Hotel America (1981) - full transcript

Hélène, a distracted pill-popping anesthetist, almost runs down Gilles one evening on a Biarritz street. She is still numb from the drowning death earlier that year of her lover, a visionary architect. Gilles presses for a relationship, then backs away, deciding she could never love someone of lower class and limited prospects. But she does fall in love with him and gradually her depression eases. As she heals, he becomes obsessed with her lover's talents and his own limitations, behaving bizarrely and pushing her away. How these conflicts play out becomes the movie's story.


Don't move.

I didn't even have time
to be scared.

All I did was jump backwards
to avoid your car.

What happened?

I'm tired.
It's all my fault.

We should file a report.

You're shaking.

Would you like to have something
to drink? That would perk you up.

May I have your name?

Tisserand, Gilles.

Tisserand with a "d. "

Like Donald Duck.

Are you visiting?

No, I've been living here
for a year.

So now it adds up

to five... six... seven.

There were six beautiful
women in town,

but number seven
is just staggering!

- Number seven is thirsty.
- I'll take care of that.

And I'll put some music on too.
It'll be more cheerful.

We'll have the same.

- Everything okay?
- Everything's okay.

- Couldn't you pick another table?
- Me?

Can't you see she's resting?

Hello, Jacqueline.

You're still here?

Thanks for staying.

Any stiffness?

You're the one
who almost got killed.

You're right.

But all I got is a sore throat
'cause I smoked all your cigarettes.

Aren't you going to work?

I'm not. Well, yes.

I have a meeting.
Something big might happen.

I might go to Arabia.

- Will you have the same?
- No, I'll have a burger.

There's a gas outage.
I can make you a steak tartar.

Is this our report?

Do you come here often?

Every day.
I work next door.

They make great coffee.
And Jacqueline's nice.

It's funny...

we spent the night together.

Do you usually fall asleep like that?

When I don't feel well,
I work too much.

And when I work too much,
I can fall asleep anywhere.

So you're not feeling well?

Would you like some bread?

May I stay here with you
a little bit longer?

Your place is really nice.

It's not really my place.

It's a furnished rental.

I'll be quick.
Check out the beautiful view.


I'm off to the hospital.

- It's broken again.
- Might be the battery.

- I can fix that.
- No, I'm used to it.

I'm late.
I'll just take the bus.

What are you going
to the hospital for?

I'm an anesthesiologist.
I gotta go.

Well, uh...

it'd be too bad to part ways like this.
Any plans tonight?

I have no plans,
but I need to be alone.

I'm in a hurry.

So, I'll be waiting
for you here at 8:00.

We should fix this place up.
People prefer the beachfront hotels.

Fix what up?
If we're going to sell, why the expense?

Elise, you gave room 9
two pots of coffee.

Having different pots for milk and coffee
would be more convenient.

Have the Spaniards left?

Of course.
They took the 6:12 train.

- Did they mention anything about Arabia?
- I asked if I could take a message,

- and they didn't leave one.
- I looked at their passports.

They've never been to Arabia.
That was hogwash.

- Is Bernard here?
- Can't you hear?

I'm tired of him.
You're giving him the star treatment

and he's been waking up
our guests with his music.

- I like his music.
- Yeah, but that's no excuse.

I'll ask him to stop.

Bernard's a bum.

This isn't the Salvation Army.

No earlier than 11:00 a. m.
And no later than 10:00 p. m.

That's not enough.

Style doesn't happen overnight.


you promised you'd
fix me up with your sister.

She doesn't care for men.

Is she a lesbian or what?

She can't be a virgin
her whole life.

She's not interested in sex.
It's not my fault.

She reads all day.

That might go to her head.

How do you think
she finds me?

Didn't she say anything?

- She didn't.
- You're lying.


she thinks we're both nuts.

She says we're pitiful,
if you want to know.


We're getting laid left and right.

Last night, I fucked
a German girl.

I put a word in for you, but hurry.
She's leaving tomorrow.

I thought you were
with Colette last night.

I'll see her tonight.

- How about you? What did you do?
- Last night?


Could you help me fix a car?

Look. Your boyfriend
came to pick you up.

I like him.

He's a little too much, always checking
himself out in the mirror or posing.

Yep. But I'd still do him.

So good luck.

Bye, angel.

Our date was last night.

I forgot.
It can happen.


What do you want?

I need 500 francs
so I can leave town.

That way, I won't bug
anyone anymore.

Where are you going this time?
New York again?

New York's not the only place.
I want to move back to Paris.

Right. They've been waiting for you.
You're gonna make it big.

I don't want to waste my time.

How about you take me
out to dinner tonight?

We could meet up with Gilles
at the Casino restaurant.

The Casino restaurant?
What, he won the lottery?

Not at all. He says he met the most
beautiful woman on earth.

I'd like to see that.

We have at least
two things in common.

You like to drink
and you're from Paris, just like me.

- Would you like some?
- No.

Why did you bury yourself here?

It's none of your business.
And she's not buried.

Don't you think
she looks like the models...

who lived at the Lincoln Center.

Remember? The vegetarians
who never said hello. Remember?

They must sound
like veterans to you.

"They must sound like this,
they must sound like that. "

She's allowed to have opinions.

What's this about anyways?

You guys are putting on airs.

Can't you just be yourselves?

Do you have a pen?

Let's go somewhere else.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Don't ask us to join you.

What are you doing here?
I thought you didn't like to go out.

No, I want 500.

I didn't know
you liked gambling.

I don't.
I was at the restaurant.

- I'm not alone.
- Okay.

You know Rudel?

He's the only person
I know in town.

How do you know him?

He took my tonsils out.


don't worry about
what just happened.

Your car's running
really well now.

Bernard helped me fix it.

What does he do for a living?

This and that.
He wants to sing.

Until that happens,
he begs for money in the street.

There's no money to be made that way
outside of Paris.

- He did really well in New York.
- New York?

I went there once.
That's where we met.

We had all kinds of jobs.

How romantic!

He helped me out of my shell.

He used to call me "zombie. "

Have you noticed
how he talks to Paulette?

You don't have
a problem with that?

First, her name's Colette.

Second, she knows how he is.

For my part, I don't want
to be around guys like him.

He's no worse than others.

He's dumb and pretentious...
a loser.



I really like Bernard.

And if you feel superior to him,

then I'm out of your league
and we should end things now.

Too bad, I've lost
all my illusions about you.

Hold your bets.

30 red.

Did you ditch your friends?

They're not my friends.

That's what I thought.

I just needed
to take my mind off things.

They ended up ditching me.

Good evening.

Good evening.

I had dinner earlier,
and I'd like to pay the bill.

That's already been
taken care of.

I'd like to treat them.

Could you give me their check?
I'll write another one.

It means a lot to me,
and it doesn't change a thing for you.

Is this the check?

I'm looking for Gilles Tisserand.
Does he live here?

He's my brother.
He's upstairs. Room 37.

- 37?
- Yes.

I thought I wasn't your type.


You're not.

You're not my type at all.

- No mail for me?
- No mail, Mr. Bauchard.

But I have a gift for you.

- Happy birthday!
- You're the only one who never forgets.

When you're gone next year,
no one will think of it.

But next year,
you'll have other perks:

The rooms will be
more comfortable.

The new owners
have a lot of great ideas.

There'll probably be an elevator.

You won't have to walk up
and down the stairs.

I won't be able to stay.
It'll be too expensive.

- Let's celebrate with some port.
- Not at this hour of day!

Just a drop!
That'll perk you up!

I have a gift for you.

I know you read a lot.

New York again?

You're obsessed!

Why are you always so mean?

I can't stand the fact
that you want to sleep with me.

I don't care whether you're
refined or vulgar.

It doesn't change a thing.

How's Colette, by the way?

- I don't know.
- You don't?

We don't see
each other anymore.

Too bad.
She's sweet.

Unlike me.

Why don't you marry her?

I thought she bought this for you?

Tell me, have you ever
heard of generosity?

Having some talent doesn't
allow you to break my balls!

I see...

- When's the next train to Paris?
- In 28 minutes. Hurry.

Gilles, am I waking you?
Our guest in room 38 is packing up.

What's the hurry?

I'm out of here, and I don't want
to miss my train.

I've had it with this hole.

You're all nothing but hicks.

People treat me like a parasite.

I'm an artist.

What's this?

- Calculators?
- Easier to steal than television sets.

At 50 francs each,
it ads up to 2,150 francs.

And this is my latest find.
I'll triple its price.


As for the posters...

you can keep them.

Put this away.
You're getting on my nerves.

You're welcome to join me.

I'll take you around Paris.

Aren't you tired
of your part-time touristy jobs?

I don't know how to do anything.
What am I going to do?

I do things too well,
and it's not any easier.

Gilles? It's me.

I can't tonight.

Tomorrow either.

I think we should stop
seeing each other.

Sorry, I must get back to work.
Bye now.

- Coffee?
- I'll have a whiskey, Jacqueline.

Whiskey, please!

I relapsed.

- I started gambling again.
- Did you lose any money?

A lot?

- I could lend you some money.
- Don't tempt me.

He won't tell me his name,
but he says you know him.

He's insisting.

I'll take care of it.
Thank you.

I looked for an opportunity
to see you again,

so I got into a fight...

and here I am.

Well done.

- Can I call you Hélène?
- If that can calm you down...

Lie down.

- Should I take my pants off?
- That won't be necessary.

Do you think I'll be all right?

By tomorrow, you won't
even have a bruise.

What if I was disfigured?

Would I be more
your type?

- Kiss me.
- It's going to sting a little.

Oh no... I'm not feeling well.

I think I'm going to pass out.

What time are you leaving work?

Late. Very late.

Put these on my desk.

Where are we going?

Your place?

I'll drop you off
wherever you want.

I'm missing something.

I've had flings...
that's all I've had, actually...

but with you, I don't know
where we stand.

You slept with me once
and then you disappeared.

It's too easy to keep
people in the dark.

You want to come to my place?
Let's go, then.

Where are you taking me?

Do you know this place?

Everybody here knows
the Salamander.


If you want to buy it,
it's too late.

But your friend, Dr. Rudel,
knew the owner.

A guy from Paris.

An architect, I think.

I guess he died before he had
a chance to live here.

He was planning
on living here with me.

He wanted to oversee
the renovations himself.

He said it would be our place.

Now it's mine only.

Get out of the car.
I'll give you a tour.

That's a terrible gift.
What will you do with it?

I don't know.

But... that man...

I loved him.

Never happened to you?

Me? No.

How did he die?

He drowned.

We used to vacation
at Rudel's every summer.

We had gone to the Love Chamber,
behind the lighthouse and...

Come take a look.
It's really spacious.


I totally forgot

I was supposed to meet Bernard.

Can you take me back?

I forgot.

You'll show me some other time.

- Some other time?
- Sure.

The house is not going anywhere.


I've come...

to say goodbye.

Speak up.
I can't hear you.

Shall we go some place else?

I'll be a minute.

Looks like vacation time.

Where are you going?

Like everybody else,
I'm emigrating.

I'm going to London. I'll stay
with some people I met last summer.

Okay... have a nice trip.

Hey, what are you doing?

Wait, wait.

I can stay, if you want me to.

- Why aren't you saying anything?
- What do you want me to say?

Last night,
you asked me to open up...

and I think I said too much.

- Now, get lost.
- "Get lost"?

I want to live with you.

- Are you kidding?
- Don't say anything. You'll say too much.

I'll go tell Bernard.
Stay right here. I'll be back.

- What's wrong?
- My watch stopped.

Do you know what time it is?

It's not midnight yet.

The monument is still lit up.

I can't sleep.

I need to get up early.
I'll go sleep on the couch.

Why is that monument called
"The Witches' Rock"?

A long time ago, some girls
in Biarritz were said

to have the mark of the devil
in their left eye.

When it was not witches,
it was whales...

What about nowadays?

The witches and
the whales are gone.

They made way for tourists.

What a strange city.

It's nothing like Paris,
but it's nothing like the rest of France.

It doesn't feel like France,

yet, it's not a foreign town.

I feel bad about you
sleeping on the couch.

No, look,
it's perfectly fine.

Can't you fall asleep
next to me?

I've been sleeping alone
for a long time.

It takes a while to switch habits.

We slept in each other's arms
when you visited me at the hotel.

But that was different.
It was a neutral place.

Plus, I wanted you.

I hadn't felt that way
in a long time.

We didn't even sleep.
But now, we've got to sleep.

It's a different situation.

You don't feel good
with me, do you?

It's in ruins.

Have you ever
shown it to anyone?

I showed Rudel the outside.

I never wanted to show the inside.

This place is crumbling down.
Did you actually live here?

Not in this part of the house.
Come with me.


This is where I lived.

There's a bedroom upstairs.

Everything else
is still in construction.

This is my furniture from Paris.
It doesn't match the place.

I can't afford to fix it up anyway.

I had decided to live here,
but then I couldn't.

So I rented the studio apartment.

It was better situated
and more practical.

Reminds me of our guests at the hotel,
with their sandwiches.

Maybe we could eat outside.

The weather's beautiful.


- Has this city ever been built?
- No.

He always worked on commission,

so this was his personal project.

It could have been turned
into a modern city.

He worked on it
for two years.

He hardly ever left the house.

What about you?

- What did you do for all that time?
- I stayed with him.

Did you ever cheat on him?

- Never.
- How about him?

That would have broken us up.

What about me?

Am I too late?

It's not the same thing.

You're right. I'm the thing that sleeps
on the floor because he's dead...

while you're still sleeping with him.



Please don't leave me.

I'm sorry,
I just haven't heard from him.

I apologize for barging in.

Gilles works as a guide
at the museum.

- What about you?
- Nothing new.

- How old are you?
- 20.

Except for Bernard,
don't you have any friends?

I don't want any friends,
especially not Bernard!

I couldn't care less
about Bernard.

In this area, everybody knows each other,
but nobody really loves each other.

So what is love for you?

My ideal is...

to love someone
I don't know anything about.

Have you ever experienced that?


With a guest at the hotel.

- Did you ever see him again?
- No.

He left the next day.

And you didn't try
to make him stay?

Of course not.

I think it didn't mean
anything to him.

It was a random encounter...

and he had
nothing else better to do.

I'd never told anyone,
not even Gilles.

Do you know what they call
this beach "The Love Chamber"?

No, but I know
it's a dangerous place.

Can I take a bath?



Beachfront apartment...

Living big, huh?

Are you going to paint it all blue?

Well, except for the baby's clothes.
That will be pink.

Do you have any booze?

We have nothing to drink
and nothing to eat.

We're defrosting the fridge.

Love doesn't treat you well.

You look like shit.

You look 10 years older.

Those are only smile lines.


When I show up in a new place,
I need to take a bath,

otherwise I feel
like I'm only visiting.

- Like a tourist.
- So what's new?

I've completed that new song.

- I liked the beginning.
- Yep.

You're lucky you found
a sexually frustrated woman.

That's why she's
holding on to you.

Sex is the way to her heart.

I've had enough of that shit!
Get the fuck out of here!

Hi, Bernard!
What a pleasant surprise!

Come on in. I have two days off,
so I bought champagne.

Let's celebrate!

I want you.

Don't you want me?

Of course I do.

Nobody's here tonight.
Can't wait for peak season.

Well, look at this one.

What a surprise.

I'm going. Bye.

What are you doing here?

Are you playing
for the other team now?

Don't you recognize me?

- Never seen you before.
- I work with Colette.

So you're the post-office faggot?

I thought you wore glasses.

When I try to get laid,
I wear contact lenses.

Doesn't make a difference,
since it's dead around here.

During off season,
it's always the same people.

Before she was with you,
Colette used to help me out.

She'd go talk to the guys I liked
and we'd have fun together.

The good old days...

Colette was into that kind of stuff?

She felt safer with me.

- Where are you off to?
- Nowhere. I'm depressed.

- I'm going to get plastered.
- I'll join you.

- You're all pale.
- Yeah, it's because of all the...

"Fuck me in the ass...
you're plastered...

you're plastered
and you're all pale. "

Are you painting everything pink?

- Don't you like it?
- It might look like a kid's room.

I thought we agreed.

Yeah, but now I'm not so sure.

It's the third time
you've changed your mind.

I think we should paint it white.

White is cold.

Don't you see enough white
at the hospital?

At least it will match
your white coat.

How original.
Don't I get a kiss?

What are you doing?

Are you going on vacation?

I have to go to Paris.
I need to catch the next train.

Don't you worry.

What do you mean,
"Don't you worry"?

Are you fucking with me?

You're driving me nuts.

I can't take this anymore.
You need some help.

I don't need any help.
I'm all better.

What the fuck
will you do in Paris?

I'll file some legal papers
for the Salamander.

I'll do what I didn't have
the courage to face.

Now I feel up to it,
thanks to you.

I've really turned the page.

How long will you
be gone for?

A week.

- Hi, Mom!
- Hi, sweetie!

Your friend is perfect!
The boss is really happy with him...

I have to hurry, Mom!

"... The inextricable
labyrinth of rocks,

of chambers, of arcades,
of caves and caverns,

strange architecture,

randomly spread about
amongst the waters,

covered in blue sky and sun...

of light and shadows. "

Ladies and gentlemen,
I will let you meditate

on these eternal thoughts
and on this eternal site.

- What's going on?
- Bernard is in jail.

The cops came by my place
to pick him up. Lovely morning.

Read this.

The owner filed a complaint.

The cops searched
your mother's hotel.

They thought
Bernard was a junkie,

so they searched his room.

So they found
the calculators and a gun!

This guy is really bad luck.

Now I'm scared of losing my job.

It's crazy over there,
so I'm trying to be discreet.

Just because my friend Luc
tried to cop a feel.

I love Luc.
He's my angel.

- You call that an angel?
- Yes, he's an angel.

Do you think Bernard had
second thoughts

about grabbing my ass
the first time he saw me?

I talked to the judge
to get a visiting permit.

It was easy to get one
since you're remanded in custody.

And so what?
What do you want?

I've only come to see you.

I wanted to know
how you're doing.

How I'm doing, huh?

You worry about it now?

You kicked me out
on the curb like a dog.

I could have been dying,
you wouldn't have cared.

You're the one who told me
about this piece of shit town

when we were in New York.

You made me come with you.

You were afraid
you'd get bored?

You really fucked me over.
There's nothing else to say.

Listen, you were about
to forget about me,

so you'd better forget
about me for good.

I missed you.

I wrote to you every day.

Did you get my letters?

Why is it all dark in here?

I couldn't make it
to the train station.

It's okay.

I called you quite often.
Where were you?

At the Salamander.

We're moving.

I talked to the owners of the studio,

and I've even found new tenants.

You did say
this place was temporary.

So let's move
into the Salamander.

You can't seem to do
anything with the house.

It's been a year already.

So I've taken care of it
and we're moving there.

As you wish.

We might feel a little isolated here.

I wish we could get lost,
never to be found again.

I can see
that you've been to Paris.

I'm sure I'd hate that place.

I'll never go there.

Rudel asked if you could
call him back at the hospital.

How did you meet him anyway?

He was my professor
when I was a medical student.

Did you sleep together?

We did, at the time.
But he wasn't the only one.

I had many lovers,
I think to protect myself.

I had a great time.

Then one day, Rudel introduced me
to his best friend.

An architect.
I dropped everything to go live with him.

I even quit my job.

This is my second life.

"Second life"?

What's that all about?

You get one life,
and that's it.

You live your life... generally.

Sometimes I feel
like I don't really live mine.

It's all over, sir.
Take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath.
Open your eyes.

We're done.
Wake up now.

- Nobody's picking up the phone.
- It's all right. Thanks.

What time is it?

Almost midnight.

You've been here all day?

What about work?

- Did you eat anything?
- No.

It's really cold in here.

You're freezing.

I called quite a few times.

I didn't hear the phone.
It's on the other side of the house.

This house is too big.
It's not very convenient.

And we're far from everything.

No, I like it.

What are you doing here?

Are you crazy?
This attic's freezing cold.


I've found all the paperwork.

It's funny.
It's like a toy.

I'm trying to understand
how it works.

- You looked into the boxes?
- Of course.

I started while you were in Paris.

And I kept going.

You got me out of it.
Don't get trapped like I was.

Don't forget.
It wouldn't be right.

I don't want you to forget him.

If you forget about him,
it'll mean that love is temporary

and that one day,
you'll forget about me too.

Stop it...

Stop it.

Stop it, you idiot!

How are you?

I'll show you how I am.

The new owner has
so many ideas!

He wants to do things
like in America.


He made his money in Mexico
and came back.

Now he wants to compete
with the beachfront hotels.

With each day comes
a new concept.

He wants to put a bar in here!

Is he planning
on tearing down this wall?


Don't you love the changes?

My hands are wet.

You've lost some weight,
haven't you?

- And you've stopped shaving?
- Leave him alone. He looks great.

All right.
I have a hair appointment.

Put up the "no vacancy" sign.

There are no more rooms?

It's a holiday weekend.

What's wrong?

Nothing. I'm fine.

- How about Hélène?
- We're fine.

I'm taking you to London.

- Boarding's in two hours.
- London?

We need a vacation.
It'll be nice.

But I can't just leave work.

Then go tell them
you've got an emergency.

An emergency is
when something's happened.

Well, something's happening now.

Why London?

I know some people there.
Bernard and I were supposed to visit them.

- Don't you like the idea?
- Don't drive so fast.

Do you want to miss the flight?


In London,
we'll go out every night.

We'll go clubbing.

Before you met me,
you were out all night, right?

Before I met you... yep.

# I was always muddy #

# My mind, so groggy... #

It's the other way around... "I was
always groggy, my mind, so muddy. "

Bernard wrote that song.

Do you ever long
for that time?

No, but you seem to be longing
for something else.

I understand, you know.

We're like Beauty and the Beast.

Don't you worry.

Things will be different.

We're going to live big.

What does that mean?
Escaping to London?

Getting plastered?

So you're doing everything for me
and I'm ungrateful? Is that it?

Vacation time? Bullshit!

We should move into the studio
and get our old life back.

The studio's gone.

So the studio's gone,
the house is gone, the job is gone.

What's next?
Are you going to drop everything?

I thought you'd dropped everything
for someone. Is your memory failing?

My memory is none
of your business.

What are you doing?


I'm doing nothing.

I don't know
what to do anymore.

Gilles. Gilles!

- Gilles.
- What?

Looking for your suitcase?
It's gone.

You might have time
to get it back.

Like everything else.
No risk taken.

You'll get your suitcase back,
your job back... everything.

I tossed the keys
to the Salamander.

Good riddance.

We should get married.

We could have children.

That's what the future
is all about.

Gilles, stop it!
I can't see anything.

- Don't you agree?
- I do. Stop it.

Where are we going to go?

- Where are we going to go?
- Let's find a hotel.

I can't carry you.
I can't carry you!

I need your help.


We'll never be able
to live together.

I'd be better off dead.

- Right?
- Stop. Stop! Stop!

I'd be better off!

'Cause then you'd still love me.

Just as much
as you love the other guy.

Otherwise, you'll never love me.

You'll never love
a guy like me.

I love you.
I love you.

Excuse me.

The revolution starts today. We're
launching the "quick breakfast" menu.

The boss is conducting a survey
with the customers. Here's the form.

Just speak your heart
and say this is all bullshit.

Today's June 21st,
first day of summer.

The weather's getting
better and better.

I'm tired of these shots.

It's the last one.

That's what you tell me
every day...

with a smile on your face,
needle in hand.

You can be quite a grump
when you're being yourself.

All done.

Every time I run into your mother,
she tells me horror stories about the hotel.

I've learned a lot over time.

You're breaking my balls
talking about my mother!

Why did you bring me here?

So that you would feel at home.

I don't feel at home anywhere.

Your fever dropped three days ago.

You could easily get up.

You're a pain in the ass!

Get up! Come on!

Where do you think you are?
This isn't the hospital. Leave me alone.

You can't stay in bed like this.
Get up and we'll go out.

Are you crazy?!

Stop it!

Who do you think you are?

You're doing your duty?

I don't give a fuck.
And I don't need a social worker!

I can't take it anymore.
I don't want to see you again!

You're not going to last long

with those uppers and downers.

- Plus you're working like a dog.
- At least I have that.


you look like a zombie again.
Just like when we met in New York.

I came down with the flu.

How are things with Hélène?

Things have changed.
We don't see each other too much.

We're free again.

Do you wish to order now,
or would you rather wait?

I'll wait.

May I?

Elise? Good evening.
This is Hélène.

Is Gilles still there?

Yes, please.

What are you doing?

What do you mean, asleep?

We did say tonight.

Not tomorrow.

What are you talking about?

Hello? Hello?

I'll go get my guitar.
I'll sing you a song.

I wrote it in jail,
thinking of you.

Some other time, maybe.

What are you doing here,
in the middle of the constructions?

There are no guests.

There isn't enough light to read.

Listen... just leave me alone.

It's the only thing
you can do for me.



could I spend the night
at your place?

You're fucking kidding me.

I'm sorry about last time.
I was drunk.

Feeling sorry is not enough.
Fucking loser.

It's nice out.

Going fag-bashing?

You fucking asshole!
Leave us alone!

- Stop it.
- Don't get involved, okay?

It's none of your business.

Already here?


I open the place,
I close the place...

Those are my favorite moments.

Are you alone?

Shall we sit down?

Would you still be interested
in living at the Salamander?

You should be the rightul owner.
You were his only friend.

I've been here a year.

And it's been going on for a year.
I can't take it anymore.

I can't live there
and I can't sell it...

but I don't want to abandon it.


Time flew, huh?

Reminds me
of your first visit here.

Your luggage came back from London.
I've stored it here.

- Isn't Gilles moving out?
- No, he'll just pay for his room.

The new owner agreed to it.

Look at this.

- May I keep it?
- Sure.

Gilles left after you called.

He went for a walk.
He'll be back.

Do you have any rooms left?

Settle down in Gilles's room.

You're damn lucky, you know?

You're living a real passion.

Passion has known better times.

We see each other once a week
and it never ends well.

Don't worry.
You're just going through a bad patch.

She treats me
like a four-year-old.

It freaks me out.
I can't even get a hard-on. Nothing.

Would you mind fucking me?

Are you nuts?
Who do you think I am?

- It's happened before.
- I'm not a nurse, you know.

Here. Drink this
and you'll feel better.

Listen, I swear
things will get better.

It's good to hit bottom
once and for all.

Soon, you'll rise
from your own ashes.

I'm going to go now.

- Already?
- I want to go to bed early.


- Please don't leave.
- I need to be rested for tomorrow night.

I don't want to miss
the grand opening.

You really seem lost.

If it makes you feel better,
my friend's got a thing for you.

- Which one?
- The one with the cigarette.

Oh, she put it out.

They're playing slow songs.
Take advantage of it.

I'll see you
at your place tomorrow.

Be cool, okay?

You're leaving already?

It's not even 6:00.

Where did you put
my suitcases again?

In the kitchen.

I'll go get them.


We're decorating the place
for tonight.

Will you be there?

We'll dance and I'll pick
the music, for once.

The place is

Don't you like it?

Those flowers in the lobby
are beautiful.

It's Elise's idea.
I hope they'll still be fresh tonight.

Aren't you practicing today?

Sorry, we're closed.
We'll open at 2:00pm.

So you've found a new pad?

Same as usual.

I went by the hotel this morning.
Things are going to be tough.

Have you seen their new rates?

You look pretty good
for a freshly-liberated ex-con.


I've spent the day
basking in the sun.

How about we scram?

There's a train for Paris
in one hour.

Paris? I told you
I'd rather die than go there.

I can't keep wasting
my life here.

I have to tend
to my music.

I'm getting old, you know.

So am I.

I'm getting old
and I long for a quiet life...

- with Hélène.
- What do you mean, "a quiet life"?

I want to take care of her.
She's so much better than the others.

Which "others"?

Forget it.

I don't know how some couples manage
to do things right on their first try.

All right...

good luck to you.

You should play on the street.

It's peak season
and there's lots of people.


Lots of people...

Are you waiting
for that young man?

No, I'm waiting for the train.

Going on vacation?

No, I'm going back to Paris.

Do you have any family there?

Not really.

Some friends, maybe?

We've sort of lost touch.

I'd really like to get
your address there.

I don't know it.

Well, I don't have one yet.

And I'm not even sure I'll stay.
I don't want to think of it.

Of course.

Thank God it's summer.

Here's my train.
I've got to go.

That train's going to Spain.

You still have 15 minutes.
Take your time.


I have nothing but time.

I don't understand
why Hélène's not here.

I left several messages
at the hospital.

- I don't think she'll show.
- Have you seen her?

Are you hiding
something from me?

Hi, Gilles!

I want to introduce you
to my friend Luc.

So you're the angel?

The angel was up all night
comforting Bernard.

I even had to give him money
so he could go back to Paris.

So he left.
I guess it's for the best.

I'm sure he'll make it.

What's wrong?

Bernard left without
even saying goodbye.

Don't you worry.

A lot of tourists
are coming into town.

We'll find another guy.

But... I don't get it.

I thought you didn't care.

You said you didn't want
to see him again.

Hélène has asked me to...

she moved back to Paris.


- Where in Paris?
- I don't know.

I don't know where she is. She seemed
distressed and didn't say a word.

I'm Gilles's sister.

Have you come here
to see Hélène?

I've come on her behalf.

Are you in love with her?

I used to be.

I loved her passionately.

It's always risky to see again
someone you've loved before.

I sort of hoped
we could rekindle things, but...

that was too peaceful for her.

She's always wanted
to be challenged.

I guess Gilles was
too much of a challenge.

May I kiss you?

I'd like a one-way ticket
to Paris, please.

- The next train is at 7:00 a. m.
- That's all right.

Give me a ticket.

Give me a ticket.

I knew I would find you.

I've followed your smell,
like a dog.

I'll never let you loose.
I'll follow you wherever you go.

Listen, let's just start over.

We'll start over.

We can even pretend
we don't know each other.

Like we've never
even seen each other.

As if it were the first time.

We can survive a storm.

We're stronger than that.

Aren't we stronger than that?

Tell me we are.

Please, tell me we are...

Please tell me we are.