Hot Blood (1956) - full transcript

Stefano Torino wants nothing to do with his Gypsy clan but his brother Marco thinks otherwise. Marco arranges a marriage for Stefano with a young Gypsy woman from Chicago, Annie Caldash. Stefano, or Steve as he now prefers to be called, wants nothing to do with it but Annie convinces him that she had no intention of accepting him at the altar intending on running away as soon as Marco pays her father the $2000 they've been promised. Steve decides to go along with the gag but gets trapped when Annie decides she wants to marry him after all. Steve leaves for several months but when he returns Annie's request for a divorce leads him to reconsider his decision.

Yes, in this land, the fish jump from the
stream onto your hooks.

The rabbits hop into your pot.
Ah, so beautiful.

If only you could see it,

I would not have to
talk myself hoarse asking for money.

You would force it on me.

- Been there before?
- You bet.

I sure would like to see this place
before I die.

Papo, when you see this place
you will not have time to die.

Plenty room, plenty water,
plenty hunting.

- Are there no gajos there?
- No gajos, none at all.

No gajos? Who do we steal from?

Papo, why do you upset me?

0ur king is a smart gypsy.
He always find somebody to steal from.


Business. Everybody out.

Come in, come in, gentleman.
Your fortune waits to be told.

Fifty cents for one hand.
One dollar for both.

Do you want to know all? Or half?

I'll be back in a minute, Mama.

I read palms, not words.
Sit down, please.

Hello, Marco.

Is that me?

Well? Positive?
Negative? Good? Bad?

I've a big family down there.
Who'll take care of them?

Get 'em jobs, get 'em bail...
give 'em hope.

You're not dead yet.
If you could only get...

I'm very lucky.
I've sensed this all along.

Now things are shaping up.

Tell me, how long can I put off
this dying business?

Well, it's unpredictable.
It's an unpredictable thing.

How soon can you get away?

May I have the pictures, please?

- Your other hand.
- No more.

I didn't come for that. Not at all.
A matter of business brought me.

A Mr Stephen Torino
gave this as his address

but now I see it I can't imagine
why he wants to work for me.

And you think I'm too hard with him.
Job-hunting with the gajos.

- What do you want?
- I think he wants Stephano to work.

What kind of work?

- A dance instructor.
- Oh, a dance instructor.

- Dance instructor?
- Oh, I see.

You know, we thought
maybe you came from the police.

But you mustn't think my son Stephano
is a bad fellow.

Sometimes small things - a fight,
or his friends steal - and he's blamed.

But he's a very fine boy,
a very reliable gypsy, most of the time.

- Oh, yeah.
- I'm sure.


- This is not my hat.
- Mama.

He tempted me.

Our instructors are required
to go into private homes.

- Private instructions for ladies.
- You've got no worries with my brother.

He was arrested five or six times,
but never for dancing.

- Never for dancing.
- Never for dancing.

You'll make no mistake hiring him.
For dancing, he's the greatest.

And for the ladies he's an atom bomb.
A bomb.

A bomb.

He's a bum.

What do we do with him?

Yeah. Sometimes the wildest colt
make the best horse.

He's not a colt. He's a man.
With a brain.

He's got a lot of crazy ideas.
He's got to get married.

We both think he should marry,
but what does Stephano think?

I haven't asked. I just arranged it.
I don't care what he thinks.

- Hey, Marco.
- Hello, Bimbo

The police just picked up three gypsies
from Chicago. They're in jail.

- Is one of them a woman?
- Yeah. Annie Caldash.

Round up 10 or 15 gypsies, noisemakers,
and tell 'em to meet me at the jail.

- What precinct?
- Third.

After that, pick me up at the lawyers.

Shut up.

Shut up.

Will you tell 'em to shut up?

- What's that?
- A habeas corpus.

Complete, legal and correct.

Let's skip the ceremonies, Marco.

They're always complete,
legal and correct.

Too bad some of your other people
aren't so correct.

- Can't you get 'em to shut up?
- Who can shut up happiness?

- My brother is marrying.
- I didn't know he was in love.

Gypsies don't marry for love.
That comes later.

- Repeat the charge.
- Suspicion of grand theft.

What we are always booked for:
suspicion of being gypsies.

An ancient crime.

Grand theft - when our visitors are here
only two little hours.

- Six.
- Six, eight, one... What's the difference?

It's bookmaking, vagrancy,
or dancing without a taillight.

What are you crying about?
You never let us keep 'em long.

- Even Texas jails had better eats.
- For just one little fortune I told.

Some boy steals apples
and we're all Dillingers and bandits.

Welcome, my friends.
And forget these troubles.

I am Marco Torino.

Theodore Caldash.
Father of Annie and Xano.

Bimbo, my assistant, and friends
and neighbours of our vitsa.

Apologies for this reception.

We are, however, filled with joy
to find you in good health.

We hope that your Stephano
is also in good health.

Since I showed him your picture
his health is tremendous.

Are you sure you have never
been married before?

Bimbo will help you
to free your automobile,

then he'll bring you to my house.
Your home, Annie.

Yours and Stephano's.

Hey, Steve. You sure don't believe
in long goodbyes, baby.

The whole block is watching,
and half of 'em are my relatives.

A dancing teacher gets used to
being watched.

Yeah. Well, let's make it good.

You're going to make
a very good dancing teacher.

I'll meet you here tomorrow night,
in back.

As usual, my last-born son comes last.

Maybe because we had a flat tyre
the day he was born.

And when Marco was born?
A flock of eagles pass over?

Say, it smells good.

What's the celebration?

Still smells good.

Unlike what I saw driving you home.

Smells pretty good up close.

You know everything fast as it happens,
don't you?

Some day when you take my place,

you'll want to know everything, too.
No argument?

One brother says "white",
other brother says "black".

Some make noise through the mouth
and say nothing.

Our playboy rides around
in convertibles.

- She was bringing me from the job I want.
- Is that so?

I saw this job in the cards.
Somebody was dancing.

Yeah? What else did the cards
tell you about it?

- That I'm not letting you take it.
- You're not?

You have a job with your own people.

Do you never get tired
of running my life?

Black, white. White, black.

Yes, I get tired.

Stephano. You are going to get married.

We have bought you an angel.

Very beautiful, Marco.

Very good, Marco.

- If you can't break a horse, harness him.
- Listen to me.

I listened to you all my life
till I learnt not to hear.

Don't push me no more, Marco.

I don't owe nobody nothing.

No king brother, no deep law.
Just myself.

Nobody is free like that, Stephano.

Even the president of United States
has a few laws on top of him, too.

From the moment you are
born you start to owe something.

I had no say about
how I was born.

I can say how I'll be married.

Day is night. Night is day.

Stephano, this Annie is very pretty
in the face.

I don't care. I'm not interested.

I say you are. I say you are.

Even if I have to
teach you with the buckle.

- You're going to what?
- Stephano. Stop. Stop.

Turn your face to the wall.
The bride is coming.

You shouldn't look.
Turn your face to the wall.

Here's the bride.

Hey, Annie. Come over and sit down.
Make yourself at home.

Sorry to disappoint you, Grandpa.

Take this outside.

- Get it out.
- OK.

Our people
will get you anything you want.

The marriage agreement signed?

All fixed. Two thousand payable at the
ceremony, as agreed.

Thank you, Bimbo.

And now you will excuse me.
I have important business for our vitsa.

Rest well.

Come on, let's get this in hand.

Stay here.

Hello, Mr Torino.
Goodbye, I'll speak to you tomorrow.

Another payment so soon?

- You're looking better today.
- Thank you.

Oh, Mr Torino,
don't you want your paints?

Some beauty you are.

Two, three more payments,
and you're going to be all mine.

Then we'll travel the long journey
together. Both of us.

But first, I have another match to make.
Yes, sir.

Fine, good. OK. Fine, fine.

Why the special dressings?
We only going to fly the coop like always.

Tricks and getaways and a new name
in every city. Some sweet life.

- Well, you've still got us, Annie.
- Yeah.

All right, take it off.

Thank you, Grandpa Johnny.

I'm Steve Torino.

And you're the bride from Chicago.

I gotta talk to your father.

I am the proud papa.
Some beauty, huh?

What a bargain you're getting.

Plenty smart, too. My brains.

And this is her brother Xano.

Very fine fellow, too. He...

Yeah, he eats.

They say it's bad luck for the groom
to see the bride before the wedding.

But me, I'm up-to-the-date modern.
No superstition.

Wine for the groom.

Nothing's too good
for the goose who lays golden eggs.

Crazy. We drink to the groom.

- There isn't going to be any.
- Huh?

It's kind of hard to have a wedding
without one.

There isn't going to be any wedding.

But your brother Marco
signed the agreement.

That's his lookout.
I'm not marrying her, that's all.

That is not all.
Xano watch that door.

- I'm not good enough for you, huh?
- Ah, sure.

My brother picks the best.

I don't wear his neckties, neither.
I got my own taste.

Not for a bride.
The head of the family chooses.

- Not mine.
- By our deep law.

- Not my wife. I'll choose her.
- Maybe I'm not pretty enough.

Sure. You're beautiful.
But you're a complete stranger.

He wants to know who he marries.
Like a gajo.

Maybe he's got some other girl.

Lots. I don't want to marry them, either.

But when I do,
it won't be Marco's choice.

And it won't take Marco's money.

- It'll be like one spark in a battery.
- This fellow is crazy.

No, I don't think so.

So, to turn down your
brother, you'd turn me down, huh?

Well, you're his idea.

How about my expense?
You got any ideas about that?

- Yeah. See Marco.
- Don't let him out.

- Shut up.
- Stop it, you brainless goats.

So, you don't want
to go through with this?

- I say he got to.
- Shut up, Papa.

Now, I'm going to tell you something

that you and your king brother
don't know.

We didn't intend to go through
with this wedding, neither.

No. We're here for the big trick.

Cash in our pocket and dust in your eyes.

Our dust. Tell him.

At this wedding
she might get sick kinda' sudden.

Yeah, but after your brother
has paid for the bride.

You grab the dough and up the road,

and Marco's 2,000 out the window
and I'm still free.

And nobody hurt but Marco.

My brother's face.

It would have been worth it
just to see his face.

- Do you know what $2,000 means to him?
- To him.

- 2,000 bucks.
- Wouldn't it still be worth it?

You play him a good trick, we get paid.

After such a bajour, your brother
wouldn't bother you any more.

- You're wonderful.
- You willing?

No. How does it work?

Watch outside, nobody comes.

Stephano, you stay close,
like you are the groom. Now listen.

When Marco raises the knife
to join your blood forever,

- what happens?
- I get sick.

You grab your throat
like you swallowed a bone.

Then I say, "Nobody wants
to marry a sick bride."

I release them from the promise
and we rush out to Xano,

- who's waiting in the car.
- And I'm left at the alter.

But not so broken as Marco, uh?


Nice fellow.

Hey, Marco. Marco.

Zorno, Marco.

Korka, no bears.
No, no bears today, Korka.

Only you, my friend. Only you.

- Korka.
- Papo. Oh, Papo.

Papo. Look. Korka brought Abishca.

Take him home and then you come back
without Abishca.

He's going to take you home.

Hey, Marco. Come on over
and join the celebration.

Hey, Marco.
Come on, Marco. Marco.

So now he's a groom.
Look at him good.

If it wasn't for me, tonight this groom
would be with some gajo cat.

- I guess you're right.
- Don't guess. You know.

"Never going to get married.
I want to live my own life."

Sure, fine. Great. I listen.

When he heard the sound of her voice,
no more arguments.

He's always right.
Who can argue about an angel?

He's a good king, Marco.

I don't care what anyone says.
You gotta to hand it to Marco.

Don't forget the contributions
to the Promised Land.

Some gypsies have been
a little tight-fisted of late,

but don't worry, I'll get you
the Promised Land,

and some day I'm going to find you a
king even better than me.

- No.
- No.


Stephano Torino,

are you ready to take Annie
Theodore as your bride?

Yeah, ready.

- You, Annie?
- Ready. For a long time.

Grandpa Johnny Torino,

do you accept Annie into our family?

A man without a wife is like a bird
with only one wing.

Mama, the tray.

Papa Theodore...

...I now offer you a drink
from the fountain of success

that has brought
these two together.

And the price you have asked...

I pay it. Two thousand dollars.

And I give you my daughter
for a wedding.

Annie Theodore,
Nita Johnny gives you her son.

Give her respect
and many grandchildren.


...and soil...

...for the seed of love and happiness.

Annie, Stephano, your left hands.

- You don't feel good maybe, Annie, huh?
- Fine, Papa.

Let the blood flow as one
for now and forever.

Let the sun and the moon
be our witness.

What are you waiting for?
Annie, come on.

- Hey, wait a minute, Marco.
- What's the matter, are you nervous?

Poor father. Such emotions.

Annie Theodore,
you are now Annie Stephano

for as long as you live.



By this you shall never thirst.

For every broken bit,
a year of married happiness

I name you man and wife.

Papo, congratulations.

Strength, happiness, much money
and many children. All boys.

Eat. Drink. Dance.

And don't forget the dowry.

Don't look like you've been
sentenced to death.

Yeah, I only got life, huh?

- Your cell will be padded.
- Yeah.

Fill up the bread with the dough.

Not from you, Theodore.

You already give us the best gift.

You bet. My life.

Too bad it wasn't.

Stephano. Look.

So, she dances.

What's the matter, Stephano?
No fire in the feet?

She go too fast for you to catch?

Hey, Stephano. What's the matter?
No fire in those feet, hey?

This bride's gotta be tamed.

Maybe her husband ain't man enough.
Stephano. Marco.


Stephano. Steph... Korka, the whip.
Give me the whip.

Now you'll see a woman tamer.

Tonight Stephano flies like an eagle.

My business, my daughter...
Gone. Gone.

Everybody come inside.

Where'd you learn
to handle the whip so good?

In a carney show. I used to work with
whips and knives.

Tonight was the first time a knife hit me
square in the back.

You should've worked
with a mind-reader.

You wouldn't have looked so surprised
at our husband.

- Want to know why I did it?
- Why should I?

You just don't care?

You're smart, all right.
Got every trick in the bag.

- Where are my shirts?
- In there.

There's one little thing you forgot.

In the deep law of the gypsies

a marriage can be ended at any
time, see?

Not just like that.

The husband or the wife
just has to stand up in front of the tribe

and say, "There is no love." That's all.

- Is that what you're going to do?
- No.

You are. Pretty soon, I think.

When is this "pretty soon" to be?

When you tire of being married
to a man who's not going to...

who's not going to be your husband.

You will if I want.

Listen, a gypsy wife, even a bad one,
has to be faithful to only one man.

But there's no law that says a husband

has got to be a husband to the wife.

Tsara, Tsara
Joy and strife

Listen, man
you've got to kiss your wife

Tsara, tsara
Listen, wife

You obey your husband all your life

Tsara, tsara
Let's be gay

There's a gypsy wedding here today

Tsara, tsara
Now it starts...

You're not going out past our families
on our wedding night.

Well, I'll just wait 'till...
Oh, I can go out the front door.

Listen I don't care nothing about you.

Listen woman, listen well

Hear the words I have to tell

Though your skirt are lined with gold

Gold at night grows very cold

Man is heat and man is storm

Man can keep you cold or warm

What he's not there hasn't been

What he is will now begin

Tsara, tsara
Joy and strife

Listen, man
you've got to kiss your wife

Such passion. Such emotion.

Get away.

Didn't want to keep you waiting.

I don't ever want to see you again.
Get out.

Can't it wait till tomorrow?

I want to know tonight.

Now what's the story? I hear you're not
hiring me. Why?

Contact Mr Swift by mail.

I'll contact him now. Where is he?

I am Mr Swift. Your personal records
are unsuitable. Goodnight.

I got two left feet?
My eyes the wrong the colour?

I have nothing personal
against gypsies...

No. You're just afraid I'll pick
one of your customer's pockets.

Well, I got something to say to you, gajo.

- I'm going to call the police.
- Go ahead, call them.

Steve. Please.

But first you're going to hear
something from me.

Some gypsies steal a little.

But you ever heard of a gypsy
stealing an oil well or robbing a bank?

Or a gypsy woman double-timing
her husband?

- It''s nothing like that.
- What is it?

You think I can't dance, maybe?

The judge fined him $50
for dancing without the bride.

And $300 damages.

- Oh, Tim.
- Hmm?

If he asks who paid his fine this time,
don't tell him.


- Still they sleep.
- Sh. If you must talk, whisper.

- Not out yet, hmm?
- Not out? Not even up.

Put some honey in their tea, Mama.

Sage. It's the best.

But acorns works good, too.

Now, once travelling in China, I...

Oh, stop. Annie. We have
some hot tea ready for you two.

Stephano's still asleep.

There's no sleep like the bridegroom's.

Is there, my new daughter?

No, Papa Johnny. Just like a baby.

Look, I remember. I remember when...


Stephano, listen.

Annie, there's someone here
you'll want to see.

Stephano said to tell you...

Somebody's going to pay for this.

This is nobody's business. Only mine.

Nobody does nothing
till I talk with my daughter alone.

Compensation talk.

Did you pay my fine, sucker?

The least you could have done
is come by the back door.

What passion. What emotion.

Double-trick your own flesh and blood.

Why, Annie?

Why did you marry this good-for-nothing
son of a rooster?

Partly how he looked

and partly how he talked.

- And partly because I'm tired.
- Of me? Of Xano?

- Of the way we live.
- Better we all stayed in jail.

Look what
a beautiful tent you make for him.

It don't matter.
You're not going to stay with him.

We're going back to Chicago.

We find other bridegrooms.

No, Papa, I'm going to stay with him.

And I'm going to be the best wife.

I'm going to make more money
than any other Torino wife.

Before I'm through

he'll want me more than
any man ever wanted a woman.

- But Annie...
- Someday he'll tell everybody that.

And that's the day
I'll go back to Chicago.

Everybody here is crazy.

No argument about that.

You'd better have
some big apologies for us.

- I want to talk to Annie.
- Anything said to her is said to me.

Go out, please, huh?

All right, then.

You ain't seen me for the last time,
Marco Torino.

That's for sure.


What a bride.

What a waste. What
an idiot my brother is.

He's so stubborn
he double-crosses himself.

A man can change.

Or somebody can change him.

- You've got big plans for him.
- He's a Torino.

This vitsa will soon need a new king.

It's got a good one now
from what I've seen.

I haven't told this to anyone, but...

there's something...

Very important disease.

Well, you don't look like a sick man.

The gajo doctor says
I'll have to retire pretty soon.

Four or five weeks.

He says gypsies shouldn't live in the city.

My job looks easy, but it isn't.

The one who follows me
needs the right wife to help him.

Stephano doesn't think I'm the right one.


give him the chance to find out.

Suppose you're putting all your eggs
in the wrong basket?

I don't think so.
I have confidence in you.

I've got to have that.



All right, Papa,
you can come in now.

That changes everything, I suppose.

No, Papa. We still go to Chicago.
On that day.

Good, Annie. Good.

I tell Xano.

They packed yet?

She wants to talk to you.

I don't want to talk to her.

I just want a clean shirt.

I find you a queen
and you wipe your feet on her.

A gypsy's heart is never free

Warm wine with peaches in it.
Good for the head.

Your maid is chosen while you're young

- Make yourself comfortable.
- I just came for a clean shirt.

They make a deal for you and me

Another business appointment?

Tonight, at the Bayou.

Another dancing job. I'm still trying.

So am I.

The glass is broken
Songs are sung

Our hearts are filled with doubt and hate

- Are you still mad at me?
- That's right

And love is distant as a star

You weren't expecting to get married
last night, were you?

But you were?

We're thrown together
It's our fate

The deal was made
and here we are

I could learn to love you

This is my desire

How can love start burning, Poochka

If you never light the fire

I could learn to love you
and your foolish pride

Your lips say you hate me, Poochka

But your eyes say your lips lied

I could learn to warm your wine
and kiss those lips

Why do your hands
search for freedom?

Look what's at your fingertips

You could learn to love me
Pluck me from the vine

I could learn to love you

Husband, here's your wine

Here's your wine.

That's good wine.

Very good wine.

You were nearly married before?

Uh-huh. When I was fourteen.

When the time came to join the blood
and I looked at him,

I got sick all right. For real.

I told Papa I'd never get married again.

Not by gypsy law.

Not to anyone I hadn't seen first
and knew I wanted.

You've had too much.

You'll be late for
your business appointment.

She won't run away. She'll wait.

You go whenever you want to

but I'm sleepy I'm going to bed.

I'm gonna fix that window for you.

- Agreed?
- All right.

I'm very glad you didn't marry
that fat fellow from Michigan.

You need a real man.

But real men have only time for
business appointments, huh?

- Annie.
- Yes, Stephano?

I'm not going.

I'm staying.

That, I am glad to hear. That's wonderful.

- Oh, no. Why don't you...?
- Stephano, that's just wonderful.

I was ready to give you up.

Did you hear that? Annie?

What did I tell you? Give him time.

Did I say it, Annie? Oh, Annie I could...

See, it's like I always said,
the only right girl is a gypsy girl.

She makes the living.
You do the living.

She rules the house
and you the gypsies.

This is our law.
Annie and I understand these things.

You have a very good understanding
with each other.

Just put the right positive
and negative together...


- What did I do?
- You... He blew a fuse.

They had it all planned.

Here he comes. I told you he'd show.
He's the brother of a gypsy king.

- He's a busy fellow.
- He'll be busy, if he can dance.

Hi, there.

Joe Randy of Famous Enterprises.

Steve, Joe's offering us a contract.

Ninety days in San Diego,
if he likes the audition.

Ninety days.
That's a long time out of town.

I thought you said you were free.
What's to keep you here?

Nothing, I guess.

Friend of yours, Steve?

Tell your fortune, dear?

Love? Money? Travel?
A book on dreams?

Lady from Jerusalem.
Your future in seven languages.

- Our future's all planned.
- Go ahead.

No. We're talking business.

It's very cheap.
One dollar for two hands.

I'll buy.

- I see a man crossing your lifeline.
- Only one?

Do not trust him.
He will bring only unhappiness.

- Much unhappiness.
- Who can that be?

Other hand, dear. Plans and dreams.

I see a business venture with this fellow.
Bad mistake.

Come on. That's enough.

Please! She's only had forty cents' worth.

Break up with this man.
Right away.

- Why?
- He's married.

- Now look...
- More than he knows.

Really? I hadn't noticed.

- Don't listen...
- I'm learning things.

- Phoney.
- That's none of your business.

Oh, no. I speak of the man, dear.
Your partner.

You think he's interested in you.
He's not.

He is in love with his wife.

He just doesn't know it.
The business venture? You do not get it.

I've had enough of this!

Go on home, will you?

I say something to make people
unhappy? I tell only what I see.

I'm just a good gypsy wife
earning her husband a living.

Besides, dear,
it's better to be safe than sorry.

Picking the wrong partner
is like putting on a cheap hair dye.

On the top it looks all gold,
but it's black at the roots.

Shall I read your head?
I'm very good....


Hey, come on!


Cut it out!

Let's get her out of here.

Just to get away from here,
I'll sign that contract. Come on!

Good evening, ladies.

Nobody home, Stephano.
Everybody gone out.

Have you seen Annie?

I've seen everyone. Marco, too.

Look for him, and you find Annie.

Where is she? In jail?

Your feet should follow your ears.

Hey, Stephano!

Stephano is back!

Papo, what do you think?

My turn.

You know this fellow, Annie?

Yeah, he looks familiar.

Is she a good teacher, Marco?

The bad penny returns!

How do you like that? The first minute
home, he steals my dance.

Good. Good.

- Why did you come back?
- I got sick of gajo cooking...

Not enough seasoning, huh?

...and sleeping in buses,
dancing in smoky rooms...

And blondes.
Did you get enough of them, too?

You didn't die of lonesomeness,
while I was away.

You wanted me to?

Sob in the window and count the days?

You should've told me, Stephano.

Guess I forgot.

Papo, what do you think?
Is he home to stay?

I'm going to make it sure.

- Korka!
- Yes, Papo.

The present I brought you.
Lend it back to me, please.

All right.

We will make a brew
from this ceremonial popskull.

But it will make everyone sick.

Only Stephano,
but such a good sickness.

Thank you, daughter.

He made the best medicine in all Serbia...

he thought.

- Got some more roots, Korka?
- Yeah, Papo.

The strength of grass.

The sweetness of flowers.

The heat of the grape!


The shavings of a goat's hoof

and the skull of a crow would be good.

Very good, yeah.
But not for tonight.

- No?
- No. Let's go.

Such gloom on Korka's birthday!

- Watch out! You'll get burnt!
- Not to be burnt is not to live!

Everybody look at me!

I made a drink
to welcome home the husband.

In this cup is happiness,
health, love and life!

- Drink.
- Thank you.

He had all this happiness,
and what did he do? He ran away.

To Annie. From a man who knows
the best when he sees it.

Just a minute.
That's too good for bachelors.

I leave it to you, Annie.
Which is the best?

He who stays or he who runs away?
Which is the best, Annie?

Neither. Tonight, Korka
is the honoured one.

Happy birthday, Korka!

You did it again.

What could I do? I just...

Annie. Annie.

Well, I... I didn't mean...

Come on!

It looks nice.

- Fixed it up real good.
- It's just like it was before.

You know something else good?
That dance of yours.

- Could've burned up a town.
- Yeah, yeah.

Or even a man.

- How about some more wine?
- Oh, no.

Cigarette? Or something to eat?

Nothing but sleep.

You won't mind the bed roll, will you?


What's the matter, Annie?

When I find out, I'll tell you.

I've got no
business appointment tonight.

When I was leaving
you wrecked the town to stop me.

- And now what am I? A stranger?
- It's nothing to do with you.

Well, who then?

Met somebody in your sleep, huh?

Some dream fellow
been moving in on me?

Please, Stephano, go to bed.

I just can't swallow any more talk

I'd like to punch that dream fellow
right in the nose!

You told Annie I'm here?

She don't want to see nobody.

If this no-good husband caused
her sickness, I'll kill him.

I'll break him in half!

Calmness, please.

Who knows what can cause sickness?

Pains in Annie's head, somebody said.

In the head. In the stomach.
What is the difference?

I fixed dandelion tea, some chocolate.
She won't touch nothing.

In Serbia, once,
I fixed an important medicine.

- It was like...
- Do me a favour.

Forget everything you every fixed,
anywhere, anytime.

The head, the stomach.
She don't drink nothing?

When somebody's sick,
everybody's a physician!

Physician, not. Woman, yes!

I had same kind of sickness
before each one of my eight.

And you had double before the twins!



My Annie don't even like him!

Shut up!

Wouldn't the husband's mother
be the first one to know?

The first one to know would be
the wife of the husband.

If you tell one word of this,
I'll pluck you like ducks!

Who would talk of such a thing?

- Get out! Get out!
- We don't talk!

- Out!
- Yack, yack, yack!

Everyone on the street is whispering.

Like some dirty joke.

Since I felt sick, I haven't been out, and
you've gotta pay me for mind reading.

- What were you sick from?
- Who knows?

- It won't stop people from talking if...
- Talk can be true.

You think it is?

You've got funny ideas for a husband
who wasn't a husband...

and went away.

What I want to know is...

while I was gone...

...did my wife get lonely and forget
that she was a wife?

Maybe for company.

Lonely? Why not?

But if you think I'm like a gajo
with the door wide open,

you should've stayed gone!

I'm your husband.
I've a right to know.

Right? Yeah, you got a lot of rights.

Rights to get drunk, to run away,

and to go and come
and listen to dirty gossip.

If you want any more rights,
shuffle the deck and get a new queen.

Only, next time, don't marry
just to make your brother a joke.

Forget my brother!

He is more man and more king
than you'll ever be.

I'm asking for a special council meeting
to free me from this marriage!

You still got Stephano in your name.

You show me respect.

If you'd hit me and given me orders
on our wedding night

I would have kissed your hand.

Respect? I'll show you respect
in front of the whole tribe,

when I ask them to free me
from your name,

my husband who wasn't a husband!

Is there anything wrong?

So, this is your promised land?

Part of it.

Let me tell you a few things
about myself...

You don't have to tell me anything.

- I know everything you've done.
- Good.

- It stinks!
- What? This trailer?

It's paid for, and there's
a little something coming to me besides.

Stephano, the time has come
for you take my place.

- I can't tell you how important that is.
- None of your con stuff.

I'm not one of your pigeons in the vitsa.

What's eating you?

You've been stealing from your people.
That's up to them.

- Now you've stolen from me.
- What did I steal?

- Annie, that's what.
- You got that from her?

She told me you were a better king
and a better man than I could ever be.

Now I see what kind of king you are.

Now I'm gonna see
if you're a better man.

Gajo style?

Like gypsies.

Yeah. Like gypsies.

You're a good dancer. Now I'm going
to teach you some new steps.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

But ducking baseballs in the park

should've taught you to feint
with your head.

That was a good job I got you.

I never forgot.

Like that.

Like that.

- Stephano!
- Stephano!

Stop it, Stephano!

She wants a council meeting
to divorce me. Make it soon.

Take everything. The mattresses and all.

Sort of hurts you right here, huh?

What do you mean? Not a scar.
I've forgotten him already.

What are you? Nervous?

When this marriage ends, I'll be
the happiest rag-head on the road.

We'll be a caravan of joy!

Shut up, and get the rugs too.
He never slept home, anyway!

And all the lights.
There's some over there.

Those are Marco's private
business papers.

He's like a gajo,
stealing from his own people.

At the meeting, I'll get a clear look
at him for the first time.

You don't see.

Even if there is no Promised Land
it makes people happy to believe in it.

I don't like lies! Or doors
that can't be left open at night.

Too bad the roof is nailed down, huh?

That he can have. The rent's due.

Boy, he sure got under your skin!

Stephano. For a long time he hid this
from you. From all of us.

Open it. Open it.

"Dear Mr Torino,
These X-ray photographs

"confirm the report
of my previous examination."

"TUBERCULOSIS: advanced state."

You still think Marco did so wrong?

One little thing for himself, but how
much for everyone?

All those people he got out of jail.

Somebody needs bail?
Marco go.

If gajo doctor, Marco get.
Somebody dies? Marco bury.

And you think only he was a thief?

You know what you gonna say?

- Don't worry, Papa.
- Suppose Stephano don't come?

Always the genius! How he'll get divorced
if he ain't here?

He's here.

Black is white and white is black.

Do what's in your heart, my boy.


With the permission of the elders,

I ask that another Torino shall, for today,

take my place as judge and king
of our vitsa.

My brother Stephano.

The elders approve?

- Yes.
- You must judge your own divorce.

You accept this, my son?

I do.

If anyone has business
before this council, speak now.

My name is Annie Stephano.
I ask the annulment of my marriage.

Oh, no, Annie. No.

You realise, Annie, this makes you
a second-class girl.

You cannot again marry
first class.

You must say why you want this.

The law says a marriage can end
when there is no love.

There is no love.

- Why?
- Haven't you heard?

My husband never wanted me.

Not before the marriage, not after.

When he tried to back out,
I tricked him.

Tricks didn't work.

Stephano was too busy listening
to a lot of dirty gossip and lies.

They worked. Against me.

We were married by law, not by heart.

Now I want never to see his
face or hear his voice.

I want to throw away his name.

It is now the husband who must speak.

Listen, what Annie said was true.

I was married but that didn't make me
a husband.

When my brother pushed this marriage,
I hit back.

I didn't understand about Annie.
I didn't understand Marco.

I did believe a lot of lies.

I didn't look for the truth.

When I hit back at my brother,
I hurt my wife.

I didn't ask, I accused.
I took my belt to a sick man.

Where I thought there was
only a fat wallet,

there's a big heart.

My brother is a better king for
this vitsa than I could ever be.

Annie Stephano.

You wanted this marriage over.
The husband agrees.

Annie Stephano.

By your wish, before all,

the blood that was joined
is now separated.

Sit down and listen to me!
Now, listen!

I may be stronger than my brother,
but I'm not wiser.

But I'm smart enough to know he ought to
start for the Promised Land first.

To take care of it
so that we can follow him there.

I persuaded Marco
to use some of our contributions,

so that he can get started.

Bimbo will see that he gets there,
and we'll see that he enjoys it there.

An empty hat is worse
than an empty glass.

I'll do this.

You always like the gajo ideas.

Don't gajo men run after the woman

when the woman walks out? Huh?

Why do you stand there? Get going!

Annie! Hey, Annie!

- I gotta talk to you.
- Drive slower.

The marriage is finished.

But we're not.

We can start all over again -
a regular proposal.

Driver slower, do you want to
wear him out? Well, start...

- I love you! I want to marry you!
- But I want to marry a king.

- I'll be a king. I'll be anything.
- Faster!

Such passion! Such emotion!

Subtitles: SDI Media Group