Hot Seat (2022) - full transcript

An ex-hacker is forced to break into high-level banking institutions, another man must try to penetrate the booby trapped building to get the young man off the hot seat.


[man panting]

[tense music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

What the hell?

[siren wailing in distance]

[dog barking]

[Orlando] Hey,
did you hear that?

Sounded like a bomb went off.

No, but I heard police sirens

and thought maybe
they were coming for you.



Where are you going?

I got called in.

Boss doesn't trust Enzo
to run the shop.


It's Zoey's birthday, Orlando.


Who else am I
doing this for, Kim?

I can't lose this job. They're
laying people off left and right.

Checks aren't what
they used to be.


I think we're gonna go to my
mom's for Christmas this year.

I thought you were
just thinking about it.

Well, I thought about it,
and I decided.

- [scoffs]
- I really, really didn't want to do this today.

But today was the one day
for you to choose us over work

and not make it about yourself.

Zoey's day.

How long are you gonna
keep punishing me for?

We have tried everything.

And I just can't.

So, I'll have Zoey
call you at noon,

and you and I can play nice.

If you can
make the time for her.

[door closes]

["We Wish You
a Merry Christmas" playing]


Play the board, not me.

Patience, Old Yeller.


Is that your action,
Action Jackson?


And Chief wanted me to remind
you to stop leaving your Cialis out.

Apparently, Jake thought
they were Advil,

- and had to cancel his PTA meeting.
- [both chuckle]

I know you're forgetting things
as your age, but, you know...

I'll always remember the
ass-whooping you're about to get.

Oh, big talk, big talk.


Before you take your hand off,
you sure you want to do that?

Okay, be a hero.

What the hell does your broke
down ass know about being a hero?

Ah, more than
you'd like to know.

We've known each other for,
what? How long now? Six months?

Really? Are you going
to do this again?

It's been four months
since my transfer.

Seems like so much longer.

And you're still making
those damn rookie mistakes.


Let's go again.
Nah, best of three.

- No, I already won twice.
- All right, best of five.

- Hey, guys.
- Yep.

We got a 10-80.
Explosion at Neil Park.

[tense music playing]

Zoey bear. You up?


[elevator dings]

First one in again.

Good morning, ladies.

Time to wake up.

Rise and shine, Cindy Lou.

Top of the morning to ya.

All right.

[phone ringing]

We Save You IT.
How can I help?

[woman on phone, groans]
My-my internet has passed away.

[chuckles] All right, let's see if
we can't bring that back to life.

- Are you near your router?
- Router?

Yeah, you know, the box
with the blinking light.

Isn't-isn't that the computer?

No, miss, the other box
with the blinking light.

[stammers] Yes.

- All right...
- [elevator dings]

...let's try
and restart that router.

Flip it back on and give a sec.


[cat meowing over phone]

- Off, kitty!
- [cat snarling]

Ooh, she sounds cute.

- Nothing.
- Well, if you trust me,

I could save you
a lot of time on a shortcut.

Mm, shortcut?

You know, sometimes, when I'm
driving, I like to take the scenic route.

Other times, faster is better.

What do you say?

- Let's try the shortcut.
- [Orlando chuckles]

All right, here we go.

[tense music playing]

[Orlando] All right.

Naughty, naughty.


[rapid beeping]

How'd you do it?

Well, some people call it magic,

I just call it
customer service, miss.

Others call it illegal.

Oh, calling me miss.

You know how to make
an old gal feel young.

Well, there's survey after this
call, if you enjoyed my service.

And by the way, "password"
isn't a good password.

- Ah...
- Thank you, ma'am. Have a nice day.

Whoa! He shoots...

Oh, he scores,
and the crowd goes wild!

Man, like, how do you
do it, for real?

It's called charm, bro.

- Something you know nothing about.
- Oh, I know nothing?

I used to do magic
at kids' parties, my friend.

- That is charm intensive.
- Get out of town. Really?

- My daughter loves magic.
- Yeah, of course she does.

Everyone's a sucker
for a little... sleight of hand.


Whoa, dude, that was good, man.

Eh, right. It's a sick spot
to meet MILFs, too.

I'm serious, though.
Mary's going to be pissed

if she finds out
you came in late again.

More than if she found out

you just hacked
a client's system?

I took nothing.
Left a customer happy.

Ah, fuck it.

Oh, speaking of happy...

Looks like the boss
left us a couple gifts.

- No shit, really?
- Yeah.


I guess she's
good for something.

Ooh, nice.

What the hell?

You know, my buddy at
Google just got a laptop.

Yeah, and we got black balls.

Shit, man,
what's the difference?

Machines are gonna render us
obsolete any second now.

Maybe cleaning windows
will be our next gig.

Hell no.

I mean, you afraid
of heights, bro?

- Hell yeah!
- Yeah, I probably should have been, too.

How do you think I got this?

- Well, I thought it was too rude to ask.
- [chuckles]

No, come on.

It was a construction
gig fall when I was 17.

You know, you'd think
the worst part

would be the impact, but no.

It is the shame of being on top,

and then fall on
your ass in the dirt.

Pops never quite
got over that one.

His army brat gimp not being
able to follow in his footsteps.

Oh, just a parent's love.

[Orlando] Hey.

Reports of a bomb going off
in Neil Park.

So far,
there is only one fatality.

We'll keep you updated as more
information becomes available.

I think I heard that
on my run today.

Oh, that blows.

That dude looks familiar.

Eh... not anymore,
my friend.

[elevator dings]

Ah, finally.

- Here you go.
- Where's the usual guy?

Uh, not my day
to keep track, bud.

Yeah, well, as long as
the pastrami's bomb.

Pastrami for breakfast?


Don't knock it
till you try it, my friend.

Whatever, dude.

Eh, that's good enough.

Here, keep the change.

Hey, merry Christmas
ya filthy animal.


[elevator door opens]

[siren wailing]

Bad day to go
to the park, I guess.


Ten pounds of semtex.

Most likely remotely wired
to a medium range detonator.

Whoever did this
wanted to watch.

I don't think
this was a chance victim.

Gotta be real pissed
to blow a guy up like this.

Yeah, there's that.

You think this was
just a simple vendetta?

- Don't you?
- I don't know.

Wanna look beyond the obvious,
you know, check the whole board.

Okay, Bobby Fischer.

Let's go fishing.
What do you think?

Well, it's
a military-grade trigger.

That's a custom job.
A lot of man hours on this.

I mean, this is a career man.

I think he gets a thrill
out of his own handiwork.

I don't think
this is the endgame.

[tense music playing]

What the...?



Hey, the inmates
running the asylum?

Replacement cake just
arrived. We had an incident.

Hey, guys, keep it down.

Um, Zoey wanted to open
your present early,

so I let her.

Oh. Did you get my text?

Yeah, um, I did.

And, uh... Hey, Zoey,
your dad's on the phone.

Hey, Zoey bear!

Happy birthday, honey.

Why aren't you here, Dad?

Well, honey,
I wish I could be there.

I had to work.
I couldn't get out of it.

That's what you always say.
It's my birthday.

Mom says that's basically
a holiday, and she's here.

Well, you know, computer
gremlins never sleep, Zoey.

You get my present?


You like it?

No, I love magic.

I practice, but I'm not
sure if I've got it yet.

I think you got to start that
trick with your right hand, Zoey.


[chuckles] Sorry.

That's it, right there!
You got it.

Yeah, I'll keep practice...

[mysterious music playing]

...more magic tricks tonight?

I'm sure my friends
would like it.

You know what? I just happen
to have Houdini handcuffs.

We could try this trick tonight.

[laughs] Hey, who's
that idiot in the back?

[chuckles] That's Enzo.

Say hi to Zoey.
We work together.

- This is my buddy.
- Well, hey there, Zoey.

Hey, I hear you like magic, too.

You know, maybe I'm gonna
make your dad disappear

if he keeps running late
to work all the time.

I mean, this guy
is so unprofessional.

Yeah. Well, I gotta go.

Bye, honey.

I love you. Happy birthday.

I got to go, party time.

Um, thanks for making the time.

Yeah. Hey, you watch out
for those boys. Huh?

I love you.


[Enzo] Oh, hell no, bro!

Come on, how do you fuck up
a pastrami sandwich?

You know what? No.

- Lando, I-I gotta take ten. Cool?
- Huh?

No, no, come on, it's slow, bro.

And the new delivery guy's
not getting away with this shit.

Plus, you know, I got a little
business a couple floors down, so...

- Yeah? New job prospect?
- Oh, man, this one's an angel.

- Yeah? The hot blonde?
- No. No, no, keep up.

That's Ava.
That's the 7th floor chick.

She's... [shudders]

She's crazy.
She's like legit crazy.

Ah, crazy in the head,
crazy in bed, right?

Yeah, but this is like
boiling bunny's crazy.

It's a different...
Anyway, just do me favor.

If she shows up here, just
tell her I'm not here. Okay?

Hey, you do know Mary checks
the security feeds, right?

You don't think
I thought of that, bro?

My desk is in the blind spot
of this office.

Mm. Not as dumb as I look.

- I don't know about that, bro.
- Shut up.

[elevator beeps]

This fucking guy, man.

What the hell?

[phone ringing]


[captor, distorted]
No matter what happens...

stay seated.

- [feedback]
- Orlando,

this is one problem
there is no running from.

Who the hell is this?

Top drawer on your left,
there's a mirror.

Take it out.

What the fuck?

Enzo, I swear to God,
I'm going to kick your ass.

Guess again, bitch.

Orlando, you will die today

unless you do
exactly as you're told.

So take the mirror,

place it under your chair,
and look.


- Hotter.
- Oh, Jesus Christ.

- Yes.
- What the hell is this?

Put your hand on it.

Put your hand on it!

- [zapping]
- [gasps]

[voice laughing]

What the hell is that?

There's enough semtex
on that chair

for the biggest
New Year's show in history.

It's pressure-sensitive,
so no more sudden jolts.

Oh, and I don't know
if you noticed

that new area rug
around the chair?

That is an electric fence.

So if you try and roll out,

like you're used to running
from most of your problems,

this one won't let you get far.

Do I have your attention
now, Orlando?

Or should I call you Red Knight?

That was your hacker handle,
wasn't it?

[chuckle] You got a slap
on the wrist for what you did,

but I guess
that comes with being a rat.

Hey, look,

if you're some kind
of a hacking enthusiast,

I'm sorry to disappoint you,

but I've been out of the game
a long time now.

Oh, I think you'll
pick it back up just fine.


If you think
that seat is hot now,

it's about to get
a whole lot hotter.

Smile for me.

What do you want from me?

[captor] Two floors up:

Bankers, hedge fund crooks,

jack-holes, whatever
you want to call them.

I want you to rob them.

If I get caught, I'm facing 20.

I'll never see my family again.

Well, that's a funny way
of looking at things,

because you'll really
never see them again

when you're blown
to kingdom come.

Don't you want a chance to fix

that shit marriage of yours?

Failure to complete
your mission, you die.

Your friends interfere, you die.

Call the police, you die.

And after you die,

your wife and pretty
little daughter

will die, too.

I... I can't do this.

Oh, don't be modest.

This is your nature.

And you don't have a choice.

If I do this, I go home?

Never hurts to try.

I have researched their system.

[scoffs] Of course you did.

They got blockade security.

If I break in,
there's 90 seconds

till it shuts down,
locks the accounts.

That's why I chose you.

Okay, one thing.
I need my music. Okay?

As long as it's not country.

It's not country.


All right.

[knuckles cracking]


["Nocturne" by Chopin playing]


[computer beeping]

We're in.

[captor] I never doubted you.

That's not the part
I was worried about.

[phone ringing]

[man on phone] Hey, have you
seen this? There's been a breach.

[captor] Ninety seconds starts
now. Looks like you got caught.

- You break into banks, people notice.
- [elevator dings]

[Ava] Where's Enzo?

[Orlando] Hey, hey, hey.

Where is that asshole, Enzo?

He's been ducking me for a week.

[whispering] Quiet, quiet.
Stay there. Stay there.

What, is everyone
on this floor a total jerk?

[captor] Yes, stay. There's
a bomb under his seat,

and if either of you leave,
you're both fucking dead!

Uh... A what?

Look under my chair.


I suggest you let him work

before there's too many pieces
of you to clean up.

[whimpers softly]


Yeah, yeah, I'm handling it.

Damn it. No, no!

- [captor] Figure it out.
- My gear is in the locker.

I need you to shut this down
so I can get my kit.

[voice laughing]

- I-I have to go.
- You can't go anywhere.

If you leave, we're both dead.

Please. I need your help.

- What's your name?
- Ava.

What's happening?

Ava, I need you
to get my locker, okay?

My kit's in there.

If you don't do that,
we're dead.

Go. Go, go!

- Okay.
- Better hurry.

Fourth over, blue locker.

Yeah, right there, right there.

- Come on.
- All right, what's the code?

It's 9-12...

- Nine-12... I need the lock...
- What's the third number?


That's the wrong code.

Thirty-six, 9-12-36.
Hundred percent.

What's the code?

- That's it, go! Come on, come on!
- Got it!

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
tick, tock, tick, tock...

Thirty seconds.

Where is it?

All this for that?

This is what's gonna
get us out of here alive.

It's a backdoor program I made

that allows me to break
through most firewalls.

All right.

This better work.

No. No.

Come on.



He locked me out of my system.


Good work, Orlando.

Some people call it magic,

I call it being good at my job.


Code red, all hands on deck!

- [exhales]
- [captor laughing]

Very good, you two.

It's amazing what humans can do

with their asses
up against the flame.

Tell me what the hell
is going on.

You like movies, Orlando?

I don't give a shit
about movies right now.

I really like Apocalypse Now.

You know, I'm kinda
like Willard,

floating down the river
to complete my mission.

And you, well, I...

I guess you're
stuck on the boat with me.


What is this?

[captor] Outsiders must be
eliminated with extreme prejudice.

- I just came to see Enzo.
- No, no, no, don't go.

Oh, then I guess
you better be extra good,

so I change my mind
and don't kill you.

That's a good girl.

Now go take a seat
and enjoy the show.

- That's right.
- It's gonna be okay.

Now, Orlando,
the numbers on your screen.

I want you to transfer
$2 million from the funds

you just hacked
into that account.

It's gonna take time.

Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
You have five minutes.

Be clear...
When I tell you to bark,

your only question
should be, "How loud?"

I'm gonna prep our next mission.

See you down the river.

[tense music playing]

[whispers] Hey.

Hey, Ava.

Hey, is there anyone at work
that might notice you're missing?

- No one?
- No.

My-my boss isn't in today.

The only person
that knows I'm here is...

[elevator dings]

[Enzo] No, no, sir,
sir. No, no.

I-I clearly said pastrami,
not salami.

- I-I mean, I understand...
- Enzo, Enzo.

That's not my... Jesus!

What the fuck?

Okay, uh, Ava, I'm really sorry,

but you cannot show up
to my work like this.

- This is...
- There's a bomb under his seat.


- What's she talking about?
- Park bomber on the news.

I think this is him.

Oh, shit.

I'm gonna be sick.

Orlando, don't let him leave.

- What the fuck?!
- [Orlando] Hey, Enzo,

if you leave, we're all dead.

- Jesus, dude!
- Enzo, please, listen.

Listen? Listen to the fucking
voice in the walls?

What the fuck are you
even doing here today?

Your-your office is closed!

Wait-wait, whoa,
whoa, whoa... Are you...

Bitch, are you part of this?

- Am I what?!
- Why are you here?!

Looking for you, you asshole!

- [Orlando] Hey, hey, hey.
- [elevator beeps]

I'm the one who's got
the skills to help you.

- Not them. Let 'em go.
- [whimpering]

Hey, Enzo, don't go in there.

I'm sorry, bro. I'm sorry.
I can't... I can't do it.

I'll call the cops
for you. Okay?

If you go in there,
we're all dead.

Be smart.
Enzo, no!

I'm sorry. Sorry.



Ava, down!

Enzo, no!


[tense music playing]

I knew it!
It's military.

Just not modern military.

Vietnam era.

Pressure sensitive.

Viet Cong used to use them.

Put so much as a feather
weight on the trigger,

try and take it off, kaboom.

Damn! That's like
Biblical old.

That's like I was at
Methuselah's bar mitzvah old.

Those are four syllables,
Methuselah, ooh.

Yeah, I got him laid. I was
the first guy to get him laid.

I bet.

- My big brother came back from 'Nam.
- Yeah?

He kinda taught me
all this explosive stuff,

made it kind of a hobby for us.

- That explains a lot.
- Oh, yeah. We were pyromaniacs.

You blow enough shit up,

your wires will be crossed, too.

[sighs] Okay.

Um, so what? We head to
every veteran's support group

and ask who's got a chip
on their shoulder, or what?

Sure, we can host a
bake sale while we're at it.

Actually, I think you might
enjoy patting those vets down.

Give a cavity search, whatever.

Oh, yeah, love it.

Why don't we just wait for
a fingerprint from forensics?

[dispatch on radio] All units,
proceed to Hudson Tower.

There's been an explosion.
Repeat, all units.

We got a piece of cheese.
There's gotta be a pizza.

- [sirens wailing]
- [alarm blaring]

What's going on?

This one goes out
to that late buddy of yours.

Bye-bye, Enzo.

Enzo! Enzo!

["Taps" playing]

- [beeping]
- Easy, now.


Ava, can you hear me?

Are you okay?

Why? Would you be after part
of the ceiling hit you in the head?

It's a pity. But it
wouldn't be the first time

others have
fallen for your sins.

You killed him, you son of a
bitch! He didn't do anything!

Oh, please.
Did you even know him?

Or was he just another
nameless, faceless program to you?

You may have never
murdered anyone, Orlando,

but you have taken more lives
than I could ever dream of.

You're gonna pay for this,
you son of a bitch.

- You're gonna pay for this.
- Am I?

You're the one with enough
C4 strapped to your ass

to be the first man on Mars.

- [screaming on computer]
- [captor laughing]

Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

All right, come on,
let's cut the shit.

LCPD response time to something of
our nature post-9/11 is seven minutes.

With Christmas traffic,
we've got 15 max.

[Orlando] How do you know?

[captor] That bomb
in the park this morning?

You gotta test these things out,

or they might go... Bang!

Just be glad it was your
old pal Victor and not you.

- Victor?
- Or should I say V-Havoc?

You two were quite the
black hat team back in the day.

Neither one of you got the
sentence you deserved, did you?

Thought he was
absolved from sin.

Back to the daily routine.

Six AM jog, 6:45 coffee,
7:15 news in the park.

We are creatures of habit,

a blessing and a curse,
I suppose.

So what is this, a vendetta?

As far as you're concerned,
this is a job.

A job I've spent
a very long time

studying your habits for.

You really should spend
more time at home.

I'm guessing you wish you
could fix that marriage of yours

if you just had one more shot.

Two million dollars.

You can go retire
on an island somewhere.

You can't retire on two
million in this economy.

that money wasn't for me,

that was for you.

Oh, shit.

What have you done?

You earned it.

The police would agree,
but I want more.


Templar Bonds?
I don't understand.

You-you just had access to a
bank. Why would you want bonds?

I don't give a shit
about bonds, you idiot.

I want to own the owners.

I want all the little pigs
to live in fear for a change.

I want my boots
on their fucking neck.

I want their money,
I want their information,

locked away in their little
security deposit boxes.

You want their servers.

And the only way to those
with access codes

on individually encrypted
drives in those boxes.

Perfectly untraceable.

All within an arm's reach
of a six-point security grid,

a grid that you will
infiltrate and diffuse for me

before it locks in 60 minutes.

- You're crazy.
- I'm an optimist.

I need more prep.

- I need more gear.
- The more time you waste,

the sooner SWAT bursts in,
guns blazing.

You think they'll
ask questions first?

[siren wailing]


All right, I'll do it.

Good boy.

What the fuck are you doing?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You spelled "hostage" wrong.

You hit send, I kill Zoey.

Look, I just wanna
let 'em know I'm okay.

You think I'm an idiot,
you Ivy League prick?

Take this as a fact.

I am smarter than you.

If you deviate again,
I'm going to blow your ass up.

And after they've collected
as much of you as they can,

your beautiful little Zoey,

oh, she'll cry
her little brown eyes out

at Daddy's funeral.
[crying] Daddy, Daddy...

Only your casket's
gonna be wired with C4.

And then I'll drive to your
parents' house, Ruth and Ben,

on 801 Center Street
and kill them, too.

Do I need to keep going?

I own you.

Say it. "I own you."

You own me.

That's right. Good.

Now that we're on the same page,

after you penetrate
the first five levels,

I will deactivate the bomb for
you to complete the mission.

Do you have any idea
how many people

will be guarding these servers?

Hey, Orlando? Use
that big brain of yours

and tell me, what company
runs IT for Templar Bonds?

We do.



We could do a payload drop
to cut lurkers.

But even if we get through the
first five parts of the security grid,

there's no way
to get through the last

without clearance codes
from a human.

But the forums say
Red Knight is a legend.

Look, I don't care
what the forums say.

It is what it is.

You do your part,
I will do mine.

[tense music playing]

What is that?

Something to help me
move a little faster.


[captor] Clock's ticking.

Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

[Jackson] They say
you're afraid of heights.

Well, they're not my favorite.
That doesn't look too big.

Hey, pro tip, skydiving
will take care of that.

Yeah, I'm not jumping out
of a plane unless it's on fire.


Desk jockeys, you don't have
clearance, 30-plus yards back.

I'd say 60, at least 60 yards.

That's... That's the debris zone.

Where you're standing right now,
we call that the vapor zone.

How you doin', Tobias?

My bomb squad might
not carry the weight of twat.

Not the guys you want
to piss off, you know,

'cause you guys be like,
tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...

[imitates explosion]

Oh, if you're the bomb
squad guys, then blow me.

Get the fuck in there.
We got briefing.

I hope it's brief.




Ava. Ava, you okay?

What happened?

I need you to stay calm, okay?

I gotta finish
what I'm doing over here.

- What's going on?
- It's the girl. She's alive.

Who gives a shit?
Focus on the task at hand.


I got ya.



Hey, uh...

Hey, we got
a situation over here.

Hey, asshole, wake up.

Well, that's no way
to talk to me.

I need to get out of this chair
to get that fire extinguisher.

No chance.

If these sprinklers go off,
it's gonna crash everything.

Too bad.
Your computer dies, you die.

- Hey, Ava.
- [groans softly]

I need you to put out that fire.

Can you do that for me?

[tense music playing]

Let's hope her legs
aren't broken.

Come on, come on.


Don't let those
sprinklers go off.

There you go.

Good girl.

[fire extinguisher spraying]

Goddamn, I love watching
humans face pressure.

Do they adapt, or do they
shrivel up and wilt,

like that little pussy
in the elevator?

You crazy asshole!
Let us out!

Orlando, grab the handcuffs
behind you.

Do it!

Girl, go cuff yourself

to one of the office racks
on that wall.

I'm sorry.

[line trilling]

Can I trust you?

It's time to fight back.

[line trilling]

[line trilling]

I'm gonna open this one.

- [phone vibrating]
- Here you go.

Thank you.

Oh, look.
Look how cute this is.

[continues indistinct]

[captor] Hey, Orlando.

- You're famous.
- Oh, my God.

[phone beeps]

My God.

This just in, we're currently
learning more information

about the Hudson Tower

Currently being treated as
an active terrorist...

♪ Happy birthday...

[newscaster] The man rumored to be
behind the explosion is Orlando Friar.

He faced considerable
prison charges

- due to his involvement...
- Mom.

...with the World Tech
hacking scandal

before he turned
state's evidence.

We're currently searching for
any ties to terror organizations.

Why is Dad on TV?

[newscaster continues

[captor] In the military,
they call this a false flag.

Get your eyes
off the real killer.

You should be thanking me.

Now they're worried about a
wild card Ted Kaczynski up here.

They won't send in
the cavalry as fast.

You're welcome.

[Tobias] All right, guys,
no bullshit zone here.

These are the facts.

Our perp is Orlando Friar.

Active on the tenth floor.

This fuck has a bone
to pick with the city.

Let's discuss asset elimination.

- Quite a way to put it.
- Yeah, knee slapper.

Look, I got two fire teams
ready to bust his ass

before he knows what's up.

I can get in position anytime.

- Just say the words.
- Does he got a family?

[Tobias] Yeah, wife
and kid en route.

Wouldn't be
the first psycho with kids.

Just want to weigh our options
before we orphan his baby.

Oh, yeah, what do you suggest?

Well, I don't know.

Full tech sweep.
Get a visual.

You know, see
what we're up against.

I can get up and let you know
what I see through my sights.

Damn, bomb squad cheese dicks

always wanting the glory, huh?

Typical. How about this?

We strike, kill the fucker
before he stings again,

like a real man.

Hey, no glory shit.

I mean, just the x-factor
of, I don't know,

maybe a building
wired to blow up.


Cut the shit, Sergeant.

Lance, get
our eye in the sky up.

Copy that, Chief. I'll let
you know when I get there.

All right, I want a confirmation
of contact and demands

before trigger pull.
Wallace, you got first swing.

Secure ground level
and report back.

Oh, thanks, Chief.

Tobias, I want contact with
the building manager, all right?

- Now! Go.
- You got it, ma'am.


Thanks, buddy.

Hey, why ask that shit
about his family?

- Why do you care?
- I don't.

Other than a hacker,
he ain't a bomber.

[tense music playing]


[captor] Hostiles headed
toward the lobby.

- Better hurry.
- Shit.


And guess who else
just got here.

[Orlando] Oh, my God.

- [captor chuckles]
- [phone vibrating]

[Kim] Hello?

[phone powers down]

[wry laugh]

On her birthday, too.

It's my daughter's
birthday today.

[whimpers] And...

what if you're there
for the next one, right?

- Yeah.
- The one after that?

You get your ass
up off that chair.


Get us the hell out of here.

[whispers] All right.

We've yet to receive any more
information on Orlando Friar,

the man holed up inside.

However, we are being told

that authorities
are bringing down his family

in hopes to establish

[captor] Lots of windows
up here, huh?

Take a look.

Might as well wave.

By now, tactical protocols

will have at least three
trained shooters right on you.

Do you feel it?

[tense music playing]

I'm in position,
locked and loaded.

Target is in sight.

Seems to just be sitting
at his computer.

Heh. You are lucky we're
in such a sensitive age.

They don't want to blow
your brains out on live TV.


Well, it seems that we've reached
the next phase of our game,

because now they're finally
taking us seriously.

Time for the confession.

Record a video reading
that exact message

and stream it to the world.

I want to talk
to my family first.

- Not a chance.
- You want me to read this?

I talk to my family first.

- Or what?
- Or I'm done.

[captor laughing]

You know, you are
a real piece of shit,

but you do care
about your daughter.

I respect that.

Oh, what? We're buddies now?

Let me guess, you got
some kind of a daddy issue?

[captor chuckles]

My relationship with my
father is... complicated.

When he wasn't busy drinking
and kicking my ass,

we did have a bit
of a green thumb growing up.

You see, planter soil,

it's a great place
to hide a bomb.

And the best part
about 24/7 news

is that the bad guys
get to watch it all the same.

So the first thing they do in
our situation is sweep the area,

but a fertilizer bomb,
that doesn't show up

when it's under
a few feet of soil.

So you read that confession now,

or I press my little red button

and turn your family into soup.

All right, enough, enough.

You want me to read this?

Yes, that would be great.

Oh, and Orlando,

let's take it light
on the improv.

I'm a real stickler
for my words.

I'm being told that we're getting
a call from within Hudson Tower.

It could possibly be that there is
someone trapped inside the building.

Caller, what is your name?

[Orlando] This is the man
on the tenth floor.

I want you to go live
with this feed

I'm about to send you.

Hey, Zoey.

My partner,
Officer Jackson here,

he wants to ask you a few
questions. It's kind of stuffy in here.

Why don't you go out and get
some fresh air, maybe a snack?

What do you think?

- What do you feel like?
- It's okay. You can go.


- No job too small, hero.
- Not even babysitting.

Ma'am... Chief wants
to talk to you.

Ms. Friar, I need to know
everything about your husband,

and if he's capable of
doing something like this.

No, this isn't Orlando.

Well, he has record.

Yeah, I'm aware
of his record, okay?

And yes, he has some red marks,

but he's tried to change,

and he's worked really hard
to turn things around.

He's trying.

So he was going to be prosecuted
before he turned witness?

Um, yeah.

It was, um...

I was planning, um...

on giving him a...

But this isn't Orlando.

- I know.
- How do you know?

Because Orlando has made
some really stupid mistakes,

but the one thing he
wouldn't risk losing is Zoey.

See, that works for me.

Doesn't fit the profile
of a gig like this.

We're going off present intel.

I called
and he tried to call me.

Um, I missed it.

[news theme music playing]

Chief, you gotta
look at this here.

Heads up.

My name is Orlando Friar.

I am the person responsible
for the bombing in the park

and Hudson Towers.

There are more bombs
in the building

and hidden throughout the city.

Any more intrusions
from unwanted guests

will result
in hundreds of deaths.

I hope I am clear.

I have lied to all of you,

to my wife, Kim,
to my daughter, Zoey.

I helped orchestrate one
of the worst financial deceptions

in public trust in our history.

First, I want to set
some ground rules.

I am prepared to die.

I am hooked
to a dead man's switch.

If you kill me,
it will trigger all bombs...

and it will be
a bloody Christmas.

Kim, Zoey...

I love you!

- [mouths] I'm sorry...
- [static buzzes]

This is not Orlando.
He is terrified.

- Get every single bomb tech ready to breach.
- On it.

All right, SWAT,
prep for assault.

- Wait...
- Let's go.

Please, just listen to me.

[captor] What the
hell were you thinking?

Do you want your family to die?

I told you to read exactly
what was on that page!

A man ready to blow
himself up doesn't waver.

And what are you
gonna do about it?

Oh, you think there's a way
out of this, motherfucker?!

You think I won't hunt you and
your shitty little family down again?

Clock's ticking.

What were you talking about?

Two years ago, uh, Orlando,

he signed on with a... with a
big bucks New York start up.

Okay? And they paid all
of our bills, and it was better

than Orlando's former
life in hacking.

Investment bankers,
old retirees.

Anyone with portfolios
was welcome.

Old money, New York money.

It was all supposed to be
regulated, by the books.

But we soon realized

why they wanted Orlando
so badly.

They used me to crack into
phones, to break into servers.

Anything to gain an edge.

I thought it was just
data mining for them.

But it turns out they were
hacking into people's savings...

their 401ks.

And you didn't know?

I, uh...

I was willfully naive.

I mean, these were
powerful people.

You know, Wall Street, politicians.

Once the Feds got involved,

I couldn't outright let them
rob anyone anymore.

And what about...

The people who bought in?

Broke, and eaten by
the system they trusted.

And it wasn't
just rich investors,

it was regular people.

Their futures,
their pensions, just gone.

I worked for crooks

who spent it
as fast as they stole it.

There was nothing to give back.

No way to give these people
their lives back.

We put the bosses away.

And me and my partner
took a deal.

I took a deal.

You did what you had to
for your family.

When he found out
what they were doing,

he turned them in.

He didn't think about himself

or the family
he was about to lose.

And we left the city
and we moved here.

He lied to me,

but, um, he did the
right thing in the end.

He's a good man.

- He is.
- [door opens]

[Tobias] Locked
and loaded, Chief.

Green light.

Green light?
What is happening?

All right, you need
to go outside, please.

- Please don't hurt my husband.
- Listen, it's not up to us.

It's up to him.
He can either end this now

or we'll end it for him.

Can somebody get her outside?

- Mom.
- Zoey.

Did you tell them about
the message that Dad left us?

Yeah... yes, he-he-he
called and he left a message,

and, um, it sounds like there's
someone in the background.

Just listen.

Hey, hey, everyone,
keep it down, will you?

Hey, Orlando, you're famous.

- [Orlando] Oh, my God.
- I hear him.

I hear there's somebody there
talking to him.

All right, we'll take it
into consideration.

- Will you help my dad?
- Yeah, we'll do our best. Here.

I tried to reach the building
manager, Edmond Harris.

No one knows where he is.
Even his family.

Could be the bomber.

Chief, we gotta take this fucker

before anybody else dies today.

He says he's got a dead man's
switch ready to blow.

If we kill him, who knows
how many more could die?

That voice we just heard
on the phone,

he could be calling the shots.

You want to take that chance?

Now do you think
maybe Orlando's the patsy?

Chief, you read the sitrep.
It's a fucking bluff!

We're not gonna sit here and listen to
these old, washed up bomb squad guys

that haven't recovered
from their fucked up past.

Hey, that's not fair. Jackson's
not old and washed up.

Okay, shut the fuck up.

Christmas '96,

first call,
domestic disturbance.

Guy said that if we made a move,

he'd blow the house,
kids at all.

Do you know how many times I
would have said that idiot was bluffing?

How many times I was wrong?

It's not your call.

And it's not yours.


It's mine.

The queen's the most valuable
player on the board.

Just check the facts.
What's the next move, Chief?

Okay, I'm through
the fourth wall.

- Shit!
- Shit?

It's high-level encryption.

How high?

Well, if the Pentagon
is a ten, it's a 12.5.

Can-can you crack it?

I ain't got no choice.


[on radio] By your command.

Red light, red light,
stand down.

Roger that.


Don't get too comfortable,
Wallace, you're up to bat.


No, no, don't wait up.

Working late,
big shindig, you'll see.

Make sure the milkman's gone
before I get back.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

I wish you a Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year.


Later, baby.

You sing Christmas songs
to your wife?

Oh, yeah, she's kinky that way.

You know what they say,

calling before a job
is bad luck.

Who says?

The movies.

Yeah, guy calls his old lady,

next thing you know,
it's curtains for that guy.

As a bomb guy,
you savor every moment.

- You got anyone you need to call?
- Nah.

What the hell was that?

[captor] Protocol. They cut
power before they burst in firing.

Finish the job.

[computer trills]

Oh, no... [grunts]
I lost progress on lock five.

- Fix it!
- Come on, Orlando.

Come on, you got this.
Come on.

Shh. Let me think,
let me think.

There's nothing in this room
strong enough to break it.

Just figure it out,
okay? Just figure it out.

There-there has to be
some hacker shit

that you know that you can use...

Come on! Mission victory
is in sight!

- Life or death! You choose!
- Hey!

You're as screwed as I am!

If you could break in here
yourself, you would.

Just figure it out!

Okay. Stop, stop,
stop, stop...

- Figure it out already!
- Shut up! Hold on!

We got to flood it.

It'll look like
a standard DDoS attack.

We backdoor
the defense response.

We flood the servers.

Templar Bonds guard protocols
won't stand a chance.

Everything out there
is running on a network.

All sending signals
to that network.

If I could redirect the signals,
we could send them all here.

I could use the traffic to overload
their servers and jam them up.

This disables lock five.

The only problem is,
traffic's gonna hit us, too.

I need a shield.

[tense music playing]


Tenth floor.

I swear, if we take
this guy alive,

I'm gonna kick his ass.

Come on, Old Yeller.

It ain't time for pasture yet.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, your mom
wore me out earlier.

My mom don't like older men.
Plus, she's racist.

We're approaching the door.

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

There's somebody else in there.

- [Jackson] A hostage?
- Yeah, maybe.

It's fiber time.

Whoa. Nice rig.

You're telling me a white collar
hacker on parole made that?

Pretty high tech.

Wallace, stop, pan back.

Pan back.

We got a hostage.

What the fuck are you doing?

Red Knight
has to shield the Queen.

If I unleash this attack,
we're right in the strike zone.

All right, well, come on, hurry
up. It shouldn't be taking this long.


[Tobias] Chief.

- What is it, Sergeant?
- We got something.

Our assault team
is at base camp.

We know Orlando
works on the tenth floor.

Well, we're picking up
another heat signature.

Where is that?

It's inside one
of those server rooms.

They're probably
hiding in there.

You know, hoping they would
blend in with the heat of the servers.

This jackass
could be an accomplice,

or someone controlling him.

You gotta get this fucker.

[Connelly over radio]
Wallace, stop.

We got a possible second
suspect in the building.

It could be our missing
person, Edmond Harris.

You're shitting me.

- A second voice.
- Yeah.

We're fairly certain that's where
the other bombs could be located.

Don't tell me.
Fourth floor, right?

Server room. Why?

Well, that's the weakest part
in the building structure.

It could bring the whole
thing down from there.

All right, SWAT's en route.

We need one of you to meet them.

All right, I'm on it.

- [grunts]
- No, you stay here.

Disarm that bomb.
I'll take care of it.

Not a chance.
Come on, movies, man.

Guys split up now, it's
curtains for one of them.

Listen, Old Yeller,
you're never gonna make it.

Take care of this,
I'll handle that.

It's like chess, man.

It's not emotional.
I got this.

All right. Well, listen,
Action Jackson,

you even get a whiff of
anything rotten, you bail.

- You hear me?
- Roger.

Me and you got
unfinished business.

- Click clack.
- Good luck.

- I was born for this shit.
- Yeah.

[captor] Orlando,
get the cameras online.

[tense music playing]

He's trapped in there?

Wallace, we got him.

Hey, slow down, kid, slow down.

See the next move.

[captor] What are you doing?

Flood the servers,
finish the job.

Hey, asshole, guess what?

SWAT's about to knock
on your door.



Go, go, go, go, go, go!

[suspenseful music playing]

Hey, hey, hey, give me
an update. What's the status?

Come on. Talk to me.

[Tobias] Don't you move,

I'm gonna visit you in prison.

I hope you like being
someone's prison bitch,

'cause you're in
the hot seat now.

What the hell is that?

[recording] I am not a crook.

Death to the capitalist pig!

It's Edmund Harris,
our missing person.

I tried to reach the building
manager, Edmund Harris,

no one knows where he is.
Even his family.

Is that...?

[Jackson] He's dead, Wallace.

[captor laughing]

His eye is missing.

[recording] I am not a crook.

[distorted] Death
to the capitalist pig.


What the hell is that?

It's a bomb!
Everybody get out!


Give me eyes in there.
Can anyone read me?

- Fuck.
- [Connelly] Damn it!


Jackson, you all right?

Jackson, Jack... Oh, fuck.

Fuck me. [Exhales]

Can anyone read me?

Anyone? Damn it!


[crowd clamoring]

[Kim] Can you tell me
what happened?


Is he alive?

Don't ignore me!
Is he alive?

[door closes]

[tense music playing]

Ava, you good?

What the hell was that?


I think they found him.

I think they found him.

[captor] Oh, they found
something, all right.

It won't be much of a problem
from here on out.


How many must die
for a simple job?

How many lives are you
going to destroy, Red Knight?

Fuck you, you cocksucker!

- [captor laughing]
- It's not my fault, you son of a bitch!

Oh, take responsibility for
once in your worthless life,

you pathetic little man.

Really colorful language
back there, though.

You know, I-I particularly
liked "prison bitch."


Well, who's the bitch now?

Oh, that wasn't
a rhetorical question.

Hey! Who's the bitch now?

I'm the bitch.

No more games.
You can't win.

Launch the fucking strike.


Do you want me to take the shot?

You want me to launch
this attack, it's ready.

No, that is not him.
He's talking to somebody.

But I want promises.

I want promises this time.

You deactivate the bomb,
and you set me free.

[captor] I promise.

Hail Mary time.

[captor] Officer Reed.

I wouldn't recommend doing that.

Leave now before I turn you
into cat food,

like your friends
on the fourth floor.

You stay out.

[mouthing] Help me.

Finish the job, soldier!

Yellow light.
Waiting next cue.

Green light.

Roger that.
Green light.

All units, all units,
stand down.

Orlando is not the bomber.
I repeat,

Orlando is not the bomber.

Red light, red light!
Stand down!

- [gunshot]
- Oh, God!

[whispers] Oh, God.

That's a miss.
Thank God.


[timer beeping]

He must have a live feed here
and into the rigged room.

He's close by.

We aren't making
any more heat signatures out.

He's here.

He saw me as I came in.
Read my name right off the tag.

Plus, signals are jammed all throughout
around the city after that DDoS attack.

Only way to see in here,
right now, is to be here.

[captor] You see, soldier?

I'm not the enemy.

Everyone else
is trying to kill you.


[tense music playing]

It's finished.

I broke it.

[captor] I never
doubted you for a second.

The last lock
is manually operated.

Disarm all the bombs
and let me go.

Man, you are a beast hacker,
but you're gullible as shit.

There's no fertilizer bomb
out there.

There's not enough soil.
Where would I put it?

Nah, there's only
one bomb left, Orlando,

and it's under you.

I did my job. Let me go.

I don't think so.

I'll handle
the last lock myself.

Oh, no?

[static buzzes]

Hey... Ava.

That shield wasn't just for him.

It was for us, too.

He can't see us or hear us.

Not unless I want him to.

[captor] Stay seated, Orlando.

I'll let you know
when it's safe to get up.


Please help!

He cut the cameras!
That psycho can't see.

Okeydoke, miss.

Get you out of here in a jiffy.

Hang in there, Red Knight.
It's almost done.

Son of a...

Okay, get the hell
out of here, go.

- I-I...
- Run.

- Ava, go!
- Ava, you're out.

- Go!
- Help him.

- Wallace.
- Orlando.

- Yeah.
- Can you get me out of this thing?

- Why? You in some kind of hurry?
- A little bit.

- How much do you weigh?
- How much do I weigh?

- Yeah.
- Uh, 175.

One-seventy-five solid
or 177? 'Cause it matters.

Last time I checked, I was 175.

What is it, keto diet?

Get me outta this thing,
I'll take you for ice cream.

Yeah. Full-fat, okay?


[suspenseful music playing]

Ah, damn it. Damn!

- What? What, what?
- Shit!

I can't stop it.

It's only rigged to explode.

It's a pressure switch.

Let's see what I can do.

Ah, there's no way out.

No way out.


Hey, you hear me,
you son of a bitch?

We made a deal.

I help you, you let me go.

I lied.

[suspenseful music playing]


You motherfucking...

You shouldn't
have done that, asshole.

- Tell my family I love them, okay?
- Yeah.

- I know what we're gonna do.
- What are you thinkin'?

Get out of here safe.


Run! Go!

- [grunts]
- [beeping]

[people clamoring]


Give me a fucking status!

[Orlando panting]

You son of a bitch!

Yeah! He's alive!

You clever motherfucker.

[siren blaring]

- Dad's okay?
- Yes, Dad is fine.

Look, I'll answer questions
later, all right?

I just wanna see my family.

Is this the man in the elevator?

Yeah, that's my co-worker.

And my friend.

He was a good man.

And I got him killed.

- We can see Dad now, right?
- Yes, sweetie.

- He's not in trouble, is he?
- No, I don't think so.

- [man] Mrs. Friar.
- Yes.

Come with me, please, I'm gonna
take you to see your husband.

"Charlie don't surf."

Where is that from again?

Apocalypse Now.
Trippy movie.

[Connelly] The guy in the picture
was wearing an Apocalypse Now shirt.

Apocalypse Now.

You like movies, Orlando?

I don't give a shit
about movies right now.

I really like Apocalypse Now.

Is this the man in the elevator?

It was a construction gig fall
when I was 17.

Pops never quite
got over that one.

His army brat gimp not being
able to follow in his footsteps.

Oh, a parent's love.

[Connelly] "Charlie don't surf."

My desk is in the blind spot
in this office.

It's him.

[tense music playing]

What the hell?



Where did you work in this
building? Is it Templar Bonds?

No, I-I work in the
management office. Why?

- So you have security access?
- Yeah.

Yeah, the hot blonde?

No, no, no. Keep up, that's
Ava. That's the seventh floor.


What's going on?

Is that standard in elevators?

I don't know.

Hey, I think I know you.

Yeah, I remember you.

What are you
talking about, baby?

Oh, just that one idiot
from Dad's office.

You're Dad's friend, right?

Yes. Your dad
and I are...

We're very close.

[Kim] I thought that you...

What's wrong, Mom?

Nothing, just...
something I knew.

You know what?

I was gonna save this for later,

but... why not?

It's your birthday, right?

[bag unzipping]

- Got a present for you.
- Oh.

[suspenseful music playing]

Hey, somebody!

Please, help me find my family.

I need to find my daughter.


Hey, your daughter, was
she wearing a pink jacket?

- Yeah, where'd you see her?
- An officer took her and another person up there.

- That elevator.
- Oh, my God.

- They're going to the roof.
- Let's look.

[Enzo] Let's go! Walk!

To your left.

Good. Okay, stop.

[whispers indistinct]

No, please!

Shut up! Get over there.
Over there.

Now, you just think of this
as a little fireworks jacket.


The whole city's gonna
celebrate your birthday!

Let's go.

[tense music playing]




More collateral damage!

How many gotta die for you,



So we finally reach
the end of the river.

Willard came all this way to eliminate
Colonel Kurtz with extreme prejudice,

only to find out...
when they met...

...they were the same man.

Come on out, Orlando!
Face your commanding officer!

Okay. Okay.

I'm coming out.

Here comes Daddy.


Orlando, please
fix this. Please!

You fucked up.

I had a well-planned,

well-executed operation, soldier.

Tracking, surveillance,

listening to your droning
bullshit every fucking day.

God... is he that boring at home?

I was so close.

Do you have any idea
what I put into this?!

How long it took
to build that chair rig?!

Yeah, where'd you learn that?
On Staten Island?


you learn a thing or two
when your old man was...

Delta in 'Nam.

Your whole life is a lie.

[Enzo] You good, honey?

[Kim whimpers]

You may not have put the bullet
in my dad's head,

but you fucking took him
out of commission!

He and my mom... Look at me!

Okay, okay.

They sunk every penny they had
into that sham company of yours.

You lied.

You might as well have pulled
the trigger yourself.


I need you to know...

You deserve this.

So this is all about your dad?

I mean, yes and no.
I did need your skills.

Killing you, you know,
that was just a...

[clicks tongue]
...little perk.

This is my sin, not theirs.

The sins of the father...

- Hey, let 'em go.
- Dad, I'm scared!

Take me. I can help you.
I can help you vanish.

Nah, I think this just
became a suicide mission.

Dad, I wanna go home.

- We will, honey.
- Quit lying to her.

Quit lying to your daughter!
That's what got you here!

Your deceit, your lies!
You fucking snake!

Stop lying!

You know what, Enzo?
You're right.

I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the rush.

I was good at it.

I am good at it.

And I would do it again.

Especially to a sucker
like your old man.

Shut the fuck up!


[Enzo yells]


Honey, you okay?

- [Kim muttering]
- You all right?

Okay, okay. Okay, let's get
this thing off of you.

- All right?
- Orlando, get it off.


- [beeping]
- Dad...

Hang on, relax.

- It's counting down.
- Oh, no.

Help! Help!

What are you gonna do?

[gasping] What are you
gonna do, Orlando?

Blame yourself again?


I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying here. Go, Kim. Go!

- No.
- Go!

- No.
- Run... [chuckles]


[gasps] Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


- [indistinct chatter]
- [siren wailing]

Yeah, I'm on my way.
See you at the hospital.

- [indistinct chatter on phone]
- Yeah, a vacation sounds nice.

Retirement sounds better.


Thanks for helping out.

Yeah, I'm just a guy
trying to fix his family.

That guy over there,
he's the hero.

He saved us all.

Tell that to the papers, okay?

We're gonna need you
downtown for questioning.

Can I just have a minute
with my family?


You guys still mad at me
for missing the party?

I'm here to make it
up to you, okay?

[gentle music playing]

[rock music playing]

[rock music ends]

[instrumental music playing]