Hotel by the River (2018) - full transcript

It is the dead of winter and a poet invites his sons to join him at a hotel for a reunion. The hotel also hosts a newly single woman who has a friend keep her company and with whom she ...

This film was made at
Jeonwonsa Film Co.

It was shot between
January 29 and February 14, 2018.

The writer and director is Hong Sangsoo,

and the actors include Ki Joobong,

Kim Minhee, Song Seonmi,

Kwon Haehyo and Yu Junsang.

The title is
Hotel by the River.

It's cold today, too.

I wish this cold
would go away.

Did she hurt her hand?

- Are you here?
- Yes, where are you?

I'll go down.
Wait in the 1st floor cafe.

No, we're almost there.
What's your room number?

I'll be right down.

I don't mind coming up.
What number?

You're coming up?

No, it's better if I go down.

- I'll go downstairs.
- Why pay for expensive coffee?

I brought coffee. We'll go up.
What number?

Will you?


No, it's better if I go down.
I'll go down.

Wait for me there.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

But I bought coffee...

All right, then.

Yeah, let's do that.


- Then we'll wait in the cafe.
- Okay.

I've done something foolish again.

Why did I call them here?

I better not mess up.

Will my daughter-in-law come?

She's such a nice girl.

- Hello.
- How are you?

Going somewhere?

- Does it look that way?
- Yes.

You're all dressed.

I'm meeting someone.

Could I ask you a favor?

- A favor?
- Yes.

I went to a bookstore yesteray,

and bought your book.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Would you autograph it?
- Sure, of course.

- Then I'll bring it later.
- Okay.

Thank you.

I hope I'm not bothering you.

No, not at all.
I should thank you.

My boss told me
not to bother you.

Don't worry.

Thank you.

- Then I'll bring it later.
- Okay.

Just a minute.

What's your name?


I'm Shin Yoojung.

Shin Yoojung.

That's a nice name.

A bit old-fashioned, right?

Is it?

I don't think so.

Thank you.

- Enjoy your coffee.
- Thanks.

This needs water.

They should water it.

The magpies are building a nest.

How impressive, out in that cold.


It's me.
Where are you?

In the room.
Where are you?

I'm almost there.
What room number?

It's room 201.

All right,
I'll be there soon.

Do you need anything?
Something to drink?

If there's any coffee,
can you bring me a cup?

The coffee here is terrible.

Okay, I will.

Anything else?

Some cake?

Sure, buy something sweet.

- Okay, see you soon.
- Bye.

Shouldn't we call him?

He'll be down.

He said he'll come down.

Doesn't it look like
Tumen River?

- Tumen River?
- The landscape is similar.

I've never seen Tumen River,
but isn't this wider?

Of course.
That's not what I mean.


The scenery on that side.

See those
unfinished buildings?

Have you been to Tumen River?

Of course not.

But I've seen documentaries.

- Have you?
- Yeah.


When we were young
you sang that Tumen River song.

Mom kept asking you to.

Did I?

Whenever guests came,
she made you sing it.

If you say so.

All right.

You're doing okay?

You made some money?

Yeah, I did.

It's the production company
who profited, not me.

I just get what they pay me.

So how much did you make?


Not very much.

But you know, people are
waiting for my next movie.

Something's changed.

I can feel the difference.

Stop bragging, Buffoon.

Listen to you.


How can you call me that?

Still talking like that
at your age.

That's your name, Buffoon.

How can you say that word?

Ask Dad why he gave
you a name that sound similar.

What a Buffoon.

Why doesn't he come?

You don't think
something's wrong?

I just talked to him.
He'll be down.

You and me are so different.


You think so?

Everyone in our family
looks different.

I guess so.

But you're more like Mom.

You're slender, like her.

I guess so.

And you're like Dad.

Your height.

Always bragging about
your height, Buffoon.

- When do I brag about my height?
- Just forget it!

- Why are you so sensitive?
- Just stop it.

You always bring it back
to your height.

Stop it!

You stop it!

- How's your hand?
- It's okay.

There's no blistering,
so it should be okay.


Good, it's usually okay
if there are no blisters.

- There won't be a scar.
- That's what I heard.

It'll be fine.

Show it to me.

Then I'll know for sure.

- I don't want to show you.
- Why not, it's okay!

If it looks bad,
we'll visit the doctor.

It's fine. They gave me
ointment at the pharmacy.

They said it's 1st degree.

- 1st degree?
- Yes, a 1st degree burn.

Almost the same as a sunburn.

That's a relief, then.

I'm not worried.

You know,
you're amazing.

How do you do it?

Thank you.

- You're okay, right?
- Of course.

He's so heartless.

Forget him.

You're right.

It's so cold-hearted
what he did.

It's okay.
I'm at peace.


- You're really okay?
- I'm fine.

No, to be honest...

I don't know.

Just tell me!

I will,
I'll tell you everything.

But right now I'll rest.

I understand.

Let's do that.

I don't want to think.

He didn't call?
Don't call him!

I won't call him.
You think I'm crazy?

Don't even think of it!

He's gone.
It's over already.

Believe it!


Are you okay?

- Want to lie down?
- Yeah, I'll lie down a bit.

Thanks, I know
it's hard for you, too.

Yes, it is hard.

But still, life goes on.

- Thank you.
- It's nothing.

You've been so unlucky.

You too.

Is it hard for you?


Lie down here.

Should I?

It's cold.

This snow fell for us.

Don't you think?

I do.

It's amazing.
How could so much fall so quickly?

In that short time we slept,

all this snow!

It's a blessing for us.

I feel so thankful.

When snow falls,
there's a reason.

It's always that way.

You're right.

- Only with snow, not rain.
- Right!

You feel that, too?

When I was young, and kids gathered
by the window to see the snow,

our teacher asked us,
are you puppies?

He said only puppies
love the snow like that.

Strangely, every time it snows
I remember his words.

The kids crowding up to the window
looked just like puppies.

- It was so cute.
- Right!

- Dogs love the snow. Isn't it cute?
- It's so cute.

I guess they didn't come.

What happened?

Did I do something wrong?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Are you going in?
- Yes.

You two looked so pretty,
I came out to greet you.

Really? Thank you.

It was like a sublime painting.

I opened my eyes,
and there you were upon the snow.

I didn't know
so much had fallen.

I slept for just a moment,

but it was so beautiful.

You are beautiful, you two.

Thank you for saying that.

- Thank you.
- No, I'm thankful.

For the two of you.

I'm thankful for the white snow
that falls upon you.

Thank you.

Doesn't this call for a drink?

You sound like a poet.

Yes, I'm a poet.


Yes, a real poet.
With a book, even.

Though it's
nothing to brag about.

- She writes great poetry.
- What's your name?

I'm Ko Younghwan.

Ko Younghwan?

I know a poet Ko Younghwan.

It's really you?

Yes, I'm Ko Younghwan.

The one you heard of.

Nice to meet you.

It's so nice to meet you,
at a place like this.

I'm a fan of your work.

Wow, it's amazing, right?

Yes, nice to meet you.
What a surprise.

I was surprised, too.
That you are so beautiful.

Thank you.

Thank you.

For meeting you beautiful people.
I mean it.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Yes, thank you.

I mean it.

You're beautiful.

We'll go in, then.

- See you.
- See you later.

For sure!

I hope so.
Have a good day.

You're really beautiful.

- Goodbye!
- Bye.

Dad, you're here.


- Why won't it open?
- Is it broken?

- Is it locked?
- Up here.


- Why are you over here?
- What?

You were here?

We were waiting for you.
You didn't answer.

- I left my phone upstairs.
- Oh, god.

You didn't see me?

Everything's visible from here.

Where were you?
Were you here?

I was down there.

You didn't see me.

We didn't know.
We were worried.

I can't believe it.
Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I kept waiting for you!

- We waited a long time.
- It's true.

Anyway, let's go.

- What?
- To my table.

It's better than here.

- Shall we?
- Yeah.

I missed you, Dad.

Me, too.

Let's go.

Let's go.

- Bring the coffee.
- Okay.

- Then have you been here long?
- About two weeks.

- Wow, that long?
- Yeah.

- How did that happen?
- It was by coincidence.


Two weeks ago I went to
Itaewon for a drink,

and I met
the owner of this hotel.

He said he had a hotel
on the Han River.

I said,
"Really? I'd love to go there."

And he said to come anytime.

That there's a room
where I can stay for free.

- That's how I came.
- Really?

I'd never have come.

- You don't have to pay?
- No, it's free.

There are restaurants
across the street, I eat there.

Down the road
are more restaurants.

- But they're expensive.
- Why did he do that for you?

He's read my poetry.
He says he likes me.

He's a good man, really.

That's great.

It seems nice here.
You can rest here.


And write some poems.

I should write more.

It's great to walk
over there.


- This is nice.
- It's great.

I don't want to go home.

There's a cat...

- I have a cat at home.
- Really?

Someone's watching it.

If not for the cat,
I wouldn't go home.

To be honest,

I've been feeling strange here.

I guess that's why
I called the two of you.

- What do you mean?
- What's wrong?

It's really strange.

I keep...

having bad dreams.

At night?

I feel strange in the day too.

Like I'm going to die.
I just feel that way.

It's the first time
I've felt that.

Like I'm going to die
right then.

You've never felt that?
Neither have I.

But is there any
reason for it?

I don't know,
it's just a feeling.

Like I'm going to die.

Tomorrow, even.

Weird, right?

- You don't feel sick anywhere?
- No, I'm fine.


I haven't seen you
in a long time,

and if I'm going to die,
I should see you first.

You're doing all right?

Yes, I am.

So this isn't because
you feel sick?

- I don't feel sick.
- Okay.

I just sense...

it somehow.

So the other day I got a taxi
and took my funeral portrait.

- What?
- You can use it later.

- Really?
- But you look so healthy.

I'm fine,
everything's fine.

Oh my...

Your wife didn't come?
I wanted to see her.

She couldn't make it today.

- She's doing okay?
- She's fine.

She's so nice.
You're so lucky!

Yes, thank you.

She's wonderful.
I'm happy for you.

We're doing fine.

- Be thankful for what you have.
- Yes.

- Byungsoo.
- Yes?

- You're not married yet?
- Not yet. I will soon.


They haven't watered this.

- It looks dry, right?
- Yes.

You're right.

They should water it.

Do you think...

he might be
planning to die?


It looks like
he wants to die.

Why do you think that?

When I look in his face,
it seems that way.

What gives you that idea?

It's like he's just let go
of everything.

You barely know him.

Buffoon, listen to you.

Of course I don't.

I was too young
when he left.

I know him better
than you.

He's a strong person.

Maybe not as strong
as Mom,

but strong.

At his age you can feel that way,
it's no big deal.

- Kyungsoo.
- Yeah?

You won't tell him
you're divorced?

It's better not to.

He doesn't need
to know yet.

Where did he go?
He was smoking out there.

He's not outside.

Did he go to the restroom?

Did he?

That's possible.

Where'd he go?



Is it possible to
call a guest's room?

You're here to see a guest?

We were together,

but now he's not there.
We were in the coffeeshop.

- Could you call his room?
- What's the room number?

I don't know.

You don't?
Then there's not much I can do.

His name is Ko Younghwan.
Do you know him?

Mr. Ko? Of course.

Just a minute, I'll call.

He's not in his room.

- Is he in the restroom?
- I don't know.

- Well, tank you.
- Are you a film director?

I think I've seen you.

Yes, how did you
recognize me?

I've seen you on TV.
It is you!

Nice to meet you.

Would you mind giving me
your autograph?

I haven't prepared one.


Thank you.
It's a nice looking autograph.

It's just my name.

- Wow.
- Thank you.

I need to send them off.

I have no gift for them.

What do I give them?

Are you asleep?


I love being with you.

Me too.

Thank you.

No, thank you.


You too.

You're not cold?

No, not yet.


That's nice.

Isn't it?
They're so cute.


Let's drink.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Tastes bad, doesn't it?

Still, it's better than I expected.

At least they sell this.

It looks cheap but it's okay.
Not too sweet.


And the cheese is good, right?

The cheese is good.

There's a magpie nest.
It's huge.


A magpie nest?

There's a magpie there.

Yes, there is.

It's so impressive.

Building a home in this cold.


- it's so cute.
- Isn't it?



Where are you?

He's a director.

- What's he doing here?
- A director?

A film director.

That's funny.
What's he doing here?

A film director?

What films did he make?

You wouldn't know them.
They're not your type.


But his new film did okay.

It did well
for that kind if film.

Is it enterntaining?

It's just...

a bit ambivalent.

I know what he's trying to do,

but he doesn't appeal
to the masses,

and he's hardly a real auteur.

He just seems very diligent.

That's my impression.

- Sounds boring.
- Dad!

You're right.
He's ambivalent.

Maybe his father has dementia.

It's possible. Maybe.

He's a devoted son, right?

He seems to be.

He's so fervent.

Aren't you tired?

A little.

Lie down.


We lie down all day long.

- You don't like it?
- I like it.

Then let's lie down.



What's that?

This one
I won as a prize,

and this was a gift
from a woman.



This is you,
and this is Byungsoo.


Where'd he go?

He went looking for you.
Here he is.


Dad's here.

Come here.

Hey, where were you?

To the restroom.

Then I walked around
and went outside.

Did you?

Why do you look so upset?

- Me? Upset?
- A bit.

You know who this is?


This is you,
and this is Kyungsoo.

Where'd you get them?

From a prize machine.
And a gift from a woman.

I'm a woman?

It's pretty!

You're pretty,
with your slender body.

Right, he could've been a dancer
with that body.

I wanted to be a dancer,
as a kid.

- Really?
- But I thought people would laugh.

You did?

I really wanted to dance.

I never knew that.

These are for you.
Take them.


- You're giving them to us?
- Sure.

Looking at these
will cheer you up.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

They suit you perfectly.

Do they?

- I'm a pig!
- Is that a pig?

- What is yours?
- I don't know.

- Let me take a photo.
- A photo?

- With dolls?
- Yes, hold them.


How is it?

Great, huh?

Yeah, be sure to...

Don't delete it.

- This is hilarious.
- Isn't it?

This is crazy!

You think?
It really is crazy.

You can write your name
in Chinese characters?

- Sure.
- Try it.

- In Chinese characters?
- Yes, try it.

You know its meaning?


Wow, my son writes well!

- Really?
- Yeah.

Thank you.
I don't have much practice.

- You're good at writing.
- Really?

I haven't practiced much.

- No, you're good.
- Really?

You know who named you?

- It was you, wasn't it?
- That's right.

- You know these characters?
- Yes.

"Byung" is side by side,
"soo" is excellence.

But why did
you name him that?

For you, "Kyung" Seoul,
"soo" excellence.

I know that.
I was born in Seoul

so you used that character.

As the top city,
Seoul represents good fortune.

And me?

"Byung", side by side.

That has two meanings.

Two meanings?


for you and your brother
to stay close all of your lives.

It has that meaning?


you are of two minds.

Two minds?

The first is a mind
that feels heaven.

And the second
walks on the street.

To live well, those two minds
should go side by side.


what is a mind
that feels heaven?

When we're born,
we belong to heaven.

When we live,
and even after we die.

We belong to heaven.

That's why we feel heaven.

It's simple.

We are of heaven,
and so we can feel it.

That's poetry.

If you can't feel that,
it's no different from being dead.

What about a mind
walking on the street?

If you're born human,
you must act like one.

You have to learn.

You're of heaven,
but you must learn to be human.

Otherwise you die,
people will kill you.

If one mind gets too strong,
it wants to erase the other.

Don't let that happen.

Even if the strong mind
becomes irritated by the other,

have them
go forward side by side,

that's "Byung", side by side.

Both of them are yours.


Dad, let me write this down.

"Byung", side by side.

There's more meaning
in "Byung" than in "Kyung".

Shall I write my name too?

- Wow, you're a calligrapher!
- Really?

You and your brother both.

- Sorry to interrupt you.
- No, it's fine.

But what is it?

My boss is outside,
and he'd like a word with you.

He said it'll take
two minutes.

- Two minutes?
- That's what he said.

All right, then.

He's by the front door?

- Yes, he'll be there.
- Okay.


Is that your son?

Yes, it is.
Do you know him?

Sure, he's a film director.

Yes, that's right.

- Okay, then.
- Okay.

What are you thinking?

I was wondering
what he's doing,

what he's doing
at this moment.

I'm sure he's doing fine.
Don't worry.

I guess so.

It's mealtime,
so he's probably eating.

Is it lunchtime?

It's past lunchtime.
We need to eat dinner.

Yes, we should eat.

I dreamed of him,

and he asked me
to cook soybean stew.

He used to love it
when I cooked that.

Whatever I made,
he said was delicious.

Did he?

I feel bad for him now.

I understand everything.

I just hope he's happy.

You do?


I guess...

he was scared.

Thinking about it,

I pity him.

Forget that.

He's probably living it up
at home with his wife.

I don't mind,

if he's happy...

Oh, my.

He worried so much.

- Couldn't sleep at night.
- Who? Him?

I think he thought too much.

That's why his heart cooled.

He thought too much.

Is that it?

He used his head too much.

So his heart became
frozen with fear.

What was he so scared of?


Having his life fall apart?

I guess he thought...

if he lived with me,
he'd fail.

So he kept agonizing

over how to avoid that.

He wore himself out.

Later he became numb,

and got depressed,

then one day

he ended it just like that.

So what did he lose?

You suffered so much.

It's heartless what he did.


I didn't lose anything.

I just suffered a bit.

You sure did.

I feel bad for him now.

Should we eat
before it's too late?


After the sun sets.

After the sun sets.

Want to hear something funny?

Yes, what is it?

I stole something.


A pair of gloves.

From where?

When I arrived,
earlier today.

I stole it from some car.

What for?
Why steal gloves?

I don't know.

Are you a kleptomaniac?

It's not that!

I think

it's the same car
I had the accident in.

That's why I stole.

The car you crashed?
That car is here?

It's exactly the same.

Jacked-up the same way,
with the same interior.

But the smashed part in front
is fixed up like new.

I don't know how.

So you stole gloves without
knowing the owner?

It's because I didn't know!

That car is out in front?


It's really that car.

Want to see?

Come here.

Might still be there.

It's gone.

- It's not there?
- No.

It must have gone.

Then we can't
return the gloves.

I guess not.

- We could drive there.
- Let's walk.

If we walk a bit,
we can find many restaurants.


They said
it's a five minute walk.

Let's walk.

I want to walk,
after lying down all day.

Sure, let's do that.

This is nice.

Isn't it?


- Not too cold, right?
- No, it isn't.

It's fine.

It's so cold!

Let's go in anywhere.
I'm freezing!

So cold!
We should've taken the car.

Want to go in here?

The car is here?

This is my car.

It really is.

It was here.

They must be inside.

- Should we go in?
- Sure, it looks tasty.

- Tofu would taste good.
- Great, let's eat!

Are you happy?

You look happy, suddenly.

- I look happy?
- What happened to you?

You looked upset,
but then suddenly you changed.

Did I?

It's strange.
Your mood lifted all of a sudden.

I guess so.

Anyway, that's good.


- Forget about the hotel owner.
- It's okay, I'm fine.

- So you'll move out tomorrow?
- Yes, tomorrow if possible.

- Just move out tomorrow.
- Would you like to come to my house?

As for that...

There's something the owner
said to me at the end.


What did he say?

That his heart
no longer trembled.

At first his heart
trembled out of respect,

but now
it's completely gone.

- He doesn't tremble now?
- Right.

He said he had a lot to say to me,
but he'd forget it.

That he'd just forget it.

- What's he going to forget?
- I don't know.

How should I know
what he wants to forget?

It seems his feelings were hurt.

I guess.

You must have felt upset.

By any chance, did you
do anything wrong at the hotel?

- Anything wrong?
- Yeah.

I'm not sure.
I don't know.

What could I have done?

What could you have done?

He woudn't do anything.

I'd talk with him,
and we'd drink together.


I got tired of him.
He always says the same thing.

So I turned down drinks
a few times.

And once he invited me
to Mt. Songni,

but I said no.

Was that why?

Yes, it could be.

He gave you a hotel room,
and wanted to spend time with you.


Well, maybe not.
He was pleasant and well-mannered.

He told his employees
to be careful not to disturb me.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- He trembled in front of you?
- Yeah.

But not anymore!

It seems he liked Dad a lot.

I think so.

I guess so.

Then why is
he acting this way?

I don't know.

- Everything changes.
- That's right, it does.

Looks like they're leaving.

I guess so.
They drank a lot.

- Should I get an autograph?
- From who?

The director?

Yeah, and the poet too.
They'll like it.

Why don't we just
leave them alone?

You think?

I guess they're father and son.
Surprising, isn't it?


He called him Dad.

And they drive my car!

That's so funny.

It's amazing.

But now it's their car.

I'll get an autograph,
before they go.

No, don't.

- You'll annoy them.
- No, they'll like it.

He's a really important director.
He's hot now.


Didn't you call him ambivalent?

He's hot, really.

Everyone likes him.
What can I do?

What will you do with it?

You like autographs?

I'm going to get it.

I want to.

Wait a minute.


It's embarrassing.
Why am I embarrassed?

What's embarrassing
about an autograph?

They're not leaving yet, wait.

Why does it bother you?

It's strange.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I don't have a girlfriend.

He doesn't date women.

Or he dates them,
but not for love.


I'm scared of them.
I've had some bad experiences.

Women are frightening.

What women?
What experiences?

Why are you scared of women?

I can't trust them.
I've seen too many cases.

You're just crazy!

How many women have you met
to think that way?

- What are you talking about?
- Dad, keep your voice down.


If you speak so loud,
everyone can hear.

Okay, I'll speak quietly.

I think Mom's had some influence
on him, and me too.

What do you mean, on you?

Do you hate women?

Do you like them or not?

I need to think more about
my feelings for women.

I deal with them cautiously.

Wow, that's what you're like?

It's because of Mom?

Is that it?

I don't know for sure.

But Mom is so overpowering,
he's been daunted by her...

Who says I'm daunted by Mom?

It's because
I loved her sincerely.

Is there anything wrong
with that?

Sure, you love Mom.

You're your mother's son.


How can you say that?

You're your mother's son.

I've always known.
It's okay.


As much as I'm her son,
I'm your son too!

Calm down.

Why are you shouting?
Stop it.

- I'm going crazy, Dad!
- Stop it.

Be good to your Mom, okay?

- That's good enough.
- Yeah.

How's your Mom doing?


Same as always, she's fine.

Does she still curse me,
every day?

She doesn't curse, but she calls
you a piece of shit, every day.

A total monster without
a single redeeming human virtue.

In her words,
that about sums it up.


I asked her once, for real.

I said, tell me just
one good thing about him.

But she immediately shot back,
there's nothing at all.

So you're just
a total monster, Dad.

The worst human on earth.
Until you die.

The end.

She's the same as always.


Why did you
dislike her so much?

We just didn't suit each other.

We got married too young.

I was wretched and poor,
so I liked a lot of things about her.

But we were never
right for each other.

Even still, how could you
abandon us so easily?


You got up and left
just like that,

from what I heard.

What do you mean, easily?
I wrestled with it a lot!

But what I realized is,

you can't live your life
based on guilt.

People need to follow
real love.

Even if you fail in that love...

And I failed, you know that.

You can't keep living
with someone out of guilt.

That's why I left.

But you and that woman,
you two broke up.

She dumped me!
Later she stopped liking me.

Still, that's okay.

Being abandoned
doesn't change anything.

Thanks to that,
I experienced love.

It's okay.

What are you scared of?

You'll die before long,
don't forget!

Yes, it's true.

You're okay.

You've got a nice girl.

Yes, it's true.

I'm stuffed.
I ate so much.

I'm glad everything
was tasty.

Why am I eating
so much?

Good question.

Why do they get so
worked up?

What do they know
about love?

By nature, men are just
incapable of grasping love.

They're so immature.

All their lives.

Then what are we
supposed to do?

But sometimes
you find an exception.

My husband is different.


You know how picky I am.

So I can't stand it
when men act immature.

But when I met my husband,
he wasn't like that at all.


I'm glad there are
at least some.

But there aren't many.

They're so rare.

Don't you think?

When I think of what he did,

I can't forgive him.

But I don't believe
I'm any better.

The way I see it,

we each tried our best,

but it just wasn't enough.

In the end,
we're self-centered.

I don't agree.

Men are different.
Except men like my husband.

There's something in their heart
that stops them.

I can feel it.

They're cowards.

- If so, that's terrible.
- It is terrible.

Why were we born in
a world like this?

- We'll pay the bill now.
- Okay.

I'm worried about
the walk back.


we have to go too.

- I'll go to the restroom.
- Go ahead.

- Goodbye.
- Thanks.

Have a good night.

Should we have a cigarette?

Should we?

Dad said he doesn't mind.

Let's smoke.

What'll you do now?
Are you going home?

How could I go home?

No designated driver
service here.


We'll get a room in the hotel,
and rest or sleep.

What else can we do?
Let's go in the morning.

Are you okay
driving to the hotel?

It's just around the corner.

It's only two minutes.

It'll be fine.


Where did he go?

He sent a message.

I drank too much.
I'll just walk.

See you at the hotel.

He's going to walk to the hotel?

He drank too much.

What now?

- What do we do?
- What?

Do we follow him?
Of course.


He's drunk.
We let him drink too much.

- Hurry, let's go!
- Okay.

I wrote a poem.

I'd like to read it
to you two.

I wanted to give
this poem to you.

I'm so happy to have met
you here by chance.

I'll read this poem,
and go.


Thank you.

The snow is falling.

There's an organization
called Ika,

and people are subjugated
by them for no reason.

Some people are not
under their control.

But those who are,
are controlled for no reason.

Ika doesn't allow
its people to move.

The right to move
is held exclusively by them.

If you become a member of Ika,
you cannot move as you wish.

On the day it snowed,

two women brought
a small boy.

He is a small child,
and he has a projecting tooth.

But he is beautiful nonetheless.

Gradually people realize that
he is a precious child.

The two mothers want to
take this child away.

But however much time passes,
they can't leave.

They want to go, but people
are too fascinated by the boy.

Ika wants to keep
the boy there.

This boy who makes
other people happy remains here.

Since the mothers can't take him,

he grows up there in darkness.

He grows taller,

and now is all grown up.

His face is dark
and his eyes bulge.

I'm not sure if he resembles
the child he once was.

He's changed so much,
it's sad.

Ika is cruel.

Having changed so,
the boy pumps gas.

Like a man digging for coal,
he pumps gas.

In such a bleak
and lonely place,

all alone,
he holds the gas hose.

The snow is falling.

Let me pour you
a glass of soju.

Thank you.

It was so nice.

Another glass?

Yes, thank you.

Are you okay?

I don't mind dying,
I welcome it!

As long as
you two are here.

That's a beautiful thing to say.

What was that poem?

I wrote it in the hotel.

One more glass.


This is wonderful.

Thank you.

You two are angels.

Thank you.

You are so beautiful.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

I'm in the room.

So you were worried.

Don't worry, go on home.

I'll remember seeing you today,
and be happy.

My sons have grown up
so beautifully.

It's true.



Dad's in his room.

Shouldn't we go up
and say goodbye?

Yes, we'd better.

Let's go.

Is it here?


It's open.



- Dad!
- Dad!

- Dad!
- Dad!

What happened?

- Dad!
- Don't shake him like that!

Dad! Dad!


You can't shake him like that!

- Dad!
- Wait!

- How, like this?
- Let me look at him!

Dad! Dad!
How could this happen!

- Dad!
- Dad!

Is he gone?
Is he really gone?

How could this be?

- Dad!
- Dad!


Dad, we're here!



why are you lying here?





Younghwan – Ki Joobong
Sanghee – Min Minhee

Yeonju – Song Seonmi
Kyungsoo – Kwon Haehyo

Byungsoo – Yu Junsang
Yoojung – Park Ran

Peter – Shin Seokho

Cinematography – Kim Hyungkoo
Recording – Seo Jihoon

Technical Manager – Lee Jaehan
Production Manager – Jo Heeyoung

Editing – Seon Yeonji
Music – Dalpalan

Sound – Kim Mir
Color Correction – Kim Jimin

English Subtitles – Darcy Paquet

Produced by Jeonwonsa

Written and Directed by
Hong Sangsoo