Hot Chocolate Holiday (2020) - full transcript

Colette runs a coffee shop that is known for her secret and famous hot chocolate. Marcus, a new dessert shop owner, starts to draw in Colette's customers, she is determined to expose him.

Scone sandwich

and a hot chocolate.

Fresh scones.

Hey, Mallory.

Hey, Colette.

Hot chocolate and a scone?

Perfect, extra whipped
cream on top, please.

You got it.

Here you go.

You're the best.
See you tomorrow.



Aw, thanks, Mom!
I'll take over.

What'd I do wrong?


So particular.

Well, it has to be done-

Just right.

Yes. Now I just need
to add the vanilla.

Colette, why don't you just
use the liquid vanilla stuff?

That's not how
Grandma Thea did it.

Always fresh.
So hard to please.

She appreciated
fresh ingredients.

I don't see you milking a
cow for that hot chocolate.

Don't forget to
pack up the whipped cream, Mom.

Oh, I'm saving that for last.

Just a few more minutes.

So were you still thinking
about selling the recipe

to grocery stores?

Not selling the
recipe, but the drink.

Frank Banner and his company
think it can go national.

How's it gonna
stay fresh, though,

being trucked
across the country?

Dry mix.

I'm working on it.

You don't think Grandma
Thea would mind, do you?

She'd be happy with
whatever you decide.

Test it.

Just like Grandma's?


Better get going. Christmas
Kickoff starts at six.

Yes! You're okay here?

It's all under
control. Have fun.


Whipped cream?

Oh, right!

Happy holidays. Enjoy
your hot chocolate.

Thank you.

I can run things
here, you know.

You should go look at the
booths, buy something.

I don't need anything.

Are you sure?

Not even one of those
cute ornaments over there?

No, do you need one of those?

Hmm, I need to
get a tree first.

I haven't been able to
get one yet this year.

I can go with
you to pick one up.

How 'bout tomorrow?

Can we go during
the week instead?

Yeah, for sure.


What can I get for you?

Can I just get
a coffee, please?

You bet.

Colette's Cafe.

Do you have that place
over on Holly Street?

That's mine.

That's great, I'm
actually opening next door.

I'm Marcus, by the way.

Oh, Colette.

The one that's been
under construction?

Yeah, we open Monday.

That's great.
What kinda business?

It's a dessert shop.

Oh, yum. It'll be nice
to have a new neighbor.

Thanks, excited to get
it all up and running.

Here's your coffee.

Oh, thanks.

On the house.

Are you sure?

Of course, for
my new neighbor.

Thank you.

Well, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

Mom, that's for the customers.

I'm free labor here.

You're drinking more
than you're selling.

Alrighty then, why don't
you let me run the booth,

and you skedaddle?

Nope, take a break.

Go look at that
ornament, or something.


Before you hand it
to the customer,

sprinkle a little cocoa on top-

Honey, I watched my mother
do this more than you did.

Now, go!


Here you go.

Merry Christmas.

A gift, or is that for you?

Oh, a gift.

My mom was hinting
she wanted one.

Nice choice.


Oh, are you waiting
for the hay ride?

Um, no.

Do you wanna come with me?

I don't know.

Ah, the horses scare you?

No. Hay makes me sneeze.

Even the dry stuff?

I don't know, actually.

Do you wanna risk it?

Sure, why not?

So how long have
you had your cafe?

Five years, I think.

Wow, that's impressive.
How'd you get started?

I started selling coffee
to people in college.

I had this little shack.

It was kinda like that
booth back there, actually,

but that was it.

Quite the entrepreneur.

After the shack,
I got a tiny shop.

It was more like a
kiosk with a sink,

but it grew and
grew, and here I am.

How 'bout you?

I actually was more of a
cook, pastry chef, and whatnot.

Just rose through the
ranks working at a bunch

of bakeries and restaurants,
but I wanted a place of my own,

where I could sell
my own creations.

So you got it.

It's taken a bit of time,
a lot of things to arrange,

and money to save,
but I'm optimistic.

Why pastries?

I have a killer sweet tooth?

No, I mean, I do,
but I just grew up

appreciating homemade desserts.

A buddy of mine
and I used to joke

about going into
business together,

and this was the
perfect combination

of dessert and business.

Well, congratulations.



Ooh! Thank you.

Yeah, thanks for comin'.

This was fun.

It was.

And I look forward to being...



Well, see ya.

See ya.

♪ Have yourself a

At it again?

I can't seem to get the dry
version of the recipe to work.

Because it's never as good.

Not as good yet.
I'll figure it out.

Maybe a different creamer.

Frank Banner's here.

Oh, send him back.


♪ Have yourself a merry little

Hi there, Colette.

Hey, Frank. I'm just
fine-tuning the recipe.

Good, want me to test it?

Uh, not yet.

So, I have news.

Three national grocery
chains are interested.

I can line up promotions to
go with it, demos, sampling,

and from there, I think the
product will speak for itself.

It's not ready yet,

and I do have to go
over the contract still.

I just want you to
realize the interest level

we already have.



All right, there's that
for you. How many forks?

Just one.

Here you go.



We'll have the hot
chocolate, please,

and a peanut butter cookie.

You got it.
Hey, Jonathan,

this one is on the house.

This is Steven.

Oh, the money guy.


My friend and business
partner, and his wife, Angie.


You know, I was
prepared to pay.

That's kinda like money going
from one hand to the other.

Well, business
looks really good.

Thanks, there's not
exactly a line of customers

out the door.


But we've had a steady stream
of people coming and going.


Here you go.

Oh, this looks amazing.

I love this stuff.

Okay, good. Well,
save some for me.

Marcus, I really wanna get
one of the Christmas pies,

probably the chocolate
marshmallow silk.

Can I preorder it?

Oh, yeah. We've actually
had a few pie preorders today.

People are planning ahead.

Okay, good.

Well, add me to that list.

You got it.
Thank you.

We better get going.


All right, have fun at work.

Thanks, you too.

Keep that money
comin' in, huh?

All right, there you are.

Thank you.
Merry Christmas.

Hey, Colette!

Hi, Marcus. How's
your first day going?

Pretty well.
What do you think?

I like it.

What can I get for ya?

What's good?

Oh, well, everything.

Oh, yeah?

Course I'd say that.

What's your favorite then?

Um, probably the
decadent brownie.

Oh, and the hot chocolate.


It's the best.

It's not just 'cause
it's the name, I mean it.

You don't believe me?

Not really.

Okay, well, now
you have to try it.

Sure, why not?


One brownie and
one hot chocolate.

Coming right up.

Thank you. Oh,
don't worry about it.

No, I couldn't.

Let's call it payback
for coffee the other night.

Come on, I know what it's like

when you're first starting out.

I insist.

All right, thanks.

There you go.

Here you go.

Oh, thank you.

So, will I see you later?

Yeah, come by
the cafe any time.

All right.

Try this.

All right.

Just fine, just like normal.

This isn't mine.

Someone copied my recipe and
is selling it as their own.

Who would do that?

That man from the
Christmas Kickoff.

The new shop owner
from next door?

He calls it The Best Hot
Chocolate Ever on his menu.

There's gotta be
something different.

Nope. It's the same, right?

Hmm, yeah.

What if he stole it?

Oh, he seemed too
nice to do that.

We just met him.

Before you go making
accusations, talk to the man first.


Are you sure it's the same?

Yes, can't you
taste the vanilla?

It's fresh, and
the cayenne pepper.

Things taste
different when they're cold.

True. We need a fresh cup.

What, now?

Yes. I wanna try
a second batch.

You know, see how
it tastes today.

And you can't go because?

Because I don't
want him to see me.

Right, okay.

Leave your apron.

Just casually
ask what's in it.

See if they do
anything that I do.


Oh, your coat.

♪ Here you go

Don't tell him you work
here. Just be anonymous.

Should I wear dark sunglasses
and a hat and hide who I am?

Do you have a hat?

Just go!

Play it cool.


What can I get you?

Your hot chocolate.

Anything else?

Hmm? No.

Oh, thanks, okay.

Oh, gosh. Sorry, excuse me.

Sorry, that's a
pretty, pretty shirt.

Um, best hot chocolate, huh?


Must be pretty special.

I guess.

So why is it special?

What do you mean?

I mean, just, what
makes it taste so good?

Milk and chocolate?

So you use chocolate.

Kind of a key ingredient.

Right. Right.

So any other ingredients?

That was horrifying.

What'd you learn?
What's in it?

All I got was
milk and chocolate.

Okay, well, what
kinda chocolate?

Is it the type that we use?

Did he mention fresh vanilla?

No, but there were
other customers coming,

and I made a fool
of myself enough

that even he was uncomfortable.

You had to have
learned something.

Yes, I learned that culinary
espionage is not for me.

Oh. I have an idea.

Don't look.


Turn around.

This has been
the most bizarre day.

Hang on.

Now look.

Let me guess, you
want me to try each one.

Yes, I do.

Tastes great.

And this one?

Also great.

Which one's mine?

I can't tell.

See? It's definitely the same.

All right,
that order will be ready

for pick-up on the 23rd.

Okay, thank you.

Mm-hmm. Hey, we just got
another Christmas pie order.

All right, thank you.

♪ Everybody's talkin'
'bout Christmastime ♪

♪ Christmastime is here

♪ Sleigh bells are ringin'

Hey, I'm gonna grab
lunch real quick.

Are you okay here?

All right, be back in a bit.

See you.

Let's get another
batch of cookies ready.


I'll be right back.


Hey, Marcus!

Excuse me!
Hey, Colette.

Doin' all right?

Is something wrong
with the hot chocolate?

Yes, this tastes
exactly like my recipe.

Come again?

This has to be
the same as mine,

which I use for my hot
chocolate in my cafe.

Well, I'm sure
it's not the same.

Mine is a proprietary blend.

Is it?

Did you purposefully seek me
out at the Christmas Kickoff?

What? Why would I?

To try and reverse
engineer it, or something.

Hang on, first off, I bought
coffee from you that night.

Second, there are a ton of
ways to make hot chocolate.

I doubt it's the same.

It's identical!

How do you know?

Because I tasted it!

Just come to my cafe and we'll
compare them side by side.

Why don't you just tell
me what's in your recipe?

You'd love that, wouldn't you?

Me spilling my secret recipe.

Well, then how am
I supposed to know?

You tell me your recipe.

Well, I can't do that either.

Seriously, let's
think about this.

Why would I, or anyone
for that matter,

try to imitate your
hot chocolate recipe?

Because it's that good,
and I'm your competition.

I bet you realized that my cafe

is going to make things harder
for your little dessert shop.

I could have opened my shop
in a dozen other locations.

I chose that spot because I
thought it would complement

the businesses around it.

I'm sure.

You're gonna have to stop
serving your hot chocolate.

It's encroaching on my business.

No way, it's a
free marketplace,

and my customers come
for delicious sweets.

Besides, how do I know
you're not making this all up

to steal my customers?

That's ridiculous!

This whole thing is
ridiculous, I'll give you that.

Look, I promise I'm
not tryin' to steal

your hot chocolate
recipe, or your customers.

Hey, Mallory.

Oh, hi.

Is that...

It's just dessert?


Hot chocolate?


It's not my fault
if the customer

likes my recipe
better than yours.


"Home of the original
Heavenly Hot Chocolate.

"Don't be fooled by copycats?"

Of all the things.

She what?

Colette is under the delusion

that I'm trying to steal
her hot chocolate recipe,

or copy it somehow.

But you've been makin'
that hot chocolate for years.

I mean, even back in college.


Uh, just a big piece,
yeah. Don't tell Angie.

Well, that's
what kept you going

during those all-nighters,
you know, all those papers.

The one bright spot
for procrastination.

So why does she
think it's the same?

She swears it
tastes identical.

It's hot chocolate.

I mean, no offense, but how
many variations are there?

That's what I said.

Well, have you
tried her version?

No, and I'm not
sure I want to.

She was really great when
we first met, but now,

think it's better I
just keep my distance

and not feed her paranoia.

You know, maybe we should
have opened up the shop

at that other
location, across town.

A little too late for that.

You know, it's funny,
you move somewhere new

and you're worried about your
neighbors, but with business,

I didn't realize those
neighbors could be worse.

Do you think she'll pursue it,

make things difficult
for the shop?

I hope not.

Food businesses are hard
enough as it is, you know?

Remember all those statistics
about how many fail?

Don't remind me.

You know what? We'll be fine.

She just has to
wake up and realize

that a little competition
is not the end of the world.

The end of the world has come.

Nobody told me.

My hot chocolate
sales are down.

Since when?

Since that copycat
Marcus opened up his shop.

He's only been
open for a week.

Sales are down 20%
from this time last year.

This time last year,
there was a cold front.

It hasn't been that cold yet.

Well, they're down
15% from just last week

before he opened.

Your cafe success
does not rest

on only your hot chocolate.

I wouldn't panic yet.

You know, I wanna do
the full tree this year.

I did the tall, skinny
thing last year,

and it ended up
looking emaciated.

I thought it was nice.

Not with my decorations.

How tall do you want it?

Less than six feet.

I don't wanna have to climb
a ladder to decorate it.

I like this one.

Oh, that one's way too tall.

You need a tree.
How 'bout you, hmm?

I have my artificial one.

Fake, call it what it is.

Grandma Thea always
said it was sensible.

Christmas isn't about
reason and sensible.

It's about love and celebrating.

Splurge a little.

I'm fine. I like my
tree just the way it is.

It's still boxed, isn't it?

I'll get to it soon.


My other sales are
down, all since he opened.

Are you sure?

Take a look.

Barely. It's probably a fluke.

Grandma Thea's recipe
will bring them back.

They may wanna try the new
place, but they'll be back.

You're probably right.


But what if they don't
come back to my cafe?

Are you worried
about your sales,

or that his recipe is so
close to Grandma Thea's?

Everything will be all right.

If nothing else,
Grandma Thea will haunt

those wayward customers
until they do come back,

stubborn as she was.

Hey, Colette.


Everything okay?

Yep, yes.


Yeah, wanted to try it myself,

see what all the fuss is about.


It does taste just like yours.

I know, I don't know how.

Well, the last thing
the grocery chains

are going to want are two
products selling the same thing.

Well, I don't think he's
selling his in stores,

and besides, we're
the first, right?

Right, unless he
comes around claiming

you stole his recipe.

I didn't! He-

I'm just saying, the
last thing you or I want

is a lawsuit or something
to make this fail

before we even get started.

Well, you don't have
to worry. It's my recipe.

All right, although I
need that contract back.

And how's that
dry recipe coming?

Good. I still
need to work on it.

I've been distracted.

Well, as is, we're
already too late

to get it to the
stores for Christmas,

but it'd be a shame to miss
out on the rest of winter.

I'm all about deadlines.

How about we aim to
have everything ready,

contract and recipe,
by next week?

How 'bout two weeks?

With the Christmas
rush, it's been busy.

It picks up.

Two weeks then.

Oh, and one more thing.

You oughta figure out what
your competition's up to.

You know, just in case.

See you later then.

Oh, here.


Have a good day.

Do you have your phone on you?


Oh, no, Nikki warned me!

It'll be easy.

That's what she
said you told her.

You don't even have to
say anything other than,

"One hot chocolate to go."

Thank you.

Hi there. What
can I get for ya?

Uh, one hot chocolate to go.

You got it.

Your order's ready, Colette.

Tell her I'll give her a whole
gallon of my hot chocolate

if she comes and
gets it herself.

Okay. I mean, that
won't be necessary.


Your order's ready, Colette.

He's so arrogant.

Well, at least he
didn't throw me out.

You can't even see
what he's doing in there!

Well, he was serving it
from the batch like we do.

You can't expect him to
make every cup from scratch.


Well, I should get back
to getting everything ready

for the Christmas Kickoff booth.

All right.

Wait, I thought Nikki was
running it this weekend?

We flipped a coin, I lost.

Oh, here.

Oh, I don't want it.

All right.

Wow, this really
does taste like-

I know.

Oh, hey.


How was your day?

Fine. Sales were great.

That's great.

Uh, look, I know you feel
threatened by my shop-

I, I, I don't.

Well, uneasy then.

I'm not uneasy.


Anyways, look, there's
more to both our shops

than just hot chocolate,
and wanted you to see that,

so here.


Yeah, there's lots
of things to try

in case you didn't like
that brownie the other day.

I recommend milk with those,

but you'll be fine
with whatever.

Okay then.






Two scoops too
watery in six ounces.

What am I missing?

Maybe a different
type of cocoa powder?

Sure, you look nice, but I bet
you're rotten on the inside.

Oh, wow.

How dare he?

Here we go.





I think this
might be your last year.

Maybe. Oh!

I'm calling it.


Oh, excuse me?
Do you work here?

What? Oh, sorry, no, I...




I was just trying to get
a better look at this tree.

It's really nice.

Were you, did
you want this one?

Uh, no, I was actually
lookin' at this one.



I'm getting this for my house.

Yeah, mine too.

Oh, excuse me.

Can I get some help?

Yeah, sure thing.

Which tree did the
two of you decide on?

This one.

Two trees?

No, this one's just for me.

We're not-
Not together.

I'll get those ready.


All right, here
is your change,

and I will get those
trees right out.


Did you like the pastries?



They were good.

Good, I'm glad.

Thank you for...

How was the hot chocolate?

You just had to bring that up.

Just asking. Why are
you still avoiding it?

I'm not.

And now denial?

I'm not the one who stole a
secret hot chocolate recipe.

No, you're just the
one who sent spies in

to record my method.

I was trying to prove
that you were using

the same method that I use,
which means you stole it.

I did not. We've
been through this!

It is my recipe,
and my livelihood!

You're a coffee shop.

A cafe.

So you're telling
me that more people

buy your hot chocolate
than your coffee?

Somethin' must be wrong
with your coffee then.

I have plans for
my hot chocolate,

and your copycatting
is jeopardizing that.

What plans?

I'm not telling you.

You know what?

This secretiveness between us
hasn't been working so well,

so in the spirit of Christmas,

why don't you tell me something?


I plan to sell my amazing hot
chocolate recipe nationwide.

I'm working with a company

that will take it
to grocery stores.

Oh, so you think me and
my supposed identical recipe

are after your grocery
store plans too.

Yes, and it is identical.

I still don't
believe you on that.

Well, then maybe you
should try my hot chocolate.

You know, I should.

It's the least I could
do to pay you back

for all the ones
you bought from me.

You are so...

Why are you selling it?


Your hot chocolate
recipe, why sell it?

Well, I'm not. It's a
do-it-yourself-at-home version.

Huh, all right.


I'd just never sell mine.


Just saying.

I'm taking my business
to the next level.

All right, that's
your decision.

Look, how 'bout this?

I promise I won't get in
the way of your grand plans.

And what about my shop?

What about it?

You're selling your
hot chocolate same as me.

I'm pretty sure the
people that come to my shop

are looking for dessert first.

Maybe we should just take some
time and see how things go,

let the customers come and go

without badmouthing each other.

That seems reasonable.

And no more spying.



So truce?


Okay, here are your two trees.

Come in!

Hey, what's up?


You need a hand?

Uh, yeah.


Thank you.

You got it.

So how were things
at the shop today?

Pretty good. I
passed 100 preorders.

Isn't that nuts?

Wow, I wasn't expecting
that many this quick.

I know.

You think you can handle
makin' all those pies

at the same time?

Yeah, but you're
gonna help me, right?

We'll see how desperate I get.

At least your garage doesn't
have that holiday rush.

Well, that's true.

And how's, you know, It's
My Hot Chocolate Lady?

Better. I actually
ran into her tonight.

I think we made some progress.

Progress? Is she
growin' on you?


Not that it matters.

We have a truce, that's all.

Okay, well, good.

Now we can focus on
making Sweet Pastries

really take off.

Is that the
contract from Frank?


Everything as expected?

Yeah, it is.

Do you think I'm
doing the right thing

if I go forward with it?

Depends on what you want.

Have you thought maybe
putting the mix out there

will hurt the store?

Do you think it will?

It could, but Colette's
Cafe is home of the original,

so maybe it becomes a
must-have if people are nearby.

Marcus said he
would never sell his.

Wait, you're
talkin' to him now?

Kind of.


And maybe he's not so bad,

and maybe I should have given
him the benefit of the doubt.

But that's not the point.

It's an improvement.

So why does it
matter what he says?

Do you think he's right?

I don't know his reasons.

You have to do what you
think is best, and right.

And hopefully, they're
the same thing.

So how's the dry mix coming?

Not well.


Well, maybe put off signing
until you have something

worthy to sell.

Good point.

So what movie are we watching?

You pick.



Oh, no, no, no.

Sir, you can't go in there.

I'm the owner.

Look, I'm sorry.

Just stay out here
till we make sure

everything's safe, all right?


Was there a fire?

I think so.

Can you check on the cafe?




Marcus, I'm so sorry.

Do they have any idea
what caused this?

They're not sure yet,

but they think it
came from the kitchen.

I swear I didn't
leave anything on.

I'm sure you're right.

Is your shop okay? Sorry, I
didn't even think about that.

Don't worry about that.

So you're fine?

Nikki's checking.

I wanted to come see about you.

Well, at least it looks like

you won't have any
competition for a while.

No, no, no,
everything was in place.

I saw to it myself.

You're kidding, and after that?

Look, see what you can do.

Just, please, ask again.



Well, you look as
horrible as I feel.

Fire chief came by.


Well, the fire didn't
spread beyond our walls.

He thinks the
structure is sound,

but the entire inside
needs to be redone.

I made an appointment
with the contractor

to go over the repairs.

Any ideas on the cause?

Might have been an oven.

I don't bake anything
in the evenings, though.

There's no way I
left anything on.

What was that about?

The insurance company says
our policy wasn't active.

I know.

But we paid those premiums.

During the time of the
construction, on the inside, yes,

but I guess somehow, it
didn't get switched over

when we were functional.

I missed it too.

So to fix
everything, we have to-

Out of our pockets.

Angie and I already have
everything put into the garage

and in Sweet Pastries.

I know.

I wish I had better news.

Today isn't the day for that.

Heartbreaking, isn't it?

We just had this all done.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Well, it's fixable.
That's the good news.

Okay, what's the bad?

Cost and schedule.

How soon are you wanting to
have all the repairs done?


Well, winter is
busier than you think.

Everybody wants to remodel.

I'm booked for the
next two months.

Is there any chance you
know someone who can help

get things moving that
has an open schedule?

Not that I'd hire.

You could do a lot of the
work yourself, though.

I can?

It'd save on cost too.

You'd have to do everything
just right, of course,

but I could fit into my schedule
checking in on the work,

overseeing here and there.

Yeah, that would help a lot.

Is there any chance
you could send

a bid over for everything?

With you doing
the work or without?

Both, if you don't mind.

You got it. I'll
send it over tonight.

All right. Hey, thanks.


How's that business next
to yours, with the fire?

Oh, not great. Marcus
is, he's crushed.

What should I do?

What do you mean?
It's not your shop.

I know, but I've been so
mean to him. I feel guilty.

Well, it's not like you
did any damage, did you?

Of course not!

He said something to
me about not worrying

about competition anymore.

Oh, now, that's uncalled for.

He wasn't cruel about it.

I don't wanna succeed because
of someone else's tragedy.

But even if you
could do something,

what would really help?


Hey. What are you doing here?

I thought you
might need a break.

I just barely started.

Well, here.

Eat up.


So, how long until
everything is repaired?

I'm trying to figure that out.

The main thing is it's gonna
be really pricey to fix.


We had a snafu
with the insurance,

so we have to fix
everything, or-

Or what?

Or maybe this
wasn't meant to be.

You'd close down?
You can't do that.

Well, it's not like I want to,

but would you really
be that disappointed?

I suppose I deserve that.

You know what might help
keep you in business?

Besides fixing the shop?

You should sell your pastries
at the Christmas Kickoff.

Didn't that already happen?

Yeah, but it continues
every weekend until Christmas.

You could set up a booth,
sell your desserts.

Except my kitchen
isn't working.

Could you bake from home?

Actually, that could work.

Could also get a lot more
pie preorders for Christmas.


All right, thanks.

And for the record,

yes, I would be disappointed
if you shut down.

You would?


We wouldn't get to see whose
hot chocolate sells better.


This does taste like mine.

You mean your recipe
tastes like mine.

I hope your recipe wasn't
damaged with all this.

Nope, it's in my safe.

You keep your
recipes in a safe?

Wow, mine are at home, and
in my memory, of course.

Well, I promised I'd keep
mine under lock and key.

Promised who?

The woman who
gave me the recipe.

So, it's not yours.

No, it is completely Thea's.

Did you just say Thea?


Thea Redmond?

How do you know her name?

She's my grandmother.

I first met Thea when
I was eight years old.

She was our next-door neighbor.

My mom died when I was younger,

and my dad worked a
lot to provide for me,

but Thea noticed, and she
would keep me outta trouble

when I got back from school.

Had to get my homework
done first, of course.

She was very firm about that.

But then, she would
teach me how to cook,

and she always had her
hot chocolate ready.

It didn't even matter
if it was warm outside.

I just loved it.

We lived so far away from
her when I was that age.

I never knew.

Well, I was just
the neighborhood boy.

You had to have
been more than that.

I don't know, but I didn't
mind that my dad was so busy

because Thea was always there.

I wonder if he knew how
much she really did for us.

So she taught you the recipe?

No, not at first.

I could tell it
was special to her.

She just always had it ready
when I'd get home from school.

But when I turned about 11,

my dad got a new job
and we had to move,

and it was right
before Christmastime.

I was pretty upset about it,

but Thea asked me what
I wanted for Christmas

since we wouldn't see
each other anymore.

What did you say?

I asked her to teach me
how to make the hot chocolate

so that I could remember
her and make it for myself,

wherever we moved to.

I had no idea.

She always guarded
that recipe so closely.

I just assumed I was the
only one who knew it.

Yeah, sorry.

It probably seems pretty outta
place that I have it too.


It's fine.

♪ Joy to the world

I can't believe Grandma
Thea gave the recipe

to someone else,

and this was years
before she gave it to me.

I gave up trying
to understand her.

I certainly never
pegged her for taking in

some stranger's boy.

She never told
you about Marcus?


She did whatever crossed her
mind, but it's so unlike her.

It's way too...



She was so strict
when she taught me

how to make the hot chocolate.

Only then?

I was just about
to leave for college.

We made it over and over again,

with her critiquing
how I did it,

the order of the ingredients,

getting the
temperatures just right,

not scalding the milk
or melted chocolate.

That's just how she was.

Made me cherish it, though.

First, out of fear
of getting it wrong,

but now, it's her legacy.

I thought I was the
only one to carry it on.

The contractor
sent us the bid,

with and without us doing
whatever labor possible.

Yeah, we're gonna need to do

some of that work
ourselves, for sure.

You know, both
money and time-wise,

we can't afford to wait
for them to get to us.

The more time we're closed,
the less money we make.

It's bad enough being
closed during the holidays.

It's the worst timing ever.

I know how to do a little
bit of the sheetrock stuff.

Sheetrock stuff?

A little bit.

Plus, I can clean up the
debris and damaged things.

That can't be too hard.

I have to keep
the garage open,

but I could close down early
to help out if it's a slow day.

Okay, that'd be good.

I don't know how we're gonna
pay for the rest, though.

I mean, I can scrape
together some money

for the supplies for the
work that we would do,

but we still have to pay
the contractors and his subs

for the work we
can't do ourselves.

Yeah, the first time
around was expensive enough.

Well, let's get
going, do what we can,

and get the first steps started.

I have a little to cover that.

Okay, but what about the rest?

We're gonna need a loan.

I mean, we already have
one for opening up the store.

Do you really think we
can get another one?

It's worth a shot.

How else are we gonna get Sweet
Pastries on its feet again?


I'll work on that loan.

I'll get started
fixing the shop.

Here you go, Merry Christmas.

Thank you.

Is he okay over there?

Maybe I should go check.

Well, I turned in the
application for the second loan.

Good. Fingers crossed.

How long will that take?

Normally two weeks, they said.

Everything okay in here?

As well as it can be.

Colette, this is
Steven and Angie.


The paranoid hot
chocolate lady?



It's really nice to meet you.

You too.


Do they know
what they're doing?

Yeah, you know, just a
little demolition work.

I could tell. We can
all hear it next door.

Ah, sorry.

I just wanted to make sure
you were, you know, safe.

Makin' sure Steven's not
hitting my hand with the hammer.

Yeah, like that.

Wow, there is so much to do.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Do you need help?


No, we can handle it.

I'm sure you're
plenty busy yourself.

I'll be right back.

Well, she seems nice.

Here you go. Have a good day.

Thank you.

How are you doin'?
You got it handled?


Great, can you call Nikki
and have her prep everything

for the Christmas Kickoff?

I can pick it all up at five.

Okay. What are you
doin' in the meantime?



♪ Hear the Christmas
bells around town ♪

♪ But nothing compares
to this sound ♪

Well done!

Thank you, sir.

♪ Of my laughter
when you're around ♪

♪ All the snowflakes
gather in the street ♪

♪ In my heart, it skips a beat

♪ 'Cause it's cold outside
but I feel the heat ♪

♪ I'm runnin'
circles in my mind ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm so happy
that you're mine ♪

♪ Can't find the words to say

♪ How you make my heart ache

♪ I've never felt this way

♪ And baby, that's okay

♪ My heart beats
a little faster ♪

♪ 'Cause you're my ever after

♪ Try to find the words to say

♪ You make my holiday

No, it looks better!

I hope so.

Oh, yeah, we have
someone comin' to fix that,

along with the other electrical.


It's almost time for
the Christmas Kickoff

to start for the weekend.

Did you get a booth?

Yeah, I did.

I was up late last
night making everything.

I have to go get my things
for it. I'll meet you there?


See ya guys.

Bye, thanks so
much for helping.

See ya.

You know, you should
probably get ready too.

We'll finish up here.

You sure?




Have fun.


Merry Christmas.

There you go, Merry Christmas.

Well, I want you to notice

that I only have my
desserts and pie preorders,

no hot chocolate.

You didn't have to leave
out the hot chocolate.

And you didn't have
to help me today.

I wanted to, it's Christmas.

And Grandma Thea would
have wanted me to as well.

Hi, Sweet Pastries, right?


I tried to go by your store
but it was all closed off.

Yeah, we had a fire.

Oh, how horrible.

Well, I ordered some
pies for Christmas.

Will I still be
able to get those?

Oh, yeah, we'll still have
everything ready as planned.


Then where do I
go to pick 'em up?

You can pick them up

right next door to Sweet
Pastries at Colette's Cafe.

Okay, any time
on December 23rd?

Yup, we'll have 'em ready.

Good. Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you.

Just makes sense, no big deal.

Are you sure? I might take
over your shop for that day.

It's just one day.

Two hot chocolates, please.

Sure, that'll
be just a minute.

So, how is the
sale of your recipe,

or hot chocolate coming?

Oh, that.

You change your mind?


I'm having trouble coming up

with a traditional dry
version of the recipe.

Dry version? Traditional?

There's nothing traditional
about Thea's recipe.

I know.

It's hard to replicate
in an easy form.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Well, then that's
your problem.

You're goin' about it all wrong.

What do you mean?

Thea's recipe is gourmet.

The stuff we make in our
shops, it's not ordinary.

You can't just make
it the same way

they do in grocery stores.

Well, then how?

What about a liquid version?

People are used to-

I know, but that's
kinda the point.

It's special, so
make it special.

A gourmet drink in the
refrigerated section

that you can reheat and enjoy.


Limited shelf life, would be
more difficult to transport,

or we'd have to do it faster,

but it would taste a lot better.

It's better than
anything I've thought of.

Great idea.

Order 98.

Excuse me.

Oh, Mr. Banner!

Is Colette in?

No, she's been out today.

Hmm, tell her I'm
waiting to hear from her.

Deadline's almost up.

I'll pass that on.



So then you're
going to sell this

just like you make
it at the cafe?

Yes, not sure how to make
it keep longer, though.


Grandma wouldn't like that.

No, but you're gonna have
to compromise somewhere.

At least this will taste
better than that dry stuff

you've been mixing up.

It better.

What are you doing?

Testing which method
of reheating works best.

Everyone just
uses the microwave.

Well, that may be,
but I want to compare

so I know what to
put on the packaging.

Good for you,
being all gourmet.

That's the idea.

Try this.


This one too.

Both good.

Any difference?

The temperature.

Maybe I should tell people
what temperature to heat it to.

No one's gonna
get out their thermometer

and check the temperature.

People just want a quick
cup of hot chocolate.

Quick and yummy.

Mm, that too.

So how's that boy
Grandma helped out?


He's been better.

Oh, it's such
a shame about his store.


Is he a good sorta person?

I think so. Why?

Just curious.

With my mother's influence,

you can't quite be
sure how he turned out.

She wasn't always difficult.

No, but those are the
memories that stick out.

Maybe you should try
to remember the positive.

There are probably good memories

if you just let
yourself think of them.

Good morning!

Hey, Nikki. How
was your evening?

Fine. Got to pick my own
presents for Christmas.

Is that for your
parents to give you?


They say I'm too
picky, so that way,

they don't have to worry if
I get anything I don't like.


Oh, hey, Frank Banner
came by again yesterday.

Oh, yeah? What'd he say?

Just checkin' up on you.

I think I have a solution
to the store-bought version.


You know, it's been busy here.

I know, I'm sorry/

I'm just saying, maybe
you've taken on too much.

You'll sign right here.


And then there.

I thought we
already did everything.

I guess they wanted us
to fill these ones out too.

This should be the last one.


Yeah. All right, I'll
get this over to 'em.

All right, let's
hope it goes through.

Yeah, see ya.

See ya.
Oh, hey, Colette.

Hi, Steven.

Bye, Steven.

How's it comin'?

Well, the electrical
is underway,

and then we get to move
on to the sheetrock.

Steven's kinda nervous, though.

A lot depends on if we
can get a second loan.

Good luck.


I wonder what Thea would
say about all this.

Which part?

About my situation.


I remember these one-line pearls
of wisdom she used to say,

like, to keep me from going
overboard with the candy

when I was little.

A small bite won't bite
you back with a tummy ache.


Or she'd also say if you
clean a little each day,

it'll keep theTears at bay.

I wonder how much my mom fought
her on cleaning her room.

Enough that Thea would
come up with a saying for it.


So, what would
she say to me now?

She'd say

the solution will appear

if your determination
doesn't disappear.

Did she ever say that?

No, I just made it up,
but it does sound like her.

It does.

Maybe you're right, though.

What are you thinking?

That I might not have
it all figured out,

but I can take it
a step at a time,

like letting the electric
work move forward

while I continue taking pie
preorders for Christmas.

Maybe after that hurdle,

I'll be ready for
the next challenge.



Everything okay?

Yeah, it's just my mom.

She's reminding me about dinner.

You should come.

Oh, no, I couldn't.

I'm sure she'd
love to meet you,

with you knowing
my grandma and all.


Okay, sure.





You remember Marcus.

Nice to see you again,
these are for you.

Thank you!

I've heard a lot
about you lately.


Come on in.

There's more if you like.

Oh, no, thank you.
I'm getting full.

This was really
great, Mom. Thank you.

This was one of
Mother's recipes.

It's one I craved growing up.

I can tell fine cooking
runs in the family.

Well, I heard you
make amazing desserts.

Oh, you did?

Although I haven't
tasted them myself,

as Colette ate the entire box.

I did not!

Not all at once, anyway.

Well, I'll bring you a whole
box of choices, just for you.

Oh, thank you.

You have a lot to bake
for those Christmas orders.

Are you really gonna do
'em all at your house?

Gonna try.

And then you're gonna
bring 'em to my cafe

for people to pick up?

Yeah, but that's not too hard.

Why don't you just
make them at the cafe?

Oh, I couldn't.
It's a lot of pies.

The kitchen can handle it.

Are you serious?


That would be amazing.

I'll get Nikki and
Simon to help too.

Okay. Thank you.

Hey, Mom, the oven,
can I turn it off?

Yes, please, and
take the pan out.

Now, Marcus, I've been
wanting to ask you,

was my mother a
stickler with you too,

doing things her
way or not at all?

Uh, yes.

And you survived,
good for you.

She was never harsh, though.

Everything she taught me
was to help me be better.

I can hear her saying
that. She's brainwashed you.

Maybe, but I also
needed someone to show me

that I could be better.

Wonder what made her
decide to look after you.

I wonder that myself every
now and then. Who knows?

Maybe she just saw a bored
boy who needed some attention.

Maybe. I told Colette
it was so unlike her.

Didn't stop her, though.

Maybe she just saw that she
could make a difference.


I think there was a side
to her I didn't see.

Your mother was a great woman.

Maybe she was,

more than I give her credit for.

Well, the brownies
should be cool by now.

Was it something I said?

I think so.

It's a good thing, though.

When did Thea pass away?

It was six years ago,
Christmastime, actually.

I wish I'd reached out to her.

There's a part of
me that wondered

what are the odds I'd
ever see her again, but...


Kinda think she'd be
laughing at us now, though.

Me too.

Although, to be honest,

I think she'd somehow
favor you over me.

No, I don't think she would.

Who knows, she probably
regrets giving me the recipe.

No, regret and Grandma
Thea don't go together.

That's something I
admired about her.

Whatever she chose to do,
she owned it, no regrets.

I think she knows that
everything turned out okay.

I hope so.

She'd be happy.

The recipe's in good hands.

Yes, it is.

Well, it's no fine pastry,
but I've got some dessert here

to finish us off.

Looks great, Mom.

This is going to make
a lot of pies, Marcus.

We can do it.

The three of us and Colette
and her two employees,

that is a lot of extra hands.

As compared to you doing it
by yourself all night, yeah.

You know, it was awfully nice
of Colette to offer to help.

I can hear your tone.

Good, 'cause I
wasn't hidin' it.

You know what?

It is nice of her to
offer, and I appreciate it.

I'm just thinkin', you know,

she wouldn't have offered
to help if, you know.


If she didn't like you.

Oh, this is college
all over again.

That girl down the hall you
used to make fun of me for?

Yeah, kind of.

Only difference is you actually
have a shot with Colette.

Oh, my gosh, be nice to him!

Come on!

What? I'm just sayin'.

Yeah, but every time
you say something,

you jinx it for me, so...

So that means
you are interested.

What did I just say?

Measuring cups, whisks.


You're sure that this place
can handle all this stuff?


Yes, we have plenty of room.

Colette, Frank Banner's
here asking for you again.

Okay, Nikki, can you-

Yeah, I'll get
everything organized.

Hi, Frank.

Colette, I need to
get this process going.

Are we moving forward, or what?

Yes, sorry. I have
been making progress.

I've decided to do a liquid
version of the hot chocolate.

That's gonna be more pricey,

and it changes the placement
of the grocery stores,

but I can work on it.

How's that contract coming?

Tomorrow okay?

I'll hold you to that.

Great, thanks!

See ya.

Anyone need an apron?


Just warning everybody now,

cooking is Marcus's
thing, not mine.

Well, you can
follow instructions.

Well, use small words.

Hey, I just wanna say
thank you, guys, all of you,

for being willing to help.

Yeah, put us to work.

All right.

The fridge is full
of the ingredients

that we'll need to use,
plus whatever is out here

on the counters.

Let me know if you
have questions,

but I will circle
around to make sure

things are looking right.

Is sampling prohibited?

Okay, so like this?

Yeah, that's good.

Now mix it on low until the
dough has a firm consistency.

Sounds good!

How's it going?



Marcus seems like a good guy.

He is.

So what's going
on between you?


Why? I thought you said I was
taking on too much as it was.

Yeah, but my concern was
Frank Banner, not Marcus.

You don't like the
deal with Frank, do you?

It's not my call.

But if it was?

Why have you been stalling
to give him the contract?

Like I said, not my decision.

So what do you
think of Marcus?


I can tell you two have a bond.

That's just 'cause
of my grandma.

It's common ground between us.

Nothing more?

Maybe a little more.

Order 230.

Chocolate marshmallow
silk and the pumpkin one.

Pumpkin vanilla custard.

We just pulled an
all-nighter making pies.

Wanna give me a break?

Here you go, Merry Christmas.

Hi, what's your order number?


Here you go.
Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Apple cream.

Hi, how can I help you?

Can I get
a hot chocolate, please?


Oh, hang on.

Marcus, take over. Hello?

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.


But I filled out the...

I understand.

Is there no way to reconsider,
or what else could we do?


Merry Christmas.

One second.

So what was that about?

The bank turned
down the second loan.

Hi, what's your order number?


Frank coming by today?

Oh, um, probably.

I'm just looking this
over one more time.


Frank's not coming.


Hey, it's Colette.

Look, I've been giving
it a lot of thought.

I don't think it's
gonna work out.

Good turnout, huh?


Thanks again for letting
me use your cafe,

and all of your help.


Is everything all right?

The bank denied
the second loan.

And Steven is freaking out.

You're kidding.

I wish.

I need to go check on the
electrician next door.

I'll clean up, you go.

You sure?



If someone comes for these-

I'll make sure they get them.

Thanks, hopefully we
can figure this out,

and you can come finish
the rest some day.

Good luck.

Excuse me, I'm
looking for Marcus.

Yeah, that's me.

Huh, I understand you
have a pretty popular

hot chocolate recipe.

I'd be interested in
taking it nationwide.

What do you think?

Here's my card.
Please, call me, soon.

Okay, yeah, I'll
definitely think about it.

What if he's selling
the recipe to Frank?

We don't know that's what
Frank was talkin' to him about.

Come on, Colette,
what else could it be?

I don't know.

If he is selling
it, you gonna let him?

It's not for me
to decide for him.

It's not right.

Grandma Thea gave the
recipe to me and to him.

He has just as much of a
right to sell it as I do.

But you didn't sell it.

I know.

But if he-

If this recipe could
really save his shop,

could I live with myself
if I tried to stop it?

Hey, Colette!

Mallory, good to see you.
You too.

So, do you know what's
going to happen next door?

I don't.

I hope it comes back,
because I loved their pies,

but your hot
chocolate was better.


Merry Christmas.

You too.



How's Steven?

He's coping.

And you?

I'm figuring some things out.

Like what?

Trying to recoup
whatever we can.

But it's gonna be fine.

So Frank Banner
reached out to you then?

Yeah, he did.

I was surprised you
decided not to sell.

Wasn't the right
decision for me.

Me neither.


What, now you're surprised?

I guess not.

You could have.

You have just as much
claim to it as I do.

No, not really. The only
one that did was Thea.

Did you feel
that way all along?


Why didn't you
say anything to me?

I mean, she's your
grandma, not mine.

Which reminds me...


Merry Christmas.

You didn't have to.


It's a nice way to
remember her, isn't it?

Yeah, it is.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas, Colette.

Merry Christmas.

Hi. Do you have any
of those pies left?

Oh, that was just
a one-time thing, sorry.

Oh, really?

My family
really liked the last one.

Um, well, I guess,
what do you have?

We got some sandwiches there,

and seven doughnuts left.

I'll have a turkey
cranberry sandwich then.

Turkey cranberry.

And a Caesar salad.

Caesar salad.

The whole situation's
out of our hands.

We just can't do it.

Your lease isn't
even close to being up.

We agreed to a year to start.

I know, but believe me,

I wish the circumstances
were different.

There's just so much damage.

What, do you expect
me to eat that cost?

Well, let's look it
over and find a solution.

We cleared out all the
damage and started rewiring.

Who knows? Maybe your next
tenant will wanna start fresh.


Hey, Steven! Steven, wait up!

There's a lot to fix, but
the point is it is fixable.

How would you do it?

This is the easiest solution.

You can do that?

Sure, why not?

What about the cafe?

It won't affect the shop.

You sure?

Even if it does, it'll be
worth it in the long run.

I like it.


Grandma would too.

So what do you
think? Can we do it?

Yeah, I don't see why not.

I ran it by the contractor.

It's reinforced, it'll hold.


You sure you wanna do this?

I do, as long as it's the
right move for you guys.

It is.

When do you wanna start?

You do realize
it's Christmas Eve?


And the ham is warm and ready?

I'll be right there.

Merry Christmas, Thea.

Come in.

Hey! Merry Christmas.

Hey, thanks. You too.

So what are you doing
to celebrate today?

Uh, I, uh...

I was afraid of that.

Come to the house
with me and Angie.

Oh, no, I couldn't do that.

Why not?

I'm fine here, I'm
opening presents.


You're here, aren't you?

All right, open mine then.

You should at least
come over for dinner.

No, that's okay.

Come on, Angie's making
that stuffing you really like.

Oof, don't tempt me.


Not bad, huh?

Sweet, Steven, sweet.

Hey, you sure you're okay?


All right, well, dinner's at
five if you change your mind.


Hey, Merry Christmas.

See ya.

♪ Holiday

♪ Is that you're here
on Christmas day ♪

♪ All I wanna do is to hold

What are you doing?

Oh, hi!


What are you doing?

Tearing down the wall.

I ran into Steven and
the landlord already.

They seem excited.

This was supposed to
be a Christmas surprise

for you, though.

Yeah, I'm very much surprised.

There's a giant
hole in the wall.

Why is there a hole in the wall?

I'm taking on a new partner.

Two, actually.

We're combining Colette's
Cafe and Sweet Pastries.

I've wanted Colette's
Cafe to change and grow

for a while now, and this,

well, one might
call it expanding.

We're adding desserts and
making it more of a hangout

than just for the
sandwich and coffee crowd.

What do you think?

Uh, expanding?

If it's okay with you.

We'll have some pardon our
dust signs around for a while,

but the cafe can stay open
while we finish the work.

With this wall gone, we
have room for more seating,

dessert counters, and I
kinda thought we could have

a hot chocolate bar area,
but I especially wanted

your input on that.

Sweet Pastries here?

Steven already
signed off on it.

I'm just waiting
for the second half

of Sweet Pastries to agree.

You're serious?

Seems like it.

I know it's a lot of work,

but we can do most
of it ourselves,

just like you planned to before.

You're doing this for me?

For us.


Because, because
it makes sense.

That whole situation with me

trying to sell
the hot chocolate,

I was itching to do more,
but it wasn't right.

And then you came along,

and it's like it
was meant to be.

Not at first, of course,

but I think I've seen what
Grandma must have seen,

someone special.

And the thought of
coming here every day

and not seeing you seemed bleak.

Well, I know what you mean.

You do?

When I first met you,
there was something about you

that I wanted in my life.

Even later, I still liked you.

When I was awful to you?

Wasn't that bad.

Well, I'm glad I
didn't scare you away.

Why is that?

Because I think

I'm falling in love with you.


what do you think?


What should we call it?

I'm not sure.

We're combining Colette's
Cafe and Sweet Pastries,

and Grandma Thea's
hot chocolate.


How about



It's perfect.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.