Hospitality (2018) - full transcript

A woman with a checkered past must protect her son when a man brings trouble to her isolated bed and breakfast.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Good afternoon, Donna.

I only had one customer
come by this week.

He didn't even spend
the night, just...

I swear to God, whoever
taught you manners.

We're gonna hit the rewind
button, start this one over.


Good afternoon, Donna.

Good afternoon, Zane.

How are we doing today?

fine, and yourself?

Oh, I'm all right.

My mother's back in
the hospital again.

The emphysema's getting ugly.

But other than that,
uh, I can't complain.

Anyhow, I'd love to stay and
chat but I'm afraid I got me

a whole laundry list
of things to do today.

Let me guess, you had
one customer this week?

That's right.

And he had a nap?

- And a meal?
- Yeah.

- You charge him by the hour?
- Uh huh.

How many hours?


Okay, so plus a
meal, that's $60.

20% of 60 is...

Oh, I got two bucks inside.

You're getting good at this.

I remember when you used to
take awhile to do the math.

You know what, you keep it.

No, no,
no, I got it inside...

No, no, no, no, no, I insist.


Hey, you, uh, you didn't happen

to offer anything
extra, did you?

Considering I haven't
done that in close

to 20 years I'll let you
figure out the answer.

I'm just checking.

Gotta check, okay?

You have yourself a nice day.

It's okay, sweetheart.

♪ Why oh why ♪

♪ Has my baby gone away ♪

You know, there was
a time right before

I became pregnant
with you, what,

we had to turn people away.

Both rooms were booked up.

Someone was in the
kitchen having a meal,

people were stopping in.

It was like the Super 8.

Man, I'm tellin' ya.

What's a Super 8?

Oh, it's just a fancy hotel.

Yeah, things change,
I don't know.

Is that when you met my dad?


I told you that, you know this.

What was he like?

I don't know.

But he must've been
pretty handsome

to help me make a good
lookin' boy like you, right?

Was he nice?

I don't remember, sweet pea.


Yeah, he was nice.

You didn't marry him?

No, I didn't get married.

Why not?

'Cause I, I didn't
feel for him that way.

Nor did he for me.

You know, when you get married,

you gotta really love someone.

'Cause when you get
married it's forever.

At least, it's supposed to be.

So they gotta be
your favorite person

in the whole wide world, right?

Are you ever
gonna get married?

No, I think my
ship has sailed.

But you will.

You'll get married.

Yeah, I'm, I'm
gonna marry you.

Oh, that's sweet, honey.

But you can't marry me.


'Cause I'm your mother.

But you're my favorite person.

You're gonna find
someone better.

No, I won't.

Yeah, you will.

Just better
in a different way.

You know, honey,
the love of a wife

and a mother, they're different.

And I know its confusin'
but you're just

gonna have to trust
me on this one, okay?

♪ Please tell me, tell
me, what did I do wrong ♪

♪ Somebody ♪

♪ Have a little messy
young me, tell... ♪


Hey there, pretty lady.

- What are you doing?
- Come on.

What do you want?

Jimmy's asleep.

What do I want?

Can't I just stop by to say hi?

No, not at three in
the morning you can't.

Is it, is it three
in the morning?

- Yes.
- Well, that must be

why the bar isn't open.

Look, come by tomorrow
if you want, all right?

Wait, just wait...

Look, I ain't
kidding, all right?

I got a headache.

- Goodbye!
- Headaches don't mean

that you can't...


Come on.

Oh, wow.

Are you taking your pill?

What do you think?

You can spare the attitude

'cause I pay for
the damned things.

I have a right to ask.

Hey, when do uh, when
do most women get

to be, you know,
what do you call it?

- What, hit menopause?
- Yeah.

I don't know, like,
mid-40s I guess.

You're 40, shit, so
that's like another

five years give or take?

Well, you might get
tired of me before then.

Yeah, maybe.

Not a lotta options in these
parts, that's for sure.

It's either you or
Helen the Heifer.

Not that I haven't porked
Helen the Heifer, but.

I like you better.

I'm flattered.

- Can I please go to sleep now?
- No, I ain't tired.

Jimmy's birthday soon?

♪ I don't care ♪

♪ Jimmy cracked corn
and I don't care ♪


That's right.

Oh, 18, holy cow.

And acts like he's 10.

Don't be mean, all right?

He's touched.

Touched implies God had
something to do with it.

I guess he did, 'cause
God has something

to do with everything,
but, you know.

Zane, could we please talk
about this another time?

Don't get knocked up again.

That is the moral
to the story, huh?

See you tomorrow, okay?

♪ Well yes, sweet Nora
today's your birthday ♪

♪ And we're happy just for you ♪

♪ We hope that you
will have a hundred ♪

- ♪ And happy birthdays ♪
- It's my birthday.

- ♪ Just for you ♪
- It's my birthday.

♪ When you blow
out the candles ♪

♪ Then every wish
you wish comes true ♪

♪ Happy happy birthday ♪

♪ Happy happy birthday ♪


Here I come.

♪ And just for you,
I sang this for you ♪

- All right.
- Can I open yet?

Yeah, you can open your eyes.

Okay, blow 'em out,
make a good wish.


Okay, I'm comin'!

Here, sweetheart, you start
slicing, I'll be right back.


- Ma'am.
- Oh, I'm sorry,

I thought you were someone else.

Oh, that's all right.

As long as you're
not disappointed.


That I'm not him.

Oh, hardly.

Oh, good.

Good, name's Cam.

Cameron Lewis,
everybody calls me Cam.

Hi, Cam, Donna,
nice to meet you.

You plan on spending the night?

Yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am.

Uh, but first thing's first,
I'd love a wash and a shave

and some food, too,
if you don't mind.

Yeah, of course, it's
what we're here for.

Sorry, you don't.

You don't remember me, do ya?

Should I?

Oh, no, no, suppose,
I suppose not.

I remember you, though, I
stayed here a long time ago.

I'm sure I looked different
then but you don't.

You don't look a
day older, ma'am.

And uh, you showed me a
good time, a real good time,

you know, it was
memorable for me,

but maybe not for you, so.

Uh, sure, yeah,
I remember you.

Um, it's nice to
see you again, Cam.

Uh, I'm afraid that
things have changed

in the years since
you've been here.

I have a son now and this
here is where we live

so we're still a fully
operational bread and breakfast

but that's all we
are, you understand?

Yes, I think I do.


So if that's not what
you're lookin' for,

I just can't help you.

Well, no, like
I said, I just uh,

I'd love a bar of soap
and a razor if you got one

and something warm to eat.

Yeah, that we can
most certainly do.

- Come on in.
- Thank you.

All right.

So what
brings you back

around after all this time?

Well, the truth is,
I never really left.

Been an inmate over at
Four Corners Prison.

The plan is to take
a bus back home

see my brother and his now wife.

I haven't seen them
in close to 20 years.

You were in prison
that whole time?

Yes, ma'am.

What for?

Well, only one
thing can get you put

in prison for that
long and it ain't

something I enjoy
talking about, but,

this being your house and all.

You got every right to
ask me anything you want.

I don't need to
know the details.


Just know that, uh, I'm what
they call rehabilitated.

Studied the Bible
every night in there

and I don't mean to
bring any trouble

or disrespect to this
home or anyone or anything

until my time is
up on this earth.

That's about all I do know.

I appreciate that.

Hope you're not put off.


No, I've done things
I'm not proud of.

I mean, people don't
understand it's all

a matter of circumstance.

The less fortunate you are,
the more desperate you are,

the greater chance you
got at screwing up.

I believe most people
have a good heart.

Just life has this
way of squeezing out

that little bit of bad and then

well, that's all people can see.

Do you read the Bible?

Book of Matthew?

No, I'm not one for
religion or readin'.

Seems like you live
by it, read it or not.

There's this part in there
about, uh, judging others.

I can see you don't do that.

Guess not.

Can I take your plate?

Yes, ma'am.

It was delicious.

Did you sleep okay?

Yes, ma'am.

Been sleeping on a
cardboard box all this time.

Felt every damn bedspring
for close to 20 years,

you don't know how well I slept.

I'm living in luxury.

So this place,
um, change at all?

Coulda sworn it was different.

It's been so long.

Oh yeah.

Well, for one, there
was no Jimmy's room.

That was my bedroom.

So I had two rooms for rent.

My room now, plus
the one you're in.

Yeah, yeah, I think
I stayed in your room.

That makes sense.

Yeah, it's all
coming back to me.

So you plan on
heading out today?

Well, you know,
I thought I was.

Maybe another night
would do me good.

My brother's just gonna put me
on his couch or on the floor,

he don't have much in the
way of accommodations,

so maybe I treat myself
to another night.

If you're not already booked.

Oh no, there's no
reservations here.


Well, I'll go get my wallet.

Oh, no, no, you stay
put, that's all right.

You can give it to me later.

Good morning, pumpkin.

Come say hi to our guest.

- Hi.
- Howdy.

Name's Cam, Cameron Lewis.

Everybody calls me Cam.

I was just telling your mom
what a great place you got here.

I make all of the
beds and I do all

of the grocery shopping so
everyone can eat that comes in.

Oh, those are two
very important jobs.

I guess I should thank you
for my delicious breakfast.

You want some
orange juice, honey?

Yes, please.

- Spiderman, snack time.
- Here you go.

He make a good
pet, that rabbit?

- Yes.
- Yeah, I suppose.



This a stickup?



What then?

It's broke.


Broke, let me see it.

I got it at the
store awhile ago

but they don't make it anymore.

Oh yeah?

Oh, there you go.

Just jammed, is all.

Let's see.


It should work now.

Be careful, these BBs hurt,

don't go shooting
people with it.

Well, what do I shoot then?


You never shot cans?

You wanna?

Why don't you go ask your mom

if you can shoot
some cans with me?

All right?

I'll wait here.

Mom, can I go outside
and shoot cans with Mr. Cam?

Uh, what,
you're gonna shoot cans?

I'm gonna
shoot cans with the BB.

All right,
if Cam wants to.

She said yes.

There we go.

All right.

- Can I try it now?
- Yeah.


Now, what you wanna do,
you wanna close one eye,

and keep your dominant
eye open, okay?


Your better eye, which
one's your better eye?

Doesn't matter, doesn't
matter, just one eye, okay?

Line up the front sight
onto the target, okay?

There you go, keep it level.

Now, think about that gun as
an extension of your arm, okay?

Now, I don't want you to pull,

I want you to
squeeze that trigger.


There you go!

- I did it.
- Kid's a natural!

Same with the real thing,
you just get a little bit

of kick back and it's
a bit loader, but...

Oh, it's all
right, I know him.


Good afternoon, Zane.


Shooting some BBs.

Oh, shucks, I thought I'd get
me some excitement for once.

Sorry to get your hopes up.

Name's Cam, Cameron Lewis.

Ah, Zane.

I'm the sheriff here.

Also an old friend of Donna's.

How's the bed and
breakfast treatin' ya?

Very well.

Very well, thank you.

Well, if you're gonna
stay awhile I can recommend

a couple of spots if you
feel like getting out.

Oh, no, no, thanks,
I'm just passing by.

I figured that
was the case, yes.

That's what everyone does 'cause
it's just that kinda town.

Reckon I was passing by, too.

I stopped a little
longer than I thought

and next thing I knew
I was the damn sheriff.

Pretty sweet deal to me.

Yeah, its okay.

It's okay.

So from where to where?


Just passing by, where you
coming from, where you going?

Jimmy, stop!

You do not point that at people.

Only at cans, okay?

- I wasn't gonna shoot it.
- I don't care!

That is the rule,
otherwise I take it away.

Yeah, I did try to tell him
if that makes any difference.

It's all right.

Donna, let's talk a minute.

Excuse us.


I suppose.

You really have to suppose?

I'm a man and even
I can see that.

Sure, he's handsome.

Do I gotta
start wearing a rubber?

Oh, don't be vulgar.

You have every right, but
I have just as much right,

I ain't going where
someone else has been.

Jesus, Zane.

I am not fucking him, I told
you I don't do that no more,

he's a customer.

How many nights?

One so far.

- Meals?
- Yeah.

Okay, go get it, I'll wait.

He hasn't paid me yet.

He has...

Well, why the hell not?

Just, I just
haven't had the time.

You always get
the money up front.

Now he's already
spent the damn night

and ate your damn food.

What are you gonna do when he
says he don't have the money?

- He's not gonna say...
- What would you do?

You'd come crying to me,
that's what you'd do.

It's like I have to stay on top
of you for every damn thing.

Running a simple business,
you can't even do that right.

Rule number fucking one.

Look, I will go inside
and I'll get the money.

Come back tomorrow
and I'll pay you.

I don't wanna
be here tomorrow,

I got stuff to do tomorrow.

All right, then
come back another day.

No, I'll come tomorrow.

It was nice meetin' ya!

What do you say we switch to
something a little stronger?

On the house, of course.

That'd be nice.

Yeah, what do you like?

I'm afraid I don't
have a full bar.

Well, it don't matter,
you pour it, I'll drink it.

All right.




I haven't had one of
these in a long time.

Not used to it.

Prolly got the tolerance
of a high school girl.

Well as
long as I don't have

to hold your hair back.


No thanks, I don't smoke.

Quit in prison.


That's an odd place to quit.

Tell me about it.

Like currency in there,
kinda gives you a leg up.

If that makes sense.

Yeah, it does.

Yeah, I couldn't do it.


I wanna thank you
for what you did today.

Oh, no, it's nothing.

No, really.

You know, he don't have a
man around and sometimes

I forget how important that is.

What it does to be
able to do guy stuff.

And he was really happy.

Then I had to go ruin
it and yell at him.

Oh, you didn't
do nothing wrong,

you were just being safe.

Yeah, I know.

Sometimes I forget that
he just don't know better.

You know?

I just wanna shake
the hell outta him.

But then I know he means well.

He's just so good and simple.

You're doing your best.

I can tell you from
someone who had a bad mom.

But you ain't that.

Not by a long shot.

Thank you.

Can I ask you something?

When you came by here,
were you looking for a lay?

Hey, I guess so.

- But I didn't...
- I mean,

did you think about me?

And the time we spent together
while you were in prison?

Yes, ma'am, I did.

And was it good
that I can't remember?

Was I good?

Well, without much
basis for comparison

I can tell you.

It was nice.

♪ You made me forget about ♪

♪ I want exact ♪

♪ And all of a sudden
they feel proud ♪

♪ Of being without
saying the word ♪

♪ You made me forget about ♪

♪ Past and pain ♪

♪ Time you washed out ♪

♪ Like a soft
sudden summer rain ♪

- ♪ Sunday morning ♪
- Today is the first

day of the rest of your
life, don't fuck it up.

Say goodbye, you had a good
time, but you must be going.

And make it down to
Mexico and you're living

off the fat of the land.

No woman.

You talking to yourself?

You almost done in
there, I gotta pee.

Yeah, it's all yours.

See you in a minute.

♪ So quiet in the street ♪

♪ We can hear the sound
of feet walking by ♪


Hey yourself.

He's out there in the yard.

How long is he usually
out there playing?

He could be some time.

What are you proposin'?

Well, I had a
thing or two in mind.

♪ Sunday Sunday I love
Sunday Sunday morning ♪

♪ Come hold me in your arms ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ Everything's all right ♪

♪ Sunday morning ♪

♪ Everything is all right ♪

♪ Its Sunday morning,
everything's all right ♪

♪ Sunday morning,
everything is all right ♪


Oh that?

That's just a birthmark.

Well, I can't do
anything about it,

I was born with
the damned thing.

Uh, no, it's just that um.

Jimmy has the same mark.

What do you suppose we do now?

I don't care, honestly.

And I'm not looking
for any handouts

and I don't need your
help raising my son.

I've been doing
just fine on my own.

Well then why does it,

sounds like you're
angry or something.

I'm not.

I am just processin'.

Look, I had no idea
who the father was

and now that I might I'm
just lettin' it sink in.

That's all.

I'm also wonderin' if...

If you should tell him.

That's entirely up to you.

I know.

So where are you headed
when you leave here?

Where's your brother live?

Afraid I haven't been
completely honest with you.

I'm not going to see my brother.


I'm going to Mexico.

What's in Mexico?

It's not what's there,
it's what's not there.

There's some people here
I'd rather not bump into.

I thought you said you were

what they called rehabilitated.

I am, they're not.

That's the problem.

Morning, Jimmy.

- Good morning.
- Morning, Jimmy.


Hey, thank you.

So are you gonna
stay another night?

Afraid not, kid.

Hey, Jimmy, why don't you
go outside and get some air?

But I just came in.

So why don't you
take Spiderman outside

and get him some fresh air?


Okay, but don't leave
him outta your sight.

Come on, Spiderman,

I think they don't want
us inside right now.

Hey listen, I don't mean
to be rude or offend you

or nothing, but Jimmy, what's,
what's his malfunction?

You know, I only ask
'cause if I am the father...

It'd have nothing to
do with you regardless.

I gave birth to him here,
and during the birth

something got all mixed
around and the umbilical cord

was wrapped around his neck.

That scar he got, you
noticed that, right?


He wasn't breathing for
awhile and I finally got

it off him and I
think it did something

to his head 'cause he's
never been quite right.





There you are.

Hey there.



I could use some of that.

You work here?

Yes, I make the beds and I
do all of the grocery shopping

so everybody can eat.

Well, you wanna see me inside?


My mom's in there right now,
though, with a customer.

His name is Cam.

But he's leaving today.

Oh he is, is he?

Mama, we got another customer.



Hi, Joe.

But you can call me The Boss.

Uh, boss of what?

Uh, it's a
nickname that stuck.

You yell Joe and I barely
even turn around anymore.

Fair enough.

I'm Donna, I believe
you've met my son Jimmy.


And this here is...


Good to meet ya.

Oh, likewise, sure.

Oh, the boy there, uh,
what'd you say his name was?


Jimmy, yeah.

Jimmy said that, uh, there
might be space for me here.

Uh yeah, yeah.

You're leaving, right?

Well, you know, on
second thought maybe, uh,

maybe I'll spend another night.

All right.

Could you excuse
us, just a second?

Um, do you wanna bring your
stuff upstairs into my room?

- Yeah.
- All right.

That's wonderful.

No, you got a knack
for cookin' darling.

You really, you do.

Oh thank you.

You're not hungry?

I strongly recommend it.

I'm okay, thank you.

You got a nice place here.

It's home.

Oh, it's nice.

You ever think about
putting in new flooring?


Oh, you
should keep it in mind.

People don't realize what
floors do for a place.

You put in a new
flooring and suddenly

it's like a new house again.

You agree, Cam?

Oh, I never
gave it much thought.

I'm sure most people don't.

I'm in flooring so
it's how my mind works.

You know, I walk into a house,

first thing I notice
is the floors.

Now, laminate flooring,
it's easy, it's cheap,

you can put it right down on
whatever you got right now.

If you don't mind being
about an inch taller.

You pull the base
shoe, the baseboards,

you can put it right down
on this kitchen floor.

Of course you gotta remember
to wipe up spills quick.

That's important, see,

'cause it's susceptible
to moisture damage.

You get that right
away or it'll mold.


Well, I um, I should get to bed.

Long day of traveling
ahead of me.

Oh, of course.

Um, it should be
all made up for you,

and if you need anything,
anything at all.

Oh, I doubt it.

Hey, what's the
matter with you?


Oh, hey, I'm just tired.

Not too tired, I hope.


You sure you're all right?

Yeah, I'm just, I
don't know, I'm just,

um, you think maybe we
could call it a night?

Yeah, no prob.


I'm sorry.

How'd you find me?

What's the
first thing a man wants

after 20 years of abstinence?

Don't gotta be Sherlock
Holmes to figure that out.

She ain't a whore.


Coulda fooled me.

Anyways, I was gonna call you.

- Sure.
- It was the first thing

I was going to do
when I left here.

Sure, in a week
or two Thursdays.

I shoulda known.

Shoulda waited instead of
traveling all this way.

I won't tolerate any
trouble in my home.

If that's what you
two are here for,

I think you should leave.

Oh, no trouble.

Cam, is there gonna
be any trouble?

I don't think so.


Uh uh.

Something's going on here,

I don't even wanna
know what it is.

I think you should
leave right now.

- Okay.
- Sit down.

Look, let's take
it outside, okay?

I'm not sure where you're
headed but there's a bus

that could take
us right through...

Sit down.

We got a lotta catching
up to do, me and him.

So how about you
wrestle something up.

I got the appetite
for a midnight snack.

I'll warm up the
leftovers, it's all I got.

I'll take 'em cold.

I need that money.

I don't have it.

You know, I was only gonna
take half, my half, but,

if you keep lying to me I'm
gonna have to take it all.

I ain't lying.

I don't know where it is.

You said that
you hid it and you

was gonna go get it
when you got out.

Now, you've been a free
man for how many days?

You expect me to think that
wasn't the first thing you did?

It was.

It ain't there anymore.

20 years is a long time.

Things change.

And I buried that
money in the woods

and now in that very
spot is a parking lot.

A parking lot?


So either some construction
worker ain't working

construction no
more, or me and you,

we gotta go rent a
jackhammer and find out.

But either way, sitting here
talking in this woman's house,

it ain't gonna do us any good.

A parking lot.


I couldn't believe it myself.

What time is it?

Baby, go back to bed.

But I heard
everyone talking.

Yeah, we're talking.

Please go up to your
room and shut the door.

We're all headed to bed soon.

You know, I ain't
good at much aside from

flooring which just
about anybody can do.

I'll admit, I was
usually the one wearing

the dunce cap at school.

It's not that I'm not smart,

it's that I'm a
different kind of smart.

Now, now the way I'm smart is
I have a bullshit detector.

It's probably better than
anyone's bullshit detector

in the whole world.

And right now I'm tellin'
ya, alarm bells are ringin'.

'Cause there's so much
bullshit in this room

that I feel like somebody's
rubbed it into my mustache.

I'll tell ya what I think.

I'll tell you what I think
and you tell me if I'm wrong.

I think that you two are
smitten with each other.

I noticed it as soon as
I walked into this house.

You're shacking up,
hitting the hay.

You have fallen for one another

and now you're gonna make
off with all my money.

Now, if I don't have the
best bullshit detector

in the whole world, tell me.

I hate to break it to ya.

What money?

What money?

She's better than you.

I still smell bullshit, but
you're the better actor.

What money?

You got a cigarette?

It's not one of those
mini things, is it?

Thank you, dear.

What's up, Doc?

There you go.

Here, here you go, yeah.

Oh, it's okay, it's okay.

There you go.

What money?

Just stop!

What money, huh?

No, no, please.

What money, huh?

What fucking money, yeah, yeah?

You don't know, yeah?

I swear I don't know
what you're talkin' about.

No, I swear, I swear,

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I have the money!

I thought so.



All of it?



Go get it.

I'm sorry about your pet.

I actually like animals
believe it or not.

I just, I just like money more.

Like the perfume
of an old flame.

It's all there, count it.

Nah, bullshit
detector, remember?

That was all the money I had,

I'm afraid I can't
pay you for my stay.

You know what?

Fuck off, both of you.

Now that I thought this
was the honeymoon phase.

Hey, did you hurt Spiderman?

- Jesus Christ.
- Jimmy.

Baby, put that down,
that's not a toy.

- It's okay, it's okay.
- Now, listen, listen,

- Just let him go.
- I know you got rice pudding

where your brains
are supposed to be,

but this is stupid
even for you, son.

- You hurt Spiderman!
- You know how to use

that thing, kid?

'Cause if you shoot me and you
don't kill me, I'm gonna snap

- that little fucker's legs.
- Hey, hey, it's okay.

- All four of 'em.
- He's just a kid,

- he don't know better.
- Yeah, yeah,

then you're gonna have to
watch your little bunny wabbit

- wiggling around on the ground.
- Hey, just go!

You're a, you're a bad man.

You know how to
shoot to kill, Jimmy?

Come on, I dare ya.

- Jimmy, we don't shoot.
- It's a free shot!

Your mother is speaking

- to you, god damnit!
- I'm gonna fix the rabbit,

- the rabbit's fine.
- Come on, come on.

He's not hurt.

Get the
fuck away from my son!


Oh, no, oh, no.

What did you do?

It's okay, baby.


No, what did you do?

- Mom.
- It's okay, sweetheart.

Did you do?

- Donna!
- You're okay, baby.

Who is that?


What the fuck did you
bring into my house?

Well, I didn't
think you were gonna...

You didn't think what?

That one of those people
you were runnin' from

would find you here?

Or that my son would
find your gun, huh?

I shoulda kept going.

I liked you too
much, I shouldn't of,

I shouldn't of
stayed another night.

Oh, so I'm supposed
to be flattered?

I'm fucking flattered now?

- No!
- Mama.

Honey, he was a bad man.

He was so bad.

But he wasn't
gonna hurt nobody,

he just wanted the money.

He ain't a killer!

Well, then he
picked the wrong house

to find it in, 'cause I am.

When it's deep enough
we'll go in and grab in.

No, maybe, maybe we should
call the police instead.

I will kill you before you
go and do a thing like that.

Look who's true
colors come out.

Look, it ain't personal.

I need to protect my
son and I can't do

that if I'm in jail, can I?

Maybe I'll, I'll say it's my
fault, I'll say I killed him.

It don't matter.

I'm involved.

As soon as they find out who
I am they'll put me away, too.

Look, this ain't the
first man I've killed

and I don't feel
about either of 'em.

I'm not sure if that makes
me a bad person or what,

but I don't, and I
don't wanna spend

any more time talking about it.

I got a boy in there who
needs me, I'm all he's got.

You got anyone who
needs you for anything?

No, I don't.

All right, well
you got one now.

It's me and I need you to dig.

That guy you killed, the
one you went to prison for,

what was that all about?

You know, I was in and
outta juvie my whole childhood

and when I got older, jail.

When I got out the last time
I worked flooring for houses

and it was one of those
rehabilitation jobs

they give you to walk
the straight and narrow

but I wasn't making any money

it was community service hours.

Then one day when
I was on the job

I found that suitcase.

For the first time in
my life I felt

like I had options.

I felt ambition I didn't
know I had and it was nice.

I figured I'd start
a business of my own.

I shoulda known better
but I told the boss,

he was my employer at
the time and I figured

I knew nothing about businesses,

he already was the owner of one.

Well, he was more
than interested.

That is until the
owners of the suitcase

noticed it was gone.

They went straight to him, he
pointed them straight to me.

One of them broke into my house
in the middle of the night.

I guess he wasn't
expecting me to have

a gun on my bedside table.

You shot him.


Then I took off, stashed it,
came here, turned myself in.

'Cause I knew the boss or
somebody else will come after me

once they realized
the suitcase was gone.

Money never goes unmissed.

So I stayed safe.

Close to 20 years locked up.

Rolled the dice
on whether the bag

would be here when I got out.

You stashed it.

In your room
before it was your room.

I knew you didn't
walk in with a case.

You know, um, I was
planning on leaving

you some of it anyway, you know,

for taking care of it for me
even though you didn't know.


You know, now that we're
in the thick of this,

I wouldn't mind
splitting it with ya.

You know, I dunno, maybe we
could, maybe we share it.

Ain't that the same thing?


No, it's different.

Donna, last night
was something for me.

Hell, I'm sorry it had to
be followed by all this mess

but that don't
change the fact that

it was special to me,
it was real special.

I've grown sweet on you.

All you gotta do
is say the word.

Now just one thing
at a time, all right?

I'm not saying no, I just...

I understand, I understand.

What about you?

When you killed,
what happened there?

It was my dad.


Yeah, I was 18.

I knew I'd be tried as an
adult so I jumped on a bus

and tried to find the smallest
podunk town I could find.

Changed my name.

Why'd you do it?

One night I decided
enough was enough.

Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.

He couldn't of gone far.

Well he's had
hours to get away,

he could be at the
fucking police station.

He's got a hole in his
neck, he probably bled out.

Well, that's not a
chance I'm willing to take.


Oh god.

Cameron, put
your hand on his neck,

he's still breathing
through his damn throat.


Oh shit.

- Shit, is that?
- Oh shit!

All right, come on.

Help me get him to
the house quick.


♪ I'm filled with dreams
they pass me back ♪

♪ Until spring they're
only pictures ♪

♪ Left hanging in
my frame of mind ♪

Oh god, all right.

Oh god.

All right, just let me do the
talking, you go by the hall.

Is that blood, jeez,
Donna, are you okay?

Oh, I'm fine.

Well, what in
God's name happened...

It's not mine.

Oh, you won't even believe it.

Well try me.

Damn bunny rabbit escaped
and got killed by a coyote.

- Spiderman?
- Yeah.

So we heard a
commotion, ran outside,

coyote dropped the bunny rabbit

and now we gotta
bury the poor thing.

And Jimmy, he's a wreck.

He's still here, huh?

Yeah, he's
leaving tonight.


He pay you yet.

Ah, good.

It's a pretty big hole
for a little bunny rabbit.

Yeah, it is.

Jimmy wanted me to
bury him with his cage.

You know, that way
he has his home and.


I can see why he'd
find that important.

Yeah, why don't I go
and grab your money?

Thank you, Dona.

Coyote, huh?


Oh, yeah.


Must've given him
quite a scare in order

for him to drop his dinner.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, I guess.

Lotta blood.

Yeah, yeah, we're gonna
have to wash everything.

How was, how was your night?

You must think I got this
badge out of a Cracker Jack box.

Excuse me?

I'm gonna give
you two options.

Either you tell me what the
hell is going on around here

or I put you in cuffs and
I take you to the station.

Either way, I'm gonna find out.

So the choice is yours.

I know what I would
pick, but that's just me.

All right.

I'll tell you.

How would you like to
walk outta here cash rich?

I'm listening.

- Jimmy!
- Spiderman?

Yeah, honey,
I need you to put him

in your room, okay?

Do you
think he's hurt?

Yeah, but I need
your help, okay?

Come on, hurry up.

And what about this boss,

we just dump him in the
hole and that's that?

Nobody knows he came here and
gonna come looking for him?


No, he's a solitary guy.

I mean, he's got his
business but nobody's gonna.

They're not gonna know
he came down here.

People go missing all the time.

Yeah, they do, don't they?

- I think so.
- Yeah.

Well, I guess the big fat
elephant in the room is Donna.

What about her?

Well, I don't know about you,

but I sure as hell don't
wanna split it three ways.

I mean, it's not like she
ain't gonna spill the beans

with her past and
all but she just...

You don't trust her?

Uh, yeah, sure, about
as far as I can throw her.

Don't fall for her looks.

It's just best not to give her
the opportunity, that's all.


Okay what?

Okay, let's not give
her the opportunity.


Honey, look at me.

Look at me.

This is very important, okay?

We need to get out of here,
we're gonna take a trip.

To the store?

No, baby, not to the store.

To a new home.

Someplace nicer, someplace a
whole lot different than here.

But why?

Because we can't
stay here anymore.

Look, I'm gonna ask you to
do the most important thing

I've ever asked of you.

I don't are if you never
make the beds again

or if the fridge stays
empty, it doesn't matter.

This is the only thing
I need you to do, okay?

Take this towel
and soap and scrub

this out as fast as you can.

Can I trust you to do that?

Yeah, I can do that.


What have you done, huh?

You got the kid.

You got the kid
doing the cleaning?

Oh my god.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

That kills me!

That kills me.

Oh my god.


Oh god.

I needed that.

Sorry, mama.

No, baby, it's okay,
you did a great job.


I had a background check
done on your boytoy out there.

Holy cow are you two a
match made in heaven, hmm?

One piece of advice.

Run your info by one
another before you try

to spin a tall tale.

He didn't know nothing about
the rabbit and the coyote.

Where's the rabbit?

Where's the coyote, Donna?


It didn't take me long to
get the rest out of him.

Rest of what?

- Zane!
- You're dumb enough

as it is, sweetheart.

You ain't gonna play it.

Show me where this Boss is.


Couldn't help yourself, huh?

Killer instinct
got the best of ya?

Yeah, something like that.


Well your boy toy told
me all about the money.

In fact, he said he'd split
it with me if I let him go.

Got rid of you.

I don't believe that.

Believe it, sister.

He woulda cut you
out of the picture

the first chance he got.


You should feel pretty lucky
I came around when I did.

Where is he now?

He's in my car.

Front seat or back?

The back.

So you weren't tempted
to take that deal?

No, of course not.

I got certain allegiances.

What if I told you I was
prepared to sweeten that deal?

Give it all to you if you forget

the whole thing ever happened?

The cash?


Let me bury the
body and you never

bring it up again,
it's all yours.

I don't know how much is in
there, but it's not a little,

and it sure beats you
coming by here to nickel

and dime me every time I
get a goddamn customer.

Well, look bitch,
there's no world in where

I leave here tonight
without that money.

Even if I have to get rid of Cam

- or you for that matter!
- Zane!

Well, the worst will be
two less fucking killers!

The only thing you stand
to gain in this negotiation

is your life and not a damned
thing more, you understand?

You understand?


You'd pour me a glass
of milk, I'm parched.

Well, you were right,
it ain't a little.

Let me ask you something.

If I do what you said,
I look the other way.

Do I gotta worry about
the retard spilling

his guts to the next passerby?

Look, don't call
him that, all right?

Jimmy does what
I tell him to do.

You don't gotta
worry about that.

Well, here's my other idea.

And don't get mad until
you hear me out, okay?

My other idea is
we light a match

and burn this place
to the ground.

Why would you wanna do that?

Insurance, duh.

Plus it's a nice clean
way to explain the bodies.


As in more than one?

Yeah, boss man and Cam.

You don't gotta
kill Cam, Zane.

Oh, sure I do.

Sure I do.

This is how I see it.

Someone falls asleep drunk,
cigarette lit, blinds catch.

It's a fireworks show.

And since this place is
registered in my name

you ain't gotta worry about
anyone finding out who you are.

We both get cash,
we find a new place,

and I make off with my
fortune somewhere tropical.

Tired of this town anyhow.

The lord took my mom
tonight, God rest her soul.

Sorry to hear that.

Thank you.

You really like this doofus Cam?

I do.

I did.

I don't know.


He was kind to me.

And he might be Jimmy's father.


Well the plot thickens.

How can you be sure?

- I can't.
- I mean, there was a time

when you first moved
here, put a blindfold on,

spun you around,
whoever you landed on

woulda had just a
good a chance of being

the father as the next.

All right, Zane,
you made your point.

I even thought, I
thought I might be.

And what difference would
that make if you were?

Tell you the truth, I never
gave it that much thought.

Neither here nor there, really.

I guess not.

Yep, I guess not.

Let me just ask you,
'cause I'll wonder.

If I was, would that mean
we have a chance you and me?

If you were Jimmy's father?


You'd have to
be there for him.

You'd have to be there for us.

I know.

You can't just come by
looking for a place to put it.

Is that really
what you think of me?

And you gotta
listen when I talk.

You've gotta respect
what I say when I say it.

It's a give and
take, relationships,

you just can't be in
charge all the time.

I can abide by that.

All right.

Let's go upstairs.


Donna, I'm loving the
smell of you, Donna.

What is that?


You had a take something
nice and ruin it, didn't ya?

I said I loved you, Donna!

I said I loved you!

I shoulda listened to my mother!

'Cause she always said you
were just a no good whore.


Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Do I have to clean it up?

No, no.

Look, I need you to
get your stuff together

and we're gonna get
out of here, okay?


- To our new home?
- Yeah, baby, to our new home.

What, what, honey, come on.

I don't wanna leave
without Spiderman.

Oh, sweetheart, we're
gonna bring Spiderman.

Of course we're
gonna have Spiderman.


Hey, Donna!


Hey Donna, let me outta here!

He put me in here, it's locked.

The door won't open, honey.

You okay?

What happened?

Where is he, open the door,

it won't open from
the inside, huh.

What's wrong?

Donna, what happened,
what's wrong, where is he?

♪ You made me ♪

Donna, open the door,
I can't open the door

from the inside, it won't open.

It won't open, baby.

Let's get outta here.

- ♪ I won't return ♪
- What's wrong, open the door.

What are you doing?

- ♪ And all of a sudden ♪
- Donna, where are you going?

Come on!
♪ Made me feel proud ♪

What are you doing?

♪ Without saying the word ♪

Just let me out, we can talk.

No, no, no, no, no, no, Donna!

Donna, let me out,
let's talk about this!

Donna, what are you doing?



Donna, where are you going?

Come on!

♪ You washed out ♪

♪ Like the sound of
sudden summer rain ♪

Is he not coming with us?

- ♪ You do me good here ♪
- No, honey, I'm sorry.

♪ You do me so good ♪

But we're okay, just
you and me, right?

♪ Me forget about ♪



You ready?

- Yeah, I'm ready.
- Okay.

♪ Hell is a highway ♪

♪ Telling me to go where I can ♪

♪ Such a long way ♪

♪ I don't even know where I am ♪

♪ Such a long way ♪

♪ Long long long long way ♪

♪ Gonna set right
to where I am ♪

♪ And it's easier to stay here ♪

♪ Think I know I my way here ♪

♪ I'm gonna lay here all right ♪

♪ Tomorrow I'm gonna hang
my feet in a stream ♪

♪ Pretending my world is real ♪

♪ And yours is a dream ♪

♪ And the highway,
high, oh highway ♪

♪ I'm gonna seek a
ride to where I am ♪

♪ And it's easier to stay here ♪

♪ Think I know my way here ♪

♪ I'm gonna lay here all right ♪

♪ Taking time now ♪

♪ City life ain't
my cup of tea ♪

♪ Passerby now, some taking
life, goes to the sea ♪

♪ Meeting highways,
high, oh highway ♪

♪ I'm gonna set to
right to where I am ♪

♪ And it's easier to stay here ♪

♪ Think I know my way here ♪

♪ I'm gonna lay here ♪

♪ Gonna sit here writing songs ♪

♪ Every time one comes
along I'm all right ♪

♪ We've gotta be all right now ♪

♪ Gotta be all right ♪

♪ Gotta be all right now ♪

Subtitles by explosiveskull