Hostage: Missing Celebrity (2021) - full transcript

When famous actor, Hwang Jung-min, is kidnapped and it is broadcast around the world, we will see how far his captors are willing to to for their money - and their message.

Honestly, I introduce myself to people

as a petty actor.

There are 60 staff members and actors.

The production sets the
feast. All I have to do is enjoy it.


Hwang Jung-min has
proven his star power again.

Over 50 million viewers have
watched films starring Hwang.

It's a record for a
lead actor in Korea.

I portrayed a bad gangster…

A severely mutilated corpse was
found in Paldang Dam yesterday.

A DNA test found the body is that of

the missing Namyangju café owner.

Police are investigating
CCTV footage near the scene.

However, as it is in a remote place,

they are struggling to find leads.

Here comes the star of In
Cold Blood! Hwang Jung-min!


The award-winning
box office sensation!

Smile, please!

What a smile!

Mr. Hwang? Could
you stand to the right?

- Over here, please!
- Now to the left?

Will he win another Best Actor Award?

How about a big thumbs up?

Thank you!

- Hold this for me?
- Yes, sir.

I feel sick from drinking
on an empty stomach.

Tell the director and the
others that I had to go.

Got my medicine?

Of course. Sure you're okay?

I'm fine. How many times must I say it?

You drank a lot tonight.
I'll drive you home, sir.

With your wife away,
going somewhere nice?

Where would I go?

I like being free in my home!


Go have another round
with the others and have fun.

- Yes, sir.
- Don't forget to call me in the morning.

Of course, sir. Take care.

- Good work.
- Thank you!

The interview is at one o'clock.

- Thank you.
- Thank you. Take care.

Isn't he that actor?

Hello, sir.

Aren't you used to seeing me by now?

By the way, my friend is so
grateful for your autograph.

- Really?
- Yes.

Then $30, please.

I don't believe this…

What is it? Did Tottenham lose again?

It's about a missing person.

You know the café
owner who was mutilated?

It's all over the news.

A part-time worker there
went missing with him.

But that's not in the news.

But the police must know.

Her sister thinks they're not
investigating properly and posted it.

I don't get it.

With CCTVs everywhere,
they'll find her soon.

Can I leave my car here like last time?

Yes, as usual.

I'll take it in the morning. Thanks.

Sure. Good night!

Holy cow!

For real?

You're Hwang Jung-min, right?

Star of Ode to My Father and Veteran?

"We don't have integrity, but
don't we have money!" Right?


What are you doing
on someone else's car?

But this is my car.

This is my car, right?

Stand straight.

Is it your car, huh?

How about a handshake,
Mr. Hwang Jung-min?

You're so strong.

Good night, then.

Wait! How about a picture?

I'm sorry. I drank too much.

I drank too.

I'm sorry. No pictures.

Mr. Hwang? I'm dying to know.

What stars did you do it with?

- What?
- Celebrities.

Who did you fuck?

Damn shitheads! Cut the crap.


How dare you? Fuckin' asshole!

Can you fight, huh?

You're a fighter, huh?


Damn bastards.

Where the heck is my key?

Not again.

What the hell!

Get lost!


Please, help me.

Fuck! It's not working!

Holy shit!


Shit! A celebrity?



You know that man, right?


Stop it!

Stop filming!

Is this Candid Camera?

You're YouTubers, aren't you?

Drop the act and let me
go before I call the cops!

Untie me now, bastards!

Who says you get your way? Bastard!

Being a celebrity doesn't make you God!

How dare you look down on us!
Think you can boss us around?

Wait! Hold on!

Not the face. I have
an interview later.

You crack me up.

Still don't get the picture?

This is real, birdbrain!

Mr. Hwang?

Think it's unfair?

- Who the hell are you bastards?
- Shut the fuck up!

You can't do this to me.

What did I do wrong?

If you were me, would you
just pass up a rich mega-star?

Think about it.

Is it for money?

You'll be sending me
money by 10:00 p.m. tonight.

We'll agree on the amount.

When it comes in, you can go home.

If it doesn't…

you'll end up like this.


Time is up, but only $80,000 came in.

Business has been
slow. It's all I could get.

I'll give you the rest
soon. I'm so sorry.

Asshole! But your
car is worth $100,000!

I'm so sorry.

No! Wait! I'll pay you!

Please don't!

Can I go now?

Thank you, sir!

- Thank you!
- Sir!

What about me?

Please don't go.

Please, sir.


You're sorry?


Then pray for her.


Yes, sir. I'll pray.

I'll pray, sir.

Dear God. Thank you for rescuing me.

Please send So-yeon home as well.



I'll fix it.

Is it funny?

No! No! No, sir!

Look! He's going!

Please don't do this. I
don't have any money!


Please don't kill me!

Don't kill me!

Stop! For God's sake, don't do it!

Stop it! Don't do it!

I'll pay! I'll pay you!
I'll give you the money!

Stop and let us go! I'll pay you!

How much did I say to give me?

Say it.



Then for the two of you…

How much?

I'll give you $500,000.


How many films did you star in, Hwang?

You get paid more
than that in one film!

Don't fuck with me!

You said to pay by tomorrow.

The withdrawal limit
per day is $500,000.

Of course I can give you more.

But as time goes by, people
will know that I'm missing.

You don't want that, do you?

$500,000. It's the
most I can give you now.

But when you get it,

promise you'll let us go.

Stop right there!


Come here!



- Hold still!
- Let go!

Yeom Dong-hoon? How does he know Bang?

They were cellmates.

Bang got Yeom Dong-hoon the
truck to abduct the café owner.

The truck's gone. They
must've changed the plates.

What about the girl
who also got abducted?

We're trying to locate
her, but it's hard, sir.

I'll start by grilling Bang first.

Watch the embargo policy.

Word on the abducted
girl can't get out.

Yes, sir.

Hey, Bang!

Who are your accomplices
besides Yeom Dong-hoon?

I'm not an accomplice!

All I did was sell a truck to
Yeom Dong-hoon, that jerk!

Yeom abducted a man and
was supposed to get $200,000.

But, when he only got $80,000,
he sent 17 pieces of the man home.

Said it's worth $80,000.

You just admitted to
selling Yeom the truck.

Tell me everything you remember
before I throw you in as an accomplice.

Let me try.

"All you gotta do is trust
your damn bro. Right?"

I'm a fan. I saw all your movies.

Say the line, "Come
at me!" from your movie.

I don't want to.

Just once?

"Come at me."

Like in the movie!

"Come at me!

Come at me, asshole!"


Hey, Hwang! Where's your card?

- What card?
- The OTP card!

I need it to wire the money.

I think it's at home.


Then how can we get the money?

Go get it at my house.
No one is home anyway.

What the fuck are you saying?

Boss? This bastard's playing with us.

Why would I do that
at a time like this?

What's your secret code.

Let's check his bank
balance to see if he's lying.

Wanna expose our location?

All the others begged for their lives.

Aren't you scared?

Why don't you believe me?

I promised you.

All I want is to get out of here.

So go to my house and take the card.

Get the PIN number and everything.

I'll go with Young-lok.

Set up the rest in the warehouse.

If I'm not back by 10:00 p.m.,

kill 'em both.




Thank you for earlier.

Your sister posted on the Internet.

About you being missing.

The police are looking for you.


But will they find us by tonight?


Once they get your money,
we can go home, right?

They showed us their faces.

It's one or the other.

They're sure they won't be caught.

Or they planned to
kill us from the start.


- Aren't you going?
- Bye.

You've got it wrong.

Yeom Dong-hoon is
incapable of doing that.

Choi Ki-wan.

Yeom Dong-hoon and Ko
Young-lok are Choi's underlings.

Choi Ki-wan is nasty.

I worked here for 25 years.

You can't let him go.


Didn't you hear the bell? Come out.

Maybe he's still doing
something bad right now.

We must locate Choi Ki-wan
first. He's the one in charge.

Based on what?

Bang said Yeom is working for someone.

It's Choi Ki-wan, sir.

When Choi worked at a mine,

he stole explosives and
abducted the manager.

I'll check out his address first.


Miss? Listen!

Kick that piece of glass over here.

Try to kick the piece
of glass over here.

For what? Don't do anything.

It's okay.

Just kick the glass
piece over. Don't worry.

You don't know them!

They're totally scary.

Just kick it over here.
Don't you want to get out?

Good. Over here.

Kick it to my feet.

That's it!


I'm sorry.

Please be quiet!


Having a good time, huh?

I'm telling the boss.

Why you! Go ahead.

Mister! Get up! Hurry!

I gotcha, bastard.


Star actor?

Stop staring.

Never seen a C-cup?

You get on my nerves.

Don't act like an angel.


The person you are
calling is unavailable…

What the hell are you saying?

Think you can do the interview?

That's not what I meant.

If my manger can't reach
me, he'll call the police.

I should call him to say I
can't go to the interview.

If you say anything, you're dead.

The pill must be strong.

He drank a lot last night.
Of course he can't get up.

The doctor said he must
take the pill regularly, sir.


Wait a minute, sir.


The person you are
calling is unavailable…

He must be too busy to take
calls from an unknown number.

Fuck! Then what?


Sung-woong? It's me, Jung-min.

Hi, brother!

What's with this number?

I'm borrowing someone else's phone.

About our interview
later, I can't make it.


Why can't you come?

Something came up at home.

Do me a favor?

Can you call my agent for me?

I can't reach him.

What's wrong? You're not
one to miss an interview.

Are you abducted or something?

Abducted? Are you out of your mind?

Just kidding. Tell me what's going on.

- What's wrong?
- Hang up now!

Tell my agent, okay?

And to the reporters,

Seo Do-chul and Choi Chul-ki.


Tell Seo Do-chul and
Choi Chul-ki I'm really sorry.

Seo Do-chul and Choi Chul-ki!

Who's that?

Park Sung-woong, the actor?

"I'll let you live."

No! The reporters! Why mention them?

An interview got canceled
because of me last time too.

I owe them an apology.


Anyone home? It's the police.

We're from Seoul Metro Police.


The door is opened.

"Stylish Hwang Jung-min,
the star actor, is here."


He's here. Right here.

- Where are the others?
- The warehouse.

Is it far from here?

Five minutes away by
walking or half that if you run.


I have to take my medicine.

It's for my heart.

If I miss taking it once,
I'll have complications.

Could you buy me a calming…

Cheongsimhwan for the heart?

I can't.

Boss said I can't go
anywhere because of my face.


Are you okay?

I set up everything in the
warehouse and am on my way back.

At least untie my
hands? I can't breathe!

Hell no! I can't!

Hey, loser.

Take it.


Hey, Hwang.

I looked everywhere
you said, but it's not here.

Look carefully. It's there!

Trying to buy time hoping
the police will save you?

Tell me on the count of three.



Your family is returning
from a trip, huh?

It's at the store!

It's with my keys!

I left it at the store!

If it's not there either,

I'll ask your family at 8:00 p.m.

Is he taking a shower?

- Hello, Mr. Park.
- Hi.

Jung-min called earlier and said
he couldn't come. What's going on?

But I'm outside his house now.

Why did he tell you that instead of me?

What did you do wrong this time?

And who are Choi
Chul-ki and Seo Do-chul?


He said to tell the
reporters that he's sorry.

But I didn't see them
on the press list today.

Of course they're not.

Choi Chul-ki and Seo
Do-chul aren't reporters.

They're detectives in
The Unjust and Veteran.

They were his names in those movies.

Wait a minute.

If he said to deliver a message
to Choi Chul-ki and Seo Do-chul,

does it mean to report to the police?

Report what to the
police? Are you still drunk?

Right. I'll call you later, sir.

Sir! It's Kyung-hyun!


We're fucked!

Wake up, mister!

Bad heart!

He says missing
one pill could kill him!

What the fuck?

Buy him a cheongsimhwan.

He said that would help.

Shut up, bitch.

Pretty convincing.

The best star actor, huh?


That's gross!

What if he dies like that?

Fuck! Don't fall for it!

Are you stupid?

If he dies, we're
fucked! We get nothing!

Just buy him one pill?

Can't you even do that?

I told you to shut up, bitch!

Wait! Stop. Zoom in, please.

It's him.

I'm sorry.

I can't give you the keys just
because you say you're his agent.

If something goes
wrong, it'll be my fault.


You work hard to live, huh?

- Buying something?
- I ran out of soy sauce.


I'll be back.

Put Hwang on.

- What?
- He's practically dying.

I came out to get some pills.

He's putting on an
act! Don't you get it?

You have to see him, boss.

He's drooling and
even pissed his pants!

If he dies, we're fucked.

Use your head, you fuckin' moron!

I'll pull your tongue
out and burn you to hell!


Call me back within three
minutes, and put him on!

If you're late one second,
I'll cut off all your fingers.

Sick psycho son of a bitch.

When I get the money, I'll kill you!

Son of a bitch!



Oh no!

Is he dead?

Oh shit! What do I do?

Untie his hands first!

No! I can't.

Hurry up!


Hurry! You have to save him!


Do CPR to save him!


Shh! It's okay.


Are you okay?

Let's go.

Come on.

Run! Run! Run!


Come on!

Let's talk.

Please let us go.

I promise I won't report this.

You lying asshole!

Come on!

- What the fuck!
- Baby!


Let go, bastard!


Stop it!


Fuck! No!

Come on! Run!


Oh shit!

Listen to me.

At this rate, we'll both be
caught. I'll lure them away.

You hide here, then
run away when it's clear.

It's okay. You can do it. Okay?


Don't move.

Is this how you treat a fan?

Don't move.

Freeze, you son of a bitch!


The person you are
calling is unavailable…

- That's it! 4064.
- Right.

Excuse me! Wait!

Wait a minute!


I'm Detective Jang
of Seoul Metro Police.

May I see your ID, please?


We're investigating a
case. Please cooperate.

I don't have to show my
ID for random questioning.

What if we took you to
the station? Choi Ki-wan?

Choi. Put your hands up.

Hands up.

You're scaring me.

I said hands up!

I'll show you my ID.

- Stop!
- Hands up!

Floor it.

Are you okay?

Suspect Choi Ki-wan is on the run!

This is unit 12! Choi is
headed for the intersection!

- Stop the car, Choi! Pull over!
- Choi Ki-wan!

Smash 'em!

Faster! Floor it!

Hold tight!

Look out!

Step back.

It's dangerous!

Go back.

It's dangerous.

Get him!

You bastards!

Let go!

I said freeze!

It's a bomb!

Are you okay?

That bastard!

Damn it!

- Go that way.
- Right!

Over here, please!

- Ko Young-lok!
- What's your motive?

- Why did you make the bomb?
- How many accomplices are there?


- We have to get inside.
- Mr. Ko! A word please!

Let us through!

Are there other crimes you committed?

- The café owner.
- Pardon?

We killed the café owner!

Take him inside now!

We killed the café owner!

What else did you do?

We abducted Hwang Jung-min!

Hwang Jung-min, the actor?

Why'd you abduct him?

We abducted Hwang Jung-min!

Hwang Jung-min!


You borrowed $58,000
from a casino loan shark.

It's because of this?

You abducted and killed a man for this?

Where are the hostages?

Tell me! Where are they?

Turn the camera off.

Want a smoke?

Ko Young-lok.

I know guys like you very well.

Got discharged, have no
money and no one to take you in.

So you hate the world.

It's not your fault.

You just did what Choi Ki-wan told you.

Isn't that right?


You're still young.

You can lead a good life.

I'll help you.

Think of me as a brother and tell me.

Where is Mr. Hwang Jung-min?

Son of a bitch! Come in here now!

He bit his tongue!

Watch his head!

- Open his mouth!
- Call an ambulance!

A house!

- Sir? Sir?
- Who are you?

Please help me. I need your help.

You're hurt badly.
I'll get some medicine.

No, sir! Listen.

I've been abducted. Could
you report it to the police?


No. Could I borrow a phone?

A cell phone?

Use the phone in
there. I hate cell phones.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir!

Who would do that here in Sinseong-ri?


Wait! Sir!

Please open the door!

It was first reported by YTN at 1645.


Then Ko Young-lok was arrested.

Further reports will air
on KBN, YTN, and MBC.

This is what he was wearing
when he went missing.


Chief Park?

He came to my house.

I caught him. Come and see.

I told you to stop calling, sir.

There's no one threatening you.

It's real this time.
He came to kill me.

Come and see for yourself!

I'm busy, sir. I'm hanging up.


Wretched fool!

Detectives Oh and Jang, do the legwork.

Detectives Yoo and
Lee will work the desk.


That old man!

Fully support these
two from Seoul Metro!

Yes, sir!

Damn asshole thinks he's so big.


You're from the furniture workshop.

Did you see a man with
red skin and curly hair?



I thought I heard someone inside.

I said no!

He sent you, didn't he?

Bring him! This
time, I'll cut his ear off!

Get lost!

Okay, okay.

Let's go!

- Confess your crime to the cops.
- Cell phone, please!

Good manners, huh?

Took your shoes off to go inside?

The country is shocked to learn of
actor Hwang Jung-min's abduction.

In a back alley late at night,

the culprits attacked Hwang
Jung-min with a stun gun.

Ko, the arrested suspect, said
they targeted expensive cars.

Police have issued an open search
on Choi Ki-wan and Yeom Dong-hoon.


We abducted Hwang Jung-min!

Suspect Ko claimed they have
abducted actor Hwang Jung-min.

As the suspects' identities are
known, the investigation is at large.

Police are standing guard
outside Mr. Hwang's house now.



I'm at the laundromat for the money.

Hwang played you for a fool.

He told us the wrong code.

Stupid asshole.

Let's end this. Put the bastard on.

Boss? Set-byeol is hurt badly.

The shitheads shot her!



I said Set-byeol got shot!

So what!

You fell for that
crazy bitch and lost it!

I gotta take Set-byeol
to the hospital fast, sir.

Give me my share first.

Yeom Dong-hoon.

Use your head, moron. The
cops are onto our accounts.

They're frozen.

Wire it to here. I'll take 10%
and give you the rest in cash.

Yeom Dong-hoon.

Put the bastard on now.

I'll get you the money.

I'll even pay for her hospital bills.

You son of a bitch!

Why keep changing the deal?

You said you'd give me
the café owner's cash too!

You took it all, you bastard!

Are you insane?

You know what happens if you betray me.

The hell with it!

Stop fucking around,
and bring my money now!

If you don't come by
10:00 p.m., I'll kill 'em all.

I'll kill you too.




You'll get caught, too.

Boss isn't caught yet.

Be quiet. I'm not talking to you.

Abducting, murder…

What do you think happens
when you get caught?

I'm not talking to you!

I didn't kill anybody!

I just did what I was told.

Boss said he'll give me a
lot, so I just followed orders.

Hello? Boss?

Put Hwang on now.

Hey, Hwang!

I'm outside your house.

Give me the wrong bank code again,

I'll cut your family to pieces.

Really? You made the right choice.

The police should be
at my house by now.

Turn yourself in there.

You saw my movies, right?

I played detectives and lawyers.

If you get caught, you'll
get sentenced to life.

What the fuck? Wanna die?

Yes, that's right.

Just tell this man to let us go now.

Then I'll tell the police
to get you out earlier.

I'll give you the money too.
That's what you want, right?


What money?

- Who are you talking to?
- The boss.


Stop it!

You son of a bitch! Did you
plan with Ki-wan to run away?

And screw me over?

No way. Boss would never betray us.

The bastard said to free him!

You loser!

Think I'm a loser? You bastard!

Traitors must die! You asshole!

Die! Die! Die!


Please tell us how the investigation
is currently being conducted.


We're tracking down suspect Choi Ki-wan
by analyzing CCTVs and questioning.

Hey, mister.

Are you in or out?

Police assume Choi fled from
Gangnam to Yeongdeungpo-gu.



My arms are asleep. It hurts.

My arms feel dead.

Do you know what?

I started working on Monday.

I got the job after 37 interviews.

My dad was so happy.

I auditioned over 100
times when I started acting.

They all laughed at me

for being an average looking man
with red skin and a southern accent.

There is so much I haven't done yet.

I don't want to die.

I really don't want to die.

Who says you're going to die?

You'll get out. Don't worry.

Captain, we found the truck!

It's dented as expected.

We also have witnesses who
saw the culprits getting in the taxi.

We can track back from
here and find their hideout.

We got a tip on Choi's
location. We'll go and get him.

Get moving!

There is no withdrawal
yet from Hwang's account.

We must catch them
before they get the money.


You work on finding their hideout.


- Hello.
- But…

On your way to find me?

Seize him!

Take him in!

I regret it big time.

If Hwang Jung-min wasn't a star,

the cops would still be doing nothing.

Think you're so clever, huh?

If I didn't turn myself in,
you wouldn't catch me.

You surrendered because you know
you can't get paid and will be caught.

To pin it on the others

and get a reduced sentence,
you dirty son of a bitch.


I want 20 years less with
$3,000 a month kept in holdings.

You think that's possible?

It'd better be. You don't have time.

If I don't get back by 10:00
p.m., Yeom will kill them both.

Any word from Pyeongtaek?

We won't get the truck's
route until tomorrow, sir.

Let's take him. We
have no other choice.

He's buying time on purpose.

We must save the hostages.

Get up.

You're the only one who
knows where Mr. Hwang is?

Prove it to us first.

Wrong! We gotta
agree upon a deal first.

You bastard!

Detective Koo! Stop!

Take him out!

Choi Ki-wan, listen to me.

If the hostages die, even
the President can't help you.

They gotta be alive
for you to have a deal.

What'll it be?

You should choose wisely.

I gave you a choice.


Let's not waste time.

I'll rescue Hwang Jung-min for you.

Choi Ki-wan revealed
the hideout! Move out!

The task force will go to the hideout.


Send all forces there.

- Called the medical team?
- They're on their way there.

Let me go! Chief Park!

Not him again.

- Who is he?
- Sir!

He lives alone in the
mountain. He's delusional.

- Chief Park!
- He calls and says someone will kill him.

- He's a pain.
- I'll catch that red-face fool!

He says he was kidnapped!

Let me go!

Please go back, sir!

I'll catch the red face for you!

Let go of me!

Wait a minute!

Sir? Have you seen this man?

Where are you going?

We gotta wait for the boss.

Wait till ten o'clock.

Boss said to wait till ten o'clock.

You don't want to make him mad.

How much will you get?


How much did Hwang Jung-min
promise to give you, bastard!

Think I don't know?

Think I'm a loser like
you? You son of a bitch!

- Boss? You two can't fool me!
- No way!

No way, my ass! You shithead!

You bastards killed Set-byeol.


If you'd paid up, it
would've ended quietly.

You were going to
kill us from the start!

You knew?

The police caught one of your
members. Then they'll come...

Think you're so smart, huh!

Stop. Please don't do this.

Why? Wanna live?

Then repeat after me.

"Please let me live. I'm a bastard.

Just kill the bitch, please."

Say it.

Then I'll let you live.


No, mister! You don't
believe him, do you?

Yes, I'll let you live.

So say it.

"Please let me live.

I'm a bastard.

Just kill the bitch, please."

Don't be fooled, mister! He's lying!

Be quiet! I have to live!

How could you?

"Please let me live. I'm a
bastard! Just kill the bitch"…

- How could you!
- "I'm a bastard!" Just kill her!

That's it!

I knew you were an asshole!

Your act made me sick!

What are you doing?

What are you waiting for!

Hit him!

I'm not a loser!

I am not!

Get up! Hurry!

Are you okay?

I'm sorry about earlier.

- It's okay.
- Look.

I didn't kill anyone.

It's for the money to fix this
and pay my mom's hospital bills.

I didn't kill anybody!

Right. Thank you.

Let's leave here together.


Yeom Dong-hoon!

Yeom Dong-hoon!

Open up, Yeom Dong-hoon!

Yeom Dong-hoon!

Look here!




You should've made the right choice.

If something goes wrong,

lure 'em here and blow 'em up.

That sick psycho!

- Let's go in.
- Okay.

Requesting backup at
Sinseong-ri furniture workshop.

It's over Yeom Dong-hoon! Drop the gun!

Fuck you!

I'll blow his head off!

It's okay. Just drop the gun.

Stop! No! Stay back!

Save the bitch! Stay away from me!

- Are you okay?
- Your gang is all caught, but you.

Just put the gun down.

Cut the crap! Stay back!

- Stop! Close the door!
- Freeze! You bastard!

- Yeom Dong-hoon!
- You son of a bitch!

Come back!

Get in! Get in now!


Choi Ki-wan!

Let go!

You bastard!

Come on!

I'll kill you then rip
your family to shreds!

Try it!

Try it, asshole!

Son of a bitch!

Mr. Hwang!

It's over. Let go of him!

Let go!

Actor Hwang Jung-min
and the abducted girl

were safely rescued
by the police last night.

Fortunately, both of them
were confirmed to be unharmed.

Now, they are in stable
condition at the hospital.

The police arrested all the suspects…


Mr. Park Sung-woong?

Think it's unfair?

Good work.

- What's the next scene?
- It's scene 71, sir.

Scene 71.

- Mr. Hwang is here.
- Where?

Long time no see, man!

What's with the beard?

- Have a drink.
- Thanks.

Are you sure you're okay?

Stop asking. I came because I'm fine.

Everyone I meet asks if I'm
okay as if they expect me not to be.

When will you start working again?


You're all dead. I'll
get right back on top.

You're scaring me.

Let me in, huh?

Hello, sir.

He's new.

He plays the killer.

Similar, huh?

I'm Hur Nam-joon, sir.

What a great casting job, huh?


It's time to rehearse.

- Already?
- Yes, sir.

I'll finish up quickly. Let's
get wasted at the pub here.


Do you mind taking a picture with me?

I'm sorry. Maybe next time.

No, it's okay. Let's take it.

- Thank you, sir.
- I'll take it.

Ready? Look here, please.

One, two, three!

Subtitle translation by: Esther Kwon