Hostel (2022) - full transcript

Why did you come here?

Huh...? Why?

You've made a grave blunder coming here.

She won't let go of you at all.

You are dead meat!

Why... why did you come, huh?


Let's go.

- Come, da.
- I'm scared, bigboss.

- What's wrong with you?
- I swear I'm petrified.

In the college hostel
we have CCTV cameras in every corner

I've got scot-free even there
This run-down hostel is a cakewalk.

Just follow me.

- Come.
- Bigboss.

Let this be a run-down hostel
the way you describe it.

There aren't any CCTV cameras here,
I agree.

But that Sathappan
is worse than a scent hound.

If he catches us, he will snitch
to our Father immediately.

No need, bigboss.

Selling salt to the sea, huh?

All of you paint Sathappan to be
a man who will make us pee in our pants.

Sathappan is my slave now

I bribed him with a lump sum
Auctioned him to our side.

He isn't a sniffer dog
He's my pet dog.

- Got it?
- Bigboss.

You've gone up to IPL range!

- You are something else.
- Just follow me.

Come on.

Come, get in... fast.

Such a relief!

Shall we begin what we came for?

- Here read.
- Cha!

Read it, dude.

Bigboss, nowadays I believe
if we just click a button.

Porn stars Johnny Sins and Mia Khalifa
will come right into our bedroom.

Instead of opting for that.

Old style What's in a book?

You won't understand all that.

A visual will influence you to copy.

Whereas a book will
bring out your creativity.

The kick you get from a book
you won't even enjoy in bed!

- Go on, read.
- I'll copy it seems!

'Kumarimuthu and Jalaja'

Hands of the clock.

Moved to 12 midnight.

Wearing a transpaaaarent nighty
with her body revealed sensuously.

Tiptoeing without the tinkle
of her anklets being heard.

Jalaja walks softly like a cat.

She goes to Kumarimuthu's room.

She knocks on his door-


Go... open the door
See who is outside.

- No one, bigboss.
- Let's resume our job



Wait, man.

Yov! Sathappa... you, huh?

Is this the time to fool around?
What's up with you?

Clueless about my mood!

Shall we begin?

Father... Father!

'Father, please forgive me'

'Father, I'm so sorry
I beg of you, forgive me'

'Forgive me, Father'

Forgive them just this once.

Please, Father.

You think what they did is pardonable?

- 'Hey Sathappa'
- Father?

- Show that disgusting stuff.
- Take a look.

'Kumarimuthu screws Jalaja'


Title of the book.

- Sorry, Father.
- All yours.

Cha! Why did you stoop so low?

- No, pa.
- Moron!

Listen, I'm an ex-service man

I've held a gun in my hand for 20 years.

'And protected our border'

Whether I'm in the border or in the hostel.

This alone won't change.


Even an illiterate idiot
can succeed in life.

But a man with no morals
can't take a single step forward.

It's a divine place.

All the students in this sacred place
are like my own children.

Yes, he isn't father in name only
He is Father to this whole community.


Like a father to everyone.

Sorry, Father.

They should learn from
the final year students.

You know how I've instilled
discipline into them.


Their world is only academics!

They don't know anything
but their books and pens.

One rotten mango can
ruin a whole bag of ripe mangoes.

If I retain them here any longer
they will be a bad influence.

Please take them home.

- Father.
- Sorry, I have to go for my prayers.

'Father... Father'

He doesn't know Tamil

- I was translati-


Nothing can happen here
without my knowledge.

No one can fool me.

Excuse me!

To save your precious time.

Transfer Certificates
are at the college counter.

Collect it on your way out.

- Let God bless you.
- I'll talk to the Principal, sir.

Be my guest.

Meet the Principal.

As far as discipline is concerned.

Not just our Principal.

Even if you go to the Prime Minister
my word is law 100%.

- Sathappa?
- 'Father'

Please show them the way.

He wants you to leave the room
Along with your ward, please go.

What is the point in bowing
your head in shame now?

Use force.

Don't hit him on the back
Knock him on his head.

Wait till we reach home
You'll get it from me.

'Cigarette, huh?'

'Knock him flat
till you reach home'

Father, you meted out
a well deserved punishment.

- Sathappa.
- 'Yes, Father'

Upcoming Inter-collegiate
Cultural event.

We've got new guidelines.

Pin it up on the Notice board.

Father, I can't bear
Kadhir gang's nuisance.

He's creating a ruckus
along with all the boys.

He claims he's singing and
he shrieks like a banshee.

If I pull him up, he says
he's practicing for the Cultural event.

Sathappa, cultural events are
as important as studies.

Aiyo! Father!!

You trust those boys too much.

'Do you know what they are up to?'


You always go on
a maligning spree

I've told you more than 1000 times
Don't come to me without proper proof.

'Day after tomorrow is Gandhi's birthday
They will hoard booze tomorrow for sure'

Father, only 1 day
Let's check tomorrow.

They will definitely get caught.

'Give it some thought'

You call this an intro scene?
Who the hell thought of this?

How long will you wash in high speed?
Don't we need to wash too?

This damn stain is stuck
to my pant like glue.

You should have thought of it
before you tore it to tatters.

Look who's talking!

Anything in excess
will be torn to rags.

Then you should be tongue-less!

It was just a wisecrack.

Seniors! Sathapan is conspiring.

Because we snitched to Father
about his drinking bout in our 1st year.

He wants to take revenge
on us till our final year.

He is asking for chillies in his butt!

'St. Xavier Engineering College'

'Father, I'm going through a good phase'

'St Xavier's Hostel'

'I came just now
I'll call you later'

Go that side and
continue your phone talk.

- Caught me.
- Go in... quick.

Move to that side.

Go... move.

Where are you going?

Go... go.

Go over there.

Go... make it fast.

Go that side.

Just watch, Father.

Show me your pant pocket.

- Wait.
- Bro!

Don't squirm, stand still.

What? Maybe he has hidden it.

If he is blatantly showing
his bag, he won't carry booze in it.

I can look for myself.

Can't even find 1 peg!

At least a tobacco packet?

I may get lucky with this chap.

No pocket, huh?
Turn back.

Why is it I can't find anything?

Come alone?
I'll show you!

- Dai!
- 'Sathappa'

- Father.
- I've told you 1000 times.

Don't I know how disciplined
my boys are, huh?


1 minute.

We actually suspect Sathappan.

- You suspect me?
- Yes, Father.

He is using us as bait and
hoarding booze in his room, Father.

We'll feel good if you can
check him just once.

Should I suspect
my own assistant?

Don't feel bad, Father.

When these boys can stoop
so low as to suspect me.

It is best to clear the air
here and now, right in front of you.

I am ready.

Machi, shall I check?

- Let me check.
- I'll do it

- I want to.
- Hey... hey!

- I'll check.
- Stop it.

All of you are pipsqueaks
You have the gall to check me.

Father, go ahead
Frisk me head to toe.

- Me? Okay.
- You can check.

No need, Father
He'll somehow trick you.

We prefer checking him.

Dai! You think I'll trick Father!

Do you think this is
an ordinary hand?

This iron hand has held
such heavy guns!

Are you trying to get us caught?

Dead meat you are!

Father, insert your hand.

Jesus Christ!

"We ogle and goggle
We dress up in style."

"We rule as kings, dude
With a swag attitude."

"This is our address always
to have fun in all ways."

"Beat the drum, play the flute
Life is meant to enjoy, dude."

"Our room is so small
Size of a coconut shell."

"Just 1 plate of rice, we share as well."

"We take life as it comes
We are rock & roll chums."

"We live life to the maximum
Together we gather momentum."

"No fence in being jolly
Hypocrites we don't pretend to be."

"We don't need any chick
dumping us double quick."

"We ogle and goggle."

"Hey! We show off dressing up in style."

"Closer to midnight
In candle light."

"Share a fag or drag with delight."

"One and only bottle
for which we will battle."

"Our dreams raise hell
This is a 5 star hotel."

"There is never a shortage
of 'gana' songs at any stage."

"Listen to this folk song merrily
Your worries will willingly flee."

"We live as one big joint family."

"We exchange our dresses freely."

"Come, we have got this new junction."

"No tension, machi."

"Life is full of function muchy."

"We ogle and goggle
We dress up in style."

"We ogle and goggle
We dress up in style."

"We rule as kings, dude
With a swag attitude."

"This is our address always
to have fun in all ways."

"Beat the drum, play the flute
Life is meant to enjoy, dude."

"Our room is so small
Size of a coconut shell."

"Just 1 plate of rice, we share as well."

"We take life as it comes
We are rock & roll chums."

"We live life to the maximum
Together we gather momentum."

"No fence in being jolly
Hypocrites we don't pretend to be."

"We don't need any chick
dumping us double quick."


We kidnapped the boy.

What, sonny?
Do you remember me?

How will you remember?

You flicked a lump sum
amount of Rs 50,000.

Dai! Get a 2' stool.

How dare you cut my call
if I ask you for the money I lent?

Do you know who I am?

'Started from square 1'

'Interest' Indiran.

Sir, I know you.

Narrow escape Thank you, God

I didn't know how to reply
That's why I cut your call.

- Sorry, sir.
- Throw your 'sorry' into the gutter


What's up with him?

'Stinko bag!'

Just because I said 'gutter'
will you bring that stink here?

Don't you know I fart
when I am tense?

When I am tense
I get back my cash.

When you are tense
it is only stinko-gas!

Listen, I want my money back.

Sir, that scumbag isn't picking up my call.

He is missing from hostel
I'll pay you as soon as he's back

I didn't lend you money
trusting that chap

I lent money because
you signed his bail bond.

'Shell out the money'

I don't have cash
to pay my food bill, sir.

Where will I go for Rs 50000?

Hey! I know boys like you inside out.

Did I lend you thinking
you have cash in your pocket?

I took all the spare parts
in your body as guarantee!

If you don't settle
the money you owe me

I'll rip every spare part in your body
and send it to different States.

Make sure you pay me.

Sir... sir, please, sir.

Instead of begging me
make arrangements to repay.

Otherwise your organs
won't be in your body.

He will sign for a bail
like a martyr it seems.

'This number can't be reached right now'

'Please call later'


- 'Hello?'
- Dude?

- 'Tell me'
- Indiran kidnapped me.

'For what joy?'

If I don't pay him by tomorrow

...he will sell my organs
in various States it seems.

How could you even sign
a bail bond for Prem Raj?

I stupidly fell for
his silly sentiment story.

How did I know?

- 'His phone is not reachable'
- Don't get too perturbed.

'Come back to the hostel
We'll hatch some plan'

'One - two'

- Three.
- Bye, da.


Five - six - seven.







1 minute.

- Wha-
- Aiyaiyo!

Excuse me.



- I asked you to wait.
- I swear I didn't see anything!

I didn't see whatever
you claim you didn't see!

You didn't see, huh?

Then why are you chasing me?

To solve your problem.

Any financial problem?

- Huh?
- Do you need money?


How do you kno-

That isn't important.

How much do you want?

I need... around... Rs 50,000!

- I'll give you.
- Hey!

Don't play the fool

I'm very serious

I can give you.

Not knowing me from Adam and
without even asking for an ID proof.

You are kind enough
to give me Rs 50,000.

That is God in human form!

- You think no strings attached.
- Then...?

I need a favor from you.

You are the angel giving me 50,000
Don't be formal, shoot.

You have to take me
into your hostel tonight.

That's all, fin-



You have to take me
into your hostel.

That isn't a coffee shop
It's a boys' hostel.

Do you want Rs 50,000 or not?

Offer cash and check-mate!

Why go to a boys' hostel?

That is-


Don't I need some fun in life?

Shall I do something else
for this Rs 50,000?

Why don't I come
to your hostel?!

That will be an experience
Lots of fun too!

Chee! You are such a scaredy-cat.

Bye, see you
I'll get a man with spunk.

Hello... hello.

You think you can find anyone
more gutsy than me in my hostel?

Deal okay, but stick
to your end of the bargain.

Tell me your Gpay ♪


Advance now.

After you bring me out in 1 piece
I'll settle the full amount.

Adhirshta Lakshmi.

Oh! I'm Kadhir.


When you see your father next week
in his home town, give him this bottle

I'm leaving for Dubai today
I don't have time to come to your house.

Is it a problem for you
to keep it in your hostel?

I am inviting trouble if Father finds out
But I will somehow manage, uncle.

You father is a hard core boozer!

If this bottle doesn't reach him.

He'll bring the roof down.

'Look who's talking of my dad'

'My dad is to blame
Such a cheapo!'

- What are you thinking so deeply?
- Nothing, uncle

I'll deliver this to my dad.

- Shall I leave then?
- Okay, uncle.

- JD, machi.
- Yes, dude.

That's guzzling down
our throats for sure


Even zipping my pee in is easy.

I must zip that old hag's lips.

- Get down, quick.
- Wait.

Someone may see us
Get down, fast.

Are you planning to elope, my boy?

Will you send us off?

- Get lost!
- Aiyo!

Old woman, won't you shut up?

What do you mean
'why did you come here?'

An entire block in
our college hostel collapsed.

So we shifted the boys here
How does it affect you?

- She won't let go of you.
- Your granddaughter?

Sh... she.

Who is it?

Listen, I handle 100 boys
in the hostel on a daily basis.

Can't I manage one wisp of a girl?

Just shut up and lie down quietly

I'll pit my wits whoever it is.

She will come.

Gawd! My pee went on reverse mode!

Stop ringing this silly bell

I said I will deal with it
I have to pee urgently

I will handle her
whoever she may be.

Don't start off again
I'll punch you in your mouth.

She won't let you off.

Don't keep harping on a 'she'
Our boys are already hard up.

This is our secret entrance.

Hold this.

Where are you going?

No one around, come in.

Hey! Watch your step.

A little tough Hold my hand.


Pccht! Move aside.

Who are you, dear?


Hey! Why are you standing here?
Came to admire the room?

We have to move fast.

Someone might see us.


Why are you shouting?

Come... this way.


Didn't you hear a girl's voice?

I heard her too.

Some chap must have walked down
after watching an adult film.

Go to bed.


Do I sound like some star
in an adult film?

As if that's the 'matter' now!

Let's get to my room, quick.

I'm so relieved now!

Someone has hustled a girl inside.

Well and truly caught!

- What, da?
- Nothing, senior.

- Scoot now.
- Okay.

Hey! Come.

He won't remember you, get in.


Did you see any girl here?

Girl, huh?

In our hostel?

Can anyone escape your hawk-eye, sir?

Even the dust particles in the air
can't get in without his permission!

Did I ask you for a certificate
on my abilities as a warden?

Go to your room.

You must be watching
too many Telugu dubbed films.

Praising me sky-high!

'I thought they came this way'

'Did they vanish into thin air?'

'Or is it my hallucination?'

'I am puzzled'

'Is all this a truth or lie?'

'But if I get my hands on them-'


I've never set eyes on
such a disgusting, dirty room.

That's how boys' room will be.

Like it, stay Lump it, go away.

Thank your stars
I brought you in safe.

Why are you yelling at me now?

You have to make sure
I get out of here.

- That's our deal.
- Hello! I know how to get you out.

But don't send me out
once and for all.

Shut up and sit here.

'Swollen headed swine!'



I've kept an alarm
for 3:00 a.m sharp.

- Leave as soon as the alarm rings.
- I don't need an alarm

I can't sleep even for a second
in this disgusting pig-sty.




"Your glass bangles, my dear
Their jingling sound I can hear."

"In my dream, pretty miss
my cheeks you lovingly kiss."

"In this area, no one else I can see
as sweet a treat as you, girlie."

"In this area, no one else-."



Open the door, da.

Someone's knocking
Hide under the bed.

Don't do something stupid
by letting that Indiran terrify you.

Not doing anything
I'm coming, da.

You won't see sense
I'll break the door open.

Three... here I come.

What took you so long to open the door?

Final semester is fast approaching.

'I was studying
Applied Thermodynamics'

'Fast approaching?'
Semester exams are 6 months away.

Expect me to believe
you have started studying?

Something is wrong!

What do you want?



Dude, my paste is empty too.

We are respected as long as
the paste is in the tube.

Just watch me squeeze it out.

How can I hold a brush
in this love-spot?

Hey... hey careful!

- It's getting late for college.
- Let me brush my teeth.

Father wanted to see you.

Go... go.

Is this how your wonderful alarm rings?

A good alarm should
wake you up at the first ring.

You rolled over
before it could ring.

How you let your tongue run
You can't sleep in a pig sty like this.

I guess I was too tired.

What to do now?


Hide... underneath.

- Under the bed.
- I'm going.

- Dude?
- Boodhapandi, how are you?

I know you are good, but even if you ask me
so early, I won't give you the JD.

- See you later.
- Not that, hey-


Ask me to come out
after you send off the whole gang


- Hi, dude.
- Wait... wait, Joshua.

Did you hustle some glam doll here
without my knowledge?

Scared the wits out of you?

I was just pulling your leg.

Then, what's up?

You missed the movie yesterday, dude.

Oh my God!
A different level altogether.

That too Smitha came in that rain scene
with her sari clinging wet to her body.

It was too hard to control
All were like a dog on heat!

- Why don't we discuss this later?
- Why are you feeling shy?

The entire hostel knows your weakness
is the 'girl in the shower' scene, dude.

Hey! Who said so?

Why should anyone tell me?

Last week you took us for a 'Live' show
of bakery uncle's mistress bathing.

Forget that too.

You bought binoculars
from Amazon just for that, dude.

Only then I understood
your dedication, machan.

- Hey! What, dude?
- Get out.

- Let me finish my story.
- Out.

How dare you blame a poor boy
who respects women like God.

- Bloody fool.
- What... God?

Er... these boys are quite jobless.

So jealous of me
for being a dutiful diligent boy.

Stop your performance.

Will you help me get out of here?

I'll go mad if I stick around here
even for a single second more.

We can't step out immediately.

The boys will go
to class by 9:00 a.m.

Then we can easily escape.

Get down and verify
whereabouts of the girl.

Did you see this girl anywhere?

This girl, huh?
Show me some other photo.

Am I a pimp or what?
Take a good look and tell me.

Take a good look, huh?

- I've seen her.
- Really?

When? Where?
Tell me, man.

She bought a 'churidhar'
in my shop last month.

You're dead meat, man.

- Have you seen this girl?
- No.

You haven't?


- Did you see this girl?
- No.

You didn't, eh?

- 'Hello?'
- Boss, I'm Arivu speaking.

Did you find her?

Boss, I've sieved and
searched entire Chennai.

- No sign of her.
- It's only half hour since you left.

How did you search
whole of Chennai?

Boss, with the help of Google map
I jumped into action.

Beans spilled brilliantly!

Who the hell named you 'Arivu'?

Means 'Brilliant'
So I named myself.

- Moron!
- I'll change it to 'moron', boss.

Don't stand in front of me
without bringing her back to me.

Yes, boss.

- What happened?
- No one has seen her here, boss.

Is she sending me
on a wild goose-chase?

I know how to catch her
Hey! Drive me to the college.


Transfer the money right now
I'll freshen up and come

I know all that Come back soon


Hey! Come on.

Boss, that boy isn't inside.

In haste, our man hit a student
creating a ruckus.

- Let's scoot, boss.
- Get in.

- Quick.
- Start the car.

- Move it.
- Make it fast


- What, da?
- 'What, Mr Indiran?'

You are cutting my call?

I'm preoccupied now

I'll call you later Hang up now

I'm not your girl friend to tiptoe lightly
around you adjusting to your mood.


As if I maligned you Hang up now.

Will do.

Listen to me clearly
before I cut the call.

- What?
- 'I will pay you back'

'In just 1 hour'

But don't show your rowdyism
to students like me.

'Mr Indiran'

'Fattening yourself
like a beefy buffalo'

By lending money
at atrocious interest rate.

And threatening the poor victim.

'You may be boss
to innocent people'

But to Engineering students like me.

Not even close to
the dust on my feet-

He's a big shot in this city.

Hang up now, L.Balu!

His name is Indiran, da.

Boss, more than 'Indiran'

'L.Balu' sounds more-

- Swag!
- Sarcasm, eh?

Ridiculing... mocking me.

- Taking a dig at me!
- No tension.

Can't control it.

Father has gone for his prayer
Sathappan is nowhere to be seen.

Best time for us to go
Transferred the money?

I'm asking you, girl
Have you transferred the amount?

- A minor problem.
- Whaaat?

Account blocked!

Then my money?

Sorry, forgive me.

How can you say it so flippantly?

To top it all, I called and needled him
with my rhyming punch dialogs!

He would have planned to kill me.

Father, I'm sure this must
be their work too.

They have created a secret exit
to go out at night.

Sathappa, don't accuse
without evidence.

You need proof
if you point a finger.

Isn't this building very old?

The rods must have got rusted.

- Is your dress okay?
- Needs to be adjusted-

- Step out.
- Why are you yelling?

I've come with a mission
Blabbering, not knowing the facts.

You are the next Phoolan Devi
Rebel with a cause!

Clear out now
Get out of the hostel.

Jack in the box!



'Yes, Father'

Why are you silent, Father?

Father... Father, Kadhir.

Kadhir, why didn't you attend class?

Father... er... hmmm

I have a bad stomach.


How many times?

I can't buy this story.

Will you come to the loo?

- I'll show you proof.
- Follow you to-

Did you hear that?
Look how rude he is to me.

My stomach is rumbling again, Father.

Sometimes eating your food
even I have the same problem.

Is there any other exit?

Father and Sathappan are here
Let's escape via the main entrance.

Hey! Welder, come here.

You have to solder it here.

Come... come.

- Escape!
- What?

"More trouble on the way
Go and hide right away."

"Like Usain Bolt the sprinter
bolt for your life, mister."

"Hurry... hurry, double quick."

That's a girl for sure!
You are dead meat.

"Don't get caught, fly
Or else you will die."

"Run... run for your life."

"Run from all this strife"

'Scoot, dude'

"Dart, dash, hurry
scoot and scurry"

'Machi, escape'

"Run, race and speed up
Shoot, hotfoot, don't stop"


"Scoot and scurry swiftly
Quick on your toes, girlie."

What is the problem?

How do you think I'll know?

Father... Father.

Sathappa, why are you flustered?

College strike
That's all, right?

I got this information long ago.

Aiyo! Not that.

Some fellow has hustled
a girl into our hostel.

- Sorry, Father

I was doubtful till yesterday
But today my news is confirmed

I saw a girl in our hostel.

Are you suspecting
our dear dickheads?

Not ours, Father.

- Dic-
- Stop it

I wanted to say
they are dictators.

I won't believe
this story of yours.

Father, if you don't come with me.

Any problem crops up
in the future.

Father is not running a hostel
but a brothel!

- What do you mean?
- People will gossip like that.

Come, Father.

- Strike, huh?
- Yes.

- Why?
- You know our Prem Raj.

He eloped with a girl it seems.

Her father brought rowdies over
to create a ruckus in our college.

So college is on strike
See you, bro.

Strike, huh?

- I'm well and truly caught.
- You're caught, huh?

I'm the one in a royal mess.

If a person is going through
a bad phase.

Even a stationary shovel will fly
in mid air and pierce him.

Maintain decency.

Why didn't you say 'no'
if you couldn't do it?

If a chap is ill-fated to face
the malefic effects of Saturn.

Who can prevent it?

- Am I the jinx in your life?
- Do I have to spell it out?

How dare you!
I am like Saturn to you.

- My hair!
- You are the jinx of a jerk.

You are the malefic effect.

If you had escorted me in time
will I be in this fix?

Father, I'm sure he has
that girl hidden in his room.

- How are you so sure?
- He's holding the book upside down.

Hey! Just you wait

I'll find the proof and
make Father beat you to a pulp.

Nothing, huh?

'Hey dude... Kadhir'

'Kadhir... this is Joshua
Open the door, damn you'

- Get under the cot.
- I won't, get lost!

'Open the door, quick'


- What?
- Father and Sathappan are on a rampage.

Some girl issue Forget all that.

Give that Jack Daniels
I'll keep it in safe custody

I'll handle all that, go

I'll keep it saf-

Gone... gone.

Sathappan knows you are here.

Where will I hide you?

Aiyo! My life is gone down the drain.

Gone with the wind
My studies, respect, dignity.

Serves you right.

- How dare you call me 'wretched'?
- Have a heart!

- I did all this to help you.
- My left foot!

- 'Kadhir?
- Father is here'

Kadhir, can you
please open the door?

Your Father!? I'm not even
scared of my own father

- I can't hide.
- Open the door.

Father is waiting.

That was stupid of me
I lost my cool I guess

I'll touch your feet
and apologize.

'Open the door?'

'Can't you hear me?'

'Will you open now
or shall I break open the door?'


Why did you shut the door now?

- Father, any problem?
- Yes.

Sathappan swears
he saw a girl in this hostel.

A girl, huh?

In our hostel, Father?

- How is it possible, Father?
- Hey!

Is this an act in front of him?

Father, ask him to open the door.

A girl in the hostel
under Father Kuriakose?!

Even if she got past you
won't Sathappan catch her red-handed?

I'm here because I caught you.

Come in, Father.

Please come.

How is it?
Room is empty?

She isn't under the cot either.

Sathappa, you have looked
in every corner, high and low.

You didn't find
any girl here either.

- Only 1 place left.
- Which one?

Septic tank

- I'll get to the bottom of it.

Father, I swear I saw a girl
with my own eyes.

Sathappa, change your suspicious mindset

I'm going for the prayer meeting
trusting you'll be a good warden here.

Don't ruin my faith in you

I swear I saw a girl.


Sorry, Father.




Vanished into thin air?

'Oh gawd!'

Maybe she worked
in Gemini Circus earlier?

Why are you staring blankly?

Thinking it's an old building
I pulled the rod, it just got dislodged.

It was a bit too high for me to jump
Otherwise I would have escaped.

Why will I come back to you?

No one can take her away from us.

From 'us'?

From me

I brought her in here

I'll be the first person
to make my mark on her!

That's okay, I'll have a go after you.

But can she gratify both of us?

For sure, dude.

She may seem bitter.

But you taste her essence, Mia Kalifa!

Alcohol mixed with chemicals
will rule the roost temporarily.

After that.

Only this herbal product.

No side effects.

How they fooled even me!

Sathappan brother.

Showering respect
mountain-high on me.

Come to the point.

We snitched on you 2 years ago
when we were freshers.

You tend to think ill of us
till date because of what we did then.

We are like your own brothers.

Father is attending a prayer meeting.

Shall I ask him
to get you a Bible?


For both fight and
waving the flag of truce.

Booze is top priority, right?

Good philosophy.

- So what?
- So if we get together.

We can booze and become friends.

Oho!' You' means me inclusive?

Asking Sathappan to be
the messenger of peace?

I am the proverbial dove.

You are my brother
from a different mother

I'm not angry with you at all

- I prefer foreign liquor.
- I'll get it ready, sir.

- Why is your hand trembling?
- Mark of respect

- I'll take care of it, bro.
- Okay, go... go.

Best quality booze, eh?

Did that cannon-nose chap
agree in a jiffy?

Better for us to be on our guard

Joshua, did you tell Kadhir about this?

- Will he bring JD?
- I already asked him.

He won't come it seems
Neither will he give us the booze.

Even that's forgivable.

It seems he is now
a total teetotaler!

He says he has stopped drinking?

Our Kadhir, huh?

You're Mr Film-buff
and he is Mr Boozer.

- Our entire hostel knows.
- Shut up.

'Something wrong'

He's up to some mischief.

No need injection.

Yov! Look like a beefy buffalo
and petrified of a tiny injection

I'm terrified of injection
right from my childhood, sister.

Can you make it painless?

- Aren't you a father of many kids?
- Only one.

You can't do a good job
No pain, no gain.

Show your butt.

- Sister?
- What?

What does it matter if it goes in
through my mouth or my bum?

- One and the same.
- Cha!

Then will you eat
through this hole?!

Hey! You know whom you're talking to.

Don't you dare
raise your tone here.

- This is my area.
- So what?

You act over smart,
I'll poison you to death.


Didn't he beat this nurse's husband
who didn't pay the interest?

- Yes, bro.
- This is tit for tat.

My family will be
looking for me by now.

If they find out I'm here
things will blow out of proportion.

Main entrance is the only way
we can escape.

Sathappan and the boys are
boozing on the terrace.

After they get piss drunk, I intend
slinking away with Sathappan's key.

Till I am back like a good girl.

Keep licking this lollipop.

Drink... enjoy


Come, my dear Kadhir dude.

You lost your way
and landed here, huh?

No, I just wanted to
show my head here.

For us to pick out lice?

He is one of us
Don't take a dig at him.

Kadhir, join the fun
and lose your senses.

No, thank you, Sathappa
I don't drink.

Taste the appetizer at least.

If you don't booze
you aren't eligible for side-dish.

- Put that back.
- Do it.

Why are you being mean to him?

You don't know, Sathu.

- Do you know how he has insulted us?
- What harm did I do?

Is it a crime to be studying
in my room like a good boy?

Only if we study and
come up in life.

Father and Sathappan
can be proud of us, huh?

Enough of buttering me.

Drink this beer instead.

No, Sathappa.

- You drink, Satha.
- Dai Sathan!

Hey Sathu.

Having a teetotaler around
when you are boozing.

Placing a bomb under you
are one and the same.

No one will know
when it will explode.

- Not boozing, get up and go.
- Well said, dude.

What if he sneaks to Father
about Sathappan drinking with us?

- If he does?
- Hey!

- Why are you scaring me?
- No... no... no.

- They are teasing you.
- Sathu bro.

Either ask him to booze
or ask him to vamoose!

Go down, Kadhir.

- Why don't you drink?
- What now?

I must booze That's all?

Yes, dude.

- Pour me a drink.
- Where is an empty glass?

Small peg

I'll drink less
You guzzle all of it down.

Drink all you want
Foreign liquor.

- Open your mouth.
- That's the way.

Well done, dude.

Wait, let me check
if he is fully sozzled.

What, dude?
That's all, huh?

"Booze buddies."

"Drinkin' buddies."

"No girlfriends to woo
Our pockets empty too."

"Jobless are we
But we just don't worry."

"In our minds we harbor
no hesitation whatsoever."

"The world will be at our feet
when we guzzle a peg or two neat."

"Get-high buddies"

"1 soul in 2 bodies
Drinkin' buddies."

"We are beer buddies."

"We lament with melodies
We are booze buddies"



Beat it!

"We flew in from towns many
We bonded as one in harmony."

"No bend or break rift to drift
Our bond like breath is close-knit."

"Our friendship should shine bright
Happy laughter day and night."

"Sing it, dude, loudly."

"Our world daily
'you + me = we' proudly."

"Mica buddies."

"Friendship's label is
Drinkin' buddies."

"We are liquor buddies."

"Dude, repeat please
Drinking buddies"

'There are just reasons 3
to go on a boozing spree'

'Happiness, sadness and then
drowning in alcohol for no reason'

'See, we are simply singin'
Are we a rusted sheet of tin?'

'Where are you, dear appetizer?
Spicy 'pakoda' and crispy mixture'

Shake it!

Have a blast!

"We stay in our room
Dull, full of gloom."

"Once a peg trickles down
we are kings all around."

"Say 'cheers' No more fears."

"This happiness we get is divine
We are floating on cloud 99!"

"King of yorker
Our Nattu the cricketer."

"Our friendship has speed so soooper."

"You are not just a silly chick
who will ditch with a wily trick."

"The friendship we share
is beyond compare."

"Be it our Mother earth or pure heaven"

"I want my buddy with me 24x7."

"Mica buddies"

"1 heart in 2 bodies
Drinkin' buddies."

"We are beer buddies."

"We lament with melodies
We are booze buddies"

'Made In Chennai Alcohol... MICA'

"We are MICA buddies."

"Lift up your collar, guys
Say it, mica buddies."

"We are JD buddies."

"Say it steady, attitude already
Drinkin' buddies heady."

"No girlfriends to woo
Our pockets empty too."

"Jobless are we
But we just don't worry."

"In our minds we harbor
no hesitation whatsoever."

"The world will be at our feet
when we guzzle a peg or two neat."

"When we guzzle a peg or two."

"Dude, when we guzzle a peg or two"


Mica buddies, huh?

Totally flat out.

You had the gall to drink
and smoke in front of me.

You think you can wave a truce flag
under Sathappan's nose!

Your youth is rollicking?!

I'll crush all your gala time.

You asked me for proof, Father?

I'll give you photos as evidence.

My pocket is 1 mile long.

I must mend the hole in my pocket

I'll get my phone and
click snaps, crucify you.

Wait and watch.

Terrace booze party, huh?

Don't underestimate this Sathap-


Who is it?

Who is in there?

Are you deaf or what?

Will you open the door please?

Aren't you a girl?

Yes, I am a girl.

'Open the door'

Were you the one
roaming around this hostel?

Yes, of course.

Will you open the door now?
We can discuss the rest later.

If I open the door
will you show me your face?

I'll show you any damn thing
First open this door.

Will you?

Stuck with Father

...even my life is
like a rusty iron particle

I must get into 'service' mode now.

You don't worry

I'll get the key and save you.

Lady Luck, help me find the key.

Open the door.



Is this what you promised to show?

Hey... hey! Kadhir.

Get up.

Major problem down there.

Open your eyes, da.

Damn you!

Adhirshta Lakshmi!

Aiyaiyo!! God help me.

'Kadhir has some magic up his sleeve'

'I can hear some sound insde'

He is here.


What is the noise
I can hear inside?

Must be a bandicoot, Father.

- Open the door.
- Father, how can I-

Give me the key.

Father, key is missing.

You go to your room, Father

I'll get a locksmith to open
and then I'll call you, Father.

Key is missing Can't unlock now.

Father is leaving it seems
Leave way for him... move aside.

Here, da.

- Whose?
- Key.

- Your room key.
- This isn't mine.

You left it on the terrace.

It isn't mine
Trust me when I say so.

- Open.
- It is your key, dude.

Dead meat!

Whose underwear is that?

How long since you washed it?

Sathappa, what is up with you?

Father, I saw that girl in this room.

Dismiss Kadhir first.

'Do it right now, Father'


Forever harping about
wine and women

I've always told you
have proof before you accuse.

Father, I swear on our Christ

I saw a girl here
with both my eyes.

'Trust me, Father'

She hit me, tied me up and fled.


Even if you lie
you should make sense!

How can a girl hit and tie up
such a big hulk of a man?

Where did she hit you?

Trust him to ask me something
I just can't answer.


If you keep repeating like this
losing your marbles

I'll send you to a hospital
from our hostel.

In a mental hospital.


No illegal activity can go on
without my knowledge.

'This man is in his own world'

These boys are reveling in
a separate paradise of their own

I know very well.

One of you is the culprit
who tied up this Sathappan.

He won't believe me!

There's a limit to all your pranks.

If this prank is repeated.

You won't see this compassionate Father.

You'll see my hidden Hyde side
of Colonel Kuriakose.

- Okay?
- Okay, Father

- I didn't hear that.
- Okay, Father.

- Louder!

God bless you all

I didn't hear that!!

- Must be a fan of 'Bigil'
- I heard it, Father.


I saw that girl in Kadhir's room.

'I swear I did!'

If I tell you what transpired.

You'll laugh for 1 whole week.

But still, let me tell you
One swift blow.

She squashed my lineage, da

I knew you would laugh

I must get myself bandaged in Puthur.

- Can they bandage down under?!
- Hey! Shut up.

That isn't priority, Sathappa.

First your hand has to
be bandaged properly.

- What do you mean?
- Sathappa.

No one can see this image
in our entire hostel.

Imagine if only you can see
what does that mean?

You have a special paranormal ability.

That means?

- That means...?
- He means it is a spirit.

- Spirit!
- Careful.

You mean a real ghost?

It is the symptom of a spirit
possessing your body.

I don't believe in ghosts and ghouls.

How can you be so flippant, Sathappa?

Spirits in Tamil Nadu are evergreen.

If you want, ask Lawrence master.

Forget that!
Sathappan bro.

Did you see her face?

She just aimed at my base
Didn't show her face.

Then confirmed she is a ghost.

She won't let go of you

I believe you now.

Even that old lady keeps repeating
about supernatural activities

I told you so.

Jeeva, the only property I own
is my beloved body

I can't donate it to ghosts.

Do something.

Why do you worry, Sathappa?
You know Koshy's father?

He is the ex head priest of
Chottanikkara Devi temple.

We can get an amulet from him
and tie it around your wrist.

- You will be well protected.
- Only hitch, Sathappan bro.

You have to shell out Rs 3000

- 3000?!
- Only then your body can be saved

98... 99

- What happened?
- 100.

- Nothing.
- Something missing?

- Nothing.
- No

I thought you fell
for Sathappan's fib.

And looking for a girl in your room?

Chee! As if I'll flip for that crap?
Are you mad or what?

Dude, after hearing Sathappan's accusation
can't you smell the scent of a girl here?

No girl stepped in here

I never said a girl came in here

I commented only on
a feminine scent!

Why are you blabbering?

Dude, how long will he try
to pull the wool over our eyes?

I forgot what I wanted to share.

My aunt's son is visiting me.

Weren't you studying
'Applied Thermodynamic'?

He has a doubt, just go
and clear that alone?

- Now?
- Yes.

- Right now.
- I'm a bit busy now.

- You go, I'll follow you.
- No... no... no.

- You get busy after 10 minutes.
- I'll follow soon.

Come on, man
Stop your performance.

Go in and clarify the doubts
once and for all, eh?




You've smuggled a girl in
without our knowledge.

Who is she?

She is like a sister.

- Sister to whom?
- All of you!

Son of a gun! She was in
your room for 2 whole days.

- What did you do?
- Damn your dirty mind.

- Matter of Rs 50,000
- Whaaat?!

Even if beauty queen, still 50,000
for 1 night is king's ransom!

Moron! She is the one who has paid me
Rs 10,000 to come with me.

Paid you Rs 10,000
You aren't worth it either.

- To enter the hostel, da.
- What is her job in a boys' hostel?

I don't know.

- What is the matter?
- He hustled a girl into his room.

Hey! He isn't capable of all that.

Of course I brought her he-

I swear it's tru-

- Tell us the truth.
- I swear I don't know.

She said it was for fun.

Did you really come into
our hostel just for fun?

What's your name, babe?

Adhirshta Lakshmi.

Beauuuutiful name!

If you want us to help you
get out of here safely.

Confess to us now
your real purpose.

Hello... hello
Don't waste our time.

'Action block' is waiting.

Dude, day before yesterday.

What is his name?
Interest Indiran

I went to his house
and threatened him.

He panicked and promised to
come and ask for my forgiveness

I'm the one who has
kept him waiting.

But if that scumbag shows
his rowdy frame of mind.

We should be well prepared.

- Keep our tools ready.
- Yeah... yeah, ready.


Who are you?

Why did you come here?

- Confession time.
- I am Adhirshta Lakshmi.

We know how 'lucky' you are!

- My initial is I.
- Hiii!

My dad's name is Indiran.

His nickname is 'Interest' Indiran.

I took this broom
only to sweep this floor.

You mean... I...?


He is the groom.

Appa, I'm in love with someone

I will marry only him
Not anyone else

I was wrong to pamper you
for being a motherless child.

In 2 days, you will marry
the groom I have chosen for you.

- Hi Bhujji.
- Listen

I wasn't able to convince my dad.

He has finalized some groom.

- Wedding is fixed 2 days from now.
- What do you mean?

Then won't our life move
from love to marriage

I can think of only 1 way.

We have to


Prem Raj started avoiding me after that.

'I called him so many times
but he didn't respond even once'

'I couldn't accept the fact he ditched me'

'I decided to come here to
teach him a lesson he'll never forget'

That's when I met you in my house.

Sir... sir... please, sir.

Instead of begging me like this
try to get the money to repay me.

Prem Raj wasn't here when I came.

You came here to
tear Prem Raj to tatters?


How could you even think
he's worthy of your love?


What does it matter
whom she falls for?

If they know
you are here with us.

- All of us will be bashed up.
- Why are you dragging us into this?

- That's your fate.
- Okay.

So here's the deal.

If you escort me out of this place

I'll spin some tale
to my dad and cover up.

Dude, I can't take this any longer.

You have to help me
send her out somehow.

Of course we will
What are friends there for?

- Thanks, machi.
- Friends, da.

Hey! What?

Oh! Machan... dude.

We have to dig deeper into this matter.

- What?
- Jack Daniel.

Let's go to Kadhir's room
and plan how to resolve this.

Dude, get ready with the appetizers.

Be a sport, da.

You must guzzle raw JD
Put that down.


My father will kill me.

Has your father ever tasted JD?

- No chance at all.
- Then why fret and fume?

If you add sanitizer to
Ayurvedic immunity booster.

You'll get the same taste!

We can fill up the bottle with
Rs 105 booze, matter solved.

- 'Give me your glass for refill'
- Dude.

Anyway you've opened the bottle.

Can I have a peg or two?

At least a shot, small one.

No way, buddy No chance at all.

You'll get it from me.

Going overboard.

Even I haven't tried this brand ever.

Okay... guys.

Let's start the plan


- This is our hostel.
- What about that?

I meant the plan of our hostel.

Our plan is enclosed in this.

"Meenatchi Meenatchi
Do you love our buddy?"

"Meenatchi Meenatchi
Do you love our machi?"

"You haven't said 'yes'
He's waiting for 4 long years."

"Accept his love, my dear
Tell him loud and crystal clear."

Sathappan bro.

You'll feel the effect
as soon as I tie it on your wrist.

- Shall I tie it?
- Go ahead

I wonder whose son are you!
Going out of your way for me.

Just as you said, as soon as
this amulet touched my skin

I have this effect of something
erupting from somewhere within.

The boys are in Deva sir's room.

Father is praying

Joshua will take
care of Sathappan.

Right time for us
Let's sneak out.

Adhirshta Lakshmi, come.

Jeeva, come
Oh! Silly me, I am Jeeva.

Where the hel-

Only 20 rooms here
Where can she hide?


- Come.
- Hey Kadhir.

Hey Kadhir!

Idiot! Come on.

Oh! You are here.

Get lost!

What now?

The boys are playing in the ground.

- What to do now?
- Don't know.

Wait here for a moment
I'll try and cover up.

Come along.

- What is it?
- You come and take a look.

I told you.

Oh my goodness!

Sundar C!

Shall I do something?

Hit all of them senseless.

Murder... murder!

Murder... I murdered someone.

Run... scoot.

All of you escape or else
you'll end up as a corpse.

Run... run for your life.


Where are they running, bloody lunatics?

Herd mentality!

Come, hurry up.

Come out... make it fast.


Who is that girl?

I'm asking all of you.

Answer my question.

Show me your face, dear.

Good morning, Father.

What kind of disguise is this?

Dressed as a female, Father.

Drama for College Cultural program.

We are rehearsing.

'Who is inside the Purdah?'
That's the name of our drama.


Think you are Manisha Koirala
who starred in 'Bombay'?


Is this some Hide & Seek game?

I know how to catch you.

Just wait and watch.

Very good! I appreciate your diligence.

But stick to your room
with your disguises.

Don't loiter around like this.

Praise the Lord, Father.

God bless you.

Didn't I say I will catch you?

You broke the bulb
You had better fix it.

You have only 1 way to do so.

Just come to my room quietly.

Or else I'll drag you
to Father's room.

He is a Holy terror
worse than me.

Don't waste your energy
getting breathless over here.

Save it all up.

They painted you out to be a spirit.

But your structure with all its curves
going in and out is something else!

Show your face.

I am trying to woo you
and you're breathing in and out.

Hey you!

You think you're Sunny Leone?

Show me your face, damn!

My dearest

I love you.

If Father had really seen her.

What will be our plight?

We would have been insulted
and branded as Casanovas.

He would have disgraced us
in front of our family.

That's why I suggested a rehearsal

I'm telling you
trying to fool Father.

And ushering her out of
the main gate is an impossible task.

All because of this female.

So many decent boys
exist in this world.

Ignore all of them.

You choose Prem Raj of all fellows
to fall in love and give us a hard time!

Hey! Was it social service you did?

- I paid you for bringing me in.
- Talk softly.

You paid me in millions!

You went back on our deal
She lies through her teeth, dude.

Hey! If you demean me
I'll become a demoness.

You don't know my true colors.

You are Indiran's daughter
I know you inside out.

What do you know about me?
Your attitude from the begin-

Dude, girls are software.

Shouldn't use hard words to them.

He'll use a string of bad words
on you, shut up.

First let us plan
how to get her out of here.

Then the figure I saw
was a real ghost? Tell me.

I can see the string here.

Where is the hair, da?

Moron of a woman!
Tell me clearly.

Where did you take this string?

This is an amulet with special powers
to bless me with good luck.

- Idiot!
- Hahn?

This won't bring you good luck.

But lure you to fu-

Hey! Act your age
Don't let your tongue run.

Why did you untie the string
tied on that tree?

- On what tree?
- Her hair is missing from the amulet.

No wonder the tamed spirit
has gone wild now!

Whom are you referring to?

What you saw isn't a regular
terrorizing spirit.

She is a deadly lover-spirit.

Her name is 'Purdah' Parvin.

What kind of filmy name is that?

Do spirits also have
an adjective as prefix?

Listen to my flash back.

- Tell me.
- Rewind approximately 18 years

I don't have time to listen to
your flashback visually like 'Baahubali'

Give me an oral account like
'Onaayum Aatukuttiyum'

'Parvin lived with her family in
the building which is your hostel now'

'She always wore a 'Purdah'
So she was called 'Purdah' Parvin'

'She used to cover her face
even when she was asleep'

- Such a striking beauty, huh?
- You saw her, right?

Oh yes! I saw her.

'Her parents saw many grooms for her'

'No one came forward to marry her'

'In her angst of
being a virgin-spinster'

'She started roaming at night
and then started screaming in fright'

'Unable to bear her plight
I told her, a man loves her'

'I lied to her saying he will come soon,
'see' her formally and marry her'

'Hearing my words
she jumped with joy'

'Who is my knight
in shining armor?'

'When will he come to
lift my 'purdah' and see my face?'

She started nurturing buds of lust
in her mind and heart.

- How long can I deceive her?
- Very true.

Where will a man who doesn't exist
come from nowhere.

So I had to lie to her, he was
involved in an accident and he died

I gave her this amulet saying
this was all we found of him.

She yearned for the dead man who would
have lifted her 'purdah' and seen her face'

'This was combined with
an unreasonable rage'

'I didn't get married
when I was alive, right?'

'I shall become a ghost'

'I will live with a man I love
at least for 24 hours'

'She wrote down her vow in a letter'

'And hung herself to death'

'Only after she became a spirit
her atrocities intensified'

'Not a single man could
travel freely in this area'

'To suppress her antics
and tame her spirits'

'I indulged in black magic on her strand
of hair and this amulet string'

'We nailed it to this mango tree'

'She will try to come out'

You released it without any reason.

If I remove this amulet
she won't haunt me, right?

You should not have lifted
her 'purdah' and seen her face.

- So what happens?
- For the first time.

You were the one to lift
her 'purdah' and see her face.

She wants to start a family with you!

On Full Moon night due now.

She will take a human form.

She won't let you go
without having a go at you!

'Having a go' means?

Her first night with you
when she'll no longer be a virgin.

- Never!
- He doesn't even know this, idiot.

Man and spirit
meet and mate, huh?

This will never happen.

You dimwitted fellow!
She is in the depths of libido.

You cannot stop her
She cannot be subdued.

Is there no other way to exorcise her?

Only one who has
immense faith in God.

And who is an expert exorcist

...can save you.

So only Father can save me?

Father... Father
Please come with me.

- Why at this time of night?
- Don't ask me anything.

- This is life or death for me.
- Let me wear my pant.

Before you wear this
she will poleaxe me!

- Father, come.
- Where are you taking me?

Is your pant important?
Or my life?

Come, Father.

Where are you dragging me now?

- Ask how that old hag is connected?
- Sathappa!!

Hey old woman
I've brought Father here.

Tell him what you told be
Word to word, verbatim.

He has come pant-less, for my sake.

Father, you will believe me
if you hear it from this lady's mouth.

All my problems will be solved.

Now just watch me Old woman...?


Usually you stutter, stammer
talk by ringing your bell.


Old lady.

Father, check what's wrong?

Oh lady, talk to me.

Oh gawd!

Why is it throbbing
like a lorry engine?

This is my wrist, Father.

What happened, Father?

She reached the feet
of Christ long ago.

Aiyaiyo! You messed up my life and died.

- God help me.
- Hey Sathappa!

You are the one who killed her.

- Me...?
- Then what!

You told her a ghost story
and made her a ghost!

SHE is the one who told me
a ghost story, Father!

- She mumbled and muttered.
- I'll call for the ambulance.

You left me lamenting like this.

Whom will I go and lament my fate?

You died without knowing my plight.


Did her relatives
get to know so soon?

- YOU?!
- I was the one who killed the old hag.


Whoever steps into
our space of happiness

I will dig a grave for them.

What kind of twisted logic is this?

Is Father the next victim?
I won't let you kill him.


Adhirshta Lakshmi.

We understand your situation
But kindly reciprocate the same.

We are planning to
somehow get you out safely.

But some spoke in the wheel
messes our plan royally.

Don't worry.

Whatever happens tonight
I'll see that you reach home, okay?

Please eat.

Luxy, I got 'set dosa' and
thick coconut chutney just for you.

Shall I feed you?

Even Father won't believe me.

All because of-
Hey you in there!

'Open the damn door'

Sathappan, da.

- 'Open the door'
- Get under the cot.

I'm your Lord of Death from today.

Open the door.

- Hide fast
Why are you following her?

- Keep her company.
- My slipper will speak!

How long will I bang on the door?

Sathappa, we are doing
serious group studies now.

Why don't you come back tomorrow?

- We are studying.
- I know what you'll be up to.

- Chee!
- You're dead meat, da.

Where did you flick this amulet?

Flick, huh? I paid Rs 3000
to a seer in Chottanikkara

3000 bucks, right?

- Tell him.
- Yes, Sathappa bro.

We paid Rs 3000.

Not even worth 30 paise.

Why are you lying through your teeth?

Tell me the truth
Don't test my patience.

Didn't you pluck this off the mango tree?

Mango tree So what?

Look closely.

Without even spending 10 paise
a soooper vintage amulet is ready

I thought you gave me this amulet
to make spirits exit from my life.

You've given me a ghost
waiting to enter my body and soul!

Had a go?

Go... goddamn goons!

Sathappa, what are you blabbering
about ghosts and ghouls?

He has been acting weird
for the past few days

I'll ask Father to refer you
to a good psychiatrist

- I'll tell him.
- I need to consult a shrink.

You dug my grave and
want me to see a shrink!

You should be-

What is it, Sathappa?

I can smell that spirit's
perfume even here.

- How will a spirit use perfume?
- 'Of course'

Sathappa, you are so obsessed
your nose is working overtime.

- Consult a good doctor.
- I won't spare you, warning you.

Don't think I'm leaving
because I'm scared of that ghost.

Are you senseless?

- Will you play your pranks with him?
- As if we knew the outcome.

Shall I lift you up?
Doesn't matter, come, sit.

- Problem solved.
- Lux, got scared?

This is a common feature
in our hostel life.

If Kadhir hadn't interfered
I would have killed that Sathappan.

In your dreams!

First get into your underwear.

'Good lord! Did I give her a free show?'

How will I make Father understand?


I didn't cut all these vegetables.

Who is in this kitchen?

My dear, this is my section.

Your section is 'something else'

Why do you say it with a drawl?

But the 'son' you said now
will never happen.

Only THAT will happen, darling.

You are spared
because you are a spirit.

Or else I'll hit you, mind it

I'm waiting for you
to hit on me!

Why is her reply 'pun intended'?

Why are you appearing only in front of me
and taking the life out of me? Tell me.


You are my better half.

She's making it even worse!

"I am a lotus waiting to bloom & smile
I haven't slept in a long long while"

'Why is she dancing like this?'

I lost my sleep thanks to you.

- Target missed.
- What, darling?

Your aim is going haywire.

Have a go, 'bingo'

Wait and watch this time.

Don't divert with
your villi laughter!

Get lost!

- Jesus Christ.
- Aiyaiyo!



- Who is it?
- Boss... moron!

How dare you call me a moron!

Boss, I'm 'moron' speaking.

You, huh?
Speak up

I found someone who saw your daughter
get into an auto with her lover.


I've caught that auto driver.

Stay put there
I'll come over right away.

Yes, boss.

Sharp indeed.

Nothing major Just a small bump.

Are you feeling sad
you didn't fling it with more force?

As if I will even think
of hurting yo-


You just missed my rolling pin!

Why are you torturing me like this?

When did I torture you, da?

I wasn't talking to you, Father

I beg of you Please believe me.

What do you want me to believe?

A spirit is standing behind me.

Sorry, Father.

- Hey.
- Bingo!

You are such a pro.

No one can stop our 1st night
together tomorrow.

After hurling a rolling pin on to my head.

You branded my buttocks now.

Wait, Father Listen to me.

If you hassle me like this
I'll fling hot oil on your face.

- Get out of here.
- I get it now.

Using the ghost as excuse
you aimed at my head.

Scalded my butt
Now you want to throw hot oil?

Will I ever betray you?

You already did.


He won't believe me.

If only I can get proper proof
to make him believe me

I can make him the exorcist.

Why are you cussing me
with your mind voice?

I will tell you loud and clear.

- You are a blind cat.

Don't shout, Father
You know to yell only at me.

So many misdeeds
behind your back.

All you want is proof, right?
Come with me.

Come, I'll show you.

Harping on proof for no reason.

That damn thing.


Here... please wait.

- What can be hiding here?
- Wait.

It's missing

- I know I stuffed it here.
- 'You' did?!

I mean 'they' did Please wait

I'll show you.

Take a look Porn books.

Look at all the booze bottles.

We can exchange them for cash
in a local scrap shop.

So many bottles.

Why didn't we find these
during the raid?

If we announce
how will you catch them?

You must do a sudden attack
like Flying Squad?

Hey! Jeeva, da
Open the door.

- What?
- We are well and truly caught.

Sathappan fabricated evidence
and snitched to Father about us.

Father is raiding all the rooms

Lux, let's go

- I'm not coming.
- Sit down.

Royal pain!

Sathappan is suspicious of
this room from the beginning.

Best is to take her to my room.

Your room?
Go there and do what?

I have an idea Come, let's go.

Come... come.

- Tell us your idea.
- Wait.

Before... before that.

One of us should go out and
give a heads up on Father's arrival

I'll go.

How will you inform us?

- Phone, dude.
- Call me


Before you can warn us
Father will close our chapter!

What do we do now?

I have an alternative idea for that too.

No one in our hostel
has thought of this idea.

No one can find out either

I'll signal in a different sound
made by an animal.

Go and do your signaling.


I'll come one last time for you.

If we don't find anything

Matthew Chapter 7, verse 7.

Ask, and it shall be given you;
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

'Seek and you will find'
is the actual text.

Let's search one last time.


Hey! Who are you?

Looks like you landed
from Kailasa this morning

1st year student, senior

I'm sitting on guard here
to give signal when Father comes.

You too, huh?

Tell us your plan.

This is my plan.

If I saw these rods, she can
climb out and hide on the sun shade.


Why the hell didn't you say so
when we were in that room?

'As if you can saw your way out'

'What is she doing?'

I've removed these bars
in that room already.

She's an expert in this.

That's my Lux!

Senior, don't you have
an 'item' in your room?

Item, huh?

Yes, senior, we saw what you hid.

Everyone knows, huh?

Senior, after you have had enough.

All of us would like one shot each!

We don't have any item in our room.

Item for sure We saw, remember?

You actually saw?

JD, full bottle.

Wasted wastrel!

- You meant booze?
- Then what?

What did you think?

I thought it was that gir-

Shut up and look out for Father.

Somehow bait them




Is this his different animal sound?

Mr Muddle messed up as usual.

What is this?

Hostel or Vandaloor zoo?!

Careful, Father.

You go, Father

I am so puzzled by these sounds.

If you were crystal clear
you can catch the ghost.

Don't know which floor Father is in?

It makes sense for
one of us to check outside.



Lock up, quick.

Prai... praise the Lord, Father.

Where are you off to
locking your room?

We finished studying in this room.

So we thought we'll go to
the next room to study.

Hey! Whichever room you study
the syllabus is the same.

'Too good to be true'

Father, somehow I am
suspicious of only him.

We should check his room
before we go in to Joshua's.


We checked his room
only yesterday.

- Let's check Joshua's room now.
- Okay, Father


Father, can we check this room later?

- Why?
- We just locked this room.

Let the door take some rest.

We can come back here
after checking all the other rooms

Joshua, open the door.

Shouldn't we give time to exit?

- Who will exit?
- For the air to exit and enter.

The boys have bombed the whole room after
eating the gourmet meal you served us.



Hey Kadhir!

Father wants to check
only my room first, right?

Yes, Joshua.

You said it loud and clear.

'Yes, dude'

I dropped the key.

How could you?

- Where is the key?
- Why did you drop it?

'Take the key, man'

'Hey! One of you
pick up the damn key'

Father, I am dead sure
someone is hiding here.

'What are you doing, dude?
Making father wait for so long'

Will you pick the key or not?

Pretending to clean the floor
instead of opening your door.

Open now.

Open the door.

Come, Father Come in.

Go ahead and search.

Please search.

Where do I find any proof?

If he clasps the bar
we'll all be counting bars!

What to do now?


Nothing, Father.

What are you hiding?
Move aside.

Who is this?

Mia Kalifa, Father.

Hustle... shuttle player, Father.

I know, I've seen her too.

Even I am fond of her, Father.

Very good player.

- Didn't find anything.
- Did you check thoroughly?

Not even a single clue?

'Which is the next room?'

He's sniggering at us.

- Lead the way, idiot.
- Please come

I know you are up to some mischief.

Wait and watch.

Have you joined the gang too?

Be ready.

Next is your room, go.

Hold it, damn you.

- Father!
- Found anything?

Perfume scent of that spirit.

- Here?
- No.

- In Joshua's room.

...when we were there, Father.

What does it matter
when I say it, huh?

Ignore him, Father
For my sake, just once.

Sathappan has gone mad.

He said a girl is in Kadhir's room
Today it's a ghost in Joshua's room.

Tomorrow he'll say you have
an 'item' in your room.

- Jesus Christ!
- He will blab something, Father.

He is the blabber-mouth, Father

I swear in Joshua's room
I smelt the ghost's perfume.

For my sake
Just once... please.

First let's search in
the room we are in now.

Then go to a room
we have already checked.

- You won't find any clue here.
- Move aside.

'Father and Sathappan are
returning to Joshua's room'

- Oh gawd!
- What is it?

Return of Father part II.

- Aiyaiyo!
- What is it?

- You said he's back.
- Stop aiyaiyoing!

What do we do now?

Shall we send her out
through the window again?

I can't do it again.

What do you think I am?
Girl or snake gourd?

Fat hopes!
I won't go.

- You look like a snake gourd anyway.
- What to do?

Let's take her to my room.

After Father and Sathappan come here
we'll shift to Boob's room.

- Correct move?
- We are searching in the wrong room.

Instead of nowhere
let's go now-here, Father!

Let's go.


Come, quick.

Come, Father.

As soon as you enter the room

...the spirit's perfume
will invade your nostrils!

Can you smell the perfume?

Inhale and check.


That same 'purdah'

Hey! Who is that 'As-salam alaykum'?

- Er... er.
- No one.

That girl next to you.

- Which girl?
- What is he talking about?

I caught you red handed!

Father, enough of sniffing
Come out and see.

- Come.
- What?

You always asked me for proof, right?

Here's my proof
right in front of your eyes.

They are having fun
with a girl, Father.

- Is that a girl?
- What?

Yes, Father.

Is that a girl wearing a 'purdah'?

- Y... yes.
- Did you see?

- N... no, Father.
- I have checked.

Under that 'purdah' is Boo-

In which gap did you see?

One track mind in double meaning, eh?

- No.
- That's Boothapandi in a 'purdah'

- Boobs as in Boothapandi.
- Yes, you're bang on.

- Boothapandi, changed so soon?
- Isn't he shorter than this?

Don't you have a decent hour to
rehearse for the Culturals?

Perfume smell of the ghost is in here?

- Yes.
- Come.

- 'Hey Jeeva'
- Father?

Next is your room.

Okay, Father, it is wide open
You can step in anytime.

Hey! Don't pl-

- Coming, Father.

- Sathappa.
- Father?

You blabbered about
some perfume and a ghost.

No smell or stink here.

I can smell it, Father.

If I am able to smell
for sure your nose-

You have a stuffy nose
Shall I get you a balm?


If you open your mouth
about ghost or spirit

I'll feed you to the vultures!



'Open the door'

- Father.
- Kadhir?

If you don't open the door now
I'll keep banging till my hands break.


- It is locked on the outside.
- Kadhir.


- Can't you see it is locked?
- Oh! Yes.

Someone has latched
Sathappan's mind too.

That's why he is confused.

My confusion is
thanks to all of you.

Come in, Father.

Father is in Kadhir's room.

The boys have got
the set-up ready, let's go.

You stay put.


Let me search.

Sathappan... constipated?


Bull in a china shop!

I just want a single piece of evidence.

Then I will, not me.

Watch how Father will crucify you!

Sathappa, I trust my boys
They are genuine.

And faultless.


How did we find porn books
and booze bottles there?

Did a crow throw it
down that pipe?

- That's a right question.
- Father.

You've checked all the rooms
Only 1 is left for you to check.

- Are you implying my room?
- Oh! No, Father.

Praise the Lord, Father.


- 'Oh My Kadavule'
- Yes, Father.

Even I feel bad asking.

But at least your clouded mind
will be cleared once and for all.

Trial by fire for me Sathappan, huh?

But I will win
like the eternal phoenix.

Come, da

I'll prove to you I have been
blessed specially by our Lord

Jesus Christ, help me.

What can you find in my room, Father?

Only Bible and the Holy water you gave.

Please seek and you'll find.

Listening to immature boys.

My bureau has the Bible
and Book of Psalms.

Give that to the boys
so they can read and be blessed.

'Why is he messing up
my neatly stacked clothes?'

Not on the top rack.

Look under the pillow.

Prepare for the shock.

Let me see.

'The lonely banyan tree'

You have a whole library
of such dirty books in here?

'Aiyo! Father'

- 'How did these turn up?'
- Bad smell.

Oh my God!

- What is this?
- I swear, Father

I have no clue
how these turned up here.

Trust me, Father.


- Aren't you the only occupant?
- Yes... yes.

Who could have done it?
Did I hide all these here?

'Locked her door, lass so naive
after midnight at 1:05'

- Is there such a book?
- That's a proverb.

Stop explaining

Father, I'm telling you the truth
I am in no way connected to this.

Who am I?

Retired colonel

I have dedicated
my entire life to Christ

I am here For what joy?

Even if students fail in their exam.

They should pass in life's exam
I'm teaching discipline to my students.

When you lack this discipline.


I'm innocent I haven't sinned.

- Mr Innocent?
- 100 %.

You are not a cent innocent
Will you stop this nonsense?

Whatever truth I speak
you won't believe me.

What am I supposed to believe?

You said the boys hustled-

Ushered a girl in here.

- That's a lie.
- True that!

Then you said, not a girl
but a ghost, that was also a lie.

You said the boys are boozing
Another lie to your kitty.

All the facts are stacked here.

Father, poor Sathappan
Forgive him and let him go.

Pardon in Tamil is the only word
Father does not approve of.

- Yes.
- Father.

That's a dialog from 'Ramana'

Even a murderer can be forgiven.

But a man with no morals
can never be pardoned.

Father, you don't have to pardon me
Give me just 1 day time

I will myself prove
I am 100% innocent.

Father will give a chance to
even a prisoner on Death row.

- But.
- Yes.

Shut up!

- Sathappa.
- Father

I'll give you 24 hours grace time.

If you don't prove even one
of your wild accusations

I'll personally roll you
out of the main gate.

You can't roll me out.

This is more than enough for me
I'll prove my innocence

I swear on YOU... ONLY YOU!

Are you Sathappan
or 'small mummy'?

Looks like you will
kill me with your promises

I have to be alive
to believe your proof!

- Move.
- Don't-

Okay, please go.

Father... Fath-

He has gone.

You guzzle down booze
and read porn books.

And blame it all on me, huh?

If you turn into Shakuni
this is your fate, Sathappan.

He tickled me?
That too wrong touch!

You maligned me as Shakuni
the antagonist in Mahabharat?

This Sathappan will turn into Chanakya!

Sathappan will watch us like a snake
because of his challenge to Father.

Every second she's here
is a major risk.

We'll send her according to our plan
lowering her down from the terrace tonight.

Tonight? Okay.

- Let me go.
- Shut up.

Why are you hitting him?

- Take your hand off.
- You'll get it solid very soon.

- Is he that auto driver?
- Yes, boss.

Your daughter eloped in his auto.

Where did you drop her?
Tell me the truth


"Pray only to our Savior always."

Trying to confuse
and crucify me, huh?

I know how to con you, boys.

Your illegal activities increase
only in total darkness

I'll catch you.

"Pray only to our Lord Jesus."

Looks like someone is walking there.

Who can that be?

Maybe Sathappan's theory is true?

Who is that?


It's me... Sathappan.

Why are you also scaring me?

That means something else
scared you before you saw me.

Nothing of that sort

I saw a figure
Wondered if it's a girl-

You think may be a ghost?

You must have imagined it.

Shouldn't talk without proof, Father

- I saw a figure.
- Not possible.

You're a retired colonel.

Can a girl or ghost step into
our hostel defying your hawk eyes?

Don't accuse
without proper proof

I know I saw
right in front of me.

Must be your
fertile imagination!

You shouldn't say anything
without proof, Father

I swear on you I saw a figure.

Even if you beat me to a pulp
you shouldn't speak without proo-

Back answering my 'proof' dialog
back at me, huh?


You're annoyed, right?

I had this same feeling
of annoyance past 2 days.

Now do you realize?

- Now do you see?
- I saw, man.

Will you believe me
at least from now on?

- Er... huh.
- Why this doubt?

Fine, do I have a choice?!

- That's better.
- Let's get our facts right.

- Which side did it go?
- Terrace.


The shoe bites the wearer, huh?

- Go.
- Tie it real tight.

It is strong enough
to bear her weight I think.

Hurry up.

- Here.
- Lower it

Lux, my responsibility to
lower you down in a luxurious way.

You don't be worried.

Don't trust them
I'll hold you real strong.

Let's go.

Shut up and stand here.

Come here.

Lower yourself carefully.


Hold this


- Wait... wait.
- What now?

I heard something Let me check.

'Watch your step'

Come... come.

Father and Sathappan are coming up.

- Good Lord!
- Father, huh?

Attend to her first.

- This drum.
- Hide in here.

Once, one last time.

Wha... what are you doing?

- Super hiding place.
- Careful... watch it.

- Keep an eye on them.
- Tuck your legs in.

Seeing the proof with your own eyes
you are coming up this far.

- Come, Father.
- Go... go.

What are they doing here?

- Praise the Lord, Father.
- Something fishy!

Why are you here
at this time of the night?

Group study, Father.

We should uphold your name, right?

- In pitch darkness.
- Under the moonlight, Father.

Yes, he's right.

Hey! Expect me to believe, you are
so talented to study in this moonlight?

'Tell me'

It isn't about talent, Sathappa.

- Then what?
- 1-2-3!

"God's ultimate grace."

"God's blessings on us"


"God's ultimate grace."

- Father.
- Sathappa!!

I'm sorry, Father.

Let's clarify the doubt
we came for.

Father saw another figure with you.

You saw just us, Father.

- Sathappa.
- Father?

They are studying seriously
even in this darkness.

- We shouldn't doubt their sincerity.
- Holds good for genuine students.



What is this sneezing spree?

It is the mist in the air
So cold, Father.

Okay, don't catch a cold


Whose is the 5th sneeze?

- Echo.

Is that so?

Let me check out
Echo or psycho, come.

No need


- No need.
- Don't go, Father.

Father... Fa-

I'll prove it to you, Father.



Who is this sneezing?


Father got spooked
seeing a spirit.

What will I do now?
Who will help me?

Oh gawd!

A ghost is here Come down.

Oh my God!
Ghost, huh?


Why is Father so spooked?

'Bro... bro'

Hey! Stop it.

- You dropped her here?
- Looks vaguely familiar.

- How familiar?
- I was drunk that night, bro

I dropped that Bhai's daughter here.

Boy daughter.

- Boy or girl?
- Bhai's daughter.

- Tell me if boy or girl?
- Bhai's girl

I'll rip you apart Be specific.

Bhai's daughter, bro.

- Male or female?
- Bhai's daughter.

Boy... girl.

Boy or girl?

Both are the same, bro.

How can both genders be one?

Mad or what?

- Boss... boss.
- This girl in the photo, right?

Not this face, that night
I dropped a Bhai's daughter, bro.

She was wearing a 'purdah'

You mean a Muslim Bhai's daughter

I am so sorry
I hit you, my dear bro.

Moron of a motley gang
I'll smash your face.

He dropped a Muslim girl and you take
this poor chap on a wild ride, you morons!

Boss, what if the Bhai's child
is actually your daughter?

Clean hand, da.

- Are you insulting my morals?
- Sorry, boss.

He doesn't know to explain.

What if that 'purdah' girl
is your daughter in disguise?

Hey! Soooper, da.

Travels, boss.

What if she has left the city?

All of you seem to have
sat under the Bodhi tree!

Goosebump moment for me
Good chance you are right.

If I get to know
where she has gone

I'll bring her back in a jiffy.

Boss, very simple.

We'll ask the Travel office
tomorrow morning.

- Sensible.
- Then we can go home now?

If your head is full of hair
how will your brain work?

Have you forgotten I've vowed
not to go home till I find my daughter?

Till then this car is our home
Get in and settle down.

- Okay, boss.
- Don't keep asking questions.

- Boss... boss.
- Why are you 'boss'ing me?

Shall we just check inside
the boys' hostel, boss?

First my daughter, only then
that boy who has to pay up.

Get in and sleep
Don't be over sincere.

'Moron, he wanted to go into
the hostel to look for your daughter'

Mind voice, huh?

Obsessed with your mind voice
1-track mind, get in

I have to trust him
and exorcise that spirit.

Let me give it a shot.

Good lord!

My dear husband-to-be.

Tomorrow is Full Moon night
when we unite mind and body as one.

Never mind any moon
I won't let any union happen.

Neither will I.

Let us wait and watch.

Full Moon lights the whole city
'No moon' darkens my life.


We lost the rope Our last hope.

Must think of a new plan

- I have an idea.
- Bad idea

I didn't even say it, da.

Anyway it will be bad, but shoot.

Why should you go?

- Stay with me forever.
- Dude, pick up that slipper.

Scoot from here or else
I'll pound you to a paste.

Can't you zip your lips, dude?

Hey! Let's set fire to the hostel.

When everyone is terrified and running
for safety, we'll escort her out.

- How does that sound?
- Did you become like this now?

Or bonehead from birth?

Listen to my idea.

Father believes a ghost
is roaming around here.

Let us brainwash Father.

Under the pretext
of exorcising the spirit.

We can send her out.

Sketch it out in detail.


One glimpse of her you have the chills
and you need a blanket and fomentation.

How many times
I've been hounded?

How many blankets will I need?

Drink this.

Father, it is confirmed now
a steamy spirit is roaming around

I can see the steam
I know the coffee is piping hot.

No time for comedy, Father
I meant that spirit.

Why are you reminding me now?


I have a sound idea for both of us
to escape from that spirit.

Why are you
adding me to your list?

Just listen to me.

Let's give up this building to that spirit.

Let us shift our hostel
to some other place, Father.


Don't raise your voice
That spirit may overhear.

- Father.
- She has got us.

God help us.

- You boys, huh?
- What happened, Father?

The problem is-

I suddenly caught a cold.

Why did you come here
at this time of night?

Father, we have to drive out
the ghost haunting our hostel.

How do we do that?

With the help of an Ouija board.

Ouija board means that-

Father, you have all the facts
in your fingertips

I browsed online and found, like how
we contact one another via phone.

This Ouija board is a tool
to contact spirits.

Tomorrow if we contact that spirit
and fulfil its desire.

It will vanish of its own accord.

Kadhir, whatever
she's asking can't be given.

Sathappan, we'll know
only tomorrow night.

Aiyo! Listen.

She is asking 'me'

Sathappan, we can fulfil her wish tomorrow.

Father, did you get what I said?

She is asking 'me'

We will know who she wants
and what she desires only tomorrow.

He's thinking like a blind cat
circling in a circle.

'My life is in shambles'

Father, you are still thinking.

Not really, I mean what if
this ghost has a human mindset?

What if it doesn't go away
even after its wish is granted.

How is that possible?
We've already planned everything.

You have planned?

No... no, Father
I told you about the Ouija board.

He meant that plan of ours.

Inspite of all our efforts
if that ghost doesn't go away.

To chase her away for good.

You are here for us, Father.


'If only he can help-'


Can you of all people
hesitate like this?

'All the lands drought-ridden get consoled
by seeing the river that never dries up'

'If that forever flowing
river dries up?'

Father, you are not just a Father.

You are the direct messenger of
our Almighty God, hallelujah!

My dear boys.

I accept this challenge between
this spirit and me tomorrow.

My beloved?

Not just an Ouija board.

Be it a boot-licker or betrayer.

No one can detach me from you


There is a deadly demoness spirit
roaming around our hostel.

Last night she spooked
the living daylights out of our Father.

They are spinning a fast one.

We are driving her
out of our hostel tonight.

So no one should step out tonight.

If you disobey will send you to an early grave.

You expect us to believe this?

Why not?
You don't believe us?

Then what?

Nowadays where do you find
ghosts, ghouls and spirits?

Are you taking a dig at us?

All those who wish to die
step out tonight.

Let me see who survives
an assault from a spirit.

You warn them, dude.

If you live through tonight.

See you tomorrow.

- See you.
- Father, son.

- Holy ghost.
- Amen


It is broad daylight now.

Aiyo... aiyo... aiyo!
Wake up, all of you, get up.


- Get up.
- Ask for tea, boss.

T... tea!

Get up right now

I should slipper my head
for trusting you, I'll handle it.

Hey tail end 'beedi'!
When does this office open?

What do you mean 'haen'?

Jerk of a junkie!
When will this Travel office open?

You have to do the honors.

Why should I?

I will be mistaken for a thief!

It isn't even locked


Jesus saves.

Spread out the board.

Before we begin, the main gate and
compound gate should be opened, Father.


For the spirit to exit.

Usually the devil can disappear
as a puff of wind in a small gap.

That's an ordinary ghost, Father.

This is.

- I'll open the gate right now.

Sathappa, without my permission?

Didn't you hear him say
'extra ordinary' ghost?

Why are you behaving
like a lunatic?

If we don't exorcise it
diarrhoea will be my exercise

- I'll open the gate.
- Sathappa!

This isn't the time to ask
for forgiveness, I can't.


My bad luck
fidgeting with the key.

At last I managed to open it.

Ghost, please go.



Hello? You are tense
about your missing daughter

I'll tell you where she is.

- Where is she?
- But 1 condition.

What is your condition?

I always keep up my word.

First tell me where she is.

She's in the boys' hostel
disguised in a 'purdah'

My daughter is in the Boys' hostel it seems


I opened up both the gates.

Even a lorry can exit.

You can start now.

Close your eyes and pray.


What's happening?

She is ready now.

Ask her where she has come from?

- Ready?
- Is this some race?

Ask her.

Where are you from?

Tell us.

- Please tell us.


Chennai it seems, Father.

Ask her name.

Must be Kavitha or Kamala.

Oh God!
Light is flickering.

Letter 'P'




I told you.

She's the one, Father.

Father, I don't know why
Coin moved by itself.

Come... hurry up


Adhirshta Lakshmi
Best time to exit is now.

Make a dash for it.

Ask her what she wants.

- What she's asking... me!
- That's exactly my question.

Who made you 'Father' I wonder?

- No need that question, Father.
- Are you scared?

I'm already voicing my woe.

What do you want?

I told you so, 'S'



Don't you know even now?

Sathappan doomed'

Run for your life.

Who are you?

Wearing a 'purdah' just like me.



We haven't helped our boss
Not even the slightest bit.

We have to find her daughter.

- Follow me, boys.
- Okay, bro.

Where did you disappear
abandoning me, Interest Indiran?

Hey Adhirshta.

My daughter.




I won't let you slip away.

Turn and look at me.

Hey runaway rascal, what's wrong
with the groom I saw for you?

Sorry, you are too late

- I have fixed a groom already.
- Whaaat?

You sound like a parrot
repeating this to me.

What is this new disguise?

Why has your face changed?

When did my face change, man?

Was it my mistake?

Was lifting your 'purdah' a crime?

Ma, sorry, I'm like your father.

Who are you, my dear?

Veiling yourself with a 'purdah'
you are making me wail in pain!

God help me.

Amma... ouch!


You have ripped me apart.

Hereafter my body
will end up as RIP!

I'll go... one.



Some chap disguised as a lady
has beaten our boss to a pulp.

Disguised as a lady?

As if you were a witness.

- Moron!
- Yes, boss.

That was a cuss word 'moron'
I didn't call you by name, moron!

Someone masquerading
as your daughter ripped you to pieces

- I swear I will kill him.
- Cylinder, don't.

Your body can't take it
Don't go inside.

As if I don't know.

You'll pay us only if we work sincerely
Allow us to be sincere, boss.

Follow me, boys.

I warned them and they still went in
waiting to get bonus blows.

Where is that 'purdah' female?

Wasted wastrel!

How dare you beat up our boss!

Who the hell are you?

How many of you will claim to be
boss's henchman and lift my 'purdah'?

Think your ghost disguise
will send us running for cover?

If you change your face and speak
in a base voice, as if we'll get scared?

Look at this loser in 'purdah'

You hit our boss
Try the same tactics with us?

Got scared.

Foolish fellows!
Rubbing salt on to the wound.

- What?
- That isn't our daughter.

- Ghost, boss.
- That's exactly what I said

I warned you not to go
Did you pay heed to my words?

Morons! My fault to have
employed men in 'churidhar'

Adhirshta... my daughter.

Boss, that isn't your Adhirshta.

- Ghost in a 'purdah'
- Whaaat?

I'll pee in your mouth!

The ghost is in here.

That was my daughter.

Go and find her now.

- Ghost hasn't left by now?
- She should have gone by now.

- That's the plan.
- Plan, huh?

Why do you keep using
this word 'plan'?

- How are you linked with that spirit?
- Is that important now?

Ghost has to be exorcised
Shut up, Father.

- Father.
- Sorry, Sathappa.

Ask if the ghost is in or out?

She will go automatically.

- No, huh?
- Oh no!

Ghost is attacking us here
Run for your life


I'm your boss here Open the door.

- Won't you shut up?
- Boss, why are you hitting me?

I pay you, right?
Open the door.

Open the door, damn you.

Looks like she's coming back.

Sit... sit down.

- Looks like she is coming.
- Lie low, pipe down.

Boss, I feel I have to download

I already did.

No, boss, you got me wrong
I can't hold my fart any longer.

Wait for 5 minutes please

I'll pay you Rs 500.

Even if you double that amount
I can't control it, boss

I'll hold it in for you


She was leaving silently
You sounded her with your bomb.

Did I do it on purpose?

It automatically got released in tension.

She is equally in 'tension' mode.

Bend down


My hand is numb
touched by the foul gas!


I'm so sorry, boss.

Why are you apologizing,
my dear boy?

My favorite pet!

You backfired even a ghost
and sent her backing out.

Sackful of garlic granted
every month as anti-gas remedy.

Thank God we managed
to send her in one piece.

- Look here.
- Hey!

What are you doing
dilly-dallying here?

- Go soon.
- Where do I go?

Till my vow is fulfilled I won't go.

Have you taken a vow to torture us?

Adhirshta Lakshmi
Our respect stops here.

Are you deaf or what?
Standing still like a ghost?

Reserve some kicks for him.

Is this Adhirshta Lakshmi?

She isn't our normal intruder.

Paranormal immigrant!

- That means?

Oh my ghost!!

This is all the respect
she deserves, I'll chase her.

- Sathappa, come with me.
- No, I'm not coming.

- Take Kadhir if you like.
- Leave me out.

Bloody timid chickens!

You can be a bold rooster
for all I care.

Father, somehow save me.

Oh God!
She has come.

Father, save me from that savage spirit.

Show the Holy Cross.

Pour the Holy water on her face
She will run for her life!

Yov! Standing like a statue
Lunatic Father!

Do something, man.

Leave this place, my dear

I won't go.

Don't be scared
No one will stop you.

Go away from here

I won't go leaving
my 'mama' behind.

She loves calling me 'mama'

I am not 'mama' I am Father.

Being my father, you are ruining
your daughter's life

I am not THAT father

I am church Father.

Why do you split hairs?
Still means you are a parent, right?

Am I not right, 'mama'?

Oh! Again 'mama'!
I am Father.

Yov! Did I talk to you?

What are you doing here?
Go... go, I'll deal with this.

How dare you wink at me
in front of my fiancé?!

You here?
Then who is up there?

There's a real ghost in this hostel.

Oh gawd!

Shoo... shoo!

What 'choo choo'?

Is he driving out
a ghost or a dog?

Father, save me.

If you hadn't disturbed me

I would've rested in peace
uniting with Sathappan.

Is this what you told me yesterday?

Yes, Father.

Couldn't you have been crystal clear?

I said it loud and clear
It didn't sink into your numbskull.

Even now it isn't too late
Enough of being 'Father'

Don your retired colonel avatar.

'Finish this ghost with the same hand
that held the gun and killed our foes'

Pour Holy water on that ghost.

This is injustice.


How can a ghost and a man mate?

Even if I'm a ghost
I'm also a girl.

You seem like a spirit to my eyes.

No one can prevent
my union with my beloved.

Daaarling... here I come.

How will you cross him and come?

Gentle words won't work with you.

Go away from here, Satan.

Go away from here.

What is my name?

Pa... Pa... Parvin.

Why are you showing this to me?

This will reduce you to ashes.

Splash it all over her
Let her smoulder to smoke.

'You'll die Good riddance'

'Sprinkle it all over her'

'Be generous'

Drinking Holy water
like our distilled water


"'Father, was it really
remedial water?"

Gentle treatment
won't work with you either.


Sathappa, save me.

Father, first save me from her.

Don't underestimate Father.

He will squeeze Satan
like sweetlime and make lemonade.

Spirits like you, he will pickle to pieces.

He won't make me a prey to your lust.

'What do you say, Father?'

Good Lord!

Don't try your Vittalacharya antics
with him, 'purdah' Parvin.

You'll be reduced to ashes
in Father's hands.

Sorry, darling.

Sorry, huh?


Father, what happened?

'Jesus, save me'

When those boys spewed filmy dialogs
of drought and river flowing

I anticipated this disaster.

'Father, I hope you aren't hurt'

We have to mate and
consummate our union tonight.

If anyone prevents it.

Whether father, grandfather, Godfather.

Big father, whoever steps into my space.


Where is my 'mama'?

I am not who you think

I am Father.

I will myself do the honors.

Father, she rolled you
down the stairs too.

Sathappa, are you hiding here?

Kindly don't tell her I'm here
I will fall at your feet if need be.

You pinned me into her web.

She is making an entry
like a hero to hit on me.

What the hell?
Where is my 'mama'?

- Traitor!
- Bear the pain for 2 minutes.

Didn't you get me caught?
Now it is tit for tat.

Don't... don't, Father.

Please spare me Leave me alone.

That Sathappan you were
looking for is in there.

- 'Mama'
- Go, ma.

Father, you call yourself
God's messenger and betray me?

- Maaama!
- 'Lord Rama!'

Are you here?


'You shut the door on me
just because she twisted your leg'

What will I do now?

Were you hiding, dear?

You can't escape from me, my dear man.

Don't you feel sorry for me?

How can we make out
if I feel sorry for you?

Jesus Christ, my Lord.

Save Sathappan.

This is what is meant by
ghostly ghastly union?

Beloved, why are you
in such a tearing hurry?

Hurry, huh?

- Let's do it again.
- Can't take it.


What are you doing here?

You left this behind
I thought I'll return it in person.

You came all the way for this?

What else?

Nothing else?

Nothing else
I checked my room fully.

You didn't leave anything else.



I have to come back home
with my vow unfulfilled! Cha!

Why is the front door open?

Boss, maybe your daughter is back?

Daughter or monster
Likelihood of neither.

Must be a thief, boss.

Rinse your jinxed mouth!

My child would have come back
because she loves me so much.

Adhirshta... my dear 'lucky' mascot.

'You came looking for me
I came back home promptly'

Back to our home, sweet home.

Are you up in your room?
I'm coming right now.

Your dad and his thugs are back
What do we do now?


'My dear daughter'

Where are you go-

Where do I hide?

- 'Have you slept, dear?'
- Gawddd!

- Tell me a safe place.
- Sssssh!

Hide under my cot.

You want ME to go down under!

Didn't I do the same
in your hostel?

My room is much cleaner, hide.

'I will take good care of you, dear'

If I hide now
when will I get out?

'My precious gem'

Early morning 3'o clock
when everyone is fast asleep.

You can go home