Hot Summer in Barefoot County (1974) - full transcript

In Barefoot County, hot mama Mary Ann Hogan runs successfully the family's burgeoning moonshine business much to Sheriff Bull Tatum's annoyance who has been trying for months to shut it down. Under those circumstances and without further delay, the police headquarters decide to send the handsome officer Jeff Wilson as an undercover agent down to Barefoot County to make an investigation. But before long, Jeff will meet mama Stella Holcomb's curvaceous and sensational daughters who don't plan to surrender easily.








You're under arrest.

Hands against the wall.

I'm going to frisk you.

Promises, promises.

I never make a promise
I can't fulfill.

Lover boy, you'd better
wipe that grin off your face.

Get yourself into
the chief's office.

He's been waiting for
you for half an hour.


And, boy, is he on
the warpath today.




Sorry, I'm late, chief.

Sit down.

Wilson, you've been
working hard, lately.

I think you need
a little vacation.

Well, that's-- that's
mighty kind of you, chief.

But I don't have
any place to go.

There's a nice little spot
at the bottom of the state,

called Barefoot County.

Barefoot County.


Now, here's the situation.

We know there's some
bootlegging going on down there.

We don't know what the
sheriff's doing about it.

We sent agents
down there before,

but we get no cooperation
from the people.

They clam up.

Nobody knows anything.

But the sheriff, himself,
resents any agents coming

to assist him, but
we've got to find

out what's going on down there.

Chief, I uh, I kind of
think, maybe you've been going

about this thing all wrong.

CHIEF: What do you mean?

Well, I was raised on a farm.

And I know how these
country people think.

Go on.

You send some fast-talking city
lawman down there, and they're.

Going to go out of their
way not to help him.

--OK, Wilson.

What do you suggest?

Well I think the best thing
to do is to send me down there.

And let me work undercover for
a while, get their confidence.

Then I think we can find out
anything we want to know.

Wilson I don't
care how you do it.

Just do it.

OK, chief.

I'll get on it, right
first thing in the morning.




I declare, I believe
this stuff gets stronger

every time we run off a batch.


Everybody says we make the
best stuff they ever tasted.

Let's hurry up and get
this stuff loaded up

for our next delivery.

Mary Ann's due back pretty soon.

We still got our
regular chores to do.

-Everything go all right?
-Just fine.

You didn't run into
any trouble between here

and Otis's, did you?

Just old Blackbeard Bull Tatum.



Good morning, sheriff.

Good morning.

Hey, sheriff.

A letter come for
you this morning.

It looked sort of important.

So, well, I put it
on your desk for you.

What letter are you
talking about, Clyde?

Well, I put it right
there on your desk.


What's wrong, sheriff?

All them pesky fellows
up at the capital

are always sticking their nose
into my business down here,

wanting to know what's going on.

Ain't nothing going on
here as far as I know of,

except, uh, well, maybe
a little bootlegging.

That's what I'm
worried about, Clyde.

If we don't find who's
doing that bootlegging,

they'll go to
sending another one

of them pesky agents
down here to investigate.

It could cost me my job.

Come on, Clyde.

We got some sheriffing to do.

Sheriff, but can't we go by
Otis's and get something to eat

before we go out to work?

Don't you never think
about nothing but your belly

and that stupid [INAUDIBLE]?

Doggone it, sheriff.

A fellow can't work
on an empty stomach.



You're out, mighty early
this morning, sheriff.

Something wrong?

Never you mind, Otis.

We ain't got time for
a lot of conversation.

We're in a hurry.

Got us a lot of
sheriffing to do.


What kind of sheriffing
you aiming to do?

Well, for one thing,
I aim to set up

a roadblock and check
everybody coming

in and going out of the county.

And I just might, maybe, catch
that fellow that run me off

the road yesterday, and
anybody else is hauling

any illegal stuff in my county.


Yeah that's a good idea.

Ain't nobody gone get
away with nothing as long

as I'm the law around here.

Well, what will it be Sheriff?

The usual?

Told you I ain't got
no time for arguing.

Whip us up a couple
orders of bacon and eggs.

Bacon and eggs
coming up, Sheriff.


Oh, not now, Culley Joe.

I ain't got time.


I'm late already.


You and Junior seen anything
of that good-for-nothing boy

of mine?


Not right lately, Mr. Perkins.

I don't rightly know
where Culley Joe went.

Well, I won't you,
boys, to get out there,

and see if you can't
find him, and tell

him to get hisself in here.

I got something for him to do.

Yes, Mr. Perkins.

Come on, Junior.


Culley Joe, your
papa wants to see you.

CULLEY JOE: Dammit, Clarence!

Didn't I tell you and
Junior not to bother me?

Joe, Your papa done

told us to come and get you.

Clarence ain't
lying, Culley Joe.

Your papa said for you to
get yourself in there 'cause

he got some for you to do.

Clarence, you, boys,
better don't be lying to me.

Wouldn't do you no good anyway.

Nadine don't want to have
nothing to do with you, boys,

no how.

Now, don't you go
nowhere Nadine.

I'll be right back.

NADINE: I can't
stay, Culley Joe.

I gotta go to work.

Your daddy's gonna
fire me, for sure.



Bring some more
coffee over here, Otis.

Culley Joe.

Are you wanting me, pa?

You're darn right
I'm wanting you.

How come you ain't never around
here when I need you, boy?

I g-got here as
fast as I could, Pa.

Now, I want you to get over
to Stella Holcomb's and tell

her to come on up here.

There's been some
new developments

I gotta talk to her about.

I'd go myself, but that Nadine
ain't showed up for work yet.

I declare I'd fire her as
quick as I'd look at her if she

wasn't Will Tatum's daughter.

Pa, if I could just
have a little while--

I I don't want no excuses, boy!

Now, you get on out here
and do what I told you to do

or, uh, uh, you know
what's good for you!

OK, pa.
Come on, boys.

Let's go.

Take care the bill, Clyde,
and let's get outta here.

But I ain't got
no money, sheriff.

Well, tell Otis to
put it on my account.

Oh, oh, sure thing, sheriff.

That'll be $2 even, Clyde.

But-- Well, the sheriff
said put it on his bill.


Why, Culley Joe,
what you, boys,

doing here this time of day?

Your pa done run you off, again?

Never you mind.

I come here to see your mama.

I got a message from my pa.

Mama ain't here, Culley Joe.

Her and Mary Ann's down in the
woods, tending to some chores.

Will I do?

You, hush up and hightail
it down there, and tell her I

got a message from my pa.

Hey, uh, you want
some company, Rosa Lee?

Well, sure, Clarence.


Call me when the widow
Holcomb gets here.


Culley Joe Perkins
Let go of me.

You're not supposed to be
grabbing a girl like that.

How am I supposed
to grab a girl?



Culley Joe, Culley Joe!

You'd better come
out of that barn!

Here comes the widow Holclomb!

Junior, where is Culley Joe?

Uh, he's In the
barn, helping Vicky.

Out in the barn, eh?

Culley Joe?

Culley Joe Perkins.

You get out here.

Now, you tell me what
you've done come to tell me

before I fill you
full of buckshots.

I'm not going to
have the likes of you

fooling around with my girl.

Mrs. Stella.

My pa says there are some
new developments in town he'd

like to talk over with you.

He says it's important
you see him right away.

All right, you done
spoke your piece.

Now, you get them
boys and that Jeep

and get out of here
before I lose my temper.

Here, Mary Ann, you
take this shotgun,

and be sure them
boys get in that Jeep

and get out of here
like I told them.

I'll check our supplies to
see if we need to pick up

anything while we're in town.

All right, Mama.

We going to town.

I'd better put something on.

I sure wish you'd been up here
feeding the chickens, Mary Ann.

What's the matter, Culley Joe?

You and Nadine ain't
getting along too good?

Now, Mary Ann,
you know I wouldn't

fool around with Nadine if
you'd be more agreeable.

Yeah, I know you, Culley Joe.

You'd fool around with
any girl that's agreeable.

Awwh, Mary Ann, you-- you
oughtn't to feel that way.

Uh, I-- I gotta go.

I-- I know your mama's real mad.



Hey, boy--



What's the matter, sheriff?

You, boys, get
out of that jeep.

Now, get your hands
on top of your head.


Search them, Clyde.


What are you searching
us for, sheriff?

We ain't done nothing.

Now, you, hush up, and
keep your mouth shut.

You do like he told you.

You come here, boy.

I ain't found nothing, sheriff.


What are you
looking for, sheriff?

Never you mind, boy.

You just keep your mouth shut.

Ain't nothing in here either,


Well, you, boys get in that
Jeep, and get out of here, now.

Yes, sir, Sherif.

Good, Lord, Mary Ann.

Pull over, and let's
see if we can help.

Is he hurt bad, ma?

He's still breathing.

Can't rightly tell
how bad he's hurt.

Let's get him in the truck, and
get him on back to the house.

What about Mr. Perkins, mama?

Land's sakes, child.

This man's hurt.

We can see Otis later.

This is more
important right now,


Vicky, Rosa Lee.

Come out here, and
give us a hand.

What's the matter, mama?

Never you, mind.

Help us get this
boy into the house.

He's been hurt.



One of you, girls, get me a pan
of water and some clean cloths.

That's it.

Come on, hurry up.


Mary Ann, you and the
girls load the car.

You make our deliveries.

While you're at
Otis's place, you've

gotta pick up some more sugar.

We're running a mite low.


And find out what was so
all fired important he

wanted to talk to me about.

MARY ANN: All right, Mama.


Bless my soul, I believe
he's, finally, coming around.

My head.

It's all right, sir.

Lie back.

Lie back.

You're going to be all right.


Paging Sheriff!


Somebody's coming, Sheriff!

Clyde, What, what, what?

[INAUDIBLE], Sheriff.







Look out, Sheriff!

He's coming right at us.


Doggone it, this
sheriffing sure is

getting to be mighty dangerous.

Mary Anne, what
are you doing here?

Where's your mama?

Didn't that Culley Joe tell
her I wanted to see her?

We were on our
way, Otis, till we

found this feller
hard up on the road

and had to take him
back to the house.

Now, Mama stayed to
take care of him.

And she told me to ask
you what it was you

wanted to talk to her about.

Well, what I wanted
to tell you was,

I want you all to be
careful coming into town.

Because that Bull Tatum
set up a roadblock,

and he's checking everybody
coming in or going out of--


Well, what's so
funny about that, gal?

What's so funny?

You ought to have seen old
Bull Tatum and Clyde scrambling

for their lives up
there on the highway

when they thought I was
going to run them down.

I bet they're still
up there, trying

to figure out what went on.

Now, you listen to
me, Mary Ann Holcomb.

Don't you be taking no foolish
chances with your driving.

We ain't aiming to
get nobody hurt.

Well, OK, Otis.

But I reckon you
better get this stuff

unloaded before the
sheriff and Clyde show up

and recognize this car.

Yeah, that's right.

Culley Joe, you get on out here
and take care of your chores,

and take Clarence
and Junior with you.

All this carrying on
and fooling around.


Hello, Papa.

Just pour me a cup
of coffee, Nadine.

Sheriff, from the
looks of things,

it appears like you sort of
got tangled with a grizzly bear

out there, and she [INAUDIBLE].

Don't you go getting
smart with me, Otis.

What I tangle with out
there is my business.

Put a little more
in there, Nadine.

Yes, Papa.

(GROANING) And Clyde's
[INAUDIBLE] my poor business.


STELLA: Rosa Lee?


You girls hurry up
and get in here.

Breakfast is almost ready.



Howdy, mister.

Land's sakes, boy.

You are not to be
out of that bed.

You better come over and
sit down and eat breakfast.

Where am I?

How'd I get here?

Me and my daughter found
you up on the road, all hurt

and bleeding in your car.

What happened to you?

Last thing I remember,
some-- some darn fool boys

ran me off the road.

That'd be Culley
Joe and them boys.

They're always up to no good.

What's your name, mister?


Jeff Wilson.

Well, I'm Stella Holcomb.

These here are my daughters,
Mary Ann, Vicky, and Rosa Lee.

Where are you from, mister?


Where were you heading?

Now girls, don't be
asking so many questions.

Can't you see he's still
too weak to be carrying

on a lot of conversation?

Have some honey with
your biscuit, Mr. Wilson.

That's all right, ma'am.

Matter of fact, no
place in particular.

I was just-- I was just passing
through, looking for work.

Land's sakes, boy.

Ain't hardly no work
about in these parts.

Except maybe the Otis Perkins
place in Barefoot County.

He's the only one does
any hiring I know of.

Barefoot Cou--
what county am I in?

This here is Red Rock County.

Everybody knows that.

Well, how far is it over
to this Mr. Perkins' place?

Oh, it ain't too far.

I reckon I'm gonna be
heading off over there

and see if I can get him
to-- I sure could use a job.


Don't you go getting no ideas
about going to work too soon.

You got a mighty big
lick on your head.


What you need is a
few days of resting up.

When you get your strength back,
if you've still a mind to it,

then you can go
looking for work.

Mama's right, Mr. Wilson.

You shouldn't be
hurrying off too soon.

Well, I'd be mighty
obliged to you, ma'am,

but I don't want anybody going
to any trouble on my account.

STELLA: Oh, it ain't
no trouble at all.

All right, girls,
clear those places

and get on to into your chores.

You know what has to be done.

Maybe I can help
with your chores.

Why, Mama, I'd be glad
for him to help me.

Now, Vicky, you hush up
and tend to your business

like I told you.

Pay no attention to
these girls, Mr. Wilson.

They ain't had a man around
the house since their pa died.


They just get a mite
devilish sometimes.

That's all right, ma'am.

I-- matter of fact, I--
I kind of enjoy somebody

with a good sense of humor.

You just stay around the
house today and take it easy.

We won't be far away if
you need us for anything.



That sure was a
mighty fine supper.

You know, I haven't eaten like
that since I left the farm.

So you're a country
boy too, huh?

For sure.

Meal kind of reminded
me of my ma's cooking.

You sure are a mighty
fine cook, Miss Holcomb.

Well, I'm much obliged
to you, Mr. Wilson.

But my daughter Mary Ann
did the cooking tonight.

Is that a fact?

Well, not often do you find
a girl as young and pretty

as Mary Ann that's
a good cook too.

A fella sure would be lucky to
meet up with a girl like that.

By the way, Mr. Wilson,
are you a church-going man?

Well, I try to visit
the House of the Lord

every time I get a chance.

That's mighty fine.

You can go with me and the
girls to church Sunday morning.

Be a good chance for you and
Otis Perkins to get acquainted.

I'd be pleased, ma'am.


Brothers and sisters,
it does my soul

good to see the Lord's
children here to give

thanks in his house today.

Sister Holcomb, do I
detect a new face among us?

Yes, Reverend.

This here is Mr. Jeff Wilson.

Would you care to
stand, Brother Wilson,

to be recognized?

Clarence, ain't
that that fella we

run off the road the other day?


Culley Joe, wake up.

Ain't that the same fella we
run off the road the other--

Welcome to the House of
the Lord, Brother Wilson.


Praise the Lord.

Well, it looks like him.

What's he doing
with the Holcombs?

It-- it looks sort of like he's
cutting in on you and Mary Ann,

Culley Joe.

Let's all rise and sing
"Praise Ye the Lord."

the Lord, he watches over me.

Praise the Lord, I
know he cares for me.

Praise the Lord, I'm
as happy as can be.

For he died upon the
cross to set me free.


Culley Joe, you ever
see that new feller?

Well, uh, can't say
that I have, Sheriff.

I wonder where he come from.

Sure don't know
where he's from,

but I hope he stays
around a while.

Get in that car, gal,
and quit your gawking.

We've gotta get going.


Mr. Wilson, this is
Mr. Perkins, the fella

I was telling you about.

Well, I'm pleased to
meet you, Mr. Perkins.

Nice to meet you.

Uh, Miss Holcomb
tells me you might be

able to help me out with a job.

Well now, I just
might be able to use

a handyman around my place.

Course, I-- I don't do no
business on the Lord's day.

Uh, why don't you come
by and see me tomorrow?

Well, thank you, Mr. Perkins.

I'll sure be there.

-I'll see you tomorrow.

We'll be seeing you, Otis.


Clyde, we'd better
keep an eye on that boy.

Well, how come your pa want
to go hire that Jeff Wilson?

I don't know, but he just
don't better get in my way.

Yeah, everything's
going pretty well, Chief.

Except that, uh, I had a little
accident, wrecked my car.

But no, nothing serious.

I got a job-- got
a job pumping gas.

And my boss here is going
to let me use his car,

so I can get around.

But I tell you something, Chief.

This ain't no vacation
spot you're talking about.

(SCOFFING) Yeah, all
there is down here

is old folks and chickens.

Now, look.

You ought to be right at home.

You're always telling
me you're a farm boy.

So let's get that job done.

Man oh man.

Guess who's coming to town.

Right, Chief.

Well, I gotta go now.

Well, what you
girls doing in town.

Never mind.

Just fill her up.

Well, I see you got
your job, Mr. Wilson.

Now, Mary Ann, why
don't you call me Jeff?


Wonder where the sheriff's
going in such a big hurry.

Never can tell.

You know, it's
not often you see

a sheriff wearing a big
old black beard like that.

There's a story going
around about Bull

Tatum and that black beard.


He found out the
barber didn't vote

for him in the last election,
so he grew it to protest.


Hey, ain't you got something
my pa told you to be doing?

I'm taking care of Mary Ann.

Can I check your water and oil?

Why, yes, mister.



Maybe you didn't
hear me right, Wilson.

I told you I am taking
care of this customer.

OK, have it your way.


Damn you, Wilson, you've
done that on purpose!


So long, Jeff.

See you later.

I'm gonna get you!

I'm gonna get you good.

Any time, Culley Joe.

Any time.


Mr. Perkins, I believe
I've about finished

everything you asked me to do.

Is it OK if I call it a day?

Oh, I reckon so.

Say, I've been meaning to
talk to you about where

you're gonna be staying.

Well, I've been staying
out at that Holcomb farm.

Yeah, I know that.

But I've got extra
room out back here,

and you're welcome to
stay there if you want to.

Won't cost you a cent.

That way you can have your
meals right here in the diner--

no charge, of course.

And then you'll always
be handy in case

I need you for any extra work.

Well, thank you, Mr. Perkins.

Maybe that's what I ought to do.

Well, good.

Um, by the way, if-- (QUIETLY)
if a fella is used to taking

a little drink now
and then, reckon

where he'd find something
like that around here?

Well, I-- I don't rightly know.

There ain't much of that sort
of thing goes on around here.

Uh, say, would you
tell Stella that I'm

running low on milk and eggs?

I sure will, Mr. Perkins.

I'll see you in the morning.

All right.

Yeah, that Jeff Wilson's
a mighty fine boy.

I think he's going to
work out real fine.


He sure is good-looking too.


Sure feels good, being
away from the city,

back out here on the farm again.

Reminds me of the
place where I grew up.

Are you sure you
were raised on a farm?

You sure don't act like any of
the boys around these parts.

Now, what do you mean by that?

(GIGGLING) Nothing.

You're just
different, that's all.

To tell you the
truth, this place

reminds me so much
of the farm where

I grew up that
it-- it sure brings

back a lot of good memories.

I-- I used to have this
horse named Twenty.

I'd crawl up on his back and
ride out across the fields.

And the sun was shining
down on top of my head,

and the sweet breeze
was blowing in my face.

And sometimes I'd ride
till it was almost dark.

Just tell me something.

All right.

Why would you name
a horse Twenty?

One day, me and my daddy
went to the county fair.

He bought me this
old horse for $15.

That night we brought him
home, he'd like to have died.

So we got the vet out
there the next day.

He charged us $5 to
fix that old horse up.

You know, that was the
best $20 I ever spent.

So I named him Twenty.


You know, at that time,
I thought the whole world

must be the same.

But when I grew up
and-- and left the farm,

my whole life changed.

I'm just now
beginning to realize I

left all the good times behind.

If you liked it so well,
why didn't you stay?

Well, now that really
is a long story.

Maybe someday I can
tell you all about it.

But one thing I can
tell you, though.

Since I've been living out
here with you folks, it--

it sure makes a fella want to
find himself the right girl,

and get him a piece
of land, settle down,

start growing things again.

I suppose this sounds
sort of silly to you,

though, me telling you
how I feel and all.

Why, no.

I don't think it's silly at all.

In fact, if a feller knew a
little bit about growing things

and didn't mind
hard work, he could

make himself a mighty fine
life right here on this farm.

You know, it's-- it's
sort of funny I was talking

about the farm like this since--
since I'll be leaving tomorrow.

(CONCERNED) Leaving?

You see, Mr. Perkins is gonna
put me up in a spare room

down at his place.

Then that means that we won't
be seeing much of you anymore.

Well, no, not exactly.

Uh, you folks will be coming
to town every day or so.

I'll be coming out to the
farm every chance I get.

That is, uh, if it's
all right with you.

You know, Clyde, maybe
we ought to go all the way

to the Holcombs and find out
more about that Wilson fella

that's staying out there.

But Sheriff, that's all the
way over in Red Rock County.

Don't make no difference.

We ain't gonna arrest nobody.

We just gonna get a
little information.




Well, howdy, Sheriff.

Why, hello, Mary Ann.

Where's your ma?

Oh, she's inside.


Sheriff Tatum's out
here to see you.

Clyde, you check around here
now and see what you can find.

Be sure to check on that barn
while I'm talking to Stella.

What are you doing over
here in Red Rock County?

Why, Stella, this is
just a social call.


By the way, where's
that Wilson feller?

He ain't staying here no more.

He's working for Otis
over at the diner.


Working for Otis, huh?



Why, land's sakes,
Vicky, it's Deputy Clyde.

Why, I declare.

What you doing out
here on the farm?

You come to see me and Rosa Lee?

Uh, I'm-- I'm looking
for that Wilson feller.

What do you want with that
Jeff Wilson when we're here?

I got to be going.

You don't have to be
in such a rush, Clyde.

We ain't gonna hurt you.

Oh, you girls stop that!

What's the sheriff
gonna think now?

Now, Rosa Lee, you stop that.

Here, you--

Now, you needn't be afraid of
two little old girls no bigger

than us, Clyde.


Help, Sheriff!

Sheriff, help me, sir!



Help, Sheriff!

Clyde, what in the world's
the matter with you?

What are you yelling about?

They tried to rape me, Sheriff!

Who tried to rape you?

Vicky and Rosa Lee.

Why, Clyde Hatfield, how
dare you accuse my girls

of doing anything like that?

My Rosa Lee and my Vicky?

Vicky, what were you and
Rosa Lee doing with Clyde

out there in the barn?

Oh, Mama, we were only
trying to have a little fun.


Get your clothes on, Clyde.

Let's get back to town.

Yes, sir.


Get out of my way.

I tell you, Sheriff.

Them girls tried to rape me!

(TOGETHER) Bye, Clyde.

You come back and
see us, you hear?



This is a real good place
for a roadblock, Clyde.

We might get that
bootlegger this time.

Now, you man this while
I go and see Otis.

I want to talk to
that Wilson feller.

I will, Sheriff.

I won't let nobody through
with nothing till you get back.

Nadine, honey, get
me a glass of water.



Morning, Papa.

Damn it, girl.

Ain't I told you about
calling me Papa in public?

I'm the sheriff of
this here county,

and don't you forget it.

Well, you're my
papa, ain't you?

Oh, never mind.

Get me something to drink.

Wilson, come over here.

I want to talk to you.

You, uh-- you talking
to me, sheriff?

Yeah, I'm talking to you, boy.

Come here.

Where are you from?

Upstate, around
Sweetwater County.


I ain't never heared of it.

Is that a fact?

You a sheriff, and you never
heard of Sweetwater County?

Well, that's all right.

I never heard of Barefoot
County till I got here.

What are you
going in my county?

Your county, huh?

Well, Sheriff, I
was just passing

through when I had an
accident and ran out of money.

Mr. Perkins here was kind enough
to give me some work till where

I could get back on my feet.

Anything wrong in that, sheriff?

I'll be the judge
of what's right

and what's wrong around here.

Is that all, sheriff?

I got work to do.

That's all for now.

But you'd better
keep your nose clean

while you're in my county,
or I'll have you in jail

so far you won't never get out.

S-somebody out here
wants to see you, Papa.

Well, damn!

Won't that gal never learn?

Somebody out here
looking for me?

Yes sir.

You the sheriff?

I'm the only law
there is around here.

Well, I just thought
I'd stop in and tell you.

There's a big accident
right down the road

down there near the county
line, and-- and cars are

backed up all over the place.

Can't nobody get through.

Clyde must have caught
them bootleggers.




Just calm down.

I done told you.

Come on, man.

Ain't nobody
getting through here

till the sheriff gets back.


Come on, man.



MOTORIST: Come on, man.


So you got them?

You catch them bootleggers?

No, Sheriff, I ain't
seen nothing of them

bootleggers yet.

But I ain't let nobody through
here since you've been gone.

Get that roadblock down and
get these people out of here!

And put that gun away.


Pigs never do nothing right.





What in tarnation do
you think you're doing?

Mama, we just thought
we'd pretty it up a bit.

Don't you girls know nothing?

With it looking like that, even
old Bull Tatum could find it.

Oh, Mama, we don't
ever have any fun.




Mama says that Jeff
Wilson staying here,

we ought to set up a new
place to make our deliveries.

There's no point in somebody
else knowing what's going on.

I was just thinking
of that myself.

By the way, where
is Jeff this morning?

Oh, he wanted to
take some time off.

He had to go into town, take
care of some personal business.

He said he'd be
back before long.

Mary Ann!

If you don't hurry up, we
ain't gonna have no time

at all at the swimming hole.

Oh, tell your mama I'll
get in touch with her

as soon as I decide something.

Miss Holcomb?

Mary Ann?


Rosa Lee?



Hey, Clarence,
Junior, come here.

Oh, we can't come now.

Culley Joe's pa said if we
didn't get this work done,

he was gonna tan our hides.

Well, OK.

But the Holcomb girls are
down at the swimming hole.

The Holcomb girls?




Hey, wait for me!







Look at that.






Culley Joe, you get yourself
up off of me and turn me loose!

Now Mary Ann, don't you
go struggling like that.

You'll get yourself
all bruised up.

Oh, I'm done talking to you.

Culley Joe, get off of me!

I'm gonna tell your
papa this time for sure!

Now, how are you gonna
go telling my papa

when he ain't here?


Maybe your papa ain't
here, Culley Joe, but I am.

So why don't you just do like
the little lady says, huh?

Damn you, Wilson.

You're sticking your
nose back in where

you've got no business.

This time I'm gonna
get you for sure.

Let's get him, boys.






You ain't heard the last
of this, Jeff Wilson.

I'm gonna get you
for sure somehow.

Come on.

Come on!

Now, now, it's all right.

It's all over.

Everything's gonna be all right.

But Jeff, you could have
gotten yourself hurt.

Maybe, but I just don't
want anybody else putting

their hands on you, Mary Ann.


Ain't you forgetting something?

No, I don't-- I don't think so.

Well, we sure can't
come out of the water

with you standing there.


Would you like to come
on out to the farm?

No, I'd better be getting
on back to the diner.

I promised Mr. Perkins I
wouldn't stay gone too long.

But now, you let me
know if those boys give

you any more trouble, you hear?

And I'll see you for sure
in church on Sunday, OK?

Coffee, Mama?

No, honey.

It's kind of late for me.


Did Mr. Perkins
leave already, Mama?

That's him leaving right now.

Did you find out where we're
gonna be making our deliveries?


But we'll talk about
that when the time comes.

Tell me, Mama.

Are we always gonna have to
make our living this way?

Now you listen to me, child.

There ain't nothing wrong
with an honest living,

long as it ain't hurting nobody.

Why, if it wasn't for
that still out there,

I doubt we'd have a roof
over our heads tonight.

Don't think of it
as something wrong.

Think of it as-- as
a matter of survival.

Well, just the same, I-- I
wish there was some other way.

There ain't no other way.

Sure can't do no farming.

Well, you drink your coffee
and get some sleep so you'll

be pretty in church tomorrow.

Right away, Mama.




You know, Stella,
we could be having us

a wedding pretty soon.

What do you mean by that?

Well, it appears to
me like your Mary Ann

and that Wilson sure took
a liking to each other.

You could be right, Otis.

You could be right.

Jeff will be taking
me home, Mama,

if it's all right with you.

Well, land's sakes, child,
it's all right with me.

Me and Otis got a few
things to talk over anyway.

All right, see you later.



No, Jeff.

No, not like this.

What's wrong?

I was beginning to
think you were different.

But I guess you're
just like all the rest.

You treat a girl real nice,
when all along, you just

want to take advantage of her.

No, Mary Ann.

You've got it all wrong.

Can't you see I've
fallen in love with you?

Jeff, I wish I could
believe what you say.

But I really do
love you, Mary Ann.

And I'll prove it to you.


It's just your word.

This is a pin
that my daddy gave

my mother as a-- a token of his
true and honest love for her.

She wanted me to have it so that
when I met the one girl that I

could love as much as my
daddy loved my mother, then

I was to give it to her.

And I think you're that girl.

And I'd like you to have it.

This is a picture of my mother.

And you see?

You see the pin that she's
wearing is the same pin.

Mary Ann, will you wear it?

Will you wear this pin for me?

Oh, Jeff.

How could I ever
have doubted you?

Yes, sir.

I know, sir.

I am aware of that.

I think I'm about to
find out once and for all

what's going on, if anything.

I've got to get
back to work, Chief.

I'll-- I'll be wrapping
it up very soon.

Yes, I'll see you on Monday.

Right, Chief.

OK, Chief.

Fine, Chief.

Come on, Clyde,
I've got an idea.

Where are we going, Sheriff?

We're gonna catch that
bootlegger this time for sure.





Where'd you go sneaking
off to a while ago, Wilson?

Well, I don't see why
that's any of your business.

Well now, maybe it ain't
none of my business.

But Sheriff Tatum ain't as
dumb as some people around here

think he is.

Now, what do you mean by that?

I ain't meaning nothing.

All I'm saying is that
Sheriff Tatum ain't no fool.

Now, there's something
going on around here,

and he aims to find
out what it is.

That bother you any, Wilson?


Don't bother me at all.

Matter of fact, might be a
good idea for some other people

around here to be concerned.


Now what's the
matter, Culley Joe?

Oh, it's just mighty
strange the way that Wilson

keeps sneaking off like
he does, and nobody

knowing what he's up to.

Oh, never mind about
what that Wilson's up to.

You're gonna be taking me
home after I get off work,

ain't you?

Now Nadine, you know I will.


Culley Joe, now you know if
my papa catches us like this,

he's gonna shoot us for sure.

Oh, can't you keep your
mind on what we're doing?

But Culley, what if
my papa comes home?

What if he c-catches us?


Oh, Culley Joe.

Honey, I love you.

I wish it could be
like this forever.


What's that?

Did you hear something?

Oh, damn, I ain't
heard nothing.

Come on.

What in hell's going on here?


hold it, Sheriff.

Hold it.

Don't-- don't you go
getting upset now.

It ain't what you think.

I'll tell you what I think.

I think it's time for a wedding.

But Sheriff, couldn't
we talk this over?

There's been enough talking.

I say it's time for a wedding.

Nadine, get out of that bed and
get your ma's wedding dress on.

Bless her soul, she'd
have wanted it that way.

Do you, Nadine Tatum, take
Culley Joe Perkins to be

your lawfully wedded husband?

Oh, I do, Everett.

And do you, Culley Joe
Perkins, take Nadine Tatum

to be your lawful wedded wife?

Well, I guess I do.

I sure do.
I do.

I do.

I now pronounce
you man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.


Sheriff, don't
you think we ought

to have some sort of celebration
for Culley Joe and Nadine?

You know, it just don't
seem rightly proper to have

a wedding without having
a lot of folks around

to help you celebrate.

Well, maybe you're right, Otis.

We ain't had a good square
dance and get-together around

here in quite a spell anyhow.

That's right.

Well now, Sheriff, why don't
you go out in the county

and tell all our
friends that there's

going to be a big dance
and party tomorrow

night at the grange lodge.


Papa, who's gonna
pay the preacher?

You got any money, boy?

No, Sheriff, I'm flat broke.

Well, that's another
thing we're gonna

have to get straightened out.



You know, Stella, I
ain't seen you dressed

up like this in a long time.

You're still a mighty
good-looking woman,

you know that?

Why, thank you, Otis.

I declare, you're
mighty handsome yourself

when you're all dressed up.


Now, that's more
my kind of music.

Want to give me another
dancing lesson, Stella?

Why, sure, Otis.

You know, Stella, I've been
thinking a lot about life


And-- and it just don't
seem right for a man

to be living all
alone by his self.

Now that Culley Joe has gone
and took his self a wife,

looks like I'm going to be all
by myself there at the diner.


It seems like everybody
needs somebody.

Won't be long now
before Mary Ann and Jeff

Wilson will be tying the knot.

Now, that's just
what I was thinking.

Me and you both are gonna
need somebody before long.

Why, Otis Perkins, what
are you trying to say?

Are you proposing?

Oh, shucks, Stella.

I ain't never been
much for words.

But it just seems to me like
it's sort of the natural thing

for me and you to get
married up ourselves.

Otis, you're sure
a mighty fine man.

You've sure been
a blessing to me

and my girls, helping us through
the years the way you have.

I'd been lying if
I didn't say I have

a mighty good feeling for you.

Well-- well then, are-- are
you saying you'll accept?

Well, I guess maybe I am.

Oh Stella, you-- you ain't
ever gonna regret this.

Now Clyde, you remember
what I told you.

Keep a close eye on
that Jeff Wilson.

If he starts to
sneak out of here,

we'll find out what he's up to.

Mary Ann, I'm sorry.

I'm gonna have to leave
for just a minute.

What's the matter, Jeff?


I-- I've just got to
go over to Otis's.

I'll be back in just a minute.

Can I come along?

Mary Ann, do you remember you
promised me a dance tonight?

-But I--
-It's all right.

Go ahead and have fun.

I'll be right back
before you know it, OK?


Aren't you gonna dance with me?

Now, you girls know I
ain't no good at dancing.

Besides, I'm on duty.

VICKY: Oh, come on, Clyde.



That Wilson feller just left.

Well, come on, Clyde, let's go.


Jeff Wilson, you're
under arrest.

Caught you red-handed.

Now, hold on, Sheriff.

You can't arrest me.

You're out of your jurisdiction.

This here is Red Rock County.

You've got a lot to learn, boy.

County line runs right
over there about 20 feet.

You're operating in my county.

Sheriff, just a minute.

Let me explain who I am.

You can do your explaining
down at the jail house.

Put the cuffs on him, Clyde.

Now Sheriff, look.

I'm a special agent sent
down here from the capital

to check on this bootlegging.

What kind of a special agent?

Well, let me show you--

Hold it right there, boy!

Sheriff, I'm just showing
you my credentials.

Well, all right, but don't
you try no funny stuff.

Keep him covered, Clyde.

Special Agent Jeff Wilson.

Well, why ain't you
said so before now?

I had to find out who's
doing the bootlegging.

Well, who is doing it?

Well, we've already
taken care of them.

They're in the jail
over in Red Rock County.

Now all we gotta do is bust
up this still and, uh, put

them out of operation for good.

Well, let's get at it.

All right.

Hand me that axe, Clyde.

Give me room, boys.


I wonder what's keeping Jeff.

He said it wouldn't
take him very long.

Right there he's coming in now.

Well, what's the matter, Jeff?

Is something wrong?

You look all worried.

No, I was just-- I was just
thinking about a decision

I have to make.

Come on, Stella,
let's me and you dance

and let these young
folks set here and talk.


Well, I sure hope you
haven't gone and changed

your mind about us, have you?


No, it's-- it's
just-- well, Mary Ann,

there's something I need to
explain to you about myself.

Hold it, everybody.

Stop the music.

Hold it.

Now, listen up, everybody.

You'll all be glad to know
that while you was over here

enjoying yourselves,
me and my deputy,

Clyde, with the assistance
of Special Agent Jeff

Wilson over there, done
uncovered a big bootleg

operation in Barefoot County.

But you needn't worry none.

We got the bootleggers in
jail over in Red Rock County

and busted up the still.

Like I've been
telling you, ain't

nobody gonna get
away with nothing,

long as I'm the sheriff.

Jeff, how could you?

How could you do this to me?

Don't leave.

Let me explain!

You leave my daughter alone.

Don't you think you've done
enough already, Jeff Wilson?

Stella, I need to talk to her.

I love her!

Now start the music, boys.

Let's have some fun.





JEFF: Mary Ann.

Mary Ann, I got to talk to you.


Mary Ann, please.

Please let me explain.

Now you get yourself
away from here!

You done lied to me enough.

But Mary Ann, that's-- that's
what I wanted to explain

to you at the barn dance.

I meant what I said.

I love you!

(SOBBING) Oh, now
you hurt me enough.

Now you're not gonna
hurt me anymore.

You get yourself away
from here and leave

me alone before I fill your
blood full of buckshot!


Damn it, Wilson, you've
been down in Barefoot County

for a month.

You tell me nothing's going on.

And now you want
to resign your job?

Now, just what in the hell's
been going on down there?

Well, Chief, I-- I really don't
know exactly how to tell you.

I guess all I can
say is I just never

should have left the farm.

Oh, boy.

Could I use your phone?

Go ahead.




That's right, Jeff.


It's Jeff Wilson.

Well, no.

No, I don't blame
you one bit for that.




Yeah, well-- well, I want
you to know we're mighty

pleased with you for that.

What's he say, Otis?

He quit his job up there.


That-- that quick?

Well, I-- I don't know, Jeff.

Here-- here's
somebody you better

talk to about that first.

Hello, Jeff.




You did?

I sure will, Jeff.

I sure will.



You sure we got this
thing put together right?

Besides, me and Junior
don't know nothing

about making this stuff.

Never mind, we'll
teach you how.

Yeah, but you know
it's against the law.

And-- and we gonna
get caught for sure.

Ain't nobody caught Mama.

And besides, Mama always told
us it was a matter of survival.


Now honey, you know
he's a nice fella.

You've had a hard night.

Come on, hurry and get
all prettied up for him.