Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) - full transcript

When Lou finds himself in trouble, Nick and Jacob fire up the hot tub time machine in an attempt to get back to the past. But they inadvertently land in the future with Adam Jr. Now they have to alter the future in order to save the past - which is really the present.

Whose fucking phone is on?

We're going to just touch you up.

- Okay, Mr. Dorchen?

Do I need nipple rouge?

Can we get... I don't...

Do I need any nipple rouge?

Yeah. Touch up his nipples, please.

What kind of brush is that?
Is that rabbit fur?

Lou Dorchen, the legendary lead singer

of metal supergroup Motley Lue,

who burst onto the world stage
out of nowhere

to become the very definition
of a rock god.

Livin' the dream with
high school sweetheart Kelly Dorchen.

So how did the ultimate party
animal get the inspiration

to build the most innovative,

tech company in the world?

I don't have to tell you where I got
my inspiration from, first of all.

Because that's called
"intellectual property"

and I can copyright that shit.

Just like I copyrighted the word "well,"

so you can't even say "well"
without paying me money.

- Well...
-You owe me money.

Lou Dorchen's best friend is yet another

American success story,
music mogul Nick Webber.

Ever since I wrote Let's Get It Started

I've been on a roll.

MMM Bop, triple platinum.

A lot of stations still playin'
Gin and Juicey Juice.

You Oughta Know.
Feelin' Like Teen Spirit.

I guess you could say
I take from a lot of artists.

Take my inspiration from a lot of artists.

I don't...

I don't take their stuff.

That's... Who would do that?

- Yeah. Ask me anything.

How's your relationship
with your father?

I don't want to talk about that.

Still struggling to find his own place
in the world,

Jacob Dorchen comments on his
father's game-changing innovation.

He didn't invent Goo... Lougle.

He couldn't invent his way
out of a fucking paper bag.

And that's... That's not a turn of phrase,

that's anecdotal evidence.

He got caught in a giant paper
bag a couple weeks ago.

Adam... Adam Yates.
Yes, he rounds out

our Three Musketeer posse.

He made it real big
with his bestselling novel,

Jacuzzi Timelord.

But Adam,
he's off on an experiential journey.

I got a feeling we'll see him again.

I got a feeling.

Just came to me.

One fateful ski trip in 1986

seemed to kick-start
their lives into high gear.

But what was it like to grow up

alongside these future stars?

We turned to high school pal,
Gary Winkle.

I bet you guys didn't know

that I was supposed
to go on that trip, huh?

I stood outside all day,

but they never showed. Left me hanging.

You know what I got that weekend?

Chlamydia from the batting cages.

My best buddies go up
the mountain as regular Joes.

Come down fucking rich.
I mean, how did that happen?

I mean, at the end of the day,

I'm just a simple guy like you

who had a couple of great ideas

that happen to make him
a bunch of money. That's it.

I mean, how was I supposed to know

that it would change the fabric
of our existence? I couldn't.

You know, I couldn't,
unless I had some sort of...

Cut! Let's reset. Do it again.

One word, Nick. Fucking amazing...

Don't fuck with my groove, Terry.

- Hey, Nick.
- Youngblood.

Rip off any pop stars lately?

For your information,
today I recorded an original piece.


Okay, it was that Lisa Loeb song.

Well, as much of it as I could remember.

The lyrics I made up were original.

Listen, Nick, I get it.
You don't have any natural talent.

All I know is that hot tub
made me a king.

It's my duty to live up to the throne.

All right, I can't see you right now,

but I'm gonna assume you're putting
"king" and "throne" in quotes.

Lisa Loeb?

Oh, my God. I can't believe
Nick Webber knows

the name of the cat wrangler.

Yeah. Crazy, right?

You know, I just have to tell you,
I really love this song so much.

It feels so personal.

It's almost... Violating.

I'm so sorry.


Nailed it!

All rise!

Penis Court is now in session!

The honorable
Judge Lou Dorchen presiding.

Mr. Dorchen, could we get
this board meeting started?

Yeah. Brad, do your thing.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Lougle is at a crossroads.

We did it, guys!
We got to the crossroads!

Our competitors, Lycos
and GeoCities, are crushing us.

Those guys are fucking nerds, Brad.

What about Yahoo, huh?
Where are they?

Yahoo? What's Yahoo?


As your head of R&D, I have to tell you

that Lougle cannot continue
down this path.

Well, that's why I moved us
to New Orleans, Brad,

the Silicon Valley of the South.

Shit! Shit! Susan, look, turn around.

Turn around, right now!
Susan, quick, quick, quick!

I'm not going to look, Lou.

Susan, I promise it's not
a dick and balls this time.

I swear to God. Look, look, look!

Dick and balls!
You looked at a dick and balls!

I burned you.

I can't believe I let you talk me
into joining this sinking ship.

I was one of Engineering
Quarterly's "30 Under 30."


I was on track to be "20 Under 40,"

but now I'm "Zero Under Fuck Me"!

You fucked me, Lou.

You fucked my whole life.

My brother works at the NSA
and I work for a madman.

Mad Man is a great show.

Sometimes I wish I could just...

Okay, okay.
Looks like you're hungry for an idea.

So why doesn't Uncle Lou give
you guys a little taste, huh?

If you combine the right
amounts of nitrotrinadium

with specifically heated water
in a specialized basin,

you get the elements
necessary for time travel!

Boom! Shotgun to the dick!

I'm gonna be in the lab,
trying to save this company.


Why are all these people here?
Are we having another seance?


Every day's a seance, baby.
Every day's a seance.

I fucking hate you so much, Lou.

I fucking hate you, too, baby.

Courtney, it's not a big deal.

Well, maybe it's not a big deal to you,

but she's my only sister,
and we never go visit her.

-It's the Grammys.
-it's always the Grammys.

It's not always the Grammys.
Sometimes it's the Grammys.

Wow. Look at you.

Every fucking year, Lou?

Hey, enough with this dad stuff.
Call me Lou.

Why do I have to pretend
to be your butler?

You are my butler.

No, Lou, just 'cause
my room's near the bar

and I'm good at receiving guests and...

Holy fuck, I'm your butler.

Wait. Hey, Lou, what do you think about,

maybe this summer, you know,
I come work with you at Lougle?

Listen, this is what I'll do for you, okay?

If we ever come up with a division where

you sit on the couch and masturbate
while playing video games,

I'll get you an interview.

You started
an interactive porno division.

We have that.
Even that retarded Venn diagram

you just mentioned, it exists.

Listen, you are a key part
of this operation, Jacob.


You're my chief mixologist!

I love you, buddy.

Hey, Courtney. Your tits look fantastic!

Eat shit, Lou.

She's one of the good ones, man.

Come on. Let's get a drink.

Jeez. The place
is like a deathtrap, huh?

Just lousy with statues, and the...

Not a lot of coats, right?
Not a lot of coats.

Can I take yourjacket?

No, no, no. I'm actually
kind of "on the job" tonight.

It's my dad's party, he runs Lougle.

What do you do?

You know, I'm just
kind of a Jack-of-all-trades.

- So you're the butler.

Come on. Do I look like a butler to you?

You look exactly like a butler.

God damn, it's good to see you, man.

You, too, buddy.

Man. That tub, huh?

Really turned it all around.

It's the best thing that
ever happened to me.

You ever wish we could
go back for one more dip?

You know, tweak some things?

Use time travel
for more important reasons.

Too bad the tub is gone.


Too bad.



What the fuck? Lou...

Give a dog a what?

Gary Winkle.

Look at this.
Look, Lou spilled his drink on me

so I don't have to talk to you.

Good looking out.

Okay, just laying it all out there.

Where are me and you right now
on a scale of, like,

"dinner and a movie"
to "tropical sex vacation"?

We're on the
"it's never, ever going to happen"

part of the scale.

- So, like a four.
-One and a half.

Minus the half.

What are you selling, Gary?

What? No love for Gary Winkle?

Okay, but it is a sound
investment this time.

I'm telling you, man.

No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.

It is only 12 blocks from the river.

Pristine lot.
You can build an office tower,

nightclub, combo, whatever the fuck.

I don't care.

Okay, I get it, man, I get it.
I get it. I'm a loser.

Okay, I'm always going to be a loser.
I'm not like you guys.

I didn't magically turn it all around
after that ski trip.

All I got is this piece of land,
and I know it's a piece of shit, okay?

But it's... It can be our piece of shit.

Not interested. Pass.

We are live!

Coming to you
from the heart of the Bayou.

At the height of his career,

worth 2.3 billion dollars,

introducing Lou "the Violator"


We've grown quite a bit
over the years, haven't we?

Some of us have achieved our dreams.

Others have found
new dreams to chase.

You know, I bet...

I bet there's not a person
in this room who,

given the chance to do it all over again,

would do it any differently. Am I right?

Am I right?

And if you believe that,

if you truly believe that
in your heart of hearts,

well, then,

you're all a bunch of fucking morons!


Life is about do-overs, okay?

And if you see your second chance

peeking its dick around
a corner, snatch it!

Grab it! Take my advice.

Look at the people
you love most in this world,

then you tell them
to go fuck themselves.

Because life is about number one.

Numero Lou-no!

So come on, it's a party, right?

Let's all get nude and fuck!


About time someone manned up
and shot the bastard.

- Holy shit, he's been shot.
-In the dick!

Shit! It's bad!
Somebody call an ambulance!

- Nick.
-Yeah, buddy.

You got your hand on my penis!

I'm applying direct pressure!

You don't have to touch it that hard.

My hand is acting as a tourniquet!

You work his dick. Whatever.

No, no! Lou, Lou! Stay with me!

Stay with me. Look at me. Look at me.

Who shot you?

Chux... Zedo.

Chuck Zito? That motherfucker!

- I think he's saying "tuxedo".

God, it hurts so bad.

Who the fuck's wearing a tuxedo?

What? What?

Okay, first of all, this isn't a tuxedo,

this is a morning suit.
It's way more casual.

Don't you watch Downton Abbey?

I was standing right there beside you!
I didn't fuckin' shoot him!

I want my dick back!

Lou's gonna fuckin' die!
He's out of time!

No, he's not.

We'll give him more time.

- What?
-Grab his arms.

Oh, God, I take it back! I take it back!

I don't want a shotgun to the dick!
It hurts so much!

Oh, God! Oh, God!

- What the fuck are you doing?
-Hang on. Trust me.


Holy shit.

- I know, right?

He stole it.

I stole time! I stole the whole ski lodge!

Check it out. Pure nitrotrinadium.

Lou got it from the Russians.

He told them
he's gonna build them a bomb.

Classic Lou.

Yeah. They've never seen
Back to the Future.

All right. Everybody, get in.

A little help here.

Come on, Lou, you got to earn it.

Adam's trench coat?

What the fuck is this? ls Adam here?

Stay with me, Violator.

Where's my hair?
It's where my power lies.

Fuck your fucking wig.

We gotta go back in time
and stop the killer before he shoots Lou.


It's how it works.

We get blackout drunk, we hallucinate,

we wake up back in time.

Don't mess
with a winning formula, huh?

Don't be a fuckin' pussy!

Guys, I feel fucking great!
I think it worked.

- Lou's not breathing.
-I think he's gone.

Nick, Nick, Nick! Help, help, help!


- Lou,Lou.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I guess we were too late.

Life is fucking weird, you know?

I spent so much time hating him.

And now that he's gone,
I can't help but feel...


No. Not love. Don't be stupid.


No, that's still way too strong a word.


I mean, there's nothing
admirable about him.

Well, I mean, he's your dad.
Honor, maybe?

Not honor. I mean, that falls kind of
with respect and admiration.

Maybe just kind of a...
Just a general sense of...

Missing, you miss him.

- Yeah, I miss him.
-You miss him. Yeah, yeah.

I motherfucking miss him.

What're you doing? You up in heaven?
Raping angels?

Good for you, buddy.

- Oh, God.
-What the fuck?

I saw this on C. S. I.

The bowels evacuate
when the body dies.

That smells like hatred.

This is gonna get worse
before it gets better.

My dick! My dick!

It worked! Holy shit! Wait, look!

Look, look!

That's a good-looking dick to me!

My dick is back!

How far back did we go?

I don't know.

We put a big dryer in
so we don't have to time travel naked.

This is different.

It's like a Scandinavian gay bar.

Looks like a Miami IKEA.

Dude, it looks amazing.

I mean, look how classy it is.
It's like a museum.


Who is this?

I think it's Jacob.

Why am I bald?

What did you do?

I didn't... I didn't do that.

You look like a pedophile dressed you.

You look like a Jewish Jason Statham.

You look like Michael Chiklis
fucked Big Daddy Warbucks,

who fucked Lex Luthor.

That's what it is.

And who's the little doggie?

What's he do...
What's he just doing there like this?

Why aren't you fucking that doggie?

Why would I be fucking the dog?

Power over nature.

Hey, you.

Is that the coat-check girl?


Hey, how are you?

I didn't know you had company.

- Yeah...
-Hey, Nick.


What's he doing here?

This is my house.

Think that'll hold you till later?

Yeah, I'm sure.

- Bye, Nick.

- See you at the club?

That coat-check girl is rude.

I like her.

I think it's pretty obvious
what's going on here, right.


Alternate universe. Like Fringe.


You're a fucking nerd


You're a fucking nerd

- Nerd
-And no one likes you


No one likes you

Media preferences, Mr. Dorchen?


Media preferences, Mr. Dorchen?

Duck Dynasty?

Media preferences, Mr. Dorchen?

Duck Fucking Dynasty!

Just try "the news."

News selected.
Thank you, Mr. Dorchen.

Tune in tomorrow
for the challenge round.

Eat a boot? Eat your feelings.
Choozy Doozy.

I think I may be Mr. Dorchen.

- What? No.
-I think this is my house.

- No way.
-I think he's right, Lou.

- That's impossible.
-You heard it.

It just answered me.

March 26, 2025.

this is The Daily Show
with Jessica Williams.


Hey! Welcome to The Daily Show.
I 'm Jessica Williams.

Tonight's guest,
Dame Jennifer Lawrence

promoting her Meryl Streep
biopic, Streepin' It Real.

Hey, how do they get the people
to be on this show?

So, by now you've all seen
the NSA satellite footage

of the road rage incident

between two self-driving
smart cars in New Detroit.

President Neil Patrick Harris has called

for greater regulation of the industry,

while congressional Republicans defend
every sentient automobiles

constitutional right to shoot a black car

if it's actin' funny.

This show's still got it.

Holy shit.
We went 10 years into the future.


I'm distinguished.

I should shave this, right?

Yeah, that's not a good look.

This is so smooth,
I don't think I went bald.

I think this is a choice,

like Andre Agassi
or Bruce Willis or something.

You don't look
anything like either of those two people.

For one, they're fit and handsome
and you're neither of those things.

You look like a turtle
crawled out of his shell.

Fuck you for making me bald.

You look like
an orchestra conductor for stray cats.

You look like you give
lectures on public access.

You look like a grown-up Gerber baby.

You look like an egg
gave birth to another egg.

You look like Gandalf the Poor.

You look like
you advise Lando Calrissian.

That's a good one.

You look like the guy
that owns the one house

that ruins the whole street.

Have I bombed anything, you think?

You look like
you've never made a correct decision.


I have definitely given
a back-alley blowjob.

I gotta admit I kinda like this.

I want to hit you into the corner pocket.

Now I know why the coat-check
girl didn't like me.

I look like fucking shit.

So far so good on this future shit, huh?

Yeah. You know what?

I don't feel like anything
bad's going to happen.

Hey, check it out. I found all
the gear from the painting.

- Cool, huh?

What happened
to the bottom of your suit?

That pesky little doggie eat it?

It's called fashion, Lou.

You look like...

Nope, not doing anymore
"You look like."

But you look like...

I don't give a shit.
We did it on the stairs.

We did it in front of the mirror.

It'd be tacky to do it a third time.

Anyway, do you guys
want some fresh clothes?

I got a whole closet full of stuff.

I love this shirt. My shit is fly.

Weren't you listening
to my speech, dude?

Always pack a bag.

Hey, is that...

- No. it is not.
-How did you get that?

- I didn't get...
-I know what it...

I saw what it said.

It doesn't say anything!

Was that the Cincinnati box?

- Don't say that out loud.
-it might hear you.

You're really never
going to tell me what's inside that box?

Okay, we'll tell you. We'll tell him.

- I'm going to tell him.

It's the Declaration of Independence
with a map on the back.

- Our family's chosen.

That's just the plot of that
movie National Treasure.

It's the Ark of the Covenant.

That's Raiders of the Lost Ark.
You're not even tryin'.

I mean, that's not even
anything that could be in the box.

Okay, this has gone on long enough.


It's a ring that turns you invisible
and carries with it the power of evil.

I've seen fucking movies,
you guys! I've seen movies!

Wait, why are you alive?


Why are you alive? We're in the future.

Yeah, you know what? He's right.

'Cause if we went back in time,
you'd be alive.

But we went 1 O years
in the fuc:kin' future.

You should be dead.

Yeah, what the fuck?

What you should be
asking yourselves is,

"When the fuck?"

God damn it!

This fucking guy again!

Why do you do that?

He's not going to tell us anything.

Hey, why don't you make like a fuck off
and get out of here?

Wait. So all we have to do is go back
and Lou's gonna be okay, right?

It's not that simple, really.

The hot tub doesn't take you
where you want to go.

It takes you where you need to go.

Come on!

There are
certain calculations and innovations

and salutations
that haven't even come to pass yet.

What the hell does that mean?

What it means is, at the present,
your tub here is just a tub.

Wait, are you saying
that time travel is not even possible?

Right on, Liz.
Give the pretty lady a flower.

- Damn it.

That's bullshit, okay?

We got a whole vault of nitro right here.

Where'd it go? Where did it go?

What did you do with my nitro?

How can I take what doesn't exist yet?

It exists in the past.
How can it not exist in the future?

The past, the future. All very cute.

But who's to say the past
isn't anything more

than the future of this present?

So, nitro is from the future?

Like Terminator.

- Yeah.
-Oh, my God.

You think everything is like Terminator.

'Cause everything is like Terminator!

Arnold's hand gets
chopped off in the past,

somebody finds it, reverse
engineers that shit. Boom!

Terminators running all
around this motherfucker.

That's how we got nitro?

I don't know. I never saw Terminator.

Fuck this guy and his riddles!

Thanks for holding him down for me!

"Hold him down"?

So you can beat to death
the mystical time baron

that holds the keys
to our very existence?

That's your fucking plan here?

Shut up.

Tighten your shit up, Lou.
We needed him.

Amateur hour.

This thing is awesome.

I probably invented it.

"Lou Sux

"COX N Dix." Flip it.


Try to stay with me.

This is going to get complicated.

This is time.

And you're dead.

So Lou is killed in our present,

which means that here, in the future,

he should still be dead.

Well, clearly, he's not fuckin' dead,

'cause he's sittin' here,
still bothering me.

So what that tells me is

we're in a completely different future

on a completely different timeline.

Jacob, I'm the Sarlacc.


Anyway, the Repairman said

that the past is actually the future
of the present we're in right now.

So I think what that means is
the killer is from the future.

So clearly, someone from 2025
will go back in time and shoot Lou.

Like Looper.


How about a fucking spoiler alert?

"Hey, Lou, you want to go see Looper?"

"Nah, I got a thing I gotta do."

It's in my queue! That counts.

It's the first Bruce Willis
movie we missed.

- Is Bruce in that?

Plainly, just by virtue of
Lou being here alive in 2025

when we know that he died in 2015,

we're here to stop his future murder.

- Which happens in the past.

I get this shit.

I'm bored by this shit.

Let's go check out the future
strip club situation.

High five.

Did you just say "high five"
instead of high-fiving?

- High five.
-High five.

That is the laziest thing
I've ever heard.

High five.

You don't have the energy for this?

No, no.
You guys, we can't just fuck around.

We got to find your murderer.

Or we don't have to do any of that

and we go check out a strip club.

- You flickered.
-You're flickering.

I flickered... Why am I flickering?

By threatening your own existence.

Have you listened to
anything I've been saying?

I have not listened to any of it.

God, okay, fine! Fine.

We'll solve my stupid murder,
which hasn't happened yet.

Or we can just go to a strip club.

All right, fine! The fucking murder thing.

Nothing's really changed.

You'd figure after 10 years,
something would be different, right?

Who in the future
would want to kill you, Lou?

I don't know.

The only person who's ever
had any motivation

to kill me has been me.

I treat everyone with the
utmost respect and kindness.

Lou, you tried to push me
down the stairs last week.

As a joke!

Oh, my God, it's you.

Jacob is the murderer.

I'm not the murderer. Come on.

Really? Because you seem to have
stepped right into my life.

You always wanted to be
the one fucking that tiger!

Lou, if I was going to fuckin' kill you,
I wouldn't use a gun, okay?

I would spike your mid-morning cocktail
with a tasteless, but potent sedative.

And, while you slept,
I would wait the nine hours

for it to fully flush out of your system,
so there's no trace.

And I would take you out into the Gulf
and feed you to a tiger shark.

Damn, that's cold.

But I wouldn't use a gun.

I'll be making my own mid-morning
cocktail from now on, thank you.

Man, I wish Adam was here.
He'd know what to do.

You just described my whole entire life.

We need Adam and he's not here.

Where the hell is he?

Holy shit.

When we were carrying you
after you got shot,

I saw his trench coat

beside the hot tub time machine.

Adam murdered me.

Okay, so Adam shoots Lou,

and then uses the hot tub
to escape somewhere in time


Only in our fucked-up social circle
is that textbook.

Why would Adam wanna shoot you?

I don't know.
I've only been the best of friends to him.

- You tried to fuck his wife.
-You tried to fuck his wife?

As a joke! Come on, you guys get that.


You get it.

In Lougle financial news,
no surprise here,

Lougle finished trading up
10 points today.

Nice. Looks like
I turned the company around.

I'll turn you around.

Somebody's grumpy
'cause they got murdered.

Adam! Come on out!

It's your best friends
in the whole fucking world!

You sure this is the right place?

Lougle Search brought up
Adam's location and DNA.

He's really got to fix his privacy settings.

If he's here,
I'm gonna kill him before he kills me.

Hi. Can I help you?

Oh, my God.
Jacob Dorchen and Nick Webber?


Am I on Celebrity Subpoena?

Just tell me. Tell me,
am I on Celebrity Subpoena?

And hello, sir. Who are you?

- Fuck it, wrong house.

Does Adam Yates live here?

I'm Adam Yates Stedmeyer.

Okay, so you're married to my aunt,
which makes you my uncle.

But that means that
you and I are first cousins.

Oh, my God, you guys. This is aws.

He looks like a preppie Braveheart.

I found this photo after my mother died.

Great White Buffalo.

Great White Buffalo.

- Great White Buffalo.
-Great White Buffalo.

Great White Buffalo. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

So this is him, right? This is my dad?

So you never met him?

No, they broke up
before I was even born.

But you guys can introduce us.

Yeah. See, the thing about that is,
it's complicated.

Do you guys ever feel like

everything happens for a reason?

- Yes.

Call it destiny, or predestiny.

I think it's "predestination."

No, it's predestiny. I read a book.

Was that book a dictionary?

No, it was a book called Predestiny.

Okay, I don't really give a shit.

With predestiny, it dictates

that there is a force or something
holding the strings

and setting everything up

just so they can be
knocked down perfectly



I can't! I can't do it! I gotta go. Let's go.

- Sorry.
-Sorry, bro, we gotta go.

Nice skirt, by the way.

- Thank you.
-I have the dress.

Wait, who said anything about a dress?

I certainly didn't say
anything about the dress.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize
that Adam had guests.

- Hey, babe.

Guys, meet Jill. Jill, meet the guys.

We're getting married this weekend.

Me and Jill, not me and you guys.

Stop it. You're gonna make milk
come out of my nose.

- Milk? What milk?
-I had milk earlier.

Are you Nick Webber?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Would you please do the Webber Strut?

The Webber...

Come on, you know it.
He wants us to do it.

I think so.

Everybody, strut, strut, strut, strut.

- Stop that.
-Strut, strut, strut...

Wow, they're really good at your dance.

Your poor man's Macarena
that you are very famous for.

Everybody do the...

They're, like, picking dicks out of a tree.

It looks like dick-picking.

And for the record, I still like your music.

I mean,
I know you've fallen on hard times.

Hard times?

You're so poor now,
but I really like you still.

What do you mean, poor?

- Oh, my God, that's the one.
-That's the one?

That is the one.

Honey, we found our mini-cake bites.


We found our mini-cake bites.


I didn't tell you.

- Jacob is my cousin.

- And Uncle Lou...
-Don't you ever call me that. my uncle.

And they came here in a... What was it?

Hot tub time machine.

That's right.


So I guess you came here
in a hot tub time machine, too.


- They're looking for my dad.

You have to go with them.

Would you guys mind?
It would be really, really great

to have my father at the wedding.

Fuck that. Fuck that.

No way in hell. No way in hell.

You gotta let Adam go.

I mean, this is exactly the
sort of thing that he needs.

We've been together for 10 years.
He hardly ever goes out.

He didn't even have a bachelor party.

Honey, you're making me
seem a little stiff.


All right. Well, you have fun
and make good choices.

- You're my best choice.
-You're my best choice.

- No, you're my best choice.
-You're my bestest choice.

No, you're my best choice!

You're my best choice!

You're. My. Best. Choice.

- The fuck?
-Yeah, seriously.

Guys, I'll be there in one second.

You're. My. Best. Choice.

So you guys
are my dad's full-on bros, huh?

I always wondered
what my dad's full-on bros

would be like and now...
Now I totally know.

'Cause we're getting
some serious hang-time.


You know what, I feel like we are
going to have an unforgettably...

Dude, where the fuck are we going?

Well, my mom used to live near here,

so I figured we'd go by her old building
and see if we can find a clue.

Okay! Well, there's a 50-50 chance
I might murder your dad,

so if you have a reunion speech,
keep it tight.

Holy shit!

Wassup, man?


There's no one driving that car.

Yeah, it's a smart car.

- Yeah, I can see that.
-No, it's a smart car.

- It's self-driving.

That's awesome!

Now, see, this is
that future shit I'm talking about.

How much that set you back?

You guys are hilarious.

I don't own it. I mean, no one does.

You need a car, one shows up.


You're a wonderful car
and I appreciate you.

Come on.

So, this car runs on feelings.

Yeah, I guess a six-year-old
would say that.


Really? Would a six-year-old say that?

- What the fuck was that?
-Revved up on you.

- Did he just rev up on me?
-He sure did.

Hey! What's up?
You got a problem with me?

You know what? I'll give you
the first punch, huh?

Go ahead.

Go ahead! Hit me!

Come on!

You're not a good car!

You're not smart! You're just a car!

Okay. I don't think
it actually works that way.

Like, you can't hurt its feelings.

You're a wonderful car
and I appreciate you.

Yeah, well, guess what?

You can hurt my feelings, okay?

- What?
-I'm walking.

- Is he always like this?
-Pretty much.

Does he have, like,
emotional problems?

He's got a real serious drug problem.

He got shot last night.

- He's got that runt ball.
-His son hates him.

That's fair to say, right?

Yeah, yeah. He's a monster.

I'd like 110 help him.

Hey, I'm sure you're sick of this,

but will you sign my Dick Pad?

You put your dick in there!

It's a genius invention.

I know, okay? I know.

You put your whole mouth
inside your son's jerk-off machine.

What does your son's penis taste like?

Goddamn you.

Was it delicious?

Hey, a friend of mine's some
sort a big shot over at Lougle.

Brad Syed? He's coming to my wedding.

- Brad?

You guys should absolutely
come to my wedding.


Man, I wish we could, but we're doing...


Gary Winkle.

Fuck him in the face.
Right in the fucking face.

It's not about money,
it's about making money.

Look who it...

How are you rich, huh?
How the fuck are you rich?

- Lou“.
-You killed me!

I'm going to kill you
before you can kill me again!

Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa...

That's hilarious.
Why would I kill you? I love you, man.


Okay, okay, okay. All right. I'm fine.

You not buying that land

was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

Because when Hurricane Beth
came through

and destroyed half the waterfront...

it turned this worthless piece of dirt
into a goldmine.


So you didn't murder me?

What are you talking about?
I love you, man.

So, are you boys coming up or what?

It's not a party unless
it's a Gary Winkle party.

At Gary Winkle's.

The Wink.

- What are you doing?
-it's a double wink.

Technically, that's more of a blink.

- That's a blink.
-You can't wink, can you?

Of course I can wink.

Prove it.


Let me do this. Hold on.

Let me hold this open.
I'll hold this open.

Now do it.


Can we go to the fuckin' party now?

Welcome to The Wink!

Hey, jugglers, give my boys
anything they want...

From that shelf down.

- Lou, what are we doing here?
-You know.

Winkle is not the killer. We gotta go.

I don't care,
'cause there's cocaine right there.

Didn't you see the cocaine?
Look, look, look.

I see the cocaine. So what?

Well, I'm going to do that.
So, first... And then...

Look, I'm not flickering. Am I flickering?
You cannot say that I'm flickering.

We're on a mission to save your life.

You think I don't want
to roll my dick around some cocaine,

-and get titty-slapped?

Pop some bottles?
Do some crazy future shit?

I'm trying to keep you from flickering.

- What the fuck are you doing?
-Good talk.

Thank you. And popping bottles,
that's old school.

You bringing that back?


I like that. I like you.

What are these? I don't care.

So, Nick, listen, I was so sorry
to hear about you and Courtney.

What do you mean?

Gotcha. Forget I even brought it up.

No, no, no, really, what do you mean?

I hear you loud and clear, man.

I don't think you hear me at all.

HEY, Sophie!

There you are.

I have a surprise for you.

Sophie has a surprise for me.


I'll take a room-temperature
almond milk, please.

No, actually,
I'll get a tangerine margarita.

No. Scratch that.

I'll take just an apricot sliced into fours.
And a kiwi.

Do you have kiwi?
I'll take a kiwi, sliced up.

A banana thrown in there.

You know what? Dealer's choice.

Just a fruit salad.

Should we go somewhere more private?

Jacob Dorchen wants privacy.

That's so 2018.

Right, right.

No. Get that out of here.

I mean,
I wouldn't mind a little something.

Remember, we agreed?

Look at your dad.

You're not going down
that road anymore.

Oh, God, I'm so good at that!


It's Satan.

Like, I'll finger your dog, I don't care.

As a joke! As a joke!

I have some advice for you.

If you don't want to be
considered a sex offender,

don't take a shit in a sandbox

that happens to be in a playground.

Okay? Don't do it. 'Cause guess what?

You have two things, a record
and a fucking nickname.

I know it's a potentially risky move...
Wedding sorbet!

As a palate cleanser, of course.
I mean, I'm not insane.

Oh, my God! Fuckin' A!
You're Nick Webber, man!

Let's take a picture!
I can't believe it's you, man.

I'm gonna send this to everyone.

- I'm gonna get, like, a billion views!

I remember when
I first heard that stupid song. I was like,

"Man, that song is so dumb."

Do the Strut.

- Do the Strut.
-No, I'm good.

You won't do the fucking song?

- You want to see the Strut?
-Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Hey, yo! Check this out!

Nick Webber's in the house,
so get ready for the original

Webber Strut!

Before that, let's back it up.

Six years ago, see where it all began.

I made a lot of mistakes.
I've taken advantage.

And now I'm ready to be original.

This is dedicated to
those who never got to be,

because of me.

Strut to the time of the clock

It's midnight
Everybody strut right now

Nick Webber
Nick Webber

You don't know
but you think you know

Nick Webber
Nick Webber

You don't know, but you will

Everybody do the
Strut, strut, strut

Everybody do the
Strut, strut, strut

Everybody do the
Strut, strut, strut

Everybody do the
Strut, strut, strut

Everybody do the

Long story short, the caterer
did talk us into the Chateaubriand,

which, you know,
I'll admit, is a sexy side of beef.

Sounds like it.

And I think you know
where I'm going with this.

You thought wrong.

Horseradish station. That's right. We're
gonna have the white and the reds,

separate service, different intensity.

It's gonna be great...

Wait a second. Nick?
You should play our wedding.

People would love to see the Strut
in person.

I'm sure they would.

Hey, what do you guys
want from the party tray?


I don't know.
I'm getting married tomorrow,

so I'm really trying to take it easy.

Yeah, you're getting married
for the rest of your life,

so why have any fun tonight at all?


- Uncle Lou is right.
-Don't call me that.

Give me the craziest thing you got.

Someone sounds like he wants
the Electric Ladybug.

The Electric...

Stick it right there.

What... I'm sorry, what exactly is that?

Don't take it off for 24 hours.

Why can't I take it off for 24 hours?

Yeah. What's so funny?

Relax. Relax. It's just like baby aspirin.

Except more of a super-high
intensity psychotropic drug trip.

I promise you,

you're not gonna like this.




I'm a god!

I'm a fucking god!


Not in the dumpster.
I owe you 50 bucks.

Hey, lick my pussy.

Just kidding, guys.
I'm up here. What's up?

What are you doing up there?

Why are you down there, stupid fuck?

You guys, last night,

my eyes


I'm telling you, you guys,
you got to get up here.

I mean, the way the sun
is just dancing off these leaves...

Mr. Webber.

Hi. I'm from Choozy Doozy.

I'm here to take you to the show.



How about that?

Nick Webber has a show in 2025.
Still got it!

Right, but, I mean, we can't go
because we have to solve his murder.

Come on! Look. Hey, not flickering.

Maybe it's a lead. It's a fun lead.

Until somebody goes back in time
and kills you.

I can't miss my gig.

Okay, Choozy Doozy
is my favorite show.

Wait, how did you find us?

I just go where the cars take me.

Okay, I'm coming down.

Do you think I can make
that dumpster, guys?

- No.

Yeah, I think I can probably make it.

Yes, yes, yes, yes! Come on!

Yeah, I think so, too, Lou. Thanks.

- Adam, stay right there.
-Stop. Adam!

- Come on!
-Baby Adam!

You can!

StQD, Lou!

Here I go. I'm gonna jump.

Holy fuck...

Got you!

That was fucking awesome!

- Oh, my God!
-How did you even do that?

I'm strong as fuck.

Get ready for mischief, mayhem,

plenty of truths and more than one dare!

This is Celebrity Choozy Doozy!

Now, please welcome back

the host of the show,
Britt McShasaucey!

Thank you very much for that, Gill!

Welcome to our show!
We got a very, very exciting

show planned for you tonight.

Please help me welcome back
to the stage, musical sensation,

Nick Webber!


Hey, honey,
guess where I am. Just guess.

Okay, shut up. I'm at Choozy Doozy.

Where have you been?

I tried to call you, like, a hundred times.

What was with that crazy phone call
last night?

Crazy call? What do you mean?

You don't remember calling me
and telling me that you were a god?

No. Does that sound like me?

Listen, I had the most amazing night.

I did everything.

I punched a man in the face.

Just walked up to him.

Just punched him with my fist.

I felt like an ape. Like an ape.

I did Eskimo kisses
with this beautiful woman.

What are you talking about?

Honey, have you ever felt

that everything that you've experienced
and said up to this point is just a fraud?

Excuse me?

No. Okay, "fraud" is too strong a word.

It's more like a lie.

"Lie" is actually... It's not right, either.

It's kind of a hard concept to...

Okay, bye, honey-

All right, that went well.
That went really well.

Our studio audience
will have the opportunity

to challenge you to specific tasks.

The best idea shall prevail.

Because this is...

Celebrity Choozy Doozy!

What is that, exactly?

Let me hear some ideas
from the audience.

- Come on! We want some new ideas!
-Eat a bunch of waffles!

Eat a bunch of waffles.
Very, very nice choice.

Juggle knives!

Very scary!

He could lose an arm!
That happened last week.

Swallow a watch!

Can you swallow a watch, Nick?

I hope not.

Fuck a dude!



Say some more stuff!
Say something else!

Now, remember, folks,

when you see something you like,
you make your selection,

and it'll show up here on the board.

I don't want to fuck a dude.

You're adorable.

This is the best day of my life.

What the fuck's wrong with everybody?

Waffles, waffles.
It's a neck-and-neck with...


Look at that.

Oh, hell, no!

You just got very lucky, my friend,
because you were almost

about to have to eat
a whole bunch of waffles!

I'm willing to do that. I'm willing...
I'll eat the waffles.

Okay, now...

Who had the idea of this man
fornicating with a gentleman?

Over here! This guy!

What's your name, sir?

Lou Dorchen.

Well, Lou, as you know,
with Choozy Doozy...

You choose it, you dooze it!

You choose it, you dooze it.

I'm sorry. I dooze what now?

Oh, shit!

- Come on up here, Lou!
-This is crazy!

Stop smiling!

And, we're back with the Celebrity
Choozy Doozy challenge round.

We have Nick Webber along
with his pal, Lou Dorchen!

What exactly is this?

It's the number one show on TV.

Okay, load 'em up!

What the fuck?

I don't think this is real.

Yeah. It's like Lawnmower Man.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Just like Lawnmower Man,

except, you know,
we're supposed to fuck.

Yeah, well, that's not going to happen.

Bring me the thing!


I'm glad we're on the same page.

What's going on? Lou!


This is getting a little dark.

Dark? What do you mean?

Okay, if this is the most popular show,

give me some of the other shows?

Yeah, of course.
There's Toddler In The Wild,

there's Mommy, I'm Drowning,

there's Daddy, Where Are You Going?

There's Building Explosion.

- Building Explosion ?
- Yeah, Building Explosion.

ltjust shows big buildings
falling down, and...

Kids, like, trapped in the basement,
and the building falls,

and they're like,
"Ma, get me out of here."

And it shows them how
to get out in an emergency,

but also tells them when to give up.

Bing bong! What's the delay?


Hey. There's something
trying to kill us here.

That's 10,000 volts of electricity
coursing through the suits

that you're wearing back here
in the studio!

Every week,
it's the same goddamn thing.

It's guy on guy, girl on girl.

Sometimes it's even guy on girl.

What is the big deal

with the two of you boys
sleeping together?

You're acting like it's 2010,
for Christ's sakes.

Now, we got a show to do, boys!
So start fucking!

Classic Lou.



I'm sorry, Lou.

I know you are, buddy! I know!

I know. I love you, man!

Don't say that!

I don't wanna have an emotional
connection to this moment!

What... God forbid a couple of friends

can't express
their brotherly love for each other!

I love you.

I told you to stop saying that!

I'm so sorry!

You got a tuft of hair
coming out your crack.

Don't fuckin' worry about it, okay?

I'll get your grooming tips later.

- Are you ready?

Okay. I love you.

All right! Put it in slow!

Really slow!



- Take that dick.
-What the fuck?

Come on! It's just something I say.

"Take that dick"?

Wait, hold on! Stop, stop, stop!

Looks like somebody chose a lifeline!

Me! Me! I did it! I chose it!

Who will the lucky winner be?

What happens? Do we get waffles?

- What happened?
-it's a lifeline,

so the chooser picks a new doozer.

You gotta choose someone, Lou.

Choose waffles.

Okay, I get it. I get it.

All right. All right.

Yeah, I know just the guy.
He loves this show.

No, no, no. I'm...

I'm actually getting married tonight,
so I can't.

It's actually an issue of fidelity.

I cannot do this.

You're a monster, Lou.

What's up?

Get ready, 'cause here it comes.

Here what comes?

That's my butt!

Wow! That was good TV.

You know what, Adam,
I thought about it.

You can call me Uncle Lou now.

Holy shit! Did you see that?

You're a fucking lunatic!

- Was that the same car?
-Couldn't be.

That car tried
to run me down on purpose.

Did you see that?

What if that car's my murderer?

You were shot in the dick in the past,

Like that would be the craziest
fucking thing

that's ever happened to us.
That car's an asshole.

The car's not an asshole.
You're an asshole.

Whoa. Where'd that come from?

Everything is all about Lou.
No regard for anybody else.

I'm pretty sure that's never
been the case at all, ever.

Because of you, Adam just got raped.

Are we calling it a rape?

Whoa! Nobody got raped.

It felt like kind of a gray area.

You're a fucking virus, Lou.

You find a vulnerable host,

and you attach yourself
and you just fuck 'em all up.


Okay. Someone needs
to find a chill-out tent.

FUCK you!

If they're not gonna say it, I will.

I am so tired of solving your problems.

You wanna stop your murder,
figure it out yourself.

I'm going to Winkle's.

- Jacob, what the fuck?

No. You know why?
'Cause as long as we're here,

I'm Jacob fucking Dorchen!
And that means something.

Jacob, come on!

Youngblood, we got to figure this out.

You're the only one
keeping track of important stuff!

I mean...

You know what? Fuck it. Fuck it.

Who cares? Who needs him?
I don't need him.

Hey, I'm getting married today, guys.

What do you say we kick this day
in the pants

and get over there early
for some Bloody Mary-tinis?

I'm sorry. Can I just get rid of this thing?

No! She said not
to take it off for 24 hours.

- Or what?
-I don't know.

Yeah, exactly.
If I had a dime for every time

I did something a cocktail waitress
told me not to do,

I'd be rich. Look.

Oh, my God,
the cocktail waitress was wrong.

Sorry, my mistake.

I should listen to you more often, Lou.

All right.

You just learned a valuable life lesson.

I did.


Come on.

God. So...

-911, right?

Fucking disgusting, dude!

Okay, you're sick. You made your point.

Come on, Lou,
you know he can't help it.

You okay, buddy?

Okay, this is becoming
a bit of a hygiene issue.

All right, let's see what we have here.

Okay, yeah.


Come on, really?

Divorced? What the fuck
are you talking about?

Kelly, we're soul mates.

Not anymore.

- Mommy?
-No, I'm not your mommy.

- Homie?
-Yeah, I'm your homie.

Was it something you did?

If so, I don't care.
I don't care. I forgive you.

Put this in his mouth.

If you don't communicate with me,
I can't fix this!

You can't fix anything.

Hey, bite down on this. Good. Okay.

What's going on?

Here we go.


That's actually not bad.

You know, it's, like, kind of sweet.

What's happening to him?

This is totally normal.

The nanobots are attacking
the narcotics.

How long has he been on heroin?

It was a Ladybug.

- Wait, the sticker?
-Yeah, on the neck.

Yeah. We normally give Tylenol for that.

I just pumped him full of...

Narcotic-seeking nanobots?

- Yeah.

You're a great listener.
I should have married you.

Look, Kel, I'm sorry, okay?

I'm sorry.

Can we just move on?

I did move on, Lou. I got clean.

You're the one who doesn't
have a rock bottom.

I just pray that
there's still hope for Jacob.

This ain't a circus!

and make some fucking drinks!

Hey! Jake the Snake!

Hey, is it still day out there?

Who gives a shit? What can I get you?

I'll take everything!

You sure about that?

'Cause, remember what
happened last time?



All right!
Set Mr. Dorchen up with the usual...

And, you know, call security.

The nanobots can't find any drugs,

so they're traveling to
the lowest part of his body,

where they'll harden and expand.

- His feet?
-In his testicles.

Well, that hardly seems like
the lowest part of his body.

- Shit!
-What's happening?

Okay. It's now or never.

What are you doing?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

What is that?

What you gonna do with that?

Stick him! Stick him!

Oh, shit!

That's a lot ofjuice!

Okay! Enough!

Now what's gonna happen,
I'm going to pull this out,

and there might be some leakage, okay?

Don't pull it out. Don't pull it out.

- I like it where it is.
-One, two, three...

- Wow! Okay.
-Fuck your ball juice!

I walked right into that one. Literally.

I don't know about you guys,
but I feel way better.

There's definitely semen in that.

There's definitely fucking semen in that.

Did you taste the robots? They're gritty.

Fucking bottle service.


Every fucking weekend.

Hey, baby.

You're a fuck-up, Jacob.

Just like your loser dad.

I'm not anything like my fucking dad!

No... No, wait, wait, wait.



I know how this looks.

No. You don't.

You see my son? Do you know my son?


Has anybody seen
a grown-up Garbage Pail Kid?

There's Winkle.

I pay you girls to like me. Hey, smile!


Electric Ladybug, huh?

- Fuck you, dude!

Hey, how you doing?

I'm doing fucking shitty, Gary.

Still haven't found my killer,
and there's a car trying to run me down.

I hear you there, brother.

I had a Passat follow me
around for three weeks one time.

Had to buy it rims to make it go away.

You know what I'm talking about, huh?

Where's Jacob?

I had to throw him out, like I always do.
You know what I mean?

He said something about going
to see his family therapist,

whoever the fuck that is.

I know where he is.

I'm not that strong.

Hey, son.

It's Daddy.

It's a nice... Nice place.

Yeah, yeah.

I mean, like, as far as rooms go,
this is one of the biggest.

A great room is a great room.

I could see myself chilling here.

Right. Throwing some football.

Having a football match right
in the middle of the floor.

Football, basketball,
you know, just all the sports.

I'm so comfortable
and relaxed right now.

Me, too.

- Hey, Adam...

...about what happened
at Choozy Doozy...

No, it was... You know, it was virtual.

Yeah. Virtual.

So it was just like...

It's in the ether.

- It does not exist.
-Who cares?

That shit happened.

Yeah, we should get
that show cancelled.

Or at least arrest someone.

I could've ate some goddamn waffles.

It's like you shoved
a fucking Buick up my butt.

I got a Buick dick.

You do.

Shit got bad, Lou.

I mean bad like the part
of Boogie Nights

after Mark Wahlberg jerks off
in the pickup truck.

I mean, here we are,
with the greatest power

the universe has to offer
at our fingertips

and we're just a bunch of fuck-ups.

Jacob, I know
what you're going through.

Yeah, I know that you do.
You're the biggest fuck-up I know.


You know, all Dorchen men
end up on a roof

at some point in their lives.

We party till we want to kill ourselves.
My dad did it.

And your son will do it after you.

Even Grandpappy Dorchen?

Jumped off a roof, survived,
died of syphilis.

Jacob, how can we expect
to find happiness

anywhere in time
if we're just not happy people?

We do the best that we can.

Here comes the hug monster.

All right. Come on.
Let's go do some more dumb shit.

- Whoa!

- Lou, don't drop me!

Don't drop me!

I'm not gonna let you fall, I promise.

- I trust you.

Fuck, I'm gonna drop you!

Don't drop me! Don't drop me!

I'm dropping you! You fell!

FUCK you!


Suicide prevention activated.

Look at that. Force field.

This is a great call.

I must have invented that.

Seriously. Thank you, Dad.

My pleasure, son.

- Is it fun?
-Yeah, it's kind of fun.

You know what?
I'm coming down, too!

GUYS, GUYS, guys, come on!

We got a murder to solve here, huh?

Let's think. It's not Winkle.

It's obviously not Jacob.


- No? Right.
-Come on. Come on.

All right. Okay.

Some curious news out
of the tech sector today.

A new synthetic element
has been developed.

The new element invented
by Brad Syed of Lougle Labs,

is tentatively being
called nitrotrinadium.

That's it.

- Brad never liked me.

And Brad's going to Adam's wedding.

I keep forgetting you guys know Brad.

It's gonna be fun, my wedding.
I'm looking forward to it.

Fuck! My wedding!

Jill's going to kill me.
I have to go change.

Oh, God. I can't believe
that son of a bitch stole my idea.

Let's split up and find Brad on three.
One, two, three.

Split up and find Brad

before he goes back in time
and kills Lou!

- Wow! We are so locked in.
-Same page.

- We are so locked in.
-Same page.

- That's awesome.

It's normal for men
to blow off some steam

before their wedding, right?

Adam? What'd he do,
have a light lunch and a spa day?

He did drugs and had sex with a man
he barely knows on national TV.

That doesn't sound like Adam.

Honey, like you said,
he's just blowing off steam.

Why didn't I blow off steam?
I have steam to blow off.

All I did was get my hair done!

- It looks beautiful.
-Shut up, you dumb slut.

You blew half of Pittsburgh
before your bachelorette party.

Get me some champagne.

I don't know what's taking Jill.

You think she saw Choozy Doozy?

Does she watch it?

It's her favorite show.

Then she probably saw it.



This isn't good. She's never late. Ever.

Do you think she and I
are gonna be okay?

I don't know, man.
I'm not the guy to ask about marriage.

- Wait, are you married?
-Yeah. Well...

I don't know. I hope so.

Okay. Well, I have to find Jill.

Will you cover for me?

No, we gotta find Brad.

Fuck a dude. Fuck two dudes.

"I'm Adam.
I get plowed by dudes on

Eeny, meeny, miney, drunk.

Choozy Boozey.

So sorry. Wrong room.

Oh, shit.

Anybody know a Brad Syed? Report...

Hey, Nick Webber. Do the dance.

You want me to do the dance?

Yeah, do the dance.

You want me to do the fucking dance?


This is who I've become, isn't it?

The dancing clown.

The man who will
apparently do anything

to keep his shitty career going.

Meanwhile, when's the last time

I shared a romantic dinner
with my Wife?

Or just did anything, just the two of us?

It's been a minute.

I'll bet there's a lot
of people here tonight

who have been taken for granted.

This lady right here.

When's the last time
your man gave you flowers,

just because?

Fuck you, dude.

Right? On this special occasion,

be thankful for the one you're with.

Make each moment count.

Remember why you fell in love.

Now do the dance!


Do it! Do it!

Fuck it. D.J.!

- Hey, Brad.
-Hey, Jacob...

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Give me the nitrotrinadium, Brad!
Give me the fuckin' nitro!

- Okay, okay.


Be very careful, it's my only one.
I only trust you with it.

You thought you had it all
figured out, didn't ya?

Just gonna go back in time
and kill my dad.

- Kill your dad?

I know your plan, Brad.

Okay, sure, I thought about it.

A lot. When I worked for him.

I knew it.

But why would I wanna kill
the man partly responsible

for the greatest scientific
achievement of all time?

There was no such thing
as nitrotrinadium

when your dad gave me
the idea for it 10 years ago.

...for time travel!

He had a history of pulling great ideas

-out of his ass...
- Boom!

...and god damn it, he did it again.

I'm gonna be in the lab,
trying to save this company.

I dedicated my life's work

to making Lou Dorchen's
vision a reality.

Wait. So you are the inventor
of time travel.

Right? It's fucking awesome.

So you weren't gonna go back to 2015
and shoot him in the dick.

Shoot him?

If I was going to kill your dad,
it wouldn't be with a gun.

What I would do is spike his morning
cocktail with a potent sedative

before dragging his body
to the Gulf and...

Feeding it to a shark.

- Yeah.
-it's the perfect plan.

Are you having
as fantastic a time as I am?

Shut up! This isn't making love!

This is a "fuck you" to my fiance!

Right, right, right, right. Okay.

- Fuck me, Uncle Lou!
-Whoa! Whoa! Hold on!

Uncle by marriage!

I feel like that is
an important distinction to make.

Fuck me, Uncle Lou by marriage!

I can't believe I'm fucking

Adam's father's future daughter-in-law!

I can't believe I'm fucking
Adam's father's sister's husband!

Adam! Have you seen Lou?

That Jacuzzi time machine thing,
is that real?

- It's a hot tub.

Listen, Adam, I'm sorry,
I gotta be a stickler on this.

Jacuzzi is a brand name, and...

Shut up! How does it work?

- How does it work?

It's the only nitrotrinadium
in the whole world!

Ten fucking years!
it was a bitch to make, dude!

I know, Brad.
I didn't mean to fuckin' lose it.

He got the jump on me.

But he's so much smaller than you.

He had, like, super-human strength,
like that fucking baby in Superman I.

You mean Baby Superman?
That baby was Superman.

Yeah, I mean...

That baby was Superman, Jacob!


Any luck?

- Yeah.
-You found him?

Shit! No. Brad. No, you?

Nah. Dude.

Ten years of my life.

Handle it.

Instead of linear,
think of space-time as being fluid...

- Hey.
-Hey, Lou.


Brad was helping.
He's not the murderer.

- Oops.
-Then what happened?

Adam took the nitro.
He's going back to 2015 to kill you.

Adam Junior's the murderer?
Why would he do that?

I think...

You guys
are gonna think this is hilarious.

I may have

fucked his wife. A tiny bit! A tiny bit.

You know, in her vagina, or whatever.


So you just created your own killer.

- So I'm the bad guy now!


Come on!



Baby Adam got away.

Shit. Shit. Look, look, look!

Come on, come on, come on...

This has got to end now.


- Lou, what are you doing?
-Lou, get out of the road.

- Lou!
-I know what I'm doing!

Get the fuck out of the street!

You don't know what you're doing.
You're going to die!

Lou, would you come the fuck on?

Let me do this! I got this!

I got this!


I'm sorry. Okay.

Okay, okay, okay! I mean it.

I do. I mean it.
I'm a dick. Ask my friends.

- He's a dick.
-Big 0l' dick.


I know what it's like
to feel unappreciated,

like just a member of the pack.

I just want you to know that
despite what I said before,

I do appreciate you.

And I'm appealing to your
sense of humanity right now.

There is a maniac trying to kill me.

And I'm asking you
to be the bigger car and help me out.

I'm just a guy looking at a car

and asking it to love me.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

We're too late. We just missed him.

I guess that's it. We're stuck here.

That means in a minute, Lou's going to


No. That can't be right. Right, Jacob?

I mean, you got...
You got a plan or something.

No. We just got to...

What are we gonna do?

Fuck, I don't know.

I don't know.

Shit, Lou.

- I'll miss you, brother.
-I'll miss you, too.

Hey. Before I forget,

will you just keep an eye on him?

He's got such a big future ahead of him.

- Obviously.

I got it.

Jacob, it's okay. Don't...


Our nitro was missing
because it didn't exist yet.

But if Adam took the nitro to the past,

then it exists here in the future.

Holy shit!

There's still time.

- Jacob!
-Let's go!

We gotta go back to the past
to save the future.

What does this remind you of?


- Always Terminator.
-Always Terminator. I know.

Let's go save Lou's life.

High five.

High five.

This is my favorite part!

Here we go! Here we go!

- I think we made it!
-Let's go!

- Let's g0!

It's the party. And there's still time!

He's gotta be around here somewhere!

We are live!

From Lougle Mansion.

Worth 2.3 billion dollars, introducing

Lou "the Violator"


'LOu! '.

Lou, I found him.

I'm going to shoot you in the dick

so you can't fuck anyone else's wife!

Technically, you all aren't married yet,

-so she's not your wife.
-Yes, she is!

Adam, I hate to be a stickler,
but you guys haven't met yet.

-It's 2015.
-Shut the fuck up!

- Mazel tov!

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

It's probably pretty hard
to shoot a man, right?


It's okay. It's okay. Watch.

I'm just gonna make it
easier on you. Look.

- Shotgun to the dick.
-His destiny.

I turned you into a murderer.

I've just ruined my own life.

I have so much fuckin' poison in me
that I've ruined yours, too.

Jacob was right.

I'm a virus.

This is your revenge to take. Okay?


I've seen my future.

You saw it. I'm a disaster.

It's okay.

Just kill me
and put us both out of our misery?


I can't. I can't do it.

Jesus Christ,
do I have to fucking do everything?



You Okay?

You're fucking crazy, Lou.

I'm sorry, I may have shit my pants.

That's all right.
it was a stressful situation.

It was really stressful. I'm exhausted.

- I'm so sorry.
-I'm sorry.


How did you know my...

My nametag.

No, no, it's because you're my...

I'm sorry. This is just... This is weird.

Up until yesterday,
I thought I had a normal life.

I know what you mean. I...

Have you ever felt like
your entire life was a fraud?

I'm sorry. "Fraud"
is the wrong word. "Lie"?

I'm Adam.

- I'm...
-Jill. I know.

Lovely tuxedo you're wearing.

Thank you. Well, it's for our...

Forgot what I was going to say.

Well, that was exciting.

I guess it's not a Lougle party
until somebody gets shot at.

I don't want to go to the Grammys.


I don't wanna go to your sister's either.

I just want to go somewhere,
just you and me.

Start making things right.

I like that. Okay.

And I want to get out of this shirt.

I've been in it for, like, three clays,
and it's really loud.

Come here.

Put your arms up for a sec, like that.

Is this a dance or something?

Something like that. More of a strut.

I'm coming in.


- There it is. Yeah.

This is some stupid shit.

You have no idea.

Did I just hear fireworks?

Because fireworks make me want
to puke, and you know that.

Why are you more handsome?

I'm a bald person.


What do you think about doing
a 12-step program with me?

You know, like, go to an awesome rehab

with good food and a pool
and classy people.

What do you think?

- Okay.

I fucking hate you, Lou.

I fucking hate you, Kelly.

Sophie! Hey! Where are you going?

People are shooting each other.
I'm getting out of here.

Okay. Here's the thing, Soph,

I've seen our future together
and I will be the first person

to admit that it is fucking insane.

The drugs, the constant partying.

It's enough to make anybody ask,
"When is enough enough?"

What are you talking about?

Just stay with me here.
Just stay with me.

Did you change?

Yeah, in so many ways. But, listen,

right in the middle of that future

is this toxic power couple
named you and me.

And does it all end in tragedy and tears

and a murder mystery?
Yes, of course it does.

But I don't care.

I just got one question, Sophie.

Are you ready for the ride
of your fucking life?

What's that in your pocket?

My dick.

The other thing.

A billion fucking dollars.

Hey, I just met my future wife in there.

Yeah, man. Hang outwith us,
that kind of shit happens all the time.

Yeah. A lot of highs and lows here.

- Yeah.
-You know, when you think about it,

Lou had to fuck your wife in the future,

so you could meet her in the past.

- Well...
-Yeah. But, hey...

That's what uncles do, right?

Not really.

Hey, just think of it this way.

Since it happened in the future,

it technically hasn't happened at all.

It's cyclical.

Yeah. And even though
I didn't meet my dad,

I met some friends for life.

Yeah? Who?

- Hey, Lou?
-Uncle Lou.

Uncle Lou.

No harm, no foul,
but did you ejaculate in her?

Hey. That doesn't matter.

I ejaculated inside of you.

And that doesn't matter either.

Because those are
both just hypothetical future scenarios.

No one ejaculated inside
of anything, really.

No one's ejaculated.

Yeah, I did.

You know what?

I had this moment earlier.

I think it was when my nephew
from the future

had a shotgun pointed at my dick

that I'd helped him place there.

That was me.

But in that moment,
everything became clear to me.

We need to change people's lives.

Make the world a better place.

And the answer's so simple, right?

All we have to do is...

Patriot Lou.

His hair's breathtaking.

He looks like Cap'n Crunch
fucked Paul Revere.

Wait. Why did Lou kill Lou?

It's a long story.

Believe me, I did us all a favor.

This one was bad.

Okay. The bigger question is,
how did you kill the other you?

That's not the only me.
You think you're the only you?

There's a ton of yous out there.

Look, you're gonna like this me
a lot better.

This me is great. Take it from me.

Holy shit.

I mean, you guys get it, right?

Multiple universes, like Fringe.


You're a fucking nerd


You're a fucking nerd

And no one likes you

You're a nerd
You're a nerd...

And no one likes you

You suck each other's dicks

- Whoa!


I'm sorry.

Obviously not the direction
of the song, right?

I totally misread that song.
My apologies.

Okay, so what now?

Yeah. You guys gotta come with me.


We gotta make America happen, bro.

Ready for another dip?

You know, you're not gonna
be super welcome there,

-but we should totally go.
-I know.

- Are we going?

Adam saved Lincoln!

That parade was the single
greatest moment of my life.

More so than saving Lincoln?

No, that was the third
greatest moment of my life.

What was the second?

A parade I attended as a child.

Shit, you guys.

I left my phone back in the 1800s.

I fed some gum to a dinosaur.

As long as we're coming clean,
I fucked Marilyn Monroe.

Yeah. Sure you did, buddy.

Who's a nerd now, motherfuckers, huh?

I'm Arthur Miller.

Come... Come on!

You look like...

- Come on, baby. You got this.
-Let him do it.

- Let him do it.
-We'll let him do it.

Come on. Something fucked
something to make it happen.

It's easy. You just mash
two things up together

and then you nail him with it.

You look like... Kevin Yardley!

Who the fuck is Kevin Yardley?

A guy I went to high school with.
Yeah, he looksjust like him.

Boo! You suck at this!

I just get sick of explaining it to him.

How hard is it
to understand time travel?

I mean, we get it. E equals MC squared.

Einstein's a stupid fucking idiot.

- Right?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles!

You're fucking Ringo!

Damn it.

Apple is going to reinvent the phone.

Explain yourself.

I will not.

I'm Nick Webber.

I'm Jacob Dorchen.

I'm Adam Yates Stedmeyer.

I'm Lou Dorchen.

All that and one less minute
tonight on 59 Minutes.

- Yes!
-The moon!

First man to save a President
and go into space.

It was just a soundstage in New Mexico.

It wasn't real.

You knew that was gonna happen!

What did I keep saying?
Protect the ears.

He was beating the shit out of me!

Dorchen does it again!


Nothing but net. Nothing but net.

- You're just gonna keep saying...
-Nothing but net!

You're a fucking nerd

Come on. No way!
I had sex with Marilyn Monroe!

- You're a fucking nerd
-You're a nerd You're a nerd

Stop singing the song!

- Nobody likes you

I won't listen to this song
one more fuckin' time!

No, no!