House of 9 (2005) - full transcript

Nine strangers - a priest; a dancer; a designer; an aspirant rapper; a former tennis pro; a woman on probation; an unsuccessful composer and his wife; and a detective - are randomly abducted, drugged and locked in a house by a wealthy maniac. They are informed through a public address system that there are seventy-five cameras following them, and only one will survive and win US$ 5,000,000.00 to keep quiet. The psychological game begins, with fear and greed affecting the participants.

- Can you go to Putney, mate?

- Hey, let's go home asshole.

Get in.

Get us to the airport.


- Fuck it!

- See you guys tomorrow night.

- Hello?


- Hello?



- She's okay.

She just had a panic attack.

Let's get her upright.

- Come on.

There you go.


Welcome to the house.

- What the fuck is going on?

Now if you
listen and you don't speak

I'm sure all of your
questions will be answered.

Now you know how you got here,

but I'm sure you're all
wondering what you all have

in common to be here,

and most of all why, why me?

Well you can search all
you want, but you'll never

find a common thread
because I have chosen you

quite randomly for who you are,

but a little bit more carefully

for what you are.

Now, you're probably wondering
right now about all those

people who are out there looking for you,

your friends and your family.

Well, please don't bother.

Because they've all been settled with,

quite easily in some cases.

I want you to consider yourselves

to be mice in a laboratory.

Rats in a cage, if you will.

Because this is the ultimate
test of human character,

only here, this test, is
purely for entertainment.

My entertainment.

And what is this entertainment?

You must be thinking.

Well, right now I'm watching you all,

yes, I'm using 75 cameras and

just as many hidden microphones,

but please, don't try to find them all

because you'll never be able to.

But one of you here, one
of you will win and the one

that wins will receive five
million dollars for his

or her participation.

I'm sure you've all see the shows,

but on my show, all you have to do to win

this prize is to be the only one to walk

out of this house


You won't be hearing from me again.

The rest is up to you.

So good luck, and may the best person win.

- Who the fuck was that?

- Fucking hell.

- What's going on?

- It's okay.

- What are we going to do?

- What, is that it?

Are they gone?

- They can't just leave us here.

- Everyone please, let's keep calm.

- Calm my ass.

- He's right.

Everybody calm down and let's just think

this thing out.

- Hang on, you don't think this is real?

Come on, this has got
to be some kind of joke.

- Pretty sick joke.

- Yeah, well I'm not laughing.

I need to get the fuck
out of here now, man.

- I don't think it's a joke.

It's a game maybe.

- He told us only one will live.

What does that mean?

Is someone going to kill us?

No, no.

My God.

- No, that's not what they're going to do.

- Well that's what he just said.

One person lives.

- Yeah, if they're not going
to kill us then who is?

- Yeah, what else could
he be talking about?

- How do you know what he's going to do?

- Because they left me here with this.

- Fuck!

- Son of a bitch!

How the fuck did you get that?

- Relax.

I'm a cop.

Great, one of us with a gun

and it's a fucking white cop.

God, don't say that.

Yeah, that's fair isn't it?

All of us are supposed to try and survive

but the copper's left with a gun.

This is so fucked!

It's fucked, man.

- Kind of puts the odds a
little bit in his favor,

doesn't it?

- It's kind of bullshit,
that's what it is.

Last time I saw one of those it was in

my little brother's head.

Smashing his face in the ground.

He was 16.


Well that wasn't me, was it?

- Well it don't make a difference.

This is not the time.

- Mr. Cop, can you put away your gun?

You're making everybody nervous.

- Guys, do we know if we're alone in here?

I mean, is it safe?

What do you mean?

Do you think there's traps or something?

My God.

- You know I think we've got a little bit

more to worry about than that.

- Why don't you both shut the fuck up?

- No, you shut up.

- This guy wants us to kill each other.

- What did you say?

- What was that?

- Do you want me to spell it out for you?

This guy wants us to all kill each other.

- What does that mean?

- He's asking you if you're stupid.

- Hey, don't upset him.

- You heard the man.

One will survive, five million prize,

welcome to the show!

- I said, don't upset everybody.

- They can't do that.

Come on, lady.

He's going to do whatever he wants.

Am I not right?

Come on, come on Mr. Cop,

don't bullshit people, tell them.

- You're right.

- Thanks.

- But I mean, the thing
is, they actually can't

do this to people.

- Yeah, exactly, it's not legal, man.

- Hello?

Anything happens to me, I'm
going to sue the ass off you.

- They don't give a shit about that.

He's got that covered too.


- Yeah.

- And what's the one
going to do that walks out

of here with five million dollars?

Tell on them?

Tell the cops they had
to kill to get the money?

You'd go down fast and
probably to a psych ward too.

What do you think?

He's going to pay you
after you kill for him?

Chances are he's going to kill you too,

you thought about that?

- So what do you think we
should do then, Mr. Policeman?

All sit down hold hands?

Sing Kumbaya?

Who knows who's going to do what?

I've got to look out for me, yeah?

- Seems like a pretty good idea to me.

Just sit around and do nothing,

I mean what's this guy going to do?

What's this guy got if he
hasn't go a show, right?

- You know what?

It seems kinda funny
you know so much about

what this guy's going to do.

And you got a nine mil
what's up with that?

- I'll tell you what's up with that.

It seems like I'm the only
one here using my head

besides the priest.

You know why they left me here with this?

In the hopes that I would pop one of you.

If not all of you.

Problem is they picked the wrong guy.

All right?

Cause I'm not playing this game.

Not for any amount of money.

- And I will not either.


Well I guess we'll have to see about that.

Maybe someone else will get
that gun and use it to win.

You know we could
put this energy to better use.

Like what?

- Like trying to find a way out of here.

- Exactly.

- Do you really think he's
going to give us a way out?

- Well, we won't know til we try, will we?

- Whatever.

All you mother fuckers can
stay here if you want, yeah?

This nigger's out.

I ain't bein no one's bitch.

- Hold on.

I got an idea.

We got a door there,

and it comes up,

come on guys, give me a hand.

- All right, come on.

We can do this together.

- I'm sorry, but there is
no way I'm picking that

thing up and breaking my back.

- Well then set on your ass
and shut your fucking hole.

- Fine.

- Okay, ready guys?

On three.

One, two, three.

You got it?

Father back it up.

You guys walk that way.


All right on three.





Come on!

Everything guys, come on!

Just keep going!



- We're fucked.

Son of a bitch.

Forget it.



That gun holds 11, yeah?

Three shots.

Eight left in the gun.

One, two, three,

four, five, six

seven, eight.

You know what?

Give up the bullets, cop.

- Screw you.

What the fuck did you say?

- There's gotta be other ways out of here.

Let's split up and check the entire house.

- Let's look over here.

- There are cameras everywhere.

- Come on.

- Find something?


Clear it back, come on.

Come on!


- Fuck!

- Fucking ass!

- How's the show?

- Thank you so much for your help.

Look at you sittin'
there like the queen of

fucking Sheba.

Give me that!

- Get your own, fuck off!

- No wait.

One, it's not up to you and

it's not a good idea right now.

- Thank you.

- I'm locking up the rest.

- Hey, hey, hey!

- Who the fuck do you
think you are, anyway?

- I think we could have a little talk.

Did you all forget what the man said?

Only one of us will get out of here.

Have you thought about that?

- Well, I don't think any of us

want to think on that level.

- Yeah, well five
million's a lot of money.

- Some people would do anything for that.

- What, and you two
bitches think you could

win over us, yeah?

You only weight about 100 pound.

- I'm pretty sure I said
nobody's playing this game.

- I don't see anyone giving
us any choices, do you?

- This is crap.

- Yeah, how do we know who'll do what

for that amount of money?

- You know what?

You underestimate people, pal.

- Do I?

- Who the fuck are you talking about?

You trying to tell me you've never seen

how shitty people can get
when they're desperate?

When they're backed into a corner

and they don't have a choice?

Look at ya.

Typical, fucking copper.

- Listen, I know I've
got good reason to want

five mill right now.

- Reason enough to kill?

- Well all have choices here.

There'll be no killing.

- Yeah.

And anybody does anything
like that and I will

personally see to it myself
that they're prosecuted.

- This is crazy.

- I tell you all one thing right now.

That I'm going to do
everything in my power

to make sure nothing
like this even begins.

You hear me?

- Okay, so we wait and
we see who will do what.

That it?

- What was that?

- That our service tray?

Okay, one piece
of chicken and one potato

for each.

We're going to save the rest.

- You know what, I'll eat what I want

when I want, thank you.

- Maybe I didn't make myself clear.

I said one piece of chicken
and one potato for each.

- Hey can you quit with
this attitude, okay?

So we can eat?

- Good idea.

- This is fucking cold.

- Try the potato, it's even better.

- Father?

Can we pray with you?

Accept our thanks, Lord,

for this food to sustain our life with

and fill our hearts with gladness.

And help us in the midst of our struggles

to confront one another
without hatred and bitterness

and to work together with
forbearance and respect

through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


- Amen.

- That's touching.

Can I get back to my food now?

Any chance I can get the key to that drink

cabinet back?

- No chance.

- No liquor, please.

- I think that we are old enough

to make that decision ourselves.

- I don't eat meat.

- Cool.

There you go.

Now you're not eatin' meat.

- Hey wait!

- Listen, split that up
between everyone else, yeah?

- Yeah?

- It's going back with the rest.

There you go.

- That is so sweet.

- It's not her fault she doesn't eat meat.

- Yeah it is.

- Anybody else got a
problem with the food?

- Yeah I do.

This tastes like shit.

How do we know they haven't
put anything in this?

My God.

Do you think they could be poisoning us?

- I think it's safe to
say if they wanted us

dead they would have done that already.

And not waited until we ate.

- They?

What about one of you lot?

- I'm not sure I remembered
to pack my arsenic

before I was snatched off the street.

- We should try to keep civil.

- I think civil is already
out the window, Father.

- We do not even know each other's names.

My name is Father Michael Duffy.

Now who might you be?

I'm Jay.

- I'm Cynthia.

And this is my husband, Francis.

He's a music composer.

- That's enough.

I mean, they don't have to know any more.

- Why?

What's wrong with
knowing about each other?

- And what do you do?


- She doesn't have to work.

Let's move on.

- Max.

Clothing designer.

- You're not Max Roy, are you?

Do you know I met you
years ago in New York?

That is so weird.

I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you.

- Well I recognized you.

Claire Levy, yeah?

Claire Levy, everyone,
the big tennis star.

I love that outfit you
wore in the Open in 1995.

You know the tight one

- Nobody fucking cares what
Martina wore to the open.

- What did you call me?

- Can we move on, please?

- I'm Lea.

I'm a dancer, I'm in the chorus.

- Wow, the chorus.

- Yeah.

- How long have you been dancing for?

- It's not been easy.

- How long you been playing
tennis for, smart arse?

What you actually won?

- And can you tell us your name?

- Shona.

You know what that is, don't ya?

- Yeah, it's a tracking device.

- Then maybe it'll find us.

- I'm on parole, man.

If I don't get out of her by tomorrow

I'm going back to jail.

- Fucking had a meeting with
a record label last night.

That's my record deal gone.

- Record deal?

Should we know you, superstar?

- Yeah, you should, but

unfortunately everyone here's white so

- So?

- So you can't even dance.

- So who's the fucking racist here?

Sorry, Father.

- This is great.

Nice dinner.

- Should walk with your piece

that's the talk of the streets.

I'm at war with that beast

I abhor the police.

Teflon with the fleece

West London to east.

I speak tongues like the priest

Get tongues from caprice.

I'm talking to that pussy with the piece

you should fear me.

I love to put holes in police.

I'm rowdy.

That's why they call me Al B.

When I win this five mil
I'll be pushing my Audi.




There's five rooms
with two single beds in each.

And we'll be
choosing by picking names, so

- I'm not happy about doing this.

- Choose.

One only.

- I'm hardly doing to pick two am I?


No way, man, not her.

- We agreed that we would do this.

The happy couple and
the priest get their own

and the rest of us pick.

- Yeah, but I didn't
think I was going to get

stuck with that, did I?

- Cheer up, sweetheart.

Eat me.

- There's a ratings winner.

- Jay.

And that puts
the two of you together.

Piss off?

I ain't rooming with him.

- Why you got a problem with me?

- Yeah I do.

- What is that?

- What do you think, bitch?

- That's just rude.

- Listen, you ain't no Tupac, honey.

- What?

- All right, enough.

- Fine.

Now the rooms are settled.

And I'm going to mine.

- Oy!

Nosy cow!

What the fuck you doing?

- Looked nice.

Where was that?

- Not that it's any of your business,

but I was doing a photo shoot.

- So used to be famous did ya?

- I still am.

- Really?

Looks to me like all
you do is get dressed up

and get drunk at parties.

Any loser can do that.

- Why don't you fuck yourself?

And keep your filthy hands out of my shit.

- Then don't leave your shit lying around.

- How am I going to last
with only one outfit?

- Do you have a family?

- I did.

I'm divorced.

I got one son and he's
just starting school.

Yeah, it's not easy living with a cop.


Are you married?

- No.

Too young for that.

I have one child though.

My dog.


Yeah, I'm worried about him.

- Don't worry about him, he'll be okay.

- He's alone.

Dogs know how to take
care of themselves you know?

It's like a bad dream.

- Look with compassion, Father.

On the whole human family.

And take away our arrogance,

and our hatred

which infects our hearts.

And break down the walls that separate us

and unite us in bonds of love

and work through our
confusion and our struggle

to accomplish your purposes

on this earth.

In the name of the Father and the Son

and the Holy Ghost,

Amen, Father.

- There's no room it's too hot.

Plus, someone is watching me.

That's a lot of money.

The kind of money your
family used to have.

- I'm not prepared to kill to get it back.

- Well,

seems the last few years
you haven't been prepared

to do anything about that.

- I can't believe you said that.

You haven't made any money
since before we got married.

- I'm an artist.

- Whatever.

Can you turn the lights off?


- Merci.


- Who was just in here?

- What you talking about?

- Somebody was just in
here looking for this.

And if it wasn't him it was you.

- Why me?

- It wasn't one of the girls, was it?

- Hey, put that down.

- I wouldn't know what to do with a gun?

- Yeah, well he would.

- What?

I get it.

All us blacks are the same, isn't it?

- You see him busting a
cap in somebody's ass?

- You know what?

I've had enough of your shit.

Put away the gun and let's go now.

- Why is no one asking him?

- Me?

- Yes.

- No, he was with me.

- Yeah well maybe you're just saying that

because he's your husband.

- I'm not a liar.

- Well maybe someone
else is in here with us.

- No, it's impossible.

- That only leaves one.

- Why's everyone coming down on me for?

- It's not because you're black, mate.

- Listen, what would you know?

20-year-old white bitch.

- Fuck you.

- Shut up.

- What are you two talking about?

- English.

Speak English.

- What the hell do you care?

- Were not in France now mate, all right.

- Please.

We must keep our differences
out of the equation.

- For you, Father, yeah.

Naw, fuck this bullshit.

You expect me to sleep in this house.

Can't even close my eyes.

- It's not going to work, you know.

I know how desperate people
get in these situations.

I've seen it.

- So have I.

Then keep the faith in humankind.

- Did someone turn the heat up in here?

There is no control.

I've looked all over.

- Great.

- None us understands what's happening.

None of us know why
we're here, or what for.


we have to accept we're
all reluctant neighbors.

- I don't think it's
fair that we don't know

what you're talking about.

- What you plottin'?

- Oy!

Listen I said you speak English, yeah?

What did you say?

- What are you so paranoid about?

Just let them speak French.

- What do you mean what
am I paranoid about?

I think I've got good reason?

- Now you see this is
what I'm talking about.

You need to learn to do onto others,

as you'd have them do unto you.

- Look, Father, no offense, right?

But the second you start
quoting the Bible at me

I switch off.

- Amen.

- Then speak for yourselves.

- No, no, no.

She's right.

I need to learn to be in touch with each

one of you differently.

- The only thing that I
need to get through this

is in the drinks cabinet.

- And some more food.

- You know what?

That's it!

I told you already speak English!

What's wrong with you?

Speak English, man.

- You got a problem with me, homeboy?

- Homeboy?

- Yeah.

What you talking about

- Hey wait.

What was that?

- What?

- Listen.

- The tag, they found you.

Wait, wait, wait.

- What is it?

- Shh..

- Over there!

- Open up!

- Open the door!

Cover your ears!

- Open up!

- Open the fucking door!

- I don't want to die!

I don't want to die.

♫ How would this be?

♫ If I was alone tonight?

♫ Maybe then my love

♫ Everything would turn out right

♫ I wish that this were easy

♫ But you know it never is

♫ Seems like hearts get broken

♫ During things like this

♫ And if you see her

♫ Walking down along these streets

♫ Her body softly swaying

♫ To her heart's broken beats

♫ And if you see her

♫ Tell her that I'm doin' fine

♫ And tell her if she feels like talkin'

♫ She should call me sometime

♫ I can't fight it anymore

♫ I can't stop it once it starts

♫ Well it's a shame, babe

♫ Well it's a shame, babe

♫ Well it's a shame, babe

♫ When we've torn it all apart

♫ And if you see her

♫ Let her know I wish her well

- Hey

♫ And if things won't get much better

Welcome to the party.

♫ Tell her only time will tell

♫ Cause if she's lonely, well

♫ I'm all right

♫ Cause you know


- Sorry.

- I can't stand this music.

- I just wanted to get away.

It's crazy.

- So you're a dancer?

Chorus girl.

- Yeah.

- I've done a lot of theater myself.

- Really?

Like what?

- In Europe mostly.

We do it in a quite different way.

- I think you're wife's really upset.

Yes, she is.


- I need to turn off this shit.

It's depressing me.

♫ I've been dozing crimes
slept in prison beds

♫ Done my time, never
hate, never undermine

♫ Got a sensible frame of mind

♫ The same mind that creates
my rhymes and played with mine

♫ When the lights out do
you know better ways to find

♫ A better life for these youths of mine

♫ Can't keep doing these things over again

♫ Next time I'm packing I'll get ten years

♫ So I'll never step
through those gates again

♫ I've overcome all my hate
for them, I wait for them

♫ If I wanted to I could put it on you

♫ What I've gone through
no fool coulda come through

♫ You want advice I can show you how

♫ Wanna eat I can show you now

♫ But I'd rather have my peeps around

♫ On the streets with no screws around

♫ I guarantee they'd produce a crowd

♫ Bigger bull all the niggers come my way

♫ All of the men in the block are fightin'

♫ Bigger bull and chillin and ridin'

♫ Why you relyin'

♫ This is survivin'

♫ Bigger bull and my niggers a secret

♫ All of them on the block are fightin'

♫ Bigger bull and chillin' and ridin'

♫ Whiskey ridin'

♫ Ghetto survivin'

♫ Heard the stories the
stories and papers call me

♫ And tell me what did you do me

♫ But truth me, don't want no stupid lie

♫ Michael Woods sayin
he gave Sug a black eye

♫ I was in block sittin
softening on my acai

♫ Crap guy he lied nobody chance the pie

♫ Divided the pies before you die craptize

♫ Open in prison it's
rude there's no jokin'

♫ Scoping, hoping the
doping just bust open

♫ Then they cuss cause they
start with the self-spinnin'

♫ They move up all the weed in the block

♫ That you help bring in

♫ And there's no women in
prison to put your finger in

♫ So it's masturbation bizzin
to billin a bit of feelin'

♫ The telly may be your
seller discovery was my deli

♫ Depend on my pots with
donuts with the jam in them

♫ And I was standin I had many
many rappers with chit chat

♫ You haven't got a girl so
just ridin with anotha nigger

♫ Bigger bull and my niggers come my way

♫ All of them on the block are fightin'

♫ Bigger bull and are chillin' and ridin'

♫ Why you relyin'

♫ This is survivin'

♫ Bigger bull and my niggers a secret

♫ All of them on the block are fightin'

♫ Bigger bull and my chillin' and ridin'

♫ Whiskey ridin'

♫ Ghetto survivin'

♫ If you bring that burnin'
joe that's a bad situation

♫ Get your arse beat on association

♫ While you're playin' pool
back turned to the whore

- What's wrong?

Come on!

Come on!

- Francis is going to see you.

- Do you really think I'm
scared of your husband?

He don't take care of his baby anyway.

Come on.

- What do you think you're doing?

- Francis

- Shut up, right?

- We were just having fun!

- Fun?

- What's your problem?

- Hey!

Stop it!

No! No!


- Back up!

- Cynthia?

My God!

My God!

- You had to do it, didn't you?

- Listen, they both came at me, yeah?

I just tried to push her off me yeah?

And she tried

- Shut up!

- Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

God have mercy on us all.

- Shit.

- Let's move.

I said let's move.


- Is this what you wanted?

Please, for God's sake
you can stop this now.

Before anyone else has to suffer.

Stay there.

- Oy!

Open the fucking door!

You can't do this shit.

- My jacket's in there.

- I didn't mean to hit the bitch man!

She came at me!

- We start to ration.

He's sending less food this time.

Good idea.

- It's getting hotter
in here all the time.

- I know.

I need to wash these, they stink.

- Oy!

My fucking food!

- We can't keep doing this to him.

- Yes we can.

He's a criminal.

- Innocent til proven guilty, officer.

- And I found him guilty.

I'm not taking anymore chances.

- Well then why should
we even trust each other.

I'm hungry!

- We're rationing some more.

- Of course.

- Are you all right, Francis?

- Yeah.

- Would you shut the fuck up!

- Fuck you, you bitch!

Why don't you come here and suck my dick!

- You can't starve him, Jay.

- Why not?

Gives us more.

- Let's just give him something.

- Fine.

I'll give him what he deserves.


- You fucking taking a piss?


Hey feed me!

That's bullshit, man.

You think so?

Where's the priest?


- Keep away!



- I don't know what to do.

I don't know.

They call me the Lord of Peace,

but I've come to cast
wars and cause divisions.

For only God, the world,
can the world itself

be set afire.

For I am the fire.

I am the light.

I am the light that is above them all.

I am the all.

The all is ordained to me.

And the all came forth from me.

Whoever is near to me is near to fire.

Whoever's far from me
is far from the kingdom.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost,


Gird up your loins so you
know which part of the

night the robbers are comin'.

If you want to slay a powerful man,

take the sword in your
hand and thrust it through

the walls of your own house first.

Go and slay him.

God help me, our weakness.

Help me find my strength

in you blessed Father.

Good work?

- What's that supposed to mean?

Why is there so much more?

It's a reward.

- For what?

- For killing.

- That can't be why.

- Why else then?

- No way, that's awful.

- Who cares why, it's more.

If you don't want it, I'll have it.

- I didn't say I didn't want it, did I?

- No.

No you can't have all that.

- I'm bringing him his reward.

That's fair, Father.

- What do you want?

- Apparently our old friend over there

was happy with what you did.


- Yeah, no shit?

- He sent you extra food and some wine.

- Listen,

shit with your wife and that, man.

- It was an accident.

I know.

Bon appetit.

- Come on.

Come on.

I am the resurrection and the life

says the Lord.

And whoever believes in me,
even though he were dead

would still live.

And whosoever lives and believes in me

will never die.

Blessed be the name.

Father and the Son

and the Holy Ghost.

- He didn't strike me as someone
who wanted to die, Father.

I just left him.

- Fucking bullshit, man, he killed him.

- No, he hung himself.

I was in my room eating.

- Yeah, of course.

Your wife isn't here to lie
for you this time, is she?

Shut up!

- He did it!

Come on, do something!

- Are you going to use that gun ever?

Because if you're not give
it to someone who will.

- The priest keeps the gun.

- Someone here killed him.

- Or maybe he just killed himself.

- Yeah, with your scarf.

- Well excuse me Mr. I'm
going to give him his reward!

- I won't stand here
being accused by everyone.

My wife is dead.

- That's exactly the point.

You think it's his fault
which makes a pretty

fucking good case against you.

- Yeah, I'm the good suspect right?


- Well let's look at him!

- He's a priest!

- So what?

And you know what, he was
a priest when he came here

but now

- Well I don't trust him

and I don't trust anyone
else in here either.

- That's all.

That's the end of it, now stop it.

You must all look within inside yourselves

and that which you find
there will save ya.

Now stop it.


- I'm having a drink so
don't try and stop me.

- No, I won't.

I need to talk to ya.

I'm very worried.

No, no, no, not about him.

I'm worried about the others.


I told you, don't touch my fucking stuff.

- I'm only trying it on.

It's cheap shit anyway.

- Goes to show what you know, doesn't it?

- You think you're so much
better than me, don't ya?

But you know what?

All the tacky jewelry and
flashy clothes in the world

can't change the fact that
you're a skanky little pike.

Why don't you clean up you're own shit?

I'm fed up picking up after ya.

- Then don't!

I've asked you to and I don't want you to.

Don't touch my fucking stuff!

- At least I make a fucking effort.

You haven't lifted a
finger since the first day.

You've never had to work for anything your

entire fucking life, have you?

- Fuck off.

You know nothing about me, nothing.

- No, you're a spoiled
little fucking bitch

and I'm sick of the sight of you.

Don't ever fucking touch
me again or I'll kill you.

You understand me?

Flush the fucking toilet you skanky pig!

- You know I hate to say it,


I don't trust him.

Claire and Shona, they're too irrational.

Lea, she's so sweet but you,

I think I can still rely on ya.

Can I still rely on ya, Max?

So Father you need my help?

Yes, I do.

- And what may I ask is in it for me?

Fortune wise?

- Hi

- No, no, no.

It wouldn't be fair.

It just wouldn't be fair.

- Stop!

- How dare you?

How dare you!

- You'll take your portion
and your ration only.

Now put it down!

Now go!

No need to push.

- She threatened to kill me.

- Let's go.






Blessed Mary.

In the name of the Father and the Son

and the Holy Ghost.

They won't stop now.

It's about dinner time, Father.

Better predict food.

There'll be more this time.

- You heartless bastard.

- What?

You knew she could kick it.

She was weak you know.

- What have you done?

Just for the money.

Just to win.

Even your own wife.

- What?

You believe that?


Right, shoot me then.

Come on, shoot me.

Shoot me, Father!

Go ahead!

Shoot me!

- Shit!




My God.

- Shoot me!

Yeah, you won't shoot me I know that.

God's watching you, man.

- I've done something awful.

She told me that she'd
kill me I had no choice.

We can survive if we stay together.

- Food.

Is the key.

- What you going to do?

You going to call the cops?

9-1-1 hey, hey, the cop is dead.

Let's do that.

- You and me, yeah?

- You know the thing is,

what's in it for me?

- Give me the gun,

come on, Father.

Give me the gun.

Come on, Father, give me the gun!

Give me gun, we end this,

I win!

Give me the gun.

You won't do it.

Give me the gun.


Come on, give me the gun.

End this.

Give me the fucking gun!

- No, stop!

Stop it now!

- She was going to steal the food!

- Let her go!

Don't make me do this!

Please let her go!

Let her go!

Don't make me do this!

Let her go!

Blessed mother.

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour

of our death.

Please, my son.


- I'm not your son,
Father whatever McDuffy.

I won.

I won.

I won, Father.

I won!

I won!

I won!

I won!

I won!

I won!


Hey Watcher?


I won!

I won, man.

Look, look!

Gimme my cash.

Gimme my money.

Gimme my cash.

Gimme my cash.





Is there someone here?




Someone here?


- Hey, I'm here.

I'm here.

I'm here.

I'm here.




I'll find you.

Where is she?

Where can she be?

Hey my chorus dancer,

where are you?

Where are you?

Ha! Ha ha!




- You're sick!

Fucking freak!

I won.

♫ Katy's got a new dress
she wears too tight

♫ Her Daddy said no but her
Mama said it's all right

♫ Let 'em fuss and fight

♫ She don't care what they say's

♫ Right or wrong

♫ She's gonna stay out all night long

♫ All night long

♫ She don't care about books or school

♫ No she just wants to rock n roll

♫ Baby, she's no fool

♫ You're so cool

♫ She don't care what they say's

♫ Right or wrong

♫ She's gonna stay out all night long

♫ All night long

♫ Well I know the way you feel now

♫ Baby can't you see

♫ Well I know the way you want your

♫ Little tangled web to weave

♫ Black lipstick

♫ She got a fake ID

♫ You know the one that says
Mrs. Jones is turning 23

♫ Baby take a look and see

♫ She don't care what they say's

♫ Right or wrong

♫ She's gonna stay out all night long

♫ All night long

♫ She gonna stay

♫ She gonna stay out

♫ All night long

♫ Whoa-♫