Hostage to the Devil (2016) - full transcript

A child possessed. An exorcist locked in combat with an ancient evil. In the battle for saving a soul, just who really is the 'Hostage to the Devil'?

He was just the most fascinating
person I've ever met in my life.

He was Malachi Martin.
There is one Malahi Martin.

He drew you in.

Very, very charming.

He was a warrior for God
and he still is a warior for God.

He was a great mythomaniac.
He was a liar and a scoundrel.

And a cheat.

Good evening.
Tonight we have a vey special geust

and it's my true honour and pleasure
to have made his acquaintance.

He is considered one of
the most knowledgeable experts

on the Vatican in the world.

He is, first of all,
a very eminent theologian.

Expert on the Catholic Church,
former Jesuit,

and proffessor at the the Vatican's
Pontifical Biblical Institute.

He is author of national bestsellers
Vatican: The Final Conclave,

Hostage To The Devil and The Jesuits.

He is also an exorcist.

Exorcism, that is a healing.

And it's a very horrid healing.
But it does heal.

Inside, it is a living hell.

It's a living hell.

The truth is,
whether we like it or not,

the Devil does exist.

He is out there, he is our enemy,

and he hates us.

His aim is th destroy our souls.

This is a reality that does exist.

It's not everybody
but there are real cases.

That's why the rite of exorcism exists.

If the Church didn't believe it,
it wouldn't do it.

It wouldn't even worry about it.

I don't belieive that words teach.

Words don't teach.

Experience teaches.

I think people have to have
their own experiences.

I also know that once someone
encounters that evil presence,

They know

They know what exists and what doesn't.

There is a lot of scurrilous
information out there on the Internet

about Malachi that basically
maligns him,

his character as well as
himself, his person.

And this is part of
setting the record straight.

In addition to being my friend,
he was a good and holy man.

I just want to set the record
straight on that.

We did not talk
an awful lot about his exorcism

except the last one.

I kept asking him not to do it.

And he kept saying,

"I am only going to be an assistant."

Not much chance of that.

An exorcist has to be
a very holy priest.

Protected by graces of the Church.

And I think, again,
in that last exorcism

that he was involved with,

I still believe that Malachi
was the target.

Not that little girl.
She was the bait.

Is it the way we saw it in The Exorcist?

That's a purely fictional account
based on no fact.

I've never seen the head
turning back 180 degrees.

Perhaps we could begin

by you telling us a bit about yourself,

your background,

and some of the activities
that you are currently engagedin.

I think Iam going to bore you
but sombody listening to this tape

doesn't know about me so I suppose
we should cover the essentials.

I was born in Ireland, in Kerry,
70 years ago.

70 years ago. Don't forget
the 70, seven-zero.

I was educated in Ireland
and I joined the Jesuits in Ireland,

just before the war began,
and then after the war,

having done my philosophy,
they sent me to Belgium

for my studies, and then,
when I was finished,

they posted me to Rome
to the Pontifical Biblical Institute.

That's an institute in the Vatican
which trains professors of scripture.

It's fallen on evil days
asregards doctrine.

If you were an American Catholic in 1955,

the world would have looked
extraordinary to you.

Huge nembers of converts
were flowing into the Chuch.

Church were being built
at a huge rate.

Then the Vatican Council took place,

which was to renew
and reinvigorate the Church,

which was already growing hugely.

And BANG, within couple of years,
it all goes terribly wrong.

Churches are being closed.

Nuns and Priests
flocking out of the church.

The religious orders are winding down.

Every social problem which the Catholic
Church felt it had already solved

came back to bite it.

The Council was not
a boy-scout jamboree.

It was a collection of very human beings

who were involved in a battle
for the future of the Church.

They were talking about making
the Church more human.

more up-to-date. More modern.
More with it.

More of sevices to the world
instead of to dominate.

That was a vey exciting time
in the history of the Church.

Malachi Martin
was of immense in helping me

discover some of those people
who were out there making it happen.

Making the revolution happen.

-This was Vatican II?
-Vatican II.

1962 to 1965, formented
by the popes in question.

And by the cardinals.

The spirit amongst them was,
at all cost,

bt all means,
let's get with the world.

We've been isolated.
Let's modernise everything

And in order to do that,
in the Vatican Council,

they jettissoned sacred traditions
that had always been traditions

in the Catholic Church
back to the time of the first popes.

In the first century.

He was from Ireland.

He was um...

came from quite a large
brood of childen

As far as I know, he had only
one sister. I may be wrong.

But he had a number of brothers,

all of whom became rather
well-read and religious,

Catholic-religious in their own right.

The Martine brothers.
And Malachi was no slouch either.

He was following, pretty much
in his brothers' tradition.

He was like a young,
clerical Indiana Jones,

crawling around caves in the Middle East.

He was one of the original people

who helped decipher
the Dead Sea Scrolls.

He spoke multiple languages.

He was always
an unswervingly loyal Cathilic.

Loyal to the Papacy.
Loyal to our Lady in Christ.

That formed fis belief system
down to his core.

He definitely cut a very sexy figure.

At parties,
he would be the life of the party.

Telling his dirty jokes.

I became a good detective,

as I was, in fact,
a good correspondent for Time magazine.

I got to the bottom of everything.

He had all stories,

some of which
even turned out to be true!

Kaiser was a stringer for Time magazine

during Vatican Council II.

Kaiser was very deeply involved
with the Jesuits.

The Jesuits had always been afraid

that when Malachi left,

he would just spill the beans
about everybody.

Because he knew about everybody
in Rome.

So, I think that they decided

that they would get him
befoe he could get them.

And all of that came together
to fuel Kaiser's means

by which he was able
to express the hatred

and do as much damage
as he felt he could do to Malachi.

I just got deeper into the character
of Malachi Martin.

And so I wrote this book.

It's called Clerical Error.

And the error was not only his error,

but mine in not being alive enough
to the reality.

I decided that this was
too good a story to pass up

and that only I
could tell it,

because only I had the whole story
in hand

Only I had the willingness

to dig to the bottom of the story

and get it out there.

And so

I thought it might even
make a good movie.

I would probably make
a good documentary.

Because it is a fascinating tale.

True or not.

He made it clear that reason
why he left the Jesuit order,

in particular was because
in the 1930s,

the Jesuits, as with a lot
of other organisations back then,

took a vey hard0eft turn,

and I asked, I said,
"So, you could say
that after Vatican II, Mal,

the Jesuits were in left field?"

And he kind of smiled and said,
"No, they weren't in left field.

They were outside the baseball stadiem."

Pope John said he thought
that Malachi sould leave Rome.

Not the priesthood but leave Rome.

Because he said,

"If you stay..."

Iam saying this on camera, but anyway...
"If you stay,

you will become another fat cardinal
with another mistress
living outside of Rome."

He thought the best way for him
to remedy this

from his own perspective

was to get a document
from Pope Paul VI

that he called a rescript in Latin.

What that did was release him
from two of his three vows as a priest.

It release him
from the vow of obedience.

So he could leave the Jesuit order.

And It release him
from the vow of poverty,

because he would then
be able to make his way

pursuing a secular lifestyle
as an author in the West.

The only one of his vows that he kept to
and maintained until he died

was his vow of chasity.

He maintained that until his death.

Priests ae human beings,
first of all.

Human beings go through
all sorts of changes of mood

throughout their lives.

Privacy and the respecting of someone's
privacy is absoultely paramount.

Because I know that the relationship
between a priest

and his superior includes
all sorts of private information.

And I know that priest are
frequently given dispensations.

I personally would like
to see more evidence

that he was released
from two but not from three vows.

i simply would find it unsual

that ha had been realeased
from two and not from the third.

In 1964, I came over to America
and became an American citizen,

and I settle down in New York
and I write books here.

I do TV and radio.

You have written
a lot of books,

and particularly the books concerning
Roman Catholicism

and the Vaticans.

That's right.

When he first came, he had
no money, he had nothing.

He earned money the way he could.

He washed dishes and drove a cab.

He did what he could to make a living.

He worked at the Encyclopedia Britannica

but he did not ike that.

He said it was justing taking
somebody else's knowledge
and stuffing it in a book.

He didn't want to do that.
He wanted to his own work.

So, that didn't work out for him.

When I met him,

it wasn't his plan to
be a writer.

And I began to talk to him
about a writing career.

I said that if he would give me

a certain amount of time,
I would make him a successful writer.

But it takes time to do that.

He and I worked together then
for years.

As friends, and first I was
his editor and publisher,

and when I left
the publishing ide of publishing,

to become an agent,
he became my client.

I say mass every morning.

I'm a priest. I say my breviary.

The usual things.

That's about the sun total of it all.

I've published 15 books.

I am preparing a 16th.

That's my life story.
It's very uneventful.
But it's my life.

This is a man with a very clear anlysis
of what is happening.

He is putting words
to people's sense of unease

at the apparent implosion
of this perfect, huge church,

which, let's remember,
until a few years previously,

Catholicism was claiming it would be
the official religion of America.

Here comes Malachi Martin,
with all his skills,

analysis, intelligence and eloquence,

giving answers,

and that is why
he made suh a huge impact

and that's why many people
found he was a natural leader for them.

There is a new generation of people
who don't know what they should believe.

The Catholic Church's only strength
was unity.


It's gone.

First off, people would
kill to be with Malachi Martin.

He meant a lot of people.
He brought the faith to them.

My first encounter with Father Martin
was a result of a priest

We both knew
at St.Agnes Church in New York.

We were chatting one evening and he said,
"Would you like to meet Malachi?

I know him.
You can share a meal with him."

We just got fairly well acquainted
over the course of that dinner.

In fact, it went so late that they
politely asked us around 23:30

would we mind leaving the restaurant
because the staff wanted to go home?

He was that kind of storyteller.

He was a very gentle, soft person.

He had a charming Irish accent

which absolutely fascinated me.

I never knew him like an equal.

To me, he was a mentor,
he was an advisor,

he was a spiritual director,

somebody I looked up to.

But he wasn't a friend, like
a colleague on the same level.

He was a friend,
and a very dear friend.

The fact that he was there
when my daughter died.

She was a newborn.
She only lived two weeks.

I wouldn't have been able
to hold it together,
I think, if Father Martin
hadn't been there.

And again, he didn't have to do that.
It was the middle of the night.

He jumped in a cab
and came all the way downtown

to be with us,
and to accompany us,

as we spent my daughter's
final moments here,

and as she... went on.

Tonight, I want to get off on a little bit
different tangent

and talk about your past experiences
as an exorcist.

Yes, that is a fascinating thing.

It's always fascinating
for a lot of people.

We must tell them beforehand

that exorcism and possession
is not a joy,

is not a happy thing.

Possession is a dirty, insalubrious,

unhealthy, mucky
and unpleasant situation

where you come across it.

But it is a necessary evil
in the sense that

we have to deal with it
once we meet people with it.

I met him one afternoon

and he had a fresh cuton his forehead
and I asked him what had hapened.

He said he was at an exorcism

and a foot stool came flying
through the air and hithim in the head

It's cost me a lot.

it's cost me two broken legs.

...Almost broken kneecaps.


It endangered my life several times.

But I wasn't supposed to die.

Not yet.

And um...

It cost me a lot of hate.

A lot of my friends turned away.

They wouldn't walk with me
mo more, as the saying goes.

You'll give but you'll never
get back again.

Some bit of you dies
with every exorcism.

With everything she does,
some bit of her is consumed

and goes away,
I don't know where it goes.

God stores it up for you
and you are finally reunited

but you lose that value
that you use up.

You're use up.

It's all over.

You pay a price for anything decent
you do in this life.

And you don't get it back.

You're ennobled by it.
Strengthened by it.

Made more human by it.
More noble.

But you don't get it back.

After the Second Vatican Council,

a lot of people believed that

the baby was thrown out
with the bathwater.

From...the integral centre of
the faith was concerned.

Malachi was one of them.

He saw a lot of what he called
"the nonsense" going on.

And it also led to a general decline,

basically, in people's beliefs
in central things.

Including the existence of evil
and existence of the Devil.

Because in the wake
of all the changes in the 1960s,

people wanted to focus
on flowery love, forgiveness,

puppies in the sunshine,
and all that stuff.

We find out the majority of bishops in
this country didn't believe in the Devil,

didn't believe in exorcism.

Had dropped that idea.

So we said we'd have an underground.
We set up anunderground of exorcists

throughout the country.



That's how I got into it.

I've stopped sending them
to certain bishops now.

They send them off to see a shrink,
go to a home, rest up, get drugs.

And it only makes them worse.

Make it worse.
it's a terrible plight.

God and Satan cannot coexist.

I mean you cannot

you cannot worship
both of them.

You have to choose,

Malachi often said
that Satan and Christ
divide the world between them.

And the Church needs to make it very clear

who she is and what she stands for.

"When the Church asks publicly

and authoritatively
in the name of Jesus Christ

that a person or an object be protected
against the power of the evil one,

and withdrawn from his dominion,
it is called exorcism.

Exorcism is directed
at the expulsion of demons

or to the liberation
from demonic possession

through the spiritual authority

with which Jesus en trusted his church."

In the Catholic ceremony of exorcism,

we perform an exorcism,

not a type of exorcism or a blessing.

It is an exorcism.

There are two types of exorcism
in the Catholic Church.

The type that we perform
at every baptism

and then the type
we don't talk about very often.

We were taught as children that God

and that the Devil existed,

and that God was more powerful
than the Devil.

I know that...

he can't be quite as candid
as he was with us

cos there's tapes and there's video.

But he is going to be very open.

I was going to classes

with Ed and Lorraine Warren.
Lorraine siad,

"Next week, Malachi Martin
is coming to speak with us."

I had no idea who he was.

She said he was an exorcist.

I thought, that's the coolest thing ever.
i can't wait.

I specifically chose to sit
in the back of the room

because I didn't want to hog
the spotlight in the front.

He spoke for an hour and a half or so.

At the end, a few of us got in line
to get our books autographed or say hi.

He immediately kept staring at me
down the line.


I thought, oh, boy.

When he finally got to me,
he pointed to me

"Were you sitting in that back corner there?"

I said "yes",

He said, " You were
distracting me the whole time."

I said "what?"

He says, "You have a glow about you.

You are throwing off lights
like I have never seen before."

He said, "You are my favorite
person in this room right now."

He goes, "It's an honour to meet you."

An honour to meet me?

He made me feel so special that day

that I still remember whathe said.
I think about all the time.

They...lionized him.

They brought him to the various
churches around the USA

and paid him nice lecture fees.

They got him book contracts
to write these funny books.

They weren't funny.
They were just weird.

Books that told these people
what they wanted to hear.

He parlayed this into profit.

My name is Ralph Sarchie.

Iam a retired New York City
police sergeant.

also a demonologist.

Father Malachi Martin was my mentor

When I first started out
in what I call "work."

Iam a religious demonologist,

meaning that I approach this field
from a religious point of view.

I've assisted at exorcism.

And I investigates of demonic activity

and demonic possession.

Usually, Iam the first guy to go
in there to see if it's a genuine case.

If it is, then we set up an exorcism.

All through my career,
I saw a lot of crazy things,

But it wasn't what I experiences as a cop
that led me into the field of demonology.

It was more of an interest that went

a lot further than just reading books.

I actually got involved in it

and I was involved
with all the right people

in order to get to the point
when I am at in the field.

I try not to get emotionally involved
with my cases.

I can make mistakes when that happens.

I get emotionally involved
with people to a certain degree.

Because you know,

As Father Martin says,

in the studies that he did,
there is no common denominator

between all of these people who have had
genuine cases of possession

or genuine cases of infestation
in their homes.

There is no common denominator
between these peolple

except for one thing : they all suffer.

It's the suffering that's difficult,

sometimes I get a case
and it takes me a few months to get there.

So...this is um...

one of the cops at work
arrested this guy.

I think, the guy was theatening him

-Is there more coffee there?

Well, I look at this way :

God puts people in your path
to teach you

and to direct you in what he needs.

And to serve his will properly.

And Father Martin had that place.

Basically, it was selfishness on my part,

the way I bacame his de facto driver

because he knew I had
a perfectly good working Jeep

and that we had a great time
whenever we were together,

talking, chatting, sharing

either a burger or a pizza. Whatever.

And I just made it known to him, I said :
"Mal, if you ever need to go anywhere,

I'd like mine to be
the first number you dial.

Because I am going to pick up
and it's always going to be a yes."

I had spoken with
Father Martin years prior

about children.

And the things that he had

told me is that...

God is going to allow more children
to become possessed genuinely

because of a chastisement
towards the parents.

And he said : "when you start
to see that happening,

that's when there is a turning point."

So I have been watching

and I have seen a rise in child possession.

Basically, within the last few years.

We also have this new phenomenon

called the demonic possession of children.

-Demonic possession of children?

-Three, four, five, six.

-Good heavens.
-Very frightening. Very fightening.

That morning,

when I got a phone call
from Father Malachi,

I actually thought that he was
calling to confirm our birthday lunch

that was going to happen
in a couple of weeks.

Instead, he asked me would I be willing

I already knew the way,
having been up there several times.

So I said : "sure, I'd be happy to."

while we were on the way up there,
I said :

"What's the main reason
for us coming up here today?"

He said : "You are going
to drop me off,

because...two hours after you drop me off,

there will be a family arriving

and they have with them
their small daughter,

and she is apparently
very severely afflicted

with something, they believe,
to be demonic."

I said : "Well, it's good thing

Iam dropping you off
two hours ahead of time.

Because I don't want to be
anywhere near it."

For me to go back up there

is basically to bring
a degree of calm to my soul.

If anything else.

I didn't know what the subsequent
events were going to be
after we went up to Connecticut.

He probably had a good idea

but he didn't tell me the whole
length and breadth of it.

There's very little truth
known about the Devil.

We do know from the Church
and from scripture

that Satan was one of the brightest
and most intelligent of the archangels.

Now, he did, though, rebel.

And apparently, there was a battle
between the good angels,

led by Michael the archangel,
against Lucifer,

the light-bearer, the son of the dawn.

So, he was defeated and condemned
to what we call "hell".

As far as we know,

God does love purity.

He does love compassion.
He loves beauty.

Look at the beautiful things,
he has created in nature.

But, God, in all those things,
he has one great preference.


He loves to exercise mercy.

How could he do that unless people who are tempted

and he had forgive them?
He didn't want a perfect world.

He wanted to have a world
in which he could exercise mercy.

So he gave Satan the power of tempting man.

I'm told that there's a Devil.

The Bible said so.
Jesus even said so.

The Pope often refers to the Devil
as a real person.

For all my love of Pope Francis,

I do not.

But Iam not prepared to say

that he's wrong and I'm right.

I will find out. I look forward
to my days

very soon...when I will embarked
on a new adventure,

finding out the answers

to all these questions that I've had
all my life

and didn't know the answers to.

If you deny the Devil,

if you deny the existence of Lucifer,

if you deny the existence of sin, of hell, eternal punishment,

you automatically deny Christ's salvation.

In fact,

you can't deny the existence of Lucifer
without being led inevitably

to deny the divinity and
function of Christ, our saviour.

What's the purpose in Christ coming?

To make a nice land,
to give us happy lives?

No, no! He came to save us from sin.


The Church exists to answer real needs.
If those needs are not answered,

people simply walk away
and find the answers

they are looking for.
I can imagine a situation,

in the atmosphere of
the 1970s in New York,

where those needs were being expressed,

people were being turned away by priests,

being told that we'd moved on
from those old superstitions.

And yet people hadn't moved on
from that sense of affliction.

If those people, or even one of them
presented themselves

to Malachi Martin, I have no doubt

that he would respond,
pastorally, as a priest.

When a human being is possessed,

what is the purpose
of the possession of an indivisual?

The destruction of that indivisual's soul

to such a point that it must end up in hell.

I think everyone has
their own personal beliefs

about God and the Devil and spirituality.

But in terms of trying
to convince anyone,

I don't think we'd ever be
successful in convincing anyone.

Because there is still
no real hardcore evidence.

We can't point to,
"There's the Devil right there".

We have no picture of him.

I think people are going
to be sceptical,

until they see that picture.

And that's OK.
Scepticism is a healthy thing.

I would encourage that.
Don't accept anything at face value.

Question, question, question.

By turns he woould be talkative,

and by other turns he wouldn't be
and get kind of quiet.

And as we got closer,

between him and I,
there was an unspoken tension.

We could feel that we were
approaching something.


You know, he had heard
my confession, my full confession,

about half an hour before,

So there was nothing weighing
on my conscience.

But still...

between the both of us,
there was really a sense of foreboding.

And I couldn't explain why.

My name is Matt Baglio.

I'm the author of The Rite:
The Making Of A Modern Exorcist.

Rom is really the capital
of exorcism in many ways.

I heard about this exorcism course,

which is really what brought me

into this topic of exorcism.

Before beginning the book,
I didn't know anything about exorcism.

I was very surprised

by a lot of the things I learned.
Here, in Italy,

there is probably 20 people
undergoing an exorcism

in Rome right now.

Thisexorcism course that we have

here in Rome, in our university,

was invented by a layman.

This gave me also the opportunity to work

to work with a famous,
at least in Italy,

very famous exorcist

called Father Gabriele Amorth.

We try to give a general outlook
of exorcism.

So we speakon the rite...

and it's a liturgic part.

But we also speak on the medical aspects

to try to help the priest to understand

the difference between schizophrenia
and the possession.

Between a person that is
on the drugs or on depression

and true possession.

Today, the hierarchy of the Church -

who some support this course
and some don't -

I think, want a more
cautious approach.

They want to embrace modern medicine
and modern science

but at the same time,
not discount their own past

and their own belief
that exorcism

is necessary

in certain rare instances.

One of the topics of this course was to try
and reintroduce priests

to the traditional teachings

of the Catholic Church
on a topic like the Devil.

There's many Catholic priests
who don't believe in exorcism.

I found that surprising.

They don't believe in the Devil
as a personified entity.

Because the were thinking of things
like Hollywood films and such.

It's very easy to laughat that

and say, well, I don't
believe in that either.

They were trying to remind priests that...

this is something the Church believes in
and goes back to the Bible.

We see that Christ,
he was the first exorcist.

He had many encounters with
persons possessed by the Devil.

We can read this scripture.

And he was able to cast out demons.

Then he gave this power to hus disciples.

The disciples were also able
to cast out demons.

"No one my lawfully exorcise the possessesd

without the special and express
permission of the local ordinary.

Jesus performed exorcisms,
and from him,

the Church has received the power
and office of exorcising.

The solemn exorcism,
called a major exorcism,

can be performed only by a priest
and with the permission of the bishop.

The priest must proceed with prudence,

strictly observing the rules
established bu the Church.

Illness, especially psychological illness,

is a very different matter.

Treating this is the concern
of medical science.

Therefore, before an excorcism is performed
it's important to ascertain that one is dealing with

the presence of the Evil One
and not with an illness.

Anneliese Michel died of starvation at 23.

A religious student
who spoke in stange voices,

doctors said she had epilepsy.

But she thought it was the Devil.

[woman mutters demonically]

And so did a panel of priests
who recorded the voices.

The priests who followed
this 17th century ritual believed

that it worked,

that Annelieses was
spiritually healed
when she died.

But a Bavarian prosecutor
says this bishop,

who authorised the exorcism,

the priests who performed it,
and the parents who allowed it,

could face criminal-neglect charges

for failing to get medical help
for the starving woman.

With science,

you start with an open tablet.
And open slate.

And everything is included,
and you just go along,

and exclude different variables
as you can.

Each one was very different.

Each one was very specific
and individualised.

So, I would try to rule out
mental illness.

Just rule out different factors.

Cognitive functioning.

Any psychotropic medications.

Ill side effects they may be experiencing,
if at all.

I am not afraid on the sceptics

because Iam also a sceptic on myself.

I don't believe that just any person
that arrives,

"I'm possessed." I am very sceptical.

And normal priest should be,
in a true sense, very sceptical.

To really grasp what it is.

And I can tell you that in my experiences,

as an exorcist,

more than 90% of the persons
that arive to me as an exorcist

telling me that they have problems
with the Devil,

they have no problems with the Devil
at all.

People say they are possessed all the time.
It doesn't make it true.

You have to rule it out.

Or rule it in.

[child] Then was brought unto him one
possessed with a devil,

blind, and dumb.

And he healed him,

insomuch that the blind and dumb
both spoke and saw

And all the people were amazed and said :

"Is this not the son of David?"

But when the Pharisees heard, they said:

"This fellow doth not cast out devils,

but by Beelzebub the prince of devils."

And Jesus knew their thoughts
and said unto them:

"Every kingdom divided against itself
is brought to dissolution.

Every city or house divided against itself
shall not stand.

And if Satan casts out Satan,

he is divided against himself.

How shall then his kingdom stand?

And if I, by Beelzebub, cast out devils,

by whom do your children cast them?

Therefore, they shall be your judges."

We now know
that there are people who programmed

children at the age of two,

reinforced it at seven,
confirmed it at 14 and 21.

Programmed to...

to worship Lucifer.

They become Luciferians.

They're turned out
by the thousands every years.

we know who does it, who'll do it,
we know when they do it,

but we can't do anything about it.
It's a free country.

It comes in various way.

The television has a lot to do with it.

Music has a lot to do it.

We have made a statistical survey
of the possessed people we've known

and there are a lot of them.

There's no ...


there's no religious,

there's no gender,

there's no intellectual,
there's no economic,

there's no rule.

It's of some peculiar alchemy inside.

Because it creeps up to you slowly.

Satan doesn't appear with a scroll
and says:

"You can have all these things
if you sell your soul to me."

Faustian, Mephistopheles.

It's not like that.

It's the simply things slowly but surely.

And the possession then

becomes so that at a certain moment... are under the command of something

that takes possession of your will
bit by bit.

It's a slow process.
Until one day,

you can't say no
and you are possessed.

You are no longer free to choose.

How do you know
a perfectly possessed person?

It's a leading question.

Its a very easy question to answer
in one sense.


is the test. By tests.

You know some, OK?

You might get involved with them.

You might even go to bed with her.

You work in the office with him,
you know him socially,

and you know him, you think,

until one day,

something happens and...

[whistles] suddenly see a person
you never knew.

It's momentary.

The window on the camera opens
into reality.

You'll see it and then it's closed again.

That's the way you know it. Otherwise,

they can be good fathers,
they can be good statesmen.

They can be good bankers.
They can have sexual probity.

Everything. But they're possessed.

Completely given over to Satan.

Malachi told me many times.

He said that he thought, as a society,

the West and the world were heading
towards some kind of tipping point.

He fully expected that possibly
during his lifetime, or after,

what he used to refer to as,
"after I'm playing the harp,"

that there was going to come
some kind of event

that would define the end of
what he called the Catholic era

as we know it.

And because of that, he said
various events would be happening.

And possession, things like possessions,
would naturally increase as well.

I am sure you've all read that passage
in the Book of Deuteronomy where God says:

"This day, there are
two courses open to you.

And I'm telling you which one to follow."

On the one hand,
you can choose life and goodness.

One the other hand,
you can choose death and evil.

I truely believe that what I'm seeing now

with all the things that I've heard,
all the things that I've read about,

this is the lull before the storm.

Because I see us being taken in a direction

that father Martin basically described.

I don't like it one bit what's going on.

Over all and eveywhere,

throughout our community of nations today,
numbering roughly about five billion,

and chiefly by legalised abortion
but also by contraception,

by euthanasia,
by condoned infanticide,

by deliberately formenting civil wars,

by endemic hunger,

by the floods of refugees,

never before in the history of man

has the lifeblood of so many
been shed so violently,

so mercilessly wasted as in our day.

We specialise in the death of masses
as a community of nations today,

and we belong to that community
whether we like it or not.

So, anti-life, surely, that's us

We are anti-life.

Bloodstained guilt, surely.

Every 24 hours, we widen
that dark red pool of human blood.

We do. We do.

There's nothing underground with this.

You gotta see it.

If you don't have faith
and you don't have spirituality,

you're not gonna see it.

Your gonna miss
all the miracles of the supernatural.

And you're going to miss all the reverse
miracles of the preternatural.


Open your eyes.

Find God and you'll see.

Lucifer has the most amazing PR.
He doesn't exist.

...World War Two,

which we were fighting,
was never to be known.

He has madeit so he doesn't exist.

The film business heading could read
"The Devil knocks out the mafia."

For in US and Canada cities,
the old box-office champ

The Godfather is being flattened

by that movie about diabolical possession,
The exorcist.

There was a very funny picture
called The Exorcist,

based on a book by William Blatty,

which was totally erroneous
as regards exorcism.

It's a phony, phony exorcism.

It makes out
exorcism to be a combination

of Frankenstein and Dracula
with a lot of green goo,

and windows breaking
and bodies flying.

It's much more terrible
and lethal than that.

Everything you see in The Exorcist
can happen.

But it could happen in an exorcist
over a lifetime...

It would be almost unheard-of
that it would appear

in a single indivisual
in one single case.

So, the movie tend to condense
a lot of phenomena.

I know one exorcist who told me
he has once only seen levitation

in 20 years as an exorcist.

Right? But he has seen it.

He saw a child floating around the floor.

When we were publishing
"Hostage To The Devil",

because Tony was such a good friend
of Peter Blatty,

we had some difficulty there.

They required Malachi
to get a letter from the Pope

saying that what he was,

what he said he was,
and exorcism was what it said it was.

And Malachi got a letter from Paul VI.

And Peter Blatty,
when he heard about this,

just hit the ceiling.

He just...

Exorcism was his.

And not only did he not write
a blurb for the book,

he wrote a review of the book
in the Los Angeles Times,

the opening line of which was,

"I hate this book."

When I wrote that book in 1975,

I wrote it for one reason only.

I wrote it because I found
my contemporaries

in America and Canada and
Australia and Ireland

had forgotten what it was all about.

They didn't know it existed any more.
So I decided,

as I was in that field,
doing a lot of work,

that I would get and publish
the transcripts of five to ten exorcisms

and publish them as such with a preface.

So I read Malachi Martin's book
early on.

It definitely made an impression on me.

It's a very dramatic portrayal of exorcism.

There's no doubt about it.
Here he was, a Catholic priest,

writing about a topic that many people
didn't know anything about,

and whatever want to say about
"Hostage To The Devil",

it's definitely a gripping read.
Even today.

My name is John Zaffis.

I'm a paranormal investigator
and demonologist.

I've been involved with the field
for 42years,

investigating a lot of different claims
of hauntings,

and the possibility of possession.

You know, years ago,
people used to look forward to sitting down, reading a book

and "Hostage To The Devil"
is probably one of the very first books I was reading

in regards to some of this work.

And I finally had
the opportunity to meet him

when he was speaking at a small event.

He would have this look,
you notice with a lot of spiritual people.

They're trying to get
a good sense of you.

You have to remember,
when you get involved with this field,

it's so important to be able to be guarded

and carefully with
the people you associated yourself with.

Because people will go after you
in a heartbeat

you know, be able to tear you down.

He was on a downward spiral
of more and more myths.

"Hostage To The Devil"
was an account of his...

...efforts to cast the Devil out

of various people who had been...

...possessed by the Devil.

And by all critical accounts,

his account didn't really stand up.

It did exremely well.

As time went on, it outsold "The Exorcist".

and is still in print
and still on sale.

It has sold well over a million copies.

It appealed to his romantic nature

to have a romantic tale to tell.

He did very well.

He sold a few books. More than a few.

On one hand, you could say
he was always interested

in the most sensational story
that he could make up.

On the other hand,
there are those who think

he, Malachi Martin himself,

somewhat possessed by the Devil.

And... for him to cast himself in the role

of someone who could cast devils out

was a really neat trick.

-Have you ever been possessed?
-No, thank God.

Some of the critics think maybe
you were when you wrote this book.

Well, may the Lord cure me
if I have been possessed.

I doubt that you have been.

There is one thing that people
have to understand.

He broke ground.

He went public.

He started doing appearances
and radio shows,

talking about this topic.



These things exist.
These things do happen.

He was crucified, basically,
behind the scenes,

with the Church,
with people ridiculing him.

"Misrepresentation, falsehood,
and imagination

gone berserk all in the elaboration
and defence of a particular thesis."

Well, do you know what Ben Jonson said,

when somebody said similar words
about a work of his?

He said: "When a gentleman
throws mud at me,

I know he has only got mud to throw."

You know, I don't respond to critics.

I don't really care
what critics have to say.

I believe that Father Martin
felt the same way.

We more interested in pleasing God

than pleasing our fellow man.

If you mention God,
they want to boo you.

If you mention Jesus,
they want to boo you.

They want to take it out
of the Pledge of Allegiance.

And... the Ten commandments, and all this.

But you know what,
oddly enough,

"In God we trust" is on our money.

I don't see anybody throwing that away.

So, you know what,
if you don't believe in God,

and you want to remove all of...

then take every penny you have

and give it away!

Right now!
Don't wait.

Give it away.
Because God's name is on the money.

You're a hypocrite at that time.

Walk the walk.

I never met the man in person
that I interviewed him

for countless hours on the radio.

I was very fortunate.

We became close friends.

I don't think you could listen to Malachi

and not have a strong opinion,
one way or the other.

I've received a lot... not a lot,
a few angry, very angry, faxes.

I'm sure you have. I'm sure you have.

"How dare you, Art, expose the audience
to this...

old-fashioned, put-the-fear-
of-God-in-them hellfire-and brimstone--

people are vey angry.

They are.
I know they are very angry.

But as I say, my reading of the really,
really, really angry ones...

is that this disturbs their way of life.

This manifests "a weakness".

This tells the truth
about the way that they live

and they don't like to be
reminded of it.

He certainly brought it off very well.

He made lots of money,
writing these books,

and making many appearances
on radio and television.


what did it all add up to?

Huge disappointment on the part of those
who finally saw through him.

Father Martin, where can I write to you?

Following address. Take it.

217 East 66th Street, New York, New York.

He gave out his personal information

because he wanted to help people.

Do I think it was a good idea?

I warned him very carefully

that this might not be such a good idea.

I did that because of the thousands
of emails that I receive daily.

I knew what it was in for.

The phone was ringing off the hook.
I looked at the answering machine,

wondering why it wasn't answering.

And it said, 99.

I began to listen to the messages.
Of course, it was everybody...

thought that they were possessed
and wanted to talk to him.

And I called Malachi and asked
what had gone on

He apologised and he said:

"I didn't want to give my number
so I gave yours.

I promise I'll never do it again."

I don't think I've ever met
a person with such strong charisma.

He drew you in.

Very, very charming.

Highly intelligent.

Well-versed on so many topics,

in the worldly sphere
as well as the spiritual sphere.

I did hear it from the other side,
because I heard from a couple of people

who were absolutely devastated

because he sort of pelled the plug
on the relationship.

So, I know how much it hurt the people
when that happend.

Then, of course, I dreaded that
that might happen to me.

I don't know what else I can say,

it's true, yes, people obviously
must have gotten to be too possessive.

And I can see why.
He was absolutely tantalising.

He was a charming guy
who told very witty stories.

Some of them even fairly obscene.

Because he was so unusual,

most of us around our dinner tables

would give him a pass.

We would say: "That's Malachi.
He's just being Malachi."


men being men,

Malachi Martin being a man,

Malachi Martin...

"fell in love",

at least he said he did, with my wife.

So, they began an affair.

I didn't want to think

that he was having an affair with my wife.

Therefore for a good long time,
I was in denial.


he was just a liar
and a scoudrel and a cheat.

I'm glad that I will be judged
by our Lord Jesus

because I don't want to be judged by anyone

I'd be condemned to hell by them.

Because I'm a filthy pig.

[nervous laughter]

I know me x2
better than anybody.

I know I don't deserve a darn thing.

I never saw an ego
and I was driving with him

I said to him: "Father,
I want to attain your holiness."

and he said, "to me?"

"I'm a wretched pig in the eyes of God."

I almost crashed the car.

"If you're a wetched pig,
then I'm finished."

There's no way
that I'm attaining heaven.

I know this for a fact.

But he's a warrior.

He was a warrior for God
and he still is a warrior for God.

Started out back in 1984.
Graduated from Catholic univercity

with a degree in Soviet studies,
interestingly enough.

From there, I went to work

for the US Goverment

into the Center Intelligence Agency.

I stayed there till '97.

A lot of the work was
highly classified,

so I'm not really at liberty
to talk a whole lot about it.

It's very strange
but I haven't been up here in years.

And I'm feeling some of those feelings right now.

So... its very, very mixed feelings.

Feelings of fear.

I always felt there was a limited
amount to what could do to protect him.

Because after a while,
I just came to realise

what he was up against was not
something a goverment badge

or a weapons going to do anything against.

You know, the goverment can
train you do all kinds of things.

But for things that are in the world
we can't see,

they don't train you for that.

He always reffered to NYPD
involvement in exorcism

as being a very oblique thing.

Only because he couldn't take the chance

that someone with loose lips
was going to run

to the New York Daily News
or the New York Post

and make the claim that
the New York Police Dept

was helping to cast demons out of people.

So, his involvement
with the New York City Police Dept

would have been
probably more along the lines of

his interaction with people
like Ralph Sarchie.

But it was never an official policy

that the NPYD would ever call in
an exorcist.

All of these are my notes.

What this is all about.

Sometimes it's difficult
but most of the times you know

because of the way the person behaves,

you know they are not mentally ill.
There's something else.

And a good exorcist
and a good investigator

will get to the bottom of that.

It might take time
but it can be done.


So it must be a priest and he must
have authority from the bishop.

I know bishops.
We've gone to them and said:

"Look, John so-and-so
or Mary so-and-so
they needs exorcism,

your Honor, your Excellency,"

but a lot of it
is left up to the exorcist.

At a certain moment, I must
turned around and say to you,

to the possessed person. "Who are you?"

An exorcist never answers
the question of a possessed person.

You keep at it and find their names.
All of the names.

Ugly names.

Sinister names.
Sardonic names.

Once you do that,
you have them nailed.

Because then they obey that name.
They act on counsel of that name.

Then you proceed to find out
who sent them,

how did they cime here, when,
what's your speciality, what do you do?

It's like a dog
trying to get away from you.

It'll bite your hand. It'll bite you
mortally if you're not careful.

It's amazing how weak people are

when facing the supernatural.

Because once the supernatural
manifests itself,

I've seen strong men
collapse in tears.

It's just too much. Too much.

It's very frightening.

If they measure thier intelligence
with his intelligence,

they're going to be taken captive.

Malachi Martin had
a very deep relationship with

would never deceive him
about anything so...

when Rama Coomaraswamy
called him up

and asked Malachi to caome up
and meet this young girl...

Malachi didn't hesitate.

Especially since there was a child
at stake here.

Because a child that young

cannot make a choice for evil
with full consent of the will.

can't do it.

Picture a little kid like that.
She can't make a choice like that.

That, by the way,
that's the other reason why

a child like that could never
become perfectly possessed.

In order to perfectly possessed,
as Malachi would've put it,

you have to give
your full consent of the will.

He was not adventure-seeking.
He knew the dangers.

He knew the perils but he was not
in any shape to do that exorcism.

Physically and spiritually,
perhaps he did not have

adequate protection, either.

But he put himself on the line

and in the line of danger

because there was a little girl

and the family didn't have or
didn't feel they had other recourse.

The first feeling I had was dread.

And it was building dread.

And I can't explain why.

It was like I mentioned.

I knew that
at the Catholic Church would put it,

I was in a state of grace.

I had nothing to really worry about.

But still...

I think we have all been
in those situations where...

you feel a gnawing sense of unease.

And it just kept building.

It just kept building and building.

It's power over the will.
You don't wake up in the morning

and say: "gee whiz, I've been possessed."

It's always a slow process
to which you consent.

If you open your heart to Satan,
he'll accept the invitation.

It's not...

He won't refuse.

If someone is going to allow him in,
he'll take it.

he'll take the opportunity.

I asked your disciples to cast him out,
and they were not able.

and he asked them:

"O, faithless generation,
how long am I to be with you?

How long am I to bear with you?

Bring to me."

They brought the boy to him,
and when the spirit saw him,

immediately, he convulsed the boy.

He fel on the ground
and rolled about, foaming at the mouth.

Jesus asked his father:
"How long has he had this?"

He said: "From childhood."

[sighs] 17 years.

17 years and at this moment,

it feels like it
fucking happened yesterday

Here we are.

Oddly enough, I got a tightness
in the chest as we approach the house.

I also know that it's mixed
with a lot of sadness.

I mean, on a very real human level,

we're talking about a man
who, you know...

for the many years I knew him,

11, 12...

he was family to me.

He was family.

And now I'm approaching the point
at which he came face to face

with something that none of us
have ever encountered,

that was ultimately responsible
for taking his life.

So I feel a mixture of sadness,

a mixture of apprehension,


and anger at what happened to him.

It took my friend,
it took my goddamn best friend away.

He was my best friend.


Funny thing is, I just thought
I'd be a whole lot calmer.

My heart is racing
like a goddamn drum.

We pulled in.

Their van was right there.

Actually, it was a Ford Explorer.

We drove up
and I just said to Malachi:

"Is that them?"
Because they were milling about.

I said: "They are not
supposed to be here."

He didn't say anything
and I, at that point,

I just knew by the look on his face

that was them.

Can you sit in that chair for a second?



I was with a group
that investgated haunted houses.

We almost all had specialities,
we had a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist.

I was more of a videographer.

I would take pictures, take video.

help restrain.

A producer from ABC
came across our website.

We had a featured article about

a possible possession case
we were working on.

They asked if we were interested
in doing a primetime special

on that, we said,
of couse we're interested.

This is about 20-25 years ago.
There were no shows on TV.

This was all before
the paranormal investigators.

I think we were trailblazers
but even in doing the invetigations,

examinations and assessments of the people,

I didn't have a role model for that.

There was no textbook
that you can just open up and study.

I just kind of learned
at I went along through experience

with the different cases,
with the different families,

and with the different people involved.

There were certain people in the group
that felt

all the cases that came to us
were possessed.

I personally did not feel that way.

My personal opinion
and my professional opinion at that point,

I ruled out
a significant number of those cases.

If you're asking for a ratio,
I would say probably

close to two-thirds I would rule out.

This is outr first exorcism
we ever were in volved with.

We actually went to the house.
It wasn't in the church.

We didn't know what was going to happen

because the girl didn't believe
she was possessed.

We weren't sure either, she said
"I probably won't have any reaction."

But that morning, I was just
a very angry feeling in that room,

very cold, the temperature in the room
dropped many, many times.

It would vary up and down, up and down.

As soon as the priest started doing
his litany of the saints,

she started moving around in her chair
and screaming,

breaking out of her restraints
and she just stoop up like this,

broke out of every restraint we had
and went towards the priest.

She was trying to gouge
her own eyes out.

During that point, I tried restrain
her own hands from doing that.

She bit me.

We both got out of the car
at the same time.

I went around to him
and he said:

"Let's do some introdutions
and then you can leave."

We got out and walked over
towards where they were.

The introductions were made.

And then...

this little child, she just walks
up to Malachi over here.

She just looks up at him
and she says:

"You're Father Malachi
and you think you're going to help her."

At that point, I just knew that I was up against something that nothing had ever trained me for.

And Malachi just

kept on acting like
she was a perfectly normal little girl.

I knew something was off.

Did I know she was possessed? No.
But I knew something was off.

We are talking about a four-year-old child.
She was innocence personified.

There was no reason why this kid
should've been afflicted in this way.

Malachi just kind of gave me "the look",

as in, "This is my turf now, Bob,

You don't need to be here.
You shouldn't be here."

It was not my place to be in there at all.

One of the realities
or the characteristics

that you need to see
if a person is possessed

is one of the signs.
You need four signs.

An extraordinary strength.

The knowledge of ancient languages.

Fear of sacred things.

And the knowledge of hidden
or very far-away things.

I think that the three first
can be invented.

I can fake an extraordinary force.

I can talk to you in Latin or Greek.

Because I remember it from school.

I can fake that I'm afraid
of the crucifix.

I can fake it.

But what I cannot invent
or cannot fake

is to know things
that really happened in your life

that's just absolutely impossible
fir me to know.

Well, you always go to the commonsense.

Maybe she heard us talking.

Or she heard a conversation that we had.

Or maybe her mother knew something about us

that she just inadvertenly
blurted out to her.

Maybe she read something about us
on the internet, on the website.

You try to have those commonsense
approach things.

But sometimes you just know
there's no way they could've known that.

There are very personal things
about our families,

personal events that have happened
that morning.

There's no possible way.

Something I didn't even talk about
with my colleagues.

How would they know that?

I can't explain it.

One of the things that convinced me
that there's something to this,

in very rare cases,
there is something to this,

beyond simple superstition
or active imagination,

was the fact that I was able
to interview people

who were not Catholic priests,
who were sceptics,

who were scientists,

who themselves had these experiences.

And they couldn't explain them.
And there were matching up with what,

the exorcists were saying,
they were seeing themselves.

The real horror, the real pain,

what hurts in possession

in the presence of the Evil One.

And when we start an exorcism,

within the first 20 minutes, we know

whether it's genuine or not.

Seddenly, it becomes evident.

How evident

Like an indivisual animal clawing at you
with claws you can't escape.

There are physical manifestations
like change in temperature,

smells, odours,

objects flying around,

and then there's violence on the part
of the possessed person at times.

They have to be held down.

Thats's why you have assistants
who are not afraid.

Because a lot of people the moment

they enter their first exorcism,

it scares them,

it's the most unhealthy, insalubrious

mucky, dirty, inhuman activity
you could participate in,

but we must
in order to save these people.

The exorcist and his assistants
and the possessed person

are in the presence
of something that hates us

in a way that you've never
felt hated before.

When you get beyond the sensational,

like I did,
when I was watching these exorcisms,

it's one of the things
that really stand out in your mind,

These people are suffering.

And you, from a human level,

you want to help them get better.

We are tested oftentimes.

And that morning was no different.

That exorcism went on
for a number of hours, I believe.

But afterwards, there was
such a change in the room.

It was absolutely beautiful.

I can't,
words cannot even describe the change.

When they first approached us,
I think we were more excited to be on TV.

And after it came out,
we saw the impact that it had

and how many people were in need
around the country.

They said,
they can't find help in their area.

We are talking about real people
who are suffering.

Real people who want healing.

Those people deserve peace.

Those people implore for peace

that only the Church can give

when they are in these grave situations.

I came back for him two hours later.

At the time, it was a beautiful summer day.

I came down the driveway in my Jeep.

I just remember there was a Ford Explorer.

It was a tan vehicle.
It was parked right about here,

caddy-corner almost facing
that house in the background.

And everyone was out,

starting to say their goodbyes.

I saw them proceeding out
from the house in the back there.

I pulled up right over here.

And I got and I saw Malachi
talking to the parents first.

And then the parents were getting
in the vehicle

and they were helping the little child
into the vehicle into the back seat,

and the mother had rolled the window down,

and Malachi, after he had
said goodbye to the parents,

he had walked over
to say goodbye to the child,

and I remember when the window
went down,

just as he got there to the window,
as the glass came down,

I remember her face
kind of framed in the window.

And she just blew him a kiss,

it was disgusting, lascivious,

it was like something
was defiling innocence at that moment.

The kind of way you imagine a whore
blowing a kiss to a John

who had just paid her hundred bucks.

That's what it was.

Malachi was completely nonplussed.

It is exremely rare

for a four-year-old
to have a mental illness at that age.

I don't know the particulars of this case

but if she was sexually provocative
at the age four.

That could be a learned behaviour
through sexual abuse.

But again, at the age of four,

it's very rare for a child of that age

for it to be explained by mental illness.

Or again, substance abuse.

Substance-induced psychosis.

Things of that nature.

To the sceptics, I would say
that the people that I met that day,

they seemed like in every way,
the all-American family.

There was nothing
to indicate anything like that

Something went on
in the conversations inside the house

that convinced a senior exorcist
of the Roman Catholic Church

and Dr.Rama Coomaraswamy,

an actual medical psychiatrist,

that something was afflicting this girl

that was not of this world

and could not be explained
by modern medical science.

We went up the driveway and I said:

"So, do you think it's an authentic case
of possession, Mal?"

And he said: "I've got no doubt.
But this one is going to be difficult."

I remember my phrase for that was,
hammer and tongs.

I said: "You're talking hammer and tongs?"
He said: "Yeah."

Then he just kind of nodded
and he was quiet for a while,

as we drove off.

People would be inclined to think
that the hostage is the person possessed.

But actually, no, it's the priest
who goes the exorcism.

Malachi had been the subject
of several heart operations.

He always tried to come across
as very robust.

But you know these things, exorcisms,

they have to take a toll on you.

Once you realise
you are dealing with a reallity here

then you realise there is a price
to be paid

and every exorcism
took a little chunk out of his life.

For Malachi,
his own personal health

was never a concern to him.

It was of paramount concern
to the people around him.

He was told by the doctor
to take it easier

and to cut out a lot of what he was doing.

But it's an element of the true priest

needs to be another Christ,
that is what he is called to be.

To lay your life on the line.

The more he would help people,
the more he would become a target.

It affects their personal lives,

it affects everything about them.

And it's a very isolating world.

The phone rang that morning

and it was Malachi's voice
on the other end,

speaking in a very strained, weak voice.

His exact words were,
"Bob, I've taken a bit of a tumble."

I said: "What do you mean?"

He said: "I've hit my head.
I was reaching for a book,

standing on a stool in my study,

and I had the stool
knocked out from under me."

"What do you mean,
it was pushed out from under you?"

He said:"Old Scratch wasn't terribly happy
with what we just did up in Connecticut."

I know that person said
that he claimed that someone pushed him.

What is unclear about that, of course,
is whether it was an evil spirit

or a human.

Some said that he was
pushed off the ladder.

Done in because he had
this terrible history behind him.

They wanted to shut him up.

I know it was horrific.

He said he wanted me to know that

he hadn't fallen, it wasn't a fall.

This creature had grabbed him

just above his ankle
and caused him to fall.

When he went to the hospital,
he lapsed into a coma.

They were restrcting the access of people

into his room, a semi-private room
in Lennox Hill Hospital.

I'm not ashamed to say
I was bawling like a little child.

Here was my best friend in a coma.

I knew he wasn't hearing me
with his ears.

Hopefully, he was hearing me
with his soul.

I had a tremendous sense in that room

that a struggle was continuing.
Even though he was comatose.

That's why the prayers that we made

and we sent to protect him
were so important.

About a day and a half later,

I just got a call, I believe,
from his agent, Lila,

that Malachi had passed away.

I remember just hanging up the phone

and going into my office at home

and just praying the rosary
immediately for his soul.

"We have the intent
to want to receive God.

Doesn't hold any weight with Jesus?"

When I heard that he had passed on
to his final reward,

because that's he got,

I was sad to see him go

and it scared me a little bit
because I lost my mentors now.

It's like, uh oh, you know?

What do I do now
if I come upon something that I don't know?

But I miss him
and I would like to talk to him

and I still do talk to him.

[laughter ]

I think he knew what he was doing

he knew the risks
and yet he went for it.

Personally, I feel it was a great victory
for the Adversary.

I think that he was taken too soon
and ...


The Adversary hit its mark in that.

So, it was a great tragedy.

Father Martin had told me
about this particular case.

The girl was four-years-old at the time.

When she was eight, four years later,
I assisted at her exorcism.

This girl needed
years and years of exorcism.

There was no doubt about that.
We weren't dealing with a demon.

We were dealing with the Devil here
and he was very, very powerful.

She spoke fluent Latin
during that exorcism.

I can produce eight-year-old children
that can speak fluent Latin

but they're traditional,

they're been trained since first grade
on how to speak Latin.

I know this particular girl
didn't have that background.

She was actually.

-Who taught you that?
-No one.

-No one?
-No one.

-Not your fatheror anybody?

How do you know it, then?

Mmm...I just know it.

Speaking in a language that is not
known previously to that person

is a surefire sign of demonic possession.

From what I seen during the exorcism,

We did get that proof right out
of the playbook of the Roman ritual.

This particular case was definitely
on a different level.

I do hope that she did find
the relief that she sought.

Most of all, I hope her soul belongs
to God at this moment,

no matter what her physical condition is.

I hope that her soul belongs to God.

I adjure you, Devil.

-You want me to say it?

I adjure you, Devil.

-To be gone.
-To be gone.

-And leave me alone.
-And leave me alone.

-Now and for ever.
-Now and for ever.

-I hate you.
-I hate you.

-And you are a Devil.
-And you are a Devil.


If you contact the HQ of the Jesuits
in Rome, the Jesuit curia.

which is a large building
in the shadow of the Vatican,

they will give you a number of facts,

if they choose to give you
any information at all.

They'll tell you that Malachi Martin
was a Jesuit priest.

They'll tell you that he was in Rome
between certain dates

but there are not certain of the role
or the authority which he had.

They will tell you that he did, at a stage,
work on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

According to the Jesuits,
when Malachi Martin left Rome in 1965,

he was no longer a priest.

Malachi Martin had no right

legitimately to perform exorcisms

unless by express permission
from the local bishop.

It's hard for some characters
to get off the stage.

If you know when to get off the stage,
still leaving some questions

in mind of the audience,
you've done pretty well.

According to the Jesuits,
Father Martin no longer a priest

when he left them in '65.

basically, once you're a priest,
you're always a priest.

Father Martin never renounced his vows.

As a matter of fact, he probably
strengthened them

from the outside of the Church.

Which is where God wanted him.

They don't like it.
That's the truth.

You know, I think we're all blessed
with intuition and instinct.

So, when we walk into a room
and there

is someone afflicted in that room,

you know it, you feel it, you see it.

Sometimes you know it
because you even see the person,
before you even go into the room.

Sometimes you know it
when you are driving up to the house.

It's just a gut feeling.

I believe that to be
all the source within us

responding to
what source is not.

I've noticed in all the evidence
I have tried to present to the public

they are either gonna believe
or not gonna believe.

It's very hard to change
somebody's beliefs.

But just getting the word out
is all you can do.

And you can help somebody along the way,
that's great.

I've been doing this for 20 years.

If I helped one person who was
genuinely possessed, it's all worth it.

These are very, very
sophisticated spirits

who are there to harm us.

And they are real.

One thing that I've noticed
is that since his death,

interest in his work and in him

has not really diminished.

He was absolutely confident
in everything he said.

And he used the means at his disposal,
which were the media,

to get the message across.

So it was his confidence
in what he was saying

that really struck me.

And there is a certain element of mystery.

He was a fascinating man.

He also said a lot of things
to me in private.

We did talk a great deal.

And he shared some of those which
I cannot share with you or anybody

because I promised.

What he did say:

"If you want something chilling,

imagine the very worst you can imagine

and then I will tell you that it's going
to be much worse than that."

I think that if one looks
at these tapes,

we may touch on
the evidence that we now have

that Satan is having his last stand.

This is his Waterloo
and he is going to kill a lot,

destroy much, scorched-earth policy.

Destroy as much as he can
before he shoved into the abyss again,

chained by Michael

I do believe that Malachi Martin
started to believe his own lies.

He was so convincing.

Some people didn't exactly hate him.

They felt sorry for him.

Because he had gone off the rail.

I geuss the charisma was truth.

Because that's really... what he

That was his message.
His message was the truth.


Everyone had to make that decision.

Whom do you believe?

This man tells the truth.
Whom do you believe?

In many ways, his life was a war.

It's a war story. But it's a war
against what Christ said

is against the powers
and the principalities not of this world.

And he dedicated himself 150% to that.

He was just the most fascinating
person I've ever met in my life.

Hands down.

That's it.

There is hope, more than hope.

We have surety.

We are assured that everything is going
to be

optimum and better than it was before.

But we also have the assurance
that Christ had

when he knew that he would
rise again on the third day

and ascend gloriously into heaven.
and reign for ever

He knew and we know
that in between us,

and that successful
outcome of our present quandary

and misery
is going to be extremely painful.

We know that from history.
We know that from scripture.

We know that the worst is yet
to become before it turns around.

So we are commenting on a dire situation
into which we have been plunged.

Not by God,
but by the mistakes of men,

the mistakes of popes,
the mistakes of bishops,

the mistakes of priests,
the mistakes of nuns

and the mistakes of lay people.
Everybody has their share in it.

But God's law is
that he purnishes the whole race

for the sins of few.

There is one more thing about Lucifer

which we should remember,
and it's this,

We have no protection against him.

Of ourselves.

No one can match him.

On this earth.

No one.

-I am sorry
-I am sorry

-for having offended thee.
-for having offended thee.

-And I detest my sins
-And I detest my sins

-above every other evil
-above every other evil

-because they displease thee, my God
-because they displease thee, my God

-And I firmly resolve,
-And I firmly resolve,

-by thy holy grace,
-by thy holy grace,

-never more to offend thee,
-never more to offend thee,

-but to amend my life. Amen.
-but to amend my life. Amen.

My friends, this is the blessed sacrament.

I always carry it with me.

He has been with us
all this time.


-Thank you.

I didn't know that.
I didn't know he'd been with us.

Father Martin carries
the big guns, Lorraine.