Hot Blooded (2022) - full transcript

A man born and raised in the outskirts of Busan gets involved in a gangster war for survival. It is based on the original novel by Kim Un-su, the 22nd Han Moo-sook Literature prize winner. Kuam is a shabby port town in the shadow of stunning port city of Busan. Hee-soo is a third-rate gangster who has been acting like a hotel manager under Don Son for 20 years. Seemingly out of nowhere, Yong-kang, who fled the country as a murder suspect, returns home and begins causing trouble all over town, which only adds pressure to Hee-soo. "Drugs? Port? What's going on?" When he finally comes to, he's in the middle of this turmoil. What decisions can he make to save his pitiful soul?

Kuam Bosses,
pour the drink.

Let's have a toast.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Also listen to Boss Park
unwell today,

So, I prepared a small gift.

Bring it here.


I'm struggling
get that.

I assign the digger
famous wild ginseng,

and only one is hard to find.

There are many elders here.

How dare I accept
this luxury?

Young people need energy
to work.

It's a waste if it's consumed
by the elders.

It makes us
more difficult to die later.

I also prepared a gift
for Heesu.

Can I give it now?

I have never thought
you are so generous.

You think I'm not human?

this little gift.

What's that?

Is that really your gift?

The world is so cruel.
To protect something,

you need something like that.

what do you want to protect?

Back then, there was something
that I protect,

but while living in the trenches,

I forgot what it was.

Isn't that right, damn it?

Mr. Ok!

Be aware.

Do it right!

How many times
did I warn you?

What is it?

Stop it!

- Good grief.
- Heesu, help me...

I ask you to control it

not beat him!

Did I kill him?

If you act again,

you think your uncle
who will call?

Clean him
and take him to the office.


I won't ask you
to forgive me.

Lost doll boss
business because of gambling...

unfit to live.

If I stay alive,

I'll just come back
gamble and cheat...

Look at my fingers.

I cut off one finger
to stop gambling.

The loan shark cut off two of my fingers.


I'll stab Yongkang
and die with him.

But in exchange,
Can you...

send IDR 6.25 million
to my son every month?

So that he can live...

without me.

Spring 1993 /

Catch another whale?

No, now, whale catching
is a big problem.

The whale got into our net.

Later we will drink
at the Dongsik shop.

- Stop by to eat whale.
- We drink!

Don't like the smell.
You guys.

- See you later.
- Yes.

- Stop by later!
- Not!


What is it?
Why the fuss?

Electricity company
cut off our electricity!

Do something!

Why with them?

I'll check.

Please do it quickly.

Low sales...

due to stomach upset.


See you later!

Morning, sir!

What is it?

Yongkang's men came...

and ransacked this place.

Why are they?

The laundry doesn't work right,

so, Mr. Kim told them.

Should we call the police?

Why call the police?
Just clean up this place.

Yes sir!

What are you crazy?

Why can't you be contacted?

We are at war!

Do not exaggerate.
No war.

If messing with the iron pipe
not war,

So what?

It's hard to get a job.
It's not much.

I will talk
same Yongkang.

Will gather the people,

take them with you!

Why bring troops
just a trifle? Embarrassing...

In that case,

don't worry about this

and just give him some,

for him to calm down.

If he wants a place
on the beach,

give him some, okay?

- I'll handle it.
- That's fine.

Just don't
in my beach area...

It hurt my pride.


always listen to Heesu.

Just leave it
our people...

finish them off...

So, you want to go to war
against Yongkang?

Dare to face it?
Useless shit...

You guys come out.

Go out.

You too!

Come on, sir.

What the hell...

My friend, Heesu.

Long time no see.

You never came
when I invite you.

Did you come alone?

Sure, should
take my parents?

I was so scared.

I am very scared...

You brought Kuam's men.

For what?
am i amplifying the problem?

I got this place...

through a fair deal
with OK,

why did you interfere?

This place is not his.
You know that.

You got it
just because of the debt.

No matter how
I have it.

If this business is in my name,

then this is fair.

I just need a signature
in the deed of sale.

Do not hope.


You killed OK?


you are so burly.

Now you are old.

Do I look petty?

Yes, a little.

You're not the type to throw a tantrum
just because of the laundry problem.

why did the man get beat up?

Where do I know?

He ransacked the laundry?

He thought it was detergent,

and put it in the washing machine.

I lost
at least IDR 1.25 billion.

What do you mean?

But he just
taught a lesson.


The price of methamphetamine is cheap.


We distribute,

and transact too.

If the police chase us,

we will all be imprisoned.

Boss and you will not
can be a problem.

Just sit down and eat
cake from us.

After you
from abroad,

you think Kuam is easy?

It's been 15 years...

since I fled abroad
for killing,

and nothing has changed
since that.

The old man is still acting
like a hero,

and his men have not been trained.

I thought you were different.

But you're the same
with them.

Up to you.

about the dealer,

even thugs like us
avoid them.

You know why?

Drugs are poison

Even if you earn a lot of money
and fled abroad,

Interpol will come after you
until doomsday.

You know what Interpol is like.

I do not know...

Don't know what?


I never
meet them.

Have you met them?

I'm serious.

The main thing is,
avoid drugs!

You use it once

then everyone died after that!

You want to get involved
in that business?

Of course.

When will I be rich...

by selling fake chili?


Moneylender Hong wants to meet
with you.

Boss, take this.

- What's this?
- Just a small thing.

Aren't you the master of Kuam?

But you don't have money yet.

- Don't give it away, you idiot.
- Just accept it.

How can a person who is in debt
so dignified?

Should I cry?

Your debt is IDR 625 million, you hear?

At least pay the interest
before gambling, got it?

I will pay it off
when I get a job.

Stop nagging me, okay?

nagging you?

Watch your mouth.

Heesu, never
leave Boss Son.

Once you're out,

all your organs are mine.


Heesu, you came!

Why is it so hard
met you recently?

- I am busy.
- Is that true?

With all the liquor
this piled up,

summer business will be smooth.

Soju and beer can't
make money.

But vodka can make money.

Simple taste, cheap price.

You should join.

I know you're close
with the Russian people.

I know a rich man

by distributing
slot machines and karaoke machines.

He told me

that the era of gambling hotels in Korea

It is over.

So, what era is it now?

Adult arcade.

Video game?

No, it sounds like it,

but the payment
with gift cards, not money.

It's good business.

I want to dominate the market
with this.

Heesu, want to cooperate?

But hotel people
will not be silent

when they start to lose guests.

Friends, how long
you will work

for your boss?

If you last long,
you think you will own a hotel?

Flounder is his nephew.

I don't care about that.

By the way,

many people in Kuam don't like it
with the boss.

Because he was successful,

he doesn't have to work hard

but still receive a monthly fee.

That should be enough,

but look how greedy he is?

You know I like you, right?


So, I'll pretend
didn't hear that.

How was the sale?

Chuljin! Long time no see.

Are you busy?

You have eaten?

You're drunk.

You're too great
to continue as hotel manager.

If you cooperate
with Yangdong,

you will have great success.

Who knows!

If I start
this arcade business,

the hyenas will too
want a share.

I am sick of
with complicated bullshit.


Kuam is too small
for everyone.

One beach and one hotel

on a small plot,

several shops and brothels

along the sea wall.

In other words,
this is a dirt field.

- So you have to...
- Please.

Because long time no see,
it's free for Chuljin.


I can never
free food.

Look at that!

Kuam has a lot to offer.

There's a lot to eat!

Of course. Sorry friend!

Hey, Damn.

So, you went to Youngdo...

to get away from the dirt fields?


Are you being silly again?

I will go.

Hey, Heesu!

- What?
- You're very drunk tonight.

Come to my house.

Don't want to. Have fun
in your expensive car.

I prefer walking.

Hey guys!

Good night!

Good grief...

When did you come in?

Why are you sleeping on my bench?

Aren't you cold? Come here.


Do not be like that. Come here.

It's hard to get up here,

but the view is beautiful.

Of course.

That's the reason I live here.

Wanna stay with me
on Geoje Island?

Why there?

I want to build a hut

on Geoje Island.

Cottage? What do you mean?

Like hotels.

Aren't you fed up with hotels?

Now you're staying in a hotel.

It's so different
with Manlijang.

The cottage is in place
where the air and water are good.

You can cook barbecue
on the front page, and...

And what?

Cook a lot of meat,
and others.

That's weird.

What's so strange?

This place is at the bottom of the world,

but why so high?

This is wrong...


Come on!

Live clean!


Good grief...

How could that be...

I mean, give me a cigarette.

You smell like liquor.
Were you drunk last night?

- Where's your mother?
- He went to the bank.

I am hungry.
When is he coming home?

Why hit me?

Is this how we meet again?

Shouldn't you greet me
after i'm free

Please accept.
This is an emergency fund.

Buy new clothes.

I'm not a kid!

My hands are sore.
Please accept!

Half of it from Boss Son.

Thank you later.

Okay thank you.

Your mother is a little worried.

He hope
You left the dark world...

and just do something else.

I'm planning
start something.


Yangdong asked me to help
distributes vodka in Wolnong.

I and my friends
very interested this time.

With Yangdong?

Isn't that the dark world?

this is really business.

Alcohol distribution business.

Damn, you're getting better at talking
since prison.

You can face it
Wolnong pimps?

They are not easily persuaded.

I'm not a kid anymore.

I won't be stupid
as previously.

So don't worry.

Of course.

You're great.

Can I order vodka?

I told you to leave, right?

Excuse me, you don't understand
Korean language?

What? Want to order?

Do you have money
for coffee?

Go on, Damn it.


Hey, come here quickly!

Breathe! I said come here!

Very few can
shared on Kuam.

To get
that little part,

someone has to see the blood.

Is OK recovered?

How are you?

Not good at all.

You know the saying?

If you don't die from poison,

you will die of old age.

It's because you drink a lot.

Liquor party on the ship...

not like drunk
in a small room.

stroking the chests of women,
not like in a strip club.

You float on the sea,
drinking fine wine,

eat good food,
and sing poetry.

That's the most delicious
in this world!

Dalja, am I right?

The past feels...

Mr. Okay, get up.

What's that?

You know where the cash book is
and Yongkang drugs, right?

I do not know.

How could I know?


Than the police got it,

we better
who got it.

If you get Yongkang,

will you let me live?

What's the point of us killing you?

in the laundry,

engine number 7 is broken.

There's a safe in the motor box,

which is behind the engine.

The code is...

00:30:08,470 --> 00:30:10,160
Knock him down!


What a mess.

- Wait.
- Do not move!

Are you guys in a hurry?

I want to defecate.

- Yes?
- It is over.

How long do you think
will he go to jail?

There's corpses and drugs,

So, I guess at least
5 years.

In the trunk of a car,
there's a box of energy drinks.

Drink slowly.

Mr. Ok will drink it.

Who wrote this?

Is there any problem?

No, but the writing is bad.

It's a mess.

Shouldn't we finish
problem with Boss Son today?


Based on his actions
same OK,

he would never negotiate.

So should we go to war...

with Kuam
just this trivial thing?

Don't underestimate Kuam.

This is the end of the world.

Everyone is dangerous there.

So, if you want
part of Kuam,

you have to spill blood.

That's right, Chuljin,
aren't you from Kuam?

Yes that's correct.

You became successful thanks to Boss Nam.

You're a finix that rose from the ashes.


Collecting debt Ok
from the pockets of the children

at his own funeral?

He's dead

I also have to make money.

Why is your life such a mess?

Do you know
does it mean messy life?

If you don't pay me,

you will understand what it means.

- What do you mean?
- Are you deaf?

My son said...

you entered our territory...

distribute vodka.

Do I force the shops?
to buy my stuff?

They asked me to send vodka,

So, I did that.

If you are able,

please distribute.

Then should we move to Kuam...

to open bars and prostitution?

What did you say?

How dare you!

Guys, calm down.

Watch your talk.

wanna crack your head?

Watch your talk!

- You damn pimp.
- What? Pimp?

Yes, damn it!

Look where you are.

You think you have power

with the money you make?

Boss Nam is here.

Welcome, sir.

Yes, Heesu, how are you doing?

Yeah, this shit hole isn't so...

profitable for thugs.

Why is Kuam called
shit hole?

During Japanese rule,

this place is the center of Busan.

The beach here is always crowded.

Isn't that right, Boss Son?

Yes indeed.

Is that so?

I'm too easy to

know about the Japanese era...

Heesu, let's smoke.

Why suddenly...

Are you really getting married?
with Insook?

Are you serious?
Can I not?

I know you guys like each other,
since in the shelter,

but why now...

after these 20 years?

Our past was extraordinary.

You've grown a little.

It was a very clean job.

Clean job?
What do you mean?

kill Ok,

involving Yongkang,
and imprison him.

You're growing a little.

From where...
Where did you hear that from?

Give me a cigarette.


You guys are friends
since in the shelter?

Yes, we grew up there together.


You have a hard life,

and become thugs together.

I'm sorry, sir.

Pay with this.

Hong contributed.

Ok family will have no money
for the funeral.

Apart from that, you did a good job.

This can help you
married with Insook.

How's your salted fish shop?

You're more like
salaried contractor,

and it's the same with me,
It is not like that?

Speak properly.

I speak properly!

So, if you have any complaints,

talk to the elders...

Let me go! Damn it!

Damn it!


Where have you been?

You're invisible.

I want to get out of Manlijang
at the end of this month.

Can you leave us?

Are thugs
like office workers?

You can't go out on your own.

Should I cut off one finger
or something?

What are you going to do?

I run a slot machine business

with Yangdong.

Is he your co-worker now?

I keep warning you
don't deal with him.

Then what? Is it better
deal with you?

Who feeds you
so far?

Did I get that


Are you serious?

I'm 40 years old!

Even if I die,
I have to exert influence!



I will give you
Manlijang and other businesses.

Why such a hurry?

Just forget it!

Just give me Manlijang
to Flounder.

Isn't he your bloodline?

Damn it!

Are you serious?


I'm serious.

Tell Yangdong.

If you do business in Kuam,

my share is 10%.

Payment deadline
is the last day of every month.

Why did you come out?

Is this your only thing?

Your life must be light.

It's lighter than my stuff

when I moved.

Come in!

You do the laundry?

- Just leave it.
- Mom, introduce me.

Nice to meet you! I'm Jenny.

Nice to meet you, too.
Sit down.

Do you know?

When I was in middle school,

he beat my teacher.

I fight,

then the school calls
my parents,

but my mom is busy,
So, he came.

Then he beat my teacher.

He's great.

What did the teacher say?

He said he's better
teaching chicken

than Amy!

He made me angry,
So, I beat him...

Even so, you should
don't beat up a teacher,

- You stupid.
- He deserves a beating!

Why is chicken compared
with Amy?

Didn't you say
are you from Seoul?

Yes, I'm from Seoul.

But while living here,

my accent changed to
Busan accent.

That's weird.

Your accent is too good.

Yes, you can trick
Busan native.

- Is that so?
- Look at him. He's drunk!

'Is that so?'

What are they doing
early morning?

So what? They are energetic.

Get your hands off the ground, Damn it!

I have something to say...

Nice car, man!

When did you buy a new car?

It's not mine.
This is yours. Come on up!

- Mine?
- Yes, come on up.

But you barely have any money
to manage the factory...

Come on up!


- Is this really mine?
- Of course.

Hey, wait!

A beautiful day!


I already banned you
order food at the office!

It is done, right?

Reply me!

All over this building,

who drink and gamble
in broad daylight?

- Sir.
- What?

Moneylender Hong...


Put your clothes on, idiot.

Mr. Hong,
what's the need here?


only money
that unites us together.

I've thought about it.
How about this?

I can give
IDR 1.25 billion,

so let me get involved
in your arcade business.

As your business partner,
I will clear your debt.

You need financial support...

rather than earn small money
from everywhere.

We can solve it
in a familial manner.

You and I family?

If not,

will you live...

with that much debt?

When I first started this,

I'm not sure it will be successful.

But you, God of Money,

came to seduce me...

Then my business is sure
guaranteed success.

Let's start again!

Keep up your hard work!

We will prepare
the money for you.

Sounds great!

Thank you Look after yourself!

Mr. park,

How much do you need...

to build a hut
on Geoje Island?

I think around Rp6.25 billion.

IDR 6.25 billion?

When I have enough savings...

from this slot machine business,

I will leave
this shit hole.

What is a hut?

Tell him.


It's a place where you can
cook barbecue.


- Barbecue?
- Yes.

Noble Karaoke Bar

- Heesu!
- Yes, man!

I think someone is coming.

That must be Ami.

I'll see.

Wait a minute!

Yes? What is it?

Why are you here?

He had to be taken to the ER.

There's not much I can do

Good grief...

He was just released
A month ago.

If found out,

he could be jailed for 10 years.

I can send another one
to the emergency room,

but you take care of him yourself,
understand, Doctor?

Yangdong Distribution

Where's Heesu?

Everyone here?
Get in the car!

Heesu, why don't you collect
more people?

We can't go on with this.

Hojung and Park can't be
attack recklessly.

He's right.

They may be supported
by Youngdo people.

I do not care
even though it's Youngdo!

Why small talk with thugs

who attacked us?

Everything is done!

They're damn!

If we move now,

you and I will die!

Everything we built so far
will perish.

You are a coward!

After being pushed,

we will be dropped into the abyss!

If they cut the finger
to be used as a weapon,

we have to rip our stomachs
and use our guts!

You understand?

Heesu, are you
really that stupid?

All right, you stay here.

Everything is moving!

He's just doing what he wants...

World Nightclub

Come on!

Damn, I'm dead.

I told you to watch your mouth.

One of their people killed?

It turns out to be Boss Cheon's nephew.

Damn, this can't be fixed?

I have to act.

In this case, we must
imprison someone.

Who do you think is worthy?

As you know,

the victim was my boss' nephew.

In the past,

this could spark war.

So what do you want?

With the threat of war
against Youngdo,

I have to give up.

Heesu, show your respect.

I brought
Mr. Hwang is here to...

do not interfere
with adult talk.

Tell me, Mr. Hwang.

Alcohol is another matter,

but your arcade business...

interfere with our business.

We lost a casino client,

getting worse.

So the point,

you do this
to take my arcade business?

Are we criminals?

We don't need to take over
someone's business.

You need money to make machines...

and people to sell.

Yes, then what?

We will fulfill your needs,

so give us stock.

Let's just go to war.

Partner with Youngdo
no gain.

War is a choice

I think you're emotional.

How about you calm down
and think about this?

There is still time.

Look after yourself.

Are you serious about this?

Isn't that obvious?

If Youngdo wants something,

should i give?

So? Are you going to war?

Why not?

If this business is finished,
so is my life.

Heesu, I don't mind
with anything,

but I don't want to fight you.

I'm serious.

Got fish?

Once you start the war,
you can't undo it.

Some of them...

and our people will die,

then the death rate will increase
until there's nothing left.

Then what happen
after the war?

That's how the negotiations began.

Kill Hojung and Park?

You think they will care

with the dead?

Chuljin and I have become friends
for 30 years.

So, you are willing to die
for your old friend?

What do you think
Youngdo people now?

They convinced Chuljin that
someone on your level should die,

before negotiations begin.

Do not forget.

in war,
those who doubt will lose.

Distinguish who floats

and who drowned.

Let pimp like Hojung
and Park floats,

and drown Chuljin

Yes, Dad bought bread.

Just shut up and drive,

or I will slit you.

Where should I go
take you, sir?

What? Are you...

Damn it!

Damn it!


I have no grudge against you.

Yangdong calls us pimps

and humiliate me...

Don't hate me.

I'm trying my best
to keep you alive,

but reportedly, this war
it won't end if you live.

Heesu, this is not war
as you think.

I know.

It's a dog fight.

Dog fight?

Yes, Boss Son's dog, Park Heesu.

I knew I would be bitten
by the dog.

What do you mean?


Tell me if I'm wrong.

If you're not a dog,

why are you in this fight?

Just protecting the arcade business?

This fight
nothing to do

with lowly thugs
like us.

Who is it, then?

Boss Nam.


Boss Nam?

He involved Yongkang,

and he supplies Yangdong
with vodka.

What is wrong with him?

He's trying to control Kuam.

Why is he trying to dominate
this bad city?

The wharf is closed,
So, he can't trade.

The dock is moving
to a new location,

So, everything is closed.

All this war over the dock?

Yes that's correct.

Boss Son knows about this?

He knows everything.

- Are you serious?
- Yes, idiot!

What else is the reason
he pushes someone

to do this business?

And you?

You knew everything from the start.

Why are you silent
until everything is messed up?

Raise your head, idiot!

Reply me!

As things calmed down,

I asked Nam
to hand over big business

at least to you.

Boss Nam agrees.

Heesu here?

I brought sashimi.
Want to drink?

Youre here?

Are you from somewhere?

I'm from the fish market.

Let's have a drink.

No, thank you.

I feel a little tired.

I better go.

Didn't you come to me

to talk about something?

I'm just passing through.

Fine, go home.

Good night.

What did I say?

Don't assume Boss Son
as an easy foe.

Don't worry, Boss Nam.

I know Kuam very well,
and also Heesu.


We have given the bait

who will soon be arrested.

You said Heesu is
Boss Son's hound, right?

That's right, sir.

To face the hounds,

let go of the mad dog
not a bad idea.

Am I right?


You look well, sir.

I rejoice there.

Why did you call me?

You want me to dance for you again?

Certainly not.
Enjoy your few days off.


Take me anywhere.

When I was in prison,

there's a mouse toying with the boss.

You are wrong.

The old man ordered,

So, I took it a little.

Just a contractor.

You see the bag here?


I don't see.

Do you like sea urchins?


Eat this one
will stimulate your memory.

If you don't remember,
you can eat again.

there are still many,

So, you can eat until you remember.


Open wide, here it is!

What's that?

I thought he was going to jail
at least 5 years.

Am I the one who decides?
the punishment?

I'm not a judge.

But the evidence is lacking?
Drugs found!

His release is not a legal issue.

He was helped by someone
in power.

- Who?
- Who do you think?

Someone who wants to see him
rampage in the city.

Thanks for the coffee.

Boss, Jungbae's weakness
been attacked.

He was stuffed with sea urchins.
His mouth was crushed.

Can't we negotiate
with Yongkang?


Didn't you say something

finger cutting

and fight with our gut?

Now is the time.

You know what this is?

I used to fight with him,

and he did this to me.

He was 15 years old at the time.

How can someone so young
do something like this?

He's not human.


Sorry, I can't
do this again.


Why are you here?

You look gloomy.



I do all your requests.

I even killed
Boss Cheon's nephew...


Watch your mouth.

Someone can hear.

It is not like that.

He appeared in my dream.
I can't sleep lately.

Hang on.

Once this is done,

there will be no bars in Busan

who gets alcohol

without your permission.

Nam really know about this?

Don't be so pathetic.

I will treat you
in a good place.

What's the total?

The total is Rp. 125,000.

Jenny, hit it over the rope.

Get over here?

Yes, give it a try. You sure can!

Do not try anything with me
with Jenny.

Your mother left this for you.

Hey! Mr. Park here!

- Welcome.
- Pleased to meet you.

How's your wound?

Okay, it's not much.

Until when
should we hide?

We are so bored.

It's a life and death situation

and are you bored?

Aren't you scared?

I'm not afraid
with Youngdo's hoodlums.

I can withstand the stab.

But hunger and boredom
which torments me a lot.

Yes, Ami really can't stand it
with hunger.

Good grief.

Come here.

Ami, promise me one thing.


Whatever happens,

don't fight with Youngdo.

Even if I get stabbed and die,

Don't lose control
and try revenge.

I have to be quiet

even though you were stabbed and died?


Don't do anything.

I'm serious.

Reply me!

I understand.

Eat with kimchi.

Eat with us!

Mr. Park!


Can I ...

Can I call you dad?

What? Dad?

If you sleep with my mother,

aren't you my dad?

Right... But I'm too young...

What? You're not ready yet?

No, call me daddy!

Because now you have
handsome son,

buy us steak.

They are so weak
if you don't eat meat

Do you call me daddy

for me to buy you a steak?

I have self-respect. What for
did I do it for the steak?

Of course not.

Of course! When I come again,

I'll buy you a steak!

Be careful on the way!

- Look after yourself!
- Bye!

It's a fight
between Boss Nam and Son.

With pimp Wolnong's involvement

and traders like us,

there will be no good results.

Then what?

Let's think
beautiful result.

It's a cool story about how
loser from shelter

be king. Are you interested?

Nam just needs a dock.

Son will never
let go of the pier.

It means war
will not end.


if one of them goes

everyone is happy.

Nam will get the dock,

Cheon will get Wolnong,

and Kuam financiers
will earn a lot of money.

And you...

You will be the king of Kuam.

With Son's death,

can I master Kuam?

Of course.

Youngdo supports you.

Why not?

This is the plan that Youngdo started
with Flounder...

Wait a moment...

Flounder knows about this?

What are you asking?

Was Son stabbed
instead of Flounder?

Youngdo will stab him,
and also clean up.

You just need to be quiet

and dominate Manlijang.

You think I will do
such a thing?

Of course.

You're very capable of that.

You know the reason?

Because you look so much like me!

How can I look like you?

You hate yourself,

but not jealous of the others.

A man like you will end
in two places.

Either fall to the bottom of hell,

or rise to become king!

Shut up!

'Cause I'm about to fall,
I'm really going down!

Heesu, where are you headed?

What would you do?

Do what?

Don't play dumb.

Either give up the dock

or kill Boss Nam,

should not
did you do something?

Isn't killing also an option?

It didn't occur to you?

It will be
cleanest choice.

Are you kidding?

Or do you not believe me?

Do you know why
this war will never end?


Because you behave
like a fool.

I told you,

people like Chuljin must die

before we negotiate.

But why
you don't hear me?

Some of our people died

because of your loyalty.

I don't know how much more
who will die,

but don't hate me.


Please accept this.

What's this?

I bought it
as Insook's wedding gift.

I better give it to you

Put it on him.

Thank you

Insook will love it!

Ladies, stay here
a moment.

Just a moment!

Let's go.

They're good men.
Trust me.

Let's sit here for a moment.

Come here.

We can get to know each other later.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

You're very good at drinking.

You're much sexier
when viewed up close.

How about a kiss?

You are crazy? Get out of the way!

Honey, stop that.
He has a girlfriend.

What did you say?

Then why are you following
matchmaking at the club?

And why are you drinking
miras mahalku?

- Are you here for a drink?
- What?

Damn ...

Damn whore, are you crazy?


Who's doing this?


- Good night, sir.
- Mr. Parks.

Here, I brought the steaks for you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Where's Amy?

You see...

Where's Dongchil?

Where is she?

- Hello?
- Chuljin, it's me!

Hey, what's wrong?

Have you heard of Dongchil?
Cho Dongchil.

Cho Dongchil?

Who knows.

He lives in Youngdo.

Can you find him?

- I'm in a hurry.
- Okay.

I don't know what happened,

but i will check.


Give me a cigarette!

Stupid people!

Who is Dongchil?

What's the matter, idiot?

You're that ugly bitch's girlfriend?

You are stupid!

Come here, idiot!

How? Not there?

I didn't see it.


Where have you been?


Hang on.

Don't tell mom about this.

This is our secret.

What do you mean?

Son, be aware!

Stabbed by the bastards
it's embarrassing,

but i can't
control my body.

Do not talk. Shut up.

Hang on.
I'll call an ambulance...


Yes, what?

Please take care of my mom...

Damn it!



Hey, man. Open your eyes.



Open your eyes! Hey, Amy!

I will submit
vodka business and...

Wolnong area
the problem with you.

I will bear the nephew

and I gave up my business.

In that case,
will you end the war?

Boss Nam also wants
share a pier.

The dock problem should be
discussed with Boss Son.

You should
consult him.

We didn't come all the way here
just to hear that.

Who's that?

- Yes?
- It's me, Boss.

It was indeed Cho Chuljin's doing.


Heesu, boss ordered us

to get to the dock

or get your head.

But if you insist,

what can i do?

Is that why you killed Ami?

What do you mean?

Ami is Insook's son.

Why are you doing this
on us?

You call yourself human?

Come on, shoot me.


Cho... Cho...

Are you okay?


You want to be my boss
forever, right?

Honestly I'm scared.

I'm afraid of you and Ami.


Amy, wake up.

Heesu, I don't mind
with anything,

but I don't want to fight you.

I'm serious.

Damn it! Are you serious?

Heesu, where are you going?

Are you awake?

I'm sorry about Amy.

If he doesn't die, you must die.

You understand?

So, you're the mastermind?

How can I plan
this big plan?

Many parties want
part and get involved.

So, everyone cooperates.

And you?

Kill everyone
and be the boss?

Honestly, I don't care

about being the boss.

I just wanna breathe, eat,

and live with my children.

When this ends,

come back to Manlijang
and rule Kuam.

Nothing can
I believe here,

but our friendship
it's been 30 years.

This ship is heading to Russia

If you wanna get down,
tell them.

Otherwise, they will throw you away

in the Bering Sea.

I heard it's cold in here.
Think about it.

Got something?

If you're here,

Heesu must be dead.

No, he's fine.

Then he betrayed me
by your side?

Heesu will be sad
if he hears that,

but in the end,
this is betrayal.

He's not what he usually is.

There's nothing to do
this matter.


treat him well.

What do you mean?

At that time, I ordered it
to kill you,

but he can't

and this is how it goes.

Never forget that.

I understand.

- What's wrong with you?
- Get out of the way, you idiot!


Let him in.
Stay outside.

Go out!

I want to see you
before leaving.

Good, you're awake.

What happened
with your men?

My men?

Listen, Mr. Park.

We may not meet

when you left Kuam,

but don't live like this.

What do you mean?

Are you pretending to be stupid?

My men are in hiding,

and Boss Son was stabbed.

He could die at any time
because you betrayed us!

Many people are after you.

Be careful at night.

Why did you do that?

I heard...

Ami could have stayed alive.

Him and you can
stay alive.

It is not like that.

So, Ami died

to keep his father alive?

It's not like that at all.

So what?

Tell me, what?

Insook, wait.


Before he died, Ami asked me

to take care of you.


We've come this far.

We have to stay alive.

It used to be when I left
to Wolnong for prostitution,

you told me,

'Let's escape to Seoul together.'

You know why me
don't go with you?


I can't trust you.

then or now,

you never give me a reason
to trust you.

Take your hand away.

Youngdo people can be
attack the hospital.

So, we brought him here.

Didn't you lose the bag

If you're still alive,

you conspired with Youngdo

and stabbed Son.

By bringing back this bag,

It means
you want something from me.

So say what you want.

24 year old man dead

without good reason.

He calls me daddy,

even though we are not blood related.

He died because of me.

You want revenge?

As his father...

I have to do something.

Everything is set,

so you just follow.

Everything depends on you.


You've arrived.

Pleased to meet you
like this again!

Of course.

- How are you doing?
- Of course.


Let's all drink.

Kuam Bosses,
please pour a drink.

Yes, of course.

I'm not good with words,
so, just short.

Let's stop fighting

and make peace like a real man.

Anyone object?

I assume no one has any objections.

If anyone brings up
past, I will not be silent.

Because we've made peace,

let's raise a glass.


- Cheers!
- Cheers!

I also heard Boss Park
unwell today,

So, I prepared a small gift.

Bring it here.

Heesu, I assigned
famous wild ginseng digger,

and it is very difficult to get one.

I also prepared a gift
for Heesu.

Can I give it to him now?

Accept it. This is a small gift.

What's that?

Is that really your gift?

This is a cruel world.
To protect something,

you need something like that.

Heesu, what do you want
do you protect?

In the past, there was something I protected,

but while living in the gutter,

I forgot what it was.

Boss Park, what are you doing?


I think you'll like this.

Nothing will stop you,

and there won't be
that brought you down.

This is good for you too.

This will be

Can you face it?

Why? You're not ready?

promise me one thing.


If the war really starts,

no one knows

does it take a year
or a decade,

but until the war is over,

we can't
betray each other.

Can you promise that?

Of course.


In the next life,

I hope we are not born
at the shelter,

but born of a good father.

A father,

rich and powerful.

Too bad.

All dads...

no one has power.

Anyone want it
I ask you.

Why don't you choose me
as your partner?

Someone I know
told me

that good people will not win
in the end,

but it is the wicked who win.


Boss Cheon, you're the best bad guy
in this city.

Damn it.

You can clearly read people.

You're so excited...

make money
by selling fake chili.

But this is how it ends.

It is all over,

so go in peace.

Doing business is not easy, right?

Not easy at all!

Nothing is easy
in this world.

Don't try to play
too clean.

What do you mean?

Business is a dirty thing.

If you try too clean,

you will be overwhelmed.

So... work like you?

Damn, I'm giving you advice.

Yes, what?

Their butts can hurt
if you keep looking.

Pleased to meet you.

Had lunch?

- I ate a lot.
- Look after yourself.


President Park Heesu

Boss, we found Flounder.

- Where is she?
- He's in Cambodia.

Pull over here.

Should I send
some people to Cambodia?


Let him live.

He can cause trouble.
It is okay?

But he's the last bloodline
of that man.


The weather is cold.
Come back soon!

Someone once said,

a man like me will end
in two places.

Falling to the bottom of hell,

or rise to kingship.

Then he said,

both in place
very lonely and meaningless.

Some of us die
and the others leave.

All hot

Everything went quiet...

and meaningless like a ghost.

But we play...

and stay alive.

With our feet in the ocean
shame and suffering...