Hostage (2021) - full transcript

Young cheerleader Ashley, was adopted by her parent's killers. Years later, during a home robbery, her crazed family reveal what they are really capable of and she must decide who's side she is on.


like the kid made it through.

I win, you lose. Money?

We didn't even dap on it dad.



Okay I'm sorry.

My name's Christian.

I was driving around

the neighborhood and I got lost.

So I figured I'd stop by your

and ask for directions,
and I noticed your window

was broken, so I thought I'd
just come in-

- Christian, huh?

Mark, Mark, Mark,
already in enough trouble

as it is.

Why you gotta go and lie to us?

We don't like robbers.

We don't like rapists.

But if there's something
that we fucking hate

it's liars.



Can I ask you a

What's up?

Why are you wearing
sneakers on my nice, clean,

expensive carpet?

For that matter, why are both of

wearing your shoes in here?

I mean, you know how
your mother and I feel

- about shoes in the house.
- Sorry dad.

Here, let me help you.

Okay I'm sorry, I broke

It's a nice house.

I'm aware that it's a nice

I bought this house.

And the last thing I need is
you breaking into this house

to tell me how nice my house is.

You often go breaking and
entering into people's homes

on Christmas Eve?

Is this some kind of new game
you kids have these days?

I said I'm sorry, and
I thought no one was home

- so I-
- Oh you thought,

'cause there was no one home,

that would make everything okay.

Excuse me one moment.

Sir, what are you doing?

Don't worry about
it, I've done this before.


There, that should
help with the swelling.

I'm not so sure it's gonna help
with this.

What is this?

Am I bleeding?

I don't know Mark, are you?

I mean, why would you ask
me if you're bleeding.

I mean, what makes you think

we would know better than you

about what's going on down

It's probably just a scratch.

Probably from when you
were trying to rape me

a few minutes ago.

- I wasn't trying anything.
- Oh here we go again.

I mean, just when we were
starting to get along,

you start up again with the

All right, my name is Thomas

My friends call me Thomas.

- Mr. Crav-
- Uh, uh.



I was wondering if I
could just explain to you

the situation.

I know, I know how it looks

but I was wondering if
I could just explain-

- Don't listen to his shit, dad.

We aint got time for your
bullshit, Mark

or whatever your fucking name

This motherfucker broke in here

and tried to rape me right
where you're standing, dad.

Aint no explaining it, aint
no fucking rocket science.

Mark, give me a sec,

wanna sit over there?

Thanks dad.

Now, Mark isn't it?

So, what's the story Morning

And how you making out with that

I'm fine, this is


I just wanted to
let you know Mr. Crave.

Mmm mmm.


I just want to let you know
I've never done this before.

I'm not a thief, I'm not a

I've never broken into a house

The truth is, I'm a father,

I lost my job and I have a son

and it's Christmas Eve, and
we're running out of money fast.

I've never been in this
situation before.

I don't even have enough money

to get him a proper meal.

If you just look into my wallet.

Wait, wait, wait, where's his

I threw it in his face, it's



That's my boy.

Cute kid.

So tell me, why did you
choose this specific house

and not the one on the left
or the one on the right

or behind, or in front of the

Why this house?

I don't know.

It just seemed like a nice

so I figured, nice house
outside, nice things inside.

And like I said, it seemed
like no one was home

and on Christmas Eve that's

- hard to find.
- He's like a

bizarro Santa, instead of
sneaking in and leaving shit,

he's sneaking in and stealing

Make for a dope ass movie.

- Honey-
- So you guys gonna

call the cops?

You don't leave us
much choice now do you?

I mean, what would you do
if you were in my position?

I guess.

Gimme a second Mark.

Can you be a sweetheart and go

and make the call?

Sure dad.

Attractive girl, huh?

- No, I didn't-
- No, no, no it's all right,

I don't mind, I mean, I was
your age once too you know.

I guess.


You calling my daughter ugly?

No, I just don't want to
disrespect you.

You're a funny guy.

You don't want to disrespect me?

Yet you break into my house,

you attempt to rape my daughter

and you don't have the
courtesy to compliment her

on her looks?

I don't call that respect, Mark.

I call that hypocrisy.

- I didn't mean to say it-
- Yeah you didn't, yeah.

I'm starting to feel a little-

- Can I ask you a

I guess.

I mean this might be a tad
personal, so.


Are you attracted to girls?

By girls? Of course,
what are you trying to-

- No, no, no,

I don't mean to offend
you, it's just you know,

we're gonna be sitting
here for quite some time

waiting for the police to get

And being in this neighborhood,

it could be quite a while
before they show up.

I would expect the opposite
around here.

Protect you rich folks
from us poor people.

Yeah, I'd expect that too.

I'd like that.

But sadly, reality
sometimes falls quite far

from expectations, sad.

Now, we're gonna have some
time to get to know each other

quite well, Mark.

And that's a good thing isn't


You're saying you want to be

- It's not that but-
- You break into my house

and now you can't wait to break

I don't know.

I don't know how to say this but

- this whole situation-
- They're on their way.

Said since we have
everything under control

and he's tied up, might
take a little longer

than it usually would.

Some shit going on downtown, I
don't know.

Well you should've told him

that we have some nigger here

- Dad! I hate when you use that

We're not in the 1940's anymore,

what the fuck is wrong with you?

You hear how she talks to me?

Kids today, they're so

You know, you can't call
a nigger a nigger now.

You gotta say N-word.

Or you could say Black person

like every other
non-racist person post 1965

- but who's counting?
- I'm counting.

I'm surprised you can count.

Fuck that shit dad.

You really think he gives a
shit in the state he's in?

What state?

Remember that cut we
were looking at before?

It turns out, it might be a lot

than we originally thought.


What is this? I'm bleeding out

Can you check under my shirt

What is wrong with me?

Can you lift up my shirt
for a second please?

- You fucking did this to me.
- Hey, let me remind you

that you're the one that
broke into my house.

I am not the criminal
here, you are, not us.

Can you look after our
friend for a while Ashley?

I think I can do that.

You know, I read somewhere

worse thing you can do
when you're bleeding a lot

is fall asleep, you might not
wake up.

You know, I have an idea,
we should keep talking,

keep you from falling asleep.

I'm sorry but like, I don't

wanna talk right now, so.

All right, suit yourself.

But if you start falling asleep,

I aint gonna wake you up.

Just saying, just trying to

Fine, what do you want to talk

- about?
- Yes, okay!

- I'll start, so-
- No, I'll start.

Why do you care if I pass out or

I got caught robbing your house

and I'm supposed to believe
you two are trying to help me

or some shit?

I don't know.

I guess we're just good people
like that.

Not everyone's a fucking
criminal, Mark.

Why you gotta be so negative?

I'm negative?

You're the one that lied
about me trying to rape you

and now I'm supposed to believe

you didn't fuck with my stomach

We didn't fuck with your
stomach, okay?

But who's to say you
didn't try and rape me?

What, am I supposed to take
your fucking word for it?

Were you?

Were you trying to have sex with

I wasn't trying anything, you
know this.

You fucking know this.

So you weren't
trying to break into my house.

Except for that.

Are you sure Mark?

Are you sure you weren't
trying to fuck me?

What if I were to tell you

that I want you to fuck me?

Would you? Would you fuck me

What the fuck is wrong with

Get the fuck off of me.

Chill you fucking pussy.

Just trying to keep your ass
awake, bitch.

You really think
I'd let you have sex with me?

Oh, this is gonna be
the best Christmas ever.

You're fucking crazy,
don't fucking talk to me.

I told you not to do that

And there you go passing out

Oh and Mark, if you think this
is crazy

you aint seen nothing yet.

Oh, I feel so fucking lame

walking around in this dumb

I was gonna go home and
change before I met you

but I was supposed to be
home like, four hours ago.

But of course, after the
pep rally we went to Stacy's

for drinks and shit.

Anyways, I forgot my keys at

so I guess I'm gonna have to
sneak in

up the window or some shit.

Like I'm dressed for this shit

You would have went home to

You do know you're 30 minutes
late, right?

Well, I can leave if you'd

No, that's not what I'm

It's just, nevermind, forget it.

Oh, Chris.

It's okay.


Now what are we eating?

I'm fucking starving,
cheerleading is killing me.

I don't know, what do you want
to eat?

Fuck it, you decide for me.

Surprise me, let's see
how well you know me.

I barely know you.

Come on, you're no fun

You never wanna try anything.

Okay, you know what?

I think I do know what you'd

Excuse me? Miss?


What are you calling her miss

She's like, younger than us.


Can I get the deluxe
burger and no cheese please.

Pickles on there?

Oh, no thanks, I can't stand

All right, and what
will the lady be having?

Bring her a Philly
cheese steak.

Oh, interesting

All right, coming right up.

Anything else you guys
want, just give me a buzz.


Why can't you like,
ever order for yourself?

I mean, it's kinda stressful

to always guess what you want to

I don't know, I think if
we were right for each other

you should be able to know what
I want

more than I could know what I

I mean, it's a lot of

Pressure is good, it
keeps you on your toes.



Where's my Christmas present?

Well it's not Christmas yet.

Well, it's Christmas Eve, so.

Don't worry, I'll get you your

Well guess what?

You won't have to guess
what I want this time.

I know exactly what I want.

And the best part is,

you won't even have to
spend any money on it.

If we're talking about what
you want,

then what did you want to talk

that was like, too sensitive to
talk about

over the phone?

Was it really that big of
a deal for you to meet me?

No, no, no.

Didn't you want to see your

- on Christmas Eve?
- I didn't mean it like that.

Okay, if you don't

just say you don't want.

No need to make a big
fucking deal out of it.

Sounds pretty serious.

Well, I heard something.

Like what?

Like, something.

Okay well I'm hearing
something all the time.

Literally hearing something
every day.

Specific, Ashley.

Something surprising.

What the fuck was that?

That was surprising.

You know, I'm getting
really sick and tired

of your little bitch ass

I've seen over the past few

Hey, look I'm sorry.

What did you hear?


- So?
- What?

What did you hear?

Oh yeah, nevermind, let's just

Fuck Ashley, I didn't
come here for a burger,

I have food at home.

Talking about how the food is,

how's that cheese steak?

Well, let's see.


This tastes like a fucking

That's a weird comparison.

All right, fine.

But this stays between us,



Okay, I'm not pinky swearing

I heard...




You killed someone before.

Is it true?

Oh shit, hey.

Didn't know if you were
coming back or not.

Why did you let me fall

I told you I wasn't gonna wake
you up.

Think I'm a liar, Mark?

Where's your dad? Thought
he went to call 9-1-1.

First you don't want
to talk

and now you don't want to shut

Gotta make up your mind, Mark.

I'm really not feeling
too well right now.

No shit, you're like,
totally bleeding out.

Isn't your dad a doctor?

Think he could check me out?

Check you out?

I don't think he rolls that way.

That's not what I meant.

No, but seriously.

Him? A doctor?

No, a shrink.

A shrink isn't a real doctor.

But if you have any mommy issues

he might be able to help you

Isn't that the same thing?

Is a robber the same thing as
a rapist?

Not even close.

Same thing.

So your dad's a shrink?

Yes, Mark.

Well that explains a lot.

What is that supposed to mean?

Hey, sorry for the

Your mom's home.

Family reunion, dining room.

Mark and I are just in the
middle of something here-

- Ashley.

Let's go.

Fine, chill.

But who's gonna watch over
our little birdy here?

Little birdy, stay.

See? Let's go.

Hi Ashley.

Hi mom.

What did you do this

What do you mean what I did
this time?

Watch your tone, is
that how I raised you?

I don't know, how
did you fucking raise me?

Can you two calm down please.

We're all in the same boat here

and that boat is sinking fast.

I mean, can we all just
work together as a team?

Just for tonight?

And then when all is said and

you two can go back to hating
each other.

But for now, we're in a big mess

- a big fucking mess.
- How is this such a big mess?

The way I see it, it's
all pretty fucking simple.

We just let him go.

He takes off into the night,
fade out, roll credits,

end of story, what's the big

Am I missing something?

You two aren't actually thinking

of calling the cops are you?

Should I take this

or do you want to do the honors?

Allow me.

Honey, let's put all the
potential options

and outcomes on the table.

A very good idea.

Option number one, we let him

He's seriously wounded
and severely bleeding.

The way I see it, if he
doesn't get to a doctor

in the next few hours,

it's curtains for him.

So we let him go.

Now I don't know about you

but I'm pretty damn sure
that's a stab wound.


Who, between you two geniuses,

decided that it would be
a good idea to stab him?

Well I know I didn't

and from what I've
seen, I'm pretty certain

Ashley didn't either.

So, to answer your question,

I don't fucking know.

Don't look at
me, I don't fucking know.

Ha ha oh okay, so he
breaks into the house,

seemingly un-stabbed, you three

get into a playground scuffle,

then all of sudden he's
just magically stabbed.

That's your story.

Dad, why are we wasting our

with Sherlock Holmes here?

We were doing just fine
until she showed up.

Yes, you were doing
just peachy, trust me,

if I knew what you dickheads
were up to

I'd be across the state line by

Can I continue?

I mean, are you two done?

Please proceed.

Okay, so we let him go.

I don't know about you, but how
much trust

do you want to put on a thief?

I mean, all it will take

is for him to just point us out

and then we're fucked.

I don't know, I mean, maybe
we are overthinking this.

I mean really, what is he gonna

Go to the cops and be like,
"Yeah I broke into this house

and this chick beat me up

and here's her address."

It's unlikely, but I
think your father's right

on this one.

We can't take this lightly.

He got into our house, he
knows what we look like.

Well, what you two look like.

You beat him up, tied him up.

All it takes is for him to
tell one of his compadres

then who knows where that could
lead us.

We can't take that chance.

So our only option is
what I think it is then.

I don't want to do that.

I don't want to do that

But I don't know, I mean,
what else can we do?

I'm fine with it, really.

Ashley calm down, did one of
you forget

to lock the doors or something?

How the hell did he get in here?

Broke the window.

Ugh, of course he did.

These fancy houses got so many

we might as well sleep outside.

All right, I'm
gonna go talk to the guy.

Talk to him? Fuh what?

Fuh? What's fuh?

Vietnamese soup? Where are your

You're too cool to use R's now?

Thomas, listen to your daughter,

talking like a fucking nigger.

She's not getting that
from me, that's for sure.

You two make a great
couple, y'all know that?

And that's the thanks we get.

All right, I'm gonna talk to

Fuck what you two think,
I need to size him up

- for myself.
- You know this motherfucker

tried to rape me, right?

Dad, you told her right?

I told her.

Ashley, listen to me.

We're not just gonna go do

what you think we're gonna do

just because you think we should
do it.

This is not just fucking getting

in the morning, all right?

This this is a big deal.

Now, we've got a few hours
until the sun comes up.

We need to figure this out,

Thomas, okay?

Your mother's right.

I mean, we have to take this

I mean, we cannot take this

All right.

Fine then, talk to him.

See if I fucking care.


You know, it was you who
always wanted a daughter.

I mean, if you're ever gonna act
on it,

I think tonight might be as good
a night

as you'll ever get.

I knew you'd forget
to introduce yourself

to the neighbors.

I'm gonna go get them
a nice bottle of wine

and make a great first

just like they do in the movies.

Shit, I bet five bucks you

We both know I'm the responsible

You're joking, right?

Not joking, actually speaking

Facts, yeah.

Are you sure you have
the right definition?

Have you looked up the meaning?

I did, and it said that I'm
always right

and you're always fucking wrong.

That's what it said anyways.

Yeah, well you're a
funny woman you know that?

That's why I married you.

Your sense of humor.

I always thought it was
because of my ass but,

I guess sense of humor makes
it sound more romantic.

Well you're welcome.

You know what?

Sending the kid to the arcade

was actually a pretty good idea.

Sending the kid any night

is always a good idea.

Look, I told you, you're
worried for nothing.

It's just the arcade,
it's a good neighborhood.

And we can't keep treating
her like a baby anymore.

She needs to learn to do things
on her own, make friends.

It's essential to the
development of a good teenager.

Let me know when we're
speaking English again.

Ha ha.

Is she back yet?

I don't know, who cares?

I think you're hard on her.

I know she's not always easy

but it's just, she's a kid.

This is normal kid bullshit.

We were kids once, remember?

Years ago.

First of all, I don't like
this years ago thing at all.

I don't know, I just, I feel
like something's off with her.

Just try and not be
too hard on her, okay?

She needs time to adapt.

Plus, she just moved into
a completely new city,

this is not easy for her.

Grace, she's going to need her

I swear, something's
wrong with your daughter.

Look, I'm sorry but we both know

And don't try to psychoanalyze
our relationship now.


I thought the goal of tonight

was to forget about the kid
and work and everything.

Do we really need to talk
about this right now?

You're right. I'm sorry.

It's okay. I'm happy.

We're celebrating, right?


What are we celebrating?

We're celebrating no phone

No your mother living upstairs
from us.

And soon, no clothes.

You just can't keep your
hands off me, can you?

When I can I ever?

Fuck dinner, I always wanted to
do it

on the mattress on the floor.

Yeah, mattress on the floor is
very fun.

- I hate you.
- Prove it.

I'm really not feeling too

Is there still nothing from the

What's taking them so long?

Hi. What's his name again?

What's your name again?

Mark, and I'm in need of an

What sort of fucking
games are we playing here?

What's the matter with you

I don't care if you live in

ambulances don't take this long
to arrive.

Oh my god.

Has he been this much
fun this entire time?

No wonder you guys

wanted to keep him all for

Oh, I'm all excited.

All right Mark, are you even

Let me break
this down into simple terms.

You really picked the wrong
fucking family to rob tonight.

The ambulance.

Their aint no ambulance coming

you fucking idiot.

What do you mean there's
no ambulance coming?

What are you talking about?

You called the cops?

They would've taken me to the

- Oh my god.

There's no cops coming,
there's no ambulance coming.

Aint nobody coming Mark.

But you called.

Actually, I pretended to call.

Actually, I didn't call jack

Yeah, not very smart,
that's what I thought.

You know what? I wanted to bet
on it.

But I didn't.

You know that feeling when
you just know something

but you don't say it?

Like you think, oh, what if I'm

I don't want to look stupid.

But then every time you didn't
say it,

ah, maybe not every time

but it feels like every time.

I'll just say it, every time.

You were right, you were fucking

You want to tell your friends,

I knew this was gonna happen

but I just didn't say it.

Yup, I get that all the time.

Like for me, usually it's when

I'm watching a movie, right?

Like, you just know what like,
a character's gonna say next

like everything just lines up
for like,

you're sure of it.

Sometimes it's these like,
corny lines or whatever

but sometimes it's actually

that are pretty hard to guess.

And you don't say it.

You think, shit, if I say it

at the exact same time as the

everyone in the room is
gonna be so impressed.

But you stop yourself, oh.

And then sure enough, the
character says

the exact line you thought
he or she was gonna say.

And then you turn to
your friends

and you're like I
knew he was gonna say that

and they go like, yeah,

Most annoying thing ever, right?

What the fuck are you talking

Huh, what am I talking about?

No ambulances are
coming, no cops are coming.

So what, you guys are
just gonna let me go?

I don't know Mark, I don't
know yet.

Depends on you actually.

But if you don't let me go,
then what?

I'm pretty sure you can draw
your own conclusions Mark.

What is this? Is this some
sort of joke?

I wish this was a

but this is serious.

As serious as an HIV test,

that's how serious this is.

That shit is serious.

Let me go you fucking psychos.

Aw Mark, she just wants
to talk to you okay?

I promise I won't let her hurt

unless you deserve it, okay?

Don't fucking touch me.

You're fucking crazy. All
of you are fucking crazy.

Let me go, let me go! Let me go!

Stop calling me crazy, Mark.

I don't like people calling me

I won't touch you, but just
stop calling me that okay?

I asked you a fucking question,


All right Ashley, we get it.

Stop swinging your dick.

I said I would talk to him so
let's talk.

So you guys are not
gonna let me go are you?

I told you Mark, I don't know

We can't just let you get back
out there

if you're gonna talk to people
about us.

Talk about what?

I don't even know who you guys

Mmm, I think you know too much

And why would I talk
about the house I broke into

and got my ass kicked by a
little kid?

Who you calling a

And woke up tied to a
chair on some S&M shit,

why the fuck would I want to
talk to anyone about that?

- That's what I said.
- No one asked you Ashley.

Your role in this story is
to be the pretty girl, okay?

So play the part.


Are they always like

Actually, this is a good day.

All right, can we
focus for a minute here?

Happy you two are getting
along so well, that's great.

Look, he's not a bad kid.

He just got mixed up in a bad

True, except for the whole
raping your daughter and shit.

Great guy.

I wasn't trying to rape you.

When are you gonna get
that in your fucking head?

You guys better let me go this

You better let me go,
you better let me go!

Let me go!

So that's how
you want to do this?

Help! Anyone, help!

All right Ashley, shut him up.

- What? Seriously?
- Before I change my mind.

I'm killing
him though, right?

No, no, wait, wait, who said

about killing anyone?

All right, what did you bring?

I promise I'll be quiet, I

Just please don't hurt me.

Are you sure you'll be quiet?

Like Ashley just went through

- the entire-
- Yes, I promise.

Silence of the lambs, I swear.

Ashley, hold that thought

But mom.


I think I have an idea.

Oh, do tell.

Would Mark happen to be a

Actually, Mark would
happen to be a father.

He's got a cute little kid.

In fact, that's why he breaks
into houses on Christmas

daddy dearest.

I told you, I've never done
this before.

My back's against the wall.

What would you do if you
couldn't afford

to buy your daughter a meal?

Let her die?

Mmm, shit happens.

Kids die every day.

People die, so what?

Now Grace, that's enough.

Even in this situation, you
can't keep your shit together?

I mean, what did she
ever do that was so bad?

Do we really have to do this

Yes, we really do have to do
this now.

You seem to want to do it now

which means I have to do it now.

I mean, I don't care if we
have the fucking pope over

for dinner, you don't talk
about our daughter that way.

Our daughter. Right.

Perfect little Ashley.

Just, what was that idea you

a little while ago?

Mark, what does your son look

Actually, there's a picture
down there.

Hmm, honey would you mind?

I have to do everything around

Why do you want a picture of
my son?

Simple, Mark.

Here's how this will play out.

Listen closely, because
this is your only chance

to get out of this.

I'll try to say it as clearly as
I can.

Oh, wait, by the way

are you a righty or a lefty?


I will untie your right hand.

In your hand, I will place a

Under that pencil will be
a small piece of paper.

On that piece of paper, you
will write the following.

Your son's Christian name

followed by his family
name, in that order.

Underneath that, you will write

his social security number.

Wait, how old is your kid?

He's six.

Okay, then he has one for

Just that before 1986, some
parents could sometimes

have kids well above
the age of 14 years old

and not get them their
social security numbers.

But at the end of 1985,
they stopped all that.

Now you can't basically
go above like five,

without registering your kids.

Hmm, the more you know.

Anyway, we will need that

Underneath that number,
we will need the name

of his school, then under that

we'll need his date of birth

and then the city and
hospital in which he was born.

Wait, why should I give
you all this information

about my son?

What keeps me from telling
you both to fuck off

and I aint giving y'all shit?

That's a good question.

Here's an idea.

Supposing he doesn't tell us.

We've got enough to find him.

So we bring them both to the

we kill the little
bastard in front of him,

we leave the kid to rot

and then we keep him
alive by force feeding him

until there's nothing left but

And then we kill him.

I just thought about that.

I mean, can we just do that?


Is that enough? It's good for

What are you guys
gonna do with all that?

Simple, Mark.

If we let you go, we need to

that you're not gonna go blab
about us.

About us living here, about
you coming to this house.

We need you to forget Mark.

Forget that we exist.

We need to become more
than distant memories,

we need to fade completely
away from your mind.

Because if we ever let you go,

if you ever leave this
house still breathing,

and you ever so much as dream of

you won't like what happens

Ashley probably will, but you

We can't be
talking about this shit.

Still haven't answered
the question Chris.

I mean, are we a couple? Are we

Yes or no.

Or are you just fucking me?

That doesn't have to
do with any of this.

Keeping secrets from
me, Chris?

What else are you hiding from

What? Are you cheating on me?

You can tell me. I already know.

Seriously, just tell me it's

I know what you're
trying to do here Ashley.

It's not gonna work this
time. I'm telling you.

I knew it, I fucking knew
you were cheating on me.

Who is it? That little
whore slut Stephanie?

I saw the way that you were
looking at her

at the party last weekend.

Stacy said, "No, he wouldn't do

But I knew you were fucking

- cheating anyways.
- Okay, okay, okay, fine.

You win, okay?

You gave it a good fight,

Now talk to me, lay it on me

Okay, but I didn't sleep
with anyone else though, okay?


What? Do you think I'm stupid?

Or are you stupid?

I'm just messing with you,

Come closer, I don't want
to talk about this shit

in the open, okay?

There aint
nobody in this joint.

All right.

Yes, I did.

But just once okay?

Now, can we please change the

No we can't change
the topic motherfucker.

Please quiet down.

All right, all right,
fine you little pussy.

But you did it, whatever.

Not a big deal.

Not a big deal?

You're clearly not all there
then Ashley.

I'm not the one who
just confessed to murder

in a fucking public place.


So, who was it?

- Can we talk in-
- Chris, come on.

This is called communication.

That's what a relationship's
all about, right?

Hold up, who told you about

I've never even talked
about it with anyone.

A good reporter never
reveals her sources.

You aint even a fucking
reporter though.

Whatever, I
aint snitching on the plug.

A little birdy told me, okay.

It was Steve wasn't

It was.


I fucking knew it, that piece
of shit.

You know, I never even
really told him about it.

I didn't deny it either, but I

Mhmm, you know, you look good

but you're not very smart.


So, who was it?

My dad.

You killed your fucking dad?

He was scum.

He bit the shit out of me and my

You know, he didn't even care
about us.

You know, you could beat me all
you want.

I can take that.

But don't touch my fucking


Yeah, fuck.

So how'd you do it?

I didn't do it on purpose.

But this one time he
was beating on my sister

and I never actually physically
stepped in

but this time, I don't
know what got into me,

maybe I was like, tweaking or
some shit

but I just, I pushed
him as hard as I could.

And my dad, he was a
big motherfucker, okay,

he was like, a big guy.

And I pushed him as hard as I

and I punched him and he just

straight to the ground.

Gone, like just, gone.

And my sister tried to
wake him up and shit

but he was dead.


Yeah, shit.

So how'd you get away with it?

It was actually my sister,
she was trying to protect me.

You know, at the time,
I honestly didn't care

if I got arrested or
not, or even got caught.

But my sister, she was upset

that my dad was dead,
but she didn't want me

to go to jail either.

So she was like, yeah he's dead

but he was also an alcoholic
and beat us and abused us.

So we dragged his body to the

we sat him in it, ran some warm

and framed it as if he
fell and hit his head

in the bathtub.

And it was actually pretty funny

'cause we brought him to the

a few months before for
the same god damn thing.

- What? No you didn't.
- Yeah, we did.

And then we called the police.

And that shit flew?

Well, I'm sitting here aren't

I want you to kill my mom.


What what?

What do you mean what what?

You just asked me to kill your

You can't what what me.

Can you do it or no?

You're fucking with me aren't

What's so hard about killing
my mom?

You killed your dad, my
mom should be easier.

Fuck you Ashley, that's
not the point here.

What, you think I'm a
fucking hit man or some shit?

No, I'm not killing your mother.

Oh come on, I'd do it myself

but if I did, my dad would
know for sure it was me.

Forget it Ashley, I aint doing

Well, I don't know
what to tell you Chris.

So what are you gonna do then?

Pay someone else to do it.

What do you mean pay someone

You were gonna pay me to do it?

50 bands.


Aw, you thought just
because you're fucking me

I wouldn't compensate you?

Where the fuck did you get

Let's just call it my
trust fund, college money.

I aint going, so who the fuck

And you have access to that

I aint just have access.

I have it.

Fuck, you're just
walking around with this?

Who's gonna fuck with me?

Is this real?

Last I checked.

You're insane.

And now you're repeating

Chris, really, it's not that

You just wait for her outside,
pull up,

shoot, pow.

And dip, wait in your car,

something discrete, I don't

As long as you peel off

and they can't connect it back
to me,

can't connect it back to you.

And I could do it however?

So you're gonna do it?

I mean, speaking

Well yeah, no.

The less I know the
better, for the both of us.

I don't know if that's
a good plan Ashley.

I mean, I got away with it once.

You think I can get away with it

Chris, we don't need a plan.

Like, besides my dad,
nobody knows I hate her

and there aint no money
coming to me if she dies

so why would the police think
it's me?

And this could go down

Well, not next fucking year

but yeah, whenever.

I don't know, I don't care.

Like, one in three murders
goes completely unsolved

in this country, no obvious

You really think they're
gonna figure it out?

Do you know how dumb the cops
are in this town?

But you know we're
talking about murder, right?

Like, we're talking about your
mom's life.

We're talking my life here.

Like, fuck though, you can't
come on me.

You want me to come on you?

If I had known you were this

- What? You would've fucked me

Forget it, you're not even
taking this shit seriously.

Find someone else.


So we doing this?

Or are you gonna keep pump

Double, triple, quadruple

everything on there.

If as little as a dot on an
I is missing from something

Grace is gonna stick your head
up your ass

faster than a rabbit gets

Especially considering
I'm going to check

on the little man right now.

You wanna go right now?

I mean, I don't know about
leaving him alone that long.

It's fine, I can go alone.

You aint going alone Grace.

I mean, this has set
up written all over it.

You walk in that joint,

the next thing you know,
little man's lighting you up

his god damn self.

Fourth of July in December.

Then you come with me

and Ashley can keep him company.

I don't know about leaving her
with him.

Thomas, she'll be fine.

Plus, she needs to start
pulling her weight around here.

The man is tied up.

Just like, tie his other arm

and make sure he's not going
anywhere, she'll be fine.

It's fine
dad, really. She's right.

You sure? You
don't have to do this.

- Whatever.
- I swear dad.

And if anything, I'll just
call y'all on the car phone.


We'll be back as soon as we

I would've gone and done this

- but what with-
- But yes, this is my plan

and if you want something done

Aha, little birdy want to
play, huh?

Come on, let's go.

Hey Mark, can I ask you a

Not really, no.

What was your relationship
like with your mom?

What is this? The Oprah show?

I'm sorry, but my mind
is elsewhere right now.


What if I were to let you go?

What's your mindset like now?

Let me go?


And why would you do that?

I'm tired.

I'm tired.

You're tired?

Yeah, I'm tired.

I'm tired of all of it,
I'm tired of everything.

I really don't think
you're gonna go to the cops

and if you do, whatever.

We're all gonna get what's
coming to us anyways

including you.

So yeah, I'm tired.

I mean, what? You want to
stay here and get killed?

I mean, I don't mind.

What do you want?

Okay, first of all,

can you at least try and be

I mean, I'm being nice here.

You got me tied up to
a chair all fucked up.

How is that nice to you?

You're the one who broke in

And you were the one that
was about to come down here

and torture me about 20 minutes

Oh yeah.

Oh and by the way, full

I'm the one that stabbed you.

- What?
- What?

What did you think that this
was some sort of plot twist?

Some conspiracy about how you
got stabbed?

Nope, you were out

and I was bored, so I stuck this
in you.

You're fucking sick.

Okay, let's just call it even.

And how is this even close to

Enough with all the questions,

I stabbed you, I fucking stabbed

and that's payback.

So you want to get out of here
or no?

So play nice and tell me about
your mom.

She was all right.

What do you mean, all right?

I don't know, she was a normal

I don't know what you
expect me to tell you.

The truth, that's it.

Unless you want to wait
for my parents to come back

'cause that's happening real



Bitch please, whatchu mean I'm
ashamed fo?


My mom.

That was the first thing
that came to my mind

when I thought of her.

Ashamed of me.

Now we're talking.

Whatchu mean?

My mom raised me alone.

She did her best, she really

I never got what you had.

In the projects working two jobs

just to keep the lights on

and me running the streets at
her back.

Know that rap song?

Just this one doesn't
have me drinking champaign

when I'm thirsty.

Nice B.I.G reference.

I don't know.

I know all this shit sounds like
a cliche

but that's the one thing about

they're often close to the

It took me a long time to

Took me a long time just to get

Like to understand where she
got that motivation from,

where she got all that energy
to do everything she did.

And it was all for me.

And still to this day,
I haven't even been able

to thank her for it.

All she ever wanted for
me was something better.

For me to be a better person.

Fast forward, now I aint shit.

And even if you were to
compare the two of us,

I'm even less.

So yeah.

Where is she now?

Not sure.

She could be gone, I don't know.

But if she could see me now,

That's what she'd feel for me

and that's already more than I

I wish I had a mom who cared
that much.

Are you serious right now?

Yeah, I'm fucking serious.

Do you see the way she talks to

And that's on a good day.

This is a good day?

I've seen worse.

Wow, whatever.

You're really gonna buy this
whole act

your mom's putting on?

It's not an act, it's true,
trust me.

It's bullshit.

Are you really gonna buy this

I hate my daughter act?

Yeah I buy it, 'cause it's
fucking true.

It's bullshit.

If you weren't so focused on

you'd see it too.

Enlighten me then.

I just think if parents
didn't care about their kids

they just wouldn't care.

And if your mom really did hate

she wouldn't be riding you
this hard all the time.

Some people just don't
know how to show it.

You think you had a fucked up

Did you ever think for once

maybe your mom had it worse

and maybe that's the reason
why she is who she is?

Like I said, some people
don't know how to show it

but it doesn't mean they don't
feel it.

And like that, I think you
two have that in common.

Just saying.

Who is it?

Good evening,
I just wanted to warn you

that you and your husband
are going to die tonight.

It's kinda tragic, but there's
nothing you can do about it.

We will kill you.

You have about 30 seconds
before the fun starts.

We thought we'd give you a heads

because we like to play fair.

- Grace?
- So grab a knife,

or a baseball bat

or whatever makeshift weapon you
can find

and just so you know,
there's also a very bad man

- waiting at the back door.
- Grace what's up?

- Who is it?
- Thomas listen.

Please, we need to run.

No, what's going on Grace?

She said she was gonna kill

What are you talking about?

They gave me a simple

Either kill my mom or
they'll kill us both.

I was 10 years old.

When they saw me hesitating,

they told me what happened to my

She killed your dad, she shot

That they weren't
the one that killed him.

That my mom...

Oh my god, don't do


I love you so much-

So you expect
me to believe this shit?

They shot your dad

and then you got adopted by
your real parent's killers?

You might be fucked, but
you'd be even more fucked

if that actually happened.

I guess it's too
early for you to realize

how actually fucked I am.

I mean, did you listen
to anything I just said.

If you really look at it, they
didn't actually kill anybody.

This time.

My real mom and I did all the

It's not that
fucking easy to kill people

and take their identities.

Like, what happened to the

Did these people not
have family or friends?

People leave paper trails.

Other people ask questions.

They knew what they were
fucking doing.

They chose people they thought

wouldn't be missed too much.

The real Thomas and the real

grew up in foster homes.

And after I shot my mom,
they burned the bodies

and here we are.

Anyways, I don't really give a

if you believe me or not.

A deal's a deal, right?

What are you doing?

Think I'm a liar?

They're probably on
their way back here now.

If I were you, I'd get your son

and I'd get the hell out of

Or even better, out of country.

Okay, can I have my wallet
back please?

I think it's under the chair.


What are you doing?

Can you undo these please?

You know there's a few
things you can't finesse

a teenager on.

You can fool us about a lot of

But there's a few things a
teenage girl

knows more about than almost

You know what those things are?

Fake ID's.

David Cook, Joey Montichollo,

Jocyln Gardnell.

Do you even know who this kid

Maybe trust a murderer

but never trust a thief.

What are you doing?


Please, please, please,
please, please, please, please.

I promise, please, please,

I'm so sorry, please, please.

Told you I
don't like fucking liars.

Please, please, please,
please, please.

You were so close, Mark.

So fucking close you
could probably taste it.

I'd feel bad for you

but I see a good side to this.

We can finally have some fun.


You really are a pussy.

So tell me, if the whole
son story was all bullshit

then why'd you break in here?


Speak up bitch.


To pay for drugs.

All right, we're done talking

Well, you're done talking now.

I'ma do whatever the fuck I damn

I have an idea.

I think you're gonna like it

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Mark, did you just
choke on your own blood?

I'ma save this for later.


What? What was that?

I can't hear you, what?

Oh, you made me really mad,

Oh yeah, that's not even your
actual name.

It's okay, I'll
keep calling you that

if you don't mind.

It's funny.

I don't even know your real name
and yet

I still feel kinda close to you.

Funny how we use names

to describe things.

When really, those names have

to do with those things.

For example.

You obviously know this
is a hammer, right?

But the part of the hammer
that I used to hit you

is called the face of the

And I hit you in the face.

What? I still can't hear you

I wish I could, but I can't.

Anyways, what was I saying?

Oh yes, the face of the hammer.

So this is the face,

let's go a little deeper.

Do you know what this part is

Mark, you're not even trying to

I'm really disappointed in
your lack of participation.

It's called the cheek.

No one can hear you Mark.

Sound is really isolated
here, kinda freaky.

Look, I'll even scream with you,

Help, help! Somebody please

Hmm, yeah.

Nobody's coming Mark.

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, the cheek.

Oh shit, fun's over.

What the fuck happened in my

We gotta clean this shit up
and quick.

This is getting messy,
real fucking sloppy.

Thomas, we are not
killing him in my house.

We live here.

I thought we were done with all

and now it's starting all over

Thomas, untie him, we need to
get him

into the car right now.

- The sun is coming up.
- Okay.

Dragging a
bloody man from your house

into your car isn't the most
discrete thing in the world.

We need to get rid of him quick.

I'll put on my

Ashley, you're not coming.

You've enough for one night,
we'll talk in the morning.

Mom, please, you might need my

We're just gonna take him to
the lake,

do what we gotta do, nothing
we haven't done before.

We'll be fine.

Thomas, I'm gonna get the car

Mom, can I just talk
to you for second please?

I'm sorry I didn't tell
you that he was lying.

You should have called us.

We're in a rush, but listen.

It could've been a trap,
instead you do this

and now we're cleaning up your
mess again.

I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Look Ash, we have to do this

But if you want, we can talk
as soon as I come back, okay?

You better not have any stupid

going through your head.

When we get outside, you
so much as look at someone

the wrong way, I will slice your

oh for fucks sake.

What the fuck is it now? For
god's sake.

For fucks sake you ugly

get the fuck up, the fuck
is wrong with.


Stay here.

Merry Christmas you mother