Hotel Belgrade (2020) - full transcript

Paul is a wealthy heir and owner of the prestigious Belgrade Hotel. When into his world The Belgrade mafia, crazy bride, old love and quirky family are involved, his leisurely life turns into an adventure where anything is possible.

Museum of Contemporary Art

E. Warhol "The Red Lenin"
One million euros

M. Diljan "Fountain"
? 3 million

D. Kuns "The feat of Heracles"
5 million euros

O. Roden "Danaide"
700 thousand euros










C. Miro: Triptych "Blue 1-3"
Stolen in 2009

What do you cry all the time? What?

Please let me go.

I promise, I'll sign everything.

Everything you want.

Thank you,
Mr. Duljane.

I promise!
I'll sign everything.

My knees!


Son, what do you see?
In this picture?

And on which...
of all three?

This is a triptych. A work of art
composed of three images.


Like "The Lord of the Rings."

Look, Boyan... you're mine
favorite cousin.

You should have it in your blood
a sense of art.

Come on, focus
and tell me. What do you see?

I see food in the restaurant

topped with balsamic sauce...

I think Miro wanted to show it
the connection between man and the cosmos, which is...

Did anyone ask you a question?
Are you smart?



All right.

Thank you!

Hello, this is mine!
Hey! Hello!

Get out there!


You were wrong.

Paul, I wouldn't advise you
to cut my back.

Sorry, do you and I know each other?

Well I've been looking at you for a long time.

Girl, don't you see he's busy?

Well, now we will
we release him.

This is great!

What's your name?


Vedrana, I don't want us to
I'm taking the time so I'll tell you right away.

I really like it that way
unpredictable girls.

Let's go in five minutes
we find ourselves in a men's restroom.

What's in a man?

Well, you know she's in the front
female always big order.

And... yes.

You first.

What is it?
The one to pee for?

It's the Fountain of Diljan.

Fountain? -Yes.

How wonderful.

Just a second.

Is anything funny?


Who chose this car?

Yeah. You said it yourself
to be inconspicuous.

And where have you been, donkey?

Hey, hello!

Sit down! -Watch it!

Are you okay?

Are you okay? -A?

Yes. This was awesome!

What have you stopped?
right there in the middle of the road!?

You fool!

- Hi!
- Are you alive?

Hey, find me at the front desk tomorrow
wanted Belgrade to pay you that.




Happy flight!

Do not worry.

I'll do my best.

Well... hello.

Once again!


Nikolaje Ivanovi? u!
- All right.

Excuse me, please.
I thought to myself.

You have been kind of lately
stress, and you've always thought before.

Nikojale Ivanoviiu,
and I never thought...

Can I? -What?

And yes.

Now, is that the plan for the whole thing
trainer week threshing?

No, I want you to
I dedicate to my blog.


Yeah, I wanna go get it
capitals and to shoot.

After coming back
and mount. -Clear.

Yes, while Petya is on Mars
you need to be interested in something.

By the way, are you going to Belgrade?

I do not know. Maybe.

Nothing but there
you have an acquaintance.

That's where Paul lives.
I mean a former acquaintance.

And we all know what
is among former acquaintances.

I do not intend to
I see with him. -What? Comrade.

Just be careful,

It's hard to stand in front of
hot Serbian guys.

Stop it! -What? Especially to him
marital status is not complicated.

Julia, everything is complex with him.
She can't choose between blonde and brunette.

Good morning, neighbor.

Hi, Jealous!

The universe gave it to us
another sunny day.

And can you have a universe
donate clothes?

Clothes are shackles longer.

Good morning, boss.

Good morning, boss. -Okay.

Good morning, boss. -Okay.
Please sign.

Good morning, boss. -Okay.
Good morning, boss. -Okay.

Good morning, boss. -Good morning.

What is it?


And what is this?

You broke something of mine.

? 3 million for
that spoiled crunch?

No, you idiot!
For the toilet.

To the urinal.

What you broke is
great artwork.

Diljan's Fountain.


And this joke?

Goodbye, boss.

- Goodbye, boss.
- Hi.

- Goodbye, boss.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye, boss.
- Hi, sorry.

- Goodbye, boss.
- Goodbye!

Goodbye, boss.

Listen, I can do it myself.
- No problem, I will. -Okay.

Two years before
will make a fountain,

Diljan goes to New York.

I promise I'll read it all on Wikipedia
just please raise me up a little.

I'm afraid of the dark.
And the heights.

You broke the thing that
is very important to me.

As far as I understand
for three million euros.

God, how ridiculous...
Put it down a little.

No, no, don't!

Hold him, too.

Good good!
I swear I'll get everything back!

I just don't have that money right now.

But that's why you have a beautiful hotel

Daddy! Daddy!

Take it out fast
and close the hole!

I'm here.

Is it possible that again
Are you harassing someone?

Me? No.

Just talking to my old man,
to a good, business partner.

Around the hotel.

Say it, son.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Where are you from?


Clear ..



Sorry please that's what I am
left you waiting for me that day.

I was really busy. I when
I came back to you nowhere.

I've been waiting for you
until the morning.

Well, I freed myself
just around lunchtime.

I'm glad that
you are here with us.

Vedranice, come here
for a second. Let's go, let's go.

Rafaelo "Portrait of a Young Man"
EUR 40 million

Is that a portrait of a young man?

Not. That's some fish.

Yes, that's Rafael's picture.

Good copy.

Iika Duljan has...

only the originals.

These are all...


Paul, Paul, Paul.

Paul, I think we are
bad start.

Well it is.
You wanted to kill me a little.

I thought.
What do I want?

You see...

I told you yes
I give my daughter a gift.

My Vedranica.


But what?

Did you not like my daughter?


Vedranica is one of
the most beautiful flowers of Serbia.

But marriage...

That's not me.
I'm more...

lone wolf.

See, all I want for my daughter is
to be happy and to give me many grandchildren.

And you see how it is
when the stars coincide.

You like her a long time ago.

Better yet...
nobody asks you anything.

Can I give you a hotel?

So of course.


Do you fit Vedran
marry Paul...

To be with him
in good and bad...

In disease and health...

In wealth and poverty...

Until death breaks you apart?

I don't agree.

Where's your wedding cake on your head?

What were we doing?
It should be on your head.

I really don't understand it
this so complicated?

And you... What? What did you stop?
Bucko, what are you laughing at?!

Stain to work!

We don't have time!
Quickly! Quickly!

What is this? What's the harp in there?
I don't need this!

There's a dance floor here.
Where did you two go?

Fast back! Hurry!

I need the podium to play!
I mean really?!

Don't touch me!
I'm nervous.


I don't like all this either,
but I love and respect my daughter.

So you're gonna have to give it a go too
do. Did we understand each other?

Yes, Mr. Dulyan.

Great, son-in-law.

Speaking of birth, Grandpa has always been
wanted to come to my wedding.

All my relatives from
villages would be glad to come.

Can I call them?

You can't. -Good.

Excuse me, I gotta get to the airport
to wait for another.

Just hurry.
You have a rehearsal.

Did I say yes
harp be here?

Did I say yes
harp be here?

Dad, I can't do this anymore!
It's all on me! All!

Flowers, staff...

Hi. -Hi.

I have a Russian woman here.
Remind me what to do?

- That?
- Is it your mom...

need a son-in-law? -AND?



Come on! What's the matter with you?
- Well, nap you went princess.

But not like that.
Hello. -Hello.

How are you? - Come on
we'll talk. - By the way?

Where? - This way.

Here, this is for you.
You are beautiful. -Thank you.

What are you pulling? -Stones.
- Stones? How many are there?

Girl, hello.
- Hello.

What's your name?
- Dariya Kanaeva.

Darius, thank goodness.
So where are you so far?

I've been waiting all day for you.

I wrote to you,
when I have a flight from Paris.

Of course yes.
I'm a responsible man.

And what a plane
landed earlier?

You didn't think about that. Go!

Wait! I booked
a guide waiting for me with the board.

- Trees...
- Names on the board.

And the table, the board. -Name. Yes.

I forgot at home.
Sorry, you fool.

Come on, let's go.

- Go.
- Yes, yes, yes.


Oh, fuck
mother naughty!

No... Left!

Faster! Faster!

Could it be a little faster?

One two. Let's agree
step. One two!

Hurry a little. To the left!
Pull to the left! What's wrong with you?

Fool, what are you?
What did you stop?

To the left!

Listen, I need to warn you.

My bride,
Vedrana, she's...

not a beauty, but...

that's why it's very...


With the good and
with a sensitive heart.

I'll explain everything to you.

Vedranice, beloved...

Where have you been?

Well, I'll explain everything.
This is my friend Ivan.

And he came from Moscow.
And this is my Vedrana.

We need to expand
this door.

We want love, we will expand everything.
Can I just talk to John?

Brother, you are not the last man
in Belgrade. Pull the links.

But if Duljan pulls his ties,
his ties pull mine, then they me.

No. It will have to be somehow
live with that.

I'm talking about Vedrana.

Give her a hotel.

The hotel feeds me.

Well then.
Think positive.

Family, children,
a new life.

Maybe you found it
your luck.

I lost my happiness long ago.

- Please give me this...
- What?

Contact. -This?
- Yes. Thank you.

Let's eat at our best
restaurant in Belgrade.

I'm not hungry.

You came to meet
Serbian culture.

This restaurant, from my brother,
it's the best restaurant.

They have gizzards!
These are the big ones.

And you really are the guide?

Me? -Yes.
Of course.

Do you know when they are
founded this square?

You don't know because you're not a guide.
I am and I know.

That was a thousand
and long ago...

When the Turks were in Serbia.

Belgrade Guides

That's what I'm calling you. I'm checking
connection, whether it is roaming.

Who are you?

The swan dies...

whose heart had wounded her
your beauty.

Clear. - Stop, stop!
- Do not touch me!

Buy a perfume.
Original, original. -Horror!

Twenty euros.

Just pay for gasoline.
Fifty euros.

What kind of gasoline?
I'm calling the police. Do you understand?

Not good.
Don't police.

Welcome to Belgrade!

Give me things back!



Hi. -Hi.

How pleasant

and painful to see you.


Where are you going?
We were lying pretty.

Sorry, stupid joke.

I'm glad to see you.

How do I call the police?
They stole all my belongings and...

The passport remained in his jacket.

Do not worry.
Everything will be found soon.

Especially since I'm here
everyone in the police knows.

In a good way.

How do I do without passports?
No hotel will receive me.

Mine receives no passports.

Not everything, of course.
Only you.

That is, traveled
you are half of Europe

came to Belgrade, knew I was
you didn't call me back? Why?

Because we split up four years ago
years and we do not communicate. Because?

Hi. -Hi.

Lux... presidents.


Look, I know Belgrade
better than any guide.

And I won't forgive myself
if I don't show it to you.

I mean the city.

And the one he stole from me
he said the same things.

And I'll steal you today.

I mean, if you're not against it.

What are you doing here?

Hey. -You plan to
you miss the whole rehearsal.

Not. -Hi.

Who is this?

An acquaintance from Moscow.
They met by chance.

Nice acquaintance.

Oh, what's up.
Look at what it looks like.

Nose small, slender,
we're all so...


I'm waiting for you there.

Not! She can't harp there!

My sister,
Vedrana. He is getting married.

We barely found him.

She didn't kiss you like a sister.

In what sense.

What's the matter with you?
In Serbia, this is a custom.

Really? -Yeah.

- Sorry.
- Hey, bye.

Where are you?

Give it a key.

Let's go. Let's go.

You get off,
I'll come after you.

We're going on an excursion.
All right? Get some rest!

I'm not yelling
I talk like that!


I'm ready for the best bet.
- Tonight. Come with me.

Aw please replace me now.

Be me on this one
rehearsal for the wedding.

With that madman?

I have to leave urgently.

I don't know Serbian words.

And how did you communicate
with the girls?

In body language.

Brother, listen,
you just have to stand.


I'll have two tonight
language specialist...

Bring it to your room.

I'll help you.

Whoa! Look, look!

The groom found

Do you mind me
not this little one plays.

I like it.

I think she's beautiful.

I didn't mean that.
Maybe he's his mistress.

What are we going to do?
Call Uncle Dulan?

Let's call Uncle Dulan and what to give him
we say? Have you seen the groom with the girl?

Who is she? What is she?
We have no idea.

Did he say we didn't call him
because of the little things?! - What do we do?

Pal and that car.

Let's see
what will they do.

How awesome!


I heard you got married.


Take me a picture.
- Of course.

And how is family life?


And did you get married?


For now.


You promised me an excursion.

Come on.

We are located on the Gardolj Tower. From here
is a beautiful view of the old town Zemun.

Zemun was once an ancient city,
now it's part of Belgrade.

They live here... - That's me
read in travel books.

Tell me something
as only the locals know.

It's not always safe here. What?

Sometimes it blows from the Danube
to blow away tourists.

Let's go.

Then why are they letting people go?
- They're at their own risk. Let's go.

And where are you in such a hurry? -AND?

Do you know how much there is
sights in Belgrade?

Everything needs to be looked at.
How long will you be here?

I do not know. And you are
did you call for passports?


Of course. They are already working on it.

Stop! Let's go after him!

Let me show you
our famous slope.

What is she famous for?
Well that's the slope.

Because it's the same
downhill and downhill times.


And you know how to code
we are slow to make decisions.


People gather in the square.
And that's where they decide.

Is it downhill?

Let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on.

Faster, faster.
Until they adopted something.

And your name, too.
- Palja! -Come on, come on.

And where are you running?
- Where am I running?

Here, Becanijska Street. See?

Do you know what that means?

There is an old Serbian legend:

the sooner you walk through this street,
the less trouble you get in life.

What are you looking for? -Here!

This way!

Palja? -AND?


We parted a hundred years ago.
I don't even remember your name.



- What's that name?

In short, this is artistic
neighborhood. No Thanks.

Artists gather, paintings work,
and the paintings on the walls are called murals.

Is that me?


It's just some girl.

And who painted it?
- I do not know.

I don't know these artists,
I'm rarely here.

Hi, Paul.
- Hi, sorry.

I'm a little tired.

You set that pace.
Let's go to the hotel.

I still remember your measures. I hope
that you didn't gain weight. I'll meet you at 8 at the hotel

Iika Duljane,
we saw something...

In short, we saw
Paul with his girlfriend.

It's humanity
on the threshold of a new era.

Ilon Mask sends people 55 million
kilometers to colonize Mars.

They fly to make our species
continued life on another planet.

And you're telling me about someone
Paul with some girl.

What girl?

Hey love, where are you?

Sorry, I was really busy.
Chaos before the wedding. How's it going?


The boy has nothing to do with dance.

I'm going to pee.

She totally freaked me out.


There is an old Serbian saying:
there is no truth in the legs.

It's a Russian saying.
- International.

A second.

Mr. Dulan!
How are you?

I know what you want to ask.

Who is that girl?
- An investor from Moscow.

And why are you with the investor
from Moscow running away from us?

Because you...
you idiots!

You beat first and then
you ask questions about that.

How to invest
in such conditions?

And what do you want an investor for?

So how do I do?
I have to grow my business a little bit.

We don't want Vedranica and I all
a century to be on your hump?

I want to provide
the future for your daughter.

Sorry, son-in-law.
I got a little upset.

Does not matter.

Let's have you and me go to me.
We sit down to get some brandy.

And yes about everything
we talk like people.

Take your Russian friend.


Take it easy. I'm calling for a drink.

I don't drink.

Darling, I would very much like to go with you,
but I am so tired of these negotiations.

So I'm going to...

I'm sleeping.

At seven in the afternoon?

Yes, while I bathe.

I have to get up early tomorrow,
I have some obligations.

I do not know whether
you are in the running... I'm getting married.

And where are you going?


I lie down, hear some sounds
so let's see what's going on.

What did you do so well?

How? What, a man can't
to sleep with style? I do not understand.

And as it should
look? Like him?

Listen, Duljan asked us to
we keep you asleep.

Come on now
and sleep well.

Don't make noise.


I realized.
Jealous husband? Taxes?

You ask a lot.

Boss evacuation.

Boss, are you okay?
- Good good. Thank you.

A bonus to everyone.
See you.

Skadarska Street.

The length of Belgrade at night.

And why aren't you me
warned that cobblestone?

I thought you were familiar.

I don't know, I quit
be guides. You're ready.

I'll correct it now.

Where are we going?

Let's have a little snack.

And this is small?

What's up here?
A couple of cheesecakes, some ajvar,

bell pepper, bitter leaf.
Easy, easy snack.



Is the lady in the mood
for a song?

He asks why you went in heels?

You want a song?

I will.

Can you follow me?



No, it's an old Serbian song.

You want some wine?

We better walk, I wouldn't
to sit in one place.

I want to take a picture of the city.

Listen, Dalj, it's me
you buddy sang.

With us in Serbia there is a saying:
keep your friends close, better still.

Everything is OK.

So where did you go?

We didn't play our fee.

Does not matter.
Everything is OK.

No, we're not beggars.

We are musicians, we have s a sordid face.

Come on.

Now they're with us.

Truth I don't know how long,
but they are with us.

Thanks for this
an exciting day.

We can repeat.
For example tomorrow.


- Good night.
- Good night.

What the hell did you go to last night?

We wanted to sleep.

You'll sleep when I do
I'll say that!

Boss I swear
we will not let them out of our sight.


And who's there?

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Look, I've got some work to do...

Baby, don't interfere. -Palja...

Bend over. -I can not.

We were sleeping.

Let's go, let's go.

And who was that?


Halo. -Paul,
so where are you?

Here I am, buzzing by
the city is hard to tell.

Come on, son-in-law, come back.
Nobody will touch you.

Family is sacred to me.

And with the family
friend, what's up?

What about her?
She's not going well.

But can we somehow see
to solve this problem?

We can't handle it.

She hit me.
She hit my cousin.

It offended my whole family.


If you don't come back from these rates
you end up in the well with her.

Okay, okay.
Come on, sorry, sorry.


Let's go to the airport.


And it's not weird to you
attack in broad daylight.

Maybe it does
we turn to the police?

Oh cry. What would it be?
They have a lot to do anyway.

And did they find it
my passport and stuff?

They are in the process.

We don't go to the airport,
let's go to Ada Ciganlija.

You said airport.

Airport. Airport.

Why the airport?
Because we're coming back.

Enough surprises.

What I'm going to show you now
no guide will show you that.

Just not believe it.

What a beautiful flower
created a universe.

Jealousy, bro, good
can you put on your pants in front of your wife?

Woman, man - what's the difference?
The soul has no sex.

You can stuff it
pants on your soul?

The body is clothing longer.
You're wearing two pants?

Maybe we should take a cab?

No, you don't.
The better the water, the faster.

Hey, do you want that with us?

And how different?


Palja? -AND? What is it?
going on? Just be quiet.

Do you know what day it is?


My birthday.

Are you giving this to me all the time?

And I do whenever I come
it's your birthday that day.

Thank you, Paul.
Paul came.

We are so joking.
Not a real weapon.

Let's go, let's go.

Paul came, Paul came,
Paul is here!

Paul came.

Where are you?
Brother! -Are you OK?


I'm glad to see you.

Palja! -Kole!
Try my brandy.

How are you? - I'm fine,
but your grandfather is not well.

You have to pick it, you had it
is a heart attack. He's very bad.

Please te go.

Further! -That? -I'm going to Grandpa,
looks like he's bad.

And you eat here.
Of course, of course.


Sit down, sit down.


Alas see what a stain she is.
That there is no earthworm?

You fool! This is what it is today
fashion to be skinny.


Look at her hips. This one more
he will not give birth to one.

That's what others do today
she doesn't even have to give birth.

Nothing, you don't know!


Nothing, nothing.

- Eat, eat.

You're naked! What?
Put it on, you're naked.

Of course, right away. Behold!

And where did you buy it
that jacket? What?

That's my dress.
Where did you find that dress?

Where do you get my stuff from?

What is celebrated,
what is being drunk?



Come here! Stop!

That's my brother
twin, it's not me.

What are you doing? Nothing.

Where are you?

Who is that?

No one.

And there you are! Give me back my passport.
Give me back my passport.

Women throwing themselves at you?
- Love, it's not how you think. I swear.

Who did I marry?!

Run, run!


Paul, Grandpa!
- Where you are, don't get up.

How long have we not seen each other,
woe how happy I am to see you.

I'm sorry you're beautiful.
- How are you?

Great! I had a heart attack yesterday,
but small. Dark for my age.

Don't worry.

By the way, I heard you were
brought the bride to the village.

Is that true?

Did you hear that?

That. You know I fantasize before
that I die only to marry you.

And almost everything.

Let's see it there
your beauty, to see her.

Come on, come on.

Good, Grandpa Milolje.

We gather.

You quickly gathered.

There he came
and that day for me to see

the bride of her own
beloved grandson of Paul.

Yes, you'll see it.

And where is Dalja?

And what? Is that your bride?

That's what I'm about
wanted to talk...


- Palia, Palia...
- There!

Where is Palja?
Fire, help!

Tell her yes
I'm not a lover.

Are you normal?
That's Paul's bride.

You hear what he says,
that's Paul's bride?

A woman from Russia came,
I was showing her the village.

This one is not normal.

Sweetheart, calm down.
Put your ax down.

Longer, big dealers.

Paul, is that true?


Then nothing.

- I love you.
- Me too.

- What does he say?
- Love him.


Who is that? -Grandfather.

You were angry with our Paul what
did not invite us to Belgrade for a wedding.

You called him
any names.

Idiot, jerk,
Belgrade picopevac.

I made up everything.

I believed in Paul
that they won't fuck us.

And he didn't forget us
invites you to your wedding in Belgrade

but brought
wedding to our village.


Similar words.

What's going on?

They found out you were Russian,
and they love the Russians very much here.

When Putin came
Serbia has taken to the streets.

Come on, here.
- Come on. Sit down.

- Give me brandy.
- More, more.

Thank you.

And what is this?

Old Serbian tradition.

Hearts on the table.

I think I know
that tradition.

When the Russians call the village
to the wedding. Usadba.

And they ask the girl out
for the guy. That?

How long? subtract
give him that bell.

My dear neighbors.

This is hopefully a sunny day.
- Sorry, I wanted to admit it to you.

When? On ours
silver wedding?

It's all about Grandpa. All my life
dreamed of my wedding.

Knowing me,
it may not work.

Especially since it is
had a heart attack yesterday.

It's with you
it always does.

First you agree and then
everything turns into an avalanche.


He'll finish now
and I'll admit it. Good?

And I'm not ashamed to admit it
that in front of the whole village.

What's wrong with him? -Grandfather.
Call the doctor.

Nothing, nothing.
Reduce infarction.

All right, I'll support you.
- Have them be married for a hundred years.

Cheers! Cheers!

Whoa, young.

Next, what's wrong with you? -What is it?

Just a minute
take. -That? -That.

I understand.

What is it? What are we looking at?
It's a Russian tradition. Hey cheers!

What? What is this?

A man.

What's going on?

Hi. -Hi.

Just to her
I give a passport. Passport.

Passport! Thank you.

That's my bridal
gift. -Super!

And I will
I'll collect and I'll give you one.

Come on, you already are
Delio. -Razdelio?

I split everything,
free. Fool.

Listen to him
everyone loves? -Whom?

And Paul. You know, him
it helps us a lot.

I don't know how
lived without him.

That? And how does it help you?
- How? He built everything.

He built the road.

He rented a bus
who drives the kids to school.

His buddy is the best
doctor in Belgrade.

Everyone comes to us
month to review.

You know, all that money
hotel, everything it earns

everything here sends. To the village.

Take him
more that bell.

Folks, it's a tradition in Russia
that there is a "bitter" cry at the wedding.

Well, it seems logical to me
newlyweds love for this weather.

But we are in Serbia.

But she's a young Russian.

Then: bitter, bitter.

It's on what's going on.


Don't worry, I won't kiss you.

What, what do we tell them?
- Bitter, bitter, bitter.

Next, what's wrong with you?

You have a husband, tomorrow you will
to return to him. I will not.

- Petja ..
- Far...

We've spoken a thousand times already.

Look... You don't understand.

And how do I understand?

You're flying to Mars. To the other end,
we will never see each other again.

Far, flight to Mars
is the year of beginning.

The beginning of a new era.

Humanity is colonizing
another planet.

And with Ilon Mask.

So yeah, just
that he doesn't fly.

It doesn't matter.
Flight is his idea.

Oh..I see. Family, children,
dog, it's all good

but to give life to a new planet...

So, here I go.

Are you kidding me?

No, you're kidding.

Like I like to joke.

And worse.

To Mars.
To the other end.

My head is about to explode.

It will not. Not even when I do
said why he was divorcing.

And you haven't tried it
long distance connection?


Why are you wearing a ring?

To me like you...

they would not be bored.

Let's dance.

Please help me.

I called him, he's not answering.
Please let me go.

All right, let him go. - Hold him.
I can't do it alone. What?

Boy, what are you doing?
Help Nebojsa.

Pull it out.

John, John, John.

You're not bad.

Really? -That.

I'm sure you'll find it
a common language with Vedran.

Until her bride returns
you will be her party.

Fun? -That.

Yes, Ivan, Ivan.

All right, good night.
Sleep well.

You don't.

Good luck! -We are waiting for a good day.

Let's go, let's go.

Don't worry, it's quick
get thin so I'll leave.

What is this?

It's a potion to make your soldier
guarded the whole night.

It's that the head doesn't hurt
after joy.

Here. They are diverging.


Honey, bro...

Aye take me to Belgrade.

I drank.

You don't even have a permit.


Get up, Paul is gone.

You know, Dulan maybe
and the better you broke it.

The others have increased their prices significantly.
But I do not recommend breaking this one.

Two robberies in a month.

Now these urinals are guarded
better than the president.

This is not a urinal.

This is art.

Wait for me, I'll get it.

Boss, look who we found.
But we didn't look for him, he came alone.

Mr. Duljane,
I'm canceling my wedding.

I can't marry
to your daughter. Well...

take my hotel.

You want to grieve
my daughter?

And what will be her nothing like me?

Agree, I don't know either.
But you like her.

But in Serbia it is real
so many tall and nice guys.

I am 3 plus by those measures,
4 minus the maximum.

But that's why I have a hotel in downtown Belgrade,
and with your connections you can open a casino

and at the casino a strip club.

Imagine, naked croupier.
The idea?

No, wait. Imagine
a girlfriend, not a boyfriend.

There is no such thing
in Belgrade. Naked casino.

But you glued it nicely.

When it's new.

Because you are new.

Put that in place.

Just one question.

What's so expensive?
When there are more.

How many more are there?

I'm taking your hotel away!

Fair enough.

And you're getting married tomorrow
to my daughter.

And that's fine.

That's it.

Thank you.

I'll call your grandfather
and the whole village for the wedding.

Thank you.

If you try to run
their bodies will swim across the Danube.

I'm going to tell them.

You're not going anywhere.


I have to call the greens
from Moscow and ask

for 100 million.

I thought the club would be alone
make money when I open it.

Good for you.

You have your own business in Moscow.

You're free.

And I? I live in a gold cage.

I have a lot of money,
but I can't go anywhere.

Because my dad doesn't.

Hey, look at this.


Love, Paul has arrived.

Palja came? -Yes.
- You'll talk tomorrow.

Go to the hotel.

Do you want to stay with us?
Do we have quite a few rooms?

Yes. We apologized well.

Then someone will fix your room.

What can I say next?

Tell her...

Don't tell her anything.
I'll call her myself.

All right, brew!
Enough with playing.

Don't wait for me anymore.

Who the fuck!
Give it to him.


We needed more
play two songs.

Let's get out there.
Come here.

Hey, I left the phone.
I forgot my phone in the car.

I really have to
I call. Srezko! Stop!

Dulyan said
that there is no call.

I really have to.

Go to sleep.

You like to lie down early.

Go. Come on.


Hi, Dala.

And you... And that pays you off
invited to the wedding?

I forgot.

And what kind of wedding?

Paljina and Vedranina.

Not up to date?

Where are you going? - At the airport.
I'll take you.

I called a cab.

I brought you,
I'll take you.

And my grandfather wants to
say goodbye to you.


Do you know what it is
Diljan's fountain?

No, I do not know.

He broke that toilet.
But it's not a toilet, it's a fountain.


And he did it by accident.
He's a good man.

Now it's Dulan's debtor.

And that's why there is nothing now.

No hotels.

Just a horrible bride.

Today will be a wedding.

It's Sam's fault.

Constantly lying.
- And he's not lying.

It bypasses the truth.

What's the difference?
One thing the same.

A lie is a sin.

And bypassing the truth
coercive measure.

It's all for love.

What kind of love?

Beloved do not deceive.
If he had said right away they would have found a way out.

Now let's do it alone.


What did we even get here?

Let's go, let's go.

I am my Silver
at the age of 18 met.

And I immediately proposed it.

She agreed.
The wedding was a joy.

But after dawn
family life.

Small misunderstandings, quarrels,
as with all people.

We used to quarrel once
that she took off the ring and threw it into the river.

When I saw it, I took it off
threw his wedding band into the river.

After a month
we didn't say a word.

Not a single word.

In the end, I couldn't stand it.

And I took the night off.

And with that night alone
carved two wedding rings.

And again he applied.

Let's make a second wedding.
The whole village was cheerful.

And so it was kind of a tradition.
We liked it so much

that from then on, whenever we quarrel
I ask her out and let's make the wedding.

And so five, six, seven times.
Who will remember now?!

And then Srebrenka died.

So I dreamed yes
I marry Paul to remember

that time I did
peace with Srebrenko.

make peace with Paul

while you still can
you start all over again.

Let's go to the hotel.

Come on.

To be with him
in good and evil.

May I have your invitation.

In illness and health.
Wealth and poverty

It's burning! I'm here.
- Until death breaks you apart.

It's not that wedding.

There was a rehearsal here.
Excuse me, sorry.

The wedding is at another restaurant.
In the fresh air.

Why didn't you tell me right away?

You said we were going to
the hotel and I brought you.

How did I know you would
to the toilet or something.


Look, I don't have any money now.
You understand.

And I...

Disgusting, sour.

Okay, so I got ready.
- It's old wine.

What are you doing? You see how they are
guests. Give it a go, let it go.

If Duljan sees you
you know what will happen to you.

What are you allowing yourself?
Who did I order the expensive champagne?

You want to have a drink there
with the peasants? Beat it!

Dear guests, please
you for a little attention.

Please, our newlyweds
say hello to one big round of applause.

Vedran and Paul.

I do not understand.
And where is your beautiful bride?

Shut up, Role.

Please bring...

Dear guests, please do
return to your seats.

First of all, I want to thank you
because you gathered here today.

In the glory of eternal love.

And what is the price
most love?

What to give to the newlyweds
on this their festive day?

After a brief reflection
I decided that of course

gift be
Rafael's picture.

They offered to me that day
$ 40 million for this picture,

but I intended it...
- How much? -40 bricks.

For his daughter unit
and her chosen one.

My children, since I am
decided to live with me

This picture after the wedding
goes to the gallery.

So we'll do it together
we can enjoy it.

Who is this?

And where is she beautiful young?

Rolls, don't.
Shut up, please.

Why? -Who called this fool?

Son, calm down.

Stuff Rafael in the ass.

Vedrana! -What is it?
Stop it, we're at the wedding.


Iika Duljane,
I will calm her down.

Go and calm your family
otherwise everyone will sail the river.

Clear? -Okay.

Go and retire Vedrana.

You think I calm down? -Yeah, calm down.

- Yes?
- I don't know Serbian.

Google translation.

Of course.

Please, sed and calm.
Otherwise it will kill us all.

Grandpa, Grandpa.

I have to donate a song to
our newlyweds, from my youth.

It's burning!

Now, what are you doing here?

I'm saving you. Go,
while Grandpa was distracting.

And no, I can't.
Dulyan will kill everything.

Man, let him go.
An older man.

Don't please.
That's my grandfather. Don't touch it.


Hey, why are you touching my husband?

Calm down, calm down.

Mr. Duljane,
why so? -Security.

It's such a beautiful day.
Let's all have a great time.

Let's calm down, calm down.

Uncle Dulan, please.

Let's try this one
let's handle it as civilized people.

Let me go. -Lika Duljane.
Look who I found.

She's causing me problems.
Into the well with her.

Folks, let's calm down
passion and yes...

Hit the dredge!

Let her go!

Turn on, bend down.

Don't fool your grandfather,
you are hot.

I'm hot?
Now you'll see.

You okay? -Yes.

Baby, please. Yes this
let's stop everyone alive.

You're right.


Asshole one,
come here to help.

How are you? Do you like it?
I'm sick of you!

I quit!

I told you to let her go.


Come here!

What's going on?
What are you going to do with that night?

Butter us with butter?

Come here.
Bring the prisoners.

Paul, you won't.
- Are you sure?

Please, that's the part
five hundred years.

Let them all go.

And swear to no one
it will not shed hair on the head.


Here I swear to health
of their daughter Vedrana.

Let them go. Let them all go.
I said it immediately!

Let go of the dummy.

Good. Come on, people nothing.
We get ready and go.

You're not going anywhere.

Man, you promised.
You have sworn in your daughter's health.

My daughter is a healthy mare.
She'll be fine.

And you all go,
you know where.

What does he say?
- All underground.

Go on, daughter.

Enough, Dad!

What is it, son?

I don't need this one
a Belgrade singer.

That's what I came up with.

While Paul was not there
only John was with me.


Dad, I love him.


And he loves me too.

Well, I didn't know.

Go and get everything back
my guests back. Quick!


Should I hug him? -Yes.

Ivan. -You come too.

Vanya, thanks for replacing me.
And what was that?

In Moscow, I have debts like big houses.
And with Dulan, I'll be calm.

He has his own club in Moscow.
There is a lot of money.

I'll be able to escape
from the prisoner's jail.

What do you think I am
could you find a better one?

And you thought I did
do not like nails.

Hi, rira.

I knew exactly.

I always said,
that the former Serbs do not exist.

Any plans?

Oh.. For a long time, no one got married.

Oh Miles to him.

By the way, I'm so happy.

I cried, sorry.

All right, bre. -Evil.

We haven't been married in a long time.

Well yes.

Grandfather! -Please?

And what were you pretending to be?
that you are blind?

Well, whoever sees,
he does not see the true truth.

What truth?

Well, the countryside is just up and running
and then there is nothing to enjoy.

So I thought of that.

What the...
What's going on here?

What is this?
What's going on here?

Shame on you.
What are you celebrating?

You missed me calling.

Grandma, good to have you.
Here, we have a wedding.

And whose wedding?

Remote and mine.

And who is this?
- My grandma.

I'm Grandma Pavlova. -I understand.

And this is your husband?
- Yes, my husband.

And he showed it to me
your grave, recently.


What did you show her,
fraud one?

I showed her that they wouldn't break up like
the two of us after the first wedding, understand?

And it's not hot. Just be
has been making it for 10 years.

I'll kill you!
- Grandma, don't. Calm down.

You're lying! -Don't grandma
to beat him, again!

You've been lying to your wife for 10 years.
What's going on? -Don't beat him, please!

Who beats anyone?
- She, but out of love.

don't annoy her.

He was lying.
Lied. The same out of love.

To whom it reminds me.
- What are you doing now?

They kill each other.

This is normal. -Normally?

It's all out of love.
I swear.

What kind of love?
- Big love. Like us.

And you're lying all the time. -I'm not lying,
I just sometimes don't say something.

I love you. What?
I love you.

Don't yell at me.
Do you love me? -I love.

Oh, my God I love you.