Hot Rod Gang (1958) - full transcript

Kid who wants to enter his car in the drag races joins a rock band to make enough money to do it.



[car honking horn]

Go faster, Johnny,

Hey, hurry, pick up
your act here, let's go!

Come on, Dave, don't let
Johnny get ahead.


[tires scraping]

[engine revving]

Had enough,

Come on,
let's go back.

I'm still convinced
the half-drive

centrifugal blower will
give better power thrust.

There he goes with that
hot rod Esperanto again.

Dissect that
mechanical genius,

and you'll find spark
plugs in multiple carbs.

And a supercharger
instead of a heart.

Maybe he'd give
me a tumble,

if I was a
drag wagon.

He just doesn't realize
your potential horsepower,

baby, that's all.

All it takes is the
right fuel mixture,

and my RPM reacts
like crazy.

This is serious.

I've got to overcome the
problem of combustion.

Ain't that
the truth?

Look, give up,
this guy has got

a high octane, one-cylinder
mind, that's all.

[engine revving]


Well, look
who's in town?

The rah-rah boy.

Yeah, the kid
from college.

You gonna give
us a break

and spend the
summer here?

It seemed
like a good idea.

Until now.

I figured you'd
be in the clink

or the bughouse
by this time.

Yeah, they
had me one,

but I drove three
psychiatrists nuts.

Anyways, here we are,
frick and frack.

What are you doing,
testing your buggy?

You could
say that.

How bout a run?

Don't become
involved in any

exhibitions, John.

The consequences are--

Don't get so
excited, dear.

Remember your
oil pressure.

What's the matter, you
need special clearance

from your

Can it, Mark.

Caution, I urge


Is that how they spell
yellow in college?

All right,
name it.

For the
last time--

Oh, let them

I refuse to be
identified with this.

We're going back.

Oh, have
a heart!

[engine revving]

Maybe you better
watch this from

the sidelines,

You kidding?

Make the scene.

We'll make this
real interesting.

We'll go to
Broad Street,

from there to 16th,
we'll ride the curbs.

After that, we'll head
straight for Lake Street.

I'll give
the signal.

You ready, tall, dark,
and loathsome?

Yeah, let's go, Miss
Girdle Buster 1958.

[engine revving]

[tires squealing]


All right,
let's go.

[tires screeching]

[engines revving]


[tires scraping]

Come on, dad,
move it, move it!

Come on, Johnny,
let's go!

[engines revving]

Come on, floor it,
floor it!

Come on, boy!

[tires scraping]

Go, go man,
do it!


Hold it, Mark!

[tires squealing]

I coulda
killed him.

Those kids today.

Running up and down
here like that.

Oh, this is

He'll never
be the same,

but he's still

I know him.

If he recognized
me, I'm dead.

Then why
sit here?

He may call
the police.

You're right, and that
I can do without.

The last two numbers
on the license

were a 4
and a 0.

Did any of you get a
good look at the driver?

Lois did.

I only got a glimpse
of him, dad.

I can certainly
identify the car.

The last two

Yeah, I know.

A 4 and a 0.

You come with me,
I think I know

where we can
locate him.

I'm really
not sure.

Of course
you are.

Come along.

We'll meet you at the
Abernathy's later.

Why the sudden
lapse of memory?

You told me you
were sure

you recognized
that maniac.

Well, the thought
occurred to me,

that being a
newcomer here,

I wouldn't exactly win
a popularity contest

by fingering one of
the local hotshots.

Now, baby, civic
duty comes first.

Now you're beginning to
sound like Mr. Philpott.

Get in,
young lady.

We have a duty
to perform.

[police dispatch talking]

[band playing]


Remember now, if
anyone asks you,

you've been working on
this heap all day.

I have.

I must be
bushed by now,

I think I'll go.

Come here.

And I've been inside
rehearsing the combo

since noon.

You write jokes as well
as you write songs.

I like your
jokes better.

[loud banging]

Look, you want
the kids to build

that dream car of
yours, don't ya?


The science of mechanical
engineering demands--

Oh, all right.

Save it,
will ya?

What say,

You haunting us
again, Mr. Berrywhiff?

Just call me Al.

I need direct
money, sonny.

Grandma's run
out of gin.

Look, now we're gonna
take care of ya.

The last time somebody
said that to me,

they had a gun
sticking in my back.

That's when I decided
to invest in property.


You hot rod hooligans
are into me

for three
months rent.

Look, we're gonna have a
hop coming up real soon.

Now, you're gonna get
your dough, dad,

I promise you.


Did you ever try
feeding a hungry


What's this here?

A new satellite?

No, that's
Dave's design

for a new
hot rod.

We're gonna enter it in
the all-class sweepstakes.

This'll take a pile of
green stuff, won't it?

Sure, but it's
a cinch to win.


How would you
like to buy

some stock in that?

You know, for
three months rent,

we're gonna name this
thing after your old man.

Never had one.

My old lady heard
a knock at the door,

and there I was,
cigar and all.

Don't forget
the landlord.

[crowd muttering]



[door closing]

Let's run down
those numbers.

Try "Hit and Run Lover".


[band starts playing]

♪ You're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ Oh, let me
tell you why ♪

♪ You're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ Let me tell
you why ♪

♪ Mm, you take a
poor boy's heart ♪

♪ And then you say
bye bye ♪


♪ You're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ And you know
it's wrong ♪

♪ Well, you're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ And you know
it's wrong ♪

♪ Mm, you make
a boy love you ♪

♪ And then you say
so long ♪

♪ You better
watch your step ♪

♪ Cause one of
these days ♪

♪ You're gonna find out
that crime don't pay ♪

♪ You're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ Let me tell you why

♪ Mm-hmm

♪ You break a
poor boy's heart ♪

♪ And then you say
bye bye ♪


♪ You're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ Let me tell you why

♪ Mm, you're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ Let me tell you why

♪ Well, you take this
poor boy's heart ♪

♪ Well, and then
you say bye bye ♪

♪ Well, say bye bye

♪ Mm

♪ You say bye bye

♪ Mm

♪ Bye bye ♪

That's fine, man,
thank you.


Swingin' number,

Thank you.
See you later.

[tires screeching]



Cop's out there with
the guy you dunked.

Take over, baby.

"Choo Choo Cha-Bootchie".

Oh, I say,
young man.

[loud banging]

Sorry, sir,
you startled me.

Is this the boy?


Look at this,

The last two numbers,
a 4 and a 0.

Lots of plates end

with those two
numbers, officer.

Does this car
look familiar?


No, no, no.

I'm not sure.

Oh, you'd make a
terrific court witness.

This egg beater
belong to you?

Sentimentally, yes.

What does that mean
in American?

She was a '32 road job
when I met her.

I brought her to
life with a '55 engine

and a '36 transmission.

Then I slipped her
some '39 tooth gears.

On her birthday, I let her
have a '42 truck clutch

and some solid '56
lifters in a three-pot.

Also, some '57
rocker arms.

That's when I knew
I was in love with her.

What kind of
gibberish is this?

We should have brought
a calendar along.

Probably learned
to read out of

a popular mechanics

First words I
ever said were

combustion chamber.

Oh, brother.

♪ Choo choo

♪ Hootchie-bootchie
kisses drive me wild ♪

♪ Choo choo

♪ I get weaker than
a little child ♪

♪ Ohh

♪ Choo choo cha-bootchie

♪ You thrilling me with
your slightest touch ♪


Sounds like an Indian
massacre going on in there.

Let's go
take a look.



Recognize any
of these boys?

criminal types.

Arrest all of
them, I say.

Do you see
him here?

No, I don't
think so.

How about that
monster at the piano?

The back of his head
looks familiar.

The back of
his head?

What are you, a
barber or something?


Any of you candidates
for a straightjacket

scare a few
citizens to death

with your hot rods
this afternoon?

Don't break your
necks answering.

But, officer.

The innocent never
have to confess.

When was the
last time

you were kicked
by a policeman?

So it shouldn't
be a total loss,

we'll play you a
request number.

What'll it be?

revolting hoodlums.

Well, I don't know if
the boys know that one.

Let's get
out of here.

What's keeping
you, Lois?

I'm coming.

[door closing]


Well, that
chick's something,

by not talking.

I'll collect
for her.

It's 3:30,
I gotta go.

What's the matter?

I've been pricing
Davey's brain child.

How much?

All the figures
aren't in.

I'll give you the
bad news tonight.

We've got
to cut out.

Are you sure
I have to?

Look, I've got to
come back here tonight.

Now, I can't get
away without you.

This is

I haven't played the
fiddle since I was little.

[crowd laughing]

All right, since
I was younger.

You know something?

You're gonna love it,
just once you get started.

[radio playing]

Ready, Dr. Jekyll?

Mr. Hyde.


[clock chiming]

[cuckoo bird singing]

Mr. Dryden Spill-pot.


How do you do,

And how do you do,

How do you do?

Mr. Wesley Candy-dish.


And his daughter,

No, Lois.


Well, if you insist.

No reserved
seats, folks.

Just squat anywhere.

Mr. Cavendish has joined
the firm recently.

This is Lois,
his daughter.

I'm Abigail, dear.

No you're not, dear,
you're Anastasia.

Oh, of course.

We change names
every week.

It gets so boring being
the same person all the time.

My, but you're

I used to look
a lot like you.

I still do.

Won't you
sit down?

Thank you.

John will be
delighted to meet you.

You'll find him
very shy at first.

He's led a very
secluded life.

Mr. Philpott tells
me you play the oboe.

Not very well.

Such modesty is
so refreshing.

You also sing English
Madrigals, I'm told.

Oh, she loves
singing them.

Don't you, dear?

At the drop
of a hat.

Oh, she wears hats!

How delightful.

Most girls run
around nowadays

with their hair sticking
out of their head.

Don't they, Anastasia?

I'm Abigail
this week.

I've been telling Lois
about John Sterling Qualities.

And the Abernathy

serve some tea.

No, ma'am.

Oh, dear, she can be
so mean sometimes.

[clearing throat]

A great man,
your father.

May he rest--

In peace.


Where is the
young man?

He's probably at
the library.

His hobby is...


I have a
marvelous idea.

While we're waiting,
I'll play the harp.

The harp?

I might have
known it.

[playing harp poorly]


Slip into
my room.

Are you sure I've
got to do this?

Go on, move it.

[distant harp playing]

Oh, she always
gets in trouble

when she gets
to that part.

Got her nose caught
once, took seven stitches.

Good evening,
Aunt Abigail.

Aunt Anastasia.

Oh, Mr. Philpott.

How nice to
see you, sir.

You're looking
very well.

I've seen corpses look
better than he does.

That'll do,

I thought it was
pretty good myself,

if I do say it.

Mr. Cavendish, a new
member of my firm.

How do you
do, sir?

My pleasure.

My daughter, Lois.

Charmed, I'm sure,
Miss Cavendish.

How do you do?

You may call
her Lois.

She's been

She plays the oboe,
and sings excellently.

English Madrigals.


Furthermore, she's majoring
in home economics.

How to run a big
home, and servants,

things like that.

Lois brought her
oboe along.

After dinner, you two
will perform for us.

I trust you've been
practicing your violin.

Oh, indeed
I have, sir.

As a matter of
fact, I, uh,

begin my recital
next week.

I've been
wrestling with

Mendelssohn's Concerto
in E-flat minor.

Mendelssohn lost.

We eat in
half an hour.

But that's much
too early, Agatha.

I got ducats for the
basketball game tonight.

We eat in
half an hour.

Won't you all
be seated?

I've seen him before.

Probably in the

The society page.

[clearing throat]

Down to business.

In accordance with the
last will and testament

of your late grandfather,
John Abernathy I...

May he rest in peace.


According to his
expressed wishes,

we have completed our
annual investigation

into the educational,
and more progress,

of his sole heir,
John Abernathy III.

Our examination
reveals the following,

college grades,

Musical progress,

Continued interest
maintained in the classics.

It would seem that
the diligence

with which you are
pursuing your studies

has left you very
little time for

association with
the opposite sex.

Tsk, tsk, tsk,
such language.

Your grandfather, being
a fair and just man,

foresaw that
this might happen.

He, however, provided
that upon

your 20th birthday,
you be permitted

to, uh, mingle
with certain select

and carefully scrutinized
young ladies.

How wonderful.

You may now
start mingling.

That's very thoughtful
of grandfather.

Has she been

Most thoroughly.

She has been

Consequently, you
will be permitted,

under proper supervision,
of course.

To, as they say,
date her.

Oh, John, this is
a great moment

in your life.

I'm overwhelmed.

I should have
been prepared

for something
like this.

I'll get you a

Of course, the
necessary clearances

must be obtained

You bring your

and the two of you
will play duets.

Dinner's ready.

Looks pretty awful,
so you might as well

get it over with.

If you'll excuse me,
I'll clean up.

Pardon me,

Excuse me, sir.

What do you
think of him?

I hope they lost
the formula

for any more
creeps like him.

Here's something special
for her front end.

Heavy spoked
motorcycle wheels,

and a half-joint triangular
locating bar.

You're not

You know, I may have
trouble getting back

to the clubhouse

Do you remember that
chick that Philpott

brought around looking
for me today?

She's downstairs.

Lucky she didn't
recognize you.

In these shades
and this getup?

Besides, I was
half smothered

with mops
and stuff.

She wasn't bad
looking for a girl.

Personally, I prefer
a hopped up motor.

Man, she's square,
she plays the oboe.

No kidding.

And sings madrigals.

Do you sing them?

I thought you
ate them.

I better get back

Hey, about that
front end.

[door closing]

[oboe playing poorly]



She really plays much
better than that.

I guess she's a
little excited tonight,

meeting John,
and all that.

Aren't you, dear?

I haven't been so
stirred since I fell

into the cement

Well, since you
all insist,

I'll sing now.

Perhaps I'd better
play first, Abigail,

because I'll have to
excuse myself

soon to practice.

Of course.

Duty comes first.

You know how your grandfather
felt about duty.


[playing violin poorly]


He plays the violin
like I do the oboe.

Which is not good.




Thank you.

I hate to run, but I
do have to practice.

Oh, well that's
too bad.

Lois was hoping--

that is, I was hoping
that perhaps--

Well, you will
join us later

for coffee,
won't you, dear?

I'll try.

Do come back.

You and Lois have
so much in common.

Not only music, but
Lois is a student

of ornithology,
just as you are.

Are you a bird lover,
Miss Cavendish?

Well, that's

We'll have to
get together.

I'd love to show
you my slides.

Mr. Abernathy?

Oh, we'll be
chaperoned, of course.

Of course.

Excuse me.

He gave me up
for a G-string,

and not the kind
strippers wear.

He's a little stuffy,
I'll admit.

But so rich.


A taxidermist's
been at him.

Do I have to
hang around?

No, you can
slip outside.

Go for a walk
or something.

If I'm found dead,
it was no accident.

I did it, rather than
come back here.

Will you please
excuse me?

Of course.

Come on,
get with it.

If only I didn't have
to listen to myself.

Come on,
from the top.

As my old granddaddy
used to say,

sleep is for the
dead, not the working.

You tell your


He can hear every
word you say.

My aunts are
convinced that his ear

is at every

[violin playing poorly]


Hi, I--

just ran
out of rosin.

I was on my way
to get some.

Do you always
take that shortcut?

Your fiddle seems to
play without rosin.

Even without
a player.

You know, those
glasses fooled me.

First time we met,
you were hiding

in a broom closet.

Really, Miss Cavendish,
you must be mistaken,

because I--

That line doesn't work
so good with that getup.

Where are we going?


Well, if I stay here,
I'm just liable

to tell Mr. Philpott
where and how we met.

He'd just love to know
that you were the one

that was driving the
hot rod that nearly

ripped his
pants off.

You know, that's a
form of blackmail.

There are others.

I could scream and
say you attacked me.

You're a
sweet kid.

You and your oboe.

And you and
your violin.

Shall we depart?

You've got me,
let's go.

[playing violin poorly]

Do you always
drive like this?

Usually, except
when I get mad,

then I really let go.

Why, shall I
take you home?

Take me home?

No, I love it.

Go ahead,
get mad.


[tires squealing]

[band playing]


Light's bad in here,
makes you look good.

Go bray at
the moon.

Where's the playboy,
or is this his night

out with
the Vanderbilts?

We didn't get around to
finishing our run.

Well, aren't you the
glutton for punishment?

He can take you, in or
out of a gas buggy.

You know that.

Not tonight,
I feel good.

Yeah, I can smell
the reason why.

I installed myself a new
set of carbs today.

Like to try them out
on social item number one.

Well, for a guy
who hasn't worked

since he ran errands
for a bookie,

you sure come up with the
dough when you want it.

Yeah, I'm
talented that way.




Hi, John.
Hi, Dick.

What's the matter,
who died?

We all did.

I just got the
final figures in.

How much?

4,100 fish.

Not counting our
own sweat and blood.

Are we downhearted,


Look, now we
got the combo

sounding pretty good.

Why don't we make a
series of hops?

If we do
real big,

we'll clear a
50 dollar bill on 'em.

That means
82 dances.

I got a surefire scheme
to raise some scratch.

All we need is a
few simple tools.

Some guts.

Three or four weeks, you'll
have the dough for the car.

Who's gonna drive it
in the sweepstakes?

We'll all
be in jail.

I said it
takes guts.

[crowd murmuring]

Look, now I'll see
that we get the money.

Without stirring up
the police.

Come on, Dick, let's run
down "Believe Me" one time.

[overlapping chatter]

♪ Believe me

♪ This is my first offence

♪ Handle my heart with care

♪ Gee, how I love you

♪ So help me

♪ You know the way I feel

♪ Say this romance is real

♪ Gee, how I love you

Haven't I met you
somewhere, I hope?

I'm afraid not.

One of life's
bigger disappointments.

I can remedy that.

♪ The way you hold me tight

♪ I swear by all
the stars above ♪

♪ You are my only love

♪ Sooo

♪ Help me

♪ You know the way I feel

♪ Say this romance is real

♪ Gee, how I love you


♪ I love the way
you kiss goodnight ♪

♪ The way you hold me tight

♪ I swear by all
the stars above ♪

♪ You are my only love

♪ Sooo

♪ Help me

♪ You know the way I feel

♪ Say this romance is real

♪ Gee, how I love you ♪

Friends, friends,
break it up.

You kids will never know
how much this hurts me.

I ain't felt this bad
since I was hijacked

back in '29.

What is it?

Well, you strip it up,
this whys and wherefores,

and it's an
eviction notice.

Nothing personal,
just money.

Well, when do we
have to get out?

At the end
of the month.

Now, I ain't got nothing
to do with this, kids.

That man down
at City Hall,

wants the taxes.

Hey, Jack.

I met a pal of your
brother's, Johnny Redeye.

You ever
heard of him?

who hasn't?

Says your brother's
doing okay.

Got himself a trustee's
job in the potato room.

Makes brew out of
the peelings,

sells it
to the cons.

[crowd laughing]

Tell your old man
he's doing okay.

I will.

As soon as
he gets out.

[crowd murmuring]

This does it.

Well, I'm generally the
shy, retiring type, but--

Especially the
retiring type.

Look, give her
an ear, will ya?

I'd like to.

Her own,
on a platter.

Well, I have
a thought.

Gene Vincent's
a friend of mine.

He has a bug on these
souped up can openers.

He might just do a
benefit for us.

I'll talk to
him tomorrow.

You bring that to pass, and
you're a lifetime member.

[band starts playing]


Come on, waltz
me around, Willie.


I should have worn
my wrestling shoes.

Oh, it's just that I want
to make time in a hurry.


You don't like
what you see?

Like I said, baby,
you need somebody

older, more
mature, like me.


I'm cutting in.

Beat it, kid,
go sing a song!


Well, that's that,
shall we dance?


fighting continues]

He's getting
the wrench!



[breathing heavily]

Go home and make
yourself a zip gun.

Come on, Lois.

[singing and
harp playing]


What's with
you and Mark?

We bug each other.

You know, you were getting
pretty chummy with him.

I'd keep away from
characters like Mark,

if I were you.

Would you be
getting jealous?

Oh, jealous yet.

I'll talk to Gene Vincent
tomorrow night.

I'll go with you.

Do you know what you're
letting yourself in for?

I'm a fortune hunter,

in an amateur
sort of way.

Then maybe you
better show me

what some of
your weapons are.

Come here.

[singing poorly]

Man, if that's
the opening shot,

I'm in trouble.

We'd better rejoin the
caterwauling society.

I'll make my entrance
from my room.


See ya later.
Bye bye.


[band playing]

♪ Well

♪ We're gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ Gonna dance in
the street tonight ♪

♪ We're gonna dance
to the beat ♪

♪ To the heart
of the sweep ♪

♪ We're gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ Well, we're gonna
find a street ♪

♪ That's-a hard to use

♪ Cars in a circle
and I'll kick off my shoes ♪

♪ Turn on the radio
and leave on the lights ♪

♪ I'll grab a little chick
and then dance all night ♪

♪ We're gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ A-dance in the
street tonight ♪

♪ Gonna dance to the beat
to the heart of the sweet ♪

♪ We're gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ Oh yeah!


♪ Well, we're gonna
do the chicken ♪

♪ A-gonna do the bop

♪ We're gonna
do the stroll ♪

♪ And we're gonna
do the hop ♪

♪ Then while we're dancing
tell you what I'm gonna do ♪

♪ Every now and then I'm gonna
steal a kiss from you ♪

♪ And then dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ Well now,
dance in the street tonight ♪

♪ Gonna dance in the street
to the heart of the sweet ♪

♪ We're gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ Whoa, yeah!


♪ Well, we're gonna
dance in the street ♪

♪ Oo-oo-ooh

♪ Gonna dance in the street
oo-oo-ooh ♪

♪ Gonna dance in the street
oh, honey ♪

♪ Gonna dance in the street
uh huh ♪

♪ Gonna dance in the street
to the heart of the sweet ♪

♪ We're gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ Well, gonna dance in
the street tonight ♪

♪ Gonna dance in
the street tonight, whoo ♪

♪ Dance in the street
uh huh ♪

♪ Dance in the street
oh oh ♪

♪ Dance in the street
to the heart of the sweet ♪

♪ We're gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪♪


Hello, Gene.

Hi, Lois.

Gene Vincent,
John Abernathy.

I hear you sing
a mean song, man.

Oh, well
thank you, Gene.

Sorry, Lois.

I checked with the brain
department today,

and I'm starting on a
three week tour tomorrow.

Maybe I can help you out
when I get back.

Well, it was worth
a try, anyway.

Lois seems to think
you got something

the kids
might go for.

If they do, things
happen pretty quick

in this business.

How bout doing a guest
shot on my show tonight?

That's out, Gene, but
thanks just the same.

John can't risk a
public appearance.

He might be

I've got a thought.

Why not
gimmick him up?

You know, we've got
the shaggy mane,

and the shivering spine,
and the rubbery legs.

Why not dress him up in
a cool set of shrubbery,

and some real
classy threads,

and you know, like one of
those Greenwich Village

characters on
Cloud Nine?

Yeah, we might
get away with that.

I don't think
we better try it.

Uh-uh, 4,100
pieces of eight.

You said you'd
raise it.

Take him down to
the makeup man.

Okay, come on.


One of your
local fans.

[girls asking
for autographs]

Full rehearsal,
dance routines.

Roll the tape,
"Dance To the Bop".

♪ Well, there's a
little juke joint ♪

♪ On the outside
of town ♪

♪ Where the cats
pick 'em up ♪

♪ And lay 'em down

♪ You get yours, gal
I'll get mine ♪

♪ And we'll get together
we'll have a good time ♪

♪ We'll dance a little bit
to the bop, to the bop ♪

♪ Dance a little bit
to the bop ♪

♪ Well dance a little bit
to the bop ♪

♪ Well now, dance
to the rock and roll ♪

♪ Yeah, now dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Dance, dance,
dance, yeah ♪

♪ Now dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Dance, dance, dance

♪ Well now, dance

♪ We'll dance
to the rock and roll ♪

♪ Now daddy,
get it! ♪


♪ Well the cats came rockin'
in two by two ♪

♪ Some come single
like me and you ♪

♪ Dancing to the bop
is their delight ♪

♪ Well when they get it right
they'll dance all night ♪

♪ They'll dance a little bit
to the bop, to the bop ♪

♪ Dance a little bit
to the bop ♪

♪ Dance a little
bit to the bop ♪

♪ Well now, dance
to the rock and roll ♪

♪ Yeah, now dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Well, dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Yeah, now dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Dance, dance, dance

♪ Well now dance
dance to the rock and roll ♪

♪ Yeah, now rock it!


♪ Yeah

♪ We'll dance a little bit
to the bop, to the bop ♪

♪ Dance a little bit
to the bop ♪

♪ Dance a little
bit to the bop ♪

♪ Dance to the
rock and roll, yeah ♪

♪ Now dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Well, dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Now dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Well, dance,
dance, dance ♪

♪ Well now, dance,
dance to the rock and roll ♪♪


Come on.

Now, hear me, you
double-R chicks.

Your old daddy
Vincent's come up

with the find of
the century.

This bobcat's really
got a sound that sends.

Give 'em a sample,
what'll it be?

By some

I happen to have
some music here.

What's-- what's
he gonna-- ?

"Annie Laurie".

Well, we don't
need no music.

What do we
call him?

Jackson Dallyrimple,
how's that?


Take it, Jackson.

"Annie Laurie",

[band warming up]

♪ Well, oh well, oh well,
I got a girl ♪

♪ Named Annie Laurie

♪ Well, she got
eyes of blue ♪

♪ And kisses
sweet as wine ♪

♪ Well, oh well, oh well,
I'm on my way ♪

♪ To see my
Annie Laurie ♪

♪ Well, she's the
one for me ♪

♪ And she really
treats me fine ♪

♪ She gave me

♪ Her promise
to be true ♪

♪ She gave me

♪ Her promise
not to leave ♪

♪ And I know
that I ♪

♪ Am gonna never, never,
never, ever find ♪

♪ Well, a girl
like Annie Laurie ♪

♪ For me

♪ When I see

♪ My Annie Laurie

♪ Well, I'm gonna
take her ♪

♪ In my arms
and hold her tight ♪

♪ Well, I'm gonna
tell her ♪

♪ Just how much
I really love her ♪

♪ Well, I'm gonna
be real glad ♪

♪ When I get to
her house tonight ♪


♪ When I see

♪ My Annie Laurie

♪ Well, I'm gonna
take her in my arms ♪

♪ And hold her tight

♪ Well, I'm gonna
tell her ♪

♪ Just how much
I really love her ♪

♪ Ooh, I'm gonna
be real glad ♪

♪ When I get to
her house tonight ♪

♪ Well, I'm gonna
be real glad ♪

♪ When I get to
her house tonight ♪

♪ Well, I'm gonna
be real glad ♪

♪ When I get to
her house tonight ♪♪

[girls screaming]

Okay, okay kids.

Come on, break it up,
hey, hey.



Man, what happened?

They liked you.

What happens
if they don't?

I got you down
on tape, Jackson.

How would you like to
do the other side

of my brand
new record?


Oh, Gene,
that's great.

But I don't think
I better, really.

Oh, Lois will
convince you.

She's one of the best
convincers I know.

I'll sure give it
a good whirl.

Thanks, Gene,
for everything.

Thank you.
Thanks, Gene.

Bye bye.

Get in character,

[overlapping chatter]

You're a beautiful
bunch of young kittens,

and I love you,
one and all.

But old Jackson ain't
had his dinner yet.

I'm not fortified.

Now, arise and rejoice with
me, let me pass through.

I'll talk to you later.



Is that you, John?

[cuckoo clock singing]

Is that you, John?

Where is he?

I saw him.

He's back, just like
you said he'd be.


Just like him to go
snooping around

the house at this
time of the night.

Agatha, Father John
is back!

That old goat?

Probably checking
to see if

anybody's been at
his booze.


And he's in John's
room, quick!



What is it?

We're looking for
your grandfather.

We saw him

I had the impression
he was dead.

That wouldn't mean
a thing to him.

If he tries to
bother you,

you just tell
him where to go.

According to Agatha,
he's there already.

Good night.

Good night.


Heading for the Top 10,

after only two weeks,
is "This Swinging Thing"

by Jackson Dallyrimple,

sensational new
singing discovery.


♪ You're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ Let me tell you why

♪ Mm, you're just
a hit and run lover ♪

Oh, is he
a doll.

I wonder if those
whiskers tickle.

They're crazy.

I'm gonna make Chris
grow some, too.

He probably can't,
he's only 17.

Then I'll drop him.

♪ Well, say bye bye

♪ Mm-hmm, mm-hmm

♪ You say bye bye

♪ Mm, bye bye ♪

Gather round
the tubes, kids.

This is Earl McDaniel,
and we've done it again.

The first exclusive

with Jackson
"The Beard" Dallyrimple,

the country's latest
singing star.

Jackson, what does it
feel like to be famous?

Man, it's wild.

It's like I'm in
orbit or something,

just floating around,
you know?

You know, your voice
has been called

the hottest sound to
come along in some time.

How do you account
for it?

Well, first of all,
I wanna say

that I agree
with ya, it's wild.

It's a sound that I
just can't explain.

I just dig it up
out of my diaphragm,

and it shoots up here
in my throat.

I untie these
vocal chords,

and it leaps right
out there in space, Jack.

I mean, it floats right out
like gossamer wings.

It's beautiful,
daddy, it swings.

What do you hope
to accomplish

in the next couple
of years, Jackson?

Well, as you can see,
I'm very, very handicapped

by my inferiority

But if I can shake
it, I think I'm set.

What do you say we
give your new record

a spin, are
you ready?

Oh, am I ready,
I wanna hear it!

Let's do it.
Let's put it on!

That's wild.

♪ This is my first offence

♪ Handle my heart with care

♪ Gee, how I love you ♪

I hear by
the grapevine,

things are looking
up for you kids.

We've got close to
$2,000 toward the car.

Well, what about
my rent money then?

I got seven kids
and an elephant

waiting for
something to eat.

It's being put in a
special account for us.

As soon as all the money
we need is in it,

it'll be turned
over to us.

Well, I ain't of
a mind to wait.

Rumors going around
it's some singer

setting you kids up.

That's true.

Well, the police
got other ideas.

They were out here
this morning.

They think it's coming
from this rash

of car stripping
that's been going on.

What'd they do,
search the place?

Like they were
looking for flies

in a raisin pie.

Mighty disappointed though,
didn't find anything.

Now, about that
dough, Joe.

In a couple weeks,
we should have it.

Well, it'll be a
mighty happy day for me.

Keep cutting
it, kids.

Keep cutting it.


You know, this thing's
getting out of hand.

They want me to go on
a tour of one-nighters.

How much money have
we got in the bank?

Nearly $3,000.

I gotta get out
of this beard

while the
getting's good.

Even my aunts are
getting suspicious.

You know, I haven't
been home one night

in the last
three weeks?

This whole bit's
gotta go.

Oh, you can't
quit now.

Another couple of weeks,
and you'd have it made.

Look, Gene Vincent is
due back in town next week.

If the two of you
could get together

and give one
big session,

well, then you'd have
enough money,

and then you
could vanish.

It's an idea.

Jimmy said he could get
the high school gym free,

didn't he?

We should be
able to do it.

Then Jackson Dallyrimple
could vanish.

It was sure fun
while it lasted.

Just fun?


Those whiskers tickle.

Ugh, I'll be glad when
I can put this thing

down a
garbage disposal.

Good night.

Good night.

[car starting]


[cuckoo clock chiming]



John Abernathy,
stay where you are.

I've got a pistol
pointed at you.

You have no right
to come back here

and annoy us!

I just dropped in

to see how things
were going.

I guess I'll
be on my way.

That's not
Papa's voice.

John Abernathy III!

That boy on the
telephone didn't lie.

What boy?

He didn't tell
us his name.

He just told us
that you were making

a monkey out of the
Abernathy family tree.

He said you were
rolling rocks

all over
the city.

And we demand
an explanation.

Okay, well,
here it goes.

Just a minute.


I hope you don't mind
my dropping in.

Poor thing, she's
hard of hearing.

We just have to
repeat it all to her.

So, I came on in,

and I guess
that's about it.

Well, I'll be--

Caught without
a corset.

That happened to you
once, remember?

Shush, Agatha.

And you tried to
raise the money

by rocking
and rolling.

How perfectly--


And dangerous,
if Mr. Philpott

should ever
find out.

Really, John,
you must stop it.

Yeah, well I am.

One more
farewell appearance,

and then Jackson "The Beard"
Dallyrimple dies.

Poor thing,
and him so young.

I've got the most
exquisite idea.

Here we go again.

We'll perform at John's
farewell concert, too,

give it prestige.

Give me some ether,
and I'll put 'em

to sleep
till it's over.

But John insists.

Don't you, dear?

Yeah, well--

We'll do it.

Just for you.


Good night.

Good night.

[tires screeching]

Mark, I gotta
see ya.

Listen, the cops
were at my place.

They went over the joint
an inch at a time.

I got the same
business this morning.

I tell ya, we're
getting hot, Mark.

The main thing, is they
didn't find anything.

Well, suppose they stumble
onto some of the stuff.

How are they gonna
connect us with it?

I don't care,
I just want

to get them
off my back.

All right,
don't strain.

Everything will
be all right.

[door opening]

I understand you
tried to queer

the Jackson
Dallyrimple bit.

Who says?

There's only one
louse I know

who would
phone his aunts.

It's our
considered opinion

that you're a heel,
and that you can

make yourself
scarce permanently.

Take your time
though, no hurry.

You got about
three minutes.

Hey, kid!

Am I interrupting

No, he was just
going to show me

how to play

Found a car
this morning.

No wheels,
no tires.

Figured I
oughta tell ya.

It is gonna be awful
rough on somebody.

Just remember it.

See you in jail.

[wrench hitting floor]

Now, about
those marbles.

You've got
a three hour

recording session
waiting for you.

Grab your whiskers,
and let's go.

Come on.

[motorcycle starting up]

Come on, Jacko.

Let's get out of
this nursery school.

See you at the hop
this afternoon?


You sure Gene Vincent
will be there?


Hey, I meant
to tell you.

A guy delivered a harp
to the gym today.

Said your aunt
sent it down.

I know it.

She says we
all insist

that she
do a solo.

take it easy.

I'll see ya, huh?

[car starting]

Take it easy.

A harp solo?

[music playing]

Ugh, man, that was
a rough session.

This your car?


Come around
to the back.

Go on.

Why, what's
the matter?

Just go around
to the back.

Now, open it up.

Look, I didn't
steal that stuff.

Somebody planted it.

Oh, that'll make
a stirring defense.

Throw it at
the jury.

Wait, wait a minute.

Let me guess, an
anonymous phone call?

Whatever it was,
you're coming with me.

Hey, miss!

Come on.

John Abernathy's heir,

Get our boy
out of there.

They won't release
him till morning.

The hop's today.

The what?

The hop,
you cube.

absolutely ruined.

We'll just carry on
without him.

Lois, you tell
those young people

nothing's changed.

The show--

Must go on.


Well, it's too bad
you kids crapped out.

Them snake eyes will
get you every time.

A rotten frame up.

Don't we all
know it?

I think about the only
thing for you kids

to do is
pay me off.

Four months rent,
plus interest,

plus care charges.

The DA seized
the bank account.

He's holding it
for claims.

Now, that hits a low
blow where it hurts.

Right here.

He won't release it till
the case is finished.

And I was planning
on buying a bathtub

for grandma,
so she could make

her own joy juice.

All right, it's time for
the pro to step in.

You kids make
yourselves scarce.

Go on, get out of
here, beat it.

Come on, shorty.


[radio playing]


Oh, hurry lambkins,
get everything ready.

[harp playing]




Whee, look
out below!

Hey, what's the story,
I thought you said

that Mark wanted
to see me here.

You misunderstood
me, friend.

I said if you're
Mark, M-a-r-k,

you'll come here.

Hi, kid.

I'm Johnny Redeye.

I met your brother
at Folsom.

Or was it
San Quentin?

Yeah, I-- I
heard about you.

Good, that'll
save time.

My pal thinks you can
get him out of a jam.

Rent money,
something like that.

I don't know what
you're talking about.


It's loaded.

Something about
you and a buddy

stripping cars
and pinning it

on somebody else.

Look, I'm no rat.

Stripping cars.

Kid stuff.

If your brother knew,
he'd die ashamed.

Why don't you
get into something

more honorable, like
safe cracking,

or burglary.

How bout it, kid?

T-- take it
easy with that.

You turn state's

they'll let you off on
a suspended sentence,

put you out
on probation,

then you can get
into something

will make
your folks proud.

He ain't a-just
talking, friend.

You sure they'll let me
off with a suspended?

Surely sure.

Johnny's a
legal whiz.

If I was a little
more crooked,

I coulda been a
lawyer, or a judge.

How bout it, kid?

Should we go
to the station?

[harp playing]

A harp?

How heavenly.

Nice to have you.

What's cooking?

It ain't gas.

What's with
the harp?

[plucking bad string]

Uh-oh, I was
afraid of this.

Good evening.


Oh, I knew they
wouldn't leave you

in that terrible

They must have found out
you were an Abernathy.

No Abernathy has
ever been in jail.

Except your

I don't know what
happened, they just

opened up the cage
and let me out.

To work, Mademoiselle
Fortune Hunter.

[band playing]


♪ Well, I got
a brand new lover ♪

♪ I love her
yes, I do ♪

♪ She's my one and only

♪ And her name
is Baby Blue ♪

♪ Well now,
baby, baby, baby ♪

♪ Baby, baby,
Baby Blue ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Baby, baby, baby

♪ Baby, baby,
Baby Blue ♪

♪ Well, when I met
my baby ♪

♪ I say
"How do you do?"♪

♪ She looked into
my eyes, and say ♪

♪ "My name
is Baby Blue" ♪

♪ Well now, baby,
baby, baby ♪

♪ Baby, baby,
Baby Blue ♪

♪ Ohh

♪ Baby, baby, baby

♪ Baby, baby,
Baby Blue ♪

♪ Now, now, now, now


♪ Baby, baby, baby, baby,
baby, baby, baby, baby... ♪

♪ Ahh

♪ Well

♪ I know my baby
loves me ♪

♪ I know that
she'll be true ♪

♪ I'm sure of this
each time I look into ♪

♪ Her eyes of blue

♪ Well now, baby,
baby, baby ♪

♪ Oh baby, baby,
Baby Blue ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Baby, baby, baby

♪ Baby, baby,
Baby Blue ♪♪

[cheering and applauding]

Now, who's for a
little harmless fun?

Like tearing the
joint apart?

♪ When I see

♪ My Annie Laurie

♪ Well, I'm gonna
take her in my arms ♪

♪ And hold her tight

♪ Well, I'm gonna
tell her ♪

♪ Just how much
I really love her ♪

♪ Ooh, I'm gonna
be real glad ♪

♪ When I get to
her house tonight ♪

♪ Well, I'm gonna
be real glad ♪

♪ When I get to
her house tonight ♪

♪ Well, I'm gonna
be real glad ♪

♪ When I get to
her house tonight ♪♪

[glass breaking]


[overlapping chatter]

crowd shouting]

Come on, Dave,
hit him!

[overlapping shouting




[fighting and
shouting continues]

Break it up, boys.

Mark, I wanna
talk to you.

[fighting continues]

[car starting up]

[tires squealing]


[police siren]

[tires squealing]

[truck honking]

[tires skidding]


Get out of the way!


[police siren]

Well, I guess you
had it, buddy.

♪ Gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ Gonna dance in the street
to the heart of the sweet ♪

♪ We gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

♪ Whoo, yeah!


It doesn't look
too hard.

Oh, it isn't.

It's just a
beat up minuet.


Pardon me,
but may we,

in accordance with
grandfather's will,

Section 7,
Article 2,

go outside and study
the effects of moonlight

on young people?


Thank you.
Excellent idea.

♪ Well, gonna dance
in the street tonight ♪

shall we--


How nice of
you to ask.

Uh, to this

Hey, kid!

Am I interrupting

You oughta
have a sign out,

"Man And Equipment

You know, I could
report you

to the police
commissioner for

butting in at a
time like this?

Oh, he won't mind.

I'm making the
department richer

by a couple of hundred

17 traffic citations.

Everything from
double parking

to endangering
Mr. Philpott's life.

200 bucks?

He'll be leading a much
more conservative life

from now on,

I see what
you mean.

Well, I
hate to leave.

We can
stand it.

Let's see now,
where were we?

About here.


♪ You're just a
hit and run lover ♪

♪ Let me tell you why

♪ Mm, you're just
a hit and run lover ♪

♪ Let me tell you why

♪ Well, you take this
poor boy's heart ♪

♪ And then you say bye bye

♪ Mm, well, you say bye bye

♪ Mm-hmm

♪ You say bye bye

♪ Mm

♪ Bye bye ♪