Hotel Brothers (2020) - full transcript

2 Canadian brothers travel to Nicaragua in 2008 with only $1000 and backpacks. During many set backs, the brothers build the worlds first action sports resort, and then proceed to build the largest resort in the country.

they were willing to sleep in a tent in
the jungle to build an action sports resort

and that's what they did

so yeah it all started in 2008 my
brother Travis and I were living at our

parents house at the time
and one day we bought some beers and we

had a meeting in the hot tub
about what we wanted to do with the rest

of our lives so that night we did a
quick google research

we looked up cheap land for sale around
the world and nicaragua came up

we booked two tickets to nicaragua that

and two weeks later we flew down
here we are in nicaragua we spent the

first two weeks
partying meeting people, we had one goal

on this trip which was to either look
for land or buy some land

we met a guy just walking down the
street and

said he had some property for sale and
it had a well and a jungle in the back

we said hey look man we only have a
thousand dollars, we went to the atm

we took out a thousand dollars we gave it
to him we signed a little

contract then we flew back to Canada. For
the next year we

got jobs at a gas station we came up
with the business plan

we wanted to build the first action
sports resort in the world

but we didn't have any money and we
didn't know where to start

so, during the one year in Canada
that we were working we also posted

online looking for investors.
I first met Lucas and Travis through a

mutual friend that had kind of set us up
to talk about some business ventures

when we got together
i wasn't too sure what to expect,

these young guys came through the door
they're like 20, 22.

they were probably doubling on a bicycle
and they had some drawings in their back pocket

and they were asking me to invest
in them

so we went from there and we talked
about it and we had some similar ideas

and we thought yeah we could probably
make this work, once I looked at them and

I knew
that they had the drive in them that

they could do it that's something that
you're basically born with

so after the one year was up and we
found an investor we went down to Nicaragua

and we started building.

once we got there and we started discussing what was going to happen and what was

going to transpire and started
collaborating these ideas

they just started to flow and and we had
the exact same idea of what we wanted to

do and same goals
to build one of the first action sports

resorts in central america.
actually in the world. So here we are in

nicaragua we bought some
five dollar bicycles some machetes

and every day we would bike from san
juan del sur

out to the property which is about three
kilometers away

and we would just start clearing the
land with machetes every day until we

realized it's only like five dollars to
hire somebody to do it so we started

doing that while we worked on the
paintball field in the back

but we found a crew of workers so we
started building our first little house

it had a zinc roof big gaps between the
walls and the roof. There were bugs everywhere

had one fan, yeah it sucked but we were
starting from the ground up building our dream

one day we bought a baby pit bull

we named him buddy
we built a mini ramp so we'd skate the

mini ramp every single day

the mini ramp is only fun for so long so
we started building the skateboard park

what's up, Bud!

This is how we do it at the Surf Ranch!

so the first time i went to the Surf
Ranch was

February 2011 i was on one of Chico

Nicaragua trips, he likes to take a
bunch of pros

back to his home state kind of show them
what the country's like show them where

he grew up
and that you can skate there and

what a cool country it is
and i'd been in touch with Travis and

Lucas through a friend of mine
in orange county and i don't think Chico

knew him but we were going down to san
juan del sur

anyways and i'd been in touch with them
and i was like let's check out these

guys are opening this surf ranch skate resort it's gonna have a skatepark

I met you know luke and uh
travis and i was like yeah we we have

you know this is we're gonna build a
skate park over here and we're gonna

you know make it skateable and
everything and the first thing I

remember that they had was like this
manual pad right here that's behind me

and that's what we skated and you know
they let us borrow a few surfboards and

everything and we hit the beach and
when we came back we were skating the

manual pad, and that was like the
first thing

that was built pretty much here you know
we pulled up there's actually before we

could even get there we had to cross
kind of like this little river that a

lot of us got out of the um
van, van made it across but it was funny

to shoot photos of that it's me Chico

Kenny Anderson, Luis Tolentino, Danny Montoya, Rob G

Mark Stewart was filming John Coltart
was another photographer

and i remember like us driving through
the jungle

you know there was nothing there we came
across the river and

you know we had to drive through the
river to get to the other side

and i was like oh that's crazy and then
that's when we approached lucas and

travis's spot.
At first sight you know it wasn't much

you know it was like a small little
house and

small manipad and run up so we pulled up
and it was literally they had a slab of

concrete poured and a manual pad and that was it

but you could skate it and it was metal
edge too so we got clips of kenny and

chico skating it
lucas and travis had their house they

lived in and there was maybe
one bungalow that they had started to

build but it wasn't finished yet
and other than that it was just a field

with kind of like jungle trees
beyond it and then and they had it all

mapped out they're like these are gonna
be bungalows here

there's gonna be paintball back there um
you know swimming pool, rock climbing

wall and it sounded like a rad idea but
they had a ton of work ahead of them

you know i was like wow these guys are
taking a major undertaking

but uh you know a great place to do it
like right near the beach in

near san juan del sur in Nica. Travelling down the river

okay river crossing time, with four

two by fours this is what we do every
day ten times a day

okay hold on

take a little left turn, this is how we

can go this way
this is how we get to our house, ok go!

at this point we were running out of
money so we needed to figure out how to

make more money
one day i bought this internet stick

i was in the little house sitting on a
bucket and i had my laptop on this

wooden desk
and i started playing online poker

my brother came in
he had two girls with them they wanted

me to go party with them and i was like
no no i'm gonna play online poker

this tournament lasted for about 16

and i ended up going to the the beach
during that day

in the morning and i came back at around
six o'clock he was still on his computer

and he said he's he was up and
i ended up winning like four thousand

dollars that was the money we used to
buy paintball guns

we had them shipped down to the property
and we opened up the paintball course

a video

we first met luke and travis in granada
when we were at

a hostel called the bearded monkey
we ended up having a few drinks with

them that night
and we were out on one of the main

and one of the guys we were with saw

somebody steal a camera right off the

across from us from another tourist and
the guys actually ended up running and

down this guy caught him and

got this girl's camera back so that was
kind of our funny story for

how we met them we ended up going to san

a few days later and who was there
again we ran into luke and travis

and at that time we're staying in a

in san juan a few days later all of a
sudden we had

bought a mattress and we were living in
luke and travis's unfinished house on

the floor in their kitchen because it
was a one bedroom house and

luke and travis were living or sleeping

the one bedroom and then we were

sleeping in the kitchen of their
unfinished house

we i guess thought that was a great idea
at the time

all four of us were outside
having a barbecue kind of in and out of

the house
and all of a sudden all four of us went

into the house for
one reason or the other and i remember

turning around
and these three guys

in bella clavas all walked in
to the house and two of them had knives

and one of them had a gun and
right away luke was in the kitchen and

he says
we're getting robbed being the only girl

there was a kind of a few other thoughts
going through my mind at the time

and i remember i didn't want to go
towards the bedroom because that just

kind of meant danger for me so i was
almost relieved actually when they kept

with the boys and we all went down

like face down in the kitchen head like
hands behind our head and

they're pointing the gun at us and
someone just keeps saying

dinero, dinero, dinero, they just didn't
believe us

so then they just started digging
through all of our stuff

while the one guy kind of sat over top
of us with the gun pointed

to all of our heads while we were face
down in the kitchen

so they took our camera i remember they
came over to me

and i had a couple silver rings on my
fingers and they took

took the rings right off my fingers they

everything down to the electric shaver
that the boys

had in the bathroom and then one by one
they put us all into the shower

of this bathroom and then
so we're all four of us huddled up in

the shower
and they with the guns still pointed at

our heads and they
throw a blanket over our heads and we're

all kind of sitting there under this

nobody's saying anything and
um and then they leave

and we're like okay like when
when can we like when can we get up so

i don't remember how long we ended up
sitting there

for um because they didn't have a car
like we believe that they came on foot

so we couldn't really hear if
if they were still there so we probably

sat maybe
10 minutes until we figured out that

they were gone
and so we're all kind of a little worked

up by this point
and luke and travis

for some reason jump in the car and
they go we need to we need to find them

so they jump in the truck and they're
driving up and down the road trying to

find these three people
and they never obviously they never did

find them
so we went to the police the next day

and nothing ever really came of it
and like that was uh that was the end of

stay in nicaragua i think we packed up

our stuff and left it was the next day

the day after that and continued on down
south um

down to costa rica. The next day we
rented a hotel

in the capital city and then a day after
we flew back to canada

because we were too scared

so we went back to canada and back to
our parents house

we had to get jobs again. So this park

flooded all the trees fell down
check it out

500 dollar fine, do not pass if we get busted, pay 500 bucks

we are passing.

after three months of working at the car

auction cleaning cars we're like yeah
i don't want to do this anymore and we

can't let these kids that robbed us ruin
our dream

so we said you know what let's go back
to nicaragua

and finish what we started

so here we are back in nicaragua and
this time we came full

force every day we work on the property
and we started building the rest of the

the standard rooms the villas we

finished up the skateboard park
one of the workers grabbed our

skateboards and they drew
penises on his face, and he skated around the skatepark

first try ready, first try ever

Ready for this....

If I was a backpacker, I would stay here.

why would you stay here?

because it's amazing!

because you got Marvin doing 360s


there's the surf ranch for you

we also bought this big giant airbag from china. Once we got the airbag

we wanted to jump off of it and there
was no tower so we put a ladder up to it

and i
climbed up on the top and jumped off the

ladder the ladder
kicked out and hit the truck but i

managed to jump onto the airbag
so it works. We turned our old water

tower into
a tower that you can jump off of into

the airbag

my dad was the first one to jump off of
it and he did a belly flop first try

and after my dad did it everyone else
wanted to do it so

one day we had this big event we just

everybody from all the hostels in town
and it was crazy

so after we had the airbag competition
we started focusing on

finishing the skatepark

just finished the rest of the units we
finished the villas the standard rooms

the deluxe condos we've finished the

the restaurant

it needs some wax

there we go, wax the down ledge as well.

Just a little bit.

all these people that we knew in town we
had them

come out and we had a pool party one day
we hired everybody that we knew and we

opened up

if you're planning ahead and looking for
some hot destinations we've invited

lifestyle bloggers sasha devoetz to the

okay now this was an article that you
were just mentioning to me in the

commercial break that you wrote about
nicaragua and it

really picked up uh yeah it just went
huge and i think one of the reasons for

that is that there's this
misrepresentation around nicaragua that

it's a dangerous place
but actually that is in the past for

them now
there's a really great resort owned by

two canadians
from kelowna and it's the Surf Ranch Hotel

and Resort, and it has everything from
skateboard parks to yoga

to hanging out by the pool and
accommodations you know one of the

reasons that my article went so viral
is because so many people have visited

there and they wanted other people to
know how special that place was right

yeah okay cool

so we just lost the drone into the
jungle we gotta go find it

i got to download the map, it's like...
i think it's over there in the bushes

up top
on the other side of the road? yeah

alright, lets go find it. okay.

time is against us, we gotta

find it before someone else finds it

that's the last known location. In this field?

ya 150 feet in there.

we have to get in there somehow?

with all the chickens? so we asked the

neighbors where it was they said they
saw it

and then after they said no no we don't
know where it is

so we're going to jump the fence. So we
got close enough to see

where we are and it looks like it
crashed right inside some bushes

and these guys over here looking for it
let's go find it

when i looked at them i saw two kids
that you know they had it together and

they had goals and dreams
and they were willing to do whatever it

took to put it together and that's
something that

not everybody has in them how many
people are willing to go live in a tent

in the jungle and focus on a dream for
five years

that most people are going to tell them
that isn't going to happen

I first heard of Surf Ranch
through a buddy i worked with at an

outdoor store back home in tennessee
he told me he was like an investor and

something down there
and that we should go and i was like you

know what i got some free time
no worries so we went down there for

probably close to two weeks or something
like that and it was amazing i was

i'd never been there before and just
being able to go down there and surf in

a new spot and just see a different
country and

um it was special to me it's something
that i think about all the time when i

first met
luke and travis it was awesome i think i

met him that day that i got there
and we all got to hang and then i think

immediately we started
planning a little surf mission to Popoyo

I found the website through someone's

recommendation found the package that
was available through the surf ranch

my wife and i were both overseas at the

and we were looking for a cool little
vacation a cool little

uh adventure thing to do instead of just
sitting at

a regular hotel and drinking pina
coladas kind of place

by the time it was all said and done we
had talked to lucas and travis enough

about the surf ranch and their plans

that we just ended up investing
in the initial location in san juan del sur

buying two of the units.

It didn't really

feel like we accomplished
anything until we had our first big

party with a group called free and easy
from canada

there's about 300 to 400 people and that

i was like okay, like we, we did it
we did it

Tits out for the boys...tits out for the boys.

Tits out for the boys...tits out for the boys.

Tits out for the boys...tits out for the boys.

Tits out for the boys...tits out for the boys.

So, after we opened, the name got pretty big.

and we continued our business relationship with Chico Brenes

who brought professional skateboarders

originally, so at this point we were
flying down pros three times a year

and we teamed up with chico
to start the first skateboard camp in

central america
the first time i heard about the Surf Ranch

was from a fellow skateboarder of

named chico brenes he had been talking
about the surf ranch for a long time so

we went there and
and i really had no um no expectations

all i knew is that it was you know kind
of like a beach town and and

uh i was super excited and then when we
got there

it was just like it blew my mind like
what they did with the property and

how everything was set up with the skate

and they had a rock climbing wall
and a pool and a swim up bar and

it was just it was unbelievable it was
it was amazing

so the first time
i heard about the surf ranch was

through chico so when uh jose
rojo told me that he was going to

nicaragua with chico because chico would
always go down every

i think he probably still does he goes
down every year i guess to do these

things he just had
one um he brings a couple dudes down

and we go they go skating and go to the

surf ranch i told him i was i'm in
i wanted to go because i've never been

to nicaragua before
and you know i'm always down for a new

place so
uh when i hit cheeks up he was like yeah

absolutely so
i was in my name is chico brenes i was

born here in nicaragua
i left uh to the united states in 1985

it was like during the whole revolution
and during the war that was happening

you know i remember
i was living in uh in the capital in Managua

with my aunts and everybody and i
was going to school over there when

everything was going on
and they were recruiting like small

kids to go fight you know and i was 10
years old at the time but i was a little

bit taller
so my mom got scared that they were

gonna just recruit me and take me so she
was like

you know let's go to the states so over
the years we stayed in touch via email

and they would send me
updates on how the ranch was coming

along and then when it finally opened
and uh you know i plugged it for them on

transworld because
i thought it looked rad and like who

wouldn't want to go to
nicaragua on vacation to skate and surf

but in the photos they would email me i
couldn't believe it was the same place

it looked amazing
and they said you know we're gonna be

doing uh these skate camps with chico
and his shop Central

the first skate camp that we did at the
surf ranch was in 2013

you know and they already had the park
and everything like set up and

everything so we did a demo for the kids
we had a contest for the kids you know

the first one that we did it was good
like a lot of people showed up

I was surprised of all the people that came
out of like everywhere

even from you know neighboring countries
like Costa Rica, El Salvador people just

came out of the woodworks right
it was crazy and i was like whoa man you

know maybe
this could work we started bringing you

know pros and all kinds of people and
doing demos for the kids and everything

we brought over 30 professionals here to

gift from the from the gods.


we skated with the different skate
campers that were there, skated the park

pretty much every night in the evening
when it cooled off

honestly the trip that we took to
nicaragua it being my first time like

it was the best it was probably one of
my favorite trips i've ever been on and

i've been a
pro skateboarder for going on 20 years.

Yeah the surf ranch was rad
nice dudes i'd definitely go back

I can't speak highly enough
of Lucas and Travis because what they

did with the property and
and just how the hospitality and

everybody that worked there was just so
kind and so just

it was just amazing i mean i would
recommend this place to

anybody, anybody

and sure enough man, it looked as good as it did

in the emails and photos it was insane
it's just they have the pool

and the bar and uh the rock wall super
nice apartments with

air conditioning the skate park is super

like bungalows with rooftops you can
hang out on everyone that worked there

was cool
good food they'll take you into town

they'll take you to the different
beaches to surf

it's insane it's really impressive.

After the skate camp

a big group of white water rafters
booked out the whole resort

and we ended up partying with them one
of the people

in this group was Melinda Clarke, an
actress from Hollywood

and our friend from Canada, Tom, he was
down here at the time

yeah we just got along really well and

actually invited us to her wedding in

so our friend Tom, my brother and I, we
said yeah let's go to California we've

never been before so
let's go check it out

we rented a red Camaro and drove down
to Dana point

we could of took that train all the way back!

made the journey to be here with them
especially on this most gorgeous day

her parents live one mile up the beach
in a beautiful home

my better self my good angel
I am bound to you.

after going to california and seeing all
these huge resorts

and nice houses we kind of got the
inspiration to go back

and build the biggest resort in
nicaragua we talked to our investors at

the first resort to see if anybody was
interested in helping us buy the land

so after
we decided to invest in the first place

we saw that they were trying to branch
out and kind of create a real brand for

and that once again just the whole

kindred spirit we were just like man
that's really cool so now they're

they're not just focusing on this one resort,
they're trying to have multiple

locations and really make it a uh
maybe not global but at least a regional

brand and we're just like well that's
really cool you know and just

investing in that whole area gathering
more land

more resorts all that kind of stuff we
we went ahead and we did all of that

in hopes that obviously one day it'll
be a giant brand and we'll be

super successful, I will say one thing
about that the it's funny because you

know you always have these people who
in your life who they

they don't have the vision so with that
lack of vision they're just like i can't

believe you do that it's so
it's so crazy and maybe it is a little

bit crazy but then
you know who's ever gotten anything done

by playing it safe
you know being risk takers is

really what
has separated those who are successful

from those who just kind of
follow the curve and just kind of go

with the flow so we
kind of think the idea of being movers

and shakers
is kind of cool and that's why we have

done what we've done
we decided to invest in the land because

i mean first of all who doesn't want to
invest in a beautiful country

um on a giant 25 acre piece of property
overlooking the pacific ocean

I mean just just on paper alone it's
like a dream come true

and the fact that it was it was even
more untouched than

san juan del sur location there was just
so much potential there is so much

potential in that area
and driving around and seeing

seeing what it is now or what it was
a few years ago and being able to

picture what it can become in the future
is extremely exciting

so this is the land, just put the down
deposit on it

it's got a 180 degree view of the ocean

and it's sick. I'm standing up on
the top area there's the truck down there

this is where all the condos are going

to go all around here we bought
25 acres out in Popoyo, we made a design

and we started building this house

pretty much after that we sold the
second house we started building that as well.

we're building the first two houses in

we're almost halfway check it out, I
can't wait until this is done man it's

gonna be sick

we sold the third house and then we sold
the fourth house

the year is 2015 and we're building our
second resort

Surf Ranch Popoyo, check it out!

we're heading out to Popoyo, check on the

they're building the the gypsum on the
ceiling and also putting on the roof

on house one, we have a couple of guys
building uh the third lot

there's about five machines out there so
we're gonna go check up on those guys

and see how everything's going

so how do you fly that thing


uhhh, it's still good, still good

oh it's gonna be good footage

We're standing on house one, over here is house two

and right now we're building house three

well this is the master

Let's see if these all work.

open it up good to go

come on there guys i'll show you around

come on to the master bedroom here, there
you have your master bed

Let's check out this

come on out let's check out the pool

bam! three houses down

I'm driving from san juan del sur out to

I got some materials in the back

some brooms,
nails, wire, so i got to drop it off

because the guys ran out of materials
we've got to make sure everyone has

everything they need
we had all four houses sold and we were

finishing them up we were building them
and we were almost done

but when everything seems to be going
good bad things happen

one day we were driving out to Popoyo,
and there's a huge fire on the hill

making its way down towards the houses
so that was kind of the first sign

of bad things to come a few days after

we went to Managua

and Travis and i were getting lunch at
hard rock cafe, we were sitting outside

on the patio
and then all of a sudden....

the roof caved in!

This just collapsed over me and Luke.

within a second we jumped
it was just reflexes, we made it but it

still hit us it cut us up a bit
so at that point we were like okay

bad things are coming and shortly after
that what happened with travis's truck

so i bought a brand new truck it was a
ford ranger 2017.

One day i was driving to managua
and the gas throttle was just stuck

and i looked behind me in my rear mirror
and there was smoke everywhere

this guy just happens to pull over
suddenly the whole truck

is engulfed in smoke! so he's not hot
dogging it? this is like the gas has gotten

stuck down or something that's correct
according to the poster

he said that he was driving along when
suddenly he says the accelerator

stuck that's when he pulled over was
able to put it in park

set the emergency brake and get out but
you can hear the thing revving like crazy

and the smoke that you're seeing
isn't coming from the tires it's coming

from something that's called
diesel engine runaway things like this

typically don't happen anymore but

what's gone wrong is some sort of engine
fuel mixture

and is revving the engine out of control
according to some things i read on the

internet just turning the car off
doesn't stop the engine

basically what you have to do is smother
the engine co2 fire extinguishers can

take away the
oxygen from the engine and that can

sometimes get the engine to cut out
or what i believe to happen in this case

is it just burns itself
out eventually that revving stops and

the smoke clears do you replace the
whole engine or do you need a whole new

car i think it's a brand new car you
take that right back to the dealership

and say we've got an issue
i didn't know if the truck was going to

blow up or not my girlfriend
and i were in the truck and so i pulled

over to the side
i tried to turn the ignition off but it

just kept smoking and the smoke started
entering the vehicle so we both got out

and just
she ran forwards and i ran backwards and

i ended up filming the whole thing

The civil war in 2018 broke out,

we already had
tickets booked to go to Japan.

In order to get to Japan we had a drive to
the Managua airport, they would build

these roadblocks
there were guys on the street writing all

over our windows
tires were burning everywhere all the

roads were blocked so we had to
go through the jungles all the way to


It was crazy!

I got to Managua first. I was

in my hotel and just outside the hotel
there's this like big flower statues

that the government built and everybody was

tearing them down there's probably like
200 to 300 people

and they were sawing this big statue
down so i was in my hotel room i was

filming the whole thing by the time i
got downstairs people were jumping on it

so we went across the road to this
little pub

it was pretty full people were drinking
so we started drinking and

i see on the tv behind my brother
i see the statue falling repeatedly over

and over
and then i look closely and there's a

guy running
the statue fell on him and killed them

the next day we flew out to Japan

walking the back streets in Japan

what did we find here?

it was pretty fun in japan we got to
explore a new culture

and get some ideas for our future hotels
so our two-week trip was up and we had

to fly back to Nicaragua but at this point

the whole country was
crazy so we couldn't fly back to

nicaragua we had to
divert our flight to costa rica and here

i am again
for the fourth time since the regime's

crackdown on the nicaraguan people began
on april 18th because i believe that it

is vital
now more than ever for the united states

to support
the people of nicaragua in its fight to

democratic order

We flew to Costa Rica

with just our backpacks on
same feeling as when we went to

Nicaragua for the first time.

we didn't know that we were gonna be
stuck in costa rica for the next

six months so during that time we had an

to build an automated hotel so we spent
the first few months in

tamarindo costa rica trying to find a
lease on a hotel

that maybe we could renovate and open up
we found a good deal on this hotel it

was a seven
unit apartment building with a

restaurant that was attached to it
so we bought it and we started renovating.

so with both the restaurant and the
hotel combined

Surf Ranch has become very popular we
were full every single day

Travis's friend that he met back in
Canada he invited him down

to do a promotional commercial for the

he came down and yeah he filmed the

and a bunch of activities that we offer

and just their family is just such a um
such a they just have such a warm vibe

and such a
welcoming vibe and we stay i don't

remember one night we stayed up with
them until

i don't remember late but it was just so
cool to see

that family vibe and it translates into
the way that they run their

hotel it's just such a welcoming place
and then Nicaragua got better

and people started traveling back to

so now that we had the first resort in
san juan del sur which we opened up again.

we had the surf ranch in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Now it's time to go back to Nicaragua

and finish
Surf Ranch Popoyo.

well since it was rainy season too a lot
of houses were being flooded

a lot of people didn't have work, less
tourism now

so before we opened up we decided to
give back to the community, go hand

deliver food to all the houses in the

and just help people out

once we felt comfortable we opened up
the resorts again

and we started building in Popoyo, it's
time to

start on the apartment complex and one
of the largest buildings on

the coast of Nicaragua.

Welcome to the surf ranch
I'm at the Popoyo site and we're about

to begin construction on the apartments
so as you can see behind me there's

nothing here whole resort
it's nothing

so the apartment's going to go right

and then over here the pool
yeah it's gonna be cool man looking back

at this when everything's done

we started the same process as we did with

the houses got the machineries there
leveled up the whole area built the foundation

I am standing on top of the world man, this is going to be the Condos.

right now it's just all dirt.

Ride em Cowboy!

I'm out here in Popoyo, we just finished
the the lots for the apartment it's

gonna be 180 feet
long by 60 feet wide

yeah it looks like they did a good job.
It's gonna be 18 units

yeah it's looking good because right
behind me you can see the lot,

it's pretty big
so we have a lot of work ahead of us so

once you enter the reception you come up
the stairs and then you enter the

apartments which are gonna be right
behind me

so everything at the resort's gonna have
ocean view

and uh yeah it's like feels like you're
on top of the world

should I fly it across here, or go high, then fly it this way?

Travis just flew the drone, crashed it.

two thousand dollars down the drain
gotta find it now

GoPro smashed, this doesn't move.

It's on its last life.

we have four houses done we're just
about to start on uh

put the walls up on the apartment so as
you can see right now

you see all the blocks we have they're
making progress

yeah here check it out

we started building the apartment
complex same idea as kind of what we did

in san juan del sur we would sell the units

online to people
on Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, one by one

we sold them and we used that money to

build the apartment complex

you know what if it was any bigger i
could hang onto here and you could lift me up.

It's kind of crazy to see that this used to be...

all dirt when we first came and scouted

out the
property and now we have it up

three-story building, all right so
we've done one of the units one of the

apartment units
and today we're just gonna start

furnishing it up
let's check it out

looking back onto it how this all

where it was just an idea in a hot tub

of getting out of our comfort zone

it's definitely a place i would go back
to like every year you know

depending on the season you could go
when it's surf, surf season skate and surf.

You could go
when it's winter here so you're just

chilling in the warmth
i mean i recommend it to anybody that i

you know know or
ask about nicaragua because i mean i

i can't wait to go back there, i'll go
back there in a heartbeat

yeah it's just some really amazing
memories and

it's just amazing to see what you know
luke and travis have done

and it just feels like an amazing surf
trip every time you go there so yeah i

can't wait to get back down

Did you get the video? Ya dude it was awesome.

so what do you want to do now?

film the next one! alright let's go.