone.

Well, you should be.

You must sleep.

He'll return to me.

You're right,
he will return to you.

But you can't go through
the rest of your life

and never sleep.

I'll teach you how
to protect yourself.

How do I protect myself
in my sleep?

What is your most pleasant

I dream of the ocean.

But I've never been
there before.

I've seen pictures of it,
and movies.

But I've never seen it
with my own eyes.

Then he chooses that dream
to enter.

To make you feel
most at ease around him.

You said entering dreams
was easy.

How does he do it?

You have to understand
that above all,

the Grigori are travellers.

For them, travelling
great distances

or even through time

is as simple as you

walking from one room
of this place to the next.

Then how do I protect myself?

You're one of the Twelve.

You've been chosen
because you are a warrior.

Let that be your last thought
as you drift off.

Dream of the ocean.

Feel at peace with yourself.

And remember the treachery
of the Fallen.

You're a warrior of the Twelve.

They can no longer
harm you.

Don't you find it strange that
he knows of these things?

He's the keeper
of the history.

He reads your secrets.


Oh, but he's so much more
than that.

What do you want from me?

I wish to offer you a deal.

Why would I trust a deceiver
like you?

Well, don't you even want
to hear the offer?

No. I don't.

Oh, I think you do.

You see, we've grown
tired of your world,

and therefore we agree
to leave,

in exchange for something
you can offer us.

Which is?

The one who guards the history.

You will deliver
his head to me.


Why would I kill one of my own?

And for something
as unreliable

as the word
of a fallen one?


He's not one of yours.

He's of
the House of Fallen.

He's only hiding behind you
like the coward that he is.

Even if he were a Watcher,
why would you want him dead?

Because all traitors should die,
that's why.

Look, is what I ask for
so unreasonable?

The life of a Grigori

for the chance
of a peaceful world?

Think about it.

I'll be here waiting
for your answer.


How the hell does DeHart recover
from a wound like that?

I don't know.

But he's alive.

I don't know how,
but he is.

I was glad when I thought
he was dead.

Were you?


Yeah, I was glad.

Do you think he took the money?

I don't know, maybe.

He's playing games with us.


Because he's a sick
son of a bitch!

What other reason
do you need?

We can take him.

Oh, it's not just him.

Then the others too.

It'll be just the two
of us.

We-- we'll find the bag.

We'll start our lives over.

It's not that simple.

We'll just have to be smarter
than the others.

(Mysterious laughter)

Hold on.

(Door creaking)

You do not belong here.


Damn it.

Where the hell are you?

This wasn't supposed to be
your fight.



Can you read the language
of the angels?

Can you?

I hope so.

I wrote it.

He told me
you were a Watcher.

And you suspect that I am,

or you wouldn't be
searching these scrolls

looking for my history.

Are you?

I am.

And McCarran knows?


He's the one who brought me
into your group.


He protected me.

Gave me a purpose.

Protected you from what?

From my brothers.

I betrayed them.

They'll stop at nothing
until I'm dead.


Don't move, Goddamn it!

I said don't move.


Who are you?

Why did you kill her?

She was like that
when I found her.

What are you doing here?

I could ask you the same thing.

One way or another,

you're gonna tell me
why you killed her.

It's here.

It's the one who did this.


Who are you talking about?

You've heard its laughter.

You even talked to it.

You've seen someone?

The only person I've seen is
this mother-fucker right here.

Denying its existence
won't make it go away.

What does it want?

I would think
that's obvious.

It wants us all dead.

So, Thomas.

You've come back to finish
our little conversation?



I'm curious.

Did you come here before simply
because Mara asked you to?

Or was it my phone call
that peaked your curiosity?

What do you think?

It was the phone call,
of course.


You must forgive me for being
so direct over the phone.

But it was necessary, wasn't it?

I have been waiting
such a long time

to finally meet you
face to face.

But how?

I mean, I just met you for
the first time the other day.

Hmm, no, Thomas.

I've been talking to you
for years.

You've just chosen
not to answer.

How have you been
talking to him?

Thomas knows.

You don't know what
you're talking about--

Oh, but I do.

These are your regrets
that I am reading.

You gave up after she was gone!

You couldn't even kill yourself
when you tried.

When you held that gun
in your mouth,

did you not pull the trigger

because you thought
you would go to hell,

or were you more afraid
there would be nothing at all?

That's enough, Brian.

And what about you,

Dr. Mara?

Does Thomas know how

you secretly rejoiced
when Sara died?

I would never do that.

Ah, but you did,

deep in your heart.

You want him
all for yourself.

That's not true.

Now, now, now,
Dr. Mara.

Don't lie to us.

Jesus will be disappointed.

Just stop, okay?

Just leave her alone.

Would you do anything
to bring Sara back?

Would you sacrifice
your life for hers?

Would you
sacrifice Mara's?

I would give my life
to bring her back.

Tell me, Thomas.

When you dream of Sara,
is she alive,

or do you see her
as they lower

her rotting corpse
into the dirt?

Stop this, Brian!

Do you believe
in the afterlife, Thomas?

I asked you
a question, Thomas.

Do you believe
in the afterlife?



Then you must know.

Sara burns.


What did you do with the bag?

It took it, genius.

Why do you keep saying "it"?

Because it's not human.

You keep lying to me,

and I'm gonna let Wolf
put a bullet in your skull.

Believe what you want.

I can only warn you
so many times.

Maybe she did kill Sam.

Maybe she didn't.

But that doesn't explain what
happened to the money.

She took it.

Then why wouldn't she just run?


There's something not right
about this place.

Don't give me that
sixth-sense shit again.

Just because you're scared,

doesn't mean we have
to high-tail it out of here.

Only a damn idiot
never gets afraid.


They came to Enoch,

asking him to go before
the Ancient of Days

and state their case
for forgiveness.

But God refused,

saying why should a son of clay
pray for a son of fire?

It is they who should pray
for you.

But according to the Book,

they were all destroyed by God
during the great flood.

Most were.

But some survived,

living among us
for thousands of years.

It has been our task,

we who watch the Watchers,

to fulfill God's command
that all the Grigorians perish.

We are men and women
like yourself

who know beyond all certainty
that evil stalks the Earth.

We are the Twelve.

But why me?

Why now?

Because I believe
you're at a crossroads.

You can either continue
the path you're on,

praying for those beyond help.

Or you can join me,

and I will teach you how to hunt
and kill a fallen angel.


The cancer eats away
at my body,

and I find myself
nearing the end of my life.

In a strange way,
this is a gift,

for every day
seems like a miracle.

McCarran must also know
death is close,

for he has asked me
to write an account

of my dealings
with the Watchers.

He said this journal will go
in a vast archive

that holds all of the Twelve's

He never told me
of this place before.

Wouldn't this have been
an advantage for me

to visit this place
at the beginning?


She did this to her.

You know that.

Wasn't that the plan?

(Voice echoing)

Didn't you always intend
to get rid of her?


The blade seems especially cold
against my flesh.

I took it from its hiding place

for the first time
in many months.

How long now
have I been its guardian?

I uttered its ancient name,

half expecting it to answer me.

It seemed like an old friend.

I can't help but wonder
how much death it has caused.

I sense the Watcher's
thoughts from far away.

It wants the dagger.

Do you regret what you've done?

She loved you.

And you betrayed her.

Even now, they conspire
to kill you,

and keep the money
for themselves.


What do you want me to do?

Prove yourself.

Prove that you're worthy
of my grace.

To bask in His light.

That's all I've ever wanted.

Then why did you disobey Him?

Why does anyone do that which
they know to be wrong?

They rationalize their actions.

They convince themselves
that they in fact

are the ones
who have been wronged.

In my dream,

Beliar told me to mention
his name to you.


During the first war in Heaven,
just after the fall,

Beliar and I fought side
by side.

So many angels dying
at the hands of their brothers.

The first war?

How many were there?

Three great wars.

One after the fall.

The second over who
would claim the body of Moses,

and the third over the body
of the Christ.

Just after the first war,

with the light of so many
of their brothers extinguished,

many of the Watchers
wanted to repent.

Some secretly
went to the prophet Enoch

and asked him
to plead for forgiveness

from the Ancient of Days.

Lucifer discovered this,
and in his rage

he sought to destroy all
who would repent,

and suddenly I found myself
with no allies.

I no longer agreed
with the Watchers,

and I wasn't allowed
in Heaven either.

I didn't know what to do.

Until I saw Him.

Saw who?

The Christ.

He was covered in human flesh,

but, oh, His light
was unmistakable.

I went up to Him,
and He greeted me by name.

He forgave you?

He looked me straight
in the eyes and He said,

"There will always be

Lucifer sent my brother Beliar
to kill me.

At first, Beliar
pretended to be my ally.

He said that he too
wanted forgiveness

and wanted to meet
the Christ.

When I realized his deception,
I struck out at him,

and I thought I had
killed him.

How did he survive?

He didn't fully.

That's why he uses dreams.

He exists only in that dream
world between Heaven and Earth.

And now Beliar wants revenge.

There's not a day that goes by

that I don't regret
having fought my brother.

If Beliar came after you
right now,

what would you do?

Ask his forgiveness.

Trust nothing you see or hear.

But if it's a liar,

can't I use that
to my advantage?

A master deceiver will always
mix in the truth.

You won't know what to believe.

Help me, Father.

Give me the strength I need.


(Laughing softly)

You've been talking to McCarran.

You know of him?

He's the reason
that I'm rotting away

in this stinking body of clay.

But how?

How is that possible?

McCarran destroyed the body,
but not the spirit.

You think we don't have souls.

But we do, Thomas.


What are you?

McCarran must have told you.

He said you were a Grigori.

A Watcher.

Then, you must also know

that there is nothing that
you can do to make me leave.

But why would you even
want to stay?

I mean, you must be disgusted
living in such a weak vessel.

Playing psychological games
with me Thomas?

You're as bad as your friend,


No games.

I'm being serious.

I mean, if you
look down upon us so,

if we're so small
in your eyes,

why would you even bother
with us?

Now let's be fair, Thomas.

Everything looks
small from the sky.

What do you want?

What does anyone want?

To be wanted.

To be loved.

Is that what your rebellion
is about?

Not being loved by God?

No, Thomas.

We just want control
of our own destinies,

just like everyone
else wants.

Leave, Eiael!
Leave this body at once!

This will not redeem you
in the eyes of God.

I command thee,
unclean spirits...

Son of clay, do not think
to command me!


(Thomas screaming, thunder)

Stop it.

It won't go away.

You didn't seem too excited
to see me alive.

You almost seemed


It was like being born.

Or at least the way I--

I'd imagine it would feel.

But I couldn't make
myself remember though.

Remember what?

The missing time.

I remember the cop.


I remember him pulling
the trigger.

And then, everything
went black.

And we thought
he had killed you.

It's all starting to come back
slowly though.

I'm glad.

Goddamn you, bitch!

I know what you did!

You think I didn't suspect
what was going on

between you and Wolf?



Help me!

(Doors slamming)

(Rattling door)

(Glass breaking)

You're not here
for the money, are you?

How would you even
have known about the money

in the first place?

You're a lot smarter
than your brother.

I think you being here

has something to do
with that body upstairs.

I read his writings.

He says he was part of a group
called the Twelve.

Are you one of them?


What are you waiting for?

Don't you remember
our deal?

Didn't I bring you back,
like I said I would?

They're still alive.

One's dead.

You needed my help to do it.

I need more time.

You've had enough time.

These Watchers,
do they have the power

to bring somebody back
from the dead?

It wants something
from your brother.

There's no reason
for everyone to die.

Everyone must die.


He's my brother!

Then you'll go back.


He's my brother...

Can you kill it?

Can you free me?

I never woke up.

Oh, you didn't actually believe

that I would bargain with your
kind, now did you?

The day you offered me
the deal,

you never left.

You possessed my body.

You know, you're more clever
than I gave you credit for,

but that doesn't really matter

because you'll never escape
this place.

What did you do with Rowland?

Oh, he's with me.

Well, us, I should say.

And your hands shall be the
instrument of his death.


We should free her.

Why would we do that?

What does it want with you?

I saw the bullet
wound in you.

And now it's completely healed.


I always thought
I was strong.

Thought I could
handle anything.

Then let's get out of here!

It won't let me.


I'm sorry, Ben.





The Christ.

He greeted you and knew you
by name.

Touching story, brother.

Are you going to ask
for my forgiveness now?

I'm truly sorry, brother,

for whatever role I've played
in what you've become.

What I've become?

And what of you?

Serving these animals.

You disgust me.

It's never too late.

But you must humble
yourself now.

I'm curious.

Did you not know it was me
in this body?

I've read the words.

I knew you were coming.

The Book of Fates.

Are you going to tell me
where it's at?

Or do I have to tear
this place apart?

You can tear apart everything
that I've built.

You'll never find it.

Where is it at?

It's with McCarran.

Does that help you now?

So if you knew it was me,
why didn't you run again?

I've tired of running.

I'm ready for it to be over.

(Brooks chuckling)

Oh, it's almost over.

The Father's coming,

and I don't think he'll be near
as patient with you

as I have been.

Why do you still call him
the Father?

Don't you find it strange
that he mimics

and imitates the very one
that he claims to hate?

Hasn't it always been so?

You see, that's
your problem, brother.

You let the little
things bother you.

He has told you nothing
but lies!

And what disturbs me
to the core

is that you have no problem
looking the other way.


You have not changed one bit.

But to be at war and have
both sides angry at you?

Not very smart.

(Both chuckling)

I do...

what I must do.

And so must I.

You saw my spirit,
standing over my body.

Didn't you?

You didn't tell Ben
the whole story.

There were so many faces.

All dead.

By your hand.

You're going to take
my place.

Is that the deal
it struck with you?

I kill you,

and I get to stay here.

I'm not the only one, am I?

Where's your brother?

I won't go back!

It doesn't have the strength.

Even now, it struggles
to keep you here.

The five more faces
will haunt you,

and still, it won't hold
its end of the bargain.

(Cocking gun)

It's nothin' personal.

Yes, it is.


One day you'll see this place
outside of a dream.

I promise you that.

McCarran, how are you here?

I heard your cries for help,

but I was forbidden
to come until now.


By who?

Everything must unfold
according to His plan.

I can't change that.

Can't you get me out
of this place?

You're protected here,
despite your possession.

You don't want to witness
what's about to happen.

Please, McCarran.

I want to be there
in the end.

Well, you have seen more
than most could bear.

But there is an evil far beyond
your comprehension.

Yes, the father of the Grigori.

He comes for Rowland tonight.

Why is Rowland so important
to him?

You know him as Rowland.

He has had many
other names.

Which is the name
that concerns the Grigori?


(Phone ringing)


McCarran asked you to join him,
did he?

Become a member of the Twelve.

What you don't understand,

is that things are not
always the way they seem.

There are always
two sides to every story.

And you've only heard one.

Yeah, well, I've heard enough.

This isn't just a coincidence,

Just some random chance
that you would become involved

in this private little war.

McCarran has planned to recruit
you for a long time.

I'm quite surprised
it's taken him this long

to approach you.

He's gonna stop you.

He knows where you are.

Then why hasn't he come?


No, Thomas.

This is all about you
and your trial.

My trial?

But I'm quite surprised.

Trying to perform
an exorcism on me?

How can you stop a killer...

if you're not willing
to become one?



What have you done?

Do you know what I find
so interesting

about the human mind?

It's so easy to influence.

What have you done?

Take Brian's dear wife
Catherine, for instance.

She just suddenly had this
uncontrollable desire

to plunge her head into a pot
of boiling water.


What about Mara?

Mara, now that's
a strong woman.

Not like Catherine.

We had such a wonderful time.



Didn't McCarran tell you about
my brother Michael?

And the weapons he gave
your kind to kill us?

I guess that means he just
doesn't trust you

with one of the weapons.

Or maybe he just doesn't care
enough about you

to offer you
some protection from me.

He knows I'm not a killer.

Then you've already lost,
haven't you?

You know you were responsible
for the third war, don't you?

All because you betrayed Him.


He asked me to.

I was there
when He descended.

I saw what
they did to Him.

They tore Him to pieces.


He-- He asked me to!

Thousands of our brothers died,
because of you.


The Book of Fates.

It had to be
fulfilled, brother.

And you were the one
who did it?

Such an insignificant
player like yourself?

It is written.

You will fail.

You are the betrayer.

You have betrayed everyone

and everything
you've ever known.

I am sorry, brother Beliar.

But you can't win.

It won't bring him back.

He's failed it
too many times.

What is in this house?

Why do you do it?

Do what?

You name it.

You think you can judge me?

You have no idea
what I've been through!

Am I supposed to feel sorry
for you?

You disgust me.

What are you doing here,
if it's not to steal my money?

Your money?

Then why are you here?

A man named McCarran sent me.

He's been watching you,
for a long time.

We're at war
with the Watchers.

That's what the thing
in this house is,

a fallen angel.

I don't believe in angels,

or in God for that matter.

Is it so hard to believe?

You've felt their
presence your whole life.

How many times have you heard
their whispers in your mind,

warning you of trouble?

How many times has it
saved your skin?

Your friend, Wolf,
it controls him now.

No one controls Wolf.

It's twisted his mind.

Everyone's a threat
to him now.

He won't come after me.

Because he loves you?

Is that it?

Just like he loved Sam?

This thing,
how do you kill it?

(Cocking gun)

There are ancient weapons,
given to the Twelve

thousands of years ago
by the Archangel Michael.

One of them is hidden
in this house.

I need time to find it.

Look out!




Put it down.

She didn't do anything wrong.

Since when do you care
about that?

We're gonna get the money.

We're gonna leave together.

Where's your gun?


I'm sorry, baby.


Please help me!

You killed my friend.

It wasn't me.

It was her!

Don't hide from me, Eiael!

She's gone!

She's gone.

I'm free, I swear.

She said--

She said it was a test.

To see if you'd be
willing to do anything

to bring Sara back.

Sara is dead.

She said it's a gift for you,

if you'll turn away
from McCarran.

Stop playing games with me!

I'm not playing games
with you!

I felt her thoughts
inside of me!

She just wants McCarran!

She doesn't care about you!

Why is she doing this to me?

To keep you from the Twelve.


Hello, Thomas.

It's me.

It can't be.

But it is, Thomas.

I've brought her here.

To help you.

You don't want to help me.

Don't listen to McCarran.

He's not human.

He's one of them,
only on another side.

I didn't betray you.

You have no claim here!

The father's coming,

And there's nothing you can do
to stop him.

(Speaking deeply in tongues)

He's gone. He's gone.


Bravo, bravo.

Well done, dispatching
my servant.

I didn't think you had
the strength in you.

You look so frightened.

I guess you never thought
you'd get the chance to meet me.

You've wasted
a long journey, angel.

There's nothing here
for you.

Mittron, Enoch, McCarran.

You have so many names.

How shall I address you?

How shall I address you?

Satan, Lucifer?


Have you come to petition
for forgiveness?

Then what purpose
would you serve?

You would have no reason
for being without me.

Have I not defined
your existence?

Have I not given
you purpose?

And what would you be
without the fall?

Has it not defined
your existence?

Has it not given you
the fame you sought?

He's rightfully mine.

He belongs in the House
of Fallen.

This man hasn't belonged to you
for a millennia.

You think you can stop me,

Don't you remember
what happened the last time?

You let him die.

Find the dagger,

and I will make this go away.



Save me!

Only I can keep him alive.

You don't know what
it's like there.

Stay away from him!

How long has it been?

He's using you, Thomas.

They all use us.

We're just puppets to them.

Pawns in their war
against God.

I don't want this.

I don't want any of this.

And you shouldn't have it.

The path McCarran is setting
for you is wrong.

God wants you
to be happy, Thomas.

I'm so sorry, Sara.

You didn't have to choose
between God and me.

He doesn't want that.

This is your time
to live.

You must not waste it.

He offers us forgiveness.

But there is no
such thing, Thomas,

so long as we have
the memories of our sins.


I just want her
to have peace.

She suffers, Thomas.

She suffers greatly.

What do you want me to do?

Just walk away.

Reject the Twelve,

and you and Sara
can live in peace.

Your Watchers came to me
with a petition.


More like cowards.

Every last one of them.

And you murdered them for it.

You're both such small pawns
in this chess game.

Don't overestimate
your importance.

Then why claim him now?

I'm sorry, Lucifer,

for what you've become.

My brother, it's been too long,
even for us.

I won't go back.

I've earned forgiveness.

For the things you've done?

No, my friend.

You've earned me.

The Ancient of Days
has forgiven him.

It was He who sent me.

So easily forgiven.

Serving these animals?

Is that all it takes?

What do you know of forgiveness?

You never grant it,
nor request it for yourself.

And I never shall.

Turn from this path.

You've ever been content
to play the fool.

The end is written.

You know the words.

I'm still first among angels.

And yet, you still
think you know

His cruel mind
better than I do.

There's no end that cannot
or will not be changed.

You think you were born
into this role. You're wrong.

Things can change.

You still believe
the king of liars.

That has always been
your downfall.

Are you willing to start another
war over this small pawn?

Is your mighty ego
so easily bruised?

Don't let McCarran
deceive you.

But you killed Mara!

Reject McCarran's lies,

and I will
give you the world.

It's okay.

Everything will be okay.

I love you.


The Ancient of Days said,
"let there be light."

And I came to be.

I am His shadow.

His reflection
in the mirror.

When I am gone,

so shall He be gone.

Kill her,

and you can walk away.

Why don't you kill her yourself?

Was DeHart doing your work?

He was a fool.



What do you desire?



You found it.

I always knew where it was.

Enough! Enough!

Free him.

I'll go with you.

No, don't!

Stay out of this,
one of the Twelve.

I won't think twice
about killing you.

It's all right, Brooks.

It's, uh, it's all right.


We'll meet again, Enoch.

And I'll take pleasure
in ending your existence.

If the Ancient of Days
so wills it.

Oh, oh!

We lost him.

Everything unfolded
according to plan.

How can you say that?

The end is written
in the Book of Fates.

"From within his dark army
a second dissension shall rise.

"And this is a sign...

"that the fourth war in Heaven
is about to begin."

So, he was meant to go
with Lucifer?

But you knew it.

Why didn't Lucifer?



He believes his will
is strong enough

to alter the Word of God.


But he called you Enoch.

Why didn't you tell us?

Didn't I?

You were the one
the Watchers came to,

to plead their case to God.

You were the beginning
of the Twelve.

Yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes...

What will happen to Rowland?

There's always forgiveness.

After it was revealed that
McCarran was the prophet Enoch,

he summoned the Twelve
to a gathering.

There, we saw each other
for the first time.

We didn't know why McCarran
did this.

Perhaps it was so we would not
feel alone.

For after the gathering,
McCarran disappeared.

He has not been seen
for over a decade.

Now, as I watch the sun rise
like the Watchers did long ago,

I can't help but remember
Lucifer's words

that Brooks repeated to me.

"The shadow must always
accompany the light."

The war rages on.

Perhaps forever.

And I wonder if my efforts
will ever make a difference.