Hot in Love (2022) - full transcript

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and is suitable for
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♪ Thank God
for the moments like this ♪

♪ 'Cause I never
could quite fit ♪

♪ I never would've come
this far ♪

♪ And I feel that
here in your arms ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh

♪ Oh, oh, oh-oh

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh


♪ Your head on my chest
I feel no regret ♪

♪ Giving you
my whole heart ♪

♪ Thank God
for the moments like this ♪

♪ 'Cause I never
could quite fit ♪

♪ Anywhere but your arms

♪ And I know that
I'm kind of quiet ♪

♪ But the truth is
without you ♪

♪ I never would've come
this far ♪

♪ And I feel that
here in your arms ♪

Honk, honk!

You guys want it?
You want it?

All right!


All right.

Have a good day at work, Daddy.

You too.

Pshh! Pshh!

Have fun at school, okay?

- How're you doing?
- Good. How are you?

Good. Here you go.

- I love you, sweetie.
- I love you, too, Dad.

Have a good day. Bye.

Jimbo, let's go.

Gotta go. Bye!

Say your last goodbye, boys.

See ya, girl.

Be safe.

- Excuse me?
- Hey.

Hey. Sorry to bother you,
but are you throwing this away?

Yeah. Hate to see her go.

She's been a good friend.


Old Betty.

- You name your grills?
- Oh, yeah.

We had a lot
of good times together,

but I just a new Grill Master
to replace her.

Well, does Old Betty still work?

She's seen better days.


Grill Master 750.

Compatible with
a 20-pound hopper,

center-barrel ignition...

I don't know.

Seems kinda cruel

to throw a nice old lady
like this to the curb.

You mind if I take her?

Wow, you know your grills.

Well, I've never named one,

but I've flipped a burger or two
in my time.

I'm Gia.

Gianna, actually,
but Gia for short.

Jim Dunlap. James, actually,
but Jim for short.

Just moving?

I am, yeah.
A few blocks over.

Just doing the last
of my moving loads.

Nice. Well, welcome
to the neighborhood.

Thank you.

Uh, can I interest you
in a Parker Boyle Deluxe 1400

day crib?

Oh, so you name
your furniture, too, huh?

Lizzy's my daughter.

Just thought I would bring it
out front here.

Seems it will go faster
than in front of my house.

Lizzy, that's a cute name.

Cuter kid.

Yeah, I don't doubt it.

Anyway, I'm... I'm good on cribs.

- Mm-hmm.
- So...

no takebacks.

You sure you want to take this?

I don't know if you'll get
this thing started again.

Won't get it started again?
Wanna bet?

Oh, you don't want to do that.
I never turn down a bet.

Yeah, me neither.
What's our wager?

Ten bucks?



You're on.

Well, in that case,

I should help you
load it up in your truck.

Oh, sure, that would be great.

Uh, Mo, want to give me a hand?


She's taking
Old Betty off our hands.

Oh, lucky gal!

Luckier grill.

Okay. One, two...

Thank you so much!

Hey, no problem.

So, what area
are you moving into?

You said close by, right?


I'm Lakeside,

and the house right next to me
just sold, actually.


Always. 20748?

Well, hello, neighbor!

Well, um, yeah, if you ever
need any help with your grill,

or if you want to get
rid of it, "neighbor,"

just let me know.

Like I said, not likely.

Uh, hey. I'm actually
having a barbecue

at my place this weekend.

Be a good way to meet
some of the neighbors,

get to know
some of my colleagues.

You should come by.

Yeah, I'd like that.


- See you then.
- What can I bring?


All right.

See you then.

So when are you taking her
out to dinner,

this new friend?

Ah, new neighbor.


I'll take that.

Well, hello, new neighbor.

All right.

Now how am I gonna get you down?

- Hi.
- Hi!

I'm Karen Wagner.

I live just down the lake,
two houses over.

I didn't mean to interrupt,

but I just wanted to welcome you
to the neighborhood.

That's so sweet of you.
And fast.

Oh, yes, well, these
were actually for a bake sale.

I made a few extra,

so it is a little bit
of a cheat.

Well, thank you.

I'm Gia, by the way.


Oh, did...
Did you want to come in?

I thought you'd never ask.



Oh. Tell me

these aren't

to die for.



They are to die for.

- Right?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, I love how open
your kitchen is.

I would love to get
an open concept like this,

but it's a little hard to save
on a firefighter's salary.

- Oh, you're a firefighter?
- No, not me, my husband is.

I'm a designer.
You know, houses and offices.

I love color.
That is my thing.

Oh. You have great taste.

Well, I was a designer,

until the company
I worked for downsized,

and I'm still not working.

But, you know, I am thinking
of starting my own firm,

so that's kind of exciting.

But enough about me!
Tell me about you.

What do you do?
You work?

Uh, yeah, yeah, I work.
- For...?

The city. Parks department.

Parks department?

Well, that sounds interesting.


So, what brings you here?

The job,

and, well, I needed a change,
a fresh start,

so to speak.


Something like that.

So why come to the burbs
on the lake,

instead of the city,
where all the action is?

I mean, if I was single...
You're single, right?

I could tell!

I would be mowing the grass
on the other side of the fence,

if you know what I'm saying!

Yeah, well, I...
I just got tired of renting,

and living lakefront felt like
what I needed right now.

Plus, the price on the house
was right.

Well, you picked
a nice neighborhood.

Good people!

Now "Tykee"...
Oh, that's his nickname...

He lives about five doors down,

he is a little quirky,
but generally harmless.

And then there is Liz Hassle,

now she's a bit of
a chatty Cathy,

so don't get cornered by her,

because she will literally
suck the life out of you.

I am serious, we had
this sweet little old man,

he lived down the street.

He literally died
while talking to her.

Literally! Hmm!

Okay, well, I'll be careful.

I, uh, I did meet
Jim the other day.

Oh, you did?
Oh, Jim's great!

He is Mo... that's my husband...
His best friend,

and they work together.

Oh, well, I met him
at the firehall.

Oh, well, maybe you saw my Mo,
then... big guy. Cute.

Almost as cute as Jim.


Almost forgot.

Fresh break-up.
I get it.

Men are not on your radar.

Well, Jim's a single dad.

He has an adorable
little daughter named Lizzy,

and she's best friends
with our daughter, Julia.

Oh. Well,
maybe you can help me.

I'm actually developing

a new children's playground
for the town.

Maybe you can tell me
what things are her favorite?

Well, Jim and Lizzy might
be able to help you with that.

Our Julia,

she can't use the children's
parks in this town.

You daughter can't use
a kid's park?

I've never heard of that before.

Oh, Julia has cerebral palsy.

And she's still hitting
some of her major milestones,

but keeping her balance
and posture isn't possible.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, no need to be sorry!

Our Julia is...

well, she's perfect
in every way.

But a typical playground

is not made for kids like her.

That's really unfortunate.

It is.


You take your time
getting over your breakup

and the healing of your heart,

and remembering
from years gone by...

Oh, it's the worst.

Thank you. I will.

And thank you
for this warm welcome, really.

Oh, it's my pleasure!

It's gonna be so nice
to have a new face around here.


Jim's having a barbecue
this weekend.

You should come.

He actually already invited me.

Did he, now?

Well, well...

well, all right.

I'm not gonna poke you
about it anymore.

Later, 'gator!



Mm. Hmm, hmm.

I just don't get it.

What's wrong with a normal park?

Well, nothing, except
the town already has six,

but an inclusion playground...
There isn't one.

Look, look. Do you see
the teeter totter here?

It has a seat with a strap.

And the swing set
will have the same thing.


all of it's padded?

Yes, everything is to spec
from Inclusion Playgrounds.

It is such a great program,

I can't believe more cities
and towns aren't doing this.

Well, it's because

most town councils
think it's too expensive.

Well, with
a little outside funding,

it actually saves them money.

Oh, is that so?

Well, why don't you just
draw me up a full prospectus,

and I can take it
to council, yeah?

Okay! On it.

But you'll have to find
a lot for it.

What about the one
that you were considering

for the regular
playground proposal?

Yeah, I haven't come up
with anything yet.

Oh. Okay. Well,
I've been researching a few,

so I can circle back

when I figure out
which ones work.


Get me that prospectus, yeah?

Great. And the link for this
should be in your inbox

for further review, if you want.


And, uh, finally...

nice to finally
meet you in person.

Welcome to town...

and to the job.

Thanks, Don.

I just don't understand

why you couldn't have found
a house closer to home.

My new job is here, Mom.

I wasn't gonna
commute eight hours.

Well, then why couldn't you
find a job closer to home?

You know, look, honey,
I know how hard this has been,

and all the more reason

you should be close
to the people who love you.

My whole world was wrapped
around his world, Mom.

His friends... everywhere I went,
there they were.

And I know it was always
with the best intentions,

but I just...

I can't have
everyone feeling sorry for me

all the time.

I needed this.

We just hate to think
of you being alone, sweetie.

I know, I know, and I love
you and Dad for that,

but the truth is,
I felt more alone at home.

I like it here.

Mom, hold on a second.
I'll call you back, okay?

Love you, sweetheart.

I'm only a phone call away...
Don't forget that.

Well, hello there.

Hi. Here.
These are for you.

Oh, aren't these beautiful?

My dad helped me pick them.

He did, did he?

Now, let me guess...

you must be Lizzy?

Well, this is very thoughtful
of you, Lizzy.

I'm Gia.

Nice to meet you.

My dad also

wanted me to remind you
that the barbecue started.

Would you like to come?

I sure would.

How about I put these
in some water

and then
you can show me the way?


Hold on two secs.

Do you know how to dancece?


40-pound hopper,

dual-intake ignition.

- Dual?
- Mm-hmm.

It's a thing of beauty, man.

You deserve it.


"Thing of beauty,"
indeed, Jimbo.

I'm really gonna have to have
a talk with Karen.

Mine's three years old now.

I thought she was six.

Not our daughter, Janelle.

The barbecue.

Barbecue's three.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

All right.

I'm gonna take these
up to the kids.


Hey. You made it.

Escorted here by the chair

of the neighborhood-welcoming

Good job, kiddo.

Julia's upstairs, playing.

She's waiting for you.
You wanna take this?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

- Bye, Lizzy!
- Bye.

You were right.

She's adorable.

The apple doesn't fall
far from the tree.


I didn't know
what your favorite was,

so I just went with my favorite.

Oh! Pink lemonade.

Just happens to be
my favorite, too.

Oh, well, good choice, then.


I love your deck.

It's like a... an oasis.

Yeah, the job can be
kind of hectic,

so it's nice to kind of build
a little paradise at home.


Hey, everyone! Can I get
your attention, please?

This here is Gianna Summers,
she's our new neighbor.

Gia, everyone.

Hey, everyone!


Are all your neighbors

Some of them just got off shift,

so invited them over,

but, for the most part,
we're all family.

Howdy, howdy.

I'm so glad you made it.

Me too!


Gia, I want you to meet Mo,
my husband.

Friends call him "Big Mo."

Ah. Parents were fans
of Three Stooges?

Nailed it! And yes.
Middle school was brutal.

Well, it is nice
to officially meet you, Big Mo.

Jim, Mo, and the crew
helped load my new grill

into my truck at the station.


"New" is a little bit
of a stretch.

Oh, just wait and see
what I can do with her.

Ah. Can I get you something?

Pink lemonade on the rocks?

- Pink lemonade would be great.
- Comin' up.

Mm. Let me guess.



- Karen's really into astrology.
- Mm.

Thought it was kind of weird
when we first met,

but now I think
it's kind of cute.


- Well, I am actually a Taurus.
- Knew it!

So intuitive.


Oh, okay, okay,
enough with the P.D.A.

These two have been married
for, like,

- 10 years, and they can't...
- 12.

- 13, baby.
- I knew that.


13 years, and still
act like newlyweds.

Uh, so, are you gonna show me
what replaced Old Betty?

Yes! I will.
Come this way.

- Talk to you later!
- Bye.

So, they're your best friends?

Yeah. And a godsend.

They help out with Lizzy
all the time when I'm on shifts.

What's the saying?

"Takes a village"?

Boom. That one.

Grill Master 1250.
Cast iron.

40-pound hopper.

Dual ignition?

Whew. She's a beaut!

What'd you name her?

"New Betty".

How original.

Got an 1150 myself.
40 burgers at once.

Ever seen that before?

The 40 burgers or the grill?


Uh, no, I can't say I have.

Janelle Munson's the name.

Wow. That is
a strong handshake!

Jim tell you
about our fundraiser?

- Uh...
- Uh, no, I have not.

Janelle, I just met Gia.
She's new to the ar...

Colleague of ours,
passed away recently.

Got a GoFundMe page
started for his family.

T.J. Haislet.

Great man. Missed.

Any help you can offer
would be appreciated.

I am so sorry to hear that,

and, yes, I will
definitely check it out.

Excellent! Got an email?

Uh, yes.

Got a phone?

Yep, I got that, too.

Gonna pull it out?


Uh... yes. Yeah.


And zapped ya.

Now my contact's
in your contacts.

So, text me.

Will do.

Oh. Right now?

Never a better time
than the present.

'Kay, yep.

Whoo! "Holy crow"
is my middle name.

Hey, what's going on over there?

Don't worry.
I got some for you, too.

It's not, really.
It's Barb... father's mother.

Not for "Barbecue,"
like one might think.

Ahh. Tch.

These two
are my unofficial taste-testers.

Mm! Oh, you have outdone
yourself this time, Jimbo.

Might be the best yet.

You want to try?

'Course I do.

Mm. Not bad.

Jim is the five-year champion.

The champion of what?

Uh, Labor Day
County Barbecue Contest.


The most prestigious
barbecue contest ever.


Whatever comes off Jim's grill

is off-the-charts,
amazingly, exquisitely,

mouth-wateringly great.

They brag about it!

A lot!

Well, it is good.

Curious. Have you ever thought
of adding a little cinnamon?

Sometimes, I even
go a step further

and I dice up some limes,
stick 'em in the foil.

Gives it
that extra perfect kick.

Oh, you know your grills.

Yeah, I've been told
I'm not bad.

Especially with vegetables.




Do you guys make your own sauce?

Is the sky blue?

Okay, well, you got me there.

It's usually Mr. Stubbs
for me.

From a jar?

- Ho!
- Okay hold on, hold on.

Don't give the lady a hard time.

Clearly, she's confident
about her grilling.

I sure am!

You smell that, Mo?

I smell a challenge.

Oh, you sure do.

- Ooh...
- Ooh!

Did you tell Jim
about the children's playground

you're building?
She works for the city.


I actually... I wanted
to talk to you about that.

After our chat the other day,

I made some changes
to the proposal.

It's now
an inclusion playground.

Are you serious?

Yeah! Yeah.

I spent all of last night researching

and I flipped
the proposal entirely.

Wow! That sounds like
a pretty awesome thing.

I mean, Julia would
absolutely love that.

Well, consider her
the inspiration

behind the changes.

My boss, Don Hamilton,
is reviewing it right now.

Don Hamilton.

What? We're...
We're not fans of Don's?

It's not that we're not fans
of Don, but...

Speak for yourself, Jimbo.

All Don cares about

is who can put the most dollars
in his pocket.

Really? How so?

Well, we've been
trying to get him

to give us approval to build
a gym for our firefighters,

in our back lot
behind the station.

But it's been two years,

and every time we think
we're getting approval,

there's more "red tape,"
like he likes to put it.

So don't count on your park,
is all I'm saying.

Unless, of course,

you got a major donation
for his Mayor candidacy.

Or his snack stash.
Man's a glutton for the snacks.


He loves to snack.

Well, maybe I can try and help.

Any chance I could come by
and check out the parking lot?

How's Monday?

It's a date.

Great. Well, let's get
this barbecue started

before the food gets cold,
all right?

- All right!
- Sounds good.

Let's go, buddy.

I'm starving!

Oh, hi, Gia.

What can I do for you?

I just wanted to say

how excited my team is
about the inclusion playground.


Right. Yes.
I'm gonna need that prospectus.

Yes. We are working on it.

So hey, I met some of the crew
from our local fire station

and they mentioned something

about needing a gym
for the firefighters.

Something about
their parking lot?

Ah. That's our parking lot.

You know, city property.

They already have
plenty of real estate

for that, uh, fancy new
renovated firehall of theirs.

I see.

Curious why that land
wouldn't work for them, though,

as it's not being used.

Is there another bid on it

- or something?
- Another bid?

There's plenty of bids.

Oh. I see.

Eh... ah...

Look at this.

But our land
for the playground...

That's safe, right?


Everyone is bidding
on everything, all the time.

Nothing's in the bag.

Oh. Okay. I just...
I thought that was a done deal.

I thought it was
about assigning a lot.

Gia, Gia.

Look, I'm gonna be straight
with you, okay?

It's all about the funding.

Now, you get me the funding,

and I'll get you the land
for your, um, you know.

"Inclusion playground."

The inclusive park.
That's right.

Okay. Well, uh, how much?

How much to guarantee it?

- 100k.
- Seriously?

Well, the good news is
I'm assigning you to it, right?

So, nothing's gonna stop you
from raising the money.

Right. Okay.

Well, what about
the firefighters, then?

Maybe I could
take that on as well,

help them
with their fundraising?

I mean, we all know
they're underfunded.

Isn't everyone?

But would it be okay
to help them?

You know, as long as
you make a point

of letting the Chief know.

The Fire Chief?

Yeah, that we're making
an effort to help them.


Have a poster.


All right, people,
stay safe out there.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm looking for Jim.
I'm guessing this is a bad time.

Uh, no, he's not on this call.

Chief Reed.

Gia. I'm Jim's new neighbor.

Oh. Nice to meet you.

He's, uh, around back.

Oh, great.

Oh, uh, Don Hamilton,
from Parks and Rec...

What about him?

He's my boss,

and, uh, he actually
has given me permission

to help you guys with
the gym you've been needing.

Oh, he did, did he?

Mm-hmm, yeah.

He wanted me to let you know.

Yeah, I bet he did.

Listen, any help you can offer,
we'd greatly appreciate.

I'll lead the way.

Just let me grab something.

So, how long have you been
working for Don Hamilton?

I actually just started.


Jim? You got a visitor.

Oh, look who it is.

- Hey.
- Came to drop off Old Betty?

Ah, I'd just roll her

over to your place,
if that was the case.

I actually came by

because I wanted
to share some good news.

- And to give you this.
- Oh?

As a thank-you
for the invite the other day.

It was so nice getting to know

your friends and everyone
in the neighborhood.

A cookbook for the grill?

Jim should be making
his own book for the grill.

Hey. Eye on the prize, Janelle.
Eye on the prize.

Ah, zip it, Barbie.

Okay, well, anyway,

the good news is

my boss gave me permission
to help you guys out.

- Really?
- Yeah.

To be honest,
it felt a little bit

like a consolation prize
for the fact

that he still hasn't guaranteed
the playground proposal.

He didn't guarantee it?

But that's your boss
and it's a city project.

Sounds like
it's about the money.

Again... about the money.

Yeah, so I guess I'm gonna
have to do some fundraising

to guarantee it.

Well, whatever help you need,
you can count us in.

Thank you. I will.

So, your gym... tell me about it.

It's cold

and concrete.

And non-existent,
as you can see.

We lost the gym
when we did our renovations

and we haven't had one since.

And as you can see,

we've been making do

with makeshift spots
around here.

And a local gym,
that won't suffice?

Pilates studio count?

- Where Mo is a regular.
- And the Pope's a woman.

Should be.

The answer's no.

We don't have a local gym.

The closest one
is the next town over.

Okay, and so this is

the parking lot
that you want to do it in?

Yeah, that's right.

Why didn't you do it
in the renovation?

It's officially the city's land
and we don't have approval.

Needed this space for our trucks
and essential gear.

Why didn't you get approval?
That seems so odd, no?

Mm, you could say, maybe,
it's an old rift

between the firefighters
and Don Hamilton.

It's his third year
running for Mayor,

and the Chief won't give him
our support.

He thinks that's the reason
why he keeps losing.

I see.

You know, Karen actually
made the designs

for the gym...

which we might never get.

With a color palette
that includes turquoise...

That I hope we never see.

Hey. Karen likes turquoise...

A color which
could actually complement

your charming personality,
I might add.


But I'm sure Karen
would just love to help you

with your designs,
if you needed her to.

Yeah, at the very least,
we can help you

with the inclusion park...
Fundraising for it.

We love what you're doing,
and it's for a good cause,

and it's well needed.

We would love to get behind it.

Thank you! That's amazing.

And I'll poke around and see
if I can get you guys your gym.

Joining forces.
I like this.

On one condition...
The challenge.

Oh, the barbecue challenge?

That's right.
We still need to talk about...

Oh-oh, we got to go.

Yeah, of course.
We'll talk.

Well, hopefully,
sooner than later.

- Yeah.
- Hey, Jim.

You can come this way.

So do you have any ideas?

I do.

Don gave me approval - for a 10-
- K race

and the city's gonna
help promote it.


Well, I've never been
much of a runner,

but hey, I'll try anything once.

Thank you.

Did you see the movie
"Promising Young Woman"?

- Mm-hmm.
- Inspo for the nails.


Speaking of inspiration,

I wanted to ask you...

When you first told me
about your idea for the park,

and I told you
about Julia having CP,

I felt like...

maybe you have a...

connection to it,
or you're familiar?

Maybe you know someone?

Yeah, you're right.
I am familiar with it.

Huh. Hey! Let me do yours next.

Sure. Why not?

You were saying?

My... My sister-in-law.


She has cerebral palsy.

Ex-sister-in-law? Hmm.

Still a sensitive subject?
I get it.

The point is,
you really helped me focus.

You know, this... this park,

it's, it's important,

it's important to the community

and you.

And it's important to me.

It's something
that I needed to do.

To give back.

Thank you.
That really means a lot.

Okay. Funding.

This is good,
but it won't get us to our goal.

Let me think on this.


The firefighters
have their annual calendar.

Shoot. Maybe I could
talk to the Chief,

see if we can build
a lot more publicity this year,

we could bring in
a lot more money.

That would be killer.

Oh! Speaking of which,

I totally thought that was gonna
happen in the movie, didn't you?

But, like, at the beginning
of the movie, not at the end.

Whoa! That was really hard.

Such a good movie. Important.

Really hard to watch at the end,
but needed.

Keep going.

Oh! Trending on TikTok! Ah!

Let's do pink next.

Outside the house... ♪ I st

Keep your hands up.
Hands up, right?

♪ ...I never found out...

♪ ...Play ukulele...

Keep practicing your punch.

I'm gonna get the mitts, okay?

♪ ...But I never looked twice
crossing the street ♪

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey, Lizzy. Whatcha doin'?


Nice. Every girl
should know self-defense.

Let's see what you got.

Oh! A duck! Okay.

Yeah! Hard!

Duck. Nice! Whoa!

Yeah! Oh.

Boxing, gardening,

making people feel good
in the community.

You an expert at everything?

Uh, well, you see,

there's this saying...
"if you can't handle the heat... "

get out of the kitchen.

No pun intended.

Yeah, it's time

for your session
with Miss Kimble, honey.

Let's do one more
and then we'll go, okay?

You ready? Let's go.



Good job!

Whoosh, pew! Pew!

Bye, Gia.

Bye, sweetheart.

Yeah, it's an online Zoom thing.

Oh, nice.
What kind of class?

Oh, it's not a class.
It's therapy.


Nothing serious, you know.

It seems like having

a dad who's a firefighter
has created some anxiety.

You know,
nightmares, here and there.

That's tough.

You know, T.J. Haislet,
who worked with us,

he was a close family friend,

and losing him was...

hard on everyone, right?

Especially Lizzy...
She's been quiet about it,

so I think she's having
a difficult time...

Scared she might lose her dad.

Yeah, well, you have
a very dangerous job.


And I guess there's no way
to be a firefighter

without going to the fires.

Unless you're the Chief.
He usually stays behind.


but I'm guessing it takes

a long time to climb
that ladder, so to speak.

Funny you mention that.

I actually just got offered
a position yesterday.

- What? No way.
- Yeah, Chief Reed's retiring.

That's incredible.
When do you start?

Oh, no, no, I'm not gonna...
I'm not gonna take it. No.

I feel like I should...
Owe the crew to stick around.

We're kind of a tight-knit unit.



Oh! You...

- You wanna...?
- Mm-hmm!

Okay, you mean business.
The jacket came off!

Of course I mean business.

Oh, let's see how hard
you hit here, sister.

Okay, all right.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Yeah? Yeah?

Oh! Oh, and by the way,
thanks for the cookbook.

- I read it twice already.
- You did, did you?

Okay, so you learned
a few tricks

you didn't know you didn't know?

Well, not necessarily,

but I did get some inspiration
for my own cookbook.

Mm, which we have established
will not include vegetables.

Hey, that reminds me.

We need to talk
about our barbecue bet.

I saw the three
at the end of that combo.

Ahem. The barbecue bet.

I mean,
unless you're backing out.

- Backing out from a challenge?
- Yeah.

Not a chance.

Okay. Okay, okay.
Well, we need some ground rules.


Homemade barbecue sauce.

But aren't you the jar lady?

I know, but I'm gonna learn
how to make my own.

You know, new horizons.

I like that. Agreed.

Okay, but same meat...
Apples to apples.

No vegetables?

- Maybe a few.
- All right.

So when are we starting this?

A few weeks?

Gives me some time to get
the new grill all fixed up.

You mean my old grill.

Hey. Old Betty is mine now.

Ha. Good luck with that.


You know, I'm actually
not bad at fixing things.

I noticed
your porch light flickers.

But it's not the bulb,
it's an electrical problem.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm. Let me know

if you want me
to take a look at it.

You know where to find me.

Hi, Gia.

Hi! You gonna help me?


She's a beaut!


Uh-huh. You scared yet?

Okay, now you can go
the other way.

Good job!

So who are
your friends at school?

- Alexander.
- Alexander? Who's Alexander?

He's about to get married to me.

You're going to marry?

You know who
you're going to marry?

Who's Alexander?

He's a friend at my school.

He's... He's five.

Did you know this?

No. I didn't...
I need to meet this guy.


Back that up.

So you're gonna tell me.

I went over to him and I said
"Hi. What's your name?"

And then he said "Alexander,"
and then I said...

It's too tight.

I'm sorry.

There's too many bumps.

Almost got it.

Maybe Gia could help?

Uh, now what makes you think
she can do a better job than me?

She can box better than you

and she can grill
better than you.

Oh, she can now, can she? Huh.

I bet she's a good mom.

Except she has no kids.

Then I bet she'll be a good mom.

I bet you wish
you had a mom, don't you?

All my friends do.

I know.

You're the best dad
in the world.

Just, sometimes,
I just wish for that.

Oh. Come here.

Let me look at you.
Hold on.

I think I've mastered the bun.

I guess it works.

But next you have to watch
that YouTube video for braids.

Don't forget.
You promised.

All right.


All right, let's get you going.

Braids, huh? Okay.

How'd it go, boys?

What am I, chopped liver?


- How'd it go, people?
- Better.

Thank you.

They had some old
Christmas lights kept up.

Yeah, luckily, we got there

in the nick of time
and no lives were lost.

House is wet, but it's saved.

Well, good job, fellas.



Good job, folks.

- Jim, you got a minute?
- Yeah.

So, you put any more thought
into filling my boots?

Uh, those are some big boots
to fill, Chief.

Yeah, well, 30 years
and they're tired.

And I want to play
with my grandchildren

while I still got the energy.

As you know, my retirement party

is the same day
as the Labor BBQ.

I gotta know before then.

I know.
I'm still thinking about it.

I can see that.

You're hesitant
and I don't know why.

You're a born leader.

Thanks, Chief.


- Hey.
- What was that about?

Ah, nothing.


So, how's it going
with the new neighbor?

Good. She's being really keen

about this
competitive grilling thing.

A lady who likes a challenge
and barbecue...

Sounds like a lady
for Jim Dunlap.

Ah, don't start that.

Let me ask you something...

When is that last time
you went on a date?

A date?

Yeah. You know,

sitting with a pretty lady,
passing the time.

Every morning, evening,
and a little time in between.

Her name is Lizzy.

You know what your problem is?

I have a lot,

and I'm pretty sure
you're gonna tell me some more.

You think
you have to do this alone.


Parenting. Life.

But you don't.

I know, that's why
I got you and Karen.

You know we're always here
for you, we're family,

but I'm just saying

maybe it's time

to let your walls down

and let someone in.

For your and Lizzy's sake.

And you think

it's that competitive blond girl
next door?

What do you got against
blond girls?

I know they have fun,

but I just never dated one,
is all I'm saying.

Even more reason
to try new things.

Anyways, I gotta get going.

I got to get my stuff ready
for my class tomorrow.


Yeah, barbecue saucing,

the fundraiser for the park.

Ah, wish I could make it,

but I'm actually
on shift tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

Is Gia gonna be there?

No. Why would Gia be coming?


♪ This love

♪ Is on fi-i-i-ire

♪ This love is on fire...

You need some singing lessons.

- Is that smoke?
- Stop.

Somebody call
the fire department...

La, la...

Because this love is so hot!


Ooh! Ah!
Gotta put that fire out!

- Leave me alone, bruh.
- Sizzle, sizzle!

I'm gonna getcha!

You sound good.

I am.

And out of breath.
What are you doing?

in the neighborhood.

Trying to get in shape
for a marathon fundraiser

- I'm putting on.
- For work?


So how's the neighborhood?

It's lovely, actually.

I didn't think I'd fall
into this place so easily.

Fall into this place?

Sounds like you've made
a few friends, then?

I have.

Mom? What are you doing?

Oh, I'm sorry, honey.

I'm just trying to get
this living room clean

and get your father
off his butt.

So... my neighbor's

really nice.

A father.

Really, really sweet
little girl.

Single parent?

Is he divorced?

I'm assuming.
I haven't asked.

Is he handsome?

Yeah, he is, actually.

Hey... Hey, Mom, can I...
Can I call you back?

Yeah, sure, honey.
Have fun.

Handsome neighbor, she said.


My name is Jim Dunlap,

and I'm a firefighter here

at Maple Plains Fire Department,
as many of you may know,

but my real job is teaching
this barbecue class.

And this here is my daughter
and sous chef, Lizzy.

I'm six years old!

She's six years old.

Now, making your own BBQ sauce
is a lot easier than you think,

but it bears the skills
that reward

with fortitude, patience,
and lots of ribs!


Hey, you.

Well, well, well,
look who it is.

Jim Dunlap's barbecue class?
Now, how could I pass that up?

See, I have
this little competition

coming up...
I could use a few pointers.


Well, luckily for you,
we have an open spot.

- Have a seat.
- Excellent.

So everyone has
all their ingredients

that they love and hold dear?

Well, let's get this show
started, shall we?

Hey, Lizzy!

Can you show me
where the ingredients are?

Sure! Come over this way.

This way? Okay.

Oh! All right.
What should I start with?

Probably the vinegar.

The vinegar has the most...

That's an excellent idea!
Vinegar. Okay.

And if you want
to beat my dad...

So next, I like to add
a little molasses.

That's more Kansas City style,

gives it a little tanginess.

Then I like to add
a little garlic...

some black pepper...

and some salt.

Don't forget the onion powder!


Onion powder.

Thank you, sous chef.

And mix that up.

So I'm gonna walk around
and check everybody's sauces.

Good job.

What about
a little paprika, chef?

I'm not really a big fan.

All right, well,

dare I suggest lime?

See, I prefer the lime as a rub
so that it burns into the smoke.

Yeah, but if you sear
the sauce on the meat,

it becomes tacky,

and won't that diffuse the lime,

rather than having it
smoked into it?

Well, it's a matter of taste.

All right.


you are gonna taste mine.

Yours? No way.


Come on, Dad.

It's good, right?

I mean, it's all right.

Okay, Lizzy, you try it.


Hey, teammate!

You're not supposed
to say "Yum!"

You know I'm gearing up to have
a barbecue-off with her, right?

She's gonna beat you, Dad.

- Do you have to go?
- No, no.

I'm not on shift right now.


We got a structure fire.

We're gonna need you
on this one.

Oh, uh, do you mind
watching Lizzy for me?

Yeah, of course.

I'll see you
when I get home, okay? Mwah.

- Be safe, Daddy!
- I will!

It's okay, sweetie.

Let's go, guys.

Let's go, let's go.

Wow. That was good.

Pasta, Parm, butter,
and veggies.

It's one my mom used to serve me
when I was your age.

It was my favorite!

It's my favorite now, too.

What's your Mom's name?

Jean Margaret.

But we call her Jean, for short.

Is she nice, like you?

She is.

And your mom?

She's not here anymore.



Look at the time.

We better get you ready for bed.

Did you hear from my dad yet?

No, sweetie, not yet.

Hey, but listen.

I know your daddy
has a dangerous job,

but he is a very skilled man.

Very well-trained,

and he's with your Uncle Mo,
who's the same.

And your dad is very brave...

Just like you are,

when you're waiting for him
when he's out on a job.

And I can't imagine
what you're thinking, but...

You don't have anything
to worry about, okay?

I promise.

That's what my Aunt Karen
always says, too.


Let's get you upstairs.

And how about
I give you a piggyback?


All aboard!

Whew! Here we go.



I'm so sorry.
I must've dozed off.

What time is it?

Early. I think about 6:30.

Looks like she's still asleep.

Yeah, normally doesn't wake up
until around 7:00 or so.

Oh. Here.

Always double up

on the water.

Thank you.


Oh. Private stash, huh?

Of course.




how was she?

She was an angel.

Honestly, Jim, she was
an absolute pleasure to watch.

Well, thank you.
I really appreciate it.

Normally, Mo and Karen take her,

but this just made things
a little, well, less chaotic.

Yeah, I bet.

How... How was it?

The call?

Oh, it was big one.
It was an apartment building.

Everyone okay, though?

Unfortunately, no.

There was a man
on one of the top floors,

who was sedated,

but it's unclear
if it was because of the smoke

or medication.

Um, he d... he didn't wake up.

And Mo, he...
He tried his hardest.

But it wasn't possible,
in the end.

I'm so sorry.

How's Mo?

Broken leg, maybe?

He's still at the hospital.

He broke his leg?

One of the floorboards gave way,

but he's safe,
and that's all that matters.


Never noticed those before.

Those rings?

Your parents?


No, they're... they're mine.

And my husband's.

The reason I moved out here...

and bought a house
and I started over, is...

my husband,
he passed.


I'm so sorry, Gia.

Yeah, it was cancer.

We had only been married
a few months.

We were just starting
to look at houses

when he got the news.

And four months later,
he was gone.


after over a year of living
in that apartment,

I just...

I just couldn't do it anymore.

His friends and his...
His family...

I realized

that I couldn't move on because...

they couldn't move on,

and they couldn't move on

because they didn't think
that I could move on.


Grief is cruel, man.

It fools you into thinking
you have the upper hand.

You know, you get these moments

where you feel normal,
you can breathe,

and then, out of nowhere,

it just snatches the breath
right out of you again.

Lizzy's mom...

she... she died
while giving birth to her.

Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry.

I had no idea.

I just... I just thought
you were divorced.

Well, wouldn't that
have been easier, right?


it was a blood disorder.

Nothing we knew about.

The doctor said

there was nothing more
that he could've done, so.

That's so terrible.

But, just like you,
I wanted a fresh start.

So, me and Lizzy,
we're originally from New York,

that's where she was born.

And I met Mo at
a firefighter training course

we took back East.

It was actually him
who convinced me to come here.

So, I picked up and moved.

That's very brave of you.

Must be so hard...

being a single parent.

It is.

It's a lot of responsibility.

And you know, most parents

want to give their child
what they're lacking,

and... and in my case...

it's a mom...

A woman in her life
that's all hers.

Maybe one day.

Who's to say you won't
find the perfect match?

"Who's to say I won't,"
is right.

And tonight it really hit home...

It put into perspective
that I'm all she's got.

You know?

It has been so nice

getting to know
you and Lizzy, Jim.

You are an exceptional dad.

You're a brave firefighter

and you've been
a really great friend.

You've made me feel...


Which I didn't think was
gonna be possible again.


You're quiet.

Yeah? Hadn't noticed.

Come on, man.
What's going on?

Know you well enough to see
you're thinking on something.

All right, well,

just thinking about you, actually.

Thanks, man.
You know I love you, but...

No, not like that. That's...

It's the other night,
when you busted your leg.

That, uh, brought back memories
about T.J.,

when we lost him.


Just showed me how close
we live on the edge, you know?


just a busted-up leg here,
so we are all good.

Yeah, but it could've been
worse than that, man.

Always can be...


it's just part of life,
being a firefighter, right?


Chief offered me the job.

To be the new Chief?

Yes! That's amazing.

And not surprising.

I always knew,
when the time came,

you would be the choice.

So why the contemplative look?

You know you're supposed
to be happy, right?

we're first-responders, man.

We respond
to the most dangerous things


and you've always had my back

as much as I've always
had your back...

Especially when things
went south.

I just wouldn't feel comfortable

sending you out there
without me.

I'm not taking the job.

You're not taking the job?


I know you're scared.

I get that.

We are all scared.

All of us...

Everyone in this world.

It's life.

But let me ask you something.

What would be the best part
of being Chief?

Best part would probably
be the worst part, I guess?

Being Chief would take you

out of the front-line aspect
of the job, sure,

but it would also put you
where I know you need to be...

In a leadership role,

and in a spot where you,
as a lone father,

are safer.

You'll never let me down, Jim.

You're my best friend.

It would be my honor...

to have you as my boss.

Come here.

Ah, geez.

My bad.

I think I got your shirt wet.

Well, as long as
you didn't wet your pants,

we are all good.


Are you coming?


When is this, again?

- Saturday.
- Saturday, huh?

So why are there kids
in wheelchairs?

Because we're raising money
for an inclusion playground.

Children with disabilities.


Oh! Right!

Sorry. Senior moment.

Uh, yeah, um...

No, I-I don't think
I'll be able to make it.

Um, having lunch with
the Cherwin Cable suppliers.


I only know of the developers.
Is it the same family?

Yeah, it is.

Ah. Curious why
you'd be meeting with them?

I mean, what does
Parks and Rec have to do

with cable suppliers-
slash-condo developers?

Oh, well...
aren't we the nosy Nelly?

Oh, sorry,
yeah, none of my business.

I was just... just curious.

Actually, I've been meaning
to talk to you about it.

As you probably well know,
I'm running for Mayor, yeah?

Y-Yes. Yes, yes, I know.

Well, I was hoping
for your support.

Yes, of course, yeah,
you have it.

Well, that's great.

Happy to put up some flyers,
hand them out at the race...

No problem, but you know
what might be really helpful?

Is if you actually came.

Showed your face,
showed the community

you're behind
building such a playground.

Yeah, well.

Even some of the firefighters
will be there,

since I'm helping to get

their very much-needed gym greenlit.

Firefighters. Huh.

Well, look, I know you're trying
to help 'em and everything...

Did you know that they lost
a firefighter earlier this year?

And just the other day,
one of them risked his life

at the apartment building fire
on North Street?

They're front-line workers, Don,

they-they really need
a place to work out in.

Yeah, and Chief Reed
knows what he needs to do

to get that green light.

So, this is about
your political agenda,

and not about city ethics?

No! No, no.

This is about
you doing your job.

Now, how about you go out
and get that funding,

and I'll get you
the land for it?

Wait, you found a spot?

Well, you've been
yapping so much,

I haven't had a chance
to tell you, have I?

No. Your prospectus was great.

They... They approved.

So now it just comes down
to the money

and my final A-okay
for the land.

That is... That is great.

Now, what about
the firefighters?

Now, I know you're just
trying to help 'em out,

but like I've said before,

if the firemen want their land,
they know what they have to do.

Now, I've got
a lot of work to do,

so, uh...

you get your funding,
and I'll get your park.


Cheese puff?



Were you an electrician
in your past life, too?

Ooh, I might have been.

I actually learned this stuff
from my dad.

He made his living
as a fix-it man.

Ooh, sounds like my kind of guy.

Yeah, you'll like him.

You know, I-if he's around

and you're around.

Um, ahem,
I have a favor to ask you.

Oh, it depends
what that favor is.

I couldn't help but notice

your name on some medals
at the fire station.

- - You know, 5- - K/10-
- K races...

Mm, she noticed my medals.

Well, I may have been

known for running
as much as barbecuing.

A lot of our fundraisers
for the fire department

were runs, so.

Help me train for mine?

Or at least
give me some pointers?

- Ever run a 10-
- K?


Oh, no...

Great minds think alike.

Uh-huh. Did you do
the stretches I told you to do?

All of them.

How far are we going today?

Until you can't
take another step.

But then
we still have to get back.

Well, that's how we train.

10 K is around six miles.

Doesn't seem like much,

but it'll push you
to your limit.

You'll be lucky
if you do two miles today.


Feeling lucky.
Let's go!


It's starting to rain.

It's just a little rain cloud.
It'll pass.

Pacing is
the most important thing.

You want your body
to get a rhythm,

but keep pushing yourself
more than you think,

and when
your endorphins kick in,

that'll set your pace.

The last three kilometres,

we'll gradually
kick it up a notch.

All right, well,
what's your pace?

Is this working for us?

Naturally, mine's
a little faster than this.


I'm just saying.

You'll never keep up this pace.


Nice try.

I had you.

Okay, this is not
a 40-yard dash.

I just wanted to see
what you had in you.

Have you always been
this competitive?


my mom said that when
she was in labor with me,

the doctor told her she'd be
in labor for five hours,

and I forced myself out
in 15 minutes.

You're one to talk,

Mr. Winner-of- - - the-
- Barbecue- - Contest

five years in a row.

Oh, speaking of which,

we still need to set our date
for our grill-off.


Right. It's a sauce-off now.

Well, if you're gonna be
using limes,

you'll never beat me...
Just saying.

Well, I just learned
that you don't like to lose,

so I keep pushing back the date

so I don't have
to hurt your feelings.

I don't want you
to hurt my feelings either.

Something tells me
neither of us do.


maybe we take it slow.



Well, um,
we'll take the jog slow.


Come on.
We're in training.


You're in training.

Oh, what?

Afraid you can't keep up,

- ♪ There's a songbird singing
- Oh, it's like that?

♪ In the whitest snow

♪ And he's calling everyone
"Come on, let's go" ♪

♪ And I bet you're waiting
On the other side ♪

♪ Of the road


Oh, this is good.

- You are good!
- Right?

He's not gonna know
what's coming.

Hand me the smaller Phillips.



Thank you.


you and Jim?

Me and Jim what?

Dinners together,

you fixing his light,
him going on runs with you.

Come on, spill the details.

There's nothing to dish.

Well, if you ask me...

Which I didn't.

You look good together.

You think?

And he's a Pisces.

This is
a perfect astrological match.

Plus, Lizzy...

she adores you!

She can't stop talking
about you, in fact.

All right, all right, I'm not
gonna poke around anymore.


maybe it is time

to think about
opening your heart again?

Seems like Jim is ready.

Has Jim ever dated anyone
since you've known him?

Not really.

A few set-ups here and there,
but nothing really stuck.

Yeah, I mean, most of them,

they were really into him, but...

I think,

a lot of the time, he felt like

they were maybe more interested
in being a mother to Lizzy,

and it's not
a good enough reason to date.


first and foremost,
has to be present,

you know, with a vision
of companionship and...

mutual interests.


what about you?

Do you feel like

maybe you're ready to move on?

Maybe you could

be ready to open your heart
again to love?

I think I already have.




Don't be silly.
Sit down.

I have work to do.

Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho!
That makes me so happy.


I have been looking into
some more fundraising ideas.

Oh, great.

The State Alliance
for Firefighters

are giving special funding

to whoever wins the Labor Day
Barbecue Contest this year.

Wait, the infamous
Labor Day Barbecue Contest?

- Mm-hmm.
- Jim's a five-time champion.

It's in the bag.

Yeah, but you know,
anyone can enter, though.


So, I entered you.
In a contest.


- You did what?
- Come on!

It's gonna be so much fun.

It's the Chief's
retirement party.

It's gonna be a blast.

Mo and Janelle,
and a bunch of the others

are doing it, too.

Oh, and I have heard
that, you know,

loves grows stronger
with a little competition,

don't ya know?

Oh, does it now?

We're all fundraising, right?

This could be a way

to get little extra money
for the playground,

if you win.

Oh! And a great opportunity
to gloat.


All right, I'll do it.

Jim and I have
our own little contest going on,

so this can be it.


Oh, and I spoke to the Chief

about the annual
firefighter's calendar shoot.

Okay, I need
to get you on payroll.

I have never met someone
who gets so much stuff done!

It's a go.

from this year's calendar

will go
to the inclusion playground.

But what about
the firefighters' gym?

Oh, it'll be

a 50/50 kinda deal,
so half of what we sell.

Are we doing pre-orders?

Oh! Already on it.

Okay, everybody,
let's get together.

Gentlemen, all the helmets
on, please.

Yeah, fantastic. Even you.

And the hose, too.
Good. Good, good.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey! Chief! Get in there.

No, no, no.
My calendar days are over.

It's okay.

Oh, hardly!

Big smiles, everyone.
Big smiles.

Yeah. Excellent.

Back to back.


Oh, that's so good!

Girls, center around
the dog a little bit.

Put your helmet on.

♪ This is it, I'll admit

- Nice!
- ♪ I'm tired

♪ Don't you quit
It's a trip ♪

Really nice.

Big smiles. Nice.

There it is. Nice.

♪ The stars aligned
when I saw you ♪

♪ I'm ready to say
"I'm here to stay" ♪

♪ I used to feel empty-handed

♪ But when I'm with you

♪ I'm here to stay

♪ Oh-oh
I'm here to stay ♪

There you are!

That was great.

Yeah, I think I had
the arm workout of a lifetime.

Lizzy's small, but she's solid.

Well, thank you so much.

- Oh, you better thank Chief.
- Thank you, Chief Reed.

- Really.
- You're welcome.

Julia... she's family,

so we do what we gotta do.

And some good news...

We raised more money
than expected.

From the pre-sales?

Well, the calendar shoot,

and the State Alliance
of Firefighters...

They donated as well.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I guess they wanted
to honor my retirement,

and to bring in the new chief...
Whoever that might be...

With a little more energy.

We got a PST.

- Want to ride with?
- Oh, no.

I wouldn't want to get
in the way of an emergency.

No, I wouldn't suggest it
if it was.

Come on, when's
the last time you rode

in the back of a fire truck?

Um, never.

What about Lizzy?

She has a playdate with Julia.

Okay, let's do it.

Yeah, all right.

If it's not an emergency,
why are you using the siren?

It keeps us sharp!

Trust me, this is a half
our emergency speed.

You having fun?

Yeah. A lot of fun.

I think they're getting married.

Don't jump, sweetie!
Don't jump. Just stay there!

Stay there. Good!
You're such a good girl!

Oh! No! Don't move.

Oh. Mommy's called for help.
Just wait.

Stay there.


Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you!

Oh, ho, ho!

Oh, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much for coming.

Her name is "Streisand".

Big fan.
She's gonna have a comeback.

She's up there.
You've got to get her.

- This is Betty-
- Anne.

She works over at the bakery
on Sixth.

Thank God, it's you, Jim.
Can you get her?

First things first.

What about that door
on the porch?

Bruce sealed that off years ago.

It's a fake door.
It doesn't work.

- So how'd she get up there?
- I don't know.

But look at that face!

She's terrified!

You have to get her.

And you're sure

there's no way in
through that door?

It's decorative door.

Never a dull moment.
Mo. Hit me with Paws of Life.

You got this.


You ready?


- Got me, Mo?
- Oh, yeah.

All right, brother.

I'm getting too old for this.

Hi, kitty-kitty.


Hey, kitty-kitty-kitty.

Go figure.

The door works.

It works!

Whatcha doing, Dad?

I'm just reading the cookbook
that Gia gave me.

I thought you already knew
about cooking.

Well, a master is always
learning his craft.

Knowledge is everything.

I still think
Gia's gonna beat you

in that contest.

Her mac and cheese
was really good.

I thought
I was the mac-and-cheese king!

Not anymore!

Not anymore?

You don't like
my mac and cheese?

No? Well, you're gonna like

your bed even better,
'cause it's bedtime.


Are you okay?

I've never been better.

Oh, well, look who we have here.

You ready?

Your coach do a good job
training you?

I think so.

Ooh, so how
are our numbers looking?

Yeah. Good. Really good.

We actually a lot of donations

from people
that aren't even running.


You looking for someone?



Don't worry.

He'll show.

Runners to your starting marks.

- Ohh...
- Go get 'em, honey.

- This is it.
- You got this!

I'll be rooting for you,
right here.

See you at the finish line!

You ready?

On your marks...

get set...


You're fast!

Come on, slowpoke.

Hey! Who are you
calling a slowpoke?

Sorry I'm late.

Yeah, you are really late,

but considering you've already
caught up with me...

Yeah, I had a meeting.

Mm. That sounds important.

It was.

Guess who you're looking at?

Uh, a really hot firefighter

who's kicking my butt
in this race?


But you're also looking at

Maple Plain's
brand-new Fire Chief.


No stopping!
It's a marathon!

That's so exciting! All right!
- It is.

And I also learned
that you set a date

for our grill-off,
and didn't tell me?

Okay, look.
Karen signed me up, okay?

I meant to tell you,
but get ready to lose.

No, she didn't.

Oh, yes, she did.

Grill master. Right here.

- Yeah?
- Can't beat me. Can't beat me!

Can't beat me!

How do you feel?

Like I won't walk for two weeks.

But exhilarated.

Hey, that means
it was a good run.

I mean,
look at all these people.

We raised a lot of money.

We did.

Oh, hey!

Oh, there they are.
Let's go and see how they did.

How'd you do?

Oh, first.

- What?
- No, I took a shortcut.

But I still crossed
the finish line.

How did you do?

Top ten!

- Nice!
- Wow!

What about me?

You better start
being nice to me,

since I'm gonna be
your new boss.

- What? Really?
- Yeah, I took the job.

- Congratulations, man.
- Oh.

You deserve it.

Excuse me. Hey.


Are you serious?

That's amazing!
Thank you.


That was my office.

They tallied
the results from the race.


We did it.

That's so great!

You're getting a park, Julia.

This is because of you.

No, Gia, look at these smiles.
It's because of you.


We did it!


Come here!

We did it!
We did it!

Gimme a high-five.


Oh, Chief Reed?

Hi. What are you doing here?

I was, uh, up seeing Don.


How'd it go?

He's giving us the lot.

For the gym.

That's fantastic.

Yeah. Farewell gift to my crew.

How'd you convince him?

Well, I told him
what he wanted to hear.

Support for his mayor candidacy?

Let's hope he makes

a better mayor
than a head of Parks and Rec.

Are you going up?

I am. We got the park.
Thanks to you guys.

That's fantastic.

Well, go get 'em...

And I'll see you
at the barbecue?

- Sounds good. Bye.
- Okay.


Yeah, no.
The papers are all signed.

You can do what you want
with 'em.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.
It's all legally yours.

Yeah. Thank you
for your support.

Okay. Bye.

Sorry to interrupt.

I just couldn't wait to find out
what the next steps are.

When do we start digging?

Gia, have a seat.


Is everything okay?

I saw Chief Reed outside.

Heard you got the firefighters'
support for your candidacy.

I did. It's huge.

Gets me over the finish line.

Yes, well,
speaking of finish lines,

my office told me
that the funds raised from

the inclusion playground race
was what us to 100K.

Well, it's not enough.

N-No, it is,

because the firefighters,
they donated to it,

we raised more funds together...

Do you want the bad news
or the worse news?

The bad news?

The bad news is...

the land for your park
was assigned.

Another group beat you
to the finish line,

no pun intended.

Another group. Who?

Well, that's irrelevant.

Not to me, it isn't.

Let me go out on a limb here
and guess.

The Cherwin family?


And the worse?

Well, the worse news
is that, uh,

your firefighter, Jim Dunlap,
the Chief,

well, when he made
his donation to the city,

he made me sign
some legal papers,

guarantees and stuff,

and when he learned

that the park
couldn't happen right away,

he, uh...

he withdrew all his support,

and took back
all your so-called funding.

I mean, he wasn't shy
about what he wanted for them.

Made me tie up everything
real tight for him.

It just goes to show ya,

well, you try
and be nice to people,

they bite you in the butt.

People aren't what they seem.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. Me too.

Are you ready?


Now, it's a lot of turquoise...

It's a lot of turquoise.

Do you love it?

But I love it.

And these swings over here,
they have...


There you are.

Here I am.

Okay, can you just
hear me out a minute?

Hear you out?

What do you want to say?

You got your promotion.

You got your gym.

You tried to help me,
but I got screwed.

I know it wasn't by you,
it was by my boss, but...

it stung.

Knowing that you took back
all the fundraising...

that we raised together...

As soon as you heard

the inclusion playground
was gonna be delayed.

That playground was important.

It was important
to Mo and Karen,

to Julia.

And it was...

it was important to me.

It was closure.

All that hard work for nothing.

I could see how that appears.

Okay. Look.

What I've learned
these past few weeks

is that you never know
what's holding you back

and when to let go.

Okay, look, you showed me

that family and Lizzy
are the most important things,

and if a door opens
for a better opportunity,

I sure as heck
am gonna walk through it.

Just like you did by moving here

and unselfishly making
everybody's lives better.

'Kay, that playground...

There isn't gonna be
a playground, Jim.

Okay. In theory...

if I had

20 spaces in a parking lot,

would that fit?

In theory.

I suppose, if there were
enough handicap spots...

What... What is this?

I had Karen
and one of our architects

change up the plans a bit.

The gym is not as big
as I had hoped,

but it's big enough.

And there's plenty of room
for the playground.

I... I don't understand.

Don signed it over
to the fire department.

We can do whatever we want.

Thank you!

Amazing! Thank you!

I mean,
I got more parking lots...

There's a big one, in the back.

It could fit
the playground and...

No way.

Old Betty's back in business.

Oh, ho. Look at you. Wow.

And she's working.

She's doing more than that.

She's gonna
bring Mama home a trophy.

- What is that?
- Eggplant.

- On a barbecue?
- Would seem so.


Going old-school over here...
Classic burgers on my grill.

You've got to be kidding me, Mo.

How the heck do you think

you're gonna beat Jim
with burgers?

They're veggie.

The heck is happening
to you two?

Turning my world upside-down.

Think your world's
turning upside-down with that?

Wait till you see
Karen's color...

Eh. Stop right there.

You're breaking my ears.

Thanks, though, Gia, for...

you know... the gym we got
and, uh, helping my brother out.

Mo's your brother?

Ah, I tease him like he is.

And that kid over there,

and that cuter-than-ever
extended family of mine,

you just changed her life.

She gets to play on a playground
with her friends.

And that little munchkin,

well, you just made her
a very happy little girl.

How so?

Happy parent
makes a happy kid...

makes a happy family.

No, it's perfect.

Group hug.

Group hug! Come on.
I said group hug. Bring it in.

This feels like a trap.


I gotta go check on my meat.

She's gotta be next.

- For what?
- Finding a life partner.

We're not doing
that hugging thing again.

Hey! You get away,
you cheater. Go.



How did you know?

Gonna beat my dad?

I wish I could say I will,

but I'm actually
not that confident.


How's it going over there?

Ten more minutes.

Ha-ha. We'll see.

Here I go. Mo.

- Burger. Let's give it a try.
- Yeah.


Are you trying
something new, Mo?


Let's just say
I'm glad I'm retiring.

Janelle, partner,
what do you got for me?

Good old ribs.

The sauce is my secret.

Okay. Here we go.

Very nice.

Very, very nice. Mm-hmm.

Gia? Whatcha got here?

- Eggplant.
- Eggplant?

Looks like ribs, but it's not.

- Does look like ribs.
- Okay, here we go.

But does it taste like ribs?

- Surprisingly good!
- Right?

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm!

And now, our defending champion,


- You know it.
- What do we got here?

Just some ribs.
I charcoaled it.

You know what I'm saying?

I put some special
barbecue sauce,

for this special occasion.

- And it's moist...
- Ah.

- And it's not eggplant.
- Always moist.

- Well...
- Oh, ho...

You are the champ.

Let's see what you got
this year.

- Talk to me, Chief.
- Mm!

This guy, I tell ya.

Okay. All right.

I've made my decisions.

So, I think we have

an unexpected finalist here, everyone.

Third place goes to...

Let's give a round of applause
to Janelle.


- No hard feelings, Mo.
- Yeah, yeah.

Before we move on,

I'd like to talk a little bit
about Gia Summers...

A woman who breezed into town

and, well, championed
a new inclusion playground.

So, first of all,
I'd like to give you

a round of applause for that.

Thank you. Thank you.




it's second prize for you,
and not first.

But well done!

And now...

the winner of
the Labor Day Barbecue,

- the Master Contraster...
- Mm-hmm.

The king
of barbecue cling,

the ribs that need
the most bibs...

Most of 'em.

The new Chief Jim Dunlap!


Yes, yes, yes. Okay...

Let's go see.
Come with me, okay?

Here we go.

- Second place!
- Not bad.

Not bad!

I am so glad you moved
to this neighborhood.

- Me too.
- Me too!

I think yours was good.

Don't tell my dad...
It's complicated.

I promise.

Come here, you!

She was exhausted.

Looked like Mo was, too.
That was nice they took Lizzy.

What, you didn't hear Lizzy
begging for a sleepover?

If I didn't say yes,

I would be hearing about it
for a year.

Sounds like
the party's still going on.

Yeah. Sounds like it.

So how about it?

A dance?


Yeah, why not?

Okay, let's do it.

♪ ...And you are mine

♪ And that's fine

♪ I will protect you

♪ All the time

♪ All the time

♪ Because you're mine

Look, a rainbow.

Did you know that rainbows
actually are circles,

but they just look like
arches from the ground?

I've said it before
and I'm gonna say it again...

Is there anything
you're not an expert at?

Well, clearly barbecuing.

Right! You're not good at that!
How do I keep forgetting?

I am so gonna beat you still.

Well, it seems like my daughter
liked it, though.

Nah, she was just saying that.

I don't know.

Kid doesn't really lie.

Especially to someone
she really likes,

and someone her dad
really likes, too.

Me. This... This guy.


Well, me too.

I really like you, too.

Can I do something
I've always wanted to do?

What's that?

Kiss an absolutely
beautiful woman

in front of the firehall

as Chief?

♪ Forever yours

♪ I am yours...

That was nice.

It was.

- Can we do it again?
- Yeah.

♪ Oh...

♪ The places we will go

♪ We are perfect

♪ Forever...

♪ Forever

♪ I will protect you

♪ All the time...

♪ All the time

♪ Because you're mine

♪ Oh...

♪ The places we will go

♪ We are perfect...

♪ Forever...

♪ Forever

♪ Yeah, we are perfect...

♪ Forever...

♪ Forever

♪ I am...

♪ Forever yours

♪ I am yours

♪ Always yours

♪ Oh...

♪ The places we will go

♪ We are perfect...

♪ Forever...

♪ Forever

♪ Yeah, we are perfect...

♪ Forever...

♪ Forever