Hot Summer Days (2010) - full transcript

It is the hottest summer on record. A chauffeur and a foot masseuse romance through text messages, unaware of each other's identities. An innocent factory girl asks her admirer to stand outside in the heat for 100 days to prove his love. A sushi chef prepares the perfect meal so that the food critic he loves will stay with him forever. A blinded photographer must locate the beautiful model he insulted. An old man desperately searches for an antique light bulb for the shrine of his late wife. And each night, an air conditioner repairman challenges a mystery girl to a road race. When a blackout spreads across the city, the city turns to chaos. Can love shine through?

This is the city's heat wave warning.

Global warming has reached a crisis point,

Temperatures are at a record high

Now this is the Shenzhen weather forecast.

Today's temperature is the highest ever recorded.

The demand for electricity is never ending...

We urge people to reduce their energy consumption.

Governments around the globe have announced...

various ways for the public to keep cool.'s so hot!


Wai! The AC just broke down again!

Hey, Wai, did you hear me?

Don't blame me.

You should replace it.

At least it lasted through the night.

You promised it would work!

I'm going home to eat.

What are you doing, man?

Don't ever touch my radio!

Sorry... sorry!

Or you're fired!

Hurry up, everything in the fridge is melting.

Okay, I'm working on it!

My money... my money!

Stop pestering me!

Have you noticed recently that

people get angry all the time?

More... More

One more... Here

How does the weather affect our emotions?

In such hot weather,

Can't we just remain calm?

Hey babe, fancy hearing a joke?

What animal has two legs and

wakes you up when the sun rises?

That's easy... a rooster!

No, your mom! My mom...

Rent an umbrella?

It's frozen!

Pretty girl, want a popsicle?

This is the hottest year ever in HK.

Feel so bad!

But what can we do?

Move to the North Pole?!

So cool there.

Hong Kong is really hot!

Please go there, thank you!

Going for sushi as soon as you land?

Is it really that good?

It's too hot. The fish won't be fresh.

Master Chef, the fish has arrived.

Let's get started!

How long will you be staying in Hong Kong?

I'm not just visiting.

I won't be leaving this time.

What's up with you?

Nothing! You are nothing!

Thank you!

You're nuts, stop there!


The heat wave warning has been
in effect for 24 hours.


I feel so blessed today.

I wish it were hot all year around,

then I'd be really rich!


Do you want to know how hot 42 is?

Look at this!

The egg has already cooked!

Come here.

You're the best pianist.

Thank you.

But, I won't hire you.

Why? I really need this job.

I don't even have money to eat.

You're Li Yan right? Unfortunately...

You're just not hot enough.

I'm hiring her instead, understand?


If you can dress sexier,

I'll reconsider.

In your dreams!

Foot masseurs wanted

Do you have any experience?

I've had extensive training.

I have strong and flexible fingers...

skillful, rhythmical.

No. 98, you can start tomorrow.

Thank you!

Both of my marriages have been failures!

What happened?

My first wife ran away.

What about the second one?

She won't leave me!

Freedom is precious.

Why tie yourself down?

Do you mean her?

You can't keep your eyes off her.

She's not easy to catch.

What if I can. What would you bet?

Well, what do you want?

Your watch.

No way! It's from my days in the army.

So, you wanna bet or not?

And what if you fail

I'll work for free the whole summer!


Hey, pretty girl, fancy a popsicle?


But it's free today!

But I have one question to ask you first.

What is it?

Will you be my girlfriend?

Keep your popsicle!

My wages will be docked if I'm late.

Then, say "yes"



Prove your sincerity, stand
over there every day at noon...

For 100 days!

Are you joking? It's so hot!

Ok, never mind. No... Deal...

Ok, one hundred days... Deal!

You'll be my girl in 100 days!


Xiao Qi, let's go.

A scorching day...

Isn't he hot?

What is it?

There's a fool standing over there in the sun!

No kidding!

Do you know him?

No way! He's crazy!

Let's go!

Go ahead, I'll be there in a moment.

Come quickly.

Got many towels to dry

All newcomers get swollen fingers.
You'll get used to it so

98. there's a customer!




The car...It's overheating!

Go take a look!

Just heatstroke, no big deal,
should be alright.

Your number's changed again.

How'd you know I'm sick

Changed number?

I didn't change my number.

Conductor, you're my only friend
in HK.

Are you making fun of me?

Conductor? Who's that?

Who is this?

Who is this? This...
Hey, who are you?

You sent the message to this number,
so who are you!

Who am I?

Sorry, I have a friend in Shenzhen,
wrong number.

Wrong message, wrong number,
such an idiot!

Overseas SMS is very expensive,




I need someone to talk to right now.

Isn't it very expensive?

Do you have a dream?

Of course! What do you do,
why are you sick

I'm a pianist.

I was performing outdoors today.

The sun was too hot,

and I passed out.

How about you


I'm a driver.

I'm a Ferrari racer.



You know what?

The experts say that when you're in love,

words spoken in the right ear are sweeter

But you're on my left now.

Really? Am I on your left?
Will you marry me?

Why do I have to marry you?

We're the only fish of the same type
in this tank.

Don't block me. I wanna see
what they're doing!


Something's going on between them.

It's none of my business,
I care only for you.

You're approaching ovulation, please marry me?


I'll only marry you
if they kiss each other.

What? That mass murderer?

No soy sauce necessary!

What's the trick?

Taste the seaweed between
the fish and the rice.

But I love...

Soy sauce.

Look, your face is as dark as
soy sauce...

Still so uptight.

Master Soy Sauce.

I find this nickname is perfect for you.

Your nickname is no better

Did people laugh at you when you were abroad?

Not at all, Wasabi...

sounds very cute and it's easy to remember!

Is it too spicy? Did I put in too much wasabi?

No, it's just that I haven't enjoyed
this taste for so long


How's your book...

"The Perfect Meal"
Have you finished writing it?

Now that you're your own boss,
can't we be together?

You said you wanted to finish the book first?

That's because you said you needed more time.

In a year...

I traveled all over the world.

But I couldn't find the perfect meal.

I returned as soon as you opened
this restaurant.

Because I believe...

I can find the most perfect meal here.

You own your own restaurant now,
you're no longer...

just some bloke who hangs out in the kitchen.

I barely finished elementary school.

Give me more time.

Even if I waited another 100 years,

you'd still be just an elementary grad.


Give me back the postcards and recipes
that I sent.

All of them!

I trashed them.

Kiss her, Kiss her! Kiss her!

Not again!

I've failed.

Show me, show me!



More... come on...

Show me!

Don't you know what's sexy
But you're a woman.

Da Fu!

I'm a man. Man! Man!

I don't want this, not like this!

Look at my eyes

No good! try again...

Come on...

No... not sexy enough.

The last 3 hours are wasted.

Why? But she's been great!

What do you know!

Leslie, calm down.

Yuan Yuan has potential.

We believe within a year or two,
she'll be really big.

She belongs in a wax museum.

I can't photograph her;
go find someone else!

What's wrong with me?

You're just awful.

What are you talking about?

I've told you.

Your eyes are completely empty!

You are empty, can't you see

Empty? You're blind! You're going blind!

Let's go. Let go of me! He's blind!

Did she just curse me?

Tell all advertising agencies, quote me...

She's no good. She shouldn't be a model.

What's wrong with my eyes?

What's wrong?

I can't see, what's wrong with me?

What happened to my eyes?

Are you the very famous photographer,
Leslie Guan?

That's not me! What's wrong Doc?

It must be you!

It says you can make 1000 bucks with
each click...

Tell me, what happened to my sight?

It's not clear. We have to run
a series of tests.

Maybe just an infection...

It's too early to say. Doc.

It's the end of his world if he can't see.

Please help us

Airport, please.

Oh! It's you again, madam.

You said you weren't leaving again.

This time, I won't ever come back!

Just give him a call.

Otherwise, you'll regret it.

Don't worry, I won't listen in, ok?

You promised to deliver the AC today.

Out of stock?

Hey, I'm dying of the heat!

Hang up on me?

Ferrari racer

What are you doing?

Test drive. Race tomorrow.

Delicious! One more please.


I'm not available now,
please leave a message.

Master Soy Sauce,

I've seen your new restaurant.

I'm happy for you. Congratulations!

I saw your online rating. Taste, full score;

Hygiene, full score;
Decoration full score; Service,

only 1 point.

You know why?

Because customers say that

the chef never smiles.

I had always thought

that if I tried harder

I could pry open the door
that you always kept shut


now, I understand

only you could...

open that door to me.

I'm leaving.

Wai, please take it.

It's pink. Hard to sell.

Don't you accept anything second-hand?

Discriminating against pink?

No, it's just rare.


More, Wai, please!

No one will buy a pink AC for $400.

Just take it.


Hey, you...



Hey, do you even know how to ride?

I'm talking to you!

Has the heat wave made you crazy?

Hold this for me.

I'm taking off, here's your key.



Swimming to the raft

takes 298 strokes.



Waisun AC.

You've got the wrong tires.

Wanna race?

You think you can beat me?

What if I win?

Then you can ask for anything.

296, 297, 298...

Ding Dang how many

298 strokes to reach the raft.

I'm a good swimmer, 298 strokes, I can do it.

My mom always worries about sunburn,

so I've never been to any beach.

Will you take me there when I get better?

Sure, I'll buy you an ice cream too, ok?

Fang, at least $10.

No more bargaining.

Just $2, take it or leave it.

Give me the money.

Go... go!

25, 26, 27...


Why are we here?

Remember, she cursed you,

and then you went blind.


Watch out.

Who are you looking for?

We're looking for Zhou Yuan Yuan.

Yuan Yuan? You are?

We're her relatives, very close ones.

Come in then.

She left in a hurry without paying her rent.

Why don't you pay it for her? $500.

Give her $500.

Do you know where she went

Heard she went to Shenzhen.

Can we check her room?

Sure, over there.

We already helped her;
maybe your eyes will recover.

Look. What?

Your magazine cover.

I've seen it. What is it?

Feel it. Why

Feel it.

Get it? Getwhat?

Get it? Holes!

What are the holes about?

Those were your eyes!

How far is Shaolin Temple from here?

Get off!

I am seriously considering
becoming a monkfish.

She hasn't shown up since, I'm afraid...

What's the most perfect meal you've had?

Ying's beef fried rice. So perfect!

Hmm. What about you?

Double cheeseburger.

My mom would only buy me one
if I got straight As.

No wonder you're still just my apprentice!

Master Chef...

still dreaming up your perfect meal?

She hasn't answered her phone since.

I think she's avoiding you.

In 2 weeks, I'll prepare
"The Perfect Meal" right here

Go post an invitation all over the internet!

She'll see it!

What if she doesn't?
Then we'll have wasted our time!

You can leave now if you don't want to help.

Alright, I quit then.


When she came to you, you ignored her

You deserve it.

Seems the restaurant is not busy today,

so many calls.

Three calls already!

Now you start to care about me.

Daddy, I have a poetry recital
this afternoon, will you come

I'm going out to look for a job.


Storyberry, daddy needs to make money.

For the 10th time, it's Strawberry!

There's soy milk and a sticky rice roll
in the fridge.

Microwave for 30 seconds only,
or it will dry up again.

I know.

Daddy, I've told you 100 times,
I won't play again.

What're you doing?

Are you playing the piano or massaging?

I'm really sorry.

Are you ok?

I'm fine. Your face is burning red!

I'm okay.



Just a second.

I've got to go.

Just a minute, one moment...

Are you sure you're airight?

Don't keep standing there if it's too hot!


I won't give up. There are...

53 more days.

You counted?

What're you doing tonight?

Let's go for a drink?

Pardon, come again?

Wanna drink?

Let's go! So...

Are you hitting on me?

I like tattoos and you like to be tattooed

we're made for each other.


How come you're so rude?

It's the 8th year.

You've been coming here for 8 years.

Why do you get a tattoo of a ring every year?

I'll tell you when I see you next year.

You said the same thing last year.

So are we still going out?

Thank you! Bye!


Super cold drinks, with germ-proof straws.

Free drinks for all...

Free drinks! Welcome!

My friends, super cold drinks, welcome. Try...!

Fang, I'll stand in for you for just $1 today.

No thanks.

Well, how about 50 cents then

Today's temperature reaches a new record level.

The outdoor temperature is 48 now.

Ice cream has become a prized commodity.

You can't buy it even if you're rich!

$70, anyone?

$75 $80




$200, once;

$200, twice...


We're used to standing in line
for dim-sum or sushi

Now we need to queue up to get
space on the beach.

Plot 795 for 3 people, going once...

$795, twice...


Hey Getting bigger!

I've been training every day! So firm!


I'll tell you a joke.

Another old joke, old man?

What's the difference between

jumping from the 2nd floor and
the 20th floor?

I don't know... No, I don't know

When a man falls from the 2nd floor...

BANG... Aiya!

When a man falls from the 20th floor...

Al... YA... BANG!

Gas tank, horsepower, shock absorbers,

everything must be the best.

Why don't you just get a new bike?

No way!

I want Waisun AC to be the fastest
in Hong Kong.

It'll cost you five figures!

That expensive?

You repair ACs, right?

The weather is so hot,
post your services online

It's easy to raise enough money!

Hi, Mr. Chan, Waisun AC.


$1600, no, my fee is now...


Confirmed. I'll be right there.

Thank you.

Crisis creates opportunity.

This unusual weather has made
some people rich.

Standing next to me is Wai who fixes ACs.

He's one of the lucky ones.

What gave you the idea

to open your services to online bidding?

I needed to raise some money,

so if you need to fix your AC.

You can come to Waisun.

You're a good AC repairman and

you know how to market yourself.

Where did you learn your trade

I studied in jail.

You were in jail

Why? Do you mind telling us?

My dad ratted me out.

He's so skillful...


Your mother is spinning in her urn!

If I win, I can ask for anything?

We'll see!

Let's race then!


It's so fast! It's really fast!

How can it be so fast?

You've won. So what do you want?

No idea yet, maybe the bike's
got the answer?

Let me know soon! There's a deadline.

"There's a deadline"

Let's look for Zhou Yuan Yuan in Shenzhen.

I don't want to be blind for
the rest of my life.

Have to find a cure by any means necessary.

Go get me a drink.


What's that smell? Da Fu...

Fire! Fire...! Run!

What's wrong?

Photo, my photo...

Which one? There are too many!

Just one, the one and only one.

Where is it? I will get it for you.

Wallet.., in my wallet.

Free drinks for all!

Strawberry, that ice cube is really cute!

Let's take a picture. I want a snapshot

No, let's go. Don't...
Just one picture...


Stand still!


Why did you walk away when you saw me today

You were a walking ice cube!

Did I embarrass you

Daddy, how much money do you
make in one hour?

Why do you ask?

Tell me.

Do you look down on me?


$50, ok

Then can I borrow thirty bucks?

I thought you understood
how hard I worked,

but you only want money!


I don't have it!

Daddy. No!



Daddy, here's $50.

Can I buy one hour of your time?

I want you to come to my poetry reading
this afternoon.


Can you do me a favor?

My service is $1700 an hour now.

Do you take credit card

Cash only.

Pretty please...

I'll have no business
if everybody asks for a favor.

Come on...


Go... right now!

What do you want me for?

The old lady inside has a brain tumor.

She's dying.

She wants to see her son.

Pretend to be him.

I... She can't see, so it'll be fine.

Remember, your name is Ah Keung.

You just came back from the States.

But I'm not Ah Keung. Just hold her...

Give her some final comfort, ok?

Will it work?

Keung, you can do it. Go...

Should I say something?


Keung is here.


Keung... Are you right


What are their names?

Hey, why did you kiss me?

Because you are so nice.

I just want to help people.

Why? It has nothing to do with you.

I'm helping them to fulfill their final wishes.

Last time, the girl said that
she had never swam to a raft.

She wanted to know
how many strokes it took, so I helped her.

That's why you deserve a kiss.


We're calling from the Shenzhen Orchestra.

We received your resume earlier.

You can come for an audition tomorrow.

Ok, I will definitely be there. Thank you!


I'm so dead...



Take it slow.


How was your performance?

It was awful.

Don't push...

You told me that Mozart was an optimist

even though he had a harsh life.

Just a small setback;

you'll overcome it. Break a leg!

If it's sushi, then it will
go well with soy sauce.

Half-past three!

Hurry up... Just one more!

Hurry up! I've been there, now it's your turn.

Is Wasabi there?

You are the Hong Kong man!

What kind of drug did you
put in my daughter's sushi?

My daughter become like this


Is she in Taiwan?

Idiot. She's still in Hong Kong.

You suddenly care about her?

Learn how to love or
you'll always be a loser.

Leave her alone.

Sorry. I can't do that.

Look at you. So uptight.

Is Leslie Guan in Shenzhen?

This model is very ordinary,

she's even less than ordinary.

I have much better ones!



Take another look.

Is this ordinary

Very ordinary!

You know nothing.

This is the first photo that I ever took.

Your girlfriend?

She's the one who hurt me the most.

Do you know where she is now?

She lives in Suzhou.


Wait a sec...

I remember... she came looking for you once...

You told me to lie.., say that you were out.

She left me.

I don't want to see her again.

When she left the studio she was in tears.

Why didn't you give her one more chance?

It's so expensive. Never mind, let's go.

Wait. You're standing all the time.

It's totally worth it.

Two people, please.


Trust me.

You SMS her all this time.

We're in Shenzhen now,
why don't you ask her out?

See if she's pretty. Crazy.

Look at me, I'm a nobody. I can't meet her...


She looks good. Let's swap.

Hey, miss,

He really likes you.
Why don't you serve him instead?


Your legs are really stiff and swollen.

I was a driver,

then worked in construction,

and now...

I need to stand all day long!

Just like a coolie.

Odd jobs.

It will be ok, I'll press harder.

Your technique is unique,
where did you learn it?



Not "piles". It's self-taught.

It feels good...

Sir, how do I address you

Just call me Coolie.

Mr. Coolie.

What about you?

I'm No. 98.

Remember to ask for me next time you come.

Definitely "88"

No it's 98

Your cell's beeping.

I can't use my phone during work hours.

Go see the boss after work.

Come in.

Sit down, please.

Boss, you wanted to see me?

Mom, don't worry,

I'll send you some money tomorrow.

Why do you ask about my boss?

Yes, he's interested in me. But...

I understand.

Don't worry, I'll give you a better life.

Do you know the story behind
Mozart's No. 545?

You have a real interest in him.

That's because of my daughter

Married? What do you think I am?

A mistress?

How's married life? Happy

She ran away with someone last year.


I'm so sorry.

My daughter loved playing piano.

She's got real talent.

But since her mom left, she stopped playing.

This type of light bulb has been off
the market for a long time.

I have to get one,

before the anniversary of my wife's death.

Please help.

Try another kind.


once she got used to something,

she hated change.

This light bulb

has been with her for over ten years.

Try your luck across the harbour.

Boss, one more set please.

Wai, you've become a celebrity these days.

Give me a discount then.

Let me see if we have it in stock.

I don'thave it.

Sold out!


You're lucky, it's the very last one.

Thank you.

Ungrateful brat,

you don't even greet your own father?


My father ratted me out and sent me to jail!

If not for me, you'd be dead already!

Selling fake goods...

loan sharking, getting into fights!

You'll get yourself killed!

Then just consider me dead! You brat!

This is from the boss.

He said it's your birthday.
He'll take you out to dinner.

Give it back to him.

Take it.

That boy is only fooling with you.

Don't be so serious.

Enjoy your meal

Happy birthday

Let's go.

Xiao Qi?

Go to hell!

It looks almost real...


But what?

It's still just a bike.

What's wrong with a bike? Leave me alone.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to Daddy. Happy birthday to me!

Do you want to know my wish?

It can't come true if you tell me.

It's ok. I wish to hear
you play the piano again.

I've told you that I won't play again.

Why? You were really good.

I don't want to play.

Come on, listen to daddy just once.

You enjoyed it so much.

I don't like it.

Why did you give up?

I just don't want to play.

Your mom's gone.

I don't want to listen!

She won't come back again.

I don't want to listen!

Hey, Uncle Fai,
do you have any jokes today?

Today's jokes are not funny.

Can I have two of these? Thanks!

No more. An old man bought the last one.

He said he must get the light bulb

before the anniversary of his wife's death.


Call me if you find one.

This is my number.

Let's celebrate.

Celebrate what?

I learned to face reality today.

Didn't we need to find Zhou Yuan Yuan
to break the curse?

Two weeks ago...

the doctor told me...

that there's a tumor in my brain that
affects my vision.

Why didn't you tell me earlier?

We needn't stay here for her

I wanted to see if I could make it up to her.

We've tried our best.

Let's head back to Beijing tomorrow.


Has your daughter started playing again?

Don't let her give up.

You once asked me why I liked playing piano.

Let me tell you.

Mozart and I share the same birthday.

I haven't heard from you in a long time,
are you ok?

Don't blame yourself.

You didn't fail your daughter.

Sorry, daddy, did I wake you up?


I don't mind having a piano alarm clock.

I'm a fish, I'm not afraid of the heat.

What do you want the most right now

An AC.

I'll get you one.


My daughter started playing piano, again!

His daughter is playing again!

My daughter wants to see you perform.

Can we come and visit?

Excuse me. I want to buy a hose.

A hose.

A hose


You have anything longer?



$10? Too expensive.

How much is this AC?

It's a classic...

pink, very rare, $450

$450! Cheaper?

Any discount?

But it's pink.

Good stuff, durable. Are you...

discriminating against pink?

I'm in a hurry. Just a moment.

Look, here's all I have.

A bit more than $400.

It's a deal!

Will it work on the mainland?

I thought they still used fans.

How long have you been away

It's all ACs now!

It's none of your business!

Take a plug, free of charge.

Thank you. No, thanks, I don't want it.

Making a fuss over a few bucks, big shot?

Sorry about that, boss.

Be careful, it's a rare item.

I'll sell more pink products from now on.





Your pants are torn. Any plan tonight?

Here to thank you? Let's go.

Airight. No more pretending to be someone else.

Get going.

Are you ok?

It's here.

You're not well. Why didn't you tell me?

How much time does the doctor say I have?

I've been sick for 8 years.

I'm well prepared.

I'm not.

Don't worry.

What do you want me to say

I don't care about anything.

I only care about loving you.

All I want is that, when I come home,
you'll be there to hug

You'll eat breakfast with me.

Walk on the beach with me.

Just that simple. Can you do that?

You only care about yourself.

Have you ever thought about me?

I don't know what you want.

I've said enough already.

Call me when you figure it out.

Some hot tea.

Thank you.

Can I smoke?

Sorry, you can't smoke here.

There's no one here,

let me smoke.

It's a matter of principle.

A matter of principle? But you're
closed already.

I should get going then. Sorry.

No hurry. Take your time.

I'll be airight in a moment.

Actually the food is very good here.

Where did you study

Tokyo. Ginza.

My master was Mr. Maeda.

I've been training under him for 8 years.

Suddenly, one day,

he cooked me a bowl of hot noodles.

After I finished, he asked me to return home

to promote his way of cooking

A bowl of hot noodles again...

When I was in Tokyo,

I ate at a noodle stall
in the red light district.

I met a couple.

They were very sweet.

They looked just ordinary.

But I noticed that under the table...

they were holding hands and
they never let go of each other.

They looked at each other
with such fondness.

When the noodles arrived,
the chef set the bowl down.

The boy prepared a pair of
chopsticks for the girl.

He even fed her.

I was really touched.

Because I felt that even
though they shared a single bowl,

they were really happy.

That is love. Very simple.

Yes, it should be simple.

The Perfect Meal

Xiao Li

Please tell the boss...

that I cannot accept his gift.

You should meet her if you miss her!

Mind your own business, kiddo.

Where's the pianist?


This is Strawberry.

My dad bought a really beautiful AC.

He really wants to give it to you.

Can you please see him? Just once.


Daddy, tomorrow, at 3 o'clock.

I've arranged a date for you.


Tomorrow? Oh, no!

Sir, is this the truffle you were looking for?

Right, thank you.

Wasabi? We have fresh wasabi.

That's not what I want.

How come he hasn't called?

Hello. Anxin Bank, would you like a loan?

A loan? Idiot!

Your call can not be connected...

Do I look good?

Daddy, you're really...


You should go. Women don't like men
to be late! Really

I am here, where are you

Wah. Coolie?

No. 98?





You too!

Hong Kong people are very romantic.

Today, a sushi restaurant will prepare the perfect meal

for a special guest.

It's an inspiring idea.

Da Fu, you go back to Beijing.

I'll go to Suzhou.

To Suzhou, to look for her?

I want to see her before I have my operation.

I'll go with you.

No, I need to be alone.

Okay, I will wait in Shenzhen for you.

You always want to be a great photographer

I want to tell you something...

Lighting, make-up, costumes...

are not that important.

Through their eyes

you must capture their joy... their excitement...

their loneliness, their sorrow...

their very soul!


You found Zhou Yuan Yuan?!

What's up

I am sorry, Dad. Brat.

Do you remember that I still owe you something

You won the race last time.

I promised you. You could ask me for anything.

I'll tell you when you get better


I want to know now.

You've been helping others,

so my wish is to help you.

Just take down the sign. She won't come tonight.

Let's clean up and go home.

We're not open tonight.

Just one, may I?

Wasabi? Master, Wasabi!

You should know where the wasabi is,
get it yourself.

It's your Wasabi, Master Chef.

I'm a bit hungry. Are you still open?

These aren't your usual ingredients.

Eat from left to right, please.

Hope she likes it.

Oh! No! She spat it out.

Well, it is not that bad,

but... this is not your style.

To be original is always best.

Why all this fusion food?

The recipes you sent me

I read all of them.

Didn't you say you had thrown them out?

I just didn't want to return them.

You know what?

This is the worst meal you've ever made.

But it's the most touching meal that I've ever had.

Good job in your disguise. Especially that Ferrari cap.

The cap is real!

I didn't lie to you.

I'm really a driver.

It's just that I don't drive a Ferrari.

I'm in fact a pianist too.

It's just that I've never been to Vienna.

Then why don't you play again? With these?

After we make sure it's her.
We'll look for her backstage.

Ok. Tickets, gentlemen.

Yes. sure.

Master, over there!

Zhou Yuan Yuan!

Is she the star?

No photo.

Is she the lead? Da Fu

Is she?

I can't even tell if she's an extra!

Teacher, hailstorm!

Hailstorm.., hailstorm!

Are you alright?

I'm ok. Come this way.

Zhou Yuan Yuan!

We've been trying so hard to find you.


This is not "The Perfect Meal"

But I am moved...

That means it's perfect!


Can you stay

Looking for me?

Wanna see how pitiful I am Sorry.

Because of what I said
I ruined your career.

I'm terribly sorry.

Can I invite you to be my student's model?

Let him take some photos of you?

Teacher. You can do it!

It's just like you said about my eyes.

I'm almost blind. I can't be
a photographer any more.

My teacher is telling the truth!

We won't come all the way from
Beijing to lie to you.


You can trust him.

He will capture the beauty inside of you...

that one important moment, that one split second.


You're bleeding.

It's ready.

You want to turn it on?

Me? Yes, do the honor

At last, I have my own AC!

It really works!

And it's pink too!


It stopped.

So cool...

I didn't see the ad.

Then why did you come?

Because Wasabi and Soy Sauce are
meant to be together.

Today is the 100th day, go take a look!

What's wrong?

He didn't come.

Where is Xiao Fang? How come he's not here?

He's gone. He said he wanted to
see the outside world.

He's gone?

He just left for the train station.

It's the last day. Why don't you continue?

Who am I? You think that I deserve her?

I'll go out into the world...

and make some good money.

She'll be married by then.
Then I'll win her back.

Silly boy!

Take it.

I lost. Not yet!

Shanghai, economy class.

Xiao Fang

Xiao Fang

Xiao Fang!

The train is leaving soon.

Please board the train...

Xiao Fang! Where are you?

Do you love me?

Can you tell me?

Why on the 100th day did you give up?

Tell me. Why did you quit on the last day

Where are you

Xiao Fang!


Where to? Let's go.

You've been helping others,

it's my turn to help you.

I always want to ride my bike forever...

without stopping for anything

until the end of the world

It's so comfortable.

They're really going to kiss!

Honey, your son is not that bad after all.

What's happening?

What's wrong?

I think I've used the wrong plug?!

What's wrong?

How come it's so dark

No way! Lost my chance again?


you asked me once if I have any dreams?

My dream is to drive a Ferrari...

listening to Mozart with you sitting next to me.


My dream can come true.

Just a moment. I need to fasten my seatbelt.

But, there's no Mozart.

There is.

I can hear the music you play,


Honey, I've made up with our son.

Wai, holding you I can feel your heart.

Thank you.

Meeting you is the best thing that
ever happened in my life.

If you're going to remember me,
remember this moment.

Yuan Yuan!

Look over here... very good...

It's perfect...


Sorry, I took up so much of your time.

It's ok.

Shall we go for breakfast?


It's 6 in the morning already.

Your watch is really cool.

My dad gave it to me.

20 years ago, my dad made a bet with his boss.

He had to stand outside under the blazing sun.

For 100 days!

My dad told me.

Those 100 days represented persistence and hope.

Xiao Fang, you came back to me!