Hostage (1983) - full transcript

Horrific true tale set in late 1970s Australia and later West Germany about an abused wife who learns in horror that her sadistic German-born husband is actually a fanatical neo-Nazi.

(dramatic music)

(women screaming)

- Bitches.

(horn honking)

(crowd chattering)

- Roll up, boys, come
on and try your luck.

Any three aces wins a prize.

Come on, who's next?

Step up.

You look like a good sport.

- Let's go.
- Thank you.


Another one.
- Bad luck, come on.

- You'd even miss your bus home.

- Oh, never mind.

Come on, who's next,
who's next, boys?

Come on. - champion.

- You, okay.
- champion.

- Where's your money?

- What do you think I'm gonna
do, split to Tasmania?

- Well, we can all live
in hope, can't we?

- Fox!

Watch this, this is
class in action.

- [Christine] The king at work.

- It's safe, brother, it's safe.

(crowd laughs)

what do you got, bricks
behind there or something?

Hey listen, babe, tell me,
what's the bullseye worth?

- A hell of a lot more than
what you've got, buddy.

- How do I know it'd be
worth that anyway, eh?

- It's just something you'll
never find out, mate.

(crowd laughs)

oh, oh shame.

- Wear it, moll!

- Why don't you try
the ghost train?

Okay, come on, who's next?

Roll up, boys, and
try your luck.

Any three aces wins a prize.

Oh, hello.

- Have a good night, Christine?

- Sure did.

- You're sure making a bit

out of this teasing
routine, aren't you?

- Jealous?

- Sure, of the money.

Now let's go and spend some, eh?

- Hey, you two, how about
coming to town for a rage?

(all laugh)

- [Christine] Not
in my work clothes.

- No.

(sparks buzzing)
(dramatic music)

(upbeat rock music)

(Walter singing in German)

- Freda, how much do
you know about Walter?

- Not much.

Keeps to himself
most of the time.

He just came in off the road
one day looking for work.

Mum hired him
because she reckons

Germans are better
workers than Aussies.

- God, she must be pretty
disappointed with you and John then!

- You're not wrong!

Interested in Walter, eh?

He sure is spunky.

- Just curious, that's all.

- Well, you'd do better with
him than that bum Gary.

- Gary's alright.

Anyway, if you reckon
Walter's so great,

why don't you make a
play for him yourself?

- Because, darling, he's
got the hots for you.

- [Lee] Hi, Chris, hi Freda.

- Hi, Lee.

Well, there's your lover boy.

- Bastard.

- They're all the same.

- Oh hi, Walter.

- He's come to cheer you up.

He likes you.

- Oh yeah, and how do you know?

- By the way he looks
at you, that's how.

- I look a bit of
a mess right now.

- You look something
quite special.

- Well, anyway, how do we
know this thing's a he?

- Because I made him.

- Really?

It's not bad, you know?

- It would've been better
if I made it in Germany.

The wood there is better.

- Germany sounds a neat place.

Mrs. Hoffman's told
me a lot about it.

- Not bad, you know?

Better organised than here.

- Well, that wouldn't be hard.

- You'd like Germany.

- Maybe, I'll never
know for sure, will I?

- Anything is possible.

♪ Who will wave to the maidens ♪

♪And dance with them
and cheer them ♪

♪ When the shine
of hope is near ♪

- What do you think this is?

- What does it look like?

- Where's my leather jacket?

- Take it and all
the other stuff

I was stupid enough to buy you.

And by the way, what did you
do with all that other stuff?

- [Gary] What are
you talking about?

What other stuff?

- [Christine] Do you
want a written list?

- [Gary] You smart bitch.

- [Christine] Yeah, I
suppose you pawned it

to try and impress
that old tart.

- Oh, you got cheek.

See that, that's real gold.

She's got class.

- So have I.

Oh fuck off!

- [Gary] Don't listen to her.

- Forget him, he's not worth it.

You deserve someone
better than that.

- Oh, I don't need anyone.

- Don't you?

- No, what I need is a drink.

I think it was his grandmother!

(all laughing)

- It probably was too.

- Or his sister.
- Yeah.

- Hey, girls, you wanna
make some easy money?

- Oh, piss off, you two.

We don't need it.

- Cheeky.
- That's not very friendly

of them, is it?

Maybe 100 bucks an hour
is above their league.

- Piss off.

- Hey, you don't want us to piss
off, do you sweetheart, eh?

- You heard what she
said, get lost.

- Woo.
- Phew.

You wouldn't like us to
go away, would you now?

Come on.

- Don't touch her.

- And what are you
gonna do about it, eh?

(punch thuds) (man groans)

- Alright, okay, okay,
we're going, all right?

- Yeah, and don't come back.

(dramatic music)

(Walter knocks)

- Hi, Christine.

- Hi, Walter, hot
enough for you?

- Yes, it is hot.

You can use my car
whenever you want.

- Oh, thanks Walter, but the
other guys let me use theirs.

- I don't want you to
use anything of theirs.

- Possessive, huh?

- You're too good for them.

- But not for you, Walter.

Do you want to own me?

- I want to treat
you like a lady.

- How do you know I want
to be treated like a lady?


- You forgot to dot the Is.

(dramatic music)

(both speaking in German)

- okay, give it to me, come on.

- Remember who taught you.

- Ooh. (laughs)

(dramatic music)

(guests chattering)

(Walter speaking in German)

- Happy birthday.
(speaking in German)

- Happy birthday, Mum.

(crowd chattering)

- (laughs) Walter
wants to marry me!

- Walter wants to marry you?

- He said he wants to marry me.

Hey, Walter, come back.

Hey, Walt, can I come in?

Walter? What's all this for?

- I wanted this evening
to be special surprise.

- Oh, you're serious!

You mean you really meant it?

- I love you, Christine.

I want you to be my wife.

- [Christine] oh, you
must be kidding.

- I want to take you
away from all this.

- Why, I like it here.

Besides, I don't
want to get married.

Oh, hell - I was never a
daughter, I was a referee.

- [Woman] Hey, you two,
what's taking so long?

- I promise to be a good
husband and father.

- [Christine] Father?

- Yes, I want to have
children with you.

- Children? Christ,
that's just not my thing.

I want to have fun out of life.

- [Man] Come on!

- Won't be a sec.

- But I can give
you a better life.

- Look, being a wife
and mother doesn't fit

into the life I want.

Thanks anyway.

It's been a lot of fun, Walter,
why'd you have to spoil it?

- Don't go.

- What's that for?
shotgun wedding?

- Christine, I'm serious.

If you don't marry me,
I'II shoot myself.

- What's got into you, Walter?

Quit fooling around.

- Marry me, Christine.

- Put it down, Walter, and
stop acting like a loony.

- Don't leave. (gun clicking)

I mean it.

- I'm going back to the party.

- Christine!

(gunshot banging)

(siren blaring)

- Stop blaming yourself,
it's not your fault.

- How is he?

- He refuses surgery unless
you agree to marry him.

- She's only a child.

- I don't want to get married,

but I don't want
him to die either.

- Time is running out.

- Oh, I don't know.

I don't know.

- It would be a godly act
to grant him his last wish.

- [Nurse] Dr. Garbling,
please go to reception.

Sister Newton
wanted in ward six.

- It's alright, he will live, Mrs.
Mare sch.

- Mrs. Mare sch?

(horn honking)

(kids chattering) (horn honking)

Mum, how could you?

- Hm?

- These bills are
six months old.

(Walter clattering upstairs)

- So how long do we have
to put up with that then?

- It's not easy for
him either, Mum.

- When are you going through
with the annulment?

- I'm not.

I married the man, and I'm
gonna try and make it work.

Anyway, it's too late.

- What's that supposed to mean?

- I'm pregnant.

I'm gonna have the baby.

- That's a hell of a price
to pay for feeling guilty.

Do you love him?

- I'm trying.

- It'll be alright when I
get better, I promise.

- Thanks, Mum.

- By the way, Christine,
your grandparents

are sending over the baby's
presents at the weekend.

Are Walter's parents
sending over anything?

Are they, Walter?

- Knock it off, Mum.

- Well, I only asked.

Anyway, why doesn't he
ever talk about them?

Perhaps family life
doesn't appeal to Walter.

- It looks good, Walter.

- [Nurse] Nurse Collins,
please contact ward nine.

- You picked a name yet?

- Mhm, Amanda.

- [Nurse] Dr. Jones,
please go to reception.

(Freda speaking in German)

- Hello, Mandy
(speaking in German).

- Well, now say something
that I can understand.

- Hello, Mandy, I'm your father.

Now Mandy knows as
much German as you do.

- Another mouth to feed.

(biker squeals) (Amanda crying)

(both speaking in German)

(tool buzzing)

- Hey, kraut, knock off!

- Going after the
boss’s job, eh?

(both laugh)

(dramatic music)

- what's the matter?

- I don't feel like it, Walter.

- You never feel like it lately.

What's the matter?

Joining forces with your mother?

- Nothing is the matter,
Walter, it's okay.

- It's okay for whom?

- Please, Walter,
don't make a scene.

- A scene?

All I want to do is make love
with you as husband and wife.

- Alright, if that's
what you want.

- What are you trying to do
to me, Christine? Degrade me?

Don't you have any
feelings for me?

Don't you think I
have feelings too?

I'm not some damned animal.

- I'm not saying you are.

- You wanted me
before but not now.

What sort of a crazy
world are we living in?

- Oh shush, you'll wake Mandy.

- Do you love me or don't you?

- Oh, look, you know
why we got married.

- Well, my darling wife, if
you don't feel up to it.

(glass shattering)

we'd better turn off the light.

(glass shattering) -
Oh for Christ’s sakes,

Walter, it can't last
any longer like this.

(horn honking)

where'd you get it?

Who's is it?

- Yours.

For a day.

(upbeat music)

(horn honking)

- You know, I used to come
up here as a kid sometimes.

Oh, it was good to be above
the mills for a change.

Better than down
there eating it.

I promised myself I'd get
away from this place one day,

but I'm still here.

- I'll take you to Germany.

There are people there
who share my dream

for a better life
for our children.

And I want you to
be a part of it.

These Australians have
no sense of purpose.

No pride in their work or
love for their country.

You don't belong here.

- So how do I get out?

- I'm working on it.

- [Reporter] Fire brigades
from every station within

a radius of 30 miles battled
the inferno for over six hours

before finally bringing
it under control.

Seven firemen were treated

for smoke inhalation
and exhaustion.

While the blaze, spurred on
by exploding gas pockets--

- Hey, Walter, isn't
that where you work?

- Looks like it.

- Does that mean you're
out of a job again?

- There are plenty of
better jobs in Germany.

- Germany?

- I've been offered
a job in Munich.

We leave Saturday.

- Oh, that's great.

- [Reporter] Raised
solely by public support.

The lord mayor publicly praised

those community-minded people
who gave so generously

for the job of their
fellow citizens.

Three people were injured
when two cars collided

on the city bypass today.

One car overturned on impact
and rolled down an embankment,

trapping the two occupants.

(both speaking in German)


- Cheers.

- Let's go, my dear,
and we're gonna fly.

- [Host] After the
first round in which

Mr. Binks had the misfortune
to misplay his turn,

it is Miss Templeton 900, Mr.
Binks four

- can't go yet.

- What do you mean yet?

- I'm pregnant.

- Pregnant?

Well, that's great.

Yeah, great.

When did you find out?

- Christine, you're missing
your favourite program.

- I got the results back today.

- Come on, Christine,
it's Hogan's quiz show.

- So we shall have our
baby born in Germany.

- Walter, I'm having
an abortion next week.

- An abortion without asking me?

- [Mum] what are you two
talking about in there?

- Walter, I don't want
another child, not now.

- Turn that bloody thing down!

- What did you say, Walter?

- Christine, you can have
an abortion in Germany.

- [Host] I'd say this
is anybody's game.

- I said turn that
bloody crap down!

- It's all been arranged.

Is a couple of days
going to matter?

- Yes, Christine, it does.

We're already
booked on a flight.

Besides, we have the
best clinics in Germany.

- [Host] He's getting
on the table?

He's getting on the table.

- We'll take care of it there.

- [Host] He said three,
two, two, two, one!

- How Can you watch this crap?

(glass shattering)

- [Christine] what happened?

- My TV.

- You're a mess.

Look at the filth you live in.

- How dare you speak to
me like that in my house.

- And what a house.

No wonder your old
man pissed off.

- Stop all this.

(Amanda crying)

- Christine, we are
leaving here now.

- [Christine] But Walter...

- Christine, how can
you go with him

after all I've done for you?

- After all you've done for me?

Oh listen, Mum, I'm gonna make
a go of it, not like you.

You never tried to keep
it together, but at least

I'm trying because my
daughter deserves that much.

- If you leave with him,
don't ever come back.

(dramatic music)

(tranquil piano music)

- Mandy, you see?

There's lots to see outside.

Oh, that's the zeppelin field.

(Walter speaking in German)

can you hear it?

- Hear what?

- Listen.

- What is it, Walter?

- The heartbeat.

(singing in German)

- Heil, heil, heil, heil,
heil, heil, hiel, heil!

Heil, heil, heil, heil,
heil, heil, hiel, heil!

Heil, heil, heil, heil,
heil, heil, hiel, heil!

- You should've stood up.

- For that crazy loon?

- Shut up.

You embarrassed me in front
of all those people.

- Are these the loonies you
stay out with all night?

Where do you go on these
mystery tours of yours?

- You don't understand yet.

- Oh, you bet I don't
understand, like a family

that lives together that doesn't
even talk to each other.

- Keep your voice down
or you'll ruin my plans.

- The new life you promised?

- Yes.
- oh, Walter, what the hell

is going on?

And for the umpteenth time what
are you gonna do about this?

- I told you, I am arranging it.

(lively brass music)

(all speaking in German)

- Mandy, have some.


- Yuck.

(Heidi coughing)

(Walter and Heidi
speaking in German)

- come on, say hello
to Auntie Heidi.

She's your only auntie,
so be nice to her.

- Hello, hello!

You must forgive my English
because it's not so good.

- No, it's great,
it's really good.

- You want to go
back to mummy, huh?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, do you, alright.

- Come on, Mandy.

(Walter speaking in German)

- What'd you say?

- I said the next
one will be a son.

- And what the hell
do you mean by that?


Mandy, look, it's Daddy's toys.

- Daddy's toys.

(gunshots banging)

(men shouting in German)

(mournful music)

(dramatic music)

- Mandy.

- Look, Mummy.
- show Mummy your toy.

- It's Daddy's.
- Gimme your toy, love.


- [Walter] Been prying again?

- Get this out of here.

Please, Walter, take it away.

Are you crazy, Walter?

- You think I'm crazy?

It's the world that's
crazy, not me.

It's the cure for
a sick society.

But I'm going to save
you from all that.

Soon we'll be living in a
special village where a

secret army is training for the
day we'll take back Germany.

But first, I must prove myself.

Relax, it's only a dummy.

- Oh, you stupid,
raving bastard.

Did you enjoy scaring
the shit out of me?

- Soon you will learn
not to be afraid.

These will be Mandy's
toys and my sons.

- Oh no, not my kid.

- Abortions are no
longer legal in Germany.

- What?

- [Walter] There will never
be abortions in my family.

- But you promised
me, you said--

- I want a son.

- You bloody liar, you bastard!

All that crap about
German clinics.

Why didn't you tell
me in Australia?

- Would you have
come to Germany?

- Look at the cars.

Look at them.

(crowd chattering)

- Heidi, I don't
know anybody here.

- I'm the only person my
brother has ever trusted.

- Well, you must know
where I could go.

Oh please, I've got no
one else to turn to.

- And he will know I helped you.

You have to go to Holland, okay?

- Oh, anywhere.

(horn honking)

- Hello.


(dramatic music)

when Walter was
17, Hans used him

in a bank robbery for
the neo-Nazi party.

Afterwards, Hans bragged about
it and they arrested them.

At the trial, our mother
pleaded for Walter,

saying he was just a boy and did
not know what he was doing.

Walter yelled at her to shut
up and not to disgrace him.

He spent four years
in jail over that.

(Heidi and nurse
speaking in German)

(doctor and nurse
speaking in German)

(dramatic music)

(Christine breathing heavily)

(lively carnival music)

- Amanda.

No, no!

- You killed my son!

It was a boy, wasn't it?

- [Christine] where's Mandy?

(blow thudding)

- If you’ve already
killed one child,

how can I trust you with Mandy?

- Please, Walter,
I need a doctor.

It hurts so much.

- It's your fault.
- Mandy.

- [Walter] You'll have to
suffer the consequences.

- Mandy.

Please, somebody help me!

(Christine crying)

Walter, help!

Help me!

(nurse speaking in Dutch)

(monitor beeping)

(Christine retching)

- Him, he stole my Mandy.

He's a criminal!

(man speaking in Dutch)

- He's gonna rob a bank!

(nurse speaking in Dutch)

- He's gonna rob a bank!

He's a Nazi, don't
you understand?

He's got grenades!

(speaking in German) He's
gonna blow everybody up!

Don't you understand me?

(all speaking in German)

- oh, he stole my Mandy!
(speaking in German)

- You understand, right?

You speak English?

He stole my Mandy.

- Go. (watch ticking)

(dramatic music)

Go through.

28 seconds.

45 seconds.

62 seconds exactly.

You are ruining my plans.

- Walter.

- [Walter] Don't you understand?

They say you are a risk.

- Where's Mandy?

- [Walter] If you cooperate,
you shall have Mandy back.

If you don't, you will
stay here forever.

- I'll do anything,
anything to get Mandy back.


- [Walter] Good, I'll arrange
to get you out of here.

- Walter!

(door thuds)

- Don't forget
anything I told you.

Your life will depend on
it, do you understand?

Do you understand?

Keep your back to the
wall, never to a window.

When you move your weapon,

move it abruptly so it
seems you mean business.

Watch their eyes.

You'll know if they’re
planning to get smart.

When you leave the bank,
turn back suddenly

as if you’re going
to let them have it.

They'll hit the
floor like flies.

This will give you extra time.


(Walter knocks)

The door.

Okay, you grab it here.

You hold tight there
because it kicks up.

To cock, you pull once.

Okay, come on.

Remember, Christine,
count to 45 and get out.

The cops will arrive
in 62 seconds exactly,

and they shoot to kill.

Come on, let's go.


(speaking in German) -
Five, six, seven, eight.

Nine, 10, 11, 12,

13, 14, 15, 16.
(speaking in German)

shut up.

- Mandy.

17, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22.

- Mommy, Mommy!
- 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.

- Pretty Mandy...
- 23, 29.

- Pretty Mandy...
- 30, 31, 32, 33.

34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.

(speaking in German)

- 41, 42, 43, 44.

Come on, it's time!

- Come on.

(speaking in German) -
Let's get out of here!

(Walter singing)

(sirens blaring)

(speaking in German)

- I knew you could
do it, I knew it.

- Why weren't you in there?

Why did you stay outside?

- They didn't believe you could
do it, but we showed them.

- I wasn't meant to
come through, was I?

- [Walter] Now we
show the world.

- That idiot you
sent me in with.

- Now you're one of us.

- What?

- They can't refuse us now.

- Get in.

(Heidi crying)

(dramatic music)

- what if they’ve
double-crossed us?

- Shut up.

(crowd chattering in
foreign language)

(horn honking)

Put it out.

I don't fancy Turkish prison.

- Don't worry,
everything is just fine.

(glass shattering)

(horn honking)

- what was all that about?

- Quiet.

(speaking in foreign language)

Come on, come on.

(speaking in foreign language)

I wish to apologise for that
uncivil and barbaric attack

by my poor countrymen.

You don't want to go to Iran.

They are pigs who will rob you.

I would like you to be
my guests at my home.

- Get in.

- I'll give you $10,000
and two of my sons

for that woman and child.

- My wife and daughter
are not for sale.

(speaking in foreign language)

- You offer an insult to
refuse such a generous offer.

I want the woman.

- Go, Walter!

- I want the woman.
- Go!

- Give me the woman
or I'll kill you.

(Amanda crying)

(glass shattering)

- Christine, Mandy!

(men shouting)

Look out!

Grab the bag.

Get him!

(glass shattering)
(Christine screaming)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Christine! (Christine screams)

(glass shattering)

- Walter, look out!
(Walter shouts)

(glass shattering)
(Christine screams)

(speaking in foreign language)

- Walter, help me!

(Amanda crying)

(Walter shouts)

(man shouts) (Christine shouts)

(speaking in foreign language)

(man screams)

(speaking in foreign
language) (Christine shouts)

(flames roaring)

- Blast it!

- Break his hands, grab him!

Get him off!

Break his hands.

(speaking in foreign language)

(explosion booming)

- [Christine] Get him
off me, get him off!

- [Walter] Mandy!

- Pig!

- [Walter] Where's Mandy?

Christine, where's Mandy?

- She cannot enter
Iran, she has no visa.

- What do you mean no visa?

She’s Australian, she
doesn't need a visa.

- She cannot enter,
that's final.

- What?

- Well, what are
we supposed to do?

- She must go back to Istanbul
and apply for the visa

or stay here.

- Istanbul, are you crazy?

We can't go back there.

They would recognise
and kill us.

- That is not my problem.

She cannot enter.

You two German citizens,
you may enter.

Your passports are in order.

- Okay, Walter, let's go.

Leave her.

(dramatic music)

Have you gone mad, Walter?

They will kill you.

(speaking in foreign language)
no woman is worth that much.

- I want to go home.

I can't take any more, Walter.

- It will take my people several
weeks to fix my papers.

If I let you go now, you
better stay at the Hoffmans'

where I can contact you.

- [Christine] okay.

- How do I know you'll be there?

- Because I said so.

Well, there's
nowhere else to go.

- Don't try anything funny.

You robbed the bank, not me.

If they find out, you'll
be sent back to Germany.

And you wouldn't like
that, would you?

- No.

- We will put the past
behind us, Christine,

and start a new life together.

(crowd chattering)

- Freda!

(Christine crying)

well, after that worm Wolfgang
ditched us at the border,

some American guy picked us up

and took us to some dingy
hotel in Istanbul.

I just couldn't take
anymore, you know?

I'd had enough.

That's when he relented
and let me come home.

And that's it.

Believe me, it's
great to be back.

- What are you going to do?

- I don't know.

I feel I owe him my life.

Maybe I should just run.

(Christine gasps)

- Guess who?

- I wasn't expecting
you so soon.

- I wanted to surprise you.

I couldn't wait to
be with you both.

Have you told anybody
about Germany?

- Nothing important.

- [Walter] Not even Freda?

- No.

- Good.

- Freda's been great, you know?

She won't take any
money for the caravan.

- I'll take no charity.

We'll show them.

- What do you mean?

- We will work together.

- [Christine] Together?

- Yes, just like
we did in Germany.

The perfect team.

Tell me how to turn you on.

Shit, cops.

Open your mouth, and
I'll blow your head off.

(officer knocking) -
Hello, anybody at home?

Hello, anybody in there?

Excuse me, Miss, is this lot 24?

- I don't know.

- Are you the owner
of the caravan?

- Yeah.

- I read your ad.

I'm interested in
buying the caravan.

Are you alright, lady?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Is it all right to
have a look inside?

- No, no, please it's
not the best time.

- Sorry, I didn't mean
to invade your privacy.

- Why don't you call back later?

- Oh, I'll call back later then.

- Why didn't you give him
a written invitation?

- Drop dead.

- Bloody Freda.

You told her about
Germany, didn't you?

Didn't you?

(Christine crying)

Relax, it's a safehouse
where nobody will find us.

Don't worry, she's involved.

She's one of us.

(dramatic music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello, who is it?

- Mum, Mum, please help me.

Walter's gone crazy.

- You're married to Walt.

- I just can't trust you
anymore, can I Christine?

(smack cracking)

Don't ever try that again.

You were running out on me.

- Yes, you lied to me.

- I've planned the
perfect job for us.

- Oh no, I'm not gonna
rob any more banks.

No more, Walter.

- You're my wife, it is
your duty to obey me.

- Your wife, and who's
bloody idea was that?

(smack cracking)

- I could kill you
any time I want

and nobody would know or
care, not even your family.

So you better do as I
say just like before.

It's not a dummy this time.

If you don't do as I say, I
blow up a school or a hospital

or even Freda's place.

And you will be responsible
for those deaths.

(wick hissing)

You will be a murderess, how
do you feel about that?

- Stop it, stop it!

(speaking in foreign language)

- Take this for Daddy.

- Don't take it, Mandy.

- We're going for a
long ride, Mandy,

and this will make sure
you don't get sick.

Take it, take it.

Have some water.

There, that wasn't
too bad, was it?

Don't listen to your mother.

- Maybe if I take a walk around
the block, I'll feel better.

- We've already
been around twice.

- Just once more.

- That's enough, Christine.

- [Christine] I can't
go through with it.

- Either we stick together
or we die together.

Your choice.

Don't get any ideas about
shooting me in the back.

It's not loaded.

(dramatic music)

Hands up, higher.

Back from the counter.

You, you, you, lay on
the floor face up.

Fill the bag.


Anybody follow us and
I shoot to kill.

(gunshot banging)
(woman screams)

In this one, they write how
cool and calm you were.

The party will see that
I was right about you.

- Forget the bloody war, Walter.

- Forget it?

It's only just starting.

That doesn't have to be the
only thing we do well together.

Does this turn you on?

- No, it doesn't, Walter.

- But I want a son.

- [Christine] I said no!

- [Walter] You will!

- [Christine] Get off me!

- [Walter] You'll
do what I tell you!

You are my wife! - stop it!

- [Walter] You will do it.

- [Christine] stop it!

- [Walter] You liked doing
it with Gary, did you?

- [Christine] No!

- [Walter] And all
those other men?

- [Christine] No, no!

- You are my wife,
you must obey me.

(glass shattering)

(singing in foreign language)

Come on and join us.

Something the matter, Christine?

- No, everything's fine.

I'm just gonna go and
make some coffee.

- Is this what
you're looking for?

- I'm not taking any more
of your abuse, Walter.

- You will do what I tell you.

- No, I'm not staying
with you a minute longer.

- I'll kill us all if I have to.

And if you don't stay with me,
you will stay with no one.

Do you hear?

Remember Turkey.

I cut the Turk's throat
to save you and Mandy.

You owe me your lives.

I own them now.

- I'd rather die
than live like this!

- Christine.

(gunshot banging)

(Amanda crying)

- oh no, Walter, no more.

- Walter.

- [Amanda] Mummy!

- [Christine] I
can't take anymore.

- Mummy!
- what am I supposed

to do with you now?

- This woman has made you crazy.

- [Amanda] Mummy!

- Yeah, crazy.

You are a danger to the
party (speaking in German)

- we don't need you.

We'll do it by ourselves.

We'll show you.

- [Christine] No more.

- We'll show everybody.

- [Reporter] This is
the 2Kw Midday News.

A major oil spill is threatening
Sydney’s southern beaches

as thousands of gallons
of crude oil spill out

of a fracture in the hull of
the supertanker Showa Maru.

However, maritime officials
are confident that the spill

can be contained if the weather
conditions remain favourable.

West Germans are today
rejoicing at the news

of the mass suicides of leading
members of the notorious

Baader-Meinhof Gang in the top
security prison at Stammheim.

Andreas Baader, the reckless
leader of the terrorists,

shot himself in the head
with a revolver smuggled in

by his friend. - suicide.

- [Reporter] The police believe

the suicides were a...
- I know who killed them.

- ...well-laid out plan.
- That gang operated better

in jail than out.

- [Reporter] Baader's mistress
in terror Ulrike Meinhof

had taken her own life in--

- Now there was a
relationship that worked.

- [Reporter] Left-wing
supporters are claiming

the gang were murdered...
- I was in jail with him.

- ...on government orders.
- Too bad she

was on another team.
- The government in return

has demanded an inquiry.

- [Reporter] others in the suicide
pact were Gudrun Ensslin,

who hunger herself in her
cell and Jan-Carl Raspe--

- Now Germany will
need new heroes.

- [Reporter] Who shot
himself in the mouth.

Both were founder
members of the gang.

The state road toll rose
by three last night

with three deaths.

- Deal?

- Yeah, deal.

- You mean to say you found a
buyer for that bucket of shit?

- Where do they think
they're going?

- He said Germany.

(dramatic music)

- Free at last!

- It's mine.

- No, Mandy, wait a few years.

I thought I told you
to take the rudder.

Take the rudder.

I won't tell you again.

Come here, Mandy.

- I want Mummy.

- Mandy, I said come to Daddy.

Mandy, I said come to Daddy.

What's wrong with
this fucking wind?

When you want it to
blow, it doesn't.

When you don't, it does.

(dramatic music)

Even nature is against me.

- Mandy, come here.

- Mandy, come to me.

- Mandy, show Mummy
your new toy, come on.

- Mandy, I show you
how to play with it.

- It's mine.

- Stay where you are.

So it's games you want to play.

I'll give you a 10-second
start, then I'll hunt you.

- Oh no.

- What is it, Christine?

Why are you always resisting me?

Five seconds.

- I'm not gonna play your
stupid games anymore, Walter.

- We could've had
it good in Germany

if you’d just cooperated.

Three seconds.

But you never even
tried to understand.

One second.

I've always loved you, Christine,
don't make me hurt you.

- Well, I've never
loved you, Walter.

I hate you, and you
can't hurt me anymore.

(dramatic music)

(Walter shouts)

- Help!

Christine, help!

Help, Christine, help!

Help, come back!

Christine, come back!

Please come back!

Save me, Christine, please!

- Daddy can't swim.

- Please, Christine, come back!

Help me, Christine, please!

- Daddy's gone.

- Please save me!

Save me, Christine, please!

- [Amanda] Poor Daddy.

- Come back please!

Come back, Christine!

Help, please!

(smack cracking)

You stupid bitch, why
did you take so long?

(dramatic music)

- okay, now we're even.

Mandy, come here to Mummy.

- Mandy (speaking in German).

- Mandy, I said come here.

- In German.

- What are you doing?

Turn around.

I said turn around.

- Hang on, Mandy.

(boat rumbling)

- Mummy!

- Stop, Christine.

Christine, come back or I shoot.

(gunshot banging)

stop, Christine!
- Johnny, get out

of the bloody water!
(gunshots banging)

come on, get out!

(gunshots banging)

- [Man] This guy's nuts!

(dramatic music)

- Hey, lady, over here!

(people shouting)

- [woman] somebody help her!

Please, somebody get
her out of the way!

(people shouting)

- Christine, stop!

I've got your head in
my sights, do you hear?

- Do it.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)