Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy (2019) - full transcript

Hatsumi and her family live normal lives until she is used by Ryoki who begins to bully and intimidate her. Azusa is a friend in the area and also good looking. He has the hots for Hatsumi ...

Hatsumi! Did you buy it for me?

Geez, Akane...


I'd better make sure Mom doesn't find it.

He's my only...

Why are you staring off into space?

Oh, Azusa?

Azusa has become everyone's idol now.

Hard to believe he used to be
our childhood friend.

Yeah, it's unbelievable.

I mean, we don't even know
where he lives anymore.

You're right.

We all used to live in the same
apartment complex, too.

It's like we're talking about
someone from a different world.

Someone who has nothing to do
with ordinary girls like us.

Let's hurry, Hatsumi!

We still have an important mission left!

-Hurry up!

Akane, will you check inside the bag?

I don't know if I got the right one.

I don't need this, Hatsumi.

I like going with how I feel that day.

You can't do that.

You don't understand what it feels like.

What's with the hush-hush?


Are you on your way to work?

See you later!

-Hi, big bro...
-You're acting strange, Hatsumi.

What do you mean? I'm my usual self.

You're the one that's taking on
too many work shifts.

I'm all right.

Gotta go now.


A good girl like you
could never understand!

I don't understand at all!

Hey, Hatsumi.

Sorry, I think I just got my period.

What? Geez...

I'm glad to hear it, though.

I mean, while I was checking
in the bathroom,

I was gonna ask you to keep Mom occupied,
but you lost the goods.

I was seriously panicked.

You didn't need to use it
in the end, so it worked out.

You're still in middle school after all.

That doesn't matter.

You're just too inexperienced, Hatsumi.

And isn't it funny that you were the one
who got yours late?

You're the one that's
too precocious, Akane.

You're so cute, it's like
you're the younger sister.

You're no fun, Hatsumi.

You there, pregnant woman, wait a second.

So... you're pregnant, huh?




Ryoki, good morning.

Hey, did you know, Subaru?

-She's a slu--

-What are you doing?

-What's wrong?
-You go on ahead, Subaru.

It's been so long, that Tachibana
and I have a lot of catching up to do.


Let go of me.

-I'm sorry.
-Don't touch me so freely.

If you're sleeping around,
I guess you're used to it,

I'm... not sleeping around.

Don't tell me it's actually
for your little sister.

No, of course it's not Akane's!

Please, don't tell anyone.

I'll do anything.



Then be my personal slave.


That's the deal.

I've always wanted a slave.

-Obviously, I can't do that...
-Then I might go around telling people.

Telling everyone in this complex.

Why don't you say something?
It's about you, isn't it?

So what are you gonna do?
You do have a brain, however small, right?

Why are you always so mean to me?

Aww, must be tough being stupid.

Why were you even born?

So, you're still a bully at your age, huh?


Maybe it's all that studying
that kept you from growing up.

Right, Hatsumi?

Your face is still annoying
as it's always been...


Stop being mean to Hatsumi,
you damn four-eyes.


I came back here to live
with my old man again.

Is it really you, Azusa?

I'm back, Hatsumi.

Big bro, it's Azusa!

Whoa, Azusa.

Shinogu, long time no see.
Wow, brings back memories.

You left without saying anything, Azusa.

That was years ago.

Besides, we're gonna be late, Hatsumi.
Let's go.

Tachibana, you live in the tower
over there now? It's been a long time.

Yes, a long time.

You're at Hitotsubashi University?
You siblings are not at all alike.

What a tragedy.

Hatsumi, isn't it amazing
Azusa is in our class?

Yeah, but the girls are all over him
and you can't get close.

Pass. I don't need the drama.

Yeah, you're right.

Oh, Hatsumi.

Come with me to look
for household goods today.

You wanna come too, Subaru?

-Who's that?

It's Yagi. I think that geek...

It's okay. I don't need to go.

The three of us live in
the same building...

We're neighbors and
just childhood friends.

That's all we are with Odagiri.

Okay, please take your seats.

She's already got her hands on Azusa.

That was quick.

Don't get cocky, just because
some guys say you're cute.

Only the lame ones.

Just Yagi, I hope.

But it's the drab girls
that are the scariest.

But, Azusa is really
just a childhood friend...

-Did you see Junna's Instagram?

I think those two are going out.

Let's ask her later.

Girls disliked by other girls
are the worst.

Bitches in disguise.
We should watch out for them.

Too scary.


Can you explain what this is about, girls?

It was in the mailbox.

I don't know.

It must be a prank. A malicious one.

Are you being bullied?

But this is pretty vicious.

It makes me sad and worried.

Well, it's not that weird,
considering my age.

In my eyes, this is strange
when you consider your age.

I never told you...

but before you were born,
I was getting treated for infertility.

When I see something like this,
it reminds me of a painful time.

Makes me feel unsettled.

I didn't know that. I'm sorry.

Infertility? But you had Shinogu...

That's right.
Shinogu's existence was my support.

Until finally...
Finally, I had Hatsune and you.

That means you cherish me dearly, right?

Yep. Even a foolish daughter like you.

I was just thinking I needed to
have a proper talk with you, Akane.

Hatsumi, you can go.


Are you listening?


Got a minute?

Hey, calling me by my last name this
morning, what was that about?

That was pretty shocking.

You heard me?

I also came by
because I was worried about you.

So you heard the other stuff, too.

You're important to me too.

I mean, we're childhood friends, right?


This is so nostalgic.

I used to come over your house a lot
to play.

How's your dad doing?

Is he not home often?

He's away on business a lot.

I see.

Hey, Hatsumi, wanna go for
a walk around this area?

The town has changed a lot, right?


It sort of changed overnight.

I'll be your guide.

-I'm in your hands.

It's been a while since
I've gone for a walk.

It's your fault, you know, Azusa?

You're a model and the talk of the school.

I thought if someone like me talked
to you, it'd ruin your image.


I'm not an idol or anything.
Give me a break. Sheesh!

It's not ridiculous.

-More importantly...
-More importantly?

Have you ever dated anyone, Hatsumi?

-I mean...

You've never dated a guy before, right?

-Azusa, stop.
-What about now?

Is there anyone you think is attractive?

Why do you ask, Azusa?

Why, you ask?

It's because I'm interested.

Man, no comment, huh?

Oh, it's Ryoki.

This is heavy. Take it and
come with me to prep school.

Be my mule. That's an order.

Huh? What are you talking abou--

You're gonna do as I say, right?

Yes, I'll go!

I'll go. I'll carry it.


I'm sorry, Azusa.

Next time.

You're terrible to do that
in front of Azusa.

I'm sure he thought it was weird.

And you put it in the mailbox.
What was that for?

Huh? You brought it on yourself.

You're a slave,
but you ran off this morning.

Besides, you really believe
Azusa is interested in you?

I don't think that at all.

What do you mean, "at all."

You were actually on a date.

It wasn't a date.

What a slut. A tramp.

Ever heard of
"Thou shalt not commit adultery"?

No, right? Because you're stupid.

It annoys me to look at an idiot like you.

You've been pampered and coddled
your whole life just because you're cute.

There's no way.
First of all, I'm not cute.

What? Don't act dumb.


Unaware. Indecisive.

Women are so boring.

You always got away with not making
your own decisions, right?

Where's your own will?

You two just reconnected this morning,
and suddenly you're into him?

Don't fall for him just because
he paid a little attention to you.

He's not paying any attention to me.

It's just me who likes him...

At least I think I do...

-Shut up.

Listening to you pisses me off.

I'm sorry.


I have another order.


Right here, right now,
you have to kiss me.


I don't want to.

Why not?

You're just imprinting on Azusa.

You just like guy because of
the mere-exposure effect. That's all.

If that's the case,

if you kiss me,
you just might fall for me.

I'm sorry, but...

Hey, this is an order.
You think you have the right to say no?

What are you saying?

I can't be a slave...

Then I'll tell everyone that
you go sleeping around.

People will want to see
who your parents are.

You can't.

Then do it.

Take off my glasses. Go on.

This is the last time, then.

Don't do it in front of Azusa anymore.
He might get the wrong id--

You know what? You're too easy.

Azusa only paid attention to you
because you looked at him like that...

What are you doing?

You're not doing it right at all--

Your nose collided into mine.

But our lips touched...

It's not a big deal. It's just a kiss.

Welcome back. You came home
earlier than I expected.

Were you waiting for me?

There's something I wanted to ask you.


Are you going out with Ryoki?

Even if the world were to end,
that would never happen.

Then why did you follow him earlier?


What an unexpected couple.

We're not.

Okay, got it. It's okay.

Wait, we're not.

You know...

There was something I wanted to tell you.

Sure, tell me anything.

I think maybe not today.

Good night, Hatsumi.


You're up at this hour?

You, too. You've been working this late?

I'm worried about you.
You're working so much.

Is there something you want to buy?

Well, um...

Anyway, what are you doing up so late?

Did something happen?

No, like what?

I'm the one asking.

Hmm, I don't know.

I can't think of anything.

You can't think of anything?

If anything happens,
I want you to tell me.

I wish I'd been more like you.

Then I'm sure I would've been
really, really smart.

Not stupid like this.


should stay exactly as you are.

You're being weird.

Okay, turn in your answer sheets.

Tachibana, what value
did you get for question 3?

Root of one plus tangent alpha squared
plus tangent beta squared.

Oh, it was that one?

I was pretty confident, too.
Seriously, Tachibana?

What a commotion.

But I guess the level of math
today was pretty difficult.

It was so easy, I had time left over.

Well, yeah, because you're
at the top national level.

By the way, are you free today after this?

Since we're done with exams,
wanna go let off steam with me?

Let off steam?

-We're meeting some girls from Morijo.

Come on, Tachibana.

Girls from Morijo are dumb, they
have nothing better to do than date.

The dumber they are, the more
they spread their legs. I'm grateful.

Besides, they should know
there's no way they'd suit us.

Nothing is unbreakable.

-Women become used.
-Things start to get loose.

Kids who mess around in high school
usually keep doing it, but we can't.

We can only mess around in high school.

Chatting up girls is a
form of social studies.

The girls are doing their own learning
while they're young, too.

They use their bodies
to know their value.

They want to be validated as women.
That's why they wear makeup.

Girls just all watch movies like that.

"Eat me up in this shiny world!"

It's those women's longings,
that we men can take advantage of.

Let's go pick up those convenient items.


Let's get 'em!

Yeah, I'll pass.


Do you have a girlfriend, Tachibana?

W-What? Well, Tachibana?

I don't.

-Then why not? Don't be a prude.
-I don't have a girlfriend,

but I do have a personal slave.

Whoa, you're so lucky!

The other day, an older woman peed
in the middle of us having sex.

You're accepting too many tissues.

You should clearly decline.

Hey, isn't that Ryoki?

-Friends of yours, Tachibana?
-Hey, they're cute.

Will you introduce us?

Nice to meet you! I'm Akane Narita.

I'm in ninth grade and
this is my older sister.

Attractive siblings.
Wanna go get coffee?

No, she's cute, but I'm...

-Let's go, Akane.


Go have coffee or whatever
with these guys. That's an order.

An order?

-What are you doing?
-I don't care what you do with other guys.

I'll have you obey
my orders as promised. See ya.

So, you're the slave girl
Tachibana was talking about?

You'll listen to whatever
Tachibana asks, right?

Please let go of me. I'm fine.

What school is this uniform from?
I've never seen it before.

I've never heard of that school.

But, you're cute.

Never mind, you can't
borrow her. Let's go.


You're hurting me. Let go!

You're my slave.

Why are you kissing up to them
and holding hands?

-I wasn't.
-You were letting them touch you.

-You're the one who told me to.
-Shut up.

Why? You shut up.

You're hopeless...

Move your arm.

It's touching my chest.

Can't help it. It's crowded.

Besides, they're not that big.

That's not the point...

Besides, the slave thing is over.
I kissed you last time.

That wasn't a kiss.

Huh? I'm so relieved.
So, that wasn't a kiss?

I mean, I've never
even done it with Azusa.

-Ow! Hey, what are you...
-I don't know but that pissed me off.

Why do you insist on being mean to me?

I'm done being a slave. Leave me alone.

I don't approve. You're mine.

I don't recall ever becoming yours.

Why do you think I've
done so much for you?

Why do you think I went down to Dogenzaka,

took you back from them, and came to
get you all the way from the other car?

Do you know why I'm
doing all this for you?

I don't know.

Then repeat after me, "I'm not much,
but will you make me your girlfriend?"

Then you can be my
girlfriend and not a slave.

I don't get it. Definitely no.

What don't you get?
Use your head and think.

Otherwise, I won't let you
quit being my slave.


Is that you, Hatsumi?

Oh, Azusa's Dad.

I'm so surprised. You've grown so much.

Really? It's been a long time.

Umm, you came with Azusa?

He insisted on coming back to this
apartment where you and everyone were.

With a job like his,

I worried he wouldn't have friends
of the same age he could open up to.

He doesn't really tell me anything.

If it's okay, I'd like to help Azusa.


I was just about to give this to Azusa.

His passport.

Apparently, he needs it
for work right away,

but I gotta leave
for a last-minute work trip.

I'm sorry to ask, but can you do it?

Sure. That's no problem at all.

Thank you.

See you.

Lift your chin a bit. Yes, that's good.

-Itoko, the reflector.

-Not in front of the camera.
-I'm sorry.

Oh, excuse me.


Is something the matter?


Junna, you okay?

Let's go.

Um, Azusa...

Do you know where Azusa Odagiri is?

Should we call security?

Oh, I know. Are you a fan of Azusa's?

No way, fans can't come here.

-I'm not.
-What's your relationship with Azusa?


Let's just say, she's my girlfriend.

I'm almost done.
Will you wait in the corner?

Come here, Hatsumi.


No way...

-Girlfriend? Why?
-I don't know.

-He's joking, right?

Thank you.

For the passport. It was a big help.

No, not at all.

I'm sorry you had to come all this way.


You said "girlfriend" earlier...

It packed a punch, right?

Was that okay, considering your status?

Well, those girls know what their
own faces and names are worth,

so I figured they wouldn't
do anything funny to you.

Don't worry.

They're not like
the amateur girls at school.

Oh, I'm sorry. Was that insensitive?

I'm really just your childhood friend
and you're Ryoki's girlfriend, after all.

There's nothing going on with him.

To be honest, I was stupid
and he had something on me...


You don't have to worry about that,
I'll take care of it.

But I just wanted you to know.

I'll go now.

-Good luck at work...

Why did you want me to know that?



Be... Because we're childhood friends.


Come here.

We're childhood friends, right?
Come here.

Why are you staring at me?

Why can't I?

Childhood friends don't look
at each other like that.


Just say you like me...


If you want to stay childhood friends
that bad, I can do that.

I mean, you said that we're just...

Any more excuses?



We're just childhood friends,
but I kissed you.

Just childhood friends don't kiss.

Is that right?

That's right.

Then let's stop.

I'm already tired of it.

But, I'm just... There are
so many cuter girls than me.

Really? More than you?

Like Junna. She lives in a sparkling
world like you and suits you better.

It's not like that.

You're the only one for me.

Besides, you're sparkling right now, too.

Oh, what did you want to tell me?

It's not about me really,
but about my family.

Well, maybe divorce isn't
really a big deal nowadays.

I haven't seen my mom in a while.

She left after she
was beguiled by that guy.

Isn't that terrible?

One affair destroyed
the hearts of an entire family.

-Do you empathize?
-I do.

Hatsumi, wanna go on an evening date
with me this weekend?

A date?

We've never been on
a proper date before, right?

But maybe you can't stay out too late?

-I'll go!

Dress up for me.



Were you able to find this place easily?

Yes, but I'm sorry I'm late.

I got lost.

Do I look funny?

Does it not suit me?

No, you look so beautiful,
I was drinking it in.

Let's go.

Wow, everyone knows you.

Wanna get a drink? Like a cocktail?

In a pretty color like you.

I've never really had alcohol before...

Oh, you can't drink? You don't like it?

-It's... not that...

My girlfriend. She's cute, right?

She's cute.

-Yeah, she must be popular.
-She's cute, the type guys like.

So they say. It's problematic.

It's nice to meet you!

Jin and the guys are here.

Seriously? I'm sorry Hatsumi.
Will you wait a bit in the big room?

-Come on, hurry.

How long have you been going out?


I'm sorry.

Sorry for the wait. Here.

What a pretty color.

It's a pear cocktail.

What do you want to do?

Do you want a soda instead?

No, this is fine.

-I'll try it.

It's delicious!
Azusa, this is seriously good.

-Wanna try some other recommendations?
-I will.

Can we drink with you, too?

Guys, stop crowding her
just because she's cute.

This is your girlfriend, right?
She's super cute.

Yeah, guys all love
girls like you, Hatsumi.

-That's not true.
-It is.

Oh, Azusa...

Hey, Hatsumi. Are you okay?

I'm feeling sleepy...

Hear that? What should we do, Azusa?

Okay, then...

-Let's go somewhere else.
-I'll bring the car around.

Let's go, Hatsumi. Can you stand?

Hey, sorry but it's past her curfew.
I'm sending her home.


-What are you doing here, big bro?
-I'm working.

Anyway, what are you doing?
The trains stopped running.

-What time is it, Azusa?
-I'll get you a cab. Come on.

I'll call you, Azusa. See you tomorrow!

Narita, are you chasing after a woman
and leaving your post?

You idiot. That's my little sister.

Little sister?

Excuse me, to Toyosu please.

I'm sorry, big bro.

Is it really okay for you
to step away while you're working?

I promise I'll pay you back
when you get home.

Don't worry about me at a time like this.

But don't be mad about Azusa.

Are you going out with Azusa?


I see.

Maybe your relationship should
be more high school appropriate.

No way! You're just being prude, Shinogu.

You may be right.


Do you have your keys?

Oh, I don't!


Okay, good night.

Okay, I'm off!



You're still awake?


I'm sorry I missed your call.

I wanted to make sure you made it home.

You're too sweet, Azusa.

I'm at a hotel right now

for a job tomorrow.

-Wanna come here?

I'm kidding.

Well, I wish I wasn't...

But Shinogu is so protective of you.

You scared me, Azusa.

You're so cute, Hatsumi.

You keep saying that in front
of everyone, too.

Hey, Hatsumi?


I want to see you naked.


I'm sorry.

I'm saying crazy stuff.

Don't worry about it.

Not at all...

My body isn't anything worth seeing...

I'm really thin...

Why not?

I'm sure you're beautiful.

Do you ever think about
stuff like that, Hatsumi?

Oh, you do think about it.

You're so cute, Hatsumi.

Geez, are you making fun of me?

I'm not.

Hey, I want to see you naked just for now.

Talking about stuff like this...

makes me feel lonely.


What? Are you sure?

Do you do stuff like this often?

No, never. Definitely not.

I've never, but...

I'll do it, if it's for you.

Hold on a second...

Take your time.

This is embarrassing!

You're too cute.

-That's not true.
-Yes, it is.

You're the only one
who'd seriously say that.

-That's not true.
-It's true.

Why are you so cute?

I'm looking forward to the future.

Do you really think I'm cute?

You're so cute.

You're cute.

You're cute. Beautiful.


You're so beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful.

Hatsumi, Hatsumi.

Shinogu? Welcome home.

Azusa sent this to me.

What did Azusa send you?

A video... of you.

A video?

Do you really think I'm cute?


You watched that?


Hold on, Hatsumi.

Don't look at me like that, big bro.

Why are you here, Tachibana?

Because I live right over there.

What happened to you?

Hey, it's Hatsumi.

Good morning.

You're just joking, right Azusa?

Why did you sctually strip, Hatsumi?

You shouldn't have. I was just joking.

You should be more careful with your body.

Why did you do this? Did I do something?

Do you like me, Hatsumi?

It's painful to be betrayed
by someone you like, right?

My mom too, was betrayed by your dad.

She was so hurt, she left this place.

My dad?


The new edition of Revolver
arrived at the office.

Your dad got my mom pregnant,

and she went a little crazy.

My dad divorced my mom,
she was cast aside.

My dad never knew who the guy was.

And that guy was...

Oblivious of my dad, right?

The guy was living in
the same apartment, after all.

When your dad sees
his precious daughter hurt,

I wonder how he'll react?


I'll make sure to use your
first porn video with care.

Hey, what are you talking about?
Who cares about the parents?

She's got nothing to do with that!

You two are close, huh, Ryoki?

Not that I care.

Hey, Hatsumi. I can't forgive your family.

But it's okay if I don't, right?

Should I send it to your dad next?
Or upload it online?


About your mom...

What, you think I'm lying?
Then why don't you ask your dad?

Perhaps when the whole family's together.
Oh, but he's away on business, right?

He's probably shacked up with a woman
in the country. What a dirty family.


I'm sorry I didn't realize at all
how you felt.

I'm your childhood friend,
but I didn't know anything.

I wasn't even a close friend...


You've gotta be kidding.

Who's property do you
think you're hurting?

She's mine. She's not gonna listen to you.

Please, wait!

Azusa is...

Who the hell are you?

Azusa's woman?

No, I'm not.

I'm his agent.

So you're making money off his face.

You don't have to say it like that.

If I make what he's done public,
it would be trouble for you, too.

Yes, it's exactly as you say.

I'll delete the original video and email.

I'll take responsibility and delete
all the back up data as well.

I swear on my life.

I'm very sorry, Miss Hatsumi.

Please keep this incident to yourself.

I'm sorry.

I won't delete this video.

We're hanging up, Narita.


Miss Hatsumi, please forgive Azusa.

-His intentions weren't bad--

Leave it be.

See you, Hatsumi. Say hello to your dad.

You can't be fucking serious.

Don't ever come near her again!

Why did you do it? Huh?

Doing something like this
only taints you, Azusa.

Don't get into trouble over some
lame amateur girl like her.

If you want to sleep with
a girl, just tell me.

I'll arrange it.

There are plenty of prettier girls.

What do you mean?

I don't want your life ruined

by a girl who sends
lewd videos of herself.

This girl... she's dirty.

Why don't you just leave me, then?

I can't do that.

Our relationship is one of give and take.

I'm in love with your talent.

Whatever your private life,

as long as you keep shining,

I'll be by your side.

Geez, why the hell did you apologize?

You're the one who should be upset.
Azusa should apologize.

Well, at least now you know
he was manipulating and using you.

You may be stupid,
but it opened your eyes, right?

I was being manipulated?

That's right. You were just
a means to get to your dad.

So just forget him.

So he never liked me since
he arrived here, right?

He hates me enough to do
something like this.


was so happy...

This happened because you're
so easily moved by men.

Because, Azusa was always...

-Enough already.
-I've admired him since I was little.

He was so cool and always shining.

Give it a rest. Shut up.

I've always...

You're my slave, so stop saying
some other guy's name, you idiot.

I can't believe you. You were tricked!

You must the biggest fool of the century!

Use your tongue.

Otherwise I just look stupid.


I'll do as you say.

I just had this done to me.

No matter what you do,
it's all the same anyway.

You can't be serious.

Don't put me together with him.

You're the same!

-You don't care whose body it is...

I only want to see you naked.

With your face, your voice, your words.

Who cares about the body of
someone I've never even talked to!

This pisses me off...

I'm going to Azusa's place now.

Gonna talk to him.

Our dad...

Azusa's mom and child...


That's why Azusa's mom left.

-Azusa and his dad, too...
-I'm sorry, Hatsumi.

I'm really sorry.

Why are you apologizing?

I couldn't protect you.

I'm really sorry.

Thank you for your key.

I'm sorry.

You didn't have to worry.

What do you mean?

You wouldn't be able to come home.

That's okay, if I can't come home.


you need to make sure
to carry it with you.


You'll catch a cold if you
fall asleep like that.

Go change.

Please don't let anyone take
advantage of your body anymore.

Oh, I see...

my body was being taken advantage of.

Good girl...

You're like a baby, Hatsumi.

That makes no sense.
Why would you say that, Akane?

You haven't changed one bit, Hatsumi.

I feel like I've changed a lot.

If you gave it your best...

then I could never win.

Akane, you'll be late.

Get lots of rest.

I'm gonna go.

Here comes an idiot.

Don't come close, I might catch it.

This is my territory.


everyone tiptoes around me when I'm home.

Is that what it's usually
like for you at home?

No... everyone's kind.

I'm just stupid and unattractive.

Why are you so self-deprecating?

Hey, Tachibana...

How can I stop being stupid?

If my exam scores improve,
will I stop being stupid?


Studying is easy.

You're stupid for not even knowing that.

You're beyond stupid now...

Hey! Stop calling me stupid to my face!
It's getting annoying!

It can't be helped.
You're obviously much stupider than me.

I wouldn't want to be like you, Tachibana.

In the end, you're just
an irredeemable poop-head.

Huh? You must be the picture of stupid.

Stop letting Azusa use you!

I won't be a fool like you.

I don't want to be either!

Guess you've still got fight.

I can't help it.

I want to stop being stupid.

Oh, that's the spirit.

Chuo Park. Come after school tomorrow.

I'll look after you.

-I mean, it's tough being home, right?


And you don't have to think about
whether you're attractive or not.

I'll make that call and
there will be no doubt.

No further proof necessary.
It'll be decided.

Don't be swayed by whether
other guys think you're cute or not.

If I say you are, then you are.

This meeting is adjourned.


Tomorrow. Don't forget.


Miss Hatsumi, can we talk for a bit?

About Azusa?

Where are you right now?

I'm behind you.


Umm, I'm really sorry about this morning.

After that terrible thing he did,

I can't ask you to forgive Azusa...

What's wrong, Shinogu?

-That video was good, wasn't it?
-What if it's a mistake?

What if Hatsumi's dad wasn't the one
your mom had an affair with?

Why would you say that now?

I used pretty trusted sources,
investigating with Rina's connections.

Well, I may be remembering
this wrong, but...

What do you mean?

Do you know something, Shinogu?

Before Hatsumi was born,

there was a time when we needed money,
because of the fertility treatments.

I think my dad was protecting
someone in exchange for money.

Are you sure about that?

Azusa, don't you think it's strange

that his name would be in the records
for an affair from so long ago?

You're saying someone
was lending their name?

I can't be confident
since I was pretty young,

but don't you want to know the truth?

If you ever do something like that
to Hatsumi again,

I may actually kill you.

After Azusa hurt you,

he looked as if he was about to cry,

like a child desperate
to hold back tears of pain.

I've never seen him like that before.

Anyway, let me know if anything happens.

We've recently started living together.

-Living together?
-Oh, don't get me wrong.

How do I put it? We're like siblings,

even if we aren't related by blood.

You understand, don't you?

Yeah, I knew because
I had it investigated.

You're a distant relative that
was adopted, right Shinogu?

Before Hatsumi was born, I believe.

Our relationship is like yours
and your older brother's.

What are you talking about?

Did you tell Hatsumi about that?

I haven't.

Your brother lost his parents
when he was young,

but now you live with
your adoptive brother like family.

That's everything I know.

I'm sorry I made you feel worried today.

If you'll excuse me,
I'm leaving for today.

Hatsumi can be dense,
so I'm sure she hasn't noticed.

But to me...

it's obvious.

What are you talking about?

Your eyes say...

you want to lock Hatsumi away...

and fuck her.

You think I don't know?

If I were to tell her that now,
it wouldn't make her happy.

So I wouldn't tell her
even if my life depended on it.

You can't goad me.

You're late.

My big brother...

We may not be related by blood.

My big brother...

I heard he was adopted before I was born.

My big brother can't--

"My big brother, my big brother..."

What's with that?
You have a big brother complex?

But our blood...


Even if that's true, you always have
and always will be family, right?

We hear about it often enough.

In different cultural regions,
adoptions are common.

You're welcome to tell me
about stuff like that.

I'm thinking!

And I'm listening.

You've got some nerve.

And I have to study, too. I'm on thin ice.

I'll give you pointers.
Show me your textbook.

This one, definitely. This other one, too.

Definitely this one.

This one too, for sure.

You've got unique handwriting, Tachibana.

My old man writes like that, too.

I got it from him.

In fact, your brother always corrects
my writing with a red pen.

You go to the same prep school
where my brother works?

Your brother only works part-time
at the prep school I go to.

What's with that pride?

What the hell? What's with you?

You refuse to be my girlfriend,
but you laugh like that?

Huh? Was I laughing?

I'll make you a great deal...

I'll let you be my girlfriend-in-training.

If it's about three...
no, two out of ten times,

I may let you think about
your brother and other stuff.

Okay. Here, here and here, right?



There was a shooting today,
but Azusa didn't show up.

I suddenly lost contact with him.

-Have you gone to the apartment?
-It seems he hasn't been home.

But that's not it.

This never happens.

He was always sincere, like a child.

A child?

Please, take better care of Azusa.

You don't understand how people
of unfortunate circumstances feel, do you?

We cheer each other on
as if we were a real family,

just to reach the starting line
of a normal person.

You're very blessed, Miss Hatsumi.

You were raised by
a decent mother and father,

and preciously loved.

It tends to be people like that
who don't understand how others feel.

People like you are strong.

Even if Azusa were to disappear,

you'd be able to replace him
right away and live on, right?

Please don't destroy his future.

What are you talking about?

Me? Destroy Azusa's future?

Don't involve Azusa in your love affairs.

Love affairs?

"Dalliances", if you prefer.

Do you have a dream only you can
realize in this world, Miss Hatsumi?

I don't know...

You can have a fling
with anyone at anytime.

As proof of that,

you have no more regrets
about Azusa, do you?

No, I don't.

I'll look for Azusa.

I'll ask the other people
in the building, too.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

I wonder where Azusa went.

I don't know.

Hatsumi would probably know.


Oh, Subaru. Don't look so obviously hurt.

Boys are into girls like Hatsumi,
who seem vulnerable.

It's so obvious.

And adorable.

Girls always treat me like a kid.


You mean me? I'm standing
right in front of you.

You're the one who said it first.


Labeling and being labeled like that,

that's what you fear most isn't it, Akane?


I meant "adorable" as in...

I get what you're saying, Subaru.

Feelings don't easily disappear.

You're adorable, Subaru.


Why are you calling me?

Why did you pick up?

I'm looking at you right now, Azusa.

I'm looking at you right now, Hatsumi.

Azusa, where are you?

I'm behind you, Hatsumi.

I don't know what you were worried about,

but I was just freely wandering around.

That Rina person was
really worried about you.

-You should hurry and contact her.
-Okay, I'll do that right away.

That's a lie, you should stop lying--

It has nothing to do with you.

I think she really loves you, Azusa.

There are lots of women
like that around me.

They all want my outer shell.

They think I'm a product or something.

All girls seem stupid to me.

Like a clump of sexual desire.

They all seem vulgar to me.

Is that how I seemed to you, too?


You seemed foolish.

Even now, you're not obligated
to be worried about me.

So don't haphazardly pity me.

I'm feeling pretty
narrow-minded right now...

So that sort of hypocrisy pisses me off.

It's not pity.

Then are you going to stay
and spend the night with me?

No comment, huh?

He'll want to kill the guy who
hurts the girl he loves.

That's what your brother said.

-My brother?

I heard from Shinogu

that your dad might not have been the one

my mom had an affair with.

I plan to re-investigate who it was.

I've hurt you so much...

What am I doing?

-No, that was...

I'm sorry.

You don't have to ever forgive me.

You should find happiness with
someone else other than me.

I have to keep an eye you,

or I'll feel like
I'll never see you again.

Then where should I go? Will you tell me?

I have no where left to go.

You're a mix of truth and lies, Azusa.

You're too complex for me.

It's hard to tell what's true.

Isn't the heart something more equivocal?

You may think they'll love you forever,

but in the next moment,
they don't need you anymore.

My heart lies somewhere more in between.

It's not about truth or lies.

Then, what about when you said I was cute?

Which do you think that was?

Even though I'm like this now...

I still think you're really cool, Azusa.

I'm the worst, right?

No one has to tell me,
I know better than anyone.

Azusa, my first love...

is no longer here, isn't it?


You write too slow.

I don't know what classes to take.

Why not?

I just don't.

I'm stupid, aren't I?

But I'm only stupid for now...

I can't help it.

I don't think you'll always be stupid.


That makes me happy.

I wanted to meet someone who'd tell
me I'm being stupid for now.

I wanted to be told
that I can become better.

I wanted to feel like...

it's okay to do my best
in this body I was born in.

You can be better.

You're an idiot with the most
potential in the universe.

You've got potential.

I don't want you to be someone else's.

I want you to be mine.

Does having sex make that person theirs?


I don't know either.

I didn't know there was something
you didn't know, Tachibana.

I'm sure there's a lot.

Like you.

Why me?

You're like the universe.

When I'm with you, I feel the universe.

That makes no sense.


That makes no sense, but...

it makes me really happy.

I wanna get to know you.


Even before Ryoki...

You've always liked Hatsumi, haven't you?

Just because I take my time,

doesn't mean she'll like me back.

That should be my line.

I'm... much younger and cuter.

Young? You're not that different.

It's totally different!

I'm way, way better!

I know lots about boys!

I know what happens
between a boy and girl!

I probably can't stand up to you.

You don't have to do that.

Why am I not enough?

I know what to do to make you happy.

Why won't you let me?

You don't have to do anything.

Girls should be more careful
with their bodies...

Enough already!

Don't treat me like a girl right now.

I did a lot of things...

so that I could make you happy, Subaru.

Now I know too much,
but I want you to get to know me.

Sorry to keep you waiting, Akane.

It's been a while since we did karaoke.

What's the matter?

You suddenly felt like singing?

I suddenly felt like I wanted to see you.

In my whole life, I've never felt like
I wanted to see you more than I do now.


Thank you.


I'm sorry.

Good morning, Narita.

-Good morning, Tachibana.
-Are you coming to class, today?

Yeah, I am.

Oh, yeah? Then see you later.

Yeah, later.

This is the first time we're
going home together, Tachibana.

Is it?

You act like the world
belongs to you, Tachibana.

So I'm delusional? Are you dissing me now?

No, I'm praising you.

I'm already 17, you know?

Seventeen, huh? You've grown.

Is that supposed to be a praise?

Yeah, it's a compliment.

I think that even before
you were born into this world...

you thought the world belonged to you.

I did think that.

You still think that.

Narita... this is for you.

What's this?

That's yours.


What is it for?

Chemistry. It'll change the way you study.

Change my studying?

See you.

I'm sure you're tired today,
you should go to sleep early.

Why were you saving so much?

For funds...

I already had Dad's permission to live
on my own if I can save enough money.

I'd like to meet your friend,

so let me know when you're done packing.


It's like you're doing a moonlight flit.

You'll make your parents cry.

But I guess I'm an accomplice.

-What's this?
-It was delivered by a cutie

with orange hair.

Said she found it in her mom's old stuff.

You've got a funny look in your eyes.

-You look like that's tasty.
-You want?

No, I've never smoked before.

But you want to, right?

Why not?

It's not too late to take it up now.

I want to protect her.

I want her to stay pure.

You two can't get together?

I'm family.

I'm just a big brother to Hatsumi.

It's a postscript.

"Family" is just a label that was given.

You're man and woman, right?

I mean, you were chasing after her
like your life depended on it.

Heaven, right?

It's hell.

Are you okay, big bro?

What's wrong?

I've wanted to be independent,
so I worked like crazy to save up.

Aren't you proud of me?

Mom seemed sad.

Maybe I'll go see her again.

Yeah, let's go.

Just family.

Maybe the two of you
should go talk somewhere.

Good luck.

Huh? This isn't moving.

The signs went out, too.

What? The elevator's stopped.

Excuse me.

It's a problem that there's no response
to the emergency button.

Are you okay, Hatsumi?

I've been worried since that other day.

What? I'm alive and well.

You sit down, Shinogu.

Here, sit.

I'm sure someone will notice if we wait.

It's the main elevator in the tower.

Hatsumi, aren't you cold?

No, I'm fine.

What about you?

Stop worrying about others.

You haven't changed a bit
since you were little.


Didn't something like this happen
when we were little?

We were both cold together.

Did it? Can't remember.

Really? It happened.

We stayed close and it was warm.

I remember, it felt nice...

Hey, do you usually smoke?

Do you want to know?

If you ever get into any trouble...

I want you to come to me.

Hey, Tachibana.

Do you have a minute?

What is it?

I haven't told Hatsumi yet, but...

What did you mean by...

"love you forever"?

"Love you forever"?

What does that mean?

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

May I ask you something?

There's a problem I couldn't figure out.

Don't tell me you were waiting
this whole time to surprise me.

I wasn't!

I was waiting at the entrance,
but you were with another girl...



Let's run away.

I don't want to go back
to that house anymore.

What about you?

You threw it away.

Yeah, I did...


Let's do it raw.


I want a kid with you.

If that happened...

there'd probably be
one problem after another.

But then, maybe what we have
will be more concrete.

It might be.

You say that...

but you don't understand how I feel.

Hey, what's troubling you today?

If I tell you that...

you'll turn your around and run.

That would be terrible.

Of course I wouldn't.


Nothing will surprise me anymore.

It was my dad.

The one Azusa's mom had an affair with.


The handwriting is unique.


It doesn't matter, right?

Not to us.


It has nothing to do with us, right?

Not with our relationship...


I wanted only you...

to see me naked.

Nothing I do turns out right.

What do you mean, "turn out right"?

I don't know how to make it right...


Big bro...

I couldn't make it work...

I have no where left to go.

That bridge...

That staircase...

That inner courtyard, too...

All of it...

If I go home, I'll probably
bump into him right away...

I'll go see Ryoki...



Do you want to live here with me?

Hey, Shinogu...

Hold on, it'll be ready soon.


Thank you.

-I love it.

I've always loved hot cocoa.

It's calming.

I was worried about you.

Whether you were in trouble...

Whether you were doing well...

I'm totally fine.

You aren't at all.

I feel calmer when I'm with you.

Oh, I know.

Maybe it's the same for you
when you're with me.

It's the opposite.

It was painful to be with you,
that's why I left.


I don't want you to be in any more pain.

If I'm enough for you,

I want you to use me.

Please, just make me yours.


If you go any further,
I'm going to explode.

From now on...

I'll always protect you.

You don't have to worry
about the complicated stuff.

Just do as I say...

and I'll make it all okay.

I'm glad I got you home
while it's still light out.



Can I hold you for just five seconds?

I'm sorry.

Oh, Dad?


You were home?

What about you?

Hatsumi, go take a rest.

How are you going to be happy?


Happiness isn't something
you have others wish for you...

but something you wish for, right?

That sort of love is lonely.

I know that already.

Good morning.

Hey, Hatsumi,

are you seriously choosing Shinogu?

I feel relief when I'm with him.

Is that what you want?

Why do you always try to confuse me?

It's part of the fun.

It's sad.

Is it?

It seems to me like you're enjoying it.

That's terrible.

-Do I really seem that way?

That's how it seems.

It's not that it seems that way,
but that you look at me that way.

I see.

You're much tougher
than I thought, Hatsumi.

If only we knew from the beginning...

who that one person is for you.

First, summarize all your weak areas.


Mr. Narita!


Do you live here?

Hello. What's wrong?

Maybe not today...


Hatsumi, you can rely on me for anything.

Shinogu, I'm so stupid, aren't I?

I can't help but feel empty.

I must be stupid.

What do you mean?

I'm sorry for being an idiot.

If that's the case,

as long as you come back
to me in the end...

I'll keep waiting.

I can't wait for myself.

I want to chase after my own self...

forever from now on...



Why did you come?

Stupid Ryoki!

Why are you always trying to turn my head?

I don't get you at all!

You'll probably never understand.

I don't know why I'm so empty, either!

You know what? If you don't know,
there's no way I would!


You're Tachibana, you should
know everything!

You big idiot!

Why are you following me?

I don't know!

You're a traitor.

A slut, a hussy, a damn tramp. Ever heard
of, "Thou shalt not commit adultery"?

Shut up! You liked me anyway.

You're even dirtier for wanting dirty me.

Yeah, well it was entertaining
to fill something empty.

Maybe that's why
I wanted to do it with you.

I wanted to be inside you.

-Are you dissing me?
-I'm praising you.

I wanted to change with you.

You were my first love.

But you want to love freely, right?

Time will pass and so many...

Are you saying because
I have my dad's blood?

You know it'll end someday.

There's no way you'll keep loving me.

That's my line. You're always swaying.

Because I've never been chosen.

How can I know if I have any value?

Maybe you were already chosen
the moment you were born.

What were you born for?

Don't wait for someone to choose you.

It's just about what you choose.

-How am I supposed to know that!
-There it is.

Your "I don't know" habit.

Where's your will?

You really don't care who, do you?

-I don't want to hear that from you.
-Because you seem like

you've got plenty of replacements for me.

Even so, when I'm with you,
my body gets angry and makes me run.

I feel like there's only me in my body.

So I want to be with you right now,
more than anyone else.

Are you dissing me?

You think that's a compliment?

I don't know!

It's because I met you
that I realized this about myself.

That I can be happy with you.

That I can be happy without you.

I didn't use to think that way!

If I can stand on my own two feet,
I think I can be happy with anyone.

You're the one who made me think that way.

Shut up and just be mine already!

I can't!

My face, my voice, my hands, are all mine.

Don't talk big just because you're cute.

I don't know anything about that.

Will you be able to you say the same
when you're an old hag?

I'm the only one who'll still want
you even when you're a shitty old hag!

-What about you?
-Even when I turn wrinkly,

fall apart, and become even dirtier...

Even when someday no one will want me,

my body is my own!

And that makes me happy.

So thank you, for making me realize that.

I never thought you were dirty.
Not even once.

That's not true.

Don't get pessimistic when you have
a glitch in your world perception.

I can't make a promise to you right now.

And relationships end so fast...

-What should I do?
-I don't need promises.

You don't want to be man and woman?
What should you do?

There's nothing to do. Just be you!

I want to be with you! Are you listening?
Am I getting this through your head?

I know that!

Then let me do you raw.
Let's mix our blood.

Meshing with you will make me better.
You're the only one I feel this way about!

I can't do that.

In the end, you never really noticed me.

I was banking on your potential.

Hatsumi Narita is the biggest
fool in the universe.

I wanted to try to care
about just one girl.

I wanted that girl to be you. Still do.

I didn't know why the body could have
sex before it became an adult.

But then I met the current you.

I got to meet the 17-year-old
Ryoki Tachibana.

I was a super lucky girl.

Hey, should we do it right now?

Being empty had its perks.

I want to treasure this feeling right now!

I can't have your baby right now,

but even so,
I want to hold you right now.

That's fine, we don't need a kid.

I'll love you, a kid, right now.

Someday when I'm stronger,
I'll love you more.

I'll get stronger. I want you to watch.

I want to watch you.

I definitely want to.

No matter how old or how hurt we get,
I want you to watch me, Hatsumi.

I'm sorry I can't become
a mother right now.

But I'll be watching.

You said you'll know,
when you look into my eyes, right?

Please know it.

Even if you don't, just know.

I didn't know it, but I knew.

From the first moment
I looked into your eyes...

I've always loved you.

This is my first real kiss...

We just have to keep repeating it...

over and over...

I just kept taking from you, Hatsumi.

That's not true.

I realized that from now on,

no matter who casts me aside,

I'll never be able to see
myself as unfortunate,

because love doesn't disappear.

No matter if you grow apart,

the love you felt then...

turns into a love I get
to keep just for myself.


You were my first love.

I wanted to share my love with you.

You were the only one.

I'm really sorry I couldn't do that.

Hey Azusa, stop slacking!


That's right...

"First love" never turns into past tense.

Do you want some, Subaru?

I'm not the kind of guy
that can protect you, Akane.

Neither am I...

I may not be able to protect you, Subaru,

but I do want to walk next to you.

I want to walk in the same direction.

That's what I want right now.

Can we give it a shot?

Why did you come all this way?

You left your key at home.

You should've just left them.

Because you don't plan on coming back?

Are you going to keep growing up,

until someday
I'll no longer be able to see you?

Don't be silly.

Aren't we going to stay close siblings?

I'll always be on your side
and always be your big brother.

I'm totally okay with that.

Then, who's going to watch over you?

You don't have to worry about me.

I don't want you to.

Shinogu, stay warm when you sleep, okay?

To anyone but me, ths may
just sound like a silly cliché...

but I want you to be happy, Hatsumi.

If there's one wish
I want God to grant me...

this is it.

Hey, what's with the hair?

How does it look?

You kinda look like an alien.

Are you dissing me?

Change of heart?

I still haven't been able
to tell you I love you.

I don't know if I love you, Ryoki.


I want to be able to tell you I love you.

When I'm with you,

I feel like maybe the world is mine.

I feel that way, too.

When I'm with you, I feel the universe.

I remember that maybe
this world could be mine.

Then why don't we hold hands,
even if it's just for today?

What? You'd be satisfied with just today?

You're lacking comprehension skills.

I said, "just today"... but why
can't I feel that way every day?


Today I'm thinking, "I hope we
can be together tomorrow, too"!

You don't even know about tomorrow?
You must be stupid.

But it's okay if you stay stupid.

You can stay stupid forever.

You must've become stupid too, Ryoki.


Because I met you, I've become an idiot

who doesn't even know
what will happen tomorrow.

For the first time in my life...

I've become stupid.

It's like I've fallen into a black hole.

That makes me happy.

I hope we stay stupid.


Let's definitely...

stay stupid.

I hope...

we stay stupid forever!