Hostile Takeover (1988) - full transcript

A man takes three co-workers hostage while working overtime on Thanksgiving weekend. He has no demands.

(tense music)

(subdued piano music)

(alarm buzzing)

(kettle whistling)

(pigeons cooing)

- [Man] Hey, fellas.

Show a little bit of manners.


(dog growling)

- Oh, shh, Bossy.

Oh, off on a trip, Mr. Brackin?

- Oh, no, Mrs. Hampton.

We're just putting some
shelves up in the office.

It's easier if we
do it ourselves.

- They're making you
work on a Saturday?

- Well, we're a
little bit behind.

Mr. Gaylord asked a few of
us if we'd care to volunteer.

- [Mrs. Hampton] Oh, well.

Not much choice, I suppose.

Will you be home for dinner?

- Yes, of course I
will, Mrs. Hampton.

Why shouldn't I be?

(tense music)

(bike squeaking)

- [Woman] Morning, Gene.

- [Gene] Good morning.

- Would you like a bite?

Going somewhere?

- Uh, yes, Ms. Ladd.

After work, I'm going
to visit with my aunt.

She lives out of town.

- [Ms. Ladd] That's an awfully
big case for half a weekend.

- [Gene] It is the
only suitcase I have.

- Oh, Gene, you disappoint me.

I was hoping you'd say
you had two tickets

to some tropical paradise

and you'd go mad if I
didn't run away with you.

I mean, maybe one day, darling,

you and I alone on
a far away island.

I get goosebumps just
thinking about it.

Fat chance on our salary, right?

(bike squeaking)

- The liberties
some people take.

- Oh, Sally was just having

a little bit of
fun, Mrs. Talmage.

- Well, sometimes I think
you and I are the only ones

who adhere to proper
procedures in this office.

Without procedure,
there'd be chaos.

- Yes, I suppose you're
right, Mrs. Talmage.

Without procedures, chaos.

(knocks on door)

- This Rhinehart
report, first rate.

Absolutely top drawer.

It'll impact the hell out
of them at the front office.

- Thank you, kind master.

- Look, I know you had
better things to do

then to come in
here on a Saturday.

It won't go unnoticed
come your evaluation time.

Myself, I was planning on
flying back to The Big Apple.

Be with the missus.

You know, after six
months in this hole.

- I happen to have been
born in this hole, Lar.

- Uh-huh.

And it doesn't show one bit.

Listen, why don't you
let me make it up to you?


We deserve a day to
unwind, to relax.

And I do have a company
expense account.

Ask me how's business.

- How's business, Lar?

- Business is great.

What do you say?


Excuse me.


(tense music)



(metal clicks)

- [Sally] Mrs. Talmage.

- Thank you.

(pigeons cooing)

(key clinks)

(clears throat)

(pigeons cawing)

Well, it's nice to see
somebody who still has

some respect for the company.

Have a nice weekend, Eugene.


- [Sally] Come on, Eugene.

It's quitting time.

- Everyone, thank you for today.

I think you all did a super job.

And come payday,

you can expect a little
something for your trouble.

- No trouble, Mr. Gaylord.

I enjoy working.

- Well, ciao.

See you guys on Monday.


(metal rattling)

Hey, Larry.

There's a lock on the door.

- No, there isn't.

It's probably just jammed.

- I can recognize a bloody
bicycle lock, Larry.

I'm telling you, someone's
locked up the door.

(tense music)

- What is this?

Somebody's idea of a joke?


Joan, call security.

- Right away, Mr. Gaylord.

- No need to, Mrs. Talmage.

I put the lock on the door.

- You did?

Well, take it off.

- I threw away the key.

- What?


- You did what?

If you didn't want
to work today,

you could've said something.

You could've called us.

Well, I'm not gonna put up
with this kind of stunt.

And this is not coming
out of my paycheck.

(gun fires)


- I'm sorry to frighten you.

I don't want to hurt
anybody, really.

Just do what I say and
everything will be all right.

- [Sally] Why have
you taken us hostage?

- Because.

- Because?

What kind of answer's that?

- Will you just put that
end through underneath

the arms of the
chair and attach it

to his other wrist, please?

- Oh, my god, Eugene.

We've worked together
for three years.

A couple hours ago we were
having coffee together

and now you're chaining us up.

What do you want?

- I don't want anything.

Sally, will you put these
on yourself, please?

- No.

No, what Sally means is, every
hostage taker has demands.

Now, do you want money?

Look, take my wallet.

And you can have my watch.

- [Eugene] No.

- You don't want money?

- Do you want to make
a political statement?

Do you want to save something?

Is that what you wanna do?

- Like whales, or baby seals,
or squirrels, or something?

- Mm-mm.

- No.

- What's going to happen to us?

- I'm not sure exactly, but
we're gonna be here for a while.

(phone ringing)


Oh, hello, Mr. Talmage.

No, she hasn't left yet.

Um, no, I'm afraid she can't
come to the phone right now.

Oh, no, no, she's fine.

It's just that we have a
sort of situation here.

Well, I'm sort of holding
everybody hostage.

Yes, well, perhaps it
would be a good idea

to call the police.

But be sure to tell
them not to try and come

into the building or I'll
have to start shooting people.

Now, don't make any
sudden movements.

- Look, don't panic.

Remember who we're
dealing with here.

It's Eugene.

I can handle him.

He's a piece of cake compared...


- The police will be here soon.

It's important this
bit goes smoothly

so we don't commit
any accidents.

Mrs. Talmage, please.

If the telephone rings,

will you answer it and
let me know who it is?

(sirens wailing)

They're very quick.

(tires squealing)

- Hey, what's this
all about, Officer?

- We got a call claiming
and employee of Felton,

one Eugene Brackin, is holding
three people hostage inside.

- Eugene Brackin?

You're shittin' me.

He wouldn't hurt a fly.

- Yeah, well let's
hope you're right.

Call the chief, he's
weekending with his kid.

Tell him not to bother.
(siren wailing)

- Too late, Joe.

- Shit.

The guard says this Brackin
guy is a jelly roll.

Could be it's just some punks
jerking us around a bit.

- Maybe.

Talmage is a member
of the Granite Club.

Not prone to schoolyard pranks.

We'll take a look-see.

I want everybody in vests.

Nobody goes in or out of
this plant without my say so.

I'll take this vehicle.

This the only entrance?

- Yes, sir.

- Thought you were gonna
get a haircut, McGregor.

- Yes, sir.

- [Chief] Open up.

Which office is it, you know?

- [Joe] Market
Analysis, third floor.

You think it's just some
kids fucking around?

- [Chief] The window, get down!

- [Joe] Shit.
(gun fires)

God, I should've
stayed in fucking bed.

- Whoever he is, he's
not fuckin' around.

- [Joe] Son of a bitch.

(gun fires)
(explosion booms)


Let's get out of here!

- [Chief] Son of a bitch
had me dead in his sights.

- Nobody's hurt.

- Oh, my god.

(tires squeal)

- [Joe] McGregor, prepare to
move in the heavy equipment.

Mobile HQ, ambulances,
lights, the whole nine yards.

- What's the number
in that office?

- [Guard] 3859.

- Get down, get back.

- [Guard] Jesus H Christ.

Eugene Brackin firing a rifle?

Jesus H Christ.

I don't fuckin' believe this.

(phone ringing)

- Um, you answer it,
please, Mrs. Talmage.

- Market Analysis,
Mrs. Talmage speaking.

- Mrs. Talmage?

Are you all right?

- Uh, yes.

Yes, I am, thank you.

To whom do you wish to speak?

- Is Eugene Brackin there?

- Yes, he is.

He may be indisposed
at the moment.

Whom should I say is calling?

- This is Chief of
Police Smolen, ma'am.

- One moment, please.

Mr. Brackin, there's a Chief
Smolen on the phone for you.

Can you take the call or shall
I tell him to call you back

at a more convenient time?

- I'll take it, Mrs. Talmage.



- Brackin?

You Eugene Brackin?

- Yes.

- You know you're in
big trouble, mister.

- I didn't hurt anyone, did I?

- What do you want?

- Nothing.

- You don't wanna play
games with me, Brackin.

- I'm sorry, but I really
don't want anything.

- [Smolen] That's ridiculous.

What the fuck did you
kidnap three people for?

- No need to swear, Chief.

- I didn't swear.


Hey listen, I'm sorry.

Why don't you just explain to
me exactly what you're doing.

- I'm holding them.

Isn't that what these
things are all about?

- You've abducted
three innocent people.

You've taken potshots
at officers of the law

with an illegal
automatic weapon.

You've willfully destroyed
private property.

And you have no demands?

- Uh-huh.

- I'm losing my
patience, Brackin.

- All right.

Well, I demand that nobody tries
to come into this building.

And if anybody tries to enter
here, I start shooting people.

Is that what you'd like, Chief?

And do you see that flagpole
outside there in the front,

the one with the
rope attached to it?

- Yeah, I see it.

What about it?

You want some revolutionary
flag up there or something?

- No, this isn't a
joke, I'm serious.

I need to use that to
get some food in here.

We're hungry.

I want four dinners.

- Dinners?

What kind of dinners?

- He wants to know
what we'd like to eat.

- What can we get?

- Oh, I don't know.

Anything we want, I suppose.

- How about roast chicken?

I was going to make
roast chicken tonight.

- No, let's do Chinese.

I know this great
place on Maplewalk.

- Why don't you decide, Eugene?

- I'd like steak.

- Steaks will be fine.

Right, everybody?

- [Joe] Move it up!

Move it!

Move along there!

I said, move it!

Move your ass!

Come on, move it!

(people chattering)

- Okay, so that three baked
potatoes, two with sour cream,

one French fry,
four chef's salad

with Thousand Island dressing.

- And Mr. Gaylord would
like a bottle of seltzer.

- Uh, could you make
that New York, please?

- New York seltzer.

- Done.

Brackin, you have your
party, you make your speech,

you come on out of there.

- No, not tonight.

We're spending the night here.

- [Officer] Shine
the light up there.

- Hey, what's going on?

- [Officer] Get
that light on him.

- Turn that light off!

- Brackin?

Brackin, calm down.


- Turn that light off!

I decide what goes on here!

- [Chief] Brackin,
I'm shutting 'em off.

- [Eugene] Get stuffed, Chief!

It's not time to
create a murder!

- Get down there!

- [Eugene] I decide
when it's time!

Don't disturb us again!
- Brackin, can you hear me?

There, I shut 'em off, Brackin.

Pick up the phone
and talk to me.

Brackin, I've done
everything you asked me.



Brackin, will you pick up
the phone and talk to me?

Brackin, so help me.

Will you answer me?

- I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you.

Would you like to be a
little more comfortable?

Undo the right one.

Put it there.

You too, Mrs. Talmage.

- Oh, thank you.

- Okay, Greg.

Shoot, I'm all ears.

- Well, we got a real
jewel here, Mr. Mayor.

We got a guy up there with a gun

holding three Felton
employees hostage.

- What does he want?

- Four steak dinners.

- And?

- Nada.

Beyond that he's a blank.

- Give him his goddamn dinners

and drag his ass out of there.

- I wish it were
that simple, Steve,

but I don't want anybody hurt.

Guy's got an automatic weapon.

God knows what else.

- The nerve of that asshole
pulling a stunt like this.

In an election year.

- This is not rare.

- You don't like your
steak, Mr. Gaylord?

- I've worn softer shoes.

- If you hold your
knife a little bit low,

you'll find it cuts better.

- It's money.

You're after the payroll, right?


I'm sorry, I'm curious.

It's a normal, natural,
healthy thing to wonder why.

- Certainly.

- I'm sure Eugene
has good reasons.

- Thank you very much for your
cooperation, Mrs. Hampton.

You've been very helpful.

This officer will take you home.

- [Mrs. Hampton] Thanks.

- Listen, if you think
of anything else,

anything at all, please.

- It's right over here.

(engine starts)

- This is Brackin's apartment.

We went through it
with a bushy comb.

- And?

- Nothing.

Place is a blank, just like him.

- Terrific.

I know less and
it scares me more.

- Of course, there's
another reason, Larry.

It's power.

I'd do it for power.

- Money is power.

- Money is just paper.

Power is something
you can taste.

- [Larry] What do
you think, Joan?

- [Joan] I'm sorry, what?

- What would make you do it?

- Why, I'd never harm
anyone willfully.

- But what if you
had to take hostages

and you had to hurt them
to get what you wanted?

- I'd never take a
hostage, Mr. Gaylord.

- What if we were
in Russia, you know?

And the government,
they had your children.

- I don't have any children.

- Pretend.

- Well, I suppose I could
if I was angry enough.

- Ha.

(tense music)

- Is everything all right?

- Goodness, look at this mess.

- No, no, no.

You sit down, Mrs. Talmage.

- I want an itemized account.

I want to know to the
last goddamn penny

what this circus
is gonna cost me.

- Yes, Mr. Mayor.

- And I want to know
by tomorrow morning.

- Tomorrow morning?

Yes, sir, Mr. Mayor.

- Do you have some idea when
we're gonna get out of here?

I mean, you are gonna ask
for something, aren't you?

- It's nice having guests.

- Guests?

This guy's getting very weird.

I could understand if he
was doing it for money.

- Oh, Larry.

You have a goddamn
one-track mind.

- He can't expect
us to put up with

this sort of thing
for much longer.

I mean, people have
their limitations.

- Larry.

(tense music)

- Excuse me.

What's gonna happen to us?

- [Man] Bark, you
spineless little prick.

Bark like a dog.

You hear me, Eugene?
(Eugene barking)

Bark louder!

- [Larry] Eugene, come here.
(Eugene barking)

- [Man] Louder!

- [Larry] Eugene, come here.

- [Man] Eugene!

- Eugene!

Eugene, come here!

- Larry, damn it.

- No.

Eugene, goddamn
it, you talk to me.

Eugene, will you answer me?

Will you talk to me?

Come on, talk to me.

- Shut up!

- Eugene.

Eugene, I want an answer.

Answer me.

- Shut up!

- Eugene.

- Shut up!

- No, Eugene!

- Will you talk to me?
- Shut up!

(gun fires)

(people shouting)

- No, Joan, don't!


Don't be stupid!

- That's enough!


(tense music)

(Joan sobbing)

- I wanna know
what that was, Joe.

Send somebody up there.

- McGregor, it's yours.

Move it.

(blinds rattling)

- Sally, Mr. Gaylord, go
back over there, please.

(chairs clattering)

(tense music)

Face the wall.

(phone ringing)

Promise you'll
never do that again.

- I promise.

- Cross your heart
and hope to die?

- Cross my heart
and hope to die.

- Answer the phone.

- Uh...

Market Analysis, Mrs.
Talmage speaking.

- Are you all right?

We heard a shot.

- No one's been hurt.

I just got a little
carried away.

I'll be more
careful from now on.

- Mrs. Talmage, please.

Don't take any chances.

Put Brackin on.

- Mr. Brackin.

- Yeah?

- What the hell's
going on in there?

- Oh, Mrs. Talmage just got

a little bit
excited, that's all.

Everything's all right, now.

- Brackin, you gotta help me.

I've got the mayor
breathing down my neck.

- No, Chief.

We stay here until I decide we
move, not you, not the mayor.

I decide what happens.

- Maybe I'm not making
myself clear, Brackin.

If you don't come out--
(phone clicks)

Yeah, you get the message.

- Is that our asshole?

What happened?

- [Greg] Nothing.

He wants us to keep
the noise down.

They can't get any
sleep in there.

- Listen, Greg.

I've already got a call from
Marsh, the Felton president.

He's concerned, very concerned,
about any adverse publicity.

- He sounds like a
real humanitarian.

- I don't need to
remind you that

the Felton Power
Corporation services

250,000 people in the area.

Which translates into
250,000 voters, eh?

Angry voters that their power's

gonna be shut off
Monday morning.

- You want him
out dead or alive.

- [Steve] I want to move fast.

- Even Marsh wants him out.

- Same damn thing.

You sure you know
what you're doing?

- Positive.

- All right.

- Positive and negative.

It's all relative, isn't it?

- Gene, every prisoner's
entitled to one phone call.

- No.

No phone calls.

Mrs. Talmage, you're
sleeping over there.

- Oh.

- I just think Marsh would
appreciate a call, you know.

Something to let him know
that the plant's okay.

- Jesus Christ, Larry.

Don't you ever stop
bucking for brownie points?

- It's so goddamn hot in here.

Don't those pipes ever shut off?

- They would've if you'd
signed the repair requisition

they gave you last month.

- Look, Sally.

Let's you and I not fight, okay?

We gotta come up with a plan.

- Great, the heater doesn't work

and it's going
below zero tonight.

- [Officer] Brackin's
file's clean, Chief.

No priors.

He's been a good boy at work.

Never missed a
shift in 10 years.

- Tear gas arrived yet?

- Yeah.

Don't let the mayor get
under your skin, Greg.

He's just doing his job.

That's all any of us can
do in this situation.

Do our jobs.

Bag it.

- Your turn, Mr. Gaylord.

- But why do I have
to sleep on the floor?

- We can't really
ask the ladies to.

- No, I can't leave.

Listen, Jill, this is not
a stickup at Shop Rite.

No, don't keep the
casserole warm.

Look, I'm surrounded by psychos.

Honey, the mayor's on my case.

I can't...

I can't move two
inches in any direction

without somebody
jumping on my head.

- Can we open a window?

- Don't bother, Gene.

It'll do Mr. Gaylord good to get

a taste of his own medicine.

- You bitch.

- [Eugene] You'll sleep
in the office, Sally.

(tense music)

- How come I get
the royal suite?

- 'Cause you're
the nicest person.

- That's very sweet of you.

I think you're nice, too.

Would you do me a
favor and turn around?

I just want to get
out of these clothes.

Can you shut off
the light, please?

Don't you just hate
sleeping with clothes on?

(Sally sighs)

Blanket, please.

You can turn around now.

Thank you, Gene.

I feel so much more secure now.

Guess I should say goodnight.


(soft piano music)

- [Eugene] Where do I begin?

In your eyes are the
best of dark and bright?

How can I presume?

How should I presume?

Arms that are
braceleted barren white.

Do I dare?

So, this is the
way the day ends.

With yellow fog on
the window panes.

Do I dare?

Do I dare?

(tense music)

(gun cocks)

(gun fires)

(people applauding)

(Larry groaning)

You okay?

(Larry groaning)

(boat horn blowing)

- [Sally] Who is this guy?

- Gaylord.

Larry Gaylord.

- That was my job.

- Just hold it
right there, Sally.

I know you deserve the
job more than that bozo,

but my hands are tied.

That's not why you're
here though, is it?

- No, that's not
why I'm here, Burt.

This fucking Mr. Larry Gaylord
better be very, very good.

- Greg, I got a meeting at 0900

with the chamber of commerce.

What am I gonna say to them?

When is that nut
gonna surrender?

- How the hell do I know, man?

I'm not a mind reader.

- Damn it, man, you're
the police chief.

It's your job to get
him out of there.

- It's my job to
get him out alive.

- Look, Greg, you've
been doing a super job,

ever since you first got here.

I'm very proud of you.

Local boy makes good.

But I really think you
need some help on this one.

- Who?

- Garlas.

Special Weapons and Tactics.

- Oh, shit.

Steve, that's just what we need.


- You'll still be in charge.

I don't wanna see you
fumble the ball, Greg.

(uptempo piano music)


(phone ringing)

- Hello, Chief.

- [Greg] Good morning, Eugene.

How's everybody doing, okay?

- Yeah, they're fine.

What you want?

- Well, I just want
to let you know

that we've installed
a new phone line here.

A direct line from your
office to the trailer.

All you gotta do is dial nine.

- Nine?


- Look, I want you to
throw in the towel.

- Not until the circle closes.

- The circle?

What the hell are
you talking about?

Listen, if you force
me to come up there,

somebody might get killed.

Now, you told me you didn't
want to hurt anybody.

- All right, tomorrow.

I swear.

- If anybody gets hurt,
it's gonna be your fault.

- [Eugene] Yours,
if you betray me.

- Your fault.

- You wonder what makes
a guy like that crack.

- Who knows.

Maybe it's something he ate.

(door opens)

- Morning, everybody.

- Morning.

- Good morning.

- Princess Di slept
well last night.

- I didn't ask for
your office, Larry.

- [Larry] Not in so many words.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- Nothing.

I just slept like
shit last night.

- And you look like shit, Lar.

- I can't stand
this shit anymore.

- You know, I once read
about this tribe in Borneo.

You know, the fuckers with
the bones in their noses.

Anyway, when one of them
goes loco, you know,

besides fucking the
livestock or something,

they string the bugger
up by his balls,

slice his head open
like a can of tuna,

and scoop out his brains.

- How did that honky
redneck get trapped

in that black man's body?

- Admit it, Greg.

You're breathing
a whole lot easier

now that the real pros are here.

My boys got the whole
fucking quadrant covered.

Nobody can get out.

- Nobody wants to get
out or in, Sydney.

- Yeah?

Well, I say we go in and put
the fucker out of our misery.

- Then can we string
him up by his balls

and scoop his brains out?

- I don't want you
to worry, Joan.

We'll be out of
here pretty soon.

- That's not what
Mr. Brackin says.

- Yeah.

- [Reporter] This is
a WKMX news update.

Chief of police Greg Smolen
is about to make a statement.

- [Greg] We are confident
that the situation

will be resolved soon.

The alleged
perpetrator has claimed

that he doesn't want
to harm anybody.

And so far, we have no
reason to disbelieve him.

- [Reporter] Thank
you, Chief Smolen.

Now to Lieutenant Garlas of the

Hostage Insurgency
and Kidnapping Squad.

What can you tell
us, Lieutenant?

- [Sydney] We have a very
sensitive situation here.

There's a maniac with a
rifle holding three people.

We can't predict what he'll do.

You see, these psycho types
tend to be unpredictable.

- No, that's not it.

Not it at all.

- [Reporter] Thank
you, Lieutenant Garlas.

Well, you heard it folks.

- You don't think
I'm a maniac, do you?

- No.

- No.

We don't understand why
you're doing this thing.

Most people don't take hostages.

- But everyone's crazy, Gene.

We're all a bit crazy.

- Yeah, but all of them
to think that I'm crazy.

This thing's gonna end soon.

Every circle closes.

If they think I'm crazy
they won't put my in prison,

they'll put me in a hospital.

I've gotta do this first.

- That's right, Gene.

You do what you have to do.

- Yeah, but what if he
has to kill someone?

- I'm not gonna kill anyone.

I told you.

- But remember, if you
have to kill Sally,

she'll understand.

(computer beeps)

- You people don't care
about consequences, do you?

If you'd shut your trap
for a couple of seconds

I'll tell you something,
smart boy, all right?

I've got four people whose
lives are at stake in there

and all you care about
is your freaking ratings.

Now, get out of here.
- Do you know his name, sir?

Sir, do you know his name?

Sir, what is his name, sir?

- [Joe] Let's go,
let's go, let's go.

You heard what the man said.

Let's go, move it.

- You couldn't resist opening
your fucking trap, could you?

- I just told it like
it is, Boy Scout.

What the fuck do you want me
to do hold a prayer meeting?

- [Greg] I want you to
think before you speak.

- Don't fucking
patronize me, Smolen.

I didn't get this
job by farting around

with my thumb up my ass.

Now, get your
fucking hands off me.

- Come on, guys.

Show some fucking decorum.

People are watching.

- You don't speak to
the press, understand?


- [Man] Sir.

Okay, okay, okay, listen.

- It's all right.

- He's losing it, man.

(computer beeping)

- Is there any seltzer left?

- There's always
the water cooler.

- Tastes like shit.

(bottle clatters)

What do you say, Gene?

Why don't you let us go?

- No.

- Think about our families.

Think about Mrs.
Talmage's husband.

Think about my wife.

They're gonna be worried sick.

- I haven't finished yet.

- Why not let me go?

I could be like your
go-between, your mediator.

- You're always covering
yourself, Larry.

- Not true.

I'm thinking about you.

I'm thinking about us.

- That's bullshit
and you know it.

- [Larry] What do you say, Gene?

Come on.

- [Sally] Stop it, Larry.

- [Larry] No!

- Leave him alone!

- Come on, all I wanna
do is talk with him.

Why won't you let
me do that, huh?

- Because, you got a big
mouth and it's dangerous.

- Well, I'd take
him into my office

for a little private one on one,

but you've already got
that covered, haven't you?

- You've got a filthy mind.

- [Larry] Yeah?

Well, why don't you tell
us nothing's going on?

- Nothing is going on!

- That's bullshit!

- Stop it!

If you don't shut
up, I'll shoot!

I will!

Now, shut the fuck up!

(phone ringing)


- Hey, Eugene.

I wanna talk to you, man.

- You didn't speak very
nicely to me this morning

and that man called me
a maniac on the radio.

I don't wanna talk to you.

I'm sorry.

(tense music)

- You are one colossal
asshole, Garlas.

- What's the matter?

- Brackin's furious
about the interview.

- Well, ain't that
just too fucking bad?

- From now on, mister,
you don't breathe,

let alone position a hitman,

without clearing
it with me first.

You understand?

- Greg.


- [Greg] What?

- You are mollycoddling
that asshole

and it's getting you nowhere.

And running out of slack, huh?

Something's gotta give.

(phone ringing)

- Hello.

- Gene, listen to me.

I can prove I'm your friend.

Yes, I can.

Now, you trust me.

If I can prove it,
can we be friends?

- I suppose so.

- Good.

Now, I want you to
be very careful.

I want you to go over to
the window, not the center,

but to the edge of the window.

Will the phone reach?

- Yeah, it reaches.

- Good.

Now, carefully look
out the window.

You see those oil
tanks across the way,

the second one from the left?

I want you to look along
the top of the oil tank.

See something there?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I see him.

- It's a sniper, Eugene.

He can hit a dime at 600 meters.

He's there to shoot you, Eugene.

You stand in that window
for a second, you're dead.

- Well, why would
he want to kill me?

I haven't hurt anybody.

- Eugene, I have been
trying to tell you.

I don't want to kill you.

But there are some
people down here

who think you want to
stay up there forever.

- Not forever.

- [Greg] When, tomorrow?

- Tomorrow, yes.

- Tomorrow morning?

- [Eugene] Maybe.

- What is this
maybe shit, Eugene?

Come on.

- What about the guy
who wants to shoot me?

- I will take care of
the sniper, Eugene.

I'll call you later,
see how you're doing.

- Jesus Christ.

What are you, a fucking
cop or a puffball?

You could've lured
that cocksucker

to the window for my sniper.

- [Eugene] If you betray
me, Chief, you'll see.

Before the clock strikes three.

(tense music)

- Everybody's coming down on us.

Marsh, the plant union.

They want this thing finished.

Sid's ready to take him out.

- Steve.

Look, I'm not a psychiatrist,
and neither are you,

but that man is not a killer.

Give him 12 hours.

- I'll give that person nothing.

(subdued piano music)

- Strange Sins, the
story of Lady Barbara

and Jake the Slave.

Two lovers torn apart
by class and prejudice.

Two lovers drawn
together by a passion.

I didn't think you went in
for such hot stuff, Joan.

- Well, back in high school
I was the first one to own

a copy of Lady Chatterley's
Lover, the unedited version.

It caused quite a
stir, I can tell you.

- [Sally] Bet you were a
real hottie in school days.

- [Eugene] Bang.

- I was what you might
call a modern girl.

I was the first one to wear
a two-piece bathing suit

around the public pool.

I was the first one to smoke.

And I was the first...

Well, let's just say I
didn't think it was fair

that the boys were
having all the fun.

- I agree.

Would you excuse me.
- Bang, bang.

(tense music)



It's all right.

I just came by to say

that I think what you're
doing is not terrible.

I know some people are gonna
say it's wrong and bad,

but sometimes there is no
right or wrong, or good or bad.

You're going through with this.

And when it's all over,
we'll be released unharmed.

- Sally, you wanna
give me a hand here?

Double time for hostage days.

- [Sally] Please, don't
let him bother you.

He doesn't have your vision.
- Damn bitch.

- I can tell you can
see things clearly.

If you can do this,
you can do anything.

You are very, very powerful.

That's why they're
afraid of you.

That's what everything's
about in this world.


- Mr. Brackin, may I
go to the ladies room?

- [Sally] Me too, Joan.

I'll join you.

Can you grab my purse, please?

- That door doesn't
lock, does it?

- No.


I know these things
screw up you insides,

but I'm in no mood
for an accident.

Kids should be wanted,
don't you think?

I'd like to have one one day.

If the right man comes along.

Fat chance of that
happening in Mansfield.

God, it's funny.

You can work with
someone for years

and it takes something like
this to get to know them.

Like I was surprised to find

that you don't
have any children.


- Yeah.

I was pregnant in
my sophomore year.

I had an abortion.

This doctor gave me these pills

that were supposed
to stop the bleeding.

But I was so scared and ashamed.


I thought they were pain pills.

I threw them away.

I felt that I deserved the pain.

Well, three days later,
I almost bled to death.

- Wow.

- So, I quit gymnastics,
I quit college,

and I married my boring
high school sweetheart.

Two years later, I found out
I could never have children.

And to this day, Robert
doesn't know why.

- I'm really sorry.

- Well, I have nobody but myself
to blame, that's for sure.

- No, you were screwed by
a system that protects men

and punishes women.

We do all the work,
they make all the money.

They sow their oats
and we pay the price.

All this talk of equality
is still just talk.

Nothing's changed.

- Well, yes.

But that's old history now.

No point in crying about it.

- You ready?

- Nah, you go ahead, Sally.

I'll be out in a minute.

(tense music)

- He's in the
washroom with Joan.

He didn't take the rifle.

Get the rifle.

Get the rifle.

Move it.

(Joan screaming)

- What were you
doing in there, Gene?

- Tell us.

- What were you doing to her?

- I was just checking up.

- Joan, are you all right?

- Oh, it's my fault.

- [Larry] You know, you're sick.

We did exactly what you asked.

How could you do this to her?

- I didn't do anything!

Now, stop treating
me like a child!

(phone ringing)



- Yeah, it's me, Eugene.

Listen, you're gonna be
on your own for a while.

I got things to do.

- What?

No, you can't leave.

Not until the circle closes.

- Come on, Gene.

You're not the only
punk in this town

with a hair up his ass.

I've got things to do.

- If you go away, if
you don't protect me,

they'll pin me down.

You can't leave until
this thing's over.

- Calm down, calm down.

- [Eugene] They're gonna
know what I'm doing.

- You're not making a great
deal of sense, Eugene.

- You haven't been
listening, Chief.

- Eugene, I have been
nothing but ears ever since

I first spoke to
you on this phone,

but I'm not gonna
keep hanging around

if you're gonna keep
talking in circles.

Come on, guys, guys.

Stop fiddling, will ya?


- He can't leave us now.

- Circles.


- It's a trick.

He won't leave.

He'll be there.

I know, I can tell.

He's just playing
some little game.

(phone ringing)

- Ah.

- He's there.

(phone ringing)

- Circles.


- Please, Chief.

(phone ringing)

Don't leave me now.

- Hollow circles, Chief.

Rings of straw around
stuffed fingers.

It's not my time to whimper,

but it's time for
decisions and revisions.

- [Greg] Which a
minute will reverse.

(subdued piano music)

- I wanna go home.

I wanna go home.

- 260.


- [Joe] 260.

- Joe, I'm sorry
to do this to you.

R&R's canceled.

- [Joe] So, what's up, Greg?

- I want you to
make a run for me.

(tense music)

Let it roll.

(phone ringing)

- Leave it.

Let it ring.

I decide.

- This thing's getting
more and more twisted.

Should've knocked him out when
he was having his little fit.

- I'm gonna risk getting
my head blown off?

- [Larry] I would've
done something,
except I'm chained up.

- [Sally] You're
a true hero, Lar.

- Look.

Do you think you could
get him to drink?

- Drink?

- In my desk drawer,
the deep one,

there's a very large, very
heavy bottle of scotch.

- You have scotch?

- Uh-huh.

- I could use a drink.

- You conned me into
giving you an extra day.

And like a jackass, I gave it.

You know, you're worse
than that maniac up there.

You're holding this
whole town at gunpoint.

If you don't clean this
whole thing up by morning,

you can kiss your job goodbye.

- Problems with the
connection, Smolen?

- You gotta make
up your mind, Greg.

You can't keep chasing
your tail forever.


(Larry laughing)

- Eugene, you know any jokes?

- No.

- Ah, I got another one.

How do women hold their liquor?

- Oh, you talk a
lot when you drink.

- Yes, I do.

And so would Eugene.

Pour him a drink.

Come on, Eugene.

Why don't you join us?

You know, after all,
it's your party.

- [Joan] How do they?

- What?

- Hold their liquor.

- By the ears.

- Ew.

(Sally laughing)

- All right, speech, speech.

- Oh, no.

I wouldn't know what to say.

- Oh, come on, Eugene.

Say something.


- Mr. Brackin, you
must make a speech.

- Well...

I know you're all
very angry with me.

And I don't usually do things
that I don't usually do.

That's why this is so
important, so right.

It's not so bad, really.

If I hadn't have done this,

we wouldn't have gotten to know
each other the way we have.

Finally, I'd like to
tell you that I love you.

- Oh.

- Can I have another drink?

- Absolutely.

- It's music time.


- You feeling all right, Sydney?

Did I hear you advise
patience to the mayor?

- Don't get all bent
out of shape, choir boy.

Sooner or later, your good
buddy's gonna do you in for me.

But in the meantime,
what do you say you and I

kill a few games of poker?

Five card stud, you and me.

- [Greg] Got your chips, Hollis?

- Never leave home without 'em.

- There you go, Joan.

There's something that
ain't rock and roll.

- [Sally] Yeah.

- Ooh.

(Joan mouthing music)

Mr. Brackin, could
you unchain me

so I could dance just a little?

(uptempo jazz music)

- Those poor bastards must
be going through hell.

Do you think he's
torturing them?

- [Greg] No.

- Like shit he ain't.

(uptempo drum music)

- [Sally] Yeah, Joaney.


- [Joan] Shake it, Sal!

All right.

Yeah, ha!


Get down!

- [Sally] Oh, jeez.

(Joan laughing)

- Aha!

I knew Jones was a drinker.

- Queens. (laughs)

I accept checks, plastic,
whatever you got.

- Hey, you throw a
wild party, Gene.

I need some more fuel.

- You've had enough.

Why not get Eugene a drink?

- He can't drink anymore.

He's on guard.

- Guard?

- Do you wanna dance?

- No, I do not want to dance.

You're fucking up our plan.

- Do you really want
a man with a rifle

pointed at you to get drunk?

You know something, Larry?

I think you're the
craziest one in the room.





(uptempo jazz music)


- [Eugene] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!



- When's the last time
you had a woman, Larry?

- Oh, shut the fuck up.

- I mean, other than the missus.

One you didn't have to pay for.

Then from what I hear, she
doesn't come cheap, either.

- Would you like another dance?

- No!

- I wanna keep the party going.

- You can't keep a party going.

It either goes or it doesn't
and this one is over.

- Gene, turn off
the music, please.

- She's playing you
for a fool, mister.

She's waiting for you to hurt me

'cause she wants my fucking job.

- Keep your perverted little
theories to yourself, Larry.

Just leave him out of it.

He hasn't hurt anyone, has he?

- He hasn't hurt anyone yet.

- [Sally] Shut up!

We wouldn't be in this
mess if it weren't for you.

It's your fault.

- It's not my fault.

He's the one that did it.

- You fucked up while
you were the boss, man.

This all happened while
you were the boss.

- A million people a
week work overtime.

A billion come in on their days
off and they don't flip out.

- Why don't you
just tell everyone

how you got this job, Larry.

- I wouldn't brag,
Ms. Hot Pants.

Burt Sandor, vice president.

That ring a bell, huh?

- I wouldn't put too much
stock in office gossip, Larry.

The line on your dear
wife is that she does more

than serve cocktails
at company parties.

- [Larry] What the
fuck do you know about

corporate management at
the head office level, huh?

- [Sally] Ever since
you've got here,

all you've done is parade around

with your graphs
and your charts.

- Guys, you're out
of your league.

(phone rings)

- [Greg] Yes, Eugene.

- [Sally] Look at
yourself, Larry.

You're on your way down.

- [Larry] Get that away
from me, you fucker!

I'll kill you!

You bitch, I'll kill you!

(gun fires)

- [Greg] I want
everyone on alert.

- Stop it.

- Eugene, will you answer me?

- [Sydney] Keep
him on the phone.

- Fuck off.



What the hell is
going on in there?


Is anybody there?

(Sally laughing)


- Sally, are you okay?

- [Greg] Answer
the phone, Eugene.

Eugene, if you don't answer
me, I'm gonna come in.

- Mrs. Talmage, Marketing
Analysis speaking.

- Mrs. Talmage?

- Robert, is that you?

I don't feel very well.

Could you come pick me up?

- What the hell
is going on there?

Pick up the goddamn phone!

Why isn't that machine on?

Jesus Christ.

(phone rings)

- Yeah?

- Eugene.

What the hell's happening?

- [Eugene] Oh, my gun
just went off by accident.

- Listen, I'm
getting mighty sick

of this choirboy
routine of yours.

You're playing a
dangerous game, mister.

Now, throw those
weapons out the window

before you or
somebody gets killed.

- The circle, Chief.

It has to be completed.

- What is this circle, Eugene?

Why don't you come down
here and explain it to me.

- Hollow circles, empty
circles, everywhere.

- Listen, Eugene.

Eugene, I know you think
about a lot of things.

You think about things
that most people

wouldn't even bother
to think about.

But I'll try, Eugene,
if you give me a chance.

- You are the real criminal

in this office,
Lawrence Gaylord.

And you are going to
be tried and convicted.

Judge Eugene Brackin will
preside and I will prosecute.

(tense music)

- [Greg] See anything?

- [Officer] No, sir.

The blinds are down.

- All right.

This is gonna be as
easy as hunting ducks.

- [Greg] Whose
bright idea was this?

- [Sydney] The mayor's
placed me in charge.

- Like hell.

I decide.

(helicopter whirring)

(blinds rattling)

- Ah!

- I want that chopper
out of here now.

This is Smolen, you take
your orders from me.

Get 'em out of here now.

- You're finished, Smolen.


- [Greg] Just beginning.


- [Sydney] You're fucking crazy.

- [Greg] Maybe, but I
decide when this ends.

- [Joe] All right, fellas.

Quit busting each other's balls.

- You're making a big
fucking mistake, Greg.

- [Joe] Now, get that
fucking chopper out of here.

- [Sydney] Why'd you stick
your fucking neck out

for a nobody, a
low-life, a blank?

- Because.

I want everybody down below.

I'll shoot anybody
that comes up here.

Is that clear?

- [Joe] Anything you say, Greg.

- They're gone.

You came to my rescue like
a knight in shining armor.

Come on.

It's okay.

- [Greg] Give me your weapon.

Take a break, son.

Forget this ever happened.

Remember us, if at all.

None is lost violent souls.

- What's he up to?

- But only as the hollow men.
- I don't know.

I wish the hell I did.

I don't know.
- The stuffed men.

Eyes I dare not meet in dreams.

- [Eugene] Round and
round the prickly pear

at five o'clock in the morning.

Who's more lost, Chief?

Me for trusting you,
or you for trusting me?

- [Steve] You are
mollycoddling that asshole

and it's getting you nowhere.

The more time you
give that person,

the more dangerous he becomes.

- He told me he
wouldn't hurt anybody.

(bottle thuds)

- I hope you believe in
blind justice, Larry.

How do you plead?

- It's not my fault you
didn't get the promotion.

It's not my fault
you're not happy.

Don't do this, Sally.

(tense music)

- Your Honor, lady of the jury.

I submit to you that this
is the real criminal.

- That's insane.

He's the kidnapper.

- Shut up, pig, until
you're spoken to!

First, the charges.

There is, of course, the
charge of personal assault

and sexual harassment
against myself,

but that's just the
tip of the iceberg.

- No, that's bullshit.

- I submit that this man is
a conniving, brown-nosing,

shoe-licking, ass-kissing,
spineless, dickless worm.

He's the one that
held us hostage

with his goddamn
quarterly reports.

Admit it, slime.

- Hey, you're the boss here.

You make decisions now, not me.

- You're a liar and a cheat.

A pathetic schmuck
who indiscriminately

throws his weight around.

And he wears cheap cologne.

He deserves the full weight
of the law, Your Honor.

- She's crazy.

I've done nothing wrong.

- I need you to protect me.

- She's lying!

I didn't do it!

- What would you like me to do?

- The court has
ruled in my favor.

(bottle thuds)

- You're fired.

You're no longer an
employee of Felton Power.

- And the verdict is castration.

(bottle thuds)

- That's not funny, Sally.

- I'm gonna cut your itty-bitty
little balls off, Larry.

Not that you have any.

- Cut that out, Sally.

- That's exactly
what I intend to do.

Now, where are those scissors?

Where are those scissors?

Joan, what are you doing?

Joan, sit down.


- Mr. Gaylord.

- [Sally] Joan!

Joan, stay away from him.

- Mr. Gaylord.

- Joan, what are you do--

(Joan retching)


- [Joan] Oh, God.

I'm sorry.

- Don't feel bad, Joaney.

This is a much
better punishment.

You saved him, really.

Come on.

- [Joan] I'm sorry.

Oh, God.

(Joan sobbing)

- You're okay.


(tense music)

Do you wanna lie down?

- No.

No, go away.


- Better clean you up.

- No, Gene.

I'll take care of it.

Stand back.


Come on, Gene.

Gene, we gotta get you away.

We've gotta get you out of here.

Get you someplace safe where
they'll leave you alone.

- I don't wanna go
anywhere without you.

- You silly, sweet.

I wouldn't have
it any other way.

We'll go away together.

South America, how's that sound?

Just think of it, Gene.

Living in the sun,
eating mangoes,

listening to Latin
rhythms all day long.

No bosses, no time clocks.

Not a care in the world.

- They're gonna kill me.

- They can't kill us, Gene.

We're magical.

- They wanna kill me very much.

I know it.

Even angels wanna take me.

(subdued music)

Eyes I dare not meet in dreams.


(people chattering)

- He throws a wonderful party.

- I don't see why I have
to be nice to the jerk

just because you
work for him, Larry.

Why can't you get promoted
because you're good?

- It doesn't hurt to
cover our business assets.

I'm not asking you to fuck
him, just talk to him.

Charm him.

Be nice to him, make
him your friend.

- Okay, Larry, if
you think it'll help.

You know I'm so devoted to you.

- Yes, honey, you are.

- [Sally] Oh.




- Chief Smolen?

I wanna speak to you.

You read me?



What the hell are
you doing up there?

I want you down here right now.

That's an order.

- [Greg] There will be time.

There will be time
to prepare a face

to meet the faces that you meet.

There will be time
to murder and create.

And time for all the
works and days of hands.


- Shh.

- Oh, God.

I feel terrible.

Oh, my sides.

I wanna go home.

- And you can.

But first you have to finish it.

- Finish it?

- You have to kill him.

I would, but I'm all chained up.

- I can't kill anybody.

- You have to.

Otherwise, we're not
getting out of here alive.

- [Joan] Oh.


- No, I've killed
enough already.

And I don't care if you fire me.

I'm not gonna live
a lie anymore.

- [Larry] Can I
ask you something?

- Sure.

- This hurts and I gotta go pee.

(Joan sobbing)

- I wanna see my husband.

I wanna tell him the truth.

- Of course you do.

I'll talk to Gene.

Just try and rest, okay?


You've got to set her free.

- Soon.
(door opens)

- [Sally] How did
you get unchained?

- I'm not unchained.

I'm just a little less chained.

- Gene, this is no good.

Gene, you can't let him
roam loose like this.

Chain him back up.

He's dangerous, Gene.

Chain him back up.

You can't let him walk
around like this, Gene.

Chain him back up now.

Gene, he's dangerous.

Chain him back up.

Gene, do it now.


- How do you like being boss?

Not a lot of fun, is it?

- Larry, please.

Just cool down.

I can get us out of here.

- You can?

I'm impressed.

- Don't make this any more
difficult than it already is.

- You know, Sally,
with a little work

you could be just like me.

- No.

- You've got moves, bitch.

I've seen them.

- Hey.

I'm sorry about last night.

It was wrong.

Things just got out of hand.

Where are the scissors, Larry?

- Scissors?

Where are the scissors, Sal?

Where are those scissors?

(ashtray thuds)

Where are those scissors?


Where are the scissors?

Now, where are those scissors?


Come on, scissors.

Where are you?



I don't know.

- [Eugene] Larry,
don't open them!

They'll shoot you!
- Where are the scissors?

Where are the scissors?

Where are they?

- Code Red, Code Red.

- Where are the scissors?

- Larry!

- I asked you to talk
to him, not to fuck him.

- Don't make me shoot you!



(gun fires)

- [Greg] Party's over.

(Sally screaming)

- [Sally] No!


(helicopter whirring)

- No!

- No!

Get down, Gene!

(gun firing)

(Sally screaming)

Get down!

Gene, get down!

Get down!

You can still get away if
you use me as a shield.

- I promised not
to hurt anybody.

- You shot Larry to save me.

It's the truth.

You're loving, and
honest, and kind.

You don't have to
die for this, Gene!

No, Gene.

- [Greg] What a fucking waste.

- [Sally] No.

(gun fires)


(Sally screaming)

(Sally sobbing)

(tense music)


- [Eugene] I don't
usually do things

that I don't usually do.

And that's why this is
so important, so right.

It's not so bad, really.

If I hadn't have done this,

we wouldn't have gotten to know
each other the way we have.

Finally, I'd like to
tell you that I love you.

- [Greg] We are the hollow
men, we are the stuffed men.

Leaning together, headpiece
filled with straw.

Alas, our dried voices
when we whisper together,

are quiet and meaningless
as wind in dry grass.

A rats' feet over broken
glass in our dry cellar.

Shape without form,
shade without color.

Paralyzed force,
gesture without motion.

Those who have crossed
with direct eyes

to the deaths of the kingdom.

Remember us, if at all.

Not as lost, violent souls,
but only as the hollow men.

The stuffed men.

Eyes I dare not meet in dreams.

In death's dream kingdom,
these do not appear.

There the eyes are sunlight
on a broken column.

There is a tree swinging
and voices are in the wind

singing more distant and more
solemn than a fading star.

Let me be no nearer in
death's dream kingdom.

Let me also wear such
deliberate disguises.

Rat's coat, crowskin,
crossed staves in a field

behaving as the wind
behaves, no nearer.

Not that final meeting
in the Twilight Kingdom.

(tense music)