Hotel Berlin (1945) - full transcript

Near the end of WW II, a member of the German underground (Martin Richter) escapes from the Gestapo and takes shelter at Hotel Berlin, where he meets Lisa Dorn, a sleek actress involved with General von Dahnwitz, who is also trying to leave Germany. The hotel is a hotbed of Nazis, refugees, spies and ordinary Germans trying to survive inevitable defeat without getting too involved.


Herr Klibert...

Fraulein Lisa Dorn has
returned from the theater?

No, Herr General von Danwitz.

Don't tell her I'm here.
I want to make a surprise.

Of course.

I beg your pardon, sir...

I do not think that...

Where is Martin Richter?

Someday Martin Richter
will ask you where I am!

Answer the question!

Everyone in the bomb shelter, faster!

Can i please
Thank you very much.

Why we do not recognize that broken,

and do not end this horror?

We get no more than
what we deserve.

Yes, that's what we need.

This is exactly what we need.

Such defeatist talk is
dangerous, Professor Koenig.

Your truth, sir.

But that's what we need.

Good evening, Baron von Stetten.

All is ready.

Can we leave within 24 hours?

- Of course, Your Excellency.
- Good.

- Sit down.
- Thank.

Drink brandy.

Have you ever gone on
a submarine before?

No, Your Excellency.

If you let me ask -
where are we going?

To our friends in America.

In America?

But I hope this time we will
not make the same mistake.

No more German American Bund.

No people like Fritz Kuhn...

No no...

This time we will be anti-Nazis.

Unhappy refugees
escaped from Germany.

We will hang the blame for the war
on Hitler, Himmler, Goering...


Do not worry! The emergency
lighting system will now turn on.

People will sympathize with us...

I wish I could develop
a serum of sympathy.

Funny is not it?

Americans easily forget insults.

We will spread rumors to
sow discord and distrust.

They will not be United for long.

- They already stagger.
- Of course. Victory will destroy them.

People who are sent with us -
their documents are ready?

Yes, Your Excellency.
All your instructions are complete.

All of them are ready,
except for Professor Koenig.

If it's important for us to go,
maybe you should talk to him.

But I am afraid there will
be little benefit from him.

I'll talk to him.

- Do we have a lot of foreign currency?
- Yes, Your Excellency.

Himmler handed over to address
Commissioner Helm for this.

I'll go talk to him.

- Wait for me here.
- Yes, sir.

Glad to see you.

How are you, Danvitz?

Not bad.

I have a toothache, but it seems that all
the dentists were sent to the front.

Dr. Witke is an excellent specialist.

Say that you are from me.

Thank you, commissioner Helm.

I will say.

See you.

To recommend the dentist von Danwitz...

Did you give him an order
to commit suicide?

No, I have to get
something for the job.

When are you leaving?


Von Bülow told me that
you have an order...

provide us with the necessary funds.


I think I'll start with my
friend, the Gauleiter Plottke.

He is a goldmine.

Hi, Plottke, honey.

How do you like my new hairstyle, baby?

This is not the time or place
to talk to you about it.

When will I get those beautiful
shoes that you promised me?

I do not remember that I
promised you anything at all.

But, baby, you promised!

If you worked in a factory
like all German patriots,

you would not need beautiful shoes.

It seems that when you promised them to me,
you considered me to be a sufficient patriot.


Do you still need shoes?

There is nothing left of these.

I know where you can get a
couple for a pound of coffee.


For a pound of coffee, I can
buy an un-bombed house!

For an unbroken house, you
can buy a pair of shoes.

Two beers, Kurt.

- Kurt!
- Yes, Fritz?

Where is Martin Richter?

In the basement, in the pit of the elevator shaft.



It's all right, Richter.

Everything is good.
Kurt told me that you are here.

Come with me.

Sorry, no places, no
places and never will be.

I did everything I could!

I can not accept anyone who has nowhere
to go. Now everyone has nowhere to go!

Why can I not reach
Potsdam Station?

Perhaps because he is no more!

Is there a telegram for me?

No, no, Dr. Dorn.

Room with bathroom.
And do not tell me that there is no hot water.

Hot water is available every
Saturday, but there are no rooms.

I'm Major Otto Cauders.

I have a leave for a
day, and I need a room!

Yes, Herr Major.

- I need a room with a bathroom!
- I'll see what i can do.

Let me bind you, sir...
Your bandages slide off.

Dorn, medical battalion
of the fiftieth regiment.

In the last war.

Now I am a local doctor.

It's nothing.

Oh well.

Major, you look a
little excited...

You do not need a sleeping pill or
something else to help you relax?


Give me something
to keep me awake.

These 24 hours I want to live,

and not to sleep.

Come back to my office later.

I managed to redistribute the reservation.

I have a room for you with a bath!

- Sweeties!
- Tilly!

Oh, look who's
back from the war!

- Baby, how is life?
- Tilly, dear, how glad I am to see you!

- You can not forget me?
- Forget you?

As soon as I found out that they would give me a
dismissal, I did not think about anyone else.

Last time we had so much fun...

Listen, Tilly, are you still
on duty at the hotel?

Of course!

Come on, let's leave this
place without drinking!

There are a lot of drinks...

Put it on.

I, the waiter?

This hotel has so many waiters
that no one will notice you.

- Here is some food.
- Thank.

Are you not hurt?

- Not.
- Good.

Tell me, how can I
find Professor Koenig?

I would not rely too much
on Professor Koenig.

- Why?
- Because he is dangerous.

But when he left Dachau,
he told me to turn to him.

Forget it, Richter.

You need to be careful.

We don't have many doctors left.

We really need you!


There is a washbasin in this room.

Clean up. I will come to
you as soon as I can.


What a nice surprise!
When did you arrive?

Just before the raid.
I was worried about you.

It was an exciting adventure!

I stayed on the stage of the theater
all the raid - and no one left!

Can you imagine? In life,
never felt better!

- They love me, Arnim.
- Everybody loves you.

But... what are you doing in Berlin?

I was ordered to return.

Ordered to return?

But that means you'll
stay here for a while!

This is wonderful, Arnim!

Who is this beautiful girl?

There is one?
This is Lisa Dorn.


I would like to meet her.

She won't even look at you, baby.
She likes old men.

I'm sorry.

Major Cowders, sir.

Fighter squadron of
Hermann Goering.

General von Bock asked
me to say hello to you.

Sorry sir, I had the honor
of flying with your son.

He was my follower.

My condolences, sir.
He was a good pilot.

He was doing his duty.

This is Major Cauders.

- Fraulein Eliza Dorn.
- I'm flattered.

It is always nice to meet
one of our fighters.

I'm glad to see you.
You look good as ever.

It's just wonderful that you came.
You have not been so long.

Yes, more than two months.

I forgot this elevator is not working.

This place is falling apart.

And who is engaged in
war while you are here?

Little corporal with great intuition.

And you?
Who cares about you?

Oh, Arnim, I worry about you so much...

Not worth it. Everyone knows that
the generals are dying in bed.

Fraulein Dorn, will you allow me to
abduct your general for a while?

- To kidnap me, Stetten?
“I need to talk to you, Danwitz.”

- It can wait?
- Not. Sorry, can not.


- I'll call you as soon as we finish.
- Good.

I still need to learn the role.

Tomorrow we rehearse "The
Merchant of Venice".

Quick, dear.


Fraulein Dorn...


Cigar, Stetten?

Oh thanks.


What should you tell me?

I'm sorry about your son...


Now I have lost the second one.

No one left to whom I could
pass the inheritance.

With horror, I think about what can
happen to our Germany, my friend.

Have you met General
von Falkhen lately?

I have not seen him for a long time.

There was an accident with him.

Some kind of shooting incident.

Killed another good strategist.

Von Meiren got into his plane
last night and crashed.

And von Meiren?

Did you know that Freudendorf...

was hanged?

An officer of the German headquarters?


Yesterday morning.

Understood with all those suspected of
attempting to kill Hitler. Except you.

How did you find out about me?

You too trusted Major
von Schönnenbar.

Very stupid of me.

And it is very kind
of you to inform me.

I understand that you
put yourself in danger.


Who knows what is dangerous and
what is not while we are here?

We all cook in the same pot.

I understand if you want to
escape while there is still time.


We did not think about ourselves when
we tried to accomplish this coup.

Not about yourself, Stetten.

It was the only known way
for us to save our country.

This war is lost.

She lost a long time.

Continuing to feed our divisions
to the enemy is insane!

Our only trump card -
active army.

When the army is defeated -
What can we throw on the scales?

If the cards are against you, drop
them, you will play another time.

Only fanatics,
political upstarts...

will continue to play until they
lose their shirts, pants...

and our whole country!


I do not need to convince you that
none of us had a self-serving motive,

when we tried to destroy
the current regime.

Perhaps... the story will
justify you, Danvitz.

History does not notice
the coups that failed.

For now...

I thought you might want
to know your position...

and take the necessary measures.

How much time do I have
for these "measures"?

I'm afraid a little.

Not more than 24 hours.

Unless you want the
Gestapo to take over.

Not such a rich choice, is it?


Of course, you know what to do.


You came to offer me a gun,
a bullet, a cigarette...

and leave me alone with them.

I'm sorry, Danwitz...
But you have to draw a line.

Of course.

I could resign...

I do not think that will be enough.


24 hours, right?

Well, I will not detain you anymore.

I need to arrange my affairs.

Very decent of you,
Stetten, warn me.

In fact, very decent.

Good night, Danvitz.

I thought you'd better learn
about everything from me than...



And thanks.


- Yes.
- Go here.

- Yes, I said - champagne.
- Go here.

Another bottle.

Please send it now.

Whose photos are these?

Do not ask silly questions.

Whose photos can
hang in my room?

To your friends envy you?

Come on...

Come on, baby, sit down.

I have already reached a romantic
mood, and you spoil everything...

Kiss Me.

I like you, Tilly.

I'm glad.

- Do you like me?
- Of course.

Then say it.

I like you.

No, no, no, not like that.
Say - I love you.

- Oh, baby...
- Why do not you say anything?

It's so stupid, people
don't say that...

How long will the war continue?

And, civilians
just ask about it.

How long will it last?
When will it end?

How should I know?

And when it ends,

What should I do?

Back to school?

Become an air taxi driver?

All this is like a bad joke.

No thanks.

I don’t want the war to end.

And why should you want,
you get the best.

Is it true that they
give you real coffee?

Of course.

Get me some, ok?

What for?

Get me some coffee,
sweetie, I need it.

Why do you need him?

If I get a pound of coffee, I
can buy a new pair of shoes.

Don't I need shoes?

All of you are the same.

You need something,
you need it...

I bet Lisa Dorn will not be bullshit
begging for coffee at such a time.

No, but if I were smarter,

I wouldn’t have spent my
time having fun with you.

I could spend the evening
with someone older than you.

I have such a friend.

He can get me as much
coffee as I need!

Okay, I'll get you some coffee.

I was just joking.

Turn on this music
again, I like it.

Don't touch her!


- Is that your friend?
- Give it to me.

I'll just take a look.
Who is it?

None of your business,
give it to me!

He is your friend.

Give it back to me, they tell you!

Looks like a Jew...

God, Tilly...

What's the matter?

These pigs...

Let them in your room - they
will try to get into your life.

Max, Max...

- Richter?
- Fritz...

You need to get out of here.
They are all combing through here.

We have little time.

So listen carefully...

Go up to the fourth floor
of the service elevator.

Kurt will leave there a serving
table with a cooked lunch.

Take him to room 401.

- Whose room is this?
- Lisa Dorn, actresses.

I do not think it will be searched.

How long can I stay with her?

I do not know...

But this is the best we can do.

Serve lunch and...
take time.

Figure something out.

Oh yes...

Her coffee should be strong.
One piece of sugar.

Suppose I have problems...
Who lives in the next rooms?

On the one hand, von Bülow, on
the other, Professor Koenig.


Leave him alone, I tell
you - he is hopeless.

And remember...

Lisa Dorn - actress.
She is smart and she is Nazi.

Do not trust her.

Do not worry, I have
already met her like.

Try to stay there,
I'll come for you.

And remember, we need you.
You are very important to us.


Sign in.

Your dinner, Fraulein Dorn.

Where can I put the table?

- Near the fireplace.
- Yes, Fraulein Dorn.

Oh, you're new here.


Kurt is busy in the dining
room, and Fritz sent me here.

I hope the coffee will
be strong enough.

- One sugar cube, right?
- Right.

I thought all the young people
were in the army right now.

I was there.
I was hurt.

Sign in.

- Forgive us, fraulein...
- We have to search every room.

A prisoner escaped from a concentration camp.
The trail leads to this hotel.

Of course, Fraulein Dorn, in your
case a search is just a formality.

Feel at home, gentlemen.

Would you like a cigarette?

- Thank.
- Thank.

- You are very kind.
- Thank you very much.

Do you mind if I finish
dinner before it gets cold?


We will not disturb you beyond
necessity, Fraulein Dorn.

Are you nervous?

Not at all, Fraulein Dorn.

Found something, gentlemen?

Just what they expected,
Fraulein, is nothing.

I never dreamed that I would have
the honor of meeting Lisa Dorn.

“My wife will be surprised when I tell her.”
- And my little daughter.

Wouldn't it be too annoying to
ask you for a signed photo?

She collects them.

With pleasure.

Thank you, fraulein...

Please excuse me.

You can go now.

Do you want me to wait
and clean the table?

Come back for him later.

Are you sure that I can
do nothing more for you?

Is complete.


Oh yes, just a minute...

Yes, I want to see you
as soon as possible.

Okay dear.

I'll be ready in five minutes.

See you at the cocktail lounge.

Yes, sir.
I understand, sir.

The whole building is already surrounded.

Yes, we have reason to believe
that he is in a hotel.

Yes sir.

It was Himmler.

- But I want to know...
- Do not you see, I'm busy.


There is a waiter here who may
know something about Richter.

- Fritz Rennes. Take it.
- Yes, sir.

“How is the search going?”
“We search every room in the hotel.”

So, Plottke, you must understand
that Himmler is furious.

Why? I can tell you a dozen who
have more holes in finance than me.

I can call you hundreds.

But the Führer himself contributed to this!

"I want all my comrades who fought
with me in difficult years..."

"... received a worthy reward", -
he said so!

He can't turn his
back on me now!


Once upon a time, Hitler said so,
but Himmler changed everything.

Plottke, from March last year...

you invest your money
in foreign securities.

You are not only a thief and
a crook, but also a traitor.

You have invested 4 million marks
in foreign companies. What for?


Why not?

What else do I have?

You know, our leaders are holding
important people hostage...

in case they get caught.

But I have no hostages.

All I have is money.

But I also have allies in the lists!

What will happen to me?

This is not my concern.

My concern is to return the money
you stole from the government.

How much do you want for your silence?

Plottke, Plottke...
It's too late now.

I am your friend, I want to help you.

You have trouble with
your government.

If you want to get rid
of these securities,

why not let the government
take care of them?

And I will cleanse you
before Himmler himself.

But what do I get from this?

I’m lucky if I can
save my own skin.

I assure you if I do not receive
your papers within 48 hours,

you lose your skin much earlier.

Excuse me...

General von Danwitz had just
called his pilot to the airfield.

Asked to prepare the plane
for immediate departure.


Do not release the
plane, arrest the pilot.

What about Lisa Dorn?

Lisa Dorn...

I will take care of her myself.

Fritz Rennes?


What did you do with
Martin Richter?

With Martin Richter?

I do not know anyone named Richter,
probably this is some kind of mistake.

Commissioner Helm has a few
questions for you. Come on.

Who played Lady Sanio in The Boarding?

Vicky Keller.

- Bring two glasses.
- Yes, Your Excellency.

What are you talking about, Lisa?

Two SS men came to
search my room.

The waiter Fritz has just been arrested.

What's happening?

They are looking for an underground
leader named Martin Richter.

There was another one. A Gestapo man
dressed as a waiter came to my room.

Honey, we have problems.


- How is the rehearsal going?
- Well.

I'm sure it will be the
most beautiful show

which only saw Berlin.

Can I join?

What are two of these
charming people can arrange?

Fraulein Dorn told me about
her new presentation.

"The Merchant of Venice".


A writer too
sensitive in German.

Bring me something too.

Kurt, another glass of Armagnac
for Commissioner Helm.

You have not caught Martin Richter?


Who is Martin Richter?

You do not read newspapers, fraulein?

Only theatrical page.

This Richter is a difficult guy.

In Dachau with him namuchalis.

Surprised that your
Gestapo command...

allowed such an important prey
to slip through his fingers.

We did not allow.

This escape was arranged by the
high command of the party.

High Party Command?

Someone who wants
his name removed...

from the allied list of
war criminals, probably?

You are also on this list, general.

You were too effective in Krakow.

But... now it doesn't matter.

Your Excellency,
you to the phone.


Let me leave you.

Of course.

Worried about the general?


There was another attempt
on the life of our Fuhrer.

These days we all have
to be doubly careful.

One thing can be said about
these French stumps.

They know how to make brandy.

You are an extremely charming
woman, Fraulein Dorn.

And you are very important to us.


You seriously care about the general, eh?

Of course.

Will you go almost
anything to help him?

If I were you, I would not do that.

By the way, did you go
to Heidi Mars funeral?


Martin Richter!


- Who's there?
- Arnim.

Just a minute.

Wait there.

Helm told me you had a headache.

I'm worry...

- Yes, Arnim, I have a headache.
- Oh, I'm so sorry...

But I have to talk to you...

But you look tired,
don't you think...

No, no, I'm fine.

Do you mind if I pour
myself a glass of water?

I'll bring you.

Thank you dear.

- Liza...
- What happened?

Do you need to go back to the front?

Honey, there's no time to explain,
you have to believe me...

Lisa, today we leave Germany.

We are flying to Sweden.

To Sweden?

I warned my pilot to
prepare the plane.

But I can not fly
away today or ever.

- I am working!
- My dear girl, it does not matter.

Never mind? Arnim, you should
understand what discipline is.

I have a rehearsal tomorrow.
I have to be there!

Lisa, I do not want to exaggerate,
but you will not be there.

You are in great danger, Lisa.
Same as me.

Therefore, you should
fly away with me today.

I can not believe what
you say, Arnim...

I was one of the officers
conspiring to kill Hitler.

I was offered a
gentleman's privilege.

But I am not a Japanese fanatic.

I do not intend
to make harakiri.

The duty of the German staff
officer is to survive.

Arnim, you should not...

I'm afraid I didn’t express
myself clearly, dear.

The situation is such that for us there is no
other way out than to fly to Sweden today.

I have good friends there.

We can stay in a charming
rural mansion...

and sit out there.

If all goes well, dear,

Tomorrow we will have breakfast in Stockholm.

You will love Sweden.

This is such a beautiful country...

But I have my own life, Arnim.


I ask you to marry me.

Oh, Arnim...

I am very grateful to you,
believe me, this is true, but...

But I can't marry you.

I can't fly away and
leave you here.

You are a child, you
do not understand...

You do not know what threatens Germany.

This war is lost.

It will end much worse
than ever in history.

I know what is coming.

I tell you, you will do it!

- Today you fly away with me.
- I won't fly.

Are you too stupid to
understand what will happen?

Should I beat you
so you understand?

If I leave you here -
they will kill you!

I will not fly, and if you try to
fly away, you will be stopped,

As I know.

I see, there is no way out...

I'm sorry, dear.

I'm sorry it's all over.

You brought me a lot
of happiness, dear.

Oh, Arnim...

Will we see you tomorrow?



Maybe have lunch?


Good night, Lisa.

Do you not do something stupid?


- Who was that?
- General von Danwitz.

Krakow killer.

Please leave!

The man who destroyed so
many lives is scared...

If you find here -
I do not know what to do with me!

Sorry, but I'll stay
here for a while.

But it is not safe, the
hotel is full of Gestapo!

They arrested the waiter Fritz
right next to this number!

- when?
“About half an hour ago.”

Fritz arrested?

Have you been waiting here for Fritz?


What are you going to do?

Get out of this trap.

Where are you going to go?

Do not worry, I happened
to be in worse situations.

You know, your photos are
posted all over the hotel.

A reward of 100,000 marks is
offered for your capture.

You don't have much
chance, do you?

Yes, I'm afraid not a lot.

“Is there another entrance to this number?”
- Not.

Very sorry.

You heard what von Danwitz said.

- They'll kill me.
- No, this should not happen.

You were very kind to me.

You could surrender me to the Gestapo.

Fraulein Dorn, may I
stay for a little while?

I know my friends
will contact me.

- Friends?
- Yes, the underground.


If you can get me out of this
hotel, they can seriously help you.

But what can they do for me?

Would you like to leave Germany?

Leave Germany?

My friends can provide a
favor for the service.

But you know that they will
follow me every minute!


Oh, if only I could
leave Germany!

You can if you help me.

Of course, I will do
anything, anything!


See if anyone is outside.

Two SS men are standing at the end of the corridor.

Then we have to wait until the morning.

A cigarette?


Today, you look a bit tired...

I'm a little tired, Franz.

Do you need an after shave massage?

It always helps.

“Good morning, Helm.”
- Heil Hitler!

“Did you see von Stetten yesterday?”
- I saw you.

About 12 hours ago.

Von Stetten is your good friend.

Did he explain the situation to you?

He could not speak more clearly.

And yet you ordered
to prepare the plane?

I need my plane!

“Listen, von Danwitz, don't be silly.”
- Get out of here!

I'll leave when I'm ready.

Von Stetten is a
diplomat, but I am not!

But I have an order.

I would be more than happy to
personally take care of you...

But they told me to give you a chance
to figure it out for yourself.

Do it, please.

I used to give orders,
not receive them.

And I demand privileges to decide what
to do when it is convenient for me!

You no longer have any privileges.

You will do what is needed when
it will be convenient for us!

I will order your
barber to return.

Connect with Baron von Stetten.

I'll wait.

Stetten, this is Danvitz.

- I do not distract?
- Not. How are you, Danwitz?

- I need my plane, Stetten.
- For what?

Last night I thought
about our conversation.

I think you will agree that
I should go back home.

And do everything there.

So it will be more
reasonable and aesthetic.

- Are you listening?
- Yes.

But I will have to discuss this with...
another officer.

To give you permission is not in my power.

I do not ask permission!

I tell you that I will fly home in the
afternoon, and I want my plane to be released!

Of course, Danvitz. But until
you meet me, do nothing.

I'll take care of everything and let you know.

I am already leaving the theater.

Yes, I will have lunch with you when I return.

Goodbye dear.

They are still there,
still being watched.

You do not think that Fritz told everything?

I'm sure not.

But they surely know that
you are still in the hotel.

They only guess.

Please go to the theater.

- Act like nothing happened.
- But, Martin, I...

There should be a rehearsal,
and if you don't show up,

there may be suspicions.

Martin, what about your friends?

“What about them?”
- Can I give them a message?

No, no, I would not advise.

Please go to the theater,
do what I ask of you.


Are you afraid, Lisa?


I know I can trust you.

You should smile more often.

I know, but I'm not a wizard!

You should be
patient, that's all.

Please forgive us
the room booked?

Yes sir, just a minute...

Your number is 150.

- Thank you very much.
- Well.

It's not fair!

Why did they get the
number, and we - no?

Because they still have where to go.

Even our dear eastern
friends leave us.

Is there a telegram for me?

I do not think.

No, doctor.
Seems OK.

There is something for me...

I was called...

If the army is calling people like me,

Germany lost.

Because of your language,
you will ever have problems


Fraulein Dorn?

Major Cowders.

Yesterday, with General von Danwitz?

O, sure!

Does your dismissal
go as expected?

From now on, yes.
Have you had breakfast?

- Yes thank you.
- How about lunch with me?

I have dinner with the general.

But you must communicate
with young officers like me!

Major, I'm heading to the theater.

Ok, maybe later.

- I will call you.
- I will be very busy.

Please forgive me...

I would like to meet with
Fraulein Tilly Weiler.

Fraulein Weiler should not
be disturbed until noon.

Before noon...

Then I will wait, if I may.

Professor Koenig...

Good morning, Professor Koenig.


Martin Richter...

Are you not happy to see me?


What happened to you
since you left Dachau?


Since then, I spent two
months in another place.

Perfect place.

They don't beat you there, like in Dachau.

There are wonderful specialists there,
they apply to you, as they call it,

softening procedures.

I see you working on
your experiments again.

- This is wonderful, professor.
- Oh no, no, I...

I did not touch them, I...

I would not touch
these poor creatures.

Just let them die
a natural death.

Why don't you think that everyone has
the right to die a natural death?


Please change your mindset.

Someday you will return
to Leipzig again.

Do you remember that our lab?

I do not want to remember
anything, do you hear?

Yes I...
I remember.

Excellent laboratories, yes...

Fascinating experiments...

Now all this is no longer important.

But this is important, professor.


Will you tell me why?

I had the right to torment these...

poor animals just for
the good of humanity.



Is that you, Professor...

Did you tell us that there is nothing
on Earth, nothing is more important,

than science, and science is consistent.

Didn't I teach you too,

that a scientist should
have an open mind?

Science is progressing.

And in the light of new discoveries...

we must cast away the old.

No matter how
painful it will be.

And we did it, yes!

We Germans!

We no longer need to
work with animals.

We work directly
with the human body!

And what, in our gas chambers
only one Birkenau...

we can kill 6,000
people in 24 hours!

We have achieved full utilization!

We even dispose of corpses!

Aren't you proud of our
modern scientists, Martin?

Professor... I came here
because I need you.

You told me to come to you
when you left Dachau.

I do not remember what I said when
I was in Dachau, leave me alone!

- I'm tired. Go away.
- Professor...

Do not you understand that the time has
come, which we planned and waited?

Now we can fight!

Fight for what?

Maybe for the revival of Germany?

Maybe you still believe that there
are still good Germans left?



You saw them?

Where are they?

Maybe here?

Maybe in the closet?
Let's get a look!

Good German, huh?

We have to find him!

Good German!

Good German, huh?

Didn't you read the
Bible, Martin Richter?

God would forgive Gomorrah

if I could find ten
righteous there. Ten.

Only ten.

But He did not find them.

And He destroyed Gomorrah.

There are not ten good Germans left.

And He will destroy Germany.

We will be wiped off the face of the earth.

So we need.

This is exactly what we need.

Herr Professor...

Herr Professor, I found the
suitcase you wanted in the pantry.

Well, put it there...

It’s good that you were
with Professor Koenig.

What are you whispering about?

Get outta here.

What do you mean sir?

Do you know who he is?

Son of Walter Beimler.

What did your father say?

He said get you a form.

Said it is better to wait until
you get out of the hotel.

Find me Fraulein Dorn immediately.

Yes, sir.

Walter Beimler...

What was the name of the
newspaper that he published?

- Remember?
- "Freedom".

Yes, "Freedom." Very good
newspaper, very liberal.

A very good person.

He is now advanced.

Drives a garbage truck.

A very good person.

Leaving somewhere, professor?

May be.

Maybe I'm going on
a long journey.

They have always been very helpful with me.

Very kind.

They made me a very
tempting offer.

They want me to
work quietly again.

They want to build me
a modern laboratory.

Perhaps in South America.

They also want to send with me
all the assistants that I need.

Seductive, eh?

Very tempting offer.

Don't you understand what
they are trying to do?

Of course, you will be given new laboratories,
and students, and assistants, and...

And what do you think it will be?

- What?
- The Nazi underground!

Excellent they will have propaganda!

You, Professor Johannes Koenig,
the Nobel Prize winner...

I see you do not mind that all
of Germany was destroyed.

Not only this rotten Nazi
system, not only the guilty,

but innocent too!

And I want to tell you something else...

About one of your students.
I know this is not very important.

Do you remember Rudolf Meisner?

He was the youngest of us in Dachau.

You made a man of this boy
because he believed in you.

He admired you.

He was beaten to death.

But before he died, he said:

"I think the professor
will be proud of me."

Shut up you!
Stop it, stop it!

Please forgive me.

Forgive me.

- Hi, Amy, how are you?
- well!

This is Dorn's number, right?

- Can I have a look?
- Why not?

Oh, how lovely!

Previously, it was the royal number.

Have you ever seen
something like that?

What a beautiful bed!

Tilly, come here, I'll
show you something!

Look here!

Have you ever seen so many
clothes in your life?

She has more things than Frau Goering.

Yes, and from Paris all!

Good luck to some people!

You mean some generals are
smiling at some people.

Of course.
Most likely, just like that.

Did you see the posters in the lobby?

What are the posters?

Someone escaped from Dachau.

They think he is in a hotel.

He must be very dangerous.

For him give a reward of 100 000.

What could I do if I
had 100,000 marks!

What would you do?

The war will end soon, and you
cannot buy eggs for 100,000 marks!

Tilly, how can you say such a thing!

Our leaders will not let us down.

We will win this war!

What do you want?

- I have information.
- About what?

- About the jacket. About men's jacket.
- So what?

C'mon, speak. Do you have information
about a men's jacket. What's next?

Herr commissioner, he is in
the room of Fraulein Dorn.

Sumptuously. In the room Fraulein
Dorn - men's jacket. So what?

Waiter jacket.

Waiter jacket?

How do you know?

- I saw him.
- when?

Not so long ago.

Ok, I'll check it out.

You can go.

I said you can go.

Herr commissioner, I want
to get a pair of shoes.

These are ambitions!

Could you... I want to
know, could you help me?

Get out.

Maybe I can get some coffee?

Every time you come to
me, you want something!

Actually, we allow you many liberties -
this is already a sufficient reward...

for the insignificant information
that you bring to us.

Now get out!

Yes, Mr. Commissioner.

Can you still get me a pair of
shoes for a pound of coffee?

- Did you get coffee?
- I'll get it.

Hi, baby, are you
still mad at me?

Why not?

No one can strike a German officer
in the face with impunity!

Oh, forget last
night, I was upset.

You ruined the 12 perfect
hours of my dismissal!

I said I'm sorry.
Can you forgive me?

Give me a good reason.

Get me a pound of coffee -
and I will give you a good reason.

Coffee - no problem.

Let's go for a drink.

Please forgive me...

Not fraulein Tilly Weiler over
there talking to an officer?

And there is.

Please don't give her
a message from me?

Say that Max's mother wants to
talk to her if she is not busy.

“Please, I don't want to bother her.”
- Yes, ma'am.

Oh, you had to wait a long time, didn't you?

Yes, but the waiter will call her now.

Good Excellent.

- Mama Baruch!
- Tilly...

I didn’t believe when the waiter
told me that you are here.

What are you doing here?
You shouldn't have come...

I know, I know, but I was
supposed to meet you.

Let's go to my room,
nobody will see us there.

- What a beautiful room.
- Sit down.

Want to eat?

No thanks.

You are a good girl, Tilly.

Good girl

We have not seen for so long...

More than five years.

I think you wonder why I came...

Dad is very sick, Tilly.

Now only you can help us.

You need money?

No, child...

I would not risk being caught
in a restricted area for money.

What happened to daddy Baruch?


We cannot find medicine,
we cannot find a doctor.

He briefly loses consciousness, then the
pain brings him back to his senses,

and he suffers again.

She does not let him sleep.

- A Rose can not do anything?
- The Rose?

Don't you know what
happened to Rosa?

She was sent to Poland.

Can you get me some
medicine, Tilly?

You have always been
such a good girl...

Anything so he could sleep.

So that he could only sleep.

He asked me to kill him.

And not once, but a thousand.

But how can I kill him?

How can I kill my husband?

Tilly, if I could help
him fall asleep...

“I'll get you some medicine for dad.”
- True?

“Really, Tilly?”
- I promise.

God bless you.

God bless you.


I have news for you.

Something to make you happy.

Max is alive.

Max is alive?

Yes. The Americans freed him
from the concentration camp.

He sent a message through the underground.

The message said, "Tell Tilly
that I still love her."

Max did not forget you.

Why did you tell me
that he is still alive?

Why not?
He always loved you so much.

I remember the day he asked

Do I mind if he marries
his secretary.

I told him - whether or not I
object, you will marry her anyway.

So get married and do not ask questions.

Please, mother Baruch...

Do not.

What is it, child?

Look at me, mom...
Look at me!

Who do you see?

I see a girl in
love with my son.

- And wants to marry.
- Not...

No, I'm not that girl anymore.
I can not return to it.

You're still the same girl.

You have not changed.

Tilly, child...
You have not changed.

Thank you very much, gentlemen.

Herr Commissioner...

Fraulein Dorn returned from the theater.

I just got a report about
the jacket of the waiter.

And what is in it?

He belonged to Fritz, one
of the waiters we took...

in connection with the case of Martin Richter.

- What's happening?
- This is the son of my friends.

I have to go.

Herr Klibert in a bad mood.

Come back as soon as you can.

Yes, sir.

Get out of my way!

Yes, Herr Commissioner!

I don’t think I can take longer...

I wondered what was going on during the whole rehearsal!
Gadala, found you or not!

What should we do?

I think in this form I can
get out of the hotel.

What should I do?

- Wait for me here.
- Wait here?

It is dangerous to lead you to my
friends without their consent.

If they decide that you cannot
be trusted, they will kill you!

There will be no other option.

Every day and every hour they
live, fearing for their lives.

They can not risk it.

But you do not understand!
Wherever I go - they watch me!

It was the same with Heidi Mars, and then
they killed her. They will kill me too!

You promised me that you would take me, -
you must do it, must!

I am not a Nazi!
Tell your friends that I have changed!

They will believe you, you
must make them believe!

I hate the Nazis and all their ideals!

Sorry to bother
you, Fraulein Dorn.

I'm not busy, just repeat the role.
Soon we are giving a new play.

So, what are you doing, eh?

So, here it is, the temple of
the famous young actress...

I heard about this number.

Very luxurious.

- Do you smoke a lot?
- Quite a bit of.

Two at a time?

I am a heavy smoker
during rehearsals.

I'm nervous about them.

Are you nervous now?


Then sit down.


Very pretty girl...

Yes, I heard about this number.

And this is your famous
Parisian wardrobe, eh?

Helm, you came here not
to discuss my wardrobe!

You are deeply mistaken.
I am here for just this.

I have a professional
interest in your clothes.

Very beautiful.
Already from Paris itself, huh?

Very interesting...

- One of your suits?
- Where did you find him?

- In your wardrobe!
- Who could put him there?

- Oh, you do not know whose it is?
- Of course not!

I was afraid you would say that.

Richter, get out!

Richter, I did not expect
to see you so soon.

Yes, and in the room fraulein Dorn.

This form suits you very much.

Monsieur, you have a lot to tell me.
And to you too, fraulein.

- I have nothing to tell you.
- How are you wrong!

I will find a way to make you talk.

Well... maybe not you,

and Fraulein Dorn.

I wonder how she will
behave under investigation.

She has nothing to do with me.
She did not know that I was hiding here.

Is that so?

Did you know nothing about Richter?
Did not know about his organization?


I got a different impression when
I overheard you outside the door.

What a pity...

I hate working with women.

- You do not leave me a choice...
- But, commission agent...

See if there is anyone there...
Just be careful.

“I did not tell him that you were hiding here.”
- I know.

They will find out that we killed Helm!
You must take me with you!

- We need to quickly get out of here.
- Yes...

We can not, you need to wait...

- Whom?
- General.

I can not calm down until
his case is closed.


Lisa, I saw you come
back from the theater.

- Did something happen?
- It happened? There is nothing.

- You cry?
- No, why would I cry?

Can we have lunch?

- You are free?
- Not.

May be a little later?

Sorry, Arnim, I can't
have lunch with you.

But I do not understand...

Can I see you after lunch?

No, It is Immpossible.

Goodbye Lisa.

Sign in.

Well... what's the answer?

Your request is denied.

I'm sorry.

I will not accept rejection!

I demand a court of honor.

I insist on a military court with the
participation of my fellow officers!

- I will not accept orders from...
- Let me remind you that I do not like it either.

But you are not in that position

to give orders or refuse
to carry them out.

I thought you were my friend, Stetten.

Be reasonable, Danvitz.

When you called your
pilot, naturally

in the office of Himmler decided
that you are trying to escape.

I told you that I was
going to go to my estate.

And take Lisa with you?

They know everything.

Therefore, Lisa was placed
under house arrest.

House arrest?

I give you my word - it has
nothing to do with what I did.

I know it.

I ask you about the service as a friend.

Take care of me for Lisa.

Of course.

Danvitz, I did everything I could
for you, but I have to tell you...

An SS troop will arrive here soon.

If they find out

that the order is not executed,

You will be sent to the Gestapo office.

I told you,

what happened to Freudendorf.

Yes I know.
He was hanged.

The matter will be decided
before the SS come here.



I want you to do
something else for me.

For the Norwegian campaign.

For courage in France.

For the victory in Krakow.

Return them to the corporal
with my congratulations.

But I will save these.

They mean something to me.

Stetten, my old friend...

We have a little bit...

No matter what I say, I do not think
they will pay attention to it.

We lost this war.

Pass on to those of ours who survive...

They should prepare
better for the next one.

You should never lose again.



Well, professor...

We thought it was impossible

but here it is.

- Passport, huh?
- Yes.

My car will be here by eight.

You are amazing.

First you go through
so much agony,

to make us who we are...

Soften us and so on...

Make people you despise...

Professor, I told you many times -
I have nothing to do with this.

- Is not it so?
- Yes, I'm sorry...

Let's drink to our journey, eh?

Let's do it.

Professor, you do not drink?

No, I...
I quit drinking.

Commissioner Helm is not in the office.

Find it to me, it is very important.

Immediately, Your Excellency.

Room 6...
Number 6!

Have you seen commissioner Helm?

- Commissioner Helm?
- Yes.

Well no.

No what?

No, Herr Klebert!

Yes... Herr Klebert.

That's better.

Find a commissioner Helm.

But, Herr Klebert, I was told to take
the flowers to the Fraulein Dorn room!

I told you - find
Commissioner Helm!

And then you can deliver the flowers!

Commissioner Helm...

Commissioner Helm...

Commissioner Helm!

Commissioner Helm!

No, no, let's try again.

Already better.

You should behave like an SS officer.

You know, I'm not an actor from your troupe.

At the moment - the actor.

You will do what I tell you.

You will rehearse until
you reach perfection.

Be arrogant.
So that people are afraid of you.

Now leave me.

Leave you - what do you mean?

Leave me, as a German
officer would do.

Click your heels and kiss my hand.

You did very well.

Fraulein Dorn...

This is number 6.

This is for you, Fraulein Dorn.

Helma is looking for.

- How do you know?
- I was told to find him.

- when?
- Just.

You had better leave, now the
moment is not worse than others.

Goodbye dear. Remember me.
I love you.

Go to your father and ask if I
can bring with me Fraulein Dorn.

- Fraulein Dorn?
- Faster.

- But you can not, father...
- Do what I said.

Tell him what happened to Helm.

Say that Fraulein Dorn helped me.
Now go!

Yes, sir.

Good evening, fraulein.

Have we not agreed?

Captain Schreiber - Major Cauders.

“Can we drink together?”
- Of course, Major.

Find a table below, we will join
you in a couple of minutes.


Oh, by the way...

I have another request.

After a couple of hours I will have
to go back, and I need a talisman.


Yes, and it must be
something personal,

otherwise it will not work.


Could you give me one
of your stockings?

What a charming thought...

Go get a table, and I'll
bring a talisman with me.

I will wait in the cocktail lounge.

Why are you doing this?

Major Cowders will be very helpful.

All to shelter, immediately.

Great opportunity to get out of here,
there will be a great confusion...

No, everyone who is caught on the
street during a raid is arrested.

All to shelter, please.
All the shelter.

Hurry up.

Shut off all entrances and exits.

Where, say, commissioner Helm?

In his office.
All his bones are broken.

Pay no attention to
anyone, keep talking.

- Flirt with me.
- Good.

I conveyed your message to my father.

What did he say?

Does this mean I can not go with you?

Do not worry. I'll talk to
him myself and send for you.

Here is Major Cauders.
He can get you out of the hotel.

What can he do?

Pretend to be drunk and
rely on me in everything.

I will do so.

Captain Schreiber, no!
Stop drinking!

Major Cowders, how sweet...

- Now we can drink.
- What about him?

My dismissal ends soon.

I don't want to go back to the
front, I want to get drunk.

Let's all get drunk!

What will you, major?

Brandy, please.

So three brandies.
Be right back...

He bored me to death. Please,
Major, help me get rid of him...

And when you return, I will give you my stocking.

Yes, but how to do it?

I don't know, think of something.
Get him out of the hotel.

Drop it somewhere, lose -
will you do it for me?

Will I do?

The last three hours of my
dismissal will be truly wonderful!

What a pity it's
only a few hours...

Everyone around seems to think
that I am made of money!

But why don't you ask
your powerful friends?

Why I will not do something,
why I will not do it...

I am sick of your complaints!

Have I met you anywhere before?

Sarah Baruch...

How dare you leave your area?

Where is your star?

Well... put it on!


- Please do not interfere!
- Herman, let him go...


Is this your wife?

How nice to meet the wives of my friends!
I would like to...

- Enough!
- No, not enough.

Do you remember how you bowed and
humiliated yourself in front of this woman,

when was just an ordinary clerk in
a big department store Barukhov?

Shut up.

Do you remember how they
caught you stealing?

As you crawled on your knees and whined,

and how did Max Baruch persuade his
father to give you one more chance?

When your gang came to power, you
blackmailing forced Barukhov...

make you the shopkeeper!

You, Gauleiter, an ordinary
thief, and nothing more!

Shut up!

Come on, baby, arrest me.
Order to kill - I do not care!

What should I be afraid of?

I loved Max Baruch, and you sent
him to a concentration camp!

You put a sign on my neck
saying "I loved a Jew"

and then led me down the street!

Try, say something about
the Jews next Sunday -

there will be a spectacle!

Arrest this woman!

What are you doing?
I said - arrest this woman!

Commissioner Helm was killed,
they want to interrogate you.

More careful, old man. You need
to return to your barracks.

I do not want to go back,
I want to stay with Lisa.

- I spend you, go with me.
- Good.

Wait, I want to say goodbye to her.

Lisa, I will send you a message.

I'll wait.

- Your documents, Major.
- Otto Cowders, Luftwaffe.


My friend went over a little.

I will bring him to breathe.


Did I scare you?

Yes, I'm afraid they scared.

After the raid, I'm all on the nerves.

This one was pretty serious.

I would like to talk a little with you.

Well, of course.

Lisa, I want to tell you something,
something very important.

I am leaving Germany.

- you?
- Yes.

But I do not run away.

You know, Lisa, this war
will not end in peace.

I am sent to transfer our
organization to North America,

and I have a very
important job for you.

- For me?
- Yes.

You organize a passport and visa.

I count on you.

- counting on me?
- Yes.

When our task is completed,
we will return to Germany,

to Germany, which
you know and love.

This is so wonderful, I can not believe...

Your excellency, brandy?

You are welcome...

Two brandies.

Yes, Your Excellency.

Lisa, you are a young woman,
very beautiful and charming...

Together we could
do great things.

Why did you say - could?

I can't take you with me now.

Why not?

The Gestapo thinks you were
involved in the murder of Helm.

What do I have to do with him?

Helm called me

right before you
go to your room.

Before I went to find out what the jacket
of the waiter is doing in your room.

Waiter jacket?


What did Martin Richter
do in your room?

What do you think he was there?

They found bloodstains leading
from your room to the elevator.

I was desperate.
He was my only chance.

He promised to take me out of
Germany through the underground.

But, Lisa, how can I say
this to the Gestapo?

Why do you tell them?

Tell me that Richter was
holding me hostage.

Say that I was smart
enough to tell Helm.

Therefore, he rose.

I could not stop him from killing Helm.

And then the raid began, he took
advantage of the turmoil and ran away.

He did not escape during the raid.

The officer who left
immediately after the raid...

If you want to leave Germany with me,
you should write something better,

to satisfy the Gestapo
when they interrogate you.

Do you think they will be
satisfied if I give them Richter?

If I can get him to bring them to the
underground workers to take them all?

Will it satisfy them?

- Where is he now?
- He will contact me.

And if not contact?

But he will contact.

Go to your room.

I will go to the Gestapo.

Call me if information appears.

Now you understand everything?


Now you understand everything?

Good luck.


When I get home, I hope I no
longer have to look at that face.

Yes. This is a great portrait of him.

Well, I wish it hung here...
a little different.

- Is that you, Klibert?
- I am the most.

What happened to your form?

I was not taken.

Oh, what a pity. We could
go to the front together.

You would show them! We could
have been captured together!

Food in the American
camps delicious!

You are a very sick person, Clebert.

I think I will describe your case...

Dr. Himmler.

He has excellent medicine
for the defeatists.

Fraulein Dorn!

Oh, Major...

I am waiting for you.

I got rid of your
drunken friend for you.

What did you do to him?

I left him on the bench.

Oh, wonderful! I am very
grateful to you, Major.

Major Cowders...

- Major Cauders...
- Yes?


Something is wrong?

Yes. Everything.

I am ordered to return immediately
to the location of the unit.

Oh, what a pity...

I'll send you a talisman.

Oh, stocking?
Thank you, fraulein.

It was very nice to meet you.

But we didn't get to
know each other well

Goodbye, major.

Are you sure you understood everything?

I have to tell Fraulein Dorn that
I have a message from Richter.

Then give her a false address...

Alley Linden, 38.

Well, what did Richter say?

Alley Linden, 38.
In an hour

Alley Linden, 38.

Baron von Stetten's
number, please.



Alley Linden, 38.

Fraulein Dorn...

You do not have to go, you can
use the service elevator.

- He is already working, fraulein.
- Thank.

They bring her here.

I still can not believe...

Kurt deserves absolute confidence.

I believe him as myself.

She talked to me,
she helped me...

- She proved her actions...
- What is she smart girl?

In Germany, a lot of people like her.

Yesterday she was a Nazi.

Today says that was not.

Notice if a person like you
who knows these people well

may still be deceived

think of the danger of those who
do not have your experience.

I know what happened to you.

You have been deceived by your decency.

Your humanity.

You could not believe that someone
is capable of such a deception.

But you have to realize...

The Nazis do not change.

Now about you, the
American pilots...

You gentlemen, it's time to leave us.

Thanks for everything sir.

Goodbye, Mr. Beimler.

We owe you, sir.

It will not be easy, you
will find many dangers.

There are few underground workers left

but we will do everything
we can to take you out.

Gustav, find these people
other clothes and send them.

- Oh, Mr. Beimler...
- Yes?

I just finished typing this.
Do not look to check?

Can I have some coffee now?

You are welcome.


Just think, this is the best
of what we have published.

What is it?

Speech delivered by
President Roosevelt.

- Read.
- Thank.

Would you hear his voice...

He is such a...



I'm sorry about your husband...

God had mercy.

If you are not afraid to
face many difficulties,

our people will try to take you and
Fraulein Weiler out of the country.




I hope you will meet
your son again.


Arrange Frau Baruch in your room.

I'd rather stay here.

Of course...

If you do not want to risk...

No, you do not understand.

You should not let me go.

You know who I am.

I'm a snitch.

Therefore, the Gestapo and allowed
me to be on duty at the hotel.

I told Helm about Fritz's
jacket in Lisa Dorn's room.

We know about it.

On that day, when they told me that
Max was dead, I crossed out my life.

I didn’t care.

Now you tell me that he is alive
and I can return to him...

How can he trust me?

How can you trust me?

You came to us and
said that you did.

You ask, how can we trust you?

For such a great need courage.

Therefore, we know
that we can trust you.

You have a long way to go, fraulein.

You will need a new pair of shoes.



Such fit?


“Are they wonderful?”
- Wonderful!

"As for Germany, this
tragic nation..."

President Roosevelt.

"I will change the very basis of my
religious and political beliefs,"

"if I ever give up
hope, even faith..."

"from hope, even from faith, that
in all people, without exception,"

"there lives an instinctive desire
for truth and love for the world,"

"although they may be buried, as in
the case of Germany, a cruel regime."

New shoes...

"We do not press charges against
the German race as such,"

"because we do not believe that
God could curse forever..."

"any kind of man."

You like?

Like, it's wonderful...

- Listen, can I suggest...
- Yes.

I'm not a professional at this,
I'm just a simple doctor, but...

You know, in order to reach
our people, maybe...

maybe if you break it and
re-write these lines...

If you emphasize this:

"We and our allies fully agree,"

"that we should not bargain
with the Nazi conspirators..."

"or leave them at least a small part
of the control, open or secret,"

"over the instruments of power."

"Those Germans who bear direct
responsibility will be severely punished..."

"for this agony of humanity."

Next, if you take it...

"... does not engage in the
conversion of people into slavery."

"... but they will need to earn
a return to the brotherhood..."

"peace-loving and law-abiding nations".

- Yes...
- deserve a comeback!


Fraulein Dorn downstairs...





I did not want!

Shteten said he knew everything
about you, I had to get out!

I pretended to follow his plan.

I could not do anything else!

I hurt no one, your
friends are safe!

Please, you have to believe me!

We will leave together! Martin, you
must understand that I love you!

And you love me, I know!


“Is everyone ready?”
- Everything.

In addition to Fraulein
Dorn and Professor Koenig.

They do not go with us.

When do we boot?

There may be a slight delay.

I just found out...

Two of our passenger underwater
vehicles are captured.

So silly.

Think we'll ever see
this place again?

When we do our job,

we will be back.

Our goals do not include the
destruction of the German people,

but we are determined to disband
all the German armed forces,

destroy the German
general staff,

eliminate all Germanic
industry that could...

be used for military production,

subject all war criminals to
fair and swift punishment,

erase the Nazi party, Nazi laws
from the life of the German people.

Germany must never again break
the peace of the whole world.

Winston S. Churchill
Franklin D. Roosevelt
I. Stalin

Translation: Serveladkin