Hot Cars (1956) - full transcript

Nick Dunn doesn't want to be mixed up in a stolen car ring operating out of a chain of car dealerships in Culver City, CA, but Nick Dunn's son needs an operation, and an operation costs money. When detective Davenport comes snooping around about some hot cars, and later turns up dead, Nick's fortunes take a turn for the worse.

Another one, Miss Winter?

Well, I really have to go.

Now, what good is one drink
without one for the road?

Besides, I haven't finished
telling you what a great

little car this is.

'Member when we were

riding on the highway
this morning?

I told you about that
new gear shift in there?

Power of the pick-up, too?

Did you feel it was a light car,

easy to drive?
Yes, yes, yes!

It's a...
Tell me more, Mr. Dunn.

I just love to be
talked into things.

All right.

Hey, Don!

How was Palm Springs?

Very funny.

You were supposed to go out
on a demonstration,

not a tour.

She took the wheel.

Liked it too.

Oh, she took the wheel,
liked it too.

When are you gonna learn?

A beautiful dame like that
doesn't come into a joint

like this wasting
her time auditioning cars!

She's bored!

She sleeps till noon.

She's got nothing to do
for the rest of the day,

so she cruises around,
gloms onto some

good-looking slob like you,

burns my gas and your dough!

By 7:00 o'clock she'll
find some other pigeon

who will buy her dinner.

Look, Mr. Haym...

Save your pitch
for the live ones, sucker!

Go and get supper, and
be back here tonight.

That you, Nick?

Yeah, it's me.

Brightest husband
you ever married.

Tell Mama.

How's Davey?

The same.

He's sleeping now,
first time all day.

You know, I must be losing
my touch or getting old.

So, who didn't you sell?

Ah, it's who sold me!

What a hunk of stuff.

Built like a hard top convertible.

I was pushing
an $8,000 sports job.

I even went first cabin
with a round of drinks

at Jack's At The Beach.

End of story?

We drove back to the lot,

she thanked me very much,

stepped into the most
beautiful Chrysler

you've ever seen and
left me standing there

with egg on my face

and Hayman in my hair.

Oh, is that all?

I thought you were gonna
say you got fired.

Well, don't lose faith.

That'll probably be the next step.


Oh, relax, honey,
I'll take care of Davey.

Look, you finish
fixing dinner, huh?

I got to get back to the lot.

As I understand it,
this is on special,

marked down to $700.

It's a cute little car.

How does it run?


"Well," what?

Every hear of Torrey Pines?

It's down the coast,
where they hold

the sports car races.

I'm not a sports car fan.

Matter of fact, I've never
driven a foreign car.

Just had an impulse
toward one, that's all.

Well, that kind of impulse
could come pretty high.

I don't think $700 is...

Look, Mr. Markel.

This car's a bad risk,

unless you're a good mechanic.

Looks pretty good to me.

Well, sure, it looks pretty good.

It's rolled over four times.

You know, I appreciate

your telling me all this.

Look, we got plenty
of cars here, good ones.


Suppose I come back tomorrow

when I've got more time?


So where's the $700?

Oh, I got him interested
in another car.

Better one.

I don't care about the other cars,

he was all set for the MG!

That's the one I'm trying
to get rid of.

Well, isn't it better
to sell a car for 1,500

than one for seven?

Now you're going to tell me

what's best for my business.

I'm only doing what's best for you

and what's best for me.

The more I sell...

The more you sell!

With your records of
walkaways a day

I can starve to death.

But first you, then me, Don!

You're through!

That's all right with me.

I like to sleep nights.

Hey, more.

Well, here we go.

Told you I was psychic
about Hayman.

Oh, you'll get another job.

Please, a choice!

How much money we got in the bank?

Dollars or cents?

Add 'em together.

You wouldn't be happy,

we'll just make it to the first.

Yeah, that's the trouble
with dopes like us.

Too much month at
the end of our money.

Hey, here's one:
"Salesman wanted.

"Home appliance.

"Quick turnover,
big commission."

Eh, get this!

"$500 required
for inventory."

Guy's got to rob a bank

to afford a job like that.


You know, I better
stick to something I know:

selling cars.

You take Davey to the
doctor today, don't you?


Well, if he doesn't come up
with an answer today,

I say get a new doctor.

I don't like the way
Davey's been looking,

acting, anything.

Oh, he's a good doctor, Nick.

It's just that he
wants to work things

his way first.

Before he gets us involved

in a lot of tests and things.

He knows we haven't any money.

Well, you tell him he doesn't have

to be that charitable.

I'll get a job and I'll
get the money.


Who's calling, please?

A Mr. Markel.


Yes, Mr. Markel.

Yes, it's Nick Dunn.

Oh, how could I forget?

That MG cost me my job.

9:00 o'clock
tomorrow morning?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir, sixth floor.


o'clock sharp.

Oh, I'll be there,
Mr. Markel.

Thank you.

A job?

I don't know, I hope so.

He went back to
Hayman's looking for me,

and Hayman gave him the number.

Oh, Nick!

Hey, you treat me like that
every time I lose my job,

I'll be getting myself
fired regularly.

Your former boss
tried awfully hard

to sell me that MG,

but I went back looking for you.

With what's under the hood
of those cars he handles,

he must have a relative
who owns a mortuary.

That's what impressed
me about you, Mr. Dunn.

You leveled with me.

You know, it's not easy to find

a man who has an honest face

and an honest soul to go with it.

I think I can use you.

Doing what?

Selling used cars.


Yes, I was just window shopping,

seeing how the
competition worked...

and keeping my eyes open
for a good salesman.

Well, what do you
think, Mr. Dunn?

Would you like to work for me?

Even if you had two heads.

I've got a wife and boy, and

the boy's sick.

We don't know what's wrong,

but it's gonna take a lot of money

to find out.

I guess I'm just one of those guys

that can't afford the luxury

of unemployment insurance.

Well, maybe you won't have to.

I own a... chain
of used car lots.

California, Nevada,
Arizona, New Mexico.

Any man who works out good for me

can go only in
one direction: up.

Well, that'll be a change
for me, Mr. Markel.

What was your
deal with "Big John"?

Well, I got 75 a week
and a straight 5%

after the first 1,000.

I see.

All right, you'll start at 100.

I... don't like

It gives a man too much
incentive to chisel

and not give the
customer a good buy.

But you work out the way
I think you will,

and you'll get yourself
a good bonus.

You just bought yourself

a loyal employee,
Mr. Markel.

Fine, just see that
you stay that way.

Oh, Miss Stewart,
will you call Mr. Ward

and tell him I'm sending

a Mr. Nick Dunn
to see him?

Miss Stewart will give
you the address.

Well, thank you very much, sir.

I'll be seeing you, Nick.

Thank you.


Good morning, did I awaken you?


Well, here's something

to start your day off right.

You know that 180
pound bundle of honesty

you found for me?

Well, I think he's going to turn

into a uranium mine.

How nice for you.

How nice for you, little girl.

You know that blue mink stole?

Oh, yes!

Get it.

Oh, Uncle Arthur, baby!

I can really have it?

Be wearing it tonight

when I pick you up for dinner.


Mr. Ward?

You the one Mr. Markel
sent down?

Yes, sir, Nick Dunn.

Say, you've got some
nice merchandise here.

Every car that rolls off this lot

carries a new car guarantee.

Good break for the customer.

Eh, works both ways.

If a car is letter-perfect

we can afford to carry the paper.

What are the mark ups?

We beat the competition, Dunn.

Lower prices in wholesale.

I get it.

Make up the difference
in the financing, huh?


And if a customer's
got a good credit standing,

we don't worry about
a big down payment.

Who is Markel, Santa Claus?

You short on dough?

Well, I... Here's a week's advance.

Mr. Markel doesn't like
his salesmen worrying

about anything except
selling cars.

Likes the way you
sell 'em, real honest.

That's what we need
in this business:

real, honest salesmen.
Well, I...

Give Miss Rogers your
Social Security number,

tax deductions,

then I'll give you a rundown.


Thank you,
Mr. Dunn.

I'm happy you're satisfied.

Goodbye, Mrs. Richards.

Now remember, if you have
any trouble with the car,

just bring it back in.

You've got a new car guarantee.

Thank you, bye.

Thanks again.


May I help you?

Who owns the lot?


Name's Davenport.


Well, just a wee step above.

Auto theft detail, State.

Oh, well, my name
is Dunn, Nick Dunn.

This is a routine check.

I'm working my way south
from San Francisco

trying to run down
a number of stolen cars.

Any of those look familiar?

No, not right off.

Recall anybody trying to peddle

any of the cars on that list?

Well, they wouldn't come here.

Who can figure those jokers, sir?

Liable to try to sell 'em back

to the guys they stole 'em from.

One thing, there's a real
cozy hot car racket

working the state.

Sooner or later
somebody's gonna get

their neck barbecued.

Look, you run across
any of those cars,

contact me, will you?

You fellows can be a big help.

I'll keep my eyes open.

Yeah, thanks.

Dunn, wasn't it?

Yeah, Nick Dunn.

We're switching nights off, Dunn.

I have to leave now.

Oh, I can't tonight, Smiley.

Look, I haven't taken my
wife out in two months.

We got a babysitter and,

well, any other night, okay,

but I promised her.
So break it.

As if you weren't married to her.

Look, Mr. Markel
wants me over

at the Alhambra lot.

You cover the beat here.

They're sending in
a shipment of cars.


Hey, man, turn those lights off.

Just a minute, what's the gimmick?

You don't argue with me, man.

We just turn off the lights.

We got a policy, man.

Whenever a load of cars
is being delivered,

we lock up at the regular time

and just wait.

What for? Suppose
somebody's here.

Customer, maybe.

We don't like customers, man.

Not when we're unloading,
oh no, we don't.

Give me a hand, will you, son?

Take 'em off and line 'em up.

All there is to it.

We'll be out of here in an hour.

Come on, man!

Well, man, I gotta say,

you moved those things the most.

Oh, yes you did.

Yeah, "man."

Suppose you do the same.

Don't push me, man, don't push me.

Be friendly.

Like my own brother.

Well, well, well.

Things must really
be slowing down,

you're still cruising around

looking for a pigeon at this hour.

You lack the proper emotional

approach, Mr. Dunn.

I was just driving
by, saw you were about

to go in the office
and remembered.

I thought maybe you
had something to show me.

Yeah... the exit.

It's that way.

Now, don't be that way.

Do you always sell every
car you demonstrate?

No, but then, I don't always

get taken for a ride either.

Now look, you don't
need me for what you want.

This may come to you
as a big blow,

but I've got my mind
on other things tonight.

Put it on me.

I'll buy you the drink this time.

You couldn't charge it off

as entertainment on
your income tax.

I've got a wife
and son to go home to.


You've got a look that
looks like trouble.

I may even save you
from doing something

or saying something you
might be sorry for.

Just one.

Just to cool off.

Thanks, Paul.

Cheers again, Nick.

Last one.

There's still a character

I have to see tonight.

Must you?

I told you I'm married.

I have a terrible memory.

All kidding aside,

I'm glad you came by when you did.

Well, that's a slight
improvement, anyway.

Yeah, if I'd gone
to see him then, I...

probably would have
pushed his face in.

This way, I'll
only think about it.

Really that serious?

Look me up again some time,

only try another car lot.

And thanks.

So nice to have been had.


Yes, Miss Winter?

May I use your telephone, please?


Now Paul, my glass is lonesome.

So you were looking
for an honest man?

Some stupid jerk like me
to front for a deep freeze

to cool off hot cars?

Well, you picked the wrong guy.

Get yourself another boy.


What's the matter with you?

Don't you like money?

Are you unpatriotic or something?

Don't you like Washington,
Lincoln, Jackson?

Sure, I like a buck.

I like it real nice.

But not that much to get
my picture printed up

with a serial number on it.

I don't understand you, Nick.

We're not hurting anyone.

We pick up a car,

the owner's covered by insurance.

We sell it, the
buyer gets a good deal.

Nobody gets hurt.

We're helping!


Well, not me.

Oh, and don't worry,
I won't go to the D.A.

like he was my psychiatrist.

You said I was an honest man.

So I made a mistake about you.

I'm not gonna cry over it.

Goodbye, MisterMarkel.

Nick, Nick!

Hey... Where were you?

I tried to reach you!
Now what's the matter?

David, it's David, Nick!
Well, what about David?

He had a sudden attack!

He's at the hospital.

The doctor said he had to go,
he's under observation

and they may have to operate!

Nick, they... they don't know!

"They don't know" what?

If Davey will live.

He was so helpless
when the ambulance came

and they took him to the hospital.

All the way I held him in my arms.

I stayed until he went to sleep

and they sent me home.

I wanted to stay but they
wouldn't let me!

Nick, I'm scared!

Don't you worry, honey.

Davey is going to get
everything he needs.

He'll live.

I promise you.

I was pretty upset,
Mr. Markel.

I was mad.

After all, no guy
likes to be taken.

Made a sucker of.

Does your wife know about this?

No, she's got
enough to worry about.

Look, if you'll still
have me, I'd...

Well, I'd like
to have my job back.


'Cause I've got a boy who may die.

I need money, and a lot of it.

I don't care where it comes from.

Hot cars, cold cars
or whose money it is,

as long as I get my hands on it.

About $5,000 I
should say, wouldn't you?

At least that's according
to the doctor's report.

Dr. Reynolds,
isn't it?

St. Francis Hospital.

"Patient's name:
David Dunn.


Skip it, Markel.

So you knew.

And you let me come back.

You sat right there and watched me

rub my face in the dirt.

Why, MisterMarkel?

You get your kicks

seeing a man sell his life away?

I'm sorry, Nick.

But I've got to be
sure of my people.

First, I had to test your honesty,

then I had to see what kind

of a father you really are.

Did I pass the test?

All A's, Nick.

You go right to
the head of the class.

This we call the
refrigeration plant.

Here we take hot cars
and cool them off,

then we put 'em
back together again.

Here's the genius of the place.

Mr. Markel.

Otto, this
is Mr. Dunn.

The new manager of
our downtown lot.

As of now.

You see? I told you I was
going to promote you.

Mr. Dunn, I'm
glad to meet you.


Lead on, Otto, we'll follow you.

First, the cars,
we pick them apart.

Here... he files
away the serial number.

Otto's a perfectionist.

Nothing ever gets
by you, does it, Otto?

It's my job,
Mr. Markel.

You do a thing
right or you don't do it.

Sometimes we switch bodies.

A complete reconversion.

Mr. Dunn,
we do everything

except change the name of the car.

Over here, back for a paint job.

Even the leather,

when she's heated, exchange.

If slipcovers won't work,

we sometimes do
a complete reupholstery.

No sir, not a detail overlooked.

Is there something else
what you want, Mr. Markel?

No, no, Otto, just a
sightseeing tour.

Then goodbye, I got work to do.

Bye, Mr. Dunn.

He's really got it.

That's why he's the boss here.

I put a man in charge,
he's in charge.

That's why you're
in charge of your lot.

Do things your way.

The more cars you sell,
the more you make.

Here... this is Otto's domain.

Nobody tells him what
to do, not even me.

How about the papers
on these cars?

Among the Markel
enterprises there's

a printing and engraving company.

We have our own registration

and title service.

You don't miss much, do you?

Not a thing.

Otherwise, we wouldn't
have a business.

A legitimate business, that is.

Hello, honey? Me.

I'm trapped.

We can't go tonight.

Look, give the sitter
a rain check.

Look, and tell her the next time

we may even have a television set

she can watch.

Well, of course
it's another woman.

What'd you think it was, business?

Not too unhappy.

Good girl.


See you later.


That's what it is, sheer charm.

Remember that when you
get married, Miss Rogers.

That's just the time he may not

be telling the truth.

Well, now for the newlyweds to be.

Give them my regrets!

Now, now!

Let's don't have any bitterness

in this organization.

I know there must be
a man for you.

Hey, what cooks?

This fell out of your
pocket this morning.

Oh, that.

I forgot to put it
in the safe at the office.

The account's in your name, Nick.

Three weeks ago, $1,000.

On the first of this month,
another $1,000 deposit.

Last week, another 1,000.


I can add.

Where did you get
this kind of money?

Where do you think?

Was never on your paycheck.

Well, Markel gave it to me.

It was cash, a bonus.

But if you earned it,

why didn't he pay you by check

like the rest of your...
Oh, for heaven's sakes, Jane,

we're married now.

It's all community property.

What difference does it make?

But I want to know!

I say don't ask me!

You ashamed?

Never mind that.

What saved Davey's life?


What paid for his operation?


What brought him right back
here in this house?


You ashamed?

That's unfair, Nick!

You know I'd do
anything for Davey.

Well, so would I!



What are you doing here?

That's what I like,
man, friendship.

Your car?

Yours, man.


Straight from Fresno.

Get it out of here.

Now, what would
Mr. Markel say

after he said to bring it here?

He wants it should get
a face lifting job.

All right, park it in the back

where nobody'll see it.

You're a cruel one, man.

I've been driving all day.

You park it.

Boss wants me to fly to 'Frisco.

Business is real cool that way.

Mr. Dunn, telephone.

It's Mrs. Richards,

that Buick sedan.

Tell her I'll...

All right, I'll talk to her.


Yes, Mrs. Richards.

I told you.

Just bring it in,
we'll check it over.

Just like...



Looks new to me.

Almost, anyway.

Where'd you get it?


Yeah, we pick up a lot
of good deals that way.

Good thing I was driving by.

Uh... look,

You don't have to sell me.

It's my wife.

She's the one
who wants a Chrysler.

That is, if the price is right.


How much?


Uh-huh, that's what
I thought you said.

Yeah... I know, the auction bit.

Pick up a lot of good
deals that way.

Give the customer the break.

Well, it's a little
over Blue Book, sure.

But after all, it has

all the extras, you know, and...

my wife's fussy, she...

She likes the extras.

Tell you what, Nick.


You keep the customers
away from that job

for the rest of the day
and I'll bring my wife

down tonight after dinner.

You know, between the little
from our savings

and the credit union,

we might just swing this deal.

Do that for me, uh?

I'll do my best.

Can't promise.

I'd appreciate it.

On the price, too.

It's our anniversary.

Anxious fellow.

Second time he's back.


Look, why don't
you take the rest of

the afternoon off, Miss Rogers?

And still only 300
days before Christmas?

Thanks, Mr. Dunn,


Mr. Markel, please.

Nick Dunn.

Mr. Markel?

Say, Hutton dropped
that Fresno job

off here a little while ago.

I know, he told me.

Only Davenport
showed his face again.

I get cops for customers
who have anniversaries.

But he wants the car!

Bringing his wife back tonight.

You know what'll happen
if hegets title.

I'm moving the car out.

Comes back, I'll tell
him it sold, anything.

All right.


We'll split the difference.

How about 3,100?

We can't, folks.

3,200 is still a bargain.

What do you think?

That's a lot of money.

You get a hunk of junk

and you're nickeled
and dimed to death.

This car is as good as new.

Isn't it?

New car guarantee.

Then you got a deal.

Well, look, we, uh,

we hate to see anyone
go over his head.

We hate taking cars back.

Not me, friend.

I leave that for
the other suckers.

I have a responsibility
to my credit union

and... the state.

About the down payment.

How about 500?

Well, we prefer 25%.

Let's see, 1/4 of 3,200...
That's $800, dear.

You're Mr. Dunn?

That's right.

It's about a car that I, uh...

Well, if you'll
pardon me just a moment.

These folks here were first.

Oh, I hate to ask
you, folks, but if you

don't mind I just have to pick up

a car I bought.
Of course.


It's that Chrysler
sedan that was over

at the Alhambra lot last week.

Oh, yes, that's the car
these folks here are buying.

Well, that's impossible.

I already bought it.

Look, here's my bill of sale.

I'm afraid it's
his car, Mr. Davenport.

This sometimes happens when
there's more than one lot.

Salesman gets greedy and fails

to notify the other lot.

Just wants to make
the sale, period.

Yeah, maybe so.

Sometimes they get too greedy.

Say, wait a minute.

I've got a beautiful
little Buick out there.

No thanks.

I've had my lesson
in cars for one night.

You ready?

Maybe tomorrow.

Well, I'm sorry, folks.

Forget it, it's no big deal.

Keep your eye out for that
other stuff though, hm?


See you.

Good night.

You took your time, Smiley.

Davenport's no tourist.

I got here, didn't I?

Right, now get
that car out of here.

You could be a big man, Dunn.

Or a real worried one.

Relax, kid.

You're Markel's boy.

I'll see you later, honey.

Change your mind about that Buick?

Uh-uh, I, um, I want to
find out some more

about the man who bought
the Chrysler.

Look, Davenport,

what do you want me to do?

Get a loyalty oath
from every customer

that comes in here to buy a car?

Don't be cute, Nick.

Guy's name's Ward, isn't it?

You saw the bill of sale.

I guess that's the
name that was on it.

Smiley Ward.

I remember him from when I was

still a cop on the beat.

Was mixed-up in a lot of things.

Cars... dames.

Anything that was hot.

And I pulled him in once.

I don't like him.

He smells bad.

What'd you come in here for?

To give me the autobiography

on your life?

I thought I was being friendly.

Maybe you're a nice guy, Nick.

Maybe not.

I think you and Ward
pulled a fast one

with that Chrysler,

but I'll find that out, too.

We want Markel,

and we want him bad.

We knock him off in California

and he gets knocked off

in every other state he operates.

And that'll turn him
into a federal probe case.

And we'd love that.

We'd love it just wonderful.

You all finished?


We're gonna put our teeth

in everybody tied up with Markel.

Now, I believe in
giving a guy a break.

Letting him know in advance

what to expect.

You don't have to get hurt

if you don't want to.

The only thing you have to

make up your mind about is

what side you are on.

Good night, Nick.

Nice talking to you.

That's what I like about
Paul at Jack's Place.

He's so cooperative.


You ask him for a simple thing

like a telephone number and,

before you get it,

he gives you the story
of his life.

But you got the telephone number.

Now, aren't you glad I was tired?

I don't know what I am tonight.

I felt I had to talk with someone.

I've got broad shoulders, Nick.

I'll even let you cry
on one of them.

I don't know why I picked you.

Who's complaining?

Maybe to get some advice
about a woman, you...

You have to talk
to another woman, huh?

Sometimes, you don't always talk.

Well, how would you react if,

if you had a husband
that came to you

and said he got
mixed up in something

over his head?

Maybe it was too late to pull out.

Might be the whole thing'd
blow up any minute,

him with it.

If it was me,

I'd say:
"I love you.

"I'm with you, baby.

All the way."

Guess I'm a coward.

Thanks for the drink,
letting me talk.

I said I had broad shoulders.

You hardly made a dent.

Kiss me
goodnight... coward.

Lieutenant Jefferson.

What is this?

He's clean.

Lieutenant Holmes.

We're from Homicide, Mr. Dunn.

If you don't mind,
Mrs. Dunn,

we'll do the questioning.

A little late, huh, Nick?

Your wife's been very kind.

Kept making coffee for us

so we could stay
awake to greet you.

All right, you've yelled

Happy New Year."

Now you mind telling me
what it's about?

Sure, where have you been?

What do you mean,
"Where have you been?"

Just that.

I've been out.

I'll make some fresh.

No games, huh, Nick?

It's a lot easier on all
of us, and we're tired.

Come on, now, where have you been?

Been out at a bar
drinking; walking.

All night?

Say around...
10:00 o'clock.

This might help.

According to Mrs. Davenport,
her husband went back

to the used car lot to
see you alone last night.

We've set that time.

It was
about 9:30.

You mind letting me in
on your problem?

What I have to do with it?

You're entitled.

Davenport was killed last night.

Shot, murdered, he's very dead.

We set that time too,
about 10:00 o'clock.

Now, Nick, we know
all about Davenport

and what he was
doing in L.A.

We know the whole bit.

Lot of people had a lot of motives

for wanting him dead.

We just want the one that fits.

10:00 o'clock,
where were you?


May I speak to my husband?

Alone, please?

Go ahead.


Look at me.

Did you kill this man?


Then I don't care about
anything else, Nick.

They told you, about the cars?

Go back in there.

Don't be a hero.

Tell them where you
were last night,

and with whom.

Had to be with...

Janie... If it's another woman,

not telling them isn't going

to make it any easier on me.

Or Davey.

If you're trying
to spare us a hurt,

we'll be hurt much more
if you're hurt.

You see...

We love you very much!


There was another
woman, but not the way

you think...
You don't have to explain.

But I want to tell you.

I don't blame you.

I'm not perfect.

I kept taking.

I didn't always give.

Sometimes a wife
can't always be a woman.

But you have been.

No, I haven't.

There's been Davey and the worry.

You worry so much
when you're a mother that

sometimes you can't be a
wife to your husband.

Whatever you did... Janie.

I slipped a different way.

I worried like a father.

Go in and tell them.

I'll tell 'em.

Kiss me first.

I'll be back.

Don't you go away.

10:00 o'clock?

I was with a woman
in her apartment.

You want to check my story?

Sure do, in person.

Fred, you stay here.

More coffee,
Mrs. Dunn?

Miss Winter?


Lt. Jefferson,

May we come in?

You know this guy.

Am I supposed to?

Nick Dunn.

I never saw him before in my life.

You're not going to
buy that, are you?

What are you trying to do, anyway?

Mind if we come in, Miss Winter?

Do I have a choice?

You're in.

What do you want?

A man's been murdered.

Dunn's got a little
explaining to do.

He says he's got an alibi.


I've been an alibi
before, lieutenant.

But never for murder.

You know better than that.

I met her when she drove onto

the lot that day.

We even had drinks down
at Jack's At The Beach.

That right, Miss Winter?

I've been to a lot
of bars, Lieutenant.

Jack's Place isn't one of them.

I met a lot of men,
had a lot of drinks.

Some men think they know me

even when they haven't
had a drink.

Him, I don't know.



Would you like for me to describe

the bedroom furnishings?

Would that mean anything to you?


Okay, I'll paint you a Rembrandt.

Fair enough, Miss Winter?

There's the bed.

It has a canopy over it.

And there's a quilt on top,

It's very frilly.

Then to your right
there's a chair.

That's also Early American.

Okay, Nick, you told your story.

Now let's...

Police officer, emergency.

He's in real
trouble now, Mrs. Dunn.

He didn't do it, Lieutenant,

he told me.

I believe him.

I know you do,
Mrs. Dunn.

But now we've got to find him

so that he can prove it.

If you have any
idea where he's gone,

please try and help us.

I don't know, I don't know.

About this Karen Winters
he said he was with.

She denies even knowing him.

I don't want to make this

any more unpleasant
than it is, but,

did your husband
ever mention her or...


No, he didn't.

I don't know if it means
anything or not, but...

Anything's liable
to mean something.

Nick did tell me about
a woman who came in

to buy a car one day,

when he worked for Hayman.

It was an expensive car.

They drove to the beach.

He even bought her a drink.

They went to Jack's Place.

Did he say who she was,
what she looked like?

"Like a hard top
convertible," he said.

That's her.

Hello, Sam.

Mr. Dunn.

What are you doing with
the Chrysler, Otto?

Oh, hello, Mr. Dunn.

Putting in a new front seat, maybe?
That's right.

What's the matter, too much

blood on the other one?

I got a color blindness
in both eyes.

How about Smiley,
do you know where he is?

Right here!

Heard you took off like
a hopped-up rabbit,

so I've been expecting you.

We don't want to keep
Mr. Markel waiting.

He wants to thank you personally

for all you done, Nicky-boy.

You saved his life.

Might have been very
embarrassing if Davenport

had been left around
here much longer

to keep pushing
his nose into things.

So we had to cut it off.

Set me up as the pigeon, huh?

But an honest pigeon, sucker.

Now we're gonna wrap it up,

all nice and pretty.

We're even going to do
the cops a favor.

Save the state
the expense of a trial.

They're gonna find
you on the beach,

with a gun in your hand
and a hole in your head.

You drive.

Where to?

Jack's Place.

Markel might even buy you a drink.

And Karen wants
to kiss you goodbye.

Yeah, real bullets, Nick.

You can even ask Davenport.


Just sit here for a
minute, sucker.

And wait till they go inside.

That's not nice.

All right, now back up
like nothing's happened.


Where is he?

Your friend?

He went that way.

Fred, stay with them!

All right, put 'em in the car.

Thanks, Lieutenant.

Almost went for a different
kind of ride, huh, Nick?

Yeah, it started out that way.

Yeah, I know.

After a talk with your ex-boss

and the gal who said she never

saw you before in her life.

It's about time
somebody believed me.

Who said nobody didn't?

You still got a lot
of explaining to do.

Put away your rubber
hose, Lieutenant.

Get out your notebook and pencil.