House Party 2 (1991) - full transcript

When Kid's college money is stolen by a crooked music promoter, Play's solution is to stage the 'mutha' of all pajama parties. Starring Kid 'n Play and Martin Lawrence.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Pop, I guess you're up there
in heaven...

so you know
I'm a little nervous.

Tomorrow's my first day
of college.

I really wish you were here.

And, Pop, about that party...

You were right to whup my ass.

This final exam is truly
an extraordinary piece of work.

This student has succinctly
summarized everything...

he's learned here
at this university...


You fucked up!

you've wasted your mind...

and a mind
is a terrible thing to waste.

Do you know what your punishment
is going to be?

The Deans...

of Discipline!

And we're gonna kick
your fuckin' ass.


No. Me, Play.

Are you having a nightmare?

You been keeping me up
all night.

What the hell's wrong?

It was for real.

I dreamed I was in college.

I messed up real bad.

See? A nightmare, man.
That's your sign.

You shouldn't go.


Boy, I'm trying to make you
a responsible person.

Damn, I'm late.

You know something?

You'd forget your dick
if it wasn't screwed on.

I'm sorry.
I'm just running late.

You know, I'm really gonna
miss this place.

After Pops died, I didn't know
what I was gonna do.

You're the most disorganized
human being I know.

Your folks were great
for letting me stay here.

Yo, man, you don't gotta go.

The way we kicked it at
the community center last week...

We had the girls screaming.
The skins were in.

- You want to watch the car?
- It was hype, I guess.

I don't understand what's going
on with this college thing.

Who knows who could have been
at the center that night?

One of those talent scouts...
You know, for them producers?

We could get paid.

Not every successful person
went to college.

Play, you know I promised Pops.
Why you sweatin' me, man?

Oh, I gotta go get my picture.

I'll get your picture.
Just straighten up.

You're making me look bad.

I couldn't sleep last night.

Our first day of college.
Can you believe it?

I couldn't sleep last night,

You sure you still want to go?

Kid, what are you talking about?
This is a whole new world.

New people, new experiences.

A roommate.
She's an upperclassman.

I can't wait to meet her.

Yeah, new rules.

No curfew.

You do plan to learn something,
don't you?

Yeah, I guess.

I'm gonna be late
for my grandma...

and you are gonna be late
for the church.

I'll see you on campus.

Oh, oh, before you go...

It's just a little something...

a little something
I wanted to give you.

Let those guys at college
know whose girl you are.

This is so nice. Thank you.

See you later.

Ain't you giving me something
to let people know I'm your man?

We're gonna be late.
Come on, let's go.

When I was in the house,
I was just thinking.

What, Play?

Is school really worth
breaking up a team like we got?

What are you talking about?

Could you keep your feet
on the mat?

Oh, sorry.

This is a great day
for First Corinthians Church.

- Amen.
- Amen.

A great day for this community.

But most important, a great day
for young Christopher.

We are very proud of you.

You have suffered the tragic
loss of your father...

but you have not lost your way.

We are proud because
you have taken the high road...

and not the low road...

unlike some
of our other youngsters...

who shall remain nameless.


we are sending one young man...

from this fortress of Jesus
to a citadel of higher learning.


In honor of his father

Who was loved by this church

Christopher Robinson Jr.

Why don't you come on up?

I want to thank all of you...

for making it possible for me
to go to college.

That was my pop's dream.

I know if he were here,
he'd be very proud of me...

and very grateful to all of you
for putting your trust in me.

I won't let you down.

Sheila, they just rolled in.
Yeah, cool.

I think everything's gonna
just go smooth.

What are we doing at your job?

I thought you took the day off
to drive me to school.

A little surprise for my man.


Not what, who,
and if I told your ass...

it wouldn't be a surprise,
so do me a favor...

and come on.

Wait a minute.
What about my stuff?

Kid, it'll be OK.
I don't see the junk man coming.

Oh, that's real funny, Play.

Just 'cause you got a ride
named ForPlay...

don't mean you gotta start
dissing my shit.

ForPlay... What kind of name
is that for a car, anyway?

Just come on.

Hold up. My scholarship check.

She's the one
that discovered The Boyz.

- For real?
- Word.

Her scout was in the house
at the community center.

She can get us in the studio...

even get us a phat record deal.

Don't blow this for me, man.
Come on.

Yeah, my eight o'clock.

- Good. Thank you.
- Didn't I give you inventory?

Get to work.

Kid 'N Play.

Sheila Landreaux.

Rick played me the tape
you sent.

Rick... That's her talent scout.

All the big names have scouts.
Remember that.

And, frankly,
I got very excited.

And I've heard a lot of stuff.

But that's yesterday's news.

Today's headline...

is "Kid 'N Play."


I'm willing to make
a commitment to you...

if you're willing
to make a commitment to me.

She's ready to commit.

Wait a minute.
What do you mean by "commit"?

I'm willing to commit...

in financing
and producing your demo...

and you...

will commit
at every waking moment...

in taking Kid 'N Play
to the top of the charts.

Look, I can't do this.

Wait a minute. What's going on?

Let me talk to him, please.

Kid, what do you mean you can't?

I can't do this and school.

You gonna kick this to the curb
for school?

With the money we could make,
you could buy your own school.

Look, you saw all those people
in the church.

And Pops... I can't let them down.

Excuse me.

Maybe I could talk to your dad.

- Maybe she could talk...
- Look, I don't think so.

Kid, listen.

Sheila, wait a minute.


Here we are.

Oh, yes. Join the Mardi Gras.

Come on.

What's up with the soldiers?

Come on, Kid, man,
this ain't your style.

Oh, yes, boogie fever.

That's a fraternity.

Well, maybe that I can get with.

What's up with her clothes, man?

Look how involved everybody is.


Look at all this school spirit.

What's up with the pigs?

Yo, watch the car.

Thanks for helping.

Yo, just watch the car.

You're just mad
about the record deal.

No, I'm mad about you
fucking up the finish.

You gonna get ill,
or you gonna help?

You wanted to be Joe College...

you be Joe College.

Yo, G, hold up.
I'll be with you in a minute.

Yo, what up, black?

What's going on, man?
Name's Jamal.

Why you buggin', man?
'Cause I'm white?

Yo, you want some bean pie?

Rick, we've run into
a serious problem here.

We have half of a fabulous team.

Unless, uh...

Unless that's all we need.

I can do the session.

I can do it.

But it was both of you
on the tape.

Whoa, wait a minute now.

I'm the one who came up
with the whole Kid 'N Play idea.

I wrote all the lyrics.

The only thing that guy ever did
was just put his name first.

I don't know about this.

Sheila, my take on this,
Play's on the money.

Sounds like
he's the driving creative force.

Then let's do it.

Look, look, look.

Let me see this.

Isn't it cute?

I know you don't think this
is what college is all about.

No. It was a gift from a friend.

Besides, what's wrong with it?


When I first got here,
I had a drawer...

full of little boy-toy
fru-frus just like that.

So, what happened?

I grew up.

I let my consciousness evolve.

And when I left all that
male materialism behind...

I began to see things in a more
politically correct light.

You do like boys, don't you?

I like men, girl.

Thousands of them.

No, I'm just kidding.
I like men...

but I don't need one
to define me.

And any woman who wants
to define herself...

by herself and for herself...

just has to free herself...

of all that tired, lame,
male bullshit.

Pick a color.

Any color.

Male bullshit.

Excuse me.

Bilal's in the house!

Hook me up!

Hi. My name is Play.

I'm the manager here.

I couldn't help but notice...

that you seem to be looking
for something, um...

Selena. I'm just browsing.

Well, if there's anything
in particular you need...

anything at all,
don't hesitate to come see me.

I won't.

That was real cute.
Now hook me up, man.

Bilal, I cannot keep giving you
your own personal discount.

Play, you ain't looking
at the big picture, man.

I need these records, 'cause
I'm working on some scratches...

for our demo session.

What do you mean
"our" demo session?

Let's check out
the psychology department.

Ooh, this one sounds good.

"Social Psychology
of Black Awareness.

"Psych 222."

God, it is so hard
to figure out what to do...

What are you doing?

I'm trying to get a closer look
at the catalog.

Yeah, right. You're not even
paying attention.

Am too.

Look. "Psych 100.

"Human Sexuality."

I hope that's not the only thing
you're interested in.

Of course not.

I'm interested in your mind
as well as your body.

Now, you need to put
a check by that, uh...

humping and hauling course.

That's Hubble and Hawking.

Whatever. Check that one.

Get off, get off, get off.

Stop playing.
We have to be serious now.

Damn, Play, don't you know shit
about the music business?

Look, when a MC cuts a record...

the DJ is the producer...

because the DJ...

is the one who made
your sorry ass what it is...

from the motherfucking giddyap.

Now hook me up, thank you.

Nice sales pitch.
Twenty dollars.

Twenty dollars? I thought
you was gonna hook me up.

Bilal, for fifteen cuts...

I should be charging your ass
a house note...

and would you get
from around my counter?

I'll bust that ass.

I don't think so.

Get these boxes out.

I'm Mrs. Deevers.
I'm here for the job.

How you doing, Mrs. Deevers?

The job requires
a lot of heavy lifting.

Oh, it's not for me.

It's for my boys.

Your boys?

Bring your ass in here!

Come on in here now!

Yo, look!

Right now, here.

That's that punk Play.

Where's Kid?

These three rap stars,
they got a rap group...

and if they could work
in your shop here...

maybe some big-time producer
would give them a break.

Oh, they got the tapes.

Do that rap thing
y'all do at home.

Yo, Mama,
we ain't auditioning for him.

Not this punk.

We ain't auditioning for him.

I said do the rap!

All right.

Kick the rap, man.

On and on, on,
and on, on, and on

Like hot butter on...
Say what?


Dibby dibby die, so-socialize

Clean out your ears,
open up your


Now, well, maybe so

I don't think so

Well, funky ass


What up with that?

That's kind of wack.

That didn't even rhyme.

Yo, man, y'all be...

Excuse me, Mrs. Deevers.

I'm sorry, but the job
has been filled.

Right, Bilal?

You got twenty dollars
I can borrow?


I would appreciate it.

Thank you. Sorry, guys.

The job's all filled,
but loved the rap.

Don't stand there
like a pile of dog shit!

Move it, move it!

Get on out!

Yo, I saved your ass.

I should charge you
the whole motherfucking store.

Thanks for buying these records.

Hey, yo, money, if the sister
won't cut you no play...

you got to assert yourself.

What do you know about sisters?

I know I like a fat booty.

And just 'cause the sister
be sweatin' you...

about getting positive on
the politically correct tip...

don't mean that she kickin'
the nasty to the curb.

- Jamal, do me a favor.
- What?

Talk white.

Will you be paying
your registration fees...

with cash, check,
or credit card?


Cash, check, or credit card?


Will you be paying with cash,
check, or credit card?

My check!


What is this?

He signed it.
It's like cash.

Always losing shit.
If his dick wasn't screwed on...

he'd leave that shit, too.

Of course
I don't socialize with them.

Hey, wait.

Tell Father I played
four sets of tennis...

with Professor Vernault.

Give me that phone,
you selfish punk.

No, it's my phone.
You can't have it.

My father gave that to me.
I'll report you.

Selena, right?

Play, am I really
gonna sing backup on your demo?

You can have
any damn thing you want.

Excuse me.

Who is it?

Oh, Kid, chill out, man.

Don't worry about it.

Your scholarship money
is as good as in the bank.

It's in there. Bye.

Hey, yo, Sidney, Zora.

Hey, Kid. Hey, Jamal.

Hey, what's up?

Um, I'm over here.

Taking Afro-American Studies:
Consciousness of the Sixties.

Just imagine, you and I...

exploring the roots
of blackness together.

Kid, I'm not taking it.

I couldn't fit it
into my schedule this semester.

Kind of at the last minute...

I decided that I really,
really wanted to take...

Male Mythology:
A Feminist Perspective.

Right. Anyway...

I hope you enjoy
Consciousness of the Sixties.

Zora says
the professor's really great.

Very good. You'll like him.


"Zora says the professor's
really great."

Zora says take this course.

Zora says
take three steps forward.

Zora says take three steps back.

Just because Zora says it,
doesn't mean she have to do it.

Hey, you got played, yo.

The perfect job for my boys.

Stop pushing me!

Get your butts
into that employment office.

Get in there! I don't care
what your sorry ass...

Malcolm X.

Everybody knows
what Malcolm was about, right?


He must have been important.

'Cause you can go into any
shopping mall in the country...

and buy a T-shirt
with his picture on it...

right next
to the Ninja Turtles T-shirts.

But what do we really know
about Malcolm?

We know he was a Muslim...

who made a pilgrimage
to Mecca...

and returned to America
a changed man...

with a changed philosophy.

Now, if you were printing
that philosophy on a T-shirt...

what would it say?

Mr. Robinson.

Malcolm X's philosophy?

On a T-shirt?

I'm happy you asked me
that question.

I'll be even happier
when you answer it.

OK, see, uh...

Malcolm X was pro-black...

very pro-black.

And in his pro-blackness...

he believed
that the white man...

in his pro-whiteness...

was not very pro-black.

Yo, man, stop bullshittin'.


I think Mr. Robinson
wants to know...

if you can say...


Why don't we hear
from one of these white-devils?

Maybe the one
sitting next to you...

and I know I'm scared of you,

Johnson. Jamal Johnson.

Are you familiar
with what Malcolm X believed...

when he returned from Mecca?

Malcolm embraced
the brotherhood of all men.

Yo, word to the mother.

Congratulations, Mr. Johnson.

Unlike Mr. Robinson...

you obviously did
your preclass reading.

I won't see you
in summer school.

Sheila, what's wrong? Get away.

Baby, what's wrong?

He cleaned me out.


Who, baby?

Rick, that's who.

But what? What happened?

He took everything
he could get his hands on...

for gambling debts.

I don't know why
I ever trusted him.

But, listen, forget about him.

Are you going to be OK?

Baby, are you going to be OK?
Talk to me, woman.

Play, I'm so sorry.
I can't do the session.

I don't have the money...

and the worst part is,
MCA is waiting for the record.

Without it, we're nowhere, Play.

Dang. Look, if I get my hand
on the motherfucker...

I'll pop a cap in his ass.

Baby, talk to me.

What do you need?
Where does he live?

I'm your man. Talk to me.

Bilal, would you please
shut the fuck up?

Listen, if I had the cash,
I'd front the session myself.

Is there anywhere
you can get the money from?

All we need is to raise
the deposit for the studio...

and we can still
do the session...

and my accountant
is getting me liquid again.

But I'm completely busted.

If you hadn't put all your money
in that pussy mobile...

we wouldn't be in this shit.

Play, you don't understand.

This is our future at stake.

I have a check,
but it's made out to Kid.

He did sign it,
so I guess it's as good as cash.

- I'll take it.
- Wait.

That's perfect.
I won't even cash it.

Wait, wait.

Aw, damn.

Kid's check?

Yo, Play, that's fucked!

The boy needs a education.

Yo, Play, that's fucked.

Hey, man, you need to get
with the program.

Buy the books,
do the reading... End of problem.

You turkey.

Hey, take it easy!

Hey, guys, I smell something.

Do you smell something?

I smell pussy!

Yo, hold up.

This is black men using
their power of authority...

against another brother.

Yo, black, this ain't correct.

What's up with that?

Yo, who is this man,
your girlfriend?

Yo, what you want, man?

Wait a minute.

What are you guys doing here?

What are we doing here?

What up with that?

Motherfucker's in college,
and he can't read.

This means any time we want to,
we can fuck you right up.

Yo, and right now,
I definitely feel it.

Hey, Zilla, you feel it, man?

I feel it right now, man.

You really feel it?

What does he mean?

Tell these two motherfuckers
what time it is.

It's time to kick
their fucking ass!

Yeah! Come here!


A hundred
and twenty-three dollars?

For books?

Tell me about it.

I'm spending so much on books...

I won't be able to afford
a trip home until spring.

So, where's home... Japan?

No. Texas.

Where's yours, Africa?

Stupid, huh?

No big thing.

Bad check. Bad check.

It declined your check.

You're going to have to go
to the finance office...

to straighten it out.

Don't worry.
It happens all the time.

Can I help you?

Time waits for no man!

They told me down the hall
I'd have to see Dean Kramer.

Don't let him sweat you,
my brother.




before I get started,
I want you to know...

this isn't a racial thing.

What isn't a racial thing, sir?

The fact that your
tuition check bounced.

My tuition check bounced?

Now, this isn't a black thing.

It's a deadbeat thing.

I have to take your student I.D.

Deadbeat! Deadbeat! Deadbeat!
Deadbeat! Deadbeat!


If you don't pay your tuition
by the end of the week...

I'm going to have
to kick you out of here.

Stand up, please.

Good-bye, Christopher.
Have a nice day.

Don't forget...

Time waits for no man!


Where is my money?

Kid, you got to promise me
you're not going to ill.

Come on, Kid.

I'm not going to ill.

Sheila has your money.


I'll tell you what he said.

Sheila got your money, man.

Kid, you promised you wasn't
going to ill on me, man.

Look, see?
I told him not to do it.

I said, "Kid needs his money.

"The boy needs an education."
But no.

I said, yo, when you find out,
you going to whup that ass...

and that's what you gonna do...
Whup that ass.

Bilal, shut the fuck up.


Let me ask you this:

Why does Sheila have my money?

I'm glad you asked that, Kid.

Um, see, your money's safe.

Um, Rick...
You remember Rick, right?

Yeah, well, he was a snake.

He stuck her up for the money,
and she couldn't do my record.

- Your record?
- Yeah.

Kid, he dissed you, man.

Look, whup his ass!

Listen, the only ass that's
going to get whupped is yours!

I don't think so.

Oh, you...

Um, listen, you wanted
to be Joe College, right?

And I just needed the check...

as a deposit down
on the session so that, um...

by the time her accountant
liquidates all her assets...

That's right,
liquidates all her assets...

that we would get the money
back tomorrow at the session...

and it'll make sense to you
once you know the business.

Let me make it make sense!

Your money is gone, man!

He fucked you
and didn't even kiss you!

See? Studio, ride.

Ride, studio.

Yo, no!

Yo, I'm telling you, man,
ain't no studio in there.

No, yo, that shit is gutted out.

I'm telling you,
it's a fucking front, man.

Do Me Records.
What can I do for you?

Sounds like you could do a lot,
but anyway, my name is Play.

Uh, yo, and this is the...

his producer.

Um, Sheila Landreaux,
she's expecting me.

Sheila who?

See, I knew it.

Oh, this... Get off me.

- Shut up.
- What?

I'm sorry. Not you.

But listen, Sheila Landreaux...

and my name is Play,
and I'm here to cut a record.

Sorry. Never heard
of Landreaux or Play...

so there's no way Do Me
is doing shit for you today.

Yo, she fucked you, man...
Yo, with your money, Kid.

Didn't I tell you when I tried
to tell you that in there?

Yo, let's just go.
I was trying to tell him.

So, Play, when are we going
to record our record?

Your record?
I'm here to cut my record.

What the fuck
are y'all talking about?

Who the fuck
you talking to like that?

Yo, chill, chill.

Yo, man, fuck your record...
Our record.

Sheila Landreaux
gave you our money...

for our recording session
to make our record.

You know what I'm saying?

Y'all know Sheila?

Wait a minute.

She said he has your money
for your recording session?

You damn right.

Well, excuse me. Damn.

You know, it sounds
like she fucked all of youse.

What the...

Shit, they're taking her car!

Halt! Assume the position!

Looks like we nailed the
purloined Porsche perpetrators.

And they're all black.

What a surprise!

Hands up!

I want you victims of crime
to remember in the future...

not to give money
to any beautiful woman...

by the name
of Sheila Landreaux...

a.k.a. Shareese Taylor...

a.k.a. Sharnelle Butler...

a.k. a...
Well, I think you got the idea.


you and you,
this is your lucky day.

Beat it! Get out of here.

You hurting me, man.

Oh, shit.

OK, you three guys
are going for a ride downtown.

What the fuck for?

What up with this?

Hands down!

Car theft, larceny...

mail fraud, embezzlement...


I'm going to tell you like this.

I hope you ain't getting
no pussy...

'cause that shit
could be lethal, man.

Bilal, would you just
do me a favor and shut up?

Would you just shut the fuck up?

Yo, Play, the bitch has
a record longer than my dick.

Yo, can I ask you something?

Can I ask you something, please?


You feel real stupid,
don't you, huh?

When are you gonna learn?

And look at this motherfucker.

Ass out...

No money, no education.

This shit got to stop. I'm...

How long?

Well, at least
I'm not the irresponsible one...

who left his check around
that I'd be tempted by it.

You know what I'm saying?



Yo, I was...

Yo, I was bullshit...
Yo, we boys.

We boys!



Yo, you know what I think?

Shut the fuck up, Bilal.

Yo, it ain't going
to be too many more...

of them shut-the-fuck-ups.
all right?

Because I'll whup
both of your asses.

You should talk
to the bank, man.

What are you talking about?

Your girl Sidney...

Her parents, they own minimalls.

I'm not asking Sidney for money.

Sidney, there's something
I got to talk to you about.

See... This is really difficult...

We been seeing each other
for over a year, and...


See, well...

You want to see other people?

Yo, I'm really fine about it.

But, wait, I didn't mean...

I'm fine about it.

I'm fine about it, too.

It's so funny.

We live closer to each other now
than we did at home...

and somehow,
we see less of each other.

Well, you know...

you have your classes,
and I have mine.

You're making new friends,
and I guess I am, too.

We're at college
to have new experiences, right?

Why should
we tie each other down?

I don't want to tie you down if
you don't want to be tied down.


'Cause I feel
the same way about you, too.

It's great that we feel
the same way about each other.

I guess I'll see you
around the campus...


See you around campus, pal.

Sit down. I need to talk to you.

Listen, get your act together.

Keep your mind on them books
and off them gangs.

Hey, what up, man?

Damn, what's wrong with you?

Damn, man, you look like shit.

How could the best day
of my life...

and the worst day of my life
happen in the same week?

Yo, I ain't got the science
on that, black...

but what I do know is...

you better deal with Dean Kramer
and your financial situation...

before that situation
deals with you.

Better get off your behind.

Yo, I gotta get out of here.
I'm gonna check you later.


Ah, brother Robinson.

I think I can help you out.

Come here.

Come on, brother.

Bottom line...

You don't have the snaps...

but you want Dean Kramer
to give you an extension...

till you figure out
what your next move is.

That's right.

Naw, see, that's fucked.

If you was a white boy...

he'd give you more extensions
than a bad weave...

but, a brother,
he ain't going to play that.

So, in other words, I'm over.

See, not necessarily.

See, my boy works
the main computer.

Now, cuz could lose
your paperwork for a while...

and buy you a little time.

For a price?

Hey, yo...

life's a bitch, homey...

and not always a fine bitch,

Hello, Miles.

Well, hello yourself,
Professor Vernault.

Allow me to introduce you
to young Christopher Robinson...

a most promising freshman.

Professor Vernault...

is one of our most esteemed
scholars, Christopher.


you know, I still find myself...

upon our discussions...

of Chaucerian scatology.

Then you'll love
my upcoming lecture...

on the juxtaposition
of Thanatos and Eros...

in the works of Fielding.

Oh, wouldn't miss it, sir.

Well, I must be off, Miles.

Wow. That was deep.

Yo, you want
to whup the white man...

you got to know how to play
the white man's game.

- Hook me up.
- Wise decision.

Now, my boy usually charges
the football squad...

a couple hundred a head.

I don't have that kind of money.

Well, what you got, brother?

Come on, brother,
don't let this pass you by.

That's all the money
I have in the world.

I'll take it.

What is...

the single most
important question...

any of us can ask ourselves?


am I?

Late again.

My girl left me.

We've been taught that it's OK
to define ourselves...

in relationship
with others as...

What you doing, man?



athlete, or entertainer...

but never on our own terms
as individuals.

Ralph Ellison brilliantly
explored that theme...

in "The Invisible Man..."

which I can see...

that Mr. Robinson...

is most anxious
to discuss with us.

Come on, man, don't...

Mr. Robinson!

I am?

I am.

"The Invisible Man"...

A great book. A very great book.

Here we go again.

But I always wondered...

why did he call...

the invisible man...

the invisible man?

Everyone is on the edge
of their seats.


I think the author
was trying to say...

that black people...

are like that movie...

where the only way
you could see the guy...

is if he was...

wrapped in white bandages.

So Ellison...

was saying that...

in order for white society
to see us...

we must be wrapped in white?


I am.

Very insightful, Mr. Robinson.

You taught me something.

Could I see you after class?

You're through.

You wanted to see me, sir?

What I want to know is...

do you have the gift
that I think you have...

or am I just being charmed
by your line of bullshit?

Could I get back to you on that?

Yes, you can, in a week...

with a twenty-page paper...

in which you discuss
how Ellison, Wright, Baldwin...

and the other authors
I assigned to you to read...

handle the theme of growing up
as a black male in America...

In a week? Wait a minute.
That's not fair.

Life is not fair, Mr. Robinson.

There are students
on this campus who are here...

only because their parents
are rich alumni.

That isn't fair.

And those students
might look at you...

and think that the only reason
you're here...

is because you're black,
and you got a good jump shot...

or you're black, so you can run
with a football...

or you're just here
because you're black.

That isn't fair.

And it might not be fair
that you got to prove...

that you're here because
you've earned it, but you do...

and if you don't prove it to me,
Mr. Robinson...

I'll fail your ass.

Yo, you talk to Kid?

He hasn't even called me...

to find out how I'm feeling
after losing my record deal.

Play, it was wrong, man.

Fifteen dollars.

- We hook up later, right?
- All right, peace, man.

- Peace.
- Yo, peace out.


What's up with the extra ends?

Sometimes you got to pay
what you owe, right?


You're right.

A twenty-page paper to write.

All those authors.
It ain't gonna be easy.

You can't get in
without a student I.D.

What up with that?

Give it up, man.
Yo, here's some food.

Damn. What, you starving?

Thanks, Jamal.

No problem, man.

You know, without my I. D...

I can't get into the library
or the cafeteria.

Living by my wits isn't easy.
It's hard work.

Hard work? I haven't seen you
do any work yet.

You need to get off your butt...

and go down
to the faculty dining hall.

Word. Yo, free food,
the pay is correct...

but, yo, man, you better
make sure you come correct...

'cause to work for Mr. Lee...
You got to be all you can be.

Move it, move it, move it!

Loaded tray.

Do you know where Mr. Lee is?

Excuse me. Do you...

Out of the way, please.

Excuse me.

Move your ass.

Do you know where... Hey.

Look out. That's my foot.

Heads up.

All right,
so what's the holdup here?

You should've been out of here
fifteen minutes ago.

Do you know where Mr. Lee is?

Who wants to know?

You must be the new recruit.

You got to go to work, boy.

There's a pile of spuds
over there with your name on it.

Do a good job, boy,
and you'll be on your way...

to earning your kitchen
assistant first-class pin.

Yes, sir.

You forgot your cap.

Everybody got to wear the hat.

But it won't fit.
I'd look stupid.

Are you saying I look stupid?

No, no, sir.

it looks kind of good on you.

Are you saying I look good...

with a damn plastic cap
on my head?

No, sir.

Then what are you saying, boy?

I have no idea.

Listen, son...

you want to stay
off my shit list...

put on the hat.

You look good.

If I lose this,
my dad will kill me.

Do you feel lucky?

I'm going for it, man.

Let's go, let's go, man.

Put your weight on it.

Gimme it, man!

Give me my money, man.

Give me... Thank you!

Fuck, man!
Thank you, man, thank you!

Freak, man, freak!
I'm a winner, man!

- Who's next?
- Me!

Scared money
don't make no money.

What's up, K-l-D?

Yo, Kid!

Jamal, watch the cash.

Kid, wait! Yo, man, whassup?

What are you trying to do to me?

Trying to raise you some dough.

By ripping off these people
I have to see every day?

OK, we'll kick Monte Carlo
night to the curb.

I'm forty-five minutes away,
and on my days off from work...

I can come up
and work on a new plan.

- Plan?
- Yeah.

Don't mention plan
in my presence.

I can't afford
any more of your plans.

You're gonna get your "A,"

You're gonna get your "A."

Girl, you're gonna get your "A,"
you hear me?

Oh! Oh, Play!

Uh, Kid.
Yo, man, I'm thinkin' hard.

"If you have
no confidence in self...

"you are twice-defeated
in the race of life.

"With confidence, you have won
even before you have started.

"Marcus Garvey."

Professor Sinclair?

What can I do for you,
Mr. Robinson?

My paper, sir.

Excuse the coffee stains.

I just wanted you to know
I worked really hard on it.

I quoted from your book...

which I must say
was really excellent.

I'll reserve judgment
on your paper, Mr. Robinson...


as far as your
ass-kissing goes...

two thumbs up.

Why don't you roll the dice?

In your ass!

Chill, my brother.

I ain't your brother.

Ain't trying to cause no beef.

What are you doing?

Come on, why you go and do
something stupid like that?

Yo, milk,
do something about your boy.

That's it.

If your name isn't Kid or Jamal,
get out of my room!

Without even hearing my plan?

You managed to spare a little
time to come up with a plan?

Not any plan.
The plan of plans, you know?

Yo, think about it.
A house party.

A house party?

Yo, not just any house party.

The mother of house parties.

A pajama jammy jam.

Women in negligees...

Look at this. Mmm.

...get in free.

Brothers have got to pay.

All of the proceeds go...

to the Christopher Robinson
scholarship fund.

You, boy.

Don't worry about nothin'...

'cause I'm about
to take care of everything.

Yo, Kid.

I'm taking care of everything.

Let me get this straight.

You want a bunch
of college women...

to strip to their underwear,
come to my room...

so you can charge a bunch
of horny motherfuckers...

to be in there with them?

Ladies, six feet.

Wait a minute. Slow down, man.

Not here.
In the faculty dining hall, man.

All you gotta do is...

get the key?

Oh, no. Look, I'm not with it.

Forget about it, all right?

I'm not with it.

Why's he flippin' on us?

Kid, Kid, Kid.

Boy, what you want?

I borrowed this book
from Sidney.

You can give it back to her.

Now, you know
that's not Sidney's book.

It's not?

You're right. It's not.
My mistake.

Yeah, that is your mistake.

Coming around here with that
lame "Do me, baby" mentality...

is another definite mistake.

I'll tell you
what the mistake is.

The mistake is you think
you know everything.

You don't know me. You don't
know anything about me.

Tell Sidney I asked about her,
and I hope she's doing OK.



Look, there's a rally
this afternoon.

It's against the cutbacks
in the ethnic studies program.

So if a man were looking for
Sidney, he might find her there.

Knowledge is power!

- What?
- Knowledge is power!

Come on, sister.

Now, if we allow
the administration...

to cut back on ethnic studies...

we will be letting them deny
the contributions...

of all of our cultures
that made this country great.

Knowledge is power!

Come on, y'all.
Clap with me now.

Listen here.

Everybody wants to be a rebel

Well, a rebel without a cause
can turn into a devil

For a moment just take a pause

So we can reach a lever

To open up the doors,
eliminate the gap

You're searching for
perfection in somebody else

You sacrifice yourself
for his illegal wealth

Living in the image
of a man what you are

You're just another Jackie
who wants to be a star

As far as I'm concerned,
I'm getting quite annoyed

There was a brain
that had nothin', just a void

Filled with
materialistic thoughts

Of cars and dolls,
things you just bought

Drugs people sold,
but I'm gonna rise like a tower

Tellin' all the people
that it's time to devour

you see, the future
that we live in is ours

Because knowledge,
it is power

Knowledge is power

Check it out, intelligence
captivates my mind

I'm gonna succeed with
my brain and not my behind

'Cause I don't feel
that as a black woman

I should give up the booty
if the boss thinks it's boomin'

Or some people
who move up on others

Like they own 'em
and they don't treat 'em equal

Can't you see?
This is racist, racist, racist

Where they chase us

Away from knowing who we are
and where we came from

I ain't stopping
until we gots this game on

'Cause I know this is the hour
to make knowledge equal power

Scream it, scream it


Is power

Thank you.

Right now I would like
to introduce our next speaker.

Professor Sinclair.

Thank you, Zora.

As I stand here
and look at your...

Zora, your performance
was moving.

We need more people like you.

I want you to call me.

I think we can make you a star.

You have the right to learn
about your heritage...

and the heritage of others.

Support ethnic studies.

Knowledge is power!

What's wrong, Sidney?

Uh, nothing really.

It's Kid, isn't it?

I know he was at the rally.

You know him?

I met him at the dean's office.

He was having some problems.

Doesn't look too good.

- Really?
- Yeah.

That's too bad.

He was going on
about his ex-girlfriend...

and how they were breaking up...

because she wasn't into
"givin' up the rhythm..."

as he put it.

But the more he said about her,
the more I knew...

he didn't know what he had...

and I had to meet her...

because she sounded
like such a find.

Damn, Miles!

Give the child
some room to breathe.


what a surprise.

I should be going.

Can I giv...

Can l...

Can I give you a call later?

Yeah, please.

All right.

Oh, God. What do you think?

He's so different from Kid.

He's... he's mature,
he's sophisticated...

he's an intelligent

Yeah. I see you two
were about to get into...

a heavy conversation in French.

Look, Sidney, different doesn't
necessarily mean better.

Why don't you think about that?

Dean Kramer's office called...

and they want to see you
right away.

This is a work study job...

for students...

and they say
you ain't no student!

I thought you were supposed to
be hooking me up for the black.

Yo, brother Robinson,
I'm working on it...

but delicate situations such
as these sometimes take time.

Dean Kramer, I was just...


Thank you, Miles.

The deadline I gave you...

for paying your tuition
has come and gone.

And we do have a policy
of encouraging our students...

be they black or white,
to pay their tuition.

So, it's with great sadness
that I have to tell you...

Dean Kramer, please,
just give me one more week.

I promise I'll have the money.

One more week.

But if you don't have
the money by then...

it really will be it!

Time waits for no man!

Why haven't you called me
about the recording session?

You promised me
I could sing backup.

Listen, Selena, don't sweat me!

Don't sweat it. As soon as the...

Excuse me.

If the others don't succeed,
I got the twelve-inch you need.

Clarence's Records. What up?

When's the party?

Tell him about the pajama party!

I knew about this party,
and I don't even go to school!

I want y'all to tell me
about this party.

Everybody know about this party
but the three of you.

Go out there
and find out about this party.

Make your grandma proud!

We can get you signed
in a heartbeat.

- Really?
- No problem.

What are you doing tonight?

- There's a pajama party.
- We'll be there.

I think it's a pajama party.

And the rules
are very clear on that shit.

"No university building
or other property...

"may be used
as a meeting place...

"or venue for entertainment...

"without the express

"of the dean of the college."

Very good, Stab.

Now all we need to know is where
the party's gonna be at.

All right, who was it?

I don't think so.

Check that out, man.

Yo, for a midget white boy,
you all right, Jamal...

sneakin' in the house
with the brothers.

Yeah, you all right,
even though you try to flex.

Can't play dice, though.

Will you be quiet?

Damn, Kid, calm down.

You're getting white as a ghost,
and that's hard for you to do.

Now, come on.

All right, all right.

Come on, come on, come on.

I just want to remind everybody.
Let's be careful in there, OK?

Would you relax?


Y'all want to help me
with my equipment, please?

Thank you.

Yo, I swear if I gotta carry
this shit in by myself...

I'll play the Village People
all fuckin' night.

Yo, man, chill.
Don't go out like that.

Who are you supposed to be,
Mrs. Kunta Kinte?

I thought this outfit
was politically correct.

You know, P.C.

Well, it is P.C. if it stands
for "poor choice."

Girl, why are you looking
like me instead of you?

I don't know what I'm supposed
to look like anymore.

I don't know what I'm supposed
to feel like anymore.

I miss Kid,
but he needs to grow up.

That's what you said, right?

Now, don't go blaming
breaking up with Kid on me.

You're the one
always talking about...

how immature he is
with his "Do me" attitude.

But it's not about what I think.
It's about what you think.

What's in your head
and your heart.

That's what being a strong woman
is all about, Sidney.

This is Zora going to the party.

I hope I see Sidney there.

All the girls
kept talking about...

was silk teddies
and sexy nightgowns.

All clear! Let's go!

- All right!
- Let's see some panties, boy!

Girl, hurry your fat ass up!

Yo, baby, yo, baby, yo

I'm never, never, ever
gonna let you go

Brothers are ten each...

women appropriately dressed...

or should I say undressed...

get in free.

She crept into my heart

At a funky time

I met her once or twice

I knew something was right

I was hoping Sidney
would be here.

Have you ever known Sidney
to miss a good party, man?

She's gonna be here, man.

If you see her,
just let me know, OK?

I will, but go in there
and try and hit some skins.

Pretty black hair
and big brown eyes

Made my mouth so dry

Should you be with her

Excuse me.

I don't know

Pardon me.

I tried to tell

Yo, B, you got some cuties here.

I'm doing the best I can

What, what your papa said

Boy, do things your way

Yo, baby, yo, baby, yo

Yo, baby, yo

Never, ever,
ever gonna let you go

I never, ever want to let you go

Yo, baby, yo, baby, yo

Hi, Patty!

I'd love to,
but I had to let one go

I had to let one go

Love can make you blind

I almost lost my mind

I just know what I had to do

Sidney, you know if any woman
gets in here for free, it's you.

Yo, you ain't gotta...

Yes, I do.

We both do.

You seen Kid?

Last time I saw him,
he was lookin' for you.

- Really?
- You got an eye problem?

- Come on!
- Fool.

Live all my days

If one could

She had all the right things

Then she touched
the right places

Now I'm in her world

And I'm so confused

No place for me

- Yo, yo, Play, man.
- What? What's up?

I think something's wrong
with the toilet, man.

D?j? vu like a motherfucker.

Yo, baby, yo, baby, yo

Yo, baby, yo

Never, never, ever
gonna let you go

I can't believe it.
I'll be able to stay in school.

Sidney, you look incredible.

I was hoping you'd be here.

It's like I told you before...

if you ain't givin' up
the rhythm...

the boy ain't interested.

Let's dance.

Ain't nobody here!

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Yo, man.


Do you hear any music?

No. What up with that?

Yo, and there ain't
nobody here dancin'.

Aw, shit!
And I wanna shake my ass!

I don't know what you come to do

I come to clap my hands

I come to stomp my feet

You want to dance, Sidney?

No, I don't want to dance.

- Come on.
- I don't want to dance.

- Come on.
- No.

Throw my feelings
out on the shelf


Come on.

All right. All right.

Don't make me laugh.


So let's gather
'round the peoples

Let's have a funky party tonight

But I've been down all day today

Let's have a house party

I don't know
what you're gonna do

And I don't know
what you come to do

I come to dance my steps

I come to clap my hands

Come on, girl, let's do this.

And the bass is really pumpin'

The groove
is funkin' hard as hell


And there's gotta be a honey

At the party gonna treat me well

Let's do this.

That's all I gotta say

But there's no one like my baby

My baby knows just who she is

Yeah, she knows,
she knows, she knows

But no matter what the problem

My cookie's gonna fix it,
you dig?

See, 'cause I been down
too long today

Let's have a house party

Come on. Go, boys.

So everybody bring
your dancin' shoes

Let's have a house party

I don't know what you come to do

I come to clap my hands

I come to stomp my feet

I come to dance my steps

I come to shout for peace

I don't know what you come to do

I come to clap my hands

I come to do my steps

I come to jump up and down

Check it, check, check

Gimme some of that cookie

Mmm, gimme
some of that good thing

That's what I said

You heard the man,
give him some of that good thing

Damn, ain't nobody here!

Aw, shit!

- Come on, Pee-Wee!
- Damn!

I just busted my ass.

Hey, ladies!

Lookie here,
it's ladies' choice...

and we're going to slow it up...

for all the beautiful
young ladies.

It's ladies' choice, Sidney.

Excuse me. I was here first.

Step off, brother.

Let Sidney make the choice.

Wait a minute. She's my girl.

Wait. I don't remember saying
I was anybody's girl.

And you seem to have already
made your choice.



Mmm, you can look...

but you better not touch.

Zora, I want you to meet
my producer Miriam Mobuto.

This is Zora Henderson,
a wonderful young talent.

Oh, I could put my beer
on that booty!

Could live in that ass!

I gotta pass on that.

You see, my brothers,
what you hold in your hands...

is one of the many chains that
enslave the black man today.

Think about it.

Damn, vanilla
about to strike oil.

There he goes, look at that!

Yo, that's some jungle booty,
and I'm Tarzan.

Yo, I know
where everybody's at, man!

They in the library.

Oh, damn! Chill!

- We got enough yet?
- Uh-uh.

What you mean, "Uh-uh"?
All that? Come on.

- We ain't there yet.
- Aw, man.

Yo, come up here!
Rack some shots, boys.

Y'all look good down there.
I'm proud of you.

Jamal, I didn't call "Jamal."
Excuse me, man.

- Let me see the mic, man.
- Jamal, chill, all right?

Bilal, think about it, man.

He likes big booties, dice.

He likes bean pie.
Sure, put him on.

You probably got a big dick,
too, huh?

A big tremendous white dick.

Great show, Kid.

Here I go

I talk trips and zips
as I flip an enemy bird

Suckers can't fake
the flavor candy like Nerds

'Cause I made the track
react with a vengeance

Scooping up more pigeons
and suckers with a vengeance

Wild hip-hop, slip-shot,
I grab for my pistol

'Cause I act strapped,
and this is what I call it

'Cause when I got the mic,
I excites life, that's right

In it with a pimp limp
sent to get hipper

You're provoked, choked

Now you're stumped
and stay lumped

The J-A-S man

I totally like dancin'
with the K-l-D and the P-L-A-Y

And better believe
I sell tracks then

I'm proud to be black,
and Y.B.T., we be maxin'

The dopest action with the DJ,
the boogedy boogedy bing bang

I slip shit, flip shit
with the hip-hop street slang

I gots, 'cause I rock
the big groups, is that not?

I hits the boots, 'cause
the hookers love the dreadlocks

Ain't gonna hurt nobody

We just dancin', y'all

Ain't gonna hurt nobody

Out there on the floor

Ain't gonna hurt nobody

We just dancin', baby

Ain't gonna hurt nobody

Gonna give you more


Yo, Kid, check this out.
I'm about to reach out my soul.

If you're lookin' for more,
step on the dance floor

Check your coat
and your troubles at the door

'Cause for sure,
you're gonna see a smile today

The problems of the world
seem miles away

The only thing that matters
is a good time

That can be had
with the help of a good rhyme

The DJ's hype,
more than up to par

there goes a cutie at the bar

- So I
- Strolled on over to say hi

- I don't want any.
- Come on, just a little taste.

It's a party.

Dance a while

I'll do anything
to see you smile

You see,
my job is to take you higher

After a couple of songs,
I'll require

Having fun? Well, I ain't done

The best is yet to come

Ain't gonna hurt nobody

We just dancin', y'all

Ain't gonna hurt nobody

Out there on the floor

Ain't gonna hurt nobody

We're just dancin', baby

Ain't gonna hurt nobody

Gonna give you more

let's get some refreshments.


What's the matter with you?
Come on, kick it.

The music's hype,
and if it's all right with you

I wouldn't mind spending
the rest of the night with you

No kidding, baby,
we can make some noise

You and your girls
and me and my boys

Just feelin' right,
a night full of pleasure

We can take it slow
with no pressure

- Enough respect
- You won't regret

This'll be a night
you won't soon forget

And that's a promise
from me to you

Take my hand, girl,
I'm gonna see you through

You don't strike me
as a woman who fronts

- Here's your chance
- You only live once

I wanna hear you say,
oh, what a blast, Kid

We sure had good fun
while it lasted

- Hung out with friends
- And hit the skins

Next week,
we're gonna do it again

She's mine, fool!

Nobody, ain't nobody

Gonna hurt you

Yo, Miles,
where you goin' with my girl?

- Let go, or I will fuck you up!
- Yo, who you talkin'...

Get off me, Miles!
Get off me!

Stop! You're hurting me!

Kid, help... Help me!

It was very nice meeting you.
I'm sure we could...

Those are the motherfuckers
who stole Kid's money!

- Oh, shit.
- What the hell is going on here?

Get out of my way!

Hey, hold up!

- Rick, she's right behind us.
- Hey, somebody stop her!

- Get out of the way.
- Now you're gonna get it!

Let her go,
or I'm gonna fly that head.

She ain't nothin'. Take her.

Hold her.

Hey, get the fuck out my way.

Yo, what you looking at, boy?
Campus security.

Nobody make a goddamn move.
This is an illegal party.

Yo, what kind of fuckin' lyric
was that?

Turn your damn badge around.

Oh, what up with that?
I'm sorry. It's upside-down.

Everybody stop this shit!

Get out of my way!

This motherfucker's
trying to get away.

Come on, man.

Get the fuck out the way!

Go on, grab her! She stole
Kid's scholarship check!

Hold her!

Let me go!

I ain't tryin' to let you go.

Zora, knock her out!

Jungle fever, baby.

- Jungle!
- Fever!

- Jungle!
- Fever! Fever!


Watch it, Pops!

Damn, man.

- Excuse me, man.
- And a colored, too.

Oh, shit!

I'm gonna kill you!

Come here.

Get out of my way!

There he is right now!
Give it to him!


Get him, Mo!

Oh, shit!

Freeze that ass!

Oh, shit!

See ya, mophead.



That must be
the fifteenth time...

We lost the pussy!

Whose pussy is this?
Give me that good college pussy.

Get up, punk! Get up!

Wait! Get that mother!

Get him!

Yeah, right there.

Freak show!

What? Pull out a dick?

What the fuck is going on?
Where's my gun?

He's got a gun!

- Hurry up!
- You crazy motherfuckers!

I'm tryin' to fuck!

You ain't shit.

I'm through messin' around
with you.

Oh, you gonna squab
like a man now, boy?

This one's for the black!

Is that all you got? Come on!

See ya.

And I sure wouldn't wanna be ya.

Would you pull me up?

- Stay still!
- Get me out of here.

I'll never listen to another of
your harebrained schemes again!

You in no position to talk shit.

Just... just get me up.

Just calm down, buddy.
I got ya.

What is going on here?

Hey, get...

Get off me!
What up with that?

Yo, man, yo,
we just doing our goddamn job.

We got an 8-19,
breaking and entering.

The description
matches you three clowns.

Now, wait a minute.
I am a very patient man...

but I want somebody to tell me,
what is going on here?

I'll tell you what's going on.
She stole my boy's money.

Oh, so that's where
your tuition money went.

- Got it.
- That's right.

And he stole his money, too...

and hurt his girl.

it'll all make more sense...

if, you know,
you knew the business.

- It's close enough.
- And Sheila Landreaux...

Sheila Landreaux?

- A.k.a. Shareese Taylor?
- A.k.a. Sharnelle Butler?

- That ho again?
- Well done, gentlemen.

Let these men go.

And I am very concerned that
your treatment of my officers...

a deep-seated hostility...

toward black men
in positions of authority.

But, sir, I'm a black man.

Then act like one.

These men
have performed duties...

above and beyond
the call of duty...

and they will be
rewarded for it.

Rewarded? Hey, fellas,
that means we get our stripes.

Young man, you have a bright
future at this university.

your future is behind you.

You're out of here. Take him!

But, Dean Kramer,
it's a complete fabrication.

It's a miscarriage of justice.
I ain't goin' out like that.

Get 'em out of here.

As for the rest of you,
fair warning...

Time waits for no man.

You have fifty-nine minutes
and thirty-two seconds...

to put this building
back in its original shape...

or you face expulsion.

Have you got that?


Will you look at this place?

And I thought
they fucked my place up.

- What am I gonna tell Mr. Lee?
- It's OK, man.

I don't know,
but it better be real good.

I'm out.

That's your ass!

Mr. Lee...

Mr. Lee, my ass.

I got three telephone calls,
including Dean Kramer...

asking if I gave authorization
to use this hall.

Now, now, uh, Mr. Lee, right?

Check this out,
I know it looks bad...

but it was for a good cause,
my brother.

See, we had to borrow the place
to raise money for my man.

Play, thanks, but no excuses.

Give me the money.

What, the ends for school?
Are you crazy?

Play, no excuses.

Give me the money.

I have to do this by myself.

Oh, and you expect me to stand
around and watch this, right?

l... I can't do it.

Illegal party,
half-naked women...

What kind of way is that
to handle a money problem?

How come you didn't come
to talk to me?

I'm sorry I disappointed you,
Mr. Lee.

Hey, I don't want your money.
I want to kick your ass.

I know, but take this.

And if it's not enough to cover
all the damages...

I'll do whatever it takes
for as long as it takes...

to make things right.

Sorry, Pop.

It's all right, Kid.

No, man. Hello, Play, what's up?

What are you doing here?

I had a feeling
you'd be up here...

so I figured I'd come up here
and give you a lift back.


but if you don't mind,
I'd rather be alone.

Got a couple of cuties
waiting in the car, man.

Remember the ones
in the pink negligee...

You know,
I'm really gonna miss you.

Come on, now.

You know I'm gonna be up here
every weekend looking after you.

Kid, I'm your boy.

You know I'm gonna take care
of your girl while you're gone.

Don't worry about it.

You just keep those nasty-ass
dreads off my woman, all right?

Yo, guys, I got to get
this stuff downstairs.

Play's already an hour late.

That means I got another
15 minutes before he gets here.

That Kid
be on some serious C.P.T.

Wait. Hold up.

There's some people
I got to see before I go.

How you doin', son?

Not so good.

Things didn't work out, so...

I'm gonna be leavin' school.

Just remember what I told you.

Sometimes you got to do
what you don't want to do...

in order to get
where you want to be.

if you ever need anything...

I'm here for you.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Lee.

I'll be back.

I'll save a plastic cap
for you...

with your name on it.

Professor Sinclair?


I was wondering
if you had a minute.

Missed you in class today.

I missed being in it.

I guess that's something
I have to get used to.

I have to drop out of school.

Money problems.

You quitting, Mr. Robinson?

Well, I guess I just haven't
proved I belong here...

at least not now.

I thought that the student
who wrote this paper...

did prove that he belonged here.


I had to take off
for the coffee stain.


you are a talented writer...

and you have earned a place
in this school.

I have?

If I got you a job
as my student assistant...

could you get by?

It just wouldn't cover
all my expenses.

But, hey, it's no big deal.

I'll get a job, save my money.

I'll be back.

A lot of brothers and sisters
say that...

and never come back.

Make sure that you do.

Check out our new car.
We got our stripes!

I'll be right back.

- Y'all don't be long now.
- OK, baby.

All right.

- What's up?
- Where's ForPlay?

Yo, man, it's my fault
you had to drop out of school...

and we can't have that.

Here. I'm sorry, man.

You said the "S" word.

What do you want,
a fucking bullhorn or something?

I can't believe it.

You sold ForPlay?

Sometimes you got to pay
what you owe, man.

l... I can't believe it, man.
I don't know what to say.

Yo, man, just let your grades
do your talking, man.

That's all I want.

Play, we're going to be late
for our centerfold shoot.

I'm the photographer.

Hurry up!

Wait a minute.
You're gonna need an assistant.

Let me put my things away,
and I'll get right with you, OK?

Whoa, wait a minute, man, no.

What I need you to do
is go upstairs...

study your ass off...

'cause I'm coming back

and I'm gonna check
the professors...

and make sure
you're doing good, man.

Don't let me down.
You're an investment now.

I'm out of here,
five thousand on this thing.

Come on, girls, let's go.
Come on, Bilal.

Bilal, did I mention to you
the guy who bought ForPlay...

has a brother
who's in the record business?

Thanks, Pops.

Hey, what's up? You stayin'?

Yo, I got the dough, man.

- Word?
- Yeah!

You in there, money!

"Know from whence you came."

"If you know whence you came..."

"there is really no limit
to where you can go."

James Baldwin.

Not "F"!



About face!

Papa say...

Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!


We are proud because
you have taken the high road...

and not the low road.

Unlike some
of our other youngsters...

who shall remain nameless.

Now break it on down.



Oh, damn, Kid.

I'm thinkin'
like a motherfucker, man.

Oh, you gonna get
an "A" today, girl.

Fever! Fever! Fever!

I'll get you, motherfuckers!

Brothers, atten-hut!


Hey, man, do you hear any music?

No. What up with that?

Yo, and there ain't
nobody here dancin'.

Aw, shit,
and I wanna shake my ass.