Hotaru no hikari (1938) - full transcript

Oofuna Eiga

Hotaru no Hikari
by Sasaki Yasushi

Michiko Kuwano
Sanae Takasugi

Mieko Takamine
Daijiro Natsukawa

Ryosuke Saito, Masao Arata

Yasushi Sasaki

Michiko Kuwano: Kawahara sensei
Sanae Takasugi: Sanae Morita

Mieko Takamine: Mie Ishii
Mitsuko Higashiyama: Mariko Tanaka

Daijiro Natsukawa: Kyoji Ariga

English Subtitles: Maya Grohn


On the way to School

On the way from school

Graduation will soon arrive.

Sanae, you are going, aren't you?

- Where to?
- The party.

No, the trip.

With Kawahara sensei.

I see.
Yes, I'll go.

Where should we go?
Hakone or lzu?

Well, I don't know.
Such matters are up to Mari-bo.

- Mari-bo.
- What?

- Bad mouthing me again?
- Don't be like that.

You are organising
the thank you trip.

OK. But you must pay for it.

- Do you all agree?
- Yes.

The thank-you-trip
for Kawahara sensei.


I heard that Kawahara sensei will return
to her home town after our graduation.

To get married?

At the end of last year
she lost her mother.

Her father is living alone, so...

But, marriage is also possible.

Omie, what is marriage like?

Mariko, just look at your face.

Mountain and blue sky.

How about a photo
as a souvenir?

Sensei, let's take one.

This way please.

Beautiful, Mt. Fuji.

Historic landmark
Hakone no seki (checkpoint)

Now, please.

One more.

Will you come closer to sensei?

No good!

This is my first try.

I'm a beginner too.

No, you can't hit the red ball.

Why not?

I don't know why,
but you can't.

OK. Then...

Move, quick.

Poor thinking is
the same as sleeping.

Shut up.

The rise and fall of the empire
is in this stone.

Listen, between us
you can call me Shizue-san,

but not in front of people.
I'm embarrassed.

Can I? Gee.

Then what can I call you?

Just say "oi!" or something.

Calling me Shizue-san
is showing we're newly-weds.

I'd be embarrassed.

Try now, sir.


Is that OK?

Yes, dear.

Hot news!

A newly-wed couple.
Marumage hair style.

What happened?

I was annoyed by the hot couple.

"Between us you can call me Shizue-
san, but not in front of people."

Look, they are coming.


A tickling feeling.

Your mind is going
straight to marriage?

Why should we hurry
to get married?

I agree.

I don't want to spend
a life in worthless marriage.

Better not to marry at all.

But to a woman, marriage is...

No, I insist.

I understand Taeko's opinion,
but suppose

after a couple of years,
all others get married except you.

- Then, you won't be so cool.
- That's your opinion.

I can be cool.

Only for a year or so,
can I enjoy the spring of life.

You know an old maid?
My aunt.

She looks so lonely
that it makes me sad.

Sensei, where have you been?

I just met a friend.

Sensei, please.

What's the matter?
You are so quiet.

Oh no, sensei. We have a serious
conversation once in a while.

You will be madam soon.

Won't you?

Time flies.

When I started my work as teacher
and took charge of you,

you were in the third grade.

Third, fourth and fifth.

It feels like yesterday
or the day before yesterday.

But, soon we'll all be parted.

It makes me feel sad.

But you will
leave off your uniforms

and start a whole
new life in the world.

Even if you are apart, please keep
in touch with each other as you do now.

You have different circumstances
or family backgrounds,

you will step out
in many different ways.

Nevertheless, having classmates
is a thing to be proud of.

You can always help each other.

I will return to my home town
where my father lives alone.

But I will never forget you.

If you have something that
you can't discuss with your parents

visit sensei any time.

I will help you if possible.

Tanaka-san, have you
decided what to do?

- Yes, a field trip.
- Field trip?

Watching the world as well
as preparing for marriage.

I am going to get a job.

Good idea.

lshii-san, you are
going to music school.

How about Morita-san?

Me, I will go to Kyoto.


Good. Your fiancé
is waiting for you in the old city.

No, it's not like that.

You don't need to hide it.

But I wonder where we'll be
in five years.

Omie, you are in the spotlight
on stage in front of lots of spectators.

I pray for you.


If it should happen, I will
dedicate everything to my art.

Then I will encourage you
with all my brothers.

Do your best.

Then, Sanae is walking
along Kamogawa river,

holding a cute little baby.

Stop it.

Don't be so sentimental.

I feel cold.

Why don't we take a bath?

Before that,
for the success of Omie's art,

we must listen to her music.


- This is the people's consensus.
- No, it's not.

Whatever. Do it.

Alright. Play the piano, lshii-san,
we'll all sing together.

- Good.
- Oh, no.

Look. The prince.

Who is he?

I've often met him at the station
on the way from school.

- A prince?
- Yes, a noble prince.

Sanae, it's suspicious.
The prince looked at you.

You are suspicious, Omie.
Have you met him secretly?

Stop kidding.

Whatever. You never
talked about him at all.

He looked at me.
Don't you know?

What are you talking about?

About studying...

Only two weeks to go
before the exam.

Don't worry. I'm with you.
Study together.

The feet of perpendicular
D, E, F are in line.


- Mari-bo, do you understand?
- Yeah.

Say it.

Perpendicular DEF which
were drawn down from a point P,

which is on circumscribed circle
of Triangle ABC, to each side...

You forgot "feet".

The feet of perpendicular
D, E, F are in line.

Feet, feet of perpendiculars.

Who thought out such a thing?

Simson. Simson sensei.

Omie, what time is it?

It's early.
Still only 4:30.

Here you are.

Thank you as always.

You don't visit as often as before.

Now that Mie is with you
she looks much happier.

I can see it very well.

When she was with bad friends
she'd be in a bad mood for ages.

Enough, mother. Stop it.

But maybe we aren't good friends.

We'll do it.

As I've told you many times before,

she is the best on piano.


It's not "so-called".

On my responsibility
I ask you to support her.

If she's good, then yes.

If I listen once
then I'll see.

If she's good, I can talk
the baron into supporting her

for three or four years
in Vienna or Milan.

The baron's support will be
a promise of success as a musician.

No, it's not.
It all depends on her talent.

The baron simply doesn't want
to end her talent without a chance.

Hello. We met
in Hakone a few days ago.

You were in group.
A picnic?

We'll graduate soon,

so we invited
our teacher on the trip.

Oh, you'll graduate.

Then, maybe we'll
not meet on the train anymore.

Good-bye and good luck.



Sanae's prince.

This is Mr. Ariga.

How do you do?

Hashimoto sensei is taking care of
Mieko's study. I am Mieko's mother, sir.

I've heard a lot
about you from sensei.

This is Mieko.

I am Mieko, sir.

I am Ariga.

Well, I never.

It's a surprise, really.

You know each other?

We know and we don't.

Which is it, Mieko-san?


I was told that
you want to live for music.

I am involved in the business.
Maybe I can help you.

Let me listen.

I'm not good enough, sir.

In the world of art, modesty
and shyness are not allowed.

You need confidence.

- Could you listen to the end?
- Of course.

Sensei, what should I play?



This one.

Ise Monogatari

This part?

My hunch.

- What do I do?
- You didn't study this part?

Teach me.

Thank you for yesterday.
We stayed a long time.

After we left something happened.
On the way back.

- Something upset you?
- We bumped into the prince.

He only talked to Sanae.

- You met him?
- There's no hope for me.

He only seems interested in Sanae.

Is he? Good.

Omie, if you came out with us
you could meet him.

- My hunch is correct!
- Be quiet.


- I don't know.
- It's not fair.

Sensei, if you ask us such
old things, we can't write anything.



Sensei, can I borrow
an eraser from Takahashi-san?


You sound really confident.

Not at all.

But Hara sensei will give us pass marks
no matter how bad our results are.

Only to Omie.

- No kidding.
- I'm jealous.


Tanaka-san, are you
giving up so soon?

Why don't you try some more?
You have still time.

But all the questions
are out of my reach.

Chinese classics

Baron, pardon me
for leaving first, sir.


What should we do about it?

The girl pianist you recommended?

I'd like to listen too.

I'm planning to
organise it after the trip.

I see. Good

Excuse me, sir.

Ogura Music institute



We meet again.

I expected to see you today too.

I've been waiting for you.

I've waited for you every day.
I'm a delinquent.

Then I'm a delinquent too.

Sometimes I intentionally missed
my trains, expecting to see you.

Do you agree with my story
to avoid me feeling embarrassed?

- Not at all.
- So it's true what you said?

A lie.

Sanae-san, what are you going
to do after you graduate?

I have to go to Kyoto.


You'll be married soon.

No, there's another reason.

A family reason?

Do you want to hear?

Yes, please.

No, I won't.

It's pointless.

Please, tell me.


I'm sorry if it sounds rude but...

do you feel that you are
loved by someone?

If I...

If you'll allow me,

I want to live with you
for the rest of my life.

- Are you angry?
- No.

Don't say that.

I teased Omie about Hara sensei.

The exam is over.
Only graduation awaits us.

Ariga-san is a good person
He said he wanted to be with me.

After graduation,
After graduation,

My life will...

Sanae-san, father is calling you.

I got a letter from
Yamazaki-san in Kyoto.

They want to hold the wedding
as soon as you graduate.

Will you really marry Sanae off to
a man confined to bed with spinal TB?

It's already been decided.

Like Florence Nightingale,
it's a noble thing for a woman

to dedicate her life
to a suffering individual.

You understand that.

Do you see?
Do you understand?

Miss, your friends are visiting.



Good news.
Can you guess?

Has your family accepted
your wish to devote yourself to music?

Maybe with support
she can go to Vienna.

- Omie, congratulations.
- Thank you.

Mari-bo is successful too.

She got a job at Yokohama,

at a trading house.

Salary is 40-yen. Not much, but I can
observe the world from the window.

Good. I envy you.

It's the luckiest thing
to live by doing what you want.

Sanae is sentimental.

You have a right to
a married woman's hairstyle.

Don't say that.

Now, confess.

What does your husband do in Kyoto?

Literary type or sportsman?

Stop it.

What's the matter?


- Come on in.
- We came to ask you out.

Taeko and the others are waiting
in Ginza. Change your kimono.

Well, not today.

- Are you busy?
- Come anyway.

Family business and snowless
ski slopes are both boring, I know.

But I can't.

What a shame.

Our group is going
to hold a party for Omie.

I alone...

I alone cannot...

What's the matter?
Why are you crying?

Mother, must I go to Kyoto?

And must I serve
a sick husband for life?

Like Mariko-san,
please allow me to work?

I will work hard.

My friends are all given a chance
to do what they want.

I'm not selfish.

I wouldn't complain for anything.

Please, mother.


But her friends are enjoying
their lives as you see.

She alone... I pity her.

You're being unreasonable.

Yamazaki-san paid
her education costs for five years.

In addition, he supported this shop
after the earthquake damage.

I promised her for his son
after she graduated school.

How could I go back
on my promise now.

Think about my position.

I clearly said yes
when he asked.

I was sold.

Even though it is spring,

Graduation day

Did you see her?

How bold she is.

Usually she is so modest.
I wonder why.


Don't be surprised.

With high heels and dress.

- Who?
- Morita-san.

It's surprising.

A gay dress!

- How dare you wear this?
- Am I wrong?

This is absolutely
outside school rules.

Are you going to attend
the graduation ceremony like that?

Will I be scolded?

You are disgusting.

This is not such a simple matter.

But if I'll be
scolded alone, well then?

It's none of your business.

Keeping the school rules is our duty
and the responsibility for all.

You are selfish.

Don't take it so seriously.
It's no big deal.

- Don't get so excited.
- It is a big deal.

You've quite upset me.

It's not just the dress
but your attitude. Disgusting.

Disgusting? What is?

If you wanted to wear such a dress,
why didn't you do it before?

But on graduation day,
you've really upset me.

Your character is mean.

I don't like it.

Do you think so? I came to school like
this today because it's the last day.

All right. I see.
I didn't know you were such a person.

The past five years

have not been
a short period in your life.

During this period,
through summer and winter,

we have been educating you like
parent birds caring for their chicks.

Today we send you
out into the world.

This is the happiest moment
for me and all the other teachers.

You are females
who will supposedly be

good wives and mothers.

I believe in your purest hearts
as you are now.

However, laxity of spirit
is a deplorable thing.

Do not forget your current spirit, and do
not be infected with vice in the world.

It is said that the life of a woman
is a history of love.

With everlasting love,
be a good wife

and a good mother.

That is the pride
that women possess.

Women have no form of happiness
other than that.

What's the matter, Morita-san?

Do you feel sick?

I'm sorry.

I suddenly feel so sad.

Come. Rest in the medical room.

What's the matter?


What is this?

I'm sorry.

Why are you so upset?

I came looking like this.

I know I broke the school rules.
I've done wrong.

Listening to
headmaster's speech

I became sad
and scared.


To tell you the truth, I was
frightened by your appearance.

You have always been so modest.

I felt sad too.

But you needn't
cry anymore.

If you regret it,
you are a good person.

Stop this crying.

Are you alright?

Now you can attend the ceremony.

Omie forgive me.

The reason I behaved joyfully
with this appearance,

it was my way
of saying farewell.

Farewell to my dreams and hopes.

Going to Kyoto means,

I've been sold.

For money and giri obligation.

I will be a nominal wife for a man
who is confined to bed by illness.

This appearance by breaking school
rules is a farewell to my lost youth.

I want to be a Trappist

or cut my hair
to be a nun if possible.

That's so much better.

Sanae, I'm sorry.

I didn't know.

I'm so sorry. I said
terrible things to you.


I know, I know now.

How hard it is.

Light of fireflies, snow by the window
Many suns and moons spent reading

Years have gone by without notice
Day has dawned; on this morning, we part.

Stay or leave, it doesn’t matter
Hold my memories,

in so many corners of my heart;
In one breath, while we are happy, sing.

Sanae's diary

My five years are ended today.

I cried and collapsed in the medical room,
where I heard Hotaru-no-Hikari.

I met Ariga-san.

I am attracted by him
each time we meet.

By an impulse I was about to confess
my situation and ask for help.

Days quickly elapse,
soon I will never meet him again.

I cried "Ariga-san".

Then I awoke.

I am embarrassed to think
of him even in dream.

I wrote about it,
but this diary is my secret.

When I die I will
hold this diary to my breast.

To dedicate oneself to a sick person
my whole life is pure life.

But I need a bright world.

If I protest to my parents
by demanding a bright world,

am I a bad daughter?

You must be strong.

Before being a daughter,
we must think we are women first.

Against our parents?

I think they will understand,

if you ask them with all your heart.

And if that doesn't work?

If I ask them with all my heart
but it doesn't work, what do I do next?

Then you must be determined.

Find a job, support yourself
and go for what you believe in.

Is it OK, it is isn't it?

First of all, you must ask
with your whole heart.

Consider carefully.

After that step,
I will help you as much as possible.

Did you call me?

Buy a couple of hempen cords.

Some Club toothpaste, two.

Where is Sanae?

She's going out with her friend.

Spending time walking around.
What a bad girl.

Where have you been?

Tomorrow Yamazaki-san
arrives to receive you.

Mother is working alone.
You must get ready.

Mie-san, Sanae-san is visiting you.

What? Sanae?

Enjoy yourself.


I know.
There's no need to tell.

You've left home.

Good decision.

- Aren't I burden on you?
- We are friends, not strangers.

Stay at my house for a while.

If you like
I can talk to your father.

Thank you.

Don't cry.

When you cry,
I want to cry too.

I'll play the piano
to cheer you up.

Oh, yes, I have
something to tell you.


I'm going to Vienna.

Is it final? When?

This autumn, at the soonest.
There's something strange about it.

That prince.

He's called Ariga-san.

My going to Vienna
is down to his efforts.

Probably when I go there
Ariga-san will escort me.

With Ariga-san?

He's travelling to north China
with Baron Ogura.


He's a good person.

Are you going to marry him?

Marry him?

No, it's not possible.

But I am confident
he doesn't dislike me at least.

If it's possible?




Mother must be happy too.
I'm sure.

You will be pleased
for me too, Sanae?


I will be pleased
if you're happy.

What's the matter?

- What is it?
- Nothing.

Nothing at all.

I'll go back home.

Back home?

Are you going
to Kyoto after all?

That's outrageous.

I have no other...

No choice, is that it?

Why are you so weak-willed?

It's for the best.



The rain continued two, three days

The heart of Sanae is rainy too

Why don't you come to sensei?

You promised
that you'd come to me

whenever you were suffering.


Very good.

Promising talent.

- I'm willing to support her.
- Thank you, sir.


- Good.
- Very good.

I have to say, congratulations.


- It's decided, isn't it?
- What?

Come on. Your wedding.
When is it?

- I don't know.
- Tell me when.

I'll play the wedding march for you.

It's funny isn't it.

Anti-marriage Taeko will
get married before any of us.

How unpredictable.

Unlike in maths, two plus two
doesn't always equal four in this world.

- That's the way of the world.
- I see.

Taeko always got C in maths.

This time you got A plus,
that's obvious.

Stop teasing me.

Omie too, you are
doing well with the prince.

Not at all.

You are.

I think you are.


Your refusal makes us
more suspicious.

- Omie, is it true?
- No, no.

"Though I try to hide it, my deep love
shows in the blush on my face"

You have done well.
Baron Ogura was very pleased.

I owe you everything.

Your friends joined in.

Yes, friends are so good.

We can share joy and sorrow.

They are pleased for me
and cry with me.

Yes that's true..

- Didn't you invite her?
- Who?

- The lady who is going to Kyoto?
- Sanae-san?

I wanted to see her.

You knew then,
that Sanae-san is going Kyoto.

Have you heard it from someone?

Have you met Sanae-san somewhere?

Are you accusing me?

Do you think it's wrong
of me to meet Sanae-san?

I didn't mean that.

Why does she have to go to Kyoto?

She has a fiancé.

Is that true?

You are shocked. I can see.

Lie. It's a lie.

Sanae-san didn't go Kyoto.

Where is she now?

Are you going to visit her?

You are cruel to ask me that.

- You're back early.
- Today's a flag day, ceremony only.

you've got a letter, sir.

Thank you.


c/o Kawahara Farm
To Morita Sanae-sama


You've got a letter.

Mie's concert was superb.

For the first time our group
met together since graduation.

We missed you so much.

Mie will go to Vienna soon.

Taeko who was so
anti-marriage got married.

I'm working full time
in an office.

How is your life?

A visitor from Tokyo.

- A woman?
- No, a gentleman.

I clearly told Yamazaki-san in Kyoto,
that I would give him my daughter.

If these were the old days

I would have to cut my belly
to excuse my giri obligation.

So, are you going
to take Sanae-san back?

You are thinking of yourself alone.

You are thinking
only of your giri.

Surely the Yamazaki-san have money.

But the would-be husband is
confined to bed with spinal TB.

If you give Sanae-san to the family,
it's such a shame for her.

The emotion of young girl
is so delicate and complicated.

If money buys happiness,
the world would be an easier place.

Please think of Sanae-san's happiness.

Sensei, I didn't come here
to take Sanae back.

Sanae is my dearest daughter.

Who would want her
to marry an invalid?

To tell you the truth,

I was secretly pleased
when Sanae ran away.

If I declare I disown my daughter,
it could be an excuse to Yamazaki-san.

So you'll allow
Sanae-san to stay here?

I'm asking you
to keep her for a while.

So I visited you.

She left home with nothing,

maybe it's not easy for her.

I brought her spare clothes and

this isn't much,
but it's part of her allowance.

Please take care of her, ma'am.

Sanae is my only daughter.

She ran away from home
and I cut all ties with her,

but I've been
worried the whole time

Please, take good care of her.

I understand your heart, sir.

I am sorry for
my unnecessary talking.

I'll call Sanae-san.


I won't see her.


If I see her I would want
to give her a kind word.

And that goes against
giri to Yamazaki-san.

Maybe sensei thinks it funny,

but to an old-fashioned man, breaking
giri is the most unbearable thing.

I understand, sir.

She is of marriageable age already.

If she loves someone and
the man is acceptable to sensei,

please let her marry anytime.

And when the times
calm down, tell her

"don't worry about the past
and come back openly".

I will be willing
to receive my daughter.

Did you hear
what your father said?


He left.

He left?



Could you tell me where
the house of Kawahara sensei is?

First on the left.

Thank you.

What for?

By any chance

No, it's not possible.

Here you are.
I've been looking for you.

Ariga-san is visiting.

I heard the details.

what should I tell him?

Ariga-san wants to marry you.

What should I tell him?


Sensei, you know why I was

wandering in the rain for days.

Yes, I know.

But Ariga-san wants you.

No, it's not true.
Ariga-san has Mie-san.

I'm worthless.


Sensei, don't make me
suffer anymore.

Did she really say
she didn't want to.

Where is Sanae-san?

I'd like to see her.

Even if it is true,

I want to hear it
from her herself.

I can't give up before that.

I understand, but...

she doesn't want to see you.

I can't see her?

I'm sorry.

Give me one.

You are strong.

Go away.

Welcome, sir.

There. I've found you.

- I've been looking for you for ages.
- How can I help you?

Nothing in particular.
But you are out every night.

- I'm worried.
- If it's nothing, please go back.

I have something.
I need a drink.

Give me one.

You won't?

- I'll take one myself.
- Stop it.

Your trip is soon.
Take care of yourself.

I don't care one little bit.

I'm going to cancel
going to Vienna.

Mie-san, what are you talking about?

Please be quiet, sensei.

Why can't I have a drink?

I know very well
why you are drinking.

For the same reason as you,
I want to drink.

Why can't I?


I was stupid.

I expected that
I could marry you.

It's a stupid thing.

Like picking up money in a dream.

Young pianist attempts suicide
before foreign trip

Young pianist who attempted suicide

Where is she? Dead?
Wandering? Mysteriously disappeared?

Late Autumn in the highlands


Are you getting up again?

You must lie down.

I feel fine today.

No. You'll get
a fever by evening.


- I'm back.
- Welcome.

How are you, sis?

Thank you. I feel fine today.

I'll go and make supper.
Stay with sis.

Are these all your friends?

All my close friends.

This picture was taken in Hakone,

just before we graduated.

She's beautiful.

She is my best friend.

Is she?
Where is she now?

She is with this teacher now.

What's she doing?
Is she a teacher?



- Do you know "Hotaru-no-hikari"?
- Yes, I can sing it.

Will you sing it for me?


Why not?

Not alone.
I can sing it with you.

Then, I'll sing too.

Alright. One, two, three.

What's the matter, sis?



I just felt sad.

Please continue.

Laying my body down

on a sickbed
in a quiet room,

a cold wind is raging
in my heart, day and night.

I abandoned all hope,
cut all ties,

and then came to this world.

Why am I so lonely?

Why I am so sad?

The daily calendar

shows the rest of my life.

How many days have I left?

Sanae, I want to see you again.

But maybe it's hopeless.


if I die now,
please keep Mie

somewhere in your heart forever.

Call anyone she wants,
before it's too late.

I will visit again later.

See the doctor out.

Oba-san, what time is it?


It's time.

Can I keep my life?

Don't say such a depressing thing.

Your teacher and
friend will soon come.

They sent you a telegram.

Now, cheer up.

I want to stay alive
until Sanae arrives.

Oba-san, what time is it?

Five o'clock.


It's coming soon.

It's getting so dark.

Turn on the light.

I want to see her.

It hurts.

Hasn't... hasn't she come yet?

Mie-san, here they are.

They're here.



It's me. Can you see?



Sensei is here too.


You must be strong. Alright?

Now I remember

the happy times at school.



The happy Hakone trip,

the sad graduation.

Happiest of all was

when we knew nothing
and were so innocent.

And now...

I'm going to die,
dreaming of school.

No. Hold on.

I feel easy now.


I can hear Hotaru-no-hikari


I can hear it clearly.

Omie, Omie.

Why? Why does such
a good person have to die?

I want to accuse Heaven.

It is less than one year

since you all
graduated from school.

Subtitles: Maya Grohn
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