Hotel Artemis (2018) - full transcript

Set in riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles, 'Hotel Artemis' follows the Nurse, who runs a secret, members-only emergency room for criminals.

This is Battalion 13.

Uh, we've just been taken out.
We got bottles through the windows.

Uh, I'd like to pull all our stations
to the point that...

The largest civil unrest
California has ever...

Free the water! Free the water! Free the water!

The Clearwater riots
are now headed toward down...

Free the water! Free the water!

Welcome to Union Calafia,

the West Coast's favorite bank.

Welcome... Welcome to Union Calafia,

the West Coast's favorite bank.

Welcome... Welcome to Union Calafia...

The body count is rising fast...

...and the question has to be asked:

is anywhere safe
in Los Angeles tonight?

Goddamn it! We're still not through.

This job is a giant...

Fuck off, man!

I thought you said
you could get us in!

Yeah, and I thought you knew
how to run a bank job, fat boy!

Three minutes.

No! No! I've had it with this shit!

You! Look at me! You!

Open the fucking vault now!

I can't!

Central office controls it!

Hang on, whoa, whoa. All right, wait.

That vault's not opening
any time soon.

This is...

So, what now, huh?

You work with what you got,
not what you hoped for.

And we've got them.

A bunch of maids and grasscutters?


Okay, everyone. You're here
in the middle of a riot...

...and I've got a theory about that.

I need you to stand up
if your boss is a millionaire.

Come on. That's it.

Now, stay standing
if your boss is an asshole.

Good for you.

How is this helping?


It's the most violent riot
in LA history.

Rich folks need to get
their lootables to the bank.

Who do they use for that?

A bunch of maids and grasscutters.

- Two minutes till the cops show up.
- Okay, okay, I get it, man.

All right, change of plans!

Keep what you can carry...

- ...let's go!
- No, no, no, wait!

What about the vault?

Just blow out
the fucking back wall! Now!

- You know what to do, come on!
- Fucking amateurs!

Gracias. Gracias.
Thank you. Gracias.

Give that to me!

Thank you for your service and shit.

Keep moving, bruh!

That's real nice.

Oh, believe me, you don't want it.

Now I really do.

- Buke, blow out the back wall! Now!
- I'm on it! Jesus Christ.

This is not what I signed up for!

Ah, yeah, great move.

Great move, Sherm.
Right into a fucking riot!

That's right.

The crowd gets us to Wilshire.

That's where the backup
wheelman's waiting for us.

Hey! So you had this whole
other plan you didn't tell us?

You're not my crew.

I don't know you, I don't trust you.

- What about your brother?
- We need to move.

Hey, man, that's not your call!

Hey, big brother says
we gotta fucking...

- I'm running this game!
- You fucking piece of shit!

Riot control is coming right now,
cut this shit out!

- Hey, hey!
- Hit the ground!

- Hit the ground now!
- Oh, shit!

You hit the fucking ground!

- Landon, stay down!
- Ah, fuck!


I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry.

No, stop! Stop!

You never listen!


What the fuck do we do now, Sherman?

I got a plan.

I need to make a call.

Hello. How can I help?

Ah. Well, how many?

Yeah, I got two rooms left.

Yeah, travel safe.


Thirty-six hours ago,
the Clearwater Corporation...

...cut off the public water supply
in greater Los Angeles.

That has ignited the most violent riot
in California history.

Contractor ProShield has announced...

...a mandatory curfew for all citizens
of greater Los Angeles.

Just another Wednesday. Mute!


Jesus fucking Christ,
it fucking hurts!

There she is.
We're gonna be all right.

We got a Code Red
and a possible Code Gray!

I'm gonna need a gurney
down here tout damn suite!

Hey, come on. Give me
a hand here. He's blacked out.

I got a bullet in my neck,
okay, Sherman?

Seriously, I feel like I'm gonna die!

Easy, fellas. Everybody's
gonna get fixed up.

You, lose the heat.

- Drop the fucking gun, man.
- Fuck. All right!

All right, now verify your memberships
and we're off to the races.

You're peachy.
How about the nogoodnik?

Ah, he's fine, too.

You're up, neckhole. Swipe.

No dice, slick.

This thing is covered in blood.

It's always covered in blood.

I have the fucking chip scar! Look!

Yeahm well, that could be
from any dark room in the country.

Fine. I'll pay you then, all right?

Ah! That's against the rules.
Yeah, I gotta run checks.

You could be a serial, you could be a ped,
you could be a terrorist.

Plenty of other hospitals out there.

Where the cops
are fucking looking for us.

You see, that's your job, lady!
To fix people like us up!

- Now, open the gate!
- You raising your voice to me?

That is also against the rules.

Right there in the membership pack
under "do not kill the other patients."

- Out of the way, Buke. Move!
- Fuck you, Sherman!

I'm sick of your shit!


What now, huh?

You know why they call him Everest?

Yeah, I think you do.

Hold on!

Everest, incoming.

Give him a shot and take him
out the Spring Street exit.

- That's a long way.
- You need the exercise.

I'm gonna find you, Sherman!
And I swear...

Everything's fine, bro. Come on.

We're safe here.

Your brother's got
multiple entry wounds,

significant blood loss,
and an air-conditioned liver.

- Hang in there, man.
- Okay, code names.

He's Honolulu.
That makes you Waikiki.

- You know the way by now.
- Yeah, I do.

What's your damage?

Three shots, .45 millimeters.
The vest caught two.

Feels like a third slug got luckier.

I got Sydolan.

That'll keep you
on your feet for now.

Yeah, thanks.

I thought you were done
with all this.

I got out for a minute there, but... know how it goes.

You were never out. Not up here.

Kept paying your membership.

Screen! Put him there
under the light!


Okay, Alpha,
give me a hepatic scan.

Beta, expose and clean the wound.

Liver scan commencing.

Hey, I'm right here.
Right here. You all right?

Ah, man. I puked on my new suit.

We'll get you another one.

Without all the holes in it.

Wait a minute. What's that?

Consider it a thank you...

Liver irreparable.

Could you be more careful, please?

Want me to leave
the bullets in there?

You wanna help?

Why don't you hold his hand,
tell him you love him,

and then drench that vein in super glue
so the drip don't tear.

You fucking kidding me?

I'm about to play laser tag
inside his rib cage.

So he needs as much of the good shit
as we can get in there.

Especially with
what's coming up next.

His new liver.

3-D model accepted.

Internal call. Acapulco suite.

Pick up!

Hello, Mr. Acapulco.

Oh, don't patronize me, okay?

I've got an eyeball that's falling out
of my fucking face!

I need you here now!

Yeah, well, I'll be
with you momentarily.

Why don't you help yourself
to some morphine? End call!

Asshole, room number four.


Power outage.

It's probably just riot control.

You know, we got another generator.

Is this place gonna hold up?

Son, me and the Artemis,
we've been here for 22 years.


Just another Wednesday.

Biopsy in progress.

It's okay.

Here she goes.

Commence printing.

This is not a drill!

Los Angeles is under
ProShield jurisdiction!

You out there, big guy?

Yes, Nurse.

All right, I hate to interrupt
your field trip,

but the cops killed the grid.

Shit. That backup's older than you.

Yeah, yeah. Just head up to the roof...

...and keep this place
Christmas-y, will ya?

Can't you do it?

You know I'm not going
out there. I just can't.

Oh. What about that
anxiety tape I got you?

Nah, those things
don't work. Now, go on.

Get your fat ass
up there right now.

I'm not fat.

- Right now!
- Yes, Nurse.

Come on, man. Really?

Fuck do you think you are just
leaving me out here?

Hey, you see that badge?

That means I'm
a healthcare professional.

But that knowledge goes both ways.

So if you tell anybody
about the Artemis,

I will hunt you down
and un-heal the shit out of you.

No, wait!

And also, when I walk away,

don't jump on my back again, okay?

If you do, I'm gonna fuck you up
for real this time.

Please! I got a hole in my neck, man!

So apply for membership.

Don't do this!
The riot's headed this way!

- Have a good night.
- I'm dead out here!

Keep Los Angeles
in your prayers tonight.

It is a vision of hell
out here on the streets...


Hey, can I give you a suggestion?

You know, you might want to buy
some scented candles or something,

'cause it smells like somebody
fucking died in here.

- They did.
- Oh, of course they did.

How you feeling, Mr. Acapulco?

Oh, how am I feeling?

What a great question. Let's see.

Like I got stabbed in the back...

...and somebody
ripped off half my face.

Now, these keloid scars mean
that the nanites are doing their job.

- So, if you look over there...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know what nanites are.
What about my fucking eye?

I'm sorry, buster. Partial sight.

But, you know, there's experts
out there that can...

Are you kidding me?

Well, what the fuck
am I paying you for, then?

From the looks of all the nail polish
that I took out of your cheekbone,

I'd say you're paying me
for discretion.

Oh, that's great, you're a comedian.

Oh! Jesus.

Hey, are we safe in here?
From doomsday?

I mean, are these walls
fortified with anything?

- Those people are animals.
- They just want clean water.

Well, then they can get a fucking job
and pay for water like the rest of us.

You don't like that?

You one of those
bleeding-heart types?

Well, hey, cops kill poor people,
poor people kill cops.

That's the circle of life.
Hakuna matata.

These are for the robots
swimming in your optic canal.

Take one in an hour and then
after that, you can go.

All right. Hey!

Uh, my TV's broken.
I want to watch the riots.

There's an old one in the game room.

It's hardwired.
It should be working.

Hey, hang on.

You want me to go out there
with the criminals?

Hakuna matata, buddy.

Oh, that's cute.

No water in LA, but it's raining
assholes in here.

Excusez-moi? Nurse lady?

My TV broke.

Oh, yeah? Sorry to hear that.

You wanna kill yourself quicker than
that .45 in your bicep?

Why don't you try sparking up
a Gitanes in my hospital?

How's that arm doing, hmm?

It hurts. A lot.


...thankfully, you did
a pretty precise job.


Inch lower and you might
have lost use of that hand.

What are you trying to say?

This is America, honey.

Eighty-five percent of
what I fix is bullet holes.

Entrance angles, muzzle burns.
Je suis un connoisseur.

You checked yourself in here.

I needed someplace
quiet... for a while.

Hotel Artemis is
a great place to hide.

You know those will kill you, right?

You sound like my mother.

I tell her my job is stressful,
she tells me to get another one.

That's tough to argue,

especially on a night like tonight.

This is what I do.

You can't pick what you're good at.

Goddamn it.

Connect secure line, Detroit client.

Contact initiated.

Motor City Waste Disposal.

I'm in position.

But I had to fucking shoot myself
to get close enough to the target,

so I need extra compensation.
Reconfirming job.

- Job reconfirmed.
- Parfait.

However, in failure,
the company bears no liability...

...for asset's medical,
travel, or legal fees.


How's he doing?

You want the good news
or the bad news?

Let's start with the good news.

There isn't any.

These 3-D printed livers,
they're sketchy in the best of times.

When you clone them
with the toxic tissue...

What does that mean, toxic?

Dictionary definition of...

That's not ice cream
he's been shooting in there.



When you boys move,

he's gonna need a really heavy
tranquilizer for the pain.

Like the kind they give
to baby elephants.


No, I'm serious. Real baby elephants.

This shit will kill most people.

Come on. Sit down.

Let's see how you're doing.

First, we'll crank up these nanites.

You know, he told me he quit.

Did I ever tell you
about that beagle I had?


Not that I recall.

Marvin was not a good dog.
Always playing in traffic.

Yeah, I loved that dog. Too much.

Anyway, I kept fixing up
his cuts and his bruises...

...and his broken bones
year after year, and then...

...I turned my back, and bam!

took him out anyway.

I get it. You're more
of a cat person.

I gotta keep moving.

Remember, everybody's got
their 18-wheeler day.

Thank you.



Hello. How can I help?

Shut the fuck up
and listen, lady...



How dare you hang up on me?

- You fucking can't...
- Ah!

You're a rude little prick.


It's for Orian Franklin.

Yeah, now you're listening.

He's 52 minutes out,
and he needs a room.

That's too far.

Fix him someplace closer.
He owns half the city.

He says he always comes to you
for emergencies.

But... Yeah, that's true.
But rules are rules.

If someone else gets here first,
I can't hold the last room for him.

You do remember who Mr. Franklin
fucking is, right?

- He owns you.
- Listen...

...this hotel was built
on two things:

man's fundamental avarice and trust.

Now, I break the rules in here, and...

...nasty people got
carte blanche to do the same.

Your boss, he knows that
better than anybody.

- Hello? You still there?
- He's not my boss...

...he's my father.

And if you won't hold a room for him,
I'll come there and do it for you.

Nothing fat about my ass.

Been on that diet, like,
three fucking days.

Don't know who
she's calling a fat ass.

Oh, great.

Everest, where the hell are you?

I'm on the roof
where you told me to be.

Still? Enjoying yourself?

No, 'cause it's a war zone up here.

Missiles going off,
drones everywhere,

helicopters exploding and shit.

Maybe you got the right idea
about never going out.


You are my rock, big man.
Now get your ass down here.

We got another Code Red coming.
Half an hour out.

Seriously? With all this happening,
we're taking someone else in?

Just another Wednesday.

No, it's not just another Wednesday.

The noise you're hearing out there,

that's some hardcore
riot control shit.

Hey, you put your dirty boots
on the sofa in your own house?

Oh, hey, go fuck yourself.

Hello? You still there?

Listen... that riot,

it's headed right for
the Clearwater building.

That's three blocks away.

We might have
to evacuate for real.

We're 12 floors up,

in a safe-core made of
chromium and carbon fiber.

We're peachy.

Now, hurry up.
Code Red's coming in hot.

These protesters are now headed
toward downtown LA.

Their target is the headquarters
of the multi-national company...

...behind water privatization
here in California.

ProShield has
the legal right to open fire... the first signs of aggression.

And from what we are seeing
on the ground,

that is the only way
law will be returned...

One cup remains. Please refill.

Please refill. Please refill.


It's pronounced "Neece."

I was talking about your ass,
not your room allocation.

Fucking animals.

Yeah, ha, ha, ha.
Laugh it up, Frenchie.

But those slum rats out there,

they're slinging Balzalt 500
rocket launchers...

...and not one of them
can aim for shit.

Believe me, I know.

Aftershave, hair spray, flop sweat.

You're an arms dealer, right?

What's this? You're gonna
give me a superior act?

It's not an act.

I tell you what. I'm a friendly guy.

But don't push my buttons.
Don't you do that.

Please. You're nothing
without your toys.

Oh, well, who says
I don't have any toys?

But let me ask you something.

What would people like you even be
without people like me?

You don't know what I do.

Well, you're in this place,
you're talking to me,

so, I highly fucking doubt
you're an au pair.

But you know what gets me?

Here you are, you're in my country,
you're doing some lowball job,

and you're gonna patronize me?

Who the fuck are you?

You're a street taco,
but I'm a 20-ounce sirloin.

You're a housemaid with a handgun,

but I own the fucking mansion.

Your spray tan is running.

Oh, you're funny,
you stuck up little...

Please refill.

Please refill. Please refill.

They really have to make
coffee pots that speak?

Is that necessary?

Hey, uh, I'm in the middle
of a conversation...

...with the lady, all right?

It's a party for two,
so why don't you skip the fuck along?

You know, I'm trying real hard
to keep myself to myself,

but you're not gonna
make that easy for me,

are you, little man?


Come on in.

Your room's a shithole.

Yeah. No maid service since 1976.

Hey, you want a treat?

Check out the joker
at the Flower Street door.

Fuck is he doing?

I told him I wouldn't hold a room
for his Code Red, so... looks like he's gonna
seal up the doors.

Guess he's making a big show of the fact
that nobody else is getting in.

See what I'm doing, lady?

This is what I think of your rules!

Mute! Seems kinda needy.

Be a major pain in my ass
trying to unseal those tomorrow.

We'll just have to bill his daddy.

He does own the place.

- The owner's our new Code Red?
- Yup.

The Wolf king of LA.

Such a dumb nickname.

Alarm's acting up again.

Probably those goddamn raccoons.


- Help! Please!
- Fuck me. Is that a cop?

- Yeah, yeah, looks like it.
- Please help!

Hell of a security breach.

Please help me, Mrs. Thomas!

"Mrs. Thomas"?

Can you see me? Please help!

Okay, this is a real problem.
I think I know her.


So what the fuck's your problem?

Honestly, my problem is
I need a hot cup of coffee.

Hey, Nice.

Hello, Waikiki.

You look good.

You look tired.

- I thought you were out.
- Yeah, me too.

Yeah, ha, ha. Shut the fuck up.

You're gonna walk up on me,
trying to protect your little girlfriend?

Fuck you, pal!

This funny to you?

Don't do that.

Protect her?

- Look, my friend...
- Don't do that.

...if you knew what she could do to you
with just that cup of coffee...

I mean, I'm a professional, but...

...this woman, she's the business.

Merci beaucoup, Sherman.

Get your hand off the goddamn Gucc...

...before I shove it
right up your fucking ass.

You know, I'll leave you guys to it.

You know where to find me, right?


You can do better
than him, anyway.

I even like a little street meat
myself from time to time.

The fuck was that?

You're lucky this place has rules.

Fuck this fucking place.

Welcome to Chopper,
your aeronautic limousine.

I need a pick up downtown, stat!

I'm sorry, sir,
I can barely hear you.

Don't make me fucking repeat myself,
I'm a VIP member!

There's a giant pink
neon sign on the roof!

It says Hotel Artemis!
Get me a fucking helicopter!

I don't know...

I don't know
if you're there, but please!

It's me! It's Morgan Daniels!
Can you see me?

- You know this chota?
- Oh. Maybe.

You gotta help her.
You gotta go get her!

Fuck no.

You let her in here,
nobody trusts us ever again.

I know, babe.

You let her in while
the Wolf king's here,

we're fucking dead.

- Bangkay for real.
- Yeah.

Twenty years you never let anyone
in here who wasn't a member.

Now you wanna change that
for this... fucking cop?

Twenty-two. It's been 22 years.

- Oh, no. No, no, not again!
- Shit!

I thought you said you fixed it?


but riot control's blowing out
the grid for curfew.

- We're probably gonna black out.
- Yeah, we need that power.

I can... I can re-route the G9s.

Hotwire the generator.

Figure it out
when I get up there, but...

...forget about that chota, okay?

Hey! How's your shift?

Busy night at the Artemis.

At least we ain't out there, right?

Hey, you okay?
Breathing kind of funny.

Asthma. I gotta keep moving.

Right on.

Dealing with Anxiety,
Module Two.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Breathe as if you can breathe
through your heart.

Feel your chest rise and fall,

breathing in and breathing out.

Let yourself feel the relief...

...that comes when
forgiveness is possible.

You can go where you like.

You fall asleep easily
and wake up to that...

Breathe in and breathe out.

I can easily walk outside
today and not panic.

There is no reason
to be afraid of going outside.

Breathe as if you can breathe
through your heart.

I do not allow panic to rule me.

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, God.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Who is this? What's his name?


Come on, T!

They're fucking behind us, man!

Come on, T. Keep up, man! Come on!

- This way!
- What's that? A cop?

No, just leave her! Let's go!

No, no, no, no, no, no! Look,

I can help you. I can help you.

Here. Now, take these.

I'm not on anyone's side, all right?
And you're hurt.

Here, take that.

- Hands up! Right now!
- Hands or we shoot!

- Sarge, we got a cop down!
- What are you doing out here?

I live here.

Another fucking vagrant!
Put her in the truck!

No! I gotta take care of her.

Sarge, how should I proceed?

Cuff her. And if she gives you
any more shit, put her in...

Respect your elders, pulis.

Nurse, go inside now!

We gotta bring her in.


Remain in your homes!

Oh, damn it, Nurse.

This is not a drill!

Los Angeles is under
ProShield jurisdiction!

This is a terrible idea.

These rioters are really
stepping up their game, huh?

- Double tap them to be sure.
- Is that really necessary?

Uh... I don't know.
What do you want to do?

You wanna get into heaven
or you wanna make the Wolf king happy?

All right.

Hurry up. Dad's almost here.

Who says he doesn't have any toys?


I can't believe you got
his wallet before me.

Hotel full of criminals.
You gotta move quick.

I did find this in the corridor.


I think the old lady
likes to drink.

So... long has it been?

- You know exactly how long.
- Okay. Yeah, I do.

Really stacking up
those memberships, huh?

It's been a busy year.

The Dressier, Berlin.

The Floridita, Miami. Hotel Sazerac.

- That's a lot of travel.
- You should try it.

You could have been one of the greats
if you ever got a goddamn passport.

Hey, you know I only work domestic.

Don't make that sound like a choice.

You drew a line...
you knew I couldn't cross.

What's with the implant?

Oh. You noticed? That's sweet.

They're industry standard now.

Wetwork's so fancy.

All I get is a shotgun
and a duffel bag.

Well, tonight, I had to look my target
in the eye while I slit his throat,

so the client can watch it later...

...while he masturbates.

- That's fucking gross.
- That's what happens...

- ...when you only kill important people.
- When you only kill important people.

Yeah, I've heard that before.

And how was your night?


This happened.

Oh, putain, Sherman.

You need to leave here
right fucking now.

- Let's go.
- Bye, I gotta go.

Oh, man. This thing's
on its last legs.

All right.

So, you went outside for her?


How long has it been?

Does that make it, like, three years?

A little longer, maybe.
I'm not doing it again.

I just can't.

I can help you.

You do. You do, babe.

Okay, we're home. Let's go.

Careful, careful.
Internal bleeding. Come on.

You know you're risking
everything for this cop?

Yeah, I've got my reasons.

Hey, I broke the rules once before.

It worked out pretty good
if you remember.

It was different.
I was just a kid.

Yeah, well, so was she
when I knew her.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait.

Christ, open your ears,
you ignorant fuck!

Great. Mr. Acapulco.

All right. Code Red's
18 minutes out.

So get the crash cart
and meet me in my room.

Radio me when the coast is clear.

Yes, Nurse.

I don't care where!
Uh, Cancun. Uh, Guadalajara!

Even fucking Acapulco!
I don't give a shit!

Just make sure there's
a fucking infinity pool,

and don't give me shit about
the price of water, okay?

I know how much fucking water costs!

It's bad, right?

You know what this is?

I know who it belongs to.

- You know what's in it?
- No idea.

Those things are tougher to crack
than a Teikoku vault.

You're a professional.
I'm the business.

You know what these are?

Yellow diamonds?

Yakutia Canaries.
Worth about 18 million.



Wolf king's probably
gonna want those back.

This is no joke.

- You know what he does to thieves.
- Yeah.

You need to walk straight out
the door right now.

I gotta wait till Lev can move.

It is too dangerous for you in here.

You have to trust me.

I do trust you.
But he's my brother.

There's so much more
you could have done without him.

You work with what you got,
not what you hoped for.


You have a lot
to live for... out there.

I don't know if that's true.

It is.

Go. Now.

All right, oxygen.
I need to get a line going.

Jesus. They stomped on her
like they were making Merlot.

She's a cop in a riot.
What'd you expect?

No, she's a community liaison.

That's what it says. That's her job.

Think that's how she knew about us?

Oh, I don't know.

Maybe she heard something,
maybe she put two and two together.

You know, I know her
from back in the day.

In the day? Before this place?

Yeah. All right.
I gotta go in old-school.

I'm gonna need a microwave scalpel,
set to two inches.

Yes, Nurse.

- Come on. Chop, chop!
- Yes, Nurse.

Great, prep pad. Come on.


Nurse? You okay?
Do you need to rest?

What? No.

Yeah, I'm fine.
What I need to do is work.

All right. You concentrate
on that suction.

I'm very fond of this rug.

That's it. There we go. Merlot time.

Yeah, '74 Chevy Nova,
parking lot on Main Street.

Appreciate it.

Patient regaining consciousness.


It hurts so fucking bad, man.

Oh, bro, you're on life support.

Yeah, but we scored, man.

And the stash is safe.

And me and you,
we can go somewhere nice like... that.

Oh, yeah. Drinking daiquiris, man.

Fighting off the hula girls.

Till then, we in the safest
place in town.

No, man, daiquiris
aren't from Hawaii,

hula girls don't even exist,

and the Artemis isn't
safe for us, all right?

'Cause of this.

A pen?

It's not a pen.
It's a goddamn curse.

- Okay.
- It's a portable vault.

Like the ones that Malibu
mob couriers use, all right?

Exactly like the ones they use.

- Oh, fuck, man!
- That's right.

Fuck! We stole from the Wolf king?

- You did!
- But by accident, though.

That excuse probably won't fly
with the man who runs Los Angeles.

You know what he does to people
who steal from him?

- I do. Yup.
- He has them drowned, man.

Like in an ocean like this.

I don't float, man!

Calm the fuck down, okay?

I called in a favor.
Got us a new plan.

An exit strategy.

All we got to do is
keep our heads way down low...

...until we can move you.


- Can you do that?
- Yeah. Yeah.

We'll be fine, man.

'Cause you here.

My big brother.

This is the last time.


I'll be right back.

There's something
I need to check out.

How's it going, K-Jack?

It's a shit show out here.

Detouring to avoid the riot.
Be there in 15.

This is Bravo team.
We're five by five.

Perimeter is secure for the Wolf king.
Once he gets here, it's safe.

- Wolf king's almost here.
- All right.

Let's... let's get her talking.

Lowering the benzo.
Here she comes.


Mo? Hey.

Hey, long time no see, huh?

Mrs. Thomas.


Your house looks really different.

I don't know, Morgan.

Always with the jokes.


You haven't changed.

Well, my hair is longer.

Yeah. It looks nice. I like it.

And I get the shit kicked out
of me more these days.

Yeah, I spotted that.

You know, I thought...

I thought this place was a myth.

Good. 'Cause once
we get you back outside,

that's exactly what you're
gonna think all over again.

Ignore him.

So, you've really been here
this whole time?

Just fixing up criminals?

Well, there's plenty
of folks out there... patch up all the good guys.

So why let me in?

Great question.

'Cause you're family.

Sort of.

That's how it felt.

All right, well, these staples
should hold pretty good,

and, uh, you just gotta be
real careful with them.

And to be clear,

I fixed up that cute,
little gal who lived next door...

...who was always on the trampoline.

I didn't fix a cop. I don't do that.

Yeah, I understand.

Mrs. Thomas, wait.

I am really sorry.

Oh. It's not your fault.

No, no.

I mean... Beau.

- I can't talk about it. No!
- I wanted to...

Mrs. Thomas, are you okay?

We're done here. I gotta run.

Get her dressed and wait for my signal.
I gotta prep Niagara.

Mrs. Thomas...

Yeah, Everest will walk you
through the aftercare.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

It's a busy night.

Bravo team, this is Goldcage unit,

coming in to Broadway now.

We're at one minute 30 out. Repeat:

The Wolf king
is one minute and 30 out.

Copy that, Goldcage.
We're in position.

Ah, great. Parisian ninja bitch.

Look, I don't want
any trouble, okay?

In a minute I'm gonna be
out of your hair!

Is your helicopter early?

How do you know about that?

You're American.
You speak too loudly.

Look, I don't want
trouble, all right?

Hey, maybe we got off
on the wrong foot?

All right? I'm gonna make you an offer.

I'm getting outta here.

This whole city's burning down.
I'm going south... the wall.

I don't have any security, so... know, I could use
some protection down there.

Protecting people is
the opposite of what I do.

Whatever, it's the same
skill set, though, right?

Look, try this: You come with me,

see how you like it down there,

I don't know, one thing leads to another,
maybe something romantic happens.


You know, don't rule it out.

Look, I'll pay you
a shitload of money, okay?

I already have my way out.

He's here.

I'll give you a signal,
and you gotta get the girl outta there.

Yes, Nurse.

Everest? Look after her for me.

Get him inside right now!

Nice car. Looks like
somebody important.


I only kill important people.

Shut the fuck up. That's your mark?

Well, he just waltzed
right in here.

I think he's gonna be fine.

Or I needed to get him on his own.

Wait a second.
You put your mark in here?

Open the gate!

Guys, only six people
maximum in that thing.

You're killing me here.

I said open the fucking gate.

The Wolf king is in the building.

He's your one priority now!

Now let us in!

Yeah, one thing at a time.
Everybody lose the heat.

No, he needs to be protected.

Okay. It's a little late
for that, sport.

I told you there are rules.

- I talked about this with...
- Rules, rules, rules.

You say rules?

Jeanie, without the rule-breakers,

honey, where would you be?

You look like death.

I guess my ballroom days
are over, baby.

Wow, look at you.

Jesus Christ, swipe.

Welcome back, Niagara.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, hey, hey! Back up!

Draw more attention
to yourself, why don't you?

Lay another hand on me,
I'll rip your fucking head off!

Who's going to fix
your daddy then, huh, moron?

That's enough. So, do you have
a choice, Jeanie?

Because without me,

you're gonna have to answer
to Captain Try Hard, and...

...sons don't always do
what they're told.

Fine. But he's not coming in here.

That's all there is to it.

You fucking own this place, Dad.

But she runs it, kiddo.

- That was the deal.
- Look, Dad...

...I know that I'm the youngest
and maybe I never...

...really earned your respect...

...but if you don't make it,

I need you to know
that I'll always remember...

...the thing you told me
the day I turned 16.

You said go confidently
in the direction of your dreams.

But my only dream...

...has ever been
to be more like you.

I'm sorry, Cros,

because it's...

...bullshit like that that
made you grow up so fucking soft.


if I don't make it out of here,

this is for you.

- All right...
- Tickety-tock. time's over.

Come on. Take this, apply pressure.

If the time comes,

I hope you know
what the fuck to do with that.

Code Blue.

"Code Blue"?

Fuck is a Code Blue?

Blue like a cop, maybe?

Yeah, I know!

Just never had a cop in here before.

Wasn't talking to you anyway.

Get you juiced up.

- Sydolan. A little amp.
- No, no, no!

You're good to go.
Get you out of here.

You know, I get blood-tested
as part of my job.

Not my problem.

Don't know why she let you
in here anyway.

Because I knew her kid.

You know he died, right? OD'd.

That's why she started drinking...

- ...lost her medical license.
- Nope.

She didn't tell you about that?

I don't know. I don't want
to fucking know.

We've got rules here, lady.

How I got here, how you got here.
The Nurse, too.

The rules keep the outside world
fucking outside,

where they belong.

All right, dude.

So, tell me, chota...

- ...can you keep our secret?
- Of course.

'Cause you see this badge?

That means I'm
a healthcare professional.

- Okay.
- But that knowledge goes...

Hey, hey! Save me the speech.

I would not do that. Not to her.

Good answer. Checkout time.

Connect secure line. Detroit client.

Contact initiated.

Motor City Waste Disposal.

It was a pain in the ass,
but the trap worked.

The target is now prepped
for an eye-contact kill.

I'm in position to finish the job,

but I need a 30% raise
for inconvenience...

...and because
you're fucking gross. Send.

Please hold for confirmation.


- Just keep your eyes down.
- Yeah.

Busy night in the Artemis.
What room is she in?

I forgot.

Like you said,
busy night in the Artemis.

Nice boots.

I assume you know to avoid
the beach boys in the lobby, then?

'Cause they'll kill every one of us
if they find her in here,

and that includes the old lady.

Look, Mr. Waikiki,

that's some membership-revoking
talk right there.

Sure. But who'd want to be a member
of a secret hospital...

...for criminals
if it started letting cops in?


Devil's in the details, big man.

Here we go.

Extension of terms confirmed.



Poor Jean. This place still
sucking your blood, huh?

Administering anesthetic.

Only thing that keeps it ticking.

Honestly, you got a sea
of galoofs out there.

How'd you let something
like this happen?

You know, a pretty girl...

...a purse full of Semtex
and an old man's vanity.

I hear ya.

Except the last time somebody
flirted with me, it was 1986.

How is that son of a bitch

Shrapnel identified.

Who knows? Who cares?

You know, been two wives since me.

Two. Both nurses.

What a fucking Clyde.

You want me to take him out?

Nah. He lives in Florida.
Life took him out already.

Hey, you remember when you started
that free clinic?

Den mother to a bunch
of runaways and junkies.

Look at you now. Legendary.

Ten milligrams of Benzytrix
and everyone's a storyteller.

You know, asking you
to set this place up,

that was... that was one
of my finer ideas.

Best investment I ever made.


But do you regret
that deal with the devil?

You're not the devil, Orian.

You're just another
ex-hippie con-man,

swapped his beads for bullets.

Oh, that's harsh.

Patient sedation in ten seconds.

Yeah, it's a trip, Jean.

I don't regret
the deaths these days.

Just the lies.

That one I told you.

Beau. Great name.

Police report that...


Curfew has begun.
Los Angeles is on lockdown.

Resistance to ProShield officers
will be met with lethal force.

Hey, man, tonight's gone to shit,
but I don't want you to freak out.



Hey. Hey, Lev. Hey, Lev.
Lev. Hey, can you hear me?

Oh, hey, hey.
It's okay, Sherman, man.

I only took a little bit
to help me feel better.

We need to leave right now.

Man, we can't.
Man, it's not green yet.

Half the Malibu Mob is in the lobby.

The riot's around the corner.
The Wolf king's probably here, too.

3-D model accepted.

It's the worst-case scenario.
We gotta get the fuck out of here.

No. No, no, no.

Nurse said that you can't move me, man,
'cause I might not make it.

Man, but we have a chance.
If we stay here, we're dead.

I can't take that chance, Sherm.

I can't, man. I'm sorry.
I just... I can't.

I'm not that strong, man.
I'm not you, all right?


That doesn't mean you shouldn't go.

Can you level with me?

Am I gonna make it out of here?

I hope so.

If we can beat this riot.

Everest, you out there?

Nurse, we're traveling.

- Copy that.
- Can I talk to her?

Mrs. Thomas,
I'm sorry about earlier.

That's okay, you just gotta
keep moving, so...

Yeah, I just... I need...
I need to say something to you, okay?

You couldn't...
have changed anything,

and none of that...

...was your fault.

You got kids, Mo?

Yeah, I got two. Yeah.

Then you know.
It's always your fault.

Two kids, huh? Wow!


You know, we've...

...we still got your old trampoline.

It's probably
a safety hazard, actually.

You two used to love that thing.

Mo and Beau.

Yeah. That's how I remember him.

I wish I could say the same.

Patient regaining consciousness.

- I gotta go.
- I watched a fly...

Bye, Mrs. Thomas.

If it only settled down
onto a chair...

...and felt the draft of the wind,

it might've had a chance,
gotten itself outside.

What the fuck am I saying?

Ten milligrams of Benzytrix,
everyone's a storyteller.

Thirty milligrams...

...and you get the truth.

I never told you his name. Beau.

I got a question for you, Orian.

Did you know my son?

Passage in or out
of Los Angeles is prohibited.

If the riot reaches your vicinity,
do not exit your property.

You ready?

3-D printing complete.

- Sherm.
- Yeah?

Whatcha gonna do?

You're my brother.

I love you.

What choice do I have?

So, what? So, wait,
you got like a plan?

Had a whole bunch of plans, Lev.

My whole life.

And really, they were all about you.

But you just kept fucking them up.

So now we sit and we wait,

and we hope nobody finds us,
'cause if they do,

then, no, man, I don't have a plan.

But, uh, I got the next best thing.

I got a gun.

Benzytrix level toxic.

I said, did you know my son?

I didn't really know him, but...

...I had this white 911.

One of the originals
with air-cooled turbo...

Hey! Hey!

Did you know my son?

Yeah. He stole my car.

You know the rules.

You take something
from me, I gotta...

...give you back to the ocean.

The police report. They said he OD'd.

I own the police, Jean.

No! No!

It all came full circle!

'Cause that's how I found you.

This poor woman,
grieving for her son.

So fucking drunk
she wasn't even allowed... fix her waifs
and strays anymore.

I gave you a way
to help people again.

The universe brought us together,

and the Artemis was born.

You killed Beau!

You killed my son!

You made a deal with the devil.

What'd you expect?

All right, come on.

Your aeronautic limousine
is now at the pickup point.

Get me a helicopter.

The riot has reached your location.
This is not a drill.

Come to papa!

Oh, shit! Nurse! Nurse!

- No!
- What's going on?

Everest, Code Black...

- Jeanie! Hey!
- ...Honolulu!

- Code Black, Honolulu!
- What the fuck is happening?


Where the fuck... Jeanie!

What's going on in there? Dad!


Pickup location
has been compromised.

Your journey has been canceled.

No, don't cancel it!
Come back! Come back!

Come on, man. Shit!

- Come on, man. Wake up.
- All right, move. Move!

- What's happening?
- Liver's in shock.

- The vitals aren't responding.
- Don't let him die.

- Clear!
- Please! Please!


Connect secure line.

Who's there?

Is that you, Jean? Hey!

This is from Detroit.

Okay, wait. Listen, listen.

I could pay you.

I could make that Detroit money
look like a bad tip...

They bought your death.

Don't give them
your dignity for free.

So, this is how it happens? Wow!

All right, baby.
Send me down the river.

Detroit, there is your
happy ending. Disconnect.

Fucking bitch!

Come on, come on, come on!

Come on!

He's gone, son.
I'm sorry. I really am.


What is she doing in there?

Wait, Nice is in there with him?

He's flatlining!

Of course. She only kills
important people.

Wait. You can't!
That's against the rules!

Shit! Everest, get down here now!

Things are going to hell
in a hand basket...

...full of blood and shit!

Fuck! Yeah, the power's out.

- You know what the old man said.
- Yeah, I got it!


Don't look at me! Turn back around!

What are you doing?

Lev was on fucking life support...

...when you pulled the plug
on this place.

I did not know that.

You're the business. You knew.


If you truly believe
you lost him because of me...

Told him not to touch
my jacket, fucker!

The accuracy on these is for shit!

That's 'cause they're US made, right?
Who sells this crap?

I'm gonna fucking kill you!

Oh, fuck you!
You're not gonna do shit!

I'm sick of you acting superior!

You are not superior to me!

You know, I was supposed
to be safe in here!

That's the fucking deal
with this place!

That's what I fucking paid for!

But you had to go and fuck that up!

Well, now I gotta shoot ya!
And I don't want to shoot ya,

we coulda worked something out,
we had some kind of fucking chemistry,

but now I gotta fucking shoot you!

So, who's superior now, bitch?


3-D model accepted.


Printer jam. Printer jam.

Printer jam. Printer jam. Printer jam.

Oh, jeez! Hey, no killing
the other patients!

My rule number one!

How many times I gotta say it?

I'll pay for the damages.

Are you okay? You look like
all the shades of shit.

I'm fine. This thing's Kevlar.

How about the bullet
in that waistband?

Oh, fuck!

It's armed! It's armed!

Okay, everybody back!
Get back! Let's go!

What was that?

The new owner!

- We gotta get him out of here!
- Ah, shit!


Pull this thing apart.
Use anything you can to get inside.

Go through the floors,
through the wall, I don't care.

- Just get to my father!
- Two men on the wall!


Where's the girl? Where's Mo?

She's safe, but we're not.

- We gotta go.
- Come on!

I'm gonna kill you, lady!

I'm gonna burn this fucking
place to the ground!

Go that way!

- Get the patients out!
- Hey, come on!

- They're coming through.
- I'm staying.

- I'm gonna stop them.
- No, no. Look.

You're a tiny old lady.
You ain't stopping shit.

Hurry up!

You always help everyone.

Let me help you. Please.

Take good care of her, okay?

- Yes, Nurse.
- Good boy.

Please, tell him I did this.

Wait, aren't you coming with us?

You fix people. I break them.

We can't pick what we're good at...

...or who we love.

Where is it? Goddamn wind space!

All right! That's it! Feel that?

Where's... Where is she?

Nice stayed behind. Yeah...

...she's trying to say
she's sorry... her way.

Get us through there now!

- Put your backs into it!
- Hurry the fuck up!

Apparently, you guys
don't know the rules.

Visiting hours are never!

What's going on? Where's my father?

You can't save everyone.


Don't... cross... my line!

In hospitals, we use codes.

A slow code, that's when
a patient's already dead.

But, you know,
we gotta make a show of it.

Ease the family into the idea.

Why are you telling me?

Because, Junior...
you're a slow code.

See, your homies here,
they don't know it yet,

but you're dead.

I'm coming for you, slow code!

Oh, what the fuck happened tonight?

Well, people broke the rules:

No guns, no guests, no bombs,

no insulting staff,
no killing the other patients...

And no cops?

I met your friend.

She's not my friend.
She knew my son.

- I didn't know you had a kid.
- Yeah, I used to.

Eighteen-wheeler story.

Come on!

I already told you...

...don't cross my fucking line!

Let's get you out of here!
Come on! Up!

The whole riot's here now.

Put your weight on me.
That's right.

Which door we leaving out of?

They sealed all the doors
and the tunnels...

...but there's one they missed.

- Is this the front?
- That's right.

You're going out...

...the way nobody uses anymore.

The way I walked in 22 years ago.

Wait, hold on. Back up.

What do you mean... I'm going?


You let him die.

He made me bring him here
and you fucking let him die.

Okay, just wait, wait!
Something you need to see.

- Right here, huh?
- Who the fuck are you?

I'm the guy who stole your diamonds.

Now, Daddy's dead, okay?

Your mob's gonna need a new boss.

Somebody special.

Somebody who's got...

...what all your daddy's
other kids don't.

Six Yakutia Canaries.


Okay, I'll take
that deal. You can go.


No, you! You can go,
she fucking stays!

Go on. Go on, get out. Get out.

Come on, come on, come on.

Oh, hey! Get his eyes!

Whoa, what was that?

I told you...
baby fucking elephants!

His men!

There may be more of them coming.
We need to get out of here.

- I can't. I can't do it. No.
- We can do it together.

Okay. Come on. Come on. Take this.
Let's go. Come on. Let's go.

You got keys?

- You okay?
- I don't know.

Hey, getting out is always
tougher than getting in.

Believe me... I know.

There you go.


We gotta go!

Free the water! Free the water! Free the water!

Car's right around this bus.

There it is. We're gonna make it.

All right. One second.

We're good to go!

You know what?

It looks like it's...
it's gonna be a nice morning.

I think I'm just gonna take a walk.

No, hey. Hey.

Tell me you're not going back inside.

The Artemis? Nah, we're done.

But, uh, you know...

...if I leave town, who...

...who's gonna fix
all these people? Huh?

- Just get in the car, come on.
- Nah, I'm old.

Helping people's
all I know how to do.

I'm good with that.

Which reminds me...

...that last bullet that missed
your mesenteric artery...

...still gotta get that
cleaned and stitched.

There's a dark room in Vegas.

It's called The Apache.

Heading out that way? Huh?

Honestly, I don't know
where I'm going next.

First time in my life
I can do whatever I want.

Never planned for that.

You'll figure it out.

Getting out's always tougher
than getting in.

Go on.

Keep it Christmas-y, babe.