Hot Rods to Hell (1967) - full transcript

While on a business trip just before Christmas, Tom Phillips gets into a car accident, which was caused by the reckless driving of the other car involved. Although Tom suffered no paralysis from his back injury, he did come out of the accident with a chronic back problem which results in him not being able to continue with his current work, and a mental block having anything to do with the accident, including Christmas music, driving in general and the sounds of screeching tires and breaking glass. The Phillips - Tom, his wife Peg, and their two children, teenager Tina and pre-teen Jamie - end up moving from their Boston home and buying a motel in Mayville in the California desert. Tom would be physically able to do the work required running a motel, and the dry heat is good for his back. But as they approach Mayville, they encounter a bunch of reckless hot rodders named Duke, Ernie and Gloria. Since Tom scolds them about their reckless behavior, they decide to make the Phillips' lives miserable by terrorizing them using their souped up vehicle. They also end up finding out where the Phillips' ultimate destination is. But as their string of altercations comes to a head, the process which includes Tina's teen-aged infatuation with Duke, the Phillips have to figure out how best to protect themselves, Tom who knows they can't outrun the souped up hot rod, or out "chicken" the crazed Duke.

I'll get it.

Don't you touch it. That's Harold.

Phillips residence.
This is the butler speaking.

Hey, it's Dad.
- Where is he?

Where are you? He's in Boston.

Dad, you promised me
that helmet for Christmas.

If I'm gonna play football
I gotta be protected, don't I?

He says Santa Claus will know
if my marks are good or not.

Dad? Tina.

Those pajamas,
the real kicky ones with the lace...

...the ones I told you about.

Well, all that lace.
You might catch cold.

Oh, I saw some very nice flannel ones.


Who'd marry a girl in flannel pajamas?

Careful now,
you'll have him believing you.

Come on, now.
- Hurry home.


Hi, darling.

At least when I hear your voice,
I know you've survived those kids.

Everything all right?
- Perfect.

Yes. Yeah, we have a card from Bill.

Oh, it's awfully California.
It shows a partridge in a palm tree.

When will you be here?

Well, I just made my last call
at the Boston store.

If the traffic's not too bad,
be there about 6:30.

Fine, darling. Dinner will be ready. Bye.


Leave it on. You look better that way.

Mom, if Tina wears that beard,
can she be my brother?

Oh, you two.

Several airports have been closed down
due to the heavy fog...

...which is blanketing the Eastern seaboard.

With Christmas traffic
reaching its peak hours...

...highway traffic has become snarled
in many areas.

And while we have no official figures
as yet, from the National Safety Council...

...concerning the mounting death toll in--

That stupid, drunken fool.

Doctor, don't try to be kind.
I have to know.

It's all right, they'll have to know too.
Sooner or later.

He's going to live, isn't he?

It could have been worse, Mrs. Phillips.

the spine wasn't severely damaged...

...and I'm quite sure
there won't be any paralysis.

You hear that?
He's gonna be all right.

Oh, I'm so grateful, doctor.

Now, it's going to take time.

He'll have a brace on for several months.
He can't be moved.

Oh, we'll manage.

Just so long as he has
everything he wants.

Don't worry, we'll get the money.

Not a very pleasant Christmas for you.
I'm sorry.

Thank you. Thank you for everything.

You know something?
That doctor was wrong.

You'll see,
it's gonna be a great Christmas.

I bet Dad got worse than that
when he used to play football, huh, Mom?

Bill. I must call Bill.

In California?
It's 5:00 in the morning.

He's his brother, Tina. He has to know.
That's what families are for.

Hey, Uncle Bill, let me get Dad's valise.


Bill, we'd have been lost without you
these last two months.

Look, when I wind up in the hospital,
you can do the same for me.

Well, this is a big day for Tom.
And for you and the kids.

I just hope Tom feels the same
about our plans as we all do.

Man, I sure don't.

Tina, things have changed.
You'll just have to get used to it, honey.

Peg, you were saying Tom will
have to get used to things too.

Have you told him what we have in mind?

No. The accident did something to him, Bill.

Not just his back,
it's his attitude about things.

I'm afraid he's become a--...

A what?
- A very frightened man.

Hey, Mom, can I help dad pack his stuff?
- Sure.

Oh, boy. Does he know he's
coming home today or can I surprise him?

The doctor surprised him three days ago.

Now run along.

Oh, Tina, tell your father we'll be in
in just a few minutes.

Tom has never been afraid of anything.

He hasn't gotten over the shock
the way they thought he would, Bill.

That's why the doctor didn't want us to talk
about our plans until Tom was home again.

What does that doctor think he is,
a mental case?

No. Not the way you think.

But he will have to start a whole new life.

And that may be very hard
for him to adjust to.

Peg, Tom's not a kid. We're trying
to help him. He'll understand that.

He's been a very sick man, Bill.

We'll have to do most of the understanding.


And I have learned years ago,
never argue with a woman.

Come on, let's get him out of there
before they put him in a straitjacket.

There it is, Tom. Big and beautiful...

...and just waiting for you
to start raking in all that big, fat money.

All you have to do is sit there
and the customers come to you.

Well, look, Bill....

I know you mean well,
but this is out of my league.

And I'm broke.

I can't buy a motel.

Tom, please. Listen to Bill.
He has it all figured out.

Right smack in the desert.

With plenty of sun to bake out
that back of yours, like the doctor said.

Peg, you know what's left
of our bank account.

And the doctor also said
you can't go back to your old job.

No more driving around,
covering the whole New England territory.

You gonna argue with that?


Tell them you don't want to live
on the desert.

Tina, be still.

Well, I like it here.

All her boyfriends are here.

You be quiet.

I'm gonna be a prospector.


...Bill's spent a lot of time trying to find
something that would be the answer for us.

I got all the motel's records
for the past three years.

The place has always made money.

And you can even keep on the same help
for the coffee shop.

As for the building, I've had termite guys
and contractors go over the whole thing.

It's solid. Doesn't need a lick of work.
Not even paint.

And it'll be nice having you
so close to us in California.

We could see each other more often.

But, Bill...

...the money.

You sell your equity in the house...

...I throw a few bucks into the pot,'re in business.

How much money
would you be lending me?

Four or 5000.
What difference does it make?

You've got your own family to look after.
- Look, the deal is practically made.


Well, it's completely your decision.

Bill just wants to help.

Well, I have to think.

Sure, Tom.
But I have to get back to California.


Give me till tomorrow, Bill.

Get over.


Oh, darling, what is it?

I have to get away from here, Peg.

As far away as I can get.

I don't know what kind of life
it'll be for you and the kids...

...but I'd like to try that motel.

You don't have to rush things, you know.

We both know it's the answer.

Don't we?

Well, Bill will be awfully glad.

Well, as soon as I'm able,
we'll make the trip. Just the four of us.

We'll even sell the furniture.

Everything's going to be brand-new.

I feel as if my clothes are growing on me.

I wish we had air conditioning.

Our motel has air conditioning, anyway.

Only another 80 miles
and we'll be there. You'll live.

Hey, Duke.

Take your foot off that brake.

Run him off the road, Duke.
Run him off the road.

Oh, man. Man.

Good heavens.

Those idiots.

They were dragging, Dad.
Real tough too.

Yeah, but did you see that nutty girl
sitting up on top?

They were on both sides of the road.
If they wanna kill themselves...'s all right with me, but they--
- Tom, let it go.

All the kids drag, Dad.
- If I catch you doing what that girl was--

Hey, quarter past 1.
Time for your exercise.

In this heat?
- You know what Dr. Olsen said...

...about heat and exercise for your back.

Maybe they'll come back.

If they do,
they'll have the whole road to themselves.

Come on, monkeys, out with you.

It'll be good to stretch.

Dr. Olsen said every four hours.

Peg, it all came back again last night.

The horns blowing,
the lights, the brakes.

'Jingle Bells,' the whole thing.

I thought I'd go
right through the top of my skull.

Maybe your man needs a psychiatrist.
- Oh, nonsense.

A lot of people feel a shock like that
for quite a while. You'll get over it.

I hope so.

Darling, wouldn't you like to try
driving for the next few miles?

No, that thing just winked at me.

It said, 'I double-triple-dare you.'

We have the only talking steering wheel
in the country.

Well, I think driving right now
might be just what you need.

That's just from talking about it.

Well, Peg, traveling this way is
the cheapest way for us to make the trip...

...but it's taken about all the guts
old Tom could scare up.

I know you better than that.

Maybe I'm not the same guy.


We have too much at stake.

I want you to get us to that motel
all in one piece.

Hey, Dad, I'm waiting.

All right.

One more lap.

Is this the kind of a place
we're going to live?

Well, I told you, there's a town there.

Catch it, daddy.

Man, she's way-out.

All girls are nuts.

She could have knocked my brains out.

What kind of animals are those?

You're doing it, baby.

Go. Go.

Hold on.
- Hey, hey.

Hey, John, get lost.

What are we doing here?

Get lost, Ernie.

Get lost. Just like that.

Gloria thinks you should wait for us
back at Charlie's.

Slow down, Peg.

We don't have to make Mayville for dinner.

The kids will get hungry.
We'll have to stop before that.

I'll keep it at 50.

Not much traffic.

It couldn't be very good
for the motel business.

Well, you know what Bill said,
Interstate 99 goes through Mayville too.

That could be a tire.
You'd better slow down.

Tom, no.

For heaven's sake, Tom,
don't ever grab the wheel like that again.

I had to do something, even if it was
wrong. I couldn't just sit here like a stick.

Dad, you could've got us killed.
- Oh, now, let's not go being too dramatic.

It wasn't that bad, after all.
- All right, Peg. Don't treat me like a child.

Tina's right.

Well, we'd better look for a service station.
Arguing isn't going to get that tire fixed.

Maybe I could do it.

That makes two of us who can't.

What happened to your wheels?

Haven't you ever seen
anybody walk before?

Duke's got other business?

Oh, you should be telling fortunes.

Well, if you're out of gas,
I'm not putting any more on the cuff.

Oh, come on, Charley.

All I want is 10 gallons.

I'll drink them here, all right?

Wise-guy kids.

It looks like you folks had a close one.

Oh, we had a pretty rough time.

Good thing we didn't have to go very far.

Nobody should drive around
this country without a jack.

We got a jack, but--
- It's the heat.

We've had a pretty exhausting time of it.

Providing your spare is good,
it shouldn't take long.

Get inside, go out of the sun,
if you want to.

Thanks. Come on, Jamie.

I wanna watch.


In a minute.

You're one of the boys
that was in that red car.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right.
Yeah, that Gloria's a kook.

She's always throwing things out.
Someday, she's gonna hit somebody.

The way you kids drive,
that car's gonna hit somebody.

Well, no one's complained up until now.

Not even the police?

Well, yeah. Let's see,
Duke got a ticket once.

Yeah. I think he was
around 12 years old then.

You think it's quite a joke, don't you?

Yeah. How about that?

Where are the others?

What's bugging you? You wanna make
a federal case out of a beer can?

Maybe the police won't think
running people off the road...

...with those souped-up sardine cans
of yours is such a joke.

Oh, man, I'll tell you,
you're scaring me to death.

What's your name?

Look, you came a long way
to look for trouble.

You should've brought some help with you.

Are you gonna tell me your name?

Well, you ask me again.

You young punks. Don't nobody
ever teach you to respect your elders?

You come around this station again--
- Yeah, you gonna stop us, Charley?

Why can't you stop them?

What is it with kids today? Do you know
what kind of people those kids come from?

Honest, God-fearing, for the most part.

They work hard for a living.

That one and his friend Duke...

...their pas got some of the best farmland
around here.

They give those kids everything they want.

But kids don't know what they want
these days. Nobody does.

Nobody in all God's creation.

Where are we going now?

Can't you relax, just for a minute?

All week long we go to school,
just waiting for Saturday.

It gets here...'s either this or the Arena.

Everybody's out for kicks.

What else is there?

School's gonna be finished pretty soon.

It's gonna be the same old bit.

It's so hot, you can't breathe.

What's left for kicks?

There's always something.

Can we head it for L.A.?
Or Vegas? Anywhere?

You're flipped.
Now, what's in those places?

We don't know. That's just the point.

Well, we know what's here.

Know what my father will do tonight?

Take an olive out of his martini
and then he'll show it to your folks.

Then he'll say, 'This is number one.

Somebody stop me
when I get to number 14...

...because I won't be able to count.'

And he'll expect everybody to laugh.

Just for kicks.

Man, you're getting to be a drag.

Look, we'll be at the Arena tonight.

Things will look different to me then.
You'll see.

Everybody'll be turned on.

I bet I could do that.

Of course you could, sonny.

If I had any sense,
I'd be doing something else.

You kindly remember
old Charley told you that.

What is he waiting for?

His pal will be picking him up.

The sooner, the better.

Almost finished.

That should get you where you wanna go.

According to the map,
it shouldn't be very far.

How far is it to Mayville from here?

Fifty-two miles.

You're going to Mayville?

Yeah, that's the end of the line for us.

We're gonna live there.

I bought myself a motel.

You bought Dailey's?

How'd you know it was Dailey's?

There ain't no other motel in Mayville.

Dailey never told anybody
he was selling out.

Oh, you know him?

Well, it's a long way from here.

This kind of country,
nothing's a long way from anywhere.

Well, if it's the only motel,
it ought to make money.

Well, Dailey got his, I reckon.

That'll be a buck and a half.

There you are.
- This one's real good.

Tell your mother we're ready.

- See you.

And good luck.



I'm gonna drive the rest of the way.

If you're rushing things because
of what happened with that flat, that's--

It's only 52 miles.

Okay, monkeys, you heard the boss.
Into the back.

Attaboy, Dad. You show them.

Dailey shouldn't have sold the place
to a square like that.

Do you expect me to be sorry for you
or the guy that bought it?

You crazy gopher-head. If you wanna kill
somebody, go do it somewhere else.

Hey, did I bust anything?
Now, did I hit anybody?

What are you yelling about, old man?
- Charley, get lost.

We gotta do something. You know that
character Gloria threw the beer can at?

Well, he was just here.

He owns Dailey's now.
He bought the place.

Wait. You're out of your mind.

I tell you,
he's on his way to Mayville now.

Look, you better not be putting us on.

Look, what do you think, I'm crazy?

This new guy, what's he like?

What's he like? He's a real square.

He was even going to the police
about what happened on the road today.

Well, maybe we should change
his mind, huh?

Are you going to give him trouble?

No, don't worry, you'll spot them.

Yeah. We'll give them the whole routine.


Why don't you kids leave him alone?

Oh, you're old, Charley.
How would you know?

You know what that man said?
We own the only motel in the whole town.

Why, that's marvelous. I don't see
how we can help but make money.

Well, it makes you wonder
why Dailey would want to sell.

You hear that, Tina?
Which college is it going to be?

- Yale? I thought that was for boys.

Crazy, man.

Hey, Hanesburg. Two miles.

We can get a hamburger.

Now, you know our lunchbox is
in the trunk. You'll just have to wait.

If they want to pass,
what are they waiting for?

What are those fools trying to do?

Slow down. Make him pass you.

Well, they can pass now,
if they were going to.

Oh, stop it, Tom.
What good does it do?

There's Hanesburg.

Why didn't they go on through,
as long as--

You'd do better looking at the road.

Thanks, buddy,
but we've already seen it.

The light's changed.
Let them go on through.

They're not moving.

They're waiting for us.

Tom, look out.

Are you blind?
They ought to take your license away.

Tom, if you want me to drive....

What would I be running away from?
Three kids in a car?

You're expecting too much. In a few
months these things won't bother you.

I can't wait a few months.

They're behind us again.

Tom, please. Please let's stop.

I had an argument with one of those kids
at the filling station.

I don't know what they're doing,
but stopping won't do any good.

Speed up, Dad.
Maybe you can lose them.

Well, we're going 55 now.

I'm not gonna do
what they want me to, Jamie.

Here comes Joe.

Get in front of him.

They're going to box me in.

Look at the square.
He's beginning to squeal.

Tom, I can't stand it.

All right.

There he goes.

They won't let me out.

Wayne and Gordie
should be coming by now.

Peg, they're insane.

All of them. What have we got into?

Tom, we've got to get away from them.
Can you try?

He's running.

Yeah. Right into John and Corrie.

Up there, Peg.
Maybe there's some people.

It's Saturday, Tom. Of course.
There must be people there.

You gonna let him get away?
- He's scared, man.

He ran like a rabbit.

He won't get away.

Hey, over here. Over here.
- Come on. Over here.

It's all right, now.


They won't dare follow us. Not here.

What did they want?

What did we do to them?

Boy, I sure thought we were goners.

They could have killed us.

Yeah, they could also have
killed themselves.

Doesn't make any difference to them.

Oh, for heaven's sakes, Harry.

Don't 'for heaven's sake, Harry' me.

You said that you'd bring the lunch.

And I remember distinctly telling you
to bring the lunch.

Well, we can eat our lunch here.

Maybe by that time, they'll be gone.

You mean you think
they're actually waiting down there?

Maybe not.

They've had their fun.

What if they're not through with us?
- Oh, no.

Tina, be quiet, dear.

Look, I think there's an empty table
over there.

Feel any better?
- It's easing up a little bit.


You know, sooner or later, we're gonna
have to go back to that highway.

Maybe there's a different road to Mayville.

Not according to the map.

If they're still waiting down there
in that hot sun, they're welcome to it.

We're comfortable here.
We can outwait them.

A nap would do you good.

Who could sleep?

Gee, are we just gonna sit here?

I wish we'd never left Boston.

If you can't find something to do for just a--

Hey, Dad.
How about throwing the football around?

This is no time for something--
- I'll throw with you.

My ma and pa are over there.

Hey, Mom, can I?

Well, just watch our where you throw it.

It's okay.

Maybe you'd like to look around.


You know, this isn't far from Mayville.
We might even be coming back.

Do you suppose there are any boats
out on that lake?


All right, I can take a hint.
But I'm warning you, I'm going to hate it.

I wouldn't care
if we never saw this place again.

Peg, I hope coming out here
wasn't just one big, fat mistake.

We're all nervous. We'll get over that.

How old do you suppose those boys were?

Seventeen, 18. Very young.
- Yeah.

Tina's 16.
- I know. I've been thinking about that too.

Maybe they won't be in the same school.

Oh, I'm sure she can find decent kids
her own age to make friends with.

She hates it now.
I can't say that I blame her.

Well, that'll soon wear off.
She'll forget Boston.

Those pills. They're in the compartment--

No, darling, let me get them.

That's my pop. Cool, huh?

Doesn't he know better than that,
with children around?

Is he leaving without you?

No, there's a hot-dog stand
on the other side of the lake.

Stay there. I'll boot you one.
- Okay.

Say, that was a pretty good catch.

Yeah, he used to play in high school.

He made all-city.
- No kidding.

You didn't have to catch that, you know.

Did it prove anything?

Hey, Dad, that was a neat catch.

I bet you if you didn't have
that busted back... would've shown those kooks
in the hot rods.

You just heard from my psychiatrist.

Tom, no man could've done anything
about what happened today.

They wanted me to run and I did.

All I could do was blow my horn at them.

I don't know how they knew it, Peg.

But they knew I couldn't stand up to them.

Why did we follow them all the way here?

You can't bug them
with those people around.

Maybe Duke just wants to apologize.

Apologize to who?
- Hey, why don't you two shut up, huh?

Is that why you wanted to come up here?

Just so you could be with that girl?
- Since when do you tell me what to do?

Hey, Duke, what are you gonna do
when you find her, huh?

Don't worry,
Duke will think of something.

If it wears skirts,
Duke can always think of something.

Ernie, I don't wanna be bothered.
You keep her here, all right?

Hey, what are you, deaf?

If he touches that girl....

Just relax. Take it easy.


Look, would you cut it out?

What, am I hurting little Ernie?

Just cut it out, will you?

Tell me, little Ernie...

...does it still hurt?

Man, you are nuts.
Duke's my best friend.

So why don't you follow him?
Maybe he'll share that other chick with you.

Oh, man, you are nuts.

You should've told me
you were gonna be here.

Please let me go.
- Wait a minute. I haven't done anything.

Do you always sneak up
in back of people like that?

Some girls like to be sneaked up on.

I want to go--
- Wait a minute. Wait.

After I went to all this trouble to find you?

Why did you do that to us today?

We weren't bothering you.

My father's sick and you--
- Well, how did I know he was sick?

We were out having a ball and we thought
he'd go along with us. For kicks.

You almost killed us...

...for kicks?

Killed you?

Do you think I'd wanna hurt anybody
that looks like you?

Tell that to your girlfriend.


That's Ernie's girl.
And a lot of other guys too.

Do you think I'd share my girl
with a lot of other guys?

I don't know and I don't care.

Well, that's too bad. I thought... long as you're going to be living
in Mayville....

How did you know where we'll live?

I know all about your father
taking over Dailey's motel.

Maybe you don't know it,
but things really get swinging there.

No, don't do that.

Hey, don't you wanna know
the way I feel about you?


We'll be friends, baby. Good friends.

As long as your father
doesn't get in our way.

I don't wanna see you again, ever.

You know, Dailey was our friend too.

He was like one of us.

Now, you tell your father
that he'd better not try to change things.

Because if he does, nobody around here,
but nobody, is going to have any fun.

Not even you.

Well, did you find her?

What do you think I'm doing there,
looking around?

Tell me what happened?

Yeah, I found her down at the lake
cooling off.

I bet you didn't let her cool off
for long, huh?

Let's just say I made the world safe
for Saturday night at the Arena.

Now, let's get into town.

So help me,
I'd like to report a man like that.

Hey, Pop. What'd you get?

I told you I'd make it quick.

Here you are, boy.

Here, sweetheart. Nice and cold, huh?

Where were they before?

They can't be everywhere at once.

Talk to them now. Tell them about it.

Something I can do for you?

Your driver's license, please, mister.

What happened?

Kind of hot, huh, officer?

How about a drink, huh?

Sixty-eight miles an hour
in a 30-mile zone...

...making a left turn without a signal...

...and not coming to a full stop
at a stop sign.

I call that bad driving, mister.

I've been driving bad for 24 years,
I haven't had a ticket yet.

Now, what do you call that?

I call that lucky.

You can be in court
any day before the 19th.

Are you kidding?
My auto club will take care of it.

That's fine.
But just remember this, mister:

You're driving that car,
not your auto club.

Look, you gave me the ticket.
I don't need a lecture too.

This lecture won't cost you anything.
The ticket will.

And if I ever catch you going over 30
in this speed zone again...'ll call your auto club
from inside a jail cell.

So now what are you trying to do,
show me some muscle?

Mister, we run into brave guys like you
every day in the week.

They're always brave
until they hit somebody.

People have been running away from you
for 24 years.

Why don't you quit pressing their luck?

Hick cops.

They're all the same.

Oh, officer.

Did you just come up from the highway?

About half an hour ago,
to patrol the lake.

Did you see any cars at the bottom
of the picnic road? Boys in hot rods.

No, why?

They've gone.

They were following us, officer.

They would have driven us
off the road if we hadn't come in here.

Did you get their license numbers?

Well, no. I couldn't.

But the boy who started it
was in a bright-red car.

Well, we wanna get kids like that.

I'll notify headquarters.
We'll be on the lookout for them.

They have to be stopped, officer.
They're going to kill somebody.

These kids have nowhere to go but they
want to get there at 150 miles an hour.

Giving them cars like that
is like putting guns in their hands.

Yes, they might kill somebody.

I only hope I can catch up with them
before they do.

Oh, officer...

...we're gonna be staying in Mayville.

In case we have to get in touch
with the police again, where do we call?

Headquarters for this area is in Coleman.
That's about 30 miles west of Mayville.

If anything happens,
we'll be right there.

Thank you.

What was he doing,
bending your ear about me?

No, it was something else.

They like to throw their weight around.
How about having a drink with us?

No, thanks. We have to leave.

You gas up the car,
why not gas up the driver, huh?

Some other time.
- Well, have a good trip.

Hey, look out for those 30-mile zones.

They're murder.

You proud of that,
the way you keep waving it around?

Oh, sweetheart, relax.

Why don't you have it
stuffed and mounted?

We could hang it in the living room.

You hear that, boy?
Your mama is a real joker.

Well, you were gone long enough.
I gather you liked the lake.


It's all right.

Why, I thought you'd love it.

I said it was all right, didn't I?

Sis, you should have been here.

Dad just told a policeman
about those boys in the hot rod.

What are the police
going to do about the boys?

We didn't have the license number.


Is there anything wrong?

Why do you always have to think
something's wrong?

For gosh sakes, Mother, you don't have
to nag me. I'm not a baby.


Well, what could be wrong?

What brought that on?

Tom, I don't wanna leave here just yet.

You heard the policeman.
The kids aren't down there.

No, it's just-- I don't think I could stand
anything else happening.

It'll be dark in just a few hours.
They wouldn't know our car at night.

Well, I'm sure that Dailey's will still be there.

We haven't had very much luck so far.

Maybe the motel will change that.

Maybe we'll have our Christmas after all.

Hi there, Dailey. Didn't expect
to see you in town this time of the day.

Well, I'm leaving all the heat to you, Luke.
I mailed my notices for change of address.

Heard you sold your place.
Kind of sudden.

Sudden? Every time the temperature
got to a hundred I thought of it.

That's a long time, Luke.
Long enough for a man to shrivel up.

Should have my job.

A man could really do some good shriveling
being a postman.

I always understood
you had a gold mine in that motel.

I made enough to get out.
That's all I wanted.

Well, I guess there's some
that won't blame you.

You know, it seems to me, you know,
you never got all-fired lonely.

What with owning that motel
and being a bachelor.

I guess your wife
didn't think too much of me, eh, Luke?

You bet. She wouldn't let me
go to your place for a drink.

Thought you might give me
some bad ideas.

And you know something?

She was right.

The new owners will be taking
over tomorrow. Come out and say hello.

You betcha.
Well, good luck there, Dailey.

See you around.

Hey, Dailey.

Well, if it isn't the flower of Mayville society.

Isn't it a little early
for you kids to be looking for trouble?

I don't have to look for it, Dailey.

I carry it around with me.

Lots of fellows wouldn't mind
having that kind of trouble.

That's right, Dailey.

You tell him.

You copped out on us
without saying anything.

Why didn't you tell us you sold the motel?

Why, so you'd have more time
to make things rough for me?

It was none of your business, Duke boy.

Yeah? Well, it's funny. Every Saturday night
our money was your business.

So now you'll pay to the new owners.

Nothing ever changes around here.
You know that.

Sure, we know it.

We know it good.

Say, where you going, Dailey?


Vegas, maybe?

San Francisco?

Why? You wanna write me a letter?

I'll bet you wouldn't mind
showing me around those places.

I thought you liked red cars.

Yeah, that's the only color she does like.

That's what I thought.

I always travel light, honey.
No excess baggage.

The Arena will be jumping tonight.
Bring money.

Hey, what are you trying to do,
make a jerk out of me? Now get in.

There are lots of red cars around, Duke.

Remember that.

Say, anybody see Duke tonight?

No. I hope that creep doesn't show up.

You ought to keep kooks like that
out of here.

Look, why don't you kids get up
and dance, get yourself thirsty?

I can't make any money around here
unless I sell you drinks. Go on.

Hey. Hi you, Mike.

If Barney there doesn't keep those glasses
filled up right, you just yell for old Dailey.

Well, what do you know?

You lost a couple of pounds, Hazel.

I didn't lose them. I just shifted them
around where they'd do the most good.

You didn't think I'd remember, huh?

You shouldn't have sold out, Lank.
This place'll turn into a cemetery.

I got a secret for you, honey.
The Arena is a cemetery.

Everybody's dying, and everybody is trying
to forget it. It's the only way to go.

Well, with the new owner coming...

...what about Barney?

Look, Barney's not gonna forget
his little magic act.

You put your bucks in the glove
compartment and he'll turn them into pints.

There's some people outside.
- Can't they read the 'No Vacancy' sign?

All they wanna do is see you.

Now, don't go spoiling it.
Don't tell me a thing. I wanna guess.

You know, a fellow in this business
gets hip to faces fast.

You're Tom Phillips.

Are you gonna tell me I'm wrong?

No, you're right.

Crazy. I'm Lank Dailey.

Oh, this is Mrs. Phillips, this is my son,
Jamie and Tina, my daughter.

Hi. Well, there she is, Mr. Phillips.
She's all yours.

Well, we we're just looking.

The coffee shop is doing a lot of business.

Yes, sir. You handle this place right and
she'll be as good to you as she was to me.

We expected you all to get here
this afternoon. You must be tired.


Well, why don't you come
and have a look at your rooms?

I'll unload your stuff.

All you gotta do around here
is get in the spirit of things.

Give people what they want
and they can't complain.

When in Rome,
do like the Romans, huh?

This place has been
a successful operation.

The crew at the Arena know the ropes.
The buildings are in good shape.

You won't have to spend a cent
to change a thing.

Well, we weren't figuring
on spending any money.


Make the investment pay off
right from the beginning.

I moved my stuff into Number 3 for
tonight. Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving.

There may be some questions
I'll wanna ask.

Oh, sure.

I'll fill you in before I go.

The place has all been cleaned out.
Just make yourself right at home.

We'll have to give the place a new name.

It'll be a whole new way of life.

For luck. Golly, I sure hope
there's enough wardrobe space.

All right, gang. Into the room.

Hey, what did you expect root beer
to smell like?

Why don't you kids
keep this stuff at home?

Then you wouldn't have to come here for it.

Barney, I saw the cop outside.
Is everything okay?

Hey, it looks like they already got here.

Yeah and she looks even better at night.

Hey, Duke, lay off her, huh?
Her old man'll give us trouble.

Her old man's sick. Now,
why do you suppose she told me that?

Because she wanted me to know.
- You think every girl's the same.

No, I don't.

Their names are different.

Aren't you going after him?

Hey, why aren't you living it up?
This is my last night here.

I'm having a ball.

Yeah? Well, how come Gloria's
making the scene with Ernie?

Who needs stale bread?

This new guy that bought this place.

You happen to see that daughter of his?

Now, look. Don't you start anything.

Who, me?

You know why I'm getting out of here?
Kids like you.

One day, there's gonna to be a big stink
and I don't want to be around.

Well, I'll see you around, chicken.

You looking for someone?

Oh, hello.

Duke isn't here.
- I didn't say--

Hey, maybe she's not a square
like her old man.

Maybe she wants to make the scene,
like everybody else.

Ernie, shut up.

Get me a soda.

What happened with you and Duke
at the lake?

Why don't you ask Duke?

He's pretty good at turning a girl on,
isn't he?

Is that why you're looking for him?

I'm not looking for anybody.

You think you can handle him?
You're just a kid.

I'm as old as you are.

Guess you're right.

I guess it'd take you that long
to get that stupid.

Duke and I have a thing going.
Can you understand that?

I don't believe you. Duke told me that--

That's right, kid. You tell her.

I don't want her around us.

Us? Now,
where did you get that 'us' bit?

Now, what have we got going
that wouldn't wind up in Splitsville, huh?

Here's your drink.

Man, you're really losing your cool.

Are you coming?

Why did she act like that?

You said she was Ernie's girl.
- She is now.

I'm going back.

What's the matter,
you afraid of your father?

- You afraid of me?

Hey, wild, baby.
Come on, let's dance, huh?

I can't stay long.

Well, then we're wasting time.
Now, come on.

Go, baby.

Tom. What--?

They ever sleep around here?

What with that awful music.

Oh, what time is it?

I don't know. It's a quarter after 1.

Jamie, what is it?

I heard a bottle bust.

I thought it was in Tina's room.
But she isn't there.

She isn't?
- No.

She's gone, all right. Crazy girl.

Let's go outside where we can talk, huh?

We can talk here.

What's the matter,
you never been alone with a guy before?

Of course I have.


A chick that looks like you.

I'm crazy for even asking.

It's less crowded out back.

Tom, she was so upset today.

Sometimes I think
I don't understand her at all.

You heard her up at the lake.
'Don't nag me. I'm not a baby.'

Dad, I'll go with you.
- You're staying right here.

Maybe it's nothing, Peg. It's hot,
she might have just gone out for some air.



Wait, wait. Please, wait. Wait.

You're not going to tell anybody.

What would you care?

You think you've done such a great job
that you can preach to us?

Maybe a little sermon
would do you some good.

Then try preaching to your own daughter.

Why do you think she's in there
with Duke right now?

Mr. Phillips.

I'm looking for my daughter, Dailey.

So help me, I'm going to have
the police down on this place.


Let me go.

Hey, you came looking for me,
didn't you?

Do you think I'm letting you go now?

Duke, don't.

I'm not like Gloria.

Let's get in the car and go somewhere.
- I don't want to.

You do. You just wanna play it up a bit.
- No.

Are you trying to tell me you don't like this?
Now, come on, relax.

You know,
it's what's happening around here.

You wanna get in with the kids,
don't you?

I don't know.
I don't want it to be like this.

Hey, just don't play games with me.

Do you understand that?

Let me go.

Please, no.

I'll break your neck.

You forget that you're sick?

Get back to you room.

Dad, don't start anything.
- Get back.

The deal... off, Dailey.

I'm gonna get a lawyer.

You punk.
You couldn't wait till I was gone.

We're leaving here. Now.

Just as soon as we get packed.

You think it's so easy to walk out on a deal?


Please, you've gotta take me out of here.

I can't stay here any longer.
I'm gonna go crazy.

You're the kind of trouble
I'm getting out of here for.

No, wait.
I meant what I said this afternoon.

I've gotta get out.
- All of a sudden I look good to you, huh?

If you need transportation,
you find yourself some other flunky.

And get those man-grabbing paws off me.
Get your hands off.

You big creep.
Is that how you get your kicks?

You punks.

Now you listen to me. I've had a bellyful
of all of you for a long time.

I've seen you grow up
and I don't wanna see anymore...

...because the more you grow,
the worse you get.

The hell isn't gonna burn out of you.
It's just gonna get hotter.

Even hotter than the sun gets around here.

And that's my goodbye speech.
How do you like it?

Or did you think I was gonna give you
initialed handkerchiefs or something?

Hey, wait a minute.

Maybe I have got a present for you,
at that.

That guy Phillips is clearing out
of here tonight.

And you know the first place he's going
is police headquarters in Coleman.

He's gonna get the cops down
on this place, but I'm not gonna be here.

Because he owns it,
whether he likes it or not.

Yeah. And if you're smart,
you'll clear out too.

So there you are.

Now, don't say old Dailey
never gave you anything.

Let's get him, the both of us.
- What good would it do?

We don't have to worry about Dailey
anymore. It's that Phillips guy now.

He isn't going to reach Coleman, Ernie.
Because we're going to see that he doesn't.

Why, you have something going?

There's gonna be plenty going
as soon as Phillips leaves here tonight.

It's too bad you can't go, baby.

Tonight might be even more kicks
than San Francisco.

What if I did kiss him?

You think I've never kissed a boy before?

Do you know what kind of tramps
Duke and his pals are?

There were lots of kids inside the Arena.

Duke isn't any different
than the rest of them.

Any girl would want Duke.

Tina, so help me.

Do you want me to lie?


Jamie, go with your father.

Tina, how far
would you have gone with Duke?

I don't know.

It didn't seem wrong to me then.

I don't know.
- And if it should happen again?

Why does it bother you so much?

Is that what you want?
To wind up in a motel room with any man?

Just because Gloria and Ernie were--

I'm talking about you.

All right.

All you think about is me getting married.

What if something happens
to the man I marry?

What if he gets to be like Dad?

No matter what you think
your father has become...'d be lucky to find
a man like that to marry you.

I didn't mean it that way about Dad.

But the way he came after Duke... he was so mad, he was crazy.

The other kids will all laugh at me now.

Tina, there isn't a woman alive
who doesn't want a man.

But you're young enough and desirable
enough to demand that a man love you...

...if he wants you.

Now, I suppose that's something for
those wise hoodlums out there to laugh at.

Don't ask me to explain it now, Bill.
But we can't stay here.

It's just impossible.

I've already told Dailey.
I'm not going through with this deal.

We'd like to drive to your place tonight.


Tom, it's a long way.
It can't be that much of a rush.

Well, it's only 85 miles to Palmland.
Bill, try to understand.

I'm not going to keep Peg
and the kids here another minute.

Listen, I know that road.
You'll have 30 miles of nothing but desert...

...till you get to Coleman. It's a bad stretch.
There isn't a gas station or a store.

And at this hour, there won't even be
a light burning in a burg like Coleman.

At least wait until the sun comes up.


All right, Tom.

If that's the way you want it.
Sure. Come on.

We'll make room for you.

I don't know, Tom,
but we'll work something out.

That motel was the only thing
I could think of for him.

Oh, where does he go from here?

Why don't you try to sleep?

My eyes. My eyes won't stay closed.

I bet if it weren't for Dad's back,
he'd have beat the whole bunch of them.

That Duke and Mr. Dailey and--
- Jamie.

I want you to forget all about it.

Something's happened up ahead.

This glass will be cleared away
in a couple of minutes.

What happened to my boy?

My boy. What happened to my baby?

Good God almighty, Peg.

Can't we go on?

I thought you folks
were staying in Mayville?

Well, something came up, officer.
We had to change our mind.

What happened?

So far, we're just guessing.

He was sideswiped.

We don't know yet whose fault it was.

The other car got away.

Are they badly hurt?

The woman's quite shaken up
and her son has a couple of bad cuts.

They'll be okay. But the husband....

You know what he did
with that ticket I gave him?

He and his son played tic-tac-toe
on the back of it.

You'd think people would know
the law doesn't just belong to the cops... belongs to them.

Send them through, Bill. We're cleared.

Okay, take it easy.

Nobody's in that much of a hurry.

That was the kid I played with.


Gee, Dad.

Was your accident like that?

I guess it looked like that.

Is your back still bad?
I can give you some of your pain pills.

Can't take too many of those.


I'm glad you didn't say anything
to the policeman...

...about what happened.

I didn't do it for you.

If there'd been an investigation
of the motel, you'd be brought into it.

So the easy way out for me
was to say nothing.

I'm getting used to the easy way out,

That's why I ran away
from that red car today.

That's why we're running away now.

I didn't even want to think
about a way to fight.

You see how easy it is?

All those things you said, they--

I'm not sure they make sense.

If you're just feeling sorry for yourself,
I can understand that.

If that's it...

...then that's it.

I can't kid myself. I just found out today
how much of an invalid I really am.

And I can't handle it.


Are you giving up?

You've been wanting to ask me that
ever since I called Bill, haven't you?

I don't know if I am, Peg.

But I wish I did.

Funny how good it is
just to know there's another car.

Boy, he's sure coming fast.

An open stretch like this,
everybody wants to make time.

We're only doing 55.

Well, that's fast enough.

They're after us again.
- Now, we don't know that, Jamie.

They didn't look at us as they went by.

They are following us.

That Duke thinks he owns everybody.

You're with us now.
There's nothing he can do.


...back at the motel....

Well, I was upset.

I told Dailey I was gonna call the police.

And you think maybe those boys
know about it?

They don't want me running the motel.

All right. I'm not.

But what other reason could they have
for being out here?

Maybe we'd better stop.

No, that might be exactly
what they're counting on.

We better keep moving.

There's a chance we can reach Coleman.


Tom, they're trying to kill us.

They chickened us, Dad.

Dad, I'm scared.

Another inch. Just one more inch.

They're coming back.

Tom, please. Stop the car.

What do they do then, Peg?

Do you know?

Do we take a chance and find out?
They're crazy, don't you know that?

Dad, I'm so sorry.

You dirty, lousy--

Hey, chicken,
why don't you get the cops?

If we could only find a house or something.

There's nothing.

Did you hear what he said
about the police?

If it's up to them,
we'll never reach Coleman.

There's something over there.

Oh, Tom. Tom, hurry.
Let's get there quick.

How about that?

Everything's gonna be okay.

I'm gonna have a soda.

I could drink a gallon.

Oh, it's closed.

That red car is too fast for us, Peg.
I can't get away from them.

It's boarded up,
but there might be somebody around.

Mother, there can't be anyone here.

Gee, you can see it.

I bet you it's even haunted.

Tom, it's no good. Let's go.

No, wait.

There's a telephone in there.

I'm gonna to call the police in Coleman.

Those kids have got to be stopped.


He has to do it.
Can you understand that?

I do understand, Mother.

I told you, I'm not a baby anymore.


No, you're not.

Yeah, it's in there all right.
I can see the booth.

Turn on the lights. Quick, Peg.



Gee, Mom, he's taking so long.


They're coming back, Peg.
Turn off the lights. Quick.

Hey, chicken.
If you're looking for us, here we are.

Or are you just looking for cops?

All right.

Which one of you young animals
wants to come out?

Or would both of you like to try?

See the nails in this?

Why don't you give me a chance?

I'd like to see if you can laugh
with these nails in your face.

Just stand there, chicken. Don't move.

You threatened us, see?

We have witnesses.

Just defending ourselves.

Tom, get back here.
Get back into the car.

You're nothing but dirty,
yellow-bellied cowards.

Leave him alone.

No. Leave him alone.
For God's sake, leave him alone.


I've got to sit down, Peg.

I don't--


Oh, your hand is cut.

Tom, what can I do?

I had nothing left.

I could hardly lift that board.

You and Tina...

...I'm not sure I could have helped you if--
- No.

We could stay here until daylight.

Nothing has changed, Peg.

They're just daring us
to try to get to the police.

And that's what we've gotta do.

We've got to get to Coleman.

But you know they're not gonna let us.

Well, if they're trying to kill us, Peg...

...we've got to do business on their terms.

It can't be that much farther to Coleman.

Oh, 15 miles, maybe.

I bet they can't stop us now. Not--

Oh, they're back again.

Dad, they're not gonna let us
reach Coleman.

They're gonna keep chickening us.
That's what they're gonna do.

They wanna crack us up.
- Yeah, I know, Jamie.

I know what they want.

I want all of you to get out of the car.

What in the world?
- I'm giving us a chance, Peg.

I want you and Tina and Jamie
to do just as I say. Come on, get out, fast.

Right out that way.


Where, here?

But where are we going?

Come along. Here.

Now, you stay here.

Don't go any closer to the road.
Is that clear?

No. Nothing is clear.

It will be.

Hey, there he is.


Hey, he's not moving.

We're hurt, mister.
Please, please, don't do anything.

Punks, the both of you.

I could have killed you.

That's what I just found out.

Any time today, I could have killed you.

But you see, I didn't know that.

Until you dirty little punks
made me know it.

I owe you that.

You're not hurt. Get up.

I'm not going to have to run anymore.

I'm going back to my motel...

...and I'm gonna clean up all the slop
and garbage and the smell.

And it's going to be like it should be.

And I won't even need the police.

Unless you make me need them.

We won't.

I swear. Please, give us a break.

Quite a mess.


We stopped to give them a hand.

Hey, didn't you tell me something
about a red car today?

This doesn't look like the one.

Going pretty fast, huh?

The brakes gave out.
I think it was the master cylinder.

All right. You two can ride back to Coleman
with me and give your report.

Anything you wanna say?

Why, no.
They can tell you better than I can.

Oh, there's something
you might like to know.

There's been a change.

We're going to live in Mayville after all.


...I wouldn't even mind if you drove now.