Hot Lead (1951) - full transcript

Recently released from prison, nice guy Dave Collins finds himself unwillingly mixed up with his old outlaw acquaintances Turk Thorne and his gang as they try to use his telegraphy talents to zero in on the arrival of a gold shipment on the local train. Taking a liking to Collins, cowboys Tim Holt and Chito Rafferty get him to agree to help set a trap for the train robbers.




What are you doing here, Bob?

Thought I told you to count
cattle in the south meadow.

Sure, Tim, I counted 'em,
but there's only 280 head.

Two hundred and eighty?
Something wrong.

- Did you count the yearlings.
- Yep. I counted everything.

Well, some of 'em must
have drifted over the hill.

Want me to start looking
for 'em?

Yes, right away.

You better take Chito with you.

- Chito?
- Well, sure, what's the..

- He is there, isn't he?
- Well..


Hello, Gail.

This is a pleasant surprise.

It isn't often the boss pays
her hired hands a visit.

This isn't a visit, Tim.

I'm looking for Chito.
Where is he?

Well, he was over in the south
meadow helping count cattle.

- Wasn't he, Bob?
- Well, I..

You don't have to cover
for him, Bob.

I was just over
at the south meadow.

- He wasn't there.
- I see.

I'm sorry, Gail.
I'll have a talk with him.

Probably left his job again
to chase women.

Well, I'll.. I'll find him,
just leave it to me.

What did you want him for?

The new furniture
I ordered is arriving

on this afternoons train.

I wanted him to go to railroad
station and pick it up for me.

Oh. Bob, why don't you take the
rig in to town and pick it up.

Alright, Tim.

I'll take Miss Gail
back to the ranch.

On second thought,
you'd better go with him.

And on the way you can
find Chito and fire him.

- You mean like the last time?
- No.

This time I mean it.

Yes, Miss Martin.

Orders are orders.



But are you sure
he's in there.

Wherever you find women
you'll always find Chito.

Where do you find women?
In the saloon.

Saloon, Chito.

I'll ride over
to the railroad station.

I'll meet you there.


Oh, Rosita, you're
the most beautiful chiquita

in the whole world.

Pretty soon I am rich and I have
lot's of cattle, and then I--

Then, Chito,
we'll get married, no.


Rosita, please do not put
the words in my mouth.

Oh, chiquita mia, when I'm with
you I can think of nothing but--

- 'Cows.'
- Si cows..


What do you mean by that?

Because that's where
you're suppose to be

with the cows.

Well, I am, I mean..

Chito, what are you
calling me a cow?

No, Rosita. This Tim,
he gets me all excited.

You let me handle this,
this is between Tim and me.


Now, you see what you've done you
get me in trouble with Rosita.

You think that's trouble.
I've got news for you.

- You're fired.
- You do that to me?

Me your amigo
who has been with you

through thin
and thick together.

I'm not firing you.
Miss Martin is.

Oh, she won't fire me.
I can handle women.

Yes, but can you
handle furniture?


We're going on the
railroad station just to see

how good you are.
Come on, Romeo.




Keep your hands down
and you won't get hurt.

And don't turn around.

Open the safe.

Keep your hands down
and don't yell.

Hurry it up!


There's no gold in here.







Stay with Bob, Chito.



- How's he doing?
- Not so good.

- Did you call a doctor?
- Si.

He'll be here in a minute.

It's no use, Tim.


That gunslinger was...


This is all my fault, Tim.

Bob was doing my job.

- Do you know who they were?
- No.

- What they look like?
- I don't know.

They wore a mask.

The only thing I noticed
with the fellow guarding me..

...the side on his six-shooter
was fire clean off.


Are you sure there was no gold
in that express car.

How many time
do I have to tell you

there was nothing valuable
in there.

We were just on
a wild goose chase.

I can't understand it.

The gold's always been shipped
from the San Francisco Mint

to every bank in the territory
over that railroad.

That's right. But we don't know
when the shipments are made.

What do you expect us to do,
hold up every train

that comes into Trail Head.

We've got to have a man
in the telegraph office

to tell us, when those gold
shipments are coming through.

Maybe we can get the president
of the railroad to give us

our own telegraph operator.

Don't be funny.
I was thinking of Dave Collins.

Dave Collins? He's in prison.

He was sent up for two years.

I remember.

He's been in for over a year

but knowing Dave
and his good behavior

he should be getting out
pretty soon.

Maybe I can hurry up
his parole.

But how do you figure on
finagling Dave Collins

into that telegraph spot
after the double-crossing we gave him.

That'll come later.

First I wanna make sure that Dave
Collins will be traveling this way.

Dakota, bring me
that pen and paper.

I'm gonna write a letter
to the warden of State Penitentiary.

Dear, Warden Lewis.

Come in.

- You sent for me, warden?
- Sit down, Collin.

You know a rancher
by the name John H Smith?

Smith? No, sir.
I don't think so.

Well, he knows you.

He's offering you a job
on his cattle ranch

when your parole comes through.

Well, doesn't he know, I'm not
a cowhand, I'm a telegrapher.

Evidently makes no difference.

He's even enclosed
a stagecoach fare.

If you wanna accept it,
I think I can arrange it

to the parole board.

You've had a wonderful
record here, Dave.

Well, thanks, warden.

Of course, I'll take the job

and I'll do my best
to make good.

I don't believe
you'd have been mixed up

in that train hold up, if you'd
have been more careful

in choosing your friends.

You're right, warden. I never
wanna see that bunch again.

One thing more.

How are you going to
explain to your mother?

She thinks
you own a ranch out here.

Well, how did you
know that, sir?

Well, now, you know, that
I have to sensor every letter

send out by prison.

Well, I guess
the only thing I can do is

write to her
that I've sold my ranch here

and brought one near Trail Head.

I don't want her to ever know
I've been in prison.

Your mother will never
find it out from me, son?

I'll notify Rancher Smith
that you're accepting his offer.

- Thanks, warden.
- You can go now.




Drop your gun.

Alright, you, Get out.

- Who me?
- Yes, you.

Get out.

Throw down his luggage.

Get going, now.



Stoney. Dakota.

Relax, Dave,
you're among friends.

How'd you guys know
I was on that stage?

We put on that stage, kid.

You're crazy,
a man named John--

John H. Smith. It's just
an alias for Turk Thorne.

Then that letter was a forgery.

He's a man of many talents.

Well, he's wasted
one of 'em on me.

Not so fast. Thorne's picked out
a real nice job for you.

Doing what?

Operating the telegraph
at the railroad station

Where all the gold shipments
come through.

Oh, I see, and all
I have to do is tip him off

when the shipment is coming through and you
guys can knock it off, right?

- Right. It'll be a cinch.
- Not for me.

I made one mistake
and I paid for it.

You can tell Thorne
I'm through.

Look, we got orders
to bring you in to Thorne

and we're gonna do it
even if we have to drag you.

That won't help you any?



You shouldn't have done it,
you might have killed him.

Oh, I didn't hit him so hard.

Thorne said to make sure
to bring in Collins.

Well, this is one way
to make sure.

Come on, give me a hand,
we'll put him on my horse.


We'll separate here, Chito.

Some of the cattle may have
wandered over the hill.


- What's the matter?
- Look.

Let's go down and see
what that's all about.




Well, he's not dead.

It's a good thing
we came along.

I think we stopped a hold-up.

But where'd he come from?

Probably off the stagecoach.

You know, the stage passes here
about this time everyday.

Yeah, but why rob him?
Where're the others?

I don't know,
don't ask so many questions.

You're right, Tim.
That must be hombre's baggage's.


Chito, come here.

What'd you find?

Have you ever seen
that neckerchief before?

Well, how could I?
I never loose it.

Do you remember
the train hold up?

The men we chased
from the railroad station.

Oh, one of the hombre's
was wearing it.

So, now they're holding up

It looks like it.

Yeah, but they are passengers,
why'd they take him off?

Don't ask me those questions,
Tim, I can't answer them.

Besides they give me a headache.


- Is he hurt bad?
- I don't know.

We'll take him back to ranch.

- There good as new.
- Thank you, Miss..

Gail Martin. And this is
Tim Holt and Chito Rafferty.


With a bump like that
on your head senor

it's better that I don't
explain the Rafferty part.

Well, anyway,
I wish there was some way

I could repay you,
for helping me out.

You could repay us by telling us
more about yourself.

Well, there,
isn't mush to tell.

Let us be the judge of that.

Those men who took you off
the stagecoach.

- Why they pick on you?
- Well, I don't know.

Did you ever see them before.

No, I never saw 'em
before in my life.

You're a stranger
in these parts.

Where were you going?

Well, I was on my way
to Trail Head

try and get a job.
I'm from back east.

Well, this is cattle country

and you don't look like
you know much about cattle.

I'm afraid you're right,
Miss Martin

but I thought I'd try.
I'm willing to learn.

We need another hand
around here.

- You're hired.
- You mean, you'd take a chance on me

without knowing
anything about me.

That's right.

Well, thanks, Holt.

It won't take you long
to learn the ropes.

Come on, we'll show you around.

Wait a minute, Tim,
I want a word with you.

Starting a school for cowhands?

Not exactly.
That man Collins's lying.

He's holding back and he's
trying to cover up something.

But what? He told us
he didn't know the bandits.

They may have mistaken him
for someone else.

I don't think so.

They stopped that coach
for a purpose.

They wanted him and they
were gonna take him someplace.

Tim, I think
you are over suspicious.

Collins seems nice.

Hmm, I agree
with you there, Gail, but..

Well, I know I just
have a hunch that through him

we're gonna find out
who killed Bob Jackson.


So that's why
you gave him the job.

I wanna keep my eye on him
for a while

because if those men
tried to get him once

they may try it again.

I see.

Well, it's pretty slim,
but it's the only thing we've hit on so far.

And if we're wrong,
who knows?

We might make him
a pretty fair cowhand.

I hope so.

Where is Collins?
Wasn't he on the stagecoach?

- He was there, alright.
- Well, what happened to him?

- Why isn't he here?
- We took him off the stagecoach

then we ran into those two
meddling cowpokes again.

Yeah, they took Dave away
from us we didn't have a chance.

Look, Collins is important
to our set up

we can't let our scheme fail
because of those cowpokes.

We know, we did our best.

- What do you suggest now?
- We gotta find him.

Find out
who those cowpokes are?

We can't let Collins get away.

- Pick up everything?
- Si.

Let's go on back to ranch.

Tim, do we have
to go back so soon.

Why can't I stay in town
for a little while?

So you can go back to the saloon
get mixed up with Rosita again.

Well, what's wrong with that?

Can I help it,
if the girls like me?

Are you sure it isn't
the other way around?

Well, speaking of girls.
The letter for Collins.

It's in a women's handwriting.

"St. Louis."


No perfume.
It's not like the kind I get.

Wait a minute.


Stoney, those are the two
that took Collins away from us.

Yeah, we better follow 'em.

Maybe we can get a line
on Collins that way.



Well, I'd better get back
to work before Tim fires me.

Just let him try.
I'm boss around here.

Just the same.
I've got a job to do.

- Then I'll see you tonight.
- Right.

Oh, Dave.

Thought I told you to watch
the cattle in the south meadow.

Well, I was, but Miss Gail came
by and asked me to ride in with her.

Was that wrong?

Well, the herd
shouldn't be left unguarded.

Well, I'm sorry, Tim,
I'll get back there right away.

Now, wait a minute. You know
I picked up the mail in town.

Here's a letter for you.

Well, thanks, Tim.

Well, aren't you got to open it?

No, I'll wait
till I get back to the herd.

I've been going
too long already.

Say, Dave, that letter couldn't
be from some little senorita

in St. Louis
who's getting lonesome for you?

Not exactly, Chito,
it's from my mother.

You see, I've been
writing home that I've gone

into the ranching business
near Trail Head.

Matter of fact, I lied a little

I told her
I bought the Circle Bar.

Well, a little white lie
can't do you any harm.

You go on and get back to work,
we'll see you later.


He likes his work.

He takes the ranching
like a fly to water.

Like a fly to sugar, Chito.

A duck takes to water.

Well, that's what I said.
Duck to sugar.

Come on.


That's Dave alright.

Sure. He's been working out here
to Circle Bar all the time.

He never even left Trail Head.

He's all alone. You want me
to go down there and grab him?

No. You tried force once,
it got you nowhere.

Make him loose his job.

When he's good and hungry,
he'll be more that happy

to join up with us.

What you want us to do?
Rustle the cattle?

We're not in that business.

I don't want you to rustle 'em,
I want you to stampede them.

But first, you'll have to get
Collins away from the herd

so they'll blame him for it.

I'm going down to the telegraph
office so I'll handle that end of it.

You boys figure out a way to get
Collins away from the cattle.


Look, Stoney, he's leaving.

Yeah. That's perfect,
just what we wanted.

Hold it. Wait a while.

You wanna make sure
he's out of gun sound.

We don't want him coming back.










Just a moment. Are you leaving?

Yep, going to lunch.

Well, I wanted
to send a telegram.

Sorry, I'm a little late now.

My Matilda don't like me
to keep her waiting.

Well, this is important for me

I must send a wire right now.

Can you do me the favor?

Well, alright, stranger.

Guess, Matilda, won't get
too angry not after 38 years.


You'll find blanks
over on the counter there.

Just write out your message.


Oh, I'm sorry.

Kinda nervous,
ain't you, stranger?








Tim, this one of the hombre's
that worked on stagecoach.

Where is Dave Collins?
What you do with him?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Why did you stampede
our cattle?

Alright, Chito,
we'll take him back to ranch.

Go on.

What's this all about, Tim?

I'm not sure, Gail.

This man stampeded your cattle.

We're taking him
to the sheriff.

- What about Dave?
- He wasn't around?

Afraid I was wrong about him.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.

Looks like he's still
working with that gang.

He left the cattle alone,
so they could be stampede.

Don't be hasty, Tim,
maybe he was ambushed

or lured away
before they attack.

Si,Dave is still
a tender horn.

It's tenderfoot, Chito.

Well, it's the same difference
that's what I said.


Why don't you give him
the benefit of the doubt.

At least, until you find him.

Maybe, you're right, Gail.

We'll try and locate him.

- Where's Sheriff Lacy?
- Oh, he went down to the railroad station

to send a telegram.

Lock this man up. We just caught
him trying to rustle some cattle.

We'll settle
with the sheriff later.


Oh, he's out to lunch, huh?

Yeah, I've been waiting
for him to get back.

If I were you
I'd leave your message too.

Old Man Dukes sometimes
is pretty slow

about getting back from lunch.



Hey, Tim, that was Dave.

Sure in a hurry.
Muy pronto.

Sure acting peculiar.

Let's go and have a look around.



You think Dave killed him?

I don't know,
but you better get the sheriff.

But what about Dave?

We'll have the let the law
take care of him.


Miss Gail, I couldn't leave
without saying goodbye.

You're going away? But why?

I'm sorry, I can't explain,
but it's best that I go.

What is it?
You're hiding something.

- Tell me, I'm your friend.
- I know you are.

You've all been wonderful to me.

Believe me,
it's not easy for me to leave.

- Look, Tim, he's running away.
- Sure.

- 'Cause he killed Old Man Duke.
- But I didn't kill him.

Then why are you running away?

And why did you leave
the heard unguarded?

Go on, Dave, tell us.

We maybe able to help you.

Well, I went to town
to send a telegram to my mother

to stop her form coming here.

But why? She'd be welcome.

Oh, you don't understand,
Miss Gail

I've been writing home
that I own this ranch.

You told me that once,
go ahead.

Well, I was about
to send the telegram

when I saw the operator dead.

I got scared and ran.

Well, if you didn't kill him,
you didn't have to run.

But the sheriff saw me
in the telegraph office.

I'm and ex-convict.

I have a prison record.

So that's why you didn't tell us
more about yourself.

Well, you gave me a chance
at a new life, Miss Gail

I didn't wanna risk losing it.

Now, all I've done is bring you
a lot of trouble, Tim.

Running from trouble
won't get rid of it, you know.

Could help you
avoid a lot of grief.

Turk Thorne and his men
probably stampeded your cattle.

Probably killed
the telegraph operator.

Why kill a kindly old man?

Well, because they want me
in his place.

They're planning another big
job and they'll stop at nothing

to get me to join them.

Just how far
would you go to stop them?

I'd do anything.

I was innocently involved
with him once before

I don't want to get
mixed up with him again.

Alright, Dave,
I believe you.

Come on, Chito, we're going
back to town to see the sheriff.

The sheriff?

Don't worry,
we're not gonna turn Dave in.

I have an idea.

I think with Dave's help
we can put it across.

Only you see
that he doesn't run away.

That will be a pleasure,
Mr. Holt.

Dave Collins, you are now
in my protective custody.

You want me to let that convict
take the job

at the telegraph office.

Well, what do you have to lose,

We don't know
where Thorne hides out

Dakota hasn't talked.

Don't you see it's our one
chance of getting Thorne.

Tim, I think
it's a crazy idea

we'll just be
playing into their hands.

Why don't you
give it a try anyway.

Alright, Tim.
Alright, I'll try it.

But if anything goes wrong
I'll hold you

and Chito responsible.

You mean, I may end up
in your Calabasas, sir?

Well, this is all your idea.



No sign of Thorne yet?

Maybe he's afraid to show up.

Whatever the reason is, we're
gonna go ahead with our plan.

Give me the gun, Chito.

- Now you know what to do?
- Yeah.

- You still want to go through with it?
- More than ever.

Alright. Good luck.

Just hope
my little scheme works.

Telegram for you, sheriff.

Wait a minute.
Let's see if there's an answer.


Hey, sheriff, I'm thirsty.

Get me a drink of water.

Can't you see I'm busy?
You can wait.

I'll get it for him, sheriff.

Okay, go ahead.

It's alright,
there's no answer.

- Thanks just the same.
- Okay.

Make a move, sheriff,
and I'll blow your head off.

- Where'd you get that gun?
- Never mind.

Unbuckle your gun belt.

Get those keys
and let me out.



Thanks, Collins.

Just get that message to Thorne.


So far so good.

Senor Badge is not here.

I'm back here.

It's a good thing
that gun was loaded with blanks

- or I wouldn't be here.
- Did Dakota find out they were blanks?

No, I made it look good.

Well, so far
it's working perfectly.

It has to work all the way, Tim.

I don't exactly share your faith
in this Dave Collins.

I know that.
But you can trust us.

And if that killer isn't in
your hands by tomorrow morning

we'll turn Dave
over to you as we promised.

I won't feel easy
till this is over with.

But I'll have my men
at the railroad station

tomorrow morning,
as I promised.

Well, don't worry about us,
Senor Badge we'll be there too also.



How did you get out?

Filled the sheriff full of lead.

Where'd you get the gun?
Who slipped it to you?

- Guess who?
- Come on tell us.

Don't play cat and mouse. Who?

Dave Collins.

- Collins?
- Yeah.

He's taken the job
at the telegraph office.

He's working with us.

Your plan was alright.

He sent you this note.

That gold shipment.
It's coming through.

We've waited a long time for it.

You say you broke out, huh?

Anybody hear the gunshots?

- No.
- Where'd you get the horse?

- Collins had it for me.
- Were you chased?

No. If I was they wouldn't have
been able to follow me here.

I don't like it.
This could be a double cross.

What makes you so suspicious?

Everything you planned
is working out.

You got the information
about the gold shipment.

That kid's working
at the railroad station--

Answer me one question.

What made him change his mind?

How should I know.

Why don't you go ask Collins.

I plan to.

Come on.

What're you gonna do, Thorne?

Find Collins
and talk this thing over.


I had a wonderful evening.

I'm glad you dropped down
to the ranch.

I couldn't stay away.

Isn't it pretty?

It's perfect.

Well, how are things
out in my ranch?

Oh, that's perfect too,
except for one thing.

What's that?

What do I do
when your mother gets here?

Hadn't you better
invent some excuse

for a young single girl
at your ranch.

Oh, my gosh.
I never thought of that.

What'll I do?

Don't worry about it, I'll think
of something when she gets here.

I hope
mom doesn't embarrass you.

- How could she?
- Well, you're just the kind of girl

she's always wanted me to marry.

She's liable to come right out
and ask you too.

Oh, that's fine.

But you'll have to speak for
yourself John Olive.




Well, what a pleasant surprise.

Sure glad to see you, Dave.

Haven't seen you in a long time.

Well, aren't you
going to introduce me?

An old friend.

Miss Martin,
this is Turk Thorne.

Sure is a pleasure, ma'am.

Dave, I thought you were working
in the telegraph office.

Instead I find you out
with the girl who fired you.

I am working there.
Didn't Dakota give you my message?

Yeah, I got the message alright,

That's what bothers me.

I'm not too sure
how authentic it is.

You know, Dave, in our business
we have to be very very careful.

Dave, why don't you
take me back to the ranch

- it's getting late.
- Just a moment.

You're not going back
to the ranch.

Stoney. Dakota.


You're going with us.

Stoney, change places
with Collins.

Now, look here, Thorne, I don't want
to get Miss Martin mixed up in this.

Hold it, Dave,
we better do what they say.

You're being very sensible,
Miss Martin.

Alright, get going, Stoney.





- Tim. Tim.
- What is it, Chito?

Dave, Gail,
they enveloped I think.

What are you talking about?

You know what I mean.
Run away, get hitched.

Get married.

Oh, stop it. Whatever gave you
that crazy idea?

What's crazy about it?

For a long time I see
the light of love and romance

burning in the eyes
of those two.

Come on. Get to the point.

Well, last night they slipped
away into the beautiful night.

And Dave he said to Gail..

Stop the trimming. Just say
what you're trying to say.

Well, if I'm not right then
where is Dave and where's Gail?

I don't know. Dave didn't
come home last night.

Neither did Gail
and neither did the buckboard.

They wouldn't pick a time
like this to get married.

Dave isn't even clear
of the murder charge yet.

Oh, see, that is the reason for
Senor Cupid to shoot his arrow.

Nothing touches
a senorita's heart

more than a lover in trouble.

I still don't believe it.

Dave was supposed to have opened
his office early this morning.

We needed him there
to help with the ambush.

Now, see, this I forgot.

Now, let's see
if we can find him.

Brent, Joe, get the horses
and hide 'em behind the bushes.

Jack, you hide
in the waiting room.

Kenny, get behind
the freight house.

I'll be in the telegraph office.


Well, we're all set, Tim.

Sheriff, has Dave Collins
been here.

Why, no. I thought
he was coming with you boys

to help set the trap.
Where is he?

Why didn't you bring him?

We couldn't.
He's missing.

- Something's gone wrong.
- Missing.

Now, don't jump
to conclusions.

I know it looks bad for Dave,
but Gail Martin is missing too.

She didn't come home last night.

I don't know what connection
Gail has with this

but you know what I think?

Collins will never be here.

Once a jail bird
always a jail bird.

Oh, he's not that kind
of a person,Senor Badge.

- He cannot fly.
- I think you're wrong, sheriff.

Come on, Chito,
we're gonna find Gail.

And when we do

she'll be able to throw
some light on what's happened.

Oh, no you don't.

You said you'd be responsible
for Collins appearance.

Well, he's not here.

I'm taking you two
back to jail.

You see, Tim, I told you

we should've
handled this ourselves.

You're right, Chito.
We will.


You agreed to layoff
Dave for a chance

to nab the Thorne gang.

Well, we still have
a little time left?

You're only making it worse,

Just getting yourself
in deeper.

Uh, you're wrong,Senor Badge
he's keeping me out of your jail.


Hey, Jack, Kenny. Come on!








This is an awful mess of fish, Tim.
What do we do now?

We have to figure out where
Gail and Dave went last night.

Tell me, Romeo.
Where would you go to propose to a girl?

See, I think you
got something there.

- I know the most beautiful--
- Hold up.

Tell me after we get
away from here.


Thorne, will you please
let Miss Martin go?

Not until Stoney comes back
from the railroad station.

I'm not taking any chances.

But I tell you,
it's not a trap.

If it isn't, then you have
nothing to worry about.

- Why back so soon?
- I didn't have to go all the way into town.

I ran into a little surprise.

Those two meddlin' cowpokes
were being chased

by the sheriff and his men.


I thought you said
you filled him full of lead?

I thought I did.
I saw him go down.

Then I was right,
you thought you could trick me?

I'm not trying to trick you, Thorne.
That shipment arrives today.

I don't believe
anything you say.

Look, Thorne,
if it was a trap

the sheriff isn't at
the railroad station.

That gold shipment
will be there in an hour.

It'll be the easiest pickings
we've ever had.

I'm not so sure
there is a gold shipment.

But Collins might be right
about that part of it.

You sure that gold
is coming through?

I'm positive.

But you're going with us.

And if there isn't any gold
in that express car

you know what'll happen to you.

Dakota, you're gonna stay here
and keep an eye on her.

Go on, Dave.
We haven't any time to waste.


Look, Thorne, if I'm goin' with you
hadn't I better have a gun?

You won't need a gun, Dave,
for your part of it.


If you think you're goin'
some place, forget it.

You're right, Chito,
those are buckboard tracks.

I see, but which way
did they go?

I don't know.

The tracks weren't all made
by that wagon team, either.

Looks like some men came in on
horseback here and joined them

and they all went out together
in that direction.

Uh, this looks very bad, Tim.

Let's just hope
we can follow 'em.

Will you stop that pacing?

I'm hungry. How about starting a fire
and rustling up some breakfast?


That's the old Henderson place.

I know.
It's been deserted for years.

It's a perfect place
for a hideout.

But there are no horses around,
and where are the riders?

I don't know.
Let's have a look anyway.

Oh, it's not use looking.
We'd be wasting our time.

If they were holding Gail down there
they'd be somebody around.

Come on, let's look
in another place.

Wait a minute, Chito.

Look! Smoke.


You see what I told you, Tim you
should never leave a stone upturned.

Never mind that,
they are holding her

and now you know what to do,
don't you?

- Si give 'em the old one too.
- Right.


Well, that's more like it.
Now hurry up with that coffee.




tie him up.

I'm glad that you're safe.
Where's Dave?

He's gone to the railroad
station to hold-up that train.

But what's gonna happen when they open
the safe and they don't find anything--

I know, Tim.
Can't you do something?

Thorne's a killer
and Dave doesn't stand a chance.

We'll do what we can, Gail.

Get your buckboard
and go find the sheriff.

Where will I find him?

This man Stoney said
he was chasing you.

The last time that we saw him,
he was in Sycamore Pass.

Chito and I are going down to the railroad
station and see if we can help Dave.

Come on, Chito.

What's the matter, Collins?


Where are you goin'?
What are you tryin' to do?

Well, I've got to go into the
telegraph office and change into

my stationmaster's uniform,
don't I?

You want me to stop that train
for you, don't you?

That's right.


Don't answer that.

It may be a message
about the gold shipment.

We'll take our chances.

We know the gold
is coming through.

Whatever you say.


There she is.
Right on time.

Collins, get out there
and flag her down.

Make sure they open up
that baggage car.





Come on, open that safe.

But, but-but there's nothing
in there.

Open that safe. We know
the gold shipment's in there.

Gold shipment?
You must be mistaken.

- What did you do that for?
- Well, he was stalling.

I'll open it up for you.


Hurry it up, Dave!
What takes you so long?

They must've changed
the combination.

- We're too late.
- I don't think so.





- Are you hurt?
- No!

Chito, where's the other one?


Let me see that gun.

Alright, you. Come on.

So, I finally
caught up with you.

Put the handcuffs on him.

Oh,Senor Badge,
you're all wrong.

Wait a minute, sheriff.
Here's the man you want.

His name is Turk Thorne.

His gun will hang him for the murder
of Bob Jackson and Old Man Dukes.

You mean, while I was out
looking for you--

- Did Miss Gail find you?
- Well, no.

Soon as we lost you,
we came right back here.

Excuse me, fellas,
I'm gonna find Miss Martin

and give her the good news.

You better send a couple
of men to pick up Dakota.

You'll find him at the old
Henderson place, tied up.

Come on, you.
Take him along, boys.

Here's another one,
Senor Badge.


- Well, who's he?
- I don't know.

I was never
introduced to him.

Come on, you.

Take him along.

Can you imagine that Senor Badge
bein' so stupid?

He's still wanting
to arrest us.

You know, Tim, I don't think I'd
vote for him in the next election.

Why do you have to leave
so early?

Your mother doesn't arrive
for a couple of hours.

I'm sorry, Gail,
I'm just nervous.

You know,
if mom ever finds out

that I don't own this ranch
or that I lied to her--

Oh, she won't find out.

Because if I had my way...

Well, Dave,
your troubles are over.

Thorne's finally
out of your hair.

The sheriff
just shipped him off to jail.

Si,when I was at the railroad station
I picked up a telegram for you.

I hope it isn't bad news.

Mother isn't coming here
after all.

My sister Ellen's baby arrived
sooner than expected.

That's fine,
because when she does arrive

you'll really be the owner
of Circle Bar Ranch.

Sounds like a wedding.
I think I kiss the bride.

Come on, Romeo.
We have work to do.

If it's romance you want..

...go romance those cows.


Every time I go up to kiss a girl
you have to interfere with me.

What is there in life for me,
but to ro-romance the senoritas.

You are the one to go out
and romance the cows.

I think you're crazy
or something.

The last time I was
at the saloon I was with Rosita

you had to come and get me.

I'm gettin' sick and tired of you
putting your nose in my business.

When I need you,
you're never around.

It's alright for you to

stick around with me, but I don't ask
you what you do in your spare time.

It's alright, but I don't like it.
I'll tell you that.

Every time I go around
with a girl

you have to come on over and
poke your nose in my business.