Hot Snake (1976) - full transcript

Careful, lieutenant.
It might be a trap.

I don't think so. He's alone.

Do you need help?

I asked you a question.

Answer me.

Get down.

My sincere condolences, my lady.

I'm looking for Ramona.

I'm John Smith.

I was sent by Tony Fernández.


Get down.

What did you say your name was?

John Smith.

I was sent by Tony Fernández
from Santa Fe.

What do you want?

Sleep and supplies.

All right, get in.

Did you come through the Snake?

Hot Snake.

I don't speak gringo words.

The Snake is dangerous.

I want to sleep.

Don't be afraid.
Nothing will happen to you here.

You'll sleep there.

Where is he going?

Your horse has to eat
and sleep too.

What are you doing?

Asking those who don't lie
and who know everything.

That's enough for a few days.

Do no wrong, Jenkins.

How do you know my name?

Ramona knows everything.

Easy, Jenkins. Easy.

Go away.

I'll tell you something, captain.

If Jenkins comes into the Hot Snake county,
he won't make it out alive.

You sound too confident, sheriff.

I have my reasons. And the man.

You better be right. Otherwise,

you'll have to go get him.

Of course, captain.

Remember, sheriff,
it's the Army who wants Jenkins.

Dead or alive, within a month.

They made it harder
for you, sheriff.


Garner, sheriff.

Come on, get out of here.

Go home.

Go, go, get out.

$1,000 for Larry Garner.

Well earned, Emiliano.

What did he do?

He raped and murdered
an officer's widow.

He also stole the payment
from a cavalry squadron.

It's the Army who is looking for him.

The Army?

You have to help me, Emiliano.

It's a dangerous man,
but there's a $5,000 reward.

Was it here in Hot Snake?

No, he wouldn't dare.

Everyone knows your reputation,
but it was within the county limits.

Will you go after Jenkins?

We know he was nearby.

I have a month, Emiliano.

In good time.
All in good time, sheriff.

I'll go with Ramona now.

Here. It'll do you good.

You need it.

In the name of the ground
that, after death, protects us forever.

Of the four elements that rule
over the four cardinal points.

I summon the spirits of good and evil
in search of wisdom.

What's the matter?

Someone wants you dead insistently.

It's a blond man of great power.


No. It's someone who has breathed
very close to you.

Someone who has breathed
very close to me?

Are you sure?

The cards don't lie.

What's wrong?

Is there something else
you don't want to tell me?

Say it.

I don't know.
It's something I don't understand,

but watch out for a day
with two nights.

A day with two nights?

I don't understand.

So it is written.

Now go. She is waiting.

I waited for so long, Emiliano.

A day with two nights.

What did you say?

Forget it.

What happened?

I told him twice,
but you know Emiliano.

I don't think he's coming out today,
tomorrow, nor the day after that.

They've been locked in for a week.

I don't know. Sometimes I think
Emiliano won't go after Jenkins.

That's not it, sheriff.

You know when he's locked in
with Eva, he doesn't care about anything.

Jacinto, wake up.

Look who's coming.

Look, look.

Let's go.

You go there.

You go there.


I'm going to the canteen.


Do you want to die early?

Sorry, but something important
is going on.

He just arrived--




Get out.

It's someone who has breathed
very close to you.

You're far from Santa Fe, Miranda.

Yes, Emiliano.

I need to talk to you.

What are you doing
in Hot Snake?

Is it about Jenkins?


I have to find him.

There is a big reward.

There is.

But Jenkins is in my territory.

I think so,
but I don't care about the money.

It's $5,000.

I've never asked you for a favor,
Emiliano. I'm doing it now.

I'm listening.

Jenkins betrayed me.

You know.

It's his life or mine.

I understand.

I've had bad luck.
I've looked for him for over a month.

Did you hear about the robbery
and the widow?

Yes. That's why I'm here.

No one's telling me anything.
Bad luck follows me.

Are you a believer?

A believer?

Of going to church and--?

No, of unseen forces,
of the magic surrounding us,

of the good and bad spirits
that rule over our lives.

Of what we don't understand.

Do you mean you believe in witchcraft
and all those Indigenous things?

You and I have Indigenous blood.

Yes, of course.
I'm not denying it.

You won't be able to do anything
until you get rid of your bad luck.

Go see Ramona.

She'll help you.

She knows everything.


Oh great Lord, spirit of fire,
the very center of the universe.

Give me your bow and arrow to destroy
the bad spirits surrounding Miranda.

Get dressed.

It belonged to Jenkins.

It will take you through any path
where he is.

But you mustn't go now.
You have to wait.

I have to do it. I can't wait.

It's not right. There's a full moon.

There is death here.

Here too.

I don't like that Miranda.

Well, they're all the same.

All of them?

Do you mean Emiliano too?


You don't love him right?

What for?

To mourn him tomorrow?

No, Maria. I've been there.

So why do you live with him?

I like him.

He buys me everything I want.
But I'm fed up.

I wish I could leave here someday.

Were you looking for me, Miranda?

You never show your face, Jenkins.

Look at me if you dare.

No more treason, Jenkins.

We're alone now

I'm always alone.

There was never treason, Miranda.

You're just too slow for everything.

Where is your heart?



No, it's here.




Miranda is dead.

Come on.

Easy, easy.

It's Miranda.

It's Miranda.

Now it's time, sheriff.

Easy, Coyote. Easy.

Easy, easy.

Easy, easy.




What do you want?

To kill you.

Are you the law?

A bounty hunter?


Are you going to shoot me
in the back?

Turn around.

Fire from the north, earth from the west,
water from the south, wind from the east,

may his spirit rest,

and may the power of Jenkins
pour over mine.

Coyote, Coyote, easy.

I think he's mad.

Hello, sheriff.

Here, Jacinto.

Help me.

Stop drinking, Emiliano.

Come in.

You should lie down, Emiliano.

Come in.

You've been drinking for days.

Anything else?

Nothing else. Thank you.

Lie down.

Please, Emiliano.

Firearms are not toys, boy.

You're just a waiter here.
Don't forget that.

Your tip.

Pick it up.

Pick it up, waiter boy.

No, you're not alive.

I killed you. I killed you.
I killed you.

Who do you think you're scaring?
You son of a bitch.

Not me, you bastard.

Not me. Not me. Not me.

Ramona, Ramona,
don't abandon me.

Send me your light and your power.



Goddamn you.

I'll find you even in hell itself.



Watch out for a day
with two nights.

Pick it up.

Pick it up.

Kill me.

Kill me.

For mercy's sake, kill me.

Kill me.

For mercy's sake, kill me.

Kill me.

For mercy's sake, kill me.

Kill me.

For mercy's sake, kill me.

Time changed you, Erick.

You became what you wanted,
a bounty hunter.

I don't know whether to congratulate you
or to dig your grave.

The money?

Yes, of course.

Enjoy it.

I will, sheriff.


There's no more.


It took me three years.

Three long years, Eva.

I didn't forget about your humiliations
and your disdain.

You were but a waiter, Erick,
how did you think I would notice you?

That's how it is,
but I never disregarded you.

Do you remember that?

Yes, I remember.

I remember everything perfectly.

I remember your condition,
to be better than him, and I am now.

I can't believe it.

Emiliano was the fastest.

He was.

Thank you, Leonel.


Bathe with me.

As you wish.

What did you put in my glass?

Son of a bitch. You bastard.

He died with his eyes open.

Cover him.