House of Darkness (2016) - full transcript

A woman suspects her house is haunted as everyone around her begin thinking she's crazy.

Should we go up there?

I don't know.

You first.

-Trick or treat.
-Trick or treat.

There's no one here.

It's still warm.

"Welcome to the neighborhood."

"Your neighbors, Clark and Ellen."

Thank you!

Don't stare too long.

You could've taken a picture,

and it would've been less awkward.

I wasn't staring.

Yeah, right.

So those the big, scary country
folk you were talking about?

Okay, I'm telling you,
country people are weird.

You'll thank me later.

Look, Sarah, our neighbors made us pie.


To welcome us to the neighborhood.

That's weird.

It's not weird.

When we moved into our
apartment in San Francisco,

no one made us pie.

Well, that is why we moved here.

Hey, smile.

First picture in the new house.

So, this will be
your last session with me?

Unfortunately, yes.

It's a three-hour drive.

Well, congratulations.

I hope the move from the distraction of
the city's gonna be a big step for you.

Do you feel, Kelly,
that you fully achieved your goals here?

Not really.

I think, truthfully, we have a way to go,

but I do think we're on our way
to a happier marriage.

And Brian, do you feel you're
over your jealousy issues?

It's not just about...


I know there's more work to be done.

For both of us.

Until we find you someone out there
that can continue your therapy,

I want to try something that has
worked for some other patients.

Now, you need to keep talking.

Keep letting out your feelings.

For they've been bottled up for so long,

which got you here in the first place.

I want you to do private video journals.

Now, you can do this a few times a week,

or as often as you like, really.

Just pull out your laptop
and record yourself being open,

being honest.

Just until we can find someone
out there for you to talk to.

All right.


For stress.

Give it a squeeze when
it starts getting on top of you.

Hopefully, stress is a thing of the past.


Hey, guys.

Dad, don't get them excited.

They keep waking me up
in the middle of the night.

They do?

They chirp all night long.

I haven't heard them.

You brush your teeth?

Yes, but my baby teeth
are gonna fall out, anyway.

So what's the point?

Good point.

Now they'll know it's sleepy time,
and let you rest.

Is Mommy coming up?

In just a minute.

Are you guys going to bed too?

Not yet.

I've got some work to do first.

Just like before?

No, it's not.

Hey, before,
work was a subway or a cab ride away,

and now, I'm right out the back door.


All right.

Good night, bud.

What's wrong?


Everything's fine.

No, it's not.

Okay, here we go.

Today is Wednesday, August 5th.

I know that I was supposed
to do one of these by now,

but we have just been so busy moving.

Look, I got my business set up.

I have no idea where any of my new clients
will come from in a town this size,

but when they do, I will be ready.


I don't know.

I mean...

I don't know if I believe
Brian that he's come to terms...

...with the fact that
I'm a massage therapist.

After all this time.

Insanely, I think
he'd probably still be jealous.

First time I had a male client
who was remotely handsome...

...he'd probably get angry.


Hey, this is supposed to be private.

Sorry, dropped it.

What are you doing?


I didn't know that's what you were doing.

Excuse me?


Sarah's waiting for you
to kiss her good night.

-I was just...
-Heading down to the workshop?

Well, yeah, but only until Sarah's asleep.

Why don't you and I have some
adult time once you get her down?

I'll say good night to Sarah.

Why don't you open up some wine?

All right.

I'm not sneaking out.

You were asleep.

Did you see what I was wearing?


You disappeared into
the workshop last night... you used to disappear
into your office.

What do you want me to say?

This was the plan, remember?

I agreed to move out here
because you promised...

...that we were gonna
give Sarah a sibling.

And now you're too busy to even...


-I'm late.

Can we argue more when I get back?

-Sarah, were you...
-I'm hungry.


Let's get you some breakfast.

I don't think Kelly understands
how big a deal this is,

and how scary.

Her massage business
never made any real money.

It's always been me.

I cashed in my equity
to build this new life for us.

I have to put in the work.

And yeah, part of it is late nights

and day trips to meet with
restaurants and businesses,

and, you know,

it's a lot of pressure. I just...

Never mind.

Come on. Be with me.

Come here. Come on.

Be with me.

Yes, come.

Where did you get that?

I found it.

Did you put something in the oven?

Oh, dinner will be...

Please, take it off.

More wine?

No, I'm good.

I think maybe you should be too.

"Brian, tell us about your day."

Why, I think I will, Kelly and Sarah.

Thanks for asking.

Six months ago, I had gray hair.

You still have gray hairs.

No. No, I don't. The grays are gone.

I probably don't need this anymore.

I'm happy because we moved here.

I'm happy we can spend
more time together now,

because the most important thing in life
is family and dreams.

Sarah, your father is drunk.


I'm happy because today,

I got my first ever order
that wasn't from a friend.

Perfect stranger wants me to build
a table out of reclaimed wood.

Amazing, right?

That's... that's amazing.

-Thank you.

I could not have done it
without your support.

Let me guess, you want to
work on it tonight.

I'll clean up.

No power tools.

I love you both.

Love you.

They still wake me up.

Well, they never used to do that before.

Well, hopefully they let you
get some sleep tonight, sweetie.

I'll cut off their heads.

Good night.

So... it's past midnight,

and I am still in bed.


Granted, I'm not a doctor,

but I think that it takes two people
to make a baby.


Just threatened to cut off
her birds' heads.

She said it in this really weird voice.


You scared me.

Come out.


Hey, it's not funny.



You did this.

Settle down.

Where's Sarah?

Where's Sarah? She's not in her room.

What do you mean?

I just looked. She's not in her bedroom.












Oh, come on.

Hey, what were you doing out there?



I know you don't like it here yet,

but you can't be playing games like this.

I was hiding from the darkness.


Buster and Chomper warned me.

The birds told you?

She doesn't have a fever.

Come on, let's get you upstairs.

We'll talk about this in the morning.

Come on. Wake up, sleepyhead.

Feeling better?

You know, after the darkness,
your bad dream and all that.

Was there...

Was there someone with you last night?


Can I have pancakes?

After you brush your teeth.

What if Sarah was
sleepwalking last night?

She seemed pretty awake to me.


-I mean, she must've done this.
-No, don't even say it.

Brian, I mean, we didn't do it.

We have to send her to see someone.

There's clearly something wrong.

She decapitated her birds.

She said she was gonna do it.

-The other night.
-Wait, wait.

There's blood inside the cover.

The cover must've been
on the cage when it happened.

Then where are the heads?

To Buster and Chomper...

Although we are no longer together,
you're still here with me,

and wherever you are,

I'm still there with you,

because each and every one of us leaves an
imprint during the time that we are given.

An imprint that stays
long after our bodies leave us.

So no good-byes will be said today.

I'll end it there.


We're ready.


All right.

Is she asleep?

Today really wiped her out.

Poor kid.

Well, my sister is coming tomorrow
to check out the house.

So, having her cousin here
will distract her.

Are they gonna stay the whole weekend?

Just one night.

All right.


Do you wonder if this was a mistake?

Moving here?

It hasn't even been a month,

and no, I love it.

But it's just so... different.

You know, all of her friends
are back in the city, and my business...

It's exactly what I hoped it would be.

Are you coming to bed?

I need to do my journal first.

You could skip a night.

It's important to do it every night.

It's not the city she misses.

It's her business,

because she doesn't have any
massage "therapy" clients here.

I never told her this,

but sometimes the guys at
work, they'd needle me.

They'd say things like, you know,

they'd pretend they were gonna
make an appointment with Kelly.

I came home more than once
to find these clients all oiled up,

and they weren't, like, old or fat.

These men, these strangers,

they're lying down in a room
next to my wife,

and she's rubbing them down like a...

like you-know-what.

So no, I don't miss living there.

I don't miss it at all.

Hi, beautiful.

Hi, Aunt Jamie.

I heard your birds died.

What did I say?

Not to be a jerk.

Wanna see something cool?



-Oh, how are you?
-Good, how are you?

-Good, thanks for coming.

-Good to see you.

Where's Mark?

He, uh, just couldn't get away from work.

He said next time, for sure.

Your favorite.

Oh, it's from the wine store
in our neighborhood.

Our old neighborhood.

Well, would you like
to see the grand tour?

I can't wait. All right.

My dad says old houses change

and the floors get crooked and stuff.

Got any marbles?

So, how's it all really going?

Well, aside from dead pets, no clients,

and Brian finding a new way to work
every hour of the day.

I guess I just thought
things would be different,

when we left the city,

but just more of the same in a new place.

But our new bathroom
is bigger than our old living room.


Give me one.


Give me another.

My turn.


It's like a magnet.

Mason, wait.

Mason, don't go down there.

Where's the stupid lights?

Sarah, open the door.



Sarah, let me out!

Let me out!



I said, "Don't go down there."

What'd you say, Hun?

Where's Mason?

In the dark.






What's wrong? Come here.

What are you doing down here?

I don't know.

Has he ever done anything
like that before?

Zoned out like that?


It was definitely weird.

Maybe something's wrong with your house.

So what happened
at camp with Mason?

Well, he put a firecracker in a bullfrog.

-Oh! Oh, no.
-Yes, he did.

Ah, look who has perfect timing
to not help us make dinner at all.

I was working.

How you feeling?

I'm a little sore. I'll be okay.

Good, 'cause you know we've got
work to do later.

Okay, still right here.

-All right, Prince Charming.

You actually out there working,
or you just drinking by yourself?

Well, it's not drinking alone
if there's other people on the property.

This is so much better than office life.

The kids are in the other room.

Why don't you call them in for dinner?

Just don't breathe on them.

"It's not drinking alone",

"if there are other people
on the property"?

I mean, who says that?

And then, Jamie goes to bed early,

and I'm like,

figuring, okay, you know,

tonight's a night that we will
actually have some alone time,

and he just goes back to the workshop.


You guys are supposed to be in bed.

Oh, great.

You guys found an even creepier mask.

It's time for bed, you guys.



I don't know what...

I saw children in the hallway.

Wearing masks.

Okay, did you tell them
to go back to bed?

It wasn't Mason and Sarah.

I checked. They're still asleep.

And you nag me about drinking.

I'm not drunk.

Well, neither am I,

and Clark is in the guest room
with Jamie.

What? Who?

Oh, you know who.

Our neighbor, Clark?

Shirtless right now with your sister.

That is obviously crazy.

Kelly, he's in there right now.

She's cheating on her husband
with a stranger in our home.


Now is the time that you admit
that you are joking,

because you're starting to scare me.

Go look for yourself.


It's me.

You up?

Hold on.

This is ridiculous.

What's up?

-Where is he?

Brian, enough.

Let it go, okay.

He's a creep, Jamie.

I already caught him staring at Kelly.

Hey, Brian, what in the hell
are you talking about?

You're drunk and you're embarrassing me.

Will you stop it?

Hey! Hey!


Maybe your therapist can explain
this is called projecting.

Mark and I aren't the ones
having problems.

Then why didn't he come visit?

Because he can't stand you
because you're a jealous prick.

Well, at least I'm not a cheater.

You've lost your mind, dude.

You know, and if you think
giving up your business...

...and moving to the sticks
to have another kid with him... going to fix anything,
you're just as crazy as he is.


Mason, wake up, honey. We have to go.


Jamie, please.

Come on, it's a three-hour drive
just wait until morning.

Jamie, please stay.

Look, I'm so sorry.
I know that he's an...

Jamie! Jamie!


What in the hell
were you thinking?

That is my sister.


Brian, will you please just talk to me?

What in the hell is going...


What is going on with you right now?

Have you lost your mind?

That's my sister.

Brian! Brian!

Brian, will you please just...

You can sleep on the couch!

You feeling better?

After your bad dream?

Why did they have to go
in the middle of the night?

Your Aunt Jamie wasn't feeling good.

Then she probably needs sleep.

You are so smart, buddy.

How about we go into town today?

Maybe catch a movie?

Yes, please.

Can Dad come?

He probably needs to work.

He always needs to work.

Then we went to the library,

and I got three books.

Big ones or little ones?

I'm nine.

So, big ones.

And then we ate pizza at,

It's called Garabusi's.

-Mommy let me get whatever I wanted.

That's because your mom is
the coolest person in the world.

And then we saw a movie.

That was a pretty amazing day.

Too bad you weren't there.

Next time I will be.

I'm sorry I missed it today.

Honey, you've got work
to do on your table.

We'll get this.

I'm starting to feel like
I really don't know this man.

And that is scaring me.

This is a disaster.

I feel like it's almost gone too far
to even get better now.

Like, what are we even doing, you know?

Talking to yourself?

Hi, no. I was just...

You're Ellen, right?

Yes, and you're...

-Brian, right.

Oh, silly, we're neighbors.

You don't have any white wine
in that fridge, do you?

It's so hot out here.

-No, just beer.
-That'll work.

Looks like everyone's asleep.

Probably, yeah.

I've been watching you work.

You have?

I guess building a business is like that.

You have to put in so much effort, right?


I wish Kelly got that.

Some people only see
what they choose to see.

But I don't.

I feel like something's happening to me.

I don't know what's going on.

I'm gonna hurt them.

It wants me to hurt them.

Sarah, can you bring down
your dirty clothes?


Don't forget the ones on your floor.

I'll try.



She's asleep?

Yeah, what's going on?

I saw a family in the dining room.

Just like I saw those kids
in the masks upstairs.

That was Sarah and Mason.

No, it wasn't,

and as soon as I blinked,

they disappeared.

So you're saying, what? You saw a ghost?

I don't know, Brian.

I don't like it here.

-I want to leave.
-This is unbelievable.

Look, I am seeing things,

and I am not crazy.

No, just manipulative.


We came here to save our family,

and ever since we moved in, you've been
trying to find reasons to go back.

Sarah has no friends.
You have no clients.

I work too much.


You have to believe me.

There is something
wrong with this house.

Hey, Kelly, you think maybe it's you?

You can stay here.

I'll take Sarah, and I'll go to the city,

and I'll live with Jamie.

Because you think the house is haunted.

Who's crazy now, Kelly?

You know who'd get custody?


Who said anything about a divorce?

You're threatening to
take my daughter away.

Hey, look at me. Look at me.

You know me.

You know who I am,
and you know how I do things.

And I would never, ever let you
take Sarah away from me.

Look at you.

You're a crazy person.

And you would never get custody.

Over the woman who took
her child from the house,

without permission,
because she was seeing things...

...and thought they were ghosts?

Kelly, you're smarter than this.

You don't threaten
to take Sarah away from me.

You don't threaten to take Sarah away.

You don't threaten
to take Sarah away from me!

You don't take Sarah away from me, Kelly!

-You hear me?
-Brian, get out!

You don't threaten
to break up this family,

because you're trying to ruin my dreams!

My dreams!


You should be in bed, sweetie.

-It's okay.

Daddy's gonna go downstairs
and get some sleep.

It's okay.

Go to bed. It's all right.

You awake, Kelly?

I think we need to talk about this now.

Sleeping in separate beds,

it isn't gonna fix anything.

Come on, Kelly.

Kelly, please.


Sweetie, I'm working.

Mommy got a client.

That's great.

Okay, well, we're going
to get some oils and stuff,

and I hope some ice cream too.

Love you.

And all of our soaps and oils
are actually made right here in town.

Oh, that's great.

I'll definitely be back.

Well, I can ship them
to you too, if it's easier.

Oh, there's no need.

We just moved here a few weeks ago.

Oh, congratulations.

It's a great place to live
most of the time.

What part of town are you in?

We just bought a farm house over
on Church and Ballard Street.

My husband needed a workshop.

Do you know the place?

-Thanks for coming in.

Excuse me, can you not do that?

Sarah, hey.

Sarah, that's not yours.


Why did you write that?

I'm really sorry.

Come on.


Where did you hear that?

"We see what we choose to see."


The thing that you wrote.

Can we still get ice cream?

Nothing again.


Anyone need anything?

I'll take a water.


-I'm fine.



Daddy's turn.

Brian, it's your turn.


Hang on. I'll be right back.

I thought you were
coming back to game night.


What are you doing?



Was there someone in here?


I saw you talking to someone.

Well, you saw wrong.

I know how this all sounds,


I've seen things, Jamie.

Call someone in.

Like who?

Brian wasn't all wrong about me and Mark.

There was a problem, like, a year ago.

You never told me.

Not everything needs to be broadcast,

but you know, don't laugh.

I talked to a psychic.

Seriously, Kelly, everything
she said was true.

Pay her to make the trip.

So, I can't believe this,

but I actually sent Sarah and
Brian out on a bunch of errands... get them out of the house.

And this woman...

A psychic... is coming here.

There were two of them.


They were warning your daughter.

It killed them to keep
from warning her again.

He stays downstairs now?

Well, we've had some fights.

But he's been in here at night...

...watching you sleep.

There are children here.

Young spirits.

They're hiding behind masks.

Oh, no.

They're all trapped in here,

and they're not alone.

There's something
looming over this place.

This land.


What is it?

A shadow.



It's a soul collector,

and it's not done.

I don't understand.

Who is it?

No, no, it's not a who.

It's a what.

I don't know, but it's been
here longer than you or me.

It's pure darkness.

What does it want?

It wants death.

It wants pain.

And it preys on the weak.
It infects them like a virus.

You hear that?

-Hear what?
-He's here.

-Are you okay?

Oh, that buzzing.

He's here, he's here.

-I have to go.
-No wait.

-No, just...
-I have to go.

Can't you just stay?

No, no, now I have to go. I have to be...

No, please, I don't even understand!

-I have to go now!
-But please, I need your help!

I don't understand.


Oh, my God, no!

Oh, no!

No, no!

Oh, my God!

Open the door!

Open the door!

Okay, just breathe normal.
Okay, relax and breathe normal.

I didn't tell her anything
about what I have seen or heard.

She just walked through
the house, and she knew.

She knows your sister, though, right?


So, these people are con artists, Kelly.

They gather information from everywhere...

...and stitch it together
so you think they got a gift.

She ran out of the house
because she heard a buzzing in her head.


And before she could
hit you up for big money... perform an exorcism
or whatever, she got stung.

I want to move.

You've wanted to move since we got here.

I am trying to save our family here.

We have to leave.

Actually, I have to stay.

While I was out with Sarah,

we stopped by a new restaurant
that's supposed to open this winter.

Showed the owner some pics,
he placed an order.

Tables, chairs, a custom bar.

It's huge.

You might be
the most selfish man in the world.



She's not in the house.

He took her. You're wasting your time.

How well do you know your neighbors?

Hey, everyone quiet!

What is it?



Sarah, you down here?

She's in the wall.




Oh, my God.

Is she in there?

She's in there.


What were you doing in there?

It's the safe place.


How did you get in there?

"We see what we choose to see."

Whatever that means.

It doesn't make any sense.

How did she get in there?

There was no hole in the wall.

There was no way in or out.

It was like someone sealed her in.

Your house is pretty
well known in this town.

My father used to always say,

there's something just
wrong with this place.

Here we go again.

My father was the Chief,

a long time ago,

and the biggest case of his career
was in the late 50s.

It was right here at this house.

A man named Andrew Keating,

he was the principal
at the elementary school,

and he lived here alone.

People always said he was a...

a good man, a normal man.

Then in 1957, two kids went missing.

You first.

The night of Halloween.

A good two weeks went by,

before anyone realized that
Andrew hadn't shown up for work.

So my father and his men,
they came down here.

There was no answer.

The door was double-locked.

So they broke in,

and the kids were here.


Still in their costumes.

My father said that
it took a while to find Andrew.

He had barred himself in a room and...

starved himself to death.

It's the safe place.

There's a reason
this house is so infamous in town.

It wasn't just Andrew Keating.

20 years later, a woman named...

That's enough of that.

I'm just glad that this
young lady is safe and sound.

You're a craftsman?


Seal up that room.

It's a dangerous place to play.

Ruth Wallace.

Let's go.

Sarah couldn't explain
how she got in the room.

There were no holes... any of the walls.

She said she just blacked out.

And then the cop mentioned that name,

Ruth Wallace.

Apparently, she's still alive.

She hasn't had a visitor
in a lot of years.

I gotta warn you, she almost never speaks.

Why isn't she in a mental institution?

From what I've heard, the public defender
tried to plead insanity on her behalf,

but the judge didn't buy it.

And the attacks haven't helped her case to
get out of here and into an institution.


Once every year or so, something
sets her off and she attacks someone.

A guard, another inmate.

I'll be back in 10 minutes.

If you want out sooner
just rap on the door.

My family and I moved into a house.

It's the same one
that you used to live in.

I know what you did there.

I know...

...what happened before.

With the man and those children.

What do the symbols mean?

I've seen them before.

In the basement.

I've seen your family...

sitting around the dining room table.

I didn't poison them,

but I poisoned them.

You're a sensitive.

A what?

You see things.

Not until this house.


There's something there.

Something powerful.

And the basement...

is the safe room.

It's the only safe room.

There's something dark in that house.

Don't run in the house!

It got inside my mind.

It wanted me to hurt my family.

It wanted me to kill my own children.

I put poison in the food.

I could feel it.

The phone rang and
it snapped me out of it.

I poisoned myself
to save my family from what I would do.

I had to protect them...

...from the darkness.

I knew it wouldn't leave me
alone until I killed them.

So I had to kill myself.


I threw the poisoned food away.

I know I did.

I went to the basement to die.

The darkness wanted pain.

It wanted death.

Once it's in you, you can't get it out.

It didn't let me die.

When I came back...

...they were all dead.

I didn't poison them...

But I poisoned them.

What does that mean?

Ruth? Ruth?

What do those words mean?

That's it for time.

No, not yet, please. She was talking.

Ruth, what does it mean?

Your child is not safe.

Hi, this is Brian.

Leave me a message
and I'll call you back.


Please, answer.

Oh, thank God. Brian!

Mommy, are you almost home?

What's wrong, sweetie?

-It's Daddy.

-No, okay.
-Mommy, please get home soon.

Sarah, I need you to leave the house.

I need you to run out of the workshop.

-I need you to go over to the neighbor's.
-Is that Mommy on the phone?

-Is it?

-No, Brian. No, Brian.
-We only see...

-What we choose to see.
-Brian, please.

-Brian, Brian, please!
-We only see what we choose to see.

-Sarah, get out!
-We only see...

No! No, no!

No, no!



-Brian, let me out!
-I have to do it.

I need to escape the darkness.

It wants death. It wants sacrifice.

No. No! Brian!

-I have to do it.

-Sarah! Sarah!
-I have to escape the darkness.

-Please, no.
-I have to do it.








Oh, oh.

Okay, I need you to go
to the car right now,

and lock the door, okay?

Go to the car.

Ellen! Clark! Help! Please!

Clark! Ellen!

What's going on?

My house... my house is on fire.

What... what's happening?

My house...

My house.

It just...

it just burned so fast.

The firemen got there in 10 minutes,

but they were just too late.

Brian was inside.

He burned along with the house.

I've thought about, you know...


I've thought about...

What happened to him?

And Ruth,

the woman that killed her family,

and just how similar it all was.

I truly believe...

that Brian had a moment of clarity.

Just like Ruth.

That he told Sarah to leave...

And he killed himself,

to get away from the darkness.

That he killed himself
to save his family.

And you were locked in
the workshop, correct?


-Yeah, I was until I...
-Went out the back door?


Your marriage was troubled
since before you moved into town.

Isn't that correct?

We were having difficulties, but...

We were doing the best that we could.


this is a disaster.

I feel like it's almost gone too far
to even get better now.

Like, what are we even doing, you know?

Oh, hi. No, I was just...

That doesn't sound like
you guys were working things out.

He was acting crazy.

I mean, he was talking to the air.

I mean, you saw that, right?

What I saw was a man saying
that his marriage was basically over,

and talking to someone who was
just off screen.

Brian's life insurance
was worth 1.5 million dollars.

Until you moved over to the new house,

the policy was doubled
to 3 million dollars,

and you were the one that signed it.

Brian was too busy at the office

shutting down his accounts,
and that's why he asked me to do it.

We doubled the insurance for both of us.

-I was just the one who signed...
-Signed the papers, right?

I mean, 3 million dollars
is a lot of money.

Am I...

am I a suspect or something?

So, what do you think, Lindsey?


I love it, Dad.

Come on, you gotta
check out the backyard.