Hot Spring Geisha (1968) - full transcript

A look at the lives of a troupe of geishas working in a small seaside resort town. For the most part, their lives consist of greeting boatloads of oversexed businessmen and providing bawdy entertainment through the evening followed by private companionship at night, interspersed with occasional catfights with the rival geisha house. Their routine is suddenly thrown off by the appearance of an abandoned baby in the geishas' dormitory, followed by its disappearance only a short time later. Who could be responsible for such a thing?

A Toei Presentation

Hey, Everyone! Let's earn
a lot of money! Go!

Hot Spring Massage Geisha

Mister! Just tell me your name please!

A guy famous for his legendary
and mysterious legacy...

Just remember me like that.

- Please turn around.
- Sure, sure.

Which part are you going to massage?

What? My belly?

If so, would you do it
directly on the skin?

- Is that alright?
- Yeah.

Hey, could you do me a favor?

When I'm sexually frustrated,
I have to do it immediately.

- Just three times, three times,
- Three times?!

Well... If you can do it French style,
two times will do.

If I do it two times,
my lips will get swollen.

That's not what I was talking about.
The other one...

Aren't you talking about kissing?
No... The police may come...

Let me go... No...

- The police won't say a thing...
- Stop... No...

Fire! Anybody!
There's a fire!

Help me! Come help me!

Planning: Shigeru Okada & Kanji Amao
Screenplay: Teruo Ishii & Kozo Uchida


Music: Masao Yagi / Editor: Tadao Kanda Cinematographer:
Sadaji Yoshida Lighting: Kozaburo Kitaguchi

Audio Recording: Masayoshi Mizoguchi Art Director:
Seiji Yada Assistant Director: Tatsuo Honda

In collaboration with Awazu Onsen
in the Hokuriku area of Ishikawa prefecture.

- Hey...
- What?

- You must be Mr. Komimasa Tanaka.
- That's right.

- What are you working on at the moment?
- Right now? I'm translating something.

- What's it about?
- The author is called Carter Blunt.

- It's about sexology.
- I don't understand.

You really don't know?
I'll teach you then.

- No, thanks. I'm scared.
- Just lie down.

I'm scared. I'm still a virgin.

A virgin? But that's irrelevant!
Come a little closer.

- I'm still a virgin.
- A call from your wife in Tokyo...


Teruo Yoshida

Masumi Tachibana / Yuriko Mishima
Yoko Mihara

Thank you for your continuous service.

I hope it will be just as good this time.

Let's see...

This juicy, chubby hip...

Come to think of it, I think
I'm the one serving you!

What are you doing?

I regret...

Don't wake me up!

Ou Ranfan / Yukie Kagawa / Mie Hanabusa
Yuko Minakaze / Miyuki Takakura

Rie Inamura / Setsuko Minami / Sea Mitsuno
Yoshiko Sawa / Noriko Tatsumi / Keiko Kojima

Yasuhiko Izumi / Shohei Yamamoto / Koji Sawada
Kinji Nakamura / Minken Karasawa / Kotaro Okochi

Kiyoshi Hitomi / Keishiro Kojima
Ichiro Chagawa

Kunijiro Yatsugi / Yuji Nanto
Kichijiro Ueda

Nobuo Kaneko / Toru Yuri
Gannosuke As hi ya

Directed by Teruo Ishii

- Sister?
- What?


How unfortunate...

How rude...
How about bowing for once?

I don't feel like it...

How can an ordinary masseuse like
you pretend to be a proper geisha?

Even the appearances are
the same. It's misleading.

Look like monkeys to me!

Let's go.

Go away!

- What are you doing?
- Shit!

Tama! We've been waiting!

Interesting. I will accept
your challenge!

What did you just say?

How annoying! What are you
trying to do with me?

Stop! Stop!

Stop it! Break it up!

Let's go!

Good evening!

We've been waiting for you!

- Good evening!
- Hey, Sweetheart!

Come here immediately!

Do the performance!
Do the performance, alright?

Sister, do it!

- We've been waiting for you, Sister!
- Can I borrow it for a bit?

Hey, Sweetheart! Dance! Dance!

Yes, sir.

- I can tell you right away that the steps are different.
- No one can do it like her.

Sister! Let's do it!

Okay, Everyone! Let's have some fun!
Let's go!

What are you doing?

That hurts!

Sister! Are you okay?

- Hey, Sweetheart! Come here!
- Mr. Yaburo, please do something!

Who kicked my Sweetheart?

Why don't you have a yakyuken match?

Let's have a yakyuken match, How about it?

- Are you serious?
- Sister...

Alright! Let's go!

Always welcome,

When you play baseball,
you have to do it like this.

Throw the ball and hit it like this.

Hit the ball and catch it like this.

When you run, hee-ho-!

Out! Safe! Hei-ho!

Out! Safe! Hei-ho!


Quick! Quick! Finally!
What a scene...

When you play baseball,
you have to do it like this.

Throw the ball and hit it like this.

Hit the ball and catch it like this.

When you run, hee-ho-!

Out! Safe! Hei-ho!


Take it off!
Take it off!

Wait a minute!
This is a crab tattoo, right?

Hey! Can't you put more
strength into your massage?

- What is this?
- Sorry.

Whatever you do, you have to make
an effort to succeed in your career.

Yes, sir.

The Chinese character for effort consists of
the characters for woman, addition and strength.

Addition? I got it.

I'm sorry.

Please excuse me.

- Put more strength into it!
- Yes, sir,

Sorry for the trouble.

Excuse me.

President! I have tried, but you have
to come out to handle the big group now.

- Guess it can't be helped.
- I'm sorry.

But this is a matter of life or death
to the business owner and me.

If you'd like, I have
another option for you.


It's not an ordinary geisha thing but a cheaper
version with massages and additional service.

Just bring them immediately!

Immediately! You can stop.

It's over. Payment please.

Let's earn some money, everyone!

You girls have special skills
that ordinary geishas don't.

- Yes..
- Go!


- Everyone! Let's work hard!
- Yes!

Oh! Everyone is here!


Kurushima, this is such a unique place.

Don't mention it. I just wanted to
provide you with proper service.

He isn't that famous but has a beard...

It's not a bamboo tree but it has nodes...


What is this?

It's flawless.

Look! They are all great,
aren't they?


I smell something.

- I smell some kind of ass-kissing.
- Not at all!

I just want to show my gratitude.

But still, I'd be happy if you gave me 1 and 1/
3 portion per container with a 5-yen increase.

Stop talking about business here!

My bad. I was too much into it...

Stop talking about serious stuff.
Just have a drink...


It doesn't matter which one...


What? That girl?

Additional service?

Sorry. A bug crawled in there.

No, stop it.

Who is that kid?

How dare he...

Let me sit.
Let's drink together!

What's up? You look tired.

Why do you look so exhausted?

What's wrong?

Chief! I will take care of it for you!

- Really?
- Leave it to me...

No big deal. Its' just that
there's a bug in there.

No! Stop!

Here you are...

Good, isn't it?

So, you can't bring that girl?

She's too stubborn about it.

What? Are you that useless?

Whatever. Take care of Fujino then.

Yes, sir.
The kid from Hi day a, right?


Leave it to me.

That's too much...

Chief! Unfortunately,
I couldn't bring the girl.

I'll definitely serve you
properly next time.

Will you, now?

She doesn't look healthy.
I don't think she'd be a good deal.

Maybe you're right.

How about having another girl?
I don't think that's a bad idea.


Let's go somewhere else.

Everything is ready.
Please get your tape.

That's good.

Holiness! Holiness!
Go Around to the Remaining Spot!

Come Around to the Right Spot...

Let's have fun!

I'm extremely sensitive.

Everyone! Dismissed!

I told you I'd provide you with
proper service. Chief! Let's go!

Wait! Chief! Come here, please!

Definitely wait for next time.

Have heard the saying that 100 yen today
are better than 1,000 yen tomorrow?

I think the one on the right should
be more compatible with you, though.

I see.


- You got it?
- I do.

I'll do whatever you want me to do.

Just please don't forget about the
1 and 1/ 3 portion I mentioned earlier.

- Okay, Chief?
- Okay.

Hey... Take that down.

Take it down.



Look this way.

Such a poor crying girl...

Was it hard?

I understand.

But only the first time is hard.

Such a poor crying girl...

Thank you for your service.

It was so good.

I will break up with my wife.

I will do anything for you.

Anything. Anything.

What is this?

What is this?


It reminds me of the past.


Pinch me please.

Then close your eyes.

- Ready!
- Yes.


That hurt!

Do you want to get pinched by this?

Yes, please.

Hey! Hey!

I'm so sorry!

I wet my bed when it's cold.
I couldn't get married because of this.

Chief! How was it?

Apparently, everything you do
is deeply related to your business.

What do you mean?

It doesn't matter...
I would let it slide in the water...

Hey, I'm glad you have a good guy.

Well, he was good in the beginning,
but he started annoying me.

Guys always annoy me.

You got busted because you
get excited right away.

Without a more professional attitude,
you'll always get bad results.

I understand it, but I can't control
how my body works...

Everybody has their cross to bear.


She must be No. 1 in the Await hot spring.


You give me a lot of work. If you like
a customer, you should get him by yourself.

Go exchange small talk at least.

She must be the virgin, right?

Yes. I can smell it.

I recognize your good work.

Thank you very much.

I've received information from
various channels. You did good.

If you that grateful, please make sure...

you give me 1 and 1/3 portion
with a 5-yen increase, as promised.

Some of the staff told me
that she's a virgin as well.

But she won't give in,
not even under pressure,

Please come and visit us again!

I will bring you a gift next time.

In that case, I'll give you
a gift in advance. Here.

Thank you. Your skin is so soft.

That's enough, you Bald Octopus.

Mister! Mr. Yokotani?

Mister! Mr. Yokotani?

Come here for a moment.

- You are...
- Have you forgotten? It's me!

- Tomita!
- Yes!

I miss the time back then.

I have a lot of things to say.

That's right. Please wait
for me at the pier there.

I will keep this for you.

You should come!
I will be waiting for you!

Mr. Ku... Sorry for the wait.

I told you before, right?



Apparently, my technique is still good.

We'll be back!

After you left your house, did you
even break up with your wife?

Our personalities were totally

I can't believe it.
Everybody admired you.

I feel sorry for ruining the image
you had of me.

No reason.

So, what are you going to do from now on?

I want to live quietly somewhere
remote and hidden.

I'd do anything, including
menial jobs in ryokans.

Mister! If there is anything I can
do for you, please let me know.

I will help you.

Your words make me feel better already.

This is the first time in years that
I've heard kind words from someone.

I wet myself again last night
in front of an important customer.

You need the help of our Buddha
to solve your problem.

But Buddha advocates pregnancy, doesn't he?

Not necessarily.

The heart of Buddha is this big.

Okay, let's go.

Get naked mentally and physically
and pray to Buddha.

I said, Get naked mentally and physically.

Really naked?

Get naked mentally and physically
and pray to the Buddha.


I will really get better, right?

If this fails, I will just die.

You must not doubt Buddha's capabilities.

Get naked and pray!

It will really work, right?

Get naked!
I'm Buddha's messenger!

Got it? Good, isn't it?


Good, isn't it?

Good. Good.

But you still have to pay.



If it goes well, I will treat you to
something good in addition to the fee.

So you need to do it properly.

You are not allowed to talk
during the operation.

Doctor! I have some financial
trouble at the moment.

Could you process it through my insurance?

Article 49-9-2 of the Health
Insurance Act will be applied.

In other words, no.

How is it? Is it still going on?

It has just started.

He said only rebuilding the hymen might
not guarantee the result she wanted.

So she hesitated earlier.

Guys value it so much! I don't
think it is a wasteful operation.

That might not work for a girl
with a tough attitude like Tsuta.

Come to think of it, my met ho
might be a better solution.



- Don't hurt me.
- Be quiet!

You'll negatively affect the operation.

No! No! It hurts!

Told you. It's because
you're moving around.


You must be tired.
I'll give you a massage.

- I'm fine! I'm fine!
- Why not?

- You and I are...
- Teacher and pupil?

Or don't you like a girl like me?

Mind your tone!

I sound like I did back then...

It's been a while since you
last scolded me.

Stop calling me Mister.

I'm not a proper teacher and
no proper hush and either.

I'm just a loser.

Don't say sad things like that!

You are definitely not a loser!

I'm glad that the operation was successful.

I have to earn a lot of money
to recover the investment.

By the way, Chiyo went to the doctor.
But how would it turn out?

Even though she keeps saying she's
a virgin, it might be broken already.

She must want the operation
because mine was successful.

Tsuta's operation was successful.
So mine will be as well, right?

So, do it then! Hurry!



Why did you ask me to do
an operation you don't need?

I wanted you to know...

what I have kept until now.


Take my virginity, please.

You don't have to pay.


The doctor is my boyfriend!

This land is our home and blessed
with significant egg production...

Mister! What's up?

Are you okay?


Mister! You must be drunk...

Forgive me. I'm messed up.

Stop, Mister!

You would be ashamed of yourself tomorrow.

I'm just messed up.

Stop, Mister!

I told you to stop...

You must be lonely, Mister.

You're lonely, right?



Mr. Yokotani!

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Anyone? Anyone?

Come here please!

At the end, he suddenly tried to hug you.

Then he suddenly pushed you down.

He started kissing you.

You felt excited.

- I wasn't excited! I resisted!
- Okay. I got it.

You got on top of him and embraced
him with all your strength.

I felt sorry for him.

He seemed lonely.

Then he became limp in your arms.

The story gets fuzzy here.

How about telling me the truth?

That's everything!

Why should I repeat the same
things again and again?

- Are you okay up there?
- Hey!

The one who is crazy is you!

I can charge you for prostitution!

Are you kidding?
It's not prostitution!

The bereaved family must hate you so much!

The bereaved family?

Why would you tell the family about this?

Are you really crazy? Idiot!

A fact is a fact! And you
were teacher and pupil!

His family didn't care.

And his career didn't go well either.

He didn't have anywhere to go and
so he hung out with a person like me.

He just didn't have luck.

Everybody makes mistakes.

No, I seduced him.

He didn't do anything.

If I have to go to jail, I will.

Just give him a proper funeral, please.

I beg you. I beg you!

Oh, Doctor!

The cause of death was a heart
attack induced by infarction.

- A heart attack?
- Yes.

This is the death certificate.

It seems that accumulated exhaustion
led to his death.

How unfortunate.

Thank you for your service.

She can leave now, right?

She can.

- I will give you a ride.
- Doctor...

The police won't say unnecessary
things to the family.

Of course, I won't.

Let's go then.

See you.

Thank you for everything.

Not at all.

- Sorry that I couldn't do more.
- Maybe you are right.

The dead can't say what really happened.

My mother is always like that.

That's why she broke up with my father.

That's why she broke up with my
father. But she isn't a bad person.

But she isn't a bad person.

Actually, she is very lonely.

Don't worry. I won't think
too much about what she said.

I'm glad.

Let's go.

My father shouldn't have left the house.

Your father didn't leave your house.

He stumbled over something
in life, that's all.

But he recovered while travelling.

He really wanted to go back
home to correct his family.

Return home? Really?

Yes, it is.

I'm glad you told me this.


Let's sing the song my father liked.

He would be happy for sure.

This song?

This land is our hometown blessed
with significant egg production...

- Excuse me!
- Anybody there?

- What?
- Can I work here?

It must be hard.
How far along are you?

I had the same experience once.
Anyway, have a seat.

Is there something I can do for you?

Just 2 or 3 days will do. I just
need money for transportation.

She could be stubborn though.

Yes! This is Hamadaka!
A massage?

Unfortunately, we're booked today.

Wait! We have one available!
Yes! We will get there right away!

- It's alright.
- Really?

I'm a massage geisha in a hot spring town.

I don't need any skills.
I just use my body!

Even the price is so cheap...

I sell my body. Take it please...

- Let's go!
- Yay!

You useless geisha bitches!

You have the ugliest bellybuttons
in this hot spring town!

Why don't you dig more gold
from the pimp or your husband?

You are despicable scum.

You don't feel ashamed
of your own obscenity.

You are not ashamed of anything at all.

Your brains are as hard like stones.

You expose your skin and shake your asses.

You are delusional and crazy.
You are delusional and crazy.

Awesome! I can even make
a documentary with this!

That hurts! You broke
my hymen, god a mm it!

- Are you challenging me?
- So what?

Did you do it again?!


There's a guy in here!

Come immediately!
We're being filmed! Hurry!

Wait! Wait! This is not
what you think it is!



I wanted to see you!
I've been looking for you!

How did you know I was here?

I heard it from your colleague.

Take! I don't want you to run
away from me ever again!


Hey! Yukiko!

Yukiko! Are you okay?

Pull yourself together!
Are you okay?

- Call somebody!
- Are you okay?

I won't go anywhere!

I'm with you!

You can do it!

Yukiko! Yukiko!

You can do it!

Pull yourself together!

The top earner of the month is...


You should try harder.

You've just surrendered your crown.

- Tamae!
- Yes ma'am!

Here you are!

Sorry, Sister.

Tomita! When you lose your
focus, you lose the crown.

That's good. How much
can I earn with my tattoo?

No matter how much you earn,
you waste too much in the end.

What's wrong with it?
It's for the man she likes.

And No. 2 of this month is...


- Yes ma'am!
- Here!


Maybe I should buy a new
under-kimono with this.

You shouldn't make it wet.

Mind your own business!

Be quiet! Calm down!

No. 3 is... Umeko.

Yes ma'am!

I strictly rule out romance,
just earn with this.

Why don't you build a new whorehouse?

Of course, I will earn even more
by recruiting young girls!

No. 4 is Tsutako.

Yes ma'am!

You should learn from Hinayakko sometimes!

You are too slow!

Do it like Hinayakko does it! Quickly!

Yes ma'am! Sorry...

Well... Being straightforward
is your strength.

I'll give you that. And then...

The rest is just peanuts.


You can only earn while you are young.

You'll be stuck selling bananas on
the street because nobody will buy you!

How pathetic my life is...

What is that hag talking about?

I've been No. 1 until now.

Noisy brat!

A robbery!

Everyone! Emergency!
A thief! A thief!

Hurry! A thief!

A thief?!

No! My ring is gone!

My precious watch! That was
my most valuable belonging!

I lost everything!

Still here!

I lost everything!

Sister, what did you lose?

The whole pay for last month.
I saved it for the next bank deposit.

Chiyo! Come here for a moment!

- It's all gone!
- We don't have time for this!

- What happened to Yukiko's belongings?
- I'll check!


Really?! It's definitely her.

That's right.

How dare she?
We took care of her!

No way! She left her baby
here and did that?

That no way is the trap.
Let's call the police right away!


We have to spread out and find her!

She might be around the hot spring!
Let's go, everyone!

Your mama is a thief,
but that's not your fault...

We have to find her now or she'll get away!

- Go there and there!
- This way!

- This way!
- Hurry!

Pathetic bitch!

Mama! The baby has a fever!

Leave him alone!
His mother abandoned him anyway!

What if it's serious!

Not my problem!

Doctor! Chiyo from Hamanaka
is here.

Doctor! The baby...

The baby has a fever.

You are okay.

Give her the same medicine.

- Yes,
- Thank you very much,

Put him there.

- He needs to stay here for a while.
- I will stay with him.

You don't have to.

But Doctor! Somebody needs
to wash him and change the diapers!

You will disturb my job.

You worry too much.
Go home.

Sister! How was it?

I haven't found anything.

It was a valuable crystal!

Shit! She will pay the price
when we get her!

- That's right!
- That's right!

You are too loud!

- Tama!
- Yes ma'am!

- A customer is asking for you!
- A massage? Or a geisha?

- Geisha!
- Yay!




We have to do it too!

- Tomita!
- Huh?

Would you be my mistress?

What do you like about me?

You are the best!

I don't want to share you with other men.

You are such a romantic guy.

I will give you a restaurant
as I told you before.

- Under my name?
- Of course!

I will bring a group of good
customers to your restaurant.

- Would it work well?
- It will!


In exchange for that, do me a favor.

Are you going to ask for money
until the preparation starts?

I, Kurushima, am not that pathetic!

I want Chiyo to become
Shinagawa's mistress.

- Chiyo?
- Yes.

He is desperate.

If this is taken care of,
I will earn a lot of money.

You know what I'm saying, right?

But the age gap is too big.

You are really good at it!

A quiet town in the mountains.

Your skin is so smooth!
Very impressive.

Lotte, the best lover of my life.

To me, you are my love!

I don't know what's wrong with you!
Just stop flirting with me!

Chiyo! You must be professional!

Unfortunately, I have no interest
in an old man like you.


- I will call the police! Stop it!
- Be my woman!


My dream is gone!

How annoying! Weird customers!

- Chiyo!
- Sister!

Perfect timing!
We need to talk.

Come here for a bit. Hey, are
you interested in being a mistress?

I'm still too young to be a mistress.

You think so for now, but time flies.

You've lost a lot of enthusiasm recently.

You should not be depressed by
the slight decrease in your earnings.

But Chief Shinagawa is the
one asking for this.

This kind of opportunity won't come twice.

You can build the grave
you've wanted in no time.

I want to build my parents' grave
with clean money.

Otherwise, I won't be able to look
at my relatives with a straight face.

- But...
- That's enough. Let's go back.

About the answer to this offer...
I want it as soon as possible.

But I don't want to earn money with guilt.

That's what life is...


- Think about it!
- What?

A customer is asking for you.

Let another girl do it. I'll go to the
doctor to change the baby's diapers.

I know everybody likes the doctor,
but I heard that he has a fiancée in Tokyo.

- Really?
- Yes, I'm certain.

I'm glad you've recovered.


About what I told you yesterday...

I will think about it...

- Really?
- Yes.


Dr. Yoshioka!

The baby?


Mama just went to the temple with everyone.

He said the baby was stolen.

Hello? There was some business
to deal with in relation to Ina!

Yes! Yes!

The police are already looking
for him but they want us to tell Mama.

Article 6 of the Recruitment Policy
is applied to this punishment.

As of now, you are discharged from the
responsibilities as the temple's head monk.

Can't a monk marry a geisha?

Show me the law that says so!

The decision of the temple committee
can't be changed.

Who reported my geisha identity to you?

Honey! Say something!

When I arrived at this temple,
it was almost empty.

I've tried hard to make this temple
as great as you see it now.

Doctor! There is a letter.


I've stolen the baby, but don't
think of me as a bad person.

Despite their help during her pregnancy,
I betrayed them by stealing their valuables.

The reason I left the baby behind is that both of
us wanted to work hard to pay back the stolen money.

But my wife cries every time she sees a baby.

I can't bear this anymore.

So I've decided to steal my own baby back.

However, both of us will work hard
to pay back the stolen money.

Of course, we will also show
our gratitude to you later.

It's too risky to wait here.

One two, one two... Hurry!

Are you okay?

Mama! I came here because
I was worried. The baby thief...

Even though you've told us it's for tourism,
I think they are too much for the temple.

- That's true...
- They are ugly...

Who do they think they are?

It's like a sexual harassment temple.

I need you to sign this written pledge.

Honey! Don't do it!

Even if he signs, I will not recognize it!

Shut up!

I don't know if you're a geisha or not,
but everybody knows you do erotic massages.

- That's obscenity!
- What? What?

I can't just let you say that, Old Man!

I've been listening.
Your words crossed the line!

Don't they have the right to have a relationship
in this temple, if they love each other?

We are not resisting just for us, geishas.

We are not resisting just for us, geishas. Right? We
don't have time for listening to words coming from whores.

We don't have time for listening
to words coming from whores,

We know your geisha house is
providing special services.

This is a good opportunity!
We have to clean up the town!

That's right!

Hey! Mister, over there!
I remember massaging you once!

He was tenacious!

The bald one?

Do you massage geishas
actually have licenses?

Let's sue them!
We can legally close the shop!

- That's right!
- Shut us down?

We don't have to put up with them anymore!

- Mama!
- Just shut it down!


Everybody is there!

The thief! Hurry! The thief!

Sister! Sister!


Give me back my ring!

You! Where is my ring?

You won't go home in one piece
if you don't tell us the truth!

Spit it out!

Where is my watch?

Do you have any idea how hard
I've been working for that watch?

Where is my money hidden?
In the china?

Say something! Come on!



You must have the valuables on you,
you thieving bitch!

There is a saying that dogs forget
who gave them food.

Please forgive me! I didn't mean
to run and forget about this.

I have to send money to my parents
in the country.

There was no other way for me
to get money. I'm just too poor.

We are poor too!

We won't get duped by those tears!

If I go to jail, what will happen
to the baby?

Not my problem!

I don't have it all in this bag.

But this is what's left.

I will pay the rest back by working hard!

That's not all!

What about the money we've
lost while looking for you?

She is right!

What about my dream of opening
a new whorehouse!

I've cancelled the modeling offer
from Tokyo because of you, bitch!

- My ring...
- Forgive me please!


- Doctor!
- It's him!

Give it back!

Wait! This is all my fault!

All this is because she married
a poor guy like me.

She is not a kind of woman
who steals others' valuables.

Forgive us please!

She's innocent!

She just followed my instructions!

It was me who planned
and talked her into the theft!

I came all the way here
and committed a crime like this.

I'm an idiot!

After the baby was stolen,
I found a letter that he had left.

Please read it.

How about forgiving them
if they promise to pay it back?

Please forgive them.

I would forgive them.
Mine was not stolen though.

If you say so...

And this letter is touching...

If they work hard, we can make it back

Maybe we can forget it.

Yeah, just forget it..

Thank you! Thank you!

Me too! Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!

Move aside!


You are arrested!


Let's go!


We will take care of your
wife and the baby!

We will send some supplies to the prison!

Come back soon!

- We will take care of everything!
- Don't give up!

Thank you!

Actually, I used to be
a traditional singer!

I really like traditional songs!

I have nothing much to give...

But from I will sing a song
to show my gratitude to you!

Honey! I will go with you!


Do your best, okay?
Big spenders are not the only customers.

I know.

Why do you always have to say
something discouraging like that?

Do you want to spend time with me alone?

Like a honeymoon?

I feel like pinching again.

Pinch? Pinch what?

Your good-looking head.

- You want to go to the next session?
- But I'm scared.


I'm a virgin.

Hey, come here!

I didn't go anywhere.

You are too stubborn.
Hang out with me!

I refuse.
I can do it for free.

For free? Are you serious?

I'm serious. I'm deeply in love.

I'm deeply touched.

But this is impossible.
He is not interested in me

That's not true. I...

What are you doing?


I hate you! I hate you so much!


I will be forever alone...

Which way...

Sorry for the wait! Hey!

I'm sorry. I'm tired today.

I don't mind.

Let's have passionate sex.

I'm not really into that. Slowly...

Enough is enough!

Mister! Wait! I'm in training
at the moment! Training!

I'm very good at finger moves!

Lie down! Lie down!

Hey, don't tickle me too much!

I just want your crab to pinch
me below my Tengu tattoo.

I will pinch it if you want.

Come on!


- Who is it?
- It's me.

What's up?

I've been calling you for a while.

You must have been distracted.

- That's not it.
- Can't you hear my voice anymore?

She just massaged my body.
That's all.

Didn't you ask her to use her crab
to pinch you below your Tengu tattoo?

How dare you touch my hush and?

If you cherish your husband that much,
why don't you lock him in a safe?

What did you just say to me?

This room is my territory.
Get out immediately!

How arrogant.

I will pinch the crab myself.


What are you doing?


That hurts!

Shit! How dare you!


Show some respect!
I'm the king of this territory!

No, she is mine!

What are you doing!

Kill me! If you want to kill me,
just kill me, then! Shit!

That was fun.


What a pervy hobby!

How about taking a rest for
a bit at the hot spring?

Shinagawa will arrive soon.
Is everything okay with the girl?

If you are that worried,
how about asking her yourself?

Don't say that.

If this goes well, Shinagawa
will take care of my business.

Everything will go well.

- You have very good business skills.
- How did you figure that out?

Wait! I have to check on Chiyo again.

I can't drink anymore.

No! You are not supposed
to drink that much.

Chiyo! Let's go!


Chiyo! Focus!

Hey, now.

Chiyo, the chief will arrive soon
from a driving range.

Are you okay despite those drunk eyes?

I can quit if you want.

You are drunk.
Wait in the room.

I'm not drunk!

I want to get drink until I pass out!


Didn't you accept my offer?

If you don't want to do it,
you can reject it.

I can't do it now.

It will get you in trouble.

It will, but I can deal with it.

You should be able to choose
the first man in your life.

You have someone you love.

I will deal with it on my side.

I don't.



You were confused as well when you
were in love for the first time in your life.

Am I right? Right?

I'm the same.

Was I?

There is no one for me to love anymore.

I hate this!

No! Please get out!

Hey! Chiyo! Hey!

You don't have to be scared!

Let me go!

What's wrong?


No! No! Let me go!
I don't want to!

No! No! I don't want to!

Let me go! No!

- What's up?
- I'm leaving.


- Do you regret it?
- Why would I?

I'm relieved.

I didn't know you were a virgin.

I'm very grateful for having
a virgin like you at my age.

I would do anything for you...

If I promise things I can't keep,
I won't be able to cancel later.

- What are you angry about?
- Nothing...

Hey! Wait! Wait!

Let me go for tonight!

It's okay.

I can't promise things I can't keep.


You're drunk...

What's up? It's late.

I want you to check me.

I told you that you didn't need it.

I need it now.

You will know when you check me.

Look! Hurry up and look!

I don't have to check. I know.

No! I want you to check it properly.

The symbol of my corrupted life.

Your life is not corrupted.

You do your best in your life.

You always walk straight.

Any person who does their best in life within
their own limitations doesn't get corrupted.

We've finally become friends.

But I have to leave soon.

I'm leaving for Okinawa.

By way of saying goodbye,
let me tell you a saying I like.

There is no other way in my life.

I just walk this path.

Let's have a toast with juice to
celebrate Tomi and Chiyo's departure.

Let's do it!

No violence! Stamp out the violence
of the evil boss!

End the criminal stealing
of others' valuables!

Not my business!

Wait! I can't let you go like that!

Come here! Come here!

- Don't pull me!
- You have to compensate her!

- What are you going to do?
- She's right!

What'll you do for me?

The ship is departing soon!




What's up with that outfit?

We were kicked out of the temple.

That's mean. You just shut up
and didn't do anything?

He didn't have much to say about it.


I didn't want to put more pressure
on the shop with the license issue.

You should resist more strongly.

We will go together and fight them!

- That's right!
- Everybody says the same thing...

I will do it! Honey!

No matter what they say, you've contributed
to making the temple into a tourist spot.

You should stand straight and
have a confident look on your face.

That's right. We have the right
to work. Right?

That's right!

Monks have the right to have
relationships as well.


He is late.
What's the matter with him?

Let's board the ship and wait there.

Take this back please. Take this back please.

Ms. Tomita!

No way.

What happened?

What happened?

They were arrested on our premises.

Who knows...

It seems like you have to stay
and earn more here.

She's right. I think so too.


Chiyo... You can become
a mistress anytime.

You too, Sister.
It's the same everywhere.

I have to go!

Whether I board the ship or not,
nobody knows the future.

I've already decided to board the ship.
I have to try my best.

How about you, Chiyo?

You are going, right?

Yes. I'm going forward!

What does that mean? Going forward?
- It's about my life as a woman.

It's about always completing
whatever you start in your life.


Doctor! Doctor!

- You look good, Doctor!
- I'm glad we board the same boat.

- Where are you going?
- Are you getting married, Doctor?

- Really?
- What is that about?

I misheard that.
He is not getting married.

He is leaving for Okinawa.

Okinawa? How nice!

I will do anything.
Could you take me with you?

I want to go too!

Okinawa is very nice.
I really want to visit that place once.

Doctor! Chiyo will be
on the same boat too.

Right? Chiyo?

No, I want to stay here.

That's not going forward.

I will do my best here.

I feel that I won't be able to become
a forward-thinking girl if I board this ship.

It will mess up my life.

Send me some souvenirs!
Be well!

Be well, Sister!

Take care!

I'm okay. I've recovered already.

Be well! Bye!

Let's sing!

He is not that famous, but he has a beard.

It's not a bamboo tree but it has nodes...

Bye! Be well!
Bye! Be well!

Earn a lot!

We will be waiting!


There is no other way in my life.

I just walk this path.

I will become a forward-thinking girl!

I will try hard!

The End

This film was produced in cooperation with the Awazu
hot spring. However, the story is completely fictional.