Hostage Negotiator (2001) - full transcript

Theresa Foley has a successful carreer as an FBI negotiator. After a tough hostage situation in a bank, she is given a commendation and invited to give classes on her skills at Quantico Academy. But her marriage starts to sour as her husband's carreer goes bad. He suspects she's having an affair with former partner Danny. Their relationship develops into a bitter dispute. She might lose her family, her job and even her life.

Now feed the cake
to Frank.


Mmm, good.

Who's that?



Hey, Theresa... I love you.

And here we are
in the brand-new Foley house.


Wait, wait, wait.

Pick that back up
and read that.


Don't be so shy.

"Theresa M. Foley, Special Agent

Hostage Negotiation Course

FBI Academy,
Quantico, Virginia."

What's the first thing
you're going to negotiate?


...some private time?

What's he saying, Victor?
That's what I want.

Victor, what's he saying?

Nickey, shut your mouth,
all right?!

Just shut it and let me
talk to this guy!

Listen, pig, I'm not telling you
again, you underst...?

Victor, he's moving.
He's moving, Victor.

What'd I tell you, huh?

I told you to keep your head on
the ground, didn't I? Didn't I?

Victor, Victor,
maybe we should answer it.

Just lift
it up one inch.

Danny, what's the situation?

Two suspects armed,
six hostages.

Not yet.


When I arrived,
one suspect was on the phone

with the local
police captain.

He requested a ride
to the airport, a private plane

two parachutes,
a pack of cigarettes.

Cigarettes? What kind?

Didn't ask.

Find out.

Uh, can't. Officer
told me it was crazy

didn't go over too well--
no contact since.

All right, I want everyone
on the ground, now!

Move it! Move your ass now!
Move, move!

What, are you
stupid? Move!

Keep it down,
keep it down!

We'll shoot you!
We'll shoot you!

HNT has been notified.

Foley's the closest negotiator
in the area.

She's the best, sir.

When you look at my record,
I think it's clear

that I've dedicated my life
to the Bureau

and I think you'll agree that...

...ah, hell.

When you look at my record

I think it's indisputable
that I've...

That I've...

Honey, what are you doing?

You okay?

I got... pulled off
the investigation.

That's three in
a row, Theresa.


Hi, Daddy.

Hi, Stacey-Bug.

I'm making a bad pumpkin.


Let me see this here.

Oh, yeah...

I think I arrested that guy
once for extortion.

Excellent job.

Kind of intricate.

He give you a reason?


Penfield said, uh, I
wasn't a team player.

"Team player"?

I've been with the
Bureau for nine years.

I mean, what
do they...?
You know...

Just let the machine get it.

Anyway, it's my problem,

I don't want you getting
involved, okay?


Mommy, look at the
face I'm drawing.

Mine's better than
yours-- look, Mom.

It's for you,
it's Daniels.

You understand?

No. Yes, I think so.

Look at me.

What do you think
they're thinking out there?

I don't know.
You know.

Come on, I know you know.
Answer me.

They're everywhere,
Victor, I don't know.

I know you know!

Answer me.
You know!

They're everywhere,

I'll tell you what-- nothing!

They're not thinking anything,
'cause they don't know

what the hell we're going to do
next, you understand?!

You follow me?!

We got to keep them wondering.

We got to be unpredictable,

till I figure out what to do.

So, how is my favorite



When did you
transfer back?

Last month.

Yeah? So, who's on the team?

I'm tactical supervisor.

Alexander is field commander.

You are primary negotiator.

it's about time.

We just got wired
in to the phone grid.

Then let's light him up.

Shouldn't we answer
that, Victor?

It's driving me nuts,
Victor, come on.

Stay on them!

Can I at least answer
one of them, please?

All right. You want
to answer it, answer it.

You're driving me crazy.

Hey, what's wrong with you?

This guy looks like
he's dying, here.

Foley's our
intelligence officer.

You know Stark
from SWAT.

Can you give me some kind
of timetable, Foley?

My men are
in position.

Ease up, Stark.

Why don't you take a seat
and watch me work?

Pickup on line three.

Hello, this is FBI agent,
Theresa Foley.

Who am I speaking with?

Uh, Nick... Nickey Larson.

No, no, no!

What are you doing?!

You don't tell her
your name, you idiot!

I'm sorry, Victor...


Give me the phone!

Nickey... you still with me?

No, Nickey lost
his phone privileges!

I see.

You must be Victor.

I'm Theresa...
Theresa Foley.

We got a problem, Victor.

No, you got a problem!

This is Channel 7 news reporting
live from downtown.

The botched robbery attempt
turned into a stand off

during what is commonly known
as the "after-lunch lull."

Now, only a few minutes ago,
the suspects released

one of their six hostages
in exchange for food, water

and cigarettes.

Where the hell are
my cigarettes?

She promised
me smokes.
I'm scared.

We're not gonna
go to jail.
I don't want
to go to jail.

All right, Nickey?

We're not going
to go to jail.

Find my cigarettes,
will you?

Victor just found
the cigarettes.

Get ready for a phone call
in three... two... one.

Here we go, line five.

Are you guys
screwing with me?

There's no matches!

I swear to God, I am gonna start
shooting somebody in two minutes

if I don't get my matches,
you hear me?!

Okay, Victor, I'm sorry.

You didn't mention matches.

We thought you had some.

I can get some for you.

Get 'em!

When's Mommy
going to come home?


probably pretty late.

But she'll be okay, honey.

I bet those guys are crazy.

Sometimes they're just, uh...

...confused, Stacey,
and they...

they get into a situation,
and they can't get out of it

and I guess
they panic.

But Mommy helps them out.

Yeah, she does.

Okay. Tuck in.

I'll cover you up.

Good night.

Okay. I love you.

What the hell are they doing?

They're using the desks
to build a little fort

in the center of the bank.

Look at that.
Theresa sent the matches.

All right, Nickey, let one
of them out but not the guard.

That-that guy over there. Him.

Someone's coming out.

Unit one, go.

My snipers are in position.

Let me in this now.

What do you
think, Theresa?

I think I've already gotten
two hostages released

without anyone being hurt.

I think I'd like
to keep it that way.

And besides, we still
don't know what Victor wants.

He wants an airplane, parachute,
and some damn matches.

The guy thinks he's D.B. Cooper.

Hand it over,
Foley, my turn.

Not yet.

Ring line three.

Stay on him.

Go ahead.

How are my hostages doing,

Oh.... I don't know.

What do you think?

I think you got
quite a sheet here.

That's the story of my life,
honey-- quantity, not quality.

Yeah, well, it's your two,
uh, felony convictions

that got me worried.

You understand,
what you're doing, Victor

is going to amount
to strike three.

That's the problem

isn't it?

You're a smart lady.

You bet it's a problem,
'cause I'm not going to grow old

and rot in that cage,
you hear me?

All right, let's talk about it.

Now, maybe I could, uh...

get you a good lawyer
this time around.

You know, not a hack P.D.

but a class attorney who
could... get a judge to maybe

a previous conviction...

take away a strike, you know?

I can make this happen...
if you trust me.

What do you say, Victor?

What do I say?

What do I say?!

Everybody stand by.

What the hell is going on?

Did that get your attention?

You know, the guard's
a little sick.

I think he wants to talk to you.

Say something now!

Can't breathe.

In five minutes,
people are going to start dying

unless I get a cop car

with you behind the wheel

to take me to
the airport.

You understand?

You do that...

and everybody goes free.

It's up to you.


He's bluffing.

I'm not going for that.

Stark, 10-20 on your snipers.

In position, but the perps
are behind the desks.

No clear shot yet.

All right, you tell
me when you have one.

The guy's got
high blood pressure.

He's got irregular
heart rhythm.

Alex, I got to go in.

No way. I'm giving
it to Stark.

What are you going to do,
wait until the shot opens up?

The guard could be dead.

Alex, let me go in
and make the exchange.

I'll get the guard out;
you'll get your shot.

You want a gun?

No. It'll be the first
thing he'd check.

Are you okay with this?

Yeah. I'm just
thinking about my kids.

Theresa, let's not do it.

Let's come up
with a different plan.


You let me know when
you think of it.


I'll be inside that bank.

On target.

Not yet, hold your fire.

Here, she's here.

She's brought the police car,
just like she promised.

Okay, we have three options now.

Surrender, kill shot

or crisis entry.

All right, send them out.

Someone's coming.

Move, move, move, move!

All right,
get out of there, move!

Move, go, go.

Move it, go, go, go.

Where's my bank guard, Nickey?

There's something
wrong with him.

He won't get off the floor.

What's she doing?

Lost my shot.


Hello, Victor.

Very nice.

You know, if I only had
a little more time

under different circumstances...

All right, you're going to keep
your promise, you hear?

You're going to drive us
to the airport

and that guard goes free,
you got it?

Let's go to the car,
let's go.



First I got to see the guard.

Go, go.

Give her one minute

then I want a full breach.

SWAT team,
prepare for deployment.

My man can get a shot.

He's almost there, Alex.

He gets a shot, he takes it.

I'm Theresa Foley, FBI.

How you doing, Mr. Goodwin?

Pain... pain in my chest.

How's that?

There you go.

Stay on it, Nickey.

On target.

Something bad's
about to happen, Nickey.

You want to save yourself?

Come on, Nickey,
you got to make a decision.

What do I do?

Why do they keep shining
those damn lights?

I can't breath.

Hey, what the hell
is going on?

Down! Down!

hit the floor.

Hostage clear.
Repeat, hostage clear.

Go, go, go, go.

You lied to me,

I'm not going
to forget this.


Got it.

All right, you guys,
I hear they have a moon...

Hey, how's
it going?

Come on.

Do you remember
Alex's last barbecue?

When you got roped into
working the grill?

And you looked all rugged
in that apron?

Oh, I liked that apron.

What did it say on it?

It said, um...

"K-kiss the Chef,"
I think it said.

Yeah, "Kiss the Chef,"

Kiss him right here
I think is what it said.

Something like that.

You got a new assignment

and everything
is going to be just fine.

Come on.

Just about done.

Hey, Foley.

Over here.

Hey, Alex.

Can I interest you
in a hamburger?

Fair warning though--

my medium rare...

Hey, how you feeling, Frank?


I'm good.
Feeling good.

They offered to make me

Special Agent in charge
of the Omaha office.

But I think
hostage negotiation

gives me more

Missing work these days?


I'm working on
a classified case right now.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, what are you working on?

Well, it's classified.

If I revealed it, it wouldn't be
classified, would it?

How long you been
with the Bureau?

Hey, you should go take
a look at the kids.

They're having a great time.

Everybody knows
that I got fired.

Oh, so what?

It doesn't matter, honey.

And you're still
a good investigator.

Maybe, I don't know.

And you're also
a wonderful father.

And a great husband.

But I don't know if you
still know how to dance.

Excuse me?

You heard me.

Oh, well, there's only
one way to find out.

And you mixed minced
onion into the patty.


How you doing?

Oh, it looks great.

She's going to love that.

That's a total
surprise, right?

I hope so.

I can't wait to see
the look on her face.

Maybe we should put it inside,
or put it somewhere?

You burning that stuff?

Well, you know, some
people like it well done.

It's too bad we didn't meet
at some nightclub.

You could have danced over
and swept me off my feet.

Yeah, instead we had to go
to that ridiculous seminar.

What was it called?

Sex Crimes
and Serial Killers.

Yes, very romantic.

Uh, I, uh...

I really hate
to break this up

but Theresa's wanted outside.


Attention, please.

I know you're all here
to drink too much

and do things we'll be
embarrassed about tomorrow.

But there really is
a reason for this party.

Theresa Foley is receiving
a special commendation

for her role in the bank siege.

Plus, I just heard word

that they want her
to teach at Quantico.

Thank you.


I want to thank my
ex-partner, Danny McBaine

for backup, and, um...

Welcome home.

Listen, I, um...

I got a call
this morning.

Victor Blake has been
making some threats.

He's been pretty vocal
about you in particular.

Blake can say whatever he wants

as long as he says it
with his butt behind bars.

Let's go, Mom.

Come on,
let's go.

All right.
I'll see you later.


The handcuffs, too.

Nobody told me about that.

All metal has to be removed.

The MRI is basically
a giant magnet.

Any metal...

Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

You're going to have
to step out, too

while the machine's
in operation.

So, uh, if he'd
had left them on

and that machine
ripped my arms off

you think I could
sue the government?


What happened
to your leg?

Lie on the tray.

Easy, I'm going to
lean on you a little.


You know, we still got
that bottle of champagne

from your Uncle Vinny.

We could put the kids to bed.

You didn't tell me McBaine
transferred back to Virginia.

I didn't think
it was a big thing.

I didn't say
it was a big thing.

I said you didn't tell me.

What are you doing?

Uh, got a weapons buy at
the storefront tonight.

You didn't tell me.


didn't seem like a big thing.


So, how's
the investigation going?

It would be perfect
if they left me alone

let me do my thing.

You know, story of my life.

What's that supposed to mean?

You tell me.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute, Frank.

I'm on your side.

Yeah, well, I thought
the Bureau was on my side, too.

I'm not talking
about the Bureau.

I'm talking about our marriage.

What's the difference, Theresa?

We met at the Academy,
worked in the same office

talked about the same cases.

Hell, it's like
sharing a religion.

A religion
I don't believe in anymore.

Heads up, boys and girls.

Our friend Ramsey Bates
has just arrived.

Okay, Frank. It's show time.

All right, no problem.

Yo, Ramsey, my man,
what's happening, bro?

Hey, man, so you got
something for me or what?

Nothing, Jack. Nada, zip.

What do you mean
nothing, man?

Last weekend
it was no problemo.

You want a machine gun,
I get you a machine gun.

You want a case of
grenades, pick a number.

I mean, what's
happening here, man?

The National Guard's got
too much security, Jack.

What can I say?

Well, you can say you're
going to reel right around

and spin your butt back over
there and get me

my machine guns,
Ramsey. Hell.

I said I'd look into it.
I looked into it.

You know what?
I tell you what.

How 'bout I get you
some lock picks, huh?

Yolanda, get in here right now.

Frank's soliciting a crime.

Make it easy for you to get
through those doors, huh?

Hi, you guys sell DVD players?

What are you doing?

Okay, that's funny.
What are you doing here?

What do you mean,
what am I doing here?

What are you doing?

What the hell's going on here?
Frank, are you out of your mind?

You can't help someone break
into a National Guard armory.

Even you know that.
That's entrapment.

Chill out!

What are you
talking about?
Chill out!

Hey, man, I was just
trying to make the case.

Isn't that what we're
supposed to be doing here?

Arresting the bad guys,
locking them up, huh?

Well, stop looking at me.

Okay, Frank,
it's fine.

Okay, you two

it's way past
your bedtime.

Stacey, didn't
you hear me?

There's a man watching us.

What are you
talking about?

Move out of the window.

He's in the van

across the street.

FBI! Put your hands up!

What are you doing, Frank?

Nothing. I wanted to see
what's going on

when I'm not here.

What?! Wh-what do you think
is going on, Frank?!

Theresa, wait a minute.

Why won't Daddy
let us go in the garage?

He's working
on a secret.

What is it?

If I told you,
it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

What are you doing in here?

I'm looking for, uh,
credit card receipts.

I think
we got billed twice.

I'll get them for you later.

I was working on them now.

Look, I'm going
to the marriage counselor

I'm following all the rules,
but this office is my space.

I don't want
you in here.


Thank you.

Hostage negotiation is based
on something called "the rule

of reciprocity"

which is a fancy way of saying,
you do something for me

and I'll do something
for you.

Example: during
a recent bank takeover

I didn't include matches

when the gunman
asked for cigarettes.

I ended up trading a hostage
for a light.

Example two: they
ask you for food

get them greasy burgers
and double salt the fries.

The hostage taker
will get thirsty

want another soda

and you will have another thing
to trade for.


Theresa, we just got word.

Uh, Victor Blake
escaped from prison.

We think
he's looking for you.


How do you know that?

Prison informants
told us

he was making threats
toward you.

Before he escaped

he was caught
in the prison library

using the computer
to do an information search

trying to track you down.

How much did he find out?

He's got your address.

My address? Danny...!

Theresa, we're on it.

I have kids that
ride on a school bus

and play in the driveway.

"On it" isn't good enough.

What if he shows up?

That's why I'm here.

I'd like to offer you
24-hour protection
starting immediately.

Right. Frank would never go
for that in a million years.

We've been having
some problems.

We're seeing a
marriage counselor.

He doesn't trust
me or the Bureau.

Will you do me a favor?

Who is this one from?

Is that mine?

It's yours forever.

I love you, Daddy.

Look at that!

Isn't that great?

Please tell me that
this is some
kind of joke.

It's evidence.


Of what?

Frank, Danny and I met

because Victor
Blake escaped.

He's looking for me.

He knows where we live.

You really expect me
to believe that?

W-what's going on here?

What's wrong with you?

Would you please
stop what you are
doing and look at me?

Thank you.

Now, this guy
is out there

and our children
could be in danger.

I know you won't allow 24-hour
protection from the Bureau

so, I told Danny...

You're sleeping with him,
aren't you?


I'll take that as a "yes."

What is happening to us?!

You got to help me out here,

because the way you're acting...

The way I'm acting?

You're one to talk.

Sneaking around behind my back,
using these kids as an excuse

so you can go out
and do your little...

Whoa. Now, that's enough.

It's called


and you are under a lot of it.

Being reassigned
and all.

But you are not
the first to feel it.

I know it's been difficult.

Oh, what
do you know, huh?!

Look at you, then look at me.

You know absolutely nothing

about what I'm feeling
right now.

I think you're right.

Rex, leave
whatever you are doing

and report to the kitchen

Our guest has
a healthy appetite, Rex.

I want you to see
that he gets...

You're losing my page.

Are you guys ready

for school yet?


Well, come on, we're going
to be late, slowpokes.

Let's go.
Come on.

Hut! Hut!

Move along.

Bye, sweetie.
Bye, Mom.

Bye, Mom.

Bye, sweetheart.

Have a good day.

I get front seat.

Get your bag up,

I get front seat!

No arguing.

Slow down.

Seat belts on.

Hut, two, three, four.

I left it by the TV.

I know where it is.


You stay in the car
and watch your brother.

Now, that is
more like it.


Well, it sure
ain't yours.

Looks like about, uh,
what would you say?

$50,000 there, huh?

You want to tell me
where you got it?

It's for an investigation.

Come on, Frank.

I know the rules
for buy money

on a sting operation.

You don't put it

in your personal
file cabinet.

You stole that money.

So, what are you going to do?

Arrest me?

Is that what you want?

Is that what this is about,
because I...


What was that?

Put that away.

You know,
I was wondering, Theresa.

What would you do
if I grabbed my gun, huh?

You think you could draw on me
faster than I could grab it?

You want to try it?

Frank, stop it.

Going to make me?

Don't do this, Frank.

You know...

maybe I'm just picking it up,
you know...

putting it away.

Don't you trust me,


Don't do this.

What are you going to do?

It's your call, honey.

Where's Dad? We're late!

Stop it, or I'm telling.

Stacey forgot her homework.

They're waiting in the car.

I... better get the
kids to school, huh?

Ah... Theresa Foley--

always one step ahead
of some poor bastard

hanging by the end
of his leash.

You think you're
in control of them

that you're smarter
than they are.

You know what?

You don't control me.

You do...

You need help.

I want you out of this house
by tomorrow!

You and Mommy
should have a time-out.


When people fight at school

Mrs. Harris makes everyone
have a time-out.


Please don't go, Daddy.

I got to leave, Stacey.

Sometimes it's difficult
for kids to understand parents

and their problems.

You just remember
one thing:

no matter what happens,
I still love both of you

and I always will.

You guys are the most important
thing in my life.

You know that?

So you're not denying
that you signed

these bank deposit slips?

Of course it's my signature--
it's my account...

and Frank's.

It's your name on
the slips, not his.


And in the notebook,
it's in his hand, not mine.

That doesn't
explain the slips.

Come on!

Are you married,

My husband and
I just celebrated

our 20th wedding


Then you know, in a marriage

a husband and wife take
different jobs.

Frank was in charge of the lawn,
the cars, and the finances.

He'd ask me to sign something,
and I signed it.

According to your
husband's statement

he had no prior knowledge

of the deposits
into your account

until just yesterday.

That's a lie.

And he also
informed I.A.

that there was $10,000
missing from his buy money

when he checked it back
into evidence.

The deposits into your account

in your name, with your
signature on the slips

comes to $10,000.

Okay, look at the notebook.

Check the handwriting.

Apparently, Frank's been
skimming for years.

And what about the $40,000
that he didn't report?

I mean, you've seen
his record!

You all have!

he was my husband.

He would hand me something
from the bank

say he was too busy
to deposit it himself.

I didn't know what it was

and I didn't ask.

And I didn't do
anything wrong.

I'm late picking my kids up
from school.

There's going to be
an investigation, Agent.

We'll expect
your full cooperation.

Understood, Theresa.

Don't jeopardize your career

with the Bureau.

Anything I've said here

I will say again under oath.

The rest is up to you.

I'm not imagining things.

It's Frank.

I know his car.

It's the third time
tonight, Danny.

They're forcing me
to testify against him.

If I don't,
then I'll be indicted.

A charge against you
would never hold up in court.

That's not the point.

If I'm indicted, I lose my job.

Obviously I need the paycheck,
but it's more than that.

I like being a negotiator.
I'm good at it.

He's taken that away, too.


Stay strong, Theresa.
Hang in there.

Let me know

if there's anything I can do
to help, okay?

Not one word.

Back up.




Turn around.

My lawyer got in touch

with the Attorney
General's Office.

They thought
we could work out a deal

but they won't compromise.

Not with you
testifying against me.

I told them
the truth, Frank.

I have got
nothing left here.

I have lost my children

my job, my home,
and my marriage.

And now they want to put me
in prison?

That is not going to happen.

You understand me?

You say one word against me
in court

and I will kill you.

I will kill you.

You believe me, Theresa?

You hear
what I'm saying?

See you tomorrow, honey.

Mrs. Foley, is
this your signature

on these bank deposit slips?

Yes, it looks like
my signature.

Your Honor,
may the record show

that the witness is referring
to her signature

on Exhibits 18, 19 and 20.

Now, these deposits
were all cash deposits.

Did you receive this cash
from your husband

Frank Foley?

I-I don't remember.

Then where did this money
come from?


maybe cashed my paycheck...

or maybe I cashed
Frank's paycheck...

or... we could've sold something
at a yard sale.

A yard sale?

Mrs. Foley, didn't you sit
in my office

and tell me that your husband
gave you an envelope

that was filled with...?

Objection, Your Honor!

Prosecutor is leading
the witness.

Objection sustained.

Ms. Strickner, do you know
where you're going

with your own witness?

I thought I did,
Your Honor.

Mrs. Foley...

didn't you find this notebook

in your husband's

along with $50,000
in stolen cash?

I have no knowledge
of that notebook.

Your Honor, I request
that this case be dismissed.

It's clear that the State's
key witness cannot confirm

their accusations.

Your Honor

I move for a mistrial.

A mistrial?!
For what?!

You have no witness here!

I have a witness...
You Honor, how long
does my client...


...more than adequate time
to prepare her witness.

We're lucky
that we got a mistrial.

I guess your memory
doesn't work

when you're under
oath, Mrs. Foley.

Or did something else happen?

Did Frank
threaten you?

Is that it?

Neither of you gives a damn
about my life

or the lives of my children.

I made a decision this morning.

It wasn't easy.

We could have put you in
the witness protection program


I may still have
enough evidence

to force a guilty plea
or make him plea out.

D-Did you hear
what she just said?

You don't even need
my testimony!

It was your duty
to tell what happened.

As far as I'm concerned

you're no longer
a part of this organization.

I want your badge,
your gun

and your resignation,
effective immediately.

Resign, you'll get
two months' pay

and six months'
medical insurance.

Fight it, and you

will get nothing.

How are the kids?

They both miss
their father, and...

...Brian doesn't understand
why he's not here.

Any word?


They, uh...
they cut a deal.

Frank is going to prison

but only for a year.

It'll, uh, it'll seem
like hard time, though.

I mean, the, uh

the cons will think
he's a cop.

The hacks will think
he's an informant.

Pretty rough fall.

What are you going to do?

Get a job.

Raise my kids.

So, I'm just going to have
to get used to my new life.

Is there something wrong
with my application?

Well, nothing at all,
but you're vastly overqualified.

Special agent FBI,
instructor at the FBI Academy?

The job here focuses
on shoplifting

employee theft,
the occasional lost child.

That's fine with me.

I want a job where
I can be home most nights

to make dinner for my two kids.

You start Monday.


I get the front seat.

No, I do.

Mom, I get
the front seat.

Who got it the last time?


Get in back.

You in?

So, I've taken
both cameras...

From both these corners.

From the corners.

And let me show you
what I've done.

This camera that
was over here

John's hooking up here

so it'll turn.

I'll be home in about 45 minutes

so just pop the lasagna
in the oven.

Okay, but we're out
of milk and cereal.

Not anymore.

I just picked some up.

I'll be home
in about 45 minutes.

♪ That's where the devil
and the angels meet ♪

♪ He's the man with the sword
in his hand... ♪

Hey. Surprise.

Ms. Foley, your
car's leaking fuel.

You shouldn't
be driving it now.

No problem.
I called a friend.

All right, well, update me
if there's any news. Thank you.

Okay. They're bringing
in a chopper and the dogs.

They're going to find Blake,
I promise.

Take care of him.


How you feeling?

Oh, I will be
a wreck tomorrow

when the endorphins
wear off.

They should have given
the protection, Theresa.

Shouldn't have left you out
in the cold, I told you that.

You, uh, you sure you're going
to be okay, Theresa?

I'll stay here with you,
if you like.


I think I'm okay.

I am so glad you came

when I called.

Of course.

I couldn't think of anyone else
I wanted to see.


I'm glad.
I'm glad you did call.

♪ Standin' at the corner station
I thought I met you ♪

♪ Your eyes so soft
it felt like I would die ♪


Theresa, it's me.

Frank, I was
expecting this.

I'd like to come by,
see you and the kids.

No, Frank, no.

Look, I-I got my own place.

I'm not going to stay.

I just... I just want
to see you guys.

You know,
it's been a long time.

♪ I found a little courage,
I had the time ♪


Hi, guys.
Hey, how are you?

♪ Where the love is... ♪

♪ Where the love is... ♪

What did you
wish for, Mommy?

I can't tell you.

It's a secret.
That's the rule.

Happy birthday, Theresa.

You want a big piece, pal?

I want a piece
with a rose on it.

I want a piece
with a rose and a leaf.

I want a leaf, too.


Hey, bud.

Hi, Dad.

I'm getting a piece
with a rose on it.

You are?

And a leaf.

Really? Well, good to see you.

Happy birthday, Theresa.


Well, no cake for me, guys.

I just thought I'd bring
some flowers over, that's all.

I should have invited you,

You're still
part of the family.

Yeah, I don't
need your pity.

It's not pity.

Stacey and Brian
love you, Frank.

They need you around.

I should have
recognized that car.

You and McBaine, huh?

Guess I was right
all along? Huh?

When did it start?

When we first moved here
or right after? Huh?

Don't do this again, Frank.

Everything okay, Theresa?

Yeah, everything's fine.
Just keep the kids inside.

Frank... stop it!

Frank, stop it!

What the hell
are you doing, Frank?!


Just let him go!
Let him go!

I don't want
the kids to see...!


It's my house.

Mr. Frank Foley?

What's the problem?

I'm hereby serving you
with a restraining order

as issued by Judge Robert Statin
of the Family Court.

You are not allowed
to come

within a mile of your
ex-wife and her children

unless you petition
the court, sir.

Have a good day.

They're my kids, too.

We're just doing
our job, sir.

They're my
kids, too!

They're mine!

♪ You might think
that you are ♪

♪ Safe inside
your consciousness ♪

♪ And you might think
nothing ever happens ♪

♪ Ever happens
when you're away... ♪

Yo, Ramsey, my man.

What's happening, bro?

This is Jack-- Jack Richardson.

Long time no speak.
How's it been hanging?


Hey, listen,
you still got access

to that National Guard Armory?

'Cause I'm back in action,
my brother.

Got an AR here,
Jack. Nice.

AR is too big.

I like that.

That'll do.

Got any Derringers

or little .22s, or what?

I got .38s,

Great. Beautiful.

McKeller's Department Store.

Sorry, Vicki.

I got to leave
a few hours early.

That's the only time

I could get a doctor's

Okay. When do you
think you'll be back?

About 6:00.

All right, I
can handle it.

Judy and Raymond
are on the floor

so watch out
for the pregnant...

Oh, the shoplifter, who's
not really pregnant.

Yeah, I know. I
almost caught her
last time, you know.

Is Darrell
with the monitors?

Yeah, he should
be right there.

How you doing, Darrell?

Helping Mrs. Funderman here
find her little boy.

Seems to be missing
in the toy section,
am I right?

He's wearing a blue jacket
and a green cap.

I looked everywhere
before I came to you.

Okay, let's see if we can find
a blue jacket

and a green cap.

Bet you he's
by the video machines.

I just turned away for a second.

Not to worry.

One thing I've learned
on this job:

no one ever gets lost

'cause Big Brother's
always watching.

There he is.

Oh, my goodness.

He's with his father;
I'm going to kill them.

Brian asked me if there
really was a Santa Claus.

So, what did you tell him?

If you believe in him,
he believes in you.

Good answer.

After this

let's go upstairs and see Mom.

Yeah, sure.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, folks.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you, sir.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, thank you so much, folks.

Merry Christmas to you, sir.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, sir!


Say I give you money,
where does it go?

To the needy.

And who's that-- the needy?

People less fortunate
than ourselves.

People less fortunate
than ourselves, huh?


Well, you're standing out here

in that ridiculous outfit

begging money from
a guy who just pulled
a one-year stretch

and lost his job and his wife
and his children in the process.

You're asking me for money

when the only thought
on my mind is...

how to end my life with a touch
of my dignity intact.

Call that needy?

Guess so, yeah.

Buddy, you find somebody
out here more needy than us...

... you can have my car.

Got a CD player?

Hey, you guys,
what are you doing here?

I talked to Santa,
and Alicia and Stacey
sniffed perfume.

Where's Mom?

She went out on an errand,
but she'll be back by 6:00.

If you want to hang out
in her office, it's unlocked.

So, I'd say on average

we lose about two percent
of gross a year to shoplifters.

And that comes to about
1.8 million

which is actually
an acceptable loss.

Everything okay in here?


When is my mom coming back?

I don't know.
That's a good question.

Want me to try
on her cell phone?




Theresa, I have
a couple of bugs here

who really want to say hello.


Hey, guys!

How'd you know
I was just thinking about you?

Oh, my God!

This is Walker at McKeller's!

What was that?

Stacey? Brian?

Uh, Theresa...



Okay, uh, you guys stay here

and, uh, I'm going
to go check this out.


Quiet! Shut up!

Don't make a sound.

Get up.

Tell me where I find
Theresa Foley?

Where is she?!

She's gone! She's
gone; she's not here.

What do you mean, she's gone?

What do you mean,
she's gone?!

Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.

Kill you?

Only two people
are going to die today.

Copy that, 217922,
circling perimeter.

Waiting for instruction, over.

Police have surrounded

the Green Valley Mall
after a series of explosions

ripped through McKeller's
Department Store.

According to a police spokesman

armed gunmen are currently
in control of the building.

Do the exterior
monitors now.

Hurry up!

Okay. I'm sorry.

It'll just take a second.
That's it, okay.

Sit down right there.

Sit down.

Keep your hands
where I can see them.

Put them on your legs.
Put them on your legs.

Okay, how do I focus

this thing?

Just use the lever
on the right.


Quit whining.

Quit whining!

Theresa Foley,
head of store security.

Let her through.

Well, look at that.

Love of my life.

When they pick it up

tell him
we've taken several hostages

and no one enters the store.

Tell him!

We've taken several hostages,
and nobody must enter the store.

Our soldiers are watching
every entrance to the building.

Do it!


are you okay?

I was watching
the monitors

when the bombs
went off.

Ran downstairs,
helped people get
out of the store.

Where's Vicki?
She was with my kids.

Theresa, no
one's seen them.

I think they may still
be in the building.

to establish eyes now.

Let's hurry it up.

We still haven't
found the hostages.

Still trying to
find some eyes.


Danny, my kids are inside
that building.

We don't know that
for sure yet.

Well, I do.

I just spoke to them
half an hour ago.

And what the hell
are you guys doing

taking lead on this anyway?

It's been classified
as a terrorist act.

The store's being held

by a group calling themselves
the New Patriot Army.

The New Patriot Army?

What the hell do they want
with my department store?

This the only
way out?


Anybody in the
other offices?


They all left at 5:00.

Think I'll make sure.

Command, vents seem
to be blocked.


Wait, wait, wait.
Don't be afraid, you guys.

It's me.

It's Daddy.

What are you
guys doing here?

You're not supposed to be here.

We came upstairs

to see Mom.

Okay, you listen to me.

Some bad guys took over
the building

and I came here to protect you.

Brian, Stacey

you stay put, okay?

If you stay in this office
and don't move, you'll be safe.

I'll be
right back.

We're in position
on the loading dock.

They're speaking

through a hostage
named Vicki Maslow.

Vicki's part
of my security team.

She was with my kids, Danny.

Can you ask
if my kids are okay, please?

We aren't picking up anything
with the sound sensors.

Now, ditto the infrared.

Wall's too thick.

Big goose egg
on the New Patriot Army.

The anti-terrorist team
in D.C. thinks

it might be a false

Stark, get the men there.

Team One Command,
prepare for breech.

No. You're endangering the lives
of the hostages!

Alex, I think she's right.

Let's reconsider entry

and gain a little more
information first.

We're dealing
with explosive devices

and a terrorist group.

One hostage has already
been wounded.

It's my call, not yours.

I say we have to respond
and respond immediately.

Here, unhook yourself.

Get in your office.

Come on,
I need help.

Come over here.

He's gone into shock.

He's going to die

if he doesn't get any help soon
you know.

Get over here.

Did you hear me?

Let's go. Get in here.


Tell the Feds I see their team

and I want them out
of the building.

Do it.

He wants us
to pull back the SWAT team.

How does he know
where they are?

The security cameras cover
the whole store.

Fine. But I'm not
calling it off.

Alex, I really...

He knows what you're doing.

We're not
calling it off.

Stark, give me a 10-20.

Approaching the elevator, sir.

He's giving us ten seconds
to leave the area

or he'll set off another

Alex, please.

Start counting.

Start counting.


Now she's
counting. Nine.

Damn it, Alex,
you can't do this.


Back off, Foley.




You know
this is the wrong call.

Command, this place is wired.

Repeat, we've located a bomb.

Team One, this is Command.

Get out of the area!

You heard him. Move it.

Guess they know
I'm serious now, huh?

Please don't...



Read this.

Read it.



"We want food and water
in exchange for a hostage.

"This is not a negotiable demand

"and we don't want it brought
by a cop.

"We have a photograph here
of Theresa Foley

"the head of store security.

It's got to be her
or the hostage dies."

Off line.

Theresa, you yourself said
it could be just one suspect.

Now, they're asking
for you by name.

And although it's not his MO

it could be Victor,
it could be anybody.

We don't know who this is,
and I don't like it.

It doesn't matter
who it is.

They've got my kids

and I'm going
to get them back.

I need a radio
headset and a vest.

Call the Burger Palace.

It's only a
block from here.

The standard order,
and tell them

to double salt those damn fries.

♪ I guess you know
that you're a c-c-crazy one ♪

♪ Your active bragging
about your virtues ♪

♪ Don't impress me none ♪

♪ You've got no purpose... ♪

Okay, now I'm
on my cell phone.

We're-we're beginning
the exchange.


♪ Welcome, everyone, so glad
to see your testimony... ♪

Alex, he's entered
the security room.

Gives us a window of opportunity

to enter.

I'm ready. Now or never.

Do it.


I'm on the third floor.

I see one of the walkie-talkies
we use for security.

Okay, now, tell her
to ditch her radio.

Pick up the walkie-talkie.

I don't want anybody
else listening in.

Oh, and, uh...

tell her to
leave the food.

I understand.

Where do I take the food?

Um, he wants you
to leave it there

and to get rid
of your radio.

Vicki, my kids--
are they all right?

Yeah, he says
that they are.


There's only one suspect

isn't there?

One suspect, knows my name

and he won't eat the food
he requested.

Vicki, tell Frank Foley

I want to speak with him

Sit down!

Hi, honey.

Did you miss me?

So help me, Frank

if you so much as breathed hard
on those kids...

You're in no position
to be making threats.

I still have a hostage;
I control

the situation.

Then tell me what you want.

Isn't it obvious yet, Theresa?

I want you.

You know what my objective is:

the safety of Vicki Maslow
and our children.

Good answer.

Come out here.

Come out here!

Go, go, go.

Okay. Now, you walk
to your office

and we'll make
the exchange.

Delta Team is closing in

and I have a sniper in the air
as we speak.


Hey, baby,
stay right there.

See? I wasn't lying.

Mommy's here.

And she's going to stay with me

and help fight
the bad guys.


Now, what I need you two to do

is go outside with Alicia
and wait for us, okay?

Can you do that for me?

That's all right, kids.

You, too, Alicia.

Go on,
sweetheart. Go on.

It's all right.
We'll be right out.

going to be fine.


Drop your weapon!

Get down, now!

Use both hands.

You can't get away!

It's over!

Who says I'm trying to get away?

Command, I just picked them up
on the third floor, north side.

Is that what
this is all about?

Going out with a bang?

What about Stacey and Brian?

Who's going to take care of them
if we're both dead?!

Mention consequences
to the hostage-taker.

That's chapter six
in the manual?

If you give yourself up

I will help you
get a good doctor

and an attorney.

State alternatives;
offer to help the hostage-taker.

That's-that's chapter eight.

This is not a game.

I don't trust anything you say


You understand that?!

As far as I'm concerned,
this entire marriage was a sham!

I loved you!

Don't you finally get that?!

I still lie in bed

every night and think about you!

About our wedding!

And our first
Christmas together!

And when Stacey was born!

God... she was beautiful.

So beautiful.

I know... I know
what you're going through.

No, you think I don't, but I do.

Wishing like hell
that this all never happened

and wanting to get out of it

with just a shred
of dignity intact.

That's all.

They are in the conference room.

Command, I have a shot.

I'm taking it.

No, don't shoot!

Theresa's in there.

Get them out of there,
all of them.


Repeat: Abort.

No, don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

No matter what happened
between us

there's something inside of you
that hasn't changed.

I can see it.

It's who you really are.

It's the man I married.

Do what you got to do.

Just remember that when
you make your decision, Frank.

Stay back!

Back it up!
Back it up!

Okay, they're coming out.

I'm going out there.

Don't move!

Put your hands
back on your head!


Drop the gun!
Drop it!


I love you, Theresa.

Frank, no!

They awarded me this

for what happened
at the department store.

It should be yours.

I don't want an award, Alex.

I never did.

What about your old job?

You think maybe you want that?

So what did he say?

He offered me my old job back.


Thank you...

and thank you...

and you.

You ready to go?

So you still looking
for a partner?

Yeah, you know it.
Got anybody in mind?


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Last chance
to dig out of this hole ♪

♪ And I don't know if
I'm standing straight in line ♪

♪ Well, it's my last chance ♪

♪ I break into a tumble ♪

♪ As I stumble right back
into your arms again ♪

♪ Last chance to dig
out of this hole ♪

♪ And I don't know if
I'm standing straight in line ♪

♪ Well, it's my last chance ♪

♪ I break into a tumble ♪

♪ As I stumble right back
into your arms again ♪

♪ Last chance ♪

♪ It's my last chance ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Last chance. ♪