Hotel Coolgardie (2016) - full transcript

On a dusty highway between Australia's most isolated city and its largest gold pit lies Coolgardie - where the arrival every three months of a new pair of foreign backpackers to work the only bar in town is a keenly anticipated event. Fresh off the plane and lured by the promise of an authentic outback experience, Finnish travellers Lina and Steph find themselves en route to a dot on the map - to pour beers, replenish depleted travel funds, and live amongst the locals. But their working holiday quickly deteriorates into a baptism of fire. Harangued by their new boss, relentlessly pursued by booze-addled patrons, and prey to the madness and malaise of an environment as claustrophobic as it is isolated - the girls soon realise that to meet expectations out here, they'll need to do more than just serve drinks.

Denver City Hotel, Coolgardie.

These girls are
leaving on the 17th.

They're ready to travel. Saved
their money and ready to go.

So I need two to
take their place

probably about on
the Wednesday.

About three days before.

Well, I mean there's... you
know, I don't want 'em 44 stone.

If you know what I mean.

I don't want 'em polishing
the bars both sides.

I mean, if they look good,

we can do away with
the experience bit.

But if they're ordinary they've
gotta have plenty of experience

because they've gotta make it up
with something else, don't they?

We've gotta keep the
customers happy.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Grab a seat, girls.
- Thank you.

- Hi.
- Hello hello.

Okay, now, who's here?

- I have Gina Nikolina -
- Yeah, I'm Lina.

- Lina? And...?
- Stephanie.

Stephanie. Excellent. Okay.

- So, where are you guys from?
- Finland.

Finland. And how old are you?

- Twenty-five.
- Twenty-five.

- I'm twenty-four.
- You came straight from Finland?

We came from Bali.

You have another trip planned
that you have to do -

- No no we don't have any plans.
- We want to save money.

Okay, because most of the bar
positions I have would be

a three month commitment.

- Yep.
- Okay.

I need to know up-front that
you're willing to say yes.

- Yes.
- Definitely three months.

So we're in Perth.

Kalgoorlie is here, which
is like a big mining town

and this town is
called Coolgardie.

So you're close enough to a
larger town where you can go.

You've got your
Coles, your Woollies.

But Coolgardie itself, as you
can see, is quite remote.

It's quite a big mining area

so a lot of the clientele at the
pubs are going to be gentlemen.

So you guys have to be the
kind of girls that are okay to

have male attention and
not really sweat it.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

So do you know who
the other girls are?

We have no idea. But they're
coming tomorrow, though.

Some fresh meat.

Have we got a bit
stale for you, Derek?

Yeah. So that's them.

Lina and Steph.

I don't know which one's which
but one will answer to Lina.

I'll go and cut some pictures
out of some of my mags

and we'll stick em there so
people think they look like em.

The train is due today at 2pm in
Kalgoorlie so that means it's

1.35 for us.

We're going... I have no idea.

No, we're going to work.

Save some money.

- Have fun.
- Have fun.

Nah, it's good to
have the new girls

come in every now and then.

Keeps the pub alive.

Well, sometimes it's sad to
see the old ones go because

you've built up a
relationship sort of with 'em

but then you get new ones in.

I've got a couple of mates that
have hooked up with barmaids.

And they have families with
'em and shit like that.

- Thank you.
- Howdy, girls.

Thank you.
- Hi.

This is the one.

Thank you.

Okey dokey. Downtown

Where the flies are
very friendly.


- Yes.

A little bit.

And this is the pub.

Look I even wrote that
on the board for ya.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- I'm Stephanie.
- Nice to meet you.


Nice to meet you too.

Righto, now.

That's where you heat your
meals up if you wanna.

Fridge there. There's
a shoe library there.

And that's the park over there.
Swimming pool on the other side.

Golf course just at the back of
the railway museum over there.

You've just had a guided tour.


Between five and eight you
get most of your customers.

Like after work, when
all the miners finish.

And it's quite good cos the
regulars come in every day.

Don't they? Same ones.

Everyone has a yarn.

A what?

- Like a chat. A yarn.
- Oh yeah.


You'll be sorry you
left Coolgardie.

I know, I will. I actually
might even shed a tear.

- Hi.
- Hi.


Right. I will show
you what's what.

We've got the back bar. In here
you've got the Vodka Cruisers.

And your Jim Beams
and your Bundies.

People call it
Toohey's or Teds.

Yep. Okay.

Then you've got middies
and then pints.

- Just press a middy twice.
- Okay.

- How're ya goin', okay?
- Nice to meet you.

Now Canman, he always has his
first one free when he comes in.

- Where you from?
- From Finland.

Have you met the
puppy dogs outside?

Did we what?

What I like was just to
make sure they're alert

and reasonably quick.

Everybody gets a drink quick
as they possibly can.

Apart from that I think
the challenge for them

is to be able to put
up with the patrons.

The boys were saying at work.
They're coming down after work.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Some of the old blokes as well.

You know, they...

They all grow a leg.

That'd be the go.

Which one's the better one's?
If they're worth the swap?

- Okay.
- Yeah?

- How's it going?
- Good.

You had a drink?

No, not yet.


If you leave it in the spout

and when you turn it off it'll
stop doing that frothing thing.

It's alright, you'll learn.

We'll educate 'em mate,
don't worry about that.

You can give him that one. Give
him that one. You know why?

You didn't swap the glass.

You've got to give him a clean
glass every time. Every time.

- Oh, okay.
- Okay.

You've had a warning.

Shake hands.

Now give me a kiss.

Good girl.

- A slab
- A slap?

Oh, not a slap.

No, a slab.

Okay, four-X of middy.

That's it, look at the numbers
up the left hand side, mate.

About halfway down. You'll
see Emu Bitter, Emu Export.

- Oh yeah.
- One of those, just press it.

Not takeaway.

Is it draught or bitter?

Fuck me dead.
What'd I just say?

I said Export.

Doesn't say fucking
Draught or Bitter.

Emu export?

Okay, just press that one.

- Hey.
- Ginty.


- Damian.
- Lina.

- Peter.
- Lina.

- Keiran.
- Lina. Nice to meet you all.

Pull down, and just leave it.
No no no, you leave it there.

Okay. Okay, that'll do.

There you go.

Thank you.

Righto then. Righto.

And we're gonna be on
the other side of the bar.

We'll initiate these
new girls to the pub.


What are you doin'?
What's goin' on here?

See, there's people coming in
here. They gotta be served.

You just... you can't all just
stop for fuckin' no reason.

You're right in it, mate. You're
standing in the middle of it.


In the middle. In the middle.

Fuck me dead.

What are you lookin' for?

What are you lookin' for?
Ask me.

- Strongbow.
- Right there.

Do they have them in six pack?

- No, like just bottles.
- Just bottles.

Yeah, just put em in a bag.

These ones are gonna get nothin'
in their fuckin' tip jar.

Fuckin' hell.

Do it, quick. Just open one up.

- Huh?
- Bloke thinks his throat's cut.

He can't get a drink.

- Wine glass.
- Here.

Hey, what are you
doing with that? Hey!

Steph! Steph!

Steph. What are you
doing with that?

I'm going to put it there.

And where'd you get the money
from? Out of there, did you?


Well you fuckin' put the thing
in where you got the money from.

Don't put it that till.

Put it in that till.



This is gonna be hard work,
I can tell you that.


Fuckin' anywhere across the
English Channel, they're fucked.


Hello! Where'd you come from?

I've a very, very small penis.

It's like... it's like...

I don't want to know.

- It's like that.
- Yeah.

So if we have sex it will be
bad but it will be very quick.

So it's not so
much of a problem.

Ah, Steph, can
I've another Swan?

- Who're those blokes? New?
- This is the chefs at the motel.

Now listen, what do
you eat in Finland?

Seals. You like a bit of seal?


- Dolphins? Seals?
- No.


Pour us some tequilas.

- Alright, cheers!
- Yay!

Couple of tequilas.

- Show us ya tits!
- Thank you.

Oh, I didn't mean to do that.

They're fuckin' slow, these
two, I'll give you the tip.

This one'd be
fucked by herself.

There's nobody in here and she
wouldn't be able to handle that

you know what I mean?

You look like
you're enjoying it!

Fuck knows.

Obviously it's not that flash.

And whatever they're
eating, that's what I eat.

Steph! Steph!

- Steph!
- Steph!

Steph! Steph!

- Steph's deaf.
- Stephanie! Steph!

You got the money right? You
sort it out yet, or...?

Doesn't matter. Just
put it in a drink.

Don't listen to her.

Shut the fuck up. If it's not
fizzy it's fucked. Throw it out.

Throw it out, honey.

We're gonna have
trouble, you and me.

Where do you have more of them?

- Don't worry.
- Just put it in the drink.

- You can't put that in a drink.
- You, shut up.

You just drive trucks.

You tell em how to drive trucks,
I'll tell 'em how to pour piss.

Shut the fuck up. See what
I mean? He's a hard man.

That's the best fuckin'
thing I've heard all night.

He's a fuckin' hard man.

- Oggie Oggie Oggie!
- Oi oi oi!

- Oggie!
- Oi!

- Oggie!
- Oi!

- Oggie Oggie Oggie!
- Oi oi oi!

That's for the girls.

- For the holiday.
- Give me a pint glass.

- Got another two dollars.
- Give me a pint glass.

No. Fuck me dead.

The poor little prick hasn't
got any fuckin' idea.

She's never done this
before in Australia, ever.

No, but God love em. Takes a
while for them to settle down.

What's that young girl's name?

Steph, have you set...

Maybe she's as dumb as dog shit
mate. You know what I mean?

You can take a horse to water,
but you can't make it drink.

It's not open.

They welcome you to Coolgardie.

Ah, Stephie, chips or mash?

- Huh?
- Chips or mash?

- Chips.
- Chips.

Thank you.

Scotch, seven hundred.

- What have you found?
- Oh yeah.

- And how much is it?
- Forty eight.

- It's good that you're helping.
- Hey?

It's good that you're helping.

Yeah, I know.

And they're all Australian. I
have never heard about them.

- Haven't ya?
- No.

You drink wine?

Yeah, I drink wine.

Let's go. Bye, room.

Excuse me!



Pepper and salt.

Obviously there's no pepper
and salt in Finland!

- What nationality are you?
- I'm Finnish and German.

Ah, see, Finnish.

If you don't look after
him, you Finnish.

You know, all the rest go...

And we do have a
connection there

'cause we can fluently
speak the language.



Wellsy, there's the
key for tomorrow.

I've written a
couple of cheques.

I've signed a
couple of cheques.

That'll be all cool?

Canman'll get the stock,
everything will be clean

when you take over.

- You've met these girls?
- Yeah.

- You know Wellsy, don't you?
- Yeah.

- John's taking over tomorrow.
- Yeah.

And he'll be here for a week,
then Tony'll be here for a week.

- And then I'll be back.
- Okay.

And I want to see it bloody
running by the time I get back.


Come on. Pig, you ready?

Hey! Hey!

In you go.

You're in the wrong seat.
That's Piggy's spot.


For the barmaids.

Oh, Canman.

- Cowgirl!
- Yeah.

Thank you. What is it?

What a surprise. We're
drinking again.

- Pikey!
- How are ya, mate?



They're still here, drinking.


You don't have to,
but it's up to you.

Come on. Cut filling up the
fucking ketchup bottles.

What are you, ketchup woman?

Can I get another can please?


Steph, would you be fine
if we just came upstairs?

Just for a wee one?

Let's go.

Go man, go!


Sorry girls, but I
really want to sleep.

Okay, we're walking down.

We're going. 'Night.

- Goodnight.
- 'Night!

Just bring me lots
and lots of these.

And then take that
out of that one

and if there's any silver shit
to go with that, that's yours.

I don't take silver.

You don't take silver?

- So...
- Thank you.

You get a tip out of it.

You gotta make some
money somehow.

Without any disrespect to the
females 'cause they work hard

but the race is on onto
who's gonna tag it first

and who's gonna put their
name to her first.

And it's like, mate, you know
no need to fight about 'em.

There's gonna be two more come
in the next couple of weeks.

Don't worry about it.

I'm from Finland.

They're only out for
one thing, anyway.

They're only out
for one thing and

it's not the real thing that
they should be going for.

They should be, instead of
trying to get in their pants,

take em out and show
em a bit of Australia.

Yeah, let's do that.

And show you a bit of outback.

- Let's do that.
- Hopefully we'll see a snake.

The costs of gold
mining nowadays,

there's a lot of... a lot
of energy involved.

Like with the electricity
or paying wages.

And having gay people... I'm
sorry, not gay people but...

soft cocks.

Like have a fuckin'
go, you know like...

Living in a shithole, blokes
living in Sydney or Melbourne

and we're up here
doin' it fuckin' hard

living in a fuckin' caravan.

- So when do you get a break?
- Tomorrow.

Tomorrow night?

This'll make you feel happy.

If you're in Coolgardie, this'll
become your best friend.

Just give it a month.

How many years did you study?

- Four?
- I did Honours.

Four years to
become a Bachelor?

I did an Honours year.

- Four years?
- Honours.

I became a Master in...

- Five.
- Yeah, this is in Finland.

- Five and a half years, yeah.
- Finland, Finland, Finland.

No, it's just because
I'm so clever.

Australia, Australia.

Look at Stephanie. She's fuckin'
beautiful. Look at her.

Stephanie. Oh, she's
so attractive.



- What's my name?
- Mrs Economics.

No, I'm not Mrs Economics.
What's my real name?

Lani? Len...

Well you probably weigh fifty.
You probably weigh fifty.


Do you wanna just
sleep together

and have a massive
gang bang and...

No? You're gonna be
very lonely, then.

Why in the fuck not?
I'll have a shave.

- No.
- No?

You can go and get fucked.
I don't really care.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

I thought she would've
been up but no hurry.

I've got all day.

We're getting gifts all the
time from all the people here.

And it's weird.

We're not used to
getting presents

all the time, every day.

He brings us alcohol.

We got how many bottles? Four?

- Shampoo.
- Chocolate.


Anthony came here

to pay for his Jack's bottle.

Yeah, I've been to the
pub to apologise to Nina

for my crude behaviour
last night.

When I was very much pissed.

Yeah. He was a bit
embarrassed for yesterday.

Propositioning her.

But he still couldn't
remember my name.

I know I will do.

I'm not going anywhere near Jack
Daniels for at least a week.

Don't wanna ruin it for myself.
I don't want to make it harder.

Yeah, I know.

- Hey? We won't be long.
- Where?


- I do.
- No.

- Yeah.
- No.

I don't want to.

I wanna go Cape York

and I wanna go driving
all the way to the tip.


Try and find a small pub
or something away from

the shit.

You can make a lot
of money in tips but

you've also got the
danger factor as well.

Like getting stabbed in the eye.
Getting stabbed in the shoulder.

That was in The Cross.

How many times did
you get stabbed?


But the bloke who got me in the
eye he got his knife back.

Straight into the kneecap.

- Rematch?
- No.

Come on.

I need to eat.

I can't let a girl starve.
Thank you.

No you can't.

See ya.

So you liking the job so far?

- Yeah.
- That's good.

It's really nice.

A lot of really nice people.
Friendly people.

- Most people are very friendly.
- Yeah, really friendly people.


Just work hard.

Everybody around here

knows me, calls me the Canman.
Not John or Jason or anything.


I walk in and some of the staff
knows me. And knows what I want.

Knows what I like.

You can have one behind the bar.
No one'll see it.

- Hmm?
- What? I love you, dear.

Let's get pissed.

And this is worth
its weight in gold.

Fuckin' oath it is.

Oh my God.


To have naked girls in the bar?

What's wrong with that?

What's wrong with that?

Oh my God.

Oh, hello. There we go.
Look at it.

- That's pretty heavy.
- Tickle tickle tickle.

- I don't want to see it.
- That's everything, look.

Come here, come here.
Have a look. Look!

Is that you?

- Yeah.
- It is.

Not here. I had a pub in Perth.

This has got nothing
to do with Coolgardie.

- Thank you for showing me.
- Look at this.

- Where's the barmaids gone?
- Thank you.

What are you hugging?
And touching?

- You.
- Yeah.

How long have you
been together?

- Too long.
- Twenty sixth...

26th of March it was 35 years.

- You've never been married?
- No.

I haven't found
the right person.

Oh, it's what you
make of it, you know?

A lot of people try.

Yeah, me too.

Bitches just don't like me.

I got two fuckin' chicks fuckin'
pregnant and they had abortions.

- How do you think it made
me feel? - Is that right?

It's alright.

Well, what do you do? Nothing
you can do about it, is there?

Kill 'em.

Tell you the truth

like everyone else, it's
like they can pick up

like fuckin' women

but I can't because I don't
know how to actually

talk to 'em properly

like other cunts can.

But other people like they
can actually talk to 'em.

And know what to
say and fuckin'

next minute they're
goin' home with 'em and

like I don't know how other
people fuckin' do it.

I'd probably fuckin' say
lovey shit, I don't know.

I don't know.

I've just told em what I
fuckin' wanna do with 'em.

Let's go back to my house
and fuck like rabbits.

No, seriously. I used to.

I've had violence in my life all
the fuckin' time since I was

fuckin' spat out in this world.

But I hold it all the
time when I come here.

I mean I could just snap and
just go fuckin' ballistic

and just belt every cunt right
now. It wouldn't matter.

I could walk away, have a
cigarette, no care in the world.

Maybe a chick just
doesn't wanna fuckin'

I don't know, a fuckin'

a thing like me.

With no licence, no car,
fuckin' nothin' going for him.

Well just think if I
asked fuckin' Lina out

for a date

and I asked her out for tea

how do you think I'm gonna
fuckin' take her out?

Fuckin' taxi.

That's not gonna fuckin'
look good on me, is it?

Why would a taxi
be the problem?

Yeah but... so?

So, if you take me in a taxi
there and pay for the taxis.

What's the problem?

There's no problem.

Oh well

when aren't you working
then and we'll do it.

See, look at her now. She's just
disgusted, like 'you prick.'

- There you go.
- Thank you.

Shits and giggles.
Shits and giggles.


Hey Noopy.

Good morning, Canman.

- How are you?
- I'm alright.

Oh my God.

It is.

And she wrote me a letter.
I was married.

Wanted to know if I was the
natural father. I said yes.

'Do you want to keep in
contact with me?' I said yes.

My wife couldn't get on with her
so she went to South Australia.

I haven't heard
from me daughter in

about two years or more.

I think of her all the time,
wonder where the hell she is.

- Hey?
- Eighty-eight dollars?

Bit of beer money.

- Thank you, Canman.
- Thank you.

Oh, it's beautiful!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Stephanie

Wait wait wait wait, I
have to take a picture.

Where is this fuckin' girl? Is
she serving? What's she doing?

- Is it good?
- Yeah.

See you tomorrow.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight. See you.

Eight cans?


Well, this is where we live.

We have girls.

Open the door.

Open the door up.

- Here, ladies.
- No no no no no no.

I don't like spiders.

No. No!

- No, where's the spider?

- Come here.

- No!
- Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it!

Stop it, stop it, stop
it, stop it, stop it.

No, go away. It's
a fucking spider!

I'll catch it for ya.

- Stephie?
- Mmm?

You should look
after your friend?

My friend?

Well, it wasn't me
that invited him.

I invited myself.

Yeah I know.

At a housewarming party,
barbecue, pool party

at my friend's place.

Was it nicer than today?


But Stephie, this is
almost like Bali.

You're pretty sober
for a birthday girl.


Go on.



He's here.


- Huh
- That helps.



- Huh?
- Then me ex-girlfriend took it.

Oh yeah.

Took the lot. Car, everything.




Oh, right.

It's nice and
peaceful out here.


This is what I like doin',
comin' out and chillin' out.

Sounds good.

Yeah, I wouldn't go
swimming in there, but.

- No, it's pretty dirty.
- Yeah.

It's just all mud.

- There you go, mate.
- Thank you.

Thank you, I enjoyed today.

Thank you for taking me and
showing me these places.

See you.

See ya.

- Thank you.
- No worries.

They're backpackers, mate. They
get cracked onto by every man

so they're probably thinking,
'that's just someone else

crappin' onto 'em.

But it's just to get em out of
the pub and doin' something.

Seeing a bit of around here.

It'd be good if
something developed

but I'm not looking for it.

The company's good enough.

You must've made an impression.

- What's your name?
- Stephanie.


Go on, get shitfaced. I
wanna see you drunk.


But it takes a long, long time.

- Alright, we'll see.
- It does.

That sounds like a
drinking challenge.

My record's 86
cans in one night.

It's really empty today.

Yeah, so's my can.

Scream to her.

No, barmaids aren't dogs.

Yeah I know, but
people think that.

Yeah, no, well they're not.

There you go.

My ex, um...

slept with a lot of my friends
and a couple of my bosses.

We broke up.

We tried to get back together.
I just couldn't trust her.

And a relationship's
nothing without trust.

So we went our ways and

she remarried and

well she got married and

every time I've tried to see
me daughter, she disappears.

Been six years now since
I've seen me daughter.

When she was born she was
about thirty-two centimetres.

Laying on this hospital bed,
covered in all this equipment.

Tried to get her stable so they
could put her in the helicopter.

And they're saying that
if she dies on the way,

if she dies, she's
meant to die.

I knew that they were gonna
turn the machines off and

I went up there, thinking that I
was going to say my goodbyes.

Yeah, they said 'we don't
know what's going on, but...

your daughter's there
breathing for herself.'

But that's what made me realise

no matter what happens
in your life, mate

don't give up.

I have to stop crying.

And I'm really happy your
daughter is still alive and I...

She's coming back and
you're gonna find her.

It's all good, mate.

I have to stop crying.

I probably had to go
through all that shit

so I could help
other people out.

Since I've straightened
me life out

I've built ministry centres
for my sister's church

I've cooked for the homeless.

I've helped

hundreds of people through
drugs, just talkin' to em and

you know showin' em that there
is a future after drugs.

That's really amazing.

I don't fight, but

that New Year's I did.

Knocked three blokes out, left
one out cold on a railway line.

Punched one bloke
over a picnic table.

Another bloke

he got one punch in the
gut and collapsed.


Yeah I fuckin' king-hit him.

Anthony and I have been
planning the wedding.


Constant sexual
satisfaction is our aim.

Because there's two of
us and both of us...

Yeah, like this, strong.

I'll catch youse later, eh?


- See ya, bro.
- See ya.

He hasn't seen his daughter
in, what was it, six years?


He hopes that some day she
will come and find her Dad.

It costs 20,000 dollars

to get a private investigator
to try to find her.

- Did you see what we got today?
- Plastic bracelets from Canman.

There's something wrong
with these people.

And now we have to wear them.

If he sees that
we're wearing them

it probably makes
him really happy.

- But he won't even remember.
- Yeah he does.


- I'm gonna go to sleep.
- Don't fall asleep.

You are not sleeping
on the couch. Shh!

- Just go to bed.
- No, you're going home.

I don't have fuckin' keys. I've
lost my keys. Dave took em.

I don't fucking care.

- Don't be so harsh.
- You're not sleeping here.

I'm not sleeping anywhere near
you. I'm sleeping on the couch.

You're not sleeping here.

You're going home.

What are you gonna do about it?

Goodnight. Out.

- Cheerio, au revoir.
- Goodnight. Go.

What's that sad music?

I want to cry.

Yeah, I think that this town
has a bit of sadness to it.

I mean, people are...

I don't know if they're
depressed but they're sad.

No one wants to sit there and

look at them when

they feel sorry for themselves.

There's a lot of traffic today.

No one stays here,
but no wonder.

Who wants to stay here?

I think you should make it.

You should make a documentary


Can I have four
Zambuccas, please?

- Gotta have meat on her bones.
- They're Lina and Steph.

No, I don't give a fuck.

They're fuckin' new ones.

- Poor little things.
- Oh, not that old cockhead.

Fuckin' cunt of a thing. Oh!

Get fucked.

You have to put ice in it.

Go and ask her.

- Robin's got him under control.
- Oh yes.

Look out!

See, you don't need a
bouncer at the Denver City.

Fuck you. Fuck ya.

We're alright. Tell our
mothers we're alright.

- No, I can walk home. Fuck you.
- We're goin' up bush.

- We're goin'.
- Hey hey hey hey!

Hey, Sambucca time.

Oh no, we're back.

That's what I was gonna say

you know how you have
Good Friday off?

Do you wanna do something?


You, me, Dave and Steph.

- Camping. - Yeah, it's
like 70ks from here.

It's like the water
there and you got

barbecue, bathrooms and
you have fires and stuff.

Drink, play cards,

It's Easter. We can
only get Easter eggs.

It'll be funny.

- Who're you going with?
- I don't know.

- Are you going camping?
- Yeah.

No, we're going with Anthony and
Dave who works at the motel.

Spiders and snakes.

- The boys from the motel.
- Oh yeah.

And then our friend is
coming to visit us.

We'll text you the name where
you can get off the train.

Yeah, see you tomorrow.

Probably have to go camping
even if James isn't coming

because the boys are talking
about it all the time.

It's like to be on a double
date if it's just like

these two guys and me and Lina.

So it's good if James
is coming because

if we have to sleep in a tent

he's going to sleep
in the middle.

I mean, the guys are
really stupid if

they think that a
camping trip means

like gang bangs and

whatever. I don't know
what they're thinking but

they're really stupid if they
think a camping trip means that.

Meet us tomorrow morning
at half past five.

But it's after twelve
anyway, so...

- Yeah.
- We'll be right.

Nah, fuck that. I need
a good night's sleep.

Every night, like
we finish at seven.

They're going out in the
middle of the bush.

- With Dave from...
- Jamie.

- Dave, with
- Oh yeah. Okay.


Come and talk to me.

- You want a bit of rope?
- Yeah.

Tie it around and you
can tie the knot.

So nobody knows how to undo it.

What are we gonna
do with the rope?

Tie your legs together.


You're going out with
these deviants, mate.

Well fuckin' tie them up.

He's gettin' in between
your legs, mate.

That's just what I'm saying.

I'll give you some rope so
you can tie 'em together.

- Hey?
- No. No.

- It's all good?
- No worries.

All good.

I'm only trying to
look after you, mate.

Don't want you to go home to
fuckin' Finland with any babies.

Drinking games.

- Straight up the stairs, mate.
- Sweet.

- Hey!
- Hello.

- Ohh.
- Hello.


I was sure that you were not
going to get that train.

This is it?

This is it.

It's not open today.

No. Tomorrow.

James, James, James,
James, a surprise for you.

- What is it?
- You're welcome.

And that as well.
You're welcome.

- And Anthony, James.
- James, how are you man?

- You all right?
- Yeah, good.

But I haven't now. I
just got it back.

Oh, fuck me dead.

Well what the fuck
are we doing here?

I thought it was a nice place.

So we're gonna smash
some vodka Red Bulls.

Fucking one day
off with Stephie.

This is just what we
were dreaming of.

I've had enough of all the
drunks. Now I want to get drunk.

And he used to get
these hot chicks, eh.

Old MILFs that are
just like toey as.

He was banging this chick for
ages. She'd still pay him.

So he never did the pool? Just
come round and rooted her?

Oh, and maybe clean
the filter out.

He'd just smash her
for like three hours.

Good work if you can get it.


- Whoop?
- Whoop.

You have to bet whether
it will be in between

the five and the King.

- Oh yeah.
- Yeah.

And you can bet drinks.

So she's got three drinks
to choose who drinks them.

So you just skull
it like four times.

What if you start by saying
a card each, black or red.

This is when you
take your top off.

Girls don't have to
take clothes off.

I'm not playing.

- How do you play your game?
- Just fuckin' do it.

- Me?
- Drink.



- Drink!
- Oh I didn't do it, did I?

When he's sitting
down in the bar

he's always screaming to you.

Like, what the fuck? Fucking
idiots. You're fucking useless.

I hate him so much.

Pikey, he's blaming being single
because he doesn't have a car.

And that's not the
fucking reason.

He's like, 'hey bitch!'
Staring at my ass in the bar.

You haven't even got an arse.

- Stephanie's got an arse.
- Yeah, you don't have an arse.

You got no junk in the trunk.

Do you girls have boyfriends?

- Yeah, a lot of boyfriends.
- Yeah.

- So I'm your Welsh boyfriend?
- No you're not.

You're just a friend.

I should just go home now.

When you walk away from them
they're like whistling.

And they're like
screaming their,

I don't know, disgusting things.

What do you think of Australian
guys that you've met?

When they're not standing
behind the bar doing this,

ooh, ooh, ooh!

-When you live in a town where-
-Especially when full of miners.

- Then it is.
- Yeah, that's the thing.

You're here in Coolgardie.

Everyone we spoke to told
you how it was going to be.

And we have to live with
all the people that

has alcohol problems.

Drinking until they're drunk
enough so that we cut them off.

We're sending them home, they're
'well fuck off, fucking bitch.'

Have you cut me off?

- Yeah I have.
- Yeah.

I don't stress about it.

Just let it go. Don't listen
to them. Yeah, here's a drink.

'Give me the fuckin' money.'


Good morning, ladies.

- You feeling good?
- No.

Well you probably gonna
start feeling worse now.

Wakey wakey.

How are you, Stephie?

My head...

Bad blisters.

You know when you have done
something when you are drunk

and you wake up
the next morning.

You just feel like you
want to dig a hole

to yourself.

And I was so drunk so that I
couldn't understand anything.

I said they're stupid if they
think something's gonna happen.

Seven, eight, nine weeks left.

This guy said that we have to
stay here for three months

and that's like the deal.

But no longer.

We have to save money.

That's why we are here.

Okay. Righto. So you've
been here for four weeks.

- You should have noticed that.
- Okay.

When you're doin'
fuckin' nothin' all day

you should be learning
how to do this shit.

That's it, now move.
Come on, bring it to me!

- That's it.
- That's it. That's it.

They're only here for one
reason, they need the money.



These bastards have been here
for four fuckin' weeks, mate.

They stand around all
day doin' fuck all.

But they just don't seem to want
to be involved with anybody

apart from the Canman.

Well fuck them, mate. I
give them a fuckin' chance.

We went camping

and she got like big
blisters on her toes.

So after that she got
like really high fever.

They're really nice.

I have to go to the bar later.

After an hour.

So Stephie can eat.

Then I'm going back to bed.

Good evening. How're you
going, madam? Very sick.

Do you want anything to eat?

Yeah, I have to eat, so, yeah.

- Okay.
- I'm coming down.

- That's a yes.
- Yes.

Okay. No worries.

- Alright?
- Yeah.

You're really sick.

Not enough chocolates.

Who's that?

People can't just come up here.




We don't usually have our
customers on our couch.


- I do.
- That's nice.


Are you staying here?




Oh God damn it.



Have fun.

- Huh?
- What?





I went to the medical
centre this morning

to get some antibiotics

and I have to go back to the
centre in a couple of hours.

Hopefully getting better
soon, because I can't work.

I have an infection, around
my lungs or something.


- Um...
- Stay away from me.

They're sending me to the
hospital now but I don't know

when I'm getting back.

- You don't know which?
- When I'm getting back.

Oh well, we'll sort that out.

You gotta get better first.
That's the main thing.

What was your name?

- Gina.
- Lina.

Lina's in hospital and here are
people who could take me but

99 percent of them Lina don't
want to see right now.

I know she don't want to see
Pikey and he offered the lift.

She don't want to see Anthony.

And I know she don't
want to see Jamie.

And... yeah. So...

Gotta talk to you, Steph.


This is going to be
your last shift today.

Got the horrible job of telling
you. Dunno why they asked me.

But Peter, ah, as you
know he's the man.


And he's not happy with you.
Doesn't think you're suited.


I don't think you want to
be here anyway, do you?

- Yeah.
- Hey?

But like I said, they've given
me the job to tell you which is

I don't like anyone
losing your job, but...

I don't think you're really
suited to it either.

You know, you just seem
like you're not interested.


But ah... so...

- Talk to Tony and Leone.
- Yeah.

'Cause they're going back
to Perth next Tuesday.

So whether you want
to stay until then.

And then give you a
lift back to Perth

or wait and see what
happens to Lina.


- So alright?
- Yeah.

- Sorry, but that's...
- Well, what's there to do?

Like I say, it's
Peter's decision,

and he's the man who
pays the bills, so...


So I just hope everything works
out alright for you and Lina.

Sorry mate.

We going to the
hospital, are we?

Can you put the car on so
I can open the window?


No, Mum!

Mum, it's fuckin'...

Yeah, it was a pretty
short conversation.

24th of July.


- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It was nice to meet you.

That's alright.

- See ya.
- See ya.

- Look after yourself.
- Thank you.

And what I need is two
to take their place

probably about 25, 26.

Have you got anybody there?

- Hi.
- Hello girls, how're you going?

- Hello, good thank you.
- Have a seat.

I do think you two

could be a good fit for
some country pub work.

Now the one that I would have
in mind for the two of you

is actually in Coolgardie,
which is a mining area.

As long as you're
up for something

that's a bit different.

It's a relatively small town.

It's got a petrol station,
roadhouse, a couple of shops.

So we're here in Perth.

Kalgoorlie's here and
then Coolgardie is here.

So it's not going to be...

You know, it's not Perth.