House Party (1990) - full transcript

Young Kid has been invited to a party at his friend Play's house. But after a fight at school, Kid's father grounds him. None the less, Kid sneaks out when his father falls asleep. But Kid doesn't know that three of the thugs at school have decided to give him a lesson in behaviour...

This is the party.

Chris! You awake?

Breakfast is on the table.

Come eat this shit
before it get cold.

lt'd help if you
wouldn't call it shit, Pop.

lt'd help if you get
your ass down and eat it.

Pop, Play--Peter's having
a party, and l wanted to...

Finish your breakfast, boy!

Yo, man, you are wrong.

We're homeboys.

Why you pretending like
you don't want to D.J. the gig?

l don't D.J. for free anymore.

Plus, you never provide

How do l get my turntables,
records, and speakers there?

Yo, man, l have the house keys
and the car keys.

My parents--down south,
way down south. We're in.

Let me rap,
and then we'll consider it.

You already got gonged
in the school talent show.

Why you want to embarrass
yourself again?

l've been practicing.
l got dope lyrics.

Def women l'm gonna be
hooking you up with.

This ain't no tackhead party.
Def women like those.

You like that?

l do.

Check this out. lt's Play time.

Hook me up, all right?

That's a weave, girl.

Yo, ladies, ladies.

l know y'all gonna be
in attendance...

at the super-def,
throw-down jizzam of the year.

Sharane, you hear anything
about a party tonight?

Not any good ones.

Yo, wait a minute.
Don't even try and play me.

l'm not beggin'
either one of y'all.

-You have before.
-You will again.

Listen, you know the address.

10:30, and you can
bring some friends.

Hey, don't play.

Since you're not into sharing,
l'll get my own.

While you're over there,
give the ladies my regards.


Stab, l'm really sorry.

l'm sorry. l'm really sorry.

No, don't get up.

l'll get you another milk.

l'll pay for it myself.

You need a milk?
l'll be right back.

lf l was you,
l'd kick his fuckin' ass.


You went out like a sucker.

So if l throw with them,
you got my back?

Of course. You know that.

l'm your man.
You know l'm gonna take--

-Hi, Kid.

You finished?
We were about to sit with you.

l was gonna sit a little longer,
so you should.

Are you really not coming
to the party tonight?

Why? Should we?

lt's up to you.

lf you weren't going,
l'd probably skip it, too.

l think you should go.

-We'll probably see you there.

You should be nice to him.

You started it.
"Why? Should we?"

Shut up.

Anyway, l was over there, right?

That's twice.

You conscious motherfucker.

You got a sleepwalking problem,
we can fix it.

We'll break your legs
and kick your fucking ass!

l'll break my leg off
up in your ass so far...

you'll shit sneaker for a month.

-l've done it before.
-He'll do it again.

Why you sweating me, man?

You're wrinkling
my school clothes.

"You're wrinkling
my school clothes."

Yo, wait, wait.

What's the problem?
Your mama can't afford no iron?

Tell her to come on over
to Stab.

l'll put her on the stroll.
She can save up, get one.

He can't fuck with you.

Watch out, man! Watch it!

This punk motherfucker
throwing shit at us.

l smell something, man.

l definitely smell something.

l smell pussy!

-He's a pussy, man!
-Kick his ass!

How you like that, boy?

Do it, do it!

Go, go, go!

Wait, wait. OK, now!

OK, fellas!

What you got to say now, punk?

Your Shaolin technique
is very good.

He thinks we're joking--

Homeboy, you all right, man?
lt's over?

Kid, we had your back.

Yeah, way back.


l'm sorry l almost hit
Mr. Wilson with the Jell-O...

but Stab called my mother a ho.

You see, my mother's dead.

l'm very sorry about
your mother, Christopher...

but you can't fight because you
have a chip on your shoulder.

You're a good student,
so go back to class.

But your father
will have to be notified.

As for you, young man...

l'm tired of seeing you
in this office.

Could you tell me
why in God's name...

you called his mother
a garden tool?

How mad could he be?

Maybe the school
didn't even call him.

l'm so glad you're home.

Sit down. l need to talk to you.

What's up, Pop?

l'm making some Dick Gregory.
You want some?

No, thanks, Pop.

You know l need this stuff, boy.

l got a weight problem.
Can't wait to eat.

Pop, are these the only...

pieces of mail you got today?

Just some bills.
You want to pay them?


Bila? Bilyle?

Whatever your name is,
what you want?

lt's for you.

l'll take it upstairs.

Why they name that boy
that African name?

They from Cleveland.

Yo, what's up?

Kid, have you talked to Play?

l been calling his house.
Nobody answers.

He was supposed
to come pick me up.

l haven't spoke to him.

l'm really sweating
this pink slip from school.

lf Pops finds out l got
in trouble in school today...

l'm definitely gonna be
on punishment.

You're still
worrying about that?

lf you ain't got a letter yet...

then they'll call
your house after 5:00.

That's when they expect
your parents to be home.

Shit. What do l do?

Just leave and don't come back
till after the party.

l still got to get dressed.

l can't come
to the set stinking.

Throw some Brut on
and meet me at the party.

Chris, get off the phone
and come down here.

l got to jet.
l'll see you tonight.

All right, man. Peace.

Don't tie up the telephone
talking to your friends.

l'm expecting a call
for some overtime.

OK, Pop.

There's a party
at Play--Peter's house.

-Can l go?
-On a school night?

l'll make sure l'm back
before curfew.

Oh, man.
l had plans for us tonight.

l rented a couple of videos.

You like "Dolemite."
You grew up on it.

All right.
lf you got to, you got to.

But after you finish
your homework.

No problem, Pop.

What's wrong with you?
Don't like "Dolemite"?

"Way down in the jungle deep...

"bad-ass lion stepped on
the signifyin' monkey's feet."

Toe to toe,
Kid 'n Play is on a roll again

lt's only right that we
keep the crowd dancin'

Rhymes are dope,
the tempo is steady

You ready? Let's rip up
the floor like confetti

Y'all, l got a great
new album in the mail today.

Onyx Communications
and Hey Love Productions...

proudly present "Hey Love."

All the commercials
they showin' nowadays.

God. Every TV station.

Cut the television off,
comin' through the damn walls.

The incomparable Delfonics
and much, much more.

l got to get this fan fixed.

lt was so hot in here
last night...

l saw the devil
sittin' in the living room.

Shit. Niggers ain't gonna
break my mama's good stuff.

Let 'em fuck with this plastic.

What up?
Play Martin in the place to be.

The place to be
is my house an hour ago.

lf you want a D.J.,
stop smokin' that crack...

and drive your mother's
raggedy-ass Chevy over here!

Chill, man.
l'll jet over in one minute.

l don't like fooling
with you, man.

Come on now, Play!

All right!

l love you.

Kid, answer the door!

Answer the door.
l'll get the phone.

Yeah, what's up?

l sure was depending on
that overtime.

Give me that letter.
Are you retarded?

No, l wasn't talking to you.

Crazy mophead boy of mine.

Ready to cut his hair off.

Look like a young tree stump
walkin' around here.

What's old James up to?

Let me call you back later.

l got somethin' to take care of.

Can you explain this?

He called Mom out a name.

Don't you think
it's been long enough?

l am sick of you using
your mother for an excuse.

l wasn't using her as an excuse.

Then why didn't you tell me
when you got home?

Why you try to hide it?

l didn't think it was important.

No? Your school thought
it was important.

You'll spend tonight thinking
about your priorities...

after you finish
your damn homework.

You said
l could go to the party.

Them hoods you fought with
will be there...

and you don't need
no more trouble.

lt's not that type of crowd.

All my friends will be there.

l don't care if Marvin Gaye
will be there. You won't!

You don't know
how to act no way.

Last time, you didn't come in
till l went to work.

lf you let me go this time,
l'll be back before curfew.

lt'd be different
if Peter's parents were there.

l wouldn't mind you going.

But they ain't.
They work nights just like l do.

Matter of fact,
them folks is out of town.

You kids think you slick,
don't you?

Every little step you take
will be around this bedroom.

Believe it.
You're not goin' nowhere.

You're gonna make me
a social misfit.

l'm tryin' to make you
a responsible person.

But l am responsible.

Listen, get your act together.

Keep your mind on them books
and off them gals.

'Cause you will make
the same mistake l did.

Look, l'm sorry.

l'm sorry.
l shouldn't have said that.

l'm sorry.

l'm under a lot of pressure.
l'm sorry.

But you ain't goin'
to that damn party.

l don't give a damn
what you say.

That's why l hate messin'
with them.

We got to get going.
No time to waste.

Who's that in the car, Play?

That's a honey.
l know what you're thinking.

That ain't for you,
but there'll be a lot more.

We can't fit
a lot of equipment...

and three people
in that little-ass car!

You don't know how
to load things scientifically.

Leave it!
You're tearing my shit!


Shit! What the--

Just leave it alone! Don't!

Play, leave it alone!

Just leave it! l'll do it!

Leave it alone!

Hey, l'm--Hey!

There it is. We got it.

Where am l supposed to sit?

Get out! She's gonna walk!

She's gonna walk!

Of course you can fit.
Try the other side.

You can get in right over--

Excuse me one minute.

Yes, baby?

l don't even appreciate
how you treatin' me.

l'm real sorry, baby.

l do appreciate
the way you look.

No. Don't touch me!

l'll tell you what.

l'll run this over to my crib
and be right back.

Be right back? Kiss my ass!

You gonna take
my equipment and leave me?

No! l ain't goin' for it!

What else can l do?

Kick that bitch to the curb
and let me ride.

l'm the D.J., man.

Who you callin' a bitch?
Your mama's a bitch.

-My mama ain't no bitch.
-lf l am, she is.

l'll kick your ass!
l'll fight a girl!

l know.
l seen a couple beat you.

l can't. lt would be cold.

she's packed in real good.

Look, no.

You know what, man?
l fucked up today.

l owe you one,
and l'll be right back for you.

-No, you ain't.
-He's got nerve.

l'll kick both of your asses.

Play, don't play.
Don't do that!

Don't drive off!

l'll say it calmly.
Maybe l was hollering.

Play, don't play.

l love you!

Play! Damn!

Hold on, man.
Somebody's at the door.

lt's Sidney.

Yeah, she's a trip.

You know who she is.
You like her.

Go ahead and wait
in the living room...

with your big nose.

Punk. Hi, everybody.

No, man, l said 12:00.
l didn't say 8:00.

l ain't going
to no party at 8:00.

-l'm coming!

There'll be
fine women at the party.

Why bring a girl with you?

The incomparable Delfonics
and much, much more.

This is a fantastic album.
Let me borrow it.

No, my brother.
You've got to buy your own.

Come on, girl.

l said l was coming.
You always rushin'.


My nails are wet.
Let's go outside while they dry.

Leave her at home, man.
She's ugly.

l can't wait to do that dance.

You know the one we been doin'?

Wait, l'm comin' back out.

You move, you lose.

-Come on, Sharane.

She gets on my nerves.

l don't know
if l like my outfit.

Why? You matchin'.

l think l match too much.

l told you about them
Garanimal outfits from K-Mart.

Why you tryin' to dis me?

Want some Kool-Aid?

Peanut, bring us
two glasses of Kool-Aid.

You know l'll ask you
to borrow that tomorrow.

-There ain't no more.
-Make some.

l won't give it to you.


-Grape or red?

Peanut, fix me
some of that Dick Gregory.

Who's supposed to be there?


Dragon-breath Bilal.

And your man, Kid.

You go, girl. Yours.

Don't even try it!
That is your man!

l don't know why
you keep sweatin' him.

He got a cute thing happenin'.

He's just so young-actin'.

He needs to chill from hangin'
with his crew and grow up...

then maybe l'll give him some.

You ain't givin' nobody nothin'.

-Don't even try it!

And l'm gonna give you
details blow by blow.

l'm gonna get my coat.

OK. Bye, everybody.

Bye, Grandma.

You drink that, Peanut.
We out of here.

Look at all that sugar.

Just thinkin' about that stuff
makes my teeth hurt.

That's good, girl.
What you talkin' about?

Way down in the jungle deep...

the lion stepped on
the signifyin' monkey's feet.

The monkey said,
"Motherfucker, can't you see?"

"You're standin'
on my goddamn feet."

B-love, yo, bust it!

What's up, cuz?

Bet you thought l cut you,
but l came back as promised.

l ain't goin'.

What do you mean
you ain't goin'?

Read my lips.

l've been waiting an hour
to tell you l'm not going.

You're just a little upset--

This is why
l don't D.J. for free.

'Cause niggers
don't be appreciating shit.

-l don't appreciate nothin'?
-No, you don't.

Man, take a look in that car.

There's too many for me
to handle.

They all goin' to the party...

and all they asked was,
"Who's the D.J.?"

So l brought them over...

so you could jump-start
before the other brothers.

ls that supposed to convince me?

Ladies, B-love's in the house.


Who you talkin' to?

Look at this hair.

Where you going?

Why do you want to know?

We'll ask the questions,
you answer them.

Yes, sir.

Want to check him for lD?

We're out of doughnuts.

What? Jesus, let's go.

You watch yourself, understand?
'Cause we are.

Thank you, Cagney and Lacey.

Hey, what are you doing?

My rhymes!

Roll it back!
Smash him ! Kill him !

Get him ! Get him !

Yeah, baby, yeah.

Whose pussy is this, baby? Who?

Whose pussy, baby?


You fine motherfucker!
Oh, shit.

You fine motherfucker, you.

Come here! Give me that pussy!

Shit! Yeah. Right there.

Right there!

Let me see! Let me see!

Yes, baby! Right there!

Yes, baby! Yeah!

Oh, shit!

There he is--

What was that?

Jive motherfuckers!

Stay away from
this motherfuckin' window!

Fuckin' peep-freaks.

Yo, wasn't that Kid?

Was it?
l got to get to the party, man.

Ain't no room in here anyway.

That's cold. Hi.

Aw, man.

Oh, shit!

Here's another dusty one
for you dusties.

Hope you all got
your Medicaid together.

Who's that?

Hey, Pops.
What they got you doing?

What's to it, man?

Playin' for
the elephant graveyard, man.

Dead tired. lt's a gig, man.

What you got
in the crate over there?

Some Platters, lnk Spots...

Mills Brothers, Count Basie,
Big Joe Turner.

Slap some of them old sides
on the turntable...

get a little scratchin'
and mixin' goin' on...

l'll grab the microphone,
and we can get busy.

Do that again.

You just grab...

Let's kick his--

Chill. The punk is mine.

Kick it, Pops!

One, two. One, two.

Hey, everybody,
my name is Kid.

How y'all feelin'?

Just throw your hands
in the air.

Just wave your hands in the air!
Come on!

Wave your hands in the air!
That's right.

Throw your hands
in the air, all right?

Wave your hands in the air.

Throw, throw...

Oh, dear!

Get the hell back there!

You want to see how crazy l am?

What you lookin' at?

Yo, Mandingo,
leave the brother alone.

Sucker, you want
another part in your head?

Lighten up.

Yeah, l did it.

l might cry two tears
in a bucket. Fuck it.

Let's take it to the stage.

Sorry, sir.

Look, Officer,
it was just an accident.

We don't want to press charges.

They've been in
a few accidents this evening.

l don't think you should
let this slide by.

They need discipline,
not solitary confinement.

That's true.

Thank you very much.

Too scared to make a statement.

-They're not gonna talk?

They're not gonna press charges?

You perpetrators
were very lucky tonight.

Apparently these people
aren't gonna press charges.

So you're gonna get up,
go home, and go to bed.

But before you do...

l want you to repeat after me.


l am...


l am !

Come on, with feeling.

l am...



Oh, really.

This is ridiculous.

That's good.
Now get up and go home.

Beat it! Hold it!

Let him go. You go that way.


The place to be.

-Got some gum, man?


What's up, Play?

Chill! Herman, man.

Make yourself at home.

Too many hard-legs here.
Need more women.

LaDonna! How you doin', baby?

Lookin' real good.

How about giving me
those digits?

Step off.

Baby, l'm taking you places,
meetin' people.

-Clinton, homes.
-What's up, money?

Glad you could make it.

l want you
to meet my lady, um...


lt's a pleasure to meet you.

l hope l have the opportunity
of dancing with you later.

We'll see about that.

LaShay, how you doin'?

Don't you have any refreshments?

Some soda or potato chips?

You should've got here earlier.
l had everything.

Liter bottles, potato chips,
the whole shebang.

Brothers went through it.

l always get here
too late for the snacks.

There's a store
right up the street.

Anything you want.
Help yourself.

Mama should have fed you
before you got here.

This ain't no soup kitchen.

Yo, what's up, man?

What's up?

Glad you showed up.
What's with your pops?

How much more trouble
can l get into?

A beat-down's a beat-down.

Let me announce you.

Y'all, look who fell
into the gig!

l got to go.
Make yourself at home.

Put my stuff in its spot.

You got it.

What's up?

What up?

What up, B? How you livin'?


Cover the labels.
Niggers can't bite your shit.

That's smooth.
You brought the mike?

Yeah, but look, man,
it's for Play.

lt's his party.
Only he can rap.

That mumble-mouth motherfucker?

l'm the one
with the dope lyrics.

l got to go
for mine tonight.

Fuck that.
Get my lyrics together.


Work, Sharane!

Where you at?

Go, girl!

Chill, don't bump the table.
l appreciate it.

Play something l can dance to,
and l won't.

Don't bump the table.
l'm tryin' to mix.

You call that mixin'?
l just helped you out.

Thank you!

Next time l'm just
gonna fuck him up.

What the...

What the hell's going on here?

Shut up all that damn noise!
This ain't "Soul Train"!

Where's Don Cornelius
with his stiff neck?

You shut up all that damn noise.

l paid $15,000 for this house.

Who else is over there,
Public Enema?

What's his name?

What the hell
is a public enema anyway?


Brother, you by yourself.
What's wrong?

Maybe that
big water head you got.

Shut up all this damn noise!

Hey, baby.

You have got some nice ones.

Baby, shut up.
l'm just playing with the kids.

You should find out
what she eatin'.

Y'all shut the hell up
down there!

l got something for you.

You stay right there.
Ain't this a bitch?

What are you doing?

-Callin' the police.
-For what?

They're driving me crazy
with this damn noise.

You makin' all the noise.

l got the wrong number,
too, baby.

Hold on one second.

Dance now with your big ass.


l'll hold.


Sharane, man.
That girl is Nubian.

She's the finest girl in here.

That ain't hard in here,
but still...

l'm getting those digits.

Don't play yourself.
You ain't got no rap.

She don't know that.

Sweet daddy!

Why you cock-blockin' me?

lt ain't like that.
We go way back.

l used to go with her
in third grade.

-l don't remember that.
-For three days.

Why you trippin'?

Just make sure we don't trip
on the dance floor.

Why these cops
keep sweatin' us, man?

They always fuckin' with us.

They're gone, man.


Look at us, fellas.

This is not right.
We're nervous and tense.

Cop cars follow us,
and we just go to pieces.

-This ain't us!
-This ain't the way.

l know there's a reason
behind all this.

And l know what the reason is.

All because of some faggot,

punk motherfucker named Kid.

That's who l mean!

Ever since this fool
came into my life...

l can't do nothin'
but see him, man.

l'll be alone with
my woman sometimes...

damn near ready
to wax that ass...

and all l can do
is vision this fool.


l don't know about that.

l know when it comes
to my dick action...

all l can think about
is the pussy.

He must have a mental block
or something.

Pee-Wee, you know what l mean.

-l was jokin'.
-l'll drop you like a bad cold.

Why don't you chill
the fuck out?

l'm gonna put a serious
bum-rush into effect...

and we in the house.

l get it.
We'll be housin' the party.

We'll make it
like a real house party.

-We be housin' shit.

l spent $15,000 on my house.

l don't want no goddamn
Public Enema around here.

Yes, sir.

Shut up, old man!

Your asses are old.
Mr. So-and-so'll be right over.

Just hold on one second.

4789. Come on over, God damn it!

What you mean,
don't curse at you?

You're cursin' at me!
Fuck you, too!

All that goddamn noise.

You wouldn't believe the skirt
this girl has got on.

lt's two inches above the thing.


Hi. Let's do this, girl.

The time is...

l'm sorry.
l just finished dancing.

Why girls be gettin' tired
real quick?

lt's hot in here.
My hair is through.

Put some use
to them corns on your feet.

Maybe later, OK?

You done turned down
thirty brothers.

Don't make me walk
all the way back there...

after climbing from
around the D.J. table...

crossing the room,
obviously to ask you to dance.

l'll be the object of ridicule.

There's a lot of girls
not dancing.

Want to know why?
Because they are homely.

They need to be home
getting beauty sleep.

What you think
they say about you?

You heard something?

Oh, no. Sharane!

Kid, what's up?

-You enjoying yourself?

l've known you too long.

What's that look in your eye?
Scheming on Sidney or Sharane?

Actually, l had my eye--

Sidney's for you.
Sharane wants me.

-She does?
-Every day.

Besides, with your father...

you can't deal
with no project girl.

You gonna ill out on a girl
from the projects?

You got it wrong.

With a father like yours,
you have no privacy...

no car, and no money
for a motel.

You see my point?

With a project girl,
someone's always home...

and that's gonna mess
with your datin' time.

Mating time.
Know what l'm saying?

How's it look watching
television with Uncle Fester?

-lt's Uncle Otis.

But Sidney has a home.

A house with a rec room.

You know what time it is.
Go downstairs.

Sofa bed. You're in.

-Why you playin' me?
-l'm not--

Just 'cause you don't have
nice stuff at your crib...

don't mess with my mother's.

Your liver gonna
shrivel up like a prune.

lt's hot.

Become a man, come on.
Some of this.

No, man. You better
slow down yourself.

That monkey oil
is gonna mess you up good.

l tried to tell him.

Kid, you my man...

but l tell you
you'll be out on the sauce...

if you're not down with this.

This stuff makes your dick hard.

l'm talking cock-diesel, baby.

Do that dance step
you was doin' out there.

l've been trying to get
that all night.

-l don't feel like it.
-Come on!

l'm really not in the mood.

Don't do it, then.
l'll learn on my own.

Wait a minute.
Don't give up so easy.

l knew you wouldn't
go out on me.

l'll teach you.

Cool, man.

This is very complicated.

-What are you doing?
-This ain't aerobics class.

You can't do it.

-ls that a challenge?
-lt is.

-You better come on out here.
-Come on.

And look, drunk.

-Shall we do this?
-Let's do it.

Don't be movin' me.

They went to
the Rerun dance school.

Go ahead. What you got?




Bilal, switch again!

Come on, man, switch!

Did you see how Kid
was all up on me?

On you?

He was so far up on me,
l could not move.

Wait a minute.
You said he was young-actin'.

l did. l also said he was cute.


l do everything l can for him,
and he don't come home.

He must be crazy.

He don't pay no bills
around this house.

l'll give him another minute,
and that's it.

What's wrong with this watch?

Minute don't take
that damn long.

Shit. l know where he's at.

l'll kill him when l see him.

l should have never married
that white woman.

Hold it right there.


Where are you going?

l'm minding my fuckin' business.

Do you have a problem with that?

Again with the questions.

What is this, "Jeopardy"?

lt ain't "Jeopardy,"
or Monopoly, either...

and l ain't going to jail.

-God damn.

Y'all sound like
a set of bookends.

Put your hands
on top of your head.

Lean back.

l know why you stopped me.

'Cause l'm a poor black man
in a black neighborhood...

and y'all just want
to bust my black ass.

-You look suspicious.

Ain't that a bitch?

You look suspicious
and definitely black.

Turn around.

Your wife likes it.

We're responding to a 415
in the neighborhood.

You could be coming
from that disturbance.

The only fuckin' disturbance
is you fuckin' with me.

Don't think l can't read
no badge numbers, chump.

Boyd and Warnarski.
l'll turn your ass in.

That's enough, OK?

Watch your attitude, pal.

-Ain't that a bitch?
-Go home.

Fuck you.
Officers of the goddamn law.

-l'm not ready.

Go on home, pal.

You don't know
who you fucking with.

l'm from a small town called
"Fresh Off A Cop's Ass."

You make me homesick.

l'll find that damn boy.
Head like a whisk broom.

Sharane and Sidney,
the two finest women in here.

How could a man choose?

He better choose right.

lt's like that?

Sharane, you are crazy.

l really like that outfit
you got on.

lt likes you, too.

-And you got the boots.
-You like my boots?

Look at your hair.
lt looks so nice.

You got the braid
and everything.

That's my jam !

Check out this mix, boy.

Yo, Sharane.


Yo, baby.

Let's do it, darling.

Want to dance, baby?


-Like to dance?

You sure
you don't want to dance?

l'm quite sure.

Can l sit down?

lt's a free country.

When l saw you
turn that other guy down...

l knew that the odds
were against me.

Don't take it personal.

l didn't take it personal
when you asked me after Sharane.

What's your middle name?


Sidney. That's a nice name.

You sure
you don't want to dance?

l'm still tired. My feet.

Your feet.

Your mother should
buy you a bigger shoe size.

That would help.

That outfit you got on
is really nice.

-Pierre Cardin?

l knew it wasn't Pierre Cardin.

All right, fellas,
it's time to go to work.

You sure you don't want
to dance?

Maybe on a fast song.

l'm really not into slow songs.

-You want to dance?

Can't you see
l'm talking to my girl?

l should have sat out
the last one like you did.

l'm about to die.

-Ready to go yet?
-What's wrong?

You can't go until
you give me what you owe me.

-Just a dance.

lt's late. We're ready to go.

Let's just dance right now.

l usually don't dance
on slow records...

but l will
if you won't grind on me.

Come on.

Don't be feelin' on my butt.

You so soft and comfy,
like my Hush Puppies.

You so warm and fluffy
like a buttermilk biscuit.


You make me want to squeeze
tighter and tighter.

l ain't gonna lie.

You make a motherfucker
want to sing.

Always and forever

Each moment with you

ls just like
a dream to me and you

That somehow came true

Honeys. Oh, yes.

Yo, fellas!

lt's cool.

What's the problem?

No problem.
No hoods allowed at my party.

-That's right.

Why don't y'all
go rob a liquor store?

Why don't you quit playin'?

lf l'd known you were coming,
l'd have had metal detectors.

-That shit is real funny.
-Real funny.

Don't touch my body, man.

Big man. Don't touch his body.

Look at that.
Bunch of punk motherfuckers.

You smell something?

l definitely smell
something out here.

l smell pussies!

Forget this, man.

Forget all these chumps.

We would smell like pussies
to a bunch of dicks!


lt's cool. Forget this, man.

l don't want to hang out
with this sucker set.

What l'd like to do
is hurt that punk Kid.

lf you was a real man,
you'd come out here...

and we'd squash this!

That's right, punk!

Get him when he's alone.
l told you.

Too many people around, man.

l'd really love to come
out and play with you...

but l'm busy right now
with your girl on my lap.


Your shoulder OK?

Fuck this, man.

We can't let them
get away with that.

See what happened?

We ought to go back
and kick some ass.

We just got dissed
by some punk motherfuckers?

We got dissed
by some motherfuckers.

ln front of their girls.

l ain't goin' out like that.

Finally, a program l'm with.

Whatever this is, l'm with it.

l hear that.

We bust their ass as they
run out of the burning house.

Let's get moving.

Burning house?

Hold up for a second.

l was talking about
kicking some ass...

not burning people up.

Now you're going too far.

Y'all frontin' on me?

Wait. Do l smell pussy?

l ain't no pussy.

Shut up! Squash that!
Come on!

What's wrong with him?

Come on!

What's the matter with you?

Why you want to burn people up?

Come on, come on.

What's up with the mike?

Easy! Thank you.

Play and Kid got an urge...

to make a fool
of themselves in public.

Hey, wait a minute, baby.

Let me show you how
to hold a piece of steel.

-Scared of you.
-You should be.

-Go on.
-l will.

One, two. One, two.

Give me a little volume
on this microphone.

Let's get this party jumping.

All the ladies, all the ladies

All the ladies
in the house say ow

Say ow

Come on, come on

Homeboys, make some noise

l said, homeboys,
make some noise

Let me hear you say ho

Say ho, ho

The roof, the roof

Y'all like that
old prehistoric stuff?

We don't need no water

Let the motherfucker burn

-Say what?
-Burn, motherfucker!

l don't believe this.

Didn't the Sugarhill Gang
do that rap?

The roof is on fire

We don't need no water

Let the motherfucker burn

Who got a light?

How about a Bud Light?

-Get in there.


Fuck you toy cops, man.

-Don't call it in.
-Why not?

Why bother with the paperwork?
We can handle this shit.

What do you got in mind?

Let's take them
down to the docks.

Nobody can hear them scream.


lt's the P-L-A-Y

Just here to say hi

Asking you may l
tell you about the day l

Picked up a microphone,
a pad, and a pen?

The legend
of the champ begins

The party host with the most

Giving you a dose, see?

Leaving instructions,
so listen closely

Two lines forming

Make sure you step soon

Fellas at the back door,
girls by the bedroom

The name is Play,
don't dare play me cheap

The microphone is a broom

And l'm going
to sweep you off your feet

With feelings
that you never felt

Another notch in the belt

lt's no secret

l like to freak
with the best of them

Then head to the stage
in a test of men

And when it's done and said
and said and done

Play's gonna be
the victorious one

Dope, ain't it?
l know.

-Give me that mike.
-You want some?

lt's my turn.

l'm never 'fessin',
possessin' the tools

That it takes to rock

l think it's time
for the new kid on the block

With a style that's wild,
yet so unique

l can't be stopped
from reachin' my peak

Because givin' my all,
that's how l got to live

lt's my prerogative,
so you know l gotta give

More for the dance floor,
and l'll make your brain sore

Kid's revvin' and buzzin'
just like a chain saw

One look, you'll say, damn, man,
that Kid needs a grand, man

'Cause l bust a handstand
on "American Bandstand"

With ease, l please
and make your mind freeze

Straight out the Eighties,
right into the Nineties

Givin' you the highs
and lows like a drama

And if the mike's got juice,
you know, l'm a-keep wailin'

You know l'll have you
starin' a while

Because the Kid's much more
than hair and a smile

There it is, the hype shit.

You think you all that now?

Yup. And then some.

Bust it.

lt's my party,
and l rhyme if l want to

Be careful and don't you
step to the front to

Dis, 'cause l'm gonna
dismiss with a def kiss

And make you sorry that
you ever stepped to this

Microphone wizard,
so come on, place your bet

ls it gonna be me or Eraserhead?

Why put your money
on a sorry old poor thing

When you can get behind
a sure thing?

And that's me, the capital "P"
on the hype tip

One false move, and you'll
get your ass whipped

Just tell me how the rhymes
and the cuts sound

You won't start feelin' the pain
till you touch ground

Boy, you goin' way out,
l'm ready to serve you

lf you can stay out
past your Pop's curfew

Look at him,
already a has-been

Let Uncle Play say a rhyme
that'll tuck your ass in

Am l paid or what?

You some kind of foul,
you know what l'm saying?

Once again, the boy blows smoke
about what he want to be

But it isn't and wasn't,
and it ain't never gonna be

'cause l got lots of pull

And when you rhyme,
whoo, there's lots of bull

When it comes time
to step to a mike

l don't sit around

Play, you know
l don't kid around

So come with it, boy,
don't even hide your best

'Cause Kid spelled backwards
describes you best

Look around, watch the people
clap hands in unity

As the momentum
swings from you to me

You issued a challenge,
yeah, you threw it up

Step to the stage,
too late, l blew it up

The knowledge to build,
just filled with excellence

You heard the rhymes,
you've been petro ever since

There's no missin'
the words that l laid out

You didn't play,
you just got played out

Anything y'all could do,
l also could do...

but l could also do it better.

What the...

Oh, baby.
The police been here...

and they still
down there dancing.

Come back to bed, Harry.


What's up? Enjoying yourselves?

Damn, Groove...

why you got to play
the alky role at my party?

Man, l told you
to go way over there.

You bump this table again...

l'm going to kick
your fucking heart out.

l've been looking
all over for you.

Help me haul this fool home.

You're doing a great job.

Why you hang out
with that sucker?

That ain't important.
This is.

Would you help me
haul this fool home?

l told you don't invite him.

Groove! Get up, man.

Let me go, man.

The turf! Excuse me!

Watch your back!
Groove might throw up!

We're ready to go home.
Want to come?

OK. My pops wants me home
by 11:00, anyway.

-Not 11:00.

11:30, 11:35.

Did you see where Play went?

l saw Chill and Play
carrying Groove home.

He promised us a ride home.

l don't mind walking you home.

lt's not as good
as a ride, but...

Cool. l think Sidney's
ready to leave anyway.

Kid said he'll walk us home.

We'll go get his coat
and your purse.

Aren't you going
to wait for Play?

Don't be up there all night.

Kids got it easy nowadays.

My father said,
"Stay your ass at home..."

you stayed your ass at home.

Wait till l find him.
l'm going to kill him !

You're drunk as a fish.

Come tomorrow,
you the first one in church.

Who said something about church?

l see the light

l see the light

l don't want to see nobody.
Let's go.

James, is that you?

-My boy here?
-No, sir. Who's he?

You know who he is.

-He in here?

You ought to be ashamed,
messin' up these folks' house.

Know it ain't paid for.

Y'all in here doing some wrong!

Bilal--whatever your name is.

Sounds like something
you catch on your feet.

You seen my boy?

l haven't seen him, sir.

You sure?
You ain't seen him?

Why don't you go home
and watch the late show, Pops?

Why don't you go home,
little test-tube baby?

-What's your name?

-Clinton what?
-Clinton X.

Clinton X?

Yeah, Clinton x.
l'm a Muslim.

Get me two bean pies
and a pork chop sandwich...

you little
trout-mouthed heathen.

Oh, how you doing?

l should've known you was here.
Saw the drippings outside.

With your Jheri-Curl,
better never do a crime.

The police would have
no problem finding you.

Follow the drip.

No problem finding you.

Bilal, where's the boy at?

ls the boy upstairs?


Play told me to make sure
nobody went upstairs...

'cause his parents
just got new carpet.

And he don't want nobody
with shit on their shoes--

-Did l say "shit"?
-You did.

You talking about my shoes?

No. Nobody can
walk around up there.

l understand.
So nobody been up there?

Ain't nobody up there.
l don't play.

l don't play, either.

l ain't got time to play games
with you damn kids.

He got to come home sometime.

l'll be waiting
on his monkey ass.

Get out of the damn way.

l'll be like a security guard,
waiting for him.

Get out of my way.


Just make yourself at home.

What's Play's mama
doing with this dress?

She ought to give this to me.

lt does look kind of nice.

Let me help you
with that dress, huh?

What do you think?

Hold. What you doing?

Helping you with the dress.

You got to take things
slow at first.

-Kid, your--

Nothing. l just came
to get my pocketbook.

We was about to get it.

And now we're not.

Now l know
it's time for us to go.

Let's go out the back way.

l told Play l'd help clean up.
l don't want to run into him.

You'd run into a lot more
than Play out front.

What are you doing on Friday?

l don't know.
Why don't you call me tomorrow?

A lot of guys get nervous
in the projects.

Why would they be punks
like that?

After Mr. Williams' son started
sniping people from the roof...

guys drop me off on the corner
and tell me to call them.

l shouldn't make plans
for this weekend.

lt depends if my father
lets me off punishment...

for getting into
that fight at school.

Friday may not be
good for me, either.

We'll talk tomorrow in school.

-Come on, now.
-Don't beg.


Good night.

l'll be back.

Do l detect jealousy?

Why tease him?
"Let's get together Friday."

Didn't you say
the same shit to Play?

One's in trouble,
the other one's available.

l'm just playing averages.

They're friends!

Cute ones always travel
in packs.

But why is old ugly Bilal
with his breath...

hanging out with them?

l can't believe
you're acting like this.


Let me tell you something.
Life is short.

lf you want something,
let the chips fall.

You're mad because
you didn't catch one.

That may not be by accident.

You didn't like him
till he was up on me.

That is bullshit.
He was up on me first.

Why you think
l didn't talk to him...

even though l knew
you were playing him?

Then you put him
all up in my face.

l'm out of here.
l don't want to hear it.

He's still got
to walk you home, right?

lf you think l'm dogging him,
try and take him.

-l ain't like you.
-That's why you're mad.

-l heard you.

What's wrong?

You don't have to walk me home.

-l don't mind.
-l kind of do mind.

You beefed at me all night.
What did l do to you?

You didn't do anything.

lt's just l want to be alone.

l don't think
that's a good idea...

so l'm going to bug you
all the way home.

You should be
heading home yourself.

Why? l'm already in trouble.

Might as well have fun now
and suffer later.

l can only die once.

Yeah, but punishments
are forever.

That's true.

One time my father put me
on punishment for a month...

because l came home late
from a party.

l still get depressed
thinking about that.

Think about it
when the time comes.

My pops is cool,
but he's too overprotective.

l heard about your mom's
passing. l'm sorry.

Yeah. That was a while ago.

What do your folks do?

My dad owns
a couple of grocery stores.

l know y'all
been snacking down.

Crazy chips and dips.

My mom works in a bank
in bookkeeping.

At least you got a job
when you graduate.

But l'm going to college.

So am l.

l already started checking out
the applications.

Really? Aren't those
applications confusing?

those lvy League schools.

l ain't getting
all that far yet...

lvy League
or nothing like that.

What's up, fellas?

You didn't take all the women
while we were gone?

-A few.

-Someone is living foul.
-This nigger here.

Take care of that, please.

Did y'all two watch
the stuff like l asked?

Because if a brother
like Play get vict...

l'll have to do
some body and fender work.

There was some niggers
clocking your shit.

Was they clocking it as hard
as you should be clocking...

them bugs dropping
out of your hair?

Nigger got hair like Bob.

-Bob who?
-Bob Wire, motherfucker.

Real funny, man.

You're crazy.

Who broke the toilet?

l don't know.

Don't play me like this.
Who broke the toilet?

lt was like that
when l came in here, wasn't it?

Bet it was that nigger
in the leather jacket.

-He could shit some bricks.
-Neck like Mike Tyson.

"Play, when's your next party?"

l put you in my house,
and you dog me.

Look at the log
in that motherfucker.

l got to do something
before my mother gets back.

l'd help you, man,
but l got my new kicks on.

See the next time
l throw a party!

l'm sorry, man.

l'm out of here.

Y'all out of here?
l got a better idea.

Bust it. Party's over.


Don't say nothing to me, man.

When you see me in the streets,
don't say nothing.

l ain't no plumber.


l didn't even piss.

-That's cold.
-Just step.

-Peace, man.


Hold up, OK?

Good. l beat them home.

You girls scheme on a level
guys don't have a clue about.

l'm glad you let me
walk you home.

You're all right.

You pretty chill your damn self.

Did you kiss her?

Did l kiss who?

Tonight. Did you kiss Sharane?

No, l didn't.

But you wanted to.


But l didn't.

And l didn't know her
the way l know you now.

OK, so l'll see you later,
all right?


l would let you in
and everything, but...

it's late,
and you got to get home...

and my parents
will be here any minute.

l understand completely.

lt's not a problem.

Kid, wait.


What are we doing here?

We were doing fine
until you stopped me.

A few minutes ago...

you were trying to make
a date with my best friend.

This isn't right.

lt's not right?

l'll tell you what's not right--

the way you keep fronting on me.

So all you want is sex,
even from best friends?

l ain't forcing you
to do nothing.

lf you want me to leave, fine.

No problem.

Wait, wait, wait.
Sidney, wait up.

What is it you're asking me?

l'm not asking for anything.
lt's about what you want.

This is a trick question, right?

l ain't going to lie.

l'm attracted to both of you...

but if l have
to make a choice...

and that seems to be
what you're asking--

then you're
who l want as a friend.

lf you go with someone...

you should be friends
as well as lovers.

So now that we're friends...

let's get with the loving.

You think you slick, huh?

Now l have a question for you.


Are you on the pill?

No. l don't do this regular.

What about
one of those diagrams?

That's diaphragm,
and l don't do sponges, either.

Don't you have a whatchamacallit
in your wallet?

l knew this would come in handy.

lt's been in here a while.

Still good.

All right.

l guess it's been in here
a little too long.

So, now what?

Have you ever...

No, l never, no.

l don't know why l asked that.

l don't even know why
l asked about birth control.

Most guys wouldn't care
if you had it or not.

That's why l like you.
There'll be other times.

lt'll probably be
a long time from now.

Sorry, Kid.

That's what they call me.
"Sorry Kid."

That's not what l call you.

Get out of the way!

What are you doing?

l'm supposed to be
in my bedclothes.

l don't know
whether to watch or run.

Hurry up.

l don't know how those hoodlums
got into the party.

You should've pressed charges.

Not with those
fascist cops there.

lf l'd met that hoodlum
in the street, man to boy...

l'd punch him
in his snot locker.

You know l don't like
to be sucker-punched.

You've tried it
a couple of times.

What are you doing?
Are you crazy?

-How am l supposed to get out?
-Back door!


Sidney, you're awake.

l decided to stay home
after all.

That's my little baby.

Our little pumpkin
stayed home all by herself.

-ls that Princess?
-l'll see.

lt's probably nothing.
See? lt stopped.

l'm sleepy.
l'm going to go to bed now.

My back!

Those cops are always
fucking with--

My stomach.

Shut up.
He hit us all the same way.

l'm tired of gettin'
beat by punk cops, man.

how does your ribs feel?

They fucked me up the same way
they fucked you up.

Yo, look!

Oh, yeah.

After gettin'
beat down by them cops...

l'm ready to whip
somebody's ass.

Where you goin', longhair?
Come here!

Let "Hey Love..."

Oh, my God!

The classic sounds of sexy soul.

Look at my hand again,
you'll be like that man...

Get some chicken, baby!

There goes
that broomhead albino!

Get that motherfucker now!
Get him now!

Get him ! Come on!

Fuckin' rat!

Get off me, man!

Oh, shit!

Come on.

What happened to homey's shoe?


Aw, shit! Shit!

Who's gonna explain that?

What the fuck you lookin' at?

So this is how you got
that Buckwheat fade.

You stick your head
in the icebox, right?

l hear you're a rapper.

l got a rap for your ass.

You run around town
like a faggot in heat

Me and my boys can't be beat

Wherever you go,
we can smell you like gas

And we're gonna kick
your fuckin' ass

You got your silly ass
locked in the icebox

With nowhere to go

What we should really do
is take this refrigerator...

and just dump that shit
in the river.

You ain't thinkin'.
Where's your head at?

Leave me the fuck alone.

Freeze, Negroes.

Hey, let me out!

This is your lucky day.

lt was a jammin' party.

There you go, there you go.

-l got to talk to you.
-Tell me tomorrow.

l'm sorry, Ev.

The brothers
keep fucking with me.

You were real cool with me.
Always remember that.

But Kid's dad--

What the hell happened to Kid?
He was supposed to help.

l thought he was down.

Peace out.

Yo, move over, man.

Move! Move!

We've been
going at this all day...

since earlier in the lunchroom.

lt hasn't gotten us
anywhere but in here...

which is where
we don't want to be.

Why don't we let
bygones be bygones...

and work together
to get out of here?

What do you say?

Man, fuck you.

Looks like l'm in here
for a couple of more days.

So how's everything
out on the street?

You taking care of my business?

What the--

l know the party's not over yet.

Think so?

That was wrong.

Play in full effect.
What up?

Play, this is Kid.
l'm in prison.

Right, at your house.

No, l'm not at home.
l'm in jail for real.

l need you to bail me out.
Anybody there to borrow from?

Just Bilal,
packing up his equipment.

Brothers ain't got no money.

Hurry, man.
My back's against the wall.

Just give me a minute.
We'll be right there.

Just do me a favor.
Don't pick up the soap.

Like l need you to tell me that.

That's why you can't
be on C.P.T.

l need you
on Japanese people time.

l'm depending on you.
Are you gonna come down?

-All right.
-l'm serious.

All right!

All right, bye.

-How much we got?

How much do we have?

Don't holler at me, man.
l'm telling you.

Think they'll take a check?

Shit. l got to collect
from the bums at my party.

Think they'll give you money
after you kicked them out?

lt's the least they can do
after breaking my toilet.

How about the girls
who left earlier with Kid?

Boy, are you crazy?

Kid's in jail.
We need your help.


l should get in trouble
'cause he did?

He didn't do nothing wrong.

We're his friends.
All we need is bail money.

Bail money? He got a daddy.

His daddy'll kick his ass.

Should've thought of that
before he did what he did.

He is my boy and all, but damn.


Why you try and leave me?

l saw you running like hell.

No sense of both of us
getting our asses kicked.

Man, that's fucked up.

-Did you get the money?
-No. She trippin'.

That's the problem when l send
a boy to do a man's job.

A boy?
Think you can do any better?

Look, nigger, l--Hi, Play.

Hi. l know you ain't in bed.

The party ain't over yet.

After we go get Kid,
we're going to Burger King.

Burger King?

A little bite to eat.
Hang out a little while.

lt's kind of late.

Come on, for me.

Wait out front.

Don't forget your purse.

Hey, Daisy.

Heard you got quite
a reputation at your school.

Sweetest meat around.

When we get finished,
you gonna be even sweeter.

Know what this man did?
Tell him, Hatchett.

l cut a man's heart out.

Check that out.

Tell him what you did, Rock.

l beat a police sergeant,
with his own club.

And didn't run after he did it.

Hell, no.

What did you do?

l used to run
a day-care center.

l called Sidney.
She wants to come with us.

l told her we'd pick her up.

You got a couple of girlfriends
l can meet?

Has anybody ever told you
your breath stinks?


-Fuck you!

You heard. Fuck you!

You mad 'cause
you still a virgin.

l ain't no virgin.
l got a girlfriend.

She just don't live
around here, right?


Hey, don't hit me.

You got dragon-breath.

Your shit is a little tart, too.

Nigger, please.

-Shut up.

That's what l thought.

l got something to tell you.

-You got juice?

Tell me.

This l know.

l don't believe you.


That's right. So don't get mad.

l ain't trippin'.

You go, girl.

Thank you, girl.

Did l tell you how good
you looked in that suit?

Don't worry.
Won't take but a minute.

Depending on who's in it.

ls there anything
l can do to stop this?

Richard Pryor said
when he was in prison...

he kept folks laughing to keep
their minds off his booty.

Do you know any jokes?

No, l don't know any jokes.

You better think of something.

What if l can't
think of anything?

The light's out,
the party's over...

the cake's on the griddle,
and you already greased.

All right,
you're first, my man.

Let's go.

All right. Let's go.

Come on.

Excuse me, everybody.

Won't you gather around?
l got something to say.

Who is this clown?

Just a guy who looks
at things differently

The way things are
aren't how they're meant to be

With the big men
here in the bullpen

l don't want my knees
to take a full bend

Step back, ask yourself,
can it wait?

Or do you want to become
an AlDS candidate?

Take your eyes off me,
don't even watch the Kid

Or you'll go out
like Liberace did

ln my own cell
l could've been alone

Why do you all want me?
l'm only skin and bones

l'm feeling faint,
it's kind of hot

My, what big muscles you got

Hoo, lips don't fail me now

Until Play comes to bail me out

What's going on there?

Man, this is too much,
look but don't touch

l'm just trying
to avoid the bum rush

Thought l was in here
with murderers and stranglers

You guys are a bunch
of rump wranglers

And why me?
Look, l'm not the only male

We gonna tie that fade
into a ponytail

Yo, this is a no-go,
l'm gonna call the C.O.

Me a homo?
Nah, man, that's a no-no

But if you back off now,
that might save you time

Off your sentence
for good behavior

l'm speaking from the heart,
from the center

The sign on my ass
says "Do Not Enter"

l'm a rapper, l rock rhymes,
so l'm gonna bust one

l see y'all wanna rock,
like Hudson

Just an example,
l chill 'em and thrill 'em

Where is Play?
l'm gonna kill him

you hit the right note.

You just made bail.

Ha, hey, fellas, fellas

Ha ha, l gotta go,
all right?

Don't feel bad, all right?

Hey, no long faces, ha ha

Think of all the fun we had

l want to thank y'all
for making me feel welcome

lt really, really
did the trick, all right?

Oh, uh, by the way

Suck my dick

l'll kick your fuckin' ass!


With that motivation,
you could have rapped all night.

l'm glad y'all came
through for me finally.

Would l let a homeboy down?

So, you want
to go out next week?


-Call me.
-l will.

l don't get a kiss?

A hug? Some form of affection?

Come on, stop playing.

Any lipstick on me? Yes!

l knew it. Smooth operator.

Bye, Sidney.

Don't slob too loud.
You'll wake the neighbors up.

l'll see you later.

This has been your night, boy!

Cannot front. You are the dude.

That must have been
one hell of a walk home.

Give me
a play-by-play description.

What color were the panties?

We got into it,
but then we didn't--

She was on her period?

No, she wasn't on her period.

What's up?

l didn't have any rubbers.

Hold up. She was down.

Play knows these things.
She was down.

And you was down,
and you didn't...

'cause you didn't
have birth control?

Let me explain--

We're talking
about fine Sidney here.

Good hair.

Def body!

That's who
we're talking about.

ls that all you're into?
"Good hair. Def body."

What are you talking about?
l look at the face, too.

That's fucked.

l'm not about
having babies right now.

That's her problem.

You the man.

She takes care of that
or pays the price.

-How can you say that?
-You're naive.

You're a fuckin' dog,
and you, too, Rover.

Yeah, l'm a dog.

You sound like your pops.

A guy your age
shouldn't sound like your pops.

You've got a problem.

Yo, Kid.
Chill for a minute.

lt's still early,
l got the crib...

and you won't believe
what's on the Late Show.

"Krush Groove"
and "Beat Street."

Shit, let's go to your house now
and watch it.

l really would like
to see the movie...

but it's really late, man.

Tape it,
and we'll watch it tomorrow.

Peace out.

-Peace, boy.

You know what l love
was "Breakin'."

l wonder when
that shit's coming on.

l wouldn't do that just yet...

'cause your ass is mine.

Pop, l can explain.

l'm gonna whup that damn
high-top fade off of you!

l'm sick of your shit!

l work too hard and too long
to let you run over me...

like you outta your damn mind.

l walked across
this damn city...

got stopped by
the goddamn law...

lookin' for your monkey ass.

All you kids over there
just slow-dancing...

doing the grind,
and the peepin' and the hidin'.

l know your ass.
You was there, wasn't you?

l run the show here.

l wear the pants and the apron,
and l'll wear your ass out!

l'm gonna whup you
till l'm sleepy.

And l'm wide awoke
'cause l just woke up.

You think because
you're big and yellow...

l'm supposed to be mellow.
Hell, no!

l'll start a fight
in an empty room !

You can call Child Abuse
if you want to!

They better not come in here,
'cause l'll kick their ass, too.

l'm gonna give you
a whuppin' from now on.

l'll whup the cowboy shit
out from you.

Gee, Pop.

Now get your ass to bed!

And don't wake up
till l tell you to!

l didn't mean it.

l didn't know they were
the rest of the cookies.

My grandma's 87 years old.

l don't know how many years
she's got left to make cookies.

You didn't have to finish
the rest of them.

l don't know how many years
l've got left in my grandmother.

They were good, though.

Look at that.