House of Deadly Secrets (2018) - full transcript

A mother and her young daughter move into a new house looking for a new start. But they soon realize that they will become part of a dark history.

What's the matter?

Oh, come on, it'll be fine.

Our new house.

Wanna go see your room?

What do you mean?
Why not?

I just like
our last home better.

It's the movers.

Go inside, okay, babe?


Hey, is this Maggie Richards?

This is she.

What? We were expecting
the truck this afternoon.

That is completely unacceptable.

I refer a lot of business
to you guys.

Yeah, well,
I'm disappointed too.


So the movers can't deliver

the rest of our things
until tomorrow.

So how 'bout we camp out
in here tonight?

Yeah? Okay.

Why don't you go play a game
or watch a movie on your tablet

and I'll go unload some boxes?

Okay, go.

Mary had a little lamb

Little lamb, little lamb


What, are you already
decorating your room?

Whose fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that Mary went

Mary went, Mary went


Everywhere that Mary went

the lamb was sure to go

- Ava?
- It followed her

to school one day

School one day, school one day

- Ava?
- Her to school one day

Which was against the rules

It made the children
laugh and play

Laugh and play, laugh and play

It made the children
laugh and play

to see a lamb at school

So the teacher turned him out

Turned him out



- Higher!
- Higher? Okay!


- Higher!
- Higher?

Any higher and you'll fly off
into the clouds.

- I'm gonna jump!
- Oh, no, please don't.

You'll get hurt.
Please don't do that.

It's grass, a grass landing.

- No.
- One!

- No.
- Two!

She's right, Ava.


That's enough for now.

Oh, boy.

Hi, I'm Sylvia.

I live across the street.

- Maggie.
- Hi.

Well, I was passing
by when she...

- I needed a push.
- She needed a push.

So I hope it's okay
that I came in.

Of course.
We're neighbors.

- Yes.
- Thanks for the push.

You're welcome.



She always aims to be on the go.

They usually are at that age.

- Yeah.
- So,

are you getting settled?

Slowly, yeah.

Well, you couldn't have
chosen a nicer neighborhood.

I've lived here for years.

The faces seem to change.

The warm atmosphere doesn't.

I am sure that you two
are gonna be happy here

- for a lot of years.
- Oh, I don't know

how long we're gonna be here.

Maybe just a few months.

- Oh.
- I flip houses.

Well, now that we've met,
you're leaving.

Yeah, well, I used
to just do it on the side,

but now...

My husband and I just separated.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.


It is what it is.

But anyway, I can't believe

how long this place
sat on the market.

I know, well,
from what I understood,

it was family entanglements.

So if you're flipping it,
do you have big plans?

I mean, major renovations?

- Mom!
- Well...


I gotta go make sure she hasn't

gotten herself into any trouble.

Go, go.

It's very nice meeting you.

You too, I'll see you around.



Is someone ready for lunch?

Oh, now what's wrong?

I was only gone a minute.

Were you afraid I had left

and I wasn't coming back?

You don't have
to worry about that.

You know that'll never happen

'cause what would you do
without me, huh?

The princess was trapped
against the castle walls

and then a dragon swooped down
to kill the princess,

but the prince rose up
and slayed the dragon.


Was what he told everyone,

but really it was the princess
who took the prince's sword

and killed the dragon,
saving the kingdom.

I like that.

But why would the princess

let the prince take credit

for something she did?

Mm, that's the way
things were back then.

But eventually the princess
grew tired of it,

so she broke off
from his kingdom

and started one of her own.

Are you talking
about you and Dad?

Your dad and I...

No matter what happens
between him and me,

all you need to know
is that we both love you

and we will always try to do
what's best for you.

Don't you still love him?

I'll always
have love for your dad.

What do you say
we get some shut-eye?

Lots to do tomorrow.

Yeah? Okay.


Okay, time to get you to bed.

Night-night, baby.

Love you.

I'm sorry.
I'm... I'm really sorry.

What are you doing in here?

I thought this house was empty.

- I heard it would be empty.
- And when it wasn't,

what, you tried to scare me

closing all the windows,
locking the doors?

What? No, no,
I... I just came in.

I'll leave, okay, I'm leaving.


Get the hell out of here.

This... this door
was unlocked.

- I'm calling the police.
- What? No, no, no.

You don't need to do that,
I just needed a place to crash.

- Okay, okay, okay.
- I swear to God,

- I wasn't gonna hurt you.
- Out the front door.

Let's just talk
for a second, okay?

I wasn't gonna hurt you.

Why don't we like have
a drink or something?

What are you doing with that?

- Hey!
- Keep walking.

You don't want to just talk
for a minute, have that drink?

No, I think you need to go.

No conversation?



Let me know
if you ever want to talk.

Get out!

- Ah.
- Hi.

Well, hello there.

- How are you?
- Um...

Is everything okay?

Have you seen anyone
sneaking around our place?

No, no, I haven't
seen anyone today.

Yesterday or before we moved in?

I'm sorry, my husband
is taking his afternoon nap.

- Sorry.
- Oh, that's all right.

So, uh, what is it?

Windows seem to open
and close on their own.

Doors lock and unlock.

At first I thought
it was this squatter, but...

Oh, my God,
there was a squatter.

Other flippers
I know have experienced

these kinds of things
and they usually

blame it on
the property's history,

but I always thought that
was crazy voodoo talk.

You said you've been here
for many years, right?

Just for my own peace of mind,

is there any history
on that house

that I should know about?

There's nothing
in the disclosures

that would be a red flag,
like someone dying in the home.


No, no.

Not the last owners.

No one died in there.

As far as I know.

What about
the other owners before them?


- Let's walk.
- Sure.

Veronica and Henry Thomas.

Bought the house,
fixed it up in the '70s.

It was their dream home.

And soon after,
their baby daughter was born.

How they doted
on that precious girl.

She was the light of their life.

So, what happened?

Somebody took her.

- I'm sorry?
- Yes, snatched.

Ripped from their lives

right out here on the street.

Oh, I'm so sorry,
I forget that this is...

This is very upsetting.

It is.

What happened to her parents?

Oh, they were destroyed,
absolutely destroyed.

Then, one day,
they were gone too.

They just moved away
in the middle of the night.

The home was just not the same
without little Cindy.

She loved that little
rose garden out back.

But soon they all withered away,

gone just like her.

You told me
this was a good neighborhood.

It is, I mean, after that day,

the people in the neighborhood
started locking their doors,

but time passes and they
moved on with their lives

as if it never happened.


Are you hungry?

You know, I just made
some deviled eggs.

No, thanks.

I need to go.

- Excuse me.
- Well, another time then?

I think you'll like
trying my pasta salad.

Hey, is Ross in there?


Hey! Yes, yes,

I'll get those escrow documents
to you later today.

Maggie, my favorite flipper,
how's the new home?

You sold me a house
that a girl was abducted from.


You didn't know about this?

Uh... no.

It happened over 40 years ago.

Shouldn't it have been
in the disclosures?

- You would think.
- Yeah.

And that's not all, the mother
of the kidnapped girl

moved back east
and killed her husband.

She's doing time in
a Pennsylvania prison

for second degree murder.


Let me pull
the county assessor's report

and try to figure out
what happened.

Please understand I didn't know
a thing about this.

I don't want to lose you
as a client.

Okay, thanks.

How's Ava adjusting?

We're making friends
with the neighbors...

and the ghosts.

Take care.

- Hey, Ross.
- I'm at your place.

Oh, I won't be home
for another hour.

Ah, no worries,
I'm just dropping off

the county assessor's report
for the last two sales

on your property.

Neither of them list
the kidnapping incident,

so, we'll have to do a deep dive

to see why they weren't
compelled to mention it.

Could be because the incident
took place out on the street.

I just thought I'd drop
it off so that you knew

I wasn't trying
to pull one over on ya.

Okay, thanks.

I'll take a look
as soon as I get home.

Okay, bye.

Hey, Gino.

It's been a while.

Hope you're doing well.

Ah, that's good to see.

You alone?
Where's Maria?

Is she still the one
taking care of you?

Out shopping?

Well, is something wrong?

Something in here?

No? Uh...

- This?
- Uh-huh.


Okay, uh, top drawer?



- No.
- No?


Yeah, yeah.

What are you doing
in this house?

Gene let me in.

Who are you?
Where's Maria?

I'm his sister and
I'm taking care of him now.

And more importantly,
who are you?

I'm Ross Townes, I'm sort of

the unofficial neighborhood
real estate agent.


Did you say you were his sister?

Yes, yes.

Gene, you never
mentioned her before.

Oh... I'm sorry,

but your visit
is agitating my brother.

You know, I've been working
on your brother for years

to try and sell this place.

But I'm sure you wouldn't
want to sell either

since it's your family home.

Did he tell you that?

Our family is from Colorado.

He bought this place himself
some 50 years ago.

Oh, that's right.

Maybe I should talk
to your other brother then.

Oh, he wouldn't be interested.

Why not?

- He's busy.
- Really?

I thought he was dead.

Died about four years ago.

Gene told me.

What are you doing?

Calling the police,
you're not his sister.

Please, please, let me explain.

Gene, will you stop please?

- Let me explain.
- I have all

the explanation that I need.

You're a parasite

taking advantage
of this poor man.

Now I'm gonna put
an end to this.

Are you okay?

Did she hurt you in any way?

Okay, everything's
gonna be okay.

Just sit tight, sit tight,

they'll be here
any second, okay?

She hasn't hurt you?

Okay, okay, just sit tight.


I had no choice.

He was gonna ruin everything

and you know it's your fault

because you let him in.


You're just like my husband.

Out to make my life miserable.

Henry didn't like the idea
of me coming back home.

He tried to stop me too.

I thought you were different.

I thought you understood
how important this was.

Well, no wonder you were grumpy.

You haven't eaten
your breakfast.

Here, eat up.

Don't you feel lucky
that Maria had

that pesky immigration problem.

Come on, bite, bite, bite,

so I could step in
and take care of you.

What's the matter, is it cold?

Let me see, yes, too cold.

I think I'll heat it up for you.

Can't eat your oatmeal
the way it is

because you didn't eat it
when you were supposed to.

When will she learn
that she just needs

to give me back my home.

Got your oatmeal.

I need you to eat.
Eat this!

Oh, is it too hot now?


Well, you know what,
that's too bad

because I can't have you grumpy.

I need to be home.

It's the only place
that Cindy knows.

Otherwise what kind
of a mother would I be?

Look at the mess you've made.

Hey, do you want a roof
over your head tonight?

Come with me, I know a place.



What are you doing here, Zeke?

- Hey.
- Our agreement is that

you would always call first.

Yeah, listen, I...

I just found
some things in storage

that you and Ava might want.


Ava's been wondering
what happened to this.

- Thanks.
- Yeah, of course.

Hey, listen.

While I'm here,
do you mind if we talk?

Ten minutes?

Cup of coffee?

Ten minutes.


This place isn't half bad.


But is it safe?

I don't need you
checking up on me.

Look, Maggie, I'm a mess
without you and Ava.

You should have thought about
that before stealing from us.

I didn't steal it,
I invested it.

It was gonna be repaid
with interest.

- But you lost it.
- Look, I admit

- it was a bad investment, okay?
- It was my money

and money for our
daughter's college.

Barely cleared the deposit

- on this place.
- Hey, I knew

- how much you need it.
- What, you think

- that makes it okay?
- No, but you also

never gave me a chance
to tell you why.

That money was for us,
it was for this family.

If that investment paid off
like it was supposed to,

I could have left my job,

no more traveling for
three weeks out of the month.

I could have been here,
I could have been

a better father to Ava
and a better husband to you.

You can leave
your job at any time.

Well, after ten years,
and do what, start over?

What do you think
we're doing now?


Tell Ava that
I'll call her later

and that I love her.

Hey! I brought you
my deviled eggs.

Sylvia, you are too much.

Hey, I just made
a fresh pot of coffee.

- You want some?
- Oh, I would love some,

thank you.

You really have done a lot.

- Getting there.
- It's amazing.

I love this house.

Oh, look at that.

What happened there?

Are you just doing work or?

Oh, it was just a busted fan.

I think the wires
need to be reattached.

Oh, you should
be careful of that.


So, any more
strange occurrences?

Luckily, things seem
to have calmed down.

Oh, well, you know,

yesterday I saw a strange car

parked in front of your house,

an older model, a silver sedan.

You know, I don't mean
to be a snoop,

but after our conversation
I thought I should tell you

- when I see something...
- I appreciate that,

but that car belongs
to my husband.

Oh, well, I hope...

I hope that went okay.

I mean, I assume that those
conversations can be awkward.

That is one way to put it.

So is there any hope for you two

or think you might be
moving back in with him?

Move in with him?

No, he travels so much for work

that he lives in a hotel
when he's in town.

If we ever did
get back together,

and that is a major "if,"

he'd move in here.

Oh, well,

that does sound like hope.

- I gotta take this.
- May I use your bathroom?

Yeah, right ahead.

This is Maggie.

Yeah, if I could pick up
those tile samples today

that would be great.

Well, I really appreciate it.


Thanks so much, bye-bye.


Oh, sorry, I thought you
disappeared for a minute.

No, I'm here.

Do you happen to have
any cream or sugar?

- I do.
- Oh, good.

Coffee's great though.


- Help!
- I'm coming!


Oh, oh, Maggie!

Are you all right?

What happened?

- I fell.
- Oh, honey,

I'm gonna call an ambulance.

- I got 'em.
- Oh, you found my keys.

Right on the counter
just where you said.

You're going to be okay.

- Just stay strong.
- Thanks. I'll call Ava's school

and make sure you're clear
to pick her up.

Okay, and we'll meet you
at the hospital.

- You go get better.
- Thank you, Sylvia.

I'd like to copy
these keys please.


- Surprise.
- Where's my mom?

Well, um, the first thing
you should know

- is that she is okay.
- Something happened to her?

You know, in her line of work,

there are accidents
and she sort of fell

and, um, the doctors
are making sure she's okay.

And she asked me to pick you up.

Is that okay?


Please do not worry.

She's okay.

Come on.

I don't know
how I'm gonna handle

sleeping while sitting up.

Well, that is why

they give you the good drugs.

How long is your arm
gonna be in that sling?

A few days
and then a couple weeks

before I can do any heavy work
around the house.


Thank you for doing all this.

Of course.

Now do you want me
to call your husband?


He's away and I want
to put off hearing,

"I told you so."

Maybe this house
really is cursed.

Well, that might be
the drugs talking.

I wish it were.

You know, I thought
if I just kept my head down

and ignored it,
it would all stop.

And it had.

God, I really screwed up now.

Maybe I should just
sell and move on.


You have time to think
about that later.

- Mm-hm.
- Now it's time for rest.

Are you counting?

Five on the one,
then move on to the rest.

I'm counting, I'm...

What's the matter, baby?

You okay?

Mommy's gonna make you
all better, okay?

Okay, I want you
to take a warm bath

and then I'm gonna
make you some soup

and then we can
watch cartoons, okay?


I'll go get that soup started.

Thanks, Mom, you're the best.

Tuck me in!

Okay, let's tuck you in.

There you go.

Goodnight, baby.

Thanks, Mommy.

I'm sorry?

I said thanks, Sylvia.

Goodnight, baby.



Ava, are you here?


- Oh!
- Have you... have you seen Ava?

I just, uh,
dropped her off at school.

Oh, my God.

Sylvia, you can't just
take her like that.

- You scared me.
- Oh, no, no, no.

I left you a note.
Here it is, see?

- I... I didn't see it.
- Oh.

Well, we both just wanted you
to stay asleep.

Thank you,
I really appreciate it.

- Do you need my help today?
- I don't know.

I just gotta figure out what
I'm gonna do with this place.

And with my life.

You know, the small things.

Let me make you breakfast.

Really, you've done enough.

No, you have a busted wing.

- I'm... I'm making you breakfast.
- But your husband?

Oh, he will sleep the morning
away as always

and I'll make it back in time
to make him lunch.


What the hell?

I just had a little accident.

A little accident?

You went to the ER.

I'm glad you're concerned.

- How did you even...
- I stepped off the plane

and I get a call from
the insurance company.

It just happened yesterday.

I was gonna call you today,
I promise.

What have I told you about doing
too many things on your own?

Is Ava okay?

It was a one woman show.


All right, so,
how are you getting along?

We're fine, Sylvia
is here to help out.

Who's Sylvia?

That's me.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.

Sylvia lives
just across the street.

She's been an enormous help.

I'm making breakfast,
do you want something?

No, thank you, I'm good,
I've already eaten.

Listen, I have another
red-eye tonight,

but now with this,
I... I could cancel,

take a couple days off work.

You can't afford to do that.

I can make it work.

Ah, the eggs.

Excuse me.

So what's her deal?

She spends her entire life
taking care of her husband.

And so, what now,
she's taking care of you?

I think she just likes
to get out of her house.

I appreciate what
you're trying to do here.

I'm still trying
to take care of this family.

We're not yours
to take care of anymore.



Well, can I still
pick up Ava from school

and spend the afternoon
with her?

Yeah, I'm sure she'd like that.

Well, see, this is
your problem right here,

it's labeled wrong.

You turned off the dishwasher,

not the ceiling fan
in the back room.

Consider yourself lucky.

I do.

Hey, since I have you here,
can you finish this install?

- Sure thing.
- Thanks.


Hi, baby.

Oh, let me see.

You look beautiful, wow.

- Dad helped pick it out.
- Oh.

He's always wanting
his little princess, huh?

You can change if you want to.

I think I'll keep it on,
for him.

Go play.

- Thank you.
- I couldn't resist.

Ah, Cindy.


- Hey, Sylvia!
- Hey.

Come push me.

Don't you look pretty.

I'm gonna fly
to the clouds today.

I wanna fly to the clouds today.

Clouds today.


Way up into the clouds.


- All set?
- Yep.


- This for me?
- Yeah.


One less thing on my to-do list.

Any time.

And, uh, next time I would, uh,

leave this kind of work
to the professionals.

- Have a good day.
- Oh, you... you too.

Can you believe that guy?

He never would have
said that if I was a man.

I think he would
have said it to anyone

who tried to do electrical work

and dislocated their shoulder.





High enough, sweetie?

- I've been thinking.
- Uh-oh.

And I'm happy you have Sylvia,

but she's not family.

- No.
- Helen loves her so much.

Push me, Mommy, push me!

Hold on tight.

- No.
- She would love to spend

some time with
her granddaughter.

- Zeke, no.
- Please?


Way high!

Up into the clouds.


Ava, oh, my God!

What happened?

- Baby!
- Sylvia, what happened?

- What happened?
- Baby, are you okay?

- Hey, baby?
- Are you all right, honey?

Where is it?

Is it your head?

Get her inside.

Is it your head, honey?

- Maggie!
- I'm coming, I'm getting ice.



- Okay, I'm here, I'm here.
- Watch her head, watch her head.

Where are you?


I got you, you're okay.

I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- It's... it's okay.

- It was an old swing.
- She should have

never been on it.

If I... if I had thought

that that was...

I never wanna see her hurt.

I know, really, it's okay.

We've got it.

Thanks, Sylvia.

It's okay, I know, I know.

Did you see that?

- See what?
- She just stood there.

Well, she's not a mom.

She's probably
just not used to dealing

- with something like that.
- And what would happen

if you weren't here
and it was just her and Ava

in a real emergency?

Is she just gonna
stand there in shock?


Well, I know someone
who wouldn't.

- Zeke.
- I'm calling her.


Who is this?

- Helen.
- Maggie.

You're looking good.

Nice to see you too.

- Come on in.
- Hold on a sec.

Since we're in a bit
of an awkward situation

with you and my granddaughter
no longer living with my son,

perhaps we could discuss
some ground rules.

Okay, sure.

I'm here for Ava.

From the looks of things

and from what
my son has told me,

it appears you need
an extra set of hands

to help with her.

So, if she needs to eat,
I'll feed her.

If she needs to go to bed,
I'll tuck her in.

However, if you need your
prescriptions picked up,

- don't even...
- I'll take care of that.


Glad that was so easy.

About what I expected.

Now, could you show me
to my room please?

I'd like to get settled before
Ava comes home from school.

Oh, okay.

- Hello?
- Hey, good morning.

- Is this Maggie Richards?
- It is.

This is Detective Gray
with the police department.

We need to talk to you.

Don't go anywhere.


Oh, hi.

Uh, is, uh, Maggie here?

No, she's not, she's out.

Who are you?

I'm Sylvia, the neighbor.

I've been helping out.

Oh, yes.

And who are you?

I'm Zeke's mother, Helen.

Well, it is a pleasure
to meet you.

And, you know,
if you need anything at all,

please ask me.

Ava can be quite
the little handful.

That's true, but, you know,

I'm pretty sure
I can handle her myself.

I raised an active boy.

You know, I'm sure
they're really grateful

for all the help
you've given so far,

but I'm here now.


I just want you to know s...

- Do you know Ross Townes?
- I do,

he's my real estate agent.

When was the last time
you and him spoke?

In his office a few days ago

and then we talked briefly
on the phone the next day.


He's dead, Mrs. Richards.


I... I don't understand.

We found his body
in the trunk of his car.

A vagrant was driving it.

Ever seen him before?


What did you and Ross talk about

the last time you spoke?

He was dropping off
some paperwork.

He called to tell me he was
gonna leave it on my porch.

And this was what time?

Late morning, maybe 10:30.

I got home about an hour later

and the paperwork was there
and he was gone.

Why would he kill him?

We don't know yet.

We're working on it.


Please, Cindy, where are you?

Why are you not here, Cindy?

It's because of that woman
snoring in the guest room,

isn't it?

Yeah, yeah,
she frightened you away.

Don't you worry, baby.

Mommy's gonna get rid
of that old woman right now.





I am so sorry to bother you.

Sylvia, what can I do for you?

Well, you know, I can't find

my extra pair of reading glasses

and I... I'm pretty sure
I left them here the last time.

You know, I haven't seen them,
but if I find them

I'll bring them
to your house, okay?

I would just love to come in
and look for them myself.

No, actually I don't really
want you to do that.

- Well, it'll only take a minute.
- No, like I said,

if I find them
I'll bring them right over.

- I think I left them upstairs.
- What are you doing?

Who the hell
do you think you are?

I did not give you permission
to come in!

Get out of this house.

Can you hear me?


Okay, I'm calling the police,

I'm gonna have you arrested
for trespassing.

What's the matter?

Oh, I slipped
on Ava's soccer ball.

I think I broke my hip.

Hold on, I'm coming.

I don't freakin' believe this.

Okay, I don't know what kind
of games you're playing here,

lady, but I've had it with you.

Do you hear me?


Why are you doing this?

Oh, dammit.


Help, help!

Somebody, please help me.

Please, somebody,
she's trying to kill me!

- Shut up!
- Help me!

The lucky winners of this past
weekend super lottery drawing.

Shut up!


Oh, my God.



- What happened?
- They're saying she tripped

on the soccer ball,
she fell down the stairs.

She broke her neck.

- You weren't there?
- No, I was out.

She was alone in the house.

Ava was at school.

- Where's Ava at now?
- I asked Sylvia to take her

for some ice cream
to keep her away from this.

- Does she know?
- No.

I thought you and I could
tell her together later.

We won't talk
about the soccer ball.

God, no.
Of course not, of course not.

Wait, wait, wait, I...

Wait, wait.

I'm her son.

What is it?


Do you, uh,
ever see or hear anything

or anyone in your house?

I don't think so.

Never heard the name Cindy?


I do think I had a dream
the other night

where there was a Cindy.

Or maybe it was Sandy.

Was it a dream?

Are you sure?

Did you see a girl in the house?

That's silly.

Don't say that.


Because it's... it's rude.

You don't answer
a person's question

by calling it silly.

There are no dumb questions.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Finish your shake.

Hi, baby.

I'll meet you inside
in a second, okay?


- Sylvia...
- How is everything?

- And how is Zeke?
- Ugh, about what you'd expect.

Totally devastated,
but I'm more worried

about how to break it to Ava.

I know, it's awful, just awful.

We'll obviously be gone for
a few days for her funeral.

I just don't know
how we're gonna live

in this house anymore.

Listen, you just tell me

if there's anything I can do
for your family, okay?

- Thank you.
- I mean that.

Thank you.

- We'll talk soon, okay?
- Oh, I hope so.

- Be safe.
- Okay, thank you.

Here we are.

This is going well.

Yes, breathe in,
breathe, breathe.



Wait for us, honey.

Put your seatbelt on.


I'll be right back.

Don't move a muscle.



Are you here?

I'm home.

And... and they're gone, Cindy.


Please come out.

Mommy hasn't seen you
in so long.

I... I want a big hug.


Are you playing hide and seek?


I'm coming to get you.

Come out, come out

wherever you... are.

I got you.



Why are you doing this to me?


Because it's still their home,

isn't it?


Soon enough.

Soon enough they'll be gone.

I promise.

- You got that one?
- Yeah.

- Hey, neighbor.
- Hey.

I thought I wasn't supposed
to see you till tomorrow.

Weren't supposed to.

- Can you grab that for me?
- Yeah.

- Thanks.
- Is everything okay?

- How was the service?
- Oh, the service was fine.

- Hm.
- But as soon as we got back

from the funeral,
Zeke starts ordering me

to sell the house
all of a sudden,

saying that Ava's not gonna
live another night in it.

- Well, maybe he has a point.
- Maybe,

but there's no way
I can sell now.

What do you mean?

I spoke to an agent this morning

and he said that because
of what happened to Helen,

the house is "toxic,"

so there's no way I can sell it

for anything close
to what I paid for it.

I can't take that kind of loss,

so it looks like we're stuck
here for a while.

Well, I'm really sorry
to hear that.

I mean, I'm glad for me.

I get to keep
my wonderful neighbor.

Gotta think.

Think, think, think,
think, think.


Thank you.

- Hi.
- Hi!

Uh, I would like
a vanilla latte.

And, um, is there anyone
who can help me

get on the Wi-Fi?

Sylvia, is that you?

- Hello, beautiful!
- Who are you?

It's me, Marv, you know me.

Get your hands off of me!

You like it rough, huh?

Let me go!

Yeah, you said
you wanted a fight,

I just didn't think
you'd pack quite the punch.

Come and get it, baby.

Come and get it, baby.

Get your hands off of me!

You okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, call the police.

So I need to ask if you want
to press charges.

Uh, yeah, why wouldn't I?

Well, he says
you invited him here.

- Excuse me?
- He says you two connected

on an adult website
that caters to people's

- more quirky sexual urges.
- Wha... what?

He says it's all part of a game
that you requested.

Well, he's lying.

He showed me the post.

What post?

Didn't have your name.

Had the handle

You flip houses, right?

I swear I didn't join
any website for...

Along with your address,
there was a description

of the fantasy you wanted
and a secret password

that you were supposed
to say to each other.

- A password.
- "Come and get it."

Listen, I don't know
anything about a password.

- Look, it's all on the website...
- I'm sorry, are you trying

to shame me into
not pressing charges?

- No, ma'am, I'm just...
- Or maybe you're just

trying to avoid doing
your paperwork, I don't know,

but regardless I am
not saying that I had

anything to do with that guy.

Press charges.

So since you didn't go
on that website,

someone else did
pretending they were you.

Somebody must be trying
to set you up.

Who do you know
that would do that?

Oh, I have to go
and check on Gene.

I'll be right back.

I can't think of anyone
who would do that.

Are you positive?

God, why do you
treat me like this?

Haven't I done
everything I can for you?

And why are you trying to keep
me away from my daughter?

She is so close.

What is wrong with you?

Oh, you've gotta
stop being grumpy.

You have got to stop this.

But I'm gonna have to make sure

that you are fed properly.


Well, I guess I just can't
leave you sitting there.

You just wait in here
and I'll be back

to take care of you later.

I can't even imagine
what would have happened

if you hadn't been here.

Hm, well, women in arms.

- Yeah.
- But with that crazy man

breaking in, I can't believe
you're staying tonight.

I mean, after all the things
that have happened,

I would be moving out
and taking the first offer

- that comes my way.
- The thought has crossed

- my mind.
- Hm!

But I was thinking about
what that detective said.

Someone is doing this
on purpose.

Someone is trying
to get me to leave.

But I'm not gonna do that.

I'm staying.

I'm gonna find out who it is.

Good, good for you.

We should get you to bed.

It's been a rough night.

I'll clean up.

I insist on staying the night.

I want to keep my eye
on the two of you.

So sweet.


I hear you.

Cindy, where are you?

Please, not another game
of hide and seek, honey.

I've been waiting so long
to see you.

Come out, honey.

I can't.

Why not?

This isn't my home.

This isn't my furniture.

Where's my swing?

Where are the roses?

Oh, honey, this...
This is your home.

And do you remember
the picture you made?

Look, baby, it's still here.

See that?

And we can fix the swing

and re-plant the roses.


Cindy, where are you?


Right behind you.



You're here.

Oh, you're really here.

You... oh.

- Mommy?
- What?

Can you read me a story?

Of course I can.

Here, you hop into bed.

We are going to have

our whole lives
to spend together.

I'm so happy you're here.

Everything's gonna be
just the way it was.

You want me to read
or do you want to start?

- Can you?
- Okay.

Oh, this is a good one.


Sylvia, are you still here?



- Oh.
- Whoa.

- Whoa, sorry.
- Where is she?

- Where... where is Cindy?
- Who?

The... there.

Are you okay?

You were sleeping
so soundly in there

I thought I was gonna have
to throw some water on you

to wake you up.

Well, I've got a real busy day,

I've gotta get this
little one to school.

I... I need my morning coffee.

Get this noodle started.


- Mom, gotta get my stuff.
- Okay.

Cindy Thomas.

Where is she?
Where's Cindy?

I've lived here for years.

The home is just not the same
without little Cindy.

She was such a beautiful girl.

She loved that little
rose garden out back,

but soon they all withered away.

- Mom, let's go.
- Yeah, coming.

This is going to help.

This is going
to make you feel at home,

my baby.


Metro Police,
how may I direct your call?

Hi, I'm trying to reach
a detective who used to work

in the mid-city district,
Jack Arnold.

Commissioner Arnold?

He oversees
the Western Bureau now.

- Can I transfer you?
- Yes, thanks.



Wow, how time flies.

Oh, ooh.



Can you pick up Ava from school?

Yeah, of course,
it'd be my pleasure.

Let me know if there's
anything else I can do.


Hey, is everything all right?


Maggie Richards?

Sorry, I gotta go.

- This way.
- Thanks.

- Hi.
- Hi, can I help you?

I've come to pull
Ava Richards from class.

Uh, my name is Sylvia Holmes

and I'm sure I'm on
the approved list.

Did my mom
have another accident?

Is that why you're getting me
out of school early?

No, no, she asked me
to pick you up early

because she thought you
deserved a fun day today.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.


- What are those for?
- Well, I thought

you'd like to have
a little photo shoot

in a beautiful garden
this afternoon.

Maggie Richards,
Deputy Commissioner Arnold.

I appreciate you
taking the time to see me

on such short notice.

Well, you had
the correct password:

Cindy Thomas.

One of my first cases
after I got my gold shield.

Still haunts me though that
we never found that little girl.

So, are you one of these amateur
cold case investigators?

No, my daughter and I live
in the Thomas's old house

and my neighbor Sylvia Holmes
was around

when the little girl
went missing.

But, frankly, something
is just off about her.

I mean, she seems to know
things about this case.

I... I'm just curious,
was Sylvia ever a suspect?

I don't remember
a Sylvia Holmes.

I remember a Gene Holmes

that lived across the street.

That's her husband,
he still lives there.

Well, that's interesting.

The Gene Holmes I know,

he wasn't married at the time.

- Did he have a girlfriend?
- No, no, no.

He was a loner.

Trust me,
we talked to him a lot,

had an airtight alibi
as far as the kidnapping went.

What about Cindy's parents?

Do you think they might have
had any connection with Sylvia?

Henry and Veronica Thomas were
always suspects in my mind.

But we could
never prove anything.

About a year later,
I re-opened the case

after Veronica killed him.

She claimed it was
in self-defense,

but nobody believed her.

I still wasn't able
to make the connection

between her and the missing
child though.

And as for Sylvia Holmes,

nah, that's a...
That's a new name to me.

Maybe if I could
just talk to Veronica,

you know,
if she's still in prison.

- Hm, I wonder.
- What?

Let me make a couple of calls

and then I'll get back to you
later today.

Yeah, okay.

- Thank you, Commissioner.
- Sure.

Now, you go clean up
for the photos.

I've laid out a beautiful dress
for you to wear.

I think Sylvia knows what
happened to the missing girl.

Wait, what?

That's crazy.

What makes you think that?

It's a long story.

Just trust me on this, okay?

All right, I'm pulling up
to the school now.

We'll be over there shortly.

No, no, don't come to the house.

I'm gonna grab
a change of clothes

and anything else I can think of

and we'll come stay
with you at the hotel

- if that's okay.
- Yeah, of course.

- I want us to be together.
- Me too.

Sweet dear,

don't you just look precious?

So, how do you like your room?

Everything's moved around.


Yeah, it's just the way
it used to be.

Except for this
awful paint color.

But we can fix that later.

Oh, wait.

I wanna see if you remember.

Do you remember their names?


Yes, that's Dolly.




I wanna go outside.

- Uh...
- I don't wanna play with dolls.

- I wanna play soccer.
- Cindy, you don't like soccer.

Cindy? Who's Cindy?


Well, maybe you are
a little too old for dolls.

So, are you hungry?

Because I've made us
a wonderful picnic.

- I made pie.
- Really?

- Uh-huh.
- What kind?

- Cherry.
- I love cherry.

I know.

I like apple.

Oh, no, Cindy,
you like cherry pie.

- Maggie.
- Commissioner Arnold.

Got some news for you.

Veronica Thomas was paroled
over a year ago.

- Excuse me?
- Early release,

good behavior.

- Where is she now?
- Parole officer said

that she, uh, she did her time

at a halfway house back east,

then left and hasn't
been heard from

since about the beginning
of the year.

Do you have
a current picture of her?

Way ahead of you.

I'll text it to you.

Here's my cherry pie that
you've always loved so much.

This is good for cherry pie.

Oh, how it warms my heart

to hear you say that.

Oh, my God.

That's her, that's Sylvia.

I can assure you
that's Veronica Thomas.

Her name's
definitely not Sylvia.

- Maggie, hello?
- Ava?

- What's going on, Maggie?
- She's got my daughter.

I need all available units.

Possible hostage situation.

What are you doing?
What is this?

We're celebrating.

She came back.

After all this time,
she came back.

Your name's not Sylvia, is it?

It's Veronica.


I haven't heard that name
in quite a while.

But because you're here, Cindy,

I think it's only fitting
that I go by my God-given name.

That's not Cindy.

Of course it is.

Look at her.

It's my Cindy.

Cindy? Who's Cindy? I'm Ava.

Oh, why would you say that?

Come on, you're Cindy.

I'm not!

It's okay, it's okay.

Veronica, you don't
have to do this.

Do what?

I... I am trying to have
a nice peaceful picnic

with my daughter.

And... and look,
now you have upset her

and you've upset me too.

Please, I just want her safe.

Oh, you mean
she's not safe with me?

I am her mother.

It is my job to keep her safe.

But you don't think
I can do that?

You don't think
I know how to do that?

- I didn't say...
- I know how to take care

of my daughter.

My little princess.

Ow! Ow!

Ava, get in the house!

No, no!

- Oh, you've ruined everything.
- Veronica, stop.

- You've taken her away from me.
- No, I didn't.

You're the one who took
Cindy away, admit it.

- What?
- You... you made up the story

- about her being kidnapped.
- That's... that's not true.

What did you do?
You did something to her.

- No!
- Did you kill her?

No, I tried to save her.

Oh, no, you... you've gotta get
off of there.

Don't go in there.

You cannot be in there.

Get out of my roses.

Get off of them now.

You can't be on there.

Please, you don't understand.

You can't be there.

I've lived here for years.

Where is she?

Where's Cindy?

Please get out of my roses!

She loved that little rose
garden out back,

but soon they all withered away.

Gone, just like her.

Oh no.

Oh no, please.

Don't do that.

Please, no, this...
This is our special place!


What are you doing?

- Oh no!
- No, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

No, Sylvia, stop!

Oh no!

what the hell is going on?

Oh, no, please, Maggie, please.

Don't hurt my baby.

Your daughter is down there,
isn't she?


I was a good mother.

I was only trying to help her.

I want you to take a warm bath.

I'll go get that soup started.


I never should have
let her have the pills

and the cough medicine.

Hopefully she'll be
feeling better by tomorrow.

What happened, Veronica?

Tell us everything.

Wha... ah...

That's too much, honey.

No, Cindy!

The medicine made her sleepy.

She slipped under the water.

It was an accident.

But I couldn't tell her daddy

because I know what
her daddy would have said.

He would have said
it was my fault

and he would have said
I killed her.

Oh, my God.

Oh no.



Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, please.

Oh, please don't.

You did make up the story
about the kidnapping.

I didn't know what else to do.

They would have
turned against me.

Henry and the whole family.

He would have hurt me,
he would have hurt me.

Was he gonna find out?

Was he going to hurt you?

Is that why you killed him?

The only person
who loved me was Cindy.

Oh, Cindy.

Oh, Cindy.

I just...

Come here, come here.

Just stay here.

I always... I always tried to do

the right thing for you.

I just... I wanted
to be with you again

so that I could make sure

nothing happened to you
ever again.

I am so sorry.

I am so sorry, baby.

It's okay, Mommy.

I forgive you.

You do?

I love you.


I love you too.

I love you so much.

Ava, Ava.

Take care of your
little girl, Maggie.

All right.

- Let's get out of here, yeah?
- Yeah.

She came home.

I always knew she'd come home.

Ah, don't worry, baby girl.

Mommy's coming home too.

I promise.